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M 55 gb Sl Sei? UE Slwed y 'Hue C1085 'F J 2 emmon gh Lt So +A Dako 5 ff s QW -L- , 41,2 F Graduafe, f of C1 -L. o A 7N Il P Ii la o Q5 L Hi Sc oof Lemmon, um 'fa 5 Dedication Administrauon Faculty - - - Classes - Sports Accivxues Factory 0f Energy TABLE OF CONTENTS 7 f ,ff ff 'Cf' f X fllftfffo X, K Dedication MISS ELAINE MEYER K f.,Q X X 2 -tx - NMFA, -XV .V ,X N, .te X on,kfxs,x KN XiN,,j1lN 3 QQKK r wr e N 'nl iafw ,N wx,,h ,,shk , fx! L te, X " X ' XCR H, k M xr eX,,,t- R, f Sw, -- ff 'ff J-. I . A , me As we the "Atoms" of L. H. S. amve at the -e,fs4xQ?tqQmy,'X 7 , t, ,ex w,wfW,X', ww day when we must part, each to go h1s own way, s.jv,:Q3QR-,Q-digg.TN. we wlsh to e :ess our a recxauon to our senxor XNgx,f',xx . . . . X X Xt X. advlsor, Mxss Meyer, by dedxcatlng the annual to ,LQQQ-1j,fQ'Qw, her. fhffxf'-b'Xfv,X5Q . . . , pq Xyx, X Due to her smcenty, her consxderanon, and XXQXRy55,,- her understanding, our days at L. H. S. have been fruitful and abundant in knowledge. Qtfjiixsffbyy Miss Meyer has been one of the leading factors which has enabled us to culnvate our Xitjxgxl. I K , 'W s. N ' 4 at atomxc energy to our advantage and to the advan- Xi A tage of the world. ' Goodbye, Miss Meyer. Good luck, and may Z 4 ,V xy God bless you! Q, fi l V: 5 tr if v, if L 1' ' f:,'fTf 'sei':1H'w 'Sw 1? fu, "wtA X Y! f ' f .f zzlllffii liikxxlillf H S X M' X X' Q s, f i5!,Vf5EH 251 . wfllkklgil' .1 H,'gkKFq2 L VAX XFX N 5 ' 1 yn f W f "1 Q1 xi , X 'A ' x M M, ' www ij? C ,V 5 A, V1 Q I x ?x'K,fX 'W-.V-Xxlx1x.l'x:'iTxxXt X ixxykiskx .TVX S .X X KX 5 Q 5 Ig 3 , 2, Q5 K , . ,S 1 XV X, Q26 XR-fx 1 1 XM Xyxgy ,57xQ,1'.x, .xxx QXKNXX ss , LVQ' -,bex zzz' s gzzvjfg2',i1LQ - gwajmgm tagkw x x il 23033 4' all E' lfiilllkllill lil, WXKUXK V33 3,t,XxX32X'X Vaff' 22' MYR, 'WXXXUV0 ,,,f51g555--,typ Ugygygx-1LXQNVXX13 HwX1,xXnxx-,Q-,,t,X-,fy -gg X'.1,tXXxx XXX if,11'El1i1 Mg: '.-, 2 - l2WQ,H',kiXxH1,2,KX XE2fxKxgY,'gw'HYXf XXX V15 XXXX X 2 -f.ffl1l'u.e12,r'fM '"Vtil'VE13l2X1X3V51X1Y3XlXi',l,xXVKxQlfnNl',kRxE21'x V, i'fmXKwQ.N 5 5 3 if E 14 1 I 23 E! 5 Q 3 2? ld ll 'Yl'R?X1XXW?xX R Kill 2 X xX"fwfN X' XXX, "iVx'Y X- e QW we i S 5 E2 F1 l Z 2 ' 1 ' R1 w am wx XJ X. f? il: 2 f 22 tl fi V if 2 1 21' faxlk RX ft wx ali 'Wx 'WQX N HN 2 ' -TR Zlfiifl - EWVVI I wa?WU'.'2',EE1?ixHXY1'-VWOMYRX''xXVJ7k'xRX K V X'5'vxNN fefgsggig :gfwfsz 3' in-,gvwmwkwgwwtxwwkwtkwxtqwww M Wywx 1fs,.f1,S, t .mir,A,wwwayxmkkmwmymtuxgy-,pg,,gp,Rxxx Xwffxvx L. W. MOSER, our superintendent, who with his perseverance and determination, resolutely guided us through the beginning of the atomic era. F. T. A. junior Class Play gale 1' 'Hi LIVL A ' VK K. K 1, nf . ' i ' ,, . V' ,. I wifi . W "" 'A' .qw 'i fr 1 :T figs: 5, 1 , Y' -iw.,.iwgg,, . -f Administration I' Q vi L ff' g'fi 2 A Q ' GEORGE HILL, who left us to help preserve our country from destruction in the time of danger. Principal English Social Science Honor Society Debate Declamation Student Council Facultq HAROLD BOINT Commercial Science Freshman Advisor HUGH DALZELL Commercial Economics Camera Club junior Advisor GILBERT BRUNS THOMAS LIPPERT Speech Agriculture Business Law F, F. A. Coach Freshman Advisor Sophomore Advisor BILL CROSSWAIT, who with his understanding and sincerity, piloted us through this age of jets and atomic bombs. Principal - 2nd semester Science Drivers Education Camera Club Intramural junior Advisor i .W ,-az , : -- Q1 11:4 1 .q, .mfi Q : Jalal L sr 2: 'f I ,W ,+L g fis srfwli i i fa . , ,Q N,,. WLL, , k DONNA LOWE English Art Lariat I unior Advisor MARY PARDEN Science Physical Education Girls Basketball Cheerleading Twirling Drill Team G. A. A. Freshman Advisor FRANCIS SEXTON History Coach Sophomore Advisor ST AN L EY SWANSON English Dewey Decimal Sophomore Play Senior Advisor ELAINE MEYER Mathematics Squeeze: Quill Sz Scroll Senior Advisor FLORENCE SANDAGER Home Economics Handicrafts F. H. A. Declamation junior Advisor VERA SORENSON Social Science English Debate Senior Advisor JOE THOMPSON Music Senior Advisor Roy Bernard - af 5 ,gr ,R it W,L, L 55 Garland Scott Not pictured - President Charles Christen A 55, . , 1 'K i v Secretary Pat Thomson Seated: Mr. Hill, D. Werly, K. Ashmore, M. Satter, J. Duncan. Standing: R. Chase, R. Roland, C. Rafferty, S. Hagen, R. Gebhard, E. Beyers, L. Becker, D. Friez, S. Smebakken, P. Cazer, J. La Bau, F. Beal, Clifford Rafferty. Homecoming Homecoming of 1951 began with a mild roar and ended in a bangup explosion when the Lemmon Cowboys defeated the Pierre Governors 7 to O on Friday night, October 19th. The Coronation ceremonies took place Thursday night, October eighteenth. The identification of the Queen was kept secret until then. Candidates for Marshall were Kenneth Ash- more, James Duncan and Clifford Raffertyg Queen candidates were Beverly Allart, Lillien Krischen, Georgine Rustad, Norma Jean Sattler and jean Wanstedt. A breathless hush settled over the audience when Queen Jean Wanstedt entered the school gymnasium at the side of Kenneth Ashmore, Marshall. The welcoming speech was given by the Marshallg then the queen was crowned. Queen Jean gave her address to the audience and was presented a bouquet ofroses by Clifford Rafferty. Entertainment was provided by the girl's glee club, and a group of ten juniors who danced before the throne. Also the freshmen put on a one act play. After Coronation the students snake-danced out to the football field for a bonfire and pep meeting. Still later they proceeded to the Palace Theater where they saw a free show. A float was made by the school for the Homecoming royal- ty, on which they rode out to the football field on Friday night. At the start of the game Queen Jean kissed the ball. During the first and second quarter of the game no score was made, but in the third the Cowboys scored and made their extra point. The Pierre Governors threatened in the fourth quarter but did not score. This was the last game of the football season be- cause ofthe cancellation of the Mott and Belle Fourche games. 4 u 1 ,f .", H. 1 A 1. Over here girls. 2. Getting a good tan. 3. Sober as a judge. 4. Well known twosome. 5. Love birds. 6. Having a laugh. 7. It's so peaceful in the 'country. 8. Couple a' cowgirls. 9. Cold, huh? 10. She'll do in a pinch. 11. Wake up, Ruth. 12. Not smoking, just cold. 13. Farmer Beverly. 14. What a huddle, Oh Boy. 15. What is it? 16. Years ago. 17. Rah, rah, rah, rah! 18. Eating, huh Catherine? 19. All those smiles. 20. Some dog! 21. What's the occasion? XNXZ K ff x 2? 135 O SENIDRS iigggg JUNIORS xlfx qx f ,hmm Qxlfz A5PHOMORES FRESHMEN Valedictorian LILLIEN KRISCHEN Lillien lgrischen has attended the Lemmon schools for twelve years. She has been active in Student Council, Girls Glee Club, Drill Team, and Girls Basket- ball. She was on both the Lariat Staff and the Squeezer Staff. She served as presiden-t of the sophomore class and was an attendant for the homecoming ceremonies. Co-Salutatorians NORMA J. SATTLER JULIA HUWE DAR Candidate ,-. 5 f NORMA J. SATTLER Norma jean Sattler was chosen as the D.A.R, representative. Norma Ilean has been exceptionally active in music, participating in band, orchestra, g ee club, mixed chorus and vocal and instrumental solo work. She represented Lemmon at Girls State, and was a representative senior. She was also a homecoming attend- ant. A member of the honor so i L ' ' ' . c ety, ariat, Squeezer Staff, F.H.A., she is indeed an rdeal representative of Lemmon High School. Seniors H , CLIFFORD RAFFERTY - - better known as "Cliff" is the good looking senior boy with a cheerful smile for everyone. Cliff has been in the junior class play, Student Council and Lariat staff. JEAN WANSTEDT - - our Homecoming Queen is a talented girl with many interests. She has been in hand, mixed chorus, cheer- leading, the junior class play, Lariat and Squeezer staff. jean was also a class officer for two years. AAMES DUNCAN - - always appy and full of -pep best describes 'ljimmy '. He was class officer all four years of high school and participated in football, basketball and track. BEVERLY ALLART - - a popular L.H.S. student who was a Homecoming attend- antg that's "Babe" Allart. She was cheerleader three years, captain in her senior year and in the junior class play. KENNETH ASHMORE - - "Kenny", our handsome Homecoming Marshal is interested mostly in sports. He was Student Council President, ahd participated in football, basketball and track. Not Pictured: Norma jean Sattler NORMA JEAN SATTLER - - "Jeannie" is the pretty blonde senior girl who was a Homecoming attendant, D.A.R. representative and Girl's Stater. She has been a member of mixed chorus, and band for four years. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, Lariat, SqueezerStaff,F.H.A Seniors ONA HAM 'The longer you know her tbe better you like ber." Lariat Staff 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 2. DONALD HOLGARD "'St1ong silent type." F. 'F. A. 3, Intramural 3,4, Camera and Projection Club 4. 3 'il f I 5 : .I" ., 4, V, ,,' ' , 5 ' 4' .,.,,,,, as JEAN WANSTEDT "Queen of bearts as well as of our bomecoming." Homecoming Queen 4, Senior Representative 4, Class Sec. 4, Vice Pres. 1, jr. Class Play 3, Lariat Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Cheerleadingl, Capt. B, 3,4, Girls Trio 4, Orchestra 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Camera Club 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 4, Band 1L,2L,3L,4L, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 1,2, 3,4, Alto Sax solo 2,3,4, Squcezer Staff 2,3,4, Service Club 2. DONALD TEXLEY "The life ofthe party." F.F.A. 1, L Club 3,4, Debate 3, Football 1,2,3L, Basketball 1, 2,5L,4L, Track 1. RICHARD HENRY "Man of many talents." Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Boys Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Solos 3,4. BEVERLY ALLART "Big surprises come in little packages." Homecoming 4, Senior Representative 4, Plays 3, Thespians 3, 4, G.A.A. 1,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Cheerleading 2,3,4, Capt. F.H.A 2, Service Club 2, Squeezer Staff 4. LARRY SCHUZLE "My conduct in scbool is the teacbers delight. I sleep all day so I can stay up a1lnigbt." Declan! 1.2, I-Uffamllral 1,2,3,4, Camera and Projection Club 1 2, 3, Football 2,3, Track 1, Band 1,2,3,4, Boys Glee Club 1,2,3Z4, Cornet Trio 3,4,. SYLVA WACKER "Things don't botber me." F. H. A. 1, 3, 4, Production Staff 3, G. A. A. 1, 2. x RUBY MAIER ' 'A reserved sweetness. " F. H. A. 1,2,3,4, G. A. A. 3,4, Camera and Projection Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls Glee Club 4, Squeezer Staff 2,4. RONALD KENT , ' 'I don't think I'm smart, but what is my opinion against thousands of others." junior class treasurer, Sophomore play, Quill and Scroll 4, Intra- mural 1,2,3,4, L Club 3,4, Football 2,3L,4L, Track 1,2,3, Squeezer 2,3. ROBERT SCHACHOW "Let old motber nature have ber way." F. F. A. 1,2,3,4. BEVERLY OSTENBERG "Her bear! is like tbe moon. It changes often ana' tbere is always a man in it." Senior play, junior play, Thespians 3,4, Declam 3,4, Lariat 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Camera and Projection Club 5,4, Dewey Decimal 4, Debate 3L,4L, Mixed Chorus 2,4, Girls Glee Club 2,4, F. H. A. 1,2, Squeezer 2,3,4. JEAN VATLAND "l'm saddest when I sing and so are tbose who bear me." Production staff 3, Camera and Projection Club 2,3,4, F. H. A. 1,2,'3, Squeezer Staff 3,-4. KENNETH ASHMORE "His middle name is SPORTS." Student Council 3, Pres. 4, Homecoming Marshal, Senior Rep- resentative 4, Class Officer, Pres. '3, Plays 3,4, Thespians 3,4, Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Lariat 4, L Club 1,2,3,4, Debate 2, Football IL, 2L, Capt. 3L,4L, Track 1L,2L,3L,4L, Mixed Chorus 1,2,4, Boys Glee Club 1,2,4, 'Squeezer Staff 1,2, Boys State 3, Junior Marshal. MITCHELL ELLISON "Easy to know: easy to like." F. F. A. 2,3,4, Intramural 4, Camera and Projection Club 4, Track 4. - NEOMA RICE "Sbe may never set the world on fire, but sbe will keep tbe bome fires burning." junior play production staff, Declam 5,4, Thespians 3,4, Lariat staff 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Camera and Pro- jection Club 4, Dewey Decimal 3,4, Debate 2,3L,4L, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls Glee Club 4, Squeezer Staff 2,3,4- F. F. A. 1, - i li:,,g,5.f GEORGINE RUSTAD "They call ber "Rusty", but sbe's not - one bit." Homecoming 4, junior play, Lariat staff 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, G.A.A. 1,2 Sec. 3,4, Camera Club 2,3,4, Band 1L,2L,3L,4L, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Solo '5,4, Cheer- leading ?L,'3 Capt. B,4L, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Pres., Service Club 2, Squeezer Staff 3,4, Girls Trio 3,4, Orchestra 4, Brass Sextet 2, Brass Quartet. LELAND VETTER "Flasbrnite" Lariat Staff 4, Intramural 2, 3. ERVINA KELLER "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." LEO ZIMMERMAN "Slowly do I move. " 2, 3, officer. RICHARD GEBHARD "Oh, bow I hate to get up in tbe morning." Student Council l,4, Class officer 1,4, Lariat Staff 4, Intramural 4, L Club 3,4, Football 1,2,3L,4L, Basketball 1,2,3, Track 1,2, 3, Squeezer Staff 3,4. PHYLL IS JORGENSON ' 'Golden Creation' ' Quill and Scroll 4, G.A.A. 3,4, Drill team 5,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Girls Glee Club 3,4, Squeezer 2,3,4, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. BENTON THORE SON "He's bent-on being a farmer." Play 3, Staff, Declam 4, F.l"l.A. 1,2,3,4, Intramural 1,2,3,4, Camera and Projection Club 1, F.T.A. 4, L Club 5,4, Debate 4, Football 1,2,'5L,4L, Track 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Boys Glee Club 4, Squeezer Staff '3,4, Lariat Staff 4. IOANNE LOCKERT "The girl wbo stands up for ber rights." junior Play, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Camera Club 4, Girls Basketball 3,4, Girls Glee Club 3,4, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Bowling Club 4, Squeezer Staff 3,4. EILEEN BARTELL ' 'Viuacious, loquacious, flirtalious. ' ' Plays 2,3, Thespians 3,4, Declam 1,2,3,4L, Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 4, Dewey Decimal 2,i3,4, Band 2,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Vocal solo 2,4, Original Oratory 2,4, Squeeze: Staff 3,4, F.H.A. 1,2,3 sec. 4. JOHN SUMMERS "Ah, many's the maid who has sighed for me in vain - alas, in vain." Lariat Staff 4, F.1".A. l,2,3,4, Intramural 3,4, Football 2, Squeezer 3. DIANA BIERSCHBACH "Tough luck, boys, but she's taken." Transferred from Austin High School, El Paso, Texas. STANLEY SMEBAKKEN "Playboy" Student Council 4, Class officer 4, Plays 3, Declam 4, Lariat 4, F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Intramural 1,2,3,4, L Club 2,3,4, Football 2,3L, 4L, Track l,2,3L,4, Mixed Chorus 2,4, Boys Glee Club 2,4, Boys State 3, Student Manager 2,3. JIM DUNCAN "Everyday is a holiday." Student Council 2,4, Senior Rep. 4, Class officer l,2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Intramural 4, L Club 3,4, Football 1,2,3L,4L Co- Capt. 4, Basketball 1,2,3, Track 1,2, Squeeze: Staff 2,3 Editor. AUDREY JOHNSON "Delightful, delicious, delovely. " Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Lariat Staff 4, G.A.A. 1,2, Camera Club 4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 2,3,4, Cheerleading 2, Squeeze: Staff 2,4, Service Club 2. CLIFFORD RAFFERTY "Why should the devil have all the good times." Student Council 4, Homecoming 4, Senior Rep., Class officer .1, 4, Plays 3,'4, Thespians 4, Declam 3L,4, Lariat Staff 4, Quill and Scroll, Intramural 1, 2,3,4, Debate 3L, Squeezer Staff. RONDII HOFFMAN "A beautiful blonde that isn't dumb." Production staff 3, Declam 3, F.T.A. 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club l,2,3,4, Library 4, F.H.A. l,2, 3, G.A.A. DOROTHY KARI "A small spark may start a big fire." Transferred from Omaha, Nebraska. F. T, A, 4 LARRY MOSER "My chief ambition is to get by." LILLIAN KRISCHEN "Ab shucks! If we'd say anything about ber, sbe'd blush!" Student Council 2, Homecoming 4, Class Pres. 2, Lariat 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Camera Club 4, Drill Team 4, Girls Basketball 4, Band 1, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls Glee Club 4, Squeezer Staff 4, Junior Play production staff 4. LLOYD TOMAC "l'm satisfied cuz I'm just like me." F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2 EUGENE SCHOULAR "And talk, ob migosh, bow he can talk." Student Council 3,4, Intramural 1,2, Football 1,2, Track 1,2. NORMA JEAN SATTLER "She says it with music." F.H.A. 2,3,4, Homecoming 4, Senior Representative, Production Staff 3, Honor Society 3.4, Lariat 4,' Quill and Scroll 3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Solos 3, 4, Squeezer 3,'4, Girls State 3, D.A.R. Rep. 4, Orchestra 4, Piano Accompanist 1,2,3,4, Ensembles 1,2,3,4. ALBERT SITTNER "Tull and shy - but what an eye - for women." Intramural 3,4, B-Basketball 2, Squeezer 3. IENNIE DUTTON "Each task is well done." Student Council 3, Play 3, Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2, 3,4, Camera Club 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 4, Drill Team 3,4, Debate 2, Girls Basketball 3,4, Mixed-Chorus 3, Girls Glee Club 3, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Bowling Club 4, Squeezer Staff 4. MARIANNE FISH "Bxtra- specialty" Student Council 1, Class Pres. I, G.A.A. 2,4, Drill Team 4, Dewey Decimal 4, F. H. A. 1,2,3,4. MERRIL HOLDAHL "One of our occasional classmates." F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Q 1 LORRAINE BERGENHIER "Dirnpled Deligbt. " Sophomore Play, G.A.A. 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls Glee Club 2, 3, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Squeeze: 4. BOB LANZ "You can't tell about those silent men." Track 2, Boys Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2. MARVEN ANDERSON "To know birn is to appreciate bins." F. F. A. 1, 2. JULIA HUWE "I'rn on the verge ofa great career. Will someone please shove rue?" Quill and Scroll 3,4, G.A.A. 1,2, Camera Clu F. H. A. 1,2,3,4, Squeeze: Staff 2,3,4. 4... 1 ei W-W, , If jj. b 3,-1, Debate 4 wg . ,sw 4 a if . ., qw Q 539.2 ,.. lg if we v If ,lf if be ,jgfjf .gg .tg it Q in .N E vs ,.,g.,iff is ga Mig 33' 5? -x 3? g , , , tg 5. KEN SV? ' 255521 we ef W Q J .W J . .- sf f are g 2 .ff DARRELKANE "He works bard to keep out IONA HALEY "Sbe's got what it takes." F. H. A. 4, F. T. A. 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Gir of work." Q ...Q mf yvgte fx' T 5 W6 I i7iii ff I ' K fifim. ' f - ls Glee Club 4. MARVIN CHRISTMAN "They go wild- simply wild over me." Plays 2,3, Thespians 3,4, Masque and Gavel 2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Intramural 1,'3,4, Camera Club 1,2,3, Basketball 2, Band 1,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,5,4, Boys Glee Club l,2,3,4, Solisr 1,2,3,4, Squeezer 2,3. CATHERINE BOORMAN "All tbrougb lbe night." Plays 2,3, Thespians 3,4, Declam 1,2,3,4, Masque and Gavel 2, 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 4, Debate 2, Band 1L,2L,3L,4L, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Girls Glee Club l,2, 3,4, Solos 2,3,4, Squeezer 2,3,4, Ensembles 1,4L, S.D.H.S.R.A. Delegate 3. ROBERT LORENZ "Love is, too simple a tbing for a brainy man like me to indulge m- -" Class officer 2, Plays 3, Thespians 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Lariat 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Intramural 1, Camera Club 2, 3, L Club 2,3,4, Football 1,2,3l..,4L, Basketball 2,3L,4L, Track l,2L,3L,4L, Squeezer Staff 2,3 Editor. MURIEL SNYDER "Gentle ways and voice." Lariat 4, Mixed Chorus 2,4, F.H.A. 1,2,4, Girls Glee Club 1,2,4. Who's Who Allart Cutest Bartell Wittiest girl Bergenheier Dimples Biershbach Prettiest Boorman Always on the go Dutton Best girl athlete Fish Short and sweet Haley Longest hair Ham Darkest Bruner Hoffman Blondest Huwe Likeable johnson Best dressed Jorgensen Easy going Kari Quietest Keller Blackest hair Krischen Most argumentive Lockert Friendliest Maier Good dancer Ostenberg Shortest Rice Most influence Rustad Nicest Sattler Most representative Snyder Most artistic Svihovec Homemaker Vatland Sense of humor Wacker Most tempermental Wanstedt Biggest flirt Anderson Most studious Ashmore Best athlete Christman Best dressed Duncan Biggest flirt Ellison Most conscientious Gebhard jolly - iest Henry Most scientific Holdahl Most carefree Holgard Quietest Kane Corniest Kent Toughest Lanz Nicest Lorenz Tallest Moser Most westem Rafferty Most versatile Schackow Prettiest hair Schuelzle Shortest Scholar Most argumentive Sittner Lady killer Smebakken Wittiest boy Summers Sweetest Texley Best dancer Thoreson Most debative Tomac Curliest hair Vetter Most photogenic Zimmerman Slowest A. Nelson ll Q. Benson D. P arrott 1 Q. L. Sander gg' E. Peterson W? , xl ,, N. Baumeister V T ,1 5 Us' L. Maier Juniors . G JM A li, W P. Bishop J. Witte D. Shortridge R. Ostby R. Falck ,xii F L - ., E 'Q ,,.,,,,o- '- K .fflhf A Q H f ' fr G- Scheck B- Behfmmw D. Lemke w. schuf R. Fried .3 G : nne n 1 o f 1 41 . l ,L f . nnee - egfn ' N 3 il G .- ' I , H M. SOUR L- Fried C. Sattler L. Gladstone A, Hoffman 3 ,.. W . 1 'f' - ,., ., I Q , , - .1, 2. - 1 K k.,L M I Q J ' K P' .- 1 E. Wolff S. Miller M- Weil M- Smith W. Shockley .. 4' . A . ... , . W Q ""' 1. .., ..: 'f' 'S -2 K:- JEQ. , L A Ls LL. A 4 , B. Goeres E. Ploog L. Myron W. Banning R. Kane W .gal 4, f ' ' , MV - . ,. 1 S ,..-P G " afsff 1 ix- -:- ia 5 'a .SQA Wa- .sf 5 Q f... ..., .- U A. Baumeister F. Hermann G. Gossmann G. DaBau R. Lillehaug ' hw . 'P V , , - - sm.: 1: , - V V 4 ,... 8 g . ' , 1254? . st' . al, , V . . - , A Sw' ' D. Ellison D. Long L. Meier M. Rycrer A- Colgrove M Satter Q Loiii F7 B. Suko K. Friez C. Waggener .3 R. Roso D. Cook P E qL,,,L. ' V -Ag, . v Q -f ga if 51 R. Sittner R. Urnback V. Daum T, Powers L no V ' ' R 1 V A 'visff'-' S' y 1 :.,, , - .ff X Y , v R A if . f R- MOSC1' B. Olson E. Hitchcock C. Walters if R , . . H L :" Z . 5 vii , F5 i B' Becker L. Veal V- 18633 K. Hagan I 5 my ,L . , ,X ia , . F Ag, ar R ' ' V- , 1. ..,. .., R k.A, V V, V A Q.. ,. X Q B, .-fk D. I-If-dger K. Williamson R. Haley .W 1 l n ll 1 " Q5 ' .5 gil i 4' no R in nl A 'J ,fu ' B. Boorman L. Ham B. Hartinger A. Svihovec 57 zayai, :ii L L gl' h L ff - f..,. 'L ,, I- Davis F. Biel B. Maier B. Grout ii 4' f n l 23' R 1-? L 4 .L-if L V an A55 L 1 q,,. Jr Q2 wg fo A . 2. . 13 Q 1. Cleghorn E. Lovell W. Sherwood V. johnson M. Kirchoff i ,Q Ya , A . D. Cain S. Longwood 9 555 - 3 . J. Hansen V yi ' .i " ' Q- , 45' ' f M. Crevier ,Q R. Bywater R .li M. Gano A MJ ll . L. Davis Qggiy 1. Gossman E . Gehring .sw sing, - f f- Ayf- .. Q, , Ev F. Frey 1 v4i"'55' G li ' H " f ' B. Chr is tman , ,K J.L , ' , +1 ,, .,L A , V f., ,M ,..W . ,Q .- ..dx 3 E. Sides D. Werly - b M: Vf s D. Davidson D, Duggan .Q K ,E K 2 .ff L. Saunders A. Molitor fb 'W .bi .1 .gf Z3 V. Bergenheier M. Kent M. Waldecker L. Goeres Ni., ai. If G. Hatle E. Seidel ..,, MW 1. 4 Q if if 1 'Q at 1 N 1 3.112 . , A. Hauge B, -4357... , . Goeres 2 E L. Hannah J. Dayton vi ' VE' n iii - f ix P, Raba ii G. Kosrelecky L. Hannah ss'A J 'A V 3' L. Jorgensen I. Petik ' -' we. ' ,.1"1'Lf'5 . 1 -V I . SS. f A. ' 'Q wLs,+.aYmfs,'1 P. Wenzel M. Wise A-...,,5a.5yg:, - A-11,f.,. , . f .M , ig. Mi A L- Riegef s. Skjoldal lf! ! , fm... , gtwil . f.-g., V - -f'- 53.1, if, 42.27 , g 1? ., FN L. Krischen M. Steggal no L D. Veal M. Longwood G. Cazer D. Schiley R. Roland j. Reasy M. Scoular f i - ...... , C' Ploog V. Penfield M, Gang il' .. .iii i . i' , .Ji .,, , C. Manning I- Grout .mf R. Schmidt f J. Kanis Q L V 3151 P. Hansen A. Heinirz I. Kanis .V 4' 4 1 R. Schmidt S. Scot: if L. LaBau H. Trager H. Hillestad ' 3 an ' s L 5 3 - A igf5lf. ... Q Qi D. Friez E. Braun A IV.. ., EEE K QR D. LaDue R. Gabbert Freshmen B. Veal P. Cazer RM R. Svihovec D. Heinicz N .5 N A. Iorns ff V I J. Maier .vii C. Col grove F! ,J C. Knispel Q! E .S V.. if gf. 1? f' a E. Lyon C. German 'Im 'SY' I' -cl 15142 W. Bertrand 3' E A. Moliter 5 1.. .s '95 . . ' .3 ...af 3 D. Benson A. Veal 1? we D .VE 451, , V in F. Hulm F. Umback D. Heinitz i t " '.". L D. Veal M. Alderson in as W B. Sanders . - .-1. ff? X. Il.. M. Christman li B. Kling C. Clark Kiln - D. Wicks I R. Bunn D. Gilbercson in L F il ...pf A. Orrman L. Lyon C. Lovelert D. Willett Z. Puhlman S. Colville J. Braught A. johnson 1 59i.Q 1 i T I L. Becker M. Meier L. Lorenz B, Lindquist L L .... LL "2Jew A SQHEW 7 ' Rfe. t 5 L eil Wil P V L." i R ff ll'l1l f. ' Li R - ' .ww L e ff'W- vw?v'i fw grill, . 5 . Y ,f,L:.L: 1 E. Byers R. Chase L. Weil J. Baurneister x gL,L R. Peterson K. Hoff D. Smirh L. Smith L. Glass W. Witte R. Volz D. May J. Rieket S. Monson D. Oliver E, Crow L iL. 4 iiiii ilil .E , , i kr,. .V ,J 'i ii . ' , V l . L. Graika L. Rhoads B Wise 5'-big, - 9-'A ' ,, ,Le L .- imgr f , .-mm F - Wysk M. Helland M. Buche R. Christman w.k , is .- ,zaw WVL- im I A. Seidel B. Anderson ff R ww , .mice- 3 R. Martin R. Sch iley 91 nv 421' "5 A M B. Peterson P . Smebakken Lmf mtg , M- f7Fwfi iiii -7 - L. jackson Personalities had a Hill but no mountain. had Summers but no winters. had Ham but no eggs. had Cain but no corn. had Goeres but no gathers. had a Long but no short. had a Lowe but no high. had a Miller but no moth. had a Parrott but no canary. had a Parden but no excuse me. had a Sandar but no polisher. had a Fish but no fisherman. had Veal but no steak. had Kari but no cash. had Meyer but no mud. had Rice but no barley. had a Braught but no took. had a Bunn but no roll. had a Chase but no catch. had a Clark but no Lewis. had a Crow but no hawk. had a Friez but no thaw. had a German but no Irishman. had a Glass but no frame had Irons but no washers. had a Lyon but no tiger. had a May but no June. had an Oliver but no John Deere. had a Scott but no Indian. had Wicks but no chimneys. had Bywater but no near sea. had Dayton but no Donaldson. had Frey but no boil. had Longwood but no Cottonwood. had Sides but no top. had a Bishop but no minister. had Powers but no weaklings. had a Sonn but no moon. had a Wolff but no bear. had a Monson but no hurricane. had Rhoads but no paths. 1. What're you waiting for? 2. Smiley Burnett. 3. Chums. 4. Pals. 5. What happened? 6. Lovers in the woods. 7. How's the water, Chmk? 8. Gee, we're happy. 9. The Sluggers 10. Hubba-hubba. 11. Sit tight. 12. Three Muske- teers. 13. That friendly smile. 14. The pause that refreshes. 15. Hold that pose. 16. Don't cover up your buddy. 17.Having fun. 18. Resting. 19. Johnny Wiesmuller and Esther Williams. 20. Winter is here. 21. Shorties. 22. Cheer- ful. 23. Men Are Like Streetcars. 24. What's so funny? 15. Morning side of the mountain. 26. No cheating, Darrel. SF'CDF?TS sg, f 'Q' X f Q Q' X ,. X Q, N! K O? 2 X, I Q 50141-1-I 5 WYOM DAK A ,Yr Q WMM Q Cowboqs First Row: B. Thoreson, E. Ploog, L. Sander, M. Satter, R. Kent, I. Duncan, K. Ashmore, R. Gebhard, G. Cazer, D. Veal, B. Lorenz.. Second Row: J. LaBau, W. Sherwood, D. Shortridge, B. Sander, D. Werly, B. Behrman, S. Smebakken, M. Weil, D. Willett, L. Veil, 1. Gossman, Student Manager M. Stagel. Third Row: Mr. Bruns, R. Bywater, B. Grout, B. Boorman, B. Schmidt, F. Wysk, L. Becker, L. Lorenz, R. Schmidt, C. Clark, B. Veil, D. Veil, Mr. Sexton. Fourth Row: K. LaBau, R. Umback, E. Hitchcox, E. Braun, D. LaDue. SCHEDUL E St. Mary's 12 L. H. S. 13 Dickenson 6 33 Baker, Mont. 0 27 Mobridge 0 20 Hettinger 6 26 Pierre 0 7 "Z" 126 BRUNS SEXTON ,, v, ,. ,, , K ,VVVV -,,. 2 51 ,,.', Senior SCl110I J .. ' f l 3 i'eii 'f Pslsigifn Position L.H. .gjfggm B V ' Cl U Weight 170 elne if .ABC 17 . Asc 18 B " A Height S ft 91n Height 5 ft 102 in it V V ifk, , V,V, I Years lettered 3,4 Years lettered 1,2,3,4 ii' JIM KENNY if K 9 D. VEAL 1. 5 . THORESON SANDERS ,gl f 47 Y' GEBHARD NAME YEAR POSITION WEIGHT B. Thoreson Sr. R.E. 170 R. Gebhard Sr. R.H. 155 L. Sanders jr. F.B. 185 R. Kent Sr. R.G. 185 D. Veal Soph. L.G. 200 R. Lorenz Sr. L.T. 210 M. Satter Ir. C. 170 G. Cazer Soph. Q.B. 160 E. Ploog Ir. R.T. 195 L. Veal Ir. G. 190 U SATTER LORENZ PLOOG KENT HEIGHT 5 fr 955 in 5ft9in 5ft10in 6fr 5ft10in 6ft 2in Sft 10111 5ft 10in 6fr Sf: 1Oin 'xr 3' K ,, , CAZER AGE LETTERS 18 3,4 18 3,4 17 2,3 17 3,4 15 1,2 18 2,.3,4 16 L3 17 1,2 17 Z 3 17 3 L. VEAL 'f 'fn W x Hg ff 2? WHL WERLY SHORTRIDGE NAME YEAR POSITION WEIGHT M. Weil Ir. Q.B. 155 D. Shortridge jr. I-LB. 155 W. Sherwood Soph. H.B. 150 M. Gano Soph. G. 145 D. Willette Frosh. T. 155 B. Behrmann Ir. E. 175 I. Gossman Soph. E. 170 D. Werly Soph. E. 160 B. Franks Ir. F.B. 160 S. Smebakken Sr. E. 160 ,E . RN. ,. ' GANO D Nor pictured: B. Franks GOSSMAN SHERWOOD I HE 5 fc Sir Sfr Sf: 6fr 6f: 6fr Sf: Sfr 6fc WILLETTE GHT Bin 10 in Sin 6 in 1 in 1 in 3 in 7 in 7 in AG 16 16 16 16 14 16 17 15 17 17 SME BAKKEN E LETTERS 3 2,5 2 2 1 3 2 2 3 3,4 L .35 L fi. 6. BEHRMANN L Club First Row: M. Weil, G. Cazer, M. Satter, R. Kent, K. Ashmore, S. Smebakken, J. Duncan R. Gebhard, D. Texley, C. Sattler. Second Row: Mr. Bruns, P. Bishop, B. Thoreson, D. Werly, D. Willett, D. Veal, is Gossman, R. Lorenz, B. Behrman, L. Sander, D. Shortridge, E. Ploog, W. Sherwood, M. Gano, Mr. xton. The Cowboys started the season with a bang by upsetting St. Marys of Bismarck, the Class A North Dakota champions. But the energetic boys didn't stop there. The next on the list was Dickenson, North Dakota, who the Cowboys took in stride for their second victory. Next in line was Baker, Montana, followed by Mobridge, then Hettinger and Pierre for homecoming. The Mott Cardinals and the Belle Fouche Broncs cancelled their games with the Cowboys because of bad weather, and the season ended with six wins and no losses. The team rolled up a total of 126 points to the opponents 24 in the six games. The un- defeated season is the first L. H. S. has had since 1944. A Basketball Kneeling: Student Maridger M. Steggall, Coacb F. Sexton. Standing: R. Hartinger, M. Satter, K. Ashmore, L. Sanders, B. Behrman, R. Lorenz, G. Cazer, C. Sattler, K. Frrez, D. Texley. , SCHEDULE 4 4 nnnn Philip 36 L. H. S. 56 5 4 Mclnrosh 45 67 I, Sturgis 51 40 V 5 Hettinger 36 34 .. -rkk 3 . f nnr. r,rni St. Maris 60 59 6 4 :M Miller ' ' ' l , f SATTLER Philip 39 48 ASHMORE Wakpala 53 65 Mclncosh 43 53 Mott 47 49 Dickinson 45 60 Redfield 56 52 Mobridge 54 28 Herringer 48 66 692 736 .,5, 5 - - tie-1 6, df ' K A 3 ' K K CAZER LORENZ HARTINGER B Basketball First Row: D. LaDue, J. LaBau, D. Werly, J. Gossman, D. Willett, S. Colville. Second Row: M. Steggall, L. Lorenz, B. Boorman, W. Sherwood, B. Sanders, R. Bywater, B. Grout, Mr. Bruns. .gf r .. 3 Q .W 'rs . R 42 Q 2. ,S , f XS.. , 1. 2. ,ig wifi? :K SW. . , . A- 2 'amp' X 'f ,g 153, . .,,. .W . ,, 3. vis221sw1E.,w2mSsga224Q we SATTER Q fr' . lz'1553is1fiiw ii ' ,Q ni FRIEZ Bi son McIntosh Faith Reeder Hettinger Haynes McIntosh Faith Reeder Bi son SCHEDULE ' ei L' KL. TEXLEY L. H. S. ' rgvfgiq, , ., ,. ,, A 'K if Els. .5 if? its qw SAN DER BEHRMANN Intramural First Row: D. Shortridge, C. Rafferty, T. Powers, M. Wise, B. Thoreson, R. Roland, R. Kent, R. Gebhard, Mx. Crosswait. Second Row: D. Holgard, S. Smebakken, F. Hermann, L. Tomac, M. Christman, J. Duncan, M. Wiel, L. Rhoads, E. Ploog, M. Sonn, D. Veal, A. Hoffman. Tbird Row: C. Rafferty, D. Davison, L. Rieger, A. Seidel, F. Wysk, D. Benson, M. Ellison, Q. Benson, R. Kane, David Cain, E. Lyon, M. Gano, V. Bergenheier, L. Scheutzle. Fourth Row: G. Kostelecky, F. Beal, G. Hatle, E. Hitchcox, W. Sherwood, E. Braun, R- Svihovec, R. Umback, L. Becker, N. Baumeister, P. Bishop, R. Schmidt, R. Christman, L. jackson, D. Veal. Fifth Row: A. Sittner, H. Trager, L. Cleghorn, M. Baumeister, N. Baume'ister, A. Irons, J. Summers, S. Hagen, W. Bertrand, A. Molitor, C. Clark, B. Schmidt, R. Peterson, B. Veal, D. Willett, K. LaBau. Teams p irate S Ei ghtballs All - Americans F1Yin8 88's Yardbirds Murderer's Inc. Marianas Road Kings Ckmugids First Row: M. Crevier, B. Christman, I. Lockert, J. Petik, D. Dutton, L. Parrott, L. Krischen, B. Suko, V. Daum. Second Row: E. Gehring, J. Dutton, L. Saunders, M. Sherwood, j. Lanz, B. Olson, B.Goeres, L. Krischen, L. Gladstone. Tbird Row: Miss Parden, M. Smith, L. Maier, A. Heinitz, B. Becker, C. Ploog, I. Grout, B. Goeres. Track Left to right, bottom: Paul Bishop, Kenneth Ashmore. Standing: Mr. Sexton, Charles Sattler, Stanley Smebakken, Bob Lorenz, Lyle Sanders, Mr. Bruns. Yell Leaders jean Wanstedt, Beverly Allart, Marilyn Crevier, Georgine Rustad. Mavis Smith, Dorthy Cook, Margaret Alderson, Barbara Olson, Beverly Goeres Drill Team First Row: M. Rytter, G. Gossman, L. Krischen. Second Row: B. Wise, A. Hauge, F. Umback, C. Waggoner, V. Daum, S. Williamson, L. Weil, B. Goeres, E. Byers, M. Scoular. Tbird Row: Miss Parden, J. Reasy, D. Wicks, D. Cook, L. Krischen, A. Svihovec, B. Christman, P. Raba, H. Hillstad, M. Kent. Fourtb Row: M. Helland, L. Glass, D. Gilbertson, J. Dayton, P. Cazer, E. Sides, J. Ricker, I. Grout, C. Manning, P. Srnebakken, S. Monson. First Row: B. Christman, L. Parrott, B. Becker, B. Anderson. Second Row' E Valley C Walter R. sinner, J. Dutton, D. Dutton, D. Friez, A. Moiimf, R. Martin, L. Davis, D.. Schileyi, f. Davisy. Tbifdzz : M' P d - U ow 1ss ar en, L. Gladstone, S. Longwood, P. Jorgensen, P. Wenzel, L. Ham, J. Maier, J. Petik, J. Witte, C. Ploog. Fourtb Row: L. Saunder, A. Heinitz, M. Longwood, S. Miller, J. Lanz, L. Lyon. B. Linquist, V. Johnson, B. Suko, L. Smith. G.A.A. S First Row: M. Smith, S. Williamson, R. Ostby, R. Lillehaug. A. Nelson, G. Gossman, B. Allart. Second Row: R. Hoffman, E. Wolffe, R. Maier, J. Lockert, S. Miller, B. Suko, L. Gladstone, J. Wanstedt, G. Rustad, L. Krischen. Third Row: B. Goeres, P. Jorgensen, M. Rytter, B. Becker, E. Bartell, C. Boorman, C. Walters, N. Rice, R. Sittner, J. Dutton, Miss Parden. First Raw: Miss Parden, M. Gano, J. Braught, L. Graika, R. Martin, A. Molitor, C. Manning, M. Kent, C. Waggener, A. Hauge, M. Crevier, B. Wise, H. Hillestad, D. Freiz, S. Monson, F. Umback, B. Ander- son, E. Beyers. Second Row: M. Helland, P. Smebakken, Z. Puhlman, L. Glass, D. Gilbertson, L. Davis, D. Schiley, I. Davis, M. Scoular, L. Hannah, S. Skjoldal, E. Gehring, L. Krischen, B. Christman, D. Cook, C. Ploog, V. johnson, B. Lindquist, J. Petik, D. Dutton. Third Row: C. German, M. Buche, K. Hoff, P. Cazer, L. Hannah, I. Maier, I. Dayton, L. Saunders, M. Longwood, L. Lyon, S. Scott, J. Lanz, E. Sides, M. Alderson. B. Peterson, J. Rieker, I. Grout, B. Goeres, M. Chtistman, L. Weil. Twirlers Kneeling: L. Ham. Standing: V. Daum, C. Waggener, M. Crevier, B. Goeres, 1. Maier, E. Sides, M Alderson, D. Gilbertson, A. Hauge, D. Friez, B. Andersbn. Autographs Calendar SEPTEMBER 4th School started 14th St. Mary's football - here 18th Freshman - get - acquainted dance 21st Dickenson football - there 26th Crypt of Civilization Assembly 28th Baker football - there OCTOBER Sth Nat. Assembly Table champs Mobridge football - there 12th Hettinger football - there 19th Pierre football - here 24-25-26th - S.D.E.A. 26th - Mott - football - here - cancelled 30th - Belle F ouche - football cancelled NOVEMBER lst 6th 8th 12th Basketball rules meeting Nat. Assembly Rope Expert Local Declamation Nat. Assembly Swiss Yodeler 22-23rd - Thanksgiving vacation 27th - District Declam meet at Mobridge 30th - B squad - Bison A - there DECEMBER lst Phillip - basketball - here f 6th Regional Declam at Mobridge 7th A and B basketball McIntosh - here 11th B squad - Faith A squad - there 14th B squad - Reeder A squad - there 15th Sturgis - there 18th A and B squads - Hettinger - there' 21st to jan. 7th - Christmas vacation JANUARY 4th Mandan basketball - there Sth St Mary's basketball - there 11th Miller basketball - there 12th Phillip basketball - there B squad - Haynes A - here 18th Wakapala basketball - here 25th McIntosh basketball A-B FEBRUARY 1st Mott basketball - there Faith A vs. Lemmon B 8th Dickenson basketball - here 11th Reeder A vs. B squad - there 15th Redfied basketball - there 16th 19th 2 lst 23rd Scotland Yard Investigation Bison A-B squad - here Mobridge basketball - there Hettinger A and B basketball - here F. F. A. Barn Dance Belle Fouche - here - cancelled MARCH 4th- 5th - 'Sectional Tournament 18th - Debate at Mobridge 24- 25th - State Debate Meet AP RIL lst- 2nd - Music Contest at Mobridge 11th - Good Friday 14th - Easter Monday 25th-26th - Aberdeen Relays MAY 8th 10th 1 1th 12th 16th junior-Senior Prom and Banquet Regional track meet Baccalaureate Class Night Graduation 9 AC TEES 4 X fe x Lariat Staff Seated: N. Rice, Miss Lowe, O. Ham. Standing: J. Summers, L. Vetter, R. Gebhzird, J. LaBnu, S. Smebakken C.-Rafferty, M. Snyder, I. Wanstedr, K. Ashmore, G. Rusrad, R. Lorenz, A. johnson. Not Pzctured: Beverly Osrenberg and Norma jean Sattler. RICE Editors . . . . junior Editor . . . . . Business Managers Sports Editors . . . . Reporters . . Art Editor . . Typist . . . Pbotograpb ers . . . . . . . Ona Ham Neoma Rice . . . . . jim LaBau Beverly Ostenberg Clifford Rafferty . . Kenny Ashmore Richard Gabhard . Georgine Rustad Stanley Smebakken john Summers Benton Thoreson . . . Muriel Snyder . . Audrey Johnson Lillien Krischen Norma jean Sattler jean Wandsredt . . . . Bob Lorenz Leland Vetter HAM Junior Plaq 1041 First Row: J. Lockert, J. Wanstedt, C. Boorman, G. Rustad, B. Allart, M. Christman. Second Row: E. Bartell, C. Rafferty, K. Ashmore, R. Lorenz, S. Smebakken, V. Ogaard, Mr. Swanson. Not Pictured: Beverly Ostenberg. Mrs. Mason . . . Mr. Mason . . Maudie . . . Sylvia . . Joy . . . Alix . . Julie .... Lysbeth ..... Mrs. White . . . Mrs. Day . . . Mrs. Allen . . . Davy ...... Chi ..... Jerry . . . Ted ..... Margaret . . . Stage Manager . . Property Manager . . Prompter ..... Stage Hands . . . "MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARSH Produced and directed by Stanley S. Swanson PLAY CAST .-.....---.. -...---... ................ ......-.-......-.- PRODUCTION STAFF . . . Donna Rotter . . . Bob Lorenz . . . Beverly Allart . . . Helen Lockert Beverly Ostenberg . . . Jean Wanstedt . . .Eileen Bartell . Georgine Rustad . . . Jennie Dutton . . Joanne Lockert Catherine Boorman Marvin Christman Stanley Smebakken . .Kenny Ashmore . . . . . Cliff Rafferty . . .Valorie Svihovec . . . . Neoma Rice Norma Jean Sattler . . Rondii Hoffman . Mitchell Ellison Benton Thoreson Junior Plaq First Row: R. Fried, E. Peterson, B. Olson, J. LaBau, L. Nelson, S. Hagen, V. Daum, K. Friez, R. Sittner, L. Maier, M. Klrchoff. Second Row: R. Powers, R. Moser, C. Walter, S. Williamson, Q. Benson, F. Hermann, S. Miller, G. Gossman, A. Colgrove, P. Bishop, Mr. Moser. Freshman Flag Seated: J. Braught, N. Baumeister, M. Helland. Standing: H. Hillstad, B. Anderson, S. Scott, Z. Pullman. Declam First Row: Mr. Hill, C. Walter, M. Smith, E. Peterson, V. Daum, G. Gossmann, D. Cook, Miss Sandager S. Smebakken, S. Hagen, C. Rafferty. Second Row: S. Scott, S. Miller, B. Lindquist, C. Boorman, J Petik, N. Rice, E. Bartell, A. Hauge, R. Sittner, B. Peterson, D. Friez. Not pictured, Beverly Osten- Debate Seuted: N. Rice, C. Rafferty, J. Huwe. Standing: Mr. Hill, B. Lindquist, L. Krischen, J. Petik, A. Hauge, S. Hagen. Not Pictured: Beverly Ostenberg. Local Winners Dramatics . . . Oratory .... Humorous . . Poetry ..... District Ratings Dramatics . . . Oratory .... Humorous . . . Poetry ...... Regional Ratings Dramatics . . . . . . . Oratory . . . . . Poetry . . . Regional Contest Honor Societq DECLAM Georgia Gossmann . .Violet Daum . . . . Dorothy Cook . Beverly Ostenberg Georgia Gossmann . .Violet Daum . . . . Dorothy Cook . Beverly Ostenberg Georgia Gossmann . .Violet Daum . . Beverly Ostenberg DEBATE "Pit and the Pendulum" "Mercy or Murder" .'.'.3'i1L1IffiQQ1'S wedding Bells" Lemmon negative debated round session 1 against Java and won. Lemmon affirmative debated round session 2 against Pierre and lost. Because Lemmon's negative won the affirmative, they got to debate in the semi-finals against Eureka, giving Eureka their first defeat for the day. Lemmon negative debated Pierre affirmative in the finals and lost. "The Barrel-Organ" . . . . . . . Superior . . Superior . . . Excellent . . Superior . . Excellent . , Excellent . . . Good Members of Honor Society are chosen for their leadership, scholastic ability and co-operation. The thirteen members of the Honor Society were chosen from the junior and senior classes of Lemmon High School. These members are: Bob Lorenz Norma jean Sattler Lillien Krischen lennie Dutton Georgine Rustad Audrey johnson Marvin Christman Ona Ham Julia Huwe Beverly Allart james LaBau Kenny Friez Mavis Smith MM M ,M .M ,M K I, - ,UWB . ' A ,,,, Defeat MM U! UCCZC we . ,YA am ,Qd ,th L., Mgqmme I M M M lflqori' whene 10031 5 R f F Domes' FOR THE Iuiciesi' oi? r-flaws" M 5f15iZ2if' flmg0n,'i1?5i Sm: . , M , M, -M A o ,M M ' - i new-E V N WVLL 1, Lk,.. M .M .M -f-A---6'f 'TT' A -iii BM 1335! Numixez' 3 ASHHIO iii' 5115333 J C . MM M M ,,,,,M,,,,, 5m1.mf.1. . 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L , AAAA vlffra G ate ang from the Library hi' f1'iviv"lf5' K Servers! nw' TKPQKS mm . tix' bw-is Z1CffliV'fl 111- 1510 N A - Vevoml UM' 393 brass L y Iriohsprl ki attic- fwfrm 1 ig, the Yrujlfjeef nd hifi 5' go-lurnbia, TY Eyplztinix Q '21 mal ,In Lemmvn 1 . . . . . lwwv, 21, 316i 113 and L6 Left to right, Bottom Row: Sandra Williamson, Georgine Rustad, Lenmce Gladstone, Betty Suko, 1-'LM'-find Julia Hmm' LaVerne Krischen, jean Wanstedt, Lillien Krischen, Joanne Lockert, Beverly Becker, Romona Ostby, Shirley Longwood, Emma Peterson, Delores Friez. Second Row: Joyce Petxk, Violet Daum, Ila Davis, Marlene Secular, Jennie Dutton, Lorraine Bergenhirer, julia Huwe, Catherine Boorman, Jean Dayton, Mary Ann Kent, Ella Seidel, Leona Davis, Phyllis Jorgensen, Mildred Rytter. Third Row: Barbara Olsen, Shirley Miller, Alice Hauge, Quentin Benson, Kenneth Friez, Neoma Rice, Peggy Cazer, Sheila Scott, Ruth Sittner, Mary Lou Kirchoff, Eileen Bartell, Ruby Maier, jean Vatland. Fourtb Row: Mavis ifomxrs firvhard Srzhmicfz A-M -l'il2E"ii6'k ,Ha and Loom, .QM there ERC! are tifteen 5, g33,MMJ1mio ff? Iuuz' and 03,3 X3 firm ff? Lemmon f- 3 Ulgd 1If'l78?:'- 14 '1 High illbfffvm . -5' Iz ,WH st-2200, Nsiirnzgdi rib bfi 0901! 2:1 DQ, OMC MQM 12-WMM MM fe phomorfw Give Plfllf me-vs for the sono! vmtiy girl Ydantefir 'ation oi Mr. Swansc tarted. I v chamcrtmfs in the QT m Rose iilzx Groutlkzu my Cookig Kitty LM N- ,mgniia isxlxcel Problenli Smith, Clifford Rafferty, Georgia Gossman, Marty Satrer, Selmer Hagen, Richard Gabhard, Dorothy Cock, iilkfmfllli ,ate K rl Valorxe Svxhovec Ogaard, Anna Baumeister, Dorothy Long, Miss Meyer. No! Pictured: Beverly """me'eUa.-M 0 Swiesnlicer issw 'iff UW Ostenberg and Norma Jean Sattler. 3211130 N Home Jtvuvlwl it f U bfi Jim XVQY1 V A , U.. .WJ M i. ..M,,M MM A W I V MRM, A1 13, Quxxngurr ,JI ' I M W , nswt-rs te Wg Ci'-'Cm ,UQ-955,34 X 9 wx Oi Eff biahoxvssk 21? 5:tfgi,1A?3g3iyrgxzmllrmvrit Of T55 is Lolltfar ,SA QfOxx init' V I Y dvi. Lolo? t Mizpzig KDVQ3- Q35 M M - 1 Q y,.R,,bO 1 M of thc pmbl M in WQSMQXN foie M, . XlozrxeC0mlmf' 3? and CW' MMIII' 151121 239351 A .t. me me Tvaoli feC"nflYsiE5xP?1k SMI? fmw od wav to i immmskeld on 'fhuvsflab Tm Q U ef- lww,M,, 'fm svmoz' Kyle? QQMM .. .MMM Sam. ,mm in fi Contract I no home Oh 6193 Nm Mb? .X M, 18 and xg' - M X N01'r3mrnxbm' of 5 ' ,a pi TSS IUCGIW 'Y ' M' . M CMGMM M ' - v UCWW Y vm W Y- Ab M 'Mi Of me 2215. Oman ' mlowmi 419 gif Lazherme Bowman , mom '- of of Mv M Beverly Ogmnbef 10, Uma 5 +30 , Mmm ure ts XX , 1. V, ,L M 5 1 of thi? L of the I... 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Becker, R. Ostby, S. Longwood, R. Fried, D. Hedger, L. Freid, L. Nelson, R. Lillehaug, V. Rieger, E. Peterson, S. Williamson, G. Gossman, S. Miller, L. Parrott, C. Walter. Third Row: E. Wolff, G. Scheck, R. Sittner, L. Maier, J. Wanstedt, H. Rustad, R. Hoffman, P. jorgenson, M. Rytter, E. Bartell, J. Dutton, I. Lockert, M. Snyder, E. Dix, R. Maier, I. Haley, A. Baumeister. Not Pictured: N. Sattler. First Row: V. johnson, B. Anderson, E. Beyers, D. Oliver, B. Lindquist, F. Umback, AC. Knispel, L. Graika, B. Peterson, D. Heinitz, D. Heinitz, A. Molitor, D. Wicks, M. Scoular. Second Row: P. Smebakken, P. Cazer, S. Scott, B. Wise, 1. Ricker, L. Weil, M. Christman, M. Maier, R. Volz, M. Helland, R. Gabbert, R. Martin, L. Glass. Third Row: C. Ploog, J. Petik, I. Dayton, L. Saunders, P. Wenzel, L. Ham, I. Reasy, I. Davis, D. Schiley, L. Davis, I. Grout, I. Lanz, P. Raba, J. Maier, M. Gano. Fourtb Row: C. Valley, B. Maier, S. Skjoldal, E. Gehring, M. Longwood, A. Svihovec, D. Gilbertson, J. Cleghorn, L. Hannah, M. Waldecker, L. Hannah, E. Seidel, D. Dutton, B. Goeres, A. Veal. gg tm. Left to fight, Bottom: jim LaBau, Frank Herman, Stanley Smebakken, Ronald Falck, Frank Wysk, Bernard Kling, Larry jackson, Myron Wise, Del May, Bob Schieley, Dean LaDue. Second Row: Mitchell Ellison, Lloyd Tomac, Bob Moser, Douglas Shortridge, El Nathan Ploog, john Summers, Bob Schackow, Merril Holdahl, Larry Moser, Kenneth LaBau, Ralph Roso, Paul Hansen, Arlan Ortman, Loren Jorgensen, Vernon Bergenheier, Wallace Sherwood, Allen Molitor, Paul Bishop, Darrel Ellison, Russel Umback, Monte Gano, Charles Clark, Ronnie Christman, Bob Schmidt, Mr. Lippert, Benton Thoreson, Eugene Braun, Willard Witte, Harold Trager, Sidney Colville, Bob Peterson, Blair Sanders, Douglas Willette, Dick Schmidt, Larry Becker, Jens Hansen, Durwood Davison, Ronald Svihovec, Eugene Lyon. Photography Fits! Row.' S. Williamson, G. Rustad, L. Gladstone, B. Suko, K. Krischen, J. Wanstedt, L. Krischen, J. Lockert, N. Rice, E. Peterson. Second Row: Mr. Crosswait, J. Petik, A. Hauge, J. Dutton, J. Huwe, J. Vatland, B. Allart, A. Johnson, R.' Maier, Mr.. Dalzell. Tbird Row: P. Bishop, D. Holgard, S. Miller, G. Gossmann, S. Hagen, Q. Benson, 1. Dayton, L. Maier, R. Sittner, C. Walter, D. Benson. Fourth Row: F. Hermann, M. Ellison, H. Trager, A. Molitor, R. Roland, R. Bunn, E. Hitchcox, R. Kane, W. Schur, W. Shockley, L. Rieget, R. Chase, A. Johnson. . 'N SQXQN -gm 0 Q5 POME You kissed and told. But that's all right. The one you told Called up last night. Kenny Friez: After the game I asked if I might see her home. Jim La Bau! What did she say? Kenny F riez: That she would send me a picture of it. Mr. Boint: "Quote a Scripture Verse." Clara Walters: "Judas went out in the garden and hanged himself." Mr. Boint: "That's very fine. Quote another." Clara Walters: "Go ye and do likewise." Bob Lorenz Cwriting a storyjt "This is the plot of my story, A midnight sceneg two burglars creep stealthily toward the house. They climb a wall, force open a window and enter a room. The clock strikes one. "' Babe Allart Cbreathlesslyj "Which one?" For nearly an hour Stanley Swanson had been lecturing to the seniors in the English literature room. At last he stopped and said in impres- sive tones, "I pause to ask myself a question." "Better not," came Lloyd Tomac's voice from the back of the room. "You might get a foolish answer." Mr. Crosswait: "What is the quickest way to make sawdust?" Bernard Kling: "Er, uh, um .......... " Mr. Crosswait: "Come, come, use your head." Richard Kane: "Great scott! I've forgotten who wrote Ivanhoe." Selmer Hagen: " "I'1l tell you if you'll tell me who the dickens wrote "The Tale of Two Cities." W X 0330 g m A E +1-, Georgine Rustad - Soprano Norma jean Sattler - Contralto Neil Olien - Baritone Mary Ann Kent - Piano Barbara Olson - Flute Marvin Christman - Clarinet jean Wanstedt - Alto Saxophone Sheila Scott - Tenor Saxophone Russel Umback - Cornet Charles Sattler - Drums Loran Rieger - Tuba Georgine Rustad jean Wanstedt Georgine Rustad Larry Schuetzle Kenny Ashmore David Cain Richard Henry Ronnie Roland Catherine Boorman Ila Grout Wayne Schur Margaret Alderson Bruce Boorman Selmer Hagen LeAnna Myren Rollie Bunn Lowell Hanks jean Wanstedt Sheila Scott Music INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS GIRLS TRIO CORNET TRIO BOYS OCTETTE BRASS ENSEMBLE MIXED OCTE TTE CLARINET ENSEMBLE SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE Eileen Bartell - Mezzo Soprano jim La Bau - Tenor Martin Satter - Bass Barbara Olson - Piccolo Joanne Maier - Flute Leone Maier - Bass Clarinet LaVern Krischen - Alto Saxophone Catherine Boorman - French Horn Selmer Hagen - Mellophone Richard Henry - Trombone Norma Jean Sattler Wayne Schur Rollie Bunn Marvin Christman Neil Olien Charles Sattler David Cain Ronnie Roland Larry Schuetzle Joyce Braught Marilyn Crevier Wallace Sherwood Martin Satter Marvin Christman Leone Maier LaVern Krischen Richard Kane .iw .MM Club ie rlsv C5 Ga W Q SW5 mtg-54.-:I 520 5 "U.q'gJ J .S H203 o" 'Sachin-2.5 ff EBSJL 5if7:D'f1,,5f QE--Or t '-121'-S4 5 as as -' - Em ,.ng5 o ?2?31,2afi5Ui JU EQQ - os Numa: Q5 Gs? 3 .330 .Cl N53 lriv' 2 .-100 U63 dwg agopwg mm gdC'j,.i05-Jada: D: " fiiffdwzyii E-giaviem 'fmzo-O QQ E :gg mi-55 .gig 266-mE'J gl-:Q . 513 if-.5 -29509 02'm ww Q0 'gb-LU C! na' .Iss ,id 54,':E - am 4 55:25 aid? '43 cf Jam Sv .MAD di igesm ,,5N-25356 5 QE NHJ d E ESQ- Em ,fQg""ia E Zwigigfg a SNEQQ 50-Amr: 51 U mv O S3 ai cfm: ui . Q 3 di 3 'fa . 0622 ggiifgja. U dgfngzi 54. mags-.T.2 ,JSU Bn -.5 111 un: 2'..-if uid, G O5 M4 gag 552: 'EA P15553 '2 w Mxmswig -cf U n ..ic:....-,294 25 .Swv 95 -5'4f:.Ef' as sf- .ew -E W Qdggggo fi mrJ...m..,L,i Ea?Um"Qv45Cg iiiig 535 Sis-fziffs M 'Ie .iffy no .p.-I -Qggi 5.55 -2-Emo of-'f"'f Q-Q'-4NgSdEQj3 ob'-1 U '- E Gausrli 3 .-4 QM 2' 5 .:- Q5 'L' '-'vfo5L5Q3UjJ -1 u ... ung -an ,SQ Ly-522 QITHZ .... S 135 34 '.':'U ,io ri.-EGO '-'gd hav' .Q ,g.S-rf . 3425-'QS E 2 -5-S "'s S YU Cho 'U Q9 .5 v WC? if E o VJ '19 -. .... B ui E :s as Q 5 J J: on :J m I-4 U3 S 162 a 6 .2 Q. J c: cu 54 E ci 5 W ni ga O 713-5 H. U a o an 52? B an :1 as I -5 -.T u P 45 H-4 v-1 o L1-1 E m E V-1 o I -S D49 uf ... rw n n-4 :- I0 ua u md u r-. -D4 H vu 552 D Q1 JI -1 JZ! p-I D1 -o .-. o ..i C e Fried, fi , ker, L. Alla: oau C1 u u .-1 VJ ci cf o .2 O cd .rs u .11 M 2 cf o U2 U o 2 ui rf v TC U-a d 'U G -1 fri o D.. 5 of .sa E v f-I ci 0 CQ ,CQ D3 -6 .vw 'Z-8 5 -:Y 1-4400 Qs-Q: :- 2? N -inf : 3 A-4 Eg ui . Jorgensen, C. ,D-4 S QB oo N . I-C O mi ci' at E V5 VD o O L5 m. 0 'va 1127: K O L: Bb JV: U1 5' L5 5 o Q if 'U as 52' lj pg.. VJ. -a U3 I-I-I J va .-1 5 U' Q U... VM-I ai J as S! O U VJ 0 .hd as ,-I J' 'U F'1 E o M -Q -... N 3 o .22 EUS CI 52 Engng O 24:0-," H00 C'- .-1 Cf C1 N LD .M .M ...lg v-.BU 22 'Arr -Q N D 'LL H 06 'U QE UD cd 'J .Il c: 30 C-'CJ :mn -va Qu ... CD 5.-I sz .. 5 U-ci - u .: M gi P. P 5 .ri 0 I .. '-I 2 ui '- .Ji -D '6 -ui N S B5 'E 0-41 a 63 : .i 2 JE' G . 532: E .Ti H: 5 O Q-4 CD .-1 I5 -+2 ini -5.21 wr! dui J E Hu -vu O I 5 O V1 f. 0 U ,. 5- GJ -I E aa E cl: US E o W .... xv as D fi J o no U .... DG .J 5 E' 6-I UI .. 'E c: U S rr: J u T: at cn Uciu -2 15: EE DO D520 -1-I' Nw G1 326 Om 'lm .JE O .JZ I-4 1244 USS -'S UE EE o Ez U cl: 5 -6 -4 N u 5 S.: ,Qu UU? fn u-1 cf U W. .62 0 .-4 ,I-4 ll-4 Jig 6 ff. w v I-1 O F3 cd 4. 5-C ou I-I m B ,,- calf O oi -CQ H . on H 0 ,E U CL ni my NU :ua 5 . 61 5-5 ova E -'S S-C rn 554 Q72 O v-s 'Az '28 -E E., of I . .B cd .. S3 UI ...O and ai -a 59 mQ Ha H5 Su: 0 . Q53 fa E -8 gm and 55 .G P53 -M 5.4 .4 'sf N 1 nd 'Da .a HO L-'32 U N .3 J.. Od SS 201: R Boqs' Glee Club Row One: R. Glristman, J. LaBau, R. Roland, R. Bunn, D. Benson, J. Hansen, R. Bywater. Second Row: R. Peterson, M. Wise, C. Clark, R. Umback, S. Hagen, M. Christman, D. Davison, W. Sherwood, A. Hoffman. Third Row: B. Schmidt, B. Thoreson, K. Friez, L. Scheutzle, R. Henry, L. Moser, D. Cain, R. Roso, K. Ashmore, Mr. Thompson. Fourth Row: L. Lorenz, C. Sattler, B. Boorman, W. Schur, M. Satter, W. Banning, S. Smebakken, L. Reiger. Harry Baumgaften Roy Chrisrenson Higb Scbool janitor Gfade school .lamfaf Norma Loruis S cbool S e cre lary P F3 I efZ"'mf , is I j The 3' E2 W f Best Z I fm- Z f f J Her x S I I XZ, lnhvlocking :SY "' P ' , I Engugnnnni 13 its ini Wedding Ilan museum Q S" ammfszm J ix-f3lwlT!Af,' M f. 2-i-J 1 ' 'lgiiteiieigfe WALDRON S 1 1 1 I 1, 1 ,I l 3557375056 F08 x-BYMAKHU 0 .f th so ' be fi? ill b rom, e. " K ,M ,,,1v , 5 il Enil Eg Aggpfggrif - 5 , 'v P Er Q l cl e N Rui B. I 'Zami ' 5 N ww' EW W U -J f I ,e ' l Q FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Dealers in Grains, Flour, Feeds, Seeds, Salt, Twine Quality Petroleum Products Tires and Accessories De Kalb Hybrid Seed Corn Co-op Tractors Thunder Hawk, S. D. We of the Lariat Staff wish to cha k th DK-. ??g15eS'5ke Zrr flu' Girl of your Dreams u RIDDLE S n e advertisers which helped to make our annual posslble through their generous contributions. RAINBOW DRIVE-IN THEATER Enjoy your movies in the cool summer air Gift Shop and Snack Bar Corner U.S. Highway 12 81 No. 75 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1952 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1952 MARION BARRETT 'REAL ESTATE Lloyd T, K1-essly EVANSON FURNITURE CO AND INSURANCE DAKOTA PROPANE GAS CO-OP CONGRATULATIONS Dakota's Propane Gas Cooperative CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Clean Gas Heating For the Home Propane Gas Sold In Bottles or Bulk Plant 309 Residence 267-I Henry J. Mensing, Mgr. CLASS OF 1952 FIRST NATIONAL BANK I-Iere's hoping that all your ambitions and wishes will come true in the near future. YELLOWSTONE HOTEL SAMPSON'S CAFE The Best In Food Lemmon South Dakota GOOD WISHES AND BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1952 SNYDER'S MEN'S WEAR BEST OF LUCK May the future years bring all the enjoyment they can possibly hold. AL'S BARBER SHOP FERGUSON SYSTEM BEST OF LUCK AND GOOD WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 LEMMON IMPLEMENT GOOD WISHES AND BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1952 DRS. H. P. SINCLAIR AND C. A. KELLEY WELCOME LEMMON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS This store has been headquarters for school supplies for over forty-four years. We cherish and appreciate your patronage. SMITH' S DRUG STORE Congratulations To The Class Of 1952 From Your FRIENDLY FORD DEALER George G. Papke Congratulations Pasteruized Milk and Cream T0 The HO-MADE ICE CREAM Class Congratulations Of Class of '52 1952 LEMMON DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. DR. W. C. BOOTZ Phone 124 Bea's Cafe Ben Franklin Store Central Lumber Co. City Meat Market Coast-to-Coast Corcoran Trucking Co. Courtney's Grocery Dr. Frock Durick and Gary Standard Service Station F insand's Hardware Gambles E Hotel Royal Ivanhoe Jackson and Krause, I. C. Jacobson I. C. Penny Co. Attorney s-at-L aw Lad and Lassie Shoppe Lemmon Body Shop Lemmon Tribune NWSDPCA O1ien's Tractor Owen's Hardware Peterson's Implement Quansetta Club Ra1ph's Shoe Hospital South Side Garage Star Barber Shop Srock's Electric Yirginia's Dress Shop Whitted Radio Shop Wi1son's Building Cons truction and Shopwork ' w .I K5 ,,,, I 'f I X. 'lsr 1.v,,..1,.1..Af.'..5K., ' vw-vfeuxmwwzftakf-w+3w2mXCm4y.a.Q 1..1f..mf fm-ww., X Q., mm.f:,,tL-4',xw b.1.a1N.,mre:-w1sf.2fSm1,ef-mffssgrs-ve-.w:.x-m--:'rMfw.w2'uzuvuamzf .1 ,x-uf., V.. Mu.-Xrv-':.k:N:,.v.m1', R-:.1u-,vw-:wm,vw.,mzXW.Nw am fu.f:.,1-X f.,L:Mffw,1rf1f,

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