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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1954 volume:

4 . if X.. . , . 1 1 xf ff f. "L .Wg yliv ...- gf' V- . .Ez f? 1.3 .F Q4 . 'wi Q' 4 V N . . .N , 2 - 1 W 'aji mf ,g Q4 i.: " M . . I . 1. .A .-. ' ff -Z . sf ' .l .L '- - A f . Y 'Tug . ., . 4 1 . -YQ fn g. n aaFMam THE LARIAT for A 1954 Published by SENIOR CLASS of LEMMON HIGH SCHOCL Lemmon, So thD k 1 -an As we, the seniors of Lemmon High School, continue down the road of life, we leave behind this book of memories . Among all the se pleasant memories are those we have of you. Because of your cheerful guidance and consideration, you have made our days in highschool oneswe shall never forget. In deep appreciation for all you've done Mr. Boint, we dedicate to you, this book. 3 ff., S 1 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Coddington Principal Senior Advisor Honor Society Student Council Superintendent Vocational Guidance Senior Advisor Student Council Mr. Adair FACULTY Mrs. Adair Librarian En lish S Senior Advisor Freshman Play Sophomore Advisor Arts and Crafts Shop World Geography 4 Mr. Baumgart 2 N-F in-.-ws Drivers Education Commercial Junior Advisor Lariat Advisor Sociology Economics Commercial Junior Advisor Rifle Club Grade School Principal Mr. Boinr Mr. Dalzell Q Junior Advisor Sophomore Advisor Biology Chemistry Science Club Advisor Mrs. Hanson Mr. King 5 Agriculture F. F. A. Advisor Freshman Advisor ' Decla mation Sophomore Advisor Squeezer Advisor English Mr, Lipperr Mr. Nelson History Assistant Football Coach Junior Advisor Grade Coach Music Senior Advisor Mr, Solon Mr. Thompson 5 Home Economics z - 1 "T", B Basketball Mathematics Physics Freshman Advisor Science Club Head Coach Science Freshman Advisor 1 W s " . f 1 .J SCHCOL BOARD Mr. Bernard Mr . Gerdes Y- 5 iii 1il5lSCi:'f ' "Hifi-'7s1' WHY' 1fE : Q"Y hif', r: YQwif'1 f.lz5:iQ5ifi?iG " A rs ' - rg . .V msfisirsazefiafrfz' 1' i , ' 12 153.4 -at V, 11' 'EH Vzfileilflb '- www 5- 'f i , g 1 as L5 5 a 4522521 fa. r : ,-, . 5 - t ' . ., - 2 an :3f?gwg,isrggkL - 1 k kg-.i w f 1 2 5 Jrmkif., r m gem - g slffsfie gigs 'A . , Z WQSQW ,- r .:ff2fLs':sQ,itrivia' 1153 ,QA , s, fa-. ?s,,,,,s. o n if . . S Ed- . 'Q or s,,f.,fyf:s- QM W1 ' sfigffwrsxw :?QzrEEts'5asi:sE?'f?2s'?fR5'iff?f2 M-uf 'X sf' Dr. Kelley Mr . Peterson Mr. Hershrud - ' , rj .3 N' 5.- 1 F I K V s,h 1 ,, E V V s 1' thi Pat Thompson Harry Baumgarten Mrs. Huber "Janitor" "Secretary" 6 L. Krischen, B. Christman D. LaDau, B. Veal Sr. Representatives Jr. Representatives Q-v"r"'fg - f Don Werly President . I , It - 3 . ' . L. Hanks, J. Trautman V. Stewart, B. Johnson Soph. Representatives Fresh. Representatives . 7 , :ix fm- . it wid fi. ,QS wr 53 S9 ...af is L. H. S. LIFE Nw ELAEEEE Rx Rl, '-.-ru." :W -1 -'- bv -- ,AWN X if -:xi Ti . ffige. WWW' , ,ff 1 qu- X" 1 3"xX i'f' tiihu, gf --,..' Q, a s ,i. X : - sS'ji -- . ' Xb X , v . . , . ,, X ,, f -.f . T . Bartholomew : ' It in D I x 'ifg:.'ffj,: , N? .18 f 3 -i. ft' 'fi 4 4? V 'S X FRESHMEN Class Officers Front Row: R. Zimmerman D. Reeder Back Row: V. Stewart M. Lovelace G . Berens A . Braught T. Colgrove F M . fl-5, . F3125 .Q 4 , .-5: ,.. . , .M , A ' - l ' ,'f'f5' r vi, -SQ. .Q i:.gi.:v: g 5 4 ' - . ,I -I i ff. 4' 111' A . ' Eh' H sr- D. Collins E. Davis M. Davis L. Dayton 1 an .,., 5 ,. 5 f kr f fi i t . 2, ? at 10 A. Egland . Gabbert . Gaugler Gibbons . Good manson I. Alexander R. Baumeister ,Jw X Q 4, XE K Q-L 2:1 ,yt do H. K A :riff ' -ri J f as .QS . Tfi, I . JN. fe. 'S if ...ff we .P ':-f is f ' r A-sf H ! 1 f . si 3 in Q M I . ...f . gf" vu. .L 3 V. Gunn C. Hintz G. Hmtz H. Hockhalter R.. J. Huber H. Jackson D. Johnson D. Johnson - C.Kane L P Q5 Y m L. Kasper ' F. Kinney 2 - 4 'f x R. Kring X J . La Bau Q' ,J E. Lanz - ' J' M. Longwood H. Lorenz 5 g Q M.Love1ace L Q P , 2 M. Lovelace J .37 3 T. Martin J 5 J gf W. Nelson ,ff ' ' - Y 'Q : ' 'JJ A. Paulson f Q C. Penfield P. Peterson 1-Nj' V . Peterson S. . . . as 1 K. S X sf Y' Y SDC? M. Rafferty D. Reeder J. Reesor E. Rice B. Robinson E. Rose L. Roso B . Schell P. Sides D. Smith V . Stewart A . Urlocker D. Wilson D. Young D. Zent R. Zimmerman P. Wicks M. Wilber M. Willette Not Pictured: 1. Ericson W. Giest D. Suko 12 SCPHOMORES ,-Y? 03 55 , T. 3-A -FL' sf. Class Offlcers s W fy Ykw 'Q V 5 b l L. Anderson E. Bernard B . Christman M. Bartholomew S. Anderson 1:1 Pres., L. Hanksg V. Pres., N. Petersong Sec. K. l-leierg Treas., M. Bartholomew. . -J V11 Q ,,- . B L. Baumeister . w- S "sg D. Bergenheier ss rQs" g I .X , .NX T AZ f L Ls B. Coddrngton J. Cooper J. Crockett B. Dempsey hu- K K' ,-r . f-1V as-V n Q-vv NEW M- 3-:. 1 V .1 .4 .M ff,'- 13 D. Ellison J. Essert C. Ford D. Frey ,1,... ...:. ...H J fa :.w--- 1:2 ..s. N QE 5. . gf! . ' L X. gggwf. in A W Q 'Wk' ...4 1 ... fr, .-.mu E. Israel M. Johnson S. Jorgenson M. Kinsvater N. Krebs E. Lanz 1, K L. Friez B. Goeres J. Goeres B. Gossmann K. Heier E. Hoff B. Iverson B. Johnson E. Johnson D. Gossmann B. Hall 333 'El Huber Huber f.mWm Www ,: ...a..' . .-!. J? ,xref is 3 J J mw.mm WNW 1'-5 -2 . .1 J - Q 1 x. f of J? 5 fi 5 ai s L. Hanks M. Lemke A. Linquist B. Lockert , .1 5 :sf wel wg? ww ww me M Ay- I , as sf is .Wm Amy Hg Q 'Egg 1422 'K J. R. Lorenz E. Myron B. Nelson L. Ostenberg L. Patterson L. Paulson K 'ff g ,W .. 1.4 me ls X A S' 3 'es -7 1' -Q... . Y 31- g .A 'fs1::.-.:-,:- sz: 1' 1 I1 " '. -X , 3 Q L oe r . so - - X I V3-fi. k icff c QKLLV ,j K L ,, ,B i j P. Thompson P t S. Tracy . 5 V , ss ii' . . . . 15 S553 X. K' is in T ir V, lr- Ski N3 rs M -4, wf 1 . .5 fi K B. Peterson E. Peterson L. Peterson N. Peterson J. Rhodes L. Reiger . L - K. Roggencamp -'Ti E. Rook M. Saunders ' J. Schell S. Seidel W . Shillingstad L. Spenny J. Trautman C. Valley M . Syverson is 2 ,1,. L, iL.i 1 Sf 4 5 - EQ .. , . ,k .V K f 22 J WP ' V 3 2 n S N F.. 1 fx? 'gk .5 H Sf S , X ,gg x ,i K kkik, B, Veal A. Wit-:Singer Not Pictured: B. Baurngarten S. Norton Y. Penfield J. Vatland A. Waggoner ff 1 L li r' S V i N' . i Q f " K X N 5 x Q ' ' N X Lv lg x X, X X ., R X x X, . jk Q A Q X D Y fx 4 1 S M Q f xx ' 7, Xlx "1 W X . J -T, 1 X x, f b'?rf v -if -1--5-f F - - is!-:f" 5: if hifi - FH T xx 16 JUNIORS if cLAss omcens - - - B. Veal, Pres., P. Cazer, V. Pres., C. Clark, Treas.g D. Friez, Sec. B. Anderson J. Baumeister L- Becker . l E f P' 'L x i D. Benson -Z. , . h 95- Q' W. Bertrand ,Pr.e-. EV if. V 31 .. e 1 ' C rrrrr , rire f C . .-'. 9 B . . . . 5 li J.B1.aught L B irr E- Bfaun ' . P b 2 . R. Bunn P. Cazer M. Chrisrman R. Chrisrman C. Clark S. Colville E. Crow D. Friez 5+ F i ' - 4 -li? .1 iiil.. fe' 17 Aff. .- L f ' X I I N I li. 'I s af? 9 :ff ww. R. Gabbert . D ' . . ' . fifff hx.. A..-. 5 'S ' L. . 5 h ., W. : -fm ,Hi . ' 5:1 M 1 " T . Z 'Ei 'VV 'Q if "" "ff "'3N1f - f'.f.j HV-SZ A V K . V- A , wx A "'A fa. ., . -Y ' 'L 'JK at 4,1 1 4 ' ze 'W an ' V. .- si! Y. z 1 1' J. Kanis B. Kling A mm V. Lemke B. Lindquist L. Lorenz E. Lyon C. German D. Gilbertson P. Hanson D. Heinitz D. Heinitz M. Helland H. I-Iillestad ""' K. Hoff I. Hulm L. Jackson A. Johnson M. Johnson R. Jones J. Kanis . K. LaBau D. LaDue A gh . l S 3 if 31 if 3. ...E4 Ngo! .Q U. - .. .v .ei 1 A . .4 5 qv f. K e JM.. - ,A x, -4 .S Sift.-f" Ag L. Lyon . Maier 1.1 . 1 .N . , , 'Q S. Monson V. Schaff R. Schiley D. Schmidt B. Schmidt A. Seidel A. Ottman Z. Puhlman J. Roggenkamp . gv S V I fi L A M. Simon P. Smebakken L. Smith R. Svihovec F. Umback D. May A. Molitor ...V Q, . v . nv ky wif- .0 4.1 'N Q QV. f M.. , il B. Veal D. Veal ,axis If Q ' 1? . . YE .. 3 ... 'A 4, 9 i ur it' ,gf ' K 'QI . as 'X .. R. Volz Weil D. Wicks D. Willett -4' NH , , .N V X K ' , , I .'1 W 4 Q ff 3 ix 1 if , in ww- 2 5 . , 2 .L - 1 f i 1 A 2 W. Witte Wysk A. Zent 20 EENIURE ,J ' LL sg X - X x ixfk A X X lb xx 1 ,X X " I Q- 1 - 1 ,W ,, gi... 4, . X x -Q5 ,-, ,-. Q Lee Goeres Vice President Sv" LaVern Knschen President CLASS OFFICERS Louise Ham Secretary 22 Colette Manning Treasurer Vernon Bergenheier: Intramural, Squeezer, F. F. A. Russell Bywater: Football, Basketball, Track, Stu - dent Council, Glee Club, Chorus, Class Plays, Squeezer, Rifle Club, Science Club, Thespians, Class Officers, Honor Society, L Club, Photography Club. Bruce Boorman: Football, Basketball, Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Small Ensemble, L Club, Squeezer, Science Club, Quill Sc Scroll. 23 l Francis Biel: Student Council, Class Plays, Squeezer,Rifle Club, Thespians, F. F. A., Intramural. K Gale Cazerg Football, Basketball, Track, Stu - dent Council, Asst. to Coach, Class Officers, L Club, Home- coming Candidate. Beverly Christman: Girls Basketball, Student Coun- cil, Lariat, Small Ense mble, Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Class Plays,Quill 8t Scroll, Swing Band, F. H. A., G. A. A., Honor Society, Representative Senior, Squeezer. lla Davis: 9, , Vg, s, as 1 s sms Leona Davis: F. H. A., G. A. A., Squeezer. 24 Dorothy Cook: Student Council, Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Cheerleader, Class Plays, Quill St Scroll, Declam, Squeezer, Thespians, G. A.A., Flag Swinger, Homecoming Attendant. QQ-.'5"'1?' Durwood Davison: Track, Lariat, Glee Club, Cho- rus, Small Ensemble, Solo, Class Plays, Rifle Club, Photography Club, Pep Club, Boys State, F. F. A., Honor Society. Jean Dayton: Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Squeezer, Rifle Club, Pep Club, Photography Club, F. H. A., G. A. A. Beverly Goeres: Student Council,G1ee Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Twirlers, Cheer- leaders, Class Officer, F. H. A., G. A. A., Homecoming Queen, Junior Marshall, Squeezer. Monte Gano: Football, Track, Rifle Club, F. F. A., Intramural, L Club. 25 Donna Dutton: Girls Basketball, Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Solo, Class Plays, Squee zer , Photography Club, Quill 8s Scroll, G. A. A., Honor Society. Lee Goeres: Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Solo, Pep Club, Class Plays, Rifle Club, Squeezer, Boys State, Photog- raphy Club, Intramural, Science Club, Class Officer, F. F. A., Pro- jector. James Gossmann: Football, Basketball, Track, Rifle Club, Squeezer, Student Council. Homecoming Marshall, L Club, Squeezer, Representative Senior. lla Grout: Transferred Soph., Gir1's Basket ball, Lariat, Band, Glee Club, Chorus,Class plays, Declam, Solo, Squeezer, Pep Club, Li brary, Thespians, Swing Band, F. H. A.,G. A. A., Small Ensemble, Representative Senior. Bill Grout: Transferred Soph.,Footba11, Bas ketball, Rifle Club, Library. C 33.1 Louise Ham: Marilyn Ham: Lariet,Glee Club, F. H. A., Cho- Glee Club,Gir1s Basketball, Cho rus, Declam, Library, Twirlers, rus, Small Ensemble, Class Play Honor Society. F. H. A., Twirler, G. A. A., Flag 26 Swinger, Cheerleader, Solo. Jens Hansen: Track, Glee Club, Chorus, Rifle Club, F. F. A., Intramural. Gay l-latle. Band,Sma1lEnsemb1e,Rlfle Club, F. F. A., Intramural. Bob Hartinger: Football, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, L Club, Chorus, Small En- semble, Senior Representative. Q X E s Alice Hauge: Alaine Heintitz: Lariat,Glee Club, Chorus, Small GIGS Club. Ensemb1e,Solo,G. A. A.,Cheer- leaders, Pep Club, Class Play, Thespians, Declam, Squeezer, Twirler. , 27 Verna Johnson: G. Basketball, Band, Glee Club, F. H. A., G. A. A. La Vern Krischen: Girls Basketball, Student Council, Lariat, Band, Glee Club, Chorus Small Ensemble, Solo, Class Play, Declam, Squeezer, Pep Club, Quill 84 Scroll, Swing Band, Rep- resentative Senior, Girls State, Class Officer, G. A. A., Honor Society, D. A. R., Homecoming Attendant. Mary Ann Kent. Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Small Ensemble, Solo, Accompanist, Squeezer, Quill SL Scroll, Swing Band Girls State G. A. A. Honor Society. 28 Loran Jorgensen: Rifle Club, Library, F. F. A. Joane Lanz: Glee Club,G. Basketball, Lariat Chorus, Class Play, Pep Club Solo, S nl u e e z e r , Photography Thespians, F. H. A., G. A. A. Honor Society. Marlene Longwood: Lariat, Girls Basketball, Chorus, Glee Club,Declam, Flag swing- er,Pep Club, F. H. A., G. A. A., Squeezer. Colette Manning: Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Cheer- leader, Squeezer, Library, Pep Club, Quill Sr Scroll, Class Of- ficer, G. A. A. Bertha Maier: Glee Club, Squeezer, F. H. A., Chorus. 29 Eugene Lovell: Track, S q u e e z e r , Intramural Rifle Club. Allen Molitor: Track, Band, Solo, Intramural Rifle Club, Photography Club, F F. A. Verna Penfield: Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Small Ensemble, Solo, Declam, Squeez- er, Library, F. H. A., G. A. A., Honor Society. SAK 2115. if-51 iii 111- .ifg1Q f,4rw:f A ll. A El f lfklzfffwiit A-., ' A All 1 fflfiiiwi-,f. 'sig' Q is Loran Reiger: Football, Band, Glee Club, Cho- rus, Small Ensemble , Solo, Squeezer, L Club, Photography Club, Swing Band, Intramural, Rifle Club. Claudette Ploog: Glee Club,Girls Basketball, Rifle Club,F. H. A., G. A. A., Chorus. 30 Joyce Petik: Girls Basketball, Lariat, Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Small En- semble, Cheerleader, Declam, Pep Club, Squeezer, Photography Club, Quill and Scroll, Swing Band, F. H. A., G. A. A., Honor Society, Homecoming Attendant. Ronnie Roland: Student Council, Lariat, Band, Glee C1ub,Chorus, Small Ensem- ble, Solo, Class Plays, Squeezer, Intramural, Jr. Marshall, Rifle Club, Photography Club, Science Club, Thespians, Swing Band, Class Officer. Ralph C. Roso: Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Small Ensemble, Solo, Squeezer, Swing Band, F. F. A. as 5 gl .. 8, . A L Marlene Scoular: Glee Club, Chorus, Solo, Class Plays, Squeezer, Rifle Club, Pep Club, F. H. A., G. A. A. Dorothy Schileyz F. H. A. 31 Lola Saunders: Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Squeezer, Rifle Club, Library, Pep C1ub,F. H. A., G. A. A., Basket- ball. Wally Sherwood: Football, Basketball, Track, Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Small En se mb le , Solo, Class Plays, Squeezer, L. Club, Intramural, Rifle Club, Science Club, Thes- plans, F. F. A. Shirley Skjoldalz, Glee Club, Pep Club, Girl's Bas- ketball, Chorus, Class Play, F. l-I. A., G. A. A., Flag Swinger. Darrel Veal: Football, Track, Lariat, Intra- mural, L. Club, Rifle Club, Asst. to Coach, Science Club, Honor Society. Dan Syverson: B a n d , S m all Ensembles, Rifle Club, Swing Band. Donald Wacker: Mildred Waldecker: Library, Squeezer. Glee Club, F. H. A. 32 Patty Wenzel Lariat, Glee Club, Chorus, Solo, Class Plays, Library, Pep Club, F. H.A., G.A.A., F.T.A. Donald Werly , Football,Basketball, Track, Stu- dent Council, Band, Glee Club, Chorus, Small Ensemble, Solo, Class Plays, Squeezer, Rifle Club. Science Club, Thespians, Quill 8: Scroll, Boys State, Class Officers, Honor Society, L. Club, Student Attendant. C L B Council, President, Homecoming Vernon Bergenheir wills his National Guard suit to Eugene Lyon. Keep it clean Eugene. Francis Biel wills his red convertible to Willard Witte. You know what to do with it Willard. Bruce Boorman wills his gift of gab to Arlen Ottman and Allen Johnson. Don't get carried away boys. Russell Bywater wills his Civics notes to Bob Schiley. They got Russell through, Bob, they should get you through. Gale Cazer wills his curly hair to Larry Becker. That comes complete with a Toni refill Larry. Beverly Christman wills her job at the Co-op store to Sharon Monson. No sales talk Sharon, you just check out groceries. Dorothy Cook wills her persuasive ways to Rollie Bunn. This combined with what you have, you'll never have to ask twice. Leona Davis wills her even temper to LaVine Weil and Aldene Molitor. Now you can make a. hit with the teachers, girls. lla Davis wills her enlistment papers to Patty Smebakken. lt could be fun, Patty. Durwood Davison wills his giggle to Verna Lemke and Lloyd Lorenz. You know when to use it, don't you? 33 Jean Dayton wills her rosy cheeks to Bernard Kling. These don't wear off Bernard. No matter what you're up against. Donna Dutton wills her ability to draw horses to Clarice German and Katy Hoff. Those are free hand girls. Monte Gano wills his muscles to Donnie Benson. He doesn't use them to fight, Donnie! Beverly Goeres wills her drivers education grades to Lila Glass. It is all in knowing how, Lila! Lee Goeres wills his photographic ability to Julie Kanis. Don't waste film Julie, and snap interesting pictures. Jim Gossmann wills his height to Alvin Seidal. Now you can play basket- ball, Alvin. Bill Grout wills his motto to Deloris Wicks and Florence Umback. By the way, girls, his motto is "Work, work, work, learn, learn, learn!" lla Grout wills her lovely contralto voice to Larry Jackson. Perhaps you too will make it to Minneapolis, Larry. Marilyn Ham wills her long blonde hair to Francis Hulm. Now you can wear it in any style you like. Louise Ham wills her twirling ability to Wally Bertrand. Don't let it slip through your fingers, Wally. Jens Hansen wills his habit of losing his class ring to Viola Schaff. Keep it in sight at all times, Viola. Bob Hartinger wills his alarm clock to Ronnie Christman, and Sid Col- ville. Now that you have it, don't forget to use it. Gay Hatle wills a free trip to Bison to Paul Hansen. It's not every day you get a free trip, Paul. Alice Hauge wills her glasses to Dick and Bob Schmidt. Be sure and share them equally, boys. Alaine Heinitz wills her ability to get through school in three years to Jim Baumeister. All it takes is a little ambition.. Verna Johnsonwills her rides to school to Ruth Gabbert and Anna Zent. You better draw straws to see who sits in the 'rniddle, girls. Loran Jorgensen wills his side burns to Jack Roggenkemp. That comes complete with a bottle of Vigero, Jack. Mary Ann Kent wills her nicknames to Hazel Hillestad. Now you won't know which name to answer to, Hazel. La Vern Krischen wills her ability to get what she goes after to Margie Johnson and Laska Lyon. This does have advantages, girls. 34 Joanne Lanz wills her hair style with all the curls in back to Peggy Cazer. To wear this style, Peggy, the hair is long. Marlene Longwood wills her ability to make leather purses to Eugene Braun. You will have an awful time to keep the girls away, now. Eugene Lovell wills his dancing ability to Robert Jones. Go easy on the fox trots, Bob. Bertha Maier wills her sparkling eyes to Ronald Svihovec. These will be convenient on a dark night, Ronnie. Colette Manning leaves her petite figure to Rose Voltz. Now you will really wow 'em! Allen Molitor wills his turtleneck sweaters to Zada Puhlman. There's one for every day of the week, Zada. Verna Penfield wills her job as librarian to Kenny La Bau. Just think of the books you can read without a fine! Joyce Petik wills her cute dimples to Frank Wysk. You should be proud --not everyone can have them. Claudette Ploog wills her interest in the Marines to Dorothy and Doris Heintz. Try settling it peacefully, girls. Loran Reiger wills his fondness of journalism to Bonnie Anderson. You just have to grin and bear it, Bonnie. Ronnie Roland wills his corney jokes to Delores Gilbertson. Ronnie al-' ways gets a laugh, Delores you should. Ralph Roso wills his bass horn to Boyd Veal and Lola Smith. Together you should be able to carry and play it. Lola Saunders wills her talkativiness to Dean LaDue. With this plus your own gift of gab, you'll have to remember to stop for a breath occasion- ally. Dorothy Schiley wills her way of getting along with people to Dean Veal. It's easy Dean, all you have to do is follow the Golden Rule. Marlene Scoular wills a pair of yellow fenders skirts to Charles Clark. These will really dress up the Ford, Charles. Wally Sherwood wills his crew cuts to Doug Willet. They aren't as at- tractive as your curls, Doug, but they're easier to take care of. Shirley Skjoldal wills her nice ways to Deloris Friez. Now you will really be tops, Dee. Dan Syverson wills his motorcycle to Beverly Lindquist. Fresh air is always healthy, Bev. Darrel Veal wills his skill in playing football to Joanne Maier and Joyce 35 Braught. Careful who you tackle girls. Donald Wacker wills his sense of humor to Del May. Remember, Del, his jokes are original. Mildred Waldecker wills her ability to drive to Marcene Helland. Don't forget to stop, look and listen, Marcene. Pat Wenzel wills her pretty clothes to Joyce Kanis. You may have to build another closet to hold them all, though. Don Werly wills his snare drum to Marilyn Christman. Remember Marilyn that even the loudest noise can be pretty. ,ff ACTIVITIES O 'l , I I r I ':- ' I If ' 'lf ' -'-- , . . ' aff I W W' '35-Wh I I w'fXqafff" A X ' xx , X I Mx kX'fNfL".- f "I f W ',' NY ' Q 4g::fs5Eff ,ff I K- I ' I fa I -. 4.'- -sg! 1 -I5 - , f. I ,hQTlgi"' J 1 fix "I N C:-"ffl A Ixfiyw ' I QQ rev 1 , '49 'XX-5 - ' X ja ' 'Q1isg+XN- A " I - I , 1 I 'ii JA If . ff ws :.-if ," H fy f' ,- 'I 1 4. - 1? 541 'I I X eff ef X' V' ., ' 'XVI 'X 14 ' X2 f ' f I I 5. 6 I I Xggfx ,' ff , E SX A ' f I 'Q ,":'-' 2-1:72 1 ,iff 1 I ' f f' I 5,1 f K f ,fi ' ff! f afx' V f' 4 'rr I 5 'X ,yd ' I I ff' . z. I' , ' L ai' 1' ' I X 'll I 5 , L, ,Q -f ir I 5 Z , ' .-254 I I ' S 1 X, ---' 2 '51-I AV"?giIIK -6 Tj Q xg I .f v 4'4'7f'f1f ,"lf23'-lG3 """""i.1-:lb-if 3- if X' iiff1 ff I 1 Q, - If I F I Tix Y' ent. :L " q ff X x j wwf? I ff , . ' Q- l "1 - ,Q N? .,,- 4 Sf sw, f Ca fl' gg XXX 1 5 2.328 N f 1 C3 wiv xxx 'M Ax 'Eff W is ,a ix Ei 'T A Af- WM -fl 'I lil is 33 I ,wg TNT T' 9 if t' - gf an xii K aww, Jag-J i fear, ,F 45-dn?nzM 1 H O CO-CAPTAINS SCHEDULE We They St. Mary's Bismarck 0 40 Dickinson 0 30 Bismarck High 6 38 Mobridge 0 32 Sturgis 0 25 Hettinger 0 12 -1 Eureka 19 0 Belle Fourche 27 0 HOMECOMING GRCUP Row 1: Eddie Texley, Cheryl Ploog, Richard Alkire, Robert Petersen, Maryls Christensen, Dean Burdick. Row 2 Gale Cazer, Dorothy Cook, Joyce Petik, Queen Beverly Goeres, Marshall Jim Gossmann, Marilyn Crevier, La- Verne Krischen, Don Werly. 39 " " BASKETBALL Row 1: S. Colville, D. LaDue, J. Gossmann, N. Peterson. Row 2: D. Veal, Student manager, B. Boorman, K LaBau, D. Werly, K. Heier, R. I-lartinger, G. Cazer, L. Lorenz, R. Bywater, Coach Ramsdell. "B" BASKETBALL Row lg T. Bartholomew, J. Trautman, B. Shillingstead, V. Stewart. Row 2: T. Colgrove, L. Hanks, W. Nel- son, D. Reeder, J. Reesor, B. Zimmerman. Row 3: D. Veal, Student manager, D. Suko, D. Smith, L. Lorenz, K. LaBau, B. Gossmann, J. Alexander, E. Lanz, R. Lorenz, L. Gibbons, E. Rook, Coach Tigner. 4-0 W mini, ,Q va- f if 3 - o , A Jim Gossmann We They Dupree 50 52 l Belle Fourche 42 40 Rapid Ciry 39 60 Gale Cazer Edixynggsfaland Dean LaDue New England 45 33 Buffalo 59 53 Pierre 49 43 Miller 54 44 Bowman 69 43 Dupree 46 51 . 3 ., Wolsey 58 51 . rr.. , . awww'- :Q Z ' Spearfish 52 37 9 L MW Hettinger 60 42 f 4 W' McLaughlin 52 53 Mobridge 42 52 Bison 68 56 Webster 60 46 Hettinger 68 52 Dickinson 59 54 Bowman '74 38 Mclntosh 62 50 Dupree 68 54 Hettinger 50 42 Dickinson 56 Bob Hartinger Kenny Heier 41 N " " CHEERLEADERS ll Beverly Goeres Collette Manning Alice Hauge Captain Joane Maier Joyce Petik 42 " " CHEERLEADERS B. Goeres, J. LaBau, S, Seidel, E. Bernard, M. Bartholomew. Mrs. Tigner Pep Club A SL B Cheerleaders Girls Phys. Ed. Kindergarten 43 PEP CLUB Row lg E. Bernard, S. Seidel, B. Hall, P. Wicks, E. Davis, A. Weisinger, B. Schell, E. Rice, W. Geist, M Davis, M. Scoular, L. Krischen, A. Hauge, I. Grout, J. Maier, J. Petik, E. Peterson, M. Saunders. Row 2: J LaBau, D. l-Ieinitz, M. Kinsvater, J. Ericson, M. Lovelace, E. Rose, R. Volz, J. Kanis, J. Kanis, J. Lanz, D Wicks, P. Wenzel, B. Goeres, C. Manning, S. Tracy. Row 3: M. Helland, M. Christman, K. Hoff, S. Skjoldal C.Germann, B. Lindquist, A. Lindquist, L. Peterson, J. Rhoads, A. Waggoner, L. Lyon, M. Longwood, L. Saun- ders, J. Dayton, B. Christman, B. Peterson. Row 4: B. Goeres, M. Bartholomew, P. Sides, L. Glass, R. Martin L. Spenny, J. Crockett, C. Ford, D. Veal, L. Goeres, T. Bartholomew, R. Christman. DECLAM Row lg D. Friez, M. Helland, M. Saunders, V. Stewart. J. Petik, L. Spenny, D. Wicks. Row 2: Mr. Adair, M. Longwood, Z. Puhlman, E. Peterson, L. Ham, V. Penfield, Mr. Nelson. 44 SQUEEZER STAFF Squeezer ------ Row lg Mr, Nelson, M. Johnson, S. Monson, F. Umback, L, Saunders, L. Goeres, A. Hauge, C Manning, S. Tracy, I. Petik, C. Valley. Row 2: F, Biel, R. Roso, D. Wacker, E. Lovell, R. Svihovec, J. Goss- mann, V. Penfield, I. Grout, I, Lanz, Row 3: E. Bernard, F. Hulm, B. Christman, D. Cook, M. Bartholomew J. Kanis, J. Kanis, D. Dutton, B. Lindquist. Row 4: K. Hoff, L. Rieger, C. German, R. Volz. LARIAT STAFF Lariat ------ Row 1: L. Ham, L. Saunders, R. Christman, L. Krischen, D. Veal, C. Manning, M. Kent. Row 2 V. Penfield, M. Longwood, J. Lanz, P. Wenzel-, D. Cook, B. Christman, R. Roland, D. Dutton. Row 3: Mr Boint, A. l-lauge, I. Grout, L. Goeres, D. Davison, W. Sherwood, J. Petik. 45 "L" CLUB Row 1: D. Veal, W. Sherwood, L. Lorenz, M. Gano, B. Boorman, R. Bywater, L. Rieger. Row 2: B. Gossmann, D. Veal, W. Bertrand, E. Lyons, G. Cazer, D. Werly. I. Gossmann, C. Clark. Row 3: K. Heir, R. Hartinger, D. LaDue, F. Wysk, S. Colville, N. Peterson, D. Willette, F. Dowdy. F.F.A. Row 1: D. Young, R. Christman, D. LaDue, S. Colville, C. Clark, D. Schmidt, B. Schmidt, K. LaBau, B. Schiley. Row 2: Mr. Lippert, L. Gibbons, V. Bergenheier, E. Lyon, W. Sherwood, G. l-latle, I. Hansen, L. Baumeister, N. Krebbs. Row 3: C. Gaugler, L. Dayton, M, Gano, R. Roso, P. Hansen, D. Gossmann, L. Pat- terson, P. Wicks, A. Urlacker, B. Hall. Row 4: H. Hockhalter, D. Suko, M. Longwood, A. Molitot, E. Braun, W. Witte, L. Friez, R. Lorenz. J. Cooper, L. Ostenberg, L. Anderson. Row 5: B. Kling, L. Becker, F. Wysk, L. Jackson, D. Bergenheier, D. Ellison, B. Shillingstead, B, Veal, P. Peterson, I. Huber, 46 LIBRARIANS Row 1: B. Coddington, M. Wilbur, E. Rice, I. LaBau, D. Reeder, R. Martin, E. Davis, P. Sides, S. Seidel, A. Weissinger. Row 2: Mrs. Adair, B. Grout, V. Penfield, R. Baumeister, L. Ham, D, Collins, H. Lorenz, A. Paul- JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Row 1: D. Willette, E. Braun, W. Witte, J. Baumeister, A. Ottman, B. Veal, R. Christman. Second Row: A Zent.S.Monson, D. Friez, J. Maier, F. Umback, Mrs. Adair. Row 2: H. Hillestead, L. Smith, B. Lindquist, I Braught. 47 RIFLE CLUB Row 1: Mr. Dalzell, T. Bartholomew, V. Stewart, J. Hanson, J. Baumeister, F. Biel, R. Svihovec, R. Christ- man, W. Sherwood, M. Scoular, W. Bertrand, Mr. Ramsdell. Row 2: G. Cazer, M. Bartholomew, J. Rhoads, C Ploog, L, Saunders, M. Christman, M. Helland, B. Christman, J. Dayton, D. LaDau, J. Gossmann. Row 3: L Dayton, J. Essert, W. Witte,P. Hansen, A. Ottman, A. Molitor, R. Roland, D. Davison, E. Lyon, D. Willett. SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: C. Ford, J. Essert, D. Frey, L. Spenny, J. LaVau, V. Gunn, D. Wicks, B. Lindquist, Mr. King. Row 2: Mr. Tigner, L. Lyon, M. Willett, P. Crowley, D. Willett, W. Bertrand, A. Ottman, F. Dowdy. Third Row: L. Paulson, R. Roland, L. Goeres, W. Sherwood, B. Veal. J. Roggenkamp. 48 4 4 HCWKN SOCETY n s . , ' s ,xt AT Eg , Back Row: R. Christman, R. Bywater, D. Davison, D. Veal, D, Werly, B. Veal. Front Row: B. Christman, L. Krischen, M. Kent, J. Petik, D. Dutton, J. Lanz, V. Penfield, L. Ham, D. Friez. TRACK X. Back Row: I. Huber, M. Longwood, A. Urlacker, G. Gaugler, P. Wicks, V. Gunn, T. Bartholomew. Fourth Row: L. Ostenberg, L. Patterson, E. Rook, J. Alexander, B. Zimmerman, W. Nelson, D, Smith, V. Stewart, Third Row: L.Anderson, E. Israel, E. Lanz, L. Hanks, G. Trautman, B. Gossmann, D. Ellison, R. Lorenz, Sec- ond Row: K. Heier, R. Jones, L. Gibbons, D. Suko, E. Braun, D. Veal, N. Peterson. Front Row: D. LaDue, B. Hartinger, B, Veal, W. Sherwood, D. Veal, K. LaBau. Coach Mr. Ransdell. 50 -g 3 XX xxx X -5-R X -gg? X, x XX vxg, s 1 X ,M M Q , . X SRQi?G.ix , H Y ' fn ' 5 f 'Q egg, .gg Y xi W' 3 . A Q W s 5 , kg, E I E 1 T .e lf fi N - iw m n ' K K xx XX It ' . Q f , x by Y ' W Q -' ,ef fi 7 ' g fffiw. 3 " ' A 'ff Q R .Qf. H , - ' ,fix ' f f ' Ji' H if' ', X , X . 5 . 11 :EGM ja L23 X . h xv, -f-' "-' m- 1 M.. Q- fl ' V ,, 1. . iii: Z D ,X W , nj 5 1 4: 'ww-if V 'S ' ' ' " X I - ' X K X 4 V N 43121. v TV - ff? T f x ,, Fha, 'ff Na w, 5 K s Q 5 W, ,-,xA H Q J M ,Qu ww . . , 4 - ' n W M, , , 7 ,ww ,aw my , , H, N, g 7 f 9? 14" Q ,f , ff' ,fm A '- QM . W z .1 ' K HF - - V a JA. ' H L M, , if I I A mf- 4 ,f 4 ' 7 5, , K, a +' fx. av -1. -A W. fe ' xv A ww f 1 f 7 A Q' Wi A K K ' wif" in K ,. K, xl. ,NY N 1 W 3 if g 3' ff' X if f R2 "' f a . ,,,.,f 3 Skis V 1 Q3 X A wiki Q it xg! Cai X I fm! 9 L A 'E 5 F Q 3 W Mfkrif., gk - K x E I 'Ax A . I ,. ww -- N 3 i ,,. Mfg ,LQIIT ,, , Y, . y ,K , ' K A K :nh 5 s 1 ' if yi A x ,, V ,S J f 1 - Ri I r . ' f f 3 N - x a Q '. . Q m' T 7 4 I ' A :5 J If P A 4 ' Ye . 4 I , g '- 5- -' Rx. - .' , . . , . ' is h Ib X ' 1 j I 2 Q f , gf H- ' , X. q wh' 1. gf W Q, fi ix .,,Lg,f2 ' A i . ,Qui K .- iii. , . V 7 4 , 55 Y. W , ' I , fp . sf- f . ' f Q, ' ' 3 A . A ,w R X 9 K if 'J' . Kms? M - Tl b ' -'vga' X A E 8 3 I - px Y ' Q f a 1 fy X N Y Q N K .X K .'k, ,uw f ,Q X-U13 W' i fx. K N g, xg A CAPPELLA CHOIR First Row: P. Smebakken, Z. Puhlman, M. Scoular, A. Hauge, B. Goeres, B. Maier, V. Penfield, C. Manning M. Kent, B.Anderson,D.Friez, L.Ham. Second Row: I,Rhoads, M.Hel1and, L. Smith, S. Monson, J. Braught E. Bernard, J. Maier, A. Lindquist, V. Lemke, F. Umback, P. Thompson, P. Cazer, B. Christman, I. Grout, L Krischen, E. Myren. Third Row: Director,Joe Thompson, J. Dayton, L. Spenny, D. Cook, M. Bartholomew, P Wenzel, D. Dutton, M. Longwood, L.Huber, L. Huber, L. Saunders, C. Germann, S. Skjoldal, K. Hoff, J. Lanz B. Lindquist,,C. Ploog. Fourth Row: M. Longwood, T. Bartholomew, V. Stewart, L. Hanks, R. Christman, L Goeres, L.Rieger, B. Dempsey, K. LaBau, A.Braught, N. Peterson, E. Lanz, L. Lorenz, B. Boorman, R. Schmidt D. Werly, D. Frey. Fifth Row: D, Davison, E. Lyorl,J. Goeres,P. Hanson, I. Schell, R. Roland, D. Benson, C. Clark, W, Sherwood, R.Roso, E.Braun, L. Becker, R. Bunn, D. LaDue, R. Hartinger, W. Bertrand, D. Willett,R. Bywater. 54- SENICR PLAY CAST Mrs. Adair, Joane Lanz, Wally Sherwood, Dorothy Cook, Alice Hague, Russel Bywater, Donna Dutton, Lee Goeres, Patty Wenzel, Don Werly. SWING BAND Back Row: M, Bartholomew, R, Roso, I. Grout. M, Kent, Director Mr, Thompson. Second Row: V. Peterson, D, Frey, A. Braught, B. Lockert, J. Braught, R, Roland, N. Peterson, Front Row: J. Maier, B. Christman, L. Hanks, R. Bunn, L. Krischen, D, LaDue, I. Petik, D, Syverson, 55 E rw.. r"V'+-ww.. 7 A-4-'Q' if ' O ,gl P ' 5 -2? ...,L ?-TEE' F 3 ' - L vvHrJ'5 wr-In ii' 4--1 ' +. I sa' i il.. 'uw- ' i 1 Jim Gossmann lla Grout Beverly Christman Gale Cazer 4 S X '27 Bob Hartinger La Vern Krischen 58 VALEDICTORIAN 8. W D. A. R. CANDIDATE erne Krichen SALUTATQRIAN 319' , ' .... . "IE: ' , 7 ,. W L N' 1-ff M J . ' i f M.: K W F , .lv f . fl! aff I vm 'J if K Homecoming Queen 61 59,6 .N A ,Mi Mega 5. Q 3 Mm Y :mm 1--' Sh A I 'sl T v . Q N -Alix. wk ' Lk Y . . QW! ff ,L -7 -fx 4- ,e it is kg hs' '.',,,,,..,.., .......,,,A,..-.. 'K ,ri S ' 'Q N Q Q I all 3 f A9 Hg' fn Q3 -Q ' s V Hb 5 e 9 -4,5 g " X u L T' 157 f ag 5 Q, S it IQ. MB., A 1 'fr' 'FAT' 1'- fo QV fl Q rin- ffxui F1 fi ,.,, r S ,J 4 ,W OF '54 SS LA C OR SENI Y' F Q , 63 AD5' - - vig' 'f ' fl iw, 1 . X xxx ilu k' fb 1,17 V1V. N A if , M12 If 3 1 ' M' Lf' 1!? TYf, 3 f 'x '---' f y W h ' .J'lL.'1. LXAMNX, ' - lf! Q 'Z 4 N. 5 fq gf NNN XMI We' 'Ng J V ng: A A X X .w A tm mf .AV 3. ' if -W 1, A V , ' '55-xx I ,- X - 3' fE2h,-:fin I '- If W V X I -A , 0 Ke SP S Hke I 1 I DIAMOND RING . . f I , Riff'-w-we X .-.,2, U- f KR: scHEN , N i IMPLEMENT R'dd'eS ' -.Ex A Pontiac, M.M., N-I. Jewelry I Phone 660 4 Lemmon, South Dakota YOUR ,q,?w,.,,-f-Hy VN For the Best FRIENDLY Qrhenk no Plan' l l a "' . FORD DEALER - gf. Sunday Dlnner 6 IW ws ' forfovd Service .-,,,m-si 7 Z-Z f The ' "'TTE- S.-f' Y gg cf ' R TIMES CAFE SALES SUN' George G. Popke Clean Willette Prop. FOR THE CAR OF THE FUTURE SEE THE -- W iQ I-MUS if 'E' 1 Wash and NEW 2 Greg se X S Your Cor TONY'S STANDARD SERVICE RANEY'S GARAGE Good Wishes And Best 0fLuck To The Class Of 1954 B. AND W. PAC KENG CO. GEORGE WENZEL PROP . BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATES OF 1954 JACKSON 8. KRAU SE LEMMON GRAIN CO. A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE L EMMON, SO. DAK. BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 1954 HERSRUD IMPLEMENT CO. ATTORNEYS The "coI:es" were GOOD LUCK CONGRATULATIONS """,I"' TO the service was TO THE 'often THE CLASS OF SENIORS but you won'f forget the 1954.7 LEMMON DRUG co.' LEMMON BEN FRANKLIN STORE You are always welcome. Stop in and see us. EQUITY EXCHANGE CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS GOOD WISHES T0 and AND THE BEST WISHES BEST OF LUCK SENIORS T0 THE TO THE SENIOR CLASS CLASS OF 1954 For quick service - OF 1954 DRS. I'I. P. SINCLAIR ' 0 NORTHWESTERN AND AL 5 BARBER SH P CLEANERS AND DYERS C. A. KELLEY GOOD WISHES CONGRA TULATIONS CONGRA TULA TIONS AND T0 THE T0 THE CLASS BEST OF LUCK SENIORS OF 1954 T0 THE OF 1954 DR. W. C. BOOTZ R. S. EVANSON 8. SON CLASS OF 1954 SNYDER'S MEN'S WEAR EES QOOSHQUCK CONGRA TULA T101vS C0NG1x7TljZ21 TIONS SENIORS OF 1954!! T0 THE CLASS OF 1954 A F 1 A""'Y"-""" CL SS 0 954 STANDARD on. Lower All Ways 5H0R1'Y'5 BULK PLANT LEMMON CO-OP FOOD CENTER BOWLING 8. LUNCH GALE HOL BROOK, PROP. WELCOME CONGRATULATIONS LEMMON HIGH SCHOOL T0 THE STUDENTS BEST OF LUCK This Store has been T0 THE SENIORS CLASS OF 1954 headquarters for 0F 1954 ' school supplies for CITY over forty-five years. MEAT MARKET all We cherish SMlTl'l'S DRUG STORE d appreciate your patronage. GROAT'S JEWELRY BEST WISHES BEST WISHES BEST IVISHES T0 THE T0 THE T0 THE GRADUATES OF 1954 SE1v1oRS or 1954 GRADUATES OF 1954 LESLIE HERSRUD and ANDERSON'S J. C. PENNEY Co. RONALD R. JOHNSON CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRA TULA T'0NS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 54 T0 THE T0 THE LEMON CLASS OF 1954 SEMOR CLASS OF 1954 DRY CLEANERS FIRST NATIONAL BANK l-EMMON First National DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Lawrence - Harry Free Pick-up and Delivery Phone 77 ROY 81 BENEITA, PROP. Insurance Agency Lemmon, So. Dak. MEMBER OF F.D.T.C. BEA'S CAFE BANK OF LEMMON BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY COAST-TO-COAST DAKOTA MOTOR COMPANY DR. FROCK DUFFY'S TEXACO STATION EARL PENFIELD - AUCTIONEER FINSAND'S HARDWARE GAMBLES HENRY'S MOTEL HILL TOP LAUNDRY .lACOBSEN'S SALES 8' SERVICE JOHN'S BARBER SHOP JOSUND AUTO ELECTRIC KUILMAN'S MOTEL LAD 81 LASSIE SHOP LEMMON BAKERY LEMMON BODY SHOP LEMMON LEMMON L EMMON L EMMON MAIN SU NATIONA NEW PAL NICK'S P NORTH L NW. S. D SO OLIEN S OWEN'S PETER RALPH S QUANSET STOCK'S L THE GO U DRIVE VIRGINIA WHITTED WOLF'S HEATING 8. PLUMBING 1 I 'S I F s F . vi K 5

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