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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1975 volume:

M. L. Table of Contents Faculty and Staff Students Sports and General Activities 2-10 11-33 45-64 34-44 Our schools, if they do their work, strengthen our deliberate and deliberative selves. Between the impression and the conviction, between the impluse and the action, we learn to pause and consider. — Joseph Tussman Principal 1865238 Ouch! That ' s Hot! Pictured at left is Mr. Zimmerman who has once again " piloted " Lakeside through another successful year at Lakeside Junior High. He has been very busy with the various duties and responsibilities of being principal. Pictured at left and right below are Dr. Timler who did a great job as the " co-pilot " of our school this year. He is also shown in some of his varied roles and expressions. Assistant Principal It ' s All Part of the Job?! iu Dr. Timler Guidance Personnel Pictured at left is Miss Bouroff. This year as in the past, she has helped: students with their problems, games, and she helps the staff out with problems they might have or need done. Thanks for a SUPER YEAR! Pictured to the right is Mr. Knox. If you don ' t remember him from last year, you shouldn ' t because he wasn ' t here. If he would have been you would have remembered him. He helps Miss Bouroff and Mr. Schott and helps students too. Mr. Knox Pictured to the left again is Mr. Schott. So as not to show any favoritism, as you can see we put these in alphabetical order. He too helped students with problems and took care of the candy sale. Mr. Schott Faculty And Staff Mrs. Busch Mrs. Doucette Mrs. Douglas Mr. Edwards Miss Green Mrs. Gumm ' v Pictured above are some of the many hidden talents of some of the faculty members as exhibited by Mr. Kring (right) and Patterson in the " talent show " . Mrs. Kennedy Mr. Kring Mr. Laurie Mr. Lowe Mr. Lubbehusen Mr. Merica Mr. Meyer Mr. Miller Mr. Mishler Miss Myles Mr. Schoeff Mr. Schaeffer Mr. Schamerloh Mrs. Sollenberger Mrs. Somers Mr. Deal Mr. Newhardt Mr. Egbert Mrs. Donahue Mrs. Dillinger 1974-75 Cooks IP ™ k J 1 i i l it i : ' ) | B Pi ■■ J n t » A a From left to right: Chris Floren, Hazel Hartely, Irene Ross, Dorothy Booth, Ann Simpson, and Wilda Cantrell. Great Job And Thanks Ladies!! Faculty Autographs I was here first!! We got to stop meeting like this! I did too use Right Guard! Peek a boo! I see you!? Good game Sports fan!? Wouldn ' t mommy be proud!? If you hear a voice within you saying, ' yo u are not a painter ' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. — Vincent Van Gogh Roland Allison Lisa Altekruse Valerie Andrews Kelly Athanson Kimberly Axt ■ m K ; Roger Axt Debbie Badger David Barnett John Beasley Gary Benya t» Kurt Benya David Blair Lisa Blake David Blevins Kevin Blunt Timothy Brian Boner Derek Booker Rick Boyles Julia Bradley Bogenschutz J J ■ ■■■ ■ Stewart Brand Patricia Brown Paula Brown Glenn Bryan Lisa Bultemeier wmm (V 11 Steven Bultemeyer Andrew Burke Mark Busche Teddy Calhoun Mark Carroll L2 WDB3T«UU a ' i V Mada Caudle Scott Christner William Cline Kirk Coakley Merrilee Conn Delbert Cordell Ronald Criswell Nora Culbertson Capri Davis Daniel Deady Brandon Dewitt De Ann Dickelman Tony Didier Karen Dilling Edward Doell § I | I John Dollahan Randy Duly Adria Egbert Mark Ehlerding Cynthia Eldridge Kelly Ferrell Debbie Fisher Cheryl Fleck Steven Foellinger William Foote Jeffery France