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mKumtaamsmt mt ' ML l-H-3 The GOLDfn SPUR 1943 I r Lynwood Junior High School Compton Union Secondary District Lynwood, California DEDICATION War has changed many things on the home front. One institution which remains firm is that of the school whose policies are guided by high-minded, energetic men and women. To them, our teachers, some of whom are fighting on for-ilung battle fronts and others who are training the future leaders of a post-war world ... to them, with our sincerest thanks for their ever helpful guidance, we dedicate this annual. two SUPERINTENDENT DR. SCOTT THOMPSON District Superintendent DISTRICT STAFF FRANKLIN C. HEMPHILL HERBERT C. LUND Assistant Superintendent Audio-Visual Education MARIE C. WIECK Health J. WILLIAM GASTRICH Attendance WILLIAM I. SCHLEIBAUM Playgrounds and Recreation Ihree ADMINISTRATION miLLIAM m. JONES Principal MRS. HELEN BUSSELL Girls ' Vice-Principal RAE E. CARGILLE Boys ' Vice-Principal Lynwood Teachers in Service Private Tom Bastyr 1st. Lt. Rae E. Corgille Frank Ellings Capt- H. R. Foley 1st. Lt. Phillip F. Johnson Corp. Glade Mastain O C Cecil L. Schnelle Leonard E. A. Swenson four FACULTY Harold Moroni Anderson Helen Bandy Esther Tomlinson Bogle Kathryn Bowers Elizabeth J. Bryan Carl James Burk Monroe Wm. Busch Harriet Krogh Gates John R. Daughenbaugh Ralph Harper Demmon Margaret M. Forsythe Elizabeth Gibson Ethel L. Gould Gillette , Ruth Gittes .7 : Charles A. " Hazeltine Milo A. V. Hogan Lindol Dyema Jacks Stanley H. Johnson Thomas Williard Kelly Jean Condie Knapp Ruth Virginia Koontz five —— y ; Herbert C. Lund Rufe J. Marshall Francis Batchellar Martin Barbara Van Kirk Morgan Abner Morton Daniel Harry Onstine Frank Gordon Powars Daniel Stanton Presnall Florence Schnakenberg Isobelle M. Sheller Mildred Jean Stewart Vera G. Strickland Muriel Smith Wakefield Hyman Weintraub Annabel Lightfoot White Laura Moyse Wubben Genevieve Maurine Wyatt Catherine Diane Yeseta Sam S. Zackheim Harry Herman Ziemer Virginia Spencer Zierer Myrtle G. Cooper, Secy. Esther Williams Secy. NO PICTURE: Sarah Juliane McElheny MINUTE MAN FLAG The raising of the Minute Man Flag over the Castle was one of the most important events of the year for the entire student body This flag symbolizes the fact that ninety per cent of the Knights and Ladies buy war stamps each month. CHRISTMAS VESPER Lynwood ' s traditional vesper service told in harmonious music and with beautiful tableaux the story of Christ s birth. jyp Stfflii ' juMii ' TENTH GRADE ACTIVITIES Tenth grade activities began this year with a nomination assembly in October 4, followed by the election of class officers on October 5. The seniors chose Robert Schul- theiss as president, Marilyn Simpson, vice-president, Helen Boese, secertary, and Robert Danner, treasurer. On November 11, the next important date, the tenth grade contributed to the success of Lynwood ' s Armistice Day celebration by marching in the parade. On December 3, at a pay assembly they provided the school with on amateur show in which the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades participated. The proceeds went to the gift fund, a sum of money collected each year by the seniors and used to purchase a present for the school. On December 11, as a climax to activities before the Christmas holidays, a party was held in the gym during the fifth and sixth periods. Robert Schultheiss as Santa Glaus dis- tributed gifts; refreshments and modern dancing concluded the fun. The senior class showed its patriotic spirit on December 14 by contributing a one hundred dollar