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La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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...v Y' - sf' r I l E F I F 5 r I e I A V. i Q F E f if COYGIEFIIZE 22- OCI'OBEPJ1,1964A 4 1 F E 1 w 5 2 1 1 4 5 QQ , lj Q' 4 H NA 5 3' 4 U 'gm sr 3 Q i E i 1-Q. , 3 I 41 - " I 4 1 1 i M, , . kai!! fm J X4-d V 52240-Q?X Q51 m! f5WwmZf 1 ffddz A 60'ak2Zg' W6 MM gg ' f fgiady kff4 i fzpyfisj . w .5 'I M Jffba W! ZWWMZQM WV fa ' 1 Ve- 0 , Zffkgj gQ4Z!!Z5 W ,wi gig W4 MM Q17-fin bw QWQAQQQWZWM QM xp ., ' , 1 4 ' 55-fo 217242 -iid WZ Oiiiffjw ROW 1: Greg Scherman, Pam White, Shelley Padilla, Maren Smith, Cathy Rea, Sherry Reece, Doug Rogers ROW 2: Janet Carr, Shari Smith, Toby Campbell, Bob Pickett, Randy Saad, Mark Taylor, Katie Ordung, Mary Ann Gibson. NOT PICTURED: Janis Busboom. THE 1 964-65 YEAPBOOIC ACIZOBIBLOQ LA oouma Juwora mer-1 Qcuoot , caucorzwla Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much. - Shakespeare .TI-IE AND Tl-IE sf - .3 3' 49. if , . 9 'I W HN" From the time that we set our alarms on September 13 for an lg early rising the next morning, we knew that the clock and the cal- - endar would be obstacles in our attempt to complete another suc- Aj c ssful year at La Colina. 3 ' , ,j In this, our sixth year of existence, we were hosts to Goleta g' ' Valley Junior High School while its new campus was being finished. X ' During double session our classes began at 7:30 a. m. and ended at 'gk 12:10 p. m. ti-Lf--X. X An event which concerned and even endangered HWWM H4121 many students and teachers was -the Coyote Fire, a night shot of which is shown on our endsheets. Again, ' , time was a factor - in controlling the blaze. A ' ' ' T. . . . W". ,. Eff ime flew from then until the national elections I xg ! on November 3. Many students took an interest in E , . politics because the experience is available only be -1 x,.f ' every four years. . g Many school events and activities that were fall Ax, traditions had to be cancelled because double session n V did not allow time for planning or practice. Includ- ed in the cancelled activities were after school sports, the Christmas dance, and the drill team. Because the November rains delayed construction of the new junior high school, double session was extended from Thanksgiving vacation until Christmas vacation. When we came back on January 4, time again played its partg 8:30 a.m., rather than 9:00, was our starting time, so that the same buses could be used for both Once regular schedule did resume, everyone - including the yearbook staff - tried to make up for lost time. We hope you have all had a good year, either despite or be- . . A 1' gl 3 V Q W schools. . cause of the time problem. The ACROBIBIJOS staff 55 ' H' f if X ,fp , Li ,.. 5J?355ifm, A H 'II 1 f5Q.el7Q'?dM,4i',4Q , fifwffff? ,QZLQ Z fd fy Us F1411 Zffziwv ' s --,'7'-.N ' 5 A Af vw-, 1' u mp. a 1 N n, ,,.... If .,,,. X w xc' C P K N l ,CY-:.,1::1:"-1 1' f""' ,w-:.w.5-,- h f l l, N - mu- .1- I.- N A A K A Q 5 ' N KPDR , "-.i.i:7" x L., x 5 V S QV h Q ' f QQ!! 1 'ig If ,WW X E , . 1 i ggi! 337' X X xiii i?,SE2z"- ' " 4 l Q V: f ' ' . NM? :Sz-4 1, S . . .! - E51 If '. 37 it M, f j Q ' ff - 214' ', ff ' 2 f f Az H f ' X' .A,, ' . h . H! H s... R i I ?' 1 3 -'h Q USS f eff " Q ' ii sq ff " A, X , A A L. . 'A M. 'ral' .0M2fWJ'f'.1Q4zY,fmf' OF- EDUCNION Mrs. Elisabetta P. Henderson President Arnold W. Iacquemain C, E, Sovme Vice President Member Robert E. Kallman Robert P. Rowe Member Member B NTENDENT Meeting the first and third Thursdays of each calendar month, the Board of Education is respon- sible for formulating educational policy for the Santa Barbara City Schools. The task of the Superintendent is to carry out the policy and to manage the overall operation of the school system. Dr. Norman B. Scharer OUR! PRINCIPAL "The only principal that La Colina has ever had." Such is the title that Mr. Jack Richards could carry, for he has guided this school from the time that it was first planned into the often hectic construction period and through its first half dozen years of actual operation. Mr. Richards is largely responsible for in- itiating and maintaining La Colina's tradition of "Academic Excellence," so often reflected later in the high school performances of our graduates. Bom in Idaho, Mr. Richards has been in Santa Barbara for many years. He is a graduate of Santa Barbara State College fnow UCSBQ and has his MA from University of Southern Cali- ,AND I-IIQ FAMILY Pictured here with her husband is Mrs. Jean- nine Richards, who has devoted many hours to this school, both officially and unofficially. Long active in Santa Barbara Parent-Teacher Association work, she has served this year as re- cording secretary of La Colina PTA. fomia. The Richards family is a large one - and a happy one. Some of the younger members are shown here with Mrs. Richards on one of the family's frequent camping trips. Ian frightj graduates from La Colina this yearg his older sister Jill Qsecond from rightj was in the Class of 1964. Oldest son John fnot picturedj is get- ting his MA in mathematics at the University of Califomia. VICE-PIZINCIPALQ Mrs. Imogene Nair Mr. Eugene Snyder Oh! the clock is always slowg it is later than you think - Robert W. Service OOUNQELO Be ruled by time, the wisest counselor of all. Plutarch Mrs. Irene Wilton Counselor, all girls Mr. Joe de la Torre Counselor, 8th grade Mr. James Anderson Counselor, 7th 8a 9th grade Mr. Albert Rasmussen Counselor, part-time 7 11 1 1 ,i L-k, V.V. .V'LL,,,Lhh 1 1, Q , 1 1 L'LV Z V- VL my . V V VVVV, 1 11 11 f 1 111 , ' 11 1 1 1 fffg 1 1 F- 1 1 f5 V 1 1 5 37l 1 1 1l V , i , . h ,, 1 1, j h h it h h f f1,1g 3f f 1 1 1 1 :1 1 1 1 ill' KV Krfhl kk A . 1 11 . ,, ,V,V 1 f 1 N 1 ,1 LV,' 1 '1 K 1 1 I VVKVLV , ff 1 !."""'vT!"4M 1 111 , 11 111 1 1 . 11 11 1 "J:.,msv1w 1 J' tiff hiv ' I " 1 vi - ' -'.' 1 4 - if-... ul '- ' x . wi, I . , 1. . V,-V 1 75 'XL Lkr, 5 , v5,,.:.?L12:' , 1 N iv I 111 11 111 1 111 f 1 :Vr LILVV k.Vg 1 Pr 1 k.g' fK,r, 1 K-,,k -15 ,:'-V 4 11:11 V V 111 ,LL ff ,,,, 511121 ,",,1 z11511 :L1 if A: ,, gjg Z., XV. 1 V, ,,, 1 I -VV:1VV L gi VL1, i I- 1' ' Q 3 7, ..: ff! Mr Elden Gumtow ON Mrs Hazel Melvin, Mrs Marjorre More MUSIC Mr. Lawrence McAllister Mr. Bernard Vander Ark, Chairman HOME 9 The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. - C. S. Lewis Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. ' - Thomas Mann MAT!-IEMNTCQ Mr. James Mr. John i Mrs. Marlinde Mr. Phil Mr. Larry Mr. George Miss Coral Campilio Gessel Jurgensen Lansing, Martin McKenzie Swickard Chairman Pl-NQICAL EDUCGHON Time is a sandpile we run our fingers in. - Carl Sandburg Mrs. Jean Mrs. Sue Mrs. Virginia Crist Kirkpatrick MUIPUY, Chairman NURSE Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. - Benjamin Franklin Mr. Ted Mr. Raymond Mr. Dan Mrs. Elizabeth Best Hardy, Heinrichs Thompson Chairman SCIENCE- As if you could kill time without injuring eternity. - Henry David Thoreau Mr. Ivan Mr. Robert Mr. Dave Mr. Roy Evans, Chairman Foss Iman Stier ENGLISH Know the true value of timeg snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastinationg never put Mr. Rod Mrs. Lorraine Mrs. Gladys Mrs. Jean Mr. Roland 1 Duncan Hillebrand Johnson Johnson MacDonald Off U11 tomorrow what you can do today. - Lord Chesterfield Mrs. Judy Mr. William Mr. William Mr. Gordon Mr. Robert UB Martin Sanders Spieth, Weber Wiener Chairman Qi To t e true teacher, time's hourglass should K sti run gold dust. - Douglas Gerrold f QV J X Mrs. Maxine fl Thee, J Up My Librarian SOCIAL STUDIES In a thousand years we shall all forget The things that trouble us now. f - Adam Lindsay Gordon AW my YQ XDNDL3 .1 'gf N qx X O' Pg ggofeblxfo Mrs. Marian Mr. Charles Mrs. Margaret Mr. Mike Mr. Robin Mrs. Kathleen Mr. George Chalberg Harrison Hobbs Martin Montz, Chairman Scherer Wallis Q EQ Heading La Co1ina's secretari- al staff this year is Mrs. Edith A. Fraas, who is Mr. Richards' secretary-stenographer. Mrs. Vivian Allen Mrs. Jeanne Bogle Mrs. Ruth Foote Mrs. Margaret Kleveland TEAC!-IEE, All-'PES In charge of attend- ance records is Mrs. Dorothy Magennis, who took over when Mrs. Fraas was pro- moted. The woman in charge of the huge volume of textbooks checked out this year is Miss Helen Oursler. The two voices that are most often heard by callers here are V those of Mrs. Helen Van Der Linden, counselors' secretary, and Mrs. Ruth Skinner, receptionist, shown here left to right. Saving the time of many teachers, allow- ing them to concentrate more on presenta- tion of material rather than on correction of tests, are these seven aides, whose duties are divided among the academic departments. 