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'W la 'auf mmm Gfwf f wfmzztwam all mallwui fvwfkwfwfffwf Gift!-f""1'ffflfW w"'i"?f4""f in Me -at "uf f'The' attitude that you will be working with people, ratherthan doing things for them, will do muchhto build confidence and insure suc- cess, ond will enable you to share responsibili- ties with others." Malcolm S. Knowles Miss Brumm and Miss 'Bark give morning care to 'two orthopedic patients. ' A 'lf Vs 7 E. 'if' 1 J y 5 9 ff ., E' zamezzfg awww, amlcleuale nufxdflalhe wdffuaf Mau 510011664-0. We new "There is no mortal whom sorrow and disease do not touch." ' Euripedes The hospital personnel constantly await the un- fortunate in an order to help them in every way possible. Intern, Dr. C. Kershner applies a foot cast with the aid of Mrs. Owens, R.N., Miss Greiner-student nurse, and Miss Reinking R.N. f if ,1 It M 'I L WCHA. Mu. .Bam 711441144 IZJV. With deep respect and admiration, we the graduating class dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Lora Thomas, advisor, instructor and friend. She personifies Professional Nursing and exemplifies the high ideals and goals which we seek daily. Her determination, pleas- ant personality, and winning manner radiates to everyone about her, instilling confidence, enthusiasm and ioy. We will always remember Mrs. Thomas with high regard and ap- preciation. 'IO Progress is the activity of to- day, and the assurance ot to- morrowf Ralph Waldo Emerson This picture was taken in late October, 1962. By now the Lutheran Hospital is prepar- ing to staff and utilize the new west-'fifth floor. Science and its facilities move ever onward and upward. Three senior citizens exemplify comfort and contentment in the new Lutheran long-care unit di- rectly across the street from the hospital This is another progression in care and treatment which 'ti X l 5 1 .A 1 lg 5. .P lf Mu. Gafvule M. Qilian, RJV., 8.5, 44.14. Mrs. Carrie M. Filion, Director of Nursing, has spent countless hours of unseltish service in the past three years to raise the standards of our school. Under her guidance the school has received full accredida- tion from the National League of Nursing, of which we are highly ap- preciative. Due to her able direction our educational program has highly improved, not only to make us bet- ter nurses, but also to make us bet- ter informed citizens in our com- munity. Because of her endeavors, Mrs. Filion has strived to instill in us the high ideals of nursing and to help us secure professional atti- K tudes to achieve our fulfillment of the primary purposes of life. -m,,,q f-fm. Ma. Edgm 0. Kltude Mr. Edgar C. Kruse, having com- pleted his tourth term as adminis- trator of the Lutheran Hospital, has shown his devotion and loyalty in carrying forth his numerous duties. By his sincere interest in the student nurses and many others he has gained our highest respect. Being an active community leader and capable administrator, besides his willingness to serve and aid others, we are deeply appreciative of all the work Mr. Kruse has done for us. A T QT A-...,..-pill, Mm Mmlha Waullw, RJV., 8.51, MMS. Miss Warstler, Clinical Coordina- tor, has also been a member of the school staff for two years. To pro- vide the students with an ideal learning situation in Medical-Surgi- cal Nursing, Miss Warstler inte- grates the study of medicine and surgery through classroom instruc- tion and clinical practice and ob- servation. She teaches History of Nursing and Professional Adjust- ments to thus add to our nursing ed- ucation. MM W. . . W. . f2.Af., BHS., MUS. Miss Williamson, the Assistant Di- rector of Nursing Education, has been a member of the school staff for two years. She has shown her- self to be very capable in carrying forth her duties, thus to be well qualified for her position. Due to her instrumentality she has planned the essential educational program for each class, coordinating the associated activities. In addition to these responsibilities she teaches Drugs and Solutions and Profession- al Adjustments. 13 15. 1 ancfp MRS. JANE BADGLEY, R.N., B.S.N. Instructor of Medical-Surgical Nursing MR. E. DAN BUTZ, B.S. Instructor in Pharmacology MRS. ESTHER EHRMAN, R.N. Instructor of Emergency and Disaster Nursing MRS. CAROLYN GERIG, R.N. Assistant Instructor of Nursing Fundamentals DR. HAROLD HAAS, Ph.D. Instructor ot Psychology MRS. LUCIA HARLEY, A.D.A., B.S. Instructor of Nutrition 'I4 TLSIQ hy. 1 '-'YVHQ '. I, ,. -g. vw .V 1. if T' I .. . 