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Text from Pages 1 - 188 of the 1951 volume:

7" ?' '--'Yi fm aff- I 'Juan ' x 1,1 ' 1 ' ' H --, r . qt wiv- , ll. rw ' - '41 4.1 -Q, pl nu .4 .N 1 an .g.'-. al ...- 5,1 no yah ,a 'W' -If 1. r jf -4 I do 1 +4 rr' A 1 N , I' 4.0 '.5f'v,1 g,,fys an r v4 lv .. m . vw g-v Q . f 'u S u ' V-1 ', , f. Q , 4' v' I ,, , ' ' - . r . Ar f " ,' 1 u m , 1,4 ww '. . I... X 14 .W inu m uff x ,',. ' 'un H I . ' , A r 9 ' . -C, 'T 'l r JI M 4 an 'f' L 4 t -. , ' . , ' 'Wh 53. 1 ,A m . v 1? C-W I?" J An.. Agw - x "H, N. H -5 4 A1 'Y ff 4 ry 4 ' ll '7,,Q'fZ'i'f'F2 3' -f 1' HJ! ,, ' V '. . I - if 1 Y' . ,v- ' -" 'ags 'N ligne, F 2 N, .rw nv Q, 11" Us x'v!"Z1f f 1-af V .rf t , J.. 4 iMY,'2: .1 NH , .af - fa . .W - ,. 'f a. .f x- .-.-4., 1 X1 .NP w 25, 3721" 4.0, I Hy., W ' . qu N3 -.nts I .uh-H1 .. , 5. A X. . . ,- 961,- -1 -an .5 "' "N -f wr' br- .. 4- u - K P 1 2 In - A , , 1 x . 1 n r 4 5 4 , 0? fx -S- f4xf,,,. N X XX -R Pbl Scam- ARTHUR CARLSON gmzazeaa Wimmgm WILLIAM BRUNIE ,-faaocdate Zddtau DALE LARSON MORRIS VENDEN P440 Exam EUGENE PROUT ,-4-ur Exam CHRISTIAN CH RISTIANSON ROBERT STANSBURY Quufaldon 77Zarm7efz CALVIN HANSON Senetcnq ARDIS ANDERSON ffducaoza CHLOE SOFSKY WALTER CRAWFORD WALTER KENNEDY islwed by The Associafed Sfud I I L Se C II g AI g+ a irra oee, rin on,CIfo V M92 kzixf' XJ 1 1 .T , . X 4 , X4 H Q - ,V ,E F fn vi 1 5-g ' dy xy, :iv 9 ,Q X 4 A, w av f , -W. viii " 'fi K3 A' fifiiwgiizifw ' my Nniq M . ,sz x A , . ' - A THEY CGME FROM THE COMMITTEE OF ACCEP THUMBING BRCDCHURES PREPARE FOR A SCHO THRCDUGH DESERTS TO THE HIGHWAY LEADIN ANCES TO COZY FIRESIDES WHERE STUDENTS IL YEAR, FROM CITIES, OVER MOUNTAINS, Q TO OUR COLLEGE WE HAVE COME TO LIVE. THROUGH THE This volume porfrays fhe life of s1'uden'rs from fhe fime +hey receive 'rheir leHer of acceplance al' La Sierra College, unlil +he cove'red sheepskin is in +heir hands. Their men'I'al, spirilual, social, and physical aclivilies have been recorded so fhal' 'They mighl' become lingering memories of fhe happy years spenl in learning 'ro serve God and 'I'heir fellow men. H' is 'rhe sincere desire of 'rhe sfaff fhal' from lhis record of +he classrooms, 'rhe religious ac'rivi+ies, and fhe social conlfacfs The sfudeni' may relive +he ioys and happiness of +he I950-5I school year. Q "Nu E 0 a ' AQ . . 4 .1 ff' . M., .. ' mn an v,,,,, iw -Q. ,, OLCDRFUL SEASCDN WE BECAME PART Living in Angwin and Gladwyn halls, opposife +he men's dormifories, fhe women of Sigma Phi Kappa lead a busy life of sfuclies, campaigns, and club meeiings. ln +heir school homes, +he women of La Sierra plan parlies, open house, pranlcs, and programs. Midnighl' snacks and paiama parlies help keep Deans McKee ancl 'Evans on 'rheir foes. 5,1 1 NN K . WNW Wwwwff fm M. ,m..-M.aM.,, ! i ,J Term papers, oulside reading-research for rhese and many o'rher pro- iecfs is conducied in fhis building. No ma++er whal' rime of day or nigh'r, you will likely as noi' find someone here wi+h his nose buried deep in a book. ln 'rhe spring, however, +he sun of sunny Sou+hern California is no+ very conducive 'ro s+udy. Sludenfs offen resorf 'ro sfudying on rhe lawn, which usually ends up in a "gab session" or maybe in iusl' browsing 'rhrough +he reading room. THESE SURRCDUNDINGS As we leave Angwin Hall and head wilh fhe crowd in a sfraighr soufherly direcfion, we come affer a few hundred paces +o a similar building. H may no'r have quife as elaborare curfains on rhe windows, bu+ neverfheless if is +he college abode of mice and men. Mu Bela Kappa and Calkins Hall are 'rhe scenes of +ha'r which is an educafion in ilself, dormifory life. WE UNPACKED NEW COMPANIONS The nex+ imporfanf ifem on ihe s+uden+'s agenda affer being seH'led in his new room is +o loolc for 'rhe building +ha+ sa'risfies his 'remporal desires, such as for 'rhal' which we call "food," La Sierra proudly pos- sesses a beauliful Spanish-sryle cafeferia, which overlooks 'rhe green hills and villages in 'froni of 'rhe school. If is in fhis building 'rha'r many acquainfances are renewed and life-long friendships esfablished. The romanfic mood of dimmed lighfs and soff music a+ Wednesday nighf dinners is especially conducive fo friendships. I' i I l li r I' ' 1' X Qx N A K W 41 'D 'N 'iw- THEN CAME ENTR l 1 fig 1 i' Hole Memorial Aucliforium is ihe place where all people mee'r, 'rhe scene of chapel services, Saiurclay nighr programs, siudeni falenl' shows, 'faculfy conceris, "CriHer" campaigns, and A.S.B. meerings. La Sierra Hall is 'rhe cen'rer for developing muiual in+eres+s of furure minis+ers, dociors, educaiors, and psychologisis, for if is here we are laughl' by learned men who have gone ihe way before us. KNCE EXAMS, RELAXATICJN . WM ln San Fernando Hall men like Louis Pas+eur and Alberl' Eins+ein would spend mos? of Hneir Hme. Here we are mer by rhe swee'r odors of formaldehyde and ammonia. Here long aHernoons are spen+ in car lab, Chem lab, and Borany and Zoo labs. San Fernando Hall, one of Hue oldes+ buildings on +l1e campus, wi'rl1 i1's picfuresque Spanish-sfyle archi+ec+ure and i+s ivy-covered walls, could be any ar+is+'s deligl1'r. TOURS THRCDUGH THE l i l l s l i DN FAMILIAR BUILDINGS Now +hen lel us walk up +he hill 'ro fhe brand new lndusfrial Arls building. ln sharp conlrasl lo San Fernando Hall is lhis edifice of a slriclly modern design, wi+h ils many windows for proper lighling. Fulure prinlers gel' experience in hand composilion, press work, and 'rhe linolype. Classes in mechanical drawing design model homes while lhe fellows in carpenlering build +he houses. Woodworking classes pro- duce such 'rhings as desks, lamps, and radio cabinels. Agriculluralisfs and dairymen have lhe use ol 'lraclors and olher farm equipment The beaulilul green lawn in fronl, l'ogel'her wilh 'lhe ideal selling and l'he modern equipmenl inside, makes any induslrial arls sludenl 'feel proud as he passes lhrough ils doors. wval' s 5 . 11 Q -new g L tu? 4 . 'xv lisga-s ., ' , 4 -' . ff 'M s 'g . b im ' '24 ' . fy f 4 ,f ,, ,f,.Wi g: Ai' V 8 My f I gl , U Q 1 1 Z ' Z , is ' I E il ' l 23 I l WITH PROMISE OF A C3 W - - li-guqx1 CDRIOUS SCHOCDL YEAR As a feacher- He has achieved fhe high service of feaching, nof only a fheorefical knowledge of fhe courses buf also a philosophy of balanced Chrisfian living. There is a big difference befween making a living and making a life. As a Chrisfian- He is a diligenf Bible scholar, a humble, quief example of frue Chrisfianify. As a social leader- He is an enlighfened social and culfural leader, wifh a well-balanced sense of humor and good sporfsmanship. As a counsellor and friend- He is a frue friend and counsellor of sfudenfs. His professional advice is valued and soughf. Too large for worry Too noble for anger Too sfrong for fear Too happy fo permif 'rhe presence of frouble. To Dr. Wilfred J. Airey . . . undersfanding and fhoughfful feacher . . . kind and foleranf Chrisfian . . . sfaunch and fireless leader . . . sincere and wise counsellor . . . we affecfionafely dedicafe fhis I95I METEOR. 15? 5? M A ,G l ff ix . XWJIM' .. W ,K 'g. vrniyf vw f- 1 - 2-N? fa AW, ' ,fn fq :,,.Q5yA1-Q35 , N Wim! ff 'wwqgmzyf-aim, Y 1 4 5 ' e :phyi ,fl Xgzzw..-I-ff,wgz',g'W 7' H ': ,:- Y" f, , -. Q -L, H 5 , g fj 5 .sg ', '27 , Q5- 1 M 1' fav ' ig is . A ,gig V lffllf -,we ev, fs! , fi ' qpi4f:1LgfLf,ggh2 A- M15-'12 zz H, 1, , . f 'zz Y fufgcff z Tix 'fp' ,f A w7""f ' 1Y"+' 3 '1"'3f?'a'! y fi Q A 7015 E 'Q ,fix--,,, 5 J .... 5 ,' 2w , f u,,,'pi71f7f gg 'H , ,Y 1 ,' 1 Zi' f H 1 J, . .V ff , 1, , fl X ' ,ii , , , ', I mi x 1 f Q f 4 f , 1 f 1. 4 ,, A f 2 2 3 ? 1 , 2,, g fz ',,.,, i jujw-5 ,,,,...-.,-- ..-Mw'm..'.,"l..,.,, ,fl i V - , L Q .,.,,,.,.w,.mM, vm, 5 -1 J I' fr' 13 'ff' 1 P , f '.mfu'f-M4w,...... -eww ,Q::'I?f1ifZf21'2 NN Y. 5 9 Q" I .Ll .1 ' .552 'Y by '4 4 F, N , Q f -cub' JA. M , . X , 'fr -K f.. , ' f 'Ji x A X 14' N x Nb "' aff. , Q Q x K x " M n we ,, " ,,x.w, ,x,g R ' as . P' y, WE MET Homesickness crep'r over us when we began 'ro realize lhal' we were +o live here for 'rhe nexl' several years. Dean Lease pu+ us a+ ease wi'rh his welcome and wishes for a happy, sfudious year. Courlesy begins wi'rh efficiency in 'rhe Dean of Women, Miss McKee, a gracluafe of our own La Sierra College. Formerly +he privale secrelary of Mr. Amlos, she is now very +acHully faking 'rhe place of molher for aboul 'lwo hundred girls. ......-...,... THE DEAN If you are a beginning freshman girl, more 'rhan likely Assis'ran+ Dean of Women, Mrs. Evans, will soolhe your nerves affer 'frying days of hopeless freshman English and o'rher bolhering courses 'rha'r a freshman musl slagger fhrough. Allhough Assislanl' Dean of Men, Mr. Wood, is always ready for a good laugh, he keeps fine order, and +he men of M.B.K. boas+ of fheir fosfer falher. Bob Buchanan and Herb Michaels relaxing in 'lhe dorm afler a ferrific day bending 'rhose l'es'rs. P' xy I . 4 1 114 ii' lam Q .. Q 5 e if .Q Y ,asf I Cl ji 'U 1 l i l . I l, l La Sierra pays i'ribu+e 'ro Mr. Karl F. Ambs. Teacher and business manager for +hir+y-five years in Sevenrh-day Aclvenlisr schools, Mr. Ambs has done much 'ro pur 'rhis college our fronl' during his fourreen years of devorecl service here. Keeping complex La Sierra College on i+s feel' and well equipped has been a difficull' iob, bul' if has won for him 'rhe admirafion and praise of srudenl' and educalor alike. FRIENDLY MANAGER,' -A-1--wil Y I l I 1 BUILDER AND FINANCIER Regisfrafion fook us firsf fo Miss Dixon's window in fhe business office, where we empfied our purses while counferacfing fhe resulfing depression wifh high hopes of filling our brains wifh knowledge and wisdom. SL25 for a lyceum fickef, S4 for fhe METEOR, and SI for fhe CRITERICN -of course all fhis was included in our enfrance deposif: buf whaf seemed fo come from fhe deep was fhe Sl for our METEOR picfure. Thaf was a ferrific day, so fo relax, Walf, Dexfra, and Mark enjoyed a chaf over a malf. i i v I i 1 L I fp X i MONEY CAREFULLY BUDGEW . as When we fhink of Mr. Anderson we immediafely fhink of fwo fhings- his abilify as assisfanf business manager and as an accounfing insfrucfor. His is a big iob, buf his pracfical experience and his knowledge of fheory gives him 'rhe "know-how." However, 'reaching accounfing and keeping fhe office run- ning smoofhly are by no means fhe limif of Mr. Anderson's work. His pro- ficiency in counseling sfudenfs in fheir financial problems is unsurpassed. Mr. Gillespie, 'rhe cashier, is af 'rhe Miss Dixon, fhe office manager, Mr. Groome, fhe accounfanf adds receiving end of your cash. organizes fhe efficienf service you subfracfs and divides your accounf receive. 2 i xfml THESE HELPED Mrs. Champion, efficienl' organizer and regisfrar, works wi'rh an eye for improvemenfs. S'ruden'I's find her a sympafhefic counselor and solver of problems. Also a genial, gracious hosless, she is recognized as an ou'rs'randing woman on 'rhe campus of La Sierra. Mary Dona Bofhe, who inciden+ly, has become Mrs. Bolhe since lasl' year, can besf be described as +he one who is always cheerful and ready 'lo help. Her dufies as assislanr regisfrar keep her busy bu+ she never forgels +o smile. We all remember 1'he fine iob Mrs. Champion did in lessening 'rhe pains and worries of regisiralion day. She was aboui' +he 'Firs+ and las'r person we saw, and we secured needed advice from her in befween fimes. fqf' lllagg D QT AT INFORMATION! I+ seems Thai' is 'rhe password of regisfrafion day. Firsi' i1"s whai' +o do and where 'I'o go. Yes, fhis is where we wenf, +0 'The faculfy advisers. They 'l'oo had an all-day iob, only fheirs was Telling, nor asking. ISTRATICDN Ah yes, how well we remember fhe Fresh- man Handshake where we began fo gef acquainfed wifh our fufure classmafes. This evenf was somefhing fhaf we iusf couldn'f have been wifhouf, because if banished homesickness. lLook af fhaf picfurell We also gof acquainfed wifh our fufure feachers and faculfy members. "Say, may- be fhis isn'f going fo be so bad affer all," we fhoughf fo ourselves as we shook fhe warm hand and saw fhe cordial smile. Filling ouf fhose regisfrafion books fook forever, buf when we gof fhrough fhe final line and had our books signed for fhe lasf fime, we had a sfrange feeling of accomplishmenf. lf's hard fo explain iusf whaf if was, buf if's somefhing like whaf you feel affer you've been digging difches 1 all day. HERE FRCM AROUND THE WORLD in an even- ing: La Sierra greels i+s new s1'uden'l's in an evening 'four +o dis'ran+ parfs of +he world on rhe campus. Skipper Herndon Harding-Ship! Ahoy! In far off Haly, Bill and Gerry Garcia spend a romanfic evening of music and boaling on 1'he famous college pool. ln 'ihal' quainf, gallanf, liH'le coun'I'ry of Holland, wi+h ils wooden shoes and lulips, Renny Noorbergen sfrummed a favoriie lullaby of +he Hollanders. Poker-faced Senor Ralph Ocampo displays his serape while Senorifa Florence Hill lugs ar lhe slubborn beas+ ai' her side in a 'rypical scene on some fhoroughfare in Madrid. ERYWHERE ln far-off Afhens, +he home of noble women and s+ou'r-hearfed men .... These are fhe men and women our Alma Maier produces. To 'rhe land of ice and snow where +he Eskimo lives in ice houses and sifs on bear rugs, on +he ice-covered lawn-behind fhe La Sierra sign. Then we come +o i'he land of +he robed Egypfians where fhe snake charmers and magicians display lheir knowledge on lhe s+ree+s of Cairo. Aloha! a sample of 'rhe many s+uden1's who aHend here from +he islands of Hawaii, 'rhe land of flowers and beau- fiful leis. We bid you a good even- mg. 30 GREETED OUR ,fu'Ww.,.. PRESI Presidenl Godfrey T. An- derson is +he man who shapes and coordinaies +he policies 'rhal' guide +his college. He is 'rhe one who has been frying, for 'rhe lasf five years, io see +ha+ 800 s'ruden+s a year gel' ai leasr a parlial insighi' info a liberal educalion and +o keep +he college +he 'Fine ins'l'i+u+ion 'rha'I' i'r is. ln many meefings wi'rh influ- en+ial men and organizers of o+her schools, he repre- sen+s 'rhe facul+y, board, and s+uden'rs of La Sierra College. As Presidenl' An- derson goes on wi+h his mighfy iob, we as srudenfs and faculfy alike will sfand behind him. NT AND Aside from his everyday dufies and responsibilifies connecfed wifh La HIS FAM Sierra College, Dr. Anderson man- ages fo find fime fo spend wifh his wife and family. Offen you will find Dr. Anderson on shorf business frips wifh one or fwo of his children along. Everyday dufies never fire him be- cause he keeps in close confacf wifh his Lord. If you were close by af fhe end of day, you would hear 'rhe happy greefing from his children. ,sv Dr. Anderson, who has a genuine inferesf in sfudenfs, chefs wifh a few seniors of fhe class of '5I. Af fhe Senior Presenfafion Dr. Anderson greefs Dr. Waflcins, provosf of fhe new Universify of California af Riverside. ILY THE OARD HAD CAREE .. .awe is ,, A . Leff fo Righf: R. Allen Smifhwick, Presidenf of Nevada-Ufah Conference: R. R. Bieh, Presidenl' of Soufhern California Conference: A. C. Nelson, Educafional Sec- refary of Pacific Union Conference: E. L. Place, Manager of Sf. Helena Sanifarium: John Weaver, Presidenf of Pacific Union College: K. F. Ambs, Manager of La Sierra College: G. T. Anderson, Presidenf of La Sierra College, Secrefary of Board: C. L. Bauer, Presidenf of Pacific Union Conference, Chairman of Board: F. W. Schnepper, Secrefary-Treasurer of Pacific Union Conference: Frederick Griggs, Edu- cafor: Howard H. Hicks, Presidenf of Soufheasfern California Conference: G. T. Chapman, General Manager of Loma Linda Food Company: G. H. Rusfad, Presi- denf of Arizona Conference: Carl Becker, Presidenf of Norfhern California Confer- ence. Absenf: R. C. Baker, Presidenf of Cenfral California Conference: Walfer E. Macpherson, Vice-presidenf of College of Medical Evangelisfs: Howard L. Shull, Manager of Pacific Union College. - - '+I' .., 4, ULLY SELECTED Dr. Woods, now dean of fhe college, comes fo us from Union College where he served as presidenf. Besides helping fo keep fhe inner cogs of our college running quiefly, fending defails, and making all happy, he finds fime for his hobbies of physics and plasfics. Efficiency plus! Thaf's whaf a library needs, and fhaf is whaf if has in our librarian, Mr. Hilfs, and his assisfanf, Miss Hayfon. No maffer whaf informafion is needed, if fhe library has if, fhey can find if, and quickly. Whaf more could a sfudenf ask for? INCERE AND UND' We are forrunale in having an oufslanding religion deparlmeni'-ou'rs+anding especially for fhe devoled 'men who compose Hs slaff. Young people who come 'ro La Sierra for a Chrislian educafion are privileged +o sir under scholars and fhinkers who noi only know lheir Bible and ils sacred lrulhs bul' also know how +o make Chris- +iani+y praclical 'lo us. Dr. Haussler impresses 'rhe s'ruden+ es- pecially wi+h his earnesiness. l-le upholds 'rhe sfandards of fhe Spiril' of Prophecy by his life and feachings. Anorher man who knows +he Bible and- Elder Blincoe is known noi merely as a especially 'rhe original versions, is Elder Bible 'leacher bu+ as a channel 'rhrough Johns. To help us learn hidden +ru+hs which Jesus' leachings are broughl' is his aim. home +o our hearls. ERSTANDING FACULTY Alfhough away on leave fhis year, Elder Spechf is remembered as pafienf, kind, and ever helpful in leading sfudenfs genfly fhrough Q fhe mysferies of Greek and X X Hebrew. Elder Heppensfall challenges every sfu- denf fo a deeper sfudy and a surer faifh. Teacher, scholar, and fhinkerz he is above all fhis-our friend. Affer all, i'r's nof iusf knowing docfrines fhaf counfs, imporfanf as fhey may be, buf if's having Chrisf in fhe life every momenf of every day. The religion classes are nof iusf lecfures. Rafher, fhey are coals from 'rhe alfar, firing us wifh zeal fo help ofhers know fhe wonderful hope fhaf we as Sevenfh-day Advenfisfs have. Elder Heppensfall, fhe head of fhe deparfmenf, and his fellow feachers have a real burden fo help fheology sfudenfs and ofher fufure denominafional workers. 35 " ik' '- --"" -AM" ' . . . .lr Y ,WW --X---V---ur"-MHC, s N l OF ALERT AND 3' An eminenf physicisl and congenial person, Dr. Thompson heads lhe physics deparlmenl' besides propelling his gravily-defying machine 'rhrough 'lhe afmosphere. Below, we find Mr. Cush- p man relaxing afrer a class in malhemalics. Mr. Riggs crams algebra and irigonomerry clown freshman lhroals, while Mr. Palmer in 1'he chemislry laborafory 'rells his organic chemislry sludenls lo "gel on 'rhe +rain." Mr. Sheldon pampers sludenls 'rhrough freshman chemislry and laler 'rhrough quan+i'I'al'ive analysis. s. is' X i-14579, VELL-TRAINED SCHOLARS Professors of physics and chemisrry have been working overfime rhis year in order 'ro meer 'rhe demand for new chemis+s and lab +echnicians, noi exempfing 1'he grade-poini'-conscious pre-med who is dreaming of his accepf- ance ai' Loma Linda. Affer hours and hours of 'Foul smells, such as ihe sweei' aroma of hydrogen sulfide-in oiher words, roH'en egg gas-which fhe in- experienced freshman is so adepi' ai' disfriburing, +he hard-working science s+uden+ is rewarded according 'ro his works. S'ruden1's such as Tarr and Shurny frequenr 'rhe lab We hope 'rhaf +here is no explosive in +ha+ +es+ 'rube if " , -Q t ' 1 i S Q uw M 'uf' EXPERIENCED I A +rue scien'I'is1' and lover of +he our of doors, Mr. Walfers has a full program in 'reaching and advising 'rhe biology club. The museum of nafural hisfory, which Mr. Walfers is ins+rumen1'al in developing, is an asse'r 'ro ihe biology depar+- menf. Mr. Walfers is kepl on his 'foes +his year because of fhe absence of Mr. Downs who is away sludying for his doc+ora+e. Mr. Downs when here is 'rhe head of 'rhe biology depar+men'r, bu+ during his absence Mr. Walfers is 'raking his place. Dr. Halsfead presen+s in+eres+ing discussions in ichfhyology and herpefology, while Mr. Ryck- man exhibifs some insec'I's lfo his enlomology sfudenfs, and Dr. Wagner pu+s embryology slu- denfs fhrough +he paces. These men are a+ +he same 'rime connecied wi+h +he Loma Linda School of Tropical Medicine. BIOLCDGICAL The healfh deparfmenf is very effecfive in bringing fhe sfudenf ouf of a coma, buf fhe feachers can bring fhem ouf of a coma more quickly in fhe classroom. If fhe school nurse were fo wander fhrough fhe dorms, she would more fhan likely find sfudenfs in a coma as fhe resulf of classes. Talcing all info considerafion, fhe healfh deparfmenf is very effecfive. A few former L.S.C.ifes give some prospecfive pre-nursing sfudenfs fhe low-down on whaf fhey are loolcing forward fo. Fa'-4 Mrs. Edwardson-always ready fo lend a helping hand fo a pre-nursing sfudenf. fir I ,-.r Q. S X -' X L .P ' 25, 4 -IQ ' ee A avy, f sf .ff Wx' if-: ' xx Q g ' Dr. Lansing, fhe school's physician, checlcs a pafienf while Mrs. Hoof, fhe school's nurse goes over her records. i""dp ,5vf'1'f"' AN D PHYS FUND? EH., FSI!!! L fb!! XJ!!! F' ' 181. I Qs ill v,X+ ...ma0N"""""' 5 Need a new dress, skirf, or maybe a pair of jeans pafched? Well, if you gef on fhe righf side of a home economics major fhere may be a possibilify. Or, maybe a big chocolafe cake or banana cream pie would suif your fasfe beffer. Everyfhing from soup fo failored suifs are made in fhis deparfmenf. This pasf year Dr. Ganf has been experi- menfing wifh whife rafs fo find diefs suffi- cienf for a healfhy life. If you would like 'ro know more specific dafa on her rafs, she would be more 'rhan glad fo explain. Meef Arlene Hoover, who insfrucfs in fhe home economics deparfmenf. If if's dressmaking, home furnishing, failoring, or paH'ern making, Mrs. Hoover is where fhe fufure homemakers go, and why nof? Is fhere any phase of college more imporfanf? ICAL DE ELCDPMENT l'la+s off 'ro our Physical Educalion depar+- menf. Wifhoul 'rhe help of Mr. Napier and Miss Bryan, sfudenls mighl nol have 'lhe physical exercise +ha+ is so necessary lo balance a program of sludies. Miss Bryan is 'rhe women's ins1'ruc'ror, and whe'rher il' be archery, swimming, badmin+on, volleyball, or 'rennis she is always fhere 'ro give helpful hinls and encouragement Mr. Napier, who has iusl finished his firsl year as P. E. coach al' La Sierra, has won +he respecl and ad- mira'rion of +he fellows. He has a knowledge of almosl' every aclivily and is skilled in many of lhem. '.' . F ' 1 -' ir., N. 'my , . 1 y a ,g.'. , l J if ., ,,-- as piggy, hay'--1 ..yxg it S 1 i Q 5 at Lf. yi WA 'M 'K '- - , ve f s Jpu To 'rhe 'rennis cour'r +he book-siclc and lab-'fired sludenl goes. lnslead of cal' guf in 'rhe lab i'r's cal gu'r in lhe raclcel and +ha+'s whal' Ari Parlcs is inleresled in now. 'L ..L'31"'.. --- I-AY, ies? WE LEARN VARIO , The English deparfmenf has bene- QQ- Q - . fifed from fhe resources of Dr. LiHle's scholarship and wide ex- pedence. was """" We as Mrs. LiH'le's gracious ways and lvliss BeaH'y's experience and her A liferary man of many falenfs, fhorough explanafions have im- love for fhe masfers of American Mr. Crawford has been especially pressed many Freshman English liferafure malce her an especially helpful in fhe edifing of fhe sfudenfs. inferesfing feacher. METEOR. The posifion of an English feacher is made difficulf by fhe facf fhaf many sfudenfs come fo college fhese days having missed formal grammar and having fo be sfarfed again af fhe boffom. Our English deparfmenl' is well qualified fo give fhis insfrucfion. lf performs ifs parf well in acquainfing La Sierrifes wifh fhe principles of effecfive expression and wifh fhe ideas and inspirafion fo be found in greaf liferafure. 