12 Mrs. Roberta Offen Mrs. Myrtle Phillips Mrs. Charlene Tolle No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen. - Epictetus No sooner is a thing brought to signt than it is swept by and an- other takes its place, and this too will be swept awayf - Marcus Aurelius Antonius C1JQTODlANQ Our custodians are at work long after the regular school day .is over. Room maintenance, special repairs, and storage and distribution of supplies are among their duties. From left to right, ROW 1: Joe Brown fHead Custodianj, Charley Summers, Arturo Lopez, Dorsey Downeyg ROW 2: Earl Keener, Bill Witt, Jim Baker, Dave Castillo. CA During fall double session, the cafe- teria workers worked desperately to prepare the "scrumptious" rolls and cookies for the snack break and get them to the sales lo- cations on time. After the school returned to regular session, they served delicious hot meals in the cafeteria, and sandwiches and malts at the snack windows. From left to right, they are Denise Lopez, Madeline Naretto, Rose Uribe, Elizabeth Davis, Callie Rirosky, Agnes Herbelot QLunchroom Managery, Darlene Gardner, and Margaret Hatchett. GAIZDENEIZQ Other campuses in the area may look as good fdoubtfulj, but none - especially those as "young" as ours - look any better, thanks to the fine care given by Mr. Ricar- do Requejo, Head Gardener fabove rightj, and his assistant, Mr. Adolph Escobar. Mr Requejo was promoted to his present posi- tion when Mr. Harry Grinnell, one of La Colina's original crew, was transferred to San Marcos High. 13 jg X gg iwgfgf i My ,,.-eff-'ff' Q,,Qc:ffz1ufzf3127c2ff.fS WRX BODY OFF-ICE-F29 Steve Camjniti ' Carol Haley Rick Renz President Girls' Vice President Boys' Vice President Under the leadership of these officers, our school has main- tained the standards of years past. Elected at the beginning of first semester, these eight have guided the many activities sponsored by the Student Cotmcil. Members of the Student Body should take time to thank the of- ficers for their fine effort. Christine Erickson Anne Haley Secretary Treasurer Mark Taylor Maury Grattan Bob Long Chief Justice Commissioner of Service Sergeant-at-Arms ROW 1: Roger Stewart, Dean Wright, Rick Renz, Fred Cole, Bob Larson, Bob Long, Steve Caminiti, Mark Tay- lor, ROW 2: Clyde Schlah, Ken DeConde, Ted Fieger, Bill Masonheimer, Ricky Holt, Dan McGinnis, Carol Haley, Maury Grattan, Anne Haley, Chris Erickson, ROW 3: Richard Bresslin, Dana Shea, Sharon Scott, Diane Pitts, Denise Mills, Parn White, Alice Mendenall, Kathy Woodliff, Annette Riparetti, Roxanne Reinesto, Randy Hale, Juanita Ciluaga, ROW 4: Jan Richards, Jim Cambier, Gary Ericson, Jack Graham, Jim Saad, Roy Plum- er, Tony Miller, Mike McGinnis, Jana Everett, Ruth Mills, Jennifer Borgeson, Patti Wood. Guided by the student body officers, the Student Council de cided and organized the many activities which our school spon sored throughout the year. The field trips, such as the Christmas field trip, in which the entire 1-' council took the donated presents to Alpha School, and the annual trip to UCSB campus were a big success. With the great job that this year's Student Council has done, the proud name of La Colina has been carried on. - I QTUDENV COUNCIL ROW 1: Bob Bogle, Robert Reed, Jan Richards, Rick Renz, Randy Saad, John Santrizos, Mike McGinnis, George Farina. ROW 2: Robert Rochelle, seventh grade justiceg Britt Johnson, ninth grade justiceg Bob Long, sergeant at-arrnsg John Gardner, eighth grade justiceg Mark Taylor, chief justiceg Suzanne Wolf, ninth grade justiceg Gale Bradley, eighth grade justiceg Nancy Ottman, seventh grade justice. ROW 3: Jim Aldecoa, Chris Erick- son, Anne Webster, Nancy Marr, Carol Haley, Connie Rochelle, Darlene Craviotto, Katie Ordungg Mr. Albert Rasmussen, sponsor. ROW 4: Ken Robinson, Leanne Davis, Linda Mathews, Sarah Birss, Jan Silver, Mary Ann Gibson, Michele Cothran. K K5 c '-' 'al' 0 "' 4 Time hath a tarning hand. - Cardinal Newman I8 I LEAGUE ,JLUIIQUI ll 'Q' ll ROW 1: Pam White, vice presidentg Carol Haley, president: Cheryl Matz, historian. ROW 2: Penny Rouse, rep. - '75 Carol McKee, rep. - 8, Connie Rochelle rep. -95 Linda Dornz, sgt. -at-arms. "Boys will be boys, " and it is the job of Girls' League to see that girls are girls - serving NOT SHOWN: the school with sponsorship of the spelling bees, bringing fathers to school for other than Sarah BiISS, athletic events with the staging of the father-daughter banquet, and learning how to be sec'y-treasurer gracious hostesses through the mother-daughter tea. Always willing to help, the cabinet above plans and carries out the annual activities of the group. BOYS' LEAGUE Rained out of their first scheduled event, the annual Car Wash, La Colina's Boys' League came right back with a rescheduling for February 27, and the group went on to enjoy a successful year. Including several boys whoiare easier to photograph in action during a game than standing still, the cabinet officers are pictured here. ROW 1: fleft to rightj Wayne Bretches, vice presidentg Rick Renz, presidentg Mark Sullivan, treasurerg ROW 2: Randy Cook, rep. - 95 Randy Saad, secretaryg Tony Riparetti, rep.,-79 Clark Alexander, rep. -8. NINU-I GRADE COUNCIL STUDENT CITIZENS As the school year draws to a close, the organiza- tion and careful planning of the Ninth Grade Coun- cil lead to enjoyment by the entire graduating class. One major project this year was the new senior lawn. From left to right, ROW 1: Toby Campbellg Fred Rivera, class presidentg Mark Nielseng ROW 2: Paul Condon, Bunnie Knapp, Laura Elliott, Nora Slutz- ky, Claire Bunton, Jim Norris, ROW 3: Mike Young, Christine Peter- son, Connie Rochelle, Marilyn Johnston, Mr. Lansing, adviser. Newly-formed this year, Student Citizens Committee advises our principal on school and student body problems. Members of the student body were free at any time to relate their feelings on any matter to these fifteen schoolmates. From left to right, ROW 1: Steve Hoegerman, Bill Sheldahl, Mike Nakada, David Cetti, Mark Leep ROW 2: Randy Saad, Karen Reginatto, Jody Rowland, Jamee Perry, 'Linda Tucker, Barbara Bottomley, Ann Miller, Mike Peache. Not pictured: Linda Domz and Sally Greer. 2 I-!lUJ'OPPEl21 For the first time in the history of La Colina, photographs were printed in our school newspaper, The HILLTOPPER Staff members were always searching for new techniques and publishing meth- ods. Left to right, ROW 1: Barbara Bottomley, Peggie Miller, Janet Potier, Margaret Coomer, Jamee Perry, Pat Raabeg ROW 2: Steve Hiatt, Dennis Holl, Shelley Dudder, Robby Hopps, Lance Johansen, Lorraine Foster, ROW 3: Joe Rodriguez, Mike Tucker, Britt Johnson, Rick Peterson, George Farina. PERFORMING :DRAMA CLA Period 1 drama students are, left to right, ROW 1: Bob Bennett, Mike Pratt, Tony Dal Pozzo, Stuart Hauck, Bob Stepkowski, Mark Felberg ROW 2: Lisa Champlain, Liz Varni, Nancy Dittmar, Shelley Dudder, .Susan Pace, Jill Potter, Marge Rhein- schmidt, Chris Ericksong ROW 3: Bernadette Graybill, Meg Kiely, Kathy Wright, Patty Bridger, Marilyn Beidler, Claire Bunton, Alice Mendenall, Susan Rudnickig ROW 4: Alice Izard, Kristi Engle- man, Barbara Ottman, Kathy Kuonen, Juli Aydelotte, Janis Silver, Gail Thurlby. In period 4 are, ROW 1: Sandy Fior, Janet Neslen, Janis Bus- boom, Cathy Izard, Ann Miller, Pam Tompkins, Dorothy Fleming, Cindy Ochoa, Sally Foster, Jeeni Hudakg ROW 2: Wendy Lori, Denise Dal Pozzo, Bobby Bing- ham, Linda Mathews, Suzi Kessler, Shelley Frame, Barbara Vang, Cecil Cubbison, George Hansen, Roger Dahleng ROW 3: Joey Moreno, Rob Foster, Jim Bennett, Jerry Gray, Karl Ander- son, Duane Barker, Linda Gilbert Steve Jones, John Bishop. Under the supervision of Mr. Duncan, the drama classes planned, re- hearsed, and presented plays for the entertainment of small portions of the student body and visitors to La Colina Fair. STAGE B-GND T Stage Band was formed to play "after dinner" music and has rehearsed regularly with public performances in mind. Shown here, ROW 1: Steve Heinz, Dan Papandrea, Jim West, Jim Andron, Kirk Alexander, Richard Ziebell, Steve Kramer, Wayne Howardg ROW 2: Lynne Erman, Paul Smith, Mike McGinnis, Randy Cook, Rick Coykendall, Tim Martinich, Chuck Wessa, Steve Jones, Pam Tompkins. These two young men with the big baton alternated MAJO These three eighth grade girls - left to right, Shelley Padilla, Cheryl Matz fhead Majorettej, and Monica Dahlen - represented our school in uniform at every parade. in the position of Drum Major. During a given parade, one led the band while the other played his regular instrument. Steve Jones is on the left, George Farina on the right. . 's gg Overcoming the handica of shortened practice periods for the first half of the year, La Colina 's Band performed in four parades J X , The noise that time makes Merrill Moore A Q X . g XA . n lx ' El- - - pl , . if vi if . ' if .r fr g , if - 1- ,I ., ' 1 - Y LN- 4 J I two each semester. ROW 1: Ann Miller, Greg Prachar, Mac Sanborn, Marcia La Grandeur. ROW 2: Sarah Birss, George Farina, Gary Woods, Debbie Fedaleo, Steve Norris, Richard Ziebell, Torn Van Lehn, Jim West, Steve Kramer. ROW 3: Bill Davis, Mark Johnson, Bruce Bab- cock, Peter Flynn, Wes Jackson, David Cetti, Paul Smith, Dennis Trammell, Richard Young, Mike McGinnis, Randy Cook, Den- nis Baskous, Blake Topping, Steve Heinz, Wayne Howard. ROW 4: Roberta Vroman, Jenny Cope, Carol Lebow, Duane Barker, Gary Bateman, Mike Nunn, Mr. Vander Ark, Mark Rode, Sheri Gledhill, Joe Jimenez, John Gardner, Jeff Cambier, Jim Andron, Davey Reynolds, Tim Ellis, Roy McLean, Chuck Wessa, Steve Jones, Tim Marrinich. of x "St-o-' -II1, .. l Q. -- - 'tif' -s, t f it- 'iii rr :f aqs jd, , .. 1. 