Leola High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Leola, SD)

 - Class of 1958

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:Q V - ,ell ,:-3.2! nf: fe: - 5 , El ', : V.-:K ,,, f. g 11?F:g,,-.V Q5 1, ,, ' . - , vi veQi.a'.ff:+.jT- 1 ' ,.,., ,- W , 3- -T. F 1.5 N 4 v ,, , F 1 1 -V . .Vg 'V - .- f41,,.,4: A, .Z v.,Q,,.,:L,g:-fav 1 5 5151-1-'4-,r-E -.-fp, ., - --.,:- J- j-NN. -A 1 " "1 aw?fse:a4 uiwa-ff,:.- ,- ' iszfffdlfq.-yeb. 1 ,1 ' "5 , K , ' . A ,.r,1-fix,-E. .91 ' ' " ' . f. ' fmsfl- vi-1. :xv W , . , - -f , . -f -nv V 1' A -,1 , " ,- ,g 4 - g n.. -V V A f 4 1 . ' " "'f4 5,.Za1"' .':v I , , ' " ' , ah. -1 . - , 1 r j " 33:5 .gg f My-. ,L 45,6 : v we-, -1- . , , fa ..,.. - ' ., ff -' - A-'sae'-w,x..C'.f' " , A 1 -'mn'-M ,w,..'1 4' .RF ' J'-j-+x..,,' ' n . -,Le--.. 5.5: K , V ' - 1-v-.mv M' 1-'FJ I ,f M1 H11J.5,. 1 ' a -V S , -4, , 'iff L ' Y Y -,N 3, , ' -yszgrfp L W NYJ WL T .GA Y 2 ' 11 . fi f ' ' JF' JJ- r . Y zf,1'i',1' ' "R: ff'??'R'f5'-L.l-3 , ' ' . - .QQ 5 ' M. . , 'V ,W ".' ."- A .' 'f-bf ,mfs -- ,. L' , .1 p -h.d,z,g V -.Q-Ng .,- A X. x' F -sf - ' vagff f t , v.--,-1. ,r -f-Ax - v Y , . v fl' V , ,-.,,,1, 1-,, -as--,:.L.,... 1 ' ' 2 f ,a,.a:1. ig, vk-'L 1 .--.,:, , " Sf- ' , Q- , , , 4 'ram- ' f ' .,. . V M Jizz.:-sf--N . 3.45 -' ' k ' -rf ,TH- ,9 A 1958 Euccaneea grlllfecl By '7!1e Swim 01444 , U! N fare cuff!! scfmz ,uw GJ 7fze wma ""' ' '7aUe 01 H Page Title Page 1 Crow's Nest 2' Dedication 3 NFacu1ty M-7 Student Council 5 School Board Library Club 9 Class Snaps 10 oaLoca1 Snaps 11 .Seniors 12-17 Juniors 18 rrSophomores 19 gqFreshmen ZO 21 25 27 28 28 29 5 8 QgHomecoming fgGrades 22- ?PFootba11 26- Pep Club Lettermen Carnival 5. 3 Guiana Basketball 30- Track Cheerleaders Twirlers Snapshots 35 Junior Play 36 Senior Play 37 Vocal Music 38-bl Band k2-M3 Annual Staff uh Paper Staff hS Snapshots ho Families M7 Practice , Teachers M7 Our Supporters M8 feola, .So-alfa Zafaola 1 sr are BSE A sik YES X.. sr Hg ' w ,I Q 5- ef P5212 O ss Q-5, wa 0aow4!Veu' Www From his vantage point up in the crow's nest Pirate Pete has kept a weather eye on the Pirate c1an's activities during the past years. We know that sometimes he has hidden his face under his wing in shame at what he saw, but most of the time he beamed happily at our progress, and several times he actually jlgged for glee at our achiev- ments 0 The Pirate crew of-the good ship LHS, from new- mind Pete's all-seeing eye and have tried to study with industry and honor, to play with Joy and en- thusiasm, and to learn with concentration and creative thought. The Pirate clan feel they have upheld the honor of their predecessors in trying to do good for others as well as in getting valuable booty-aca- demic knowledge, athletic and musical training, communication know-how, and social enjoyment.-for themselves. We, the Pirates of 1957-58, add our loot to the treasure chest of the good ship LHS-our Pirate home-and salute Pirate Pete as the guardian angel he has turned out to be in his benevolent watch- fulness over his clan. ' 0: Z o I o 9 ,I ' ,M I f X A .. tr I AQ - ' Q , Y I -xx est boots to fully-trained yeomen, have kept in , q is ' af' W N 1- Y, l"b .libs 'J V ,-H1 Q x 9 tl PIRATE PETE SURVEYS STUDY HALL 2 P 15' ada Seidel 'I K . ref Y' Zfeaful of fbeao-leaf Sawice txogimu I GX M MRS. YOUNG MRS. GOODRICH Pirates all,1arge and smal1,sa1ute two grand teachers who have taught many of them at one time on their climb from beginning boots to apprentice seamen. Mrs.Pyr1 Goodrich,eighth grade teacher,has taught in the local schools for sixteen years. Holding a state general certificate, she attended NSTC both in regular and summer sessions and has taken extension classes. Besides teaching her grade,Mrs.Goodrich has directed several high school class plays. Mrs. Phyllis Young has taught in the second and first grades for twelve years. Holding a state certificate in primary work,she attended Eastern State Normal at Madison for two years and summer sessions at NSTC. Mrs. Young has also taught the six weeks spring kindergarten classes during the last few years. Present LHS Pirates who attended city grade schools have profited from the fine guidance and instruction of these two devoted teachers, and many LHS alumni remember them both as 'My teacher.N nWe1l done, ye good and faithful servants,' expresses Leola's gratitude to Mrs. Goodrich and Mrs. Young. Mrs.Young's current first grade MPS- G00dFiCh'S eighth QPSGGPS views sand table. diSP1aY new miCf03C0PGS. 3 BERNARD HILSENGEGER-B.S.,NSTC,M.S. in Education, NST5. 5uper1ntendent,book- keeping, general business, student council and senior class adviser. MARVIN MCPHEE-B.S.,NSTCSM-S. 0fzow'4 Neil Zvalcla Shaaecl iq harm Ufficwi Though we wouldn't want Pirate Pete to feel put out about it,we must admit that his watchful eye wasn't the only good influence that kept us on our toes and In our best behavior this past year. We hope Pete under- stands that we are not bellttling him when we pay tribute to our able Cap- tain Hllsendeger, his navigator, and his mates for the fine leadership they have given us in all our endea- vors and for the knowledge they have imparted to us, both in teaching us facts and in creating in us a desire to learn more. In Education, NSTC. Speech, American overnment first Q semesterghealth, second sem- estergcoach,Lettermen's Club adviser. MRS. GERTRUD BECKER - MRS. LILLIAN KINDELSPIRE E.S.,U5UgM.5.In Education, NSTC.Junlor class adviser, English I and III, typing, librarian. E.S.,Eng!lsH, Jamestown College. English II and IV3 Journallsmg Pirate Chatter and Buccaneer aavlserg junior and se- nior play dlrectorg Pep Club adviser. .1 AI! 971, if J A JH I s MAURICE EVANS-B.A.,NSTCgM. 've R. In Education, NSTC.Phy- s1cs,genera1 science,a1ge- "' bra,geometry. As LHS crew members advance from one seaman's grade to an- other, though their reactions , may at times seem to prove otherwise, they find their of- ficers' directions and guid- ance essential to their prog- YGSS Ns Q, ' ftgivw 'Ez K ROBERT SCHUMACHER-B.A.,His- tory,USU.GeneraI math, soc- ial studies, American his- -, tory, business arithmetic, 1: ': assistant coach, freshman ' class adviser. 