42 I LANGUAGES Besides fhe Biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew, we have German, Spanish, and French available for fhe sfudenl who mighl' become a linguis'r or in+erna+ional worker. S'ruden+s working for a B. A. are required fo fake fheir choice of one of 'rhe modern languages for a+ leasl' a year. Many sl'uden+s say +ha+ if is in 'rhese language classes +ha'r fhey really learn 'rheir English grammar: you can see +ha+ 'rhese classes have many advan- 'rages. Wha+ could be a beHer preparalion for foreign service 'rhan +o begin learning a language now from experienced leachers? "Vive la France," you mighi' hear as you walk in+o Miss Ambs' room, for she is 'l'he one who feaches smoo'rh words and nasal qualilies. Likewise Mrs. Alvarez emphasizes 'l'he language of our friends below 'rhe border. A newcomer in our midsl' 'lhis year is Elder Nachreiner who 'reaches German. fx N vs 'J-sl Mrs Romanf makes her speech classes Among fhe inferesfing side acfivifies of fhe speech ' acfive cenfers of culfure and self- curriculum are fhe slcifs and dialogues presenfed expression by fhe deparfmenf. l T0 SPEAK THEM BETTER The speech deparfmenf, headed by Mrs. Romanf, presenfs classes fhaf many sfudenfs enioy and profif by. We well remember fhose one-minufe imprompfu speeches and fhose ofher longer speeches assigned by Miss Ross. Good speaking is wifhin fhe reach of everyone who is willing fo pay fhe price-unfiring and unceasing efforf. From class speeches fo speech programs fo senior recifal, fhe speech maior enioys amuse- menf, amazemenf, and experf assisfance in his chosen field of sfudy. Mounfain climber, flyer, and speech feacher, Miss Ross is one of us in her classes. WE VIEWED THE PAST. Whal' are causes, even+s, and resul+s of +he Mexican War, fhe Civil War, or fhe World War? These are quesfions of fhe kind 'rhrown a+ us by Dr. Airey in 'rhe classes in hisfory. Thanks 'ro Mrs. Sofsky, 'rhe arf deparfmenf offered a fascina+ing new course 'rhis year. Ceramics was enioyed by s+uden+s wi+h or wi+hou+ special inclinafions +o ar+. Mrs. Sofsky makes ar? applicable +o anyone and everyone. Mrs. Sofsky is ouisfanding in her abili+y To make arf fascinafing +0 +hose who "don'+ k n o w anyihing aboui' arf, buf-" CREATED FCDR THE FUTURE -1---A-. l-f -A-U ---- .. if .... :.:-....1n-MF-g'.".a:' - 2Hif:+'?'- MELODIES AND HARMCNIES .M We have come +o appreciaie Mr. As for personaliiy and +alen'I', The name of Mr. Walfers awakens Hannum no+ only for his ar+is+ry "Prof," Hamilion has i'r! Sludenfs memories of +he besi' in violin al' 'rhe organ bul' also for his ver- in his organizafions agree. music. sa+ile knowledge in The arfs and 'rhe humanilies. 46 Any school would be proud of a music depar+men'r such as we have a+ La Sierra. We remember Mr. Hannum, +he chairman, especially for his inspirafional organ programs and concerr numbers. Wi'rh rhe organ goes 'rhe piano, which Mr. Craw, a new musician in 'rhe faculfy, plays so proficienfly. When we rhinlc of +he College Choir and of 'rhe Collegians, we fhinlc of Mr. Hamilfon. Voice s+uden+s remember 'rhe many work-oui's in his sfudio and his personal solo numbers. Mr. Waliers 'reaches violin and efficienfly conducis 'Phe College Band and Orchesfra which add much fo rhe spirif and culfure of L. S. C. Yes, wi'l'h 'laleni such as 'ihis H' is no wonder fhai' aspiring musicians are challenged +o new heighfs on fhe ladder of musical success. DF INSTRUMENT AND VCDICE J ',,...---' Besides 'reaching piano, Mrs. Ob- lander devoles much 'lime +o a Freshman English class. We are privileged 'ro have wifh us as visiling professor, Mr. Pierce, a 'rruly fine musician and conceri' pianist Accomplished pianisf and music scholar, Mr. Crew ioined lhe fac- ul'ry ihis year. f -in ' - ..--x ' WE LEARNED TEACHING Besides being a scholar, Mr. Simp- son is a rremendously helpful per- sonalify who always radiales a hear+-warming friendliness and concern for ofhers. Have you ever seen fhe feachers have a A lady who reaches leachers for fhe elemenfary grades is Miss Jensen. so many learned people 'rogefher af once? Yes, +ha+'s whal' happens when convenlion and compare noles 'ro learn how +hey can beH'er serve olhers. ?C3Z 3 ,f X Y 6 P Xl il Elemenfary School Supervisors: Mary Gvroome, Mary Woodward, Nellie Odell, Rhoda Helm, Frances Craw, Helen Swenson, Pauline Koorenny, Eugene Bafes, Gerald Neff. Here is fhe educafion deparfmenf where "fhey fhaf be 'leachers" are frained. Can you fhink of a more imporfanf phase of college learning? If if weren'f for feachers we wouldn'f be af La Sierra College. So we pause as we fhinlc of greaf feachers of fhe pasf and presenf who have sacrificed fime and money fo aid in fhe Chrisfian educafion of young people everywhere. Under fhe leader- ship of Mr. Simpson and Miss Jensen, sfudenfs in fhe educafion field are inspired fo help ofhers. ln fhe classroom, behind a desk, or on fhe campus fhe feacher should never be foo preoccupied 'fo help a sfudenf wifh a problem, whafever if may happen fo be. Thaf is whaf is impressed on fhe minds of fufure feachers as fhey affend L. S. C. V- -- ---- V V -.... - ,..Y- .-.. Y ....- ...-,.,- ...,,,,..W.,,.,.-,Y ,- H, , M-U iff BUSINESS, BUILD The business deparfmenf, headed by Mr. W. E. Anderson, represenls anolher impor'ran+ branch of learning af La Sierra. Yes, if is +o people like Miss Orlner, Mr. Koorenny, and Mr. Anderson 'rhal +he business sfudenls come wi+h +he "Greek of +he business world." If il' is Greek +o fhem, if is sure 'ro be made clear by +he pa+ien'r, help- ful, calculaling eyes of Chrislian Jreachers. Mr. Anderson also feaches a course in denomina- fional finance +o 'rhose conlemplaiing work in foreign mission fields. Mr. Koorenny and Miss Orlner are indispensable in +he business depar'rmen+. Shorihand, lyping, and business principles are 'rheir joys. ,J Cloey Murray, secrefary +o Mr. Anderson. A , , Doroihea Nicola, secre+ary +o Mr.Ambs. .vu-f"""""'Ww 'g.1'Z-if M... "WWW, JG, PRINTING, FARMING r' ,, 'S-S, ' , , if . x 'K l N ,ff l X'-x Qf' Wheiher houses or whal-noi' ushelves, Mr. Toews knows if and 'reaches if. Some of Mr. Barr's speciallies are -his classes in Feeds and Feeding, -and Poullry. oro+hy Froeschle, secrelary 'lo r. Woods. N. us . sf V, f ,fi ,,i Q IX . 1' .5 fi X21 , 2 ,, 1' Mr. Kennedy is an experl' in Mr. Judson, besides leaching prinring and a greal help in making fheory, operales an ideal dairy +he METEOR. Every phase of an applied arfs program has a praclical value in almosi' anyone's everyday life. No maHer if one is sludying lo be a lawyer, doc+or, leacher, or whalever if may be, a fair knowledge of applied arls can always come in handy. The leachers of +he Applied Arls division are well qualified in +heir specific fields. For example, Mr. Judson, besides being lhe chairman of lhe division, owns a dairy farm in San Pasqual. Allhough s+uden'l's can come and receive help and friendship which lhese feachers are always glad +o give, +hey uphold lhe slandards of lhe school by making 'lhe sfudenls work hard for whaf 'rhey gel. f rw lj WCDRKED WITH OUR HANDS Le+'s meer a man who has been al' L. S. C. for over lwenly-five years. Thal"s righl, if a man cloes as 'fine a iob as Mr. Slearns does, 'lhere is iusl no reason 'ro gel' anolher man lo 'rake his place. Man- aging 'rhe farm is a big lask, bul whelher il"s haying, milking, planling, plowing, or showing off his lrick Palomino, Mr. Siearns "knows his onions." 'sz-FFT: I There has lo be hay and feed for 'rhe cows and horses, ancl whaf is a beH'er way 'lo gel il lhan for sluclenl' help lo "bend fhe elbow?" l+'s milking lime loo, and down on 'rhe farm 'rhe cows are wailing for "College Joe" wilh +he milk pail on his arm. 52 r. Tasker asks advice of Mr. When you wan+ lo complimenf ar+in, who makes shop machinery someone for making 'lhe campus nin high gear. beau+iful, see Mr. Dean, super- infendeni' of rhe grounds deparr- ment TO HELP PAY EXPENSES The efficienl mainrenance deparlmenrs headed by Mr. Dean and Mr. Marlin are responsible 'For +he aH'rac+ive grounds and well-kepl' buildings. In lhese deparfmenls, we find men handy wifh fools for 'rrimming frees, for mending broken bedsfeads, reclaiming broken door panels and diver'ring wafer from flooded rooms in Calkins Hall, faking washclofhs our of drains and mending irons in Angwin. Men from ihe shop are here fasi' ai' if wi'rh shovel and wheel barrow, while +he ground crew 'rrims hedges. -X , fn .-is .1 555, ,. -5 .I r UG "'f7'1f,1:i P.. .f,L,4fX f ,ix i vxwl. ' L. MQ ASSISTED THESE WGRKERS MA XX r , isa? , Q' it fax ,,,, "Jigg a ii - f I' A ' '7 .. ' f' 1. 14 "9 Posimasier BlckeH handles your welcome packages and le'H'ers from home. Mr. Wohlers goes over a few deiails wi'rh his pressroom foreman, Leland Shulfz. Food for +he mind, food for 'rhe soul, and food for 'rhe body come from 'rhe prinl' shop, 'rhe posl office, and 'rhe bakery. Mr. Towsley, an experi' cake de- signer, is chief cook and baker for 'rhe cafeleria. f 5 ,ff 1 4 f wif Sfapling a monihly publica- lion in +he prinl' shop. SCHCDCDL LIFE RUN SMCDOTHLY ..!", p rs Guild is an efficienl' For neal' clean classrooms and orker and undersranding buildings Mr Malhesons llie oss ' man 'ro congralulale Here we meer +l1e laundry crew. Nearly all dormilory s'ruden+s depend on 'rliis crew, and lliey know +l'1ey can coun+ on while sl1ir+s and clean sl1ee+s every Fri- day. Tlie ianiior crew is indispensable foo, and if 'rl1ere's a iob +ha+ needs doing, +l1ey'll do if even if il' lakes fill dark. T s I e ll THEY MADE LIFE CGNVQ Mr- Romanf. H19 manager 01' Our GOI- The slore lakes care of all +l1e sluclenls' needs - lege Slore- has a f'le"dlY Smile lo' all' from school supplies ancl +oo+l1 pasle +o good frozen malls. Ill lllc QQICICI ILI KIIIKJ IIINIJC JUIFJCI l.IQllK1lJCl3o ' 7 ' 1 I l NIENT Yes, folks, rhis is if! Remember? Greaf 'limes we had here making new acquainlances and s+reng+hen- ing old ones. Good food, sofi' music, sweei' words, and +hen 'floaring back fo 'rhe dorm noricing no one or nofhing. Here is fhe firsr Wednesday nighi' supper of 'rhe year, and rhe men's and women's clubs made if un- usually aHrac'rive. There was even a program planned: Here's "Mo" and Colene confriburing +heir share +o fhe evening's enioymenr. Xmong banquefs, famous snow wicnics, and iunior and senior ricnics, Mrs. Van Ausdle en- leavors +0 keep healihy young :ollege sfudenfs happy by ap- measing rheir inner desires for ood. A momenfous and infer- ninable iob, buf she does well n puffing forrh a menu 'rhar empfs rhe +as're of 'rhe s'ruden+. Tom PaHerson, cify edi'ror of 'rhe Riverside DAILY PRESS and friend of La Sierra College, is one of 'rhe oursfanding men of 1'he communiry. M.B.K., rhe men's club, was happy 'ro have him as a guesr speaker. I WN aqui r if W 4 F.-Mfr. 0 v- - 5 JL 'N 434 i! , f' 57 7-- 7 -N' A 1 ' WE CAMPAIGNED The "CriHer" campaign is rhe firsr big A.S.B. acliviiy of lhe year. H is +he firsl' +hing a 'freshman s+uden+ hears abou'r, and we mighl say 'rhar i1"s preHy near rhe lasl' rhing a gradua+ing senior hears about Every senior wanfs 'ro conlinue 'l'o gel 1'he "CriHer" +o remind him of his Alma Maier. This year 'rhe campaign was conducled by vice-presidenl' Wall Fahlsing in a +ruly wesr- ern sryle. There were lhree sides: 'rhe Glad- wyn and Calkins Rangers led by Bill Garcia and Marianne Sear, lhe Village Ranchers led by BeHe and Bob Mil'ron, and fhe M.B.K. and Angwin Rusrlers led by Marilyn Young and Morrie Venden. The wesrern 'lheme was inspira'l'ion for many slcifs and slogans. The campaign was a success wilh over 4800 sub- scripfions corralled in 'rhe final roundup. 5000 CRITTER ---,ax Yes, 'rhese are scenes porfraying 'rhe fruly wesiern "CriHer" campaign. There are l'he side leaders gaihered around +he campfire, head "CriH'er GiHer" Wal+ Fahlsing wi+h poncho in +he background, an exhibi+ion of +he 'rempfing assorlmenf of prizes for 'rhe mosl' subs, ihe old chuck wagon where 'rhe "CriHers" were 'lurned in, and piciures of chapel slci+s feafuring "Dirl'y Del" from +he dusfy desert and "Speedalong Subsidy." The La Sierra "Ranch-hands" rallied 'ro scenes like 'rhese and broughi' 'rhose "CriHers" con mucho gusiol Sombreros off +o Fahlsing for a grea'r iob well done! l 3' . if ,i 31 2' .uh N. We were happy +o have wiih us during our aulumn week of prayer Elder T. E. Unruh. presidenl of 'lhe Easl' Pennsylvania Conference. Besides conducling 'rhe week's services he counseled wilh 'rhe s'ruden'rs abouf personal problems. PRAYERS Everyone looks 'Forward lo our annual aulumn week of prayer. l'r's a lime when our assignmenls are lighlened and our 'failh is slrenglhened by 'rhe inspiralion and bless- ings gained. One feafure of 'rhe week is a guesl speaker, who 'lhis year was Elder Unruh. He didn'l' "preach" buf ralher falked wifh us in a quiel' way lhal seemed To fake us righ'r info his conversalion. Through him God spoke in a s'rill small voice and many hearls responded fo fhe call. During +he week, sfudenls were inspired 'ro srudy lheir Bibles more fhan ever before.. 60 . l JEWS Nlews and views by Com- nen+a+or Cecil Brown. ANDPHGHHCN Here are iwo of l'he fascinaiing and enlighlening programs which we had al' L. S. C. +his year. We remember how Cecil Brown, noied news commenfaior and analysi, held 'rhe chapel assembly spellbound wi+h his Lyceum series falk, "Crossfire in Europe and Asia." We also remem- ber 'rhe remarkable voice of Doroihy Warenslciold, srar of opera, conceri, and radio, who was feaiured in fhe Ar+is'r series here one Safurday nighf. Her lyric soprano ihrilled her audience and 'rhose who heard her can agree in puHing her high on +he lisi of 'rop programs of +he year. Boih 'rhe Ar'ris'r and The Lyceum series proved io be of grea'r enieriainmeni value. An ouisianding ar+is'r-Soprano Dorofhy Warenslciold ex nb, ,,,. mir? .sh SCHOOL S A semi-annual even'r a+ La Sierra is Campus Day, sponsored by fhe A.S.B. H offers an affer- noon of play and an opporfunily for every- one +o exercise and is climaxed by an evening program of s'ruden'r musical +alen1'. This year "Every s+uden'r a par+icipani" was +he slogan, and for once everyone forgol his books, and ei'rher played, yelled 'l'ill he was hoarse, or beal his hands +oge'rher. Many sfudenls pro- claimed i'r 'rhe biggesf evenl' of 'I'he year. PIR Guesls on Campus Day were Jimmy Roosevell and Helen Douglas 'rwo Democraiic campaigners. Roosevell' 'rhrew 'rhe firsl' pifch 'ro s'rar+ 'rhe ball game. Ofher games played were horseshoe and volleyball. A +ug-o'-war climaxed 'rhe ouidoor evenls of 'lhe day em-W Nw-sf ...CGNTESTSWCLUBS Clubs plan an exclusive parf in +he social life of a La Sierra siudenf. Ask any s'ruden+ and he will +ell you +ha1' if you don'+ belong +o one of fhe campus clubs you will miss a major share of +he fun of campus life. Clubs plan field days, par+ies, suppers, lec+ures, and even +he romping hay parries which +he Arfs and LeHers Guild sponsors each year. aozffaffsy of y Warch ir! Mr. Walfers demonsirales a 'rrap 'ro a couple of en+husias+ic biologisis. Bill bearing The gong wins a prize in a quiz conresi' sponsored by 'I'he up-and-coming Business Club. "Hobos do if!" S'ruden'I's approvingly look over 'lhe win- ners of 'rhe 'remperance posfer con1'es+. 9E 2lU9 WHN ZQQEEES .ate ,Ei 7 6 N V . w e ww ,j fs K 1 25 5' "il if 1 i A an rw? 2 - ..-gn, ' , ,,,:u, 1 :N':4g5, ,Mg ...ew W'-U...-,,,,..L.-M ,yfx mos ,, ,J s sm Q or Q1 , y are 5: Q wiibrr .ilu wig: W Q .. 1'-55' Q 4 L, f viaimg' A f-nf, BERT BELLW! AND n-, f .1 4 if ' f A- s 6 W 1 V F ' sf' .4 NW infix MV Q l bd' igrw l -J .K " ' , . 'W' John Tarr, fhe masfer of ceremonies, inlroduced 'ro us Elder Adlai Esfeb, guesl speaker for fhe evening. He made our hear'rs sfir wilrhin us as he spoke on 'rhe relaiion of puncfualily and precision +o good form in our lives. Every eye lurned fronl' as Bob Thomas rose 'ro sing, and every hand clapped as he was broughl' back for more lfhal' is, all excepf ihe fellow falking +o his girl, in 'rhe Yes, 'fellows' faces beamed brigh'Hy as 'rhey escorled 'rhe girls of +heir choice 'rhrough 'rhe waifing line and up 'lhe elevaior in'ro 'lhe beau'riful s'rarli+ banquef hall. The girls seem happy 'I'oo, don"r 'I'hey? 417' EW , V ..,,,.-if IHCDW WITH A PH.D. Rl The Associafed Sfudenl Body Ban- quef climaxed rhe annual Good Form Week, which 'rhis year lasied a mon'rh. H is considered one of l'he high poinfs of 'rhe year and as a resulr, fhe cafeferia could noi' accomodafe all +he s+uden'rs who wanfed +o come. Those who did come, however, saw good food, beauliful decora+ions, a greal' pro- gram emceed by John Tarr, and fhe con'ren+ed faces of all fheir friends. iregroundl. By +he size of +he crowd, ii' oks as if everyone came, bul' many were rned away because of insufficienl room -so nexr year gel your liclceis early! of.z..'i, In fheir liirsl performance of +he year, +he La Sierra College Col- legians appeared under +he direc'rion of John T. Hamilfon. They sang, "Beyond +he Blue Horizon." Then came 'rhe answer 'ro +he quesfion 'rhe fellows had been lhinlcing io rhemselves all evening: "When do we ea+?" The French menus revealed delicacies l'ha+ heighlened appefifes, and we weren'+ dis- appoinied. WE HEARD THE WORLD'S BEST 'fx If you belong 'ro 'rhe La Sierra College Band, you belong +o +he besi band in +he land McNamara may boasf +ha+ he's gol fhe besl band in +he land, bu+ Mr. Alfred Wal+ers, lhe leader of our La Sierra band, may disagree. The blue uniforms frimmed in gold help show off LSC's bandsmen +o +heir besi' advanfage. This year 'rhe band made an exfensive four of cenfral California. Wifh i+s vigorous performance, +he band is anofher induce- meni' for s+uden+s +o come +o La Sierra College, for when fhey meel' +he friendly foofers, fhey wan'r 'ro aH'end a school +ha'r is full of fhe vim and vi'rali'ry displayed by fhe band. Hurrah for fhe besl' band in fhe land! AN DS The mellow 'rones of gleaming 'rriple +rumps are friple-+ongued by friple 'rrumpefeers Prouf, Lorenz, Sfafford. The music of 'rhis +rio by Roih, Guy and Ulbriclc is capable of puffing us in moods of ease and gaiefy or solemnify and nos+algia. The roo+in', +oo+in' of Walder, Proui, Lorenz, Cole, Sfafford, Smifh sounds off, and Sfanley Mulder gives advice in "Green and Great" Mr. Wal+ers ex+ends a cordial welcome 'io Lieufenanl'-Commander Charles Brendler and fhe Unifed Sfafes Navy Band, which we as loyal American cifizens proudly hail. Mr. Walfers musi' have had a real fhrill when he direcfed 'rhis organiza+ion. W ,of W f ','!!4 1 f X f , ,X e, 2, -1 ,, -fffwyg , . , WW, 4 . ,, 5 ,, X my '. A... f, x . Wvim 1, , f 4 ,H W,.,5fff. 7, ,v 7, , 4 ,I ,NW-w f , fffjmiw- "J, Q f, fi,ff,, V ,, , , , 'f of 1 f MW, fpffffi my - 1 ., w w.,-ff, 1 f, ,,, , ,f 1, ,,f2,'f',ffff1Awf:fWvf N' f , , , ,J MW'-,144 wh gf, ff f ,M f w, 2f,'ffi,4ZA,j7Wf , If fxfff, 2, fl- f' iw hw fiffff' f -' 11 f 412 ,u , f f, V, f, . , q, y ,Q ,Af gr' W" fs, 0, jf, ,W ., 1 2 W yffwlfflfp Lf 4,, . M ff Lf? , 2 ,, ' f, 3, I 4 Mr! V fy f as ,, , 1, ,, ,, W, 4 6717111 71' X I f ff f , ,ww ' 1 A aa :f-2 ,N .WW ex? ' 'Q w-,- .,., RQ! wx W, EZ f w 1 1--fy' nv' ,4 vf L- lv "' 7 2 fi 5 ,I A, l 4 4 4- .S -M' I Us , 2 fi.. Y f . Q , ' 8 J f via: 1 X 'ur 'T Z4-i f sf- if . Eankww V as nys xg Q x ' 1 I X Q, 1 .Q wi,-1 gy, my 1 gg: X 1 PN X Aff- M- X, . f VV 4, V G X X A .f -, . .f A V 1 '-A 1 f imp., ,VW Q 3 X ,, Ly, -,f w,f,,y,, A " K , . gf fig a s , , 1 gig. ww.. .7- ,S1.Ns"f ff, fx 1 , M3 Qgmw Q im 93-if , 325 Nm? N1 Vs '- 1 I V oak W 4 Zan 4-A WE SAW HCDW THE OTHER Colene Vivian, and Barbara warble a liHle diH'y 'for +he men of Mu Befa Kappa during +he girls' annual open house program. Barbara and BeH'y Rae are caughi in 'rhe acl' of preparing for open house. Say, check 'rhe +op of fhai' window for dusl. Now look al lhe affer effecfs. Two of 'rhe happiesl' evenings of +he year are 'rhe open house nighfs. This year 'The women of Sigma Phi opened rheir rooms for inspec+ion in +he fall and 'rhe men of M. B. K. 'rhrew fheir doors open for invesfigalion in 'rhe early spring. Of course, prac+ical iolcers somehow manage 'ro leave behind +heir +ell-'rale woes such as shorl'-sheeied beds and hidden alarm clocks sei' for 2:30 a.m. f,'aIl'1'ss,s..c...u... HALF LIVED The alumni of our friendly college are organized info a lively group, wirh Elder Thomas Blincoe of fhe college religion deparimenr, as president Each year +he alumni have 'rheir home- coming, a day which is adverfised exfen- sively in The communiry as a day of renewing old acquainiances. Many graduafes are noi' able +o aHend +he alumni funcfions because in many lands +hey are represen+ing noi' only 'rhe ideals of La Sierra College, bu+ also fhe principles of Sevenfh-day Advenfism. From doclors fo preachers, from feachers fo businessmen, fhey all excel in fheir respeciive fields. Speech sfudenls Malcolm Talge, Shiela Birken- sfoclc, Darrell Mayberry, Philip FolleH', Lois Bryson, and Edward Oliver showed us +ha+ silver-'rongued orafors are sfill being made. In +he las+ of March fhe Speech deparfmeni' gave anoiher program depicling early Ameri- can hisfory wi'rh Abraham Lincoln as 'lhe cen+er of in'l'eres+. La Sierra s+uden'rs were impressed wi+h +he needs of humani+y and gave liberally for fhe Week of Sacrifice. THE CHOIR WAS A CGRNE The college choir under +he direclion of John T. Hamillon is a parl' of La Sierra College +ha+ sfudenfs will never 'forget Hs special numbers and ifs choral responses in lhe Sabbalh worship services added much +o 'rhe worshipful almosphere in l'he church. Then +here was 'rhe choir's annual Chrislmas program, which fealured a candlelighl proces- sional followed by sfirring anlhems and sweel' carols in bofh solo and group arrangemenis. RSTCDNE OF CDUR MUSICAL This Clmrisfmas program has a repufafion 'For filling 1'l1e Hole Memorial Audiforium, and 'this year again ii' proved fo be fhe besi' of i+s kind. Choir members will long remember +l1e week--end appoin+men+s and 'flue fhrills of singing before o+l1er congregafions in worship. Yes, we all agree Thai' L. S. C. could nor do wi'rl1- ou'r ifs fine choir. an .mn-.1-: ' "'f.1I111.:.'. . ' . ....:ia.."Th'121f 1 W ' " -"' - ' -L -1 1-ii-'-if ?ii-sf D RELIGIOUS In connecfion wilh Ihe Public and Field Evangelism class Ihe sI'uden'rs under Ihe direcfion of Elder Blincoe held a series of evangeIisI'ic meerings in I'he nearby I'own of CoII'on. The mee'rings Iealured s+udenI' speakers, college I'aIen+, heaII'h Iecfures by Dr. Ganf, and demons+ra+ions by I'he Home Economics class. Nor only was invaluable experience gained by 'rhose who Iook parf, buI' Ihe Third AngeI's Message was brough'r 'ro many people Ihrough Ihe meelings. The Missionary VoIun'reer sociery fea+ured Ihe "Voice of Prophecy" and 'I'he King's Heralds in a special ChrisI'mas program. A SI000- check given by a local residen+ is here being presenied Io Elder Richards by Harold Williams, Ihe M. V. leader. Ano+her fea+ure of 'Ihe M. V. sociefy is Ihe weekly "Woodcraf+ band." LIFE 41 ,. 