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EEKMMEHEEHEEXEEEEEHHRHE E E E H M E E R E E E E EC E M E E H K K Sli E E K E E E E H Ei E Ei 355 SE E H EE H E E ii E E E E E HEHHEEEEREERKEEKEEEEHHH WICKIUP Litchfield High School Litchfield Park, Arizona FOREWORD In l9l6 the Goodyear Tire 84 Rubber Company established a farm at what is now Litchfield Park, Arizona. At Litchfield Park, an important part of the development of agriculture in the sandy desert of Arizona has taken place. ln order to operate a farming project such as this, a great number of people were necessary. It was only natural that a school be built to accom- modate the children of these pioneers of Arizona agriculture. ln l9l8 the people established an elementary unit. Ten years later the growing number of high school students made it nec- essary to add a high school to the school system. Meanwhile, several interesting agricultural experiments already had been undertaken on the Goodyear ranch in crop rotation and cattle feeding, and the possibilities of farm mechanization in the fu- ture were intriguing. Along with the further development and expansion of the farm, was the enlargement of the townsite, Litchfield Park. Pleasant homes were built and maintained by the Goodyear Company and a shopping district for the conven- ience of the residents of Litchfield Park and the surrounding areas was constructed. Since the era of automobiles was not yet thriving in Arizona the lives of the people were given to their work, their homes, and the school. Each of these three major developments, Goodyear Farms, Litchfield Park, and the Litchfield Park Schools, have made a large contribution to one another. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ..T........... JUNIORS ....,...,.. SOPHOMORES FRESI-IMEN .... ACTIVITIES ,... CLASSWORK ,.... SPORTS ...,.., SOCIAL ...........V. ADVERTISING ...... I- 6 7-I 6 I7-24 25-30 3 I -36 37-44 45-62 63-72 73-86 87-92 93-I I4 LITCHFIELD HIGH SCHOOL ERECTED 1928 DEDICATED TO P. W. LITCHFIELD FOUNDER AND BUILDER OF THE TOWN OF LITCHFIELD BOARD OF TRUSTEES C, C, HALL, PRESIDENT E. R. MORRIS K. B. McMICKEN MEMBER CLERK :slaQwaf wi::.a.z.w.f:nin W. :xr , magna. nu, , ima' . .cs 11, fm X-in 1: AIR VIEW OF LITCHFIELD PARK Litchfield High School is in the right foreground, Wigwam Hotel, a famous resort, just above, and the Wigwam Golf Course in the upper right. The upper left corner shows a por- tion of the airport, Left center gives a view of the Goodyear Farms office and vast mainte- nance shops. Directly in the middle is the business section and in the foreground can be seen a portion of the residential area. Litchfield Road runs North through the center. MR. K. B. McMlCKEN The staff of the Wickiup dedicates this i954 issue to the person who has given so much time and energy to the development and welfare of Litchfield High School during his continuous thirty year's service as member of the Litch- field School Board, Mr. K. B. McMicken, Presi- dent of the Board of Trustees. Nagy mxixm KX W Mr. Paul W. Litchfield Founder of Litchfield Park OUR COMMUNITY Litchfield Park, Arizona was founded in 1916 by the Goodyear Tire 81 Rubber Company. The town and farm were carved out of the desert in order to supply America with long staple cotton. Mr. Paul W. Litchfield, then a young executive of the company, was the man behind the Good- year Farms operation that turned the desert into productive land. Mr. Litchfield, at the present time is chairman of the board of directors of the Goodyear Tire Z9 Rubber Company. Management of Goodyear is centered around Mr. Kenneth B. McMicken, vice president and general manager, who joined the company in 1918. Mr. Mclvlicken is a farmer by choice, he has been a lifetime soil conservationist and crop rotation and area farming expert, Goodyear Farms Office at Litch- field Park, hub of the 16,000 acre proving ground for new farm equipment and experi- ments to improve the technol- ogy of farming, 19,1 Dr. R. K. Hilton Clerk BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. K. B. McMicken President 'W' Mr. G. H. Reismann Member SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS Miss Nelda Randall School Secretary Mr. A. L. Tidwell Superintendent Mr. L. W. Pierce Principal X xg:-5-1-1--1. f' ' NX XSXKIK H i MLM llllilllll nun ..,1""'sli LHS FACULTY Mrs. Frances Amabisca Arizona State College at Tempe University ot Michigan Guidance, Spanish, Commerce Senior Class Sponsor Business Advisor, Wickiup Mr. Norman R. Borg Arizona State College at Flagstaff Colorado State College ot Education Commerce Advisor, Desert Howl, Wickiup Sponsor, Senior Class Mr. Charles Ellsworth Phoenix College Arizona State College at Tempe Mechanical Drawing, Math, Shop Coach, Basketball, Baseball Miss Emma Hundhausen University of Missouri Washington University, St. Louis Study Hall, Library W1 21 Mrs. Juanita Jamison University of lowa Arizona State College at Tempe English, Speech Junior Class Sponsor Mr. Gerard Kaye Texas Christian University lllinois Institute of Technology University of Colorado University of Wisconsin Southern Methodist University English Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Merylen Laird Denison University, Ohio Juliard Conservatory of Music, New York Columbia University, New York Chorus Mr. Tony Komadina Arizona State College at Tempe Physical Education, Science, Coach Drivers' Training Boys' Alliance and "L" Club Advisor ,pw M. Mrs. Kathryn Martinson Gustavus Adolphus College St. Peter, Minnesota-English, Declamation, Study Hall, Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Ann Neff Denison University, Granville, Ohio Miami University in Ohio Ohio State University English, Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Billie Jean Pavlich Arizona State College, Flagstaff Physical Education, Biology Girls' League Advisor, Girls' Counselor Mr. Ivan D. Quass Grenville College, Illinois University ot Nebraska Social Science, Commerce Sponsor of Sophomore Class l Miss Betty Sullivan Arizona State College at Tempe Horne Economics Sponsor F.H.A., 4-H Mr. Willard Tolman Drury College, Missouri Arizona State College at Tempe University of Arizona Band Miss Marie Valenzuela St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix School Nurse Tests students' hearing, sight, and weight. Checks on illness. Mr. Keith A. West Washington State College Utah State College Science, Math, Guidance Assistant Coach, Football Sponsor, Freshman Class .-6' fi 1 . . I , , , X ii, fl! f li .ext tw ' . wr ,V A if ,,3 Af , I ' 'ax 1 Q. .--"" ., is Mrs. Hazel Kriese and Mrs. Helen Donaldson serving a nutritious nooneday meal at the school cafeteria. Custodians: John Dobson and Gilbert Donaldson. Students and athletic teams are chauffeured by Frank Bruesch and M. B. Webb. Mr. Webb, assisted by Frank Bruesch, repairing Bus No. 2. QQNSK ci, One of the ways the Senior Class raises money to publish the Wickiup is selling candy at ball games. m. gd The Senior Class sponsored a Christmas party Jack Pierce admires the special radio given him for a former class-mate, Jack Pierce, at his by the faculty and Senior Class of L.H.S. home. i i i SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: David Johns, President Mary Alice Morales, Sec retary-Treasurer Billy Barnett Vice-President WITH HEARTS ARVIZU, TONY-Boys' Alliance I, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, Wickiup Staff 4, April Frolics I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I. BARNETT, BILLY-Baseball I, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Football Manager I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President Boys' Alliance 3, Vice President Student Body 4, Vice Presi- dent Class 4, Chorus Activities I, 2, 3, April Frolics King 3, 4, April Frolics Captain 4, Track 3, Sports Night 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 4, Alternate for Boys' State 3. 