Loyola Marymount University - Annual Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1975

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Loyola Marymount University - Annual Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 39 of 48
Page 39 of 48

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Page 39 text:

Society - President, Chemlstry TA, Physics 'A, Intramurals, 74-75 LMU Football Cham- ions Hardbacks, Freshman Orientation, lunny of the "famlly", "Perfect" Lab Techni- Eue, Red-Masked Streaker, Champion Penny hrower, Tutor etal., Resident of Llmbo Land, latron of Chuck the Drut's Palace, Offlclal roogle, "What do you get when you cross a at wlth a turkey", "If I had It to do all again . . ", "The sense of mystery is the source of Il sclence". -ONES, T.: Psychology!Communlcatlon Arts: sychology Society, B.S.F.A. IAI-ILE, R.: Blology: Alpha Slgma Nu, Blology .A., Loyola Marymount Renewal Community. REZANOSKI, B.: Polltlcal Science: ln- amurals, OCTD Research Team. RONENBERG, G.: Humanities. RUZK, A.: Clvll Eng.: Loyola Crew Team 1,- ,3,4, Loyola Rowing Association 2,3,4, gger 3, Commodore 4, ASCE 3.4. U, I.: Blology: Chinese Club, International lub, Alpha Slgma Nu. WEE, P.: Studio Art I: Chinese Club Com- lttee Member. CSON, M.: English. NER, R.: HS: Dean's Llst, Football 3,4, ugby 1,2,3,4,5 - and they said it couldn't be ne, Rugby Captain 5, Football Trainer 3,4, ugby Trainer 3,4,5, M.V.P. Rugby '74, outhern Calif. Rugby All-Stars, '74, L.A. ounty Rugby All-Stars, '75, Coach of Flash otball '74, Gentlemen Songsters 4,5, Non- oundball Sports - Chairman 3,4,5, Rugger uggers - Moderator 4,5, Winter Prom Com- Ittee '74 - Chairman, Intramural Basketball Intramural Slow pltch 3,4, Intramural Water lo 4, Sweepstakes Winner of Clench a ench '74. NG, F.: CA.: Los Angeles Loyolan - Editor, gllsh Society. UERMANN, M.: Business Administration: gel Flight - President, Tennis Team '75, termural Football 8t Volleyball, Skl Club. WSON, M.: Polltlcal Science 8t Economics: Gamma Mu, Polltlcal Science Assoc., Black udents Freedom Alliance. AL, M.: Independent Studies: AFROTC - stlngulshod Military Cadet, Angel Flight. PPERT, K.: Llberal Studies: Women's orus 2,3, Del Rey Players - Recording cretary 8. Treasurer 2,3,4, Meumest 2,3, s Angeles Loyolan 4, May Dey Players 4, gllsh Society 4, Creative Dramatlcs. ERANDI, F.: Economics-Latin American udles: Associated Students of Loyola arymount - Finance Director, Student Ac- ltles Board - Finance Director, Public lations, Economics Society, Latin American mmittee. , F.: Clvll Engineering: Secretary of Tau ta Pi, Member of Alpha Slgma Nu. FASO, R.: Eng.: KXLU Radio lAM dlsc keyi, Musical Masterpieces FM lhostessi, omen's Center Advisory Board, tvlce- alrpersoni, Window Macrame, Women's nter, Leavey Metalsmlthlng Art Exhlblt, Ita Sigma Phi Little Slsters lvlce-presldenti, ti Kappa Water Polo Team. NGEUAY, J.: Physics: Loyola Crew - storian, Alpha Delta Gamma - Secretary, Physics Club, ROTC, Turtle, E:MC', Boy Retard. LOOGMAN, T.: Econ.: Bennie 8, The Jets, Resident Advisor, Bless The Bluff, Crew, Foot- ball, Too Numerous to Mention. LOPEZ, P.: Spanish: Women's Chorus, Gryphons Clrcle, Sigma Delta Pl - tSpanish National Honor Socletyi. LYNCH, P.: History: Crimson Clrcle, Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity, Historical Society, Intramural Sports. MAJCHRZAK, M.: Civil Engineering: Alpha Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Delta - President, ASCE - Vlce President. MAJICH, M.: History: Loyola Belles. MALDAVELLI, S.: Psychology: Professional Anarchist, Chairwoman - Department of Decadence, PhD. Candidate in Studies of the Cosmic Order, Non-Militant Feminist, "Lec- turer" ln Psychology, Bass Player, and Child of the Universe. MARRIOTT, K.: English: Shell and Oar - Vice-President, Health Aide, Resident Ad- vlsor, Head Resident, Alpha Sigma Nu - Treasurer, Intramural Football, Inner-Tube Water Polo, 2-on-2 coed Basketball, Softball, Member of Flash, Sigma Epsilon Chi, Student Handbook, Official Bennyette