5 ...I ,,'J-IW A 'W- w if.: - ...A .il Q A+ L. S. C. fhere is a club 'ro salisfy almosl' every- one's inlereslz Piclured here are 'rhreez +he Infer- nalional Relafions Club, fhe college chapfer of 'rhe American Temperance Sociely, and fhe Teachers of Tomorrow. SABBATH SCHOOL OFFICERS Firsf semes+er- Henlcelmann, Venden, Slrayer, Chin, Michaels, Babienco, WaH's, Himeno, Birlcensfoclc, Spinlcs. Second semes+er- Kalsuyama, Barron, Deem, Nyack, Elcvall, Anderson, Spech+, Sheldon, Slier. The Associafed Sludenl' Body also played i1's parl' in 'rhe fuberculosis Chris+mas Seal drive. Wilh 'rhe campus sfudenfs' help and fhe River- side boofh a considerable amounl' was col- lecled for lhis worlhy cause. l 75 PARTIES, PRIZES, PANTCM Chris+mas I'ime brings back memories of 'rhe parfy pu+ on by 'rhe men of Mu BeI'a Kappa for I'he women of Sigma Phi Kappa. Bruce Babienco sang "AII I Wan+ for ChrisI'mas is My Two Froni' Tee'I'h," and Ralph Ocampo read " 'Twas +he Nighf before ChrisI'mas." Harold Richards was Mas'Ier of Cere- monies and Ronnie Zane was San'ra Claus. Ano+her par+y IooIc place during Ihe yuIe'I'ide season. There's SanI'a Claus Sfafford now as he begins Io pass ouI' 'rhe presen'I's. There goes I'he firsf one Io Oliver Sevrensl An annual eveni' among 'rhe s'I'uden+s is Ihe cross- campus carol singing. Here I'hey are! You can aImos'r hear Ihe swee'r music as Ihe girls vocalize in fronf of I'he men's dorm. ME, PARK POLLED H , An example of wha? our arl deparfmenl produces in +l1e way of greal' ar+is+s is Frank Heinz. He look +l1e prize in 1'l1e dale fesfival and became l'l1e sweepslalces winner. This year as Valenline Day rolled around, l'l1e 'lreal was a Valenline parly in 'rlwe cafeleria. Wi+h 'flue help of Mrs. Van, 'flue boys' and girls' clubs, Emcee Ed Himeno as Mr. Valenline, and special numbers by falenled "Valen+ines," 'rl1e day was celebraled in real slyle and spiril. Some of fhe mosl' inferesfing programs were brougl1'r +o us +l1is year in +l'1e Lyceum series. ln a dramalic and inspiring chapel address, Dr. No Yong Park 'l'Old us aboul Communism in lhe Far East Her inimilable cl'1aracl'er slcefclwes revealed Virginia Sale fo be a woman who could pul' variefy and acrion info a fascinaring Salurday niglnl' program. Q i W fn - ,i wr' ia X A Y Nw X NN Q X S xx xx Q if ' X Xsg-we N if R N Sig! Qxxli i. 'im 4 yi", 9 . Q sg x igii-xx 5 X X Q ,N ss A 5. wg-.. X X X N N qs gy Y X X X sim as is -Y so ...,. " r - i i ,. - g i ' rc , ...,..f X a SSX 9 4 3 ,A , if .f I W 1:93 rx 25? DUN, Don Reynolds, our sfudenf body presidenf, smiled his efficienf way 'rhrough a successful year. An effec- five organizer and leader, Don handled "poinfs of order" and "parliarnenfary rule" wifh skill. WA Y lilil 1 f Execufive Vice-presidenf Wall' Fahlsing BeH'y Parsley filled fhe posi+ion of carried Hue "CriH'er" campaign 'rhrough fo a grea+ success. Besides managing campaigns, snow picnics, and +l1e like, he was offen 'ro be 'Found on +l1e a+l1le+ic field. l. T , A N D B E T --2 f---iii?-.H - -'fff"""" 0 ' "-l"'--- "' 'f'i'f"""1T' ' ' , 1 . ' ,ry 1, ,Ny , MQ, iii- f-3' ab' - -. ASB secrefary wi+l1 quie+ efficiency, recording 'rhe proceedings of 'rl1e execufive council ' and of 'flue noisy business meefings. TYf I l l l l i l 79 ln any organizalion someone has The religious acfivilies of +he Pusher, puller, pleader, publisher, lo hold lhe bag. ln ours i+'s Fred Associafed S+uden'I' Body were lop-man, go-belween, low man on Harriman, efficienl' lreasurer. direc+ed by consecraled, friendly 'rhe 'rofem-pole-all +his and slu- Reinhold Tilslra. den+ 'loo was METEOR edilor Ari' Carlson. AND THEIR FELLOW OFFIC And here's Carleen Henlcelmann, engineer of 'rhe many sfudenl social ac+ivi+ies and funclions we 80 enjoyed. Sharing wi'l'l1 us flue 'rragi-comic problems of "Life and Dea+l1 in a Newspaper Fac+ory," Bill Oli- phanl' edifed a 'I'op-no'rcl1 CRI- RS LED THE A.S. B. Elder A. F. Johns Adviser Norman Sclwaffner Assis+an+ Treasurer John Bruce David Greene Marilyn Young Parliamenfarian Sergeani-af-Arms Assis'ran+ Secrelary 3 ,-ff' THE M"'...Z.W JUNIORS ORGANIZED Finally you have reached 'rhe upper half of your college work and have become a promising iunior. Besides keeping up lhose hard-earned grades, you have learned 'ro mix fun and worlc and gel a lol ou? of bofh. You have decided on your major and are ready for honors. - .'!.TfI"I'f1'I.'fl, l1'-45 '.!1 J- 47 -4 - "The Royal Juniors," as +hey proudly hailed +hemselves, elec+ed Harold Richards as presidenl' of fhe class, Richard Mason as vice-presidenf, BeH'y Rae Tafro as secrefary, Ronald Zane as freasurer, Darrell Nicola as sergeanl'-a+-arms, and Ralph Pueschel as pasfor. Chiefly responsible for seeing +ha+ Juniors had a good rime, and 'rhaf 'rhey carried ou+ 'rhe funcrions fradilionally +heirs, fhe Junior officers did a good iob. 40" ,pw Max fig , Y X A as ,aw 3? Harold Richards Richard Mason Vice-presidenf Darrell Nicola Sergeani-al-Arms Be'H'y Rae Talro Secrelary Ralph Pueschel Paslor Ronald Zane Treasurer QR 3 51 1 4 a bc xc Presidenl' 83 lg:-Lanai Douglas Agee Roberf Babcock Dexfra Bell Sheila Birkensfocl: Barbara Canrighl 84 Ari Carlson Carol Chin S+anley Condon Clarence Coombs Fred Cox Dale Curlis Barbara Deem Capilola De Lyle Armand Dollinger Jack Dunham Irene Ehrhardf Larry Evans Wal+ Fahlsing Glenn Fosfer Milo Fowler Henry Fuss Julius Gorfon David Greene Frifz Guy Belly Hannum Herndon Harding Ronald Hasfings Gilber+ Herman June Herriclr Earl Heslop Jacobson ilfon Johnson Illia... Johnson ol::er+ Lee illard Leislne Rose Leong Henri Loignon Duane Longfellow Darrell Mayberry Rober+ Miclkiff Ralph Ocampo Edward Oliver BeHy Parsley Jean Pafzel lvan Peacoclc Don Pearce Alberf Pe+erson Maurifz Peferson Doris Roberfson Lynn Sarlcisian --sin. 85 Norman Scliaffner Gerald Schilling Virginia ScoH' Jim Slaybacli Kennel'l1 Smilh Roberi' Smifh Erwin Sprengel Roberf Sfansbury Roberi' Sfeen Leon Sfeinerf Vivian Sfrayer Lloyd Sundin Kazuo Teruya George Tome Glenn Van Fossen Harold Virbel Franlclin Websfer Sidney Williams Marilyn Young Elisa Elias Dale Hall Dora Huff John Sammons Forresi' Smiih 86 hcwf' N fi xi 'lx me Joseph Okumura Jack Pulien John Tarr PGSTGRADUATES Having reached a milesione on 'rheir way +0 success 'I'hese s'ruden+s have refurned as posfgraduaies 'ro renew fheir s+udies in fields ihai' in+eres+ +hem and in which +hey wish +o excell. These add much fo fhe social and men+al aspec+s of life on our campus, for 'rhey have passed 'rhe mark we are sfriving for. si Xx sdaffis Hold on' everyone yells, as a Vivian l"Plaid Clad"l S+rayer and Wi+h hungry defiance, +hree col happy group 'roboggan down +he Yvonne Yip adiusl' +he garb of a lege bred s+uden+s waif in line for Chinese snowman. dinner. SUB-GETTERS SNGWED UNDER A+ las'r fhe long-awailed day arrived. Yes, +he 'rrea'r for 'rhe parficipanls in fhe "CriH'er" campaign was here. The Chamber of Commerce 'Finally cooperaled and senl' snow. Skis were waxed, boo+s were polished, and spirifs were high as everyone made a lasi' check and iumped info 'rhe cars. We were off! Whal' a day for sporis lovers and snow babies. There was sledding, fobogganing, skiing, snowball-lhrowing, and eafing. Then 'ro +op off a perfeci day, donuis and hof chocolafe were served +o +he 'rune of a shor+ program in honor of 'rhe aching muscles and 'fired anafomies. Yes, as we s+ar+ed back for L. S. C., 'rhe fhoughl in all our minds was, "Wha'r a day! Whal' a wonderful day!" "Look ou+ below!" a hardy skier warns as he buckles under for a fasf frip down a sfeep slope in a winfer wonderland. Then +0 dry fbose we'r clo'rl1es and gel a donuf and some boi' cl1ocola1'e +o warm up fhe freezing paris of l'l1e ana+omy. Affer a wonderful day of snow sporls, we found H' was high fime +o be billing 'the books, for exams were iusl' around +he corner. wagers .AY "Tr UNDERCLASSMAN WHEELS l'lere's a loasl' +0 +he Underclassman, which everyone has +o be before he is an Upperclassman. Did you remember +ha+, Juniors ancl Seniors? I+ 'fakes us all-from lowly freshmen +o haughly seniors-ro make a college. Ancl i+'s lhe freshmen and sophomores who firsf bring life, vigor, and new ideas 'I'o college life. l I i l l' i L Kennefh Ackerman Don Alderson Marcella Aldridge Alberfa Anderson Ardis Anderson Charles Anderson Don Anderson Gordon Anderson Audrey Arnold Euel Afchley Gilberi Avilla Bruce Babienco Vivian Babienco Priscilla Baker Ray Ball Beverly Balm C. R. Bare June Barnard Mariorie Barr Rhoda Bauer Mary Beals Marvin Beams Margarei' Beckner Donald Beem Marilynn Beem Ronald Berg Elaine Bigelow Louis Bishop Lyla Blackburn Kennefh Blackwell Ann Blanchard Thomas Blanchard BeH'e Bolin Theresa Bombino Bonnie Bonadore i Carol Borg James Bofhe Waller Brady Jo Edi+h Brandon Arrhur Brandi Richard Breifigam Earl Brock Richard Brown Theodore Brown Irene Brumbelow Josephine Brumbelow Roberl' Brunel Roberl' Buchanan Roberf Builer Marjorie Bylsma BeHy Calicofi' Frank Cameron Barbara Camp LoreHa Canfrell John Capcara Barfon Carnes Raymond Carr Viola Carscallen Charles Case Mildred Cares Tom Cafes Mac Chalmers Charles Chavez Ellen Chenard Pauline Cheney Glen Chinn Allen Chong Alvin Chow Donna Chrisfensen Fred Chrisfensen 'Q' Jw- xy...-P ""'NI1 Wa vw WL 26. ,AL Y s 1 .s ,Qs if Gil g.. l at! X , lr' E ,il a X X A IS. can x f' Q' SL.. "sr- Ji yuagtvu gen. R. ? K GRAB sx,., ,533 K2 nel, -4, ' i A Q" Q'-' ' 42" ,g' 1 5 sf,-'1 , I 1 2 e f 1, we .., , ' TW i, 615 ,V A 'of 'tv' my Warren Chrisfenson Bruce Chrisfoffersen Willard Church Marvin Clark Tom Clarlr Ben Cochran Wilson Cole Fred Coleman H. O. Collier Nollie Connel BeH'y Cooper Gwendel Cooprider Richard Cordray Diclc Colfrell Wilma Cowan Arlene Cox Ernesl' Cuff Curf Daggy Roberl' Dale Sally Danneberger Pearl Dawson Glen Dean Carol Derry Paul Diaz Clifford Dorland Wilbur Douglas Jim Doyle Bruce Dunn Elmer Eberhard? Vernon Eddlemon Roberl Edge Harvey Eiferf Harrie? Eiizen Manuel Elias Beverly Ellis New V'f"r "Q '---,r 'ZLL W M yin tw ZW, ,fy , ly, f L Sim 323 'bn Roberl Ellis Rose Elloway Russell Errera Carol Esfes Paul Elier Eloise Evans Roberl' Falconer Beverly Fanlrhanel Harold Fanselau Palricia Farley Berwyn Ficlcess Curl' Fisher Elizabelh Fifchiiian Lawrence Flelcher JeanneH'e Flingsirom Philip Folle'l"l' Eddie Ford Elden Ford Richard Forresler Barbara For+ner Shirley Fowler Janel' Fox Roberf Froeschle George French Adrean Fridell Ronald Friend Vone'Ha Frilch Hannelore Fuss Bill Garcia Geraldine Garcia Connie Garrelf Manuel Garrido Alvin Gebhard Jaclc Geisinger Donna Georgeson ' 5 M 1, 5 -1 - , ,s , ,. .-..,,.....V. -..-,.,.-- ..-.--,.,.- ...-.,....--..---.,......----. -.-..,.. V ,.---Q- - - . . , - . 1 W fm fx FF?"- 'Os 1. ,- 'il' Ar 75, Y., ,xi , -T '- 'R rw- ,vw , J ,. il"25'l: ,X A ,ma 4504. Y' 1 . "MRA ' -- wx Richard Hunler Beverly Hussey Douglas Hufchison William lnman Georgelle lsbell Dell Jackson Randall Jacobs Henry James Leola Janzen Marlha Johnsen Darlene Johnson Mary Johnson Mary Ellen Johnson Donald Jones JulleHe Jones Rila Jones Joe Jordan Beniamin Kamada Joyce Kang David Kafsuyama Bernadelfe Kawasalu Evelyn Keene Wanda Kellogg Charles Kern Dorolhy King Rufh King Dallas Killle Gwen Kizziar Jane Knox George Kono f Virginia Krivoshein Burf Kurfz EvereH Lacy Marlene Lang Rollo Larson William Layer Alma Lear Alice Lease Carmen LeBegue Ben LeDuc Beverlee LeDuc Annabelle Lee Howard Lee Darlene Leech Varner Leggiff Barbara Lewis Frances Lickey Donna Lighffooi' Douglas Logan Kenneih Lorenz Ardyce Lovell Gwendolyn Lum Aileen Lung William Lures Ralph Madero Alice Marfinell June Marfinell BeHy Mason Ervin Maieer Shirley McCully Anna Laurie McGee Ann Mclnlurff Dale McMurray Earl McMurray Pafricia Mefcalf Emifa Miller Ilene Miller Marlene Miller Jackie Mills BeH'e Milfon Roberf Milfon Allison Miranda Glenn Moore Marilyn Moore Domeniclr Morda Sherilyn Morosic Lynne Morfon Mary Morlon Bernard Mracel: Slanley Mulder Mary Muldner Wilson Murray Roberi' Myers Kiell Myhre Oddvar Myhre Joanne Nadig Nancy Namba Eugene Nash Phyllis Nielsen Geraldine Nelson Sally Neuman Harold Nichols Paul Nielsen Herschel Nieman Velma Nicholson I 1 + Peggy Nip Marilyn Nixon Eslher Oldham Belly Oliver Eleanor Olsen Harry Olson Virginia Osgood Orrella Osl'oicl1 Ramona Ovas Fred Paap Edward Park Leonard Parlcer Roberfa Parlcer Evelyan Pallerson Barbara Paylon Doro'rl1y Pearce John Pell Barbara Peninglon Belly Penner Frank Pervorse Donovan Peferson Richard Pererson Mary Jo Pinell Elizabe+h Pool Gerald Porrer Olive PraH' L. E. Price Eugene Prouf Shirley Rae Mariorie Randleman Clifford Rasmussen Don Rasmussen Beverly Reeder Roger Reese Oran Reiswig Ralph Reynolds Ronald Reynolds Sidney Rich Kenneih Richards Harold Robbins Verline Robison John Roberfs Roberl' Romans Rolla Roolxer Joanne Rosenfeld Donald Ross Beifie Roih Abbie Rouse Duane Rubin Charles Russell V--r 205- R., QW 1 rv ax asia' 75 N"Rm-f Q- if-35.1 ,473 61 Sb I + el Herberr Russell Franlcie Sanders Paul Saunders Effie Scharlf Lee Schiau Ruben Schiau Helen Schierman Harold Schmid Richard Schneider Roberl Schneider Gunlher Schueller Leslie ScoH' Thomas ScoH Gilda Sclao Marianne Seal' Bud Selfzer Oliver Sevrens Glenn Shafer Thelma Shaw William Shea Gordon Shori Gordon Simlrin Rulh Simmons Herman Simpson Rulh Simpson ,W Air' V Ar'a,V , fx' fel. Carol Smithvg, 'Qv . M Fr' Jim S Kaeile .gl Smilh Roberf Srnifh Sfanley Smifh Alberf Smouse Julierfe Smyfhe Verne Sparks Lenore Spechf Marcia Spechf Barbara Spomer Jane Springs Elwood Sfaff Jack Sfafford Roberf Sfanley William Sfanford John Sfanfon Myrna Sfephenson Alberfa Sferling Cl1arloHe Sfokes Harvey Sfofflemyer James S+rachan Ruih Sfringer Don Sfump William Swari' Nancy Taggarf Malcom Talge Eugene Tarasenlxo Doris Taylor Helen Taylor Ernesf Taylor Shirley Templefon Norma Theis June Thiele Lindsay Thomas Jeanne Tignor Leon Todd Ed Tomczel: Richard Tracy William Tripp Geneva Tseng James Turner Phyllis Tyau Vicfor Uchida Margarel' Ulbricl: Calvin Unferseher Pefer Valdez Darlene Van Deusen Ani+a Valencia Marilynn Van Ornam Berf Van Tassell Glenn Van Meier Morris Venclen Carol Wagner Ellenor Wachler Clinron Vesfal Gloria Walde Alfred Warden Lois Warder hawk. 6- 'VN 'Wk mils- M42 mg fJ.'? WAY' Efv Muriel Wallace Gordon Wafson Lois Waison Tressie Walfers Helen Wa'H's William Weaiher lone Weber Rollin Weber Marion Weis Mafalcla Weiss Osiris Weiss William Weniland George Whiiley Jaffra Wilcox Florence Wildfong Leo Wiley Dorofhy Williams Grace Williams Nancy Williams Calvin Willis Jeannine Wilson Thearle Wisdom Sheldon Wood Barbara Yalre Carl Yamanuha BeHy Young Marilyn Young Ronald Young John Youngberg Dorene Zachary Myrfle Zachary Jim Zaclrrison Charles Ze++lemeyer Marilyn Albers Israel Arriaga -rf. ., VC ea- ...ur 'Ulf '92 QQWK Tim Walker John Williams Mariorie Branslor Ari Brown Barbara Brunie Charles Buelow Vinny Calalano Clyde Curfis Larry Dasher Bernardine De Fehr Waller Earle Darrow Fosier Leo Gerling Bill Gonlhier Carolyn Hansen Don Howard Edna Hsu Darlene Leech Harvey Miller Cafherine Moss Renny Noorbergen Bob Padilla George Phillips Naomi Reid Belly Sfewarf Charles Thomas Alberl VenDouris SpluH'ering, coughing, splashing wa'I'er polo 'I'eams baHle ii' oul' for one of 'rhose hard-earned poinfs. AT L.s.c:. WE DON'T SAY, Ou'r on fhe baseball diamond, en+husias'rs play a hard game of soffball. In season almosl any affernoon of fhe week we could hear +he cheering fans rooling for 'rheir +eam. Oui' on l'he green +hese golfers are s'rraigh'r-shoofing clubbers Ekvall and Lindsay s'rre'rch on a iump under +he who are +augh'r by Mr. Napier 'ro 'ree-off righf. baskef for possession of 'rhe ball as ofher players look on widemoulhed. "ALL WGRK AND NO PLAY" Foofball, baskefball, baseball, Track, swimming, iennis, volleyball, and all 'rhe res+ became parf of our eHor+ 'ro gain a rounded educafion. Leagues in fhe differenf sporis were organized in season, and we could ioin any we wished. The physical educaiion insrrucrors did an excellenl iob in organizing arhlelic ac+ivi+ies which kepf our book-logged minds free and heal+hy. And il' is 'rha'r kind of freedom and heallh on which our na+ion's slrengfh is based. lraining every muscle in his body Perfecr balance makes possible +his "Old A shorl s+ep, a mighfy heave, Chuck" pole-vaulfs a record-breaker. Fai+hful" by 'rhree promising acrobafs, Eugene Nash clears ihe bar. .S be f?xi3if?T7w ' Case, Ross, and Halsfead. l I l and 5,,aQv,filf f mf? ' Ks, j . Y 3 f l CDF, BY, AND FOR STUDENTS For six lean years droughl lroubled Cali- fornia. Nol even 'rhe mosl ardenl prayers could bring rain. Bul' in l950-5l l'he cloud and deluge boys gol busy. If somebody on 'rhe METEOR slalf called you and aslced you 'lo be on hand for a piclure on Mon- day, if slarled raining Sunday nighl and gladdened lhe farmers' hearls for +wen'ly- four hours. If we 'lried again on Thursday, 'rhere was more of lhe same. The Los Angeles Engraving Company implied lhal' il couldn"r process zinc halflones wilhoul piclures lo worlc wi'rh. Eugene Proul, 'rhe pholo edilor, did a "snappy' iob well. Besides being 'lhe pholo edilor, he 'look mosl ol 'rhe piclures 'rhal appear in 'rhe METEOR Here's 'rhe Edilor-in-Chief of 'lhe METEOR, Arl' Carlson, who pul' in many long hours on This year's annual. He is assisled by rhe secrelary, Ardis Anderson. 5013 AGC? fe' fi. 1 Q 3 f x V L,- Our advisers were a grea'r help in producing 'rhe year- Bill Brunie managed 'rhe business end of 'rhe METEOR and book MVS Sofslfy QaVe l"elPiUl l'ln'l5 On 'fhe af'fl5'flC lcepl' lhe boolcs balanced, while Calvin Hanson circulafed designing and Mr. Crawford len'r his lilerary lalenls in proofreading and wriling. 'lhe annual ro 'rhe many eager buyers. Chris Chrisfensen as arf edifor lenf his imaginafive eye fo fhe problem of design, and Mr. Kennedy was indis- pensable in figuring fypography and layouf and as general publishing adviser. Roberf Sfansbury wifh his assisfanfs Ken Logan and Joe Sfier, made fhe sales which fill fhe adverfising secfion. lf falces a friendly smile and a pleasing personalify fo sell, and 'rhese men have 1 3 wwf E pf: :,,- ,Q , ,, s,,'- , .az-,L-G - f '-Lili' ,, . . if T whaf if fakes. ,U ' . Morrie Venden and Dale Larson were 4 ' X ff responsible for fhe wrifing on fhe pages ll f befween fhese covers. We can'f say 5? anyfhing good abouf ourselves, so we'll ' in iusf remain "Yours fruly." ,M , , , mf! A METECDR MADE HISTORY The College Press rolled off academy annuals, 'rhe college Bullefin, fhe "Lef's Live" magazine, buf METEOR copy had goffen losf somewhere befween edifors, advisers, and prinfers. Kilowaff hours soared and forced fhe bills for fhe publica- fions office info fhree columns. "D" nofices were issued by fhe regisfrar's office from professors who felf fhaf fhere was no reason for fhe METEOR fo go on forever. Buf for 750 good men and women who had paid 54.00 for luxuries like yearbooks, we defied weakness and sleep fo publish a record of life on fhe campus of a small Wesfern college-nof as educafors fhinlc if is, nof as your parenfs see if, buf as if is. 4 " s-'JS' 'yu' ,P J U C 1 -.v 1 "uw "J 'i 5 :I"5'z5' 5. Q -v 1 -A . . f ' l ' 3 xii HK -- 5.4 Zfxfif' 'in flegfzeea Za and 4 l Y, A,,, -, V2 W --'1 'Wx Edi+or Bill Oliphanr consulfs wi'rh loyal s'ral:f member Kazuo Teruya. Reliable Kazuo capably filled 'rhe key posirion of make-up ediror and was largely responsible for +he "CriHer's" a'Hrac'rive appearance. These are some of 'lhe people behind The by-lines who mel' dead- lines wifh headlines. Columnisl Morrie Venden, Reporler Earl l-leslop, and Associale Edilor Phillip FolleH' supplied copy 'io 'rypisl' Barbara Jean Holberr. Make-up ediior Kazuo Teruya's 'rurn came when copy became galley proofs. HiaH, Bus. Mgr. f WW W THE CRIT Over 'rhis desk pass 'rhe besl copy, 'lhe sharpesr phoros, 'Phe cleveresf carroons, 'rhe snappiesr layour, and 'rhe newsiesr paper in fhe collegiafe world. For phofography wirh iusr 'rhe righl' lighl and exposure, see Eugene Nash. Things really "develop" when he goes io work. ER GAVE HEADLINES TCD XN. A X... P yy' . - - ,MLEW ""f in Merrillyn Jacobson began fhe year as associafe edifor Glenn Fosfer's unfiring work as circulafion manager of of fhe CRITERION and Beffy Hannum finished fhe year fhe CRITERION deserves a fribufe from us all. lf fook in fhaf capacify. Mary Margaref Gullef's original column a lof of work and pafience on a iob fhaf gof liffle soon became a favorife wifh "Cri'H'er" readers. recognifion. Here Eleanor Olsen gives much-appreciafed assisfance. Meef fhe folks who gafher fhe views and clues for fhe "Criffer" news. Edifor-in- chief Bill Oliphanf, Associafe Edifors Beffy Hannum and Philip Folleff, Make-up Edifor Kazuo Teruyag Club Edifor Deena Dee: Columnisfs Mary Margaref Gullef, Morris Venden, and Louis Vendeng Reporfers Bob Lorenz, Carol Esfes, Eddie Hi- meno, Kafie Pearce, Yvonne Yip, Beffy Rae Tafro, Calvin Unferseher, H. O. Collier, Earl Heslop, and Myra Websferg Typisfs Velma Nicholson and Barbara Jean Holberfg Phofo Edifor Eugene Nash, Circulafion Manager Glenn Fosfer, and Business Manager Ross Hiaff. From fhe gafhering of facfs by fhe reporfers fo fhe prinfing of fhe lasf issue in fhe College Press, fhere is a lof of working fogefher and co-ordinafion required. If you don'f fhink so, iusf read Edifor Bill's "Life and Deafh in a Newspaper Facfory." And Teresa Bombino's clever carfoons and fhe sfaff's fhoughfful edi- forials consfanfly kepf before us bofh fhe lighfer and fhe more serious sides of problems of college living. II3 lg lne Collegians represenf a dream come +rue. Mr. Hamilfon began 'rhe organizaiion fhree years ago as 'lhe fursl' of i+s kind. I+ is a radio-s'ryle group 'lrained for 'I'he concerl' sfage. Each year 'rhey go on a week's +our, giving concerls in various academies and churches. Yes, +hese 'rwelve men and six women, wi+h pianis'r and direcfor, comprise an ourslanding musical organizalion. THE COLLEGIANS' TOURS,i The College Choir held a warm place in our affecfions l'his year. We shall always remember ifs anrhems and responses as making an invaluable conlribulion 'ro our Salobalh worship. Similar +o 'rhe choir's effecl on our religious life, fhe eifecr of La Sierra's o'rher musical organizafions was +o raise lhe whole level of our culfural life. The orchesrra and band, 'rhe Collegians, and The olher ensembles 'rrained in our music deparlmenl, have earned places in our collegiare Hall of Fame. II4 l H' was Mr. l'lamiHon's inspired direcling +ha'r sparked 'rhe College Choir, Collegians, and ofher vocal groups lhis year. lns'rrumen'ralis'r Alfred Walfers no'r only 'raughf local Jroofers To 'roof buf also was 'l'l'IG colorful conduc+or of +l1e orcl1es'rra and band and 'rhe favorile concer'r violinisl' of La Sierra College and communify. ORCHESTRA CCDNCERTS Home-grown symphony performances are offen 'ro be preferred when fhe performing organiza- 'rion is our own college orcheslra under l'l1e expressive balon of Mr. Wallers. Heard on many diFferen'r occasions +l1rougl1ou'r +l1e year, 'I'l1e orcl1es+ra aHrac'red special crowds 'ro iis semi- annual concer'rs in H.M.A. ' 0 nl G asf .4 1 x ' .. Q Q W ' 7 'im - - ' I The La Sierra College Medical Cadel' Corps s'l'ands in formahon showing a well-organized baH'alion of medical corpsmen. ARTIST SERl "To lhe righl' flank, March!" Com- mands such as +hese echo across 'I'he campus on Sunday evenings while La Sierra men of drafl age learn more aboul' lhe ways of +he milifary es'l'ab- lishmenls and how besl' 'lo serve +heir counlry in +ime of crisis. The Medical Cadel' Corps in S.D.A. schools are doing much 'ro help fil' young men 'lo serve bofh man and God if +hey should be called 'ro milil'ary duly. The La Sierra M.C.C. have been on bivouacs and o'rher maneuvers, learning firsi' aid and mili'rary manners which will enable +hem 'ro fill an imporlanl role in 'I'he medical branch of lhe armed forces. .. f."l'f?i. FW in "AHen---chun!" And loyal cifizens salufe +he colors rep- Herrick, Garliclc, Napier and Sco'r'r lallc lhmgs over -resenfing 'rhe besf land 'rhaf has a flag +o fly. casually before a day of sham baH'les ES, AND MEDICAL CADETS Like +he s+uden+s of former years, we forgol abouf chemical formulas 'rhe causes and evenfs of 'rhe Civil War, and 'rhe infroverfed personalify while we brearhed +he spirii' of anolher world-+he world of greal musical expression. One of 'rhe oufsfanding concer'I's of +he year, held in H.M.A. early +his spring, was +ha+ by one of 'lhe world's grea'res'r woman violinisfs, Pafricia Travers. A 'hw fl, ,,, a,, Bo+h cellisf and violimsf Joseph Schusier one of 'rhe world's greai' arhsls performed here in H.M.A. QW 6 gu- 1 . ALUMNI REMEMBERED US The Alumni of La Sierra College are represenfed in 3l differenf counfries. And as fhe years roll by, ofhers of us are ioining fhose of you who have gone before fo finish fhe gospel. This year a quarferly alumni paper called fhe Alumni Pafhs and edifed