5 t4-al ff '4A,kV ,Q MARVIN MAULE-B.A., MuS1C Z German, Jamestown Col- lege. World historyg ec- onomics, first semesterg world geography, second semester, instrumental A vocal music: grade band: sophomore class adviser. x sxux 'uf qxxst -: N K l S WAYNE SCHUCHARDT- Custodian. MRS. PYRL GOODRICH EIGHTH GRADE Jlelp, 300251 Glad Zip Gaow. Qt NM! .Benicia 5' 2:7 af: A The ' 4 41 o UW v K K Iii, MISS RITA MORGAN SECGND GRADE MRS. BEADA HEITZMANN SEVENTH GRADE NA 'Qi' MRS. PHYLLIS YOUNG 6 FIRST GRADE 1:37 MRS. LEONE MORRISON THIRD GRADE MISS LUELLA BOLLINGER FIFTH GRADE I K v ll Knowing that the crowls nest watch must be supplemented by closer super- vision, the mates who guide the boots' footsteps on their way up the ladder have opened new vistas for all their young charges and have fired them with ambition to climb on up the ladder until they can survey all from the crow's nest of a completed education themselves. E E13-' Tl - MRS. MARIE HOEFT SIXTH GRADE jx MRS. VINA SCHUCHARDT FOURTH GRADE 7 i"""-- I I A X Q nw X Arkf Al STUDENT COUNCIL Back rowzlames Breitag,Ar1en Guthm111er,Shir1ene Hoffman,Rose Kau1,Frank Bain,Karen Durheim.Front row: James Schafferg Marless KreingEsther Kaul, vice-pres1dentgMarce11a Hoffman,secretary-treasurer3Marion Becker.Dresi- dent3Superintendent Hi1sendeger,adv1ser. '4fJlcm'Uoqaqe Purchase of a filing cabinet for the library and a film strip-slide projector for class use were two major decisions made by the student counci1.Directing student act1vities,they assi- sted Pete in his watchful care over the Pirate clan. Officers view film-slide projector they purchased. I Sdmol Eoafu! 010151 fulpfd eowuie I Hgggs XFREF? do ,,., 1 ,,::L fEMfi3EgE3Q Wwygg ra LESLIE HOLMES iaggggggggy fgQL ff gQfwQEEwErsE PMQQ4 oxen rss s at dwws rfawaemf,wQf smut 1 has BLQEQYWQH' ?i q-QsfifE dees sa Randi: . I xseswwmf L,,r ' Q gf gfwmag vga v ww Nik D . SCH AIDT EDWIN HILGEMANN R OTTO CLERK The new lunch room and a separate,redec- orated kindergarten room are two of the a- chievements credited to this year's school board. Dividing Pirate loot so it would co- ver all necessary expenses for effective education of a growing student body was use their responsibility. IRVIN KULM ALBERT BERRETH CHAIRMAN REV.R.L.COWHERD idaafufelud r '11, 7 Organized this year, Library Club members learn to file and repair books along with other work done to keep the library running smoothly. Becky Rath, presi- -f J5-4q'luF cr 5531? dent,addresses the group. Pauline Fuehrer is vice-pre- sident and Mrs. Kinde1spire,at the rear of the picture ls adviser. Book Win .fife Mein Back row: Dixie Kamm, Judy Brandner, Jerry Heupel, Mary Meidinger, Brenda Maier, Bonnie Kranzler,Terrance Dur- nll, Lavonne Schaffer. Second row: Kathleen Heintzman, Shellah Smolnls- ky, Ruth Neuharth,Susan Ganser,Susan Turnwall, James Brandner,Michael Mc- Colloch, Suzanne Rempfer, Front row: David Thomas, Janet Brandner, Glenda Rueb,Allen Guthmiller,Mary Aman. ' GRADES 1.11.111 , W 2 l f f ,n J r etet ' c , as S " " A ' 53" " H MsFyFx.1 wwfuwr 1 ssss a.ns Pirate Pete doffs his hat and salutes with pride the boots pictured here and others who read 18 books before March 20.They received pins,certlficates of life membership in the Library Club of America, and a book of their own choosing at the parents' night program. Community organizations contributed generously to a book-buying fund for this effort to increase interest in reading among graders. V 4, 1 'J My J P ,J ,I 'ict-if xlglu 1"' Mig Lf'.., h:kf,',r9n:g, 5 gig: ., V I A V4 ii? , Y . . ff, f .A yhwgi 11, f lisp .. MDS ,V fi J 5 gs ' f F 5- 3.5-' m-a. I GRADES IV,V Back row: Inez Schock, Barbara Maier, Dorothy Neuharth,Carol Hl1gemann,Imogene Smolnisky,Dorothy Heagley,Mary Guthmill- er. Second row:Gregory Gi1l,Robert Cow- herd, Gwendolyn Rueb, Harvey Lechner, Gwendolyn Schock.Third row:Sandra Heint- zman, Jeffry Kohlhoff, Francis Bell, Shirley Heupel,Llnda Rempfer.Front row: Robert Schock,Lee Bain,Dianne Albrecht, Patricia Holmes. GRADES VI,VII,VIII Back row: Angela Rueb, Caroline Warrem Kathy Kohlhoff,Peter Holmes,Sharon Malen Second row:Carme1 Turnwal1,Richard Jas- mer, Marcella Zacher,Sandra Doerr,Bonnie Gisi. Front row: Joan Weber, Harry Adam, Leland Berreth, Robert Cowherd, Thomas Helntzman. 0za1e1.Slzme 800014641 4401 The slide rule is no Boyfyoulre thirsty! 1 Seeking always for ap- proval from Pirate Pete's watchful eye, students in classes and assembly stored up new facts and warm memories to remi- nlsce upon when their turn comes to stand watch in the crowls nest. Part- icipating ln school and community events - ball games-polio drlve- part- ies-projects-they learned and laughed together. s ide to physics Darlys Berreth checks new lib- rary file. St1.ldel'lt8. ra 45 Pirate typewrlters hum all day. , 1 Q Journalism class reads copy. Physics class experiments with wheels and pul leys. myigs Q P 3 f f ,' d s fff stf' f .Lat 'gi 7 M 5 Studying maps is a daily routine Health class learns that this skeleton for the geography class. is not from Pirate Pete's closet. 10 My picture? Hands up! Buddy pops. I'11 never talk again-- ,'EQ F e Q QQQ ox 5 K f o f We made 'em ourselves. Shorty good cookies E-e-e-e-k! Howdy, 9315! Do you look any better? 11 QXAXES. ,E A C Shlrlene Hoffman and Arlen Guthmlller,student councllg Roger Opp, vice-presldentg Marcella Hoffman,secretary- treasurergand Caroline Gef- fre, presldent,plan govern- ment day activities. P' Sz , 1 I N 0 Congratulations l We made it! VALEDICTORIAN 2 we i?HVW-- fwumzwwa tsadaaim lmsagmsr si. 5: 'S ffxrwfkm eamen, 7Ue'ae Sadecflwe Sendo! Knowleclofe 1 ,amemwsszsazgwwmxm ella? Though it may have seemed like four score years to Pirate Pete,he's actually watched most of us through only four years of high school. As Yeomen, the highest non-commissioned officers on our ship, we have had the pleasure of occa- sionally sharlng the crow's nest with Pirate Pete as supervisors of various student activities. Both in scholastic accomplishment and in musical and athletic triumphs we've joined with the rest of the clan ln bringing honor to LHS. In community drives and statewide journalistic acti- vities, as groups and as individuals, we have carried the Jolly Roger proudly and have brought honor and glory to our clan. As the gangplank ls lowered for our departure to wider seas and larger crafg we wave goodbye to Pirate Pete and leave to our fellow crewmen a heritage of even increasing accomplishment and honor which we know they will cherish always and add to in their turn. ROGER OPP Class Vice-President-kg Pep C1ub'1s293n,-I-3Track"1 s 25 Annual Staff-h5Basket- ball-l,2gPaper Staff-3,hg Class Play-3. MARCELLA HOFFMAN Class Treasurer-I, Presi- dent-3, Secretary-Treasu- rer-kg Student Council Secretary-Treasurer-hgMu- slc Vice-President-kg Pep Clubg Library Club and Librarian-kg Girls' and Mixed Chorus-1, 2, 3, hg Class Play-35 Girls' State-33 DAR Candidate-by Sextet and All-State Chorus-2gAccompanist-3,hg Mixed Ensemble-by Band-h. 12 SALUTATORIAN CLASS PRESIDENT , x CAROLINE GEFFRE Class President-Eg Class Vice President-33 Student Council-lgCarnlva1 Queen- 3gGirls' and Mixed Chorus -1,2,3,hg Class Play-33 Pep Club-3,hg Carnival Play-2,h. STUDENT COUNCIL Egg guy' ,jg . 