1 :KK it o I in I X X 'ir I f-O MISS DORTHA HENSLER, RN., B,S,P.H,N. Instructor ot Medical-Surgical Nursing MISS NORMA HUYCK, RN, Instructor of Senior Experience MRS. GENEVIEVE LINDOUIST, RN. Instructor of Operating Room MR. ROBERT McCORD, B.A Instructor of Sciences MISS BETTY NORDHOLM, RN., BA. Instructor of Medical-Surgical Nursing MISS DONNA REINKING, R.N. Assistant Instructor of Operating Room MISS EILEEN RUESCH, R.N., B.S.N. Instructor of Nursing Fundamentals THE REV. WILFRED SCHNEDLER B.D., A.B. Instructor of Religion I "' K I 'W' 1 I 5' I i Y J i gif mix! -was - "" C .' MQ if -N .QQ-1 . , A-:M I 37' Q. .ab D-" F 5 I 1. - .."' ,T ,,. .,, ,, - ,I-mf.: 4. lf- Q eff "- Qgn.-.-,Q.. 4-lg.n3.-',4LZ.'.L.S -ls ' 'J' 1. , ,,. ..- - -- all -Q- QQ: DR RICHARD SOMMERFELD PhD Nui' Not Pictured: MRS. HELEN SOMERS, B.S. Instructor of Sociology Instructor of Sociology MISS CAROLYN R.N., B.S.N. SPRUNGER, Assistant Instructor of Nursing Fundamentals MRS. LORA THOMAS, R.N. Instructor of Nursing of Children MRS. KATHLEEN WOODS, Instructor of Maternity Nursing R.N., B.S.N. Li 1 MRS. OPAL FERGUSON Librarian MRS. NAOMA MATH EWS Librarian S., 'x MRS. KATHLEEN DAVENPORT R.N., B.5. Health Nurse and Clinical Instructor Il. XI it K I Seated Mrs David Mrs Hower Mrs GGSLUH M Standingg Mrs Snles Mrs Moorman Mrs Fredler Switc Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. hboard: Williams Keeler, Givens, Orr, Adams. us-may ' l 7 IW A fb . . T, 7, V- ff' X -,gjsgnp "' I " Z Jlemki if-W Aly. ,EY 4 ,.,, 4 5 I , rv . I Q I gi? ll' ln-Ql l V iw M I 3. .L . i-.GNWYLT ' " 7.-.IX ff A. il' Pr ww . lx. '- 'NPG-' ' an fl , ,, . I 1 ll L71 A . .-, 1 'x un-Q' MR. ARNOLD GEMMER Personnel Director MR. OTTO SCHEIMANN Controller MR. HAROLD CORDE5 Credit Manager DR. WALTER GRIEST Pathologist, Laboratory DR. RICHARD CRAIG X-Ray Department MR. ELMER BUTZ Pharmacy MR. ROBERT REEDY Physical Therapy REV. WILFRED SCHNEDLER Chaplain MRS. MARIE IVE5 Long Care Unit 18 if , I L. ,lb Jgwg +L .. lr 'N X A ,Vx HJ .Q-X 'T' dx . KL. -2:'nv"x, if like-L 1'-, 1 'O P 'i t . '-if T 'TI L 4 Na X . .Nr 4 I I if- - ,ff-f if' , PZ' A Ay- I. --1 MRS. LUCIA HARLEY Chief Dietitian MRS, CLARA STEINER Purchasing MR. ROBERT UTT Inhalation Therapy MRS. LEISELOTTE KNAACK Housekeeping MRS. MARTHA SCHEIMANN Central Supply MRS. STRATTON GRAPER Patient Relations Co-ordinator MRS. WONDA MCKENNEY Medical Records MR. HOWARD WICKLIFF Maintenance MRS. MARIE HENDORF Admitting MRS. NELLIE MCCUNE Laundry 'I9 H 1 . 5234- 5 4 C '-ai .wp :s Lu LL .I 4 ' ' ,f 1 3 ' XXX L N Xt, 5 ,gf 5 'fn -...,..7 X N Lf 1. . BX -5 . XP Jem! flfuua -msn P.:-1 Q ,z-wee vga. 1,44-,P . wg - A MRS. B. CALLAHAN Labor and Delivery I W x ' C gl MRS. M. DAFFORN Newborn Nursery MRS. C. FLETCHER West Third, Medical . , il' ' Vj Q MISS E. GERBER : South Fourth, Surgical M 5 8' ? MRS. D. HANKEY A South Second, Surgical , uqur ,is my A A S Miss M. PARADY - 2 la Recovery Room . I 20 ar' N sigh MISS B PURDY Emergency Room MISS L. RAYL Post-Pa rtum if MISS A SCHWEHN North East Fourth, Surgical MRS. M. SORG 4-ffl?" Pediatrics h V 7 MRS. O. WATERMAN Operating Room y of iii I ' "Egg" af' It-I -its-,I ' I i X x, si MISS I. ZAGEL Psychiatry NOT PICTURED: MRS. J. MINIER West Second, Orthopedics MRS. R. REHM North-East Fifth, Medical 21 9 'Lf'- Q. Supervisor, Nights . 5 . MRS. M. MAXWELL MRS. S. DERRYBERRY Assistant Director, Supervisor, Nursing Service in-Service Program MRS. H. FUZY Supervisor, Days MRS. H. MIDDLETON Supervisor, Days S Miss D. BROWN i MRS. A. ROBERTS , Q, Supervisor, Nights ,. 22 S .4 I 1 . X 'V MRS, J. MARTIN Supervisor, Evenings X ,Q I t MRS. M, BURRIS Supervisor, Evenings MRS. L. VACHON Supervisor, Evenings i A Mrs. Maxine Eversole, Lutheran School of Nursing's new Social Director, began her duties on January 2, 1963. She is a native of Ft. Wayne and has served as House- mother at a near-by university. We are grateful to Mrs. Eversole who has assisted us in many extra-curricular activities and asia! ' r . , :.:s,my-f-, -. .- .-,-KFQQIBLQI'-f.g. ., "za -411. 41 era' 1,-A - ' 1-':1al'?i5' ' ,.., . . . helped us to enjoy more fully our "home away from home". 23 T X x 9 1 Qygg 'Y' N W, ' 'fam N Q X .X Ri Nix 4 ' 1, Q-nsvwz 1. X Q, x vs Q 3 -4'-' 11' fx ',,::'-nf , , F " grass, Z , Yx .fly-A I x """'s N w Y .rf 1' 5 W, fkx x - 7 Q I0-0-klflbb-df-606, amlclaunal uqmitheunad afxtaalattlegmnfn' Megudutoa 6z9,fa4!w!maw4 MdMmq m g. .t lb . Loo-tse ....