by Milfon Murray was sfarfed. Plans are in fhe making for if fo become a monfhly paper. May 4, 5, and A6 were home coming days wifh an evening of music on Friday, and on Sabbafh we lisfened fo Elder P. C. Heubach in fhe church. Sunday was full, from fhe famous ball game in fhe affernoon fo fhe alumni banquef -T in fhe evening. .... Yes, La Suerra's alumni are represenfed all over fhe 4 , 1 world. We as sfudenfs are supporfing you, alumni, A A TS wifh our prayers and earnesf desires. Wifh all of 6 us working fogefher our Lord will come fhe sooner. ze, A " f Aga A Elder Orval Scully and family are now living in Cuba where he is pasfor of fhe largesf church on fhe island, consisfing of 350 Spanish members. As Girls alumni of ,she yea,-S l92l,'22. M,-5. alumni of La Sierra College, Elder Scully graduafed Koehn was fhe precepfress. Seafed leff fo in The Cla55 of I43- righf are Mary Lewis Judson, now in Romonag Bernice Squires, feaching: nexf girl, deceased: Rufh Whifuell Bishop, San Diego, Mary Sfarley Grohse, Hunfingfon Park: Efoil Woods: Lois Geddings, de- ceased: Grace Squires Lily. Dr. and Mrs. Lily were in China. The girls in fhe baclc are nof lcnown, buf fhe fall dark-haired girl in baclc was Edna Brinlcerhoff who was a concerf pianisf. Elder Charles Marfin is now fhe M.V. Secrefary of fhe Soufheasfern California Conference. He is a gracluafe of 'rhe class of I945. Mrs. Marfin is former Pearl Bailey, class of I944. The s+uden+ week of prayer was inspiralional lo s+uden'rs and facul+y alike Speakers and forum parficipanfs were Elder and Mrs. Heppensfall Elder Fearing Colene Hooper David Ekvall Fred Golles, Kaiie Jo Pierce, and Louis Venden. PRAYER INSPIRED U As in +he fall so in 1'he spring a week was ser aside by sludenls and facully in which lo seek a closer walk wi+h our heavenly Falher. During 'rhese weeks many who had nol known Him before became followers of Chrisl. The fheme of +he spring week of prayer, held by Elder Theodore Carcich, was "Your Wor'rh." Besides chapels and ioinl' worships, sfudenf- led prayer bands were held each day when we mel' 'ro ask for God's care and grace. Elder Carcich, presidenl of 'lhe Washinglon Conference, gave us new inspiralion for spirilual living when, during +he spring week of prayer, he infroduced us anew +o our besl' friend Jesus. "College Day" was a greal' day for visi'ring academy and high school seniors who may wish 'ro burn midnighf oil here af L.S.C. s'rar+ing nex+ Sep+ember. During ihis gala day, we +ried +0 give our visilors a +as+y smairering of whal' college is like. SENICDRS TCDURED, MCDTHERS The La Sierra College Preparalory School is exacrly wha'r i'rs name implies. Hs gradu- ares have nor only received high-qualify secondary school fraining, bu+ also rhe kind of prepararion which makes lhem more effeciive college s+uden'rs. The Prepara+ory School faculry also funcrion as criric reachers in The secondary 'reacher rraining pro- gram of 'rhe college. Arlene Hoover, William Napier, Mabel Andre, D. Cecil Nellie Phillips, Alberr C. Madsen, Jean Parzel, A. H. Barr, Waller Kennedy, Floyd Wood. Parker, Elmer J. Digneo, Fedalma Ragon. ffi5ff'W'fHffMffW41"V'W-Vfwfm-"WVWCWWM 'mf' "9'i- ' Y 7 ' 'Y ' On alfernaie years fhe sfudenfs on opposife sides of 'rhe campus rake 'rurns honoring lheir parenis. Lasl' year fhe men of M.B.K. honored +heir fafhers al' fhe biennial Fafher- Son Banque'r.This spring 'rhe girls of S.P.K. honored +heir mofhers af a banque+ +ha+ 'rhe mo'rhers will nor soon forget The evening was a musical one, wifh La Sierra daughiers demonsfraiing fheir vocal and insfru- menfal +alen+s. Mrs. Kemper Camp- bell's speech on mofher-daughier friendship was bofh s+imula+ing and highly enierfaining. BANQUETED Emcee's al' 'rhe annual Spring Talenl' Feslival John Tarr and Alumnus George Harding-Swiss +rumpe'rers wallced off wi'rh prizes. TALENT GALORE A record crowd of nearly 2,500 people, many coming from greal' disfances, aH'ended +he fourfh annual Spring Talenl Fesfival held on a Safurday evening in +he early spring. We heard 47 ama+eurs from all over +he sou+hland compefe for prizes lolaling SI50. This fes+ival is fasf becoming a +radi'rion al' La Sierra and each year lhe program is aH'ended by more en+husias+s. John Tarr and Alumnus George Harding emcee'd 'rhe program, which is acclaimed +o be 'rhe biggesl' en+er'fainmen+ of +he year. The gymnasium was dressed up wi+h colorful papier-mache decorafions by fhe ar+is+ic hand of Eddie Himeno. The con1'es+an+s were divided in'ro four secrions including 'rhe children's, classical, semi-classical, and novel'ry, wi'rh prizes consisling of S5 lo S25. Bonus enfer- lainmenl' during +he inrermission and while lhe ballors were being counfed was furnished by +he famous "Uncalled Four," by a panfomime group wi+h Florence Hill reading, and by +he college fumbling 'I'eam. Conlesianfs, consisling mainly of amaleur musicians wallced away wi'rh SISO in prize money from +he largesl Taleni' Fesiival held al' L. S. C. lo 'lhe presenf +ime. 'Z H v 1 , f".w f fi 4 "i f L .Mm L X1 ,M .1 MV: af cy 'S X Q, Ak " .5 's L' nh D iq ' kk ' x W 7 ' f ,T X fb W. 2 .W I ,, 6 . A X- x f Q 1 'ii 1q fi f " sg J ,Qtr - . Q- 'Qi:f,.i:i ' ' .' ' ' 5 Q: 1 ' fr . : 1 'D ' M'-E-935, 2' te 'f I 5 . ,- .W . . a .Mm , BE H .A .-fm-H u ' 5 4,4 X L? Q sf? I f N3 'LA ,.. xg. -I X., QQ Y ,,,.m:.1w -R ,fr Og. if If ' lm! .... Mouniain Medi+a+ions" radio sraffz Fri'rz Guy, program direclorg Carol Chin, pianist Mr. Walfers, guesi' soloish Colene Hooper, Vivian Sfrayer, and Barbara Canrighl, 'lriog Ralph Pueschel, assisranl program direcforg Moses Chalmers, soloisrg Louis Venden, announcer: Elder Heppensfall, speaker: BenneH' Lau, organist Bill Olson, fechniciang and Bruce Babienco, public relafions direcfor. MGUNTAIN MEDITATIONS We ar L.S.C. believe in a program of good works and shared fairh. We dis+ribu+ed liferarure and conducled branch Sabbarh schools: we visired +he Woodcraff home for +he aged: we cheered 'rhe sick and read +o rhe blind: we 'rook parf in fhe March of Dimes and boughr Tuberculosis seals: and we ioined 1'he Red Cross and gave blood for Korea. Bur in all fhis 'rhe blessing we received was grea+er 'rhan any we gave. l 'U Mn 9RU'+fi":!1lQl A capable wrirer and speaker, Frirz Guy, iunior 'rheology srudenl' and La Sierra's dele- ga+e +o +he Paris Youfh Congress 'rhis sum- mer, will reporf +he evenrs of +he congress +o college and communi+y nex+ year. -W fvn - f V ---A - ---wuz:-1:a:n M.B.K. UNITED MEN "Will fhe M.B.K. club please come 'ro order." These words are heard every Thursday evening when fhe presidenf convenes 'rhe club meefing. One of 'rhe leading campus groups, M.B.K. includes all male dormi'rory sfudenls. Many happy evenings are speni' in such club acfivifies as picfures, programs, par+ies, and 'rhe half- dreaded open house. H seems srrange +ha'r +he men should dislike open house, since i+ is a means of geHing girls fo +ha'r side of +he campus. Bu+ exlra cleanup sessions never seem +o appeal 'ro men. ' I 5 2 I 5 Second semes+er officers, leH To righ+: Bob Buchanan, Sec.: Firsi semesfer officers, lefl' +o righf, BenneH' Lau V Dale Larson, Pres.: Richard Clark, V. Pres.: Bill Garcia, Pres.: Kennefh Richards, Sec.: Sidney Williams Treas Sgf.-a+-Arms: and Morrie Venden, Chap. Kenne+h Smilh, Chap.: and Moses Chalmers Pres S r l LITTLE BIT OF EVERYT n T X ,ff :Q -Q51 'wax 'qw'-I -. kv 65 3 X 'I' .s ..,, ,j if -- -0 4 , .V , f f fi.-, 2 I. . f .,. M hh- , .W Q f f... V Y I J X fats' TN af W ui 2 QW , ' 'R fx, ,f ff f 1 wg K , , If 4 f ff XJ I 7, i ,, , , ,, A , W, ff T, ,,,. ,V .L BPL- - ,Y .. 0010 QW ING SPICED OUR LIVES 'Y' ,412 MESSAGES . 53:1 FREE' 'x D unwfff ' :S lift frm 73 K . x - fe. A - 415 ' W - 1 wax: . ni-lvl . , , ..mmvN-M..,,x,. lull' ..p"...,P Y---i in r I 56 THEY CAME THEY SAW THEY CCNCQUERED THE ACA My , DEMIC ACCDLADE IS THEIRS MOTTO-Vision, sacrifice, achievement AIM-To be like Him. COLORS-Maroon and gray. FLOWER-Wl'1i+e carnafion. Q if ' .4 44-4. Dr Alrey Millie Hee, Ree HiaH', and Louis Venden are conversing before a commuHee meering. Incredible as if seems, 'four shorl' years broughl' over one hundred of us 'ro +he sfafe of Seniorhood. From lhis van+age poinl' of experience, we surveyed rhe 1'ime lranspired and began +o speak in rerms of college memories. The sudden and pressing realizafion of a new life ahead brough+ 'rhrills coupled wirh fears plus a deferminalion +ha+ in 1'he days ahead 'rhe bes'r of our knowledge, forrirude, and endeavor shall be applied +o 'rhe problems of life. Being Seniors meam' dreams reaching iulfillmenr, hopes beginning +o come +0 life, and a rueful acknowledgmem' +ha+ nor all of rhis world's knowledge is crowded wifhin any one Senior's cranium. I+ mean'r a press of acriviries, plans, piclures, expenses, and headaches fha? had previously been shielded from our view. H' also mean'r a lo+ of real fun. And if meanr +ha+ a gilded sheepskin and a 'few poignanl' memories would help +o lend enchanrmenl' +o +he baHle for fhe degree of Common Sense in fhe Universify of Life. Yes, if was greal +o be Seniors. Even +he solemnily of rhal which lies ahead failed +o dampen our enrhusiasm for our Alma Maier and all fhai' she means +o us. SENIGRS OF '51 "' Summer Seniors .,.,...,A.. ,. .. X ij LOUIS YENDEN BENNETT. LAU REE HIATT MILDRED HEE Presldenf Vlce-Presldenf Secrefary Treasurer KENNETH NYACK KEN MATIKO DR. W. J. AIREY DUANE ALBERT Chaplain Sergeanf-af-Arms Adviser 5, mf 'PI-IAROLD BAKER ROBERT BALDWIN TERESA BALLAGAS WILLIAM BOUNDY 0 -'Y' WARREN BELDING WALTER BRADY JOHN BRUCE WILLIAM BRUNIE Q-4 LOIS BRYSON ARTHUR CALKINS RICHARD CARR ALLEN CHAFFEE TAKE THEIR PLACE IN THE W Moses CHALMERS CSRTSRISIQIQDN RICHARD CLARK +EuEL CRISP PAUL DIAZ 1 My CLIFFORD DAVIES WILLIAM DAVIS DEENA DEE YEARL DUNNEWIN DAVID EKVALL ,A A A 'wiigiwif T R' ALBERT ETLING WILLIAM FAIR ELDEN FORD GEORGE FRISBEY CHARLES FULTS If MARY GULLETT LUTHER HAND GERALD HARDY FRED HARRIMAN PAUL HART RLD CDF HARRY DARBY T DORSEY FURR Jon-iN Eucnc S CARLEEN HENKELMANN Four busy years of college life reached fheir climax in our Senior year. New acfivifies crowded info fhe daily roufine wifh amazing rapidify while sfudies began 'ro suffer increasing neglecf as June approached. Many Monday evenings we mef in Dr. Airey's class- room and fhere discussed subiecfs ranging from our moffo and aim fo mefhods of perpefrafing fhe memory of fhe Class of '5I upon fhe campus of L.S.C. Then, foo, wifh our Senior year came a necessary and valuable increase in social acfivifies and obliga- fions. Take fhe Faculfy-Senior banquef, a never-'ro-be-forgoffen evenf fhaf revealed forcefully fhe humorous side of our faculfy. Or remember fhe alumni banquef when we were warmly welcomed info membership wifh fhaf elife and illusfrious group. The annual Junior-Senior picnic gave us opporfunify for final frolicking wifh nexf year's Seniors. The Senior program week end broughf many a smile and serious fhoughf along wifh a revelafion of Senior falenf, ambifion, and plans for fhe fufure days. Marking "Two- Bif" mounfain for posferify, cocoa and donuf breakfasfs, a week- end in fhe class hermifage af Cedar Falls-all fhis and much more formed a parf of our Senior year. Buf surpassing all fhis was fhe soff swish of graduafion gowns, fhe swinging of fassels, and 'rhe sound of marching feef as commencemenf day became a realify. Such fhen-and yef much more fhan mere words can convey- was Senior life in '50-'5 I . "' Summer Seniors I33 CHRISTIAN SERVICE Wide Ihough 'rhe range may be of age and experience among 'rhe seniors of as '5I, 'rhey all share a common aim, "To be Iilce Him." They know 'rhal only ROSS HIATT I 'rhrough a +rue vision of Chrisl and a life of self-sacrifice can Ihe highesf I I achievemenl' be aH'ainecl. The seniors will long remember Ihe Facully-Senior banquel given in Iheir honor in December. Members of 'rhe faculfy clepicled in MERRII-I-YN JACOBSOII a humorous selling a s+uclen'r clay of worlc, sludy, recreaiion, and social problems. DAVID KIRK I ROBERT LEE I I " Summer Seniors I I I I I I I I RONALD HILL 3 965 ALBION HOFF HAROLD HOOF COLENE HOOPER KEN HOOVER .f' Al ROBERT JULIAN 3 ff! JOYCE KAN6 RICHARD KEIGER 'ROBERT KIMBALL 'FLOYD KINDER I S JOHN KISSINGER DANIEL KOK HAROLD KROHNE BOB LORENZ DALE LARSON gl MARY LEONS RONALD McCART KENNETH LOGAN EARL Iv1cGILL HERBERT MICHALS I35 ffy LES METCALF BYRON MILLARD BOB MONCRIEFF LESLIE MOORE MARILYN MURPHY DOROTHY NELSON WILBUR NELSON RICHMOND NELSON ARTHUR NEUMAN BRYCE HICKERSON WILLIAM OLIPHANT OPAL PARISH WAT,-nf 'I' RAMONA OVAS CATHERINE PEARCE DUANE PURDEY DON REYNOLDS E ,WMI 'GERALD REYNOLDS KEITH RICH MANUEL RODRIGUEZ EMERALD ROGERS mmer S A Senior's life is jusf like fl1af of any ofher sfudenf excepf 'rhaf fhere is more of if. Affer four years of college life he has found ouf flwaf college is nof books, nof classes, nof chapels, and nof dafes, buf all of fhese and more besides. Mosf of fhe seniors know flwaf fl1eir records are on file in flwe regisfrar's office, and if bofhers 'rlmern fo fbink of if. Buf lafely flwey have been more disfurbed by currenf affairs. Polifics and world condifions enfer info fl1eir bull sessions now more fhan before. r 0 'TN149' MARILYN RUSS ROBERT RUSSELL RAY SANSONETTI JAMES SCOTT EE SHIPLEY GREEN SHURNEY DANIEL SKORETZ HARLAN SPECHT ELSIE SPINKS JOE STIER PAUL SUNDIN ADDISON SWANSON KAMALEE HIGGS EVELYN TAYLOR REINHOLD TILSTRA HELEN WATTS MYRA WEBSTER AND BECOME ALUMNI Several of 'rhe more hardy senior men scaled +he mighfy hill of "Two-BH" and applied a gallon of pain'r +0 boulders arranged in 'ihe shape of a "5I." Afler graduaiion +hey will 'rravel in many direc'I'ions. Some have jobs waiiing. Some will be enfering medicine and o+her gradu- ale courses. Some will go inio 'rhe armed forces. Some of +he women will begin careers as homemakers. Bui always, when 'rhey can, fhey will come back for old limes' sake. When 'rhey see +ha+ migh+y '5I on "Two-BH," fhey will feel proud of 'rheir class and Alma Maier, and righily so. -.,..qr qu...- RALPH TYRELL IREENE VAN AUSDLE coauss VANDER MEI DONNA WADSWORTH FLORENCE WAKABAYASHI fs. f""" ETTY WENTWORTH HAROLD WILLIAMS BEATRICE WONG YVONNE YIP GORDEN YOUNGBERG WILL LONG REMEMBER Mary Margare+ and Merrillyn came Io I'I1e aid of puffing cIassmaI'es 'ro feed 'rhem I'1o+ cI1ocoIa+e and cIonuI's affer I'I1e painfing of +I1e famous "5I." 'EUEL ATCHLEY "'BETTE BOLIN "'EVA CASPER GLENN DENTON TOM GEDDIS GERALD HIXON 'BERT KURTS HARRIS MULLEN 'I' Summer Seniors I39 DUANE ALBERT, A.B. Biol.-Chem. Teacher 5.5., leader Prayer Band. EU EL ATCHLEY, A.B. Religion-Speech 5fudenl-Facully Forum. Pres. Counlry Genllem-en." Acad. P. E. leacher. HAROLD BAKER, A.B. Religion-Speech Pres. A.T.S,, Teacher 5.5. ROBERT BALDWIN, A.B Religion-Speech V-Pres. Filomena Club. TERESA BALLAGAS, B.S Bus. Admin.-Religion 5upl., 5ec. 5.5., Church clerlc lreas. in Redlands, Callon, Sanla Ana Spanish Churches. WARREN BELDING, A.B Biol.-Chem. Teacher 5.5. BETTE BOLIN, B.S. Nursing Educ.-Biol. WILLIAM BOUNDEY, A.B. Religion 81 Music P.U.C.: V-Pres. Fine Arls Guild Reporler Fine Arls Guild, Pres. Orcheslra. WALTER BRADY, A.B. Biol.-Religion JOHN BRUCE, A.B. Physics-Malh. 8: Religion Parl. A.S.B., Teacher 5.5. WILLIAM BRUNIE Chem.-Religion Bus. Mgr. METEOR, V-Pres. Chem. Club. Assl. Leader M.V. in Pomona. LOIS BRYSON, A.B. Secrelarial Science-Rel. Pres. 5.P.K., V-Pres. Arls 81 Lellers. Long Beach: V-Pres. A.W.5., 5ec. 5.5. ARTHUR CALKINS, A.B. Biol.-Chem. Deacon Riverside church. Jr. 5.5. 5upl., Teacher 5.5. RICHARD CARR, A.B. Biol.-Religion 5.W.J.C.: Pres. Jr. Class, Pres. Sigma Della Bela. EVA CASPER, B.S. Nursing Educ.-Biol. 5ec.eTreas. Freshman Class' Sec., chair. Enlerlainrnenl Com. in Nursing Class. ALLEN CHAFFEE, B.S. Induslrial Arls-Sec. Educ. MOSES CHALMERS Bachelor ol Music Educalion Pres. M.B.lf., Leader M.V., Supl. 5.5., Pres. Choir, Pres. Music Guild, Pholographer IAETEOP, chorisler. SE C. CHRISTIANSON, A.B. Arl-Biol. Arl edilor METEOR. RICHARD CLARK, A.B. Religion-Chem. Pres. I.R.C., V-Pres., 5ec.-Treas. M.F., V-Pres. M.B.K., Leader Lil. Band, Assl. Leader Masler Guide. EUELL CRISP, A.B. Biol.-Chem. M.V. leader, V-Pres. Biology Club. 5.W.J.C.: Bus. Mgr. Yearboolc. HARRY DARBY, A.B. Religion-Speech P.U.C.: Pub. 5ec. Bible Research Forum, 5ec.Treas. 84 Field 5upl. 5ierra Foreslers. CLIFFORD DAVIES, A.B. Biol.-Religion V-Pres. Chap. M.B.K., V-Pres. I.R.C., CRITERION Columnisl. Pub. Mgr. Choir. A.5.B. Nom. Com. WILLIAM DAVIS, A.B. Arl-Induslrial Arls Pres. Induslrial Arls Club. DEENA DEE, A.B. Elem. Educ.-Eng., Religion 5ec. I.R.C., 5ec. 5.5. Club Ed. CRITERION. Rel. Acl. Com. 5ocial Acl. Com. PAUL DIAZ, A.B. Religion-Arl Cuba: 5ec., Teacher 5.5., Paslor 5anla Ana 5panish church. EARL DUNNEWIN, A.B. Induslrial Arls-Sec. Educ. Mem. ol Arls 81 Lellers Guild Xi I.R.C. DAVID EKVALL, A.B. Biol.-Chem. Parl. A.5.B., Pres. M.B.K., Pres. I.R.C., Supl. 5.5., Assl. Ldr. Woodcrall Band, Campus Day leader JOHN ELICK, A.B. Religion-Bib. Lang. Pres. M.M.A., Pres. 5panish Club, Evangel. Navajo Indians, 5plcrs. Team M.F. Now Mis- sionary lo Peru. ALBERT ETLING, B.S. Induslrial Arls-Sec. Educ., Rel. Pres., V-Pres. T.O.T., Jr. Leader 5.5., Youlh leader 5.5., Palh- linders leader. WILLIAM FAIR, A.B. Biol.-Religion Treas. Radio Club. Teacher S.S. ELDON FORD, A.B. Religion-Hisl. W.W.C.: Assl. leader M.V.. leader Mission Band, 7 yrs. Missionary Cenlral America. NIO GEORGE FRISBEY, A.B. Theology-Speech Riverside church elder, Assl. Supl. 5.5., Teacher 5.5. Assl. in evangelisl ellorls. CHARLES FU LTS, A.B. Biol.-Chem. DORSEY FURR, A.B. Religion-Speech Leader Woodcrall Band, Teacher 5.5., Prayer Band leader, 5.5. chorisler. THOMAS GEDDIS, A.B. Hislory-Elem. Educ. Teacher 5.5., Pub. Sec. T.O.T. MARY GULLETT, A.B. Biol.-Religion V-Pres. Arls 81 Lellers, Treas. 5.P.K., V-Pres. Filamena. 5ec. M.V., Columnisl CRITERION, A.S.B. Nom. Com. LUTHER HAND, A.B. Biol.-Chem. 5gl.-al-Arms M.B.K. FRED HARRIMAN, A.B. Bus. Admin 81 Hisl.-Religion Bus. Mgr. I95O CRITERION. Assoc. Ed. I949 METEOR, Treas. A.5.B., 5upl., Assl. 5upl. 5.5. GERALD HARDY, A.B. Theology-Hislory V-Pres. A.T.5., V-Pres. Col- porleur Club, Splcrs.. Bureau A.T.S., 5upl. 5.5., 5unshine Band leader. Teacher 5.5. PAUL HART, A.B. Theology-Speech Chap. M.B.K., V-Pres. M.F., Teacher 5.5., Prayer Band leader. MILDRED HEE, B.S. Bus. Admin.-Home Econ. 5ec.Treas. French Club, 5ec.-Treas. Home Ec. Club. Assl. 5ec. M.V.. Treas. Senior Class. CARLEEN HENKELMANN Bachelor ol Music Educalion Social V-Pres. A.5.B., Pianisl 5.5. REE JACKSON-HIATT, A.B. English-Secrelarial Sci. 5ec. 5enior Class, Chap. 5.P.K., V-Pres. Commer. Club, 5ec. T.O.T., 5ec. 5.5. ROSS HIATT, A.B. Hislory-Sec. Educ., Rel. BUS. Mgr, crireriorr. BRYCE HICKERSON, A.B. Theology 81 Speech-Sec. Educ. Treas. M.B.K., Chorisler M.V., Assl. Supl.. Teacher Jr. 5.5., Sec. Vels Club. RS KAMALEE HIGGS, B.S. Nursing Educ.-Biol. Glendale 5an.: V-Pres. Sludenl Associalion. RONALD HILL, A.B. Bus. Admin.-Religion P.U.C.: Pres. Commercial Club. GERALD HIXON, A.B. Theology-Hislory Riverside Jr. Supl. 5.5.. W.W.C.: Sec. O.P.5.. Teacher 5.5. ALBION HOFF, A.B. Religion-Sec. Educ. Religion ed. CRITERION. Assl. Supl. 5.5.. church deacon HAROLD HOOF, A.B. Biol.-Religion Local church elder, Flying Club Flighl inslruclor. COLENE HOOPER Secrelarial Science-Music Sec. A.5.B., V-Pres. Commer. Club. Callegians. KENN ETH HOOVER, A.B. Religion-Sec. Educ. C.U.C.: Leader M.V.. Pres. Boys' Club. W.W.C.: Supl. 5.5.. V-Pres. Theology Club, Pres. A.T.5. MERRILLYN JACOBSON, A.B. Speech-Secrelarial Sci. Assoc. Ed.. 5ociely Ed. CRI- TERION, Sec. Jr. Class, 5ec. French Club. Sec. Commer. Club. ROBERT JULIAN, A.B. Religion-Chem. Parl. M.F., Pub. Sec. T.O.T. JOYCE KANG, B.S. Nursing Educ.--Biol. Prayer Band leader, School nurse. RICHARD KEIGER, A.B. Biol.-Chem. 5ec. M.B.K., Treas. Jr. Class. ROBERT KIMBALL, A.B. Religion--Elem. Educ. FLOYD KINDER, A.B. Physics-Malh. JOHN KISSINGER, A.B. Music-Hislory DANIEL KOK. A.B. Biol.-Chem. Member M.B.K., I.R.C., Biology Club. HAROLD KROHNE, A.B. Biol.-Chem. Chairman L.5.C. sign com.. Member Biology Club. BERT KURTS, A.B. Hislory-Elem. Educ. V-Pres. I.R.C., Teacher 5.5. WH DALE LARSON. A.B. Biol.-Chem. Assoc. Ed. METEOR, Pres., V-Pres. M.B.K., Prayer Band leader. BENNETT LAU, A.B. Chem.-Malh. V-Pres. Chem. Club, V'Pres. l.R.C., V-Pres. M.B.K., V-Pres. Sen. Class, Treas. Spanish Club. Colleqians. ROBERT LEE, A.B. Biol.-Chem. Sabbalh School work Collon. MARY LEONG, A.B. Elem. Educ.-Eng., Religion Pub. Sec. T.O.T., Sec.-Treas. T.O.T. KENNETH LOGAN, A.B. Biol.-Religion Assoc. Advlg. Mqr. METEOR, P.U.C.: Assoc. Advlg. Mgr. CHRONICLE, Assl. supl. S.S. ROBERT LORENZ A.B. Physics-Malh. Sec.Treas. Physics Club. Pholo Ed.. Reporler CRI- TERION, Pres. Pholography Club. ROLAND MCCART, A.B. Religion-Biol. Prayer Band leader, Teacher S.S. EARL McGILL, A.B. Theology-Speech Pres. "Cubs" lFlying Clubl, Riverside church elder, choir direclor, Jr. S.S. Supl. KENNETH MATIKO, A.B. Chem.-Biol. V-Pres. Chem. Club, Sgl.-al- Arms Senior Class, chorisler M.V., Prayer Band leader. LESLIE METCALF, A.B. Chem.-Religion Pres. Chem. Club, M.B.K., Sec.-Treas. M.B.K. HERBERT MICHALS, A.B. Religion-Chem. Treas. Arls 81 Lellers, Teacher S.S., Chairman T.B. drive, Masler Guide group leader. BYRON MILLARD, A.B. Religion-Spanish Pres. Spanish Club. U.C.: Supl. Spanish S.S. ROBERT MONCRIEFF, A.B. Bus. Admin.-Religion Pres., V-Pres., Treas. Radio Club, Ollicer Commer. Club. Sec. M.V. lsummerl. LESLIE MOORE, A.B. Chem.-Religion Member Chemislry Club. HARRIS MULLEN, A.B. Religion-Hislory Chorisler S.S., Pianisl S.S., Teacher S.S. 0 , MARILYN MURPHY, A.B. English-Biol. Assoc. Ed. CRITERION, Pres. S.P.K., Teacher S.S. DOROTHY NELSON, A.B. Music-Religion Sec. Music Guild, Sec. Arls 8: Lellers. RICHMOND NELSON, A.B. Hislory-Elem. Educ. Campus Day coordinalor, Palhlinder group leader. WILBUR NELSON, A.B. Theology-Bib. Lang. Edilor ICPSO METEOR, Pres. Arls Bc Lellers. ARTHU R NEUMAN, A.B. Physics-Malh. Member ol Physics Club 81 French Club. KENNETH NYACK, A.B. Biol.-Religion Assl. supl S.S., Prayer Band leader. Oakwood: Pres. Pan Amer. Club, Masler Guide group leader. BILL OLIPHANT, A.B. English-French Edilor CRITERION, Sec. S.S. RAMONA OVAS, A.B. Religion-Elem. Educ. W.W,C.: Supl. S.S., Prayer Band leader. OPAL PARISH, A.B. Secrelarial Sci.-Religion V-Pres. T.O.T., Assl. M.V. leader, Sec. A.T.S., Sec. Teacher S.S., Assoc. leader Masler Guide. CATHERINE PEARCE, A.B. English-Arl Social V-Pres. A.S.B., Assl. M.V. leader, V-Pres. Arls 8: Lellers, Sigma Sisler chairman, Teacher S.S. DUANE PU RDEY, B.S. Bus. Admin.-Religion Arlinglon Liler. Band leader, M.V. Orcheslra leader. DON REYNOLDS, A.B. Religion-Bib. Lang. Pres. A.S.B., Supl., Teacher S.S., Direclor Bloominglon Evanq. ellorl. GERALD REYNOLDS, A.B. Biol.-Chem. KEITH RICH, B.S. Bus. Admin.-lndusl. Arls Pres. Commer. Club. Corona: M.V. leader: Chorisler, Teacher S.S. MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, A.B. Biol.-Sec. Educ. Parl. Senior Class, Spanish S.S. leacher, Teacher Soulh America Schools. H EMERALD ROGERS, A.B. Music-Sec. Educ. Pianisl Evangelisl work, Pianisl S.S. MARILYN RUSS, A.B. Music-Religion V-Pres. Jr. Class, V-Pres. S.P.K., Treas. Music Guild, Chap. S.P.K. ROBERT RUSSELL, A.B. Bus. Admin.-Sec. Educ. Assl. Treas. A.S.B., Masler Guide group leader, Teacher S.S. RAYMOND SANSONETTI, A.B. Chem.-Biol. V'Pres. Radio Club, leader Masler Guide, Pub. Sec. T.O.T., Chairman Sidewalk Com. JAMES SCOTT, A.B. Religion-Music Liler. Band leader, Advlg. Mgr. I95O METEOR, Collegians, Spkrs. Bureau A.T.S., Teacher S.S. DORALEE SHIPLEY, A.B. Elem. Educ.-Eng., Religion Pres. S.P.K., Courlesy Oueen I949. U.S.C.: Freshman Club. GREEN SHURNEY, A.B. Chem.