bond to the Lynwood bond drive and by providing entertainment for prospective buyers. The movie, " Laughing at Danger, " was presented on December 18 during fifth and sixth periods to all tenth grade student body members. January 8 was a date to go down in history, for on that day the tenth grade defeated the faculty for the first time on record, in a thrill-a-minute basketball game. The proceeds from this event also went to the senior gift fund. On February 4 during fifth and and sixth periods a class party was held, beginning with the Virginia Reel and concluding with pie and ice-cream, modern dancing and ping-pong. Next came a faculty-tenth grade baseball game. Another har fought battle found the students again victorious and the gift fund again swelled by the proceds. At last spring came. On April 15 dahing damsels strutted across the stage displaying the newest fashions to student body members. Who would have thought that the tenth grade he- men would make such beautiful girls! Some of the lovely ladies participating were: Barbara June Galleher, Louise Echols, Bobby June King, Ardie Nichols, Geneva Garcia, and Roberta Danner. On May 5 the seniors again added to their gift fund by presenting a talent show to student body members. Boy ' s day sponsored by the Lynwood Rotary Club was held on May 6, when twenty- one tenth graders proceeded to forget school and step into various city offices. The luncheon at Rotary Hall was highly appreciated by all fortunate to take part in the occasion. The annual tea for the graduates and their mothers on May 13 was the first of the commencement activities. Corsages made by the tenth grade girls were presented to the mothers; a program was given by members of other classes. On the night of May 29 came the long awaited banquet which this year, as in the past, was a lovely formal affair. It was followed by a party in the gym where the students enjoyed dancing to a tine band June 4 was a day especially enjoyed by the tenth grade since it was the date of the annual picnic held on the school campus. Following athletic contests, lunch was served by the cafeteria, and a movie concluded the day . Comencement took place in the school auditorium on Friday, June 11, and for the first time in the Castle ' s history the tenth graders graduated in formats and dress clothes. At this time the students of the graduating class would like to thank their sponsor, Mrs. A. L. White, for her guidance and friendship during their senior year at Lynwood. eight CLASS OFFICERS Robert Schultheiss President Marilyn Simpson Vice-president Helen Boese Secretary Robert Danner Treasurer Tenth Grade Committee 10-1, Bob Cook; 10-2, Bill Turner; 10-3, Dorothy Paulus; 10-4, Louis Echols; 10-5, Barbara Sheehy; 10-6, Iris Schied. Class Sponsor: Mrs. Annabel White Class Colors: Navy Blue and Red Class Motto; The sky is our goal. CLASS OF 1943 Paul Acquisto William Robert Adamson Kenneth George Adgate Katherine F. Alfred Glenn Allen Belva Jean Anderson Kenneth Anderson Ronald Dean Anderson Phyliss Maxine Baier Roger Baker John Calvin Balch Howard Barnes Shirley Barron Gale Barrow Homer Jack Batson William Harley Belcher Joseph Daniel Bell Emmaline Bennett Melvin Benson Mary E. Bingoman Phyllis Caroline Blood Betty Mae Bobbitt Helen Jean Boese Bob Bogue Sicl Borie Betty Boshart Dean Brewer Marie Bucher Raymond J. Bui Billy Burk Dolores Geraldine Burke Jack Cozier June Chappell Charlotte Jane Clark Thomas Clegg Ruth Ellen Clinton Eugene Conley Jean Ida Connors Bob Cook Jeanette Copley Robert Lee Cox Lorraine Bernadine Dailey Robert Danner Jennie Belle Davis Lloyd DeVaney