91 -'if' Using before school time to practice, the Orchestra developed its talents as each month passed. ROW 1: Pam Tompkins, Les Asher, Gale Bradley, Christina Frost. ROW 2: Christine Peterson, Janice Thomp son, Jacque Hartfeld, Nancy Ottman, Ann Miller, Greg Prachar, Marcia La Grandeur, Sue Farrel, Dianna Oakes, Linda Allen. ROW 3: Don Selezinka, Ian Everett, Martha Cressey, Lorie Rawlins, Mike McGinnis, Wes Jackson, David Cetti, Paul Smith, Michele Cothran, Sarah Birss, Mike Peache, George Farina, Steve Norris, Richard Ziebell, Nancy Rudnicki. ROW 4: Linda Minotto, Nancy Barron, Nancy Thwing, Carolyn Cotton, Stephen Newswanger, Allison Grosfield, Barbara Vang, Bob Long, Mr. Vander Ark, Jeff Cambier, John Gardner, Jim Andron, Janice Potter, Robert Carlson, Kathleen Newson, Chuck Wessa, Tim Martinich. CI-IOIZUQ Largest of Mr. McAllister 's vocal music ensembles is Mixed Chorus. One activity was visiting elemen- tary schools in the area, singing a variety of well- known songs. Members of Mixed Chorus are, ROW 1: B. Cammer, B. Blake, B. Green, E. Van Der Linden, J. Barnes, G. Ley, C. Deraita, S. Johnston, S. Vranish, D. Martin, ROW 2: I. Hyde, Mary Peebles, Melodie Peebles, K. Dymek, K. Ordung, P. Miller, S. Keys, A. Haley, B. Tath- well, S. Paceg ROW 3: M. Guzzi, B. Ottman, A. Jones, L. Hulla, Sue Keys, S. Hall, Y. Goossens, S. Gorrindo, C. Payne, F. Mackey, M. Brickley, ROW 4: S.7Jones, E. Otto, S. Dudder, S. Farrel, S. Prater, Gf Irvine, S. DeVaux, C. Wood, B. Hunter, R. Mutter, T. Jordano. NOT PICTURED: Mary Ann Gibson. FOLIC QINGEIZQ Meeting for the first time this year, Folk Singers consisted of the top boy and girl singers from all three grades. Left to right, ROW 1: S. Jones, N. Rudnicki, B. Hunter, K. Ordung, S. Dudder, S. Farrel, M. Taylor, ROW 2: G. Ley, J. Bar- nett, V. Conover, L. Chace, B. Tathwellg ROW 3: B. Cammer, M. Brickley, K. Evans, W. Howard, J. Doolittle, M. Bushman, NOT PIC- TURED: Gibson. Organized to give girls an oppor- tunity to harmonize, Girls' Glee Club had, left to right, ROW 1: C. McCoy, M. Milne, R. Schmidt, L. Schmerzler, A. Dawson, S. Hunter, N. Johns, L. Chace, I. Grams, T. Smith, ROW 2: L. Desrosiers, C. Borcharding, I. Gaskill, S. Bazemore, N. Rud- nicki, K. Schmerzler, P. Harper, L. Eggleton, K. Krapfg ROW 3: N. Jenkinson, Mary and Melodie Peebles, M. Oneschuck, S. Pace, S. Farrel, K. Kirkwood, B. Hunt- er, E. Otto. X f 3 , J ll LW! 1 e J Q' CLUB Although it got off to a late start, Stamp Club was quite busy, "fight- ing" to make trades and complete al- bums. ' From left to right, ROW 1: Steve Norris, Bob Bogle, Peggie Mil- ler, Kathy Sanborn, George Farina: ROW 2: Steve Mey- ers, Kim Newman, Craig Biber, Robert Reed, Dennis Bask- ous. AIZTIQTAC COIN This newly organ- ized club joins ten million other X collectors across X XX the nation. Mem- bers are attracted by profit, histori- cal ties, For artis- tic appreciation. From left to right, ROW 1: Janice Thompson, Steve Norris, Les Asher, Scott Hunter, Jim Mathis, 'Margaret Lechner: ROW 2: Lance Johansen, Fred Barrett, Mike Nakada, Greg Blue, Dennis Trammell, Jan Richards: ROW 3: Ken Robinson, Bob Bogle, Britt Johnson, Rick Peterson, Tom Ziegler, David Peck. This art group has had an exciting and worthwhile year, going to various places of artistic interest and holding its own regular art exhibits. Always ready and willing to accept and execute ideas of their advisers, Mrs. Dahl- berg and Mrs. Golomb, members are, left to right, ROW 1: Clif Deraita, Anne Rys- linge, Patty Bridger, Carol Frame, Linda Garcia, Ed Van Der Linden: ROW 2: Linda Slutzky, Sherry Stamper, Linda Ramsdell, Sally Engstrom, Marilyn Beidler, Barbara Tathwell, Steve Hauszg ROW 3: Betsee Seegert, Susan Prater, Craig Jennings, Mark Grinnell, Juli"Aydelotte, Maren Smith. f ' W . ,L Il b H757,L,,j.7fzf5-5,2717 Z7.13w-" g --' 152: 1 ,, my- "f 'f 7":j ' - ,if .". 'A ff., 'J' f" 1, I' , " ' Mfff. - ' ',-. f , lf, f, . 'fi Teachers of Tomor- row's Students QTOTSJ is an organization for ninth graders who wish to enter some level of teaching for their profession. Through study, discussion and visits to other schools they learn more about their future work. Members of TOTS assembled here are, from left to right, ROW 1: Barbara Vang, Su- san Rudnicki, Darlene Craviotto, Linda Donovan, Leanne Davis, Alice Mendenall, Janice Barnett, Mrs. Judy Matting ROW 2: Carol Haley, Nancy Rudnicki, Jean Thiel- mann, Pam Boone, Jan Richards, Susan Bartlett, Leanne Lewis, Connie Rochelle, Shelley Frame, Barbara Ottrnan. I recommend you take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves. - Lord Chesterfield JUNIOR: A Junior Statesmen organization is very rarely found in a junior high schoolg La Colina is fortunate toyhave such an organization. The group is for ninth graders who want to learn more about our country and its government. tal agencies. ROW 1: George Farina, David Talley, Mike Peache, Steve Jones, Robert Bogleg ROW 2: Linda Donovan, Katie Ordung, Nancy Rud- nicki, Anne Webster, Dar- lene Craviotto, Mr. Mike Martin, ROW 3: Michele Cothran, Christine Peter- son, Jean Thielmann, Christina Frost, Sarah Birss. 26 Members meet to hold discussions on current events and to visit local governmen- - 3, its-1, , Science Club members are, left to right, ROW 1: Bob Blake, Phil Vernon, Phil Bateman, Wayne Beckman, Ken Schwarzberg, Carl Bronner, Steve Hauszg ROW 2: Dean Whitney, Kathy Newson, Jan Hinson, Ann Redisch, Nancy Ottman, Barbara Hunter, Pam Boone, Nancy Rudnickig ROW 3: Robert Carlson, Chris Spencer, Mike Roberts, Peter Quimby, Jane Hyde, Frances Hoag, Susan Jones, Manor Buck, Jean Thielmanng ROW 4: Torn Thomson, Robert Larson, Greg Prachar, Dean Wright, Chuck Franke, John Gardner, Wayne Howard, Jim Doolittle, Wendi Himme MGH-'CLUB Membership in Math Club is restricted to stu- dents with an "A" in math and a "B" average in other subjects. Visiting various scientific and tech- nical concerns in the area is a typical activity. From left to right, ROW 1: Jeff Frier, Dick Doane, Greg Prachar, Reed Harding, Bruce Marshall: ROW 2: Maxine Seelenbinder, Jean MacLeish, Shawn Gutshall, Nancy Barron, Karen Reginatto, Cynthia Goena, ROW 3: Betsee Seegert, Patty Ruth, Anne Scales, Jean Thielmann, Heather Richards, Penny Fauskee, Christy Watkins: ROW 4: Mrs. Jurgensen, Trina Boyce, Susan Keys, Anne Webster, Darlene Craviotto, Nancy Marr, Nancy Rudnicki. Peri Medios are, left to right, ROW 1: Debbie Sandmann, Tim Lynch, Sharon Hayhurst, John Penoff, Suzanne Wolf, Clif Deraita, Barbara Vollmer, Karen Reginattog ROW 2: Mrs. Thompson, Mary Ann Palacios, Carmen Guttry, Dianna Oakes, Jennifer Bingham, Sheila Hendrick, Lynne Erman, Pam Wilson, Ann tFriesen, Cindy Callan, Barbara Tathwell, Barbara Hunter, ROW 3: Mrs. More, Meg Olds, Karlene Porterfield, Diane Saitta, Frances Hoag, Susan Perlin, Karen Lueck, Janis Blackmore, Cathy Davidson, Susan Dismuke, Adele Clancy, Susan Jones, Mary Ann Boettner. SCIENCE CLUB Led by Mr. Iman, Science Club is composed of students who have a "B " average or better in all classes, and have an interest in science. In addition to taking field trips, many members participate in the annual science fair locally. PER! MEDICQA With Suzanne Wolf as student leader and Mrs. More and Mrs. Thompson as advisers, Peri Medios met on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Committees were formed to deal with medical problems that concerned junior high school stu- dents. WO Helping in the Cafeteria to prepare and serve' all that good food are, left to right, ROW 1: Jack Giles, Andy Kuonen, Paul Smith, John Welker, Tony Dal Pozzo, James Davenport, ROW 2: Gary Richards, Gary Scott, David Merrifield, Linda Stewart, Brent Vogel, Steve Heinzg ROW 3: Phillip Davies, Duane Barker, Bill Feaster, Paul Robert, Jim Doolittle, Stan Johnston. There 's a time for some things, and a time for all things, a time for great things, and a time for small things. - Miguel de Cervantes CETO PIZQJECUONIQTQ Showing those films that get you out of all that regular hard work are the Projectionists. They also maintain the equipment and help in the book room. From left to right, ROW 1: Mr. Duncan, sponsor, Ricky Buckelew, Bill Feaster, Steve Frowiss, Merlin Millerg ROW 2: Wilkie Wilkins, Phillip Davies, Cal Cloer, Paul Con- don, Pete Sevillag ROW 3: Roger Dahlen, Jim Andron, Jerry Markle, Steve Jones, Rick Sinclair. OFFICE MONFTOPS Your "friends" with call slips from the vice principals are the hard-working Office Mon- itors. From left to right, ROW 1: Janis Busboom, Nancy Dittmar, Karen Lester, Laurel Miles, Margaret Trantowg ROW 2: Sally Clark, Susie Mills, Donna Heinz, Mary Anne Stewart: ROW 3: Suzy Ern- strom, Kathy Kirkwood, Diane La Barge, Lisa Champlain. ' Y TI-IE QC!-IOOL Q17-Kee A group of boys who do all of the setting- up for assemblies and most other events, Stage Crew consisted of, left to right, ROW 1: Bart Mattmiller, Chuck Becker, Alan Salsberg, Mr. Rasmussen: ROW 2: Mark Menzel, Scott Morlan, Bernie Pro- well, Fred Rivera. In a picture taken at noon time, the Gym Aides and Monitors seem to be in short supply: probably, most of them were par- ticipating in sports. Those who appeared were, left to right, ROW 1: David Johnson, Gary Cardoza, Hank Bomang ROW 2: Lee Naftzger, Cathy Ruiz, Jill Potter. ' X 4- NUIZQEQ AIDEQ As simple as it sounds, Nurse 's Aides aid the school nurse, Mrs. Thompson, in caring for injured or ill students. From left to right, ROW 1: Mrs. Thompson, Linda Wilberger, Paula Thompson, Wendy Lori: ROW 2: Suzi Kessler, Diane Fritzsche, Gail Thurlby, Joyce Stanton. AFDEQ Keeping library books in their proper -place and checking out books are two duties of this group. Left to right, ROW 1: Darleen Poulter, Jennifer Cole, Carol Frame, Roban Rennie, Nicki Williams, Mrs. Thee: ROW 2: Judy Kennel- ly, Linda Stewart, Shelley Frame, Linda Fitch, Chris Udy, Kathy Frank, Linda Gilbert, Calvin Cloer. 