Candidate, Frlendlto Animals,lWindow Garden of the Year Award Winner 1975, Teachers Assistant for Psychology of Women and generally a liberated person, Editor of the Limelight, Most Consistently seen ln Blue Jeans 1971-1975, Dedicated potter, Rugger Huggers, I thank God for the friends, good times and the help She has given me in my four years here. MARTIN, E.: Math: Varslty Baseball t4 yearsi. MARTINEZ, M.: P.O.!S.P.: La Causa Tutorial Program - Director, Field Trip Program Coordinator, MECHA - Financial Manager 2, MESA Member 1,2,3. MASON, P.: Communication Arts. MASTERS, A.: English: Lucky Pierre, Omega Delta Chi - Treasurer, Golf Team, Resident Advisor, Apt. Manager, Apt. 37 Supper Club, Semi-Intramurals, Crimson Circle. MASUCCI, J.: Math: Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Gryphons Circle 4, Hawaiian Club 3, Math Club 3,4, Little Sister to Phl Kappa Theta 2,3, l Grabba Thigh 3,4, - President, Blackboard Monitor 3,4, Chaperone to Kathy Smith 8, Art Baldl 3,4, All Around Nut 1,2,3,4. MATHERS, G.: Business 8: Economics: Rugby, Deans Honor Roll, Intramural Sports, Delta Sigma Pi, Society for Advancement of Management. MAUCH, S.: History. MC CAFFREY, A.: Political Science: ln- tramural Sports, Little Sister - Phi Kappa Theta. MC CALL, V.: English. MC CLELLAND, N.: Religious Studies- English: English Society, KXLU, Women's Newsletter - "XX", "I am a stranger coming home to my heart." MC DONALD, P.: Mechanical Engineering: Frosh Crew, SAE. MC ENTEE, J.: Business Adm.: Society for Advancement of Management - Treasurer, Wlne Advisory Council - President. MC GARRY, J.: Finance: Co-founder of Wild Bunch, Freshmen Orientation Leader. MC GECHIE, R.: History-Political Science: Loyola Football, History Society, Utah In Presidential Election Simulation, Special Aide to Mrs. Cory. MC GINTY, P.: Psychology: Gryphons' Circle - Treasurer, Resident Advisor, Dorms, Apartment Manager, Tennis Team, Intramural Sports. MC GOURTY, B.: Economics: T.C.O.Y.B., Originator and Developer, Humble Inquirer into Man's B.M.F. MC INTYRE, M.: TA-Dance: English Society - Secretary, Treasurer, Theater Arts Produc- tions. MC KAY, R.: Business Administration: Hard- backs, Intramurals, 31-32 Club, 81 Most Probable to. MC LAUGHLIN, J.: Chemistry 81 Biology: President- Society for Better Living Through Genetics, Member Chemistry Society, Biology Society, American Chemistry Society. MC QUAIDE, J.: Biology: Part Time Hard- back, Head Commuter, Frustrated Disk Jockey of the Year Award 1,2,3,4, Search of Orange County. MELZER, J.: Chemistry: Men's Chorus, Con- sort Slngers, Mount Singers, Alpha Sigma Nu, Chemistry Society, KXLU-FM, TAE Kwon Do, L.D.S.S. MENDIVIL, G.: Psychology? Loyola Marymount Belles - Vice President, ln- tramural Football, Tennis Team Follower, Name Changer. MESHOT, C.: C.C.: Tau Beta Pl - President, Alpha Sigma Mu, A.S.C.E. - Secretary, D.R.P., Intramurals. MEYERHOFER, G.: Civil Engineering: Alpha Delta Gamma - Vice-President, ASCE, In- tramural Football 8t Basketball. MILLER, D.: Electrical Engr.: Sigma Phi Delta - President, Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronic Engineers, President. MILLER, T.: English. MITCHELL, G.: Communications: Angel Flight - Administrative, Zeta Phi Beta - Vice President. MIZE, C.: Psychology: Corresponding Secretary - BSFA, Secretary Zeta Phl Beta Sorority. MOLINA, D.: Biology: Biology Society, Univer- sity Newspaper. MOLNAR, M.: Accounting: Loyola Marymount Belles - President, Alpha Sigma Nu - Vice- President, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance NITAJ Program, American Society of Women Ac- countants Scholarship Recipient, Students for the Advancement of Management, Calif. State Scholarship Recipient, L.A. Jr. Chamber of Commerce Computer Game Competition - 1st Place. MONTGOMERY, D.: Business. MOONEY, J.: History: Clufton Bay - Bridge Sub - Committee, Loyolan. MOORE, W.: EE.:SoclaI Frat ADG, IEEE. MORAMARCO, J.: Psychology? Martial Arts, Zen, Yoga, Shlndokeiko - Co-Founder, Ski, Languages, Italian, French, Farsi, Armenian, Persian.

