Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ)

 - Class of 1949

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Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1949 volume:

P r X l L v i EEH HY EHE SEIHHS we HE MAHASHHAN HIHH SEHHHE HAHASHHAN,NEW JEHSEY . -.,.-. L' -A 4 s -YY' K, EHEASHHE 74 :-5Z1: fir FOREWORD The curiain is rising. On s+age we view Ehe happy scenes of our years a+ Manasquan High School. We see in fhe glimpses of fhese imporE'an+ years of our lives +he sacred 'Friendships and associafions fha? we, Ehe class of I949, have shared. We hope fhal' fhis oroducfion will show a record of four years well spenf and Ehaf if will be a challenge fo 'Ehose who follow. Our wish is fhaf, before 'lhe curlain falls, lhe members of our class will be inspired wifh a lasling sense of loyal+y fo our Alma Maier. , 55.4 2 7-ES , A ' f ,Y Q, .V Q y ff' 2 1 3,5 1 ri .5 if f- ,Vr- Mg. l . 1 4 2 'D-. 4' fi Q AJ 6,5 , 422 s 11, , 1-WY Q? "--.. .- 1,5 '41-'ffiff y, 4 .,.,,-f 4 . " .M A1 ff- ffkfj'-f'Y'r f f 591' vl2 a?r- 4 ,, f:f'j f i'L'j,l1:f fy,-". Jw" f . ' iffiff? 5'-1,3 1 -Q2,,if f,,13?,ILyg 9 ,ji w :,A.f:f.1 ., 'M ,, as Q, 'A i'fPj' L 3, K. W " ,iii-F4313 525 3 1-Ti-1-'f"' 'A 'gl Wifi' , -gpfhg Qi. ',A J-ff fn, , -gi 1ffj'..-If f :Q -jff'ff:Y,',i-7:,f1b M- 1- 11,5 ff' QQ.f+f' f. v 3 +2 5,- fa gif: ff: J fe4rf:'fff2'?:134'f1'3Qg, "4,:1::'Z1' lf" vififfv' , V- ggi, I-:ff f if1 ',1:4i'fri,1F,f4,f 'W ,, if "'dL", 'lwi' , v V. - -I ,7,1fji- Q -"Very, guy, , 1 ',f "K . ' , Lldxxf I , ' , A 'Ji A A' '-" ' W - , ,,,-f-ff, -WTI? wiiflxbfii'-v " " IL I , ,M Irby' . wi, ll K' ' E ' 'T' ' 'IZ' ffl QELJL1' . . H f ' if 3.1 M 1-me 'Q' Di fa ,, ,Q ,,, MVN 'f:"K5'J R 1 kf I FIRST NIGHTER TICKET TO . . . fa MR. LEROY FISH We, 'rhe class of I949, sincerely dedica+e our Treasure Chesf +o Mr. Leroy Fish. He has unselfishly given his 'lime during +he pasf four years. He has always shown a willing inleresl' in our class and has helped us wi+h his conscieniious guidance. Mr. Fish has been more 'Phan an adviser 'ro usg he has been a +rue friend. We hope +ha+ lhis, our lribule, will express our deep appreciafion and grafilude and +ha+ il will say, simply, "Thank you." il-1-1-1 4? BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT Owen C Pearce Joseph E Claylcn Supervns ng Principal Clous D Blalreney Charles W Trafford I Maurice Sfokes Mass Aluce V Mulford We lam T Norris and M D ns S S a r STANDING G Roland Moore Duslrlcf Clerk and Ab am D Voorhees NOT IN PICTURE Wullard R Newman Elecled In I949 THE SPONSORS OF OUR SHOW we Sf, 1 V J or Efmca On rv I Q 0 Q frr +ve We CGW offs Sup emo n C rec! S Dan, B a U Member 1949 I S I-fa fl Crue one Jw or D r J B ar n o e Agrn 3 All hr: Foe 'vw D an N f 3 fl,-fd V 3 G Neuro 1' 5 .1 I it ' , . : . , . . I II I I I 'll' . I rs. o I . w de, II -'fir Crea 0523 'O "ei 'fe Etafs zu" 3 ran' Mis Arie . I Q fcfz, Pfnclnp- If ' 'I jk fgf 5II'J QU gggg g,g'e'v1 -V Vreffi 1B'f.3fT Sins: Scars W, :vcr I2 CI: ,,- f,VIQ1" A qr5q" 5gjQrQjI5'Q 'HQI V' IVVIIIIGVTI N erlnI, Ie I, florlg In 5029: 'wc Cog' 53' 4: 'oc CHQ: ,I l'e'I I Inf' Corn IQ CJI I 25 I . 'V'r. Dons S. Sl og I n ,I Tw 'nemcffg 35 "e 5:33 ri ,ze Vit C,-fe' 'Q-33 Cie? Acfvu I, GW Soo! ' wcflf, Q 11 C.DCE3'CG,p'G1Ii:Q-" 2:52371 CT,' C i' E' Iflqvbgf 2 yrggrgl Idff. R3 5, d QV!! Dkgrrfg' Ifinm' J' Ci--'T Ei' A-i l3Ii'Ii' '2"I Cff- if 're Bova Q5 Edqca'I:r Beers: FMQOTCC' A"ii'I'Q:" EE' P, :"E vI""!f-Q' 'VI V, ,fy Mfr, XI '5 Vfjjrlgegq I-,fgmltfy gf ,rl 2' . C : ,,, I E Y. 5,3 A. QTEF 99913 35,3 5. pY43,NN3u.m Ami- :in fn' QI mei: Cioiqlivj I'i. :ff-1 gif., ICMA? Ccfinwar 5,3 5,1-EQ, 55 f,, '41-'occ' 6 ,f-2' ' Cffve, 'fi:":'1: QM C ij- Ejafc J Mae, 7 .AFS F my F774 W Y :HF-I 7 Ar , WW. ,,.. SX."'. ' ,- JA :'. f :":'1,,':'N -,':'I, "WW X i F, QC ',.-L,e. 51, wxwg mf., 5,f.'.',,, 5 ,, ,. . ,K I 4 , , ' ' I V 'O ' If I I I I I I II I 'A ' ' ' C'f',T1Q'n' C' Vxnez ' r e'Iio61, Biff MI New E I' CV I J' C' JW' B MI ' ' fr: S":'F2 Barr of N: ff. Bjaf lff-rnrzfwr IS wfofff V, 1' 1SI':"' g.":gi", ' :": 'ffm' ,., - . f I ' I cafe' Mr. W, a' R. I I ,ei elezvgg .n 173, 1 THE FACULTY DR. MARION C. WOOLSON Principal Dr, Marion C, Woolson, principal of ihe high school, is a graduale of Trenlon Sfafe Teachers College and Rulgers Ur-iiversify. A+ Rufgers she received her degrees of Bachelor of Science, Masfer oi Science, Masier of Arls, and Doclor ol Educalion. Before assuming 'rhe dulies of principal in I933, Dr. Woolson was a member of fhe lacul+y of fhis school. She was inslrumenlral in lhe for- maiion of fhe Bela Omega Chapfer ol The Nafional Honor Sociely. A+ presenf she is serving as a member of fhe sfale commiliee ol The Life Adiuslmenf Program for American Youfh. She is a member of fhe New Jersey Secondary School Principals Associafion and fhe Nafional Secondary School Principals Asso- cialion. JOSEPH E. CLAYTON Supervising Principal Joseph E. Claylon, supervising principal. l1dS a BS. degree from Rufgers Universify and an M.A. degree from Columbia Universiiy, In l929 he came lo Manasquan High School fo 'leach malhemalics. Two years laler he became prin- cipal of Point Pleasanf Beach High School. 5n I945, he was appoinred supervising principal of Malawan schools. He resigned in 1947 'ro relurn fo Manasquan as supervising principal. Mr. Clay+on's inleresfs exfend lo slale and nafional organizafions. He is chairman of lhe Policy Cornmiflee of fhe New Jersey Edurafion Associalion, Since I945, he has been a member of fhe New Jersey Slale Board ol Educalien. He is a member of the American Associafion oi School Adminisfraiors, fhe New Jersey Council of Edu- cafion, fhe New Jersey Schoolmasfens Club and fhe New Jersey Deparfmenl of School Superin- fendenis. wr- QQ X DOROTHY E. BELZ B.A. Jurfala College Hunl- lngdon P. English MATTHEW L. CIRICOLO B.S. Trenlon Slale Teachers C ege, Trenlon, N. J. Commercial Subiecls JAMES M. CORRUBIA BA. Rider College, Trenlon. N. J. Commercial Subiecfx DOROTHY M. EMERSON BS. Trenrcn Srale Teachers College, Trenfon, N, J. Heallh and Physical Educafion QQ- 'ia 2 c e, N. Y. CHARLES H. BOMBOY BS. Bloomsburg Sfale Col- lege Bloomsburg P. Science Mafhemafics THOMAS J. CIRICOLO B.S. Trenlon Slale Teachers College, Trenlon, N. J. Commercial Subiecls ROBERT J. CRAIG B.S. Rulgers Unlversfry, New Brunswick, N. J. Malhemalics LEROY T. FISH Beaux Arla, Parfs, France: Rur- gers, Cc urnbia Unlverslry Arf, Mechanical Drawing MRS IRENE P MAUCH A B Syracuse Umversily Syra English PAULINE P FOSTER AB Sfale Teachers Collec: Monlclar N J Maihemahcs FREDERICA GOELLER BS Trenron Slale Teachers College Trenlon N J English JOHN G HAVENS BS Rulgers Unlverslfy New Brunswick N J Agrlculfure GRANVILLE V MAGEE BS Rulqers University New Brunswick N J Direclor of Alhlehcs Physical Educehon ERNSTT FRANCK MS Polylec mc nsl rule Brooklyn N Y Science KURT GRUENWALD BS MA College of Cry New York Ne York Clfy French German MRS PHYLLIS H HERRING BS Temple Unnverslly Phila delphla Pd Music MARUCCI AB Duke Unuversnly Durham N C Social Sfuclnes HELPS US STUDY THE VARIOUS SCRIPTS . ,l I U' 1 MRSHMILBRED G. g PREPARATION FOR TOMORROW 'N .,, Social Sludies ink efx wswiclc Social Sluclles EDGAR M. SHERMAN BS., Mfx. New Ycrlc Unsor- DONALD F. TROTTER VS CN MRS RUTH S WALSH age Monrcrar N 'T' ri-,,. Lahn Secrefary Io JOSEPH J PETERSON BA Monfclair S ale Tea hers MISS ALIDA HOLMAN Mr Joseph E Claylcn MRS. ETHEL G. SIMON BS, Madison College, Har risonburg, Va. Social Sfudies, English EDWARD J. VOGELSONG BS Slafe Teachers Cc cue Easl Srrcudsburq Pa Science BISHOP A OXENFORD Rulgers Univers Ty Lnswnclr N Science MISS DORIS RANKIN Secrelary Io Dr Marion C Woolson 15 6 C 3 MRS HELEN M MILLER S M 5 C ers 73 V Commercial CECELIA E NAGY ia a Sfale Tea Home Economics HELEN M WILSON x on e e 'I English MRS VIOLA B OUINN WVU G cc: ore S o ea Q Ru Q we s Librarian 'J Ih O anje English JOHN H SCHELLENGER 5 c Th Heallh and Physical Educahon QQ MRS EUGENIA CIRICOLO Secrelary +0 Board of Eclucahon CHAUNCEY W OAKLEY O HH 5 9 9 Malhemalics HENRY M PHOENIX L rv e e c New York aw o New York Spanish WILLIAM W ROGERS was of Aa i O Manual Training "9 -- T 1 Q v ix , . . llll lllliu PROGRAM NOTES ON THE CAST BETTY MAY ALEXANDER I 0 S of 'Imen s ee Club I 4 ses Ad 2 b 3 4 Mixed Chorus Junior Prom KN JOY ELY ALLAIRE Q ar CISSVY' VCU :I U Enfered from Rumson I947 Aihlehc Council 3 4 Homeroom Secreiary 4 Foolball Program Commlffee 3 4 Press Club 3 'Ti BARBARA ANNE ALLEN ee Club I 2 Mixed Cho us I Club I Nurses And 2 Clwrmslmas Can Iafa I 2 3 Vice Presldenf Spanlsh Club Presldenl' Spanish Club 4 S rm ncerf I 2 Usher 3 4 Treas r Chesl CommlI+ee Baccalaureafe Choir 2 3 Commencemen+ 2 THE SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM ANGLIN or ve n her earls V' O U25 9 vuahon Club I Druver Clu Sludy Club 4 BETTY JOAN APPLEGATE re go I rn 'vw Freshman Follies Usher 2 Homeroom Pres1cIen+3 Usher3 Junlor Prom Class Nsghl Usher 3 Band 4 .li WILLIAM JONES BAILEY Gluder Club I 2 Seamanshup Tramung Corps 3 Senior Pholography Club 4 .I QF I we J "Jul a pal Irln' d Hue 5 Iglrqf I ,ei II CI' i'f3 In fnd lnrj QILI - . . 1 E5 I I , M , .ag IA "I'5"d Y l"9f"' 'WIII7 I I I 'd -H 'LW'1:-me I5 'ho rff:"e' 2: s-2ifg23." GI , 5 Nur ' I I, gSIu- GI I V33 ' , 12' 3: denf Courf 3g Usher 35 Sfudenf Council A Cappella Choir 2g Junior Dramatic 41 M Clu 2, , g ' 41 : ' ' i ' . 3- ' ' 1 P' Q Co , , 33 , 7 ue 'S . e Wal smile Iva I I I I1 I I 'If el ol Alfa Ia errl cnt" O? C.-eff ncbe wcrlr 're sflef' psf 'S lea' WI llc S I ,I Chl I." ' 3 I ical." A' ' . 2: ' s b 35 ' , : ' : ' . I ' ' ' HARRY BALL Rf T' V' Entered from Wesf Orange I947 Dra ma nc Club 3 4 BRADFORD C BEHRMAN 0 Q Arc ery Club I A'Il1Iehc Council I 2 eball I 4 Trac I Press Afhlehe Councul 4 Vuce Presldenf AIII IC Councll 3 Baslzefball I 2 3 i' ROBERT BARRETT Ee e S+ y Club 2 4 Sfudenf Councrl 3 cl: 2 3 H JU E 1949 JEAN BERGER appr hor' ou 5 p Infnen Dramahc Club I Siudenf Councsl 2 Commercral Club 3 Freshman Follies Tucker Commuifee Sophomore Tuckel Commuffee Junior Prom Tuclref C01 mnffee Treasurer Homeroom3 Druvers u 4 UsI1erI RICHARD BARTON Avnahon Club I Chefs Club 2 SIU y Cu 3 4 WILLIAM WALTER BINGER Ac ery Club I 2 Sfudy Club 3 4 ,Z -35' 5 ' 1 f 'Q- Ao 1frIaI, Iwow Ifked LC, E1 ,H Hd , 1 ' : Tre , g IVY 3 A 557253 albl ng.-J acc :non Ie CI? A TNC-'ed --ay" reqmred b' the basl QI .9 ' ' 5 g d : - Ib , I' , . Ac' Q cn ue Ita' - ex 5 accom- A "V 'Far 5L.fl"NS -ff Sp. v-eh' ' 5 ' h 1 . . I I . . : . Bag , 2, 3, g In 3 'denf ' 3 ' ' .- 'Sire 'FN "O f-Ofci 'S 'face Icr lun ' ' , ' - ' - ' g g ' V3 5f:': n'd 55 fn: I. Ief' A: ..r4- Clbg ,2,3. rh ,I .- , qx ' wr I u v. I I I 6 fv , I F '-we Q51 GUSTAF EDWARD BISHOP my oo cday I Q o o Chess and Checlrer Club 4 Cafererna ,dir JAMES BLALOCK If e am Hal Pafrol 2 Foolball 3 Hu Y 3 Jumor Prom Rules Club 2 3 4 Baskefball-1 an his. ERNEST E BOOTH U79 Glnder Club I Seamanshlp Tramung Corps 2 Scrence Club 3 Mafh Club 4 Lvbrary Councul 4 Hall Palrol 2 3 Vice Presldenl Hall Pafrol 4 Senuor Play THE SENIOR CLASS JAMES BRADY IS r ew s 'I s besl pcssesswow s elball I 3 Ir Foolball 2 Rules Club 2 Vnce Presndenf of Chess and Checlner Club 3 Sludenl Councnl 4 Baseball I Chefs Club I JOAN BROWER RICHARD BRICE ,S me Cornmercual Club I Archery Club 2 rc ery Club I Avuahon Club 3 A ehc Councul 3 Typnsf Blue and A ehc Guard I 2 Hall PaIrcI3 4 Gray 4 av he CL. 'i"f Y, I Q rf, I' , I sr V-4' , . we I 'Lame sllecfc , Ih qfdsg I be? ' g 3' . hu'f1rr,I' 'QQ' I 1 : '- 1 ' H 'WI I T V16 Cin 5 UI I: 'III A gcccl med is one of Ire riches? IC'T"O'VPW-II Irulls ol personality," 2, 3, 4. , - , , II-I4CC'I'fI Bal: , 5 Trac I, 45 Hi-Y I, 2, 3: I Ip "fe Q ICWJA' g g ' - ' 'A 'fav :I :rw Nzfilsf' ' : 3 : A I1 : ' ' . 4: fhl ' ' 3 ' ' 5 g . Ihl ' , 5 , . l ' ?,,j.y.-I V . ks 'Q- I r FLAKE CAMPBELL SWIG G s e'fbaII I 2 3 4 o S+ ub 2 Rules CIu Vnce Presldenf Homeroom 3 xp. Qissfis In 'Nl S., Fo , 2, 3, 3 ry Iub I3 'Sp ech is qreaf bu? Ie ze Is greaferf' 'The cmy way Io hi e a friend is .3 be one." 