29 mm: .,k.V kff,,-- 1 .lk , . , in . . i , ,, . I ., X ll?'!' x m I I , -.NN x 3 Q ,.VV V,Vk, L ' .iraq - ' fxw .fi4'fY-'slilf' f "'!,4" f -QA . A, . N N4 I X' g ' x 3 - -Fi Q- f . H 'xflfggl ' X . , . Q K -J,.,,....Nx I K . 72, NX X K , 'Qi A Rx , 5, i wx 3 2 3'-5"5'f-5' Albertson Albon Aldecoa Alexander Allen Alvarez Anderson Anderson Andron Aydelotte Balmer Barker Barnett Bartlett Bassett Beatty Becker Bedel Beidler Benedict Bennett Bennett Bingham Birss Bishop Biskner Bjorklund Blackmore 0131965 Blanchard B og le Boll ay Bom an Boone Borie Braseth Brasseur Breck Bretches Bridger Brigance Buckelew Bunton Busboom Bushm an Callahan Caloudes Caminiti C arnmer , 3 Bill Davis Leanne Davis Carlos De La Vega Sandy Denton Donna DeVaney Nancy Dittmar Jan Dougherty Virginia Draper Loretta Dreste Guy Eckert Laura Elliot Paula Elsesser Kristi Engleman Sally Engstrom Christine Erickson Suzy Ernstrom Kathy Evans George Farina Bill Feaster Mark Felber Sandi Fior Eldon Fisher Linda Fitch Dorothy Claire Fleming Cammer Campbell Cardoza C arr Champlain Clancy Cloer Close Cole Condon Conover Constant Cook Cooke Coomer Cooney Cooney Correa Cothran Cowan Craviotto Cressey Crosby Cubbison Dahlen Dal Pozzo Dalrymple Davies Jim Fletcher Wayne Forte Rob Foster Sally Foster Shelley Frame James Frank Kathy Frank Christina Frost Steve Frowiss Doug Gainor Brad Gibson Linda Gtlbert Cecilia Goena Elton Golden R Gonzales S Gorrindo N Grabigel I Grams M Grattan Jer Gray B Graybill Pat Griffith il. Boyd Groom Eddie Gudgeon Sherry Hale Carol Haley Jo Ann Hall Robert Hall Sarah Hall Jerry Hamilton George Hansen Betty Harberts Mike Hardoln Steve Harms Stuart Hauck Laurie Hawkins Jack Heidenreich Donna Heinz Gail Hickey Rogene H111 Wendy Himmelwright Steve Hoegerman Ron Hollywood Bonnie Holmes Gary Holt Jeanne Hudak Pam Hudson Richard Hughes David Hupp Alice Izard Gerry Jamieson David Jenkins Annie Lopez Ramona Lopez Wendy Lori Jeff Lowry Stephanie Lucas Ronnie McClain Ross McCoy Cathy McLean Bill Mangan Cathy Mansfield Jerry Markle Nancy Marr Pam Martin Penny Martin Tim Martinich Linda Mathews Bart Mattmiller Alice Mendenall Mark Menzel Mark Miley Verlynn Milkovich Ann Miller Merlin Miller Denise Mills Fred Joehnck David Johnson Mike Johnson Betty Johnston M. Johnston Steven Jones D. Karschner Martin Kelch Bill Kennedy Rory Kenward Suzi Kessler Debby Killin K. Kirkwood Bunnie Knapp Paul Kohrs K. Kuonen Jack Kurrels D. LaBarge M. LaGrancleur S. Langefeld Gary Lapman John Larson M. Leaberry Carol Lebow C. LeCompte Karen Lester Leanne Lewis Bill Lipscomb Marret Mills Susan Mills Ralph Monks Ken Moore David Moreno Joe Moreno Becky Morgan Andrew Mori Scott Morlan P. Morrissey B. Mowatt Lee Naftzger Donna Nagel Janet Neslen T. Newman S. Newswanger Mark Nielsen Gary Norcross Jim Norris Audrey North Michael Nunn Cindy Ochoa Martha Ogle Katie Ordung Frank Ortega D. Osterman B. Ottman Susan Pace Sheila Parish Mike Peache Paul Perrine Jamee Perry Larry Peters Christine Peterson Lance Peterson Wendell Phillips Bob Pickett Bruce Pidgeon Dianne Pitts Robin Pierce Jill Potter Darleen Poulter Jim Pratchard Susan Prater Mike Pratt Bernie Prowell Vicky Putnarn Linda Ramsdell Sherry Reece Robert Reed Steve Reed Rohan Rennie Betsy Seegert Don Selezinka Peter Sevilla Don Sexton George Silva Janis Silver Rick Sinclair Vicki Sinclair Nora Slutzky Bruce Smith Eric Smith Maren Smith Robbie Smith Shari Smith Mark Sorrow Joyce Stanton Randy Steele Bob Stepkowski Linda Stewart Mary Anne Stewart Roger Stewart Dan Strever Joe Stroble Mark Sullivan TX 3' wwf Wgw Rick Renz Bob Reynolds M. Rheinschmidt I. Richards M. Richardson Fred Rivera K. Robinson C. Rochelle Ioe Rodriguez I. Roessler Doug Rogers N. Rudnicki S. Rudnicki Mike Ruse Anne Ryslinge Randy Saad Hans Sacre Alan Salsberg Mac Sanborn Steve Sanders John Santrizos C. Schabram Lynn Schaffter G. Scherman D. Schwarzberg Kendall Scott Sharon Scott Pete Seagoe ,js 1, 2 "s'XwX 1 .MF dxf w. X8 42.6 Lael? --If , ponent might upset t. ple cart. The optimistic, feel 4 this sort of situation occur: A They give the Scots an , chance ,to get by Olympia and .. quiam., They hope they can break :fi Q,-Hieils, against .Aberdeen and Van- couver, 3 Then --thee spotlight would turn squarely thi the annual Thanks- giving day fboneyplcking fiesta with Longviewy with' this Smatch ,decid- ing the conference top bracket, whether Longview goes through undefeated or not. Centrlia bucked Kelsds line for only 66 yards net, a tribute to the Kelso 'forward wall. Joe Trembly and Larry Daggy wer ' outstanding. , , . Aerials Click A But the Tiger found better go- ing by air. Receivers were 'often wide open. Centralia, might have scored more than, once, if the re- ceivers hadn't 'missed several per fect passes. Kelso scored on the opening pla of the second quarter after,ro1 ing to three first downs that c ried the Hilanders from the Q5 tralia 44 yard-line to the tour I Murphy and Larry Kettwig til. turns packing the ball. Kettwig finally cracked over for the touch- down. Bob 'Rutherford's placement soared straight and true giving Kelso a 7-0 lead. f Kelso geared up again during the latter part of the third quar- Qter to engineer a second tally. The " Scots started from their 34 yard- stripe. A pass from Jerry Aldrich to Murphy netted 18 yards to the Centralia 43. Murphy plugged away for a first down on the 30. Aldrich added five yards, then Cliff Richards, reserve back, cut through center, reversed to the right and galloped 18 yards to the enemy eight yard-line.. Aldrich Scores A At this point Richards fumbled the ball, and Centralla recovered on their own.. three. A wobhly punt tothe Centralia 30 was gath- ered in by Aldrich who returned it ,to the 18. Murphy and Richards Store off eight and four yards, re- lspectively, then Aldrich ploughed over for the score. Kelso 13, Centralia S. Centralia caught fire late in the last quarter, and took to the sky for their only tally of the game. in H JL t 1 I ,i 1 l . A k 1 ,With four minutes to 59,--th'e" iound themselves on their own 184, yard-line. A pushing penalty against Kelso gave the Tigers a first and ten on the 35. ' Rod Hensley, smooth passing es- pert, connected with two tosses to placethe ball on the Kelso 43. He flipped another to Bill Hardcastle .for another first on the Kelso 32. Twenty-five seconds' remained' 'when the pass-happy Tigers fought to the Kelso 18. Touchdown Pass l i ls ll Xi Hensley then! backed off and un- corked a high pass in the end zone to Ari Roberts, who took it out of the air between the out- stretched arms of two defenders. The conversion failed and the score stood Kelso '13, C-entralia 6. 4 It was still that "way when the gun went off, interrupting a Cen- Judy Taft David Talley Jeb Taylor Mark Taylor Brian Tharp Dave Thayer J. Thielmann D. Thomas P. Thompson Tom Thomson Ron Thorpe Gail Thurlby K. Tiedemanr Lon Tilden Mike Toczik P. Tompkins Sherri Tonnis Blake Topping M. Trantow Brad Trolson Mike Tucker Janice Turner Nancy Turner Chris Udy Barbara Vang C. Varela Joe Varela Liz Varni Judy Viles Clark Vitt Steve Vranish Lawrence Waiton Bob Waller Val Wark Wendy Wasilko Anne Webster Daniel West Jim West Philip West Pam White Linda Wilberger Wilkie Wilkins Rory Willett Nicki Williams Norma Williams Duane Wilson Pam Wilson Suzanne Wolf Gary Woods Al Woolfolk Mike Young Dan Zoll 4 r CLAQQ OF wee Dennis Baskous Gary Bateman Margie Belton Janet Belvoir Mary Bennett Stephen Bennett B.Bettencourt Craig Biber Claudia Bingham John Bishop Bob Blake Gregory Blue Bruce Bode Carolyn Boman B.Bottomley Greg Bottoms Trina Boyce Paul Bradford Gale Bradley Beth Brady Stan Breck Mark Brickley Roger Briggs Rosetta Briner Carl Bronner Vickie Brown Manor Buck 38 C. Adams Judy Adams Stella Aguilar C. Alexander Linda Allen L.I. Allen D. Anderson Jay Anderson Jim Anderson K. Anderson W. Andrach Tina Ansbro Cathi Arnold Les Asher G. Aylesworth B. Babcock Ken Baker John Balster P. Banhegyi Greg Barnes Bruce Barrett rx sr we rm rw -A iifrfaar . . A H . , Nasir sifurf frwyrfvsrg-V4 :g,yg5iN g '-1 if -Q all at .lilld -qgwr wwf? Jeff Carnbier Nicky Carlson Laura Carrick R. Carrisales Karen Carroll Nina Casale M. Castagnola Randy Chace Elaine Church J. Ciluaga Adele Clancy Lauri Clegg Cindy Coates John Collier M. Colten Susan Cook Jenny Cope E. Cordero C. Correa Joe Coxon B. Coykendall R. Coykendall B. Da Castello M. Dahlen Joe Dahlquist T. Dal Pozzo Ian Dascher C. Davidson Barry Davis Gary Davis Kathy Davis A. Dawson S. De Vaux Diane Dietz S. Dismuke Billie I.Dodds Linda Dornz C. Donati Jim Doolittle D. Draeger David Draper S. Dudder Steve Dugan Cathy Dymek Eddie Easton A. Eckberg Tim Ellis Jan Everett Genny Falcon Susan Farrel Debbie Fedaleo Bob Fletcher Bob Flett Marijean Flint Charlene Folsom 39 Margo Guzzr Anne Haley C Hall B Hankms Betty Hansen S Hardoln Judrth Harger Herb Harms I Hartfeld S Hayhurst Steve Hemz M B Hendon L Hendrrck B111 Henebry John Herrrng Andl Hester Stephen Hlatt Terry H111 Dennrs H011 Rob Hopps T Horne 40 J' X H 'ix X fs .Qs-el' a?W""" ,fo fy,...., :KK Yr 'ZQEL 7 "S J a ssi 45 ,4- ,gq ww "F 41-s""'5' wwf new ...