-.-....1..-.1.1f,......-,.. - 1 -lil' , ul, em I 2 ' -'53 Q . 'N ' ' 3 .- L. u- Q w .. fri'-" 4.5. . A 1733? fb W' - -1 --. f J, io 3' Asn- ,J ' 4 .Eeazmp 5 . xi-IJ CLASS OFFICERS: S. Kossing, V.P., D. Dehnert, S.C.Rep,, J, Greiser, S.C.Rep.p J. Meyer, Secy., NOT PICTURED: J. Houser, President, L. Eitner, Trees., W. Hommon, Christian Growth Chairman. Glau of 1963 Graduation, August 18, 1963. E.. A Mrs. Lora Thomas ' Faculty Advisor I 26 7'-Q X 5:4 .KX an 'ix nf-'S' N. ag, CHARLOTTE ELLEN ATKINS Pleasant Lake, Indiana DIANN SUE BENTZ Huntington, Indiana JAYNE ANN BUSSELL Auburn, Indiana CAROLYN ANN BUUCK Merritt Island, Florida PATRICIA LEE CALLISON Bippus, Indiana MABLE BARBARA ELLEN COOK Redkey, Indiana 27 QA' IQ x .."", Q a ..- x at eg. W JOYCE ARLENE COOK Fremont, Indiana MARY ALICE COUSINS Poriage, Indiana DONNA M. DEHNERT Fort Wayne, Indiana JUDITH ANN DETTERER Ridgeville Corners, Ohio SANDRA SUE DICKISON Garrett, Indiana SANDRA SUE DODEN Auburn, Indiana 28 aw- WXR'-iii ' Q 335, "ff 315 4 X .Q Q-qv LINDA LEE EITNER Detroit, Michigan , I ALICE JEANETTE ETZLER . Lima, Ohio ,I ,I ,I JACQUELINE RAYE FIELDS Elkhart, Indiana JOAN ELAINE FIELDS Elkhart, Indiana .. .,.. -Ur, -1- ,, .: y.,g,gR.,. 4. .-,wfxifvs ,LM 11--f' f-I X , X' 67- ,,z"-?"'i Sri, . wiiw -Af-xv..1.:- ,ff , ,,-:tifea.3585-rgXX.-.1,,5,.',.v3:p,',,:Eg, .M A M Wm 5, , Qi -- -'akiw-Q" I ' LINDA LOU FIELDS Elkhart, Indiana EX JUDITH ELOISE FISCHER Waterville, Ohio 29 9 I S- -... Wgyy 1 Y? Y .IUDITH LEE FUCK Merrillville, Indiana JANET IRENE FULTZ Fort Wayne, Indiana JUDY YVCNNE GARRISON Fort Wayne, Indiana JOYCE ANN GICK For? Wayne, Indiana .IUDITH JEANNINE GRIESER Janera, Ohio WAHNETTA JUNE HAMMAN Sidell, Ilinois 30 'Q'-f IQ .afgih 5 CAROL GRACE HILPERT Detroit, Michigan KATHRYN DIANE HOELLRICH Ayersville, Ohio KATHLEEN LOUISE HOFFMAN Fort Wayne, Indiana JUDITH G. HOUSER Alamosa, Colorado BETH ANNE IMLER Fort Wayne, Indiana SUSAN LUCILLE KASSING Fort Wayne, Indiana 31 ,nh 'S 'mxa "Qu KAY ANITA KENNEDY Garden City, Michigan KATHLEEN SUE KRUEGER Adrian, Michigan MARCEA ANN LANDIS Huntington, Indiana DIANE OLIVIA LOIS LINKER Fon Wayne, Indiana CAROLYN LOUISE LITTLEFIELD Burr Oak, Michigan .IANICE DIANE LUEPKE Fort Wayne, Indiana 32 ""i.9""k, 5-199 'X -. 'TS 'wo' +.. gs if ,.,u,,, KAREN WYNETTE MARCH Defiance, Ohio .ms CAROL ANNE MEYER Farr Wayne, Indiana HILDEGARDE KATHLEEN MEYER Parma, Ohio JOYCE ANNETTE MEYER New Haven, Indiana ' JUDITH ANN MEYER New Haven, Indiana f JACQUELINE LOU MINNICH Berne, Indiana 33 'C' Z' QP? M, C J 'N -if KAREN ANN MOORE LaPorfe, Indiana JOYCE ELAINE MOYER Winona Lake, Indiana SHARON LEA MOYER Hudson, Michigan DIANE ROSE OLSON Auburn, Indiana JANET SUE REED CraigviIIe, Indiana PHILLIS LEONE RICE Princeton, IIIinois 34 .vit ,xxx X --1. WILLADENE EDNA RIGG West Unity, Ohio SUZANNE F, SAURER Fort Wayne, Indiuno 0 JOCELYN ANN SCHWARTZ Berne, Indiana MARGARET ANN SHADY Newark, Ohio CASSANDRA KATHRYN WINEBRENNER Auburn, Indiana Q u -asv" Q 1551479 1 Glam of 7964 Anderson, Betty, Aubum, Indiana Aubrey, Diane, Fort Wayne, lnd. Bark, Judith, Ossian, lnd. Beckmann, Ruth, Hammond, lnd. Bell, Claudia, Anderson, lnd. Bohn, Vaughne, Fort Wayne, lnd. Brenneke, Judith, Woodburn, lnd. Brumm, Karen, Fort Wayne, lnd. Butts, Joyce, Bluffton, lnd. Callahan, Valerie, Fort Wayne, lnd. Carroll, Lynn Jo, Laketon, Ind. Cox, Janice, Ridgeville, lnd. Dotterer, Ruth, Paulding, Ohio arhart, Judith, Ossian, Ind. Eberly, Joyce: Ligonier, lnd. Flaig, Michele, Fort Wayne, Ind. l Fuchs, Judith, Fort Wayne, lnd. Greiner, Sandra, Forth Wayne, Incl. Hartsough, Janet, North Manchester, ' lnd. Herman, Joyce: New Haven, lnd. l Hodsden, Reita, Valparaiso, lnd. Horstman, Bernice, Florida, Ohio llacobs, Nadine, Elmore, Ohio Jones, Joyce, Star City, Ind. I l l l l e l a F 1 s , A i HX- A - ' 1 1' F i A ' 7. l 1 I if 3 Q f ,G 432 A l bl, f A 37 No: lsr .fo .9- , I , F 5 v if r y , Q N l I - 5 9 f 1 .s 9 19 Q P le L 4' T' L? f as L9 I sf L2 1 ,F -Sr A r V 67 N ir ' 'KQV fr -WJ if ,f I E L x , , 2 gl 1 .wy- .5252 if A "f,g,ig5 in ' , . ll i f 1 ., .. 'X 'ilil ml , V .. . V' Q1 ., ,jffif f J ' : W -:ab , A ' 9' K 5 's 1 f f . .-3' -411' 46 . V1 is 1- li r 21.0, xl qv ' Vi ' E f W 1 I 1112" ,:. 3,2 , 1, .- :fi V 45:33 ,, ' N, -in -4 .5-E -, ' " 'Mg'-if . W 1' ,ii-':f I ' V, .- vm '11 I 7. 62' ,ei 1 ' 4 W ' W "Linz -f I ef, ' E, V J iv f I ,- f ' W' WA. 'X r ' ,, ,. A .I ,A ., M A -"Y-Yr - ' ' CV: V . 