'A Y does a ,ang wayfx ' II I I - Bak ,,3,4QGOIfI,,jFOI- '. ' . ' 'IW I If I -I b'3II I5 udY CI I' 7 b 33 Variefy Show3 Decorafing Commiifee ' 7 7 '55 ' ' 3, 4. ' . ,E A .hl 1, 5 5. wg, .3 - MARIE H. BROWER 'Panty of san 'rw fha? nfeanuff' Junior Drama+Ic CIub I3 Secreiary of Tuxis Club 23 Phofography CIub 33 Drivers CIub 43 Homeroom Secretary 23 Usher 23 Treasure Chesf Commiifee. LaVERNE BROWN IA srnrc I5 v.orIh a rff Ibn do arg ang dcfvnf cm? fe cQ'I.'I Enfered M. H. S. in I9473 CIo+hing CIub 33 Drivers CIub 43 Usher 33 Vice-Presb denf Homeroom 4. DOUGLAS BRUCE Men are nof rneasur G n Inches o+baII I 4 Arche C Junior Dramahc CIub 2 Sfudy CIub 3 S+uden+ Councll 4 Golf 2 3 Presndenf Homeroom I THEODORE BURLEW 9 S O Ghder Club I Archery Club 2 Drnvers CIub 3 Chess and Checker CIub 4 JU E 1949 THO MAS CLAYTON v Vice Presldenf Chefs CIub I Archery Club 2 S+uden+ Councnl 2 Track I 2 3 4 Sensor Dramahc CIub 4 Foo+baII I JAY A COTTA 2 Homeroom Presldenf 3 4 Freshman I e SI-ek anno g Me wofr-en FoIInes Sophomore Mlnsfrel Junuor Archery Club I 4 Chefs Club 2 Ch s and Checker CIub 3 96' GRACE JANE CROOK Archery Club I Presnclenf Archery Club 2 Drnvers Club 4 Commercnal Club 3 JOHN R CROOK Mm of Ie ords are Ihe beef mon Arc ery Club I Rules Club 2 Avia hon Club 3 4 WH' we GRACE CULLMAN Cheerleader 2 3 4 Glee Club I 2 4 Mixed Chorus I 2 4 Sprung Concert Junuor Drama: ub o Fanclers Club 2 Sensor Dramahc Club 3 4 Treasure Chesf Sfeff Junior Varneiy Show M Club I 2 Commencemenf Usher 3 Baccelaureafe Usher 3 Dance Commufiee 2 3 4 THE SE IOR CLASS RICHARD CULVER 0 e for The a Fufure Farmers of America I 2 3 4 ROBERT DAVIS II has been a savage enough pllgrlmage Enlered M H S In I947 Drwers Club 3 Sensor Dramahc Club 4 CHESTER F DAVISON Slow buf Sure Avxahon Club I Chefs Club 2 Sludy Club 3 Chess and Checker Club 4 If ' . I i K 'I I' w W . f 4 I h q 1 - Aj Q - - 7 iff "I love life," "Where is our usual manager of mIrIh?'I I I I I. 2: ' I CI Ig D g "A I v I nd." . . .' I: ' ' ' I I I ff-'E JANET ANN DeBOW Her la or n pleasarwr dreams All Shale Chorus 4 Co Sensor Edulor of Teasure Chesl Glee Club I 2 3 4 Ixed Chorus I 2 3 4 A Cappe Choir 2 Oclef 4 Jumor Dramahc Club I 2 Senror Dramallc Club 3 4 Usher I 2 Junnor Varnely Show Commencemenl U er 3 Baccalaureafe Choir I 2 3 rnsfmas Canlala I 2 3 4 S rl Concerl I 2 3 Dance Commnllee 4 Sensor Play ALICE DORRER 1 afe belrays you Bool: of lhe Monlh lub I Commerc I Club 2 Treasurer Commercial Club 3 Drnvers Club 4 K 1 CHARLES DENNING Lvmg from day Io day Foolball I Baslrefball I Afhlehc Com 2 Slucl C JU E 1949 STANLEY J DOWNS D a frse u en'r Councll I Science Club Sludy Club 3 Chess and Checlrer Club 4 Baslcefball 4 FooIbaIl3 4 ROBERT M DOLAN r-I s rm. a fn A Sfafe Chorus 2 3 4 Glee Club I I 4 Cappella Chow I 2 3 Archery Club I Junuor Drarnahc Club 2 Senior Dramahc CIub3 4 Sophomore Mnnslrel Jun or Play Junior Varnely Show Senior Play B n I 2 3 4 Baccalaureale Chour I 2 Chrlslmas Canlala l 2 3 4 Wxnner Cenlral Jersey uarler Mule Track Champuonshup 3 GRACE ELIZABETH DUNFEE IS Ice Iranlmess Slucly Club I 4 Junuor Nurses And 2 Drivers Club 3 .al 2 I' ul 4 I I ' ' ' , cll I, g y lub 3, 4. , X ,S I 'CY I5 I 5 I I ' I rs: nem ch r, sf ' I - ' ' II- . . : . " I . . . I 2, 3, 4, M'xecl Chorus I, 2, 3, 3 A M. I I . I lla ' I ' 7 1 SI' 5 ' . . I a dy , , , Q I ' I CI' - . I I P 'ns : ' . . , : ' . ' ' I ' 1 Q ' - 'Ee 5' -eo' a cl s 1 silerze - e. We 're ycurg 'rar ffrc has ' r ms I eccug' 'c make a loc' al '-I II," C I I3 Sf d ' I A 2? Trere ' no wisccrr II 'Q '57 3 ,fC X ...L- BEVERLY EDGAR Frcmw see Twurler 3 Co Caplam Twurlers 4 Com mercnal Club I 2 3 Sfuclenf Councul 4 Sfudenf Courf 4 Secrelary Sennor Class BERNICE EARLIN 2 3 Presldenf Homeroom 3 4 Class des C d T Ihy mer SenaIor4 Sfudy Club I 2 Phofography CIub3 4 JOHN F EVANS rr O ls over Ine ea o Iouble Infernahonal Relahons Club I Siudy Club 2 Drnvers Club 2 Vlce Pres: enI' Rules Club 4 Freshman Follies Dance Comme++ee 4 Foo+baII I 3 4 Baseball 4 Track 4 Sfage Crew 2 THE SENIOR CLASS MARJORIE ELIZABETH FIRMAN JI' 'TI C Enfered M H S I947 Afhlehc Cocn cI 3 4 Program CommlHee Foofball Games 3 4 MW Sf lun. DORIS ANN FLINTOFT n 2 G 4 Max Chorus I 4 Dance CommuHee I Sprmg Concerf I 4 Clmrlsfmas Canlafa I 4 Freshman Follies Sophomore Munsfrel RALPH A FLETCHER V1ce Presuden+ of Homeroom I 3 Blue I-Imd as nano orre and Gray I Junior Dramahc Club 2 Enfered M H S I947 Scnence Club 3 Sensor Dremahc Club 3 Drwers Club 4 Baseball 3 Junior Play Avmahon Club 4 Class Nnghf 3 1, I 0 A X x 'S x ' 1 bfi User ol be-r bead Ia Ibe l ol re' feel, sbe is all oealfessfl R . . . . 1 1 ' 1 . 1 ' . 1 . "Thy mo lfls an le 0 II." . 'Mg ly nerl I 5 l ' ." . 1 . . ' ' 1 1 ' 1 ' - 'CI ' 1 . . : I. 1 1 . 3, 4- 'Sweemess Is as sweewe-ss GOES." Ba d , 3, 45 Iee Club I, 1 'ed . 1 ' . 1 ' 1 ' 1 Ilr1Jl,'rm' al 5' plr, and Imlnof' . I ' I . I ' . . , . 1 ' '- " f some Is ' s aces." I ' ' I I , 1 ' . . . 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 A of I 5 -K E wr .f f ERNEST GIFFORD rc ery Club I Baskefball I 3 R 1 14X xfnr JOHN FOSTER Archery Club I Tennis I Sludenl Coun cal 2 Band 4 Chess and Checlrer Club 3 4 Blue and Gray 4 JOHN GEISER no OC c s rw a acl: I 2 3 4 Presnclenl Chess a Checlrer Club 3 Vnce Presuclenl Gllder u I Sfudenf Councul 4 Baseball I Sophomore Mmslrel Dance Comrmll e 4 Vice Presldenlr Homeroom I Secre Iary Homeroom 2 WAYNE GIBSON we 'week she e he lcrwq om ol ear Sfudenl Council I Cafelerua I 2 Plc .loc eys I Freshman Foo+ball 2 J V Phofography Club 4 ALBERT GIFFORD s s nor so Fooiball I Baseball I Cafelerua Afhlefuc Councul I 2 .IU E 1949 CAROLINE GRATTON Commerclal Club I Clolhung Club 2 Drnvers Club 3 Clofhnng Club 4 Fre h man Follies Usher I FRANK GRISSMAN C Ia r Seamanshup Trasmng Corps I 4 BI e and Grey I 2 Junuor Dramahc Club 2 Chess Club 3 WV, I-'rcs are low bu' wI'5I I spcwlq I Ir3.A.,' I' e grn' 'ac As he w, ' es .cf csc H3 35 e ri' Tr V I I 3 ' nd CI b : ' 1 : . I . e IT , If Irh 'Il' ', I d . ' 2 ' . : W In 1 I - - Foofball 2: Baseball lg Avialion Club 31 'Thi word I bad. W' cce's "9 acc' c: successf' Aw my s'c-:J lie ar bc be." I-451 59 gf. he "ei . l . I . . . ' U h 5 , g Base- - , - . 3 I . - - ball I, 2. 3. 47 ules Club 2, 3, 4. - , . , is RUTH HALLOWELL To Ove CWGVISI' and o ey Tuxus Club I 2 Dog Fancuers Club 3 Drlvers Club 4 CHARLES HAI-L GEORGE HANSEN 'U 955 OI gel A 'wl we dewls Il G Arc ery Club I Sfucly Club 2 3 4 Gnder Club I Vuce Presldenlf C efs Club 2 Rules Club 3 Slucly Club 4 THE SENIOR CLASS I 3 f - " I , I ' . I: ." 'ILIIQ Is cf: Icmq pmt YWQ ' Q ' ' 're I1 i I 1 l I' 1 ' - ' I' JANET HART SHIRLEY HAYES FREDERICK HARDWICK 'IA frcwy bowl rrqlces a Clwccflul 'As mfgvfy H5 M9 dw 13 Ion?" 'I'Q wrong my QC S E e I ,. vie." Id Q ' I 5 I 'I 3 i I GI 45 ' d 4 1 . ' . sh , I x 'A , v S rn I c rwor reasorace Pow Joclceys I Sfudeni Councu 2 Rules Club 3 Sludy Club 4 ccuvlena Commercual Club I Cloflwlng Club 7 Blue and Gray 2 PI'1o+ograpI1y Club 3 Drnvers Club 4 H Su y Club I Dog Fancners Club 2 Plwolograplwy Club 3 Drivers Club 4 ee Club Mlxe Chorus U er 2 3 MEREDITH HEMPHILL JR vrpl I nnor u lreal from ofball I 2 3 4 Sfudenf Co I 2 3 Presldenf S+uden'r Councnl 4 Hall Pa rol 2 3 4 Junaor Play 3 Pres: enf Sophomore Class Presldenl Junnor Cla s THOMAS H HOOPER O rs o Secrefary Homeroom I Freshman FOI Ines Presndenf Homeroom 2 Secrelary and Treasurer Scnence Club 2 Sopho more Mlnsfrel Junior Varnely Shov Junuor Play unlor Prom Vlce Presuclrnf Scuence Club 3 Wmner Amerncan Le gnon Oraloral Confesf 3 Delegaf I Jersey Boys S+afe 3 Presudenf senuar Class Judge Siudenf Courl 4 Asso cnafe Edufor Treasure Ches+ Dance Commufiee 4 Sensor Play H II Pa'roI vla I b 2 nc Guard I Ierna I Sensor Ring Commdlee 3 LEON ARTHUR HEULITT For fhe Seamanshnp Tramlng C rps I Chefs Club 2 Science Club 3 Drnvers Club eball Foo a 2 Hall Pa ro 3 4 lughhng Dureclor Class a .IU E 1949 CHARLES HOWLETT I er Club I S+ dy Club 2 ROBERT HOFFMAN Sfudy Club I 4 Sclence Club 2 3 VERE LeROY IRONS Vuce Pres:den+ Plane Conslruchon Club I Chefs Club 2 Sfudy Club 3 4 I . 3 1 I A 'ave I sea," . , . O : 45 Bas Ig Ib II 3 I I 2. , : .' ' ' PI ys " I A 3, 4. a 'S' Q 'rx Wd 5 lllfh cl Iv ly "IU, me ,453 S'.H,4" C , Y V" rs V . Fo , , , 3 unci I. I . . : ' : 'd 'I-In pr If' wh serves bow." ' 1 fa o . I - 5- .N ' 3 ' 7 el . 2, 3, 41 A ' Von Clu Ig HI-Y 3 AII1- Cjif 'Q 1:05 e':1 :eff 'C ati" Ief' . 2: Cafe ' '. 2. 3. 4: ILC? the ff:"a 5 'ue Ido r15+,are." ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' Q U . 3, y I ' , N gig 1' DOLORES JENSEN Juneor Dramahc Club 2 Blue and Gray 2 3 4 Press Club 3 Secrefary Drnvers Club 4 R DOUoLAS JACKSON ofball I 2 Archery Club I Presndenl Homeroorn ro I Scenery Junlor Pla 3 JUDITH JOHNSON Iography Club 3 Druvers Club 4 Cheer leader 2 3 Ceplaun Cheerleaders 4 THE SENIOR CLASS DORIS KELTY ARTHUR JULIAN 5 Commercnal Club I Blue and Gray 3 Archery Club I 2 Sluclenl' Council 3 Phofography Club 3 4 Commencernenl u y Club 4 Foofball 2 3 Usher3 N XIX OLIVE LOUISE KENNEY aus: and Clo+hung Club I Afhlehc Councul 2 3 lub 3 4 Slucly Club 4 Usher Junior Prom I 0 mf i X Q Q 3 3-3 Q ,AI A zyef of 'ine-5 'S ere' I l ! ...S L f, NNN :C I 'ae 'x 3: 'C s:n:: 7" 'A 2,54 gces :if sd a jggle Fo , 2, 37 Baslmelball I, g Base- goes fa-fee-, ball I7 Rules Club 3, 41 Chefs Club 21 Blue and Gray Ig Archery Club 21 Pho 2, 31 Hall Pal I g ' , 7 ' . y . 'A Merry Feefr fha' laughs I cam," L Ah be 'refryf 4 :a'e-Lee 'Ie has he," ' 3 I ' I ' ' . , : ' G , : M C , : : 3 S+ d 1 I I 4- . ' . RICHARD LANG Clash of Cymbals sound of drums n I Presndenl' Avnahon Club I Vice Pres: denf AVISIIOH Club 4 Presndenl Home room 4 ROBERT K. KISNER ' fffq r, so. rv Q '43 f ands .I Avialion Club I 2' Presidenf Avialion u 3 4' H Palr 3 4' Mana Foolball Team 3 4' Secreiary and Treasurer Homeroom 3. MARILYN FRANCES KLEINKAUF H rp ness s erns made Io be she e ee Club I 2 3 4 Muxecl Cho us 4 A Cap hour 2 C r mas Canlafa I 2 3 4 Sprung Conc I I 2 3 4 Dramahc Club2 3 Fres man Follies Pholography Club 3 Class Nlgwl Usher 3 Commencemenf Usher 3 Honor Socuefy 4 LEONARD KRASOWSKI nlcely good humored fellow a pal Pho+ography Club I Science Club 2 3 Taclc 2 4 Foo ball JU E 1949 JAMES H LARSON The rnmd IS Ihe sfandard ol Ihe 'har eball I 2 ball olball I 2 3 Rules Club I Sfu e Council 2 Chess Club 3 Llbrary Coun Qt 4 090 1 Sv K WILLIAM KROTT T e man who blushes ns mol qunle a brule Vuce Presldenl Homeroom I Avlahon Club I Freshman Follies Sludy Club P rol I 2 Rules Club 4 KENNETH LAURSEN From lh crown of hs head Io lhe soe s ee? e al mfr Archery Club I Chefs Club 2 Sludy Club 3 Chess and Checker Club 4 SI rw rs al st rg ' ns CI b , , all ol , , ger I ax, I Q- r d," GI . . . : ' r I. 2, 3, 3 ella C I I, 3 I1 ISI- , , , 3 I er . . . : I . : In 'IA I' - Hi-Y 3 r , 3, 3 I' 3, 4. . h I . . 5 2, 33 Foolball I, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Hall I BI , 3 , l Ba d , 2, 3, 43 Orcheslra I, 2, 3,I43 BHS . .3. 41 BBSRGI I. 2- 3.4: II I 9 I I ' ' ' : ' . '. Fo , , 3 3 d nl' of hi I h ls l 'Ihf' , I cil 3. I . I ,. EDWINA BARBARA LEAYCRAFT No maffer whaf she d o sue d d If we xed Chorus I 2 3 4 Glee Cub 4 A Cappella Ch 2 Sfu ouncll I ramahc Club I Freshman Follies Junlor Varlely Show PAUL LA VANCE 3 Sensor Play 4 Dance Commuffee 4 JOHN LOMAX A Good nafure falces one a long way er 3 Chrnsfmas C nfafa 2 3 qu 9, S Ches Club I Rules Club 2 Afhlehc Spring Concerf I 2 3 4 Sensor Chorus Chefs Club I Rules Club 2 Chess Club uncuI 3 H Y3 o+baII 4 EdII'OI'If1 Chnef Treasure Chesf 4 3 Sway Club 4 Fomball I 2 4 Trek s efbaII I 3 In Honor Socxefy 4 THE SENIOR CLASS ROBERT PHILIP LONG-O G we W F f + O MATTHEW MacDOWELL N r- + a u O Freshman Follues I Chefs Club I Druv rs re5,den+ Freshman Clagg ow Club 2 Seamanshnp Tralnmg Club 3 S+udy Club 3 Hall PaIroI 3 Sensor Dra m IC Club 4 os Gee u Mixed Chorus I Hn Y 3 Jockeys I 2 Treasurer Fu+ure Farmers of Ameruca 3 Presldeni Senvor Dramahc WILFRED JAMES MANSFIELD Club 4 Presldenf Homeroom I 4 Fool in .W U Drlvers Club 3 'uv , Z " E' i ' II." Mi , , , 7 I I, 2, 3, 3 oir 5 den? C ' g D ' , 2, 3, 4: U f' 'H Ush' I I e ' ' 4: 'A f 'fan ob ewes hls IC C S Co ' g i- ,Fo I,2,3,4g : ' ' 5 . I. ll I: Bel: ,,4gTrac I,2,3,4. ' . I2 3 4. I'I'Ie I ya has an ara er' C his IRC W5 'I 'C 'Q 9-II A wealth II"e'ds,I ' : : ' 2 P ' lg PI af. 7 B Y' l CI b ll ' I 'I I I ' 'Lau' X :I 'HQ f-'wld 5: ghs VW T, I. I I '- - beIII I, 2, 3, 4. ' , Q, DOROTHY MAR6 REY A good nalure lakes one a long way Club I Bowlnng Club I Soclal Science Club 2 Commercial Club 2 Blue and Gray 3 Usher 3 Sludenl Councll 4 Senior Play 4 Treasure Chesl Slafl 4 AUDREY MARTIN I-Ier good o k IS a cred T Io her name Freshman Fllues I Alhlehc Councnl Treasurer I Homeroom Presldenl Usher 2 3 Junior Dramahc Club 2 Sfudenf Council 3 4 Class Treasurer RICHARD MARKS azy lm lusf dream: Presldenf Gllcler Club I Vice Preslclenl Homeroom I Baseball I Camera Club 2 Foolball Manager 2 Rules Club 3 Sludy Club 4 Baslxelball I 2 3 JU E 1949 ELROY MARTIN Q res sl any I1 UQ GYCS Iemp af rv ofball I 2 dl Tr cl: I 2 3 Chefs Club I Rules Club Slud Clu 4 Vnce Pres: n Class 2 'A gps ARTHUR RAMSEY MARTIN e ask my wanls are ew Archery Club I Alhlellc Councul I Sludenf Councul 2 Pholography Club 3 Varlefy Show 3 Junlor Play 3 Alhlerlc Councrl 4 RONALD MASELLA f acoc e owes o rfe e Ir' Enfered M H S Seplember l948 Blue and Gray 4 I I Q If V- 'Im mol I 1 I ' 'nqf' A rm I : F y I Ay,,V ri : : U : I' .II IIIJHI I , I . Glee Club Ig Choral Club Ig Archery Bur Iwenry fhousand girls will do." 