Page 38 text:

Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters, President - Theta Zeta Beta Sorority, Women's Intramural Football. FANARA, F.: English 8. Psychology: Schiller Student, Del Rey Players, Plays - Carnival- Bury The Dead. FARLEY, C.: C.A.: Board of Governors, Stu- dent Activlties Board, Sports Editor - Loyolan, KXLU. FENTON, J.: Psychology: Shell 8. Oar, Hillel, Ski Club. FERGEN, D.: English: Commuter-of-the-Year Award, Backpacking Club, Member of Flash - Women's Intramural Championship Foot- ball Team, 1974, Photography Award, 1975, Alaskan Expedition Advisory Board, Loyola Library Club - Vice-president, Irish Club, San Francisco's Bay-to-Breakers Supporter, Carolyn See Writing Award, 1973, 74, 75. FERRANTE, J.: History: Phi Kappa Theta - President, Phi Kappa Theta - Vice- President, l.F.C. - Secretary-Treasurer, ln- tramurals, Lair Patio Sitter, Respected Member of the Community, WHIP. FINK, J.: Accounting 81 Economics. FINN, T.: Civil Engineer: Football 1,2,3,4, Sigma Phi Delta, ASCE, Board of Governors, Football Board of Trustees, Rugby Love Counselor, Assistant to Richard Bugby, Marymount RA Counselor. FISHER, R.: Finance: Church Musician 2,3,4: Afro-American Advisory Board 3, Campus All-over Helper 2,3,4, Student Activities Board 3, School Cheerer-Upper 2,3,4, Ultimately, Barbarism will triumph, I.M. Football 8: Volleyball 3, Love to All, Keep in Touch, Mel Brooks Rules, Good Night, Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Chervin. FITZPATRICK, J.: Comm. Arts.: Alpha Delta Gamma - Comm. Coordinator - Pledgemaster, Scuba Club, Biology Society, LMU Public Defender, Patriarch of the "Family", Owner of C.T.D. express, President P.M.S. fan club, Rosecrans 320 - wing king, "Donde are we?", Co-founder of play-time with chorts, Rubber duckie enthusiast, Brother of Squid, Navy Fiahl FLAMM, G.: Math: Intramurals, Math Club, Student Worker - V.G. FRAZIER, R.: Finance-Economics: BMOC - Loyola Crew 1,2, L.R.A. - Pres. Omega Delta Chl - Mgr. Dir., Student Union - Ski Club, Scuba Club 2,3, Jack's and Doug, Blackboard Eraser, Intramurals 1,2,3, - V.l.T.A., Alpha Sigma Nu. FREEMAN, P.: Psychology. FUJII, M.: Accounting: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance QVITAI, Loyola Coordinator, Alpha Sigma Nu, Tutor - St. John's, A Happy Stu- dent 1,2,3,4. FUKULANI, C.: Biology: Gryphon Circle, Meumeust. GAFFNEY, M.: SocloIogy!Urban Studies: Resident Advisor, Sigma Epsilon Chi, Health Aide, Rugger Huggers - V.P. - Most Inspirational Hugger, Alpha Sigma Nu, Pi Gamma Mu, Official Bennyette, Intramural Football - All Star, Flash - Captain, Inner- tube Water Polo, Softball, Co-ed Volleyball, Contributing editor of the Limelight, Sociology Society - Treasurer, Campus Ministry - Chairperson of Liturgy Committee, Bed Out of the Window Award - 1972, Warehouse Wharfrat of the Year - 1975, " Breakfast, Anyone". GALVAN, H.: Theater Arts: Meum Est. GARCIA, A.: Polltlcal Science: Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Knights of Columbus. GARDINER, S.: Liberal Studies: Resident Ad- visor, Belles, iTitanicsJ, lnnertube Water Polo, Health