ten Esther Dolby Donald Dumbeck Viola Dunn Louis Echols Gerald Edwards Mardene Egan Lois Ellie Marie Engle James Carter Farmer Lawrence Feiler Alexander Charles Ferris Benton Fillingham Alfred Flory Don Frice Vern Robert Galleher Genaro Garcia Charles Clifford Griffin Arthur Clinton Guthrie Floyd Haleen Shirley Mae Hall Harold Russell Hanna Bob Harris William Heinbach Don Heldoorn Mark Hill Walter Hill Velvendy Hooe Don Horn Robert Horner Arthur Houk Charles Norton Hulse DeLois Hunting Tom Ingle Anna Ingram Joe Irelan Pete Jacobs Thelma Jay Charles Jones Jesse Jones William Bert Kenitzer Richard Lee Keyes Walter King William King Juanita LaFoe Jane Louis ' • ' r|i ' ■- ' i=|i ' -1 1 ' .Oi .Ict r?T (7 bMl I i f I M Robert Edward Love Edith Loretta Main Evelyn Malkenhorst Erwin Malocco Jr. Norman Mann Robert Marshall Harold John Max Jim Mayes Richard McCain Carol Lee Mclnnes Audrey McKee Jack McKellar Eva Florence McLure Roy Leslie McLure Don Merrick Joyce Jean Miller David Morgan Thomas Morgan Clifford Myers Mary Ann Myers Wanda Myers Robert Newton Art Nichols Dorothy Paulus George Ferryman Clinton Henry Poellot Norma Poellot Patricia Anne Powell Shirley Eileen Powers Marjorie Eunice Press Geraldine Presson Judith Ann Proctor Patricia Rehder Naomi Renfro Jack Reinhart McGlendon Richardson Charlotte Pauline Rieck Katherine Ilieana Rickert Donna Ries Joan Ritter Dick Roberts Dorothy Jean Roberts Susie Rode George Ryer Stanley R. Schafer twelve Iris Dorothy Schied Lois Irene Schintz Robert W. Schultheiss Bill Schultz Terry secord Barbara Ann Sheehy Ralph Shefferd Carl Ludwig Sherburne Gloria May Simpson Marilyn Simpson Carl Alexander Stevens Lorraine Stevens Marian Stitz Marilyn Stitz Marjorie Swanson Ernestine Thais Rosemarie Therres G. Warren Timms Marvin Elgin Tolmon Billy Gene Turner Leslie Van Home Mary Lou Vaughn Elmer Verner Kenneth Wallin Jo Rene Warwick Virginia E. Weotherly Dick Weaver Jack Webb Acel Webster Arthur Weedin Mary Wells Joy Westerman Raymond H. Whitaker Richard A. White Robert Woods William Yeager Mary Louise Zinn NO PICTURES Walter Boyle Eugene Raymond f% f s thirteen STUDENT BODY ACHIEVEMENTS Much honor was broughl to the Castle during the year 1942-1943 by the co-operation of students in deiense organizations, the participation of students in athletic and scholastic contests, and the prompt response of all to several charities. WAR ACTIVITIES The first and most important achievement of the Knights and Ladies was the war bond and stomp drive. The sales were token care of in homeroom so successfully that they increased steadily with e»ery month. Finally the day came when the Minute Man Flag was raised over the Castle, symbolizing the fact that ninetly per cent of our student body is investing in bonds or stamps. During this time Lynwood also look active part in collecting scrap, in raising funds for the Red Cross, in a " six a week " jeep drive, and in collecting old candles and cans to make night lights for the soldiers. Contributing model airplanes to government training stations, making U.S.O. scrapbooks, and sending presents to former students in the service was another phase of Lynwood ' s war effort. Two patriotic parades were participated in by Lynwood high school students. The Armistice Day parade in which homerooms, gym classes, band, and other school organiza- tions entered was praised highly by the community. On December 7, the band marched to the Victory House in the middle of town where it played patriotic numbers while bonds were being sold. ASSEMBLIES One of the most interesting assemblies presented this year was the Hi Jinx, a