Anita Franson David Franson Michelle Gantt Micheal Garrad . -J Tammy Garver Shelley Gasper Beth Gearhart Anthony George Ralph Gerkin Bob Gettinger Maria Gilreath Anthony Glaspie Jeri Graff Susan Grandos Nathaniel Grate Cindy Green Richard Grubb Jill Habbegger Deborah Hall ML „ Janice Hallford Teresa Hamilton Steven Hand Michael Hargrave Glen Harter 1 vsB jiw «« ■-- m fe - vi . : : !. " ' 13 Timothy Hartman Teresa Haskins Garry Hayden Heather Hays James Heinze Robert Hembree Daniel Henry Timothy Higgins Alice Hilliard Anthony Hines Hat.tie Holliday Karron Hopkins Mark Howley James Hoy Gloria Hutchins Patricia Hutchinsson Adrienne Jackson Richard Jackson Laurie Jerome Cvnthia Kase 1 L- James Keller Kraig Keller Michael Keller Cynthia Kennedy Michael Kennedy m$ Curtis Keifer Chandelyn King Clarence King Gilbert King David Kipher Michael Kipfer Susan Kipfer Thomas Knecbb Jerome Knight Lynne Holiday Matthew Kyle Cynthia Lapp Scott Laro Bethene Lengacher Joe Leto Deborah Levison Elizabeth Lewark Donna Lewis Bridgett Logan Karen Macpherson 31 1 fUSm Kristine Mann David Manning Risa Martin Kathy Mauller Eic Mcbride Ellann McConnel Juanita McDonald Cathy McOowan Don McKee Leslie Mendenhall Onie Mensch Denny Mertz John Messick Lynne Meyer Dianna Michels 15 Shirely Miles Marianne Miller Lucille Mitehell Garry Mock Beverly Molnar Ki Cheryl Moody Kevin Moore Bill Morken Gentry Mosley Robyn Mowry Stevie Nelson Chris Neuhaus Kevin Newman Valerie Newman Barney Newton Greg Nichols Gary Nicholson Todd Nix Jeff Oakman George Pappas Colin Parker Pam Parker Pam Payne d f 0 PHOTO Bob Pease Douglas Pegg Sue Penningroth Jeff Pequignot Joann Pfeiffer Lori Philips Michelle Pckering Bobbie Pieper Chris Pierce Dave Powe Pam Primeau Chris Prine Steve Rammel Terr y Rarick JlvatlaiU George Ricketts Jeff Riske Becky Roberts Katie Robertson Riza Rodriquez Ricky Rogers Greg Romy Ruth Rowlett Scott Rumage Kathy Sauers Mark Scholte Joni Schwartz Lawana Scroggins Ken Sefton Sue Seifert Eric Seybold Greg Shade Tim Shade Becky Shaffer Darlene Shaw M JST iAl .- . -Si Bob Sibert Anne Sieling Michael Sims Robert Smiley Chris Smith 17 Julie Smith Terry Smith Vicki Snyder Charles Sparks Briggette Springer Kevin Stephens Craig Stine Karen Stinson Eric Stoy George Sweigert A 7 John Taber Carol Tassler Dan Thiel Steve Thomas Terry Thomas Doug Trainer Lisa Traylor Tony Vackerics Cindy Vonderan Carrie Warga on i John Wasson Julie Waters Debra Watkins Beth Watson Joyce Westerman Sarah Wiesenberg Dave Williams Pat Williams Anita Witherspoon Mary Woodfin Lisa Woods Yvonne Woods Becky Young Jeff Zell Tracy Ziesemer 19 in And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live. — The Prophet Larry Adams „„ -,, Mary Adams v J Robert Adkins Matthew Allbright Herman Brewer Dominick Brown Sally Brown Charles Buckhanon Pamela Bultemeyer 21 Melanie Burrows Margaret Cabler Mark Carboni Kelly Caudill Laura Cline | Sarah Clingerman Susan Coe Todd Conrad Brian Cour Carla Crabill Theresa Crawford Henry Curry Lisa Cutler Maureen Dahm Timothy DePrey Denise Degitz Randall Derrow Pamela Deweese Jeffrey Dimit James Dobrovosky Rebecca Drew James Duckett Alita Eldridge Mary Eykholt Michael Faughn Lori Feldheiser Yvette Felix Cruz Flores Wynn Franke Lisa Freimuth Steven Frybarger Joni Fultz Kelly Gasper Tammy Gettinger Andrew Gingrich 22 David Goff Kim Gorman Vickie Gorman Fredrick Grams Cheryl Grindle Lisa Holom Jeff Horton Micheal Howard Deborah Howley Edward