'I W f ' i 'I an x + I pf O . : . . y EC I, 7 ' 22 Fo , , 3, 43 Baslrelb I I, 2, 3. 42 'M' I! -'If Q , Y whfe . : ' ' : a . . 1 I Grief' ' , 5 2, 3: y b 1 ' - 'de I . . . . : 3, 4. . . I S JOAN MAYER e Q ere ade for seemi w b En ered M H S I946 Homeroom Treasurer 2 3 Spannsh Club Treasur r 2 Clerk Sfuclenl Courf 3 Glee Club 2 Sprung Concerl 2 Canlala 2 Bancl 3 Drrvers Club 4 NANCY J McNEEL C US SUT IW Dramaluc Club I Freshman Follnes Dramaluc Club 2 Sophomore Mnnsl I 2 Jumor VarveI:es3 Senior Dramallc Cu 34 Dance CommlHee3 4 11 Cu I 2 3 4 CheerleacIer4 RICHARD A MEGILL I I 'J W CIR en good Ihrnq Arc ery Club I Foolball I Hall Pall' I I 2 Sludy Club 2 3 Preslclenl' Home room 3 Rules Club 4 THE SENIGR CLASS GEORGIA MORRIS Secrelary Class I Secrelary Homeroom I 2 3 4 Presudenl Commercial ub Ha Pafrol I 2 Sludenf Cour Prom Commnlfee 3 Usher 3 Tuul Commrllee I Dramahc Club I C Typrng Edslor Yearbook 4 Blue and ayl ll- ff-1? VIRGINIA ANNE MORROW n esfrous p a e always a E ered M H S I946 Tuxrs Club 2 Phofography Club 3 Drlvers Club 4 so Ir' owe 'I ,aa K A Cappella hour 2 Dramahc Club I 3 Mxed Chorus I 4 Dog an I rs Club 2 ee ub Freshman Follies I Junior Varnehes 3 nlafa I 2 3 4 Sprung C n erl I 3 4 Secrelary Homeroom 4 Orches Ira 4 43-11- it 'Inf cflc I H1IR'9" na' she," ' " I IJ I I ' I : I 5 I I b , , , g , ' 'II y S A . " I XI "A Hrle rebeI"oI ro Id Ih Is a The beaely Is Vs own excuse ISV cIn:3," ' Af' I I - - I I1 5 3 o A vcd dfsfslfff- I IM :Refer MARY MOSLEY 'C QCIC-I 'Gs I 'logs c I 'I srral n clagesf' I C . I . ' 'CI 41 I ,2,3, 14 F.- 27 II - 7 I 35 c'e 7 GI CI I, 2, 3, 43 ' v - ' le - I . 1 1 I A F A 5 0' "I d' I eople r- I h ppl," Ca , , , 1 ' o c ,2, ' i nl . , . : ' I . z : - Gr , 2, 3, 4. I - Q l ,cd ' , ' 'R ' Ns , IJ if, 5 BETTY NEWMAN FRANCES BERTHA MULLER LC amallc Club I 2 M Cu r Club 2 Blue and Gray 2 Drivers Club 'Iudy Club 4 VIRGINIA ELAINE MYER ew th was s e I gem e a ngness Enfered M H S I947 Phologrephy Club 4 Sfudy Club 3 RICHARD NAPOLITON way c ow p 'ne ay Blue and Gray I 2 Archery Club 2 u y Club 3 Traclr 3 Band I 2 MARVIN W NASER IS ve O S no' say Sludy Club I Avrahon Club 2 Fufure Farmers of Amerlca 3 Chefs Club 4 .IU E 1949 he OG Gale O GEORGE NEWMAN roa To suc ess Archery Club I 2 Preslclenf Commer cial Club 3 Phofography Club 4 Glee Club I, Mixed Chorus I, Blue and Gray , P ess Club 4, Usher I, 2, 3, Treas Chesf S+-aff 4 n 'xsens now and en DONALD R NEWMAN s rellsrmecl y Me besr ol m rw 5 w l be O Science Club I Dog Franclers Club 1. Afh ehc Councul I, Junxor Dramahc Phofography 3, 4, Junxor Play Treasure Club 2, Homeroom Presndenl 2, Avlahon Chesf Slaff 4, Press Club 4, Foolball 4, Club 3, Sfudy Club 4. Hall Palrol 4, Blue and Gray 3, 4 'He' 5 em I for I or vwaf I like." Dr ' , 5 I b I, P ess 33 S . 'F ll, are Empsslbl o dll 3 ,I 'd vv' I I I ' , , x 3 , , . 1' ' X f -' J l 0 'l f if u Sc QI .II . : , 4: 5? Cl : 1 . . 3. 4- , 'I-le ' ne ' scr'y for whal he Ice "A llghf arf 4 es 5' sl ver IV, d C II 'IA llllle cl e lh , . I I ' . I Af 3 I e I I I 'Boy il bb y'S.I' ' I ' 'Z . ' , I . . I . . ' . Z 3' r ' ' qrg . ' . ' ' . . . l ROBERT O I-IENEY Plow Joclreys I Sfuclenf Courl 2 Siu denf Council 3 Sensor Dramallc Club 4 JEAN D ORMSBEE Q and a e mem Irer I 2 3 CoCap+a1n Twxre Dramahc Club I 2 3 4 Presldenl D rnahc Club 2 3 Glee Club 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Homeroom Presldenl I Junlor Varnefy Show Dance Commllfee LARS PEDERSEN 3 4 Buslness Edllor Treasure Chesf 4 Chrlslmas Canlala 3 4 lahon Club I 2 3 THE SENIOR CLASS DORIS ANN PERKINS 5 VT' 5 n 2 3 b 2 3 Mex C orus I 2 3 Treasurer Book Club I Secrelary Spamsh Club 2 Sludenl Coun cal 3 Dramahc Club 4 Freshman Follue Sophomore Munsfrel Junuor Varuefy Show Junior Play Sprung Concerl I 2 3 Canfafa 2 3 Usher 3 hung SHIRLEY PIGOTT S QVQ o hung Club I Freshman Fo nes Vnce PresIden+ Lahn Club 2 Sophomore Mmsfrel Treasurer Nurses Ad 3 .I n nor Varrely Show 3 Drnvers Club 4 Glee u I 3 4 A Cappella Cho xed Chorus I 2 3 a Iala I Concerll 2 3 Usher3 Treasure Chesl Slaff 4 'WB WILLIAM QUACKENBUSH e s esly rc ery Club I les Club 2 a Palrol 2 3 4 Drlvers Club 3 Avnahon Club 4 1 I ,I ' f M " f I 4 If ' 555.5 'ICGI' I r ies." TW' I . . I - ' ' I r 41 I . . . I ' ra- Y YY . I ' , 25 'I love Ihe We I live." ' 'I I I I 'Iaby Ifsef is a sorrowfu flung' : : - ' ' Av' ' . . . 4- 'VX Irlerd may We be feckvecl he 'Life I' ice up cl Smlles, snlrlles, ,Ti I 5,320 Cf rimrek' rd sczsf' Cl f ' I 11' I Bad,,4g6IeeCIu I,,g 'ed ', - ' I I1 . . I Q ' I ' I g u - ' 3 ' 1 'SI CI b . 2, . 1 if 2: 'Nc I gecy a F31 as 151, ' : ' ' MI -cn ,2,31 Ah :RU YHII s GEORGE RAAB ofball I 2 3 Freshman Follnes en lor Dramarrc Club 4 Sophomore Mm slrel Drnvers Club 3 Junior Dramahc Club 3 MAREE RICHARDS Iub I Scuence Club Dog an crers Club 2 Dramallc Club 3 4 Cheer ers 2 G u M x Chorus 4 Treasure Chesf Slaff 4 Se relary Cheerleaders 3 4 THEODORE REARICK 5 J S u enf Counczl I 2 3 Varsnly o I ball Manager 2 Vice Pres denf Class 4 Malh Club 4 Treasure Chesl Slafl' 4 ance Commnflee 4 H Y Baskelball I Honor Soclely 4 JU E 1949 NORMA JEAN RICE Library Councll 2 3 4 Secrelary Lnbrary uncll 3 Sludenl Councll 2 3 ue Gray I 3 4 Vuce Presldenl Homeroom 3 Press Club 3 Freshman Fell es Treasure Chesl DONALD RICHARDSON DORIS ELAINE RIGGS sefball I ramalrc Club Freshman Foxes C lefs Club I Rules Club 4 Slu ew? Clofhrng Club 2 3 Pholographers Club Council 4 Glee Club I 9'5- Q-P TN 9"'!' if HI' sire Lis f-Q deserleilf' ,,,. I d ' . , : ' F O - D ' 1 I I, 2, 31 He -'-'hc sffs wfln devfgn gf"-V" I'3 ein '3 be a':1 Fo , , 3 ' g S - ' ' . . I ' ' ' I '. Co ' 5 ' , 7 BI- 7 ' 7 ' ' and , 3,41 Band 43 M Club I, 2, Sfaff 4g Dance Commiflee 3, 4. 'E5:':'e':, males lfs of-W f.e,." M C 7 ' Ig F - I I I . I ' 'A 'fan 'r 'fza'-fri lrbrj-.H Sf,-'Ile 'L ff ne"'aj:a-. lead , 3. 4: lee CI b 4: iffd Bar , 2, 3, 4g Track I, 2, 3, 4: D ' Ig II' , I I C' h' 1 g d . ' , g . . ' , 41 , 2. I 4. V f I f 1 1' s I , I DAVID ROBINSON ry of Tre s Archery CIub I Phofography Club 3 Rules CIub 2 Drsvers CIub 4 ,gig -P' KATHERYN ROSS how or but how wc I emahc Club I 2 M Club I Dance Commsfiee 3 Junior PIay Gee Club 2 4 Mnxed Chorus 2 4 Treasure Chesi Sheff 4 JAMES RYAN G Ie acIrI 3 4 Foofba 2 Rules 2 Chefs Cub I SIucIy Cub THE SENIOR CLASS FRANCES LOUISE SACCO I- H NOV Freshman FoIIIes A CappeIIa Choir I 2 ee Club I 3 4 Mixed Chorus MaIoreI+e 2 3 4 Sophomore MnnsIreI Junuor Varrefy Show Sprung Concerf I 4 C afa 2 3 4 Vnce Pres: Dramahc Club 3 Dance Commnffee 3 amahc Club I 3 4 Trees Chesf Sfaff 4 ALICE MAY SANDBURG' Junnor Dramailc Club I 2 Senior D mahc Club 3 S+uden+ Councnl 4 V e Presnden+ Homeroom I U her I Glee Commercial CIub I Dog Fancners Club Club 4 Mued Cho,-ug 4 C,,n+a+,, 4 2 Sensor Phofography Club 3 4 Sprmg Come,-I 4 RH ' I Q9 1 .1 I W 'fj fk 4 , "Ir is noI I g ' ' QI I' ,K we Ne." 75 2- ' If fi' , Dr ' , 1 , 2, 3, 4: U M . - . f . 1 :5 2, I - - I .'WQr Is rusI 'I ouI." l ,Fir ,NCS 5 .CNY SCC, Mint., 'l I Tr , 2, , 3 II 1 CIub ' ' I, g I 5 I 3. "IIS he' manner and er smI'e 'I fa? 'fake her , 'hwn'e." GI , 2, . I ' I. 2, 3, 43 Ode? 43 Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 43 BETTY JANE SANGSTON ' , , 5 ' I A 'fwmffr uofff.-"ed fra E4'T'2'Q,II . . i . I . . V Z . ra- 2,3. : ant 1, . . : ' - 'dem 'Af if if :3"'5'l li 5122 'fs ' 7 ' : ir - ' : ' ' CCY' QI-1' ' : 5 3 45 Dr ' , 2, , 5 ure I T I I ' I 5 A ue, V52 Z 95- Wi' Q ., 1, 1 , I 3 ,. WILMA SCHILDKNECHT Lefe a be merry. Nurses' Aid I: Archery Club 23 Pha- Q 35 may fography Club 31 Blue and Gray 21 Drivers Club 4 ELBERT SCHOONOVER O 3 Enlered M H S I947 Rules Club Junror C ub .Iunlor Mnxed Chesl fala 4 'bi LAURA MAE SHARPE Dramahc Club I Presldenf Larh 2 mor Dramafuc ub V rnely Show Glee Club 2 4 Chorus 2 4 M Club 4 Treasure Slaff 4 Honor SOCIEIY 4 Can Sprung Concerl 4 MARTHA SEYBUCHLER e s Sludenl Councul I 2 Commercial Club 3 Dance CommuHee3 Usher3 Honor Socsely 3 4 Treasurer I-lomeroom 4 Co Typnng Edrlor Treasure Chesf 4 e and Gray 2 3 4 Press Cub 3 DONALD EDWARD SHAFTO e ea-vs 'ne u enf C uncul I Plow Jockeys R es Club 2 Avnaluon Club 3 4 Hal Palrol 3 4 JU E 1949 EVELYN SHERMAN e lub I 3 4 Cheerleacl 4 and Gray 3 4 Sludy Club I Dramahc Club 2 3 Freshman Follues Sophomore Mmslrel Usher 3 Dance Commu++ee 4 EMMA JEAN SIEFKEN o en an y Club I I Club 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Usher 3 1- T' K , ' A mv 'I 'rlgr' .ff-' 5 nov? Inf If A I ' . . . 1 3, 4 X. Q' '- 'Sb I 5 led wllln a"l:"f:".I ' A Blu , , 3 I , 4. I I A :-Ae' mann ' c:5'er' N 1 ' 'fest' I SI cl o ' g I K UI 1 ' ' . 1 I 7 Se ' ' CI 3, 41 VI, 'ze 's ga, are r chess. ' e' 1 . 1 M C . 2, . 1 ef 1 Blue ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 'Aderad 1ar,a' cccclcslolaf' 1 ' 1 , 1 1 ' 1 Slucl , 27 Dramafc 3, 41 Glee f 1? FRANK WELDON SLOCUM Iruer Irulh Oblalna Ie an Ihan come ol rrusc Freshman Follies Sophomore Mmslrl Junlor Varuefy Show Band 2 3 4 Sc: ence Club 2 3 Secrelary Science Club ow oc eys Siu Cu Afhlehc Guard 2 9. uf GERALD VINCENT S-IER ws '1 n e Isllc rm Science Club I 3 Junior Dramafxc Club 2 Blue and Gray 3 Drivers Club 4 LOIS STINES elness and Tolerance Glee Club I 2 4 Mnxecl Chorus 4 Dra xc Club I 2 4 Usher 3 Jun Varuely Show Concerf 2 Canfala 4 Jumor Rang Commullee Dance Com mnffee 3 4 Co Ari Edulor of ear book 4 THE SENIOR CLASS ROBERT NORMAN SWEET as asv ul e se rm Enlered M H S I946 Hall Pafrol 3 4 Ches Club 2 Drnvers Club 3 Dance Commllfee 3 Afhle IC Councnl 4 Band 4 CHARLES E SYLVESTER I wanl 40 be an age Tennis I Archery Club 2 4 Sludy Club 3 Baslrelball I R ELIZABETH TALLEY Happy am I from care lm Tree' Dramahc Club I 3 4 Mixed Chorus I Glee Club I 4 Danf- Commaflee 3 Canlafa 4 Sprung Con cerl' 4 Sensor Chorus G T "A Man 'IL a FT' ' 'ndf' I X -4' "There Is rc ' bl IISWQ N 4" Bym- S ,,,- , - I I ' E? mef' , ,3, 5 1 ior arp: Jk ng aylb4: ' ,,. '- Y. YH?-3 not X b -5 N as I, 5, "' Why arerfl Ihey all conlenled like me?" f I I. I ' I I I I " . I." 4: .41 Usher I, 3 -e ' 5 +' ' g ' : . : ' I I ' - . I ,N , 'X T QT :Iii I 1, . ' PATRICIA ANNE TERHUNE I e Icfure pannIed Vlce Presldenf Freshman CIass Secre r Avlahon Club I T lrIer 2 3 CIass HlsIorlan 2 Treasurer Dog Fan caers CIub2 Sena'for3 Usher3 Sfudenf FresndenI Homeroom I Honor Socnefy 4 DANIEL TRAVERSO A Inend and fhen some Treasure Chesi Sfaff 4 Dance Comml'I Iee 3 Siudeni CouncnI 4 Secrehary CIub I 2 Chess CIub3 TracIz2 3 4 Sopho more Mlnsfrel Homeroom Presldenf 2 RONALD THOMPSON The qreafer man Ihe qrearer courIesy F o ball I BasebaII I Hall PaIroI 2 3 Archery Club I Chefs CIub 2 Phofog raphy CIub 3 4 Dance Commlffee 3 BasIreIbaII 2 JU E 1949 MARIE TREIBER A frnendIy manner affracfs many Commercxal CIub I Secretary Home room I Spanish CIub 2 Presldenf Span Ish CIub 3 Press Club 4 Junuor Rmg Commaffee Tlclef Commdfee 2 3 Manager Magazine Sales 4 MARY ELIZABETH TRAFFORD b' fhe as ee Club I 4 Mixed Cho us Dramahc Club I 3 4 Clofhlng CIub 7 Freshman FoIIues Sophomore MunsI'reI Junior Varlefy Show Junior Play Senior GORDON TWADDELL Everyfhvng happens Io everybody sooner or Iafer Ches Club I 2 Chess Club 3 Maih Club 4 Yearbook Siaff 4 BasIreIbaII I 2 3 4 Secre+ary Homeroom 3 Pres: den+ Homeroom 4 Key Club 4 Q I' 0 I : : , . ': "A HIE p' ' . weII." 'No Iark as II she." ' - ' : - GI , g ' r I, 43 Ia y ' ' : w' . . 4: ' . , : ' -: Council 3, 43 Dance Commiffee 45 Vice- Play, I 1 A ' . : ' : ' - I . : : .I fr, . 