0 BARNETT, JACKSON--Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Al- liance President 4, Chorus Activities I, 2, 3, Spanish Award 3, L. Club 2, 3, 4, April Frolics I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Basketball Manager I, Sports Night I, 2, 3. BROWN, PATRICIAaTranster from Peoria High School, Peoria, Arizona, Tennis Team 4, Captain Girls' "A" Vollyball Team 4, Captain April Frolics 3, 4, April Frolics Queen 3, 4, Girls' League 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Music Night 4, Chorus 4, Honor Roll 3, 4. O CALKINS, GLENN-Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Music Night I, 2, 3, L, Club 4. CALLAN, ROBERTAfChorus I, 2, Christmas Pageant I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. President 3, Music Night I, 2, Music Festival I, Honor Roll I, 4, Girls' State 3, Wickiup Business Manager 4, Class Secretary 2. I COOR, LADDIE-Class President I, 2, 3, Student Body President 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council I,2,3,4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, All Con- ference Team Football I, 2, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Desert Howl Co-Editor 4, State Oratorical Winner 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band President 2, L Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council Convention I, 2, 3, 4, Salutatorian. i2oJ OF STRENGTH COZARD, MARILYN-Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics l, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, Music Night l, 2, 3, Music Festival l, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, GAEFCKE, DOROTHY-Band l, 2, 4, Christmas Pag- eant l, 3, 4, Chorus l, Sports Night 2, Tennis 3, 4, Co-Editor Desert Howl 4, F.H.A. Treasurer 3, F.H.A. President 4, F.H.A. Convention 2, Girls' League Con- vention 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Salad Bowl Princess 4, Winter Fantasy Attendant 3, 4, Honor Roll l. 0 GALINDO, AL-Baseball l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Boys' Alliance Secretary 3, L. Club Secretary 3, Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Alliance Vice President 4. HAMRICK, DAVID-Transfer from Sulphur Springs High School, Texas, Football 3, 4, L. Club 4, Wickiup Staff 4, Christmas Pageant 3, April Frolics 3, 4, Boys' Alliance 3. 4. O HARDEMAN, BEA-Girls' League Representative 2, Music Festival l, April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll l, Typing Award 3, F.H.A. 3. HESS, SUE-Chorus l, 2, 3, April Frolics Captain l, Christmas Pageant 4, Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Treasurer 4, Music Festival l, Desert Howl Staff 4, Music Night l, 2, 3, Wickiup Staff 4, Tennis Team 4, Sports Night 2, Chorus l, 2, 3, Volleyball Team 4. I HORTON, LAWRENCE-Baseball l, Basketball l, 2, 4, L. Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club l, 2, Boys' Alliance l, 2, 3, 4, Sports Night l, 2, 4, April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4. l2ll FACE JIMENEZ, MANUEL-Football l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 35 Boys' Alliance Convention 25 Boys Alliance l, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Pageant l, 2, 35 April Frolics l, 2, 3, 45 Wickiup Staff 45 Desert Howl Staff 35 Sports Night 2, 3, 45 First .l.V. All State Team 25 L. Club 2. JOHNS, DAVID4- Boys' State 35 Class President 45 Boys' Alliance President 35 First Team W.C. District Football 45 Second Team All State Football 45 Hon- orable Mention Basketball 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 President Radio Club 35 Student Council 3, 45 Winter Fantasy Attend- ant 3, 45 Sports Editor Desert Howl 45 Wickiup Staff 45 L Club President 3. O KILLIP, RUSSEL-Boys' State 35 Class Vice President 2, 35 Music Camp Schol- arship 35 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 Music Night l, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, 45 Declamation Contest 45 Octette 45 National Honor Society Con- vention 35 Music Festival l. LEONARD, DOROTHY-Transfer from Dilley High School, Texas. Chorus 45 Girls' League 45 April Frolics 4. 0 LUDLOW, ROBERT-Student Body Business Manager 45 Tennis 2, 35 Baseball l5 Basketball l, 2, 35 Band l, 45 Christmas Pageant 35 Music Festival l5 Desert Howl Assistant Editor and Business Manager 45 Wickiup Advertising Salesman 45 Honor Roll l, 3, 4. MANNING, LA VONNA--Majorette 45 Pom Pon Girl 45 Girls' League Council 35 California Convention 35 Band l, 2, 45 Chorus l, 2, 35 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Pageant l, 35 April Frolics l, 2, 3, 45 Wickiup Staff 45 Music Night l, 2, 35 Music Festival l. I McMILLEN, GRACE-Band l, 2, 3, 45 April Frolics Captain 25 Chorus l5 Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, 45 Music Night l, 2, 3, 45 Desert Howl Staff 45 Co-Editor Wickiup 45 Girls' State 35 D.A.R. Repre- sentative 45 National Honor Society Convention 35 Sports Night 25 Softball Team 45 Honor Roll 3, 45 Music Festival l. i22 UNCERTAIN MORALES, MARY ALICE-Winter Fantasy Queen 4, Senior Day Princess 4, F.H.A, 2, Class Treasurer 2, Assistant Business Manager 3, Chorus l, 2, Christ- mas Pageant l, 4, April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' League Treasurer 4, Class Secretary-Treasurer 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, Girls' League Convention l, 2, 3, Council 4. MYERS, DAVID TERRY-Boys' Alliance Treasurer 3, L. Club 3, 4, Radio Club Business Manager 2, 3, Wickiup Staff 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 2, Chorus 2, Music Night 2, Sports Night 2, 3, Baseball Manager 3. O PALMER, JACK-Basketball 2, 3, 4, Vice President Chorus 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Music Night l, 2, 3, Desert Howl Staff 3, Honor Roll 4, April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4, Winter Fantasy Attendant 2, Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, Music Festival l, Boys' Alliance Representative 3, Sports Night 2, 3, 4, L. Club 4. RAYNER, EARLE-Boys' Alliance l, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball l, Football 2, Basketball 2, Christmas Pageant 3, Band l, Boys' Alliance Convention 2, Repre- sentative 2, Radio Club 2, 3, Music Festival l. 0 RODGERS, ARLYNE-Transfer from Austin Senior High School, Huston, Texas, Chorus 2, 3, Tennis 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 3, Music Night 3, Wickiup Staff 4, Softball Team 4, Girls' League Secretary 4, California Convention 4, Sports Night 3, Sports Day lTempel 4, Girls' League Convention 3, 4. RYGIEL, CHARLES-Transfer from Greensburg High School, Penn Baseball 3, 4, Radio Club 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Radio Club Secretary 3, L. Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, April Frolics 2, 3, 4, Music Night 2, 3. O SHACKELFORD, ELEANOR-April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 3, Christmas Pageant l, Chorus l, Music Night l, 3, 4, Sports Night 2, Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4, Declamation Contest 4. i FUTURES." SOTO, BELEN-Girls' League Council 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 2, Representative 3, President 4, Girls' League Convention 4, Wickiup Co-Editor 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Shorthand Award 3, Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, Valedictorian 4. TRASK, GRATIA LEE-Transfer from Fremont High School, Los Angeles. Tennis Team 3, 4, Girls' League 3, 4, Volleyball 4, Wickiup Staff 4, Girls' League Representative 4, Student Body Secretary 4, Desert Howl Staff 4, April Frolics 3, 4. I TYREE, CAROLYN -April Frolics l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Pageant 3, Desert Howl Staff 4, Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4. WEBB, CLYDE-Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, President L. Club 4, lL. Club l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Winter Fantasy King 4, Music Night l, 2, 3, 4, Sports Night l, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, All State Football l, Radio Club 3. O WOOD, CLARENCE-Football l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Conference Honorable Men- tion 