Hughes Marion Jacobson Leslie Jeffers Carolyn Jenkins Susan Johnson Joni Jones Kimberly Latham Catherine Lee Delbert Lee Lydell Lengacher Matthew Lewis 24 James Lucas Terrie Madison Tim Marker Julie Marshall Lori Martin Kathleen Neill Grant Neuhaus Jeffery Newport Susan Newton Rhonda Nicholson m| Jm M -- Bobbi Perkins Rick Perkins Jeffrey Petrie Jeffrey Phelps Terry Phoenix 25 Carla Pieper Stephanie Pinkston Mary Pitzen William Purdy Nicholes Radu ita Jean Reitz Doris Rhodes Sharon Robbins William Roberson Chris Robinson Karen Schedler Mary Schuler Maria Scroggins Erin Seybold Richard Shaffer Inga Smulkstys Klarc Snowden Don Springer Walter Springer Cressie Steele PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE William Rammel Douglas Randolph James Ray Randel Redwanski William Reid Eric Rohrs Gwendolyn Rozier Anne Ryan Brenda Salyer Tamela Sarazen Charisse Sharar Calvin Shears John Shinkle Bettina Sibert Norman Sims 26 I Jeffery Steers Beth Steiner Debra Stephens Scott Stiltner Nancy Stoudt Gaylen Waters Dennis Wayer Chestley Whitt Timathy Wiegand Ernest Williams 27 Leon Williams Jim Wilson Joanna Wilson Mark Wilson Robin Wilson . . . And Now— Here ' s The 7th Grade 28 Jodie Achenbach Charlotte Adams Michael Adams Robert Allison Terrie Anderson Chuck Ausban Kelly Axt Shawn Bailer Shelenna Barker Cathy Barnett Beth Barta Evan Beck Craig Bell Avis Benson Tamera Bernard Tim Binion Alexie Blevins Laura Bloom Mike Book Amy Borders Lamar Bragg Angel Braster Milton Bressler Dean Rrockner Renetta Bultemeier Thomas Burd Daniel Burtnette Mary Carpenter Jacki Carroll Dana Cole Peter Collins Laura Coolman David Cordell Robert Cour Leroy Cox Michael Davito Jennie Denney Bob Denny Darci Denton Jeff Dillion Mike Duckett Denise Dunbar Gordon Edwards Gary Evans Andy Fabian Ricky Fark Bill Fliotsos April Ford Richard Fortiet Bob Freimuth Barry Fultz Jackie Galbreath Mitch Garrard Don Gibson 29 Ron Gibson Sandy Gilreath Ruth Gingrich Lynn Glaser Terry Graham Monty Grabner Earnest Green Loretta Greene Mary Grindle Diane Grubb Danial Haas Tim Hallford Jaime Hanna Laura Harmeyer Leland Harper Eileen Harrington Clarence Harris Kim Hartman M. Hartman Steven Hatch Tina Hayes Jeff Hedges Phil Henschen Vicky Hepworth Lucinda Hernandez Martin Herr Terri Hewitt Danny Hile Dave Hill Daniel Hines Ron Hinsch Lynda Hixon Sandy Holliday Patricia Holt John Hopkins Karen Howley Brian Huguenard Issac Hutchins Daniel Ingram Betty Jackson Scott Jackson Lori Jantz Rose Jensen Floyd Jimison Brent Johnson Cindy Jones Greg Jones Laura Jones Ronald Jones Michael Karolyi John Keesler Mark Keller Timothy Kelley Kristine Kessler 30 Maragaret Kidd Joy Kimes Olin Kincaid Cherri Kipfer Lloyd Kirkpatrick Dorothy Knight Reese Knight Tom Knisely Tammy Koker Kevin Krider Karol Kruckeberg Sharon Ladner Nina Lamb Melody Lambert Ricky Lancaster Barb Lary Mark Lee Mark Leiner Danny Lewark Teresa Lewis Linda Litten Lynette Litten Teresa Livergood Laura Long Eric Lucas Cheryl Luke Bruce Luley Ann Maidment Karen Mann Tom Manning Susan Martin Wanda Martin Bill Masters Cindy Mather Teresa Matson Mike McCaffery Beth McCorkle Rick McGillivray Terry McKinney Nancy McPherson Scott Meneilly David Mertz Steve Michels Calvin Miles Debbie Miller Greg Miller Greg Miller James Miller Andrew Morken Ann Mosher Jackie Mossburg Debbie Mosser Chris Neuhaus Jim Noel 31 Sheryl Norman Julie Norton Chris Ohneck Noe Olivas Tom Olofson Lisa Osburn David Overholt