set of acts put on by talented students of the Castlet. The proceeds from the program were giv- en to the P.T.A on " Back-to-School " night drama classes enacted a timely poetical drama, " They Burned the Books, " The most outstonding under the direction of Mr. Tom Bastyr and Mr. Harold M. Anderson was the Christmas Pageant, consisting of scenes depicting the birth ol Cnrist with a musical setting of Christmas songs. CHARITIES Forty-five dollars were sent to the National Transcribers Association for the Blind to pay for braille books in appreciation of the fine program given before the asembled student body by that organization. The March of Dimies was a great success this year. Into the scholarship fund went the proceeds of a basketball and a baseball game between the Squire and organizations. CONTESTS Many art students at the Castle entered the annual Poppy Poster Contest. In the field of writing every seventh and eighth grader who sent an essay to the Latham Foundation Essay contest won a place. This is the first time in the history of the organization that such an event has taken place. All Knights and Ladies also participated in the essay contest on " Making America Strong " sponsored by the Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The annual reading and speaking contest brought forth the best efforts of many students. PUBLICATIONS A revised and enlarged handbook was printed for new students of the Castle. For the second year anthology containing the creative writing efforts of students in each English class was published. DISBURSEMENTS Money belonging to the student body was used wisely this year for the benefit of the students. Colorful pi ctures were placed in each room, a large war bond was purchased, and two motion pictures were presented for the enterainment of the student body. EXHIBIT Climaxing this school year, every boy and girl displayed work accomplished in each class at the exhibit held in the Castle gymnasium on May 20. fourteen STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Ai ilk FIRST SEMESTER (No Pictures) Albert Roach . Jean Connors . Loretta Strand Doris Hossfeld Otto Kelly ... Robert Galleher Marilyn Stitz . . . Thelma Jay ... . Stanley Schafer Ted Husby SECOND SEMESTER President Vice-president . . Secretary . , Treasurer Safety Commissioner .... President Vice-president Secretary . . Treasurer Safety Commissioner fifteen STUDENT BODY COUNCIL First Semester First Row: Arlene Meadows, Gloria Peterson, Arlene Galleher, Annabelle Parker, Mar- garet Graham, Ileen Roach, Lois Tarleton, Jim Moysrs. Second Row: Edward Smith, Charles Miller, Doris Hossfeld. Marjorie Press, Jean Con- nors, Lois Barron, Ray Thornton, Russell Rosendall, Third Row: Elbert Gann, Tommie Rutherford, Bill Belcher, Robert Horner, Stanley Schafer, Art Houk, Ed Hartman, Wilham. Hamilton, Perry Simpson. Second Semester First Row: Eunice Moses, Edna Lee Tweedy, Donna Ries, Marilyn Stitz, Donna Fletcher, Mary Frances Morgan, Doreen UJyatt, Joyce Thomas. Second Row: Leonard Cayer, Ronald Smalley, Tommie Rutherford, Charles Miller, Margaret Graham, Thelma Jay, Doris Hossfeld, Donald Horn, Robert Horner, Robert Caraway. Third flow; Robert Miller, John McCIune, Dwight Roberts; Norman Eisenbiesz, Robert Galleher, Stanley Schafer, Harold Lockhart, Bill Belcher, Howard Prouty, Bill Yeager, Jack Barbee, Ray Paulas. SONG LEADERS Leatrice Witt, Evelyn Malkenhorsi, lanice Williams, and Betty Anderson YELL LEADERS Sonya Chilstrom, Shirley Meester, Jeanne Botson seventeen YEOMEN First Row. Annabelle Parker, Marilyn Stitz, Jack McKellar, Jim Bletcher, Peggy Burkeft, Susie