Aide. GARY, T.: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Pl, Professional Business Fraternity - Vice-President. GEIRAN, B.: Hlstory. GHANDOUR, G.: Economics: Ski Club. GIBBS, D.: History: Water Polo 8. Europe. GOMEZ, A.: Sociology: Sociology Society - President, History Society, National Cham- pion Roller Skater, Offlclal Consultant for "Rosecrans 6", Voluntary Tutors Organiza- tion, Known as "The Savage", Co-founder of "J. Plerpone Souse", Geology Club, In- tramurals. GONZALEZ, A.: Spanish: "The Original Cookie", International Club '72, Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi '75. GONZALEZ, J.: Sociology-Spanish: Sociology Club, Education Society, Pre-Legal Society. GONZALES, R.: English. GORCIAK, G.: Psychology: Bennie and the Jets - Co-Capt., Resident Advisor, Bless The Bluff Committee, Campus Ministry, Crew, Football, Peer Counselor, Psychology, May Day Mangler, Potter, "Bcddhlsatva", Master of Ceremonies Talent Show, Elizabeth Reed Fan Club. GOULD, F.: History: History Society, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, Student Govern- ment - Drop-out. GROENER, M.: Art: Senior Club Officienado, Enthusiastic Art Person, Poker Player Extror- dinairo, and just all around nice person. GROSS, M.: T.A.lE.N.: Assn. Costumer, "Faultless Faultfinder", Creative Dramatics Work. GROSVENOR, M.: Physics: Physics Society, Intramural Basketball, Tricky Tommy, Boy Genius. GUYTON, R.: Bus. Admin. HAAKON, D.: Political Science: Marymount Womens Chorus, 3 yrs., Delta Phi Epsilon, V.T.O., VITA. HALL, E.: Biology! Delta Sigma Phi, Biology Society. HALPENNY, T.: Accounting: Loyola Crew iFreshman Yearl, Alpha Sigma Nu, Omega Delta Chl. HAMMANG, M.: Economics: Philosophy Soc., Economics Soc. HAMRICK, P.: Sociology! Sociology Club. HANSEN, M.: Lib. Studies. HARRINGTON, D.: Mathematics: Math Club - President: Alpha Sigma Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Orientation Leader, Intramurals. HARRINGTON, M.: Communication Arts: Loyola Marymount Belle, Ski Club, Ceramics Club, Sailing, ADG, Little Sister, Basketball Association. HARTY, D.: Business: Captain of Loyola Surf Team: Lair Debate Squad, LMU, THC, LSD, DMI, etc., Bang Gang, Banjo Picker. HAYAKAWA, G.: Religious Studies-Liber Studies: Student Worker, Campus Ministry, Playano - Editor, Big Brother at Convent Good Shepherd, Resident Musician, "Skul Intramural basketball team. HAYES, M.: French: Basketball. HEIDEMAN, J.: Psychology: Peer Counseli - Advisory Board, Loyola University Men Chorus - Treasurer, Manager, President. HENRY, S.: Sociology. HERNANDEZ, D.: Econ.!l-listory: Phi Be Kappa, History Society, Economics Societ Mecha. HERRICK, G.: History: ASLM Congress Vlce Chairman, Los Angeles Loyolan Sports Editor, Loyola Basketball, Crimso Circle, Bird Nest- Asst. Mgr., Omega Del Chi. HIGGINS, M.: Business: Crimson Circl "Wild Bunch" intermurals - "one of the O nard boys". HILL, P.: Communication Arts: Student A visor to Freshman Students, Crime Preve tion Bureau, Loyolan Photographer, Gra Book - Editor. HITCHKO, G.: English: English Society, Pr Legal Society. HOLCOMB, J.: Liberal Studies: Chefton Ba Bridge