5 XEMNF :,k ' REC 4 irwgmgw E1Lq as ARLEN GUTHMILLER Bo sl and Mixed CEorus-2, 3,KSFOOtba11, Basketball, and Track-1,23 Mixed En- semble-hgStudent Council- hg Pa er Staff-ugCarnival Play-Eg Pep Club-h. ALL-STATE PHOTOGRAPHER CRAIG KNUDSON Brass Quartet-Eg Music President-hgBand-5 yearsg Boys' and Mixed Chorus-1, 2,3,hg Mixed Ensemble and Annual Staff-by German Band-3,hg Band Soloist-3, hz SDHSPA Pasque District President and Al1-State- Photographer-h3Boys'State Alternate-3gLibrary Club- hgLlbrary-2,3,hgPep Club- 3,U,and Vice-President-by Cheerleader-hy Homecoming King-My Student Council Representative-23 Class Play-33 Carnival Play-M. 13 STUDENT PRESIDENT 'Sf'--3.3 MARION BECKER Class Fresident-I, Secre- tary-Treasurer-2g Student Councll-3,President-hgPep Club-1,2,3,h,President-hy Band-3,hgBrass Quartet-hz Accompanist-l,2,3,hgC1ass Play-33 Girls' and Mixed Chorus-lgHomecomlng Queen -hgGir1s' State Alternate -33 Annual and Paper Staff-3,h3 Office Secre- tary-3,hg Librarlan-2gBa- ton Twlrler-l,2,3,U. STUDENT COUNCIL SHIRLENE HOFFMAN Mixed and GirIs7CEorus-l, 2,3,U2 Soloist-3,hg Band- hg Girls' Quartet-ug Stu- dent Council-My Library Club-My Annual Staff,h, ARLIN GRABOWSKA Basketball,FooE5aII,Track -l,2,3,hg Boys' and Mixed Chorus-1,23 Lettermenls Club-l,2,3,h:Treasurer-1, 2, and Vlce President-33 All-Conference Basketball -2,3g Basketball Captain- hg Paper Staff-M. E Q MELVIN SERFOSS Footba - , , 3 asketball -1,33 Lettermenls Club-3, hgstudent Manager-hgPaper Staff-3. CLIFFORD WEISZ Band-1,23 Boys' ana Mixed Chorus-2,3,hg Basketball and Track-1,2,3g Football 2,3,lu Boys' Quartet-3,lL: Lettermenls C1ub-3,hgM1x- ed Ensemble-kg Cheerlea- der-M. 17-L GARY BREITAG Lettermen's Club President -hgLettermen's Club-2,3,hg Football Captain-M3 Foot- ball, Basketball, Track- l,2,3,hg Boys' and Mixed Chorus-2,3,hg Pirate King- 2gMixed Ensemble-kg Boys' State-35 Student Council-2 PAULINE FUEHRER Paper a - 3 rarian- 2,3,hg Library Club Vice- Presldent-hg Girls' and Mixed Chorus-l,3. CAROL WALTH Class Secretary-Ig German Band-3gPaper Staff-33 Pep Club-l,2,3,hg Llbrarlan- 2,3,bgJunior Play-3gBand- l,2,3,h3Gir1s' Glee Club- l,2,3,hgMlxed Chorus-2,3, LL. RAYMOND MEHLHOFF Trac? ana Easiefball-l,2, 3,hg Football-2,3,hgPaper Staff-My Pep Club-2,3,hg Lettermen's C1ub-3,h3FFA- 1. REBECCA RATH Girls'an3 Mixed CEorus-1, 2,3,hg Sextet-3gBand-2,3, hy Mixed Ensemble-3,uj Cheerleader-2,3,hgStudent Council-25 Twlrler-lg Pep Club-2,3,h:Vlce-President -3,Secretary-Treasurer-hy Class Secretary-Treasurer -33 Librarian-33 Library Club President-M' Annual and Paper Staff-Q3 Carni- val Play-1. 15 +"""' DARREL SCHAIBLE Band-2,E,H3MlxeH anH Boys' Chorus-3,h3Mixed Ensemble, Boys' Quartet, and Brass Quartet-hgGerman Band-3,hg Track-l,2,hg Basketball-2, 3,hgFootball-hgC1ass Play- 33 Paper Staff-kg FFA-1. STANLEY WAHL Studenf Council, Carnival King and Class Play-33 Basketball-lg Library-33 Pep Club-1,23 Paper Staff-M. MARVA LOU RAU Pep C1uB-3,53 Gfrfs' and Mixed Chorus-2,3,hg Class Play-33 Carnival Play-by Paper Staff-M. DALE GOHL Carnival PIay-Ig Track-1, 23 Class Vice-President- 1g Baskenba11-1,2,3g FFA- lg Mixed Ensemble-h3Paper Staff-kg Boys' and Mixed Chorus-3,h. GARY GUTHMILLER Track-1,2,3,EgEasEetba11- 1,2,3g Football-by Paper Staff-kg Track Captain-by Lettermen's Club-2.3,h. CHARLES LEBERMAN MARCELLA BREITAG Paper ana ATIHUHI Staff-LL: Girl-F-:Ts an 'MTx'1f-C'Ee or-us Class Play-33 FFA-1. -1,2,3g Pirate Queen-M. 16 JAMES SCHWAHN DIANE SWANSON Footba - , , , 3 rack-33 Girls' ana Mixed Chorus I.ettermen'sC1ub-3,143 FFA- 1,2,3,h,g Papelrl Staff'-3, 1 P1 -'. 13 Paper Staff-lg. Carniva ay is K NP' . rf xtt: wen -'Begg fififf - xx 'i . Q -' ' If - 'gf' J" lsli' "A ' 1 - .iw ' 'f Saga P. , '-mi r wg A-W-LM Q1 K' sf' - ig - -X542 5 . fiiifi-film P 1 M f P' ,ji gr T'5,-je-k,fN."j5fff -N N :iimifi 3 T511 P , ei x - 5 5fCxQa,, i,nxefw'X LYMAN KEIM Boys' and Mixed Chorus- 1,2,3,h.gMixed Ensemble-lp Pep Club-2, 3,143 Paper Staff'-14. url fi 3 .- . - ,. .fu PETER ROHRICH AUDREY KUSLER Paper 5taTf-5. 17 Whiz Scion! .Eye Zo .914 md! fbefuyfa Plumdmg M ' '4 Mala, 70e'ae KW! 7441194 Jlumminq Getting ready to rule the roost next year, juniors put on their play to make money for the prom and were leaders in classes and activities. ' .... A 1 S ' 1- wa. Jwwwew 5 rWW"il , QQ? W gag 'W? fig im' if qua ' - 5' V ,.W:,,, Us .-H . .. 55' - s ' - ' 'W 2 ' fl f ,S 1.: ' ii, Q, . ,-aa..-. Q. fees' 'f,, mi: an - sea 'Q s a Qbgmt 2 5a?Hfr wavy 2 W X J K ' A -is gk 'if . wa s ' H f ,ai ,Q Bq.s2Q get 2 " 'L A35 fii' , ' is fi-fi' ' 2-525 iii? ' -- :. fimiij QWQQW SVPWWQ 5FHWQ?5 fr?--5 'K . .fx " " S15 ii'.si'5?fE- ,:f: N:, :Q agmj- 4353 www w.Qma rWh1 ri? few' a'w3mQT H --I K - fa 4 xl A 1 u X ,..e W Ax 5 r S cr Q ., it ., .War R .E .. B -Ji Mzww, - .45 + 'S . Q WL rim rf? 'WEW? as n in 1 1 X N 1 ls hx QQ Q 'f' 1.15 a X ig ,,.. NS W. .1 5555 Fine' . '- an Q , r mi mega 335, R , 5 Q? fx. .2 'T' 5 . X is 5 1. rrar E we 1 ka? amy J Q .fa 'Q L we if 5 1, ,, E W. iF'13?r K say. 1' fs gm N K . .1,ff' f'fS Q 52 S 552 i .. XE . n ' ' . , ,,:..: , 'yi X ew.,wr a fx Mew 3 frw W ME,yQ' Wzf Q a QHQQQ? Q? N ff MK lb :::: :? " L:1i R A . 5 Q.-my AL , wwf , 5 .- .,.. " u ,.,. . ! . f 1 -E ag if ,5:'iR3TE3 0 llmffw r H?,k5V in Wiwfxq K Jhifwazw aaa aaa fa ws'fir s' ., ,.wm. 'a: - : was 1 gief, -fjfif? : gg 3: gag a :-:Emi :A a i feismniwsftwgkw evra' ' AJP! NEEMIWW 4 18 Marless Kreln,student councllg Elmer dentg Frank Buddy surer W Ketterllng, vice presi- Esther Kaul, presldentg Bain, student councllg Schaffer,secretary-trea- make plans for the prom. Darlis Bain Duane Bain Frank Bain Darlys Berreth William Breitag Charlotte Elchelberg Albert Erdmann Kenneth Gisi Barbara Hammrich Janice Heagley Callna Heupel Betty Hoffman Evelyn Jakober Esther Kaul Elmer Ketterllng Phyllis Kiesz ,S I , my ,HA N., gg r.,, .. LGT K Q5 EEQWGQB - s,.. 3? awmlrfy . . ,M V., H1 L, M ,:E, Heil ' as 3 1 5 'N xx Z wr X x 1 X F X X L , rx rn if 2 '55 Wm. f 'im "X kan 2 'in Richard Kolb Karen Krein Marless Kreln Gary Lapka Lorraine Lapka Virginia Mack Karen Muhlheler Ardell Rath Buddy Schaffer Darlys Schanzenbach Dlann Scheuffele Marlene Scheuffele Mabel Schock Reuben Schock Larry Schnaldt Richard Schumacher LaDonna Vllhauer Kenneth Weisz 1f'feA4mafu,7f!e Jfaae Zone Um fbulfq Nm! Sfaaaecf fn 7aking pzlaale Boofq at f' ii , ' 'EE,,, I ing..-:QV J 'I J H in 1 n M 1 J ean e e reasurer' e - , bg E E3,STnB2ggg:Cht vln Breltagipresiflentg ,Rose f.:,, l 7 3 - Lam, Bene th Kaul, James Schaffer Cstand- 3,233 , ' ,, :: I In g, Comge Bo 1 e ing I s tude nt c ounci 1 5 Le land 'tagaasgi S5335 Q55 E i5Qi5gif "" Melvin Brzita Welshaar,vice-president,and JNQQSFJ 53? ,afa Elf EEQ EQE Kell Crom tog Sylvia Rott'secretary make A iwgy f-1 xgggfgw , feiggsygf y P sophomore initiation plans. . -Q fari: I L Kifff K -VH a'll Fav N? W 553 j. N, 5 .lx-.L JJ SPN - . NYJ Iii, 3 f .f':i- .1gg- Q f f, ig -:S W lgl' Q FJ .ms - 'M J 1 i63W'r -H , X 4 , JJ la?