--' WNY "4--'S' fy? J' WW? mga W """'Y' as W Howard D1bb1ee Hoyt D Huffman Lynn Hulla Alan Hur Ga11 Irvlne Ar '1 -L1 ll! Va-'Wir N W 1 '--' 'ia-F N91 B Stephen Foote Dennls Forte Lorrame Foster Chuck Franke Sandr Freeman Katy Frrck Ed Fuller Irene Garcra John Gardner Greg Gartrell G Gervasro Garl Grnberg S Gledhrll Y Goossens Gary Gordon Jack Graham Janre Graham 11m Graham Sherr Grattan Bruce Gray G1or1a Gray Lrncoln Gray Robert Green Steve Gregor A Grosfreld L Grossman D Gudgeon Ns-we .3 -A., 'Shir Mrke Gullck V-..s .-as Fe lf 1 r 143365 'EE am b.,.- AA.. - K K K . Knifi , . KK fe f,, " I . K K ar' T, A K , K ,, KK K H V ii- . K K 1. 'jf f KK K K KK . KK I 1 K sf. K.KK V. a- Q' 'N A V f l. ., W " K .' ' ' r,y. V G K, ax?-5, fl V K r1-- 5 - K4 f ,gdb K , K, A X5 V ,K - :aww QM- ' 'KK his r -- Q 51 YK-SK: fl 'F 'rf ar Q SX . F" ' K Y G A 'V ' ' ' 7' . "K G ' f, -' ' V """' . -na, 1""g2K ,, K -' ef V "ll ' . VW L KE? ar vm , EKK KKHI K K M K A.. A - K V nf 3,92 .K . K Kg .. UMW 0 K, -5' ' , K 2' 'V J' 'mf . 'ff' A ,V ig K . . 'E . . K K -- S -ff K at ' A ' , . Z G S H was S ' g V M fr ai' - -1' fiZi.K5 . -22. ' ,, fxVs."'T--'sq 1 K 1 . . . 'D ' fr :K '- - Q- X . , V :im K gK ,V .42 wg, if azz ,L K Q V- 5- 5 , , .,KK K, K . KKKKKKK, 1 ,. K , KK K - 'Q f . -.r - ' TWV. iii ji V' IE' . V R ' . ,-r, - .. JE"-., gr lj ,,-rg 1 3, K ' ':1lf'.:?'ffir-af 'N "' '. .' ,- ' f 4. 5 ' . ' ., . pgs: ' V' .. ' fr u ' af.: - . 1,1 , " ' ..' 554 . . i' . 2555's -G 1 , '1f"-zfzffifa w512'::'- ' 'Q 1 ' mf 'av ' I -sau-f , . 1 -1:,..::4-WSE' 5 "1' ,1?:4 5' 'ar ' ,JK V S-r+tza V5-'Hi ' ' I 'i' ' - 11' . " Aff- " T 14,2 rrrtr . g. L , . KKK KK.. 1 K KK,.KKKK 53 4 . . ' -Ks :KKK r f KVK f 1 ' K MK lit! v K V "" K V ,fjj-K 1 K V K K K , KK KKK . 1 3 K . Kgs - ,. ' 1 ff 1: , . 1' 'sz - , 1 ff - iz. V- " '25 A S -- A " "r' V V- -ear., My I' " 'NV 'E . . 4. " T fi' ,. Q A . ,V K fs L. r QKKK K KKK K KKZK K -'xg 1 K TX K , ,IK K' K Ka " 212,32 fffwg gk ff' r ' KK .,,. - ' V ' . V any ,Egg -Y 'X 41 " 1 ' "'?,sVKKK,f BMW it - KK K- KK K KK. K V- ,Ki - '- :5::', 5 1: Z ,,r '-1 ,fs 455 like at x me KK m f -' K fry , is X KK, as .V,K KK 'K gf ' ,:K T5"lw1K ': - i" - KQSVVK 7 13 - , F K 1515 B 3 7 ' ra 1 2 S' 1:1 ' 35 -Bali ,is 2-11 lx T K 1 5 ' f 1 ., as , Q 1 S ' 5 gg IKK 5 S f fa. U K, A ' ' f r if 5111 'Sn ' f V'rr pk- V R S H ' C I, Iv R S A L II Q II C 'I E x I , S Iv B P K C S B Je A J, VN 1 ie 'l .gh W W 41 Ricki Mutter R. Nakada Cindy Nelson Karen Newitt N. Newland L. Nicholson Brian Noon Steve Norris Ned Oakley Gary Obst Kim Olds M. Oneschuck Sylvia Ortega Richard Ortiz Sherry Oswald Ellen Otto Alice Owens S. Padilla L M. A. Palacios D. Papandrea Linda Payne Jennie Pellamounter Bobby Pelton Linda Peri Susan Perlin Richard Peterson Jeanne Phenis 42 iv af .S 5 if 3 5 X f Jim Maddalon C. Madden Dan Martin E. Martinez E. Martinez C. Martinich Gary Mason D. Masonheimer Cheryl Matz Mike Mayfield Jim Maynard Don Mead M. Mendes E. Mezey Mark Miller Peggie Miller Tony Miller R. Minc Glen Minnich Linda Minotto Anne Minturn T. Mitchell A. Mogensen R. Molite rno Brig Moore Mike Morgan M. Moseley D. Mucklin . f .. " f 32. if jf. A -Ll ,,- ' v,... S. H ge X af vw' a y.: - ' L TL. , Q isgrizfgss-1 i -N -wa . f - if 2 S Y? H 2 j . .an ' - .. Lev. , .. M, . .az r -. . " . s 5 Jerry Pickens R. Pickett Roy Plumer M. Poletti Dona Pond Cynthia Pope Janet Potier Janice Potter Greg Pracher Frank Prati Roger Price Don Quaglia G. Quaglia S. Ouerfurth P. Raabe Steve Racicot R. Ramirez Lorie Rawlins Joe Razo Larry Reece M. Reginatto Jerilyn Reider R. Reinesto Ross Reverdy D. Reynolds Joye Rezin Jim Rigler Steve Roberts Robison L. Rodriguez C. Romano R. Romero J. Rowland Diane Ruano Cathy Ruiz De Russell Patty Ruth Jim Rydell Linda Sage Mike Shepard Steve Savage Anne Scales B. Schlosser A. Schroeder Jerry Schuldt C. Seagraves P. Seldowitz Penny Semer Ellyn Shaw Bill Sheldahl Janet Shoenberger Roland Siegert David Silva Kirk Sloan Audrey Smith 43 Danny Turner John Upton Ed Van Der Linden Tom Van Lehn Phil Vernon Sharon Vest D. Villanueva R. Vroman Lynn Weaver M. Weintraub John Welker Chuck Wessa Pat West Pat Weston Torn Weydert B. Williams C. Williams K. Williams Tom Wilt Meg Winter Dick Wirtz Connie Wood Kathy Woodliff Pat Woodruff Judie Woodward Richard Ziebell Barrie Smith D. Smith Kris Smith Paul Smith Kathy Snow W. Spencer Carol Stathis Jane Steen S. Steinberg L. Stephenson Nina Sterner Ann Stocker K. Stratton R. Stratton M. Strobach S. Tacoma G. Tefft R. Thielmann S. Thomas J. Thompson Linda Thorsen Nancy Thwing Sherrie Toews D. Trammell N. Troutman M. Tucker Mark Tulloh Irene Tuomi iss' E. Ackerlind Vickie Acree Charles Airey P. Albertson M. Andrews Candy Atlas L, Babcock A. Bag-Aw Steve Bagnall Brooke Baird L. Baker Alice Banks Tony Banks Jerry Barnes Tom Barnes Fred Barrett Nancy Barron Paul Bartlett Terry Bartlett Charlie Bass Phil Bateman S. Bazemore Brian Beanway Judy Becker W. Beckman Paul Bedel D. Bennett Susan Bennett B. Berckman J. Bettencourt J, Bickmore M. Billesbach CLASS OF- 1967 Jennifer Bingham Ed Birss Diane Black Tracey Bluhm Mary Ann Boettner Debby Borgaro Jennifer Borgeson Scott Borie Linda Boyce Jim Brann John Breck Dick Bresslin Dick Briner Vicki Britain John Broida Richard Browman Emily Bruce Cindy Buck David Buffington Mark Burrough Diane Busk Cindy Callan Jim Cambier Lisa Campbell Glenn Cantello Robert Carlson Ir. Joe Carman 45 Elizabeth Carter Richard Casale Olivia Casso Eddie Castagna Mark Caswell David Cetti Linda Chace Bob Chackel Debra Chandler Bob Chappell Don Chase Steve Chase Graham Chumley Doris Chung Sharon Clark Steve Close Jim Cogan Jennifer Cole Paul Colomy Debra Conover Carl Conway Robert Copeland John Cordero Donna Cothran Carolyn Cotton Patty Courtney Sally Cowan Ann Cressey Gary Crispin C. Crosson t Gail Darr Jamie Davenport Mark Davis Kim DeLarge Karen de la Torre Mike Denton Clif Deraita Laurie Desrosiers Cathy Detwiler Tim Dick Greg Dean John Domz Chuck Doolittle Mark Douglas Chris Dowell Debbie Drechsler Yvonne DuBose John Dugan Mark Dunlap Tom Dusmet John Edwards Lynn Eggleton Doug Erickson Lynne Erman Bob Evans Alex Falcon Alicia Falcon Penny Fauskee Ted Fieger Bruce Fowler Carol Frame Jeff Frier D. Cummings Larry Daggy Van Daniel Randy Curtis Ann Friesen Gary Frowiss Linda Garcia J. A. Gaskill Jim Gaskin Nick Gekis Rick George C. Georges Eric Gershon Jack Giles M. Gillingham C. Goena T. Gonzales P. Grabigel D. Graham J. Grams Sally Greer A. Grirnmitt Mark Grinnell Bob Gross John Gudgeon Gary Gutshall S. Gutshall Carol Guttry Kent Guzzi Randy Hale David Hall Don Hall C. Halliday R. Harding Pete Harms Steve Haugz Sharon Hayes Sheila Hendrick Dick Hendron Peggy Hernandez Jan-Hinson Frances Hoag Cathy Holan Ron Hollenbeck Nadine Hollinger Gail Holt Ricky Holt Kathy Hughes Barbara Hunter Scott Hunter Anne Hupp Jane Hyde Debby Isberg Frank Jacobs Judy Jamieson Nancy Jenkinson Debbie Jimenez Nancie Johns Allan Johnson Lynn Johnston Sue Jones Paul Jorgenson Debra Kelch Sally Keys Philip Kiely Steve Knight Jeff Kraft Larry Kramer Kristin Krapf Phil Mathis Karen Maule Terry Maynard Ruben Medina Lance Meehan Paul Menzel David Merrifield Bonnie Meyers Stephen Meyers Melinda Miller Ruth Mills Steve Mills Margaret Milne Jay Montgomery Debbie Moore Stephen Mori Helen Morelli Nancy Moyer Dave Mullaney Richard Myers Mike Nakada Denise Neal Kim Newman Kathleen Newson Gail Newswanger John Nordin Dianna Oakes Dale Obern Meg Olds Janet Olsen Steve Ormiston Nancy Ottman Jan Lambert Sandra Layland Barbara Leeth Susan Leslie Rodney Lewis Mary Sue Lewter Gregg Ley Joanne Lindsey Denise Lizee Jon Long Richard Loomis Rudy Lopez Mike Lynch Tim Lynch Martha McCain Candy McCoy C. McCulley Martha McKee Bill Masonheimer jlm Mafhls Jean MacLeish Bill McMillen R. McWilliams Peter Maglio S. Makowski Jil Manning Don Mantooth Howard Marion J. Marlow B. Marshall T. Marshall L. Martin M. Martini D. Martson Joanne Pascaloff Billie Ann Pascoe Sondra Pascoe Mark Pavlrch Chrrsu Payne Davrd Peck Mary Peebles Melodle Peebles John Penoff Henrr Peprn Carol Penzzolo V1Cky Perkrns Dana Perry J1m Phlllrps Don P1erce Greg Prke Greg PIIIS Steve PIIIS Mrchelle Po1r1er Wendy Pokalsky Jeff Pratchard J an Prlce Dan Protheroe Peter Qu1mby Dan Qu1stad Rrchard Rafferty Debb1e Ramsdell Ann Redrsch Chuck Reed Karen Regmatto Heather Rrchards Gary Rrchardson 56" MES Y-,,,,.....f-v John Rrchardson Errcka Rxcketts 2 we-wgg Annette Rrparettr Tony Rlparettr John Rrsser Mrke Roberts Robert Rochelle Ramona Romero Charles Ross Penny Rouse ,Tackle Rowland Dolores Rubro hm Saad Melanle Sage Dlane Sartta Kathryn Sanborn Lydxa Santrllan Clyde Schlah Kathy Schmerzle Lrnda Schmerzler Roberta Schmrdt Ken Schwarzberg Kelley Schwmd Steve Scott Eugema Seelenbmder Maxrne Seelenbmder Dolores Sevxlla Mananna Seward Cammy Shaar Dana Shea Wendy Shook Mxchael Srkelranos Marcral Srlva Jr Gary Smclau- 49 Barbara Vollmer Diana Wachner Tice Wagner Janet Walker Kerry Walker Vickie Wasilko Christy Watkins Doug Weathers Bob Webster Angela Weise Birgit Weise Bill wemer Roberta West Ronald West Dean Whitney Robert Williams Terry Wilson Danny Winkler Ann Winters Deirdre Wittenstein Chad Witters Patti Wood Janet Woods Dana Woodward Dean Wright Julie Wright Henry Wyatt Rolland Yarnell Tom Young Andrew Yuenger Dennis Zardo Tom Ziegler 50 Linda Slutzky Neilla Smith Steve Smith Teresa Smith Chris Spencer Kirk Spencer Sherry Stamper Mike Starker Ken Steele Jimmy Stephenson Gary Stewart Kevin Strassner David Sutphin Lala Switzer Kelley Taft Barbara Tathwell 4 Greg Tatscn Mark Thomas Cheryl Thompson Janice Thompson Ross Tilden Jack Tillia Gayle Topping Gene Townsend Matilda Trancoso Sheila Trent Linda Tucker Robin Turner Richard Van Fleet Tony Van Orsdel Valerie Vaughan Sylvia Vega 1, Kathy Vrllanueva Brent Vogel t--,. X Q, V. - -'fe" 2 ?l.71 L'.