45-'fn q ,- ' Til 1 55' i fy cc: 1 'A M ,- CA VA 'I' Yanke, Ruth, Howard City, Mich. K iv' c - X Q ., , QM! , QF! iw X ,C 4 J 2972 . . vs W ctgk f rf . ,-,+A V, 1 1.165 ' - -- ' f -V W fl 'I 3' i I. - ' I , ., Q . v gr X ,- I, is 4 l fr! E mg, .Q . M' I ' . V.:, - -if W. f i 'W fc H az ff 4, Q .... , 5 ix' if '1' Kasfing, Natalie, Indianapolis, ind. 1 Kespohl, Lois, Seymour, Ind. Lehman, Ann, Lima, Ohio Lohrbach, Carol, Fort Wayne, Ind. , Luebke, Wilma, Fort Wayne, Ind. McElvain, Carol, Indianapolis, Ind. Mengerink, Linda, ST. Mary's, Ohio Mueller, Barbara, Huntington, Ind. l l Muhl, Becky, Richmond, Ind. Parliman, Priscilla, Cleveland, Ohio ,l Rahe, Ann, Fort Wayne, Ind. Ringenberg, Susan, Fort Wayne, Ind. Y l l Rose, Nancy, Fort Wayne, Ind. Rupp, Gloria, Fort Wayne, Ind. Saffen, Elaine, Fort Wayne, lnd. Sands, Sandra, Huntington, Ind. 1 Scheiderer, Dorothy, Woodburn, Ind. Schick, Janet, Richmond, lnd. Webb, Eleanor, Berne, Ind. Wulliman, Rita, Berne, Ind. Not Pictured: Baughman, Caroline, Madrid, Spain ,. il f'+Y'iQ X K , X , X , -ref ll .www 4 CLASS OFFICERS: D. Wilkes, Pres.g D. Hasz, V,P.g L. Amstutz, S.C. Rep.p D. Richmond, Treas.g E. Connor, Secy,g C. Ballard, Christian Growth Chairman. 61644 of 1965 Miss Carolyn Sprunger Faculty Advisor , 39 , ':,,q u. ,,r ' 1' 1 ' 'fg,f-1-,C is 2 Ti' '- X , 35' 'sir . ,. 4 - 2 ' 1 .Jag i A J aw F L. ,it , Q Z 5. 1 . ' 9 X 1 x lgl -I ,iii v 'S' ' r' f ' l ll K . 1ltx I A , E 3 at ,. 5' .. 4: . 1 IV' L". Lg: , F7 'Q , J., if ' ' Q lx N 3 X i J lf J, I , f I .K , 35 li li ,Jw ftp 5 , ,, " f' "mf , .,. X 5 - I " 3""y Q ...rm 2- to ' fu . J . Et, I x It-Q at A ' ' ! vA ' 1 . -or-fn f Ci . IVJW- 1' FQHM. ,4 fu' av w , N ff 5. 1 A P 1 . ra Q ' ",. j s f' p . ' V fi exif-'Q 1 . it fAA .QQ . .A .. ,g ' I ,, x ' . ' lk f 1' ' f I , A v 1 -J ---- 1 , I F7- 1:59- , , f as "1 ., " .Q . , A I l 0-' W 't' , -D 9 , .arf :4 lf' Amstutz, Lilah, Van Nuys, Calif. Baals, Sara, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Ballard, Clelo, S. Nyack, New York -1 Becher, Carol Jo, Ft. Wayne, Ind. : Bowers, Karen, Lima, Ohio Connor, Elizabeth, Honolulu, Hawaii Ehrat, Margaret, Wauseon, Ohio Eisenbise, Bonnie, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Geiger, Janice, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 5 Gerken, Ruth, Ridgeville Corners, O-, Hahn, Virginia, Antwerp, Ohio 5 Hartman, Malinda, Ft. Wayne, Ind. , Hasz, Dorothy, Janesville, lnd. Jewell, Luanne, Ft. Wayne, lnd. Johnson, Barbara, Mt. Ivy, New York Kerns, Glenna, Pennville, Ind. Lorenz, Victoria, Anderson, Ind. Martin, JoAnn, Lima, Ohio Metz, Roberta, South Bend, Ind. Mighells, Emily, Randolph, New Yo fl I l it r I l l ueller Shan Huntington n . iemeyer, Maryann, Ft. Wayne, Ind Payne, Ruth, Crown Point, Ind. ll lvloore, Diana, Ft. Wayne, Ind. lvl , ': ' , l Cl tl I l 1 J L l'eterson, Loisp Ft. Wayne, Ind. 'feiHer, Beverly, Detroit, Mich. "olIock, Elaine, Delphos, Ohio Hlichmond, Donna, Fairfield, Ohio llingger, Janice, Monroe, Ind. lSklenor, Ida, Roanoke, Ind. TSnyder, Judith, Plymouth, Ind. H5prunger, Sherryllp Berne, Ind. Veiss, Ilze, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Watler, Sally, Columbia City, Ind. lWiedenmann, Susan, Eustis, Florida Whiteman, Carol, Detroit, Mich. i 4 1 l l x I ,C -3 st Kal. Ls a-if ' l I A f . ' 1' ' S 1 F 1 fb F i f , Q i A ., 'A Q :Q 1 , ' rv. 3, 1 g ., 5, ' ' :pw of V . 5 , ,V 2 ,- - , r , , ' we l y fi " l ' " if N' ah- D 'I ' f f ff ' fi il 4 , , F A 't--. ' ' - Za lt . rt,, l., .. 'ify j 1- I , ,Q jk. V , ' Y fy: ,, Y .. f.- . - i . Q if 4 I I lr 1 It -if 1 ' 'lV5f!'. I V Ps . , . 'iii 'A '. - Wilkes, Diane Rochester, Ind. A V Worrell, JoEllen Clayton, Ind. l 41 l l A 2' xi ., .,,. V'-'Qu A 'Q- "?Q Mya-:fx '5- sw-NR ,Qui X -..,' X . - X kg .Af-X . gf: xx Buiwchal' nafuaeaf bwthzfhal adduki, amldlaf wan!L,M,lf:b z.wz4,q . Thomas P fqcacfemicvi Mdemg' Introductory Professional Adjustments Anatomy 8. Physiology Chemistry Psychology Religion History of Nursing Nutrition Microbiology Sociology Pharmacology Medical Surgical Nursing l, ll 44 The science that treats of the mo- lecular and atomic structure of matter. This is chemistry. This and other physical sciences offer a sound basis for further learning and application in Nursing. As we understand the human body com- ponents and functions we realize the factors that contribute to health and disease. L. Peterson, L. Jewell, and J. Wor- rell perform experiments in the Chemistry laboratory. y 's " 2 'Qs if t QW' 'ff 0 f ill-l' it V. , ' ' '. t vs., , r "ff1ii4Qf iq p ,4 j 1 ii! W . f if f - 5 3... A l'e""' T 'Ref-"f' bl " l'--1-E ' 2 I M' lllln ll t l l Students here utilize the School of Nursing reference library. Students discover in the medical-surgical course that determining the blood pressure requires skill and practice. 