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Second Team All Sonference 4, Band l, 2, Boys' Alliance Representative l, 2, 3, April Frolics Captain l, 2, 3, Declamation 2, 3, 4, 2nd place 2, 3, Chorus President 3, L Club l, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Sports Night l, 2, 3. f24, co 5 mf 5bgxN Junior Class Officers: H271 1 " W 37514 Jerry Hall presides over a Junior Class meeting. as . We Mary Jane, Nancy, Tanya, and Camille are busy Mrs. Jamison and a group of Juniors admire working on the programs for the Junior-Senior the lovely programs, Banquet, Jerry Hall, President King Cooper, Vice President Louis Goldberg, Treasurer Pauline Jefferies, Secretary James Werner, Bus. Manager WE GROW FOR FUTURE NEEDS, fl, ,p g as .9 Tanya Andrade Ronnie Armstrong Doris Andrews Mary Jane Aragon Dorothy Baker Kenneth Blythe Edward Callan Glenn Cole Nancy Cooke Ralph Cooper Margaretta Davis Thomas Faulkner NOT WITH LIGHTER BURDEN lar -4 5 Louis Goldberg .L Q Q Jerry Hall A Ig f Syble Hance I Frances Hawkins Jim Hinceman Pauline Jefferies Camille Kampert Don Mattingley Thurleen Nixon Garnett Phillips Catherine Portanova Rosie Sanchez ,ff S X BUT WITH STRONGER BACKS." NOT PICTURED - Glenna Jo Anderson Jerry Connor Nancy O'NeaI Patricia Schantz Carrie Ray Sheppard Thomas Shirley Guthrie Smith George Truman Bernard Truter James Werner Q, S N Qs, QQQQ l Robert Robinson adds the finishing touches to Glen Copeland's Initiation Day makeup. i QE i it Sophomores Billy Cole and Dub Boyles with Freshman pull Sophornores through water to their slaves. Sophomore Class Officers: Richard Zeigler, President David Solis, Vice President Donna Rayner, Secretary Margaret Belluzzi, Treasurer J be 'Q :,,, fi Ki A l I F lil '- M .I.z.s -, -'-sv pr is 4-us ks. :gaw k .. ,2E1:. IN z :ml tg AIM HIGHER Gln 15 uk -tiki M -Pi li J 1 rg, Lynn Bear Margaret Belluzzi James Boyles Anita Brawley Max Brawley Lucille Brickey Kenny Ruth Brown Henry Campa Edward Childers Thomas Colbert Billy Cole Frank Colyer Alice Contreras Sarah Cooke Robert Cozad Dorita Dean Dock Farmer Ernestine Frazier Alfred Galindo William Glaser 4343 Johnny Green Bonnie l-lestand Phillip Hineman Donna Jones Terrel Koger Robert Linville Dan Manley Ellen Mattingley Jackie Mitchell Lucille Murrington Larry Nolan Donald Oliver Marlyn Olson Esther Portanova Gary Pratt Roy Peterson Donna Rayner Terry Ring Robert Robinson Samuel Romero C357 IN HOPE THEN WORK." 1.12 NOT PICTURED- Gene Cooley Dorothy Moore Chester Rygiel Jo Ann Schmidt Wanda Jo Scott David Solis Nancy Temple Carol Truman Wayne Tucker Raymond Valles Nancy Vandeventer Herbert Wallace Wanda Webb Lennie Pearl Young Richard Zeigler l36l Xxwxx QB v its W A Sophomore finds his gl slave. OK 51 Freshmen boys are modeling the newest thing Is this a new fashion?? in Initiation costumes. Freshman Class Officers: Linda Cooper, President Frank Vizzerra, Vice-President Richard Villa, Treasurer Don Tankersley, Secretary 399 WE HAVE Movita Andrade Lindsey Baugh Wanda Blythe James Bonham Neal Bunyan. Martha Burns Linda Calkins Kathleen Callan Bessie Campbell Raymundo Celeya James Chisum Johnny Contreras Glen Copeland Linda Cooper MADE N0 Jimmie Darden Waymon Darnell Delia Dela Rocha Orlie Duran 2 2 2 Stephney Duran y :: . ' ii' X 3 Barbara Estes D 4 2 D ti -I J: --:-- W 7 2 gave JA ---- , Rig ft if ,-f1:-., lla. 3 f gif' J ' 'l l' l Marlynn Faughn Joan Finch Gail Fortune Robert Gaefcke i Lutie Galindo 5 A" at E lk Shirley Gray 3 D : II 1 Iull ff ics! ,,1x"w- .Ei Troy Hamilton Betty Hamrick Lona Mae Henry , Ml. 'Q 1 .32 2 K, -' 1 5 rx I2 at ll l LITTLE PLANS: Abe Hernandez Peggy Holland Lloyd Holsey Walter Hunter Lee Jensen James' Jones Marlys Kehrli Fred Leon Mary Lopez Maria Luque Delbert Maxfield Billy McBroom John McMillen Alfonso Moreno Dorothy Moreno 4 Douglas Moser Leonard Munoz Myrtle Nuels Loretta Palmer Herlinda Pariga Herbert Parker Daniel Perez Margaret Phelan Donna Pierce Richard Posey Hilario Quiroz Lucy Rivera Betty Rogers Don Rogers Ellic Rogers TH EY HAVE N0 MAGIC." Jesse Romero Sarah Sagasta Tommy Saucedo Margie Sernas Nelson Shirley Don Tankersley Patricia Thelander Sarah Tucker Joyce Tyree Junior Vaughn Joe Villa Richard Villa Frank Vizzerra David Waltman John Wilson NOT PICTU RED - Thomas Blackman Ray Faulkner 69 Siiwfbs TWO CHURCHES SERVE THE COMMUNITY Sf. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church was built in l9l9, by Goodyear Farms and Thomas Doyle. lt is a mission church of the Glendale Parish serv- ing the Litchfield area. The Church at Litchfield Park, non-denominational, was officially organized in l938, although church services had been carried on continuously since l9l7. Desert Devotionals are held on the hilltop in the Open Air Chapel at Ranch La Loma on Sun- day afternoons in March and April. Co-sponsors of the programs are the Ari- zona Council of Churches and The Church at Litch- field Park. it 3 'HES fzgfsrl E ia gli :M ,T , ,S I5 ,NY 'Hs 57 'E Left to right: Billy Barnett, Robert Ludlow, Richard Zeigler, Laddie Coor, Mr. L. W. Pierce, Gratia Trask, Linda Cooper, David Johns, Jackson Barnett, Jerry Hall, Belen Soto. STUDENT COUNCIL HAS SUCCESSFUL YEAR The Student Council, the school's government, has had a successful year in all of its activities. During the school year of l953-54 the Student Council sponsored the Homecoming game with Florence, a polio benefit basketball game, a Western Day, and the All-school picnic. ln addition to this, it also sponsored many after game dances, including the April Frolics Dance. The members of the Council, including the four class presidents, attended the monthly meetings of the Salt River Valley Student Body Presidents and Vice-Presidents Association. They also attended the Student Council Convention held at Chandler. For the first time the Council ran off the Student Body elections as near to the real elections as possible. The students were required to register before being allowed to vote. This method proved to be very successful. The members of the Student Council for the year i953-54 were: Laddie Coor, Presi- dent, Bill Barnett, Vice President, Gratia Trask, Secretary, Bob Ludlow, Business Manager, Jackson Barnett, President of Boys' Alliance, Belen Soto, President of Girls' League, David Johns, President Senior Class, Jerry Hall, Junior Class President, Dick Zeigler, Sophomore Class President, Linda Cooper, Freshman Class President. Mr. L. Pierce was the Student Council Advisor. 9i N Kneeling, left to right: Fran Hawkins, Belen Soto Donna Rayner Carol Truman Roberta Callan Sitting back row: Pauline Jefferies, Mrs. Billie Jean Pavlich Gratia Trask Arlyne Rodgers Front row Martha Burns Mary Alice Morales, Tanya Andrade, Herlinda Pariga. GIRLS' LEAGUE HAS ACTIVE YEAR The Girls' League of Litchfield High School is organized for the purpose of promoting friendliness, co-operation, and social activity and of serving as a guidance for all girls at tending the school. Due to the careful planning of the Council the Girls League had a very successful year Hot dogs and coffee were sold to finance the various activities which included an All Girls Party, Hamburger Fry, Twirp Dance, Winter Fantasy and after game dances The officers for i953-54 were: Belen Soto, President, Pauline Jeffer- ies, Vice President, Arlyne Rodgers, Secretary, and Mary Alice Morales, Treasurer, Senior Representatives, Ro- berta Callan and Gratia Trask, Junior Representatives, Frances Hawkins and Tanya Andrade, Sophomore Represen- tatives, Donna Rayner and Carol Tru- man, Freshmen Representatives, Mar- tha Burns and Herlinda Pariga. Girls pick oranges to aid the Girls' League Treasury. g BOYS' ALLIANCE Boys' Alliance has been more active in past years than in the l953-54 year, but many movies and guest speakers were brought to Litchfield High School to in- form the boys of matters of importance and, also, for their entertainment, Some of the guest speak- ers were: J. W. Garms of the Traffic Division of the Ari- zona Highway Department. Mr. Garms spoke about the