Rode. Second Row: Doris Hossfeld, Sonya Chilstrom, Norma Fletcher, Eileen Dolby, Doris Nyquist, Marian Stitz, Geraldine Steinhauer, Jeanne Batson. Third Row. Eugene Conley, Ed Hortman, Russell Peltz, Arthur Carmichael, Bill Schultz, Bob Johnson, Genaro Garcia, Mr. Monroe Busch, Ray Hawley, Donald Leverett, Billy King, Bill Burk. SQUIRES First Row- Evelyn Malkenhorst, Mary Jo McGowen, Jackie Tatmon, Margaret Graham, Charlotte Clark. Second Row: Jack Batson, Joe Bell, Tom Clegg, John Coyer, Jack Stokes, Bill Belcher. Third Row. Mr. Ralph Demmon, Bob Schultheiss, Ted Husby, Jim Prior, Bob Owens, Bob Danner, Bob Galleher. eighteen BUGLERS AND FLAG RAISERS Raleigh Kirkendall, Aaron Griffin, Felix Anthony, Dick Redfern, Billy Anderson, Jim Foster. PAN-AMERICAN CLUB Under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club, the Pan-American Club has helped to foster better relations with our neighbors of Central and South America. twenty HOSTESS CLUB First Bow: Barbara Berwick, Barbaro Sprenger, Norma Luncefcrd, Norma Poellot, DeLois Hunting. Second flow: Jo Ann McCoy, Lois Paquette, LaDean Smith, Ramona Pritchard, Maxine Mulunax. Third Row: Eva McLure, Esther Dolby, Ferris Pearce, Ahce Kendrick, Miss Kathryn Bowers. DUCETTES Shirley Powers, Judith Proctor, Doris Nyquist, Ferris Pearce, Marise Moore, Joan O ' Malia. Rosemary Tovenner. Iweniv-cr.s BAND Lynwood high school ' s band during the last year played at many assemblies, took part in the Armistice Day and December 7 parades and participated in the nation-wide music festival, all under the direction of its able leader, Mr. Harold M. Anderson. HARMONETTES Barbara Largent, Jackie Tatman, Peggy Burkett. Vicky Booth, Charlotte Clark, Mary Zinn, Phyllis Blood, Rosamond UJhealey, Pat Long, Jeanne Batson, Rawanda Kralik, and Mr. Harold M. Anderson. twenty-two FALCON CLUB This organization, sponsored by Mr. Carl Burk, is Lynwood ' s newest club, formed to provide information for air-minded students. r 5iA ' ' " - i ' • GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION On Wednesday and Thursday of each week, for an hour, members of the Girls ' Athletic Association meet to play competitive sports. twenty-three ORCHESTRA The orchestra, conducted by Mr. Harold M. Anderson, has provided stimulating music for many school assemblies as well as evening programs. • CHORUS Accompanied by Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson and directed by Mr. Harold M. Anderson, this splendid musical aggregation has made many programs enjoyable. twenty-lour STAGE CREW First Row: Clifford Griffin, Mr. Harry Ziemer, UJalter Hill, Bill Heinbach. Second flow: UJalter Boyle, Roger Baker, Dean Brewer, Sid Borie, Jack Botson, Genaro Garcia. a a c PAGES First Row: Billy Anderson, Ronald Smalley. Second flow: Bud Shefferd, Jim Johnson, Bob McArdle, Samuel Bowman. Third Row: Joe Ellen Long, Vivian Hays, Mr. Lyndol Jocks, Dorothy Bowman, DeLois Hunting, Joyce Miller. twenty-six ARMISTICE DAY PARADE In place of the customary Halloween parade, this year students participated in on Armistice Day Parade. Instead of riding on floats, the Knights and Ladies marched, carry- ing patriotic banners. twenty-seven HONOR SOCIETY LIBRARY STAFF BICYCLE GUARDS twenty-eight If 4 M f JUNIOR SPORTS SENIOR SPORTS thirty-one SENIOR FOOTBALL JUNIOR AND SENIOR TENNIS GOLDEN SPUR STAFF Miss E. I. Bryan ' s Ninth Grade Journalism Class Mrs. Jean Knapp ' s Tenth Grade Journalism Class Mr. Herbert C. Lund, Mrs. Muriel Wakefield, Annabel Palmer thirty-two -- Jii , L. r? ' ' - • if -t; • • 3f • • (T U

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