5 Students attempt to identify and dilterentiate disease producing organisms through the microscope. , l 4,s , . v Q I b-bt . V 4, fs' .l ...X v-C 1'5:1 v ,I 552 ' st' ff xg Az' ga L ., ,- GPS A wegae is 1 f 'views f Q ,Lea : jing , r -i ,azz V. C frog: 3 N , if -.5 v ft 'A X wa: , , as .. - 2- if Z ' V: ' Q :Y 1, fcsxqggs P. ' . , . .mbvf Q? f -1 , 'wlwflw . ' s f -'Sin -X s :use-.sf 2 . W H , Y A IQ 4 Q , my , 4. 81" 1 x I fx' 1' l l 1 l l 1 Pb Il , . I963 APPENDIX .fwffzenan School of fvunfiinq fqcmeclfliecl Ay lflze Naiahnal .feagae af lVwz4inq 40211 Zdayfne, .fmfiana 7wUe of Ganfuzh iahaclaalian page .2 - 9 .Slmlmix Page .24 14caJem,io1 Page 4.2 Nclfflafilfiex page 54 Forty-eight weeks of study. Pharmacology Mecliccll-Surgical The Family Nursing: Nursing of Patient Endrocrinology with Tuberculosis Orthopedics Nursing of Patient Geriatrics Requiring Surgery Neurology Emergency Room Gynecology Recovery Room Urology The Eye -'x vi XM! .i Til , The Emergency Room nurse must possess o work- ing knowledge of the principles and techniques of emergency equipment. The nurse here reviews the operation of the Emerson resuscitator which provides for resuscitation, inhalation and suction. f ' . OXYGEN '..,, N - V . g ANN! Lys-'Lv-4 "Y if ' 24" srl." Nursing care of the cataract patient postoperatively de- mands patience and understanding: for he must adiust to a world of darkness until rehabilitotion is complete with the fitting of new lenses. 46 f .1565 " '3 14- . ft Bleudwe md! www Qfffuf amz Mah dum final. Deuter 1 'H E 'T Sk, J: 'sp tt g H ----4--.M-.N-, Iwi: ' A f 5? ..' gel , f '1 if r f it .U qQ3,..f ' jf r Maffs, , . ' Q5 - ' fi I , L g - gf, l A 5 H ,Q.. -' 4- j ' 1.53 if J, -x Q 1: ,xk',,... L- 5 in "r 'Q A J l I ' 4 it i F fi -it . 1 A is v' ! ge, 35 'l,1 ' KXX...-- - . ' l Miss B. Anderson, who is applying traction to her patient, involving the locomotor structures of the body, it also includes is one of many iunior students who gain this experience in the corrective measures utilized to rehabilitate the patient. orthopedic nursing. Concerning the treatment of disorders The immediate post-operative care of the anesthetized patient is put into practice as Miss B. Horstman directs her close attention to the new surgical patient in the Post-Anesthesia Recovery Room. W-,,,,..,..m-new nf- i "' fwzcfeafzf One-hundred and fifty-six weeks of study Maternity Nursing Nursing ot Children Pediatrics Premature Nursery Psychiatric Nursing Senior Experience Constant Care Unit Co-Charge of Clinical Unit Professional Adjustments Il Disaster Nursing The Constant Care Unit has a capacity of four beds and provides constant attention and care for the critical patient. Miss W. Hammon inspects the patency of an oxygen tent and nebulizer, Maternity nursing is an area of great ioy and interest to the student. Here she has an ideal opportunity to teach and promote maternal and child care and wel- fare. This happy picture has o sequel-Twins!!! 2 in Z P, K: liflti 14 ladedafm 1 n Q St.-.lohn Perse 5-F'--ixawg-Q Esfzsj jmg i 1,1 'A YW! if 's 5 'Kixfvv 13313 "Gif Nfl-'C' A :- if ' ' ' if . xi' '5 XTX "1Yi!w'5'i'?wsSi A , .,.,, ,.tA . piggy? .1 ' ' ' 'ii 593586: 'I f- ' ' . F- ' -af? i , r wi ,4 K X I , 1 . . V -1 -1, W , Q Ni. Y .Norris X N , . -Wanna. Ni N X ry' ,,,.,,e Nia " nv-4..N,- x 1 W A i A basic fundamental of newborn nursing care is to perceive learn that the emotionol aspects and physicol care of the and sotisfy the infcmt's individual needs. Miss D. Bentz and infant begin at the moment of birth ond continue throughout Miss J. Flick spend one month in the newborn nursery and the periods of growth and maturation. 50 . - Fil fi W Edt fi""""" i The Pediatrics Department is equipped with a playroom of physical and psychological needs to each individual child which provides diversional activity for the ill and convalesc- and to attempt to produce a therapeutic home-like environ- ing child. Senior students learn to adapt the basic principles ment. 7!lM6lJ4't0 cud Jana! . Euripedes 51 pwwmumwwqbw Ralph Waldo Emerson El i WF 'Fsx A .. . -: - ,f.?a:,,.L:k:: 55f'F?,?f' 51' 'f:1Q..5,, Ili' -sv ffl? T ' x 52 . ,iv-gfvfry-ef-11 71.2 .: f: 'Z li .,..,.. .An 6' e -f-... .,..........