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King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1944 volume:

5 E ig 5 E 4 E 5 5 l 5 W W W WN W WW W P W W W W W W W W W W 1 W W N W - E y 53 TJHHUUEH CULLE CE n ,f V , WX , x x X , X N , 1 N K! 'nh v y ' Y- , , R , 1 1 Q 1 K , f , V T sf fvm , -x YN K, X KW Ax -qu fTT1. TU xx xx KK Lk NSN Xl X53 XR 'W'Xl'xW W V XX WX MW XLNNNM W x wp-.MQ x X X Xxx NX LP X' A XXXN M NU' a X2 :ww D E PUBLKSH 'rs of STUDEN THE B31 S M Q, mmm SEE NES TEN . 'L' "U, " '1 K' .K. .. ,1 mu fjf':.,F4 S., 1 Q f V 5 1 1 1 -fgjw X' ' x X I Q 1 n ,ff -a f- . N, P ,Qs X Dv 1 QQ 'ff' . 5 -. :Aff yr xiii' KX f Rfk gk. -bfi, A ll wt A ' f'.:',- Jv- XX Lf-iffy WX xpf aP f " "r pf N W" 7,3 ' Jrjll K Jzx xx l V, li WL ,J 4 . Xa mi-'1:ffy!? ' X if ,Q .J 17-H s J ix xi f . ff ,M , N 3, 5 V1 g,..,Q jx? ,A ,f Ay -y fJ?I'-Y-"-if Qi1'Q'Mi':..LvL'?Q25x," 551 C,...,., .f-li .1 fi. U Y 1: C' kr? THE EVE NTS UV XQABAA H- U U D 2- FEMLUW I' .nf SHI T 2 2 i Kg P ' k Y 9' ki- ' ' M L nclqef C Las MCCHESNEY' MG HAH ditor FRY, E HELEN CO? P AND WCDRK it E W , K 1, N WMM' HISTORY ENGLISH SPANISH FRENCH CHEMISTRY ASTRONOMY BIBLE PSYCHOLOGY BUSINESS MATHEMATICS 4 4 4 E Q 12 x my JXQE 5 x .. K: A-z N 6 wif ., ,J...4. ' 'VX' H g g? IW .lava f 2 LIWYN' f- wi? iiigfagffgfx Assy. 4 ryxhygzsfa 1 fi 1-W me Wm 1',,ifffi2'2QiS V, M N . ,Q m3fg5z,s,x .S4.4 H 5.5353 in A ygkgaff ,mg - iv if 7 RU, 232551 ,, ,. MU 4 5' W J W"-r wb, ,. -V F1:3'fs'f " ' ' ' 251,415 ' A ,W pm my 1.f,.,M, ,W A un, wr W W X QM, 9, ,.3...M K, ML wx, f , . Wxggxygw' K ,sm 4 K4 K fifffffi x mn mnum.w 2.4 ...QQ , Qi vi. nz. .1342 85 'Y Emi Q5 , x r ,X x 4 . A, 4 F, 1 , L f 53 E sh ,X A, .1 5 xx' ,MXN , M , Mx a , v ZXAN I mg f 2' vw . Wi X fi 1 in K xg, . N , H K MM, ' ,. M r 1 .UQ 5 if- S' I Q W f' N X 1 ' N , -y snag? as 4? WEB? fsknanw xr - ,- I, r' H' W ,3 K i I xx ' A x 4 1 '41 V 'J' ww 1 'JA Qgg Lx N I " i xl' v W , TH f fri "' :V fl RES SQ :ff METHNC mf L, my if QQ-1?'5'7 ,ff .Q X1 em fi La 5 ffm R H5325 ug ., ,.,.7NN, ff, L ng, rug. g 1 5 ,D .5 , if PQ' 4 p X3 1 M93 ' f . :N 1 m f -ak 4 fxxlf, - , ! E jk ' , a , ,E V xv f if 4 - I' v ,. ,K J X. If it n Q Z Vf,.A Q55 L 1 XX If 'H-,df Q, -.2 ,g, ,S ,:- ,,. M 5 K : - A, -X 1, ,W 5 2 .XxEQ?7"", .-1-,N fix f E 'Zigi-Y Yu 5 'X 1 iv X. +V Wf f QL, Q if 1, f PM , WM K, ,,..v44J ,RQ H . 4 I 5 F M ESX ik JY K I. jx ll ,1 J, Dv- W H117 if 5' L, f-65Lf?fw'3?7',-QR 'K ,Al an '-'zf" f7i771 ifffikf XJR ., 1:jy4gz.,,,,w-gg W- 4111 1 'V gl--' Q, ' if Mfr. I Ci:-1 ,.iQ4f T " -QM 15 1' Y: L w , Q , . . . U ly, fi, LJ 11 fu' 'K CL. ,N 'KN rx Alarm 'ad sf " J: 'Z ?' 'L 'wa Q ,-N: 1, v - . . - gsw 4 ww-A is Q A-F' r L wk Kuo! .. ,M K an . W ' gk .M -w, Qu . lb A 39,5 w f axgfq uf sry mx N ' 'Ax Y. iffgiiw' ,MJ gi. -,P sa 'H yy - ff' .. :.: f gi, 4 I .. wk, , 4- .:- as A- I W..- . 4- gym N LJ x J 'f uk' 'F f mf , as pig 41 Q v , Jam a NE fs AQ . ff 3, JW , , .5 W2 1 'H O' 3 sex? M ,I L A, , N 1, flaw , y M I L K f MXL gag M- 45 A K V wi W MS wtf , , ,gggmm If A LQMQQQHQW ff' Q aww e A 1 I ,. . , Bw 1' .Mr ,f M. 9, M was ' - .B-., at ,. BE A f Y X' :MY ig ,A fl I .- bg wE,S5,Y.,, mf , g, if , l New Mxjx' y .QF ' I K- ' A .Ea J M .D X " 'L Z1 ' H ,ass xy HLA-, , X , g 532.4 M Q 1? K 'M ijjggmgw M A, 1i31,j,f5- 1 V , Q L -'-N BW J 25 -1 W NU ZX? XE ' wg f' A XM. R k- ahwrff w l 3 ,W LM mmm, , , V f 1 K 'rj A gf-T3 1 W N J . EQ' rs ,W Mg. W 4. AMW - .N K V me ,,.,,,.Mf h W, X, , ,. ,, ry, ,M ' Wx A A 'gf NH 95121 'gif f M A wif F-if if 'Aiagw-11' - rig 1 'gg' 5 f ' '13 My jg jwjj Yw' fb sag ' ' X -ss 3,5 ,Mfgid Aw A . Q7 ' ' "' Q -vii sf-- mv 5 ., , V J ,AL W I. -' f ul mf A ,g, : ff M, . h 3 t uw f ,A ef -' , , ,af-.1 N 3. V M ff., A 5, Nw , ,,, ,, J M, wg! QM. LIE if ww, - H pg, f M A A H' x M k' 'W W N Q, A H -A vm V- . - L w.,f. Wm L fx A W, w My gf Af K. 4 'V A 4 53 W 9154111-' 'Za A V ,Qs M? ' H " fi WEA 'Ewisfilmaxg 3" Y' , f - 555 ' , iff xx . 