-, - . , ,f ,,'-k A r 7's"f , f " ru in wYl1,,j, . rss, llii A Diane Fritzsche Mary Ann Gibson Britt Johnson Jack Lizee Laurel Miles Raymond Ortega Cathy Rea Elaine Ritorto Yvonne Schipper Jerry West Tom Wolf Kim Womble Kathy wright John Chrisman Sally Clark Dave De Keater Linda Donovan Gary Ericson Ron Foster - -UPQ Carla Borcherding Floyd Clark Dennis Cummings Dick Doane David Gosnell Darrel Guntle Susan Hunter Rodger Jacobson Linda Judy Randy Kates Melanie Middleton Rex Pace Karlene Porterfield Rolland Robinson Louie Sabino Gary Scott Roger Smith Harold Stallberg Norm Strickland Glen Vance Barbara Vilbrandt f Phil Badone Chris Cloer Tom Crowell Don Dietrich Lynn Grimm Bob Hoefer Bob King Mark Lee Carole Marcy Gail Meadows Julie Stevens Patty Tuttle Iosilyn Vos Michael Welch 'Rx ytfybmhowhmvu K . if, R" M .a..::'-' -A., - , . - ,Q vt' -' :ul .,".'f?5' '!5W.'y , X xpihs '14 I If A . . fs' . 1 1 1 T 41' . .f a k , . gr , , ,. ,Arun ti I N , 3 tw fc: Z , X SE , D, :A ,M . 'P--Qw , X N W5 it '- fu E , 1 ! . ,- -o..,.. L ff' 1 M- I 'ZQQMEZS-rv'-v9"'9l apr" 'I .41 -3 ,G ,-',bS43?E ,, I, '-,ffw m y f .wwmnviag 5154.1 H N i I, we Q fr t, I. . ,.,.4 ,-,s,!,'. 45,1 -'H'f'41-"E,.x' " 4'T'f r ' W". v,'-.P -71"' z U Qgawm . .'f'M-'Q . - Ls. .u -. , f- A H ry G gif W? OPHMIQT AWARDS Optimist Club awards are given each year to the two most outstand- ing students, one boy, one girl, in the ninth grade. Awards are based on scholastic ability, citizenship, school service and leadership. Chosen by the teachers, this year's winners are Anne Webster and Randy Saad. Their names join those of the following past winners: 1963: Phyllis Kuykendall I im Ray 1962: Ruth Cronkite Sean Fay 1961: Carol Ottman Mike Blake 1960: Cita Feazelle Peter Bogle 1959: Jan Nicoletti Richard Dill ANNE WEBSTER RANDY SAAD Happy? You bet! Student Body President - most popular boy - and a whole life still ahead. CJNWNITI OGNQUIQTZXDOIZ Our Conquistador for '65, Steve Carn- initi, has held important offices during his time at La Colina - Student Body President this year, Sergeant-at-Arms last year. This five feet, ten inches tall, black- haired, brown-eyed athlete enjoys partici- pating in all sports. His plans for summer are to join sum- mer league basketball and baseball teams, and to get a job. After he completes high school, Steve plans to attend college. What a personable family! Steve 's sister has been chosen "Best Personality" by the San Marcos High School students. You, Steve Caminiti, have been se- lected by La Colina's Student Body to be 1965 Conquistador. Conquistador '65 shows Mud Brawl partici pants how it's done. Popularity may not depend on good grades, but getting where one wants to go does. Surrounded by a typical boy's possessions, Steve cracks the books. DON4 Gone for part ot the school year, but obviously not forgotten, Dona '65 is Sher- rie Ecker. Popularity runs in Sherrie 's family, toog her sister Laurie was chosen for this honor in 1964. A petite, five feet, one inch blonde, Sherrie enjoys going bowling and to the beach. On the domestic side, she loves sewing and making her own clothes. She also spends much time on the phone talking to friends. This summer, besides going to the beach, she plans to spend part of her va- cation in Mexico. Her ambition is to go to a business college and train to be a secretary. You, Sherrie Ecker, have been named 1965 Dona. Sometimes, sitting and thinking in the yard do a person good. Sherrie looks happy out there. Popularity is based on, among other things, keeping in touch with friends. Q E Let 's see. Those team teachers appreciate a clever phrase. Where can I insert one ? 55 fffif Xi-7' fi k... A , 5 J H61 ag!! E, ,X . DANCE- N One of this year 's high- lights was the Valentine's Dance. Held ahead of time Uanuary 223 partially because students were yearning for a dance, this first 1965 get- together had a King Cupid and La Colina Sweetheart to reign over festivities. Cho- sen by the ninth grade class were Fred Cole and Sherrie Ecker fsee heart abovey, whose outstanding personal- ities helped to make the dance a success. Other dances sponsored by youth groups and community agencies gave La Colina stu- dents a chance to mingle socially with future high school classmates presently attending other schools. nunu1u1lu-l-- 53 15555 OFFENSE Per-game average: 22. 5 points. Members of the high-scoring of- fensive team are, left to right, linemen Mike Young, Rory Ken- ward, Calvin Cloer, Wayne Bretches, John Bishop, Don Sex- ton, Rick Renz, and backs Gary Cardoza, Fred Cole, Gary Eric- son, Bob Bishop, and Randy Cook. HY I-IEAVWVEIGHI' In this shot taken during practice, Gary Cardoza blocks for fullback Bob Bishop, getting a handoff from quarterback Gary Ericson. Running out a fake is Randy Cook fbehind Bishopj. Six wins - no losses. There were many keys to this year's success, but a rugged defense set the tone that enabled the offensive team to run so many plays. Although the varsity heavyweights were sparked by a great team effort, many individuals played important roles. On defense, linemen Rory Kenward, Don Sexton, and Mike Ruse, and linebackers Mike Tucker, Wayne Bretches, and John Bishop gave strong performances. The offense, using the "T " formation, was fortunate to have two fine quarterbacks in Gary Ericson and Fred Cole. The rest of the starting backfield included fullback Bob Bishop, and half- backs Gary Cardoza and Ken Tiedemann. Leading a great offensive line was our big end, Rick Renz, whose blocking and pass receiving contributed much to the team. Other fine linemen were Cal Cloer, Hans Sacre, Randy Saad, Jerry Hamilton, and Steve Frowiss. DEFENSE Just six points allowed! That's the defensive record of this smoothly- functioning eleven. On the line, from left to right, are John San- trizos, Dean Wright, Mike Tucker, Steve Frowiss, Mark Sullivan, linebackers are'Wayne Bretches, Steve Caminiti, Bob Bishopg sec- ondary men are Randy Cook, Fred Cole, Mac Sanborn. NUDDLEWEIGF-HQ Losers of only one game Qalthough they tied two othersj, the middleweight squad gave great promise of keeping a winning tradition going next year as heavyweights. From left to right, ROW Al: Phil Mathis, Roger Dahlen, Joe Stroble, Mike McGinnis, Jay Anderson, Larry Reece, Lon Nicholson, Bill Kilbury, Jim Davenportg ROW 2: Tony Miller, Mark Reginatto, Jim Mathis, John Larson, Bob Larson, Steve Kramer, Mike Nunn, Joe Jimenez, Robbie Hoppsg ROW 3: Tom Wilt, John Chappell, Mike Wein- traub, Bill Sheldahl, Mike Morgan, Pete Sevilla, Bob Bennett, Roger Stewart. Experience is the name every- one gives to his mistakes. -Unknown with four wins, the lightweights pleased Coach Ted Best in his first year here. Left to right, ROW 1: Steve Gregor, Reed Harding, Phil Vernon, Bill Masonheimer, Tony Riparetti, Dave Reynolds, Chris Lecce, Brownie Townsend, Chris Williamsg ROW 2: Bruce Fowler, Chuck Doolittle, Bob Chackel, Dick Bresslin, Larry Kramer, Gary Gordon, Dan McGinnis, ROW 3: Coach Best, Brian McGeever, Paul Colomy, Robby Blake, Rick Moliterno, Bob Pelton, Ed Castagna, John Lane. 1 QF fff 1' ii ' , , ' ' 'Q LQ Q - a sl A P, . Q - . N . , xf 0 60 , gr 3 302 l 4 , 15' F X f V N, P" Ulfvd ,SQ .L HYBAQ HEAVYWEIGI-UQ Things looked good for the heavyweights when they won the Christmas Tournament, taking the title as the best junior high team in Santa Barbara. Success tapered off, however, and a 9-6 record was the final result. It was, nevertheless, the best mark posted by any Conquistador quintet this year. ROW 1: Stewart, Ericson, Cole, McGinnis, Tiedemann: ROW 2: Wil- lett, Renz, Peters, Morlan, Caminiti. Mil " W JUNIOR: Victories were scarce for the IV's 12-71, but the experience should prove valu- able in future years. ROW 1: Larson, Miller, Sheldahlg ROW 2: Wright, Kenward. LI GF-HQ MIDDLEWEIGF-HQ For the midclleweights, 1965's height of glory came when they defeated Santa Barbara Junior High, the eventual champion, by 32-25. Overall, their rec- ord was 5-7. ROW 1: Harms, McGinnis, Lane, Blake: ROW 2: Nicholson, Jimenez, Kilbury, Lowry: ROW 3: Coach Best, Biber, Kramer, Hopps, Reece. A second-place finish and THREE WINS OVER LA CUMBRE were the top thrills for the lightweights, who had a '7-6 record. ROW 1: Holt, Kramer, Riparetti, Reynolds, Townsend: ROW 2: Coach Best, Marshall, Doolittle, Bresslin, Gregor, Colomy Cambier. 61 In a new system of choosing teams - based on CIF classifica- tion rather than on homeroom enrollment - Noon League basket- ball was very successful this year. Teams shown here won both league qAmerican or Nationalj and inter-league playoffs. Fred Cole 's defeated Rick Renz's, 34- 325 Steve Kramer's triumphed over Tony Miller's, 33-25g and Dan McGinnis's thumped Tony Riparetti's, 35-22, in the decid- ing games in each division. T !Jgs9 .555 L X U I uri V SMI Y' C. F 1 J X4 - 1 r I a L f rl wx X 1. J T ,l J J asaa I-IEAVWVEIGI-HQ Heavyweight champions were, from left to right, ROW 1 Randy Cook, Ray Ortegag ROW 2: Bernie Prowell Fred Cole qCaptainJ, John Bishop. UG!