-Religion Chem. Club Social leader, Leader ol Colored Sludenls. DANIEL SKORETZ, A.B. Religion-Sec. Educ. Masler Guide leader, Teacher S.S., Chap. Jr. Class. C.U.C.: Cir. Mgr. Yearbook, V-Pres. Boys' Club, P. E. direclor. HARLAN SPECHT, A.B. Chem.-Religion Member ol Chem. Club, M.B.K. ELSIE SPINKS, B.S. Secrelarial Sci.-Sec. Educ. Sec. S.S., Sec. Masler Guide, Teacher S.S. JOSEPH STIER, A.B. Biol.-Religion Advlq. slall METEOR, chorisler S.S. E.M.C.: V-Pres. Male Chorus, V-Pres. Vels' Club, Treas. Orcheslra. PAUL SUNDIN, A.B. Religion-Biol. Pres. Jr. Class, Sunshine Band leader, Assoc. V-Pres. M.M.A. Riverside: M.V. leader, Teacher S.S. ADDISON SWANSON, A.B. Theology-Bib. Lang., Speech Leader M.V., Sec. M.F. EVELYN TAYLOR, A.B. English-Hislory Pres. S.P.K., Assoc. Ed. CRI- TERION. W.M.C.: Pres. K.S.P., Assl. Social Sec. S.A., Pres. Vox Celesle, News ed. SLIGONIAN. REINHOLD TILSTRA, A.B. Theology-Music Rel. Acl. direclor A.S.B., Pres. Colporleur Club, Supl.. Teacher S.S., Sec. A.T.S., Sunshine Band leader. RALPH TYRELL, A.B. Religion-Biol. Jamaica: Home Missionary leader, Teacher S.S. IREENE VAN AUSDLE, B.S. Nursing Educ.-Biol. CORLISS VANDER MEI, B.S. Religion-Sec. Educ. V-Pres. M.B.K., Teacher S.S. LOUIS VENDEN, A.B. Theology-Hislory Pres. Senior Class, V-Pres. A.S.B., Collegians, Announcer "Mounlain Medilalionsu broadcasl. FLORENCE WAKABAYASHI, A.B. French-Religion Pres. French Club. HELEN WATTS, A.B. Elem. Educ.-Eng., Religion Assl. Supl., Teacher S.S.. V-Pres. T.O.T., V- Pres. S.P.K. W.W.C.: Sec. T.O.T., Assl. Sec. Girls' Club. MYRA WEBSTER, A.B. English-Hislory Assoc. leader M.V., V-Pres., Sec. I.R.C., Pub. Sec. T.O.T., gesc. M.V., Colleqians, Teacher BETTY WENTWORTH, A.B. Hislory-Sec. Educ. S.M,C.: Pres. T.O.T., Sec. S.S. Prayer Band leader, Colporleur 4 surnrners. HAROLD WILLIAMS, B.A. Religion-Sec. Educ. Leader M.V. E.M.C.: Chorisler, Teacher S.S., Social Aclivilies leader. BEATRICE WONG, B.S. Secrelarial Sci.-Sec. Educ. Sec. CRITERION slall, Typisl CRITERION. YVONNE YIP, A.B. Home Economics-Speech, Rel. Pres. Home Econ. Club. Sec. M.V., Sec. S.S., Sec. Arls 81 Lellers, Sec. A.T.S., Pres. Summer Girls' Club, Assoc. Ed. IQSO METEOR, GORDON YOUNGBERG, B.S. Agricullure-Religion Parl. T.O.T. emh Zach, EXAMS OVER . . . SENIORS PRACTICE . . . WE PACK UP FAMILY ARRIVES . . . INSPIR ADDRESSES . . . COLORFUL I I S . PROCESSION . . . GRADUATION GIFTS . . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . LAST-MINUTE GOOD-BYES I 5 mg' im mega I i aettfeaaaagccdetcmrfzpaa l"""" M Time marches on, and 1'l1e sluclenls of La Sierra College For informalion wri'le +o 1'l1e wi+h consecrafed vision march on lo manifesf desfiny. Dean, La Sierra College, Arling'l'on, California I44 Congratulations Senior Class Willis E. Risinqei' Interior Tile HGME ADDRESS BUSINESS ADDRESS 5067 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon 507 Wesl Willow, Long Beach, Calif Telephone 9653-R Everylhing a good drug slore should carry Prescriplions Cosme+ics Founlain La Sierra Pharmacy 4876 HOLDEN ------ Phone 9444-W Telephone 4-9I I5 Drugs K Carolyn and Colene admire 'lhe lalesl in Spring fo l' from fhe wide selec+ions available ' al' Greenwood's Shoe Outlet 380I Marlcef Slreef, Riverside Phone 6265 l 1 i ll s i r Village Cleaner 5 0 i i Clean Clothes wear longer. H037 Hole, La Sierra Phone 9706-W I Headquarlers for a comple+e line ol all fine building maferials Dill Lumber Co. AAmvVvvXA s S is if 3 Z E Marguerife Hannum and Virginia Proclor agree lhai' smoolher Hman ever - bolh ! L 3506 Main Phone 2349 Riverside California Mnuii Mmm: sniis E X.e.Ac,x,fX,N,x,x,xfE - -. -E -. X xr ffvvxf-O fb Full Line of Pl-IOTOGPAPI-IIC SUPPLIES 4882 HOLDEN AVENUE Phone 9638-W "Home OF FINE APPLIANCES" ,-O, V X - -c,A.ff.fX,-V-vxfxncxf WEET' 3789 Main Phone 23 c . XxvUVvvvNA,fAA-, ,e,fc-E -sf, fJvxAfvxA, ,JV- THE COLLEGE STORE Affords +he sfuclenfs easy and comforiable access fo merchandise 'rha+ is priced "ius+ righ+" for bofh 'rhe school and home. I47 ' I I I I E I I I I I II II I I I I I Ii ls If II I I y I I li as s , sw-.-'N-ye . ., ,, """"w-fl mmm MMM., ' ' ' MUNSON AGENCY All Lines of Insurance 3965 Markel S+ree+, Riverside Phone 7023 . MELVIN MUNSON II943 Wall S'I'. La Sierra Heighls Phone Riv. 9764-J-3 2I Years in La Sierra Heighls I X I N Sf-I x, 'MAJ X iw fig X 5 P 2 Marilyn Murphy deciding on her spring foofwear COFFIN'S SHOES 3877 Main SI'reeI' EUGENE A. MUNSON Phone Riv. 4343-J Riverside, California F Z 5 Q 1 Draw Up a Chair Join Our Students Around the World O THEY HAVE PURPOSE 6 THEY HAVE INTELLIGENCE 0 THEY HAVE SUCCESS O Open Your Books To Accounring 0 Bible 0 English HeaII'h 0 Hislory 0 Psychology Teaching 0 Many Olher Courses Wri+e 'For Ihe I-I 0 I95I BuIIe'rin I48 Sfudenls who look courses from Ihe Home Srudy Ins'Ii'Iu'I'e 'this year are Calvin Hanson, Les Mefcalf, and Bill Oliphanl. S IIIIII I WI' TE wi2L2:gE2Lk.m - ack ress PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA A Friend of Students Our scholarship plon hos helped hundreds of young people to poy their woy through college. x +3 l Pl ll Uliss if ISI From the Land of Orange Empire 60 CHURCHES, COMPANIES . . . 23 CHURCH SCHOOLS . . 3 DAY-ACADEMIES . . . SAN PASQUAL VOCATIONAL AND AGRICULTURAL ACADEMY LA SIERRA SENIOR COLLEGE .... LOMA LINDA, PARADISE VALLEY, SANITARIUMS SUIIIHHSIHVH, Erilifiiiriii Uuiiiiiinii H. H. Hicks E. A. Sciirnidi Presidenr Sec.-Treas. S. M. Jefferson Charles Marrin Sabbarii SQIWOOI Missionary VoIunIeer -Vx,,AJxfxf-s..xv,xf.,-.,-V,.,, s-.N,.-,-,- K-, ,-,.X-,X-,., . F, A, L, -, AJ ,X,VvVx,X,,Lf L V XA., L, L,AffvxfV-CAf, - , , .Y Safe x,xf.,,x,x.fxA.f-Cfxn Sauifzeadlmn Qalifomia C I. Cnrisrnan D. If. Dilc Educarional I-Iorn M y B. WiIes Henry N T Publishing Book 8 Bbl I-I ,ys-,,-CA-x.fx,Cfx,-xx X X X L. Book cmcf Hilfe Jfoufte P. O. Box 584 9707 Magnolia Ave. ArIing'ron, California Phone Riverside 90I2 HENRY NORTON Manager I5O BIBLES BOOKS TRACTS PICTURES GIFT ITEMS .Af Glendale anitarium and Hospital WHE Yllll llll Ulllllll Yll Il llllllfllllll lllllEllIl You will compare lime advanlages, and measure flue values of lraining offered in Sevenlh-day Advenlisl Nursing Schools .... The more 'than 800 gracluaies and sludenls of lhe Glendale Sanilarium and Hospilal School of Nursing will leslify lo llie excellence of fheir lraining in fhis school of 'rhe Wesl .... Silualed on a 25-acre, parlr-like eslale near llwe Verdugo Hills, a modern 225-bed hospilal provides lhe facililies of a fully accrediled school .... A slaff of compelenf inslruclors assures lhe sfudenl of a llworough 'rraining for her career in nursing. 'ii K N r ., fav lallg i if-lrr ,, nf il ' s , f " w. -' '- ' 1, . .. ,W ' , -L ",g',,1i 'si 1 , L- it pus lim- Elf ,li 'I ijifr A , A 'sf ,mf .f l V - i ..l A N- if , ff 1 af- ,- f i M ' 4 1- : i ip ' e "+7'?4t-Ti' r A r fl ,rg ff 'Wife' 1 ,b A, A i v 1 !1"f F1 Kdtftfgtll r 4 V" GBX fix i :':3'r ' I T Rigg s I' til U For illusfraled booklet wrile SCHOOL OF NURSING For lhe Mosl Complele Selecfion of Classical and Popular Recordings In All Speeds, Come To fs? 4 , i SN MUSIC HOUSE CARL F. GRUNWALD Record Deparlmenl 393I Main Slreel Riverside, Calif. I509 E. Wilson Avenue Glendale 6, California -. Vxfxix Cxmfvvvvxbfx-X f-. -C -Vxfxf--Jef-,x,x,x,x,.f f ,N A f f f fsfafx, ,f J.,-,R 9 Congralulalions 84 E Besl Wishes i lo lhe Class of 'Sl l i 3 x 2 Q EVJ' r 1 Eg ? I J l 5 l Warren W. Cheney i Cl1eney's Music House l 2 S 5 3931 Main Phone 647 5 ssl f i I52 To gig gg 04 9 51 HIHIH x.fNfx,xfx,xxA.fx,x 1 xx -e -ef A,-efvxxfvx , Eavlfs Prusmw Shun n asby e 9 II693Mg I A AIg'r Ph 9723M Yes snr, you name If and we Il 'r fy 1 'P I cl o sui our ase an - weighi make 1' 3 SCHOLARSHIPS PAY .... GO THE COLPORTEUR WAY" Suutharn Ualupumm Eunfaraum -X f ,--,xfxf-vvxfx vv 1 '4 K Mm '4 Mem 3827 Main S+ree+ Phone 3I50 BH-YP ly an-1 nduzhd Presorip tion for Milly CWI Q Chris-Qian Service - n This prescripfion was wriffen for Sevenfh- day Advenfisf young people whose value in Chrisfian service will increase if fhey affend one of The seven schools of C.M.E. We would like 'ro fell you abouf all seven, louf fhe following fwo are fypical of 'rhe ofhers in scope, fraining, faculfy and value fo Chrisfian young people. SCHOOL OF DIETETICS-Since ifs founding almosf 30 years ago fhe School of Diefefics has faughf young women-and young men- fhaf healfhful living begins af The dinner fable! The GREAT DEMAND for nufrifionisfs, diefifians and food adminisfrafors in hospifals, schools and homes makes fhe School of Diefefics a nafural for you. If you wanf fo gef info a new profession where employmenf and advancemenf are assured, fhis "prescripfion for Chrisfian Service" is fhe one you've been waifing for! SCHOOL OF NURSING- If you are considering nursing as a career, you'll be glad fo know fhaf fhe CME Rx permeafes fhe insfrucfion in every classroom lecfure, in every "floor" assignmenf, and in every pafienf considerafion. Sfudenfs of nursing are Trained nof only in fine nursing fechniques and procedures, buf are faughf fo recognize fhe social, spirifual and economic implicafions of each pafienf placed in fheir care. This "prescripfion for Chrisfian Service" will safisfy fhe longing of every ambifious Sevenfh-day Advenfisf young woman. School of Physical Therapy School of Medicine School of Laborafory Technique School of X-Ray Technique School of Tropical and Prevenflve Medicine ealfeqe of M e ical gaanqelidfd Loma Linda and Los Angeles, California S I Q The Service That Saves E Hard wafer cosfs 'I'hree limes as much as sofl' waler. afeeeffe Wafer Sof+eners sold ou'rrigh+. Culligan SCFT WATER Service PHONE: RIVERSIDE 6907 .fxfxfoxfxfeo x-,xf -xwvVfAAfvvxA V ,wNvxfJvffVxAA --fe-w---vvJVxfJvvxn-A-fo-ox-AAMVVNAAA Vx,-xfxfxfxfxfx, WaI'r's Pafhfinder S+a'rion is +op for qualify and speedy Service. Calvin Un+erseher working his way fhrough college D . d 1- al' lhe Marlin's Grocery rop un an r up a I 2 7 WALT 5 Marlins Grocery Corner of Hole and Holden Sfreeis La Sierra Heighls ' lI08l HOLE AVENUE Phone 9233 M 5 K f 3 3 S f LI? .,,-1 Try It and Prove lt I -.4 GLC! LC IflL0lfl Caffe Q Angwin California The College in fhe mounfains feels a sfrong friendship for fhe college under fhe palms and fhe infermingling of fhe sfudenfs of fhe fwo schools is confinually sfrengfhening 'rhis bond of friendship. The exchange pro- grams and fhe new ideas gained fhrough fhe frips have proved beneficial. Here are picfured fhe welcoming of fhe P. U. C. delegafion on fhe L. S. C. campus, Presidenfs Anderson and Weaver, a meefing of fhe fwo college paper sfaffs, fhe P. U. C. quarfeffe, and fhe sfudenf delegafion as a whole. For Highlights of LA SIERRA COLLEGE ACTIVITIES News Coverage of RIVERSIDE CITY and COUNTY 9 Read the RIVERSIDE DAILY PRESS ,RJNVV Y , V. - ,-f.-J-fSf,,,,x,x,f---I ,xxxfv-,vvvvvvx x,m,xxxvAAA,vfJvvw HIIIIIIIIIII PVIHIIIIQ EIIIIIIIIIIII PI'Io+o Engraving wINsIER's IIIERRQIN I GOOD SHOES .... CAREFULLY FITTED I I TONI DRAKE . AIRSTEP 5 ROBIEE BUSTER BROWN 365Q I: ,B I d I56 R d C If PI me Commercial Prinfing I ALL Your Needs for Dairy Products are Answered in just two words, - Say - Swidfi fbahq 36I0 Monroe Street Arlington, Calif. Phone 9204 I BeIongia's La Sierra Store I IO99 Hole Ave. Phone 90I6-W La Sierra Variety 5 81 10c Store 49OI Holden Ave .AID .4 Ask Your Friends - - - about Goldens, ttie only store ot its Ifind in Riverside County wtiere you can save 3070 - SOCXO on nationally known brands ot men's clothing and turnistiings. Why? . . . Because I buy bankrupt stoclcs and tactory iob lots, and ttie savings are turned over to you. Come in and convince yourselt. GoIden's Men's Wear 38lI Marlcet Street at 8th Riverside WHOLESALERS All Fresh Fruits 8: Vegetables PROMPT DELIVERY 0 COMPLETE STOCK OF DRIED FRUITS - DATES - NUTS QUALITY MERCHANDISE 427i Market - Riverside 2938 r' cai.siii1....' " -I 5 becomes S Riverside Produce Co. . i 1 I e ICE CREAM If o COTTAGE E CHEESE . EGGS I Ii For quality products come to .fa Siena eafleqe fbaifuf 4621 Pierce - Phone 9647 Cash and Carry Home Delivery I e Homogenized Milk is If o Pasteurized Milk I o Cream W I i I58 i jn- Y Riverside T pewriter Co NEW UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS ALL MAKES NEW PORTABLES AND REBUILTS REPAIRS AND SUPPLIES Phone IO2I New Locafion 3742 8+l1 S+ree+ ,x,x.AJvvxA.-X, -.L -O O, O-x,vvvvx,x,x,X, - -. -. e x.x,fef,A,xfx,xAf- e -,X X-A e fi-, AA.- L Say It With Flowers Tl1ere's no more endearing way when ordering for sweefhearf, wife or friend BAKER? FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Your local florisi' - 9450-J - Deliveries F A S HI is our maior 'li ON. Riverside, Calif . -rv- .X WALT ' f C '-I ,'N':q-nf 'AQ v'-." -, - ' -I .- ,,,,N3f - I , . 2 W , X K r ' r CX ""'-52" P: A 3? 2-X Q- if .grill ug-1,-' -:fb in 5 , v. E 5.9. ' ' 153 C -fmqvkxz ' I' if: 'SENT Q3 x .-vs y sw.. X, . .,k5EmT,-.W . s ' 5-H ' I I R N l " 'iil .. Q 3, 'fix I - , ,X -e. -A- V -'we - i A A 5? Y ,, .. us.: is g xm,T,A:,,fT. B35 .fin . 1-. -J H - -'N 5i.,ixIf ff -W "'.,-TA? ' 'TTT ., as 5 Q S 1,4-f 'LIS .sr I S, ,x ex H J ,L I x ' ' Y E " 14 ,W -- , .-A-?""",.,.. e -2:1 if: 'sQ,,.e-A 1-ii , H 'm1'f1YYF -I II Mn IISSAI if ,ll -. I Q' 1 nkx- , Q, 4- , Y, 'l,'7.l'- gf' . In I I 5 ATT 3 'sl I I- ? iii I V-6.-X2 f' 2 -1' -3 I s ' fl Sd , .-cs :-- f ' Q X' qfdllwgf I SC git' 'X 'ff' A ' F 17f'W'f5"lf5 I i Q 'ferr If f i DL If 7 I l ff 4 E L X 'Xw.I.,.-"ff':'?w..-.1 ff- -'VJ ,S I I4 'X ,J 7:1 I . rw -' V fu. ,i -e CW' ,' w , . f 1, --I-":.,,"yg'Q,,,.,' - - nc 1 .V -r-, ' , Ynrv 0.44 '. r . S A I ,L ' ' y,Nf'--fJ'fg!g A A- J, ,, W - ,, ,Q4 ' A 'A -' ,,,,,g4g,s affix, ,-- ,-.,,, X- M. xo, he J We welcorne you lo LA SIERRA Pul' your savings inlo a home . . . alle "A Square Deal or No Deal" See: BESSIE SMITH SHAW 'i Yf,,- 'if 52351 f s 'S ' l Bill Shaslxy shows Oddvar Myhre 'Ihe newesl' lines of lhe l95l Mercury. ME R U U for "++.e buy of your nie" COME IN FOR The drive of your life o Complele Service Clean, Dependable Used Cars Dick Clay - Mercury ll042 Hole Ave. La Sierra 808 E. Sixlh S+. Phone I595 V VNAJNAIV y 5 For I College Styles in Clothing cmd Shoes it's ,' I I I .l ' 'scllewsf I 51' I , BBE I Deparlmenl' P Slore Arlinglon California I6O L.. .1 Corona, California KEEP IN TOUCH WITH LA SIERRA THROUGH we y,lIr-. T I ' COLLEISQ IIERIOFI Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a 'U 0 z :I ze n TTY WV? S S 5 5 'I 'I 'I I I 'I :I I II II II II Ili l'l'l H1 -I D' CD O U7 'O' I CD N C '21 'H C -I 5' 5 LQ O 5 5' CD 2. U3 D Fl' ogerson ontiac Co. 7+I'I 8: Washburn - Corona - Tel. 97 Complele Service Facililies including Body 8: Painl Depl. - Wrecker Service X X -. C X, VwvvvVVVX vvvvvCxxxvfAAfxfvvXmX.x vxeffvvvffv . K fX.f-.fxfxfxfxf-Cfxfxfx F.. IN qi" QINZENS WI .K W-, W 1 ARLINETIIIN BRANCH CITIZENS NATIONAL TRUSTS BANK SAVINES CIF RIVERSIDE ARLINIETUN. IIIALIFDRNIA e fu-X,-X. Ace Bushing .,,.,,r Balrer's Flowers Belongia's ...7.7,.77........,,. I67 Glendale Sanilarium l59 Golden s I6O Greenwood's Bessie Srnifh Shaw .......aa I 60 Greg0rv'S .aaa. A.aaaa...f,.,,... Bal, Eubank Nash ,,,.,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,AAr ,7,7. I 62 Grunwalds ,,,,,,,,,,.......,,,,,.. Ca,-penl-el-'5 4,VV.4,AA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,,,,,,, I6O Home Sludy lnslifule .... Cenfral California Conference e,,...r. I64 Jol1ns0n's Traclor ......... ..e. CI'Ieney's Music ..VV..V.eVV...........VVVV..V,,..-.V I5I KfIS'fY'S V--VY-YvVVVV---,YYYVeV-'VV,--V-,-- College Cr-iferion ,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,A,,,,,,, ,,,,, I 60 La Sierra Building Ma'I'erials College Dairy .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,A,,A,,,,,,,,777. I58 La Sierra Cleaners .....,... ,,,. College of Medical Evangelisf La Sierra College ......,e, Tropical Medicine ,,,,,,,,AAA,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, I 53 l..a Sierra PIIBHTIBCY ..,.. College Sfore ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,A,,,,,,, ,,,,, I 4 7 L. B. Miller Radialor ...,.o.. Culligan Sofl Wafer r..... I54 Los Angeles Engravers .... Diek Clay Mercury ,AA,,AA,, ,,,,A, I 60 Magnolia Cenler MaH'ress Dill Lumber Company ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, I 46 Marcus Meaires ....,.c........... Ear-I'5 Frosfee ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A,,,A, I 52 Marlin's Grocery .,.., Ennis and Lackey ,Y,a,, ,,,,,, I 64 IVICCIIDIOCR ....,,,.,,,. Erby Davidson .,,,,,,,,, GabrieI's Men's Wear Mode o' Day ,.,,.,.. Moore Molors I66 I52 Index I5I I57 I45 I47 I5I I48 I66 ,,,,. A I62 I62 I62 I44 I45 I64 w,,,, , I68 I66 ..... , l65 l54 I65 l65 I46 Munson Agency .,..... Pacific Press ..,...,..,..... Pacific Union College Rlsinger ...,,,,...,.........,.,,. Riverside Daily Press Riverside Produce ....... Riverside Typewriler , Rogerson Ponliac .,...., Rouse s ............,..,...,...,. Rubidoux Prinling, Engraving Soullweaslern California Book 8: Bible House ..,......,. Soulhern California Conference SouI'l'IeasIern California Conference Swee+s .ss,,,,,.,,,............. Swiss Dairy ..,s,..s.,.. Village Cleaners WalI"s Service ., Winsler s ..s............... Zee's Men's Shop .,,,, i Yi GLM: .-.- -'f:.s I..-.-..-...V ---.. ..,Y....-f- - ,... . .. c..-.....-....L- .,...... ..., - ,,,,, '1LL.,- ...-S.4.L..:.A.. ...--A...'---s ' 'IWWFMN I " ' 'i ' I 1 i min 5 Corona 8: Riverside The shop of young ideas. LA SIERRA M.. Don Mack and Jack Stafford have a "pressing engagemen+" ai' IO666 Wells, Arlingfon Phone 9409-J I62 Y 'U Je WJ, -IC Y'-I :O -Z I o VII rn-1 xl' 4:11 ...VT O I'l'I W? W 3 ia'3g.' OCD 5.350.0- cn:-' U'3fDR CD-H 1 -ow O's43V'g ffifwg- ?fD9L5iTLo 0 -34: o ' U3 3-+- Q'-0-. CDQJX4-P? 3- OCD aneow -OJ U' mjmgo -+-KDDCD-H f.f,2:'.? -. o jg OJCD CT-. :oi gggei VINTU5-Fnhf? 3 SN Us R BN Q 3 M 0' -P 3' aff 4 one 311 mlm ID:-' 3 0 9: 13 :H+ E 4 Q. 'U 3' O J CD G U1 Nl Nl A,JA f, in slileiililliilnli Slllllll If i'r's Building lvlaferials You Wani- We have +hem! IO94l Hole Phone 9I 36l W MM my MW W WWW WM WWWV MMNWV W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W I U 0 I I ,x-D-gtg, ' ' - --W W- Y ' 1n'v'J-W."--4U-..w,'iraa',:.s-"" " if -1- W. W W 'W M-WW.:':.'-ir' JA,- R. C. BAKER, Presidenf ROBERT OSBORN, Secrefary Presenf fhe Complimenfs of fhe 89 Churches 3 Day Academies and I Boarding Academy 3I Church Schools Comprising fhe Central California Conference San Francisco fo Tehachapi Mailing Address: Office P. O. Box 580 435 Norfh Third Sfreef Phone Cypress 2-3987 San Jose 4 California Momon slsnvice C0mP"menfS of Nr! , "Free Flow Check" Specializing in Aufo Cooling Sysfems Cleaning Recording ' Flushing Repairing 'A' Gas Tank Repairing ' Lighf Welding and Brazing Aluminum-Diecasf OPEN SUNDAY ' 30 Years' Experience in Riverside L.B.MILLER Radiafor and Fender Service Z E E I S M E N S H 4935 Marlref Sfreef, Phone Riv. 6599 5 Main S+'-ee+ Pick-up and Delivery Service AJvx A x ENNIS 8: LACKEY TYPEWRITER CO. 377l Ninfh Sfreef, Riverside, Calif. Telephone l0846 Gray Audograph Dicfafing Machines Typewrifers Adding Machines Specializing in Office Supplies and Repairs Machine Sales, 5 A f Carlson g f a dernonsfr f f S "rhC p 'r bl I64 Weddings '-1 Commercial Porlrai+s W. .L'. Mcwmlacfz 499l Sierra Visfa, Arlingfon, California MODE O' DAY Lingerie Dresses Blouses Hose 3962 Main Sfreei Riverside " punuuina-.4-. -rif..,f,..,,,,,,, Res. Phone 9lOI2-J K V , i. f s f iv " 5' . MEAL ETE C U 5 QQILQQESH I R S IESQEIANCE i E , .W-1, 7 l l Marcus W. Meairs GENERAL INSURANCE 3945 Marlcef S+ree'r, Riverside Telephone 7272 I65 -....:a..a.z..,- ff ' 'V V I l I I 1 5 N If ix I f ERBY N. DAVIDSON REALESTATE L . 11A Gordon Youngberg, like ofher sfudenls ai La Sierra, I farm Ihe easy, profllable way wlrh John Deere equp I Besl wishes 'From Phone 9933-W 4886 Holden your Calerpillar- John Deere Dealer BEST WISHES PROMPT I' S +o gil sliuzdiiisls COURTEQUS FOR SUCCESS I 0 in choosing a home LA SIERRA coLLEe-E SERVICE Come Io Us RIVERSIDE . ,Vx-cfcfxfx fxfxfxfvxfxfxf J- A xx I I v I E 2 4 Merry Race and Fred Golles relaxing on a couch iusl' covered by IVIZIBNIILIFI IIENTEH MATTRESS III. I66 Cuslom Buill' Furnilure Cuslom Re-upholslering and supplies Slip covers Drapes 6359 Magnolia Avenue Phone Riverside 2876 14 flffaidaqe ham A few of fhe workers fhaf make up fhe "Ace Family" af fhe La Sierra Planf. ACE DRILL ll 'IIIJG U . Division of Wesf Coasf Aero Tool Co. 540l FOUNTAIN AVENUE, LOS ANGELES 27 HOllywood 9-8253 5512 '1 .- Louis Venden, presiclenf of Senior class, working his way fhrough college af Ace Bushings. Dear Sfuclenfs, As we review our assefs, we find fhe mosf valued of all is one which we choose 'l'o call "friendship"-for our business is made up of nof iusf cusfomers- buf of real fried and frue, loyal friends. We 'rake no credif for fhis, buf give credif where credif is due -firsf, for fhe privilege of living in a free counfry 'rhaf God has so richly blessed, and second, fo personnel who make up 'rhe "ACE Family." And so, fo you personally, and fo all of our fhousands of friends, we 'rake fhis opporfunify fo express our humble X ""' s and sincere appreciafion for your friendship fhaf has made f'-ffiffg1.j " rllll in -I I95l so oufsfanding. Sincerely, my A ALAN A. FISHER, Presiclenr I67 -... i-iFv7'vf-?1'rwrniirnl4Kga-winvr. r v v ia -- - A ,,,:.- I Q-nv--2,-. A ,- Eugene Prouf, pl1o+o e Arr Carlson, edifor, p +l1e selecrion of ju clH'or, and uzzle over sf 1'l1e rigl1+ - ,vw l 1 . plcfures for METEOR cu+s. When +l1ey were In doubly +l'1ey asked 'rl1e opmron of Jack CanmcoH' of 'rhe . Los Angeles Engravmg Company. ll-P N r,rrr , I ,, ,r,, a:,a aa,. C C ' , far ' M 'f4f,,m,L.llfhx- mrzwh' : rsrr wgw' 4 -f.- r ff SS I - T MV! , . r fe . k Ewxxi rrV,r r f .r.. lf , ll C, Ml ' f Wilma' , ' 'V WW! ff ,,, Q 'C 'JW' " "" N' lrr. a J 4I 8 E. Pnco V , '1 - rifHY"4f Los An eles I5 ' ' 51:5-.jw-I, ' r - .1 -. 3,,fllZ,1Q-.'f,fQ,r, fr . 1 ' idea 32 " S I California l 68 fo THE EDITOR THANKS THESE PEOPLE THE BUSINESS MANAGER WILLIAM BRUNIE THE PHOTOGRAPHERS EUGENE PROUT ANTHONY LOYA EU GEN E NAS H WILBUR MCCLINTOCK LESTER CUSHMAN T H E W R I T E RS DA LE LA RSO N MORRIS VENDEN LOUIS VENDEN BETTY PARSLEY ROS I E HAM M LOIS BRYSON F R I T Z G U Y SENIOR WHO'S WHO O PA L PA R I S H T H E A R TIS T CHRIS CHRISTIANSON THE SECRETARY ARDIS ANDERSON AD SALESMEN ROBERT STANSBURY J O E S T I E R KENNETH LOGAN GRADUATE MANAGERS CHLOE SOFSKY WALTER CRAWFORD WALTER KENNEDY O T H E R S DORIS TAYLOR VELMA NICHOLSON BARBARA FORTNER JEAN TIGNOR VIRGINIA KRIVOSHEIN KATIE JO PEARCE LA SIERRA COLLEGE PRESS JOHN WOHLERS LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING CO. JACK CANNICOTT FRED TREADGOLD SMITHCRAFTEDCOVERCO. BILL RETCHIN BINDEX BINDING CO. ALL THESE HAVE HELPED TO RECORD A YEAR OF YOUR LIFE A YEAR SPENT ON THE CAMPUS OF LA SIERRA COLLEGE , ?, , , wrt-nuiiilnvrub .'...u--bn Avf:lo2 un-vw 'A-- A- ..' --Un - -ggi -f -in ' -ii I69 ,,.- f.. ..V.. , ..-..-V ..,.w- -I - -T-RCDSTER-i .-X:ier-man Rennefh, BI32 Cypress Ave.. Soufh Gafe, Calif .,,,,. .9I Adams George, Il03I Hole Ave., Arlingfon Agee. Douglas, Box l56, Yucaipa, Calif .,,A,..., ,,,,AA, I 0,84 -X erex. Ben, 45 Perry Lane, Piffsburgh, Penn. A be-"5 Marilxn, II430 Wesfwood. Arlingfon .......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,....,A.. l04 Abe-rf, Duane. 6542 Hereford Drive, Los Angeles, Calif ..,., I29. l3I Adridge, Marcella, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ,,,i,,,,,,,.,iii 9, 89,9I Aide-rsen, Don. Rf. I, Box 37 K. Camarillo. Calif ...,.,.,, ..,..,,,,,,,, 9 l Alvarez, Pedro. 4947 Rindge, Arlingfon Anderson, Alberfa, 33I4 N. Eckharf, Wilmar, Calif .,,,,.... 