Drama Club, Volleyball Team, Wat Polo Team - Ski Club, Lair 1,2,3,4. HOFILACHER, L.: Psychology: Gryphon Ci cle, English Soc. - V.P., Orientation Leade Resident Advisor, Alpha Sigma Nu, Politic Sci. Assoc., Psych. Soc. HOUSTON, M.: Bus. Adm., Economics. HOWLEY, J.: Psychology: Peer Counselo English Society, Sociology Society Psychology Society, F.H.'s of LMU - Presi dent, Pi Gamma Mu, Liberal Society. HOZMAN, M.: Sociology: Sociology Socle 1,2,3,4. HROSCIKOSKI, M.: Biology: Desmon Tiddledy Wlnk Champion - 1973, "I Lov Lab" - Biology Chapter, Co-winner - Gen Kelly's Partner of the Year Award, Heusman Sullivan All-Night Study Club - President Greg's BLT's at 3:00 am are the Greatest!! Honorary Member - Tabak Chem Lab Fir Crew, 1975 Earthworm Analysis Award, Alph Sigma Nu, Friends ofthe Library - 1973-74, hate gradesl, "There's so much left to kno . . . and l'm on my way to flnd out . . . ". HUNTER, D.: Urban Studies: Loyola Crew 1,2 L.R.A. Omega Delta Chl, Mgr. Student Union, AFROTC 1,2,3, Scuba Club 2,3, Intramurals 3. INSALATA, I.: Finance: Oxnard Boys, Coaclw of the Wild Bunch, Marymount Flx-it Man. JAVADI, A.: B.A. JOHNSON, B.: PsychologylElem. Ed.: Resi dent Advisor, Head Resident, Alpha Delt Gamma, Alpha Sigma Nu, Crimson Circle KXLU, Intramurals, Coach for Split Ends, Ona of the Oxnard Boys. JOHNSON, M.: English: Angel Flight - Ad-1 ministratlve Off., LMU Chorus, Bored 1,2,3,4. JOHNSON, R.: Business: Delta Sigma Pi f Vlce President Professional Activities, Ski Club, Ecology Club, Volleyball - Intramurals. JOHNSTON, B.: Chemlstry!PhysIcs: Chemistry Society - Vlce President, Physics

Page 40 text:

MORENO, L.: EN 8: TA. MORGAN, J.: Sociology: Advisory Com- mittee. MORRIS, C.: English: Intermural - Volleyball, English Society - Social Chairman, Women's Center. MOTT, J.: Accounting-Economics: Skl Team - Co-Chairman, 31-32 Club, Woosles, "EMBO". MULVIHILL, M.: English. Muiioz, C.: Psychology!Ed.: Psychology, Education, Resident Advisor, Peer Counselor, Crimson Circle, Psychology Society, ln- tramural Football, Softball, Coach - Split Ends, One of the Oxnard Boys, A member of the Desperados, Chairman - Loyola Food Committee, Health Aide, "But he was cool". MURPHY, R.: Communication Arts: Resident Advisor, Leg breaker, particlpator Investigator of breath, llfe and laughing death. NAPOLITANO, R.: Sociology: Shell 8: Oar - Vlce Pres. 81 President, Most Dedicated to LRA, Women's Rowing, Study Abroad - Mexico '74, Co-Winner Fred Astaire's Dance Partner of the year, Best Dressed, Most Studious 1974, National Back Rat Award, Runner-up to Swinging Single of the year, International Traveler Award. NICHOLS, C.: Theatre Arts: Theatre Arts, RADA Program London, Effortless Achiever, Student Advisor T.A. Dept. NOWLIN, J.: Chemistry: American Chemical Society Student Affilllates - Secretary, Analytica Chemist of 1974-75, ASTM Award 1974-75, Tired Person of the Yr., Offlclal hairstyllst of Chem Society. O'BRIEN, M.: Liberal Studies. OLLAR, M.: Economics: Phi Slgma Kappa - Secretary, Sentinel, Pledge Master, V. Track, Intramural Football, Softball, Volleyball. OVEREND, P.: Art: Art Gallery Committee, Art