1 X 1 3 ' PATRICIA ANNE VAN DORN p lass Io rnee+ even be +o know ee Club I Mnx C orus Alhlelxc Council I Dramahc Club I 4 Secrelary La+un Club 2 Sludenf Coun unaor a Us er 3 Honor Socue+y 3 4 Secrelary Homeroom 4 Dance Commu++ee 3 4 Junlor Ring Commu++ee Canfaia 4 Sprung Concerf 4 Freshman Follnes Sophomore Munsfrel Co Sensor Edulor Treasure Chesf DOLORES VAN DUREN rn In I lau e ee Club I 2 3 4 Mnxed Cho us 2 3 4 A Cappella Choir I 2 Dramahc u I 4 Lahn Club 2 Fres man Follies Sophomore Mnslrel Junior Varnely Show Sensor Play Sensor Chorus 4 Caniaia I 2 3 4 Sprung Concerl' I 2 3 4 Treasure Chesl Sh-:FF 4 Honor Socnefy 4 radii 1 MARGARET ANN VAN NUYS C eerleader 2 3 4 Glee Club I 2 4 Mnxed Chorus I 2 4 Sprung Concerf I Dramahc Club I 2 3 4 Secre Dramahc Club 3 Junlor Varlefy Show Junlor Play Senuor Play Treasure Chesl S+aFF 4 Usher 3 Vscfory Dance Com mn++ee 2 3 4 Honor Socuely 4 THE E IOR CLASS ELFRIEDE VOLCKMAR Happlness was born a 'rwln Enfered M H S I947 Llbrary Council 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Mnxecl Chorus 3 4 Canfafa 3 4 Honor Soclely 3 4 French Club 3 ERNEST A VOLCKMAR ere s rol a more dependacle Irzencly man lo ce found Enlerecl M H S I947 Orcheslra 3 4 Band 3 4 Junior Varlely Show Junior Play Sensor Play Glee Club 3 4 Mnxed Chorus 3 4 Sludenl Council 3 Treas urer S+uden+ Council 4 Tracl: Honor Socaely 3 Presldenf Honor Socnefy 4 CONSTANCE WEISENBACH In rulh lhere are wondrous lhlngs spolren of her ered M H S 6 ncl Maxed Chorus 2 4 Glee Club 2 4 Sec relary Homeroom 3 Secrefary Class Junnor Varlely Show Junior Play Club 2 3 4 Dance Comm1++ee 3 Nurses And Club 2 Spanush Club Lubrary Council 3 4 Treasure Chesl Slaff Canfafa 4 Honor Socuefy 4 :CS is " I A I X IIBO wif, a qll+ c qhl '.II , I III CI b , 3, 7 I 7 h I I IIA easmg I 'I ' IIIII . I . . .I IIFor she is lall and sla'ely,I' ' ' I I- I1 . . : . . : GI , 45 ' ed h I, 4: I I ' I 7 I . I . , D. : . I I , -. . : 2: , I I V Z MW cll 31 J I PI yg h 7 . , .I l I Ilh I . I or -II ' 3 ' V Enl . . . I94 3 Be 2, 3, 4: . :I I ' I 'I : I' I 7 43 I . . I . I I : ' . . I . 1 M - - - I I I , I - I . . , : ' . 4: I I . I I . . ' I 3' 4: 1 I I . : I 3: 'SK A f ff' 1' Xa! JEAN MARIE WHITLEY A Iuqhr hearl' Ilves omg Siudenf Councul I Freshman Follnes Dramehc Club 2 3 4 Secrelary Dra maflc Club 4 Blue and Gray 3 'Q HOPE WHITE RUTH MARIE WINANS ready wt a frrendly sm ence worih I weigh? In Glider Club I Archery Club Secrefary Tuxls Club I 2 Clofhmg CIub3 4 2 Phofography Club 3 Archery Club 4 Freshman Follres DOLORES JEAN WINTER erylyaqam d Q sa Commerclal Club I Freshman Follies Spannsh Club I 2 Tlckef Commlffee I 2 Refreshmenf Commuffee Foofball Games 4 Magazme Sales Commuffee Drivers Club JU E 1949 IRENE MARY WOYSHNER M rfh admnr me fo fhy crew Enferecl M H S I947 Sfudy Club .1 M Club 3 Treasurer Drrvers Club 4 ETHEL MAE ZUBER A maid of qulel ways En ered M H S I948 Home nomacs Club 3 Drnvers Club 4 s Cf' 'U x I . r 5 I ,, . , I 1 4, V . I . : Q HA ' I. I IIe." 'ISII IS is ' ' "Ev 'o ' 7 an a aim I galn, however small." .I I I I I II ' I 'H II I I 'II 1 ' ' g - - - I qi 'I . . . I . ' 'f ,uv ' im try I . Y fi V, I - 1 ,A I I U ' 1 Q , POST GRAD ATE WILLIAM GRACE A sfeady man wrlh a sfeacly mmd A befler man IS hard lo 'fund Freshman Foofball Team 4 Chess Club CHARLES DAWSON BARROW Pos? Graduale. Sfucly Club 4. ROBERT MULHERON Enfered M. H. S. I948 from Admiral Farragut Naval Academy. G I STUDE T WILLIAM MAAS JR Hrs worlh rs warranr 'lor lms welcome Enfered M H S I947 Sfudy Club 1 Treasurer Science Club 4 34 1283 JOHN SHAFTO A frrendly fellow wrfh a ready smrle Enfered M H S I947 Sfudenf Councul denf Sclence Club 4 Lleufenanf Hall Pafrol 4 O O .XI 9... Enfered M. H. S. I948: Assisfani Coach 5 37 Sclence Club 37 Senl'-7' PIGYI Pfesl' 4- . . . - Q. ' STAFFS BACK ROW: Mrs. Jane Rose, R.N., School Nurse. FRONT ROW: Joseph C. Jordan, M.D., Roberf Doe, Glenn Som- merville, Roberf Worfley. CAFETERIA LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Anna Shinn, Mrs. Vera Allen, Mrs. Hannah Van Duren, Mrs. Hilda Allen, Mrs. Madeline Lan- sing, Mrs. Leona Woolley, Mrs. Josephine Collins. CUSTODIAN SERVICE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Owen Frazee Mrs. Clara Barlelson, Mr. Frank Beers. MISS DORIS RANKIN Secrefary fo Dr. Marion C. Woolson, Principal E! X511 iz , ? j , MISS ALIDA HOLMAN Secrefary fo Joseph E. Clayfon, Superinlendenf To marlc flue begunnung of sclruool achvuuues 'flue sensor class sponsored +l'ue l-larvesf Moon Dance ln December Hue annual play Dear Ru+lu was presenuled Lauglus and good en+er+aunmen'r were n srore for all wluo allended ln Aprul wull come flue exculnng experiences of 'flue Wasluungron Trup and flue unforgeluable dreamy musuc and lovely gowns of flue Sensor Ball Our las? year l'uas Indeed been successful Thanks To our advusers Mr LeRoy Fuslu Mrs Irene Mauclu Mrs Pauline Fosfer Mrs Rullu Walslu Mrs Helen Muller and Mr Wulluam Rogers SENIOR OFFICERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT ........:1- bc' THOMAS HOOPER Presldeni' THEODORE REARICK Vuce Presudeni TQ CONSTANCE WEISENBACH Secrefary 36 AUDREY MARTIN Treasurer rf' I J l 1 2 5 ,Q g f' Q' - . , 14 ff 2'5" 3 W. 'Ib'- , Aw in -6 'Y '. gi' E U. 5' A ' xixtx if We' , x fi Wa' Q 'D 'MQ 6 me" b F' Q HV" L'-L I fwrfsha U i - Nu-X, Y! B ,-. -1 -7 a x 1 5 gay tv . A '- Vx, ' Ja, -- -if F, T ,A 2 11: ,f , PQ: ,E if 'QV 'fd sg. 'J J - I, 5: jg . N 5- , ' gr., Vw 5-'13 'ff-Q 9 I .a sq. ,QQ . .gg " ' hi ,,,l' 1f'fQ , ' if ,fi Iv 1-E A l 2 Ji f if X, .- :- , -,gk x, 4 -1.53 fy -gf U T- -2 24 5- 'if .I fx 21 X-1 . 3. , F .V fig A . hx' .i . r 'LSL - L., K' 3, 5 X "U ' f '1 gm.-,' K if fi: J ' 1 5 I., W 'f K Q ' , lx! -. , ' ,K ' 7 fp, MM 25, gy. , N -, I 1515 . ' If yu, ifgggg ---I ,Q ' -Eff. X 5 'H' ' 511152 ' . ' v hull ' - X 5 b iigi HAVE DONE M051 FOR M H 5 Q' 2. WG Aud . D ' ' ' P , m 3 roy Marian-Mcredafh Hemphill v -' W ' A- J . A 3 5515? fini ' 'M "fi Wi 'H I1 f-"9 an p,.'12E. i Q I K ,ia 1. 4, ff, , pq.-J , V I 'L' ' ur: ,lg Lfw .- ,, ' ,-I ' " . ' 7 s Q , ,fi ., f- 'K K ' K , 37 ' an f W 4345+ ' M li 37 if wrw-Q54 gg Hlfg N my 'W ,fwsiiwf -. : - fix A pw- M ' ' ' f-2221 V 2.53 4 1 :M ' F ,', ' ' - .' , ', " ' . 'QL 1 L f. ' 1 V 1 c- V ,En 5' , i V. . 5 ,F f 6 Hg.-EW . N V ' Q - ' V s MY' f- 'EF'-A A -v V . W1 . ' "SZ 5 'K ' L W ' V ' Y Q F "1721'Q'3 Q . , 'X-: ' , Q fs' fi q ff ,- Ig- 3 1 Y if .-'ai , , . -1, wuz? 1 K A A,,,, J? J '13 f -. , I f 1 A f ., .u 2 - V Lf 1" mm V -'ff' 534 ' " C K 5 NALITY PLUS " 5 Agua: 2, . rm, Wmsenbach-Brad Behrman A .Q 'J' , , i' V 22 4: , , ff 552 6 f',' ka . -2 ,L -T Q Lf '-if ff ' 5 ff- -" " iq , - 5. 'QV Q .. ag: . 4,-,, , f. v 5 r 79? . ' Ak - 1, L fri' '- sv: lk 'ff ii'-if Cf KW" mfg 7' V I 1 "' , fv, .. -4- Lf: .ww L as L 476 , 'Q "um . ' 171 73, ,:' L ' srfrf 1 -J ,EA .A ,Y ,,, JMI, - T . ' Q ' ' TS' 4434.3 f Y" F14 J -. - .rfw WHY' ' .4 j'- x ' 13 L ful? ' ' il, EL T' Ebigflg Q " ' 71' Tfffffrg , ,I -14, . 4 :2-4 . 3 51 :wmv V li we 5.4143 . iq H ST ay ,ti xg!" ' v,f Ar-is -.,ffI , .'f3, f.,,,+,., x , ' 1 5 EASY ON THE EYES -2? 45,24 A " E33 Lili? J M u J ig WJ". . , Odh gym,-ROY rv1ar+in im., I, g,,:4fQ - 4 -' N 1 3 , uf - - ,s V ,gy x r , , -70 1 - ,J '-iff? , f F Y' , s 65341 Af? gk vi 17' r 'vi F' la lf ,x 'O I rl, S C 1 I 'fu' 7 'ff A 4m QA' uw Nz? sf w , 1, 71645 1 f" 13 X 'iff r A -4 ,', - . ,, 1 ,rf rc' ,. .1 Y K r E 21 .T gi ,W v , M ,f Z 'P , , 'HR 4 , ,- ,, 5 1' V.. X' -1 X- . 'L ff, .V ,Q 'fl .fl 152, I ,' J Q- 9, 'Q 'IX.1YI"l,2-. J "iii fi? . ms. e'52iQg'9 x -f MUSICALLY INCLINED Lounse Sacco Reber? Dolan MOST SOPHISTICATED A y CoHa Loss Shnes ,- nv 1. -2 4,f 3. 4-N Y' 144+ 4 iff, 5 Q ,E Dv' Gu ' 1 A-hm n 'l A 4 J' xQ,vQg1,,,4qtyf.9qr1' A' 3--+ r P .1 '- 1 fy 4. M fl 1 '. ' if-: 'Qi . all 1 . fa 4 qv z fx, Ia 1- , X, ifw e 15 A 6 Ii 4 , '.,.,1 ws e :gm Q 'Y J :- L '1 a Ji 1 I s 'f 7 Ju r -A -4 :- THE JU IGRS ARE On SepTember I5, I948, The iunior class held The TirsT oTTicial meeTing oT The year. Elec- Tion oT class oTTicers was as Tollows: Carl Buehler, presidenTg Orval Hurley, vice-presidenTg Barbara Dehlilce, secreTary, and Diana Frigerio. Treasurer. The TirsT junior acTiviTy oT The year was The Junior VarieTy Show. Through careTul planning and pracTice under The direcTion oT Mr. RoberT Craig, "Land We Love" was a smash hiT musical. The proceeds Trom The show increased The class Tunds considerably. The nexT imporTanT evenT oT The year was The selecTion oT class rings. Members oT The ring commiTTee represenTed The sTudenT body as well as The class oT l95O. The ring chosen is now The sTandard class ring oT The school. The iunior play, "Ever Since Eve," will be presenTed on April l. The producTion is a Three- acT comedy abouT The manage-menT oT a high school paper. The climax oT The year's acTiviTies will be The Junior Prom. READY FOR TOP BILLI G CARL BUEHLER-Presidenf ORVAL HURLEY-Vice-Presidenf DIANA FRIGERIO-Treasurer ? BARBARA DeNlKE-Secrefary THE OPHGMCRE 2' G f G :IQ X I 1 1 g. 1 K q G", I 1 V arf Z 4 ff SHIRLEY LAURSEN-Secreiary t E E V BEATRICE BLOY Treasurer KENNETH CLAYTON-Vice-Presideni' CARR Presuden+ 42 ACT AS U DERSTUDIES The c'ass ol l95l mel in Seplember and elecled ollfcers as lollows: Alan Carr, presidenf Kennelh Ceylon, vfce-oresidenlg Shfriey Laursen, secrelary' Bealrice Bloy, lreasurer' Arlhur Phil- lips, senalor' Richard Ciawson, Carolyn Klein- lcaul, and Palricia Keer, iurors. The class slaged a minslrel, 'Genllemen Be Sealed," on March IO and ll. This was an unusually successlul show. ll was direcled by Mr. Kurl Gruenwaid. End men were Paul Bassel, Roberl Ediclc, Rooerl Geisler, William Gregory, Arnold Zarra, Donald Sherman, Barry Blanlc and Donald Neu. For lhe lirsl lime, lhere was an end woman in lhe person ol Belly Ann Slem- merman. lzourleen new oupfis nave ioined lhe sopho- more class lhis year. They are Rulh Wells. Frieda Dfrrigl, and V'rgin'a Eclcerl in lhe chem- islry laboralory' Arlhur Pnf l'ps in C. R. Qi lrma Law in C. R, 4' William Dobson, Dolores Ramsey, Elizabelh Trengrove, Belly Linclcs, Wil! liam Anlonides and Roberl Kleesl in R. R. Ili Donald Neu, Barbara Zimmer and Charles Blixl in C. R. 2. Mr. Ernsl Franclc, Mr. Chauncey Oalsley. Mr. Kurl Cruenwald, Miss Frederica Goeiler, ard Mrs. Elhel Simon have been lhe advisers lor lhe sophomore class. THE FRESHMEN STUDY The TirsT meeTing oT The Treshman class was held The TourTh week oT SepTember. OTTicers were elecTed as follows: Donald Fields, presi- clenT: Thomas Driscoll, vice-presiclenT: Ann Vivian, secreTary: BeTTy Jane Boyce, Treasurer: Joan lv1orTon and Richard Gearing, senaTors. Plans were made aT The nexT meeTing Tor The Freshman Follies, To be presenTed April 2l and 22. lndicaTions were ThaT There was an unusually versaTile group Tor class programs. Mr. Bishop OxenTord, one oT our advisers, deserves much crediT Tor his eTTorT connecTed wiTh This proiecT. Freshman aThleTics have been successful -, -1 " Q, sv This year. AlThough we have won no honors we have enioyed many vicTories under The guidance of Mr. Edward Vogelsong, Mr. Don- ald TroTTer, and Mr. Charles Bomboy. NOT only The boys, buT also some of The girls have parTicipaTed in baslceTball. The girls have had The leadership oT Miss DoroThy Emerson, physical educaTion Teacher. AlThough our TooT- ball Team has won only one game ouT oT Tour, iT shows greaT promise Tor The Junior VarsiTy nexT year. Our advisers are Mr. Charles Bomboy, Mr. Donald TroTTer, Mr. Edward Vogelsong, Mr. Bishop Oxenford, and Miss Cecelia Nagy. W A X A l ' - Ze, ,f BETTY JANE BOYCE Treasurer ANN VIVIAN-Secrefary THOMAS DRISCOLL Vice Presldenf 1. 01 DERCLASS DRESS ' I 411111 1vc1 ' it m luv- M F0l l IFS FRFSHM ' T A cur 11111111 Cl1fu11 F1lw1111 l lx l1l111 l- 11111 Nl1x11 Btu-.1 r 4 ul Tl1rw,kn1m1m1 Nlmlw H1 1 111 XX lntlu mm1 R161 llurx H1111 N mu Nl4N11l Dorn Xulxu H111111 lmlfm XX111111 xx 'L X 1 -Xppleyau 11 l 1 lxl1 N1111 11 N 14 411 Nl 11 1lx 11 xdlllu Ql111l1 1 11 1 xx 11 1 X11 1 1 1111 X111 1 11 1 mu 11 '1 1 Nl Cum llllC1 X uc urn 111 N1 Putcl N 11l1 1 ump lX'l'l'l1 11 l lulmry l N 1 1 xxln 1 x 11111 p flhllld 0' .nn ln Th N Ill cl. .md I-mlm ilml H .1 fldlz JIIRSIIU n H' uh 5 ' r- I mol Alldllmmm 1111 'Nm aux N N fl N xmmn nt 11 1r1 'C NllNSlflX 11115. I nhl' 11 1 11 l mule 'XL N11 I-ne O6 ww gr Y REHEARSAL 'N um fffffge IU pe C212 No MQ WSH I ,417 ff 1 C' 8f9771 W Y 'YH Cp 'wa ,mo C D ,om rg QW X!! 3 W5 mm GMES? J al h B, 'fl' ,X an e 1 il X 5 X vw Y L W 5 o wx e 'U r :A we wO'nYXom0 nan from 15-org! xxdw QOXX " 1 .W 1 T585 1 3 O um YT no 5 M ,ws 1,1 I mn rf Qrvf L x Rok: rm vol 121 1' W' B us 8 1 h bak ggawofo gpg her ,hal 5 1,8 mmf I m,facC Vonnib C Q0 sails Q 50-Xln moocl 'mo NIU" b 15:0 5 hum 5 0 o mufanff 'W 5 mon In 1 an 'Wax gm. Xt C wrkor 1 Y ioov yx 'A gy 9,1 111115 eww '3 ww anxvoifo, YCE g sl -' 255 V X, .,, A U1 the Lb BGWVMX ww vw? wxcvl 'Url Verna ,B we X Suprdoclf- on mu a f ofl 3' mil WMM 'C Q 011 11011 35.021101 OW WX la hfo car'-' C how ygK1 O 116 O coffq ll Ol T C xcY'wY on we 11 112 Um W vom, C 1:19 YK 'LW O CTO h moffl X Wm ,Agent ON KN! Xlfdl as X Q0 M vm dm V x - g - 111. V 11 sm.. ,, . . 1.1-11N .A - YF F11 '4 M ' ' " 4'A11-- 11111- 1 - " P11 I I V , ' 1 ' F ll R11ss11n1 l 1 ' .. ..... , .. ..................,,, . ,. .l . ' 1 l.v11vfx'11ft PWA ' ' ' :xl . ' 1 ' - ........ .. l .111 ' , 1 sun -' " 1 :ws 111-ras '1 ,if .1 11 ' ' 1 1 1 -1,4 x - , ' 1 16, Y -111 .' -ul . .. . . ..... , 1 , U1 '1sl frkxzx- P111 1111 ' " ' ' ' X R1-1:3 . . n 1 21' fl 2. 111.13 11.1. 1:11 - ......, ...., 3 111 1 114111. 57 . 