traffic problems faced by Arizona motorists. He also showed a film entitled, "A Day ln Court," which de- scribed the seven types of traffic offenders. Mr. William Cardwell, I from the Franklin Hospital in Phoenix, came to L.H.S. to speak to the student body on the effects and treatment Jackson Barnett, Boys' Alliance President of alcohol on people. Mr. Gordon Mitchell from the Reynolds Aluminum Plant in Phoenix spoke on jobs and job opportunities at the Reynolds Plant. Two representatives from the United States Navy spoke on the opportunities in the Navy for young high school graduates. Howard E. Poland, known as the "Man of Fire" from the Bureau of Mines, spoke about fire, its causes, and ways to prevent as well as fight fires. This was considered by the students to be one of the best programs of the year. The Boy's Alliance elected only one officer this year. The i953-54 Boys' Alli-- ance President was Jackson Barnett. wg Man of Fire demonstrates the combustability point of various inflammable liquids. Qgh, F.H.A. The Future l-lomemakers of America is an organiza- tion for girls interested in homemaking. lt promotes good citizenship and helps prepare the girls for a bet- ter home life. The F.H.A. officers for i953-54 were: Dorothy Gaefcke, President: Sue Hess, Vice President, Mar- garet Belluzzi, Secretary- Treasurer, Miss Betty Sulli- van, Adviser. Left to right: Sue Hess, Miss Betty Sullivan, Dorothy Gaefcke Margaret Belluzzi. THE "L" CLUB The purpose of the Lettermans' Club is to foster good sportsmanship in athletics. This year the L Club took part in the management of the West Central J. V. Basket- ball Tournament held at L.l-l.S. Officers for the i953-54 school year were Clyde Webb, President, and Charles Rygiel Secretary. Standing, left to right: Hall, Rygiel, Waltman, Blythe, Myers, Goldberg, Coor, Childers, Webb, Faulkner, Shep pard, Callan, Cole, Zeigler. Kneeling, left to right: J, Barnett, l-lamrick, McMillen, Calkins, B. Barnett, Horton visit' sw fZ2GWWi? Q T'i'Q25RH3?wiT'X xt, Zy1is?'5Ei2i? HW! fv?kJe'mf f'Si5i1Kw2?i35r'sIkSf?i.viQ t 1?1fi"T"??f vTKh3'YC1i inf5Q-, tn-wi...,mxar'VW Members of the Senior Class SENIOR CLASS PUBLISHES WICKIUP Grace McMillen and Belen Soto headed the staff of the l954 Wickiup as co-editors, while Billy Barnett was the Art Editor and David Johns, Sports Editor. Bert Callan and Earle Rayner headed the business side of the annual staff as the Business Managers. Typists were Gratia Trask, Arlyne Rodgers, Dorothy Gaefcke, La Vonna Manning, and Sue Hess. Advertising salesmen were David Johns, Laddie Coor, Bobby Ludlow, Larry Horton, and Pug Wood. Each member of the class was a salesman in the various business projects in which money was raised to publish the l954 Wickiup. Other members of the class besides those already mentioned were Tony Arvizu, Jackson Barnett, Pat Brown, Glenn Calkins, Marilyn Cozad, Al Galindo, David l-lamrick, Bea Hardeman, Manuel Jimenez, Russel Killip, Dorothy Leonard, Mary Alice Morales, Terry Myers, Jack Palmer, Charles Rygiel, Eleanor Shackel- ford, Carolyn Tyree, Clyde Webb, and Pug Wood. Mrs. Frances Amabisca was the business advisor, and Mr. Norman Borg, editorial advisor. DESERT HOWL WINS HONORS The Desert Howl is published bi-weekly by the members of the journalism class of L.H.S. in order to promote and unify school spirit and to inform the parents and members of the community of the conduct, the activities, and the management of the school. Under the direction of its adviser, Mr. N. R. Borg, the Desert Howl has been award- ed All American from the National Scholastic Press Association: First place from Columbia Press Association, All Columbia for the sports section, for this year. The Staff members for the l953-54 Desert Howl are Co-editors, Laddie Coor and Dor- othy Gaefckeg Business Manager, Bob Ludlow, Circulation Manager, Sue Hess, Society Editor, Grace Mcfvlillen, Sports Editor, David Johns, Assistant Sports Editor, Pug Wood, Girls' Sports Editor, Pat Brown, Advertising, Ted Callang News, Gratia Trask, Mimeoscopes, Bob Lud- low, Larry Horton, Laddie Coor, Reporters, Fran Hawkins, Pauline Jefferies, Carolyn Tyree, Bea Hardeman, Bert Callan, Typists, Sue Hess and Dorothy Gaefcke. The Desert Howl is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association, National lnterscholastic Press Association, the Pacific Slope School Press and Arizona lnterscholastic Press Association. Left to right: Grace McMillen, Sue Hess, Carolyn Tyree, Pauline Jefferies, Edward Callan, Dorothy Gaefcke, Clar- ence Wood, Laddie Coor, Larry Horton, Robert Ludlow and Gratia Trask. STATE ORATORICAL CHAMPION Laddie Coor seeks additional information in preparing his Constitutional oration for a contest sponsored by the Arizona Republic and American Legion. After wiririirig ilie school contest, Laddie went on to win the district and state contest. David Johns, Laddie Coor, and Russel Killip were the winners in the Oratorical Contest that was sponsored by the Arizona Republic, Laddie received a SiO check for his first place oration. Russel Killip, Grace Mclviillen, Roberta Callan, and David Johns represented Litchfield at Girls' and Boys' State in l953, Grace McMillen represented Litchfield in the Daugh- ters of the American Revolution citizenship contest, Standing: Contreras, Dean, Cooper, Truman, S. Cooke, N. Cooke Shackelford Andrade Mrs Jamison Kneel ing: Vizzerra, Killip, Brawley, Green, Wood. THIRTEEN PARTICIPATE IN DECLAMATICN CONTEST Thirteen students participated in the annual Declamation Contest held in the Assem bly Room ot the Litchfield Community Church, at eight oclock on the evening of March i, 1954. The contest was under the direction ot Mrs Juanita Jamison instructor in speech with Laddie Coor, Student Body President, acting as master of ceremonies Students who participated in the contest in- cluded Tanya Andrade, Max Brawley, Alice Con- treras, Nancy Cooke, Sally Cooke, Linda Cooper, Dorita Dean, Johnny Green, Russel Killip, Eleanor Shackelford, Carol Truman, Frank Vizzerra, and Pug Wood. The division winners were: Alice Contreras, Oration, Sally Cooke, Humorous, and Tanya And- rade, Dramatic. Musical numbers were presented by Bob Cozad, Lucille Brickey, and the Double Quartet directed by Mrs. Laird. The judges were The Reverend Roger H. Huebner, The Reverend Gerard E. Kaye, and The Reverend James B. Ostergren. The Tally Judges were Mr. N. R. Borg and Mr. Charles Ellsworth. Mrs. Jamison and the three di vision winners: Alice Contreras Sally Cooke, and Tanya Andrade While the Latin American consulate, Al Galindo, dic- tates a letter to his secre- tary, Mary Alice Morales, the "Breaking ofthe Pinata" is taking place. In the European scene the children come in and hang holly and eat cookies. The European consulate, Lad- die Coor, dictates a letter to his secretary. While the British consulate, David Johns, dictates a let- ter, the Yule Log is being brought in. The twelve gifts are given while the British consulate dictates a letter. 