76,90,9I Anderson. Ardis, Encampmenf, Wyo .,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,.,, 8 ,75.9I, I08, I69 9I Anderson, Charles, Encampmenf, Wyo .,.............,,,,.,,,.,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anderson. Don. Encampmenf. Wyo ...,.,,,,....ssssii...,..ii,,s,....,,,,,,s,,,,, 25,9l Anderson. Gordon. Rf. 2. Box 233 A. Anoka, Minn.. .,,,,,.,., 9I Anspach, Bennie, La Sierra College, Arlingfon Arnold, Audrey, Boulder. Monfana ..,,..........,.,, ,,,,,,,,,, 9 I Arriaga, Harold, l2I00 Raley. Arlingfon Arriaqa. Israel, I2I00 Raley, Arlingfon ,,,,.,,.,,, Afchley, Euel, lI798 Hazeldell. Arlingfon ..,... .,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 I Avilla, Gilberf, La Sierra College, Arlingfon Y,,.....,,,,......,,....,,,, 9I. I27 Babcock, Robe-rf, ll790 Bonifa, Arlingfon .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 82.84 Babienco, Bruce, 3704 4fh Ave.. San Diego, Calif ,,,,,. 65,73,76,9I Babienco, Vivian, 3704 4fh Ave., San Diego, Calif ...s. l2,56, 65, 75 Baker, Harald, Box II7, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, I3I. I34 ......,,I04 Baker, Priscilla, Box 469, Canoga Park, Calif .............. ............... 2 3.9I Baldwin. Roberf, 70I Padilla Sf., San Gabriel, Calif .,,,. 89, II4, I3l Ball, Ray, Keene, Texas ,,,.,,......,.,.,,.............,.............,..........-,.---..A,----,- QI Ballagag, Teresa, l202 Columbia Sf., Redlands. Calif ...............-. l3l Balm, Beverly, 4367 Verdugo Road. Glendale. Calif ........ f.f-.---Y, 9 I Bare, C. R., La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon .................,,........ ....f,.,.A 9 I Barnard, June. La Sierra STG.. Arlingfon .....f.A-------vf--- ------- 9 I Barr, Marjorie, Box I4, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlinqfon .... .....,.... 9 I Barron, Frances, Box 78I, Loma Linda, Calif ........................ ....... 7 5 Barron. Howard, Box 78l, Loma Linda, Calif. Bauer, Rhoda, 4 William Sfreef N.. Chilliwack, B. C. Canada ,.,. 55, 9I Bealg, Mary, I2I6 Wesf Charles, Champaign. III ................. 73.9O.9I Beams, Marvin, l4IlO Dauberf, San Fernando. Calif ................. 90.91 Beckner, Margaref, La Sierra College. Arlingfon ........ 25, 28,54,9l Beam, Danald, Rf. I. Traskwood. Arkansas .....,.............................. 9I Beam, Marilyn, 28I4 Mofor Ave., Los Angeles 64. Calif ..... 73.75.90 Belding, Warren. Box 702. Loma Linda, Calif ........... .............. I 29. I3l Bell, Dexfra, lll2 So. Ferris Ave.. Los Angeles 22, Calif ..,,,,,.. 23, 84 Benavides, Eliezer, IO703 Gramercy. Arlingfon Benavides, Esperanza. IO703 Gramercy. Arlingfon Berg, Ronald, 428 Ferger. Fresno. Calif ..................,.......... 56.73.9I Bewley. Thomas. 5956 Holden, Arlingfon Bigelow, Dolores, 4570 Pacific Highway, San Diego. Calif .........,,,, 9l Birkensfock, Sheila, 9440 Alfo Dr., La Mesa. Calif .... 44, 70, 7l. 75, 82 Bishop. Louis. 252l 33rd Sf., San Diego. Calif ..,,..,,... ...... 7 5,9I, I07 Blackburn, Lyla Jean, I009 No. Ross Sf., Sanfa Ana, Calif .,,,,.,., 9I Blackwell, Kennefh, 9429 No. 9fh Ave.. Phoenix, Ari: .,,,, 26, 52. 9I,I I3 Blanchard, Ann. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ..,......,,,....,............,,. 9I.II5 Blanchard, Thomas, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ............,....,..........,... 9I Bohna, Dorofhy, Rf, 2, Box 248-C, Merced, Calif ..,,,.,...... 25.73, I23 Bolin, Beffe. Il5I8 Wesfwood Drive. Arlingfon ............,,,................. 9I Bambino, Theresa. 3632 W. Grenshaw. Chicago, Ill .....,,,,..........,, 9I Bonadore, Bonnie, 246 Sinclair Ave.. Glendale 6. Calif .,,,,,,,,,,,, 27,9l Borg. Carol Jean, 6904 Coronado Way, Riverside, Calif .,,,.,.,,,,,s 92 Bofhe, Jimmy, Keene, Texas ,,,,......,.....................,,.,.............,,..,....,..... 92 Boundey, William. Box 462, Loma Linda. Calif ........... .........,..... I 3l Brady, Walfer. I932 Eden Ave.. Glendale. Calif .,..,..,. .,,,,,,,, 9 2, l3I Brandon, Jo Edifh. Box 424, Lindsay, Calif ....,,,,,.... .,.,,,.,,,,,, 9 2 Brandf, Arfhur. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ................,... ..,..,,.,, 9 2 Bransfer. Mariorie, Box 270. Suva. Fiii ...,,.,,,.,......,,...,.,.... ,,,,s... I O5 Brashear, Alvin, lI520 E, Colfax. Denver. Colorado Briefigarn. Richard. Box 89 La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,........,...... 52,92 Brewer, Burdsal, I8l4If4 E. I05 Sfreef, Los Angeles, Calif Brock, Earl, II239 Pierce, Arlingfon ..........,....,,,,..,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,-,,,,, 90,92 Brown, Arfhur, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, IO5 I70 Brown, Irwin. Coffon Wood. Arizona Brown. Richard, 3426 W. 75+h Sf., Los Angeles, Calif .,,,,................ 92 Brown. Theodore. 254 N. Sinclair, Glendale. Calif ....,......,............ 92 Bruce, John, Box I6, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,......... 8l. I3l Brumbelow, Irene, I245 Davidson, San Bernardino, Calif .....,......, 92 Brumbelow, Jo, I245 Davidson. San Bernardino, Calif ............. 89,92 Brunel, Roberf, 8655 California, Soufh Gafe, Calif .....,.,.,........... 92 Brunie. Barbara, Mounfain Springs Ranch, La Verne. Calif ......... I05 Brunie. William. Mounfain Spring Ranch. La Verne. Calif ..... I08, I3I Bryson. Lois. 2IO9 Lemon Ave., Long Beach. Calif .,,,,,, 29,7l,72,76 Buchanan. Bob. I000 So. Cenfral, Lodi. Calif ..... 21.92, IO7, II7, I25 Buelaw, Charles, II33 Wilcox Place. Hollywood 38, Calif ............, I05 Burks. Ruby, I686 Soufh Hunfingfon, Pomona, Calif. Bufler. Marshall. 5l97 Norwood. Arlingfon Bufler. Roberf, 6890 Jurupa Road. Riverside, Calif .,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 92 Bylsma, Mariorie, Rf. I, Box 36, Calexico, Calif ..,...,..,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.. 92 Byrd, Mary. II762 Hazedell Drive. Eagle Rock. Las Angeles. Calif. Calkins. Arfhur. 7II9 Indiana Ave., Riverside, Calif .............,,,,,,,. l3I Callicaff, Beffy, 2935 Lydia Ave., Bafon Rouge, Louisiana ..,,.... 26.92 Cameron. Frank, 9846 Belmonf, Bellflower, Calif .,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 27, 76, 92 Camp, Barbara. 334 N. Milfon Ave., Whiffier, Calif ..................... 92 Campbell, George. La Sierra College, Arlingfon Campbell, Voula, 5027 Holden Ave., Arlingfon Canrighf, Barbara, 725 Glenmore, Glendale, Calif .....,, 62.70, 77, 84 Canfrell, Loreffa, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ............................ 92 Capcara, John, Border, Saskafchewan, Canada ......,,,.,,,,.,................ 92 Carlson. Arfhur. Box I03, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon .... I2. I5, 56, 80 Carnes. Barfon, 7l5 Fay Drive, Glendale. Calif .......,. 7.9.26,89,92 Carr, Raymond, lI06 Easf Sandison Sf., Wilmingfon, Calif ..,....,.. 92 Carr, Richard. Box 43. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon .,,......................... I3I Carscallen. Viola, lI95O Raley Drive, Arlingfon ..,...,..............,...... 92 Case, Charles. I802 Feland, Fresno, Calif ...,, 28.64, 66, 92, l07. I23 Casper, Eva, 4987 Sierra Visfa, Arlingfon Cafalano, Vinny. 226 Spring Sfreef. Rome. N. Y .......,,,, , ............. I05 Cafes, Tom, Il756 Hazeldell Drive. Arlingfon ............. ....... 9 0.92 Cafes, Mildred, II756 Hazeldell Drive, Arlingfon ,.... ....... 9 0,92 Coffrell, Dick, Roufe 5, Box 2II2, Modesfo, Calif. Cha. Hwa Moon, Taipeh, Taiwan, China Chaffee, Allen. 4I2 Cenfral, Loma Linda, Calif .............,........... I3I Chalmers. Mac. Box 9II, Hilo, Hawaii ...............,.,.,.,,,,,,,,, 92, l22, l27 Chalmers, Moses, Monferey Bay Academy. Wafsonville. Calif ..... 57 Chavez, Charles, 5230 La Roada. Eagle Rock. Calif ........,.... 82.92 Chenard, Ellen, 5005 Sierra Visfa. Apf. 3, Arlingfon ...............,.,., 92 Cheney. Pauline, Box 338. Lancasfer, Calif .,,,,.,.....,,,,,..,.,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,. 92 Chin, Carol. 3345 Hoolulu Sf., Honolulu. T.H ..... 8,29,75,82.84. I2l Chinn. Glen. 42I7 Tyler Sfreef. Arlingfon .....................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.. 92 Chong, Allen. 2540 Kalihi Sf., Honolulu, T.H .,.........,.,,,,-,,...,....,,,,, 92 Chow, Alvin, cfo Royal Haw'n Hofel lsfaffl, Honolulu. T.H ..,.,., 92 Chrisfensen, Donna, La Sierra College. Arlingfon ...,...........,.....,,, 64,92 Chrisfensen. Fred, 2300 Hill Dr.. Las Angeles 4I, Calif ..... 28, 29, 65 Chrisfensen, Warren, 2200 So. Hifchcock Dr.. Alhambra. Calif .,,,. 56 Chrisfianson, Chrisfian. 5737 Norwood. Arlingfon .... 45, IO9. I32. I34 Chrisfoffersen, Bruce, I2084 Knoefler, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 93 Church. Willard, Box 389 Loma Linda, Calif ....,,., .,,.,., 2 6,93 Clark, Bob, Ill4I Elm Sfreef. Lynwood, Calif. Clark, Marvin, Box 97, Perris, Calif .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,..,,.,,.,.,.,,,,.,, 26,93 Clark, Richard. 52l E. Tunnell Sf., Sanfa Maria. Calif .,... 3I, I25, I29 Clark. Tommy. 3727 Monon Sf.. Los Angeles, Calif ..,.,,,,,,,,,..,, 56,93 Cochran. Francis. 708 Counfy Rd., Pomona, Calif ,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 93 Cole. Wilson. 528 G. Sf., Brawley, Calif .,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,, 67, 75,93 Coleman. Fred. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,.,v,,...,....,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 93 Collier, I-I. O.. Il653 Prospecf, Arlingfon ,,,..,,,.,,,,.,,v,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 93 Condon, Sfanley, 32IIf2 McHenry Rd.. Glendale, Calif ..... 66. 72,84 Connel. Nollie. II773 Hazeldell, Arlingfon ,.,,.,..,,,,,-,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,., 45, 93 Coombs, Clarence. Box I67, Angwin, Calif ,,..,.,,,,,,-,.,,, ,,,,-,, 8 2,84 Cooper. Beffy, 4898 Linn Drive, Arlingfon ,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,, ,,V,,,, 3 3,93 Cooprider, Gwendell, 8I5I E. 7fh Sfreef, Buena Park ,,,-,,aV,,,,,,,, 23,93 Cordray, Richard, 2275 W. Dunlap Sf.. San Diego II, Calif ..... 93 Coffrell, Dick. Roufe 5, Box 2II2. Modesfo, Calif ..... II,93, IO7, II4 Cowan. Wilma. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,,..,,,,..,,,,,,.,-,,,.,,,,.-,a,,,,,, 93 7' I i 1 1 I 'I i I-3 ii: . . J 'lil I I-I 1 47 --gROSTER--e Cox, Arlene, Rf. l, Box 68, Loma Linda, Calif ....A,, Cox, Fred, II649 Val Verde, Arlingfon ..,....,., .,,,...,, . Crawford, Ann, 4626 Pierce Sf., Arlingfon Crawford, Georgia, 592 Wesf 5fh Sf., Pomona, Calif. Crisp, Euell, Box 494. Edcouch. Texas . ., ,,.,....93 ........84 , I32 Crooks, Wesley, 596 Coffon Ave., Lorna Linda, Calif. ,,,,,,,, . .26 Cuff, Ernesf, 4992 Sierra Visfa, Arlingfon ,..............,..,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,, 33.92 Currier, Clarence, Delake, Oregon Curfis. Clyde. 2Il E. Jasper, Tulsa, Oklahoma .. . . 88, IO5 Curfis, Dale, 4l45 Orange Sf., Riverside, Calif ..,,.,.. .......,.. B 2.84 Cushman, Pauline, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon . .. ,,,, . .. 66, II5 Cyr. Charles, III73 Norwood Place, Arlingfon Daggy, Carl, Box 73l. Loma Linda, Calif. Daggy, Curf, l2IO Del Rose San Bernardino. Calif. .,.,....,,, 44,93 Dale, Roberf, Vicforvrlle, Calif ...,...... .. ,....,..,,.., .,,.....,..,..... .........,.. 9 3 Danneberger, Sally, 484 No. 3rd, Colfon, Calif ..A..A,,., ....,,,,.,,.... 9 3 Dasher, Lawrence, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ...,,..... ,..,,,, 9 0, IO5 Darby, Harry, 2508 N. 27 Sfreef, Phoenix Arizona .,,, .......... I 33 Davidson. Reid, II9 Soufh 6fh. Brawley. Calif. Davis, Clifford, 7007 C, Hunfingfon Park, Calif ..,..,., ...,,.. I 32 Davis, William, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ,,.......... ,...,..... I 32 Dawson, Pearl, 220 Courf Sf., Loma Linda, Calif.. ,...,.,........... 93. II5 Dean, Glenn, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ,........,..,............,,.............,...... 93 Dee,Deena, ll54 Biffern, San Diego, Calif ..... 29, 72, 75, I29, I32, I34 Deem, Barbara, 453 Holf Sf., El Cenfro Calif ..,.................. 75.82.84 DeFehr, Bernadine, Rf. 9, Box 537. Fresno, Calif. ,....,.. ,,,,,,,,,,. 7 3, l05 DeLyIe, Capifola. IOOI S. 2nd Sf., Albuquerque. New Mex .,,,, 84, II5 Denfon, Glenn, i222 Belle Avenue, Corona, Calif ..............,.......... l28 Derry, Carol, 5332 Sumner, Eagle Rock. Calif ................................. 93 Diaz, Paul, Box 57, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .....,.................. 93. I32 Dill, Donald. I670 W. Nicolef Sfreef, Banning, Calif. Dingman, Lynn, 4744 Mifchell, Arlingfon Dollinger, Armand, 29l5 Lorain Rd., San Marino, Calif ..... 82, 84. l2I Donesky. Connie, Wesf Summerland, B.C.. Canada Dorland. Clifford. 6536 Grand Ave., Arlingfon ......................s..s...... 93 Douglas, Wilbur, l89 S. Juniper. Escondido. Calif ............. 66.93, II5 Doyle, Jim, I204 P Sf., Sanger, Calif .,.......,,,.....,....................,.,.... 93 Dunham, Elaine. 4965 Holden, Arlingfon Dunham, Jack, 5863 So. Hoover. Los Angeles, Calif ..................... 84 Dunham, Herberf, 4965 Holden Avenue, Arlingfon Dunn, Bruce, 736 Glenmore Blvd.. Glendale, Calif .,........... 66, 75, 93 Dunnewin, Earl. 63l Bay Ave., Holland, Mich ..,..s.,.......,,.............,., I32 Earle, Walfer, l93O Grey Sfone Road, Aflanfa, Georgia ,.....,..... l05 Eberhardf, Elmer. l808 Easf Glenoaks. Glendale, Calif .......,..,,.,,.. 93 Eddlemon, Vernon, 2l37 E. Harvard, Phoenix, Arizona ,.,.,,,..,.,,,,. 93 Edge, Roberf, ll760 Bonifa Drive, Arlingfon ,,,,.......,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,, 93 Ehrhardf, Irene, I32 45fh, Newporf Beach, Calif ..,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 7 6,84 Eiferf, Harvey, l34I Orange Grove, Glendale, Calif .,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,..... 93 Eifzen, Harrief, 307 Linden Ave., Reedley, Calif ..,,,L,.....,,.,.,,.,.,.. 93 Ekvall, David, U. S. N. Sfa.. Tongue Poinf. Asforia, Ore ..... 65.75, IO7 Eldridge, Charley, 343 E. Prospecf, Loma Linda, Calif. Elias, Manuel, 23l5 No. Gage Sf., Bakersfield, Calif .,..........,,,,,.,,..... 93 Elias. Elisa. 23l5 No. Gage Sf.. Bakersfield, Calif ......,.........,...,,,,. 86 Elick, John, Box 35, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ...,...........u.....,,,,,,...., I33 Ellis. Beverly, 405 Alfuras. Modesfo, Calif .,.,,.....,,..,,....... 29. 55, 63,93 Ellis. Roberf. 405 Alfuras, Modesfo. Calif .......,.....,... 72.94, II5, II6 Elloway. Rose, La Sierra College, Arlingfon .,.,,.. ,,......,.,,,,,,,.Y,,,.,,, 9 4 Elloway, Vicfor. La Sierra College, Arlingfon Errera, Russell, 4987 Sierra Visfa, Arlingfon ,,,............, ,.,,,,.... 2 9,94 Esfes, Carol. 55Ol Teion Sf., Denver, Colorado .,,,..,,,.,.,..u,.,,,,,,,,,. 94 Efling. Alberf. Box 76, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .....,,,,,,,,.,, 62, 75, I32 Effer, Paul, Box 54I, cfo H. R. Taylor, Bakersfield, Calif ..... 72,94 Evans, Eloise, l2l90 Raley Drive, Arlingfon .,.,,,......,,,,...,,..,,..,,,Y,.,,, 94 Evans. Larry, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .......,....,,,..,...,,.,..,...,,,,.,.,. 84,89 Evans, Mrs, Vernon, 640 N. Anderson, Loma Linda, Calif. Evens, John, 64I5 W. 29fh, Denver, Colorado ,,.,,,.,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,, 4 ,59, 73 Eyraud, Evereff, Rf. I, Box I42, Shaffer, Calif. Fahlsing. Walf, 4584 New Hampshire Sf., San Diego. Calif ..... 23, 58 Fair, Willam, lI97l Hudden, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I32 Falconer. Roberf, 369 Kennefh Road, Glendale, Calif ,,,,.,..,,,,,.,.. 94 Fankhanel, Beverly, Box 56, Glencoe, Minn...., 66, 90, 94, II5, l26 Fanselau. Harold, I8I4 E. Glenoaks, Glendale, Calif ..... . ..,... 94 Farley, Cafherine, Box 75, Thousand Oaks, Calif. I2,94 Fickess, Berwyn, 6l3 Arcadia Sf., Nafional Cify, Calif .,... 62.94, I26 Finley, Elzirah, 926 S. Washinglon Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. Finley, Elvirah, 930 S. Lincoln Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. Fisher, Curf, 4804 Hillard, La Canada. Calif. .......... ..... ...,.. . H94 Fifchiiian, 5333 Cronus Sf., Los Angeles, Calif ,..... . .72,76,90,94 Flack, Jesse, lI96l Herman Sf., Arlingfon Fleenor, George, Box IO44 Collegedale. Tenn. Flefcher, Lawrence, La Sierra College, Arlingfon Flingsfrom, Janeffa, Loma Linda, Calif .......,,,, ,,............................... 9 4 Folleff. Philip, 490 E. C Sf., Colfon, Calif...,53,7l,90,94, II2, II3 Ford, Eddie, 2l9 Wesf H Sfreef. Onfario, Calif .............,.,....,. ...... 9 4 Ford, Elden, Aparfado I38, Alaiuela, Cosfa Rica. Cenf. Amer .,... 26 Forresfer, Dick, Box I9, Scofia, Calif .,,,,...................................... .66,94 Forfner, Barbara, I55 E. Monferey Sfreef, Pomona ,Calif ..... 94, II5 Fosfer, Darrow, Box 25, Loma Linda, Calif ...............,.....,,......,....... IOS Fosfer, Glenn, La Sierra College, Arlingfon .,.,........ 7, l4,82,84, II3 Fosfer, Wanda, II257 Pierce Place. Arlingfon Fowler, Milo, I2025 Raley Drive. Arlingfon ,........ ....,.,,,..,,..,,,..,.. 8 4 Fowler, Shirley, Il7Il Bonifa. Arlingfon .....,,.,,..,,.......... 56, 66, 72,94 Fox, Janef, 802 E. Acacia Ave.. Glendale, Calif ...,,,,......... 63,76,94 French, George, 705 S. Maple, Bloomingfon, Calif... ,,,.....,,.,.., ....94 Fridell, Adrean, l09l3 Campbell Ave., Arlingfon ......., .....,,,..... 9 4 Friend, Gwendolyn, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Friend, Ronald, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,.......,,....., .....,,,.,,,,.,., 9 4 Frisbey, George, Box 88, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ........,......,.,,,,,,. I32 Frifch, Voneffa, ll9l Maple, Tempe, Arizona. ........, ,,.,,.. 6 5, 94, II5 Froeschle, Roberf, II762 Hazeldell, Arlingfon ,,..........,,,,,,.,,,..,,.,...,, 94 Fuiikawa. Byern, 2636 Gleason Ave.. Los Angeles, Calif. Fulfs, Charles, l2065 Raley Drive, Arlingfon,. ........,,..,,.....,...,,...., I32 Fung, Norma, I202 Hoover Sfreef, Los Angeles, Calif. Furgason, Shirley, Il707 Hazeldell, Arlingfon Furgason, Vernon, ll707 Hazeldell, Arlingfon Furr, Dorsey. Box II4, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,, 74, I33 Fuss, Hannelore, Av Oaxaca I24F Hemosella, Sonora, Mexico .... 94 Fuss, Henry Av Oaxaca I24F Hemosella, Sonora. Mexico ..., 84,126 Galambos, Colefon, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Galbraifh, Roberf, La Sierra College, Arlingfon Galvan, Mary, l34lI Vaughn Ave., San Fernando. Calif. Garcia, Bill. 4l77 Camino De La Cumbre, Sherman Oaks, Calif ..... 28 Garcia, Geraldine, 4l77 Camino De La Cumbre, Sherman Oaks, Calif. Garner. Rifa, Roufe I, Alamo, Texas Garreff, Connie IIS97 Norwood Place, Arling+an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y, 94 Garrido. Manuel, Box 34, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfonw ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 25,94 Gebhard, Alvin, l935 Lewis Sfreef, Long Beach, Calif ......... Geddis, Torn, ll569 Prospecf, Arlingfon Geisinger, Jack. 402 6fh Sf., Shelby, Mich ..,,, ,...,,, 2 3,26,a5,94, II4 Georgeson. Donna, R+. I, Box 595, Kerman, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gerling. R. R., ll. P. O. Box 644, Redlands, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,, 72, IO5 Gibbs. DOV16ld, BOX 32, La Sierra Sf'a,, Arlingfrgn Yvrllnrr --,, Y Gibson, La Vina, Box 48, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Gibson. Myrna. l099I Elm Sfreef, Lynwood, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Golles. Fred, I937 Camden Ave., Los Angeles, Calif ,YY,,,,,,,,,, 95, II9 Gonfhier, William. 5I5 Morey Drive, Menlo Park, Calif ......... 73. l05 Gorfon. Julius. II788 Hazeldell, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l0,84, I27 Gorfon. Ralph. lI788 Hazeldell Drive, Arlingfon ,,.,., ,,,,,,, 7 2,95 Gosse. Harold. Box I42, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ..,, .. Granf, Suzanne, Rf. 4, Box 6, Turlock, Calif. Graffon. Dewain. 844 Lakeside Place, Chicago, Ill ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 95 Grecian, Marian, 5924 Holden, Arlingfon Greene. Dave, 4338 Pierce, Arlingian .,,,,,,,....,,,,.,., 25, 3i,34, l25, 127 Gri. Annie, IO25 Sfockwell Ave., Kelowna, B. C. Canada Griffifh, Frances, 835 Dona Ana Dr., Albuquerque. New Mexico ,.., 95 Grissom, John. III43 Pierce Place, Arlingfon ....87 ........94 ....,..,94 ....,...95 ........95 ...,....95 Gross, Edward, Box N.-I5-T, Elsinore, Calif ..,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,... 9 5 Gulleff, Mary, Rf. 2, Box 343 B, El Cenfro, Calif ..... 28, 72, II3, I39 Gufekunsf, Dolly. 335lf2 N. Palos Verdes, San Pedro. Calif .... 55.66. Guy, Frifz, Box 22, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .... l2, 57, 67, 72, 77, 82 I7I ' R: 1- -,,,.,.,,L-Y V-f--v-,.,-...a ,,-,-or-w3,.,...,..,,,-. 4 .f ' ' ' ' ' f - - wvwxanun mg Jordan, Hoyf, Claire, La Sierra S-fa., Arlrngfon .....,..,..,..............,.. ........... 9 5 -ROSTER Hackman, Carolyn, Box 228, Coconuf Grove, Miami, Fla ..,,, 75.95, II4 Haideman, Jacob, II2I6 Grameroy Place, Pomona, Calif. Hae Benlamrn, Rf. I, Box I360, Florin, Calif ....,,,,,,....,,.....,,.,....,,., 95 Hail, Dale, R., ll49l Wesfwood, Arlingfon .,,.,,.,,,,,,................... 82,86 Halsfead, Richard, I805 N. Mariposa, Hollywood 7, Calif .,A,. 5, II Hand, Lufher, 400 N. Isabel Sfreef, Glendale, Calif ...,...,...,. I29, l32 Hannum, Beffy, 5073 Sierra Visfa, Arlingfon ,...........,,,.,,,.,,,,.,.. 84, II3 Hansen, Carolyn, Rf. 2, Box 407, Lemoore, Calif .,,,..,...,.... 76.95. I05 Hansen, Delaine, Rf. 2, Box 407, Lemoore, Calif ......,.,,,.,,,.,,.......... 95 Hanson, Calvin, Box 3228, Boise, Idaho ..............,..... 65,95,I08, II4 Harding, Herndon. 430 E, Granville Rcl., Worfhingfon, Ohio .... 28, 65 Harding. Roberf, 743 E. Willameffe, Colorado Springs, Colo .,...,, 95 Hardy, Gerald, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ..,...........,..,......,.............,. I32 Hargreaves, Wilbur, Holyoke, Colorado ,.A.,.,.....,.......,...........,.,,....,,.. 95 Harklerode, Lee, Box 64, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ..,..................,,..... 95 Harriman, Fred, Box III, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .... 62,75,80, I28 Harris, Charles, I2083 Raley, Arlingfon Harris, Shirley, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Harrison, Annie, l0550 Gramercy Place, Arlingfon Harrison. John, I0550 Gramercy Place, Arlingfon Harf, Paul, 8349 2nd Ave., Inglewood, Calif ............. 29, I32, I38, I39 Harvey. Roberf, La Sierra Sfa,, Arlingfon ,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,.,.,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,, 95 Hashimofo, Leon, Rf. I, Box I48, Brawley, Calif.. Haskell, Roberf, Rf. I, Box 206, Visfa, Calif. Hasfings, Ronald, Box 405, Loma Linda, Calif ....., Hawkins, Ernesfine, Rf. 3, Box 252, Phoenix, Ariz ............, 26.95, II5 .. ,,,,,o,,,,,.,..,.. 84 Hawks, Helen, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .............,,,........,,o.....,....... 95 Hawks, Paul, II7I5lf2 Bonifa Drive, Arlingfon Hee, Mildred, l6l7 A Keeaumoku Sf., Hon., T.H ..... 29, I29, I30, I3I Heinz, Frank, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,, 77,95 Helm, Harvey, 5050 Sierra Visfa, Arlingfon .,o,,,,..,.,,,,,,..,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 9 5 Hendricks, Fred, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 95 Hendrickson, Connie, Rifle, Colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,, 95 Henkelmann, Carleen, Monferey Bay Academy, Wafsonville, Calif. Henley, Gordon, 486l Blehm Sfreef, Arlingfon Henry, Louise, lI230 Alvaro Sfreef, Los Angeles, Calif ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 95 Heppensfall, Margif, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Herman, Gilberf, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,o..,,,,,,,,,..,Y,,,,,.,,,,,,.,, 82, 84 Herrick, Anna, Rf. I, Box 904. Loma Linda, Calif. Herrick, Del, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .....,.............. 