-,,, ,. T"'lRl li. 'ln 7 Q -is This is the architect's sketch of the Moellering Memorial Unit of the hospital, now under construc- tion. The 96-bed structure is being erected on South Wayne Avenue and Wildwood, and will contain facilities for the care and treat- ment of patients whose illnesses or injuries require prolonged care. The unit will be connected with the hos- pital by corridors at two levels. The first floor will accommodate therapy areas, administrative and storage areas. The upper two floors will ac- commodate 48 patients each and will feature a large lounge for am- bulatory patients. Construction was begun in May of 1963, and the building is expected to be finished in late summer of 1964. N ivy. fin, 553' , 51' ar." " 4 I . f L :7 -5 11213 , Gr P 1 .441 Wfathall anJaJlM.m94 weifnaflfeafi Sioux Indicn I l I Lu. A J? ga ,s s' 'Q wx PK :fm wr sr Af x, ' 4 , 1 1 , szmewzq' A 1 mx .. j , -7- The Student Government consists of elected delegates of the student body. The student body meets monthly to foster social activities, provide a means of communication, and offer the oppor- tunity for leadership. Student Council: ROW l: D. Groshan, secy., S. Greiner, pres. elect, M. Cousins, president. ROW 2: D. Wilkes, K. Moore, L. Amstutz, J. Breneke. Not pictured: W. Rigg, V.P,, L. Carrole, J. Houser, J. Grieser, D. Dehnert, R. Beckman. fknawna ' affine ' Thomas Jeierson 56 ' X ' -s X 6? Gina FAQ s s 9 l l 9- A t i 4 N tbl N l fi Each irst year class of students traditionally shares individual musical talents and forms a choir which performs for various worship services at the School of Nursing and the Lutheran Hospital. The Class of 1965 here gathers for rehearsal. The student director is Carol Whitemang assistant, Shari Muellerg pianist Virginia Hahn. PLATO 57 .SW FRONT: Beth lmler, editor, Judy Fuchs, asst. ed. SECOND ROW: B. Johnson, D. Scheiderer, D Hasz. THIRD ROW: l. Veiss, N. Jacobs, S. Greiner, K. Gratz-Freshman ed. Not Pictured: M. Nei meyer, N. Kasting, B. Horstman, J. Fields, A. Etzler, J. Meyer, L. Fields, D. Bentz-business mgr The Appendix, an annual publication prepared and managed by students, is a narrative of lite and liv- ing at the Lutheran School of Nursing. It provides a permanent record of events, personalities and achievements of the L.H.S.N. "Family", Miss N. Huyck assists the students as faculty advisor. 58 The "Lamplighter", produced monthly, is com- pletely student owned and operated. It focuses at- tention on school news and events as well as city and national affairs. Differing from previous years, it follows contempo- rary news styling, and endeavors to broaden the student, faculty and community interest in L.H.S.N. and the world in which we live. FRONT: Janet Schick-asst. ed., Karen Moore-editor. SECOND ROW: C, Lohrback-feature ed. R. Yanke, J. Fuchs, M. Flaig, L. Kespohl. THIRD ROW: J. Herman, C. McElvain, E. Saflen, R. Wulli- man, J. Fields-news ed., V. Bohn-feature ed. Not pictured: C. Buuck, A. Etzler, A. Lehman, R Dotterer, B. Horstman, J. Butts, J. Cox. RR ' ll 59 !.14.!V.5. The Indiana Association of Nursing Students is composed of nursing students from all of the twenty-three schools of nursing in Indiana. Lutheran, along with students from Park- view and St. Joseph in Ft. Wayne comprise the East District. The purpose of this organi- zation is to prepare the student for membership in the graduate organizations, A.N.A. andfor N.L.N. The group meets monthly tor a program of business, educational and professional growth. The girls above are officers and convention delegates from Lutheran. FRONT: C. Meyer, corresponding secy.g J. Luepke, treasurer. SECOND ROW: V. Bohn, J. Fuchs, 'Ist V.P., M. Cousins, past president. THIRD ROW: D. Richmond, D. Wilkes. 60 'D x. 4 , Q-K me , ,Wy ',,4fnff.w -wi QI f ,aw " 1 , , -. Mew .1-1 ww Nik' ,gi x xx x N,,,,, fi A .s ,X fd' Vm the type of scholar who profits most from the "short short study period-long long break" sys- tem, I told them I didn't have any library books in my room, but they had to look anyway! 