Katherine Penkunas Chris Penzin Scott Perepelkin Kelly Piatt Sharon Pierce Leonard Pinkston Lynne Poorman Lamotte Price Lorey Price Mike Rager Josh Reed Ann Resac Dave Reynolds Gerald Reynolds Rob Reynolds Jane Rich Stacie Ritchie Jeff Roberson Dennie Rogers Brian Rohrs Bruce Rohrs Beverly Rowlett Donna Ross Jeff Rowold Scott Samuel Mike Savage Eric Savio Thomas Schieferstein Steve Schmidt Dean Sebastian Susie Seybold Carol Sherman Paul Shoppell Renee Shryock De Wayne Shultz Laura Shultz Jenny Sickles Pamela Sims Denice Smiley Cynthia Smith Jeffrey Smith Kevin Smith Tony Smith Joe Sparks Kathy Steele Dee Stephanson Clifford Stookey 32 Leslie Stoud Michael Stratton Wanda Sudis Jena Teel Tom Thayer Anna Thomas David Tun Marilyn Turnbow Lisa Vancamp Tammy Vibbert Greg Voors Rick Wannemacher Daniel Warner George Wasson Penny Watson John Wayer Joe Weber Kevin Weible Glenn Welch Drema Williams Terri Williams Treva Windsor Travis Woods Gary Wyatt Steve Wyatt Kevin Zelt 33 H I ' ve never been able to make it as a group. I have a hard time making my mind and when I get all together I seem to go all to pieces. I ' d like to gather myself together and talk about it but I keep walking out in single file. Maybe I ' m just doomed to split up and go my way. — John Hartford Cadet Band 1865238 s i n g i n S The Cadet Band did a terrific job this year but then what do you expect with a director like Mr. Showalter and a group like this. a n l- Mr. Mishler and the singing Lancers. The group consists of 8th and 9th graders, who have done a great job this year. They also perform for the different school activities. r s 35 Dixieland Band J a z z E n m b Dixieland Band: Dixieland Band, directed by Mr. Showalter did a fantastic job. Pictured left to right: Tim Deprey, Michelle Gantt, Tim Klinger, Anne Sieling, Lynne Meyer, and Jeri Graff Jazz Ensemble: The jazz band did a super fantastic job this year. They got a first place in the Nisbova contest. Congratulations Mr. Showalter and the jazz ensemble. 36 Concert Band C o n c e r t r c h e s t r a Pictured above is the Concert Band. Under the direction of Mr. Showalter they did a Super Job, keeping up spirit at basketball games and playing at PTA meetings and concerts. Concert Orchestra: has done a Tine job this year. " Way to go, Mr. Showalter " . 37 Lettermen Club Wmt we» ill §m$L mm 1 Wmm L. iF HMpSl S H »v m JL.] P ' iMff r dj F «P || - ' r " ' ■ ffim r J . , J Letterman Club: Maybe they ought to change the Lettermen ' s club to the Letterpersons club. Look at the girls in there. Good job all you athletes pictured from left to right: First row: Rick Shaffer, John Messic, Brian Boner, Marc Carroll, Jeff Pequinot, Steve Thomas. Second row: Craig Stine, Maria Gilreath, Capri Davis, Jeri Graff, Riza Rodriquez, Lynne Meyer, Anne Sieling, Tony Vakerics. Third row: Denny Mertz, Todd Nix, Michael Sims, Stevie Nelson, Tim Bogenschutz, Steve Rammel. Standing in back: Jim Heinze, George Pappas, Greg Romy, Dan Thiel, Mark Emmons, Greg Nichols, Mark Bushe, Derek Booker, Mr. Kammeyer G y m C 1 u b Gym Club: This is our gymnastics club. In their spare time they meet for tumbling and other activities. Our gymnastics team is formed from this club. 38 Bowling Club Wednesday evenings after school you just might find a few Lancers at Brunswick bowling lanes with Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Ponczek. Our many Thanks to Brunswick and Sponsors. Y ,T e i e n s Mrs. Sweet and the members of the Y Teens meet after school one night a week; they go to places such as The Veterans Hospital and have parties. 