1561 CHRISTMAS IS EVERYWHERE "Christmas is Everywhere" was the theme of the Christmas Pageant put on by the faculty and the stu- dents of L.H.S. lt was the representation of the different nations and their ways of celebrating the Christmas season. The story takes place in the Uni- ted Nations' Building on Christmas Day. As the consulars from England, Europe, and Mexico dictate letters to their secretaries, expressing their loneliness and extending Christmas greetings to their wives and children, they recall the various customs and ways of celebrating the Christmas season. In the Cathedral Scene the dou- ble quartet sang the very beautiful "Ring Christmas Bell," followed by a candlelight processional with the high school chorus singing "O Come All Ye Faithful." A scripture read- ing was given by The Reverend Rober Huebner and a prayer was given by The Reverend James B. Ostergren. "Dona Nobis" was the choral response by the chorus. During the recessional the cho- rus was joined by the audience in singing "Silent Night." From left to right: Johnny Green, Jim Hince- man, Ronnie Armstrong, Russel Killip, Ca- mille Kampert, Linda Cooper, and Joan Finch. Under the direction of Mrs. Laird the Chorus sang at the Christmas Pageant. i575 X EM ami ,.VV4 ,C 4? si "THE STORY OF AMERICAN JAZZ" The Music Department of Litchfield High School presented their annual Music Night, March lO, l954. With the belief that our own "American Music" should be the keystone of any music training program, the high school band and chorus combined their efforts in order to present to the public the "Story of American Jazz." As they told, through the idiom of music, the story of the Negroes captured in Africa, their treatment as southern slaves, and their final emergence as a truly American people, they hoped that the people would join with them in feeling the charm of this, "Our Heritage in Music." The scene was a small cafe in New Orleans where tourists gather to listen to the mu- sic. Some of the songs they heard were: "Birth of the Blues, Go Down Moses, When the Saints! Go Marching ln, Time Out for a Jam Session, Dry Bones, Auditorium Session, Mother Goose Jumps," and several others. Top Left: A small cafe in New Orleans where tourists go to listen to jazz. Top Right: A modern dance telling of the capture of Africans for slaves. Lower Lett: The chorus sings to the accompaniment of the band. Lower Right: A jam session. f58l . ,, ...... g ig., ,,,, , ,, ,.,, , ,.,., , ,..,,., , ., , .,..,-., . -.-. ,.,,,,,.,,.....,.,,.b- 3 . . . AN ACTIVE MARCHING BAND The L.H.S. band, under the direction of Mr, Willard Tolman, played for all home football games and several games away from home. During the football season the band could be seen third period going through its formations in order to give good performances at the football games. After the football season the band made several appearances in parades. Some of these were the State Fair, the Salad Bowl Parade, and the Rodeo parade. The band also made a trip to the University of Arizona at Tucson to participate in the annual Senior Day activities. This year the band's best perform- ance was with the chorus at Music Night when they presented the "Story of American Jazz." Mr. Tolman also directed the swing band, composed of outstanding mem- bers ofthe regular band. Members of the band were: Movita Andrade, Lindsey Baugh, Jimmy Bon- ham, Anita Brawley, Max Brawley, Glenn Cole, Alice Contreras, Johnny Contreras, King Cooper, Linda Cooper, Laddie Coor, Glen Copeland, Bobby Gaefcke, Dodee Gaefcke, Betty Ham- rick, Bonnie Hestand, David Johns, Russell Killip, Bobby Ludlow, Eddie Manley, Grace McMillen, Johnny Mc- Millen, Alfonso Moreno, Marlyn Olson- Robert Robinson, Rosie Sanchez, Elea- nor Shackelford, Frankie Vizzerra, and Clyde Webb. Majorettes: Tanya Andrade, Lynn Bear, Ann Davis, La Vonna Manning, Nancy O'Neil, Peggy Phelan, Donna Rayner, and Joann Schmidt. Top Picture: The band in its colorful blue and gold uniforms. Second Picture: The band in western clothes for Rodeo Parade. Third Picture: The band in action at the Rodeo Parade. SENIOR DAY PRINCESS MARY ALICE MORALES was elected by the Senior Class to represent Litchfield High School on Senior Day at the Uni- versity ot Arizona, at Tucson, on October 3l,l953. SALAD BOWL PRINCESS DOROTHY GAEFCKE was chosen by the Student Body to represent Litchfield High School at the Salad Bowl Parade in Phoe- nix, Arizona on January l, l954, l60l Billy Barnett, Senior April Frolics captain, makes the Broad Jump, Freshman girls play Senior girls for Volley- ball championship. Freshmen win. Fran Hawkins and Paul- ine Jefferies win the three- legged race while Grace Mc- Millen and Eleanor Shackel- ford come in second. Donna Rayner leading the sack race. SENIORS WIN APRIL FROLICS Billy Barnett and Pat Brown, King and Queen of April Frolics for the second year. Billy Barnett and Pug Wood come in first for the boys threealegged race. Pat Brown, Senior April Frolics captain makes the winning high jump for the girls. Coach Komadina seeing that April Frolics goes on schedule and David Johns announcing the activities of April Frolics. l6l A . A l:" A' L. . fy W 1 U 'P' if , - K azxdaswfv-'W' "V WW ,, ,, . - J-,1.,f,l if nn- ,, . ....-R11 if-X M .1 ' ,oval ,. " ' hiatt! smakmfqlt ww- f 4 Mgt am.. ff W fe.-X-1 Mifwf. .V K 51.5 , . 1 , 4- .talk " f A 'N-. . - we A W .. '1Wa2Z"3ls4 'TW h. M I 1 IPI Q.-ni ,., -w 'F fo! 1 iihfg X, , A 'N 1. 5" S iw' 3 2 I S Z R, 5 GIRLS HELP T0 CREATE SCHOOL SPIRIT Cheerleaders: Fran Hawkins, Dorothy Gaefcke, and Pauline Jefferies. AKWQM Mmm W! MW Pomvpon girls: La Vonna Manning, Tanya Andrade, and Ann Davis. The cheerleaders and pom-pen girls play an important part in creating and maintain ing school spirit. MX X may GOODYEAR FARMS RAISES VARIETY OF CROPS Chief crops include cotton, alfalfa. barley, wheat and sorghum grains. There are 220 acres in citrus fruit. The farm gins its own cjtton and has a modern feed storage and mix- ing plant together with new type pens for the feeding of cattle. lne Goodyear Farms' pro- gram of fattening feeder cat- tle in pens on a commercial basis started in l929. The grain plant and hay stor- age barns adiacent to the cattle feed pens. l l SOLIDS AND ELECTIVES FOR LIFE'S PREPARATION Miss Randall is always ready to help the students purchase supplies and obtain tardy and absence slips. Mrs. Amabisca, Guidance Counselor, gives directions for taking an l.Q. test. Mr. Komadina, Driver Training instructor tells his class how to change a flat tire. Shorthand ll students learn to take dictation at a faster speed and to transcribe accurately. Miss Sullivan tells her Home Economics I class how to cut a pattern. The "alumnos" like to read and write Spanish. The Shop ll boys are busy working on their projects. Mechanical Drawing teaches students the fundamentals of drawing blueprints of ma- chines. English l students write book reports on books that they have enjoyed the most. Study Hall provides the students with suffi- cient time to prepare their lessons. Students in the Civics class study federal and state government. C68 Ql Mr. West's Physics class determining the focal point of the lens. Bookkeeping students learn how to fill out state and federal income tax returns. The Biology class is studying about starch, sugar, and proteins. Students in Advanced Math are working out a problem that Mr. West has just given them. Under the direction of Mrs. Laird the Chorus members practice for Music Night. Algebra students learn to work equations. The Typing I students are taking a speed test. Billy Barnett leads the Boys' P. E. class in their daily exercises. 7 Sue Hess and Grace Mclvlillen are proof- reading the stencil to see if the paper is ready to go to press. Mrs. Arnabisca dictates a letter to her Short- hand I class. The boys and girls are very interested in learning about Family Relations. Members of the annual class are eager to help Mr. Borg get the annual ready to go to the printers. The General Math class is learning the fun- darnenfals of working math problems. Typing ll students are now -vorking for typ- ing speed. Mr. Pierce's Citizenship class learns more about being good citizens. The Girls' P. E. classes learn to play many games, one of which is horseshoes. 2 CUWXS FOOTBALL Owls Opp. Buckeye A............. 6 13 Parker ..... ........ 3 0 0 Peoria ................ 25 0 Tolleson ..........,... 0 13 Phoenix Indians ..25 0 Ajo ,................... 12 18 Sunnyslope .....A.... 32 0 Florence .............. 12 25 Scottsdale .......... 6 13 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Owls Opp. Parker .,.............. 31 Scottsdale .......... 7 Tolleson .............. Buckeye .............. Wic kenbu rg ........ Carver ........A....... Sunnyslope ,......... Tolleson .............. Antelope ............ Peoria ................ Ajo .................... 40 54 20 34 33 22 61 Bagdad ..............., 38 ' 43 34 69 61 42 Phoenix Indians ..41 Buckeye ,............. 53 Gila Bend ............ 56 39 28 39 51 28 29 Peoria ..... ........ 