--'5s'5t5?JJ aiiqgff ,, ' fr 'Q--f , 6,5 U-me E ilnl Rai? ,, ,Fm an ,w N ae xx 3 5 rx! Ss was gl La Melvin Dlede Myron Fauth Janice Garman James Geffre Linda Haux l ..:, Q , s 1 A' In n. A Q k..h I K k k I 5 . 3 i S 5 allll l K , JJ J .ifhw aj fQ,aL, e' ol f' -i" X if we , . .. S, by M lc, , , wer. fa 5 " ii ,545 Q 3 S... A ga ,-sg-XSL - - - 'E as f N Jw Q f.. . ,, , 1. -in:3s:.l1.: 1. - H J 3 - N -Mt' - - Jerald Heagley Q Jean Helbel f inl Robert Hoeft J S. Mary Ann Hoffman Robert Huber SSQSESS M Marleen Jung .aa,f Alvin Kallas gi' J Z Rose Kaul Qi Marvin Ketterling 7gg age Jerome Kindelspire agigggg ?Xf5x . Dean Krein c 1 J Barbara Kulm J 5 Leon Lapka Arnold Lechner igigy Gag Jerald Loebs ,J X'JJ gggigoo 3 J Donna McCol1och z 53 g Linda Muhlbeier 5 S Patricia Opp 4 alJl J to Julienne Rath 3 Sg5r g Sylvia Rott EJ c James Schaffer 3 ye Donna Schalble E ziaw, Q Harvey Schalble 5 QQ gij JoAnn Schaible l Joyce schaxme gg? r c c r' 3 .-1,a, if ff J 5 E'--2:2 g .- JL' .-f Qqgznz. S I , 5z:.:,,-2: . S. Q .. '- "2' are J , 'J :JQ f il: 1 H Vast -,L. , Kai JT . W QEQPQ? W M JJ WW 'ELS it 'twlgz-w lamnpwfs Ewa Arff Ariwfwr "Jww+wa Izz 1 J. 19 Sidney Schalble Kenneth Sperle Harvey Walker Leland Welshaar Annette Zacher '70 Seamani Rank We lic! fqdpfhe lvow 7!fe'4e fo Q0 James Breitag, Karen Durheim,student councilg Joanne Heagley, presidentg Adrienne Eichelberg, vice presldentg Sharon Ehley, secretary - treasurer plan lunch , ,S .rx S f Q?f.w Hem: 5,51 gf,mmq WE 125 ,-. R 'A 5: 4 ikiaga Q: gq. i 5 4 lhn J S for their school party. FN-...J Norma Barker Sharon Ehely Adrienne Eichelberg Dwight Eichelberg Bobby Fewings LeRoy Fuehrer Nancy Haux Joanne Heagley Judith Heyd Mylo Hoffman Glenn Jakober Gerald Kallas Sharon Kamm Martin Ketterling Lee Klndelsplre Dianne Kline QQ mmgq J any ye, W ,.?1 James Breitag QHTQHWEQK 2 ?4i?N?f ?ve5?f Jolaine Bfeunig y Q Karen Durhelm QYLWEu 'kdlkaf ?5d7g? ',r' , if A 7bMH?ww liwfminra lewd "':' : Fai L S R-. ., , 'if ,-pk ,, r w- ?fl'2 f 'l'd J Q7 i g rrso srsr 2 5FEi,f B ':1g5':J lBigS5f i zlawas' 'Wx I lWl:l Bef E l'r ' fwiff ,QQNTQ r.Q, raifmia ,X'Q5 J S - ., rrr S . 1 aawmgf -swam-rea aagggmt Eva rrrr J, vki' ffl 13' iik -iff .krkr lf? : aH'f as war ,wgmifwg .awfqwgelm J safN1l Jmrss '1+waam-svweye g+wifQ'im Sf? K' hx g fig if yfg 530 tm Effqm 22333 'gig fQqf'f Xili drJ's EEE? fu.MHmv Jrr WV Jsmr fl .. 5 rr. r,,. M, ,ii . 1 . z Zi? .. 1b-- me W ' HQ -J , ig 'jg si 2, JW' ,r x5 xgg X za S M fs a . .:..,. fiygx I, ' A K P 5 4- ky ig 1 'kg ' , www S . K :.' s sr J.: ' ,:-' L L A if .MVSQKS or J 4 J l g ,ff A i ,5 X Q 5 1 ,if If E . as 3:-f 1a,..r..,7 P ww, -V li Sl 1. ' N - ' I- we .. ,S ' iff' - , ,H Wwwjw fi? m' fag fwy vi iJw4i? arawika BQTQHQ nfiimi A EWmMW'HfVmWmETp Www :Q Q . Y . MN-if. Wife E' aii gsd as we . I g :: Q K 5- , af 1 20 Judith Kranzler Ruth Lapka Leon Leberman Carolyn Maisch James Meidlnger Audrey Opp Bonnie Rath Mary Ann Rempfer Delores Rohrlch Carol Rueb Donna Rueb Sandra Rueb Ronnie Schaffer Kenneth Schaible Alouls Schwahn Dale Smolnisky Larry Stotz Andrey Vllhauer Jerome Wahl Lorren Weber Kneel froshl cumblng high Joining Queen Marlon and King Craig in the Homecoming royalty par- ade were best-dressed Pirates pictured at the right. Reading from the ends, Patty Holmes and Terry Durnil represent the first four gradesg Carol Hilgemann and Harry Adam,upper grades: and Mar- cella Breltag and Billy Breitag, high school. Pictured above, a fresh- man year hlghlight was ini- tiation,planned and super- vised hy the sophomores. Boot Pirates on parade pass watching upper classmen. Following Initiation and the judging of best-dressed Plrates,a parade led by the band through downtown Leola and a football game with Ashley entertained visiting ex-Pirates. Homecoming day festivities closed with an evening dance. pchale Seaman fndakzleclf wa Zappfhabi 70eZcomeJ Jlome Pirates on parade n -'I Q? lx YM! Elected by the Student body,Marion Becker and Craig Knudson ruled as Homecoming royalty, Q? ,, v' -3 'H 4' P 21 e-'f?f.,t' , 80014 polbifz Zip, Aaizaqwk 8 Eighth graders select books to read as members of the Library Club of America. stil.. HHH ' ,LQ r ,Ae, .PQ S fkg Q Back row:Carol Dockter,Carey Warren,Leta Eh1ey,Pe- ':"' 5' f v t w x . wg1 ter Holmes,Dlanne Hoffman,Dlana Gisi,Caro1 Kusler. z ':" "' 'Y 'zeh 'A ' S 'i'xL'A' Middle row:Frances Fuehrer,Joan Ganser,Joseph Zac- Zejfi -Y .-,' wif' her,Thomas Bell,Ted Meidinger,Kathy Kohlhoff.Front ghgg5,, Wbbfilt "" j" q5gAy row: Allan McCollock, Cathleen Schanzenbach, Bob ' q, " 'B ' Q " .,., Hehn,Rueben Glaseman,Gladys Wagemann. - l g, S5 Prrf EIGHTH GRADE Xl Applying spit and polish in an effort to prepare for , tests facing those who want I to become ex-boots and 1 Q freshman seamen, the eighth graders got a taste of high school life at several par- ties,lnitlated the ant pal- ace on its rounds through ,Q the grades, were fascinated Af? by new microscopes, played ' , 1 ln the band, took part in -'d!,l, athletics, and made up for ,J lost recess time in spirit- Qt: ed soft ball games. SEVENTH GRADE Seventh graders smile pretty for the photo- grapher. Learning good ci- tizenship as YCL members, the seventh graders also attend- ed several high school parties and had members practi- cing for the day they could Join band. Boys and girls alike made active use of the outdoor basketball court. Back row:Gerald Hauck,Wesley Kulm,Stephen Becker,Lyle Schalble,Donna Schalble, Gerald Rott,Marcella Zacher, Harvey Glsl, Charles Jakober. Middle row:Carmel Turn- Wal1,Geraldlne Tschappat,Angela Rueb,Thomas Albrecht, Paul Holmes, Sharon Geffre,Sharon Maier,Shirley Kaaz. Front row:Harry Adam,Dean McColloch, Sharon Kay Haag- ley, John Heintzman,Joan Ella Weber,Stan1ey Albrecht. 22 Back row:Louis Cowherd,Stan1ey Schock,Bonita Gisl, Lloyd Hehn, Richard Jasmer, Dennis Schaffer, Mona Lled1e,Le1and Berreth.Middle row:Sandra Doerr,Hen4 ry Lapka, Anton Rohrlch, Charlotte Schalble, Gary Leberman,Sheila Huber,Davld Keehn.Front row:Shurlo Serfoss, Thomas Heintzman,Richard Ketterl1ng,Larry Hoffman, Michael Schaffner, William Schanzenbach, Carol Schalble. J ,, SIXTHGRADE ,U ,' ' ' 1 1 Q n ,e- M -' .4 I E..-9 ' ' I , I X X Jzvy xgk'f 3 Fifth graders eagerly an- ticipate their teacherls PL Sixth graders watch while fellow class members work at blackboard. Putting their advertising knowledge to practical use in their skit for the car- nival program,sixth graders read books,were band begin- ners, took part in grade basketball, and worked ln- dustriously on their spring exhibits for parents. FIFTH GRADE choice of a story to read Having their can- didates crowned as carnival prince and princess was a high- light of the fifth grade year.Two firsts were YCL meetings and use of simplified ml- croscopes in science. Grade basketball and instrument lessons kept fifth graders busy even when les- sons were done. Back row:Philip Cowherd,Lester Weishaar,Carol Ganser, Dorothy Heag1ey,Gwendolyn Rueb, Harvey Lechner, Perry Aman,Inez Schock.Middle row:Barbara Ma!er,Allen Kaaz, Dorothy Neuharth, Sherry Pade,Carol Hilgemann,Imogene Smo1nisky,Ronnie Geffre.Front row:D!anne Albrecht,Bob Kesel,Linda Rempfer,Rlchard G1aesman,Donnle Hammrich, Sandra Heintzman, Lee Bain. 23 In . 