41 Office Workers L i b r a r y W o r k e r s 42 OFFICE WORKERS: From left to right: Nora Culbertson, Robert Sibert, Pam Primeau, Jeffrey Oakman, Valerie Andrews, Kathy Sauers, Mary Woodfin. These seven people did a terrific job running errands and other jobs for the secretaries. This year ' s library workers have helped Mrs. Smith Mrs. Stoeckley out considerably. SUPER GOOD JOB! Euchre Chess Club A m e r i c a n C 1 u b Euchre Chess From Left to right: Lynette Litten, Linda Litten, Dave Reynolds, Mark Lee, Mr. Kring. This is the Afro American Club. Their sponsor is Mrs. Patterson. This year they celebrated Afro American week with a fashion show held dances weekly. 43 Publication The Publications staff and their Sponsor Mr. Roth would like to take this opportunity to thank all Lancers and Staff who have helped make Lakeside 1974-75 another great year. 44 Winning is not everything And it is far better to play the game squarely and lose than to win at the sacrifice of an ideal. — Andrew Latham Smith Varsity Basketball Pictured above from left to right: Coach Hey, Michael Sims, Kevin Blunt, Jeff Piquignot, Mark Emmons, Bill Foote, George Sweigert, Derek Booker, Todd Nix, James Heinze, Stevie Nelson, Robert Smiley, Craig Stine, Front and Center: Managers, Tony Didier, Dave Barnett, Rick Grubb. These young men did a fantastic job this year leading Lakeside to victory. Right-on team, for a job well done. Coach Edwards and his team did a good job this year. From left to right: Coach Edwards, J. Newport, J. Beck, T. Habig, R. Armstrong, H. Brewer, T. Condrad, D. Trainer, W. Purdy, J. Petrie. Managers: M. Jones. P. Bizer, M. Sutto, R. Redwanski, F. Grams. 7th Grade Basketball 7th Grade Basketball Mr. Edwards and Mr. Merica are the coaches of this team and are responsible for the good job this team has done this year. Pictured above from Left to Right Bottom Tony Smith, Leland Harper, Travis Woods, Robert Alison, Chris Oneck, Cliff Stookey— Mgr., Brent Johnson— mgr., Second Row Mike Rager, Jay Reynolds, Barry Fultz-Mgr., Scott Perpelkin, Third Row Mark Keller, Olin Kincaid, Kevin Weible Varsity Cheerleaders Varsity Cheerleaders: Front: Capri Davis-doing the splits From Left to Right: DeAnn Dickleman, Anita Witherspoon, Pam Primeau, Kelli Athanson Top: Lisa Traylor These girls have done a good job. Sponsored by Mrs. Gumm they attended Basketball, Track, Football, they inspire Student body with school spirit. 47 Cross Country With the fantastic coaching of Mr. Kammeyer, our Varsity Cross Country team came in 3rd for city. Pictured here are John Messick, Tim Hartman, Greg Nicoles, Roger Axt, Dave Manning and their manager Robyn Mowry. SUPER JOB GUYS!! n . tj , ,v« , j jm, 18 In the 1974-75 year the reserve Cross Country team came in 6th in city, thanks to the great coach Mr. Kammeyer and his support. Pictured here are Matt Jones, Fred Grams, Rick Waggoner, Mark Sutto, Mark Leimer, Joe Trainer, Jeff Dimit. Save some for next year GUYS!! Center Bottom is Bobyn Mowry-Mgr.-and a big boost to the Morale. Track Dedication Page: Since Lakesides track season comes so late in the year, we were unable to take pictures of our 1975 team. We are dedicating this page to the hard-working athletes and their great coach, Mr. Kammeyer. 