59,75,95, II6, II7 Herrick, June, Box 522, EI Modeno, Calif .,,,..,.,.,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,..,.,,,, 73,84 Heslop, Earl, lI784 Bonifa, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,e,,,, 75, 82,84, lI2 Hiaff, Ross, IO243 Washingfon, Soufh Gafe, Calif ..... II2, l28, I34 Hiaff, Ross, IO243 Washingfon, Soufh Gafe, Calif .,,,. II2, I28, I24 Hickerson, Bryce, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,,. I36 Higgs, Kamalee, R. D. H 2, Salem, New Jersey ........,........,.......... I38 Hill, Florence, Rf. I, Box 299, Loma Linda Calif ..... 28.66, 76.90.95 Hill, Ronald, II297 Pierce, Arlingfon ....................,,,..,,,,...,,,,,,,, 23, I35 I-Iilirnon, Lesfer, IO949 Hole, Arlingfon .........................,.......... ,74,95 Hills, Everill, 2094 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. Himeno, Ed., 37IO Mariposa Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii ................ 75,76 Hifchcock, Offina, 690 Lare Kapu Sfreef, Hilo, Hawaii ,... 29,72,95 Hixson, Gerald, II203 Pierce, Arlingfon Hoff, Albion, III28 Cypress, Arlingfon ................ .,,.,.,.,,,... 7 4, l35 Holberf, Barbara, 3585 Tyler, Arlingfon ...................,. ..,...,. 6 5,90, II2 Hood, Alice, Box I26, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ....... ............ .... 9 5 Hood, Myron, Box I26, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,........................... 87 Hoof, Harold, Box l28, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ........................ I35 Hooper, Colene, II433 Wesfwood, Arlingfon .... 26, 57, 70, 77,II4 Hoover, Kennefh, Box 40, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .... I34, l35, I29 Hopson, David, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ................................ 95 I-lorson, David, Box 493, Loma Linda, Calif. Howard, Donald, I7I5 Washingfon. Redlands, Calif ...........,. 72, I05 Hsu, Edna. 526 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China ....,... ............. I O5 Huff, Dora, 6500 Soufh Huff Drive, Evarf, Mich ......,.. . Hughes, Donald, 544 N. Gerona, San Gabriel, Calif. 86 Hugo, Ann, 833 E. Chesfnuf. Glendale, Calif .......................... ....... 9 5 Hunfer, Richard, Rf. I, Box 297 D, Fullerfon, Calif ........,.... 75,96, IO7 Hussey, Beverly, I322 Harvard, Fresno, Calif ................ .... I72 Hufchison, Douglas, 49I6 Woodland, Wesfern Springs, Ill ..... lI.27 Ice, Roberf, I0998 Hole Ave., Arlingfon Irish, Janice, I2082 Raley, Arlingfon Inman, William, Box 25. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .........,.,, . Isbell, Georgeffe. I5l7 Vernon Ave., Modesfo, Calif .,..,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,, 96 Jackson, Dell, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ..,..,,.,,,, 8, 96 Jacobs, Randall, 425 I-Iill Drive, Glendale, Calif ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,, 96 Jacobson, Edwin, I343 Spazier, Glendale, Calif ................. Jacobson, Merrillyn. I334 E. Garfield, Glendale, Calif ..... James, Henry, 9545 Hickory Sf., Los Angeles, Calif .......... . Janzen, Leofa, I32I N. Cenfral, Glendale, Calif ........... . Johnson, Bill, 308 Van Buren, Midway Cify, Calif. Johnson, Darlene, Rf. I, Box 278, Shaffer, Calif ..,.,.. . Johnson, Marfha, 498I Sfrong Ave., Arlingfon ......... . Johnson, Mary, ll8 W. Fern Sf., Redlands, Calif ...... . Johnson, Mary, 625 Lewis Sfreef, Pomona, Calif ....... Johnson Milfon, II744 Hazeldell Arlingfon ...... Jones, Charles, 3623 7fh Ave., LoslAngeles, Califi-------mm Jones, Donald, Box 6l, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Jones, Julie. Box 6l. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ..................... . Jones , Rifa, I6447 Graham Ave.. Hunfingfon Beach, Calif ......,.. 96 Jones, Vernon, ll253 Pierce. Arlingfon I0,85, II5 27,7I,II3 ......96, l2I ..,...I5, 75. 85 ........96 85 ..2 7. 66, 96 Joe, 505l Holden Ave., Arlingfon .................................... 96 Jordan, Roberf, IO43 25 Sf., San Bernardino, Calif. Julian, Roberf, I902 Michigan Ave., Los Angeles 33, Calif ..... 56, I35 Kamada, Ben, Rf. I, Box I77, Orange Cove, Calif ......................... 96 Kang, Joyce, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ........................ 39.96, I35 Kafsuyama, David, 2582 Ahekolo Sf., Honolulu, T.H ......... 25, 75.96 Kawasaki, Bernadeffe, 37IO Mariposa Drive, Honolulu, 'I'.H ..... 29,96 Keene, Evelyn, Rf. I, Box I54 B, Simi, Calif ..................................... 96 Keiger, Richard, 985 Crysfall, Fresno, Calif ................. ...... I 35 Kellogg, Wanda, Rf. 2, Box 84, Oakdale, Calif ....... ........ 9 6 Kern, Charles, 87I Apple Sf., Oakland, Calif ....... . Kimball, Roberf, lI748 Hazeldell, Arlingfon ..,....... I 35 Kinder, Floyd, Box IOS, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ..... ........ I 34, l35 King, Dorofhy, 6II Crofon, New Casfle, Penn .......... ......... 7 6.96 King, Frank, Rf. 2, Box 529, San Marcus, Calif. King, Rufh, 303 W. 7fh Sf., Perris, Calif ............ ........ 9 6 34 Kirk, David, 4202 Pierce Sfreef, Arlingfon ..,... Kissinger, Jack, Sfony Creek Mills. Penn ..................... Kiffle, Dallas. I303 Jefferson. Sf.. Napa. Calif ............... ............... 9 6 Kizziar, Gwen, Rf. I, Box 206. Bakersfield, Calif ...,..... ......... 7 6. 96 Knox, J 35 ane, 5187 Rindge Road, Arlingfon ................................ 66. 96 Kok, Daniel, 7 Rubber Road, Kuching, Sarawak, Br. Borneo .... 3I, I29 Krivoshein, Virginia, 5046 Lockhaven. Eagle ROCK Calif -.---------'- I l.97 Kong, George, I62OI Michigan Ave.. Los Angeles. Calif ................. 96 Krohne, I-lerold, 479I Doane Ave., Arlingfon .................................... I35 Kurfs, Berf, La Sierra Sfa., Arlir1gfOr1 .............4--,---------------' ........97 Lacy, Evereff, 250i W, Campbell, PIWOSDIX. Arizona f,-,.A,------Y----'----4 97 Laing, Bruce, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Leng, Marlene, III9 Sherman Ave.. Chico. Calif ..,.........................- 97 Larson, Dale, Rf. I, Box 890. Escondido, Calif ..... 8.58, I09, I2l, l25 I-argon' RQIIOI l, BOX CITOWCITIIIG. '---vv------------- Lau, Benneff, La Sierra College, Arlingfon .... l4,28, II4, I22, I24. Layer, William, l2007 B Raley Drive, Arlingfon ......... Lear, A Ima, R+, r, Box I57, Helrville, Calif .............. Lease, Alice, La Sierra College. Arlirigfon .....,........... 97 .....97 ........97 Le Beeue, Carmen, 11396 Wesfwood Dr.. Arlingfon. ........... 97 Le Due, Ben, 4974 Sfrong Ave.. Arlingfon ................. . ......... 66.97 Le Duo, Beverlee, 4974 Sfrong Ave., Arlingfon ....... ........... 9 7 Lee, Annabelle, 3643 Locusf, Riverside, Calif ..... Lee Howard, 72I Bannisfer Sf., Honolulu. T.H ........... ....,.. 7 2, 97 Lee, Robert D., 3643 Locusf Sfreef, Riverside, Calif .................,... I35 Lee, Robert N., Sfar Roufe. Rosamond. Calif ....... ,.,.,,,,......... 3 2.35 Leech, Darlene. I406 A Pier Ave.. Redondo Beach, Calif ..... 76,97 Leggiff, Varner, I053 E. Olive, Burbank. Calif ................................. 97 Leiske, Willard, Box 205, Keene. Texas .........................,.............. 85. l2l Leong, Mary, I525 Kahanu Sfreef, Honolulu, T.H ............. 70, 75. I35 Leong, Rose, 3639 Crafer Road, Honolulu, T.H ......................... 29,85 Lewis, Barbara, I308 N. Mariposa Ave., Los Angeles, Calif ..... I3, 76 --ROSTERl Lewis, Philip. 2754 Denfon Sfreef, Riverside. Calif. Lislcey, Frances, I203 EI Teion. Oildale. Calif .,,,., 23. 26.47.90, 97. II5 Lighffoof. Donna. 3373Ifg 30fh San Diego, Calif. .. 4,97 Lim, Carlos. III5 E. 85fh Sfreef. Los Angeles. Calif. Lindsay. Charles, Rf. I, Box 44, Encinifas, Calif. . . ...29 Lindsey, Harold. Box 70. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Logan. Douglas. 'Dykehead' Carmunnock. Glasgow, Scofland ..7I Logan. Kennefh. II629 Val Verde, Arlingfon . IO9. I29, I35 Loignon. Henri. 2025 5fh Sfreef. San Fernando. Calif ..... 26.82.85 Longfellow. Duane, Box 577. Lovell. Wyo .........,...,,,,..,....,..,. I0,28, 85 Lopez. Francisco. 4456 Pierce Place. Arlingfon Lopez. Zaida. 4456 Pierce Place. Arlingfon Lorenz. Bob, Box IO6. Fresno. Calif.. ,,,,,. ,.,,. ,.,..,..,...... 6 6 ,I34.I35 Lorenz. Ken. Box I06. Fresno. Calif .,,,................. 66. 69.97.lI5. I22 Lorenz. Marfha. 5008 Vine. Arlingfon Lovell, Ardyce. Box I2I. Loma Linda. Calif ......, .......,....,.. 7 6.97. I I5 Lowe. Virginia. III77 Mounfain. Arlingfon Lukens. Clyde. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Lum. Gwendolyn. 790 Punahou Sfreef. Honolulu. T.H ..... 26.76.97 Lung. Aileen. 34-I0 Pahoa Ave.. Honolulu. T.H .,,.........,,....,,, 55.73.97 Lufes. William. 226I I-lollisfer Terrace. Glendale. Calif ..... 56.73.97 Mack. Don. Rf. 2. Box 900. Fonfana. Calif. Macomber. Roberf, II506 Coffage Ave.. Arlingfon Madero, Ralph, 303 22nd, San Diego 2. Calif ...........,,,,,, 89.97, IO7 Mannes. George. 2825 Kansas. Soufh Gafe. Calif. Marek. Tim. 338 B N. Marengo. Pasadena. Calif. Marfin, June. I439 Sfanley. Glendale. Calif. .,,....,,.,,,,.....,,.. ...... I I5 Marfinell. Alice, l50 Glenwood, Colfon. Calif ........,,,.....,,,.,..,........ 97 Marfinell, June. I5O Glenwood, Colfon. Calif ...,.....................,....... 97 Mason. Elizabefh. 3046 Hollycresf. Hollywood 28. Calif ...., 70.72.97 Mason. Richard, 4029 C. Abourne. Los Angeles. Calif ..... 38.70.83 Mafeer. Ervin. La Sierra College. Arlingfon .,...................... 63.97. I25 Mafiko. Ken. Aralee. Saskafchewan. Canada ,,,..........................,...... I3I Mafhews. Donald. 6I3 E. lI5fh Sfreef. Los Angeles, Calif. Maxwell. Margaref. 942 Miranda Road. San Bernardino. Calif. Mayberry. Darrell, 278 I0fh Ave.. Upland. Calif .,.,,.... ,,,,,,, I 0.7I,85 McCarf. Roland. III62 Pine Sfreef. Lynwood. Calif .,,.,.,,,,,,, I20, I35 McCuIIy. Shirley. III69 Elm Sfreef, Lynwood. Calif .......,........, 23.97 McGee. Anna Laurie. La Sierra College. Arlingfon ,..a... .......,. 6 5,98 McGill. Earl. 4945 Rindge. Arlingfon ,,,...,....,,.,..,... ..,,,, I 35 McGill, Warren. 6I82 Jones. Arlingfon... ....... ,.... . II5 Mclnfurff. Ann. 5005 Vine. Arlingfon ....,,,,,, .,...,.. 9 8 McMurray. Dale, 4967 Rindge. Arlingfon .,,,,,,,...,......,.., ....,,,, 9 8 McMurray, Earl, 4933 Rose, Arlingfon. ,,........................ ..... M98 Medrano. Eva. I47I7 Calverf Sfreef, Van Nuys. Calif. Merz. Donna. 66I8 N. School Sfreef. Riverside. Calif. Mefcalf. Leslie II639If2 Prospecf Ave.. Arlingfon ,.... 62. I25. I29. I34 Mefcalf. Pafricia. II639'f2 Prospecf Ave. Arlingfon ........ 45.98. I34 Meyer, Marcella. Box 96. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Meyer. Mark, Box 96. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 23 Michals. Herberf. Rf. 4. Box 68-A Lodi. Calif ..... 2I.73.74.75. I35 Midkiff, Roberf. Box 58, La Sierra Sfa. Arlingfon ....,,,,............ 82.85 M'IIard. Byron. Rf. I. Eureka. Kansas ,,,,,,,,,,,............,....,,.,,,.,,,,,,. 26. I36 Miller. Emifa, II54 Oakdale Place. Sanfa Paula. Calif ..... 29. 72.98. I2I Miller. Eugene. 5900 Holden Ave.. Arlingfon ,.,...,.,...........,.,,,.,..,., 75 Miller. Harvey. Box 97. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 72, I05 Miller. Helen. Box 97, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Miller. Illene. 4I I7 Vanfage Ave., Sfudio Cify, Calif ..,,..,,,.,..,,,,,,., 98 Miller. Marlene. 3374C Ivy Sf.. Glendale. Calif ..,,......,,,,.,, 27, 73,98 Mills. Jacqueline, 4404 Cafalpa. Los Angeles. Calif ...,..,.. 29, 82. 98 Milfon. Beffe, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ,.,......,...............,...... 29.59.98 Milfon. Roberf. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ...........,.,.,....,.,..... 29.59.98 Miranda, Allison. Menfone Healfh Haven, Menfone. Calif .,,,, 76,98 Moncrieff. Roberf. Box 9I, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,.,,, I36 Monzon. Teresa. Ayesfaran 632. Havana. Cuba Moore. Donald. Rf. 2. Box 790 D. Sanger. Calif .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 8,98 Moore. Leslie. 320I Isf Sfreef. Riverside. Calif ,.,,,..,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y.,. I36 Moore. Marilyn, Rf. 2. Box 790 D. Sanger, Calif. ,,,,,,., 63.74. 75.98 Morda. Domenick. II683 Val Verde. Arlingfon ,,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,, 98 Moran. Marianne. 340 E. Prospecf. Loma Linda. Calif. Moreno. Sara. I4824 Calverf Sfreef, Van Nuys, Calif. Morosic. Sherilyn, 5I8 Easf "I" Sfreel. Onfario. Calif. 90.98 Morfon. Lynne. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlington ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,. .,,,,,,,,, 9 8 Morfon. Mary, 974 Rosewood. 5an Bernardino. Calif .,,,,,,,,.,.,......,. 98 Moss. Cafherine, 220 W. 68fh Sfreef. Los Angeles. Calif ......,,.,... I05 Mracek. Bernard. Box 98 Rf. I. Yucaipa, Calif .,.,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,.,.,,. 9 8. II7 Mueller, Konrad. Box 9, Loma Linda. Calif. Mulder, Sfanley. Rf. I, Box 425, EI Caion. Calif ......,..,.,. 67. 76. 98. I2I Mulder. Mary. Rf. 2. Box 295. Glendale. Ariz .....,.,..... 26, 63.64.98 Mullen. Harris. 5027 Holden. Arlingfon. Calif ..,....,,. ,.,.,.,,,,,,.,,..,,,. I 29 Murphy, Marilyn. Box 2I6, Loma Linda. Calif ....,.,,, 77. l2I. I29, I36 Murray, Wilson. Box. 4I, Doole. Texas ,....................,....,.,.,,,,,,,,,. 26.98 Myers, Roberf, 830 E. Palm Ave.. Burbank. Calif ......,.,,...,.., 29.98. I27 Myhre, Kiell, Box 599. Napa. Calif ................................. ................ 9 8 Myhre, Oddvar, Box 28l, Angwin, Calif ......,..................,,,,,,...... 76.98 Nadig, Joanne, IIII-II Sf.. Sanfa Monica. Calif ............. I3.89.98 Namba. Nancy, 383I Manoa Road. Honolulu. T.H .,....,,..,,............. 98 Nash. Eugene. 77l Glenmore Blvd.. Glendale. Calif ..... 66. 80. 98. l07 Nelson. Dorofhy. 5038 Sierra Visfa. Arlingfon ,,,.,,,,,,,,..,,,...,,,.,.,, I36 Nelson. Geraldine, II629 Val Verde. Arlingfon ....,........,....,. 66. 98 Nelson. Richmond. 2428 Hollisfer Sf.. Glendale. Calif .,.., 45.89. I36 Nelson. Wilbur. 5038 Sierra Visfa. Arlingfon ..,,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, I36 Neuman. Arfhur. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ........................ 62. I28. I36 Newman. Sally. 4II7 Vanfage. Sfudio Cify. Calif .,,,,.,,,.,..,.,,..,.,,,. 98 Nicola. Darrell. II498 Wesfwood. Arlingfon ....,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 44, 83 Nichols, Harold. 4994 Vine, Arlingfon .,......,,......,,,,......,..... 62.72.98 Nicholson, Velma. 9I9 Meeker Ave.. Baldwin Park. Calif .,,,. 66.98. II5 Nielson. Paul. II630 Val Verde. Arlingfon ............,........................... 98 Nielson. Phyllis Purdey. II630 Val Verde. Arlingfon ..... . .......... 82.98 Nieman. Herschel. 3455 Myers Road. Arlingfon ....,... .......... 9 8 Nip. Peggy. Gardenia Sfreef. Honolulu. T.H ............................. 75.99 Nixon. Marilyn. Box 807. Loma Linda. Calif ..................................... 99 Noorbergen, Renny. 4338 Pierce. Arlingfon ......,................. 28.72. I05 Nyack. Kennefh. Mf. Rose Sf.. Pafrick. Grenada. B.W.I ..... I I. 75. I3I Ocampo. Ralph. I620 3O+h Sf.. San Diego. Calif ......,,.,,,, 28. 58.76. 85 Off. Melvin. Box 82, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Okumura. Joseph. Box I72, Rf. 3, Riverside. Calif .,,,, . ,,,,,,, . .87 Oldham, Esfher. Williamsfown. Ohio ,,,,,,..............,,...................... 39. 99 Oliphanf, Bill. I343 W. 5I Place. Los Angeles. Calif.. ,,,, 57.8I. II2 Oliver. Beffy. Box 98. La Sierra Sfa.. ArIinq+on ................................ 99 Oliver. Edward. Box 98. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon .........,,,,,,,,.,. 7l.85 Olsen, Eleanor. 38I2 Dwiggin Sf.. Los Angeles 63. Calif ..... 7. I4. 76 Olson. Harry. 906 Arcadia Sfreef, Nafional Cify, Calif... ..... 26. 99 Osgood, Virginia. 483I Eldred. Los Angeles. Calif... Osfoich. Orrella. II52 Townsend. Los Angeles. Calif ......................... 99 Ovas. Ramona. III85 Norwood, Arlingfon ................ ..,...... 9 9,I36 Owens. Barbara. 246 N. Wilson. Pasadena. Calif ......... .,.,.,....,.,..,. 7 2 Paap. Fred, 275 Niefo Ave.. Long Beach. Calif ................. 64.66.99 Padilla. Endelocio. Box 60. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon.. ,.......,,,,...,. I05 Pags. George. 275 Niefo Ave.. Long Beach. Calif. Parish. Opal. II Sycamore Ave.. Takoma Park, Md. I27, I29, I36 Park. Edward, 948 Wawamalu Rd.. Wahiawa, Oahu. T.H ..... 29,4I,99 Parker. Leonard. 245I E. Glenoaks. Glendale. Calif ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 99 Parker. Roberfa, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ...,...............,,,,, 90,99 Parks. William. 535 W. Amerige. Fullerfon, Calif .,...,..,.... 29.89, I2I Parsley, Beffy. I423 Michigan. Fresno, Calif ................. 44.79.8285 Pafferson. Evelyan. 65l 38 Sf., Los Angeles. Calif.. ..90,99, II3. I2I Pafzel. Jean. Madison, Nebraska ......................... .. ......., 73, 85, IZO Payfon. Barbara, I34 W. 52 Sf.. Los Angeles. Calif ...........,......... 98 Peacock. Ivan. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon. .,..,. ............,,.,.,...., 8 2, 85 Peacock. Marfha. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Pearce. Cafherine Joy. 822 S. Beach. Casper, Wyo ..... II9, l2l. I28 Pearce. Donald. 4887 Doane. Arlingfon ..,........... ..... ....... ........... 8 5 Pearce. Dorofhy, I920 Thomas, Los Angeles. Calif ......................,.. 99 Peeke. Harry, 2034 W. Mulberry Drive, Phoenix Ariz. Pelf. John. Box 74. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .............. ,,,,,,, 9 O, 99 Peningfon. Barbara, Box 65. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon... ,..,,,,, H99 Penner. Beffy. Box 247. Keene. Texas ...,........,......,,.,.,,.....,...,,..,,v,,,.,, 99 Perry, Edward. Grand Valley. Colorado Pervorse. Frankie, 23II Chauficlear. Sanfa Cruz. Calif. 9. 66, 99, II3 I73 -A1 i- in-I--, ---, q-A fnvgygrfymamwvgfr-4-.-l,',,.g v F 3. '- ' - - l li...,1 -of-... Y-.::,----K. 1- Spence F 'J-ERQSTER1-4 Peterson, Alberf, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,.,.....,..,,.......V,,.... ,,-f,fA,,,- . 85 Fefe son, Donovan, 97Il Wheafland Ave., 5unIand, Calif ...,, 62,90 Fe.-eron, Maurifz, II776 Bonifa, Arlingfon ,,..........................,,...... 85 Pererson, Richard, Rf. I, Box 73, Moorparlr, Calif ....,,,,......,,,,,,,,,.. IOO Philips, George, c o Phillips, Rf. 4, Box 96, Forf Scoff, Kansas .... I05 Pinell, Mary Jo, Founfain, Colorado ,,,.,,.......,,...,,.........,,......,.......... I00 Pool, Eiizabefh, 3630 Washingfon Ave., Riverside, Calif .,,,,..,....,,. I00 Porfer, Gerald, 55 Cornsfock, Venfura. Calif ..,.,,,,.,,,......,...... 66, IOO Prafher, Gerald, II545 Bonifa, Arlingfon Prafv, Qliie, Pacific Union College. Angwin. Calif... ,.,,,,,,,.,,, 76. I00 Price, Ouenfon, 49l5 Sfrong, Arlingfon ,...,,.........,......... ............... I 00 Price, Rufh, 49l5 Sfrong, Arlingfon Prccror, Virginia, Rf. 7, Box l807, Modesfo, Calif ..,,..,.. lI,74, 75,87 Prouf, Eugene, 640 Corwin-Ave., Glendale 6, Calif ..,,, 62.66, 67, l00 Pueschel Ralph, 4I2 Sierra Dr., Modesfo, Calif .,,,. 74, 83, II4. l24, l27 Pulien, Jack, 2904 Cenfral, Riverside, Calif ........,,..,.....,........,.Y.,..... 87 Purdey, Duane, III75 Ader Sfreef, Arlingfon ..,....,.,...... 66, I28, I36 Ouinlan, Cerena, l248 Orville Sfreef, Grand Rapids, Mich. Race, Merry, 38l3 W. Willow, Lansing I5. Mich .,.,......,...,....., 87, l2l Rae, Shirley, 6486 Johnson Ave., Long Beach. Calif ...,.,,,,..,.,....... l00 Randleman, Marjorie, 4922 Rose Dr., Arlingfon ,.,,,,,,,,,,, .,....... I 00 Randelman, Rufh, 4922 Rose Dr., Arlingfon Rasmussen, Clifford, 49I5 Sfrong. Arlingfon ..,..,.,,,,,,,,................. I00 Rasmussen, Don, Rf, 3, BOX 706 Yucaipa, Calif ........,,,,,,,,,,,,. IOO. II5 Reeder, Beverly, 2l5 5. Sunsef Canyon Dr., Burbank, Calif .,,c. 27. 58 Reese, Roger, II784 Bonifa, Arlingfon .,,,..,..,...,...........,..,,...,.......... I00 Rad, Naomi, I39 Bloom Sri-eef, Los Angeles, Calif .......,,,,,.,.,,.... I05 Reiswiq, Oran, 836 Grand View, Fullerfon, .,........... 33, IO0, I27 Reynolds, Don, II398 Wesfwood Dr., Arlingfon ,,.. 78, I29, I34, I36 Reynolds, Gerald, I036 Vine Sf., El Cenfro, Calif ,,,, l2l, I29, I36 Reynolds, Ralph, II924 I'IUddeI'1, fAXl'IiFiqI'OI'1 ,,A.............. YY...........-. I OO Reynolds, Ronald, II635 Prospecf, Arlinqfon ...........,.,,..,,A,,.......... I00 Rieh, Keifh, IZOO7 D Raley Drive, Arlingfon ............,......,,,,,.,...... I36 Rich, Sidney, I0336 Anneffa, 5oufh Gafe, Calif ...,. 75, 90, I00, II3 Richards, Eleanor, 499I Rindge, Arlingfon Richards, I-Iarold, 2461 Bywood Dr., Glendale, Calif ....,,,,, 23,28,74 Richards, Kennefh, 246I Bywood Dr., Glendale 6, Calif ..... 56, I00, II4 Richards, Rufh, 8I2 Main Sfreef, Corona Calif. Robbins, I-larold, La Sierra 5fa., Arlirlqfon ,,,,,,.........,,,f.,-,,-,--.,,,,f,-,f,A I00 Roberfs, John, La Sierra S'I'a., AFIil'1QiOF! .......,,,,.................,.,v...Y..V. IOO Roberfson, Doris, 236l W 30fh Sfreef. Los Angeles. Calif ..... 82,85 Robison, Verline, Box 32, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,.,,,.,,.,,....,.. I00 Rodriguez, Manuel, Box 5, C.M.E., Loma Linda. Calif .,,,......,,. I35 Rogers, Emerald, II387 Wesfwood, Arlingfon ..,.......,.......,.,,,, I34, I36 Romans, Roberf, 223 E 5iXl'h, Lovelarid. Colorado ,,,..i......,,V,,,,, IO0. IIS Rooker, Rolla Mae, 652 Barry Drive, Long Beach, Calif .,,,,,,,,,... I00 Rosenfeld, Joanne, I836 Greenwood Ave., San Carlos, Calif ....... 73 Ross, Donald, 620 Erin Blvd., TUCSON. Ariz ............. I00. IO7. I23. I25 Rofh, Beffie, I623 Pennsylvania Ave., Los Angeles, Calif ..... 39,66, 67 Rofhrneier, Arnold, I2094 Knoefler, Arlingfon Rouse, Abbie, II285 Pierce, Arlingfon ............................................ I00 Rubin, Duane, 3639 N. Lofus, Chicago 4I, lll ......... 65.66, I00, II4 Russ, Marilyn, IIIO Cenfral, Alarneda, Calif ..................... 72.89.137 Russell, Valda, 934 5. Anapahoe Sf., Los Angeles 6, Calif ..,,.....,,,, l2l Russell, Charles, 94I4If2 Anzac Ave., Los Angeles, Calif ................ I00 Russell, I-Ierberf, Box 6, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,.,,,,...... ......... I Ol Russell, Roberf, II779 l'IaZeIdeIl, ArIir1qI'Or1 ..................... ......... I 37 Ryan, Donna, II8If2 Van Buren, -I-Gil. Calif ..,....-.--. ,,,,--i- I 2I Ryan, Dorofhy. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Ryan, Eugene, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Sammgns, John, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ......... ....... 8 6 Sarrirnans, Rufh, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Sanders, Frankie, 3644 Beefhoven. Venice, Calif ............,,............... IOI Sansoneffi, Raymond, Box 9I, La 5ierra 5fa., Arlingfon ..., 66, II3, I29 Sarkigian, Lynn, 3, Box Reedley. .......c,....,...,....,...... 9, Saunders, Paul, 3934 Tomlinson, Arlingfon ........,....,.....................,.... IOI Fghaffngr, Nryrrrfan, Box 1AXl'fTlOf'10. .................... 8I, Scharff, Effie Mae, l34I I-Ierrod, Piffsburgh 20, Penn ..... 70, 76,90 Sclqgefman, I-Iolen, 5Ol9 Soufh Durfee, Pico, Calif ......................... IOI Schilling, Jerald, Box 732, Lorna Linda, Calif ............ .............. 8 6 I74 Schiau. Lee. I23O N. 3rd Sireei, Phoenix, Ariz .,,,.,... ........., 5 ,7s, ioi SCi1I6U. Ruben. I23O N. 3rd Sfreef, Phoenix, Ariz .,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I OI SCI'1fTiiCI. I'I6rOId. 5006 I'loIden, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, I OI Schneider, Bob, l206 W. Normal, Fresno, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,,,,, I Ol Schneider, Richard, l206 W. Normal, Fresno, Calif .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, I OI Schueller, Gunfher, II27I Norwood, Arlingfon .,........,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IOI Scoff, Thomas, Rf. 2, Box 250, Lemoore, Calif .,.,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,..... 