5 4 !Kg,: il'1' ' LK 'I A-HA! This student suHers from acute social-life- itis. Restrict her to her room, nurse!!! Goo Goo, it's time for them to take us out to our mommies for our feeding. ,,, .K ,sie - X 5 is X' it ,K is fa xslt , QW R- is! Qxx ri., 5' Wnfqqvwr Studying Anatomy the new and improved "Bose At times Logansport got the best of us! Nova" way. "Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meg We have to admit, this was a wonderful "Home Oh, I am so sweet, Happy Birthday to me." Sweet Home" for three wonderful years. 63 "Fort Wc1yne's Preferred" I D. O. MCCOMB and SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE O II4O LAKE AVENUE TELEPHONE 742 2182 CONGRATULATIQNSI BESTWISHESQMIGOODLUCK mf UNIFORM SIFIOP MEDICAL ARTS 134 Ec1sfWc1yne . 222-22 :leaf Eerfy Telephone: 743-2207 N N We C, -ffl Llgfwlfi af ' BEA's BRIDAL SHOP Moy We Serve You Wifh A 2-426 Sean COIITOLF SITES? 5 . . 7 Complefe L1 e of Uniforms amine 74 -2530 64 C- M- 51-UAN "Enterta learn... A N D S 0 N S Depart to Serve" C FUNERAL DIRECTORS PRIVATE AMBULANCE Besf Wfshes fo 'he 5 CLASSES of 1964 and 1965 1327 Wells Street hom TeIePI"0'1e742'6132 THE CLASS OF 1963 COMPLI MENTS OF TI-IE McKAY ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. CONTRACTORS 7671 Bluffton Road P. O. Box 2808 Fort Wayne, Indiana 65 4 , 9 Qocl in P E , .2515 , ,, 9,1 ,i ,jg Al , . Q t ai 1 f-21123 :'f"f5'f.?,. and b , x . , 1 .T T - . , ' itwfv V' ' 1, N ,. ,1:q4-j' . fs r . ' , 0 if - M "' "uf 1 fi1,f.,f1i ...- V 2 ffsi-L .T ' f ' ,sniff ' mf ' if 1521-4- rizil , IQ A Tififfi l lr v sf 4 99 1, W- . iw . c C ' ' ' 1 , , ,M- ,. .. . , ,gg EL., - Y... Y., I K " f C,'v "TO . lt. ' A 1, ff. L, - V , - ,-1?" f" M, ,, SC., ' ff 3 . ' F ,133 J - 5 ,, frf s- A T 'A 1 ' J .H!.4"' , In 0 is fa 2 ,X X The Lutheran School ofVNursing cap is presented to the student nurse who has completed nine months of training and has met the scholastic and clinical requirements. The cap character- izes the nurse as a, member of a particular school of nursing. The uniform and cap make' the nurse a symbol of mercy 'to care for the sick. T ' V Ihe Challanl - Perry Funeral Home Serving Fort Wayne Since 1911 2423-28 FAIRFIELD AVENUE Telephone 744-2334 AMBULANCE SERVICE VESEY'S Fine Flowers 1208 South Calhoun Free parking in our own parking lol C60-H. south of sforej 24-HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE Qualify - Service - Value Telephone 742-3178 flitezllldiflai 0L'5Z 75 qffsazi STELLHORN HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE - HOUSEWARE SPORTING GOODS P A I N T S 2018 Fairfield ln Fort Wayne Telephone 744-0805 CITY GLASS SPECIALTY,INC - J. 'P PICTURES - MIRRORS AUTO GLASS wx, '-1 Tl' -...f Se' 2124 South Calhoun Fort Wayne, Indiana TELEPHONE: 744-3301 GEORGE AND KAT COLONIAL SHOP Early American Furnifure 11361: Qian: lffmlat Qwlli : so TELEPHONE 456-1348 2738 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne, India George and Kale Dehnerf, Owners LELAND'S BAKERY 2602 Soulh Calhoun Street Fon Wayne, Indiana NEMLI .Qaafifu Kllldtlz CJr:fL.L.5f1 TELEPHONE: 744-3312 INDUSTRIAL PIPING AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION 1340 Grant Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana PLUMBING - HEATING - VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEMS Telephone: 742-5152 CONGRATULATIONS To fhe CLASS of T963 Graduation Day- August T8, T963 From THE STUDENT BODY "ENTER TO LEARN . . . DEPART TO SERVE" DANIEL BROTHERS, TNC. H1z1fQ:1QfEw1.z:NME K I, A E H N I S Fabricated Meats for F U N E R A L H E Hosp ls, Hofels, R aura T27 WEST COLUMBIA O Ambulance Service RETFF PHARMACY fi , , ' U'zu:uptLon1 ' 420 WEST WAYNE Q f ,c reid and D ld TELEPHONE 742-0228 TELEPHONE: 744-T251 68 jo the gjulilrifieii ol fbi S 0 U T H W A Y N E 1963 Appendix P H A R M A C Y Iii Arm? Qclui, "Thank You" Il EDWARDS BROTHERS, inc., Ann Arbor, Mscliigc Prescripfion Delivery Service 3004 SOUTH WAYNE AVENUE FORT WAYNE, INDIANA B O B I N N H For Fine Foods Telepl'lOl1e 744-0481 FAIRFIELD Q: KiNsMooR CLIPPINGER STUDIO Fine Photography Since I926 Q ' +'l""0of fl, -A 5 CONGRATULATIONS , Z If-sfifi-fer cLAss of 1963 "lt has been a pleasure being your photographer for the I963 APPENDIX. May all of you have the best of luck always." Sincerely, L. R. Clippinger, M. Photog., A.S.P. 503 W. Wayne at Fairfield Ph. 742-5416 69 a THE BRIDAL 5HOp Mr. Char Kee Restaurant 5--IT T- Q- Qc-an -'-'L'- '- - 11- -'Q .'-:.-- -- :.:.