4 5 30 38 37 49 32 34 40 BASEBALL Owls Opp. Peoria .......A........ Tolleson Buckeye ...... ..... St. Johns ......,..... Brophy ..........,..... Sunnyslope .......... Peoria ..... ........ Brophy ...,.... ..... Sunnyslope ......A. 1 2 4 2 1 8 6 5 9 10 0 3 Tolleson ....,....... 5 10 ' 13 2 6 1 9 8 St. Johns ....,....... 16 15 5 Buckeye ..........,... 1 5 THE WIGWAM GOLF COURSE THE wlGwAM GOLF coukss Opened in 1930 as a nine-hole course in conjuction with the Wigwam Hotel. The course ex- panded to an 18-hole course with bent grass greens and open to the public. V. O. Allen, member of the P,G.A., is the professional. A swimming pool is operated in con- junction with the golf course. OWL SCOREBOARD VARSITY BASKETBALL Owls Opp. Parker ................ Scottsdale ,......... Tolleson .............. Buckeye .............. Wickenburg ,,,,.... Carver ................ Sunnyslope ........ Peoria ...... ....... Tolleson .... ....... Antelope ............ Peoria ................ Ajo ...,........,......... Phoenix Indians ., 59 35 53 45 74 53 58 46 51 52 40 68 40 42 Bagdad ................ 46 34 ' 53 42 69 44 64 33 44 38 49 50 55 44 Buckeye .............. 59 37 ' 73 54 Gila Bend .,..,....... FRESHMEN Owls Opp. St. Johns ............ Scottsdale ..,......... Tolleson .............. Wickenburg .....,.. 22 19 27 20 17 18 Buckeye .............. 38 21 39 31 Avondale Elm ....,. 26 28 32 22 Brophy ................ BASEBALL Owls Opp. Bagdad ................ 12 4 St. Johns ............ 2 6 Carver ...... ....... 7 17 Peoria ...... . 7 11 Parker ...... ....... 8 6 St. Johns ............ 11 5 Buckeye .............. 3 Wickenburg ........ Gila Bend ............ Wickenburg ......,. Scottsdale .......... 2 6 1 8 7 1 3 Tolleson ..........,... 5 0 2 5 4 14 O 1 Sunnyslope ..,....... A10 .................... BASKETBALL Dysart ...... Peoria Tolleson ..,. Owls Opp. Peoria .....,.......... Phoenix Indians .. 25 23 34 22 18 27 Avondale .......,.... 28 20 38 31 19 26 38 21 Buckeye .............. Clyde Webb Bryant Castellow David Johns Jackson Barnett Coach Komadina David Hamrick Terry Myers Thomas Shirley Dick Zeigler Guthrie Smith 1762 AI Galindo David Waltman Johnny McMiIlen Jim Hincernan Laddie Coor Glen Cole Ted Callan C773 Assistant Coach West Pug Wood Ray Sheppard 'Fi YW Q 2 - Q 1, mmm R 3 f fx milk NR! ig,!,Z1-W '-. Y "' if DESPITE INJURIES OWLS HAVE GOOD RECORD Head Coach Tony Komadina and Assistant Coach Keith West with their gridiron for- ces had a tough "53" schedule. Meeting rivals with a much better squad, the Owls ended the season with a four win, five loss record. Losing first l3-6 to old rivals, the Buckeye Hawks, the Owls got hot under the collar and settled down to beat Parker and Peoria by a lopsided score of 30-O and 25-O. lnvading Tolleson territory the Owls were dropped l3-O, but bounced back to tromp the Phoenix lndians 25-O. Next on the schedule was Ajo, who edged out the Owls l8-l2, then a defeat by the powerful Florence Gophers by a score of 25-l2. ln the final against Scotts- dale the injury-ridden Owls surprised the Beavers by holding them to a l3-6 win. Pug Wood and David Johns were elected by their teammates as co-captains. Tackle David Johns won honors as first string All-Conference and second string All-State. Also taking honors was hustling lineman, Laddie Coor, who placed on the second-team All-Con- ference and Pug Wood, who received Honorable Mention. Left to right, Bottom row: Barnett, Johns, Coor, Zeigler, Hinceman, Shirley, Sheppard, Second row: Villa, G. Cole, B. Cole, Callan, Smith, Myers. Third row: Webb, Hamrick, Hall, Pratt, Castellow, McMillen, Wood, Galindo. Fourth row: Linville, Green, Ring, Duran, Farmer, Mitchell, Campa, Bonham. Fifth row: Hunter, Manley, J, Romero, Hineman, S. Romero, Perez, Quiroz, Wallace. Back row: Blythe, Hamilton, Aguilar, Gaefcke, Shirley, Faulkner, Arvizu, Rygiel, Koger, Barnett. Ray Sheppard Pug Wood David Solis David Johns Al Galindo CAGERS HAVE SUCCESSFUL SEASON Improvement has been the by-word for the basketball team in the last four years, with this year's record one to marvel. Under the able coaching of Coach Komadina the Owls hit an all-time high record for the past few years with l2 wins and 4 losses. Our "53-54" basketball team started off well, taking easy wins from Parker, Scottsdale, Tolleson, Buckeye and then Wickenburg eased by with a 52-5l win. O Dropping into a slump the Owl Cagers were beaten first by the tall Carver Monarchs and then by the scrappy Sunnyslope Vikings. Knocking off Bagdad, Peoria, Tolleson, Antelope, and Peoria, the Owls again showed their scoring power. Losing to Ajo, ending their five-game winning streak, the Owls went on to wind up the season with wide-margin wins over the Phoenix Indians, Buckeye and Gila Bend. Forward, Pug Wood made second string All-Con- ference, David Solis, high scorer for the Owls, and David Johns, center, were given Honorable Mention. FUTURE STARS Coach "Chuck" Ellsworth and his snappy JV squad, showed a lot of promise this season as they finished second in the District Junior Varsity Tournament, being beaten only by Carver. Tall center Frank Colyer, who was high scorer of the squad, was selected captain of the team. The Frosh, under the coaching of Coach Tony Komadina, did very well for the first year of high school ball. Litchfield can be proud of all of their basketball squads, for the Freshmen finished in the money too, taking first place in the Freshmen District Tournament. Varsity, Left to right, First row: Sheppard, Wood, Johns, Solis, Galindo. Second row: Faulkner, Palmer, Barnett, Horton. Top row: Truman, Calkins, Coach Komadina. Junior Varsity, Left to right, First row: Manley, Oliver, Pratt, Assistant Coach Ellsworth, Glaser, Villa. Top row: Colyer, Darnell, Zeigler, Brawfey, Colbert, Freshmen, Left to right, First row: McBroom, Walt- man, Gaefcke, Perez, Villa, Moser. Second row: Ro- mero, Faulkner, Parker, McMillen, Rogers, Duran. Top row: Jensen, Tankersley, Bonham, Hamilton, A. Moreno, Coach Komadina. ,,,.L...--...qu-an .mo-9,ht3,,,,' Q- M, ""--. nh,-ux' guild v4'44,.,,,.-fA"" sin Wood, Villa, Rygiel, Barnett, Coor, Webb, Valles, Colbert, Solis, Shirley, Coach Ellsworth. OWL NINE BREAKS EVEN Under the experienced coaching of Coach "Chuck" Ellsworth, the baseball team started the season off by taking an easy win from Bagdad I7-4, then seeming to falter the Owls dropped three games in a row, St. Johns, 6-2, Carver, l7-7, and then Peoria, ll-7, xi-.QvIqlIr."fl ln midseason the Owl nine took hold and began showing their strength, as they went into a five game winning streak. Grabbing the first two with easy wins from Parker, 8-6 and St. Johns, ll-55 the Owls then beat Buckeye for the first time in many years, by a small margin, but an efficient one, of 3-2, Wickenburg fo-ll and Gila Bend K8-73 were next to fall in front of the hard hitting nine, before their winning streak was to break. Wicken- burg came back for revenge and got it in a close win, 3-l. Tolleson was the last to fall to the Owls for the season with a 5-O trouncing. Winding up the season with three losses, Scottsdale C2-55, Sunnyslope H4-4l, and a very close one to the district champions, Ajo Cl-OJ, the Litchfield nine finished with a 7-loss and 7-win record. Laddie Coor, work horse for the team, was elected Captain by his teammates for the season of '54, Bill Barnett and Coach Komadina, together, coached the JV squad to a very good sea- son. The Junior Varsity while learning the fundamentals, also worked hard enough to win eight of their twelve games. Tolleson, St, Johns, Sunnyslope, Peoria, Brophy, and Buckeye were some who fell before the onslaught of the eager J. V.'s. VARSITY, Top Photo, Standing: Barnett, Rygiel, Coor, Faulkner, Callan, Shirley, Pratt, Oliver, Glaser, Villa, Col- bert. Front row: Truter, Boyles, Wood, Webb, Coach Ellsworth, Solis, Callan, Valles, JUNIOR VARSITY, Lower Photo, Standing: Barnett, Parker, Bonham, Vizzerra, Blackman, L. Galindo, J. Villa, Manley, Tankersley, Leon. Front row: Rogers, S. Romero, Brawley, Carnpa, Mcfvlillen, Faulkner, Perez, Darnell, Posey. "Q-wa. ' QXQHFIQJ? Wi, ri FIQ 'twat s.