15 ' W I s S Listening to tales of long ago, fourth graders also enjoy the Christmas mobile in the background. D , 75 zdiygifiwi ss s d ' G his 1 Back row: Gwendolyn Schock, Francis Bell, Jeffry 2 MQ , ,r.rs ,' Egg iw g Kohlhoff,Stewart Turnwa1l,Gregory Gi1l.Middle row: Q?VYggf?5- .ras ggggv ggg Linda Durnil, Mary Kay Guthmiller, Ronald Kaaz,Jim ' 5 M fl ,s1l'lollI 5 V Kase1,Shlrley Heupe1,MaDonna Rohrich.Front row:Ro- ef. W 'h.'g', Si 'fJQ bert Schock, Mary Lou Gisl, Cheryl Tschappat,Roger X r g hltgx of V Schaih1e,Patricia Holmes. 1 g,pg s jf, xm,' 'o.V,1f FOURTH GRADE fggq . o H Fourth graders were especially proud of the mobiles and motors they constructed. Together with the third grade they formed a to- nette band this year under the direction of Mr. Maule.Cub Scouts for boys and L-H for girls opened new fields of interest for these boots o THIRD GRADE Third graders study in- dustriously as their tea- cher helps a fellow-puplL The oldest group on their floor, the third graders look forward to going "upstalrs"next year. The new lunch room has proved a wonder- ful boon to those who eat lunch at school.Together with other lower graders l Back row:Bonnle Kranzler,Tony Kamm,Dixle the third Qfadefs Kamm,Ruth Neuharth, Patrick Schaffner, have enJ0y2d 3 Week' Lavonne Schaffer. Middle row: Gwyn Pade, ly QYW C1355 where Robert Opp, Judy Brandner, Jerry Heupel, fheY'V9 mafched 1 Brenda Maier,Terrance Durnil. Front row: Played Qamesv and Michael McCol1och, Mary Meldinger,Robert square-danced. Keisz,Kathleen Helntzman,Dick Turnwall. zu full ple t to se grade ,Ya 45 , ' 1 - P Reading knowledge and wonderful books chock of interesting peo- o visit and places e fasclnate second rs. Back row:Jennette Bendewald, James Brandner,Merrl lee Gll1,Dlxle Cowherd,Evelyn Heagley,Charles Roh rlch.Middle row:Susan Turnwall,Jerry Serfoss,Shel lah Smolnlsky, Larry Maxwell,Ralph Kranzler. Front row: Dallas Tschappat, Susan Ganser,Marjorle Glsl, Suzanne Rempfer. Absent: Pamela Rau. SECOND GRADE Reading has become a source of delight to most second graders, many of whom won their life mem- berships ln the Library Club of America by reading 18 books. New words have been added to their vocabularies, and writing has proved a useful tool in employing them. FIRST GRADE First graders listen with rapt attention to their teacher's words, The youngest of the clan have recei- ved speclal atten- tion from Pirate Pete in his crow's nest, He's enjoyed watching them take part in the Homecom- ing parade and the carnival program and chuckled at their delight in some of their firsts---first sand box,flrst story books, first play- 1ets,flrst Valentine box. Pete's babies are eagerly looking forward to another first---the school picnic. Back row:Wallace Albrecht,Rod Mary Aman,Llnda Hauck,Melllo Sandy Kamm, Lance Gill, Cent Zacher, David Thomas, Allen ney Durnil, Hochhalter, er row:John Guthmlller, Glenda Rueb,Bobby Schllllng,Janet Brand- ner. Front row: Linda Doerr , Geraldine Glaesman, Karyl Schmidt, Kayrn Schmidt. Absent: Arlene Ketterllng. 25 4240 FOOTBALL SQUAD Back row: Assistant Coach Schumacher, Ray Mehlhoff,Gary Breltag,Ar1in Grabowska, Duane Bain,Darrel Scha1b1e,Larry Schnaldt, Albert Erdmann,Gary Guthm1ller,Melvln Serfoss, Coach McPhee. Middle row: Billy Breitag,James Schwahn, Melvin Breitag, Frank Bain,Dean Kreln,Dale Smolnisky,E1mer Ketterling,Arnold Lechner,Buddy Scha- ffer, Clifford Weisz. Front row: Alouis Schwahn, Kenneth Weisz,Ronnie Schaffer, James Breitag, Marvin Ketterllng,Le1and Welshaar,Robert Huber,Sldney Schalble. m1e0a44e10'Zf,1Pa94hm nada The Pirates experienced their best football season in many years as they compiled a M-2 record. With Gary Breltag at the helm and Elmer Ketter- ling, Melvin Breitag, and Gary Guthmlller across the T behind him, the Pirates manhandled Ellendale, Eureka, Aberdeen 'X Juniors, and Ashley in winning N, their first four games of the season. However, erratic trade I4 winds blew the Pirates off il- course at the two-thirds mark, On 0ne-0n tw0-snap1 and they lost their last two games to the Aberdeen Sopho- mores and Linton. 1 tl' 5' -:L , -nl Q. .I .l- A l Here we Comet Step lightly!They're our toes! 26 Q Q Sa! X 'T X A ' x B fs: ,agp get 441 Xxx aw NX ,N 3 'ZS N Jfe!me1i1az'Z!wJle!m NWI!" wx 1251 Footbgll Sghegglg Ellendale 7 Leola Eureka O Leola Aberdeen Juniors 13 Leola Ashley 7 Leola Aberdeen Sophomores 20 Leola Linton 33 Leola Pictured in the helmet proper are the eleven Pirates who carried the brunt of the battle and sparked the victory drives. In the chin strap and ear guards are five of their mates who also saw plenty of action. Like Pirate Pete,some of them limped off the field, but they always came back for more. -9 'Q' Y 27 Pima Glam A Bom' Saw PEP CLUB Back row: Richard Schumacher,Roger Opp,Kenneth Weisz,Arlen Guthmiller, Duane Bain,Leon Lapka, Gerald Kallas, Kelly Crompton,Carol Walth,Carol Becker.Thlrd row:Ruth Lapka,Raymond Mehlhoff,Lyman Kiem,Rueben Schock, Karen Muhlbeier, LaDonna V1lhauer,Darlys Schanzenbach, Joanne Heagley, Marcella Hoffman, Connie Boyle,Karen Durheim,Phyllis Kiesz.Second row: Mary Ann Rempfer,Darlis Dain,Janice Heag1ey,Jean He1be1,Rose Kaul,Mary Ann Hoffman, Lorraine Geffre,Marva Lou Rau. Lapka,Mable Schock,Charlotte Eichelberg,Caroline Front row: Sylvia Rott,Esther Kaul,Rebecca Rath, Marlon Becker,Cralg Knudson,C1lfford Weisz,L1nda Muhlbeier. fl s P I ,. Xl 3 Exercising their vocal chords and al- most blasting Pirate Pete from his crowls nest, the pep club, led by the cheerlea- ders, sparked their team on to victory and proudly wore their new beanies. Lettermen, decked out in their new ro- yal blue and white jackets, not only displayed the school colors but also up- held LHS honor in setting an example of good sportsman- ship. a, Mari- wana f "a' 'f'L2 s Q Rah for Our' side! Display Pep Club beanies. 7 15 ng , Q, 6 -ef? 2lg?,-Q Q 1 Y I L, in , 3 A . ., l as . .r g , V7 V 1165 X Z . 1 X X A , f f Q 1 A li LETTERMEN'S CLUB Back row: Billy Breitag,Leland Weishaar, James Breltag, Buddy Schaffer, Melvin Breitag,Sidney Schalble,C1lfford Weisz. Middle row:Arnold Lechner,Dean Krein,Alhert Erd- mann, Daune Bain, Larry Schnaldt, Melvin Serfoss, Gary Guthmlller, Mr. McPhee,adviser.Front row:James Schwahn, Frank Bain, Gary Breitag,Arlin Grabowska,E1mer Ketter- ling,Kenneth Weisz. 28 Pt i 5 CARNIVAL ROYALTY Back row:Karen Durhelm, Kelly Crompton, Carol Walth, Marless Krein, Frank Bain, Arlen Guthmiller, Melvin Breitag,James Breitag.Mldd1e row:Sharon Heag1ey,Gla- dys Wagenmann, Imogene Smolnlsky, Lee Bain,Allan Mc- Colloch, Harry Adam. Front row: Patty Holmes, Bonita Glsi, Billy Schanzenbach, Greg Gill. But you should see the one you dldn't get! N' T + 6 L - J ,'.,.e, ' A 1 ' .n . X -, I ' ' I . k K . :gi Q Brother blows horn as sister blows top, adn .foo-Z' QM Paula 04011 Following the various skits, plays, and musical numbers presented by grade and high school students ln the carnival program on November M, the carnival proper got underway the next night with entertain- ment, games,and booths for all comers. Pirate Pete turned his head the other way as guests were fleec- ed, but beamed happily at the record loot left for activities, grades, and student council projects. " - ' 5 V 3? fl, ,- . Q t 19 ? r X if jgrf 1 Juniors Frank Bain and Marless Krein reigned as carnival king and queen,whlle Imogene Smolnisky and Lee Bain,Frank's brother, represented the fifth grade as princess and prince. 29 All set for the Easter Parade. Smeckt gut! Kauf dir ah! William Breltag,James Breitag, Frank Bain, Arnold Lechner, James Meldinger, Robert Hoeft,Arlin Grabowska,Gary Breltag,Melvln Breltag,Rona1d Schaffer,Elmer Ketterlingy and Marvin Ketterllng are HAH squad members. The Pirate basketball team compiled a 20-win,h-loss record in the 1957-58 season to make Marvin McPhee's first year as head basketball coach an enjoyable one. The crew were struck down with influenza at the onset of the voyage as they lost their first game,but after a few weeks the Pirates headed for the open seas under full sail through their next fourteen games, losing only one. Smooth sailing was interrupted by a loss to Columbia in the finals of the North Central Conference tournament,but the Pirates got revenge a few days later. They went on to win the last six regular season games, the last one an important tri- umph over the Aberdeen Juniors to clinch the NCC championship, Leola lost the opener of District V play to Ipswich to end the season. Gary Breitag and Captain Arlin Grabowska,seniors, bowed out of high school basketball in grand fashion with their great performances in that game. mia '7a!ze Gonfmence 1957 58 Basketball Schedule They Barnard Hecla Ellendale Westport Columbia Bowdle Hecla Frederick Ipswich Aberdeen Jrs Eureka Barnard Northville Eureka Invitational lburnament Wakpala Eurekaiflnalsl Eureka Aberdeen Jrs District Tournament Bath Ipswlch Ashley Season Agar wins Record M los " V wr vl S 56, Conference Tournament ColumbiaKflnalsJ , x ' .Q - ,-x I x i! Q 'Q . X ' .. If X 5 SCS We - A S2 38 6h 35 35 57 ln - 62 67 Lu S9 53 60 38 62 MB E2 ' 32 2? it? 52 Faulkton U9 51 Hazel 38 SO 55 67 55 63 50 62 . M7 M8 It 56 25 51 37 LLB 9 58 LLM 56 A hh 20 Ay 7 x T 5 Q 50 Gary B111 Arnie Bar Little Jake Me Coach Robert Schumacher faces HBH squad members Leon Leberman,Marvin Ketterling, Alouis Schwahn, Thomas Albrecht, Harvey SchaIb1e,Ronald Schaffer,Da1e Smolnisky, James Meidinger,Dean Krein,Thomas Bell,James Geffre,Robert Hoeft. The PlratenBnsquad com- piled a season's record of 11-5 in playing pre- liminary games with the nBnteams of the varsity's opponents. Finishing with a 5-2 mark in the North Flying high! Up Central Conference which Includes theuBn teams of she the regular 8 members, they showed real poise goes! and ability and gave ln, dicatlon that the Pirate varsity would have abun- dant talent for years to come. ggiif ,"x Xi gi :Xl .El K L QQST fWQsL ,.NxTMw?:fa,4 I ' , A T t ' F? 7 J 5 'lv if pw. ' S x I f ' I '12 gr QQ ' X157 l M L nf Let go! Itfs mine! Here you are, sir, new 1fmm,.9n-waw7 Grade team victories balan- ced their defeats,2-2, as they looked forward as defending champions to the conference tournament. GRADE TEAM Back row:Harvey Gisi,Teddy Mei- dinger, Thomas Be1l,Thomas Al- brecht,Gera1d Hauck,Shurlo Ser- foss,Denn1s Schaffer, Richard Ketterling, Michael Schaffner, Stanley Schock. s e- QL, r Q ,EBL py faa " 1.: 5 x5'UL4 s Nl SUI-4 a s 53 a :W 1 i in at 51 xy ' ' 1 -ff' T gg f A arf I.. 1 1 Q-H E QTf,sgg.'Q!mQ2w - l tsc T T H ' BL, ' v . fr g , Sprinf Meelley l?57 355'-1 Gufh alle - K I - li O S Hal? rfzzlilezlelay au I7.5'lrU as 1:3e2,fr M3 ww ea bl' - an 2 TL. ' gilemijii ejmmg 1457 W 3 E R Z -G4Byeifag - Lggjevlirqg - Kaul Guihmjjlcv' . F J p f ,E, ZJIcs - A. Graliogjl glfa 1557227 X65 Gian lemma in. - . B K IDD IIJ. qJi:g?1J+ A 90223-5 017 1' L , K. lfocv-ner Norlh Ceufraj Conference - 6 5115. 0 R5-qion 2, Hrs. 1 ' 'R 'i L L gi fl 332 'L' IQVSHELQEQ A....A.. ieziai Q f wxifkx l l o -.1 " K N K L lsiff L 511 ' i Coach McPhee an sports hold con ference Billy Breitag and Melvin Serfoss, student managers, 1 polish gear, f s .1 X as cl . captains of three .tag L L . . nal- l -,134 s A - x' 2? Q- , x ' fits Xi ai X ' ' sXYHM?' 'fi pf x . , 7- . I gs All set for an out-of-town game are head coach Marvin Mc- Phee, student coach Bert Leid- holt, and assistant coach Ro- bert Schumacher. Breaking conference records consistently, Pirate thinclads have added many trophies to Pirate Pete's chest. TRACK Cla SQUAD .L x ,J Jr: " , 9 J n L 1 Back row: Kelly Kindelsplre,Rueben Schock,Robert Hoeft, 1 Larry Schnaidt, Roger Opp, Leland Weishaar. Middle row: ,,,441f' Elmer Ketter1ing,Raymond Meh1hoff,Dean Krein,Gary Guth- miller, Arlin Grabowska, Gary Breitag, Melvin Breltag. Front row: Marvin Ketterling,Arnold Lechner,Alhert Erd- mann,Buddy Schaffer,James Breltag. 33 peie rqpplauii Gam, fbwaka Below Craig Knudson,Esther Kau1,Rebecca Rath,C1ifford Weisz. 5 1 Q9 9 N K J Yippeel' We're baashfull Spurring on the Pep Club and other loyal Pirate fans, cheerleaders went all out to give their athletes vocal 'support and even got Pl- rate Pete to flap his wings enthusiastically on occasion. Entertaining fans between halves of games and step- Hping out to lead the band , the twirlers also aided the polio drive as shy little girls. . ' Q, , Gxgpf' ak! 4 I' II ' H If 4 xx 3 U x Heh! Heh! And then what happened? Jean Helbel and Marlon Becker. xx ,HY Q 'x at X Qight T? Q5 E N ff QM by 3 1-fs 1 2 Wg Y lL N X1 vm ag? Q1 2? 5 X Q 2? ki wi E E 3 .3 119116 xr xlx From unintentionally calling the prin- cipal an old battle-ax and a sour puss to declaring nThere aln't nothin' wrong with my grammar nohowlncharacters ln the junior play, nHigh School Heron enacted for its enthusiastic audience a typical chapter of high school life. Football games, thefts,car accldents,tests,and 'steadies all figured ln e put the machinists through . . Iczuuziczczif nfi cs? 6 I J ! 1 ' n lL! 5pF' 5 A th Wu fun and excitement. Mrs.Becker shils ' ggi. W 12 ' s 3 their paces and helped them 5 W I7 . F, X ,A! tighten the bolts and nuts for a polished performance. E 'yy rarr ED!!! You'd have fun too! 5.rf d Alnlt nothlnfwrong with my grammar! nHlgh Sue Prin le Bill Rockwell... Eleanor Spencer. Dan Conrad....... Nancy Fishley... Johnn Prln le g .........Darlys Schanzenbach Gertrude Wlnston..... -g Q xi fr Tell them,Johnny!Tel1 them! School Heron ......Mabel Schock y g . .... ..Richard Schumacher Alma Dillinsworth..Charlotte Eichelberg Mary Barnes.... ..... ......Mar1ess Kfein friiner Ketterling ...Esther Kaul Darlis Bain Frank Bain g, ,. Rcdiy Franklin .... ..... Rueben Schock gf Lunk Bennett ..... ......Buddy Schaffer Heddy Hess..... ....LaDonna Vllhauer Mike Mulligan .... .... .... Gary Lapka She sto1e'eml Rose Kern...... ......Janice Heagley Mrs. Pringle.........Mar1ene Scheuffele Sa 7' You're sweet! M an jvk Standing room only! 36 Come along,son! x They call me Raggedy Ann! Seniors examine copies of plays rented from the South Dakota Uni- 8 Zed 404 Siege versity Extension Service.They look forward to practicing and present- ing the ster comed the select mY Y' Y Y , and hope the audience will enjoy it too. Mrs. Becker will direct. ,Vaneli Y L Qi fl f ' 1 sms fe 4 Mooney, f mm? , sigephggggwif g " 1 .5 ' A M hii s 3 i?FEW5mmNEfg?Viwxw fl - Q ' . dpi, as mv:-'fofw jim ' Wyse q swewmmwwwggzggw' f K -, .m f fp, sw ' S- sswmissswwsmmmfPswwswiwsswiQ sf ' as -5 's s . - . an QMS, f M. .g4f'gP ' 5' Q - - 5 all , if f K, . '4"':lfJ-lffgli' we-'asv ' -"QQ S - 11,1 - HShortyn Burkhardt Schuchardt remodel former shop into eled, lovely lunch and Wayne part of the a pine-pan- room. Sawe W Mrs. Obermeyer as- sists ln keeping the grade school building in top shape as she wields the dust cloth and mop. Wayne Schuchardt is custodian of the Leola schools.Mrs. Obermeyer as slsts with the cleaning, and Mr. Buckhardt helps whenever he is needed A J ,sift np l, CV X .I qv VV: K X Zig jf E- 'fri 5 i S f ,A BOYS' QUARTET Clifford Weisz, Leon Lapka, Darrel Schaible. Craig Knudson. Partlclpatlng in the SPHUQ CDU' cert and contest, both QUHIWCTLS strove to better previous records. The girls' quartet also sang at the Snow Queen contest. Christmas concert saw the first appearance of the sextet and the small chorus.The latter entertained at the Better Leola Club Ladies' Night, and both took part in spring activities. GIRLS' QUARTET Joanne Heagley, Esther Kaul, Shlrlene Hoff- man, Sylvia Rott. f Q 1,X g From his perch in the U t, ,ul crow's nest, Pirate Pete pd p EQ. gi ff 5, Q S , , enjoyed listening to the , we n RQ Q e . , l J 5 large singing groups as A2 1-it Q lfqw QQ N ttt M I A ,mi Q, , A well as to those pictured Humming matches of f Chorus melodies 11ke"1'hey HY Vmfwfbi ,gig QQ g22fEE?i .ggf Q g igfggpg sfggga E 1 Call It American has kept ' 4 eeif ?,fiFQi ig? gg!! QQ eg V??,Q3i19fi?f?f5 him haPPY during lone' X ' 2 5 S some night watches. Mixed . l 1 C liff? 'gi,f 1'f C Ti I Ch0f11S and Qifls' 9122 GIRLS' SEXTET Audrey Vilhauer, Karen Muhlbeler,Ju1lenne Rath,Rose Kaul,Joanne Heagley,Barbara Kulm. SMALL CHORUS Back row:Craig Knudson,Gary Bre1tag,Darrel Schalb1e,Ro- bert Hoeft,Leon Lapka.Thlrd row: Clifford Weisz, Elmer Ketterling,Arlen Guthmllleq Lyman Keim. Second row:Bar- bara Ku1m,Jullenne Rath,Jo- anne Heag1ey,Marless Kreln. Front row:Rose Kaul, Esther Kaul, Rebecca Rath,Marcel1a Hoffman. Marion Becker, ac- companlst. club sang for the carni- val program and Christmas concert. The three large groups took part in the spring concert and con- testo T .ff7.iQS . A? , 5 13, L .X.-. gljggn- Y If ,A Q li Q, W? 3 -Q A ,. 7 'Qr' .W , Q Q M sas Eh ,fkf - , H ' ' at 38 HJ J 5 . Q. , li is S R' A A Q Sea eftdwfwu A i X Q i Gr-acing the branches of our Q m tree of knowlecigce, our soloists i ave sung and played their way like 3 ,A ' Loreleis into the hearts of' listeners. Si A-If 1 itavicxn and Marcella were accompanisrts 1 K K ' L, ' b av-le.sSgi .,.. M - Kg -2 , - P SKx..Y'i '-We' A X. Y'15rce.Xlrl X I fi A f- Q S 9 lu La L , ""' kb j f - . 5 NAYLOA 'P'- ' Q X K CL ,. ,.5. . 7 3 X l-N-.SX - -1 k...,. ' IL 'Qs x Q, Q Q- , is 1 as jk .-..Q i .1-- 1 -, M ' Wm ,Crews Q .. .,,, ' 3 again Q ti WM . Nw? 39 MIXED CHORUS Back row: Richard Schumacher,LeRoy Fuehrer,My1o Hoffman,Kenneth Weisz,E1mer Ket ter1ing,Ar1en Guthmi11er,Leon Lapka,Gary Breitag,Darre1 Schaible. Third row:Mar lene Scheuffe1e,Ju1ienne Rath,Ca1ina Heupel, Patsy Opp,Ruth Lapka,Phy111s Kiesz Second row:Caro1 Becker,Barbara Ku1m,Audrey Opp,Joanne Heag1ey,Mar1ess Krein,Re becca Rath.Front row:Audrey Vi1hauer,Caro1 Wa1th,JoAnn Schaib1e,Mary Ann Hoff mmS Pele man, Karen Muhlbeier. Back row: Leon Lapka, Craig Knudson,Gary Breitag,Darre1 Schaih1e,Ro- bert Hoeft, Arlen Guthmi11er,Da1e Smolnisky. Middle row: Mylo Hoff- man,C1ifford Weisz,Harvey Schalb1e,Lyman Keim,E1mer Ketter11ng,James Schaffer.Front row:G1enn Jakober,LeRoy Fuehrer,Kenneth Weisz,R1chard Schumacher, Martin Ketterlingg Marcella Hoffman, accompanist. no Q-4' MIXED CHORUS Back row: Robert Hoeft, Craig Knudson, Dale Smolnlsky, Harvey Schaible, Clifford Weisz, Lyman Kelm, James Schaffer, Glenn Jakober, Martin Ketterling. Third row: Shlrlene Hoffman,Caro1ine Geffre,Rose Kaul,Marva Rau,Karen Krein,Joyce Schalhle. Second row: Esther Kau1,Kelly Crompton,Darlys Schanzenbach,Diane Swanson,LaDonna Vilhauer, Marcella Hoffman.Flrst row: Charlotte Elchelberg,Karen Durhelm, Judith Heyd, Sylvia Rott, Linda Muhlbelerg Marlon Becker. accompanist. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 5 I 5 -- Q 1 S.. l. Q. A... A - Back row: Kelly Crompton, Esther Kaul, Phyllis Kiesz, Rebecca Rath, Shlrlene Hoffman,Carollne Geffre,Ruth Lapka,Darlys Schanzenbach,Rose Kaul. Third row: Marlene Scheuffele, Jullenne Rath, Calina Heupel, Patsy Opp, Marva Rau,Karen Kreln,Char1otte Eichelberg, Karen Durheim. Second row: Carol Becker, Barbara Ku1m,Audrey Opp,Joanne Heagley,Marless Kreln,Diane Swanson,LaDonna Vilhauer, Marcella Hoffman,Karen Muhlbe1er.Front row:Andrey Vi1hauer,Caro1 Wa1th,JoAnn Schalble, Mary Ann Hoffman, Judith Heyd, Sylvia Rott, Linda Muhlbeier, Joyce Schaible. M1 HIGH SCHOOL BAND Back row:Marcella Hoffman,Dianne Kllne,Mary Ann Rempfer,Ruth Lapka,Phy1lis Klesz, Shirlene Hoffman,Patsy Opp,Jullenne Rath,Leta Ehley,Sharon Ehley,Rose Kau1gMarv1n Maule,director.Midd1e row:Carol Walth,Carol Becker,Audrey Opp,Sandra Rueb, Darrel Schaib1e,Marion Becker, Robert Hoeft,Craig Knudson, James Schaffer,Diane Hoffman, Front row:Barbara Ku1m,Rehecca Rath,Sylvia Rott. deg Brmcf Having won an excellent rating as nSouth Dakota's smallest bandn, this yearls larger group practiced diligently in an effort to better their record. Doing Pete proud in their royal blue uniforms, the horn-blowers and drum-pounders led the Homecoming parade, accompanied community singing at the Christmas program, and serenaded the home team on to victory at athletic events before appearing in the spring contest and concert. .ff .gf YT? M 'yy Q be - xv K , BEGINNERS' BAND t Back row:Gladys Wagenmann, Carol Dockter, Peter Holmes, ai. Charlotte Scha1ble,Sandra Doerr. Front row:Stephen Bec- fy W ker,Dorothy Neuharth,Paul Holmes,Lester Weishaar,Thomas He1ntzman,Louis Cowherd. H2 If 1 ,J rl r v Ax 24 YR Music Club officers Craig Knudson, pre- sidentg Esther Kaul, secretary-treasurerg Marcella Hoffman, vice president: ln- spect contest selec- tion. 