1 4' ' -111l1.1'.1f v - ' 1 Q W ff KJ W 1111111 sul.. 4. ..,.. . , '- 1, 11.111 S111111-re 111111 . .. . , . , , .. , -111-., 1111111 11 ml-rl '11, 1:.f' A 5 , f 5 , . -L. "ll: 'lx lfk 3' 11. llwx-1111 ll: -l-'vu-r l'-I -' Hr'-1 4 l ,' U ' A' I 5' . 4 5 3 I A I H U H li. jk lf" -- 1 fr 111 lu- 'f In 11 r' 3 V1111111 51111, , A1111-11v l'.1v,'1-.111 lllul 1-1' ., ,. ,L 1 IX A11 11.111111 19.-,W 11-11-xp.. 11-111.-rv ll-' 1l V ,Q lllll lA M1111-,1-'1, - -' l T HW! 11.11- ,A 1m --1111-1111-,1,1111-1-1-1.11111 .1 1111 1'11.11" Q X K -'f1.1.1.11. 1'.1111111.-" H N 1n.,.,11.-,11,11',. xml.. 1,1-11 L11 '1'.P1,111.1 4 11.1111 111111 111 11.111111 1' 7 nf a- 11111111-N., 11.1111 X 5 2' ,. 11, Y-1-111 . . ' . 111 '-111m 11-11.1 111 11V . ,,,,. ,, . lllwix 1'11f1111fn 'T' ' mn' T"' f if 11111-11 1m-111111 Q J 11. --1111wg- 111-11'1w" . .,., . ,. . 1'111m111 .1111 "L ml" 'l"""l H"l'u'W " ' Q .11 . 111.11 A'w11111z1ls1fX11'1'1v I3 wlx' K ph, 11.11 ll. H . . , ,,.. ,ff K. I K' lf, ' 11'1l1:11 'l'1111v4 , . . F1'11vl1 fm ' -1, " 7 'Lf- - If Q V 1 lil. , ,,,. .. . ,, 12.1 11.11 11.11-1, f' . , ,. M" ' I - k x r 1 Q, V f 17, AK 1 4 I' - -- f 5 ' ' - s 5 , I -- , Q i f 1 S - - S Q I ' - - , - I ' --Q I ' 1. 'T O,- I -4 ,HQ5 O I . V' ' 1 Pm A i Kill 1 Y, . , T w.,1- A , M w 1 6 ,LOT Nlfk I , '- 1 I T , L wr- X -cd 1 1 1 ' v , I M1 ' ze g, 'mf V - 5'-5 l 4 , SL 11030 1 cm C5 ' Nm- ' , v . A , Y, 9 6 Y: 5 , hyd lsgrcy . I ,I . I qrnff Y I XG' L my ' U 99 X . 0 . Msn y I B' 5' .A :HQ i R I 5 I Rumi- , EM 'II . . ' A oi I I hu 'I ' ni I Xl' U I VTAQCWO' I " 'H . ' A 39' w '11 mutt O vm-n . 509.1 I ' " I ' " 11 5 V 'fx 0"'l"m' . - ' 1 , . A - I I I M1311-M g, f A 1 11 B' ma- Y. I ' I , -13,826 1 o , Q ' I 1 A 1 3 V' Q 0 ' ' I . . ' 40 t' 3 i ' 1. 1. I M. 1 7 ' 5' 2 A ' J aw 5" ' ' il - , 1 uw ' e Y , . I . I I K .V X1 1 R I - . , X1 W - 2 a Q 1 on P' ' . , . Z r I E- .4 bg, I I 1: 9 'C ho , ' . I - he ' - .l g .1 I , : V K 1 l.If-l,H,I.E 'IRIS Q E ' . gnc? D ,am X f -XC-. Q it ' l4.I1-snuv: HMV- . , Nm 1 , Y iz! Z 5 Y ' .. Hyux, I I " be am Kkm ' 'li' I 1 9' 25 r 5' .,, Us-' I 5 6 ,.- c 1' H ' WV I ' 9 xg 0 W Q ' Q. I 1' . 'AC Y I I , N vi . au- A -' ----- I 11,-ww w 3 " . 1 L 11,111-,S 'H ' ' - - , I QUOTES aww ,X V45 11 '- --- I 46 :mini xkv- CVM l N ---,-s I .. ,W-I Wg., M3111--1 -,-- I ir ,vw f ,Urn- --4 A 0 ' Swv UVM- .CW M ' Wifi' QTHE STAGE IS SET FOR ACTIVITIES I 1 OF DEMOCRACY BACK ROW: Larry Larson, Barry Blank, Grefa Golslad, Audrey While, Dorofhy Margrey, Audrey Marlin. ZND ROW: James Brady, Alice Clayfon, Jean Van Benlhuysen, Ann Vivian, Belly Fosfer, Belly Alexander. 3RD ROW: Rufh Holmes, Janef Vogel, Belly Sangsfon, Joan Morfon, Lucille Clark, Barbara De Nike, Gerlrude Bramhall, John Lomax. 4TH ROW: Charles Ball, Ronald Van Nofe, Phyllis Miller, Jane Comsfock, Bealrice Bloy, Rulh Ann Jackson, Ralph Bower. STH ROW: Daniel Traverso, Pafricia Terhune, Clifford Ham mefi, Richard Gearing, Jean Smifh, Sylvia Applelon, Douglas Bruce. 6TH ROW: John Geiser, Meredifh Hemphill, Joan Barkalew, Ernesf Volckmar, Buddy Bley. BACK ROW: Buddy Bley, Ernesf Volckmar. FRONT ROW: Meredifh Hemphill, Joan Barkalew. STUDENT COUNCIL S , Anolher successiul year lor lhe Siudenl Coun- cil draws io a close. As in lhe pasl 'rhe Sunshine Service, an acrive parl' ol The council, has cheered lhose who were sick by sending lruil or flowers. A : : " " Vera' piece has been senl in case of dealh in a 'J 'L larniiy. Drives have been held al' various limes 'T lhroughoul lhe year io raise money for lhis purpose. ,, 4, The council presideni, logelher wiih lhe class presidenls, eslablished a siandard class ring. This . ij was one ol lhe lwo chief aims ol 'rhe council 'rhis year. The olher was lo raise money lor ihe Memorial Plaque. Funds were secured by observ- ing a lag Dayi' and by selling decals, loolball ' and oackesbail pins, and o'her novellies. 5 On Eighlh Grade Day some of 'rhe council members served as guides lor our lulure freshmen. A D CONDUCT A COURTROOM SCENE The STudenT CourT, wiTh a membership oT Tive seniors, Tour juniors, Three sophomores, Two Treshmen, and a judge has had a very successTul year under The leadership oT Mr. Bishop OxenTord. Tv1eeTings have been held in The biology laboraTory The second and TourTh Monday oT each monih. The courT hears cases broughT up Tor misconducT in corridors or on The campus, Tor damage To school properTy, or Tor social misconducT. This year The members have discussed The hisTory and The purposes oT The naTions courTs, and The courT's responsibiliTies in The schooi program. Generaify iT has acTed in supporT oT The hall paTrol. CourT is called To order by Thomas T-Tooper, The judge, and roll call is Taken. The reporT OT The previous session is submiTTed by The recorder. The TirsT case is Then heard. The charge is read. The judge aslcs, "GuilTy, or noT guiiTy7" Then The deTendanT has a chance To TesTiTy wiTh wiTnesses. BoTh sides are quesTioned by The prosecuTor and The judge. The jury reTires To obTain a ve:'dicT ThaT is announced To The courT by The Toreman. SenTence is given by The judge. STANDING, L. TO R.: Joan Simmill, BeTTy Jane Sfemmerman, Thomas H. Hooper, Mr. Bishop Oxenford, Advisor. STUDENT COURT I .ar 1? T: x LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Hooper, Beverly Edgar, M OxenT'ord, Adviserg Joan STolres, Ann Mooshie. SEATED: Carolyn Kleinlxauf, Ann Moo- shie, Florence Cameron, Adrian Poland Joan STolnes, Lorraine Ruppel. CAST LEADERS ENCOURAGE I 1 rrfiwxlr i' mrrnlvrrslxip 5Afl'L1llghil1'il Srhunlss Chia Qrrlifirs that BACK ROW, L. TO R.: Ernesf Volclrmar, Meredirh Hemphill, James Larson, John Geiser, Ernesr Boofh, Theodore Reariclc, Edwina Leaycrafr, Barbara Allen, Palricia Van Dorn, Peggy Van Nuys, Jean Berger, Joan Brower, Mr. E. Franck, Adviser. FRONT ROW, L, TO R.: Norma Rice, Mrs. Irene Mauch, Adviser: Conslance Weisenbach, Dorolhy Margrey, Marilyn Kleinkauf, Marie Treiber, Dolores Van Duren, Elfriede Volclr- mar. THOSE ABSENT AT TIME OF PHOTOGRAPH: Marfha Seybuchler, Laura Sharpe, Audrey Marfin and Georgia Morris. HONOR S The Narional Honor Sociery of Manasquan High School has again, during 'rhe year 1948- I9-49, conrinued crearing enrhusiasm for scholar- ship. No honor conferred by The school exceeds rhar represenred by fhis sociery: rherefore, il' has served as a worrhy goal for siudenrs. The iacully selecls rhe members on rhe basis oi four charac- Jrerisiics, which are scholarship, cilizenship. ser- vice and leadership. The Narional Honor Sociery is under rhe able guidance of Mrs. Irene P. Mauch and Mr. Ernsl Franclc. The group has held ils meerings aller school hours rhis year. An assembly program was given by lhis sociely in February, when newly elecred members were insialled. Each member received a pin which has engraved upon ii a lighied 'rorch i l uma rlrrirb .1 mrmlvrr l nf Ihr Qllldplrl' uf thr Nazliuxrarlliunur Smririg nf Swrrunharg Srhimls mrmhrrahip in uvhirh is hnarb nn Svrlrulaxrslrigrlmhrrship. Svrrbirr. amh Gflmrarirx: Ginrn ni ' this hug uf IU OCIETY surrounded by The symbols represenring rhe four characierislics which are required of all mem- bers. The sfudenis were also given a cerrificafe of membership. The members al lhe beginning oi lhe senior year were John Geiser, Merediih Hemphill, James Larson, Mariha Seybuchler, Pafricia Ter- hune, Pairicia Van Dorn, Elfriede Volclcmar, and Ernesr Volclcmar. The following members were insralled during 'rhe school year: Edwina Leay- crair, Laura Sharpe, Audrey Marlin, Peggy Van Nuys, Theodore Reariclc, Barbara Alien, Con- slance Weisenbach, Marilyn Kleinlcauil, Marie Trieber, Joan Brower, Georgia Morris, Norma Rice, Jean Berger, Ernesr Booih, Dorolhy Margrey, and Dolores Van Duren, 3'z1iifmf11'il llfllhllllllf Siirirtiiie ll li SCHOLARSHIP A D E THUSIASM The Manasquan I-ligh School AThIeTic As- sociaTion, under Coach Granville Magee's leadership, has TuncTioned in a very eTTicienT manner since The TirsT meeTing in SepTeml3er. The TirsT meeTing was devoTecI To The elec- Tion oT oTTicers and The launching oT The season's TicIceT campaign. ReporTs oT The Treasurer were heard and raising money was discussed. Two oT The main acTiviTies oT The AThIeTic Council This year have been The sale oT sTudenT A. A. TiclceTs and The sale oT coIorTuI programs aT all home games. One oT The councils biggesT Taslcs has been To sTimuIaTe sTudenT inTeresT in sporTs and To urge supporT oT Tvianasguan Teams. IT has done exceIIenT worlc This year. The purpose oT The A. A. is To help Torrn The aThIeTic policies oT The high school, To de- velop amaTeur aThleTics, and To cuI+ivaTe The ideals oT clean sporT. IT encourages a whole- some inTeresT in The various seasonal sporTs. SLE QA LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard King, Joan Brower, Brad Behrman Mr. Granville Magee, Adviser. ATHLETIC COUNCIL BACK ROW: Floyd CouITer, Roberf Sweef, William Tilfon, Arfhur Marfin. MIDDLE ROW: Samuel Haydu, Norma.. Morgan, RoberT Myser, Doris Haucl, Anna Lee Conover, RoberT Brown. FRONT ROW: Joy Allaire, Marjorie Firman, Brad Behrman, Richard King. L7 .JL- C7 C? ' X21 ' IST ROW: Alice Morlon, Belly Alexander, Mary Kenny. 2ND ROW: Olive Kenny, Mariorie Alexander, Alice Claylon, Barbara Riggs, Geraldine Kalas, Irene Woyshner. 3RD ROW: Mildred Naser, Beverly Clayion, Greffa Gulasled, Marilyn Cranmer, Elizabefh Degenhardf, Dolly Heinsinger, Arnila Clark. 4TH ROW: Vivian Fleming, Lois Sleen, Virginia Raufh, Emma Lulrowifz, Barbara Sledler, Joan McKeown, Ann Vivian, Joanne Twaddell, Treasurer: Jean Van Benlhuysen. STH ROW: Kay Ross, Frances Pelers, Edith Kenyon, Colleffe Lussier, Vice-Presidenfg Marie Galluccio, Gail Langley, Mar+ha Allen. 6TH ROW: Miss Dorolhy Emerson, Adviser: Jean Plunl:e++, Joan Plunlre++, Barbara Brunlchorsl, Laura May Sharpe, Norma Rice, Presidenlg Lois Brunlrhorsl, Shirley Reese, WHERE GIRLS' SPORTS Under lhe supervision of Miss Dorolhy Emerson, phy- s'cal educalion inslruclor, The "Mi Club has had a very successful year. H H The girfs have parlicipaled in various sporis such as M voiley ball, field hoclcey, baslcelball and soflball. A new idea, used as an experimenl lhis year, was The forming of learns according lo grade. These learns played one anolher al regular meelings. Teams were also formed 'ro play Poinl Pleasanl Beach High School. These coniesls proved io be very popular. Miss Doroihy Emerson. A despefale lfY- i. 'fllftx iv 11" s A Q sf"xJ The cheerleaders under lhe able leadership ol Miss Dorolhy Emerson and Judiln Johnson have compleled a successlul I948 I949 loolball and baslcelball season Throughoul lhe loolball season pep rallies were held lo leach lhe sludenls new cheers On lhe evening ol lhe Thanksgiving game wilh Poinl Pleasanl lhe cheerleaders sponsored a Viclory Dance in honor ol lhe lwo leams The social evening lurlhered lhe friendly spiril belween lhe lwo schools D PEP FLOURISH The Manasquan High School Twirlers have appeared wilh lhe band al many imporlanl lunclions. There have been lwirling classes in which all girls who were inleresled were lrained and lhon lried oul. Those who mel lhe slandards sel by lhe band were chosen lo replace lhe seniors. All roulines used have been pracliced and lilled lo lhe marches under lhe direclion ol lvlallhew L. Ciricolo. BACK ROW: Beverly Edgar Co-Caplain' Jean Ormsbee Co-Caplain' Gwen Schroeder Joan Barlralew, Palricia Clabes Mary Lou Feimsler. FRONT ROW: Jane McGunnel Doris Edgar Anne Mooshie Mariorie Larrison Palricia Terhune Janel Holloway. BACK ROW Meree Richards Ed lh Kenyon Palrlcea Bowers Nancy Fow er Merle Norcross FRONT ROW Nancy McNeel Grace Cullman Judy Johnson Caplaun Peggy Van Nuys Assislanl Cap fain Evelyn Sherman Judy Johnson 3 1 ab i , i S al 41 'fi' BOYS' GLEE CLUB The TirsT proiecT oT The Boys' Glee Club was The annual ChrisTmas canTaTa, Befhlehem, in which The members had prominenT roles. The club has rehearsed secular music Tor presenTaTion. The direcTor is Mrs. Phyllis l-lers ring. BAND The l948-T949 school year marlrs The Thir- TeenTh successTul year oT The Manasquan High School Band under The direcTion oT MaTThew L. Ciricolo. During The year The band has done much To bring enioymenT To The sTudenTs oT The school as well as To shore organizaTions. School spiriT aT TooTball games and pep rallies has been en- couraged by The music oT The band. Louise Sacco is drum maioreT'Te1 BeTTy Ap- plegaTe, librarian. SICAL BACKGROU GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club is one oT The ouTsTand- ing choral groups oT Manasquan T-ligh School. The club has a membership oT TirsT and second sopraros, and TirsT and second alTos. This glee club played an imporTanT parT in The ChrisTmas CanTaTa, "BeThlehem,l' by Maun- der. They will parTicipaTe in The Annual Spring Concert The musical young ladies have also rehearsed secular and encore pieces. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus, under The direcT'on oT Mrs. Phyllis l-lerring, has compleTed a very suc- cessful music year. AT ChrisTrnas Time The chorus presenTed iTs annual canTaTa, "BeThlehem," by J. l-l. Maunder. The Mixed Chorus will provide parT oT The program Tor The Annual Spring ConcerT. ORCHESTRA The orchesTra, direcTed by Mr. Edgar Sher- man, oTTers opporTuniTy Tor The developmenT oT musical TalenT. This ouTsTanding musical group has played Tor many school acTiviTies and has been on a guesT program This year aT The Spring Lalme Grammar School. An inviTaTion by The P. T. A. To presenT The Spring ConcerT has been accepTed. HANCES EVERY ACTIVITY GN STAGE .' 31 S. ,XX PUBLICITY IS 1949 TREASURE CHEST hifi' X ,. ' vb . The Treasure Chesf, lhe annual publicalion sire? W ,. , - . of .312-., N i of The gracluaring class, is a record of our high school career. ln ir are piclures and wri're-ups or curricular and exlra curricular aclivifies. This year The de- s gn on 'rhe cover is new and The lheme cenlers a ound 'rhe lhealer. The slahf wishes sincerely To 'rhanlc Mrs. Mauch and all 'rhose who have helped To make This year s publicalion a greaf success. X Edwina Leaycraff BACK ROW: Maree Richards, Consfance Weisenbach, Jean Ormsbee, Marfha Seybuchlcr, Georgia Morris, Mrs. Irene Mauch, Yearbook Adviserg Mr. Leroy Fish, Arf Adviser: Mrs. Pauline Fosfer, Business Ad- viserg Theodore Reariclc, Ernesf Boofh, George Newman, Louise Sacco. FRONT ROW: Lois Slines, Margaref Van Nuys, Edwina Leaycraff, Tho m a s Hooper, Pafricia VanDorn, Dolores VanDuren. Wi' BIG BUSINESS K-.B ,QOH 914 el EE' Q' Ev 1? is 5-A Q J Fl 'LQ 'J E llf. :- z Zi: Q 2 ,: 5: -M rx 15 E -5 5 55 ui z -4 A.. U'-I Z5 3 'Z' 2 Q 'Ln ,--3 :J F '. F- - 2 5'-I r , F: - -1 fe"-,:. -1 .Psr" -5,:.51 2"i:!' 3 iii 'E Qwls ZaQE3f,"'-1' mqnnalf 25-I LQ sgughge- 0. 5-232' mm 20 rn,-L 4,2 ff sez.. 29059 - Z2 BJUT 29.133-3 'mn-mv' cn 1' 'U' gig! us 025050 -4.,,,qno OFTOIF' SISIZIIISIII :l:l"-ll Q!! , , ...- BronlrhorsT, Maria Galuccio, Gail Langley, Barbara Riggs, Carol YaTes, Lois STeen, Rob- erT WorThley. FRONT ROW: Eclifor-in-Chief of Blue and Gray Dolores Jensen' June Weir' Carl Buehler Evelyn S h e r m a n, Pafricia Scheurer, Marilyn MaTTson, Eleanor Diehl, Miss Helen Wilson, Adviser, Alice New- man, Dolores Cravis, Joan MorTon, Carol Bruey, Nancy McNeel. Under The able leadership oT EdiTcr Carl Buehler, The Blue and Gray has had anoTher successful year. Again The chieT aim OT The Blue and Gray has been To give correcT news To The school. The eiqhT-page paper has been ediTed rnonThly wiTh many picTures abouT various school acTivi- Ties. The annual dance was a greaT success, due To The hard worlc oT The various comr'niTTees. 'Be Your Own Cupid ' was The ValenTine Theme. The adviser is Miss Helen Wilson. 57 lv I 'TA Tx Marial M,. W FRENCH CLUB This club, supervised by Mr. KurT Gru- enwald, has meT every second and TourTh Monday oT The monTh. The presidenT, Wil- liam Columbus, has oTTiciaTed aT every meeTing. The members play French games, read French boolcs, sing French songs and lisTen To French music. The club supplemenTs The worlc OT French classes Tor The members. PRESEN TIN G SPANISH CLUB Under The direcTion oT Mr. l-lenry Phoenix, The Spanish Club has had a very suc:cessTul year. MosT oT The club Time has been spenT pracTicing conversaTion in Span- ish. ShorT plays have been read and card games have been played. These have helped To develop a useTul and exTensive vocabulary and have supplied inTormaTion abouT The hisTory and cusToms oT Spain. LATIN CLUB LaeTus Circulus LaTinus is The name of The Manasquan l-ligh School LaTin Club. The purpose is To Tarniliarize The members wiTh The liTe oT The ancienT Romans as well as To sTimulaTe inTeresT in l.aTfn as a lan- guage. Toward These goals, The inTormal ChrisTmas supper and Tormal banqueT in May were planned. A VARIETY OF CLUBS ceeded in mabnq fhe library a cenler of allracllon in lne school this year. Each member of lhe councll, wnch Is under lhe abe qnfdance of Mrs, Viola Quinn, has been asgfqrwed deslc only and has been responslbe for one or more bcolc sec! llons. An exhfbfl, carelully planned and ar- ranged by courcll members, has been a weekly lealure ol lnleresl lo lhe enhre sfua denl body ol The school. D Iii, SCIENCE CLUB The Sclence Club, a nnember of the Sclence Clubs of America, was organized in 1943. If is open 'ro any sludenr infer- esled ln science. Each member is encour- aged ro develop his own prolecl, lhereby qalnlnq lralning in rhe demonslrallon of sdenlllic prlnclples and acqulrlnq poise In presenling a lechnlcal paper. I Throughoul' lhe year, under 'rhe qulda ance of Mr, Ernsr Franclc, members have prepared mineral exh'b'fs and olher ma- ferfa's for lhe library dfsola, cab7nel. gy GLIDER CLUB Members ol The Glider Club have learned somelhing ol glider soaring, Thermal currenls and gider conslruclion. The lilly-inch glider lhal was begun lasl year and 'finished This year dem- onslrales 'rhe lheories ol glider llighl. The club will give lhe linal assembly pro- gram ol lhe year. Mr. William Rogers is ad- viser. The ollicers are The following: John Paige, presidenlq Donald Sylces, vice-presidenli Paul Johnson, secrelary-Treasurer. F. F. A. Fufure Farmers of America, a voca- fional agricullural program under The lead- ership ol Mr. John Havens, is ser up on a nalional scale. The club encourages cul- lural and social aclivilies and proiecls among high school boys inleresled in agri- cullure. Sevenleen members allended The slale convenlion in Trenlon, January 26. A barn dance wif be given as parl ol lhe spring program. AVIATION CLUB The Avialion Club has had a successful year under The able guidance of Mr. James Corrubia. The members wenl lo Monmoulh Counly Airporl lo see how small planes are conslrucled and how pilols lly by inslrumenls only. The main proie-cl of lhe club has been lo build a model plane lhal will fly. ARCHERY The Archery Club, under The supervision oT Miss DoroThy Emerson, has accomplished much This year. The purpose oT The club, To gain more knowledge in TargeT shooTing and TacTs abouT archerv. has been Tulfilled. WeaTher perrniTTing, archery equipmenT is broughT and The club pracTices TargeT shooTing ouTside. OTher Times, The club members remain inside, and regular meeTings are held. The club discusses imporTanT ideas concerning archery. s.,x!!l ,y , 'Ne CHESS CLUB The Chess and Checlcer Club has Twenly- nine members. They parTicipaTe in various inTer-class TournamenTs. ln previous years -The chess Team has been sTrong enough To meeT Teams Trom oTher schools. During club periods The adviser and guesT experTs demonsTraTe diTTerenT chess moves and explain various plays. The adviser is Mr. Donald F. TroTTer. Club oTTicers are as Tollows: George Bruen, president Franlc Sulcowslci, vice-presidenTg Vivian Fleming, secreTary. '07- I v 1 ' x.,,..,M wh... ,Ak 'Mxw' hi ' ,, if' IQXX I-N SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY VISUAL AIDS CLUB The Pnologresm Cub yrives 'ofos'erEr14eres+ Inf: View Afos Club, supervfeed by Mr. F5Ac1QC3fGF3rf, amen? 'uderw ewd faiukif and ETF I f"V 0"-S:3'fIr H55 Sh-PWVI UI f"3'Ii3m 53-5' fo Qfoxfce New WV? 5 LQ-eh as we as Ever- 'mm 5 'w ffli. aid :lies Iva' have been used Giang e,xfa,CUf,.QCU'm airvjsyl Vw We Nav, cesar'rmerw', imc cfubs or 'He scrvooi. Under the ewerl g1'r-ociirw QF Ur. Ciwafcs IWC 'fUf"3"7 OF35'5I0VJ WCG' Ncdmliif' Bcmbcyx advjsen George Newman ang A,-,w Miprrpywi. Artzzroxlmafefy ive SfUOC'Il5IJ'3CCVYWr'3 Marlin icoln many of TSG micwrcs for fhis beck. CIU5wV'3j 35 CFQWLOVS each Imm- Irmo ridures fakcrw by Mr. Earf ,Axfbrrgrwh a friend EqUI9me7L COVISSVS OI 5 BCM and MCWGH of We Scrwoof espured We success of We N949 F"WICCfO'T 5 9I9'COPIICf3V' and WO S-V-E PIO' Treasure Chest IQCIOV5' 62 SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Tne Senior Dramafrc Cob, woe: inc rifroi- 'on of Mfss Dorofny Berz na, compefeo anofner SL2QCE:':Z?l.s! year or Consfruiirye vf13'k'noranwfafrC,5. Refadlrrqz, wroyg and gnori JV, nfayo been ofvcfn 51+ meefnqs. Sruoeni, were nwfgn rnrcfe eiej In a reclure on aggr,':o'fon or Mage rneleruo. C U Lo New Tnomas Roberis. o members are on ning a spring 'rrfp York Ciry To see Henry Fonda ,rm ine Heggen ond Joshua Logan play, Misfer JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Tne maror produdrow of me Junior Dfamaflc Club fnfs 'year was 'A Cnrrsrmas Caroif by Chafee Dbkene, orezenfed over Swaflon WJLK. The zuccee of rm ora, led ine group fo presenf Omer 'aoo DVQ1 , f Drefenf rznases of pay prcjydfen Have been ofeusseo ef meeings, Induorg a demon- i?'a":n Q5 sage makeup, pay VGGUVWQT and exnfoffons of fa'en+ by ine members. ...Lx xx fv o 'S 1 2 ff f, 'X 2 47' vi 1 ' . 5 x arf uf Rv? ?l:1,..+g,f:,,,'j,f . X Q Z! Y CLOTHING CLUB Under The leadership ol Miss Cecelia Nagy lhe Clolhing Club has compleled many proiecls. AT meelings lhal looli place belore Chrislmas, gills were made for lriends and relalives of each member. Afler Chrislmas +he members learned lo make arlicles for small children. This club has proved lo be worlhwhile and enioyable. MATH CLUB The purpose of lhe Malh Club is +o acguainl ils members wifh ma+hema+ics nof 'raughl in high school classes. They sfudy College Boards Examinalions, army and navy leslrs, and advanced algebra lesls. The club has parlicipaled lhis year in compelifive Jresls given by Temple Univer- sily. Membership is limiled lo juniors and seniors Jralcing college preparafory malhe- malics. DOG FANCIERS The Dog Fanciers Club, under fhe guidance of Mr. Leroy Fish, develops lhe in+eres+ of dog lovers. Members learn abouf feeding dogs, faking care of fhem when +hey are siclc, and breeding +hem. Meelings are held Twice a rnonlh. Lec- 'rures and discussions are feafures of lrhese meelings. Members have alfended dog shows held in New Yorlc Cily and vicinify. The club will sponsor a show before +he end of 'rhe year. SEAMANSHIP TRAINING CLASS The Seamanship Training Corps was organized during The war +o provide advance rraining in some simple phases ol navigalion and seamanship. A parlial lisl of lopics discussed and invesligafed in- cludes: lypes ol boals, safely on +he high seas, use ol The compass qualilicalions for membership in 'rhe navy, Morse code, and acrual experiences of members who were in The service. The advfser is Mr. Chaurcey Oalcley. CHEFS CLUB The Chefs Club, wilh Miss Mildred Morgan as adviser, has a membership of freshman boys only. This club is for The boys who are infer- esfed in coolcing. They meel every second and fourlrh Monday in Jrhe home economics room. There fhey learn The fundamenlals of cooking so 'rhar lhey may use simple ideas aboul' The preparalion of food in case of emergency. ff! .ff v-Y .gf Tug NURSES AID CLUB Tcs large group cf nurses' aids has had may I'TeresTIng acTfvIT'es during The year I948- I949. The TTrsT oTTlcIal acT oT These prospechve nurses was To send ChrlsTmas cookies and candies To The Chlldren's Tuberculosis PrevenTorIum. The, have made an aTghan Tor a veTeran's hospf'a'. Club members sTudy Trom The Nurses' Aid pick. They have v's'Ted FETl4Tn Memorlul Hospdel. The ohfcers are The Toflowfng: Dolores Hur- ley, presIdenTq Shirley La T:eTra, vice-presldenT7 RuTh Wells, secreTary' Emma LulcowlTz, Treasurer. Mrs. Efhel Slmon Is advfser oT The corps. Oil .,...,g5 TUXIS CLUB The purpose oT The Tuxis Club Is To InculcaTe a Teellng oT Triendliness and good will among The members and To help Them see The needs oT oThers who are less TorTunaTe Than They. Social service and needs oT The communiTy are oT greaT concern To The club members. Miss Frederica Goeller dIrecTs The work OT The club. f? DRIVERS SAFETY CLUB This oup was organhed for The purpose of prornoing carefuf and successful driving. The rnernbers have becorne Tfarnnler vvnh fhe pads of a car. Many of The sfudenfs prepare for The sfa+e dnving exarnIna'Ton ar The end of fhe veer, ThAs frainlng ls gfven by The adviser, Mr. Edward Voqehorrg. Tnese are The oub officers: Roper? Colhns, presldenh LaVerne Brown, vice-presidenfx Carofe Hayes, secreferv' Irene Woyshrwer, Treasurer. RULES CLUB The Rufes Cub, an achve high school or- qanizafion, is under The direchon of Coach John H. Schehenger. The purpose is To Inferpref Jrhe rules and regulaflons of +he four mayor spor+s: Toorbah, basebeh, baskerbedl, and Track. These are rhe orhcers: WiT!Eam Krorf, presidenrg John Evans, vice-presidenfq Pefer LaVance, sec- refary and Treasurer. N x Q HALL PATRCL The sTudenT paTrol has TwenTy members se- lecTed Trom all classes. The chieT purpose oT The paTrol is To enTorce The rules and requlaTions OT The school and To lceep order during Tire drills. The paTrol has worked under The guidance oT Trooper Bull and Corporal Galvin oT The New Jersey STaTe Police. The oTTicers are as Toilews: William Quaclc- enbush, capTain3 lvlerediTh l-lernphill and John ShaTTo, lieuTenanTs. Mr. Chauncey W. Qalciey is adviser. H-Ar PRESS CLUB Press Club members, under The guidance OT lvlrs. lrene Mauch, wriTe The arTicles Tor The school page published weekly by The Asbury Parlc Press. lvlr. Francis X. Cleary, ediTor, lecTures regu- larly on wriTing Techniques. Members are con- Tinually on The alerT Tor news sTories Throughoul' The school sysTem. STudenTs inTeresTed in pho- Tography submiT picTures. SPGRTS RATE HIGH WITH CRITICS 1 I l 37,2631 Zlqza. 