- 4 V , Q sf? 'ig 'wg i853 GIRLS' SPORTS START AT LITCHFIELD 0 Organized sports for girls such as volleyball, badminton and tennis started this year. Coach Pavlich, girls Physical Education teacher, set up two teams of volleyball, with "A" and "B" classification. The girls did very well for their first year of intramural sports. Pat Brown, Captain of "A" Team lead them to a six win, one loss record. Pauline Jefferies was Captain of the "B" Team which also had a good record. The "A" Team had victories over St. Marys, Chandler, Gilbert, Carver, Scottsdale, win- ning one and losing one to Tolleson. "A" Team, Top Photo: O'Neal Burns, Cooke, Webb, Brown Coach Pavlich, Truman, Callan Rodgers, Rivera, Palmer. i "B" Team, Lower Photo: DeLa Rocha, Belluzzi, S. Rodgers, Jef- feries, Trask, Coach Pavlich, Scott, Hess, Tyree, Sagasta, Sernas. "" vrmwxairwars'-mmmtfifvlfwfavakereefsw lQ:era:fXe'Qf'+1aim 2f5L1gmzgw,L,,., ,Am A, ,M ,,,,,, , , ,mia A MM GIRL NETTERS IN ACTION The girls' badminton team attended the l954 High School Badminton Tournament held at Tempe. Arlyne Rodgers played first singles losing first to Gilbert and then to West Phoe- nix. Camille Kampert played second singles losing to West Phoenix and then to Tolleson in the consolation. Syble Hance and Mary Jane Aragon, playing doubles, won their first match from Mesa, but were dropped out later by Mingus. Getting off to a slow start by losing their first match to Scottsdale, the girls' tennis team improved sufficiently for their second match to hold Tolleson to a tie, but lost a return match with Scottsdale. Practicing hard they defeated Sunnyslope only to lose a tight match against Buckeye. Recovering, they wound up the season by blanking Gila Bend and taking a close decision in a return match with Sunnyslope. Finishing fourth in the West Central Tourna- ment at Buckeye, the team, with Pauline Jefferies, playing singles, lost the first round to Scottsdale, defeating Sunnyslope and Gila Bend to lose again to Scottsdale. The doubles team, Arlyne Rodgers and Gratia Trask, losing the first round to Buckeye, came back to beat Gila Bend and Sunnyslope, only to forfeit their fourth round to Scottsdale. Badminton: Rodgers, Kampert, Coach Pavlich, Hance, Aragon. Tennis Team, standing: Coach Pavlich, Truman, Gaefcke, Haw- kins, Hess, Brown. Sitting: Cal- lan, Rodgers, Burns, Trask, Jef- feries. CDMA W w , 1 N i , , 1 , K1 l THE WIGWAM Originally known as the "Organization House", it provided accommodations' for visiting executives. It was expanded and re-named the Wigwam and on Thanksgiving Day in l93O was opened as a guest ranch. Goodyear Farms continues to operate the Wigwam, now one of the Southwest's popular winter resort hotels with accommodations for l3O guests. Main building houses a spacious dining room where the Junior-Senior Banquet is held annually, two beautiful lounges, music room, and other entertainment rooms. Adjacent to the main lounge is a large patio, where the Prom is held, and heated swimming pool. ln the gardens of the Wigwam are l8 wickiups of three to six bedrooms for use indi- vidually or en suite. Each room has private bath, telephone, and electrically controlled heat. The interesting Indian Pueblo style of architecture and decorations is used throughout. Main entrance to Wigwam. in 1153 .S+ " J !.JifVip ff i .Q 1 M P '9 ... I A 14? X T mi N f V H ii Z Q I af X gl fmt? 9,1 SENIORS HONORED BY JUNIORS Shown in the top picture is the cake decorated to look like the cover of the program for the banquet. After the banquet everyone received a piece ot this cake. The second picture shows the head table at the annual Junior- Senior Banquet. Mr. A. L. Tidwell is giving his speech entitled "Something to Say." The lower picture shows a view of the banquet room. The theme of this year's banquet was "Las Fiestasf' C9 9 PROM IS BIG SUCCESS The top picture shows the dancing on the patio of the Wigwam after the banquet, given by the Junior Class in honor of the Seniors. ln the lower picture all the Seniors form an "L" for Litchfield. Both the banquet and the prom are annual events sponsored by the Junior Class in honor of the graduating Senior Class. STUDENTS ENJOY WINTER FANTASY Shown in the top picture are the King and Queen of the Winter Fantasy and their attendants. Left to right: Frankie Vizzerra, Terry Ring, Ray Sheppard, David Johns. Crown bearer, Michele Espilg King, Clyde Webb: President, Belen Soto, Queen, Mary Alice Morales: crown bearer, Libby Hilton, Dorothy Gaetcke, Ann Davis, Margaret Bel- luzzi, Bessie Campbell. The lower picture shows the dancing at the Winter Fantasy. Q QJQXQNCNQJ -......,,,,h AREAS SERVED BY LITCHFIELD HIGH QXQNLAX, LITCHFIELD PARK Center of I6,000 acre ranch operated by Goodyear Farms AVONDALE Farming Community G00 DY EAR Goodyear Aircraft and Naval Air Facility GOOD LUCK SENICDRS ii? .I . G . B 0 S W E L L Qiiiie Litchfield Pork, Arizona GUUI YIEAR lFPXRMS GO0D AR FIELD PARK, ARIZONA Goodyear Service Stations e i ? Litchfield Pork, Arizona BOWMAN DRUG Goodyear - 1 FILMS l COSMETICS CAMERAS PRESCRIPTIONS TOILETRIES I COMPLETE CICAEETTES l ECUNTAIN CANDY SERVICE CIGARS Walter Butler Motors X, I I Phone 2361 Buckeye. Arizona Seven Stores To Serve You- Wherever you are in Central Ari- zona, you'll find a Stapley Store nearby, stocked with practically everythinq you need for the farm and home. I I zwfgEi:1fiia QQ4ifQi Phoenix - Glendale Mesa - Chandler - Buckeye Casa Grande - Coolidge 975 ta Y I lu' XQAL1-1? . bij' 'frlO'i'AL , N ' ,W ,- +1glNB51Jf Wlnvlll . fl if 1 like ltlllll lnmnl No matter where you live in Arizona, at least one of the Valley Bank's 34 friendly offices is near at hand. And the experience, know-how and re- p p y sources of the entire statewide Valley C x twl1,,,, . i " 1 l ' if Bank organization are available to Q iff 1 1 y I ' ' ' ' you at every ofiice. T-V C L qilf 1 it !', A As you embark on a business career, H, ,L L y' A i xl! l l you will find that a close relationship r ' 'Y xl p Q, as A 1 ' with your bank is very important. We X WI 'iff W A fl at the Valley Bank welcome the op- N lm 1 " A I ny', M7b3 l portunity to get acquainted with you l M Nl 'lb 'jlfffp l lflalifiiy young people - our fellow citizens 1 1 N - YQ , gjlilll and customers of the years ahead. l l ll lt ,ll - C y A, r afffffl li to vt.taa.a. tala. Q I ii ' Li 'is 1: 'Exe' . is 1' l ..,. """-""'.""' Z iifiiaiiezfz.. L l f A n la .i H I ' ' - I H Y. "'-' --:: l I ls , 4 p - ' ' ' I,x:gg-21:1rf:sess:::::e:s:zsa:a:s:a:ag zf. , 4.55:55ass:1:wx::ar2:5:5:s:sa:1jig::1:..Q M if A . ,I E L. ', , "'-'--: - 3:1 1'. "5'2,5E5,:.,, 'ffz 5 :, .,,,.: : g5g55:5::.,: ,,.1 11" ,,v:,::1 - 1 unsssr BANK IN THE num MOUNTAIN sims , zi: .I llz: E 5552225255552 Queen Creek Potato Growers Association Congratulations Class ot "54" DSR? Courtesy of D. D. ATCHISON Congratulations Class of '54 from the Wigwam Golf Course V. O. ALLEN. Prop. Litchfield ' Park, Arizona 19 W8tE GARAGE Equipment Made To Order HAY LOADERS, ETC., ALL WORK GUARANTEED Parts - Accessories Iust West oi Nandin's Congratulations Class of 1954 School 81 Sports Supply Company 326 W. Ieiterson Phoenix, Arizona "Serving The Schools Of The Southwest" Marion S. Whitney Firestone Dealer Store Wilson Sporting Goocls Golf, Baseball, Football Tip-Top Beauty Salon Specializing in Permanent Waving - Machine Machineless - Cold Waves Basketball Open Evenings by Appointment 101 S. Grand Ave. WE 5-9564 YE 7-8717 Glendale 223 S. 3rd St. Avondale Hammond Soap 81 Chemical Co. Manufacturers Distributors SOAP WAXES CLEANERS SANITARY SUPPLlES INSECFUCIDES and DlSlNl:'EOTAN'l'S FLOOR FlNlSl-IES Phone ALpine 8-5307 115 West Iackson Street Phoenix, Arizona jQ D Graduation Announcements Calling Cards Diplomas Contributed Ioster's Treasucref Craft lewelry in the Caps and Gowns Medals and Trophies Interest of Sports , by SAM DeWITT, Representative A Friend Autrey Brothers C 2254 Lawrence St. Denver 2, Colorado Best