Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA)

 - Class of 1957

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Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1957 volume:

if - .Q X, ,VA-,,,.f - f 2 35.544 'Y -wg: " , L ? L' nwlnm 106 HK ff Y 4 img I f Y 'V , W W ff I , W L ,, ' Y f , , , f v 5 ', f ,fd f M, f 429 42-ff? ' X ff 4, ff ' A' J Q97 fi,-K yr, 1, .4 .4 'mf ,,, - f ' , 4 , , , f V , f ,, C 41 .QT mw Y'H 1 my ff if ,WWA .w"" yy, 1- ,J fww..a.,z,Q..1!u. , 4 3, MJ LW MJ A fu f ' W U ' M n ' .LLM AAL' . QZL.QU,Qm.i ,tLe',,, ,gl if ich f" fyvuu 'AA I ' I , I It 2 '15 u 9 v-, E 4 'S ' 3, if 1 1 3 r J xy. 2 1 5 1 w 3 YV,y,2K' gn . , , .QL . 1 'N 1 'vm ' ,i hi. 'L ,MJ ' , ' 'JM .15 i,Wf'g,9Q 5: ! 7'5???if!5 ,. 'gill - :A ga-gli -v,vaf.':.,J:51 1 ' Y an '1 'f r ff. , 1 - -vw:-f swf, .5 ..,1.',.. , , M. ,. , g t, . :- - - ' 'n1".v'.."--- -u . -iawwm' .4 :-2. -F If H1 G ' ni- H X wr-. :!'51firgn-- -- 'WL' ' ' V- 9 :Q gm J 'W' """'7'-7'Y77f?il , A jg Q!y f! v' V five' f ' .X X! 1 1 SILHCUETTES Qlmwmzb. '95 7 SL SN 3 I Y J 3 K5 U xffi x S I N5 Xi I3 I Qffs'-af? I Q I , B If IIIL5-1.fw,LIA.4A ,4 ,px MII ,ffgmx FIVE f1f4Lr!tLL!Qff1f5 ,Vp . D.9,.If,4,,w A ' ff' In M .. I H X I I WJ Qian Lv""'-QS 4502. D V3LQLQICIA'x1 'N 1 .1 365-6'l3A' ' 'F 115' PRESENTED BY THE - - ANNUAL STAFF OF LEESVILLE HIGH SCHOCL LEESVILLE, LOUISIANA ALMA MATER 1.4 Hail to Thee, Leesville High, Our Alma Mater. 1t's the school that we've loved all our lives. As the years roll around And the old walls resound With the voices of those who have gone, We think now and ever will of the old School on the hill, And the Dear Friends that always are the best. Hail to youth passing by through the halls of Leesville High Alma Mater, sing "Hail, hail to Thee. W fgrfw, , ...,, ,, , ,, if , 1, , - et , 1-- To one who has long WAMPUS CAT. It is but an for his hard work and leadership. to dedicate THE to show our appreciation Never before has there been anyone who was more worthy than Mr. Grant, and we only wish that there were something even greater that we could do to express our heartful thanks to him for helping make Leesville High School a better and more outstanding school. ,W " EDIT OR' 631' I nyento 3 M Usen 11 U20 ESSA GE e end 0fOl1l' high scnool days to co ect s of tlze year passed As you relnln sc pages of this boolr, only you can re e that Inade tbose day so de t page is tbat Ind1v1s1b e Cat" r erve f you r ese e tlzro nyber o you 1 e or you U8 e 1tr e 1ngs llva s fiom age t all fee a tl11s Wangp those c 611812611 years of never retu1n1 My lzearzfelr thanks go to e lvond lzav lvorlre so bard to Ina e ever had in '18 erful staff and sponsors lv o e IS nnua one o the greates Incerel Edlv a H rra 1 Ol' -1, x 11 11 ' 1' 11 ine 112 111 1' 1 fb' S -ir . A y. p o ' ' ' 1 1 we 1 - A4 y ' H Us AD es b G N 1 .jf 1. ,,,, .,I,ggigE3g2gE2f'A e d If ru' A 1 f 1 ,gg2gEQg2gEQgEg 252233322552232SSQSQESQEEEEQEQEEQEE' Ivebav , 5122225222252 S 1. ' Ill 1 1301 .-,-. ti' WAMPUS CAT STAFF f W ,X iffff, 4 1 ,f,:,f, . ,-. 1 ly, rg f,,,,fif7f'fQZf X , - X M., f Qivww, My ft , f '-a.f.z,X fr I Feature Editor Literary Editor SUZANNE TUMMINELLO GEORGIE HARMON Sports Editor JEANIE BELT Z Assistant Editor TRESA TAYLOR Business Manager CAROLYN CAVANAUGH ,,,,, ,,., V ,JV . V . "', ' I' , A A y nii ' ' L., TX A ,F Faculty Sponsor Photographer MR. DUDLEY MORRISON JOE MARTINEZ Literary Editor HELEN ANN SLIMAN fa Sports Editor LINDA KILE Artist JERRY SCHEWE ps'- L is.. x' ,B f Y-PM 1 15 1 '. I fr I A i Faculty Sponsor MRS. PAULINE YOE Seesaw! ! ! STAFF SNAPSHOTS Clowningl ! l Thanks to Marsha! 1 f af .. A wi - a x Isn't she cute??? Long time ago! ! Long Tall S ally Loafing! ! Cats! ! ! X L. H. S. FACULTY MR, A, L. TEMPLE 2nd Semester Principal , MR. I. A. ANDERSON MR. W. L. BENNETT IR. Mathematics, Science Science, Physical Education in-sqm-....,M MR. RICHIE BULLOCK Science, Physical Education MRS. MARION DAY MRS. CALIS ESTES Physical Education Mathematics 'Q Ollj llfgflq. 'oo llllf' uloll'1'. MR. DALTON FAIRCLOTH MR. ALLEN GRANT MRS. BETTY KINNEY Physical Education, G60g1'aP1'1Y. Band, Chorus Mathematics, Civics World History I ,N ew'- MR, DUDLEY MORRISON MR. TED PARIS MISS JEWEL PEACE Shorthand, Typing Mathematics, Physical Education English Az' l MRS. IEANETTE POLLARD MRS. VERNIS SIMMS MRS. GUINELL SMART English English, American History Civics 'twain' MRS, MARGARET SMITH MRS. IMELDA WATSON MRS. PAULINE YOE Latin, Library Home EC0Il0IT1iC5 B00kkCCPiI1g, General Business X BENNY GRANT Vice President EDWARD ALLEN Sergeant- at-Arms MOTTO A1Tlb1I1OI1S Light Is A Distant Star CLASS FLOWER CLAS SPONSORS MR RICHIE BULLOCK - MRS. GUINELL SMART BLANCI-IE MARIE BURNS Literary Club: Library Club: 4-H Club: Home Economics Club: Vice president of Shorthand Club: Chorus 1: Student Council 1. BARBARA CALHOUN Shorthand Club, Leesville High School: Bangs, Texas - FHA Secretary: Annual Staff: Cheer'- leader: Football Queen Candidate: Volleyball: Softball: Basketball: Slide Rule. JACKIE CALHOUN Latin Club 2: 4-H Club: Library club: Rosepine High School - Chorus 2. BELLE CARR Shorthand: FHA Club 4: Pep Squad 2. EDWARD ALLEN Football 3, co-captain 56: Basketball 4: Track 2: Latin Club 3: "L" Club 3: Best all-round 55: Mr. LHS 55: Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Most Popular 2: Holly-Ball Duke 2: President Sophomore class: Junior Class Best all-round. BOBBY ARTHUR Football 3, co-captain 56, All-District, Honor able Mention All-State: Track 2: Basketball 4, All-district Team: "L" Club 3: Latin Club: Holly Ball 3, Holly Ball King 56: Vice President Freshman Class: Most Likely to Succeed Sopho- more: Friendliest in LHS 56: Treasurer Junior Class, Reporter Senior class: Most Athletic Sen- ior: Student Council Representative. ALVIE BEASON Chorus 3. THERELL BRUCE aan. an 'L' lv HC" 4 , ,y :,,, ,, , "'- qv-"5 NU' ,Qi ,,,,, fa. DEAN CLARK Shorthand Club. NEWMAN COBURN Best all-round Sophomore: Holly Ball 55g Most Popular Seniorg Football 33 Track 2: Basketball 2: "L" Club 3: All-district Footballg Chorus 3. I ERRY C ONERLY Band '73 President Freshman, Senior Class: Stu- dent Council 3g Vice President and President Bandg President Latin Club: Junior Play: Most Likely to Succeed Senior. GEORGIA CRYER Literary Club: Library Club: Home Econorrlics Club 2: Most Likely to Succeed Sophomore: Shorthand Club. WW? """'!"' BILLIE JEAN FORD Home Economics Club 2s Literary Club: Library Club: Chorus 3: Pep Squad 3g 4-H Club 4. JOHN FORD Chorus 2: Football 2. CHIQUITA GOINS Literary Clubg Library Club 2: Shorthand Club: Home Economics Club: 4-H Club, JAMES GOINS President of Student Councilg Judge Student Council 2g Holly Ball Prince 2: Most Likely to Succeed Freshman. Junior: Friendliest Senior, Freshmang Sophomore Reporterg Literary Clubg History Clubg Science Clubg Latin Club: Iunigr Play: Basketball 3: Track 2: Band 4: Chorus 2: Pelican Boys' State. GEORGIE NELL HARMON Holly Ball Queen 56, Duchess 54, Mardi Gras Queen 57, Band 7, 4-H Club, Literary Club, Secretary, Library Club, Vice President, Cat- ette 1, Literary Editor of Annual 57, Secretary Senior Class, Girls Trio 2, Literary Rally 2, Secretary Sophomore, Junior Play, Chorus 2, Friendliest Girl 4, Band reporter 1, Vice Presi- dent Chorus, Maid of Honor Homecoming, EDWINA HARRALSON Editor of Annual 57, FHA 2, Shorthand Club, Latin Club 2, Literary Club, Junior Play. GLORIA HAYMON Shorthand Club, President, Latin Club 1, Home Economics Club, Student Council, Representa- tive, Softball 1. EARL HAYMON BESSIE GRAHAM Home Ec Club 3, Holly Ball 54, 4-H Club, Secre- tary Junior Class, Student council, Student Coun- cil Vice President, Shorthand Club, Most popular Junior and Senior Girl, First maid - Forestry Festi val, LHS Beauty. BENNY GRANT Holly Ball 2, Track 2, Football 4, Basketball 2, Latin Club Vice President, "L" Club 2, Cutest Freshman, Friendliest Sophomore, Most Popular Boy Junior, Treasurer Sophomore, President Junior, Vice President Senior Class, Junior Play Director, Chorus 2, Beau Brummells 55, Mr. LHS 57. EVA LOYCE GREGG Chorus 3, Library Club, Shorthand Club, 4-H Club, Literary Club, Pep Squad 1, Home Eco- nomics 2. LUKE HADN OT pw am ,mv K ,fa " ,- M r 'R' dw CLYDE HUNT SHIRLEY JACOBS Literary Clubg Library Clubg Home Ec Club 25 Best All Around 545 Basketball: Majorette 35 4-H Clubg Homecoming Queen 565 Chorus 15 Most Athletic Senior. PAUL IEMISON Library Club flvlenard High Schooljg Latin Club Junior Playg Track lg Science Club. GLORIA JONES Literary Clubg Library Clubg Home Ec 35 LHS Beauty5 Feature of Annual 565 Third Place in English I, First Place in English 115 Honor Roll5 Band 45 Junior Play. Q' -' 1. alle' 25 Basketball 25 Captain of Bandg Mardi Gras 25 Ta-S V? CHARLES KELLY Basketball 35 Track5 4-H Club. BUDDY KING Spanish Club5 German-American Club5 Basket- ball 35 Track 35 Baseball 35 Bowling Team 3g Tennis Team 25 Chorus 3, Frankfurt, Germanyg Chorus 1, Leesville. GENE LA CAZE Band 7: Literary Club: Most Flirtatious Freshman Honorary History Clubg Latin Club Sergeant-av Arms 565 Library Clubg Junior Play Stage Manag.. erg Student Council. NICK LOUCAS Latin Club Treasurerg Chorus5 Footballg Track. 41"-v 'Vw GARY MOORE HAROLD MOSS RUSSELL NALLEY Sendai American High School - Basketball, Baseball, Student Council President, Killeen High School - Basketball 2g Baseball, Student Council 2g Sports Club, DE Clubg Leesville High School - Basketballg Football Manager, Holly Ball Dukeg Beau Brummell. SUE WINFREE NICHOLAS Pep Squad 35 Holly Ball 3, Princess 54g Chorus 2, Library Club, Honorary History Club Secretary, Literary Rallyg Beauty Candidate, Most Flirtatious 54: Beauty, Junior Play, Pelican Girls State: Cheerleaderg Home Ec Clubp Literary Club. KENNETH MA GEE LORENE MARSHALL 4-H Club 4g Home Ec Club 4g Shorthand Club Library Club 3, Chorus 23 Literary Club 1. CHARLES MCCARTNEY Wittiest Freshmang Latin C lub, First Place, Civics, District Rally, Second Place, Biology, District Rallyg Honor Roll 55, Band 8, Master of ceremonies Holly Ball 573 Track lg Basketball 2. SCOTTY McCLOUD Literary Club, Chorus 23 4-H Club. 'ZZ' 'ln CATHERINE RICHARDSON Library Clubg Literary Clubg Class Beauty 545 Pep Squadg Literary Rally 25 Home Ec Club 35 Majorette 35 Best all-round Sophomoreg Junior Favorite5 Most Likely to Succeed Senior5 Senior Homecoming Maid5 Student Council Representa tive5 Holly Ball Princessg Mardi Gras. RUBY ROBERTS Literary Clubg Latin Clubg 4-H Club 25 Library Club 25 Home Ec Club 25 Librarian 2. JOYCE ROBERTSON Literary Clubg Library Clubg Home Economics 3 Shorthand Clubg Pep Squadg Chorus. CHARLES SANDERS Band '75 Woodwork Club 25 4-H Clubg Treasurer of Band 25 Spanish Club. ,TERRY SIMMONS HAROLD SMART Holly Ball 2, Basketball 4, Football 4, Track 2, "L" Club 4, Sergeant-at-arms, Most Athletic, Freshman, Most athletic, Vice President, Jun- ior, Best-all-around Senior. BETTY JEAN SMITH WEHLAND STEENKIN Heilderberg High School - Gun Club 2, Travel Club, Service Club 2, Crafts, Killeen High School History Club 3. .TERRY SCHEWE Falls Church High School - Football 2, Track, Debate, Art Club, Frankfurt High School - Foot- ball 2, Student Council President, Chorus, "R" and "B " Music Club, Dramatic, Art Club, Let- terman 's Club, Leesville High School - Annual Staff Artist, Newspaper Staff, Chorus. WANDA PEAVY SCHEWE Chorus 2, Pep Squad, BURNITA SCOGGINS Library Club 3, Literary Club, Chorus 2, Librarian Home Ec Club 3, President l, History Club, 4-H Club 6, Pep Squad, Rodeo Queen 56, Junior Play, Baseball 2, Science Club. DON SCOGGINS Beau Brummells, Football 2: SCiSY1C6 Club: Librar- y Club, 4-H Club, Chorus 2, History Club, Junior Play, Literary Club, Track. an-ff'-'I-9 asv SUZANNE TUMMINELLO Holly Ball duchess 54, 56g Beautyg Homecoming Maid: Senior Class Treasurerg Feature Editor of the Annualg Majorette 3g Student council Representativeg History Clubg Pep Squadg Chorus 25 Vice President Literary Clubg Library Clubg Cat Talk Reporter 54g Sweetest Freshmang Peli- can Girls Stateg Class Beauty 545 Junior Play. FREDDIE TURNER MONTY RUE VAN EMAN FHA 4g Library Clubg Literary Clubg Pep Squadg 4-H Club 4g Chorus. WILLIE WALLET Chorus. ORIE VAYE WILLIS Literary Clubg Latin Clubg Library Clubg Short- hand Clubg Chorusg Student Councilg Home Ec Clubg Junior Playg Program Staff, History Clubg Marion High School - High School Orchestrag Secretary of Sophomore Class, Tulsa, Oklahoma, JERRY WOODA LL TONY WEEKS JANICE WEST 4-H Clubg Home Ec Club 33 Literary Club: Shorthandg Chorus 2g Library Club. CLAYTON WHITE DOROTHY WHITTAKER Leesville High School - Home Ec Club 25 Pep Squad 2g Chorus lg Bossier High School - Pep Squadg Home Ec Club. l2', 42' HY 3 , E 4 f 1 f 4 7 if K Zfy Q! e ?5 Qessie -21: 'iff 2 i if Q00 1 s 3 179 92 My 4 fx 11151 'W Georgie N611 e in f1,,,,.Wl 2 313363 Q ,f , 1 ' Jlorla ' Km? 'Y D8 Freddy i 5 ff XT R, " QQQM X I W , . 1 uh s- ' Q. Nw.. AI ! cf' , ,, , Q. A ,kg U , My D- f M0 Q X x V i f ' ,V V I K. 1 ,V,r, .,.f X, fr my Wd Ev, VV ,K Vif, I 1 1 I ' 5 Y G f 1 2 .Ag " f V Fredd' f v1'+MM' Qg 1 W Bob bhp lne X ' VS 4 S ,, s A 'Q "7f:ff2em' " f , 5 rv " b,.?,,-.rfft v "' S-J, I S M y Q e .....,b'-Q IEANIE BELTZ SAM PIRANIO FRANCES FISHER Vice President President Secretary LINDA KILE JUDY KIRBY Treasurer Reporter JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS MR, DALTON FAIRCLQTH MRS, IMELDA WATSON MR. DUDLEY MORRISON fn., V L ,V 1 .,.t, nf I' ' 5 H S C I 4 . ,',,,, f A X ww X .d DOTTIE BROWNING BETTY BURNS BRENDA BYBEE RICHARD CANTRELL CAROLYN CAVANAUGH LARRY CAVANAUGH ZELDA CHAMBERLAIN BILLIE CHRISTIAN EDWARD CRYER JAMES DANIEL BYRLE DAVIDSON NEAL DEACON CAROLYN ARMES MARGARET BAILES HYMES BASCO SHIRLEY BEASON JEANIE BELTZ FRANCES BOLGIANA JAMES BOOKTER FRED BOWERS GAILE BRIDGES DAVID BRISTER L. C. BRISTER PATTON BROOKS Q I 'vw Q- ,an FWZ MW' ,J , i V, I , IV' V ',VV' .f2'4K"f 2 'YM' 5. 'rn- GEORGE DEC KER JIM DUNLAP FRANCES FISHER BILLIE FLETCHER DOUGLAS FLOYD ALICE GALLETE KAY GORMLEY PATSY HARRIS MARY NELL HARVILLE LINDA HERRINGTON LARRY HOLT HELEN HUDNELL N3 IEW EARLENE HUGHES CHARLES ISELEY MARY LYNN IETER JO ANN JOHNSON LINDA KILE LINDA KING JUDY KIRBY JACKY KNAPP ROBERT KOHL CAROLYN LEACH JERRY LILIEDAHL DOYLE MARTIN IOHNNIE NICHOLAS KARIN NOWACKI VERLIE MAE PADDY PAULA PEARSON SAM PIRANIO CHARLES RAUS WAYNE RHODES FREDDIE RIVERS JEAN ROBERTS SUE ROBERTSON BARRY JOE SALTER IIM SCHLOTZHAUER - fl NQSWY f. .lllw If ' , ll w ' , l A sl, ,'. lg, 'X f 332 II , x f! I Absent ' PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE JOE MARTINEZ. LOUIS MASSIE BETSY MAY RUBY MCCLELLAN MAX MITCHELL PEGGY MONTIVILLE CARRIE MOORE MELVIN MOORE GRACIELLA MORALES GLEN MORRIS WAYNE MORRIS GENE MORRIS BARBARA SELLERS HELEN SLIMAN AMESSES SMART .IACKIE SMITH MICKEY SMITH BOBBY STEWART BILL SWIFT TRESA TAYLOR TIM TEMPLE LESTER VANDER MEER RAMONA WEEKS I, C, WELCH 3 1 C S I Y I YIRYIASITK KKII ARE w:,g,g:.r," , :gr gf, 5 V 54 fa , x W0- , , ,- ,.,.,,,. 4,5 Q X 1 f 1 4 rn , I E , if , ,, ff::,s.A,f: -'-f' - ,- F A ' A fa' JERRY WILLIAMS MARTHA WOODLE "v-fgfff, SNS ff I, ER, 2 ii' , 9' 5 I 1 is I f le.-v v Q ' I ' I' in g L- ' " I 231' X L L. 4'-X T 1 ,21 Q Sign 1 Q ' L, ,i , , ,Z 3 -,,,, X SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ROY WALL HOOKER CHRISTY SMITH PAT ALTER BARBARA TRA1-IAN SPCNSORS my MRS, EsTEs COACH BENNETT MRS. DAY Kenny Cantrell Cecelia Carver Jack Cavanaugh Delora Cryer Jimmy Cryer Narlene Davis Warren Davis Margaret Decker Frances Docurro Mildred Dowden Robert Dowden Alice Dunn Linda Ellis Gwen Flores Barbara Floyd Noel Alexander Rose Ann Alley Pat Alter Chris Bagents Billy Bagget Nancy Berry William Bitner Robert Bonner Betty Sue Bolton Eugene Bookter Freddie Boswell Lamar Bridges Ronald Britt Mary Brough Gloria Burns fl. . as .- No rum as V Avmuxm id- : 1 15 '9 3' 5 vi M ww! f few G-..., .ff ' , sw 41 f 5 4 vm' . 4-,i Himsa ,, :Z wwf A ,,, .fo-mails . JKWWM Doys Hedge Tommy Henderson Benita Hicks Sherman Hicks Audrey Hodge Jean Hodnett Clayton Hollenbeck Jackie Lee Hollis Roy Wall Hooker Billy Hunt Jim Jeansonne Ruby Johnson Sally Johston George Jungkunz Carol Kelly 'K' ia-qv-uv Xuan , 41 2 :P- pn-Q. 'fb 4107 '43 ,v, Wang' vw J K 'S L. Z w Q ,.,rv Henry Etta Ford Alton Fox Connie Frederickson Horst Gonzalles JoAnn Grant Mary Ann Gray John Hall Billy Hallie James Hannigan Dale Hardwick Toni Harding Sim Harralson Melvin Haymon Osville Haymon Vera Mae Haymon ufw' 7? ? Z ,, 2 ,, lx, SV' fl , , LV ,?s5..,,i ,+ ' , - ,'a, m r sl. . ' "5 fn. 97- x , ,r ,M ,yjfyf g I , ,,, , , ffgfg.f , ,Q .i -4 lf, 4 + .V Q . 4, 21 W ,.f, ,f -v,v 1 ll 9,5 1 14fxx ff? aff, 2 'Q e y 1, A Q -,, X 7 ' 2 'I W, JW' K fi 1 - 4 ' "" , ' N0 U X ,,., J 9 Rv' garb IH EMM" 0 .. . - ,J E ,H- PHOTO Availa Q Q W Q 5 .. 7 M V , v N- w ,lllv , I '75 at ' f 1 , ' W 1 , ,ur y il E , S ' Robert Monk Charles Moore Judy Moore Sharon Moore John Morris Sondra Myers Juanita Parker Margaret Peavy Carolyn Pollard Billy Price Robert Pynes Robert Rhodes Burk Richardson Joan Robertson Betty Io Robertson Therrell Kelly Gary Kilgore Bill Kirby Gene Kourey Benny LeFeat Richard Lee Billy Louis Robert Louis Sanford Massie Jon Mayhew Harry McCloud Wilma McGee Jerry Mclnnis Sherrod Mitcham Bobby Monk aO"'l af uv '9""7f 'Uni inin if n,Jy R 45451 ,unn- , "-eu 'ref T Q S 6' 'sa R R ' t ' ,rt r' 3 RK 1 -wang I N, , XNQA L 'L L f f Q 14 A ' wil! 41 U r ,,.,N vs, M, VV A I A3 K nk.,-f Q ' f 4 M "C-v'v"' . 4 Q X' , yy ty ! ,-Q5 M. f ' 7 W3 HSRQQQ Barbara Trahan Bobby Turner Dale Turner Ona Lee Vickers Tommy Wakefeild Myrtle Walker Mary Wallet Al Weego Murphy Weeks Richard West Willard Westmoreland Mel Wilenzick Sue Williams Chuck Williams Milton Wills Annie Rose Wilson Vonnnrh vnllhd Lee Rocket Danny Rowzee Olan Saunders Billy Schammerhorn Joe Scogin Willie Sellers Jimmy Shapkoff Alice Shivers Chris Smith Donald Smith Leland Spurgeon Tommy Tally Suzanne Terrell Elon Thomas Raymond Tilley 'au 'n fl' '22 .EET f V ? 1.:!, ,I as v f V f -if X U' fm . uv , VA .f i g r I .,,," ' I nk L' ' A ' A fvjd S-""" No more fm M, 1 6f'fA ,ff Af FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS I President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter WARREN NQRR13 WOODROW MOCK MICHAEL YEAGER JOHN YOUNG quot picturedy r SPONSORS efr r S ' X O ?" O , MR. ANDERSON MR, GRANT gunn- MISS PEACE MRS- YOE Gerry Blake Eunice Bolton Gary Bonds Donovan Branham Patricia Birdges Betty Jo Brown Kathy Cameron Davis Carver Tommy Carver Betty Cavanaugh Judy Cavanaugh Gerard Clancy Ima Jean Clark Jerry Clark Ethel Cobb Winston Cooke Dorothy Copeland Arthur Crafton Patricia Cross Phil Davidson 1 , Ml, W , Q,-V 4 1 , QW? , 1 Bert Adams lex Hide! Earl A , Atexande Gene David Amen Allen Rusty B Barr en mela Pelham Bassett W1 DaYm0H Beams Sybil Beasoil w avfle Behav Maw ROY Beltil X 6 BenZ cliiiY Btackbum t 1 ff , Q ' V, YIHZ , Y f 100 BUSY 1.1.6 1 . E' 51' 'mea Q' 'rl , . PHOYO N Av Al bl sr -fl: fl . . ,rw X132 f""'b7 EJ5 Y K,....a-ff K M- 1 .- 4 . ., I X 'A ' I '5 5 lv it r 1 K Phillippe Guade Jane Gullic Jeanette Gullic Charlene Harmon Maxine Hayes Jane Hebert Virginia Hernandez Lavean Herrin Donna Faye Hext Dovie Hext Karolyne Holifield Joe Hollis Linda Holt Judith Humphries Jackie Hunt Shirley Ieane Cynthia Jeansonne Betty Jones Ernest Jones Ina Faye Jones more NOT AV Alum 13 '-uf af , , Carolyn McClellan Marsha McDermott Peggy McLaren Betty Ann Mitchell Don Mitchell Melba Mitchell William Mize Woodrow Mock Charles Montgomery Douglas Moore Marlene Nelson Johnnie Nelson Georgia Nolde Darnell Nolen Warren Norris Patty O'Banion Reid Oxley Reba Paddy Gloria Perkins R. C. Pierce J N mo or A jamie Jones Kfiiff Dudley Kll Barb at a Dottie Legg Befgie L 89113151 W Rex Lewis . Vickie hott ParsY Maddox. ng George Mmm Douglas Ma! Shall james Maui R3-Y as Cat M910 O1 MCC 61135 D C I at Caa Q, Daw MC J 1 1 22 f F - N3 ar 6 ft if 2 if ',n .S , -M if RTW 7 G '73, 4 ..., " ., 4A ,jf fs Y-'f 4. Pi, M: I 1. Xue ,"'A5 VE.-gjg,:1::::3,3 17 6 4 - , - 7 , "' ' ' gf' :Q -'-11' s..-g 'S s Y 9 r Pat POTW . . tt Amelia Pfeyu Patsy Vice' lane Quinton we must! Ftartk Reese' D,1,5+,.w 9 3111 Reynolds its Doriilew Robins , Ester Y-0533509 in Sam Russell V 5 r , 2 M atyy fh , ' r P FrariceS Sandal , W Ek f S W i Royce Swdeu 5 Z I , A 5 3 Hanxey Sandie S '1 Martha Sarto! S -r h e f SGYYY Sommer lu Bonnie Schwartz Donna Schwartz Robert Schwartz Herbert Sexton Susan Sheffield Gerald Shivers Tommie Smith Suzanne Shultz John Simmonelli Maurice Sims Ann Smith Alvin Smith Lila Pearl Smith Ray Smith Rodney Smith Joyce Stanfill Charley Stanley Julia Stevens Stevie Stevens Pat Stewart rm Zg i. , 'W Q 0 'L , S0 -M I Q "W1lQygfnf V eww K , ' MY' VV. 'yy' ' 2- , ' KNO, 1 2 ,Q rg. wwf? fi ,Q f f sv gf Y 7 f A7 J ., J ri f if Un ' -1' 1, W f 1, Af" , ag, . X3 V , V ', fi ff"'w, W, J yr 3 Z"f"'iil5 " , sp. yr. wfwwr , Lk A Michael Yeager J0hI1r1y Young Jackie Hunsinger Darlene Taylor Kendall Thomas NSW1-in White 1 QVVVV Shelley l-loye Un e Stover I G W. Surnney ange .3 Z f Charles T errell C lohn Terry I s 3 MN- Alan Trimmer Carl Thomas Gilbert T Charles T oney homas d rwood Margie Walker lerry Westmoreland W illrg Randy Glen Willis d Willis LCODBI a 1 'NL . 't Vf.Q!"f Venuer .jj IQ! .qi Q'-swf? ,F 2-' . X, JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY MRS ALBERT DUNN C E. HFJGHES MRS. AUDRY ANDERSON Prmc1pal MRS KATE BAILES MRS SHELDON WINFREE MR. C. C. OWEN MRS. IESSIE LEA ALLEY MR. L. C. LENEHAN MR. EDLO BRAY MISS SELMA GREEN EIGHTH GRADE Sandra Adams Carol Adamson Larry Alexander Darline Allen Max Ammons Lynn Arney Jerry Arthur Kathy Bailes Harry Barber Elaine Basco Dywane Beason Joe Wayne Beason Dwight Beams Barbara Boswell Charity Brister Lorraine Brough Robert Brown A llen Browning Donald Burns Leroy Bush Ronnie Byrd Eugene Cavanaugh Henrietta Cavanaugh Kenneth Ray Chaney Mike Clancy Joy Clark Jenny Coder Annette Cole Donald Conant Patsy Cook Marcus Cooke Verline Cooper Judy Davis Rose Davis Virginia Davis Anna Decker James Dowden Milton Eason Dick Eisenbarth Karen Eissman Karl Engleman DeAnna Faulk Martha Garnet John Gass Loretta Grantham Shirley Gray Merrnell Grayson William Gilcrease Alvin Glaze Terry Goodwin Carolyn Gormley Barbara Green Mike Gregg Shirley Grimes I ames Haddox Mary Nell Hall Arthur Harville Shelby Haymon Sheryl Hays Mary Sue Heard uorlfanlm sei f N ' ' 0 ' WW, 5 A qi . 531 73445: L, g L ' , ii'i ' A B S ,V ,fc I :,V ,Z 1 5 af .zf C ' L, fr y ,'-kV . p K 1, B , ,. 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'S' i, X -A A V, Dottie Hernandez Peter Herzog Clinton Hildebrand Marcia Hodges Milton Hood Patsy Huckie Caroline Hummel Carl Humphries Gilbert Hunt Albert Hurley Joel Jarkovsky Jimmy Jarvis Isaac Jeane Howard Johnson Bobby Jones Betty Judy Nicky Keller Nino Kohl David Le Blanc Sharon Lamoreaux Bunny Lewis Philip Lewis Barbara Lyle Judy MacKay Gene Madden Glen Manasco Peggy Manning Alma Marsh Donna Marsh Jimmie Marsh Joe Ray Martin Bruce Martin Billie Massengill Gene Mayo Nancy McCrery Bill Mclnnis James Meredith Maxine Mifflin Steve Mims Linda Mitchell Mary Mirternight Ruth Monk Kathleen Moore Sidney Morris Patricia Moss Emma Nount Patricia Murray Chris Newsome Bonnie Nicholas Lloyd Nolen Chris O'Banion Bonnie Paddy Ronald Parker Carlos Perry Rosalie Piranio Bill Pitman Bob Port Bobby Price Andy Prince Connie Puryear EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Carolyn Pynes James Quenton Jo Ann Quisenberry Chris Raffety William Rashall Calvin Ratliff John Rayford Richard Reese Sam Rivers Sharon Roberts Lloyd Robertson Stanley Rose Patricia Rush Betty Salter Joseph Sandell William Schwartz Jim Scogin Larry Scoggins Charles Seals William Self Charles Simmons Jack Simms Rita Lee Smart Doyle Smith Linda Smith Betty Jo Snell Suzanne Spencer Claudia Spillers Milton Stanley Milton Stevens Janice St. John C. C. Tibbett Thomas Toney Christene Vincent Don Wamble Michael Weego Garland Wellman Bucky White Ina Williams Mary Williams Margaret Williamson Bruce Willis Gwenda Willis Charles Wilson John Wood Shirley Woods Coleen Young KJ 'WVQLJ J , 'f ' T RQJ, V ' ' 'Y nam.-:ass J J J , aff- V ,f f f ha- fV V ,M V, J JJ ., J 41 f Q J 45 jg Y J 8 NMLMU . it :J 9 - syrs R 1. 2 as J l,J,JJ Jr JJ J ' X077 1 ,f,' J Jf , ,J J' X , ff f JJ J 'ff QVVJQW J VV J, J ,ffffo I 4 . I J f. ' "', Ji 5 V V ,cf ' ' I XJ 51 ' f V - , ' ' Jf21I"2f A f 'J J' J. f yiffgdwn W d J in A 1 X J ' f Qi V "l'-Iggiil' V J 'rrl 'Z "fi V93 V, TY, , 1697? sfrs Y J f fi ,f f ' 1 ff 'f J' more ',,' J 9, Qifyiff z? 'Z J J Z f," r. I Ll -,fm fi J J, "4 ",, J L' - f ' ,',' f J ' , 7- ' " 'i7'cV'f, ' ' J L J V J ' 'J ff my f JV VV . J i, JV Jf V VV' Vf Va .4 : VV J ,Q J f Z'-saw is """'S V J pal J yirs J J Q Q J r J R J i ' L 4 44 f J V VVV, VVJVVV- V VVV VV V5W,VrV V J J J VV J V VV VV V Va . 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Haymon Autry Henson Evon Hext Claudia Hill Heidi Holk Tommy Hollenshead Beverly Holmes Jerry Holt SEVENTH GRADE John Hooker Edgar Hucke Billy Hudnell Guy Ann Hughes Everett Hummel Paul Jackson Rosa Jeane Kenny Jean Mary Jensen Jerry Justice Carol Karmatic Karen Kelly Cheryl Kile Mary Knapp Sharon Knapp Joyce Laysone Nancy Ledoux Delia Leal Henry Leonard Ronald Liles James Loth Harmon Lumpkin Marie Maddox Nancy Maddox Natallie Mahaffey Evelyn Mahaffey Lewis Marales Gerald Martin Jacklyn McArthur Dottie McCormick Shirley McCrery Travis McGee Sharon McKinney Jerry McLaren Ralph McRae Barbara Mensing Peggy Meredith Ann Mills Lynda Milstead Thomas Mitcham Ronald Mitchell Viola Mitchell Robert Mock Gennus Monk Gary Moore Dotty Morris James Murphy Freddie Murray Eugene Murray Wavelyn Murray Alton Myers Dalton Myers Gene Neill Linda Netterblad Richard Nettle Barbara Nolen Wade Norris Margaret O'Banion Cecilia Ordway Benson Palmer Ir , ,s 4 Q f I' i s if ' 'fl more , .. 5 ' l I " ' more A nor Annum ,1 I nu Amr.-u. .3 ' If fx Q' H , N3 5' Y Q 'QM O As. ff ? 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WI N 9' 4' " r L ft-fri, 1, .4 l ""P"ilQ J :E .,..xTY.7f'2., ' ' - Y -5 K. -A LL. in QB I K V I A -X ,ul 3 WS' fi i , 4 .-Arg " f ' SUTQQY it R 4 Q 963 Nor HOWN ' an ,a - wr J , o f- 1 Q- '?. s, ,- ers: J W eff. X s 6 si v , "QF R x s ' 5 gs f ,gy 5, .A ,. f',- , ' ,V ,av is a 'E .fs ypsyy , ql A X f S will-s.. L A ' i - A A S L S R ' L ' S s A A V , - p W' ' l ' 2 f,'L',VL',VV.' V.,, ' ' A , ' ,x - A - - ,,.- f -Ll.l ti. ,split I VkV.k , ff ., V M .,., Y K l f A L v a R A p f . ... iayi -3 ,, ,fi ftzif if Q X' gm-,f tk I pf ,sf yi R- A S more , -, , - - ' N.: Annum- ' " . . z ' alll. i ', f 1 y ,, Q1 , -f A Q L L .5 l A mor6 ff S If , H L N.uv..i.1s1. K 5 krry, faff amre s lg,?5::i NePP:?oHubIu N i .- T- -1- R . SEEN ik We ,fe "N I 1 'M Ti' ffP'f??f'f7 A 4 X :N ' 5 I X 1 f-.N "3 -+I'-L A3 A . f , iw .K fr., K Y ck' ,I -QA, Q A , " "N fb.-twa t' . ff iry Hjf' A .. ,.: - A ..- was ws a A ifay ni is 1 A so as 5. A wx I ga-rf si' an V J '2 3 ' cl 4,3 aa- I- fs' Q . -1- ,V vs' A ,f-aid. A sry i 4 A A kiA'Fl Q- A t 'Q V Q 'W .J is UQ I J V, Xa - 5 gn. ik!-X J , A i I dal ' A -f' i . .Pg ff--0 ,. if mow not Avuuau Bobby Parker Larry Pate Charles Price Wally Quackenbush Dennis Ratliff Edna Fay Ray Ronnie Rhodes Paris Roberts Ailene Robertson Jeanette Sandell Robert Sanders Lloyd Saunders Pam Schaefer Paul Shaw Rebecca Schwartz Jimmie Shankle W. T. Shelton Bill Simmons John Skinner Zenith Smith A. J. Smith George Smith James Smith Jerry Smith Linda Smith Perry Smith Regina Smith William Smith Sharon Spears Wayne Spurgeon Patsy Stephenson Glen Stephens Nelda Stolle Donnie Thomas Sandra Tousha Buford Turner Wesley Varnado Claudene Vincent Gearline Vincent Lynda Wamble Travis Weed Donald Weeks Elsie Wells Norman Westfall Jody Westmoreland Mary Whatton Shirley Whittaker Arlene Wilson Carol Williamson Wayne Westmoreland Milton Williamson Winthrop Winborn Audrey Withers Brenda Wood I oe Mann Wood Ralph Wood Vicki Word Jerry Youngblood Jimmie Paris SEVENTH GRADE B11 I r Q 3 X f , M 1 ,Mg 'L W' tv fMf'5f ff 45.1. .4- ,Mp- -s.. -'NN'-N... adm mu. W. .4 'Ac MARGARET ANN BAILES MISS L. H. S. TRESA T AY LOR FIRST MAID fffz ,, WW ff ' g g I ff -v. xg 'ffffifjwfj 4 . 14 24 M' f f' " , +I'7, ' ' Wf7fV' I 2 Q ' fhfw' K ff pf f - 5 ff I an I' K: lfff fr if I .Q ,, f i ZX' " ti 54 '- ,f ' z, f, 4 ' 4 , 1 ff, fe. iw , ,I 3, f' V ,f f ,I I M ,, I 1 1 X 4f , 1 2 2:5 A ff, ff, I. ,, ff . 9, -my, , , gf f ffff ff f f V' ff f A ' ,ff 4 ,V f, X,,,f,4 ?fM, 1-W f Z - fn .A ,A-Q' J, V r .. v K. Si, , fglf V .ww-,w""' wffif ,' :N , A f' Q55-2625--+.fn 'G' 'F - w. w..pm.,,,,,,x , i N1 ,,f , fx ii f 7722. v 5 ff.. 5 2 V mf f We 1 Ou 44 'W k WY, , .gy iv! ff f Y JANE HEBERT FOURTH MAID . S FIFTH MAID IO ANN JOHNSON Yi my X . W A - V f V ,yyxw 7, ' ,, ' vw- V. H QW f ' ' ' I ' o """W,... f , A 1 ,E , M, .Q I EM , , K ,ff mf fxwfw z .pf f 4 W , X 4 ff . ,I wnfivfvii "2" !f,,f. QM 7 ' y I V3 I ,uf :j eg ' . an I -J SIXTH MAID CAROLYN CAVANAUGH 1 M L H S BENNY GRANT I 4 62 ffl HM SCHLOTZHAUER A., .f , 1. RUSSELL NALLEY in BEAU BRUMMELLS MEL WILENZICK 3 Qi? ' 1 "I BEAU BRUMMELLS 1 PATTON BROOKS PAT STEWART CHRIS BAGENTS A eil! 1 fi ' 4 '. 522, 'S ' 4 4' 4 3.-Qw L. H. S. HOMECOMING The 1957 Homecoming Queen and Maids of Honor were chosen by popular vote of the football team. The maids were chosen by the classes. Queen SHIRLEY JACOBS 'QQ ,vi , r' sg. by ,xfs 'sr . . , 'Y R V F w if x ,I V, 03' ,',' by 'N' ,R 1 If-Q rr ,V Y u '15 Y, iszff " V. V Queen and Maids of Honor KAY GORMLEY SHIRLEY JACOBS GEORG115 NELL HARMON Senror M a1d s CATHERINE RICHARDSON Junior Maid MARY NELL HARVILLE Freshman Maid MICHAEL YEAGER Sophomore Maid CECELIA CARVER Senior Maid CORA ANN PRICE x. X M li. U 1 -...., fig NA 'B fs I ix' sf ss -v-'sX 5 5, ' 4 I Y. xg., Majorettes -4 HOLLY BALL CHRISTMAS IN MANY LANDS www V 1 v N - T My 7, 15 ,f 1' , ,, W ff . .A 5.5! 7 f ,ff f-y 4' ff f 49 ., f ,, fw ff ' f N mywlff' " ! ' G f' 'fcf4hii23z.nM'f Q 5 Q f ,fb ' 'W gl Q 6- f. If fffn eifff jg, ftpfm, , , 401141 4 f" ffw L Y Queen GEORGIE NELL HARMON 2 wr 25 ig, I. i A L L King BOBBY ARTHUR Prince Prince JAMES GOINS J. C. WELCH Princess Princess CA TH ERINE RICHARDSON Lord RUSSELL NA LLEY BARBARA SELLERS Lady MARY NELL HARVILLE S N- E S if S- bg-, ,- il Xa Lord JAMES HANNIGAN Lady BONNIE SCH WA RTZ Lord JOHN YOUNG Lady CYNTHIA IEANNSONNE Lord PAT STEWART Lady Q61 RUTH ANN FISHEZ Lord ROY BELTZ. Lady MARSHA MCDERMOTT Lord HOYE UNDERWOOD Lady JANE HEBERT rw - ,A 5-"W MJ if 7 ago 'f 4' f '41 . ,,,. , A X Most A thletic Best All Around JAMES GOINS GEORGIE NELL HARMON NEWMAN COBURN BESSIE GRAHAM IGENNETH MAGEE CORA ANN PRICE BOBBY ARTHUR SHIRLEY JACOBS JERRY CONERLY CATHERINE RICHARDSON HAROLD SMART GLENDA SPRINGM AN Friendliest Wittiest Most Athleuc RICHARD CANTRELL Q LINDA KILE I. C. WELSH FRANCES FISHER .TOE MARTINEZ. MONA WEEKS - i M WAYNE MORRIS " CARRIE MOORE Wittiest JERRY LILIEDAHL IEANNIE BELTZ. wqk Q' 'Nl' Best A ll A round L. C. BRISTER MARGARET BAILES ?5'41.,...A.,..RM Most Likely to Succeed CHRIS SMITH JIM CRYER ALICE SHIVERS BARBARA TRAHAN JOHN HA LL CECELIA CARVER SPEEDY GONZALES ANNIE ROSE WILSON ROBERT LEWIS WILMA MAGEE KENNY CANTRELL PAT ALTER RAY MAYO PHYLISS DOCURRO PAT STEWART BETTYE CAVANAUGH MOURY SIMNS .TUDY CAVANAUGH WARREN NGZRIS FRANCES SANDELL TERRY PAUL GRANT DORNELL NOLAN Best A ll Around HOYE UNDERWOOD RUTH ANN FISHER WHAT WOULD THE WORLD THINK IF: Coach Bennett was ever principal of LHS??? The girls didn't chase Coach Bullock??? Tony Weeks attended class! ! ! Mr. Grant didn't say "COWARDS" !! ! Miss Peace didn't start class on time! Students talked in Mrs. Simm's class! Mrs. Watson lost her voice! Suzanne Tumminello didn't say "HEY, YA'LL? Mr. Morrison wasn't always saying, "JUST A COTTON PICKIN' MINUTE! "? Mrs. Yoe wasn't always talking about Killeen? Mrs. Pollard not saying to Seniors, "THIS IS THE LAST BOAT, LAST TRAIN, and THE LAST CHANCE. " Jeanie Beltz and Russell Nalley didn't discuss last night's basketball game in typing: ?? Mr. Anderson didn't lecture so loud that the classes across the hall could hear??? Paul Jemision paid attention in class??? Annie Rose Wilson wasn't flirting with boys. ??? L.H.S. football team won every game??? Joe Martinez made any pictures for the annual??? Helen Ann Sliman didn't have a new outfit??? Tresa Taylor didn't ride around all day??? The Sophomore boys stayed out of trouble?? Linda Kile didn 't know all the news? P? James Goins wasn't laughing at corny jokes??? Jim Schlotzhouer wasn't always bragging??? Jerry Lilliedahl ever missed a note in band??? Karin Nowacki wasn't always giggling??? Neal Deacon went steady??? Mary Lynn Jeter didn't read love comics in class??? Students of LHS acted like other students??? Basketball girls didn't sing "Winstons"?? ? Pat Stewart wasn't winning beauty contests? ?? Susan Shelfield ever stopped talking? ?? Junior Coburn got to History class on time??? The basketball boys ever yelled for the basketball girls??? Freshman girls didn't date Senior boys??? Pat Brooks was ever caught kissing a girl??? The lunchroom didn 't serve beans, beans, and more beans??? John Ford and Dottie Browning ever "really" broke up2?7 Everybody in Leesville didn't like Coach Faircloth??? Mike Steenkens wasn't in love with "the girl back home"??? Warren Norris wasn't "bopping" around? ?? Terry Paul Grant wasn't absorbed in his SCIENCE FICTION books??? Don Scoggins stayed out of trouble??? The lights suddenly popped on in the band bus? ?? The Junior Class didn't run everything they were in??? It didn't rain night of the Junior-Senior Prom? 2? Melvin Moore ever came to school??? Gene Koury wasn't so talented??? The students didn't run the substitute teachers "batty"? 2? Everybody didn't stop and look at Jerry Schewe boppingrn Anyone could understand Dick Wiest's interpretations of Biologyn A STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Bobby Monk - Sam Piranio James Goins Bessie Graham President Vice President Frances Fisher Linda Kile Wilma McGee Secretary Parliamentarian Treasurer Please accept my sincere appreciation and grateful thanks for your loyalty to the Student Council and your assistance in making its work a success. It has been a wonderful experience working and serving as President of the Leesville High School Student Body. May the future bring you success in all your endeavors. May happiness always be yours. Sincerely, 0-van! James Milton Goins STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES ff Y it , f.f, ,V If qffff, 5? 3,5545 ,f, V ,V ,X I, Q' 'vllh S -W , TW? 14 Q 55 fe' f kffff - ky ' Z, Catherine Richardson Bobby Authur Jackie Smith Zelda Chamberlain Carolyn Leach Barbara Trahan Myrtle Walker Roy Hooker Linda Deon ROY Benz 05- -QU' -qi. n - , Q y I -.J-1 li X 4. , ' ...ur , 'v,,w ',f1,j1INAUj Student Council Faculty Sponsors Pat Stewart Woodmck Mock . T T if VY ' T T T - , K' a" ' V F L' . 2 L- ,L K C ' V I nlh It - " S 4, 'rtr I ' Aah' 1 .,,'rt gs ! i ,Q X j v if me ' f' S, I f ft 7' Mr. Bullock Mr. Bennett Mrs. Smart Mr. Temple , xr 51 N- LINDA KILE SHIRLY IACOBS D M Senior MAJORETTES PAT ALTER KARIN NOWACK1 SUZANNE TUMMINELLO CATHERINE RICHARDSON D A Bv R1 D 1 S T E R T Ma jorettes SHIRLY JACOBS SUZANNE TUMMINELLO KATHERINE RICHARDSON MAJCRETTES PJ ,, ..,l YZ? Tr I We strutted our best! Smile pretty!! LEESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND in YY ,J Tim Timple Paul Jemison Georgia Harmon Quartermaster Captain Chr. of Publicity Jane Hebert Bulletin Board A Monitor 'fi Carolyn Leach Chr. Social Affairs .l Billy Lewis Charlie McCartney Sherman Hicks Bonnie Schwartz Donna Schwartz Liaison Officer Section Leader Squad Sergeant Assistant Reporter Assistant Reporter Brenda Bybee Allen Grant Band Sweetheart Directgf 6- 5 7 f 1 ' 7f'fl"? I 0 Mary Gray S. A. C. Dudley Killian PHOTO NOT AVAQLABLE ff" f Clayton Hollenbeck Treasurers Committee Gloria Jones Stage Crew member head practice .Y H. Q X Harry McCloud Treasurers Committee report monitor vw- , A 'K at ,A s ,V 4 gg, fy at Wi I Roy Hooker Treasurers Com mittee Linda King Treasurers Committee ' .I ,ja y Q, f 1 out L fx, No! Shown Jim Jeansonne Stage Crew Member Gene Koury Assistant Reporter ul Q 6 Cynthia Jeansonne Assistant Practice report monitor Dottie Legg Assistant Bulletin Board Monitor -Af Sherrod Mitcham Melvin Moore Georgia Nolde Martha Sartor Treasurers Committee Assistant Liaison S. A. C. ASSiStar1t Attendance Officer M0UllOI 'El'- Qffv nl gif' Jerry Schuler Jeanie Beltz Frances Fisher Stevie Stevens Marsha McDermott Stage Crew 5, A, C, Squad Sergeant Stage Crew member S. A. C. Parliamentarian Noon Monitor Member y wgfjgfff M r 0 1 .. il M E , fi Qtr aj, ,Qu Q f r "" David Brister Donovan Braham Kenneth Young Annie Wilson Jimmy Bookter S.A.C. Apprentice librarian S.A.C. S.A.C. S.A.C. drum major ' 'Quik , f 6 y Nr Billie Chfisfiafl Nancy Dowden Bobby Dunlap Henry Etta Ford Ruth Ann Fisher S.A.C. S,A,C. S,A,C, S.A.C. Assistant tryour asg monitor T, I DIDNW HAVE A THING YO WEAR .,,,2 if if: 1451115 '04 W tar' llll -9 I0 A1111 Gram Jimmy Blackburn Ge0rgf-3 Benz Roy Beltz Gary Bonds AS- F0110 MOHUOT Headlight and Second period monitor S. C.M. noon monitor Ventilation Monitor S. C . M. L Bobby Turner Tommy Talley Travis Stevens Rodney Smith Ray Smith Sac-M. 5,C,M, As. public address S.C.M. 3 C M 4th period monitor Eflgifleef Susan Sheffield As. first aid Monitor 25? - Qrlfihl 3 Alice Shivers Lee R0Ck6i Betty Rvberrson Ronnie Roberts As, Reporter As. rack and chair S. A.C. f0110 monltof 01111 and as. light and vent TICHSUTCTS Apprentice librarian monitor Committee Richard Lee Terry Grant Judy Kirby Jackie Knapp As. Quartermaster Head Folio Head attendance head rack and First aid Monitor Apprentice monitor chair monitor Librarian Section Leader Room monitor Jerry Liliedahl Public address English Squad Sergeant Section Leader Jerry Conerly Senior Student Leader President qu-ww Linda Kile Secretary-Treasurer Section Leader Historian Majorette Door and Guest Monitor Billy Baggett Gene LaCaze Head of Stage Crew Folio monitor out As. Librarian Head rehearsal room Mickey Smith Head Librarian Junior Student Leader Section Leader Fifth period monitor Charles Sanders As. Senior Student leader fourth period monitor monitor Top Squad Sergeant before school monitor Section Leader Head Repairman Squad Sergeant Brenda Bybee Bobby Monk S.A.C. Head Monitor Head reporter Sophomore Student Leader Section Leader Section Leader Band Sweetheart LEESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS GIRLS' TRIO 'I , I I L :B 5' Q -1:-L fp W 13 I-fe rr, wa. h . : , K X X ' X A A xx . I L',d-Rf, VN, N I WE' 1 ' as A X5 . I ig f , in AlIen Grant, Directory Jerry Woodall, Presidentg Georgie Harmon, Vice Presidentg Helen Sliman, Secre- taryg Charles Sanders, Librariang Jerry Conerly, Librarian. SENIOR ROLL OE HONOR JERRY MARCUS CONERLY GLORIA FAY JONES CHARLES VAN SANDERS SUZANNE TUMMINELLO STEVE EDWARD ALLEN CATHERINE RICHARDSON BOBBY ARTHUR GEORGIE NELL HARMON BENNY ZANE GRANT BESSIE EMMA GRAHAM PAUL OWEN IEMISON SUE WINFREE NICHOLAS Q H!" Q -we U' 4-H CLUB President, Danny Rowzeeg Vice President, Jim Jeansonne fnot picturedjg Exec. Council Member, Roy Wall Hookerg Secretary and Treasurer, Jeanie Beltzg Reporter, Betsy May Program Chairman, Margaret Bailes. LETTERMEN'S CLUB President Vrce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Burnita Scoggins Margaret Barles Brenda Bybee Cora Sanders Prrce Ni Agua. 'Vine if' Parliamentarian Jeanie Beltz - lflmil SHORTHAND CLUB President Gloria H aymon Sponsor Dudley Morrison Secretary-Tre asurer Eva Gregg Vice President Blanche Burns LIBRARY CLUB lil- CFFICERS Tim Temple Chris Smith President Vice President 'Hur 'mm Micheal Yeager Joe 3C0giI1 Treasurer Sergeant- at-arms Frances Docurro Secretary Mrs. Margaret Smith Sponsor LATIN CLUB A Q Marsha McDermott Suzanne Terrell President Vice President Mrs. Margaret Smith Sponsor Frances Docurro Michael Yeager Secretary Treasurer "L, H. . " SPECIALS Q -lawn . "fw,f.,wf , JAQ ,,?W7,,,,, , BURNITA SCOGGINS BESSIE GRAHAM Rodeo Queen Forestry Festival - First Maid ff SUZANNE TUMMINELLO SUE NICHOLAS Pelican Girls- State Pelican Girls' State M ,, ,WM 'V , ff! ff ' , kg , , W , , ,f if K f , f f 1 255515 V ' v ' . Macaw, I GLORIA JONES Pelican Girls' State 0795 Q , LINDA KILE All State Band "L H. S." SPECIALS ,alta f :ff 'WN Gff JAMES GOINS Pelican Boys' State . ff' I x 'Q- ,f'. I JERRY LILEDAHL Honor Ba nd SPECIAL EVENTS Forest Festival Homecoming Ma jorettes Cheerleaders Freshmen twwmkk L. H. S. Football Field Ha. f 3 f ,.y,v, 4 f Af Q15 -,V 5' I f if X fi f A-,., 5 f ,f J, f 9? , fw, if V I HY 'fifrfw-2,11 , Xfrwfz f, ,, I Wm by M ff? V ., mg: 2' wal . - 2 , 4 " X' Z. X. W' f T, ' FOOTBALL TEAM ED ALLEN The Captains BOBBY ARTHUR KENNETH MCGEE The Coaches Coaches BILLY BENNETT, DALTON FAIRCLOTH, RICHIE BULLOCK 'QB' 'K' '35 H5 ff' HERE Merryville Natchitoches DeQuincy Menard Vinton Many ,,, W. ,,M,l,7, FOOTBALL SCHEDULE MWWW1 f THERE Vivian Pineville West Lake Marion DeRidder DISTRICT GAILE BRIDGES Forward M ' K jr K I Q " Q ' x Q, E , X k DOT TIE BROWNING Guard iw! ZELDA CH AMBERLAIN Guard BYRLE DAVIDSON Guard 11 ,--1 5 5 . KAY GORMLEY f Q I P 1 i x 'I G E Q Li M I , -1' S CHAMPS r F Y Forward KAROLY NE HOLIFIELD Guard LINDA KILE Guard 5 In if 1 X BETSY MAY Forward MARTHA WO DLE Forward 5 X, X IOHNNIE NICHOLAS FRANCIS SANDELL Guard Guar XQF 7 ? 4 A 'A' 1? . Us L A - 1 . Lea M F V I 3 V, , X 'AW ' jf 7 x ARRIE EVELYN Mooms d Foiward X' - XS: ., X I BASKETBALL BOYS R S I T Y B xv A61 Anyone walking? NB.. T E A M VARSITY GEORGE DEC KER Gu ard ROBERT LEWIS Forward LOUIS MASSEY Guard BOYS g 0 SAM PIRANIO Guard RUSSELL NALLEY Guard BOBBY MONK Gu ard JIM SCHLOTZHAUER Guard HAROLD SMART Center TIM TEMPLE Forward J, C. WELCH Center if ii Cc. A ,- at ' f 9 if 5 , 511, sf, 1 4 i 3 li is W' wwf NM f . 5.4 f fkd r .. , I Q fd SV , 11 mf-0 .Jw ' 9 i Z, gif X A .rw 11 I 'X 4, f 'ff Q 4 , , ,f ,V ,fn W, V1 A as X mt' Wal REP P, 'L xxx l as if 47 I 5 ,, fy f' z 'f "" 'DZ' ff M - ff If X , ' Q ' ' f 9 f " " 1? if ,XSL I ' , 7 as ' 1' Q f K fl - ' f V' ,' 1 4 7, an ff I si .trier gi 1,,.' , ,f-rf 2' .,, 2 ,A '40, 47444, f if Cf' yi'Q,' M f A 5 f 4 K 0 'Q if 75 ef W QW 1 s '1 212 f 1 'vis Y' Q .,. -,v , f. , . 2 'H mv 2, Q, ,QC nf, ' ' Y , W gg, U W ,,,,,,v, ff' , sf f 4 WJ ' 7 :auf :Of- W If H 2 fm , af A I I Wzfzzgdwzi 62 fafzmm HMM!! fmazffamfzwy "A Name That Grows With the Years" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation L 8: L LOAN COMPANY Leesville, La. HALL 8: HALL GROCERY I Open Sundays Texas Street Leesville, Louisiana CLAIBORNE5 SWEET SHOP LEWIS BROTHERS CLEANERS Specializing in Wedding Cakes 1906 3rd Street Birthday Cakes Phgne 2264 WORD'S INSURANCE AGENCY 3rd Street Leesville, La. DONNA 'S KIDDIE SHOP Quality Groceries and Fine Meats DIGGLY VV I CSGLY Texas Road Leesville, Louisiana OLLIE'S TINY TOT SHOP 3rd Street Leesville, La. LEESVILLE .IEWELER J. A. CAVANAUGH FRED ANDREWS Compliments of W. B. SCOGINS CITY SERVICE BRADY FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP For Flowers of Beauty Phone 2.363 Leesville BEN FRANKLIN Nationally Known Locally Owned BOB AND NETTIE WILLIAMSON PELICAN CLEANERS Highway 171 Phone Leesville , Louisiana 1 SAJVIS SHOE STORE Men, Women, and Children's Shoes Shoe Repairing 1229: GROCERY 8: MARKET Canned Goods, Fresh Vegetables and Meats 1500 3rd Street 1614 3rd street Phone 3325 Phone 2646 SHANKLE BROTHERS S Q SERVICE STATION Complete One Stop Service MOTOR COMPANY Gulf Products Dodge-Plyrriouth 1505 5th Phone 2262 Compliments of R. B. MCNEELY of K. C. S. RAILROAD Dodge Job Rated Trucks Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana TEX'S HOCK SHOP "You Name lt -- We've Got It" ORCHID FLOWER SHOP 1400 3rd Phone 2606 Leesville, Louisiana BO UDQE AUX OLDSMOBILE AND CADILLAC Sales and Service Phone 2511 3990 Leesville , Louisiana xl I FFY ALLENDALE DRIVE-IN GROCERY HOUSING PROJECT and Open Week Days and Sundays Texas Road Leesville, La. LEESVILLE WASH-A-TERIA 1108 Port Arthur Terrace Phone 2406 VVEBE12-KI NG: IVIFC5 CO . Lumber and Building Materials Call 2432 Prompt Quality De1iVe1'Y Materials TED'S AUTO PARTS TRAVELER'S COURTS Evinrude Outboard Motors Highway 171 South Phone 3548 Third Street "A Home Away From Home" Leesville, Louisiana Leesville, Lguigiana VERNON BANK COPLAND CHEVROLET co. The Bank of Dependable Service Phone 3865 1600 Third Street 6 s . Leesville, Louisiana Leesville, Louisiana Texas Street LUKE'S BEAUTY SHOP THE BURGER BAR Quality Work "Horne of the Pogo" Third Street Texas Road Phone 2448 Leesville, Louisiana Leesville, Louisiana WESTERN AUT0 KELLY WEBER an Co. , INC. ASSOCIATE STORE Wholesale OUIY 1902 3rd Street Phone 2548 Terminal Rd. Phone 3481 I M0251-:AN I..I NDSEY 5 at 1055 STORE 601 3rd street Phone 3501 MRS. GLENN C. PACKER FIRESTONE Phone 2481 Corner Third and Texas Leesville, Louisiana RUDEMAR BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in Permanents SYBIL JONES, Owner Phone NICHOLS DRY GOODS Quality Merchandise at Reasonable Prices Leesville, Louisiana FORD STEWART'S Men's Ready-to-Wear Leesville, Louisiana VVI LLIAIVIS TRANSPOR TA TION AND STORAGE CO. First in Quality, Fair in Prices, Fastest in Service Phone 2210 Leesville , Louisiana HE 3670 Lake Charles, Louisiana C-soiauomis DRIVE INN Snacks and Curb Service Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana WEST ESSO SERVICE CENTER A. B. C. GRCCERY Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana Phone 2681 Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana PEACE FLOWER SHOP Fast Service Leesville, Louisiana FERTITTA BROTHERS Hardware - Building Supplies Phone 2356 Leesville, Louisiana JAMES RED AND WHITE SUPERMARKET Save Every Day the Red and White Way With "The Grocery Folks of Leesville" Hi-Way 171 North Leesville, Louisiana In Leesville It's HEMENWAY'S for Furniture HOOKS DEPARTMENT STORE "The Friendly Store" Leesville, Louisiana BERT ADAM 'S SERVICE STATION Leesville, Louisiana HERNANDEZ FARM SUPPLY Leesville, Louisiana PALMER PONTIAC CO. Pontiac - G.M.C. Sales - Service Leesville, Louisiana REDWOOD COURTS Highway 171 South Phone 2677 Leesville, Louisiana PIER CE TIRE COMPANY Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana JACOBS UPHOLSTERING Repairing - Refinishing Re-Upholstering All Types Furniture and Cars Phone 3685 Leesville, Louisiana LEACH PLUMBING COMPANY Dependable Service Phone 2371 Highway 171 Leesville, Louisiana I-IAYS BUICK COMPANY Highway 171 Leesville, Louisiana MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" Leesville , Louisiana LEESVILLE RADIO AND TV SERVICE Admiral Dealer Sales and Service Leesville, Louisiana ALICE CLEANERS Cleaning - Pressing Phone 4511 Leesville , Louisiana BUILDERS SUPPLY K. C. S. CAFE Texas Street The Home of Fine Foods Phone 2230 Phone 2661 Leesville, LOL1iSi.3.na Leesville, Louisiana SUN-GLO GROCERY 8: MARKET Prices to Please You 'GOODYEAR SHOE HOSPITAL Next to the Western Union Phone 2664 2304 Third Street Wa! D25 qmfwwffbw Leaders in Popular Price Merchandise Since 1897 Leesvi11e, Louisiana WESTERN LOUISIANA Compliments of TYPEWRITER SERVICE 1808 Third Street Phone 2164 MR. C. E. LAWRENCE Office Supplies, Stationery Leesviue, Louisiana Office Machines BARNEY'S DRIVE INN LEESVILLE LEADER Highway 171 South Office Supplies . I , Texas Street Leesv111e, Louisiana Leesville, Louisiana 1 H Y is ...- TEEN-AGE MARDI GRAS Kofc We, the members of the annual staff, would like to thank the merchants of Leesville for their support by placing ads in the annual. QM 777 6 Jwwaayaaa ,W Meena C'uf1.,,,.bc..,......y,3 Q a W ewan A, f, 53,9 ff ff f ff A in f ,10 1 if Af Q v,-y w .fy , wax, wr 4 44441 4 y V Y 'fm 3.43" :ew'Zf'56kf'amG54 ev-' " 4:,:aw:1fG'SI:p3i 1151 12 7122+ Pl:-I-11214955 f?:5'72':3r122I?J1'?M1Ez , , , fy MWWWWM ' fy 771-fff My Jlwiiy 'Zyl' yy M Q9 Qf47Vf.lQ?L1ilL Mfwwffifffa NLG 6' VM? 9 QW 932-af mmwggw Vw, W OK,'f'g'f1 . 9 A g-www? 2 Wfwwfffbwfff in .3526 Q jliffifg 35235 ?3f .Qi , . 3 vs' E 5 R K T3 E 12? ix X2 9? I rg 1 e gffwwywyfg, Z? WW il 5 ai Lk 454' 'W A W3 WHW So! fx BP' f ,ffQ4'4f fg ' M Safgf M Wiizfflfiiiiif WWW My Bb? W 'WL alia 0 Q MWVX gk g2f2 ,Aga MJ pN WS 1Wi,ff9WiQifiVHm if Qnggw wwf' X54 WM 'Q fy fu W . , Aww yn ,P N933 05 WW75 QW, '73, "X Vi di PV of if WMM P' S' jg, . JW JC , ,Q 5? hfjiflwfwff :Y ,Vx '31 W 'rg , Af, ,YM . 1' M' wig kwryy P MMCMAWWV Yffxs' Vfuyfffrfgbjyif ., abit? kixy1 Y,m65 . ' M ' Afyjf Ip 'Q A 19 x x Els ,wp , TI,'35Y,' . M fu, WJ' 13 Q X EX 1 jjj 17 QALLQXKA! Q ' Lon PUBLIZTITZZYCO. 5 The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR MADE X 5 illTl 'X 4 , f 'Y ' 'l?ill.lT-E-115mKieJ.Q.?vFf . M fi nn' ,,,,, , ,j , ,JM ,E 1, M ii ,am , nh gf Mex Q Y V 1. . r 2. EV, , 5 S, , 1 s ., Lf E534 I .f N, V ,K 'X ,Q-af fi? Q. .sn .vs 'F 'fu "',,assP V MW , , ' 1 14 gf, ' , ' if W ,f V 4 I 1,4 ,, ,,wg,,,i,.. . My f ,, , , , N-16rgg5y.,.,m..., ' zz, q, ,ff ' ff f 'TZ f- M '1 +1-.,,, 59" J,.. ' fi 1- .,.X 411901 ,M ' 1 ,. ""'vf25'z.f" , ik-

Suggestions in the Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) collection:

Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 91

1957, pg 91

Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 110

1957, pg 110

Leesville High School - Silhouettes Yearbook (Leesville, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 118

1957, pg 118

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