27, IOI Scoff, Virginia, 452I W. Seaffle, Washingfon ........,.,,.,,, 28,65, 70, 86 Scoff, Leslie, 4974 Rose, Arlingfon ,,,,.,,.,,.,..,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,---,,,, IOI Scoff, James, 4456 Pierce, Arlingfon .... I3. 58, 59, II4, II6, II7, I22 5dao, Gilda, La 5ierra College, Arlingfon .........,......,,,..,.......... ........ I Ol Seaf, Marianne, 709 Glenrnore, Glendale, Calif ..,......,....,,,,,,, 59, IOI Seibley, William, 26l7 Wesfwood Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Selfzer, Bud, 4850 Linn, Arlingfon ...............................,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 90, IOI Serns, Hazel, 5026 Laurelwood, Arlingfon Sevrens, Oliver, Box 484, Loma Linda, Calif .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 76, IOI Shafer, Glenn, Il87 Pierce, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IOI Shalcalli, Mary, 498I Sfrong, Arlingfon Sharp, Edwina, 3800 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, Calif. Shaw, Donald, 5033 I-Iolden, Arlingfon Shaw. Thelma, Rf. 2. Box I73, Chowchilla, Calif .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IOI Shed. William. II8 Wesf "H" Sfreef, Onfario, Calif ..........,,, 76, IOI Shipley, Doralee, 36I7 I-Iomeway Drive, Los Angeles. Calif ......... I37 Shorf, Gordon, Il07 Buena Visfa, 5. Pasadena, Calif ......... 28.58.59 Shurney, Green, 7I5 Valley View, 5an Bernardino, Calif ,........ 37 I37 5imI4in, Gordon, 22l7 Rowena Ave., Orlando, Florida ,,,,,,,,,,,, 29, IOI Simpson, I-Ierman, II934 Raley, Arlingfon .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s IOI 72 IOI Simpson, Rufh, Box I89l, Sanfa Ana, Calif ......................... 39, , Skorefz, Daniel, Il653 Prospecf, Arlingfon ......... Skorefz, Elaine, II653 Prospecf, Arlingfon Slafer. John. Box 508, Nogales Rf., Tucson, Ariz. Slaybaclr, Jirn. l9l2 Eden Ave., Glendale, Calif .,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,- I5,86 Srnifh, Carol, 660 W. 2Isf Sfreef, Los Angeles, Calif ..... 72.76, IOI Smifh. Eorresf. Box II, La Sierra Sfa., Arlinqfon .........,,,,,,.,,. , Smifh. James, 964 Monfe Ave., Fresno, Calif .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,- IOI Srnifh. Kafhleen, I204 Don Jose, Glendale, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 27,IOI 5n'iifh, Kennefh, 359 Providencia, Burbank, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 85, I25 Zmifz, Paul, I46 E. Cenfer Sfreef, Provo, Ufah ........ 66, 67. l0I, II5 rnif , ' ' Smifh, Roberf, S.. 4060 Adams Ave., San Diego. Calif ..,,. 43, 65, Smifh. Sfanley, 5004 Maplewood, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,-,--,,-, I02 Srnouse. Alberf, 6759 Parnell, Mf. Pleasanf, Iowa ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, I O2 Smyilie, Julieife, BOX 295, Lihue, Kauai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,-,V.---- 7 6' IQ2 I, I 37 ........87 Roberf, La Sierra College, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,----,-,-,, 86 IOI Sparks, Louis, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Sparlcs, Marian, La 5ierra Sfa., Arlingfon SIOGFIKS. Verne. Rf. I. BOX 286, Peoria, Ariz ,...,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,-,--,,,,,,,,, I 02 Spechf, l-Iarlan, Box 336, Galf, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,-,--,. -,,,-, I 37 Spechf, Lenore, I2432 Euclid, Garden Grove, Calif ..... 33, 89.90, I02 Spechf, Marcia, I2432 Euclid, Garden Grove, Calif ,,,,, I7, 75, 90, I02 r, Lorraine, La Sierra College, Arlingfon Spickler, Glendolyn, I23l Terrace Way. Bakersfield, Calif. Spinks, Elsie, 26ll E. McDowell, Phoenix, Ariz ......... 26. 75, I29, I37 Spomer, Barbara. Rf. I, Box 288, Dinuba, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 25, 39,I02 Sprengel, Erwin, 7785 California Ave., Riverside, Calif ......... 63,86 Springs. Jane, 4570 Georgia. San Diego I6, Calif ..................,., 9, IO2 Sfaff. Elwood, 62l Arcadia, Nafional Cify, Calif .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,V,s,,,,,,, I02 Sfafford, Jack, 2269-E-Glenoalcs, Glendale, Calif ..... 58,66, 67, 76. 80 Sfanford, Williarn, II3l9 York Sfreef, Inglewood, Calif ......... 63,102 Sfanley, Roberf, II677 Val Verde, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I02 Sfansbury, Roberf, 26I7 John Sfreef, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 86, I09 Sfanfon. John, 4609 I-Iedrick, Los Angeles, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IO2, I25 Sfearns, Jim, 462I Pierce Sfreef, Arlingfon Sfeen, Roberf, 208 Cornell Sfreef, Fullerfon, Calif ......... 86, 89. I25 Sfeen, Eldon, 208 Cornell Sfreef, Fullerfon, Calif. Sfeinerf, Leon, Shaffuclc, Oklahoma .,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 36,89 Sfephenson, Myrna, 4322 Washingfon Ave., Fresno, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,, IOQ Sferling, Alberfa, 4405 Parks Ave., La Mesa, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 48, I02 Sfewarf, Beffy, 2l26 Perlfe Way, Fresno, Calif ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 73, I05, I23 Sfier, Joseph, IIOOO Norwood, Arlingfon ,.,,........,,,,,,,,,,,s, 75, I09, I37 Sfolres, Charloffe, 470 Oak Glen, Onfario, Calif ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I02 ri'--"'-ROSTER"T- Sfrachan, James, Box 159, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon . 102 Sfrayer, Vivian, N39 Alvarado Sfreef. Cleburn, Texas 26.64, 65,66 Sfringer, Rufh Ann, Box 145, Dove Creek, Colo. 102 Sfofflemyer. Harvey, 29271 W. Greenwafer Rd.,San1a Monica, Calif. Sfump, Don, Rf. 3, Box 184. Phoenix, Ariz. . 102 Sundin, Lloyd. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,, 66.82.86 Sundin, Paul W., La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,. , 31,134,137 Swanson. Addison, Box 131, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon , 74.137 Swarf, William. La Sierra Sfa. Arlingfon ,,,, ,. , ..,,...,,,,,, 103 Taggarf, Nancy, 1509 E. Wilson, Glendale, Ca1if..,,,,, ,, 103 Tafro. Beffy Rae, 375 25 Sfreef, San Bernardino. Calif., ..,.,,,,, 70,83 Talge, Malcolm. 900 E. Broadway, San Gabriel, Calif. ,,25.44, 70. 71 Talrnadge, Don, 433 Canyon Drive, Glendale, Calif., , ,..,,,., ,, H75 larasenlco, Eugene. 530 3rd Sfreef, Minof, N. Dalnofan, ,,,,,,,,., , .103 Tarr, John. 41 Hazel Gardens, Edgware, England ,,,, 10, 37. 64, 87, 122 Taylor. Doris, Box 605, laff, Calif .,,,,, ....,,, , ,,,,,,,,..,,.,, ,,.,,,......,.. 1 3 . 103 Taylor, Ernesf, 11848 Revena, Arlingfon Taylor. Evelyn, Washingfon San.. Takoma Parlc, Maryland ,,,...., 7,138 Taylor. Helen, 11848 Revena, Arlingfon ,,,,.........................,,..... 103. 115 Templefon, Shirley, 4966 Sfrong, Arlingfon .....,,.... ..,..,.............., I 03 Teruya, Kazuo. La Sierra College. Arlingfon .,...,. ..,..,.., 8 2.85, 112 Theis, Norma. Rf, 4. Box 479. Fresno. Calif .,,,,,,,......................... ...IO3 Thiele, June, Rf. 2. Box 3-K Placerville, Calif ......................,.....,,... 103 Thomas, Charles, 335 Molino Ave., Long Beach, Calif ..,,,............ 105 Thomas, Lindsay Jr.. 1320 W. Tonfo S+., Phoenix Ariz .,,,. 70. 103, 107 Thomas. Ralph, Box 19, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Thomas, Roberf. 101 N. E. 53rd, Porfland. Ore ..,.. 26.65, 77, 107,114 ilignor. Jeanne, Rf. 2, Box 36. Glendale. Ariz ....,........ 63, 73, 76. 90, 103 Tilsfra. John, 12056 Raley, Arlingfon ................,........,..................,,.. 28 138 Tilsfra, Reinhold, 12056 Raley, Arlingfon ........,,,, 65, 72,74,I29, Todd, Leon, 1496 N. Van Ness, Fresno, Calif ..,..................,,,. 103,127 Tome, George, Box 4, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,.........,.,,.......,.......... 86 Tomczelc. Ed, Box 627. Redmond. Wash .,,.,.,,.....,.z.,,... ........ 8 8,103 Towsley, Frances, 11187 Pierce, Arlingfon Tracy. Richard, 12049 E-Redsfone, E1 Monfe, Calif ......,,...,..... 76,103 Tripp. William. Box 86. La Sierra Sfa,, Arlingfon .....,,,,,,,,,,...,. 63.103 Tseng. Geneva, cfo Mrs. Sevrens, Loma Linda, Calif ........... Turner. James. Box 1074, Salfillo, Mississippi ..,..........,,.,,,..,.,,,.......,,, 103 Tyau. Phyllis, 1239, Rycroff Sfreef, Honolu1u14, T.H .,...,,...,...... 26,103 Tyrell, Ralph, Box 83. La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ............,.......,.,,,,,. 139 ..,...103 Uchida, Vicfor. Rf. 1, Box 221, Brawley, Calif .,,.,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,,Y,,,.,,,,,,., IO3 Ulbrick, Margaref. Julian, Neb .,,,......,,,,,,,,,,,,, 67.72,76,77,103.115 Umhiarger. James, 2259 N. La Sfreef, Indianapolis, Ind ......... 44, 89 Unferseher, Calvin. 11421 Wesffvood, Arlingfon .........,.....,....,,,..... 103 Valdez, Pefer, 12818 Telfair Ave., San Fernando, Calif .,... 29.88, 103 Valencia, Anifa, Box 33. Kilauea, Kauai, T.H .,,,..,..,.,.,,,............. 76,103 Van Ausdle, lreene, Box 48, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ,,.,,,,,. ,,..... 1 39 Vander Mei, Corliss, Box 89, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon .A,............,.,,. 139 Van Deusen, Darlene, 8241 Como1e+1e. Downey. Calif ................. 103 Van Fossen, Glen, Box 712 W. lvlilfand, Onfario, Calif .........,....... 86 Van Mefer, Glenn. Box 74, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,.,...........,..... 103 Van Ornam. Marilynn, 2525 So. Downing. Denver 10, Colo .,,.. 73,89 Van Tassell, Berf, 10583 l'101e. Arlinqfon .........................,.............. 103 Venden, Louis, 301 Rome, San Francisco, Calif .,... 73, 74, 124, 130, 131 Venclen. llorris, 301 Rome, San Francisco, Calif ...,, 59. 65, 75, 103, 109 Ve-nDouris, Alberf, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,..................,............... 105 Vesfal, Clinfon, Box 894. Hilo. Hawaii ...........A........... .,-A,A- 1 03 Virbol, Harold, Box 79. La Sierra Sfa., Arlinqfon ..... ............. 8 6 Vofaw, Glen, 11751172 Bonifa, Arlingfon .,,.,,,.,,.......,,.. ...... 1 15.125 Wachfer, Ellenor, Daggeff, Mich .,,,...,.. ,,,, ,,,,,, . ., .... .......l03 Wadsworfh, Donna, 1313 So. 8fh Sfreef. Brainerd. Minn .,............,,. 139 Wagner, Carol, 5630 Norwood, AFIIDQIOFI .,.............. ........ 7 5.103 Wakabayashi. Florence, Kaneohe, Oahu. T.H ..,....,...,............. 129.139 Waldo, Gloria, 1926 Academy Place, Glendale, Calif .,4,,.....,.. 66. 103 " LAAML' LL ik!--4--A Vfalder, Jaclc. 339 Fergon, Fresno. Calif. 66.67 Walker, lim, 10001 Mallisan 5. Soufh Gafe, Calif. 66,105 Wallace, Muriel, Rf. 2. King George Hwy.. Whife Rock. B.C., Can. Walfers, Mary Ellen, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon Walfers, iliressie, Box 81. Loma Linda, Calif. ,,,, 104 Warden Alfred, La Sierra College. Arlingfon. ,. 103 Vfarcler, Lois, 1500 W. 4fh Sfreef. San Bernardino. Calif. 103 Warner, Eugene, 11545, Wesfwood, Arlingfon Wafson, Gordon, 651 Glenmore, Glendale. Calif. 66. 104, 115 Wafson, Lois. 2501 Monfrose Ave., Monfrose, Calif. , 76.104 Waffs, Helen. Ovando. Monfana , ,,75. 104,121,138 VVoafhers. William, Box 140. l.a Sierra Sfa,, Arlingfon 90, 104 Weaver, Dorofhy, Box 763, Riverside, Calif. Weber, lone, 741 5. Spruce Sfreef, Escondido, Calif .,.,,,..,..,, 73,104 Weber, Rollin, 5217 N 43rd Ave., Glendale, Ariz .,..,,. ,.,....... 6 0, 104 Websfer, Franlclin, 4436 Pierce, Arlingfon ,.,.,,,.,, Y ,,,,,,,,, Websfer, Myra, 4576 68fh San Diego 15. Calif ..... 33,76,l14.129,134 Weelcs, Charles. Box 72, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon Weis. MGFIOU. Rf. 3, BOX 484, Madera, Calif ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w,,,-,,,, 73.104 Weiss, Mafalda, Box 1320 San Jose, Cosfa Rica, C. America .... 104 Weiss. Osiris, Box 1320 San Jose, Cosfa Rica, C. America ,.,. 54, 104 Welch. Kennefh, Rf. 4, Box 658, Visalia, Calif .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wenfworfh, Beffy, 2817 Jennings, Porf Worfh, Texas... , 17, 129, 139 Wenfland. William. 1421 S. Sfoneacre Avex, Compfon, Calif ..... 104 Whife, David, 4953 Sfrong, Arlingfon Whifley. George, 11079 Hole Ave.. Arlingfon ,,,,.,,,, ..,,,..,,,YV.,,, 1 04 Whifney, Paul, 1.a Sierra Sfa., Calif. Wilcox, Jaffra, 228 N 4fh Sfreef, Los Vegas, Nevada ,,,, 72,104,127 Wildfonq. Florence. 4965 Holden, Arlingfon ,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,..,,...,,.,, 104 Wiley, Leo, 11177 lvlounfain Ave., Arlingion ,,,,,..,....,.,,,,,,.,,, 25.104 Willard, Rodney, 184 N San Juan, Loma Linda, Calif. M86 ....73 Williams, Dorofhy, Box 25. Elsinore, Calif .,,,.,,,,,,.,,,...,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,IO4 Williams. Grace, Rf. 3. Box 339. Hemef, Calif 72,104 Willems, 1-Iarold. 11525 Bonifa, Arlinqlon ..,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 74.125139 Williams. John, 333 Whifing Sfreef. E1 Segundo, Ca1if.,,.73,105,113 Williams, Nancy, 3708 Alomar Dr., Sherman Oaks. Calif ..... 75,90 Williams, Roberf Franlc, 127 Kingsbury, Ind. Williams. Rufh. 3300 W. 182nd, Torrance, Calif. Williams, Sidney, 719 Company Sfreef, Adrian, Mich ..,,, 82.86.125 Willis, Calvin, Box 134. La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,, 104 Wilson. Jeannine. 4933 Sfrong, Arlingfon., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,.. ,.,,,,,,,,,, 1 04 Wisdom, Beffe, 5250 Rindge, Arlingfon ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , 8 9 Wisdom, ilhearle, 5250 Rindge, Arlingfon ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 104 Wood, Kafhryn, Arlingfon ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 26 Wood. Roberf, Bodden Town, Grand Cayman, B.W.1 .,... 76. 82. 104 Wolperf, Wilda, 10550 Gramercy Place, Arlingfon 'Wong. Beafrice. 736 19fh Ave., Honolulu lo, T,1-1 ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,.,, 1 39 Worden, Alfred. 4676 Tomlinson. Arlingfon Wu, Jerry, 440 Vin Dichasa, Sanfa Barbara, Calif. Yalce. Barbara. Box 90A, La Sierra Sfa,, Arlinglon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 65, 104 Yamanuha, Carl. 2513 Sfream Drive. Honolulu, 1,1-1 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , ,104 Yip, Yvonne, 32 Sf., Barbs Rd., Belmonf. P.O5, Trinidad, BWI ,,,, 8,11 Young, Beffy, Box 591, Galion, Ohio ..,,.. , .,..,.,,.,,,,.,.,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,., 1 O4 Young, Marilyn J., Box 591, Galion, Ohio ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 104 Young, Marilynn J.. 1617 Michigan, Los Angeles 33, Calif .,A,. 59. 65 Young. Ronald, 836 W. Arden. Glendale. Calif ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 1 O4 Youngberg. Gorden, 12008 Knoefler, Arlingfonm, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H139 Youngberg. John, 12008 Knoefler, Arlingfon ,,., ,,,,.,,,,104 Zane, Ronald, Box 192, Kapaa, Kauai, 1.H .,,,. ,,,, 4 1,75,76,82,83 Zachary, Dorene. Box 176, La Sierra Sfa., Arlingfon ..,,.,, 2,104 Zachary. Myrfle, Box 176, La Sierra Sfa.. Arlingfon ,, , 25, 104 Zaclcrison. Jim, 11967 Knoefler, Arlingfon. ,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. oo, 104 Zappara, Bud ,..,..,....,,,,,,,..,,......... .....,............ . ...,,.,.,,,,,, , ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,,, 7 3 Zefflemeyer. Charles, 1615 Warren, Lalcevvood 7, Ohio ,.,,,, 27,104 175 Y, ,...,,,,,,f,7 . frur----.-- V - ,L , +1-scarf W '--1--fl--uhiinnr r -a - ' F -1FACULTY'i COLLEGE Aire-5 NN". .l., Ph. D., ll5II Weslwood, Arlinglon ,,.A I6, I7, 3I.45, 62 A iarei, Grace, A.M., 4947 Rindge, Arlingion ..,,,, ,,,,...,,.A.........,,,,, 4 3 Arnbs, K. E., M.Bus. Adm., 4972 Sierra Visra, Arlingion .... 22, 32, I34 Amps, Margarele, A.M., 4972 Sierra Visia, Arlinglon AAAA,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, 43 Anderson, G. T., Ph.D., 476 Campus Dr., Arlinglon .... 5, 27, 30, 3I,32 Anderson. W. E., M.l3us. Adm., 4942 College Ave., ArlingIon....24 Barr, D. Cecil, M.Ed., 4586 Pierce SI., Arlinglon ,,,..,..,.,.,,,,,,,, SI, I20 Beaily, Lillian, A.M., II658 Val Verde, Arlinglon ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 42 Blincoe, Thomas I-I., A.I3., 46I4 Pierce, Arlinglon .... 34, 7I, 74, I26, I34 Bc-The, Mary Dona, I3.5., Il707 I-Iazeldell, Arlinglon ................,,.. 25, 7I Bryan, Maudie. R.N,, 8.S., '5082 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon ............... .4l Champion, Mary I., A.M., II630 Prospecl, Arlinglon ....,... 5,25, I34 Craw, H. Allen, M.Mus., 4620 Pierce, Arlinglon .............,.............. 6, 47 Crawford, Waller B.. A.M., 4626 Pierce, Arlingron ..........,.. H42, IO8 Cushman, Lesrer H., M.S., lI785 Pepper, Arlingion ........ 36, 66,II5 Downs, Lloyd E., A.M., 5055 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon .... ,.,.............. 3 8 Edwardson, Anna P., A.M.. II65I Bonila, Arlingron .....,.................. 39 Evans, Helen, A.8., Gladwyn Hall, L. S, C. Arlinglon ,,,,........ 2I, l2l Farnsworlh, Edna, B.E.A., M.Mus., 4938 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon .... 47 Ganl, Ola K., PhD., II630 Prospecr, Arlingron ................................ 40 Halsiead, Bruce, M.D., Loma Linda. California ................................ 38 Hamillon, John T., M.Mus., 4902 Pierce, Arlinglon .... 46,65, 77, II4 Hannum, Harold 8., M.Mus., A.A.G.0., 5073 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon Haussler, J, C., Ph.D., II663 Bonila, Arlinglon ........,....................... 34 Haylon, Hope H., 8.5. in L.5., A.M., 498I 5ierra Visla, Arlinglon .... 33 Heppensiall, Edward, Ph.D., 4947 Sierra Visla, Arlingron .... 26, 3I, 35 Hills, D. Glenn, 8.5. in L.5., A.M., 4983 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon .... 33 Hoof, Maria, R.N., I2007 Raley Drive lApI, I-Cl, Arlinglon ,,...... 39 Hoover, Arlene, A,B,, II649 Val Verde, Arlinglon ............ 40, I20, I34 Jensen, Maybel, A.M., 4938 Sierra Visla. Arlinglon ,,...................... 48 Johns, Alger E., A.M., 345 Campus Dr., Arlinglon .,.. 26, 34, 62, 7I,8I ACAD Andre, lvlabel, I I-lazeldell, Arlingron ,..... .....A......... I Diqneg, Elmer, B,S,, H780 I-lazeldell, Arlinglon ....... ..,,...,.... I 20 Madsen, AD., 4984 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon ....,, . ......... 62, I20 Judson. Eranlc E., M.5.. H049 Wliillord, Arlingion ,,,,.,.,....,,.....,.....,,. SI Kennedy, W. Waller, A.B., 5925 Holden, Arlingion ........ 5I, I09, I20 KOOVGVIVIY. Ralph I.., A.M., H646 Val Verde, Arlinglon ............ 50, IO7 LGHSUWQ. J. Dee, MD., 4026 Sequoia, Arlingion ....,.,.................,.....,. 39 Lease, Harold F., A.l3., Callcins Hall, L. 5. C.. Arlingron .... 5, 20. I34 Lillie. Helen, A.M., 4630 Pierce, Arlingion .....................,,..... 42, IZI Lillle, Thomas, PhD., 4630 Pierce, Arlinglon ,,.,....,,,,..........,..,.,.,.. 42 McKee. Lois, B.5., Angwin Hall, Arlinglon ,,..,..,...,............ 4, 20,l2l Nachreiner, Edward, A.M., II76I Pepper Drive, Arlinglon ........ 43 Napier, William, A.I3., II630 Prospecr, Arlinglon .... 4I, I07, II6,I I7 Oblander, Ellen, A.M., 32'f2 Alamiios, Loma Linda, Calif ....,.... 47 Orrner, Irene, A.M., II753 Pepper Drive, Arlinglon ,,,,,,,,,,-- 50,134 Palmer, Louis, M.5., 4962 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon ............,............... 36 Pierce, Ralph. 53l E. Granada Courl, Oniario, California ,,,,,,,-,,,- 47 Riggs James, A.B.. 8287 Camillia, Riverside, California ...........,,,,, 36 Romani, Mabel, A.B., M.O., II623 Bonila. Arlinglonu... Ross, Beisy, A.B., Box 90, La Sierra Sla., Arlinglon ....... .. Ryckman. Raymond, B.S., Lorna Linda, California ........,............,,,,,,, 38 Shelden, H. Raymond, B.5., 5007 Maplewood, Arlingion ........ 36,75 Simpson, George T., A.M.. 499I Rindge, Arlinglon ..,......... 48,75, 77 Soislcy, Chloe, A.B., B.E.A., 4952 Vine, Arlingron .............,.. 45, IO8 Spechl, W. E., A.M., 54I3 Maryland Avenue, Chicago I5, III ....... 35 Thompson, Julian L., Ph.D.. 5IO5 Rindge, Arlinglon ........................ 36 ........44 ........44 Toews, A. L., A.B., II264 Mounlain, Arlinglon .........,,.........,,...,...... 5I Van Ausdle, Anna, A.B., Box 48, La Sierra 5'ra., Arlingion ........ 56 Wagner, Edward, A.M., Loma Linda, California ...,........................ 38 Wallers, Alfred, M.Mus., Il75l Bonila, Arlinglon .... 46, 66, 67, I I5 Wallers, Roland D., M.5,, II649 Val Verde, Arlinglon .... 38, 63, 75, I34 Wood, Floyd, A.B., M. 8. K., L. S. C., Arlinglon .........,,. 2I,7l, I20 Woods, Roberl W., Ph.D., H707 Hazeldell, Arlingion ........ 4,3I.33 EMY Parker, A. H., A.M., II78I Hazeldell, Arlingion ............... ...... I 20 Phillips, Nellie, N.8us.Edu., II683 B Val Verde, Arlingion... .... ..I20 Regan, Fedalma, A.I3., H774 Hazeldell, Arlinglon ...... .... ...... I 2 0 DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL 8aIes, Eugene, 8294 Camellia Drive, Riverside, Caliiornia ........ 48,49 Craw, Frangeg, M.S,, 4620 Pierce Slreel, Arlinglon... ........... ...49 Qrogme, Mary, A.M., lI639 Bonila, Arlinglon .......... .,...... 4 8, 49 l-lelrn, Rhoda, AB., 5050 Sierra Visla, Arlinglon ,,,,.. ........ 4 8.49 Kggrenny, Pauline, AB., II646 Val Verde, Arlinglori .,... ........ 4 8.49 Neil, Gerald, A.B., lI689lf4 Bonila, Arlinglon ..,,....,....,.. ..... 4 8,49 Odell, Nellie, A.M., Box 63, La Sierra Sla., Arlinglon ,........... 48,49 Swenson, Helen, A.8., II7I7 Hazeldell, Arlinglon ..,.,... ......... 4 8 4'-9 Woodward, Mary, AB., 4853 Blehm, Arlinglon .,,.. ......... 4 8,49 STAFF Biglreif, R, W., lI246 Mouniain. Arlingion ....... ....... 5 4 Dean, John, 4366 Pierce, Arlinglon ...................... .............. 5 3 Dinan, Aileen, II749 Pepper Drive, Arlinglon .... ........ 2 3,24 Proeschle, Dorolhy, H762 Hazeldell, Arlinglon ..... ......... 5 0, I20 Gillespie, Earl, lI004 Wall, Afliriglori ........... .......... 2 4 Groorrie, Loren, H639 Bonila, Arlingion ........... ..,., 2 4 Guild, Pearl, II775 Pepper Drive, Arlinglon ....., ....... 5 4 I-lannum, Eihel, 5073 Sierra Visla, Arlingion ...... ....... 5 0 I76 Marlin, C. L., 349 Campus Drive, Arlinglon ........... ......., 5 3 Malheson. E. W., Box I70, La Sierra 5l'a., Arlingion... ........... ....54 Murray, Cloey, II674 Val Verde, Arlinglon ............. ......... 5 O,7I Nicola, Dorolhea, II498 Weslwood, Arlinglon ..,. ......,,,.. 5 O Romani, F. E., II623 Bonila, Arlinglon ............. ....,... 5 6 Slearns, 6. E.. 462I Pierce, Arlinglon ..........,,.........,. ,....,.. 5 2 Towsley, H. L., III87 Pierce Place, Arlington. ....... ,,,,,,,, 5 4 Wohlers, John, 77I8 Sycamore. Riverside. California.. ........ 54 .A.a an 'V'lt'?'C'f"""' I Q. , LI. 1 if' I L I1 I F I I s I H An ,xl I i E I L .. v . 7 44 "C, lv 7 'rn V. 3'j'uE, lair! K 1 .A - .. ,,, ', x 1 ' . '. .4f,h,'m ,rx ,..L1',w. I' 1' 1,",x ' 1 S J 1 A mi Q 1 'fl'-A 4-'I 4 :fn ,, ag.,-,yu f. ' W M- '- N4 v 4 -, H K my 1 n r ' -, I "fx ', U1 'v ' nf , ,I . N I X f I, Wu . ,, 5 r . 5 P. ' 1 A , ,f ,M , 1,4 Cui vl- an W' r ' " . Q 1 , N5 ,4- .-AH a. "A N. ,' A xfwzl 4 xl L M... ,. .a..t ' 4 .. ,H f.-41 'nw ". R ,lx-.'. .K A t K' ' ' ,. "vt" ' . ,P4 ' . FQ!! J xl.-,' Y .a 'I . git" ., . "' .1 0 Wx... I 'x l Y . 'VV' , , A. 'v 'fi . .. Q K L. 1-Q, Nj' , 14' , x-,',4 . , . VJ1 ,xv-. Liu X C'-1 rl' Y', L 'f ,. ., x.' I' 'ug A74 ., T la' SX I.. t .'. fi '. . . 1. . , ' '.Q'.'f ?f ' AMF. , '- .J. L-if , ., ,,,. - A. Vx' vw., . . 1 . , r ,. ' J ' 0 6. . . . U C . ..w , s . X ,. yn A cn r qi it -,Y v. s kph v ii 4- 5 5 . 4 5 1 1 I s Q 'v v.f V, al' r r- u vl , .Nd -qu i. - ,- -1 Q Q 1 - ,P x X,-, b vm .ww ,V-, . , , Q, ,. 1.-' ng., ,A ,y X .1-. .J . f , ,L ,. w- J 'ff Hz" ' -4 y 1 V 34F5.'ff' . -...wi A Q. nf, 'M ,- . 1 .JA ' "y, . .U 1 2 -4--v N131 . ' fi , 'uf '11, , r X ' 1 1 4 ' 5 1 .,,. ..k, ' . .J f- 1 Ly, 4- a ... f 'vf 1 4. x, ' 1 lr' . 1 v I n r' 54 -in,-w . K , .- 'lf' ., . ', -. , .ffjay-rm! A , ,, A , N, M .Nl Qinmylmli' ' ".'- " '. " 'T .' 1 .' . vwwfi- Q j,L,f'iAJ Her LD 2935 L85 A7 95J 1 l C Her LD 2935 L85 A7 19151 ..i..--Q-.san-Luis

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