Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA)

 - Class of 1962

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Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1962 volume:

THE 1962 FISHBOWL published by The Annual Staff Lanier Junior l-ligh School For Boys maoon, georgia Foreword Excellence in mind and excellence in body, when blended, form an indispensible ingredient in the creation of effective and successful men. The L. W. Lewis Scholarship Award and the Lem Clark Memo- rial Trophy exemplify this idea and it is toward this idea that the efforts of this school are directed. l Contents Title Page Foreword Dedication Administration Principal's Letter Faculty Formal Informal Classes Ninth Eighth Organizations Athletics Advertisements Dedication MRS. ELIZABETH S. WEAVER Language, according to Webster, is "any means, vocal or other, of ex- pressing feeling or thought." Language thus becomes the base upon which all education ls built and the means by which all knowledge is transmitted. The 1962 FISHBOWL is dedicated to one who has devoted many years to the teaching of language - a teacher who with seriousness of purpose and adhering to nigh academic standards, has played a most important part in enabling many hundreds of men to become articulate, inquisitive and useful citizens. Her pupils of today applaud her, her pupils of yesterday justify her life, and to her the future is already deeply indebted. Proudly and with gratitude, we the 1962 FISHBOWL staff dedicate our yearbook to MRS. ELIZABETH S. WEAVER Special ppreciation Edward J. Cagle Alan B. Northington EDITORIAL BUSINESS ADVISORS to our two school publications, the "JOURNAL" and the "FISHBOWL. " DEAR STUDENTS, We, the editors of Lanier's publications, would like to recognize two members of our faculty. Mr. Alan B. Northington and Mr. Ed Cagle truly deserve this spotlight. Their assistance and guidance has provided both ninth and eighth grade stu- dents with needed confidence to fulfill a hard task. Both refuse actually to do the work, but will readily advise anyone as to how to do it. It requires a great deal of patience and effort to keep both the annual and the news- paper staff on schedule. We wish to express our sincere thanks to these two teachers for their tire- less efforts and assistance. Sincerely, "Fishbowl" Editor vyama, Q. ,z:fW,Qft "Journal" Editor V: THEN Zim 1' , .K ,d,2,,L1 1:52524 Wm., f ff W 9 V ,im vw Lf wwf- W, .W wi-V 59? M 1 . ,,.,,, if! -'Z V, QIQM, 1 s 24323-fx f' 4 f .- UW PN WXLW' , 3 ,f -' M ,,1L,1,i,,,, , F if 9 . ,V Q5 2,-1, Q. 6 ,aw-.w f,15E:f.i7 ygajw, s x v am Mn ' fm ,,,, , an , A m1n1 tr au 33211 2322? 1i, fi! 1 A 2 1KV' li , 91571 Gunther Bibb County Board of Education Left to right: RALPH EUBANKS, WM. P. SIMMONS, GEORGE P, RANKIN, JR., CHARLES HERTWIG, HERBERT BIRDSEY, LLOYD NEW- BERRY, JUDGE OSCAR LONG, DR. H. G. WEAVER, JULIUS GHOLSON, JUDGE WALTER STEVENS, ROBERT MCCORD, JUDGE MALLORY ATKIN- SON, ALBERT HATCHER, and WALLACE MILLER, JR, LLOYD NEWBERRY assistant superintendent JULIUS A. GHOLSON superintendent JOHN H. JONES principal JOHN H. JONES, principal A familiar face, in a familiar place W To students, parents and faculty, a friend. ,ww , M MRS. DORIS R. HAYS Secretary FRED HINESLEY guidance Mr. Hinesley answers many questions for both parents and students. LANIER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS JOHN H. JONES. PRINCIPAL 751 Hsnoutv S-ras:-r MACON. GEORGIA December 14, 1961 Dear Students: My wish for each of you is that you will have a good and useful life in the years to come. Christopher Morley once said that there are three ingredients in what he called "The good life, "namely, LEARNING, EARNING, and YEARN- ING. Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson's formula is the key to LEARNING, and in the hope that it will help you, I quote, - "Shall I tell you the secret of the true scholar? It is thisg every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn of hirn. " The second ingredient of a good life is EARNING. Most of us think immediately of money. Earning, money seems to be the most impor- tant thing in the world to a lot of people, but there are other things to be earned too. The Bible says, "a good name is rather to be chosen Qearnedj than great riches. " The third ingredient is YEARNING. This refers to ambition, your de- sire for success, your wanting to achieve worthwhile goals in life, and wanting to strongly enough to attain your goals. Do you want a "good'life?" Are you willing to pay the price? I BELIEVE YOU ARE! S inc er ely, John H. Jones, Principal 41 -3 as 3 I would not hesitate to say that the F- 1 United States is the finest society 6n,q a 12 grand scale that the world has thus fam? Alfred North Whitehead 't A .fp N - 4 I Q , f Q , 1 1,61 A ' Q 1 M I ' 5 fc' 5? W' I "" is 1 ' g if I 4 5 gf l It , 4'- Y 1 1 1 I ' ' Q J 2 I 'J I F 2 1 1 t W x W ,A , . 1 W-'sw I , f h x O I . I Q . I , , ' I 'U f,T,- fir' fjfa 1,1-F 5 ! l zfiigfttimg, if Yf- 1 J' i e ee sesk FQ t , q 5 ...CH ' ' :-- 4- -f . , :,,.,.t.,,.. ,,-,.,,,,5-,gg ' NP ,-J ,f ,, . ,M V , f t s We , "sn- n nnvuuuu -7:1 una ' "i"gt6j """ I h 3 " " C 'UC' 7 '51 - ' , .. i , 1 ,- f I 5 g ' Q ' L J J s e :,. zzl n 1 1 - q U 1 fi' 7 ' 7 ' K I I n 1 sl . I I I I I U U ' K' F e iv if i ire' NANCY ANDERSON HILDA BEGGS THOMAS W. BENTLEY English SCiSl'1C6 Science DANIEL L. BOLT EDWARD J. CAGLE GUYTON M. CARR Physical Education English , Science W MILDRED B. CHAPMAN HARVEY W. COLLIER, IR. LOSSIE R. COLLINS, JR World History Math Physical Education MRS. Tl-IOS. HUDSON .TERRY E. ' A TURNER GAUGHF Science istor X Music I ff R LEE ROY HALL MRS. NETTIE HANSON MARY A. HARRELL Math Lunchroom Cashier English ELLIS E, HAINES MARCEL HARRIS ON PAUL HAVERFIELD Industrial Arts Physical Education English JOHNNIE HOOVER JOAN HUDSON MRS. MALCOLM JONES Science Chorus Science JERRY L. J OYNER SARA L. LAMON RAY LATIMER Industrial Arts Librarian English W. R. LEWIS DANNIIE MCLAUGHLIN BESS B. MINCEY Industrial Arts Physical Education English ALAN B. NORTHINGTON MRS. J. K. PATTILLO REESE PERRY World History Dietitian Physical Education CAROLYN G. PHELPS GEORGE L. PHILLIPS MARGARET A. PHILLIPS Math Math English OUIDA POE MRS. TOM PORTER HERSCHEL E. SIMMONS English Math Agriculture STEVEN R, SMITH MARVIN L. TARPLEY E, D, TOLLERSON World History Physical Education Science MRS, ELEANOR TONEY MRS. KATHLEEN TWILLEY HONORINE B, VANZANT Civics Assistant Dietitian Science ELIZABETH S. WEAVER Latin R. L. GUFFIN Math LEWIS WRIGHT English D. L. WIYGUL, JR Industrial Arts Miss Beggs explains a film strip that her class is to see, Coach Bolt instructs a group of his students in set shooting. Oral questions in Miss Anderson's room. Mr. Bentley discusses a student's answer, Mr. Cagle and the mem- bers of one of his ninth grade English classes lis- ten as a student explains the diagram ofa sentence Mrs. Chapman lectures about Alexander the Great Mrs. Hudson dictates a daily test to one of her science classes. Endless practice under the direction of Mr. Gaughf is necessary before the band is ready to play. A student demonstrates as Mr. Collins explains a physical exercise that is done on the parallel bars. Mr. Eller, equipment manager, checks a new shipment of football shoes with coach McLaughlin and coach Perry. Mr. Hall listens to a stu- dent's recitation. Miss Harrell returns a set of test papers. Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Twilley check hundreds of trays each day. Mr. Haines gives individual instruction to a student who has encountered a difficult problem in Industrial Arts. Mr. Haverfield checks a set of his student's papers. Mr. Reeves, our photo- grapher, found Miss Hudson and the Lanier Junior High Glee Club in a busy prac- tice session. Some members of Mr. Harrison's class try their hand at tumbling. An explanation of the metric system is given by Mr. Hoover. Mrs. Malcolm Jones checks a student's paper with him. The thousands of books in our library must be checked constantly by Miss Lamon. An explanation in the text book is clarified by Mr. Joyner for two of his stu- dents. Drill, drill and more drill, but Mr. Latlmer's students do master their English grammar. The reading of the classics has an important place in the eighth grade in Mrs. Mlncey's room. One of the first each day to arrive at school and one of the last to leave each day is our school dietitian, Mrs. Pattillo. Metal work, a new area in Industrial Arts, has keenly interested Mr. Lewis's stu- dents. Current Events in any period of time has always been of interest to students. So it is with these students in Mr'. Northington's room. Homework, boardwork, and tests are all necessary if a student is to learn his math. Here Mrs. Phelps reviews board work for one of her classes. Miss Poe and her students listen while a member of one of her classes explains a sentence from their home- work assignment. Mr. Phillips is seen here explaining some special charts that he believes will enable his students to get a firmer grasp on math. Ilmmy Jones receives an individual explanation from Mrs. Porter concern- ing an algebra problem that he had on a test. Mr. Simmons takes time out to give our photographer a friendly smile. Multiplication with deci- mals made easy. Here Mr. Tolerson explains how to point off two places. Mrs. Phillips greets her students at the start of another school day. Mr. Smith, conducts a classroom question and answer period in a class of World History. Members of Mr, Tarpley's class attempting to master the jump rope. Models are very useful in explaining problems in Science, Mrs. VanZ.ant observes and listens while an eighth grade student explains his model of a rocket. f , 'ff--......l' Mrs. Toney and the students of one of her classes check test questions. Members of one of Mrs. Weaver's Latin classes review their lesson to- gether. Clarity with levity. Mr. Wright here demonstrates that there is humor even in the study of English grammar. A student receives help with what is to him a difficult problem. With Mr. Guffin's individual explanation, however, the solution will soon be clear to the student. what student could fail to be interested in this test panel that Mr. Wiygul is explaining. The Custodial Staff The responsibility for the cleanliness of our school is in their care. 'Fr' 'E may '55 Left to right: Jesse Lyons, Wiley Lyons, Eula B. Gray, Joseph Holmes, Katherine Murphy, Lillian Jones, and George D. Walker. Classes "I hope we shall never forget that we created this nation, not to serve ourselves, but to serve man- kind." Woodrow Wilson if r A !!!lU so gf ii! , vw: 7 WV JJ mm 3 ,sm fv .1,lu'l-LW H ggi' ,n,,e,,' -+4....:. is-3 ,,,l,-Yam.. , pn' 5, v4..a,--iLl,U nm., N- m!W,,s,, -ww 1 N mth Grade Abare, Kim Adams, Calvin Alderman, Luther Allen, David Allen, James Allen, Johnny Amerson, Thomas Xqderson, Daniel N Andrews, William Ard, Boyce Armstrong, James Armstrong, Philip Arnold, Terry Arnold, Ruben Atkins, Winford Avery, Walter Axton, Delmar Bagwell, John Baird, Robert Baird, Thomas QJOIXQN- Baird, William Baker, Frank Barbee, Joe Barfield, Horace Barfield, Robert Barfield, Wesley Barnes, Hugh Barnett, Robert fi Bragg, Edgar Branan, Randall Brannen, Joseph Brantley, David Broxton, Edward Brown, Bobby Brown, Charles Brown, Gerald Barron, Jeff Baston, Emory Bateman, Gilbert Batson, Harry Batson, Stephen Belote, Robert Bennett, G. Tomlny Bennett, Ronald f Bentley, James Bentley, William Bevil, Noel Birdsey, Robert Bloor, Ronnie Boren, Joel Bostick, Albert Bostick, Richard Bourlakas, Pete Bowers, Mark Braddy, John Bradley, Thomas Brown, Ronnie Bryant, Charlie Bryson, Charles Burger, Trice Burk, Charley Burnette, Roy Burns, Leon Burress, Edward Burris, Robert Busbee, Ben Bob Butler, William Byrd, Robert Caldwell, Lawrence Calhoun, Thomas Carlthers, George Carlisle, Gene Carlisle, Gerry Carpenter, James ,,Carreker, James Carroll, James Carroll, Joseph Carter, Manley Carter, Ralph Carter, Wayne Chaffin, James Champion, Richard Chancey, Leonard Chapman, Joseph Chapman, Wllllam Chapert, Norman Chasteen, Kenneth Cheshire, James Christy, Anthony Chumley, Richard Clancy, Jack Clark, Steve Clements, Walter Clifton, William Coe, Donald Cohen, Murray Colburn, Elmo Coleman, James Collins, Russell Cook, John Cooper, Jimmy Coppock, Rayford Cornelius, Thomas Coulter, Robert Crawford, William Creamer, Jerry Crosby, William Crowley, John Croy, Larry Crutchfield, Wayne Cullens, Robert Daniel. Ralph , A rs i 3 K . .. f xy, if 4 ,S 35 ,aw X .9 , K- Daniels, .Tohn Davis, David Davis, I8-H165 Davis, Jerry Davis, John Defore, Donnie Defore, Sherrod DeMlchiel, Louis Dennis, Terry Dixon, Lamar Dixon, Walter Donovan, Lawrence Draughon, John Dubose, Horace Dunham, Richard kDunlavey, Donald Edmonson, .T ohn Elder, Frank Elder, John Elkins, Howard . 1 . T 3, ff . 4 v?l52?A twig Q 5""nomom Zta,- Ellington, Wiley Elliott, Oliver Etheridge, Glen Eubanks, David Eubanks, Philip Evans, Ernest Faulkner, John Faust, Hiram nu has it Avuunl Granade, Ivey Green, Sidney Greene, Thomas Gregory, Rufus Griffin, Jerry Grimsley, William Griner, William Groover, Denmark Fincher, Douglas Fincher, Durwood Fitzgibbons, George Flanders, Gary Fortson, David Fross, Ronald Frost, Donald Fulford, Herman Fuller, Gary Fuller, Lee Roy Gambell, Thomas Gans, Nathan Garrison, Gregory Gaultney, Edmond Gavin, Charles George, Ronald Giles, Hubert Gilman, Donald Goff, Steven Gordon, Forrest 1 A up J" wiesw lei ss- rm r fe if in . S- ,,-,, S ia N hwy' , ii 4, , fr - . , .f:f1.ffr' ' 1 S K 9 s is 5 lx ' r Grubbs, David Guest, Jerald Gunnells, Michael Hagan, James Hale, Jesse Hamlin, Dan Hamm, James Hamrick, John Hancock, Allen Hancock, Walter Hanner, Norman Harbin, Robert Hardy, Robert Harrell, Thomas Harris, Jerome Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Danny Harrison, John Hastings, John Hatcher, Stephen Hawkins, Jam 9 Hawes, Joseph ? Hazel ur , . Derrel Headden, Gary Heath, Denny Helms, Keith Helms, William Helton, Howell Hibbeerd, Horace Hibberd, John Hiett, Joseph Higginson, Joseph Hightower, Edward Hilliard, Ronald Hinson, Stephen Hixon, Rayford Holland, John Holloway, Joseph Holloway, Troy Holmes, Thomas Hooks, Robert Howell, Wilson Hudgins, Billy Hulett, Henry Hunnicutt, Richard Hunnicutt, Walter Ivey, Ronald Jackson, Frederick Jackson, Robert Jackson, Roy - x J enklns, Wayne Jennlgan, Bobby Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Howard Johnson, Larry Jones, Davld S. voo susv X V 1. .A more Q Awlnbu Dennis James John A John T Joseph Robert Jordan, Ralph Kasulka, Terry Kaplan, Thomas Keene, Wayne Kell Roy Kelly Francis Kendrick, Thomas Kennedy, Harry Ketterbaugh, Joseph Kilgore, James Klmsey, Raymond George W ,,,. E g 4 ' ' rr,r .- King James J J Kirk Howard , L' lfj.qQ y r , Q Kitchens, Danny Kitchens. Richard Kitchens, Ronald Knight, Richard Lamb, Donald Lancaster, John Lane, Walter Langley, Elton Lyndon, John Mac Ewen, Wilson Maddox, David Magee, Robert Mainor, Jimmy Marsden, William Marshall, Sidney Martin. Austin Lanter, Paul Larson, Joseph Lassiter. Charles Lawhorn, John Lawson, Kenneth Lee, Thomas Leggett, Loran Leverette, Oscar Leverette, Ronnie Lewis, Don Lewis, Steve Lillard, Michael Lines, Rayfield Long, Joseph Long, Robert Long, Wallace Lord, Ronnie Love, Kenneth Lovett, Thomas Luttrell, Jimmy -, td. -ww NO! AVAILABK if sf?" Martin, Dennis Martin, George Martin, John Mason, Max Mathews, Guy Matrox, Kent Mayo, Clarence Mayhue, Gene McAfee, Roy Q McAnn, Joseph McCarren, Charles McClung, Kenneth McCook, Allen McDaniel, Joseph McDaniel, Milton McDonald, James McDonald, Thomas McKinley, Raymond McKinney, James McLendon, Charles McLeod, Danlel McNeese, James Meeks, S. Wayne Meier, Paul Middlebrooks, Meldrln Miller, Howard Miller, William Mixon, Rufus Molton James Monaghan, James Moore, Freeman Moore, Harry Jimmy Robert Moore, William Morgan, Clarence Morgan, Robert Morrow, David Mull, Darryl Mullins, William Mullrs Lawton Murchison, Thomas Murphy, Robert Nelms, James Nelms Wallace Newberry, Stewart Nickels, William Northington, David Obernauf, Gary Obert James Oden, Bengamrn Ogburn, Charles Owensby. David Padgett, Douglas Page, James Palmer. Don Parrish, Richard Patterson, Edgar Pawley, Perry Payton, Ronald Peacock, John Peek, Curtiss Pendergrass, Iohn Penland, Ferrell Perkins. Joseph Pierce, David Pittman, Dan Pool, Clifford Pope, Stephen Porter, Clinton Price, John Pritchard, Charles Proctor, Robert Purser, Richard Pyrz, Andrew Ragan, William C Reed, David Reese, Bertram Reese, Randall Reeves, Rayford Rich, Lewis Richards, John Riddle, Willard Rivers, Samuel My J ai, S ff Li' if Pi .. more Nov AVAILAII-I If W .Qui 5 S .,,' i f Xia' ,fr f K 3 gi. . I X Shelton, Ernest Shipp, David Shirley. Rudy Simmons, Kenneth Slocumb William +51 . ,- S J, 5 5 1 3512 sf Sgr s als .4 l 5 f -l 1 , ., WEP A I i H . gk if 'L' 5 ' Palm - ,-wzggg 1 V ,V 2 X 1 ., f 5 lg,-fall 4 M Q 15,5 vm-fzfgg. f Small, Stanley S r smith, Cy H, it F 2 ,Q Smith, Gary N. Robertson, Paul Robinson, Jerry Robinson, Robert Rocker, Willard Rodgers, David Rogers, Malcolm Roquemore, Tommy Runge, Maurice Rutland, Warren Ryle, Gary Saggese, Philip Sams, Rufus Sanders. Marion Sapp, Thomas Saylors. Issac Schacter, Walter Sessoms, Bobby Shealy, John Sheffield, Joseph Shelby, James f-J i Q' up ,,,la ,,, my F avi. L r iffs ' -" -sir' af 'har' if , egg , .1 -.Q ia, Q : ,. r P xp' 'V+ 9 Q ' , , Willie- aff rv F 1 .V I ' 1 was-rziaifsliis-.lx 55 '.s:::fE -.fflfi - r - -f -false:igasllfslisiiggs '- ,S- , .. ,,,, . M, ,,,,.. ll so 5 KK-3 ,. ,g his x ' , , up f, K .- 5, .Brix 'K , ' fr 6' 3 . X . .V f it vs. 4 4 Smith, George Smith, James F. , J Smith, Van Dyke Snow, Wayne Sparks, William Speed, Jack Stanley, Harry Steeley, Charles Stephens, Larry Stroberg, Roland Suiter, Galen Swain, James Sweatland, James Taylor, Donald Taylor, Walter Teasley, Terry Teel, Larry Teel, Ronald Temple, Harold Thacker, Richard Thigpen, Robert Thomas, Donnie Thomas, James Thomas, John Thomley, Kenneth Thompson, Mark Tidwell, Lamar Toney, I oe , '1- , , , :..-Q- - , f 5 5-rn , ,, ' ii M is g J, S "5'l5il25'E2X ' ,L A X L XI 2 if fi? Towner, Richard Touchton, John Trask, Larry Tucker, C. Allen Tucker, Jewett Tungate, James Twilley, James Vaughn, Billy Vinson, Joey Vitale, Michael Wade, Charles Walker, John Walker, James Walters, Donald Ward, Frank Ward, Paul Warnock, Robert Watson, David Watson, Larry Weatherford, Steve Webb, Ferris Webb, Robert Wells, James West, James West, Russell Westmoreland, John Whitener, George Whitten, Jimmy assi ? 'af .fl 1997 ,go " . , ,- .. ,I , 4.- 'mf E ,. J .1 iff in 3 1.. Q. :K .L M ' Y my 3 s Z 3 in s I f Q' om .,5. asgs 2 id 5 1: xiii in Q ,S rr QQ, P 'I 'aff ,- : gs, wma- s 2131-:T 'tl' Mr Hogg, 5522 .:.1f.L4km-!- s 9 :Hg ' 2 f' 1 1 Q arg is . rum-m if Q b w ur 'T H ., ,S fi ft , Wilkggxjlilicky Wilson, Steve Willingham, Clarenc i Willingham, Lloyd Willis, James L. Willis, Jimmy D. Williams, Frank Williams, Gregory Williams, .Tack Williams, Robert Windham, Jerry Wise, Charles Wood, Charles A Wood, Edgar Wood, Leonard Woodford, John Wright, Alfred Wright, Tommy Wrzesinski, James Yarborough, John Yates, Melvin Yearwood, Thurston Yeomans, Allen Zaloumes, Harry Robertson, Tony if A 'Qi' . i f i , S 'T"Y -:L ill! Atal ra For Your Friends, Autographs WWW W rr WWKQQQWJJ XIEQQ UMW J W GM . !' ! -if r f VW FM Mir if my A 59557 A Ash, John Ashley, Edward Ashmore, William Aspinwall, John Austelle, Malcolm Avera, Vaughn Avery, Richard Axton, Charles Bagley, Larry Bailey, Raymond Bailey, William Baird, James Baker, Roger Bare, Eddie Barefoot, Thomas Barfield, Lawrence Barksdale, Larry Barnes, Gus Barton, John Batchelor, Edward Eighth Grade Adams, Michael Adams, Walter Adkins, Eddie Allen, David Allen, Edmond Allen, Edwin Alexander, William Alford, Randy Alligood, Earl Amerson, Jefferson Anderson, Daniel Anderson, Mark Ard, Cirtis Arrington, Samuel Asbell, James fo 43-'B vmul 'llll lvl- Bates, Larry Batey, Larry Batson, David Batson, Larry Baugh, Richard Beaver, Charles Beacham, Charles Beasley, Charles Beasley, Oscar Beck, John Becham, Cary Beckley, Joseph Beecham, Tony Belflower, Larry Bell, Hal Bennett, Jerry Bennett, Riley Berg, Fred Betleyoun, Gola Bell, Phillip Blanks, Jerry Bohannon, Walter Boland, Edward Bond, Richard Boney, John Boutwell, Carlton Braddy, James Brannen, Bennett Brantley, Thomas Brice, Michael Bridges, Joe Brinson, Joseph Brown, Robert Brown, Dennis Brown, John R. Brown, Michael Brown, Thomas Bryan, Gerald Bryant, Terry Bryant, William Burchnell, Michael Burgamy, Roger Burke, Michael Burns, James Buns, Donald Byrd, Dale Byrd, Henry Byrnes, James Caldwell, William Camp, David Cannon, Daniel Carden, Douglas Carden, Kenneth Carlisle, Walter Carnish, Larry Carr, James Carson, Jonathan Carswell, Walter Carstarphen, james Carswell, Julian Carter, Charles Carter, John Carter, Lon Chance, David Cioban, Donald Clance, James Cole, Henry Coleman, Richard Collins, Ricky Connell, Jerry Connell, Ricky Connelly, Steve Corbin, Peter Corbitt, James Carr, Robert M. Couey, Randall Couch, Bernie Coursey, James Cowart, James Coyner, Charles Cramer, James Crawford, Ernest Crews, Troy Crook, Jimmy Crosby, Glenn Crosby, Lindsey Crosby, Robert Crutchfield, James Crutchfield, Lucius Chambers, David Chambers, Robert Chambless, Chris Chanin, Ivan Chastain, Bobby Chatfield, Ben Chanin, Robert Culpepper, George Culpepper, Lewis Culpepper, William Cunningham, Clifford Daniels, Ronnie Darity, John Darley, Marshall Davis, Donald Davis, Harry Davis, Jerry Dean, Buster L. ff mow Dominy, William Doster, Ronnie Douglas, Jimmy Dover, Cecil Driver, Wayne Dudley, Gerry Durden, Leon Edwards, Charles Edwards, Frank Elander, Kenneth Elks, James Ellerbe, Michael Ellerbee, Ronald Elliott, Sidney Ellis, Dennis Ellis, William Emanuel, Frank Emerick, William Ennis, James Erickson, John DeAntonio, Otho DeGraaf, L. Raymond Deaton, John Decker, William Dickey, David Diers, Bruce Dixon, Alvin Dixon, Ralph Dickerson, Thomas Dobson, William Dodd, William Dollar, Alvin Dominy, James Dominy, Prentls Donehoo, Gary Estes, Steve Etheridge, -Robert Eubanks, John Evans, Billy Evans, Jimmy Evans, Joe Everett, William Fair, William Farrell, Julius Ferris, William Fetner, John Field, Charles Fields, Richard Fincher, Jerry Fincher, Terry g mf' -4 - " ma . -J 2 K 2 if E 4 V , .ii 'E" I 443: V Cygt wiff " "l' . W J at zfv 15 , 2 ZF y sf f jf Fleming, Gerald Fleming, Robert Flournoy, Charles Flynn, James Fogarty, Raymond Ford, Robert Fordham, James Forrester, Daniel Forester, Jack Foshee, David Fountain, Claude Fowler, Clyde Fox, Thomas Frank, Arthur Freeman, Joseph Fulford, James Fuller, Charles Fussell, Eugene Gabriel, David Gabriel, Marcus Picture Not Available Garland, David Garris, Lynn Gavel, Hilbert Gay, Curtis Gerhardt , Robert Gibbs, Harry Gibson, Warren Gillerpie, Donald Gillis, Grady Glenn, Harry Goolsby, James Grace, Claud Gray, Herman Green, David Greene, Donnie Griffin, Charles Griffin, Samuel Grimsley, Terry Groce, Thomas Hadaway, Benjamin Hagood, Doris Hale, Vaniel Hall, Marian Hall, Johnny Hallifield, James Hamilton, James Hamlin, James Hamlin, Stanley Hammock, Gary Hampton, Richard Harden, James Hardison, Patrick Hardwick, Robert Harn, M. Lannie Harmon, Paul Harrell, Walter W. nm!!! xx ... ll.. 0 Qi Harris, Harris, Harper, Robert Thomas Harrison, Terrell Harrison, William Thomas Hartness, Jack Hartzog, David Hatcher, James Hatcher, Michael Haygood, Benjamin Hayes, Hugh Heath, Charles Heath, Ronald Heath, Walter Hicks, Hicks, Hiuey, Hinson, Henry, Don Hewett, Jerry Ralph Thomas Hicks, Walter Hightower, Durwoo Earl Herman Hinton, Thomas Hobbs, William Holbrook, James Hollis, Charles Hopkins, Robert Hoppe, Phillip Hopper, Charles Horne, Joseph Horton, David Horton, Herbert Howard, Asa Howard, Donnie Howard, Kinley Howard, Troy ' fisiisi. ' ' r 1 1- -f isii : , if af U-, Picture Not Available is 'L Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Millard Johnson, Richard Jones Mitchell Jones Raymond Jones, James R. Jones, James T. Jones, Michael Jones William Joyner, William Judd, James Judah, Ronnie Kalenza, R. Steve Kelly, Michael Kelly, Robert Kelly, Thomas Kenny, William Ketterbaugh, Richard King, Don A. King, Jack C. Howe, Guy Howell, Terrell Hubbard, Ralph Humphrey, Joel Hunt, David Hutchinson, David Hutcheson, Donald Hutto, Clement Hyatt, James Hynds, Forrest Israel, George Jackson, Bruce Jackson, James Janney, Carl Johnson, Gerald Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Picfure Not Available Kirkland, Walter Kirkman, William Kirkwood, Alvin Kilgore, Bruce Kitchens, Carl Kitchens, James Kitchens, John Knott, Kenneth Koplin, Dana Land, James Lanier, David Larson, James Lavender, Daryl Lavender, Leonard Lee, Johnny Picture Picfum Not N09 Available AVUWMQ Lee, Thomas Liles, Walter Limeberger, James Lines, Ellwood Long, Richard L. Long, Richard M. Long, Terry Lucas, David Lundy, Ferrell Lynch, Michael Maddox, John Malone, Frank Mann, David Manderson, Herman Marshall, Dan Martin, Harold Martin, John T. Martin, Larry Marxsen, William Massey, Ramond Matheny, James Mathis, Danny Maxwell, Bertram Maxwell, Michael Mayo, Donald McAfee, Charles McAfee, Robert McAnn, Thomas McBrayer, James McCain, James McCall, John McCall, Roger McCallum, Mark McCallum, Reuben McCarty, Julian McCord, Larry McCormick, Thomas McCord, John McCullough, Jim Mclntosh, John McLendon, James McMurtrey, Jack McNeese, Ronald Meadows, Joseph Meadows, Mortimer Meeks, Larry Melvin, Jimmy Melvin, Michael Melvin, Russell Mickler, Charlie Miles, Steven Miles, William Miller, Boyce Miller, Johnny Miller, William Millwood, Donald Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Minchew. David Misinco, Thomas Mitchell, David Mitchell, John Mitchell, Wyman Mize, Thomas Moody, Thomas Moore, Carroll Moore, Stanley Mundy, Joseph Munroe, Lee Ray Neal, Gawaine Newberry, John Newby, David Nice, Joseph Nirenstein, David Nobles, Robert N utting, Charlie Miller, Patrick O'Neal, Joe Owens, Larry Page, Nathan J. Paine, Travers Parham, John Parks. Larry Paskoski, Joseph Patterson, Harlan Pattison, Ernest Pattison, Prentice Patton, Cliff Peacock, Wayne Peacock, William Perkins, Daniel Perkins, Jesse Phillips, George Phillips , Linton Purcel, Morris Puryear, John Pyles, Lucius Pyrz, Raymond Quentella, Willie Rainey, William Rainwater, David Rawls, Johnny Razier, Luther Rearden, Richard Reese, Larry Reeves, Skippy Register, Joseph Register, William Reichert, Robert Resseau, Otis Reynolds, Gerald Reynolds, Robert Rice, Donald Rickman, Stephen Pike, Douglas Pittman, Charles Pitts, Harris Pool, Glenny Poole, Larry Parsons, Bobby Posey, Albert Potter, Robert Pound, William Powell, Thomas Prestridge, James Price, Michael Price, Ronald Prince, Elmer Pritchard, James Ricks, Cecil Ricks, Jerry Riley, Samuel Rivers, Howard Roberts, Ken Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Paul Roby, Jon Lee Rodgers, Stanley Rodeheaver, Patrick Rogers, Donald Rogers, Tommy Rountree, Donald Rozier, Joel Runge, ,Tack Ryan, Michael Saffold, Wendell Salter, Larry Sams. Norman Sanford, David Sanders, Grady Sanders, Randall Sanders, William Sapp, Andrew Sapp, Jack C. Sapp, Samuel Sargent, Ronald Sawyer, Gary Scarbury, Curtis Scarbary, James Shannan, Jerry Schroder, Donald Scott, James Scott, William Self, Jerry Shed, James Shelton, Billy E. Shelton, Brian Shelton, William O. Shepherd, Warren Sherling, Ernmitt Shingledecker, Francis Shinholster, Melvin Shinholster, Irvin Simmons, Charles Simmons , John Skipper, Ralph Smallwood, Joseph Smith, Dean Smith. Euel Smith, Gary Smith, Glenn Smith, Jerry Smith, Jimmy Smith, Raymond Smith, Wayne T. Smith, Thomas W . Smith, William Smith, Willie H. T. Sohelson, Norman Souther, Robert Spears, Michael Spillers, Herbert Spinks, Spires, Haywood Sammy Spivey, Steven Stallings. Leslie Stevens, Robert Stevenson, Raymond Stewart, Walter Stokes, Charles Picture Not Available ,M wr 5 ,Vers Q, H. Q : 4 . J 5, Bu ' : 22" We si J is f.,., xy . lil 2 "'5r 2 40' mf ku 5 K i Q, ' if Strong, Gary Strong, Ralph Stroud, Robert Summers. Vernon Sutton, I-Iembree Tamblyn, Thomas Tanksley. John Tanner, Hoyt Taylor, Allen Taylor, Arthur Taylor, Leon Tedders, James Thomas, Harry Thompson, Elizie Thompson, Guy Thompson, Harrison Thompson, Richard Thompson, Terry Thornton, John Toler, Stephen Tompkins, Tommy Train, John Trawick, William Tribble, Samuel Tribble, William Tremaine, David Tucker, David Tucker, James Tucker, Ronnie Turner, Larry Turner, Robert Tudor , George Tyler, James E. Upshaw, Clarence Ussery, George Valentine, George 4 'K , . aa 'S ka VV be J, ,Sf w 1. Q 4 ,K f -. is 5"V bbq' ' Q' R , , I, : 'M I f ly! t ' 112557. if , , if VL-V 1 f ' rf' V' If .fr-54 , .:., t s f f Watson, Robert Webb, Terry Webb, Robert West, Fred West, Leonard White, William Whitley, David Willis, James Williams, Charles Wills, Paul Wiggins. James Wilkins, Nicky Wisecup, Gary Wilkinson, Thomas Williamson, Robert Willerson, Charles Willis, Arnie Wheless, Steven Whigam, Griggs Whitaker, James Vance, Charles Vance, David Vaughn, John Veal, Richard Vickers, Carroll Waddell, Dickie Walker, Gary Walker, Jackie Walker, William A Wall, Joseph Wallace, David Walton, Aubrey Watkins, Steve Watson, Larry Watson, Edwin Picture 0 Available White, John Wilkes, Ronald Wilson, Kenneth Wollner, Herbert Wood. Ellison Wood, Franklin Wood, James A. Wood, Robert Woodall, Doyle Woodall, Victor Wooley, Stephen Woolford, William Wynne, Thomas Yarbrough. Charles Yarbrough, Joseph ' R sys.: f..,, . .V ,,. me f,.. ,eww , .,, M, . .. , ..,.. . 'emu 1 ,,s?5.t:f. sn '-we-f., .ww -ue: fm, ll -: 51 Siniiilf ' .V " s' il. g .,., , , , Q 44 . W V V .f -1 lf-M . 5 1: M N SW! har 2 X . by ,A ,,-. fu' ,fs ,,.. ., . , K - - N ,J .gear .s 4 U I 1, 41 '4 -ur s 'E vs l s 5 9, ..., ssc ,Q x k -3 , M., r, so Q sa g,-. R, jr is '- S- ' 1 wr 4 H . . p . sf ,f'.: 5,-gf c' L 1, i f P, ifv . "x Wyn, 1,3 5 ig' - -ee l: R tt, . '," If te Yaughn, Lee Yaughn, Troy Yeomans, David Zambelli, Kenneth Arnold, Royce f f f For Your Friends? Autographs I N 5 if ffig ,l,,,, ' L' 'V' Z x ,N 1 X Iiljx ! w' W fig' ,a '- ," "' .-, Q - f if ' wg , . fm'- ,:fP'i?" ' "",,f, . . R n x.fl X Q.. A 'A ' .Q ,f - 1 I 4 P if E 1 ,. W A. ' I 'ff' .l fi. ,. . . N - W ' x x 4. . ff u A .. N -' -ur ' Q4 ,ESV . '- - A 72 sw, A ,ve -N AAF .i,-bfi' if I . .. , ,. B . wg, . A Q, 0' ,, Q A 9- ' A ,. K W 52 lfifsajg i , ' 'O 'fl ' 55.5 1 " -' ' MQ ' - 1 A -A,gfv:A2-5 ,. , .L I ' - :fV'5'?Q?flii5535 3 Q3 3' ' '49-Q " ,. ' q Y azws pf . . 5 F H.: . ,pvghwx 23,15 A4 I Anrrfvw Q . . . 24 f - g ' y . .V , . . , , , , . W , " K A 'U 8 Q-Q rf if f :fm - vl 1 ,kg - -.rf -fi . V,,,,i',,H.:,,. ,Y,X L , , 22 . I , ,:,, r , , :."7QY,' ff -vw mf' 1 if 2.sm2:.n.f1' , :W .f A V, ,Qs .Wit .dt 3, w- ., 1 iw . " ,. Q! ,Q-mil 7 'J - , ff ffm. ,ax - na , 1--fs ,- girl 'D' ' 'V ' H4 A 'fn , 1 A ' -J. -at '- , 91 ' ' . L K" fb ' ' A f Q S-Qin it-2 J, 'Wim iii: , '- N.. N -M v, 1' "Q, i iiwrgyf 4 v f N Y 5 7 'A f I r , png A ' ' jul, H mf H I I V Q fi ha. 51,1 ,j Gif ix 51 g ,, 3, Q .V K I 3 , k l . """' , , . , " up .,,.x- -4 Lf ' ,. , L T , -4, A if 4' ' 5 ,,,mw"' 5' N in ' Q, M- , v i ,. ' K I ., MQ f in I2 ! ' I f , 3" J ' 'l , M' W ' W7 ' --'xi I K W f y ' " Q-4 W J A V ,WWA . X f Majorettes Judy Bedgood Jackie Bell Sandra Burkhalter Michelle Byrd Penny Cox v J -'sf 'f A I ffm ifirfwgs 3 ::,fwgsQ"2r Janie Ford Anna Marie Gaughf Shirley Gaughf Jane Hardy Kathy Horne Putzie Jones Frances McMahon Bonnie Penley Claudia Sasser Lynda Schell Brenda Smith Bunny Stanley Myrna Tinsley Sandra Witherington Brenda Wright 1 K 5 5 ig , .ff A n s The Lanier . Junior High School Band ooo 5 S, Conductor music speaks to our hearts. TURNER M' GAUGHF Without music, We could live, but not so pleasantly. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: George Tudor, Tony Bare, David Tremaine, Randy Willis, Bill Peacock, Buddy Wood, Delmar Axton, Eddy Steely, Jerry Hewett, Wayne Christy, Steve Barson. SECOND ROW: Gary Smith, Euel Smith, John Tanksley, Butch Gillis, Bill Nickels, Jimmy McLendon, Sidney Elliott, Bill Marsden, Steve Patterson, Denny Martin. THIRD ROW: Bert Reese, Danny Monaghan, Jimmy Glen, Jimmy Hamlin, Johnny Hamrick, J. C. Beckley, Claude Fountain, Don Taylor, Henry Bryd, John Simmons, David Porter, Tommy Rodgers. FOURTH ROW: Dean Smith, Horace Hibberd, Bobby Magee, Trice Burger, Richard Purser, John Puryear, Lewis Bevil, James Hamilton, Ronnie Brown, Steve Clark. FIFTH ROW: John Hibberd, Harry Thompson, Danny Saylors, Jerry Reynolds, Jerry Johnson, Ricky Hampton, David Allen, Allen Taylor, Rodney Page, John Pendergrass. Books speak to our minds - S Beta Club BESS B. MINCEY Advisor FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Bert Reese, Gerry Ryle, Glen Etheridge, Willard Recker, Roland Stro- berg, Gerry Carlisle, Michael Donovan, Elmo Colburn. SECOND ROW: David Fortson, Keith Harrison, Gregory Garrison, Steve Batson, Ben Busbee, David Northington, Murray Cohen, Jimmy Tungate, Howard Miller, Mike Lillard, Boone Smith, Tom Cornelius, Buzz Johnson, Ronny Bennett. THIRD ROW: James McNeese, Steve Wilson, John Draughon, Denny Groover, Frank Kelly, George Whitener, Sonny Swaim, Nathan Gans, Dee Sams, Derrel Hazlehurst, Steve Hinson, Charles Ogburn, Chuck Frost, Click Slocumb. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Bloor, Bruce Birdsey, Harry Zaloumes, Tom Greene, Mike Gunnells, Allen Tucker, Phil Davis, Allen McCook, Terry Rich, Leonard Wood, Jimmy Smith, Jewett Tucker, and Rudy Shirley. JOAN HUDSON Director The Lanier Junior High Glee Club FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Linton Phillips, Danny Beaver, Paul Giddens, Richard Baugh, Wayne Chapman, Wesley Elder, Joey Vinson, and Robert Webb. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Pitt Howe, Billy Scott, David Maddox, Ralph Daniel, David Grubbs, Troy Howard, Tony Robertson, Wayne Beasly, and James Peek. NA service to othersv MRS. DORIS R. HAYS Office Assistants FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Nathan Gans, Harry Moore, Don Lamb, and Derrel Hazlehurst. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Jimmy West, Mack Austell, Wayne Carter, Joe Bar bee, and Donnie Greene. The Paper Shop Q'Se1'vice', EDWARD I. CAGLE Advisor Jimmy Davis and Chuck McLendon serve their fellow students. Other workers in the paper shop are Ricky Parrish and Harry Moore. E4 .ww 5: y . -4-H Club Head, Heart, Hands, Health '4941 EH I I 1 - ,f,-ffff' 5' CHARLES INMAN Advisor RTO Make the Best Betterw FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Eddie Wood, Sidney Elliott, John Beck, Wayne Carter Stanley Rodgers, Ellis Wood. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Durwood Hightower, John Newberry, Jerry Farrell, Joe Jones, Gary Obenauf, Eugene Kitchens, Eddie Atkins, and Craig Palmer. Library Assistants MISS SARA L. LAMON Librarian Fun through service to our school FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Franlie Asbell, Mel Middlebrooks, Ben Oden, Michael Birchenall, Horace Barfield, and Sammy Sapp. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Selman Watson, Anthony Paez, Wallace Long, Bobby Murphy, Oliver Elliott, Larry Poole, Gary Flanders, Tommy Harper, and David Newby. ELLIS E. Advisor Industrial Arts HAINES Leadership, Scholarship, Service FIRST ROW, L. to R.: David Batson, Asa Howard, Troy Howard, Freddie Jackson, Ronnie Ellerbee, and Tommy Powell. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Ferrell Lundy, Paul Giddens, Alan Hancock, Mike Chasteen, and James King. Audio-Visual LEWIS WRIGHT Advisor Service to our school by providing competent operators of all our audio-visual machines. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Robert Corr, Charles Beacham, Lamar Tidwell, Johnny Lawhon, Mike Llllard, Steve Worley, Ricky Smith. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Jimmy Mainor, Wayne Crutchfield, John Pendergrass, Charles Gavin, Gary Riley, Richard Fields, John Richards, Dan Hamlin. THIRD ROW, L. to R.: Ronald Payton, David Wallace, Dennis Obert, and Ben Oden. 1 J Journal - Annual l ALAN B. NORTHINGTON EDWARD I. CAGLE Business Advisor Editorial Advisor The purpose of the Junior High Journal is to present the news of the school and its activities, thereby helping the students to feel that they are a part of the school affairs. The "Fishbowl, " our school annual, gives the student a permanent record of his days spent, at Lanier. FIRST ROW, R. to L.: Elmo Colburn, Roland Stroberg, Boone Smith, Gary Ryle, Johnny Pea- cock, Howard Miller, Steve Lewis. SECOND ROW: Harry Zaloumes, Phil Davis, Mike Dono- van, Tom Greene, Jimmy Tungate, Lloyd Willingham, Ronny Bennett, Gerry Carlisle, Harry Moore, David Northington, Gene Carlisle. THIRD ROW: Wayne McCook, Frank Kelly, Derrel Hazlehurst, Nathan Gans, Steve Wilson, Sonny Swaim, Leonard Wood, David Watson, Murray Cohen, Walter Lane. FOURTH ROW: Charles McCarren, Jimmy Jones, Steve Hinson, Darryl Mull, Jimmy Smith, Torn Armstrong, Ronny Bloor, and Tom Cornelius. Junior Red Cross MISS MARY HARRELL Advisor "We believe in service for others, for our country, our community, our sohoolw FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Hurbet Wollner, Eue1Smith, Jimmy Douglas, Herman Hinson, Wayne Avery, Jerry Ricks. James Asbell. SECOND ROW: Troy Yaughn, Jimmy McBrayer, Steve Weatherford. Billy Helms, David Shipp, Leslie Stallings. Buddy Hanner, Craig Palmer, Pat Fox. THIRD ROW: Bill Ferris. Mitchell Moore. Murray Cohen, Bill Bently, Anthony Paez, Carl Hamilton, Charles Coyner, Ed Gaultney. Stanley Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Dixon, Bobby Sessoms, Dennis Obert, Durwood Fincher, Jerry Robinson Tim Jones. Student Council MRS. TOM PORTER STEVE R. SMITH Advisor AdViS0f Service to School, Home, and Community. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: David Vance, David Northington, Benjamin Busbee, Tom Cornelius, Tom Greene, Steve Lewis, Gerry Carlisle, Roland Stroberg, Tommy Powell. SECOND ROW: Elmo Colburn, Ernest Evans, Wayne Wise, David Fortson, Raymond Massey, Ricky Williams, Doug Fincher, Jimmy Smith, Al Tucker, Lewis Hale, Bert Reese, Jimmy Tungate. THIRD ROW: James Thomas, Jerry Brown, Chuck Ogburn, Tommy Harper, Sonny Swaim, Bobby Hooks Larry Croy, Monty Cheshire, Dee Sams, Jack Forester, Don Cioban, Tommy Martin, John Jones Bobby Jones, Steve Hatcher, James Cowart. FOURTH ROW: Eugene Bradley, Jewett Tucker, Dennis Daniels, Steve Hinson, Frank Kelly, Rudy Shirley, Phil Kilgore, Denny Groover, John Draughon, Steve Wilson, Charles Field, Nathan Gans, Danny Forrester, Chuck Frost. FIFTH ROW: David Green, John Harrison, Phil Davis, Joe Wall, Ban Burns, Trav Paine, Jerry Fincher, Derrel Hazlehurst, Morris Purcel, Bill Tribble, Jimmy Jones, and Bobby Hopkins. Future Farmers of America The aims and purposes of the club are: Learning to do, doing to learn, ZESEFEL E' SIMMONS Learning to live and living to serve. - .... ,Q 4 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Eddie Adkins, Dean Smith, Earl Lineberger, John Jones, Gary Wisecup, Wesley Barfield. SECOND ROW: Wesley Arnold, Ben Haygood, Paul Meier, Ben Joyner, Leon Yearwood, Johnny Hamrick, Wayne Carter, Eugene Kitchens, Jimmy Hatcher, Troy Qrews. THIRD ROW: John Touchton, Roy McAfee, Charles McAfee, Gary Strong, Edward Holloway, Jimmy Luttrell, Arthur Miller, Mike Carreker. FOURTH ROW: Robert Barfield, Riley Bennett, Richard Towner, Stewart Newberry, Bobby Jernigan, Larry Bates, and Dudley Cole. Junior Hi-Y PURPOSE HILDA BEGGS ll ' Advisor To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." MOTTO Clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, clean living. - .. A .- FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Steve Lewis, David Northington, Johnny Peacock, Bucky Wright, Van Smith, Don Hutcheson, Allen Miles, Phil Blanks, David Vance, Tommy Powell. SECOND ROW: Howard Miller, Mike Lillard, Carl Hamilton, Steve Wooley, Bill Bently, John Tanksley. Frank Hilley, Jimmy Tungate, Steve Patterson, Tommy Gambell, Kenneth Roberts, Ed Gaultney, Boone Smith, Ronny Bennett. THIRD ROW: Harry Moore, Tommy Rogers, Leonard Wood, Terry Howell, Chuck Frost, Jimmy Twilley, Len Burns, Mickey McClung, Ricky Fields, Calvin Adams Trice Burger, Bobby Brown, Thomas Calhoun, Steve Hinson. FOURTH ROW: Claude Fountain, Tommy Lovett, Sonny Carter, Larry Teel, Wayne Keene, Ted Chaffin, Roy Wade, Kenneth Walker, Bobby Jones, Click Slocumb, Allen McCook, and Asa Howard. Lost and Found MILDRED B. CHAPMAN Advisor ii 3 I I Albert Bostick Qseatedj assists a fellow student in locating a lost article. Student workers by period: Leon Burns, second periodg Joe Sheffield, fourth periodg Dennis Daniels, fifth periodg John Lyndon, sixth period. -I' 'I' Q + Here and There 5 ,ff , f ywf 'V' msiw -flzirrlf' ' 1 e ' ,.gwgw,ggJ i ' ' ' ' " ' W, ,iUV4?7S1f7f72, V 5 wr 415 3. ' ,, K, :,.v,j2f"TJ1L57I1 9741 :lj f Qnffrl: ' ' ' ' 2' , f fr: ..,, H-:sexiffbwfbf'zzi",i7?g',,1i4-'V We i. ' Q ivfrqgfa'-ufwsix , thletic more ,. f A L4 Nlf we win men's hearts throughout the world, it MWA ' will not be because we are a big country but be- rypvv 'PPP cause we are a great country. Bigness is imposing. But greatness is enduring." Adlai E. Stevenson gui , 5? -,Q JAMES COLEMAN Left End STEVE WILSON Left Tackle BOBBY HOOKS Center TERRY CLIFTON Left Halfback DENMARK GROOVER Fullback STEVE HINSON Right Guard JIMMY JONES Quarterback Starting Lineup Ninth Grade .N if ' ff . 5 S ONNY SWAIM Left Guard LEON BURNS Right Tackle gf ,V 5 LARRY CROY Right End I EUGENE BRADLEY Right Halfback MARCEL HARRISON MARVIN L. TARPLEY THOMAS W. BENTLEY Head Coach Assistant Coach Athletic Director inth Grade Football Team FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Selman Watson, Mgr. Grif Clements, Larry Croy, Denny Groover, John Draughon, Kim Abare, Jim Coleman, Calvin Ellington, Howard Elkins, Harry Zaloumes, Frank Cowart, Tommy Powell. Mgr. SECOND ROW: Bob Baird, Len Burns, Dennis Taylor, Jim Mc- Kinney, Jim Jones, Albert Thacker, Jim Wrzesinski, Steve Hinson, Dennis Daniels, Gerry Wind- ham. THIRD ROW: Pat Higgison, Ben Busbee, Tom Greene, Johnny Martin, Terry Clifton, John Harrison, Tommy Lee, Bobby Hooks, Gary Obenauf, Eddie Braxton. FOURTH ROW: Allen Ward Albert Bostick, Bob Miller, Wayne Snow. Bobby Burrows, Walter Schacter, Bud McNeese, Doug Fincher, Garry Flanders, Mike Lillard. FIFTHROW: Bob Jackson, Dick Knight, Eugene Brad- ley, Frank Ward, Steve Wilson, Jewett Tucker, Steve Hatcher, Sonny Swaim. -'- . V . V 5, V . s f f - 'yhrlf--Q25' 1' ' f ' f Lf' - . " , , 2 I ' V .,, ..,, .. , ,, , , , , .:.s -121. 'L '. :' fffQf':- ":' . 'Q'1 . ,..,. ':.' l l ..AA 5 DANIEL L. BOLT REESE PERRY LOSSIE R. COLLINS. IR. DANNIE MCLAUGHLIN Head Coach Asst. Coach Asst. Coach Asst. Coach Eighth Grade Football Team FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Jerry Fincher, Larry Barfield, Bill Tribble, Jim McCullough, Robert Chanin, Joe Wall, Terry Fincher, Arthur Dominy, Bob Gerhardt, Travis Paine, Bob Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Frank Emanuel, Charles Fields, Randy Alford, Joe Paskoski, Robert Train, Jerry Johnson, Bruce Diers, Arnie Willis, Jack Forrester, Ricky Hall, Morris Purcell. THIRD ROW: Nathan Page, David Neirstein, Ricky Fields, Bobby Brown, Ronnie McNeese, Mike Burke, Lester Dean, Bert Maxwell, Ted Elks, John Thornton, Robert Webb. FOURTH ROW: Mike Kelly, Mike Adams, Dock Bond, Durwood Hightower, Marshall Darley, Charles Simmons, Ruben Yaughn, John McCord, Bruce Shelton, David Rainwater, Bob Reynolds. Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier Lanier The Scoreboard 1961-1962 Football NINTH EIGHTH Mt. DeSales 6 Lanier Warner Robins 8th Forsyth "B" 0 Lanier Hawkinsville 9th Washington Co. "B" 14 Lanier Griffin 8th Willingham 9th 6 Lanier Willingham 8th Hawkinsville 9th 14 Warner Robins 9th 6 Willingham 9th 13 Basketball NINTH EIGHTI-I Mt. DeSales 40 Lanier Mt. DeSales Baldwin Co. 39 Lanier Baldwin Twiggs Co. 23 Lanier Twiggs Co. Perry 16 Lanier Byron Perry 29 Lanier Warner Robins ' Byron 43 Lanier Mt. DeSales Warner Robins 27 Lanier Willingham Warner Robins ' 37 Lanier Warner Robins ' Mt. DeSales 48 Lanier Twiggs Co. Warner Robins 35 Lanier Mt. DeSales Twiggs Co. 39 Lanier Griffin Warner Robins 30 Lanier Willingham Baldwin Co. 37 Lanier Baldwin Lanier High "B" 38 Lanier Griffin Lanier High "B" 35 Lanier High "B" 36 " Rumble Ninth Grade Basketball ., ,M i , IEWETT TUCKER Forward JIMMY I ONES Guard Starting Lineu I AMES COLEMAN Forward FRA NK KELLY Guard P DEN NY GROOVER Center 5 I 14 X x iffy, at , -'1..,,,5 JOHN DRAUGHON Center LOSSIE R. COLLINS, JR. MARCEL HARRISON Head Coach Asst. Coach Ninth fade Basketball FIRST ROW, L. to R.: John Harrison, Johnny Walker, David Fortson, Denmark Groover, Jewett Tucker, James Coleman, and Larry Giles. SECOND ROW: Harry Zaloumes, Terry Rich, Sonny Swaim, Charles Lassiter, John Draughon, Russell Melvin, Frank Kelly, Bobby Cullens, Harry Moore, General Manager, Bobby Hooks, Manager. if ' I asia 1 MARVIN L. TARPLEY DANNIE MCLAUGHLIN Head Coach Asst. Coach Eighth Grade Basketball FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Harry Moore, General Manager, Tommy Haroer, Bert Maxwell, Jim Larson, John McCord, Trav Paine. Van Hale, Billy Smith, Man ager. SECOND ROW: Bill Tribble, Bobby Gerhardt, Charles Field, Ricky Fields. Mike Kelly, Ricky Hall, Jim McCullough. Leaders e C I' ANN CANNAFAX HELEN THORNTON ALMA MATER Southern Sun greets many banners On its westward flight. Fair to us. above all others Waves the Green and White. Green and White, Flag we love Float on high. Lanier Junior hail to Thee! May Thy sons fore'er be loyal to Thy memory. by Berner Heard SANDY SMITH For Your Friends, Autograph 4 M' I, 1,1 ,, A iff , 5 fx A : f' 7 A 1 4" - 1 ' "ply f f- X Xa rv AJ 'J my ' s NN- f I 3 i .J.g, R x, -vu.. F. X. 14, X 4 E 4 X gag, 1? A 4' 1 5 P' ' ,uv i . ..- ,..1f5 ' Lf 1 ai' +'aii5'ffzi3' , 5f ,A -- f' 3, X js 6 -fj.5' L2sM,,g,:,ifzQ,W,wamw,,1,5. X. . . .,..,,, . '12 I , I x,Q1':. 3 -fzgmff lbiiliw 1 '- is! .-Q-...v-1... Advertisers '4Where liberfy dwells, there is my country." Benjamin Franklin compliments CARROLL A. ARMSTRONG 717 Persons Bldg. Representing The Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co. "Good Insurance Since 1846" DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE "A"- All THE WAY! , -sA' ' gl.. .....-- --1 my DAIRY PRODUCTS :A 5 'c::::i'M U 1 .1 COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER 2411 Pio Nono Ave, Dial SH 2-6461 CGMPLETE NEWS COVERAGE 'fb x R. ga HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS w b f 441 PICTURE FEATURES IWW? 1 ' A lllx . ' M 6 ITT compliments of NAPIER AVE. HARDWARE AND PAINT CO. macon's biggest little hardware store 2852 Napier Ave. FICKLING AND WALKER INC. Realtors - Insurors FHA and Commercial Loans VA and Conventional Loans park and shop and save at compliments of BELK-MATTHEWS PARK PLYMOUTH, INC department store macon, georgia Plymouth and Valiant 455 Walnut St. home of sincere service INDEPENDENT LAUNDRY CO. 452. second street SH Z-2.525 Dry Cleaning and Lauhdry CALL CORNELL-YOUNG CO. save on our factory to you prices CHAMPION'S for Concrete 312 third st. men's and boys' Sl-I Z-7391 clothing STOKES-SHAHEEN, INC. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables 477 Hawthorne Street P. O. Box ll2.l Macon, Georgia PINEBROOK INN 4420 Forsyth Rd. Catering to High School Banquets and Breakfasts KITE'S SHOE SERVICE Shoe Repairing at Its Finest 434 Cherry St. Phone SH 3-1461 "Your Friendly Macon Photographic Center Neighborhood Pharmacy" HOGG'S COKPS NAPIER PHARMACY cameras - film developing 3145,na,pier ave. macon, ga, 735 Cherry Street phone SH 3-2695 Phone SH 6-3286 WILSON TYPEWRITER 8: ADDING MACHINE CO. Royal Typewriters, Portables, Standards and Electrics Victor Adding Machines, Calculators and Cash Registers 639 Mulberry St., Macon, Ga. Phone SH 6-2777 GRADUATE W I B B to lZ80 K C GREATER FOOD SAVINGS NOW 5000 Watts J. J. NEWBERRY CO. at your friendly Westgate Shopping Center col.oNlAL s1oREs Macon, Georgia CONDITIONED AIR, INC. ALBERT W. MCKAY 633 North Ave. Dial SH 2-8768 Macon, Ga. compliments of FELIX PIT BARBECUE FDXIER FOODS corner of 2160 Pio Nono Avenue Oglethorpe and Third , macon, georgia WILSON ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. 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Suggestions in the Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) collection:

Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 51

1962, pg 51

Lanier Junior High School - Fishbowl Yearbook (Macon, GA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 12

1962, pg 12

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