5 1 ' y ' L Q f"f'Ql'715 Q3 sifjfi ' 'Sv '?2?r1Q'f 3.1 1 REAR: Granville Magee, Coach, Harry Blank, John Alexander, Ralph Bower, Kennefh Laursen, George Newman, Roberi Sours, Alfred McClain, Arihur Phillips, James Huberi, Edward Nolan, Ray Herberf, Arnold Zarra, Kennerh Clayfon, Kennefh Brown, Roberf Kisner, William Maddon, Mr. Charles Bomboy. 2ND ROW: Sfanley Downs, William Kro'H, Paul Larson, Arnold Anderson, Leon- ard Krasowslri, Kennefh Newman, George Bruen, Richard Morion, William Kenny, William Levinsfon, Norman Morgan, Douglas Bruce. 3RD ROW: Waller Keifh, Arfhur Julian, Mahlhew McDowell, John Evans, Frank Sulrowslxi, Roy Marlin, Glen Cook, Paul La Vance, Melvin Morgan, Leonard Morgan, Meredirh Hemphill. Dr. A. D. Jordon Foofball Trophy RAVE OTICES FOR Coach FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAINS Merediih Hemphill Paul LaVance W C! 54 v V' 'T 5 ' T :Q .R sf l 'lf an l Fil il ill, 3 - -9, - Q...,..,, ' W' ' Jrlf., ' 5 .. V if X v M 4 0-amfzwldh-if ASSISTANT COACHES: Leff fo Righlz Chl B b,JhShll .Ed- N - Granville Magee. ag? elm oy 0 n C e enger A .Lx 1 war oge song. I 7 We-v X X. '. RQ? ax f OL ' Q.. wr -., in r 1 N 1 :QE '?'i3'iailf f r ATTer a hard pre-season Training period. including scrimmages wiTh Admiral FarraguT Academy, SouTh River, and Leonardo, we wenl' To Linden and were deTeaTed aTTer a disappoinT- ing game wiTh many misTaIces. The following week, wiTh The Tension of our 2I-game winning sTreaIc over, we played Red Banlc, only To be held To a scoreless Tie. Toms River proved To be our TirsT vicTim. Mel Morgan scored our Three Touchdowns, Diclc MorTon converTing. The nexT weelc, in The biTTerly ToughT game wiTh NepTune, The bloclced Iciclc by LaVance re- sulTed in The deciding poinTs. IT was a cosTIy vicTory, however, as we losT Mel Morgan Tor The WTR Mind Over Mud The Morgan: Fighf Agai VARSITY FOOTBALL Sal. OCT. 2 Linden Away Sai. Ocf. 9 Red Bank Away Sal. Ocf. I6 Toms River Home Sei Oc'r. 23 Nepfune Home Saf. Oci. 30 Lakewood Home Sai Nov. 6 Princefon Home Saf Nov. I3 Freehold Away Thurs. Nov. 25 P+. Pleesanf Away .gf Si season and MaT MacDowell Tor Two games. We Tailed To halT Lalcewood's powerhouse a weelc laTer, and when PrinceTon scored early, we were never quiTe able To geT baclc inTo The game. The Tollowing weelc we invaded Freehold and aTTer Trailing aT The halT, came baclc and pushed To vicTory Through The mud, aided by The hard running of Douglas Bruce. On Thanksgiving Day, we played PoinT PleasanT. MacDowell was ouTsTanding on de- Tense as usual and The Team surged To a decisive vicTory, wiTh Richard MorTon's 75-yard run The highlighT of The game. Li' "i! A 22,3 V James Corrubia and Donald TroHer Assisfanl Coaches. John Schellenger, Coach. COURTME PUT Firsf call for baskefloall found George Bruen fhe only refurning varsify lefferman. The boys refurning from fhe Junior Varsify of I947-I948 were James Larson, Gordon Twaddell, Donald Richardson, Roy lvlarfin, Flake Campbell, Brad Behrman, and Sfanley Downs. Taking fheir places in fhe I948-l949 Junior Varsify were Paul Pollak, William Kenny, Orval Hurley, Arne Ander- son, Theodore Zeller, Thomas McKeown and Leonard Morgan. The feam has won fhe Round Robin Cham- pionship again for fhe fhird consecufive year. Af This wrifing, fhe Shore Conference is in full swing and The feam has won seven ouf of nine games fo dafe. The varsify posifion line-up is as follows: Gor- don Twaddell, Sfanley Downs, Flake Campbell and James Blalock, forwards: Donald Richardson and Roy Marfin, cenfecsq James Larson, George Bruen, Brad Behrman and Paul LaVance, guards. James Larson, William Kenney, Flake Campbell, Paul Larson, James Blalock, Sfanley Downs, Roy Marfin, Gor- don Twaddell, Donald Richardson, George Bruen, Coach Jack Schellenger, N A GOOD SHOW The 'ream uses a deliberare slryle of arfack, combined wifh a Iasl' break now and Ihen for offensive use. They employ Ihree Iypes of defen- sive: rhe srricl man for man, Ihe zone defense, and The Ieam defense. These plays allow The players Io swirch srraregy as 'rhe occasion demands. The coach is John Schellenqer, assisfanf coaches, Donald Trorfer and James Corrubia. DATE Dec. 7 II I4 I8 23 Jan. 4 7 II I4 I8 2I 25 28 Feb. I 4 8 II I5 I8 MANASOUAN HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDU LE SCHOOL PLACE Red Bank Caiholic Red Bank Public H. S. Round Robin Asbury Park H. S. Nep+une Convenfion Hall Asbury Park Round Robin Round Robin Poinf Pleasanf Red Bank Princefon Lakewood Toms River Long Branch Red Bank Af. Highlands Nepfune Poinf Pleasanf Lakewood Freehold A+. Highlands Toms River Asbury Park H. S. Asbury Park H. S. Manasquan Manasquan Princeion 3.I5 P. M. Manasquan Toms River Manasquan Red Bank Manasquan Convenfion Hall Asbury Park Poinf Pleasani' Lakewood Manasquan A+Ian+ic Highlands Manasquan JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Ar+hur Phillips Theodore Zeller Mr. James Corrubia Coach' Arne Anderson WaI+er Kelfh Kennefh Clayion Thomas Brower Alan Carr Charles Alexander Leonard Morgan Orval Hurley Roberf Brown ff' N A' BASEBALL A D TRACK MAKE A HIT D ROW John Smuih SECON sy Bishop Arkhur K H- John Gen h Parry John Waher B +Dawson John Jasams Key? Alan Carr George Blrurin James Larson Brad Bgrgoti BACK ROW Robel: Robert D09 Rmhard En ePaul Pollaci Ale' Smsa O za Norman Goss Jame5 ' Coac th Clayion Reber? amen Schenenger ROW Kenhe ONT ROW THIRD kWe1sh FR H H rd KIHQ Jac l Bramhd 2:21 G-nord 1hom'SdMiAtZ:: umm Sfokes owes Leonar Wulluam Kenny L, BACK Row Volckmer J Roberf ""PS0 Ohh Lom fl rvferednh H " Hemphll, ax Donald Rrch e""PhIll Ray,-no d Bl k Norma R "'dS0n G1 n Bfende J C::HerEdW1n Van Hof: Eilnson Norman fjgrgfool' Leonard Ksasoizjs ,?ad'9dn Clrfford H Arnold Zena Lou' ard Vogelsong ICO nhR:chard gfanley O :chard Menon SE2:mrneH Ernesf S DeAh9elfs Thomas? 7, FRONT 'gag if-lurleY Thomas Down Row aw eY Sandnn H GP Brower HSCOH Barr aydu Kennefh Donald Nle y Brown Meld U Foyd 74 on Morgan . ' ' , l ' er. ' 1-r .- ' , 1 . ' . I 1 ' v ' s ' l L . I ' I: l I u I l n 1' X , A .r - ' h X . ' . ye K 1 3 wg' W q jl....,.,.,,, 1 ' I . Nfl " . i 'J , X A 1 q fi , .rg 4 1 .. - A f A , , fn i , Y X3 q 6 - . 1, I X- J A 1 4 5 ,N A I , : S. . Kef ' . . . '. .. ' RQW: . , : 1 ' I I BASEBALL Mr LeRoy Fish Big Blue coach for fwenfy years has refired as head coach Coach John Schellenger has fhe big 'ob ahead Only fhree members of lasf years nine are leff Brad Behrman fhe spark Allan Carr and James Larson Members of lasf years undefeafed Junior Varsify will become varsify men Manasquan looks forward fo anofher success ful campaign under fhe new conference sysfem in effecf fhis year BASEBALL SCHEDULE TRACK Apr: Apr: Apr: Apr: Apr: May May May May May May May Lakewood Rumson Freehold Keyporf Aflanhc Highlands Red Bank Soufh Amboy Pomf Plaasanf Nepfune Toms River Open Mafawan Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Coach Edward Vogelsong in his firsf year af fhe helm of fhe frack feam scheduled his squad of fhirfeen enfhusiasfic members fo meef wifh Lakewood Freehold and Toms Rive, in inferschol- asfic compefifion and also parficipafed in fhe annual Shore Conference meef af Red Bank. To complefe fhe season fhe feam parfici- pafed in fhe Penn Relays in Philadelphia The Cenfral Jersey meef af Asbury Park fhe Long Branch Relays and fhe annual New Jersey Sfafe Meef af New Brunswick. The members and fheir special falenfs are as follows: Mel Morgan and Tom Clayfon, sprinfs: Norman Morgan, sprinf and broad iump: Don Richardson, I4 mile and iumping: Glenn Cooke, I2 mile and jumping: Dick Morfon, I4 mile and broad jump: Dan Traverso, sprinf: John Geiser, l2 mile: Floyd Coulfer and John Lomax. mile: Roy Marfin, discus and shofpuf: Bruce Marfin, discus and shofpuf: Paul LaVance, iavelin and shofpuf: Ralph Bauer, iavelin and discus: Leonard Krasowski, pole vaulf: Meredifh Hemphill, hurdles: Brad Behrman, dashes and hurdles. WITH THE UDIEN CE f X X X X A GRAND FINALE DF FEATURES BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Doroihy Belz, Direcforg Thomas Hooper, Ernesf Volclrmar, Jaclr Shaflo, Ernesf Boofh, Janef DeBow. FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maribelh Trafford, Dorofhy Margrey, Peggy Ven Nuys, Edwina Leaycraff, Dolores Van Duren, Roberf Dolan. Dear Rufh, direcled by Miss Dorolhy Belz, was The choice ol The senior class Tor The major dramalic produc- fion of The year. The play concerns a young Army Air Force piiol' who receives leflers from a hign school girl. She is merely frying io lceep up lhe morale ol The poor serviceman, sign'ng her older sislers name lo her lellers. When Bill comes home on leave, he falls in love wilh Rulh. Miriam has confessed lo The lamily, buf Ru+h is loo lcind-hearled To Tell Bill 'rhal he has been wri+ing lo a sixleen- year old and noi lo her. Allhough she is engaged lo Alberi Kummer, a sluiiy banker, Ru+h goes oul wf'h Bill To lceep up his more e. When she Talls in iove wilh The lieulenanl, complicalions Tollow. Miriam, under pressure, confesses The lrue silualion To Bill, who beals a hasly relreal. Toward The end ol fhe play, Rulh admils lo her Talher shal she is in love wilh Bill, There is a happy ending when fne fieulenanf refurns lor his Hclceis ard leaves wflfh bride- i TC-Ce. Alberl' has become involved wilh The police. all because of a niclzell Peggy becomes "Mar+ha" fhrough "Miriam gif' P1 R, -f, 3 1 'X 3 iii' 'fl il agcxgfgi' fi,-llr N! 4 1, R .L .1 I, ig? :gan ,. 15 If N Y fi ' A 4 6,5 1. 'Z S. l "i J: ,Q 1 . rf, Q1 'L . K .A n"" I C H gf 'Z ii . P X ul 7 t Lb ' ,., .V 4. nm, LH Vp ' rv- in-VB-L , . . .3 .l 551 'I 31, 3 ffl. 1 i' 1 5? 255 JT, 'f5 1' ,qv . K9-3 ,f gm K I D 4 I l if l A r if 2 ,X .L jx 'E -P-'J ik M, M 4 ,,A f vt f I I' . iz, 'ie i.,4 l I i CAST Dora .,.... , . . , Dolores Van Duren Mrs. Ecli+l1 Wilkins .. ,. Eclwina Leaycraff Miriam Wilkins . . . .Maribefli Trafford Judge Harry Wilkins . . Ernesf Volckmar Ru+l1 Wilkins ....,. . .,..,. .. Dorolhy Margrey Lieufenan+ William Seawriglrl' . A . .Thomas Hooper ,, Rober+ Dolan Peggy Van Nuys . . , .John Sliaflo . ,Ernesf Boo+h Alber+ Kummer ...,, ,.,, Marfha Seawriglvl' ,. ,. Sergeani' Chuck Vincen+ A , Harold Klobbermeryer . . BACK ROW: Tlwomas Hooper, Jack Sliaffo, Ernesl Volclimar. FRONT ROW: Maribeih Trafford, Dorofhy Margrey, Margaret Van NUYS. Edwina Leeycraff, Dolores Van Duren. ri Swap, OE? OH WHAT A 'id-QA ,ef 'liifs ,, P I i Jr Wi Ski - P fly ,fi Whaf heavenly music! And guess whaf girls! Ted Pre peres Ouch! GLORIOUS EVENING Ted siudying? lsn'f fha? cufe Peggy prim ps "K VT' S x X' Hawks X Affer The dance lin iflilemurlum Mlldred Eleanor Morgan I9 24 I9 4 9 OUT IN TI-IE FIELDS WITI-I GOD The InTTIe cares ThaT TreTTed me I IosT Them yesTerday Among The Tnelds above The sea Among The wands aT pIay Among The Iownng of The herds The rusTI1ng of The Trees Among The slngung of The birds The Toohsh Tears of whaT msghT happen I casT Them all away Among e cIover scenTed grass Among The new mown hay Among e huskmng oT The corn Where d owsy poppxes nod Where III ThoughTs due and good are born OuT rn The Tnelds wuTh God EI1zabeTh BarreTT Brownnng 82 The humming oT The bees. I H1 . ' , Th - ' , r ' , T e Lzbrary BEHOLD THIS DREAMER THE KEEPERS OF THE HOUSE AFTER SEVEN YEARS BRING EM BACK ALIVE PERILOUS SEAT VICTORY THE CRISIS PILGRIM S PROGRESS THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE GREAT HUNGER LONG HUNT SO BIG LORD JIM PECK S BAD BOY MEN OF IRON A MODERN HERO THE HONORABLE PERCIVAL LITTLE LORD PAUNTLEROY LAST OF THE STRONG MEN SLIM MAN THE UNKNOWN THE COWBOY SONG OF THE LARK HOME TOWN ANGEL BLONDE LADY AMERICAN BEAUTY LIVELY LADY AN OLD FASHIONED GIRL AMATEUR GENTLEMAN BONNIE PRINCE CHARLES THE FIRST VIOLIN Brad