Society, Shell 8: Oar, Belles. PAGE, J.: Accounting: Ski Club - Officer, Skl Team, Mall Club - Looker, Frisbee Throwers Club - Pres., Captain of the Woosles, Loyola Tea Club - Pres. PALANCA, J.: Management-Finance. PARAYO, R.: Hlstory: AFROTC 1,2,3,4, LMU AFROTC Lion Drill Team 1,2,3, Angel Fllght Liaison Officer, Arnold Air Society 2,3,4, Drunk Again Football Team 3,4, Airborne 3, Minutemen Missile Assn. 4. APAREDES, M.: Sociology: Football, Baseball, Student Workers. PASOUARELLA, F.: Clvll Engr.: American Society of Civil Engineers, Intercollegiate Rugby, Intermural Sports. PAXTON, A.: Management and International Economics: Author of the Natlonal Repair and Remodeling Estimator. PENTIS, C.: Finance: Delta Slgma PI - Keeper of Parchment Schrou, Alpha Slgma Nu, Llsted ln Who's Who of College Students, OCTD Research Project, Executive Secretary Parish Councll, Director Altar Boy Program of Blessed Sacrament Parish, Professional Pledge, Westminster Tennls Assoclatlon, Loyola University Debate Squad - 2nd Place USC Tournament - 2nd Place Cal State Northridge Tournament. PEPPING, J.: Communication Arts: Walter Drummond Fan Club - Vice President In Charge of Internal Affairs. PEREZ, P.: Philosophy. PICKERING, S.: English Lit.: Schiller College - London, Slerra Club, Helped run Inter- national Student House in London, Red Cross Volunteer, No. Hollywood Tennis Club. PIKE, T.: Psychology: Psychology Soclety, Peer Counseling, Alpha Slgma Nu, Freshmen Orientation, English Society. PIRAINO, M.: Accounting: Golf Team - Cap- tain, Hardbacks, VITA Income Tax Program. PIROZZOLI, M.: CAIEN.: Alpha Slgma Nu. PISANO, V.: Accounting: Assistant Head Hote - Whelan, Resident Advisor, Crimson Circle, Founder Pisano's Raders 1973, Commlsslon - World Plnball Assoc., Health Alde, Football Team, "Perfectly Perfect", Intramurals. PLANA, J.: Theatre Arts: Honors Program, 1,2, Individualized Study Program 1,2, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 3. POORE, M.: Sociology: Sociology Soclety, Pl Gamma Mu, Alpha Slgma Nu, Pre Legal Soclety. PRIMELLES, S.: Pl., R.S. PROFETA, J.: English: Member of the Late Loyola U. Track Team lNon Defunctl, Omega Delta Chl Frat Rat, Whelan 380, Immortal, "Cut My Hair for Uncle Sam". OUIROS, J.: Biology: Phi Kappa Theta, Biology Society, Soccer - Captain C2 yrs.: OUIROZ, E.: Biology: LMU Men's Chorus, M.E.Ch.A., Bud Fan Club - Founder, Health Aide, Director of Mlsasen Espaiol, Student Worker. RADERS, J.: Engllsh: Resident Advlsor 3,4, Loyola Crew Team 1,2,3, Loyola Rowing Association 2,3, L.R.A. - Vlce-Commodore 3, Engllsh Society 1,2,3, Alpha Slgma Nu 3,4, Short Term Palnter 2, Llghtnln' 2, RADO 3,4, - in chains 4, Health Aide 3,4, Jet 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Eye Surgery 2, Pisano's Raders - Coach 3,4, "Only A Fool Would Say That". RAK, C.: Business: Transfer Student, In- tramurals. RAY, P.: L.S.: Loyola Marymount Belles. RAYCRAFT, P.: Math: Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity, Math Club. REILLY, M.: Soclology. REYES, M.: Business Administration. RODDY, M.: Psychology. RODELA, E.: Business Adm. RODRIGUES, E.: Philosophy-Polltlcal Science. RODRIGUEZ, S.: Chemistry: Chemistry Society, Hardback Team, Chairman of Ralph 'N Elmer Memorial Fund for Toxlc Chemists. ROGERS, M.: Studio Arts. ROONEY, D.: Comm. Arts: KXLU - General Manager, Eating Club, Whale Ventrlloqulst Assn. ' ROSSO, J.: History: Loyola Crew 1,2,3,4, Loyola Rowing Assoc. 