-HWEIGHTQ In the lightweight division, the following players were champs. From left to right, ROW 1: Rick Moliterno Dan McGinnis fCaptainj, De Russellg ROW 2: John Rrsser Perry Albertson, Scott Hunter. Nuoouawerer-rrQ Reigning as champs in the middleweight division were, left to right ROW 1: Mark Brickley, Jay Anderson, John Gardner ROW 2: Glen Minnich, Phil Constant, Steve Kramer CCaptainJ, Dan Turner, Steve Vranish. : mam W H A E ..,....n,. T' Swim Club members, left to right, ROW 1 Dave Gosnell Jim Gaskrn John Dugan Gary Mason De Russell, Kim Newman, Gary Gordong ROW 2 Patti Wood Jana Everett Maxine Seelenbrnder W' Nancy Ottman, Penny Fauskee, Lisa Campbell Cammy Shaar ROW 3 Nadine Hollinger Eugenia Seelenbinder, Kathryn Sanborn, Karen Lueck Debbie Drechsler Mary Ann Boettner Sherry Reece Diane Pitts, Julie Stevensg ROW 4: Coach Hardy Marge Rheinschrnrdt Mike Pratt Dan Martson Blake Topping, Craig Biber, Roger Smith, Steve Foote Don Jackson Susan Farrel Coach Kirk patrick. The ACROBIBLOS is happy to include these two groups of co educational athletes They may not get as much glory or intense competition as the varsity or noon league players but don t think that they don t have as good a time. Just as Mr. Bob Hardy took over Swim Club this year, so did Mr. Frank Andrews step right into sponsorship of Golf Club. He drew many more interested students than this picture taken on a rainy day would indicate. Members shown here are, left to right, ROW 1: Margaret Andrews, Britt Johnson, Gail Irvine, Mark Dunlap, Reed Harding, Linda Garciag ROW 2: Mr. Andrews, David Gosnell, Mike Peache, Greg Pra- char, Jeff Cambier, Jim Doolittle. 5-Hilfiffl-ii11591155-irfisiiliwiiwi fs yf W , 1- .QQ f ''YQ'Ii-1ilffi":""W: Fra'-' ' - yi ' i -i -lYii.2fl"1'ii.4i'"ffl fewff,-fnf --Wflizksszgllfglvz,smQf.shf fi. ':i1wff2'f21-27ff2'ff2'f1:21f2i.fe:595251iiififiiife'fS23mym,'1Z,L.,4 "H"'s1fv GW-9' QPCUQ "Here it comes. " "Go get 'em, team. " Among the popular field sports are soft- ball and speedaway. Girls from select gym classes are shown here engaged in spirited play. "Kill the ump! Oops, it's Mrs. Murphy' "All set? 1-2-3, kick!" "Brave girl, that one on the right. " BGS Reach for the sky. " "I got an 'A' in 8Ym- " Beauty and grace combmed. " "Did you say she was on a Metrecal diet?" "Two points for us "Gee, I'm going to fli 'TPACIC Girls' Track Team members had to come indoors for this picture but still look ready to break records. From left to right, ROW 1: Marilyn Gillingham, Dianna Oakes, Kathy Wright, Karlene Porterfield, Linda Stewart, Harriet Ienkinsong ROW 2: Melinda Miller, Diana Masonheimer, Betsee Seegert, Cynthia Pope, Nancy Jen- kinson, Lynn Grimmg ROW 3: Linda Slutzky, Mary Beth Hendon, Sherry Stamper, Judy Adams, Shawn Guts- hall, Nedra Dunn, Coach MacDonaldg ROW 4: Cheryl Matz, Jan Price, Randy Hale, Annette Riparetti, Lynn Johnston, Kathy Schmerzler, Karen Carroll. For the second year in a row, Coach Roland MacDonald sponsored a Girls Track Team that scheduled weekend trips to vari- ous track and field meets around Southern California. With a number of holdovers from last year 's squad, plus promising seventh graders, MacDonald had high hopes of La Colrna s g1IlS showing well against state wide competition. Wyy 2? 0pC5w 9WMw M Og W WMM w wiiff my Jfwu Mywiw ,W U10VCHZ,9 I t f L 1 'WBA ' If ff ' " M ,ax 3 549-ff? gb f 6 P N , ' I "' ,,.f"'Irv 'f:,vf A 'vii i .H 5 if Q I - W g n ,. lo l 900 i t, f 'ES a 5 SOME 'IPJED The time which we have at our disposal every day is elasticg the passions that we feel expand itg those that we inspire contract itg and habit fills up what remains. - Marcel Proust QOME WALK-ED The trumpet of Time in our ears and the brazen and Breaking shout of our days. - Archibald MacLeish SOME WON QOMERJODE The "In crowd" at the from of the line How about TEN minutes between classes?" WINTEI-Z Goleta Valley Junior High School! ? "Now, which of us plays Santa Claus?" The crowd begins to gather for the first talent show at La Colina Fair. - I 965 ACROBIBLOQ LA ooumagra. 1-1. Q. SANTA , CALIFOIZNIA Dad tries just as hard as ever, but still loses the softball game at Father-Son Night. ' That's real sur- prise on Mrs. Nair's face as she receives the "Dedication" copy of ACROBIBLOS, OOLYMPICQ' ' I VKSMQAN Xlfifbiii f5E52T1?1ffri:EEwiilifisrsz, 5. 32535 95Pfff?5Sis??i?'tlliiffiigfiiixEli? is sw... 5isfmffsfrs5?SrgWsszrf'.fzwit .f V: Q: rv wfsr-:wtli 215 -www, my lfwa w fzivlsrfi :Lew 1 1 : . is - 7 52 KffS1:1wv:su. ,semi--V xr :-:ma ,fain .vs-V - -- . r- -'. .rffrx:r:sw.',., ff? fe:,4W4reff5es"?rm-afar12522322.35rm'-,w,,f 2515? ,4 'z,wsz1r,.---is Sir f-Wrf735Xi'9c'Tf ., -1 ' rs- T-3272 3:63 -533 fit, J' 7.3 vii .W-fz5si,3I'?L?i fi T V fax fqgyggqg. gf gg-rsxrsiff 1 E3 "ram its Igfggfsw ':Lfg,gsg.o::ss:f5i gsfgslarfiwsvat-I - mfsfa :?rs ,, 'sugar-1 igggggfiiirggsfgiiai s,' .5f 52212355 ' ' Wig ?ffs1'.sa-Fi' r -- I-X FY mgkii- .. .r 5,655-2r"v::, : 3-i1f??1-axs,'?Eff5ii,'r-sf-?E3sz,i?E-fwsisiilff - ' 'K' 7 2f??E29'iaa,:sf Q . .. , .L,b, ,,,, , ,WWLL... .LW, .V ,fF, . . . . , H556 1' alwzgvs an fvisa.ftfgfifgvlwfiisszgt-1my-,Myf'f2f.W1rwrs,ft, rf!t1ys?4its,gr r it V,.?5Xis:?2x34,i3i5Ei5ig:1111-Eggfairf rf?21yfz'f?iiU ft f v wr me ,ra ,g-1azr?2mm.'--W awzsff fra , ffl'-f1,r..w T. t Q 'i f is Q A rvszieaffiiigrsifftisws 4 Sfsuiszfiisraf' rar'fiiltitgvieaifiirrrssge Esfissw.. Boy - Gary Ericsong Girl - Diana Masonheimer PREVIOUS CHAMPIONS '64 - Steve Caminitig Bunny Pope '63 - Sean Fayg Jackie Coleman, Bunny Pope '62 - George Badoneg Nancy Grover '61 - Ken Duncang Carolyn Krapf, Lajeune Mariani LA coL1NA OLYMPICS QLA COLYMPICSQ In La Colympics the clas- sification of boys goes accord- ing to weight, height, and age. Then, they are put in divisions of A, B, C, D, E, or F for competition. The girls compete ac- cording to their grade level. In scoring each event, the point system goes as fol- lows: lst - 6, 2nd - 4, 3rd - 35 4th - 2, 5th -l. This year Gary Ericson set the La Colympics high point total with 28 in the boys' division. At the same time Diana Masonheimer set the girls' record with 26. Graduating Student Body President Steve Caminiti is the only boy below ninth grade ever to win top honors, as he achieved that feat in l964. DIANA MASONHEIMER lst - Relay 220-yard dash 50-yard dash Shuttle run 4th - Long jump GARY ERICSON lst - Softball throw Triple jump 100-yard dash 660-yard run 2nd - Broad jump ga-1f.numsrws.mi1-wvm-,fa-,MtyM ' WXIZSITYTTZACZKJ These seven were chosen as the top athletes on the Varsity Track team by Coach Foss Bernie Prowell SPORTS and Rick Renz, seated, set school records in the shot put Q41' 6 1!2"j and triple jump 440' 7"j respective- ly. In the back row are Mike Bassett, Pat Woodruff, Steve Caminiti, Fred Rivera, and Gary Cardoza. NOON LEAGUE Competition in Noon League was tough enough so that undefeated teams were few. Chances of a team winning championships in two consecutive sports were slight - but Gary Ericson's Indians fheavy- weightsj did the trick, in Rugby and Lob Ball. if Our Varsity Baseball team performed exceptionally well this year in the Junior High School League with a four wins-two losses record. Mr. Iman always kept the boys hustling. Row 1: Cook, Cole, Willett, Young, Tiedemann, Blake. Row 2: Bretches, Cardoza. Sulli- van, Braseth, Johnson, Hughes. Row 3: McGinnis, Caminiti, Prowell, Tucker. Renz, Campbell. TEACIC Among the top Noon League Track athletes were, front, Dugan, Williams, and Brad- ford. Back, Barker, Ericson, Mangan, and Kenward. A . p p p pig. RUG? rrtit as ..trr. ' it t.srs. 4 ' iii . . . . , , ,, ,,, 1 -,..,. 5 Winning teams, with captains on the far left, are . shown here. Row 1: Vernon, Walker, Lenhard, 'J r'.t,1 . . r..', ,gg - 5, up,:r.,g,gg:g-. ,,.- Meehan, Stroble. Row 2: Kramer, Miunich, Gard- srt - . . .rr. ner. Brlcklc , Turner, Anderson, Vranlsh- Row 3: c ,,, ' . rr , , ... Ericson. Tiedemann, Man an, Willett, Pickens. '-r-' i-1tt ,R f "1- 'i.- M y trit .1 ' ' LOB BALL Noon League Lob Ball Champs flight-, middle-, and heavyweightj are pictured here, captains on the left. Row 1: Riparetti, Sedar, Chace, Ry- dell, Harms, Pitts, Noon, Van Lehn, Bass. Row 2: Moore, Dahlen, Babcock, Markle, Hansen, Anderson, Wilt, Hopps. Row 3: Ericson, Tiede- mann, Mangan, Willett, Pickens, Frowiss,,Ken- ward, Gainor, Lee, Prachar. n-v sswasl-mu-N . LA OOLINA 1 Science displays, as here in Room X.. L Xi, x N F Mrs. Golomb's and Mrs. Dahlberg's 1 303, attracted many of the fair's visitors. ARTISTA members demonstrated many art techniques. Mark Felber, Master of Ceremonies, gets checked for hat size by I-IILLTOPPER Edi- tor George Farina, whose combo partici- pated in the talent show. Held annually is the Math Contest sponsored by the Math Club. On the left are some of the entrants at work on a problemg on the right, the top three winners in each event. First place winners are in back. Main feature of the La Colina Fair May 28 was the talent show, "You Know Those Kids. " For the first time, the show was produced as a whole, each act linked in some way to the others. Faculty sponsors were Mr. Rod Duncan and Mr. Robin Montz, who saw that everything fitted to- gether and filled the right amount of time. Many afternoons and evenings of rehearsal time went into the show. Was the whole effort worth- while? Well, both performances were sold out. l 1 1 1 l l One of the show's high- lights was provided by Chris Erickson, shown here in the cat costume which she wore during an interpretive dance. ff.tasf..w...wrr.w,as--e ,:m1sm,-. aw.ftrfr- a-ffrr.s.gii1i MUSIC ACTIVITIES 5 2-5.x "au,-a" -vi' 'N . 4 -,' ks-f-'5""DN DPJLLTEAM Due to double-session the Drill Team, under the direction of Mrs. Janet Leech and Miss Jane Voskuyl, was not able to form until the end of March. Because of this, they marched in only the Memorial Day Parade, May 31, and the Santa Maria Parade, June 5. Members are Linda Donovan and Connie Rochelle, co-captainsg Cathi Arnold, Barbara Bettencourt, Lauri Clegg, Leanne Davis, Diane Draeger, Shelley Dudder, Kathy Evans, Anne Haley, Sharon Hayhurst, Susan Hardoin, Gail Irvine, Susan James, Linda Minotto, Roxanne Reinesto, Anne Scales, Lynne Stephenson, Julie Stevens, Shirley Ta- comag and Yvonne Goosens and Sharon Gorrindo, alternates. Bob Long and Wayne Howard per form an instrumental duet at the Jocal Concert. Soloist Kathy Evans is backed up by the Folk- Under Mr. Lawrence McAl1ister's direction, singers in a concert number. Girls' Glee Club adds greatly to the 1965 Vocal Concert. VOCJALAND INQTJZU CON Playing to receptive and appreciative audiences, the Vocal Concert fApril 235 and Instrumental Concert fMay 6-'lj were the year's highlights for Mr. Lawrence McAllister and Mr. Bernard VanderArk's groups. Unfortunately, photographs taken during the Instrumental Concert did not come out, and The ACROBIBLOS apologizes for not being able to show top performers. Mr. VanderArk's Band won first place in the Junior High Division of the Santa Maria Parade, June 5. GPAUUAUNG IICMQQ DANCEQ WEL 5.4 A 3 s syr 1 71 9 Q fl' gm?n 1. S ., 5. it K UANCE Roarrng 20 s was the theme of the May 21 dancer though small, the turnout jumped into the right mood. Chosen as 1965 May Queen, Nancy Dittmar is crowned here by last year's Queen, Patty Temple. Honored as princesses were Sherrie Ecker Bunnie Knapp Sherri Langefeld and Nora Slutzky QUEEN NANO! wang O, if , Q-M f'4J N72 vm U 5 i" If I , O XS-3' ' no X if: W A Ear Y! 71 PJ WIG-G-LE sf Wei f 1 Z",fwf,?l To the left, in an imperfect u y, ,N March 26 picture, are the fm . x ly wh it great Tony Miller and Jill S -Lf' Potter, dance contest winners. ,.q,4,,. Of course, Tony moves so fast, he can't be photographed. isa. 5 '-H -9" Two of the roaring teens at the Roaring 20 were Bob Long and Donna Nagel who won the Charleston Contest AHCC VY ,, as ,f ,,' mmmmzff 1 mf. H, ya,,w5n.f vw, ,M . bww-fs -,MM Topping all award winners in 1965 were Salutatorian Sarah Birss and Valedictorian Anne Webster, shown here with their trophies just after the June 3 assembly. Mrs. Kenneth Wilkins Qfar rightj presents DAR "Outstanding Student" awards to Linda Donovan and Steve Caminiti. AWARD WINNERS Four La Colina boys earned honorable mention awards at the local Science Fair: Ned Oakley, Steve Foote, frontg Greg Prachar, John Gardner. Winners of Ford Future Sci- entists of America regional awards are Al Clancy and Darlene Craviotto. Al Clancy, left, holds his local first place and zone third place trophies, and John Santrizos, his local third place award in Opti- mist Club Speech Contest. Below are the f1fte'en students who except for the Valedictorran and Salutatorian had the highest three-year grade point averages among 1965 grad- 113165. Dennis Anderson holds his top award- winning project in the Britannia Con- test. Runners-up are Steve Caminiti and Eugenia Seelenbinder. NNUONALJUNIO I-ICNOIZ QOCIEIY INDUCTION ONY Barron, Nancy Boettner, Mary Errnan, Lynne Kramer, Larry Marshall, Bruce Marshall, Thomas Martini, Eliz. Mathis, James Ottman, Nancy Redisch, Ann Riparetti, Tony Seward, M. Spencer, C. Thompson, J. Wright, Dean Sth Bennett, Mary Carrick, Laura DeVaux, Susan Doolittle, J. Graham, Jane Hansen, Betty Irvine, Gail Jimenez, Jos. Following the candle-lighting ceree mony at the June 4 induction, officers of the Honor Society fabovej explained the goals and principles of the group. President Randy Saad, at the far right of each p1cture, then personally congratu lated each new member who came across the stage. NEWLY-ELECTED MEMBERS, 1965 Johnson, R. 9th Keys, Susan Beidler, M. Leonard, Jos. Caminiti, S. FOREIGN LANGUAGE I-IONOIZ QOCJEIY BANOUEI' McGinnis, Dan Meadows, Gail Minotto, Linda Owens, Alice Peterson, R. Reynolds, D. Rowland, Jody Scales, Anne Stephenson, L. Condon, Paul Donovan, Linda Grattan, M. I-larberts, Eliz. Hoegerman, S. Holmes, Bonnie Johnston, M, Knapp, Bunnie LaGrandeur, M. Lebow, Carol Lew is, Leanne Lopez, Anna Maria Martin, Pamela Mendenall, Alice Peache, Michael Peterson, Chris Rheinschrnidt, M. Rivera, Fred Rudnicki, Nancy Seegert, Betsy Sexton, Don Talley, David Winning best costume awards at the FLHS Banquet were Clif Deraita, Linda Schmerzler, Chuck Doo- little, Betty Hansen, Karen Reginatto, and George Farina. The scene at the right shows the French theme, one of three at the banquet. June 14-17, the last four days of the school year, was Senior Week - with traditional yet unique events. Friday, June 18, was Graduation Day. Starting at 4:30 and going into the evening, a dance completed the week- long schedule. Sadie Hawkins Day Slave Day Clash Day Silence Day Kangaroo Court Dignity at Graduation ON PA!-21V ,EVTHE 'Y' For those who didn't want to dance to the Chancellors, there were games, "just plain looking, " and all kinds of food - Many thanks to the PTA! IOW 'fi N919 'l .g A v fn' 'o 1 C 7 c 1 C a S 1 K :- n E E c c 7 E Y x J 1 , fx A if uuu A 5, N -ish . ,E kd'-M X ll :S I' ii? BNF, Nfgg, X J , Q Six 1 'if Y O W ,X 52745 5 f f A gi 1 RBS JL M ,X 515: " f 10 ff x f My XV Xi X 5 f -3 fPAfW56 A QXUXJ :A fx .4 f , ,, md f, f Nd 5519" ok X Uv, Mb ffi Q XGMUV 'Y Nix U L if y. l f BBQ JOM LTV W! QW! ,If ,A - -Alf, " ,Q KY . 'N CV HUM! V159 C fi X,"'w 'ff f , - I f 1 q fr ' I I lr in "Q 732, 1' 1 gf W Xf gli , Y ,f71 f k f U, MOJ LLC! L, TJ K"' fy A !,,i I I? g,fggf'!! V Q59 on Q C' ,N U .1 fljsjfxn ,V 7, m U xi,,,!il, M M XA, 'I gflljov L f f,,7i K ff! pg , UN 'Q.,4WfYL . . K k .Q J , lv ' U X I 1 faq? W5 WJ 550 X X Q X , U hx lwqaix GX , QV , 'Q Q ,,.A,AA, J Qrigblzdib W X A, U J V! , x I4 fxfwxfffgi X .14 PU f 5 K! N :FIG wqjjj A VP O J fag C 71 I K N f Wy N XE, K-f uf 'QSC c, gg Li X., r , 1 A 3 ,VC 61,1 - A ' lj I S Cai! V L LU -V I X J XV, X! L U x ,, ,xx fx! , V1 . N. 1 VW? EQ W Lf 11 f bb WX i AQ.4W. A..,AQ xq ip jfvfgjjb W ww 9 EMM F jjjvf XX CV U Q Swff IM!!! i IU!!! QA YLCIW X .xrybk xnxx ' 1 f KZAX, 141 NZM! Agxxx I Q If f wr 1 fwf'bCLw' M Q ff" 72 V ,A J M fp ' MM if ff- Q 1 QM M fi W ' SMX IN Mk 'RNFQZXQJ M Y My V Txxyjwfx My kv: 1 My f f I ' 5157fjWW0 22 2 QM' lwvfjjjs QQ1 7MM"d? . 1 C mf, A QQ Q U . Cjwfha " ,MMM W A Q- Jian MH N06 6, 4 1 3 ' gwmjbldix SJ F Syn fqfgjg NNN cf '-f PLL. ca -JI, Q LR! XL NU M ' "" 1. 7 QM 1.9M M JBL ,, CQ' . A 1 ,vc Wi.- V , 3 'Z "F 5., ' X K fy ,,. ,,-.,., , , ' " 1 ' --, . ,- L' Q gg .-If Y Yu X x..s' J K 7' X. CBJ 'A U , - WX fy' wg, f-zz: ,U f , X A mr C, J X. Q f' ff-" .J ,. K . Z, . , ,f ,JJ . W , ff :-af: 'X .4 V , 74 N, f fiqu , '-1 6' f 1 ' 1 .N ! 1 f 'f4l.,1C'ff',-'X 5 A V ' "N 4-" X ' Z. 'ffuf i ,I 1, f f ' ,,w 2 Q, V3 X f-X, ,ff JN fn VA4' K . i f 4 fw ggi E, . x 1' J -A full 'N ' ,J X R fy Cz WM QJUMJ ffggigi' V q 'f X CQ: XM AV w , f, ,f 1, QM , Ad DCWQ 2E1'49wUaJUf i I Cp f dwfullf MW ' w 17 1 ww .J fl RFQ M 7 Wudfwhofigx WWW A ' MM qw fm i X !' ' ' Uv I 1 LV' 1 'A S M' V A UV i H J ' IX X J kv iff M5241 DX A ThL nfl! , , MPAJ I Qs' 1,11 ' WCM ,G if A ,: f QD J '3 7 N fx ,bb x fm K? In UL f' gl AO Lg M N N K 5 J X Q 'PD ' gf? XJ , 1 Q - Lil. , 4557, N K ,A T3 ,A Q1 U fm V . X 1 'V H. 3" Y H 0 M iQ!-VA , 5 'AY - 0 K P "awk 1 2 fe 6, 0 an W A 1' K X pd' 1 k -57 Q 5 6 4 f N ,Qi ww Nfl X 4 .k Y ' ak , F V : . 71,1 f f -5 f'f ' 4 wi , ' an X fwl 291 -- 0 XE M W w 'Y' ' .I N v:-ihx I J, N ff-'EQ A 1 ,L r f mmm K L! A fl X' 4 6: ru-X X' L, ,QR , , Qffe X52 69, JK It " xv ' QA ,Q if? ,Q 53 4-Mya, ,G - ,XFFWX as I Q X3 W- .Q ,ff ff X ,J 5 -1 3 mrs. 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K, M K i V YF x W?f Ji?f35aw frW Xe Q V I m,,X E ,xii-Q I ' I Ya x XV V 3 x qw, .Y if Ex 7 ai 'VW N J W X :JJ If C K4 ' 'S' lg V 1 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DAQ P "The Wo I 1 :L -,CL fLi,f'1,Q ...V--"cg, 5' 3 Jigs augfj I fa x 1 f 1 Lciffx' - ,.,,M 12, LXELLL ' i fy fi 53551 Jmffwdt' .QC1"bfQ'g.b .QL Q, MOA 'Qffwx kgjfck-cfivcf XS 1 N it M iii-QLQXQ gayiqyff ,,LdQCL,.lkmUv-bck L D X ku N Vx., . I 'O' UQ an . X X Lf Cih-LVN wz Mw xbzmmk X fx? TW C 5 6 C if ' fgil I-ALR, 'IHA 52, L 1 ' i Jim" x.': E! 'X - lx I x gikvf QN 5 X., Q xi XV .14 X Jfwfff ffwm AEHVZWM WM ' f ' ' - IZ " "V 57 . 7, ,, - 06 ff-KL Qfiw'-0 3 'f' Wa, ,QM my Brg. s L I 1 N r , E ? Q I 3 l ii L A 2 5 4 K Z L 1 7 T t .S l f 5 y ,Q M03 ' .....,,,, Q X , 1. - ' 4 i r L L F 3 y E N P x I L l f-aw . , WW' V i . mme ueaLQALLwouNoQ. . 4 , 3 4 3 i i4 Qi 4 X Q 5 4 - , . M . Y AV in-W X M- JH MW A AAA-AY-WYAAMNWAQ ,,?..,,,,, ,,,...........-A-- 1 'na 'l,I964 '1 if D- Q, .g,',

Suggestions in the La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) collection:

La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 91

1965, pg 91

La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 95

1965, pg 95

La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 35

1965, pg 35

La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 93

1965, pg 93

La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 10

1965, pg 10

La Colina Junior High School - Acrobiblos Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 14

1965, pg 14

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