Wishes and Greetings Stan's Chevron Service "The Friendly Station" Avondale Arizona MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Line ot School Supplies and Equipment Athletic Goods Staqe Equipment Gffice Supplies and Equipment 324 North Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona Phone AL 4-5651 HOOD Webster's Associated Doiry Products Co. mms Phone YE 7-7313 - AL 3-3313 Glendale, Arizona Congratulations Congratulations Class of To The 1954 Closs ot '54 From Your Photographer Avon Furniture A. A. Berluti i Phone WE 5-3434 Avondale 527 E. Camelback Phoenix, Arizona SYS ' , 'ind ' ' ' ' '.'i:"7.f.',f.2.f:':f15:f'Q:'tf'g: t,Z3'if-'-'-'-:-tg:-'-I-'-: '-: I3'-t-:3:3::Z3:gt5t3t-rtjfttq ,Q ,, Vi if Only time will tell what's ahead for each of ' - you: maybe fame . . . or fortune . . . or, 5 maybe both. In any case, the real measure of success is not fame or fortune, it's freedom. ' V Freedom to think, freedom to speak, and freedom to act. Your biggest responsibility is 3' 0 ri T025 5 X 1? GSE , .Lg the protection of those freedoms for yourself and for others. " What's ahead depends on your efforts. Fame and fortune fl H' E' i a have little value without freedom, V J Q5 so we must all be alert to combat I t 4' . any force that attempts to tale our '-4 ' , freedom from us. , ' ,' ' '- ' nf" I iliir 1- A I I 1 o u A Q Public service ....... . .... , Compliments of HOLSUM BAKERS rv 'TAR B B Souilluesl flour :feed fo.l1c. itll! I IIIDILI Best Wishes and Greetings anno NA ' SOUTHWEST , A FLOUR AND FEED 5055 COMPANY muncrnm Hill! I illllul nun my Glendale, Arizona ""'0"" 'os' O2 Supplies and Equipment for School - Ottice - Church - lndustry "A Service Organization for Arizona" 9 I-, Sxlbf a I 5 Pmnson, anions, STEINER if wisr 530 W. Washington St. Phoenix ALpine 8-6661 Tucson lHowa1'd 6 Stoiitl - Yuma lYuma Stationersl Prescott - Flagstaff - Salford - Mesa My Florist Congratulations 534 w. McDowell at 'nh Avenue Senigrs Phoenix, Arizona Arizoncfs Largest Flower and 1 Gift Shop 4- CORSAGES AND FLOWERS o a at Prices You Can Afford AL 8-7401 Free Delivery Open 7 Days - 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Airline Restaurant 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Goodyear. Arizona Co-Op Dairy Home of Golden Guernsey Milk For Home Delivery Call ALpine 8-3451 Phoenix. Arizona IO3 McGrew PRINTERY COV'Q"0'fUI0'fi0"15 ..-.1 Seniors W V, Printers Of this Compliments Armucd of C O vii? Litchfield Drug 601 East Adams Street Phoenix, Arizona Phone AL 4-4768 Arizona CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS YOU'VE DONE A FINE IOB WE LOOK FORWARD TO "OUR TURN" NEXT YEAR IUNIORS OF 1954 1104 For Graduation Give An UNDERWOOD PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Call For Free Trial No Gbliaation Ed. O'Kelly AL 8-7579 Phoenix. Arizona Schneider's Drug Store Best Wishes and Greetings to The Graduating Class ot i954 Congratulations to The Class ot '54 at HENRTS You'll Find Sterling by Wallace, Lunt, Heirloom, International Watches by Hamilton, Elgin, Gruan, Bulova, Lonaines-Wittnauer, Wyler Diamonds by Art-Carved and Orange Blossom I HENRI S JEWELERS SINCE 1934 142 E. Glendale Ave Glendale, Ariz. STANDARD Congrotulotions Seniors Insurance Agenc Ed. H. Bringhurst Frank P. Middleton LU W. A. Rudd Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ludlow A Senior's Porents GARAGE lnsurornce is our business Nothing Else 35 West Iefferson Phone AL 8-6741 Y ?.1: "i:1.1:i'1p1 ,,. 5 ' t a lk, , hit:- f P 7 Phone AM 6-2415 f 5, Phoenix, Arizona ff- 'v-'Af-' ? .1-,. , RUGS - DRAPERIES 5 , , , the home OftreCfSuredf1OOr COVGI- , . ' ' 'K f mqs and compotnlon selected clrcrperles i, iv On Channel 5 3' The Hopalong Cassidy Show V fi...-M l 'F ' 011 KTAR - The TOHY '-" -L " Muffin Show at 8245 A-M ,ZH --.,7,""' ' 'g s35E::r' -2EEQEQEi15EQE5EE5fE2iiE5fEEEQ- ,..: " A A 3236 North Thrid sneer . . Phoemxl AHZOM H06 REST WISHES Ralph Watkins Chevrolet Co. Buckeye. Arizona Goodyear. Arizona at Moore-Stuckey H CTOR LUMBER CO O O Hardware I Paints O Building Supplies Avondale, Arizona Phone WE 5-3513 DeBerge Electric Electrical Contractors MOTOR REWlNDlNG LIGHTING FIXTURES 550 W. Washington Street Phoenix. Arizona Harman's Cafe Congratulations Seniors I Litchfield Park Arizona Compliments of Wilson Cleaners Litchfield Park West of Drugstore Specializing in FlNE DRY CLEAIXHNG One-Day Special Service Three-Day Regular Service KISER MOTOR Service Dodge Trucks Dodge of Plymouth Dealers General Petroleum Products Phone YE 7-9267 Phoenix AL 8-0804 LlO7l Congrotulotions Seniors 921319 Mr. ond Mrs. Ronold Wood A Senior's Porents BANKS ELECTRIC CO. Your Westinghouse and Maytag Store LIONEL TRAINS BALANCED Phone YE 7-9297 Glendale, Arizona LLOYD'S UNION SERVICE Expert Lubrication Your Union OIL DEALER Avondale, Arizona A Modern Complete Food Market FOOD FAI R Located Between Avondale and SABA'S Department Stores Nationally Advertised Goodyear Merchandlse store Hours "Shop at Saba's and Save" Mon. - Thurs. Fri. - Sat. 9-7 9-8 Avondale, Arizona U08 , G d L k Anderson Tlre OO UC Cornpany Avondale Motor Company I Dodge and O Plymouth I Phone AL 4-3021 Phone WE 5-9410 Phoenix, Arizona Avondale, Arizona L. D. McDonald Opportunity! Opportunity! Open up that doorp Here comes that super class of fifty-four! They have had fun, and they've learned a lotp And this World needs just what they've qot. Sure, they hate to leave old Litchfield l-liahg But after tour rich years, they must say, "Good By" So as they journey on, We Wish them Well And hope they will always travel with SHELL. Buckeye. Arizona SHELL PRODUCTS Arizona Exterminating Company and Reliable Termite Control Q2 808 N. 2nd Street Phoenix, Arizona Phone AL 4-3395 Congratulations, Seniors Turf Cafe MR. and MRS. PALMER 1841 West McDowell at Six Points Best Wishes Seniors Girls' League L. H. S. Compliments ot AB RAHAM'S Stores Located For Your Convenience at LITCHFIELD PARK GOODYEAR BUCKEYE Theres no store just like Porters "The West's Most Western Store" f Sports 6. Casual Clothes wk Luggage 6. Leather Goods f Ranch 6 Western Apparel if Patio 6: Gift Wares i Sporting Goods and Porters' Saddles GRS' 0 Glendale News Established 1912 Publishers Stationers Commercial Printers 29 N. 2nd Avenue Glendale, Arizona BENDIX LAUNDERETTE 0 O 0 Avondale Circle Soil Water - l-lalf l-lour Service Phone WE 5-9894 PARIZ A BESERNSEIHES . t , 'uno ores fwelllers f TYPEWRITERS Phoenix' Arizona Phoenix, Arizona 742 E. McDowell Rd. AL 82148 Phone AL 4-3241 Lesclfmer and Mahoney Gogdyear Variety and H dw ARCHITECTS " "8 E N G I N E E R S QQCQ31 15 PHOENIX ARIZONA O O 0 Phone WE 5-9740 Goodyear, Arizona Kllll COLDWATER MERCANTILE COMPANY I Home and Ranch Supplies Dry Goods and Sports Supplies I W. D. CRAWFORD Owner, Manager Phone WE 5-9495 COMPLIMEN TS OF ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY Binders of the '54 Wickiup 6 0 9 547 W. Jefferson Avondale, Arizona Phoenix E. T. w. Coulter CONGRATU-TIQNS SENIORS REAL ESTATE FIRE ci AUTO INSURANCE Box 594, Avondale Phone WE 5-3172 O O 0 Dr. Geo. H. McMillan Litchfield Park. Arizona, Conqiilillations Wests i d e GARCINS Enterprise MARKET THE ONE-STOP 'STORE Phone WE 5-9863 Avondale. Arizona Serving Tolleson Goodyear G Litchfield Gene Ely WE 5-3121 U12 Westside Ranch Supply Feed, Hardware Plumbing Building Supplies 0 O O Frigidaire Appliances 0 O 0 Avondale, Arizona Remington Rand, Inc. I STANDARD ELECTRIC PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS I Phoenix. Arizona Phone AL 8-4828 Congratulations, Seniors fm BOWER-PALMER Eine lob Printing Since 1904 Henry Brooks RULING Distributor PRINTING STANDARD o1L PRODUCTS LITHGGRAPHING Avondale. Arizona Phoenix, Ariz. Phone AL 8-7557 CCMPLIMENTS OE Phoenix Tobacco Co. 425 W. Iefferson O 0 O Home of Eine SCI-lRAEET'S CANDIES Reece Clayton 6: Son Distributor for MOBILE PRODUCTS Bulk Plant Marinette. Arizona H33

Suggestions in the Litchfield High School - Wickiup Yearbook (Litchfield Park, AZ) collection:

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