2,3,4 - Hlstorlan 3 - Vice-Commodore 4, Phl Kappa Theta 2,3,4 - Trustee 4, History Society 3,4, Pre-Legal Society 3,4. RUDINICA, M.: Clvll Englneerlng: ASCE, Rugby, Intermural Football 8t Baseball. RUE, J.: Biology: Interfraternlty Councll - Pres, Sec'y.-Treas., Student Affairs Board, Biology Soclety, Crew, Omega Delta Chl - Sec'y., Marymount Blacklist, Whelan 3 Drlnklng Club. RUGNETTA, P.: Polltlcal Science: Pl Gam Mu, Delta Phl Epsllon, Pre-Legal Socie Political Science Association, Mu Mu. RUSSELL, C.: C.A. 8: EN.: Student Worker KXLU, Loyolan, ASLM - Director of Pub Relations. RUSSELL, D.: Humanities: Armplts, I.R.A. Pres. 31-32 Club, Hardbacks, World Travel Bushmll Soclety, Memories of Fifty Dollar B ton, Mighty Mlke, Say Ray, Two Slps, a Woosle Wafer. RYAN, P.: Business: Phi Kappa Theta Li Sister. SALINAS, M.: Spanish: M.E.Ch. A. - Co mlssloner, Student Congress - Chalrvvoma Unlverslty Councll, E.P.P.C., Elections Co mittee, MESA Directlva, Board of Governo Commuter Meetings, C.L.G. SAUNDERS, A.: Soclology. ' SBARDELLATI, D.: Biology: Varslty Socce Biology Society, Anatomy T.A., Italian Club SCANLAN, J.: Hlstory: Football, Rugb Omega Delta Chl, Society of Jack's Taver Phl Alpha Theta, The Club, Friend of Mar Baratta. SCHMITT, K.: Psychology: Delta Sigma P Llttle Slster, Psychology Club, Junlor year Schiller College Heidelberg, Display Copper Enamel Artwork, Westchester Hotli Listener, In General I had a pretty good fo years. SCHUBERT, F.: Psychology: Peer Couns Ing, Knights of Columbus. SCHUMANN, G.: Business Adm., Spanis Crimson Circle, Meum Est, Tennis, Cro Country, Track, Blg Brother at Convent oft Good Shepherd. SCHUSTER, D.: Polltlcal Science: Polltlc Science Society, Pre-Legal Club, Hlsto Club, Phl Kappa Theta, Pl Gamma Mu. SCHWARZ, J.: Math-Llberal Arts-Economlci Math Club - Vlce President, PI Mu Epsllo Freshman Orlentatlon. SCOTT, W.: Biology: AFROTC - Group Com mander, Intramural Basketball, Blolog Society, Flylng Club. SHANNON, T.: Theatre Arts: Cheerleadel Attended Schiller College in London. SHEEHY, T.: Business: Tennis Team, Sl- Team, Hardbacks, 31 8: 32 Club, Foxy's Fa Club, Mall Club - Pres., Alpha Beta Marker' SHEWELL, W.: Sociology: Water Polo Tea - Captain. I SHINE, K.: English: Angel Fllght - Com: mander. SIMON, B.: PS.: Psychology Club, Rugga Hugger, Jacks Tavern 2,3,4, Lalr 1,2, Apa ment 30 Chlef Lemonade Maker, Saturda Softball Club. SIMONS, A.: Theatre Arts: Theatre Art Productions - "Medea", "Rashomon". SKORIN, J.: English: Biology Society, Englls Soclety, Honors Program, Intramural Foo ball. SMYLES, A.: Communication Arts: KXLU-Ftv - Parttlme Program Director and Man of 1, 000 voices, Comet Productions and Audlj Spectacular Prod. - Pres., All around Nlc, Guy, Antlque Freaque.

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