4 M w gf P W , Q - X , A . M, mf '--me 1 - ' ,uw ,-' 3: 1. ' gm- K - ily X -Vg V Y Z X ,A W 341 , H ,- 1: H355 N gi , 'M im P N , V P, A X A ,,U,, i, W X M ky . 1 X M,- 5 5 1 A L , Q V , . , U1 x K A 3, V A W A Q Milli? KZ 1 M' 1 I I x' fi ,sn A ,qw ag- .1 , ,551 W' an ,. 5, 5 1 4 L K A HHH My L HltHHtH T IS a pleasure to congratulate the class of 1944 as they, despite the disorders and dif- ficulties attendant upon a great war, complete their college work. The tenacity shown by this accomplishment augurs Well for their future. We rejoice that this year-book represents also the work of so many of the aviation stu- dents, who have been with us during the year. l am sure that all connected with King College join in heartiest felicitations to them as they go to their arduous task. King College was born in the aftermath of America's most disastrous conflict: it has sur- vived two other major wars of our country. This present war has created special difficulties for college students and for the College as a whole. But it has also given us special oppor- tunities for service and for growth. And so both the College and its latest group of alumni, military and civilian, may look to the past with satisfaction in work Well done, and with bright hopes for a future filled with significant accomplishment. llllllllllllll O O YOU, Mr. Adams, who have Won a place in all our hearts because of your untirinq helpfulness, your constant good nature and your true Kina spirit -We dedicate this 1944 TORNADO to express to you a small token of our appreciation for all you mean to us. .Q -' A . -2 - . 'wx X, 'J ,zzf f .,., Q :- K I , Ek 'ay A PEARL CELINDA BALDWIN, M.A. BENIAMIN INABNIT HARRISON, Ph.D HENRIETTA McBRIDE BROGDEN, R.N. F. S. RANKIN, Ph.D. ELIZABETH BACHMAN. B.A.. B.L.S. GEORGE W. PIERSON, B.S. INEZ MORTON, M.A. CLIFFORD CLARK LOOMIS, B. Mus. CAROL ROBERTSON, M.A I. HOWARD McCRAE, B.A., B.D LOUISE BUCHANAN, B.A. BURMA WILLIS CALDWELL, B.A. ALFRED FAIVRE. B.A. EDWARD SI-IOCKEY. B.A. ALBERT CHESTER ADAMS. M.S. 'MARION CLARK, M.S. 'HERMAN O'DELL, M.A 'MAE SMITH. B.A. 'FRED W. LENTZ, B.S. 'SHERMAN WARREN 'Not Pictured I SENIOR JUNIGR SGP!-ICDMCDRE FRESHMAN x xl fwlf-WGN 72 Q 671 4 4 Q 4 CDFFICERS ELIZABETH RUTHERFORDR, s,...,- Y- .. g.,,,. ,........, ,,W-.,-- ,-,- P r e Sident DOUGLAS CARTY ....k.. .H ...., , . .........M.........Y........ Vice-President IEANETTE MCCROSKEY ...,.....,..,..., 4 ....-....., ,... , , .w......., Secretary CHARLES MCCHESNEY ............. ........,.............-......-. T recrsurer WILLIAM BAKER YOUNG NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Philothesrnian "It is a grand life that has injured no one, but a better life that has been the channel of G-od's help to others." Presbyterian Iunior College '39-'4lg King College '42-'44s Philothesrnian Literary Society '42-'44: Vice-President '42-'43, Treasurer '42-'43, First Critic '43-'44, Corresponding Secretary '43-'44g Ministerial Association '42-'44: S-ecre- tary '43-'44, Vice-President '44g Science Club '42-'43y King College Choir '42-'44g Student Christian Association '43-'44: President '43-'44g Dean's List. , GRACE TRIvE'r'r:-: BRISTOL, TENNESSEE "Her very silence and her patience speak to the people." Dean's List '41-'43. SENICRS EVELYN LUCILLE MCCLELLAN BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Sigma - - - a scholar and a ripened good one." Pi Pi Sigma Literary Society '41-'44: Vice- President '43-'44, President '44g Science Club '41-'43: Reporter '43p Makeup Editor Little Tor- nado '42-'43, King College Choir '42-'44, Stu- dent Christian Association '43-'44, lnternational Relations Club '447 Dean's List '41-'447 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. IAN: TEMPLE GRAHAM BLOUNTVILLE, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Sigma "Friendship is constant in all things." Flora Macdonald College '40-'42: Zetesian Literary Society '40-'42: Wm. Bartrarn Scientific Society '41, Home Economics Club '40-'42, Christian Association: Student Council '4l-'42y President Sophomore Class '4l7 Glee Club '4l. King College '42-44: Pi Pi Sigma Literary So- ciety '42-'44: Vice-President '43, Secretary '43, Critic '44p Science Club '42-'43: Secretary '43, President '43, King College Choir '43-'44, Liter- ary Editor '44 TORNADOQ Senior Dogwood At- tendant '44p Student Christian Association '43- '44: Treasurer '44p Dean's List. SENICRS EvEnE'r'r KENNEDY BROWN ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Philothesmian "Where the stream runneth smoothest, the water is deepest." Lees McRae College: Phi Rho Pi National Forensic Fraternity: Demosthenean Honorary Fraternity: Student Christian Council: Asheville College: King College '43-'44: Philothesmian Literary Society '43-'44: Ministerial Association '43-'44: Dean's List. ANN ALLEN BIRDWELL BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Sigma "Her voice Was ever soft, gentle, and low- an excellent thing in Woman." Emory 5: Henry Colleae '4l-'43: Annual Honor Roll '41-'42: Dean's List '4l: Aletheian Literary Society '41-'43: Christian Movement Council '42-'43: College Chorus 'ill-'43: Kina College '43-'44: Pi Pi Sigma '43-'44: King Col- lege Choir '43-'44: Student Christian Associa- tion '43-'44: Secretary '43-'44: International Pte- lations Club '44. SENICRS RUBY IEANETTE McCnosxEY BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Sigma "The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good." Pi Pi Sigma Literary Society '40-'44: Critic '42-'43p Science Club '42-'43: Vice-President '43p Dramatic Club '41-'42, Little Tornado Staff 1423435 Secretary Senior Class '43-'44y Dean's ist. ACE LEONARD Tunns KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Philothesrnian "All girls are crazy about me." President Student Body '43-'44g Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Vice- President Iunior Class '43p King College Choir '40-'44: President '43-'44g Ministerial Association '40-'44: Vice-President '43, Secretary '44g Philo- thesrnian Literary S-ociety '40-'44: Iunior Orator '42, Senior Orator '43, First Critic '42-'43-'44, Cor- responding Secretary '43, Recording Secretary '44g Dogwood Festival: Pageant '42, Attendant '43, King '44p Annual Staii Subscription Man- ager '44g Science Club '42p Student Christian Association '44, International Relations Club '44g Dean's List. SENICRS Crumnrs Summon MCCHESNEY ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Philothesmian "Men who can be relied upon are always in demand." Ministerial Association '40-'44: Secretary 6. Treasurer '42, Vice-President '43, President '43-'44p Philothesrnian Literary Society '40-'44: Sergeant-at-Arms '42, First Censor '42-'43, Be- cording Secretary '43, