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xafmfyf ,f!ff4'! J I s V V . - x ' K Y ,W I Q Q 4? W V86 X4 4911 GN QQ 0740 55 Ame b l l .bf ' , Qi If .G mmffef- V sv-'WMM A -f,: EQ mls!! ll 25 H ' I 'Il all ,,f' l ALL EYES ARE FOCUSED ON a brand new epic just re- leased this year, but one which we feel sure will be re- produced in the theater of education for a long time to come. We charge no admission, for anyone who takes part in the entire show comes out owning that which is worth more than anyone could give, a liberal education. It is entitled NThe Lowpoint-Washburn High School,Wand the co- operation and encouragement of its many spectators will insure its success in the future years. Q'-r ul!! 0 145 1 E Y' X !f:.'-f-A 6 79606, X i g 154 Xmx 'H - . , .', f f fiuggq Glen H Jones the asslstant prlnclpal of Low polnt Washburn Communlty Un1t No 7, was born ln Bartonvllle, Illinols He completed h1s hlgh ed ucatlon at Peor1a Manual Hlgh School Upon grad uat1ng from hlgh school, Mr Jones served 1n the navy for four years aboard a destroyer He attend- ed Bradley Unlverslty, where he recleved h1s B S and M S He 1S now WOPKIUE on h1s Ph D HB prevlous teach1ng experlence has cons1st ed of, coach and teacher at Bartonvllle, Ill and princlpal at Washburn Grade School Mr Jones 1S married but st1ll finds time to be actlve 1n com munlty 0Pgan1Z3t1OUS Ol ID 2 A R Wetzel Superlntendent of LOWQOIUC Nash burn FOmmUUlty Dlstrlct No 7 was born at Maco h Illlnols He attended Western State Teachers Col lege where he T6C91V9dfHS S A and was a member of the Kappa Delta P1 Mr Wetzel also attended the Un1vers1ty of Illlnols where he F6PG1V9d h1s M A worked on h1s Th D and was a member of the 'h1 Delta Kappa Sefore romlnp here Nr Wetzel was a hlah school tea her prlnclpal roach, and had served as a unlt superlntendent at varlous schools for nlne yeirs He has a L1f6S State Supervwsor Certlflcate E1VBU h1m bv the State of Ill1no1s Q9SldPS tea hlng Mr Wetzel served ln World Var I and 1S a member of varlous educ tlonal and Commun 1tv OTF3H1Zat1OHS He 15 marrled and has one son vpn Mrs. Emerson Bill, B Ed Illinois State Normal Unlv Univ. of Il1inO1S Home ECONOMICS Miss Betty Rossell, B.A Monmouth College English, Spanish Girl's P.E. Dramatics Mrs Deen W1seman, B Ed I1l1HO1S State Normal Unlv Commerce Mr FP3HC1S Fremgen, B Ed Morton JUUIOP College Northwestern Universlty Illinols State Normal Unlv Engllsh, Speech, Llbrary Mr Paul Dyar, B A Fureka College Northwestern UH1VeFS1CY Vocal Muslc Sc1ence Dept Nr Martln V Stephenson, B 5 Ed Ill1nO1S State Normal Un1v Mr. Kenneth Condit, B.S. University of Illinois Agriculture Miss Betty Peters, M.A., B.M.E. Bradley University Instrumental Music A Mr John Fish, B a , estern State Teachers College Mathematics, Roy' Coach Toyce Faw P Dyar, M SUeph6l'1SOl'1 Qecpetary Station Wagon Drivers 5,010 wg? L Q Q Q i 5 H : W I l , 1 enior Ufficers 1pE?n' nh' ' - K, lv Fu des 0 C-La? Q69 . Gof J G L . bins Si!-ting. . O. RO 1 Staiding. is Q Meet the seasoned top stars of the year l952-53, the Low- point-Washburn Senior Class. They're in the last stretch, all headed toward their Academy Awards. The group leading them in their final stage of stardom was: President: Maxine Funk Vice-President: Norma Clark Secretary: Patricia Logan Treasurer: Carole Robinson Student Council: Donald Scrivner, Pres. Gene Cordes John Phillips Board of Directors: Mrs. Deen Wiseman Mr. Kenneth Condit Mr. Paul Dyar The senior cast appeared in their final stage perform, ance on the set of nGhost Wanted,n presented on December 5, 1952. Their big dance of the year was the Valentine Homecoming Dance on February 6. On March lh, they bolstered their treas- ury with the proceeds of a bake saleethey are new planning for a senior class trip and other closing activities. JOHN GURBER MAXINE FUNK FB. DATRICIA LOGAN JEWULL WINKLWR JOHN PHILLIPD SHIRLEY FIGHT 47' 'WH- VERNA DAVIDSON GENE CORDES 190 4-gn JACOUFLINE MOORE JOHN ROBBINS 55-ww NORMA CLARK Www FRED WISENBURG SANDRA RAE ROSANNE SPICER RONALD COLFSON MARLENE BOND iffy 'Qs 1154 DONALD SCRIVNER ',nf' GLORIA ANDERSON VERNA JEAN IMHOFF JOHN TRUMP CAROLE ROBINSON ELIZABETH PRINZINGER MARLENE VISSERING DONALD NUSKE si4 5 WU! -3: ,, I W' Q my H figs L Q .7Q?' ,gr mf gk - 5? 1' ? Mm PROPHUCY One brlsk, W1UtPT ornlng 1n the y ar 1975, I sprang llghtly out of bed nd pulled a plastlc suit over my electr1cally heated long underwe r I swallowed three vltamwn ollls for breakfast CI always have an enormous apoetlte 1U the WOFHlDg7, and Jumped 1nto my sports cop or It 1 s the day for my weekly v1s1t to my old classmate, Verna Je n Inhoff, the great lnventor, so I headed for her laboratory The o thlng she has lnvented as f t 1S an electrlc eye that flts on the doors of school bulldlngs nd de+ects gtm ln the mouths of the puplls an never a pupll 15 caught golng through the door chewlng gum, two steel hands, controlled br the electrlc eye, grab the student, reach lnto h1s mouth, and remove the gum The only fault 1U the nachlne is that about half the tlme the puplls tongue 1S removed along w1th the gum Verna Jean was very glad to see me, but I thought I notlced a gleam 1U her eye She told me she had lnvented somethlng new, a ma chlne whlch travels 1U the hthdl1FUSlOH and can take a person anywhere 1U the orld 1U less than a second WThe only thlng wrong lS that I need someone to test lt for m , she SW119d, and moved closer I started for the door 'Oh, no you don't I've got to be golng, now I wouldn't r1de 1n that thlng for all then She moved closer 'P1ease, Johnnlev No!! Please 'No, absolutely not'N She plcmed up a p1pe wrench from a benc Pleaseo I Jumped 1nto her 1nvent1on HI'll be glad to test thls thlng for you How does lt wor OH She showed me by S12mW1UP the door of the machlne ln my face and throwlng a swltch on the fall Wverythlng started SD1UH1Ug and I was s r that awe to, I would be dead However, lt so happened that I never lost consc1ousness 1D the f1rst place The SU1UU1Hg stopped abruptly and I clambered out to look around I could see lmmedlately that I was 1U the m1ddle of Hollywood In f ct, I was 1U the m1ddle of Gene Cordes' SW1mmlHg pool After an ho1r's FlTl0US SW1WWlU9, I reached the edge and clambered out to talk w1th Gene, whom I hadn't seen slnce we graduated from hlgh school I told hlm he needed a halrcut, but he sald he was lettlng h1s halr grow o1t been se h1s S+Ld1O was PO1Hg to brlng back the old movle 'Quo Vadmsn, and he was POIHF to play the part of Ursus, the glant Gene sa d he w s PO1UP to demand that they get h1m a stunt man to play h1s part when he flghts the bull, because the I1TSt tlme he trled lt hlm self, th btll stuck one of h1s horns clean through Gene, Just below the heart I asked hlm 1f lt hurt ver ch t the t e, and Gene sald only when he glgsled I sald goodbye to Gene and declded to stroll through Hollywood before I left I was QOIHH around a corner when I almost ran over Mar lene Bond le were glad to see each other, and she told me she owned a parrot farm now w1th l0,000 talklng parrots I asked her lf she d1dn't thlnk havlng l0,000 parrots around the house wasn't a straln on the nerfes, but she gust cocked her head, whlstled between her teeth and sald WAwk Aww .44 . . . . . - -. , 'T! 53. , 9 ' l .a .. 1, . . ., , Q Q .Ich . , VJ. - -- . . . . - - - .- L ,, . ,L ' ' -J 0 .arg 5 ' - . -f ' Q- Ai ' , , 'Sl 1 -1 Q A I 'f.L. I V V 9 A , A 1 ' . . . . 'X N of 1 , I 1 0 -vw . . . - Q . V I V V .g ., ,D ,. , 7 v I V 2 . . . . . I J Q I A- . . . - E . I 'IW W . ., . J ' . J V - ' ' '- . . . . . A . .I , 1 W . o . . . e N A , Y 1 .. . . . ' . . . , o -, .I . o 5 , x .......- -.--- . 1 ' II I! ll N 7 . , . . . h. ll H . . . . n , 1 . k. , I' , .J ., . ' ' 4' A-- U 1. r 1, . ' 'YI' V' . J . . ,AA , . . . o I V I , I A o ' , , o . . . . 9 ' . 0 . 7 . , T ,, ,A f , I . . . i r' .3 9 . . . . . . 5 4 W I . . . . . 1 -v of. X , , ' 0 0 A A ' ' 3 3' ' - . ' . . . , 1 a , , , It ,U , ' 11- . . . . H .A . . 1 - . e 1 , - 1 x . . . . . . , . , :V 'Pl' ,. ,, - .'l 'T C . , 1 we , I f v a 7 V, . ' - If , 1h ' , U , , . . . . A . . J . . A 4. Y 1 7 1 1 III o . Q she fluttered on down the street then, mutterlng SOmE+h1Hg about vantlng a crack r I was ov rgoyed to see Marlene dolng so well By thls tlme, I had declded to look up all my old classmates so I kept my eyes open It was a good th1ng I d1d, or I would have mlssed the sign outslde an opera house whlch sa1d that they were honored lH havlng Miss Patrlca Logan 1n person ton1ght Good old Pat I knew all the talking she had done 1n hlgh school would strengthen her vocal muscles, and now, here she was, an opera star I went lHS1d6 to talk to her and she asked me 1f I would l1ke to hear her Slhg her newest song h1t of the opera I sa1d I would, so she began, '0h, you remember Grandma's lve soap I'm sure Pat w1ll forg1ve me for leavlng her so qu1ckly, but I remem bered that I'd better f1nd the other members of our class of NSBW I wandered over to some tennls courts, and dlscovered that two of the people playlng were good frlends of mlne, namely, Rosle Splcer and John Trump I talked to John and he 1nformed me that he was still go 1ng to hlgh school When I asked hlm why, he blushed and sald, W ell, shucks, those hlgh school girls are sure a lot of fun He told me that Ros1e was operat1ng a stammerlng school for people who have trouble speaking I turned to Rosie and asked her how she llked helplng people stop stam erlng WOh, I I I l l llke lt f f f1ne,u Sald Rosle gohn told me where Fred Wisenburg llved, so I went rlght over to see 1m Fred was s1tt1ng readlng a story to h1s 2 year old quadruplets when I walked 1n He told me that he was happily marrled and has been worklng for the last 15 years 1U a factory, manufacturlng phonograph needles I asked him 1f he ever got bored dolng nothlng but manufact uring phonograph needles He looked surprlsed and sald, 'Why no' It's lots of fun lots of fun lots of fun lots of fun I closed the door softlr and ran a half mlle down the street I declded that after that I deserved a llttle enterta1nment, so I went 1nto a huge bu1ld1ng wh1ch 3dVBTt1S8d WT9St11Hg for that nlght The flrst bout had already started when I sat down It was between a b1g fellow and a llttle fellow, so I started rootlng for the llttle one, who looked like someone I should know I d1dn't recognlze h1m untll the b1g mug plcked h1m up and threw hlm on top of me Then, as I tr1ed to crawl out from underneath h1m, I notlced that lt wasn't a Nh1m', it s a nher It was Sandy Rae I sa1d hello to her and asked her how she was gettlng along She growled at me and asked me to wa1t and watch her nmolder d1s bumn Then she clambered back 1nto the rlng, and I leaped for the nearest BX1t It certa1nly looked as lf Sandy was do 1ng all T1Uht I found my machlne and set the d1als for Chlcago When I arrlved, about a second later, I stepped out and d1scovered I was on the grassy lawn of a huge, spaclous mansion I wandered 1n the froni door and looked around Then, to my lmmense surprlse, who should come to greet me but my old classmate, John Robbins He lnformed me that he was operatlng th1s rest haven for deranged hot rodders It 1S called the NCute Cottage for Crazy Car K1llers W I wasn't surprlsed when John told me that many of our schoolmates were patlents of h1s He added that there was always a supply of old tlres and lots of matches for whenever a pat1ent w1shes to 'burn onen I just happened to run1ntoJackie Moore on the street 1n Ch1C8gO She looked as 1f somethlng were on her mlnd, so I asked her what lt was She told me that she had taken up stock car raclng and was making fs . . . ., - . . . 7 . - 9 - -, 9 - Q . . . . , Q . . . 0 3 1 . . . . . . . . , c g g . . 1 . . o . . . , .3 Q . U 9 -1 1 V ---- . . . . ,, - I - 0 . . . . . . . . , , .- . . , , .A . . W 0 . . . , A . o ' I - a . . . . . - - -Y - - - . I . .. 4 . . . . A .. .. C A 9 .L . . . . . . . .. 1 . . , . . Q nn 1- -an . I - 0 U , . . , J u 0 I 1 I 9 ' W n l . 0 , . . . . . . o . . . . - 1 0 . . . . W3 4 , Q , . , 1 . . . . 0 . . . 0 Q .- . . . . - - 0 ' ' . . I A O Q 'J ' o - c , . . , . - . 1 - . . . I I . o , . . , J C , . . V O . . . - . g .l. - ' ., . -. H loads of money. But the taxes she had to pay were so large that the government was even considering taxing her taxes. She was very excited about Carole Robinson though. That very day, Carole was going to at- tempt to swim the English Channel with her hands tied behind her back. Jackie and I rushed over to buy a late newspaper to see if there was any news about her Sure enorgh, on the fifth page there was a piece about her It read nFuneral services will be held for Miss Carole Robinson at the U Oh, well, Carole always W s +he adventurous type I stepped into a drugstore for a glass of atomic punch and sat down beside Ronnie Coleson He told me that he was the star on the VILBERN GLOBFTROTTRRS basketball team I asked him if he liked play ing on that kind mander of our of team and he said, sho do lak mah gob Ah'm jes' the man fo' it n out Ronnie introduced me to Admiral John Gerber, Com Naval forces When I asked Admiral Gerber to what he NYassuh, A On the way attributed his success, he answered 'io my clean living, my always getting a good n1ght's sleep, and my ability to keep away from all women ' truth I had gone returned he had a at the however, Since I had known John in school, I realized that he spoke e Don had now, job back at his own home town of Vashburn Don sweeps floors enlarged cheese factory there He has married a lovely girl, and she helps him with the cheesecake Suddenly,as John left me, I was stopped in m tracks by the sound asked him if he knew where Don Ntske was John said that thro1ah the U of I , continued his studies in Europe and to the U S with his M A , his M S , and his P P D , and of heafenlv music wafting through the air Investigating, I entered an apartment, and there, seated at the piano from whence the music flowed, was Shirley Ficht I was entranced, I hadn't even known she could play the piano She finished the piece, and I applauded, begging her to play another NI c n't,n she said, as she began peddling again furiotslv, H his is the onl piano roll I ha e H It 1 s about an hour la that I heard the astounding news Piss Maxine Funk was returning to earth after spending the last l5 years on No other Earth people had been with her, and all abc had had to to were the N9Ft13HS Crovds ere rxshing to the rock t port to Ma r s talk ' O . . : --- . ,r, a o. . 7 . ' I 4 Q i 5 5- L f . ,, ' ' ' - .h . . . . , , 1 A ' I O ' 111 o s Y Q a I . . . 7 O ' ' th 0 I 7 . . YJ . . . . . . 0 L' 0 , ' . -0 0 . o o D o -0 o . S ' 3 . x ' . . J , , . . . . . J JA 0 N- I - o ' . n . I a . H' , L a ' , g ' ' 1 , T ' ' :Ir ' L AV . . T? - - 4 W - Q 9 U . A47 . , , ' A . , 1 1411 . . 'fel W 1 I , 1 -Q hear her story, so I went along. Before long, the rocket landed, and . ' 1 TI f ,, . ..- 1- .W . .J , I . 1-4 1 A Y' ' X . . we NZ i bx- . ll . I ' U V . . 1 .I , ------- As n Q- I . 4, V v . S . , J on , I ', 'a , a ' ' , a ess. I ' , ,1 g . ' area e ' H , i 1 - Q - d b ' I! ' N 1 ' l V . ' ' ' U ' Ll! 1 . - I . L V1-L . I J - . ' 1 ,' ' , . ' 9 ' - , ' ,. f I . r o , ' , I ', ' , a R, ,a . ' c , . , , ow ' ILV ' , , S Fink,es+eemed explorer of other orlds, stepped forth dramatical with words +hat reeked with wisdom, she spoke, 'Rsapk qtirx zaqno fi L X au eos ck C5 Qffal 7 I left to look for the remaining members of my class I was watching a television set through a store window,I heard the an nouncer say, and now, ladies and gentlemen, H1 s Gloria Anderson' Well, well, so Cloria was a big television actr I always knew she would make good Gloria app r d on the screen and l heard her s y nTry 'Lucky H t cigarett s, frien s They contain quislyn , which, spelled backward, is nvlsiuq I couldn't see too much of Gloria behind that king size package of ci arettes I had to womrney to Korea to find Jewell Winkler and Marl ne Vis sering The war has been ove for years, but Jewell and Marlene say they make more money fighting as lhcs, so tl v take turns shooting at each other Marlene saved Je els' life o , by leaping on a grenade Visa thrown at them and cover1n9 lt w1th her body as lt exploded She re covered, and even remarked that she got a h1v bang out of lt As I was about to leave Marlene and Jewell, a mlzhty flgure ln ol1ve drab stalked up and shouted, WAttent1on' Left face' About face' At ease' Shoulder arms'n It was El1zabeth Prlnzlnger, who was the command1ng offlcer of our fe male armed forces She told me she was trylng to become a general, so she could be elected Pres1dent I w1shed her luck and left Korea Verna Mae D2V1dSOU I f1nallf found 1D New York She 15 the Chlef SClPHtlSt at a huge laboratory Verna 15 WOPk1HE now on a meCh3UlCa1 lung to take the place of a real lung She has already perfected many other art1f1c1al parts for the body I asked her who she exper1ment d on to test her mechan1cal parts 'It s qu1te s1mnle, she sa1d, WI Ju t rrrrrrrr Cclankl +hat is, I fraspl clanr'l P1ck1nv up an o1l can she squ1rted a shot 1n o a glass and downed lt h NAh, that's better,n she S1 hed, UNow as I was STY1 g W I told er to Sk1D lt and left Norma Clark wasn't too hard to flnd R9m6Wb9T1hU her when she was 1n hlvh school, I made my w y fo the nearest church The was, surrounded by her congrevatlon, pre1ch1nv a powerful sermon on 'The S1ns of Man I llstened for awh1le untll lt sounded l1ke she was collectlon plate From VHTIOUS sources I l arned that Don Scrl n 1, the last of my classmates, was stfferlng from a broken heart H1 latest q1rl had j1lted h1m, and he as very sad about lt all I was startlng across the Brooklyn Brldpe when I saw Don He was stand1n9 1n the m1ddle of the brldv 100k1HP down at the water I be gan to run toward h1m yell1np at h1m not to Jump, that no woman 1S worth that prlce, He looked bo+h ways and moved closer to the edge as I reached h1m ' op amed Don t o 1t' What w1ll your fr1ends th1nk I graobed hlm by h1s lapels and shook hlm vlolently ut e sald, N ut, alw ys throw my garbage 1HtO thf r1ver He held up a paper sack NOh , I sa d He threw the sack 1nto +he r1ver and walked away, 100k1nF at me klnd of queer llke I ttrned, th1nk1nP of my classmates nd how they were WBHd1Df thelr separate ways alonv the path of l1fe, then I looked down at the water and decwded lt mlvht not be slch a bad 1dea at that Wr1tten for publ1cat1on by, JOHN PHILLIPS III H J . 3 . . In A . . - , 1, , , ., . . . . . 1 . . ? , . . . . ' I n - . ' , . 0 4 1. .. C I . . . Y v. ,g 8 I Il I ' t 'il Y' ' S ---. --D A ---. U ' -- --C 1 - - . . . c . L ,A - . . I A ' 4 ' f. 1 'n ---- . . 9 n 0 A. . 5 ' , U - A, ., Q I f . re she I - 11 - IZ - C- -0 - ' - O 'I talk1ng about me, then I left. Besides, they were about to pass the A N ' o 5 , ' if C ' U L Q r 1 ' , ,, , 'S .vi ' ', w I ' . n 1. U J . 1: f ' ' . ' . l 9 . , 1 f 0 1 I . W U - .Q I . ' N 'St .' I scre .. . ' d ' . 1 . . . - 7 NB II, h ' B I V- qi A4 K ' , ' .N 1 A . , . N 5 i . . , - . . 1 ., .Ai ' ,S 1 Q- . ,L ' A . . ,N c .. SHIRLEY FIGHT F H A 1 2, Parliamentarian 2 Sec ll Par1iament'n State Conf Delegate Counc11 2 Class Treasurer 2 Class President 3 Pep Club l,2,3 President 3 G A A 1,2 Girls' Glee l,2,3,A Mixed Chorus l 2,3 A Class Plays 3 A Library Club Vice Pres Librarian A Yearbook Staff 2 A Co Editor A B C ub Driver's Trainlng 3 Driver's Safety 1 MAXINE FUNK Class President 2,A Yearbook Staff 2 3,A Co Editor A Prattler Staff 3 1 2, President 3 State Conf Delegate Vice President A 1 2,3 A Pep Club l,2,3 Library Club Band l,2,3 Girls' Glee 1 2,3,A Mlxed Chorus l,2,3 A G1rls' Ensemble Clarinet Quartet 1,2 B C ub Driver's Safety Driver's Training 3 Class Play 2 3 CAROLE ROBINSON Mixed Chorus ,2, , Girls' Glee 1 2 3 A F H A 1l2l3!L Secretary 2 G A A l,2,3 Pep Club l,2,3 Library Club 3 Camera Club 3 Yearbook Staff Prattler Staff Class Treasurer Class Play 3 A Drivers Safety 1 Drivers Training B Club Queen 2,3,b 1 2,3 JOHN ROBBINS Basketball 1 2,3 A Mlxed Chorus 2 Boys' Glee 2 Class Play 3 3 3 JACKIE MOORE G A A 1,2 F H A 1 2, , Reporter 2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Girls' Glee 2 3,A Band 1,2, Pep Club 1,2, Cheerleader Library Club 3 Camera Club 3 Class Treasurer 3 Prattler Staff Girls' Ensemble 3 Class Plays 3 A B C ub Dr1ver's Safety 1 Yearbook Staff A VERNA JEAN IMHOFF Cheerleader 2 Library Club 3 L1brar1an A Band l,2,3,A Girls' Glee 1 2 3,A Mixed Chorus 1 2,3, Girls' Ensemble 3 F H A l 2, ,A Reporter Historian A G A A 1 2, Class Reporter 2 Driver's Safety 1 Driver's Training 2 Camera Club 3 Prattler Staff 2 3 Yearbook Staff 2 Pep Club l,2,3 Class Plays 3 A MARLENE BOND G A A l,2,3 Pep Club l,2,3 F H A 1 2,3 A Yearbook Staff A Librarian A G1rls' Glee 1, Mixed Chorus 1 2,3, B C ub Driver's Safety l NORMA CLARK F H A 2 3,h Pres1dent 3 Secretary A Leadership Delegate Class Pres1dent Class V1ce President A Class Secretary Student Counc1l M1xed Chorus Girls' Glee G A A Cheerleader Queen Attendant Class Play 1 2 3 Science Club Librar1an 2,3 Yearbook Staff A SANDRA RAE A 1 2, Reporter l V1ce Pres1dent 3 Pres1dent Pep Club l,2,3 Class Secretary 2 Student COUHC1l V P Llbrary Club 3 Librarlan 3 A Cheerleader 1 3,A Class Play 1 Nlxed Chorus 1 2 3 A G1rl's Glee Club and F H A ,2 Parllamentarlan Camera Club G1rl's Ensemble 3 Prattler Staff 1 Yearbook Staff 1 2,3 A B C b Dr1vers Safety 1 Oueen's Court PAT LOGAN Trans from Bellevue, Ohio G1rls' Glee 2 3,A Mixed Chorus 2 3 A 2,3 A Secretary 3 Treasurer Reporter 3 Pep Club Reporter 3 Library Club 3 Class Play 3,L Class Secretary 3,b Yearbook Staff , Prattler Staff G1r1s Ensemble Driv rs Tra1n1ng 3 Queen's Court L MARLENE VISSERINC Pep Club 1 2,3 VICE Pres F H A 1 2 3 Treasurer L1brar1an 1 3 A Yearbook Staff G1rls' Glee M1xed Chorus 3 A Student Councll 1 B C b Dr1vers Safety DONALD SCRIVNPR Track 1 2 Basketball ,2 Drivers Safety 1 Drlvers Tra1n1ng Student Councll 2 3 A Pres1dent F F A , Pres1dent Boys' Glee Mixed Chorus A King's Court A ...-,3,A ,,,- ,gh G..A.-A,3,A ' A u a ' , . T . a ' 2 ' ,ly ' ' I+ - , 3- 1, , - - - 3 ' ' . . - 2 - , 1,2 . - ' ' ' 1 o n o ' - ' , ' 1 1 ' 3 1: ' 1 1 1 ' 1 3 - B 2 3 ' 11213115 - ' 'r.A. . 1 - 1' - p- .,-'1 ,3,A - - - , ,-3, - 3 - 3 T.A. . 1 - 1 ' - - - ' Q3,l+ X : 3 - T,H. . lu - 1 - - ' C - A ' 9 ' 1 1 - - ' 9 ll . F.H.A. - , 3,A . . , - , 3 - ' - , - - 3 ' 1 1 ' - - FaHaAo ' , - . . . - , 3,b - G.A.A. - , , - - h Treasurer - 3,L T.A.B. Club - 1 G,A,A, - 2,3 - 3 - - 2,3 . ' ' ' 1 ' . - 3 I ' ,3,lo - T.A. . 1 - 1 - - ' fit' 1 1- l A n t 3 1 , 1 N' I U O I 1 , , ' 1 3 A . - ' 1, I ' 1 1 1 ' 2131LL ' . - Z - T.A..1 -1' '. l5 1 o o ' ' - , 1 - . - h --. o o c , ' ---2 I 1 ' , '- L l ' - 3 T.H. . lu - 1- 1 - , . - 3 - I A , 2 . - 2 - T.A. . - 1 , - 1 ' - 1 - 4 - 1+ . . . - u - b D - 2 - 1.3.1+ - - 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' 2 . . Q ' 3 I+ . ' l3Qb ' 1 1 119 ' li' 1311+ , ' 1 lv GLORIA ANDERSON Class Sec -Treas , Student Council 1 Sec -Treas F H A - 2 3 Section Pres - Vice Pres - Queen Court - Class Plays ,2 Mixed Chorus - L Girls' Glee Yearbook Staff L GENE CORDES Mixed Chorus 1,2 Band 1 2, Boys' Glee l 2, L Class Plays Prattler Staff 3 Yearbook Staff L Basketball l Track Pres of Class l Student Council B C b Drivers Safety l Drivers Training 3 VERNA DAVIDSON A 1 2 F H A 1 2,3,h Reporter L Pe Club 1 2, Ass Reporter 2 Librarian 3 Library Club 3 Girls' Glee l 2 Mixed Chorus l 2 3 h Drivers Safety 1 Drivers Training JOHN PHILLIPS Transfer from Eureka Basketball - l 2 Baseball - l Boys' Chorus 3 L Mixed Chorus - 3 Class President - Track 2, Yearbook Staff - L Class Play - l 2 3 A King's Court JOHN TRUMP Baseball 1,2 , Basketball l 2,3 Boy's Glee Club Mixed Chorus Class Plays 3 Science Club JOHN GERBER F F A l 2 President 3 Grain Judging Team Basketball l Baseball l 2 King Basketball l,2,3 Track 1,2 Baseball 1,2 RONALD COLESON B sketball 2,3,L Baseball 2,3, Track 2,3,h Class Vice Pres 3 Student Council 1 Class Plays 3 A Mc for Homecoming A Q N IO R NI DONALD NUSKE F F A Drivers Training - Drivers Safety - Track 2,3 A Basketball - 1 Pep Club - Band - l,2,L JEWELL WINKLER F H A l 2,3 A Asst Reporter G A A 1 2, Pep Club ,2 Girls' Glee l Mixed Chorus Library Club B C b Drivers Safety l Drivers Training 3 ROSANNE SPICER H l 2, Pep Club 1 Library Club Girls' Glee l Mixed Chorus B C b Drivers Safety l Drivers Training ELIZABETH PRINZINGER Pep Club 1 F H A l,2,3 Girls' Glee l,2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Drivers Safety l Drivers Training 2 G A A We, the 1953 Senior Class of LowPo1nt Washburn High School, being of ex ceptionally sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament To the Juniors we leave all the fun of being Seniors, and the gov of put t1ng out their own little yearbook CHA'l To the boys we leave all the closed doors and the walls to run into while admiring the girls fOr while laughing at them 7 To the girls we leave the front of the lunch line at noon, and we hope the boys will be as courteous in this respect as we always were KAh Yes J I Ronald E Coleson bequeath my athletic ability to George Adami and my curley hair to Charlie Keith, so he can attract as many girls as I have I John W Phillips leave my marvelous ability in basketball, my pitching arm and my big bat to Duane Ouiram, since he needs them all My moustace I leave to Gus White, since he will never grow one himself I John Robbins, leave mv uniquetalent of always being able to Hburn one and my getting away with saying Whideousn in English class to Bob Fmery I, Donald Scrivner, bestow my talent of being able to go steady w1th five girls at once, to Sam Unzicker I, Verna Jean Imhoff, leave my well paying Job at the theater and my dia mond to Judy Barnes e Q ' 2 3 0 0 4 3,10 - ,3 1 1h ' 2 . . - 3 121h 1 o o s , ,lb L., . - ! ' , 5 1 2 3 - L ' 1 g31LP 1 1 1 - A - I+ o u o ' 1 Q - . - 2 Q o o ' 3 ' - lf -,1 ,3 - 3 - L '- - , 3,4 ' -'+A . - gm' 5,31 ',i T.A. . lu - 1 - , - - ' . . ..-L' , ,3 Q A ' 1 - . ,T , 2 F. .A. - , 3,u ' - L .3 ,2,3 1 ' 1213 T.A. . 111 - 1 - 1 13 - -- 3 . ' ' D ' - 1 ' o G.A.A. - 1 2,3 H FREDERICK WIDENBURG T.A. . 1u1 - i G.-'.A. - , ,L+ - - ' 2 I I O 1 , P . ' 1 3- Q - lu' - . -' ,L - 0 a o 0 - . - , ,L o- ' - ' 1 1 1 - , - . . - - 3 - - . . - 1 S E 1 L L . . f N I, Pat Logan, leave my talkatlve nature to LaVeta Flnch, and my heleht to Wilma Schertz I, Sandra Rae, will my height and my cheerlead1ng ab1l1ty to Kay Shull I, Jackie Moore, leave all my dateless Saturday n1ghts CU to Janet Owen, and my shyness with boys I hand down to Emlly Janssen I, Gene Cordes, leave my talentfbr applylng the utmost of intense study to all thlngs Cscholast1c or otherwlsel to Gary Tweddale, and my way w1th the teachers to Earl Turner I, John Gerber, bestow my sa1lor suit upon all the male members left 1n school, and my helght I w1ll to Keith Porch I, Fred Wisenburg, leave my Slde burns to John Wallace, and my large Spanlsh vocabulary to George Remley, 1n case he ever gets down to MEXICO John Trump, leave my great love for school and all the faculty members to B111 Renken Don Nuske w1ll my 'cheesy' job to Ronnle Hahn,who 1S just the man for Carole Roblnson, leave to the future Queens of L W H S th1s adv1ce nBe lovely Go steady, Use Johnson's Baby O11 for beautlful nds U Ellzabeth Prlnzlnger, w1ll my w1nn1ng ways to Esther Trump Glor1a Anderson,bestow my long, flowlng curls upon Grace Kizer Shlrley Flcht will my shorthand ability to Marie Beltramea, and my dlmples to Anna Adams Norma Clark, leave my peculiar ability of falllng down whlle playlng volley ball to Evelyn Me1smer, and my talent for maklng brlght remarks 1n speech class to Roger Ingold Jewell Wlnkler, leave my experlence 1n the warmed forcesn es peclally the Marlnes to anyone who wants 1t, and my athletlc ab1l1ty to Anne Fltch I, Verna Mae Dav1dson, wlll my love for the Marlnes to Eleanor Boon and my genulnely helpf1l nature to Joyce Jenklns I, Rosanne Sp1cer, leave my 9,326 page volu e on NHUW to lrap a Mann to Shlrley Hahn I, Marlene V1sser1ng, leave my blond curls to Joyce Oster I, Marlene Bond bestow my loud and bolsterous manner upon Phyllls Kemp and I leave m' hours of complete concentratlon on the rlght thugs to the slxth hour C1ViC class I, Naxlne Funk, leave my large vocabulary and my talent for read lng only the good types of books to Gus Wh1te,although he has a rather large nvocabularyn of h1s own I, . I, , . 1 , . . it. I, . O 'I I I . . Ha .' ' ' I, . . . . . . . I, . 1 V . so that she may keep the Nlong hairsn in L.W.H.S. I, ' ' , . I, . ' ' I, . . . - . i . , . . . . ! . I . 0 Y . . --.lr . . ' Z5 --- ' aeaag I , 1 I r- g' unlor 0 wer Halfxfx 1 R dams' 'A ndhs R PS -x-f3w 7 G Emgfg 6 QV3' BOO' Qing E swim S J- Ausust 28, 1952,narked the datevhen thlrty qollv Juniors signed their contracts with the newlv organized studio Low on the set, the first thing they managed to accomplish was the electlon of officers After an uproarious and bloody cam paign, the results of the election were announced President Duane Puiram Vice President Ronnie Hahn Secretary W1 anor Boon Treasurer George Adaml Reporter Anne Fitch Student Council Bob Fmery Evelyn Melsmer Board of Directors Mrs Emerson B111 Mr Martin Stephenson During the year they had the Nmisfortune' of losing one of their classmates, Russell Gray, who walked off the set and sivned a contract with a rival studio, Mid County To boost the morale of their treasury they sold Wcoke at the high school and soft dr1nks at all Uhome' basketball games They also staged a chili supper, the outcome of which was debatable Now they are looking forward to next fall when they will beginthelr last year at LowPo1nt Washburn High and the thrill of being the top stars on the bill C' o I' 'Q 6 4 . , f x T as-We E' u A , . ' 4 L . Y. . . '. B. ' . n. QA 5. . W 4 N 4 point-Washburn Community Unit District Nd. 7. Upon arriving 'J . - ' I W Back Row: George Remley Duane Guiram Russell Pifer Roger Ingold Jackie Keith Front Row: Garv McGu11 -Y Evelyn Neismer Grace Kizer Janet Owen xxx -fs, F' ,zo 'V L. l. u. S. Standing: Anna Adams Ronnie Hahn Eleanor Boon Anne Fitch Sitting: George Adami Shirley Hahn LaVeta Finch Judy Barnes Standing: 3111 Renken Kay Shull John Wallace Sitting: Gus White Duane Rinkenberger Linnie Turner Wilma Sehertz Earl Turner isther Trump -W--.....,.,..,.w., ,, -J -, in W A ff !,! swf' ophomore wer R09 I evo NOQd! 163 The so termed Ws1lly sophomoresn signed contracts for 1952 53 and began to prepare for a second season on stage They were eager to get used to the ropes agaln, and got off to a good start with the electlon of thelr admlnistratlve body, whlch was as follows President Jerry Glaub V1ce Presldent Paul Anderson Secretary D1ck Wood Treasurer Gary Rose Student Councll B111 Gardner Dale Bennlngton Board of Dlrectors Mlss Betty Peters Mr Francis Fremgen They llsted two dates on the productlon calendar. a Hal lowe'en Dance on October 31, and a ch1l1 supper on March 7. They were rather pleased w1th the results, and, to continue to boost their morale, they declded on the side l1ne of selling candy durlng noon hours and at home basketball games. The Wsllly sophomoresn are looklng forward to being bdled as the Njolly juniorsn next year. Uff' ' 1 E . 5 '0 G' . ' J. . :I Q' QD O' NK Back Row: Dale Bennington Thirza Cordes Francis Garber Bill Gardner Shirley DuBois Harold Boon Roger Eilts Gerald Wannan Front Row: Billy Hardman Jerry Glaub Yaul Anderson 'Wm 5 Staniinpz Dcrothv Wallace Richard Visserine Saw Unzickor Fhvllis Zenzen Russell VanHooeer Yoh Turner Delores Whirre'l Qittingz Gary Twediale Y, V Y., lanv ker.cn Uicl Hood Cx mf-'iv ,gh g' 5 Standing: Donald Hattan Joyce Oster Shirley Remley Perry Hediger Linda Lainle Dale Losher Bonny Noll Lmily Janssen Phvllis Kemp Sitting: Keith Porch Gary Hose 8 , f- ! Fre hmen 0 wer X','Z1 sever antigens eufdon e FU ' Jigiigpka C 31 Dian nl SUV' An up and COmlHg group of starlets 3o1ned the set thls fall and proceeded to get used to the practlces of the stu d1o Thev reasoned that they could go up the ladder faster 1f they had a representatlve ro so they elected these Presldent Carole Funk V1ce Presldent Sharon Burdon Secretary Mary Ann Schnelder Treasurer Janet Janssen Student Councll Judy Jenklns Sharon Burdon Board of Directors M1ss Betty Rossell Mr John Flsh The would be actresses outnumber the would be aCtOPS,W1th the unmber standlng nlneteen to nlne They staged two beneflt performances for the1r treasury the Chlll supper on November 8,and a gvmnast1c show from the Western Ill1no1s State College on February 13 They felt that these were very successful and are eager to keep a1m1ng hlpher Watch out , you more seasoned players' They'll be COm1ng up to take your places ff. L- - 3 . ' L. fab? . 5' ' ' F ' ,' rg. ' .1 A ' g up, and peop e: Standing: Judy Porch Jim Robinson Linda Schertz Barbara Weers Janet Tjaden Mary Ann Schneider Kenny VanDeVeer Sitting: Carl Unzicker Charles Robinson Kenny Winkler Standing: Donna Eilts Carolyn Call Beverly Gardner Barbara Emery Carol Funk Sharon Burdon Sitting: Dave Cochran Jerry Bernius Joel Bennington Standing: Judy Jenkins Pat Haney Joyce Jenkins Bob Hicks Alicia Laible Janet Janssen Shirley Hollis Sitting' Carolyn Correll Bonny Hicks if fi rf? Q IAQ? gf eg, W 1 d l 001 S1tt1Hg Moore, Adaml, Funk F1cht, ROblHSOn, Nuske Standlng Fltch, Anderson, Logan, Scrlvner, Clark, Plfer, Turner, V1SSSTiHE, Cordes, Bond, Rae, Ph1ll1ps, Imhoff, Trump, Mrs Nlseman, Advlsor Fremgen, Advisor, was not present when the plcture was taken Maxlne Funk Shlrley Flcht George Adaml Art pd1tOF Anne Fltch Jackle Moore Verna Jean Imhoff, Carole Roblnson Co Ed1tOTS Ass't d1tOT Typlsts Class h1StOF19S Glorla Anderson Sales Pat Logan AdV8Pt1S1Dg Norma Clark Funk, Ficht, Rae, Imhofi, Moore, Bond, Ph1ll1ps,Scr1vner,Vlsserlrg SSH1OT Act1v1t1es Sandy Rae Sports Gene Cordes Imhofg Vlsserlng Funk,Nuske,Ph1111ps S1ttlNg J Phllllps S Burdon D Scrlvner, Pres , E Me1smer, J Jenklns, Vr Jones, Advlsor Standlng G Cordes, D Bennlngton B Gardner, B Emery 4 Y E A R B O S O T K A F F . . A V ', . . ' Mr. Will 8 Prophecy: John Phillips Snapshots: Russell Pifer, Adami, S T U D C E O I-I U T N C I L N F10 1 Puff! 0 Iixo la' 0 lyk 0 Sitting: A. Fitch, Pres. A, Adams, Parl. V. Imhoff, Reporter N. Clark, Secretary 1 Standing: Mrs. Bill, Advisor M. Funk, V. Pres. P. Logan, Treasurer X First row: Haney, Hahn, W. Schertz, Eilts, Tjaden, Turner, Rae, Oster, Cordes, Bond Laible, Gardner, L. Schertz. Second row: E.Janssen, Spicer, Shull, Logan, DuBois, Boon, Winkler, Owen, Schneider, Davidson, Call,Garben C.Funk, Adams, M.Funk Burdon, Mrs. Bill. 5 Third row: Jenkins, Whirre1l,Remley,Jenkins, J. Janssen, Weers, Hollis, Imhoff, Moore, Robinson, Clark,Vissering, Anderson, Fitch. Ficht, Emery, Porch, Finch. rv-' 1 r av' L... Left to Rifht: R. Ingold, Sentinel Ur, Condit, AdviSor G. McCully, Reporter G. White, V. Pres. D. Scrivner, Pres. R. Hahn, Secretary R. Vissering, Treas. F.F.A. :Qs U -'JL-as ft Ze? A. i . Q 9: A Eb if - 5: , J. :2?Q?Ni:JM:g ,G First row: Mr. Condit, Eilts, Pifer, Ingold, Hahn, McCully Nuske, Hardman, Bannan. Second row: Wallace, Rediger, Porch, Boon, Losher, Vissering, Hattan, Hicks, Renken. Third row: Rinkenberger, Keith, C. Unzicker, S.Unzicken Scrivner, White, Winklen Bernius. 'Em C5 X1 LXR? xkh- Sitting Gerber, Imhoff, Porch, Trump, Ingold, Hattan, Funk Standing Gardner, Cordes, Schnelder, Janssen, Cordes, Janssen, Nuske, Laible, Kizer, Miss Peters - 41: GSL 'WI gg First row Bennington, Robinson, Adami, Remley, Rinkenberger, Gerber, Ingold, Cochran, VanDeVeer Second row Anderson, Laible, Gorrell, Imhoff, White, Vissering, McCu1ly, Scrivner, Rose, Trump, Flcht, Adams, Barnes, Clark Th1rd row Fitch, Turner, Gardner, Schertz, Bond, Oster, Eilts, Haney, Trump, Rae, Burdon, Schertz Fourth row Tgaden, Hlcks, Hol11s, Funk, Schne1der, Hattan, Quiram, Porch, Losher, Funk, Owen, Whlrrell, Cordes, Weers, Janssen, Jenkins, Laible, Robin son, Mr Dyar Flfth row' Wallace, Emery, Noll, Janssen, Meismer, V1ssering, DuBo1s, Zenzen Phlllips, Boon, Renken, Robbins. Kizer, Shull, Logan, Boon, Davidson, Winkler, Garber, Finch, Porch, Moore. ZA N . D Q . 'T be e c Z! . ,XS . iw? 1 A ' O ' L M - I J O X . 1 W W . , 'Q C ED .I G H O . ,J lv A ' Q R 'u Q4 U Q S .U . . . , X X FIFSC Row HOll1S, Flnch, Schertz Burdon Rae Turner, Mr Dvar, Fardner Barnes, Qond, P11ts, Schertz Gecond Row Trump Gorre11 Tgaden VhlFF917 Wa11ace Ewerv, Flcht Owen SCbHP1d6T Weers, Moore QOblH5OH C1 rk Adams Cordes, Torch, Hanex hlCKS Oster Thlrd Row La1b1e Lalble A d , o n u 1, Klzer, Zenzen D3V1dSOH, Janssen Jenk1ns Funk N011 XX ..f FITSC Row In?o1d Rlnkenberger, Wklte V1SS9F1Ug, NcCu11y Scrlvner Rose ROb1HSOD Bennl Uton Second Row V1nUeVeer Gerber, Roblnson, Hattan Gulram, Porch, Adaml WlHP1 r g6FHlUS Mr Dyar TH1Fd Row Remley, Cordes, Ph1l11pS, Boon, Renken, Losher RObb1HS Hlcks Lrump, Cochran Q G . 1 I Z A L . G S, L f E ax, M A 1 Q L ' ,.s U c ,M J 3 X lr. 0 Ce f T . 3 K. l . J x 7 ' V ' ' 1 x ' ' : 1 Ag ' 1 V l -'s Y sv 1 . i V s ' ' 1 ' 1 L ' x 3 1 1 ' .ra A s ' . : ' , .' , an erson, Fitch, Imhoff, Janssen, Meismer, Qoon, Funk L ge , Sh 1 ' , - ' , , .' , , . -1 B K A 5 , O X Y 1 J .7 Sl G L , I F ,' E M , C . x- Y 44:4 LU Q VL, B xX,-R N52- r. -, 9 I . I ,e v l , '. 1 U . A ' I Y 9 i Yi ' 4 , . qv. x A f r , 7 ' 7 G 7 Q ' ' , , . . .l I 1 D 7 3 Q 990 tv 'G 0 M4 wifi FIFSC row Schertz, Hahn, Turner, Rae, Oster, Cordes, Gorrell, Barnes Schertz Second row Burdon, Tgaden, Ellts, Gardner, Schneider, Wallace, Hollls, Emery, Janssen, Jenklns Thlrd row Lalble, Wlnkler, Boon, DuBois, Weers, Davldson, K1zer, Janssen, Zenzen, Owen, Funk, Kemp, MISS Rossell Fourth row Clark Imhoff, Finch, Call, Shull, Melsmer, Whlrrell, Funk, Porch, Trump, Jenkins G A A Off1cers Flnch V1ce Pres , Rae, Pres Funk, Treas MSISMBT, Sec Mlss Rossell, Advlsor, Lalble Reporter S 355559 Sittlng Janssen, Turner, Boon, Imhoff, Ficht, Vissering. .-I' Standing Cordes, Whlrrell, Trump, Rae, Zenzen, Bond, Owen, fd T fu, 9 4535559 DuBo1s, Wallace, Davidson. U 5 3 B i , ,,,: E L if f f r no 2 ,lql J , F AQ , M , A is F . .2 , ,g S G J I A : 4..W,: H. ,. .. If , , , . 'V i., '::' ' ,..- ' K' r,, , l,, A ,.,A Ai? H Mrk F as F so J as f -J f so , N F Rjfiisgx Sl' ' gy K ,3 in :EE f . : r,, F , E 1 ' J 4 f . Z I . . ' : , f ' I . -A '.: 'E - .Q ' . . 'Q 7 L I B R A R I A N I l SPY: X.. I ...f-C O 0' M QR M'55f'3xj f v- fy? wash! Qi' X f - ,Q f I ,- 0, ' ' J f QN eil ig B A S K E T B A L L Nov. Nov. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Roanoke Toluca Chillicothe 9 Sparland Eureka Roanoke Toluca Glassford Wash1ngton 21 25 East Peoria 2 8 County Tournament Jan 27 Eureka Jan 29 Benson Jan 30 F1Paso LWHB TWHS 72 L17 88 62 65 LVHS Jan. Metamora Jan. Eureka Benson Jan. Minonk-Dana Jan. Metamora Feb Mid County Feb Benson Feb IaRose Feb Sparland Feb LaRose 9 l3 Jan. 16 23 Zh D1StF1Ct lo1 ament Feb 25 LaRoSe Feb 26 Benson Sandra Rae, Verna J Imhoff, Janet Owen, Norma Clark, L1nn1e Turner Amery B mmno J Ph1111ps K Whlte G McCu11y B Gardner Coleson R Hahn J, Robinson ,. Turner xwf ew D Hattan U2-fc er Pa Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan ? Roanoke Washlngton Toluca Ch1ll1cothe Snarland Eureka Roanoke Toluca Glasford vashlnvton Metamora Lxndef SO n Porch LmHb Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb T Boon Eureka Benson Mlnonk Dana Mtmmm Lacon Mld County Benson LaRose :Harland LaHose B nmerv, S HO111S, J Janssen J Porch Q Purdon LWHS q1tt1UC Standlng RO51PSOD, Wm ry Hahn, Turner, Cardner, Cordes, Glaub Wood, Trump Cochran, Rose, murner, Anderson, Qulram, Porch, Coleson, Hat+an, Dhilllos, Poon, Coach Flsh Rutland Benson Roanoke Long PO1Ht LaRose Rutland Benson Oct Roanoke Oct Long Polnt O Conf renee Play off Oc 3 Poanoke Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct WorLjl- LostLLL- LWHB N51 Qrk 'qi SJ N fp I Figs' i7 Fi. s W, NN? ongratulations . . . 2'MCP The task IS over and may we congratulate you on a job well done Yours us a yearbook publlshed with the skull and know bow backed by years of experuence the publlcatlon of better school annuals ODUCERS I COLLE E D ANNUA SEMCO COLOR PRESS Llthographers Prlnters 129 N W 3RD STREET OKLAHOMA CITY OKLA L SEMTNER P d P L BENNETT Y b k D p rt ' in 5 . . PR OF F NE G AN HIGH SCHOOL LS I feslenf AU , ear oo e c ment The Washburn Bank ESTABLISHED 1870 WASHBURN ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CO IPL MENTS OF The Bell Dairv AND Washburn Frozen Food Center WASHBURN LINOIS HEADQUARTERS OR T GANG , I F CC 77 , 3 X , - - , SEEBER'S RESTAURANT AIR CONDITIONED DINNERS - STEAKS MEET THE GANG AT SEEBER S METAMORA ILLINOIS Phone 109 PRAIRIE ACRES STOCK FARMS Breeders of MODERN TYPE WITH WEIGHT FOR PROFIT REGISTERED HEREFORD CATTLE If you don f know beef cattle know your beef cattle breeders INSPECTION INVITED VISITORS WELCOME Breeding Stock for Sale JoeE Garber Lowpolnf III Arthur L. Garber, Washburn, III. James A. Steffen, Lowpoint, III. AUTHORIZED INTERIOR DECORATING SHERWIN WILLIAMS AND DEALER PAPERHANGING YOUR PAINTER FOR 30 YEARS SPRAY BRUSH JOHN M PHILLIPS 8: SONS Phone 52 TANKS HOMES FARM BUILDINGS ELEVATORS ROOFS BRIDGES KIIIFS SERVICE GARAGE LAC ON, ILLINOIS LOWPOINT, ILLINOIS 3 AVIREM FOR POULTRY SUICOSE FOR HOGS AND CATTLE Ll PRO ZENE ALL PURPOSE WORMING SKOUR CHEK FOR BABY CALVES I PRODUCTS A MARK or QUALITY LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS CO WASHBURN ILL Sold by dealers everywhere It cost less to farm wnth Case Dunhof Transfer Pelz Wqmke Imp C0 GENERAL mucxmc Phone l83 Washburn lll Washburn lllmols COMPLIMENTS OF BEN SCHUMACHER JEWELER Eureka lllnnous 1 -if 4 -F131 . v , L - V. , I '- - b Q 1, +V! ', F'--L -j -nga. . 0 , . H - H I . f , . LUMBER BUILDERS HARDWARE CEMENT DRAIN TILE BRICK SEPTIC TANKS Tremper Lumber 81 Coal Co TELEPHONE 180 WASHBURN ILLINOIS ULRICH SERVICE Automoblle Truck and Tractor Repalrmg THE BARNES CONSTRUCTION CCMPANY General Confrachng and Bunldmg McI1'erIcIIs BUILDERS HARDWARE DRAIN TILE Phone4 Washbur Ill os 7 ! Accessorles Batterles Tlres MHEVROQL. Tlx-W n, in i Ph e 161 Washburn WASHBURN COFFEE SHOP Jim and Imogene Mackie, Prop. inois COMPLIMENTS THE BONNY THEATRE LYNN L BANTA GRAIN LUMBER COAL FEED APPLIANCES AND RADIO REPAIR Ph 22 Ph 47F3 OF as urn III' ' O I I I I L po'nf III' ' Cazenovia, Illin' one MISHLER IMPLEMENT CO RCJANOKE THEATER Rembrandts Studio VARNA AUTC SERVICE Buick Chevrolet SALES - SERVICE vvvvw-ur, A , f 2 Complete Auto Repairing Zemth Radios Telephone 2161 Varna, III'no's OTIARE INTERNATIONAL nc 4 T N S M M my AT FINEST SERVICE IN AMERICA local Representative Jack Plnllups Phone 52 Lowpomf llllnols Thompson and Mc:Cully Feed Coal and John Deere Implements Phone 94 Washburn I111no1s Joan 55 Dnmu-: I I , I . I MD ID PICTURE IN 16 Q Y L FOX LAKE.ILLlNDI5 I I ALTHAUS BROS Complete Lune lnternatnonal Harvester Products and Parts Guaranteed Service Full Lune Hardwa G E Appliances Oll Heaters 81 Furnaces Fencing 81 Posts Gram Elevators Power Loaders 8: Dnggers Oldsmobile Sales 8- Service Rose Phone 3491 Lacon Phone ll CHAS Tl-IGRP 8: SON Cliff Ihff CORN SHELLINIG Washburn, I lL KENS TEXACO SERVICE The Best Frlend Your Car Ever Had Washburn lllrnols Phone 183 SCHRCCK 8: GLAUB Bulldlng Contractor Washburn Washungton Pl'1Ofl9 87W Phgne 633 La OF GENERAL TRUCKING I JANSSEN S GRQCERY LACON AUTO SERVICE E SCRIVNER 8: SON PACKARD 8: ROBBINS I Groceries, Meats, 8. Produce SALES SERVICE O Custom Spraying N ' b i b' ' b t II. Plumbing 8. Heating Well Drilling Ai l I l FITSCHEN'S TAVERN WASHBURN BODY SHOP BESCHORNER ELECTRIC CO VERNON HENRY QQ Auto Repair and Refinishing COMPLIMENTS OF ' O X ff 2 4 Leaf Phosphate ,.f 1.5 Livestock Trucking T ... ng GARBER S SUPER MARKET FROZEN FOOD LOCKER CAZENOVIA OIL COMPANY SCHREPFER 8: MARTIN METAMORA SHOE STORE I AND Distributor Shell Products LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL CONTRACTORS H. H. PARKER AMORA FRED W ZOOK JOHN DANHOFF WASHBURN SUPER SERVICE TWEDDALE DRUGS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF GREASING AND WASHING TIRES - BATTERIES fm A Sv S' one COZIIPLIMENTS OF SCRIVNER FEED COMPANY POULTRY B A B Y NA fnowi SUPPLIES Washbu Pho e 29 REAL ESTATE I A A INSURANCE PHONE 182 J H BUCKINGHAM WASHBURN ILLINOIS L E FIRE a d WIND ACCIDENT HAIL AUTO FARM EMPLOYER SMITH S DRUG STORE OF LACON Inc I ACON ILLINOIS M s V M Sm th Prop Cha les R Pnper R Ph SCHNEIDER GRAIN 8: FEED CO. GRAIN COAL FEED MILLING Phone 9 METAMORA ILLINOIS ,-ifllf' ' Q L 1 O 'nfl n 3 'f I' P 'I C H I C K S Q2 '1 'f':2::-'-: rn, III. n 1 IF n Y , I Phone 18 r . . . I , . r . ' , . . SCHIERER S SUNDRIE METAMORA ILLINOIS PfSpl I SPRINGER ELECTRIC COMPANY HEATING PLUMBING HARDWARE APPLIANCES FLOORING CONTRACTORS TELEVISION lf! WRENN MOTOR SALES rom: numerous mom 41 0. 42 oEAnaonN FARM EQUIPMENT I 05 N 0 K 5 Il I- I N 0 I 5 WIEDMAN S STORE GIFTS HARDWARE FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS M I Ill I hoo up ies Cosmetics Fountain Servic Schoo Supplies Phone 82 Metamora, Illinois fi fr' I 9 eamora, inois I Z l l Sanders at Roanoke EUREKA GREENHOUSE FLOWER SHOP S M BURDON MD ROANOKE VARIETY COZWPLIZVIENTS OF AND COMPLIMENTS OF I I ' I O GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS YOUR DOLLAR GOES FURTHER RICKETT FUNERAL HOME INVALID COACH SERVICE We sell and install the finest in venetian blinds and window shades Washburn Illinois Phone II2 OSTER S MARKET A Friendly Place to Trade GROCERIES MEATS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Phone 81 Washburn Ill 'U 3' O :J fb U1 CD , Q ' 1 , an Ch J' O' C 7 :J 5' ' 9. 04 - l I 1 I I - Z 1 I 1 TJADENS UPTUWN RECREATION ERNEST T H TJADEN BOWLING POOL FOUNTAIN SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF CBS BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Permanent Waving and Hair Styling Headquarters for Gifts Costume Jewelry Etc Phone T38 Washburn INGOLD HARDWARE TERRY S WASHBURN VARIETY FITSCHEN BROS HARDWARE CO GENERAL HARDWARE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES I DRY GOODS NOTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES WORK CLOTHING SHOES SHOE REPAIRING SUPREME DAIRY PRODUCTS CO THE BABIE'S CHOICE Norge Refrigerators A.B.C. Washers Philco Radios Heafin Plumbing Tinning Complrments of J B Snyder 8. Son CONTRACTORS Lumber Hardware Heahng Phone 30 ROANOKE ILLINOIS NELSON IUNKER Trucking Phone 128 W Washburn Illunols KALB S DRIVE IN Meals Short Orders Founfam Servrce STUMPF PHARMACY The Rexall Store Prescrnptnon Spec1aIlst EUREKA ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS o a FRIEND Howard J Palmer .IEWELER Van Doren Jewerly MINONK ILLINOIS BEST WISHES To the Class of 53 Eureka Mlllmg Co Eureka Roanoke Goodfaeld Gndley Schupp s Texaco Service Trres Batternes Accessories Metamora Illmors ' I PHONE 136 WASHBURN, ILL. ' O f I o I Schafer Shoe Store Nahonally Advertised Shoes For Men Cnty Club Ladies Velvet Step Weatherblrd for chlldren Roanoke lllrnors Phone 108 COMPLIMENTS OF SHADYSIDE INN Cazenovua Illlnols Compllments of lACON HARDWARE C0 Lacon Illmols COLBORN JEWHERS Washburn Ill leslle s Shoes Shoes Hosnery Rubbers Polnshes OGDEN S John Crawford Prop Your Family Shoe Store CHICKEN STEAKS F SH Mrnonk lllmols SANDWICHES Roszell s Ice Cream CQMPUMENTS Ben P Martin 8. Son 0 5 Massey Hams New Idea PHONE IOFQ3 Fflend Roanoke Illmols I ' I ll 9 ll 1. I ' EUREKA lLuNols I I I f ' - 1 State Bank Of Eureka Strong Frlendly Helpful Eureka IIlInoIs Compliments of PARSON S SHOE SALES and SERVICE EUREKA ILLINOIS Compliments of the Wasltburn leader Compliments of WHISLER S SERVICE Lowpomt IIIInoIs AMIGONI BROS GENERAL CONTRACTING Excavahng Bulldozlng Plowlng Gravel Rock Lnmestone Phone 'I95 Jacob s Barber Shop 37 years ID one place When lItfle you Cfled when older you growled for good appearance YOU ARE WELCOME Tonsonal Expert WASHBURN ILLINOIS HARRY B MURPHY INSURANCES ALL KINDS Washburn IIIInoIs COMPLIMENTS or FOSTER JEWELRY EUREKA ILLINOIS 1 I 1 I I 1 I I I Roanoke Illinois I I I . - I , - Compliments of Svnifvfy Bakery nr. F. M. Gwen Home of Sally Ann Products Minonk Illlnois Phone 3 Washburn, III Whlttlngton Shell Service Tnres Batterues Greasmg Washing METAMORA ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS MINONK CLEANERS Phone 315.1 Munon Eclwln Imhoff General Trucking PHONE '75 Washburn Illnnozs COMPLIMENTS R S Jollff and Sons JOHN DEERE SALES SERVICE Kewanee New Idea Dunham Phone 7 Lacon Ill EUREKA Ben Franklin Your complete varnefy store of ' ' k, Ill . OF The Senior Class

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