49 Gymnastic Team This year Lakeside was represented by a fine Gymnastics Team. Sponsor Hey and team did a fine job participating in Gymnastic meets. Thanks for a job well done Kneeling: Lisa Friemuth, Brenda Salyer, Standing: Maureen Dahm, Lisa Holom, Erin Seibold, Rita Harrison, Joy Jeffers. Top Row: Marcia Wisniewski, Gwen Bahr and Tanya Traylor. These girls have done a great job supporting the Lancers this year! 50 Varsity Wrestlers Varsity Wrestlers This was the 1st year for the men of our wrestling team to compete with other Fort Wayne City Schools. We had a little trouble at 1st but pulled out of it okay! Their coach was a gym teacher at Franke Park Elementary school and took time to come to Lakeside to teach our guys the skills of wrestling. Good season men: Pictured here are; Coach Burns, Randy Dewitt-heavyweight, Greg Nicoles-at 126, Dan Theil-at 146, Ralph Gerkin-at 156, John Messick-at 119, Curt Keifer-at 126, Tim Hartman-at 119, Dave Manning-at 112, Roger Axt-at 146. Reserve Wrestling Reserve Wrestling This is only a small portion of the men of the Reserve team— Coach Burns, Pictured at left followed by Randy Derrow, Rick Shaffer, Jeff Dimit, Scott Lewis. Good Job Men! 51 Girls Basketball Bottom: Lawana Scroggins, Alice Hilliard, Maria Gilreath, Debbie Levison, Second Row: Paula Brown, Lynn Meyer, Lynette Pullard, Geri Graff, Janice Hallford, Patty Brown, Back Row: Mrs. Shearer, Sue Penningroth, JoAnn Pfieffer, Lisa Woods, Bridgett Logan, Merilee Conn, Ann Seiling. GOOD JOB GIRLS! Pictured here are the members of the 8th grade football team and their super coach, Mr. Edwards. Front Row: Jeff Petrie, Jeff Newport, Randy Derrow, Sam Beck, William Roberson, Clarence Eldridge. Back Row: Rick Schaeffer, Matt Albright, Tod Conrad, Matt Lewis, Bob Armstrong, Tom Habig, John Noel. SUPER JOB GUYS 8th Grade Basketball 52 Girls Volleyball Pictured is the girls volleyball team which has done a fine job this year! Left to right: Geri Graff, Riza Rodiguez, Maria Gilreath. Second Row: Patty Brown, Cindy Green, Lynn Meyer, Beth Watson, Ann Seiling. 7th Grade Football mm HH B 1 l«r - ' !■ ' •• . . .-..-- ; — — « » — ft 1 il ■ ■ i - H ' ••!• ' ' : ■ T L. frs LJ (w wl i Win 1 ■I4F ' It tIPBl. - JN Pictured here are the members of the 7th grade Football team and their great coach Mr. Merica. Front Row: Mgr. Rick Fortier, Dave Hill, Brent Johnson, Jeff Smith, Mike Rogger, Craig Keller, Tim Hallford, Kevin Wible, Clifford Stukey, Mike Stratton, Chris Ohneck, Tom Olson, Second Row: Greg Miller, Dan Barnett, Leland Harper, Lamotte Price, Terry McKinney, Ronald Jones, Jim Noel. SAVE SOME FOR NEXT YEAR GUYS! 53 fcd O CO hfl 3 3. C I o -P " S O n. S " - » § -3 i—i u Sm » j M 3 5 ESJ. ' d =■ CO t so 3 2 w -™ td SzJ o co o ■ 2 S " c s.| g. 5 ' 3 " - ° g D5T i i 2 3 2 N a- o - r co O W j o 9 5 2. cr H r- O o o Co 3 " 5:5 • CO 5! o O. Cl. §Wtd poo 3 3 3 sc r 5 . r 3 g 3 9 w S c £g 2 : p S3 ! 3 » O O 2. a 54 Sports General Shots 55 56 57 58 in ■ ■ jTxCXv J l " •Li « V " " A. M w T k, . Wffil 1 y - 1 1 II 1 Pictured here is Craig Stine, he was our city government representative. Heroines: Pictured here is Becky Shaeffer and Jackie Mossburg accepting the city life saving award for calling attention to the man next to Becky Shaeffer who retrieved an elderly lady from the St. Joe Rivei. 59 Intramurals Highlights I ' ve Got It!? 60 If i j Hy ;•- L. 61 62 63 k .W W 64 9 HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS

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