Behrman The Janzfors 777 BnoIogy Class eaI'1n+he office Graduahon Exarnunahons Freshman Io senior Lxpshck Lunch period Thar Ios'r book Lars Pedersen James BIaIocI: Harry Ball PauI LaVance and Roy Marian Meredufh HemphuII Frank SIocum Edward Bashop Gordon TwaddeII Arfhur Julnan Richard MeqnII Loulse Sacco Thomas Hooper Pafrncaa Terhune Joan Mayer Dons Perklns AIxce Dorrer WIIIIam Anghn CharIes Denning Mary MosIey OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY Nancy McNeeI EveIyn Sherman TAKING THE STAGE MarIbeIh Trafford THE VITAMINS Maree Ruchards Norma Rxce BE AN ARTIST Bernice EarIln LONG SHANKS John Fosfer MOBY DICK Rnchard CuIver SENTIMENTAL TOMMY Thomas Clayfon 83 ..................,.................Rober'rKisner Name ALEXANDER BETTY ALLAIRE JOY ALLEN BARBARA ANGLIN WILLIAM APPLEGATE BETTY BAILEY WILLIAM BALL HARRY BARRETT ROBERT BARTON RICHARD BERHMAN BRADFORD BERGER JEAN BINGER WILLIAM BISHOP EDWARD BLALOCK JAMES BOOTH ERNEST BRADY JAMES BRICE RICHARD BROWER JOAN BROWER MARIE BROWN LA VERNE BRUCE DOUGLAS BURLEW THEODORE CAMPBELL FLAKE CLAYTON THOMAS COTTA JAY CROOK GRACE CROOK JOHN CULLMAN GRACE CULVER RICHARD DAVIS ROBERT DAVISON CHESTER DE BOW JANET DENNING CHARLES DOLAN ROBERT DORRER ALICE DOWNS STANLEY DUNFEE GRACE EARLIN BERNICE EDGAR BEVERLY EVANS JOHN FIRMAN MARJORIE FLETCHER RALPH FLINTOFT DORIS FOSTER JOHN GEISER JOHN GIBSON WAYNE GIFFORD ALBERT GIFFORD ERNEST GRACE WILLIAM GRATTON CAROLINE GRISSMAN FRANK Nnclname BeTTs Bleach Bobble Appue Wunlcey Brulluanl o arf Bra Jean Eddae um Mulce um Duc Joaney ReRe Vernne ShorTy e Flalce D Wheel Trouble Jac Gracue CulvuTor o CheT an Charlue o Tan Gracue s ev Jac Marque 'P Duclcey Jocks Johnny Chuck GuTT Ernue Slugger Greaser Semor 9VIzrror Aspurafuon Nurse Travel Travel model LocomoTuve enguneer DocTor Ge a uob um ArchuTecTural enguneer SecreTary Joun Aur Corps Enfer Navy College Enguneer Gel 84 pounfs A man PruvaTe secreTary SecreTary SecreTary A man Take uT easy To enuoy luTe Undecuded GeT ouT oT school Dude rancher M e a rnulluon DrarnaTuc school Daury farmer G a ob Become PresudenT Be exTremely happy GeT ouT oT school Chernucal engineer Boolrlceeper To be a mulluona re Merchanduse buyer Desugner Secrefary To enuoy lule Raduo enguneer VocalusT ProTessuonaI man Mechanucal enguneer NOT To be draTTed Auchoneer Undecuded Professuonal baseball A good housewuTe Raduo Technucuan 84 Fevorufe Pashme Thunlcung of Len Beung wuTh Duck KnuTTung Sleepung Dancung Model raulroadung Tu s To The puTs Loo ung aT gurls Loafung Playung baseball AT work Dounq nofhung Baslcefball Luvnng Rudung BaslceTball Llvung KnuTTung or dancung Dancung Goung To The movues Worlcung on my car Relaxung Playung golf LusTenung To g rl s caT FIurTung Frshung Cheerung Beung wufh Joy Druvnng Shovelxng snow Beung wuTh Bub o weekends Fushung Dancung KnuTTung Chasung gurs FlurTung WruTung leTTers ChaTTung Foofball Havung Tun BaslceTball Playung The puan Sleepung Flshung FI ung Ouf wITh Tom LoaTung SporTs Beung wufh Chef Sleepmg Usually Found The ruver WuTh Duck AT The rnovues u and Phl On The phone Home Goodloe s Manasquan s EaTung Goung To The movues Ducks Soda Shop AT my gurls house Basl:eTball In The car In school Movues WuT Hopey Randolph s Home Craug s Esso STaTuon Brrelle AT home Sea Gurf Movues Home Wufh Maree II3 CurTus Pace Manasquan Ruver Reeds Soda Shop LusTenung To Harry James Anywhere Roarnung Home Playung baslxefball Asbury Park Glassford s Here and There Manasquan Home Avon Druvung EaTung On The ruver WuT de mo AT Ruble s Around Good quesTuon WuTh CheT Avon BuTe Shop O C . l ..... ffiff' 'S'1f.Q.ff ,.., QQ - I - - - , ......... ., ' .... To .,,.,............. " .....,.......... ' , ....... ..BIll .......,, To Tly ,....,.............. ' .,..............., R Th i's . .........., ' .,.. To ..... ........... ' ...........,..... , . ..........,,.. " ..... ..........,......... r 'p ' ........... . ' , ..........., Bb ,,..... T ' ..,.....,........ lr' ' .......... .. . ........ MB ........ B . ...,...,............ ' ........,.....,.... Lil' , ....... d ,,.... ' ' ...,.. ' ........... . ' . 'ffQ.ff..ffauuu ,Qfff ' ' ' ........... ' ' ........ -u . ......... .J' ...,... ..,.. ...,......... ' ' .................,. , . . ,.....s.... .J ,Q ...., ' ...........,,. ............... . . u ........... 'lc .,,..... .........,......... ' ' .....,.............. 4 ' . "'I.l.fffrd .. If ' .....I, i.f...Q ' ...,., - , ,..i...Esuu ,ff ' I1 ....., I ....., f ' ur ' , ........... ,... . . .... ........,, L iving ..........,......,.. Sleeping I .ffffff ruff sk M 'fQQ1ffQQf- ' ffff ..... .' fffff - 'fQ. 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V 1- 1 1 1' '7 1: . , ' 1' 1 H 4 , . -- 1, 1 .1, V M yy, ,yr -4 " ', 1, ' " ,'1', zz , , -11 M ' , ln. , , .41 , , , .. , i.,,.g, " : ' ' J 1' -' 1'- lass 7-fsstory contmucd Among The memorses of The year was our qreaT TooTball Team undeleaied Throughout The season We wer proud of Paul l.aVance Roy MarTsn MaTThew MacDowell ArThur Julsan Clarence Lnder and MeredsTh Hemphsll We were sensors aT lasT We wanTed everyone To lnnow ThaT we were sensors We elecTed Thomas Hooper pressdenT Theodore Rearsck was elecTed vsce pressdenT ConsTance Wessenbach secreTary Audrey MarTsn Treasurer We planned To make Thss an unusually successTul year wsTh The help oT our advssers Mr Leroy Fssh Mrs RuTh Wal rs Mrs Paulsne FosTer Mrs Helen Msller and Mrs Irene Mauch The magazsne sales campasgn gave us The TsrsT oppor unsTy oT The year To earn money Tor The class Trsp To Wash nqTon n The sprsng The wsnners oT Thss sellsno conTesT we e Dolores Van Duren BeTTy Newman and Jaclr ShaTTo On The evensng Tollowsnq The Toms Rsve football game The sensor rlass sponsored The HarvesT Moon Dance The decoraTson commsTTee was under The dsrecTson of Mrs Paulsne FosTer and Mr Leroy Fsh Every one ensoyed The dance whsch was a greaT success In December our sensor play Dear RuTh was presenTed wsTh our veTeran acTors maksnq sT a hsT produchon The omedy was dsrecTed by Msss DoroThy Bel: The casT ensoyed The rehearsals and The Tsnsshed play approached a oroTesssonal performance wsTh sTs seTTsnq oT new scenery RooerT Dolan who played The parT oT AlberT aave The auds ence much clelsqhT wsTh hss accenT especsally acqusred Tor The play By now The sensor yearbook The Treasure ChesT was we sT e er e c p e e ersw p o wsns ln February ssxTeen sensors were ecTed members T The BeTa Omeoa ChapT5r oT The Nahona Honor Socsdy Formal snsTallaTson wsTh a candle ssqhTsno ceren-ony was esd February 8 The members were Masslyn Ksesnkauf Barbara Allen Marse Tresber Joan Brower Jean Berqer Peoqy Van Nuys ConsTarsce Wessenbach Edwsna LeaycraTT Georqsa Morrs Dorofhy Marqrey Audrey MarTsn Theodore Rearscls EsnesT BooTh Norma Rsce Dolores Van Duren and Lau a Sharpe Thss hssTory ss eng wrsTTen The WashsnqTon Trso ss ST a ea s The hqhlsqhT oT our Tour years Toqe er n May 20 The Sensor Ball l close Tne acTsvsTses of The Class of The Tun of Class NsqhT The sersousness oT The Bacca ureaTe Servsce and The solemnsTy oT Graduafson wss come oo soon hss asT ear has ed re-aT soosness or us We anT To Tan a o our sensor a vssers w o ave qsven us worsderTul assssTance We shall always remember The happsness we have sad aT Manasquan and The Trsendsh p wsTh bnTh Tarn Ty and classmaTes On June 9 I949 we shall hd qocclbye To M rs squan Hsqh School S8 C ' ' I T ' , A , , ' , I ' ' . s 1 ' , ' ' ' 4 f , T , . ' , " ,' ' Il arT d und. Th, a ab! l ad. ll, T Ed ' , LeaycraTT, ediTor-inschieT, and her hard-working sTaTT. Mrs, Irene Mauch was adviser. I Y I . Y . X 1 . X 6 1 Y . V As ' ' ' b T ' , ' 'I ' ill h 'd a T ' V, Th,. O 1 ' wi I ' ' " !949. ' - 15 ' A - ' ' 'sx s T , T ' p y h l q , he l' T . w' h lr Il T ' s d ' , h h ' 7 ' l s ' , l ' . , , JT s . a a ' . Last "wall and Testament We The class oT I949 beung sound oT mund and body do lovungly bequeafh our dearesT possessuons To Dr Woolsan and Mr ClayTon we leave an apology Tor The Trouble we have caused Them durung our Tour years un Manasquan Hugh School To The TaculTy we leave a boTTle oT aspurun To renew Theur nerves and To guve Them courage To go on un The Teachung Tueld To The lunuor class we leave The cherushed ruTs un The druve way Take care oT Them lT has Taken us Tour long years To complefe Them We leave also To The lunuors our TronT seaTs un assembly To The sophomores we pass on our abuluTy To geT unTo underclass assemblues To The Treshmen we leave ou smooTh Technuque oT cuTTung unTo The lunch lune To Mr Franck we leave a new seT OT TauceTs un place oT Those whuch The STRONG BOYS of M H S have be1T bruused and broken Harry Ball and Leonard Krasowsku wush They could leave a luTTle oT Theur heughT To LesTer Ruce Too ad shorTy' Maree Ruchards leaves her long sweepung eyela hes To Ellen Rogers Dan Traversos horn rummed glasses are leTT To Maruon Newman Lous STunes besTows her sophusTuca+ed ways upon EduTh AppleTon DoT Margreys cuTe accenT us leTT To Chuck Hancock MarTha Seybuchler and Georgua Morrus leave Theur secreTarual skulls To Duana Frugeruo Jay CoTTa wulls hus TasTe n cloThes To WalTer KeuTh The arTusTuc abuluTues oT Bernuce Farlun BeTTy Alexander and Aluce Dorrer are leTT To LeTTy BenneTT Muke BooTh and George Newman leave Theur camera Technuque To Bob WorTley The ever Tamous Moose Call oT Jum Blalo k s leTT To any TalenTed uunuor To Buddy Bley go The sungung TalenTs oT Bob Dolan Jean Ormsbee and Beverly Edgar leave Theur posuTuons To nexT years co capTauns The aThleTuc abuluTy oT Norma Ruce and Grace Crook are leTT To ColleTTe Lussuer Leon HueluTTs sTage managung lob goes To Ronnue VanNoTe Connue Weusenback and Brad Behr 'nan leave Theur pleasung persou-ualuTues To Joan Barkalew and Bob Colluns Elfrede Volckrnar gves her uob un The lubrary To Frances PeTers The good looks OT Joan May r and Roy MarTun are leTT To Elunor Duehl and Glenn Cook MereduTh Hemphull bequeaThs hus unTellugence and The presudency of The STudenT Councul To The wunner oT The comung lecTuon Flake Campbell hands down hus nuckname ShoTs To George Bruen The cuTe ways of PaT Terhune and PaT Van Dorn are leTT To Carol Hayes Mary TraTTord leaves her school gurl complexuon To Joyce Anderson Gordon Twaddell Jum Larson Jum Brady and Don Ruchardson leave Theur TalenTs on The baskeTball courT To Ted Zeller Skup Hurley and Paul Pollack To The musuc dep1TmenT Shurley Hayes leaves her sheeT musuc of Down ln The Valley Shurley requesTs Thaf very good care be Taken of uT These nuckruames Herb Arnold Bll Joe SouTl'uern Sam Horace AlberT and Ralph whuch have been so deservunqly acquured by eughT senuor gurls are leTT To eughT worThy lunuor gurls who w ll comply wufh The requuremenTs Dorus Perkuws besTows her habuTs oT neaTness To Helen Volsk Bob Davus leaves hus suesTas un husTory class To any Iunuor who Tunds Amerucan TransporTaTuon as unTeresTung as ne dd BeTTy SangsTon and Dorus Ruggs besTow Theur problems un Trng class To Two lunuors who can become as per plexed as They The many orugurual dance sTeps oT Torn Hooper are leTT To Duck Maun Be careTul Duck Those are Tender TeeT you are sfeppung on' Nancy McNeel leaves her love Tor salads To Nancy Fowler MaT MacDowell bequoaThs 'wus shoulders To Arnold Zarra Frances Muller and John Geuser leave a Tresh can oT Babo To Mrs Mauch un place oT The one They sprunkled on each oTher un a momenT oT FRIENDLY duscussuon Frank Slocum bequeaThs hus unendung supply oT quesTuons To any uunuor who can Talk as TasT as he does Ralph FleTcher leaves an auTon1aTuc shade adlusTer To Mrs Maruccu Barbara Allen and Shurley PugoTT leave Theur enuoyrnenT Tor a good g ggle now and Then To Joan Loughran and PaT Huhn Marulyn KleurukauT FrnesT Volckmar and Dolores Van Duren leave Theur places un The NaTuonal Honor SocueTy To some brughT gunuors Ted Rearuck leaves hus well worn parkung place To Paul Larson Frank Grussrruan leaves hus comuc nTerludes ru Enqlush class To Rocco PaTernosTer J ry STuer wulls hs m ru Trom Mars To any lunuor who feels capable oT han lung Them The unsTuoaTors Fred Hardwuck ErnesT Gufford Chmrles HowleTT Vere lrons and Don Newman leave peace and g ueT To C R 8 Bob Kusner eaves hus cooperahve ways o Joan Markle BeTTy Talleys bug blue eyes are leTT To PaT Cla es Dave Robunson and Marque Furman leave Theur curly Tuaur To Joan STokes and Owen Pearce Lars Pedersen bequeaThs hus Tured ways To Bernue Prenhce Buul Grace besTows hus hugh pressure salesmanshup To Ted Zeller Louuse ai . 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Suggestions in the Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) collection:

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