- 'S "" bs' A ' X 742-0734 5 ' 5 ' Ii:-Sx:rE-E Happy Humpty Drive-In KORTE PAPER COMPANY . --:. - -- - N-,a:. TELEPHONE: T42-l-'rll 51 :Eg ji, f-4,-,L FROM THE 1963 APPENDIX STAFF Thanks to ALL who helped to make the book Q SUCCQSS. EDWARDS BROTHERS STUDENT BODY CLIPPINGERS STUDIO MISS HUYCK, Advisor PATRONS MR. A. GEMMER, Bus. Advisor ADVERTISERS Faculty 5 Hospital Personnel 70 P book, we exiend our deepest grcrimce. Ernesf Anderson, M.D. William C. Ashman, MD. Paul Bailey, M-D. J. R. Ball, M.D. Wallace E. Bash, M.D. J. C. Baumgarmef, MD. Ralph Beams, M.D. E. H. Bergendarl, M.D. Theodore Beufler, MD. John S. Billingsley. M.D. G. T. Bowers. M.D. J. W. Bowers, M.D. Frederic W. Brown. MD. Perry A- Brucker. M.D. E. R. Carlo M.D. Alan Chambers. M.D. C. Cooney, M.D. Bernard T. Cooper. MD. Rlclvard Craig, M.D. John Culp, M.D. C. W. Dalwlirg, MD. Fred Dahlirvg. MD. M- A. Davidoff M.D. H. C. Dunsfore MD. L W. Elsfon, M.D. R. W. Elsvon, M.D. John Farquhar, M.D. A. N. Ferguson, MD. Robert Floherry. MD. J. Paul Gentile. M.D. William Gefding, M.D. Maurice E. Glock, MD. Wayne R. Glock, NLD. C. William Goebel, NLD. John C. Gould, M.D. Waller D. Griesf, M.D. Walter G. Hockeff, MD. To ?'ne Physicians in fhe Fori Vfayne :rec u"c grccicusfy :c":f' ze :- fffzf- Alvir- Haley, MD. ' C' .. "P e' M.- Rfcrar: C. Hoe-f, MD. f:' 3. VCC'E v Wayne l'lCfS:f'. MD. f. D 'Ice er "L L. P:f"er F-5crs."":r. MD. .-. E. 'fcfzvec A. M- l'1cse--f?nr.e. MD. ::'- ' Vzfe- M Warren C. f'lCS7:'QS MD . '-':f'e-see M .,. A. R. l'lC"Ef'CCf: MD. " Ive' MD. PHI,-: Hefsrsefger. MD. 3 :er-1 MD. Rider: E. i-1':s-12-f:.. MD. "ef: :a-"1 v'D Jar-rr F. JGCGCC. .M..'J. VW: : :':: . 3Ec'ar:: M. J:f1sf:f' MD. . -. Trcse- 'HD W: 'er '. 1-fge'se'- MD. D. -. 3-1s.'e' M... 'erser' C:r:i. MD. -:f- 7:-sse:- Cortefcr A. fecm VD. 3. S-:'-:ss M.-. Rzcer' C. Keyes. NLD. --fge'e E I:--C' N-'D W' 'cr A Geiger MD f:'.q" Scz' MD. ie--ef' Qccze. MD. --qi"e : S-efsefv v'D 'N:'ef S. Knee, M.D. .:"-es :. :':- D. D. S. -ccig MD. -3" 5'2" "'-I Ge"e gcxef MD. 91'-'5" 5. S'-GIF' wi Rfcrcrc -:ce- MD. "' V3 3" 'f'--. F. e. -:'c MD. :"1'I'3 5- I' " D. E4-eg E-, -gf-3.5 maj, CJ: : S-'--e"':- M. Bef , -5-f-'-Q vj, 'E-e':: -. Sgr--fe M.: lfrgf, -5-,-,V MQ, '::er' :':- er. . Ezaef- FY. -.c.: maj, -- 5. Eff'-:f' vt.. :CC-Sf' V. .:l"'.:f' U,,:, 33" S'."2' Q:-f MCC:-. WD, 3:-ef' E. ':- -:r MD. G. A. MQDC'-e MD. :CWC - -5"'3" "V:- C. G. McE:cer- MD. Graf: 'V 'ff' W: l':'5C'5f':CK Mccxe. MD. A-SAST DU'-'54 W3- J:r"-es 'Ae'-xr MQ, N. 2. -'ge'-::-:' VD. r-1. A, Meyer WD, -o-': -:ge V' T. C. me-fer wa, :A ff- Nice V l-4. 53, Mj.Ie,-V -4,531 C-eros: :. -":r: MD. Morice Miller MD. A- :' "'3f"5' Orvai J. MLS.-er MD. 71 EDWARDS BROTHERS, INC Arm Afbm,r-1.fhignn JIIQMT- ' 'y' ts iq ' ' I 1 -lr L -wg -0 A i f , I-Q I- . iq.. IW .-' 1 .4 I I' I , I g 4 ' 1 F ' ' I Y , . I I " I l. , I V I Vi' I I I - I I I I I b- I I I ' I I I I -I 1 L' I 1 . ' I I 5-1- .g. I TI 1 Q-,I P I " I I 4. A ' aI I f 5 ' I .-If if ' ii- '!,I I I 'I-E". -1-If I -1 1- H.: 1 Ak I In Y J i gif mix! -was - "" C .' MQ if -N .QQ-1 . , A-:M I 37' Q. .ab D-" F 5 I 1. - .."' ,T ,,. .,, ,, - ,I-mf.: 4. lf- Q eff "- Qgn.-.-,Q.. 4-lg.n3.-',4LZ.'.L.S -ls ' 'J' 1. , ,,. ..- - -- all -Q- QQ: ....-.-....1..-.1.1f,......-,.. - 1 -lil' , ul, em I 2 ' -'53 Q . 'N ' ' 3 .- L. u- Q w .. fri'-" 4.5. . A 1733? fb W' - -1 --. f J, io 3' Asn- ,J ' 4 .Eeazmp 5 . ,,.,- . . Olin ,Q M .27-35'T,.f ',,,...--" .....--f ,,,,...---' ,A-,,,,, -atm-+ x ,Q ,Q 24, ,,,.,.,--- 0 - : .Hr:.-,L V ,rs , .5 -33. V ,..4 ,tm KN 9, 5 ZX f N1 WQQQS 'A n n I . 3-Q .9 I x X 1 H3 54 1 1 fi 11 XJ v , fu x. . 4 g ,:. x w. , 'x fe-T.. ',. '. .V , Fw .Xl 2. .FH 5 xk ll-I If 1 , , - .li J '. . 1' X. ,. ,lr 1 up A xv 1' , .J 1 J.. . 1 .' ' Mu J. 13 ,1- 1. I , , 1 9 '. 7 w fl., Fr' 6- ,-X il 5. s 'I .,.-' I .-I 1 J 1 34" : 3' in 1 is v. 1 + f X. A.. X .us 514- 'a I-. x 1 :MJ .ff . Q iz 3... Q 'v Ex A , A X .,v,,xw'.'f ', .' 4 1 4' -.guy f -1. " .lf 1 lr " V, K ' y,:.,r Q' '4 v NUM' . '.. F. 7 .11 1.3 , H14 , ' 'v , . ,I I! ,I .4 ,,.,.Q. ' .YN n NVQ? ,,f.,,I..A. .!5 , vyif. u .lx ',' K I", X"x'.-I kv! I' ' IQ' .Cai-. . ' fax nag... rw -. .l.K,,'l..Ai 'I 'I A'l'2mL .',. , f il' ' ,4. I X I 1 X Vw '.-" I 1' Bn 1 ,A"' '. H 4. X . l.1.. x V.. V. .334 .,. n .vu fs xv' -I. -,lf 1,?,:' 4' -l.l . . . . , X A. ft-v X. . . ,fn-.M I . K, 1 ,.. , 1 Af", .1-QQ!! ',... r .v ,. H Nw, x :',..,.j, 1. ,-. . '-.xfy,1' 1-1T' 14' 1'fx':X , .' -.. .' y. .'X,,.1 af , 1 . 1 L V.-.wr-, Y"l4I' ,gal K '. .'h.f'f 3' f '." ..,,.x.. , , I Af 'fun . .w ,' 1, , 1 -r,- 3-1 5 'fs '., 1,,:,x:li' I ' .v : ' -.uw-gf Nl, 2, .!' I 1 w,-ff . I .,, ' r V. v.. mum, um .Q P I M09 f ' 1

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