'fi A'- I Nxuyf ll' llll All! 3 Jean and Marion lead the hand in Homecoming parade Julienne Rath, Carol Wa1th,Cra1g Knudson, Darrel Schaible, and Mr. Maule form the little German Band. TONETTE BAND Third and fourth grade students unite to form the tonette band. A music hoosterls club to encourage interest in music was organized in Leola this year. Qscsdk whatrs the matte,,boy37 Sing it sweet for Pirate Pete! M3 Pictured above are the elected members of the annual staff and the adviser, Mrs.Becker.They are:Mrs.BeckergMarion Becker,edltor3 Charles Leberman,photographerg Marcella Hoffman,buslness managerg Esther Kau1,typistg Craig Knudson,photographer. mam uufdft l9e1!e'4 .fog Book The staff members pictured above were elected by the se- nior class to head up annual production. Others pictured here and Pauline Fuehrer,Caro- line Geffre, Roger Opp, Gary Breitag, and Billy Breitag helped with the cutting up, writing down,typlng over,crop- plng,scallng,and sometlmes-go- ing-for-a-walk-to-cool-way-off when things didn't want to work out.Putting Pete's crow's eye view of the school year in black and white was both edu- cational and enjoyable. Esther types- and- types- and-types. . gs fhe xl . , Marcella rounds up equipment. , if . 1 4 3 4'- LLM .. is "5 Buddy Schaffer sketches Pirate Pete as Charles looks for more pictures. Mrs. Becker and Shlrlene Hoffman crop pictures as Marlon Becker cuts them to right size. 4' K i an-Q Paper Staff: Back row:Mabel Schock,Lorraine Lapka,James Schwahn,Gary Lapka,Arlen Guthmlller, Arlin Grabowska,Lyman Kelm, Darrel Schalble,Roger Opp, Stanley Wahl, Dale Gohl, Charles Leberman. Middle row:Marva Lou Rau,Pau1ine Fuehrer, Charlotte Eiche1berg,Karen Krein, Marlene Scheuffe1e.Phy1lis Kelsz.Front row:Gary Guthmil- ler,Bllly Breltag,Craig Knudson,Rebecca Rath,Darlys Berreth,Caro1 Walth,Vlrginla Mack,Betty Hoffman,Calina Heupel. Wade Gluufim flecofwh Wea '4 Zaenii Craig Knudson served on the All-State SDHSPA photography staff at the Brookings conven- tion and ln covering SDEA at Mltchel1.Presi- dent of Pasque District of SDHSPA, composed of 33 schools, he presided at the meeting at LHS on March 26. Mrs.Becker was district adviser. Publishing the monthly school paper,Journal- ism class put to practical use the things PIIlA'FEl CIIA'FTlER PUBUBHRD MONTHLY BY THE OURN IIS lass J A . SM C . . . OF LEOLA, SOUTH DAKOTA, HIGH SCHOOL Co-editors ..,......,.........,.. Rebecca Rath, Craig Knudson Business Manager ...... , .... .....,.......... Stnnlry Wahl Circulation Managers ..............,, Carol'Walth, Billy Breltag High School Editors .. . ,. Pauline Fun-hrer, Marvn Rau Grade Editors ......... . . , . ,. Darlys Berreth, Mabel Schock Editorial Editor ....,.. ...... , ......... A rlen Guthmiller Music Editor .,........ .... .,.. ......... ..,. P h y l lha Kiesz Sports Editor ..,..., .....,,.,...,,.....,,,.. R ogcr Opp Feature Editor ,,.,. ..,.,......,...,.,........ G ary Lapkn they 1Cafn8d Exchange Editor ., .......,....... Charlotte Elcholberg in class Photographers ..,... .,.... C harlos Leberman, Craig Knudson ' Local News .,........,......,. , ..............,.,. Lyman Keim Alumni News .,........... .................,,,..,.. D ale Gohl Reporters , ..,.,. Marion Becker, Darrel Schaiblo, Virginia Mack, Raymond Mehlhoff, Evelyn Jakober, Marlene Schcuffelo, Betty Hoffman, Galina Heupel, Arlln Grabowska, Gary Guthmillvr, James Schwahn, Lorraine Lapka, Kurs-n Kr:-in Adviser .......,..,..........................,. Mrs. Becker From The CROW'S N'E S T .., DA K vm. 'E ffl N i From The sQz DEAD V J DHABVS J. 43. CHEST Roger Opp sets type for the GW' Pirate Chatter at the Mc- . Psefson Counf Hefald ghgp, e a so wro e spor stories and the sports column. I am an illitxerate, ignob1e---- M 5711 g Who dat?'i3 was -::rTQQ'7 5 1 'Me ce 'ea school snack. R ' end is in view. Aj t Feathers for dinner? bo W 146 amdiel Nea all Panafax as gag' !22Va?Cx3Zie ' Mrs.Robert Schumacher and Scott. MPS-Bernard Hilsendegefy Gene Kindelspire Jake Becker,Terry and Johnny and JoAnn. Randy. Keeping the home-port lights aglow for our captain and his mates are their families, honorary members of the Pirate clan. Gfldwfd :dialed .fecwe rqdienlea Refww i yy. t +adi225Q3?5RA? Ben Kad1ec,Ray Halverson,Elmer Arlene Ketterling, first grade, nles,and Bert LeldholtfPage33J and Pamela Rau,second grade,were were LHS student teachers. absent when class pictures were taken. M7 Saga, A --vfwxz vfw.f'f to j C r I xx ff ...J I1 N ' 4 9 4 K of 14 I' The Pirates join Pete in thanking supporters of their yearbook and other activities centered ln their home port pictured here. A x Um .S B 6 L Market Bellls Blacksmith Shop Better Leola Club Breitag's Market Central Lumber Company Century Theatre Christ Gutjahr Blacksmith Dr. F. Otto Schnaidt E. Eichelberg TV A Radio Service Gambles Geffre's Cafe Guthmlller Insurance Agency Hauck 6 Neuharth Insurance Agency Heibel's Market 6 Locker Plant Holmes Drug Independent Elevator Company J. F. Malloy, MD John J. Rath Karlis Zvejnleks, MD Knudson Insurance Agency Kulm Motors Leola Equity Exchange Leola Equity Service Leola Livestock Sales Leola State Bank Leo's Standard Service Maier Implement Company McPherson County Crop Improvement Association Montana- sr ,svs teoh , , Why 3 is ,rm KM McPherson County Herald McPherson County Livestock Improvement Association Morrison and Son Padels Recreation Peavey Lumber Company Perryls Cafe Rempfer and Rott Rueb Chevrolet Schaiblels Cafe Schilling Brothers Schnaldtls Barber Shop Sld's Bakery The Apparel Vincent Geffre Walter Rueb Western Mutual Telephone Company Long Lake Albrecht Hotel and Cafe Fischer Oil Company Herbls Standard Service Lammle Recreation Long Lake Elevator and Lumber Company Schumacher Plumbing Zelmerls Market Wetonka Farmers Grain Company Wetonka Equity Exchange Dakota Utilities MIDWESY-BEACH I E i I Q i . i s I s I . 1 , 3 I .

Suggestions in the Leola High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Leola, SD) collection:

Leola High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Leola, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

1958, pg 7

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1958, pg 29

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Leola High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Leola, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 48

1958, pg 48

Leola High School - Buccaneer Yearbook (Leola, SD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 33

1958, pg 33

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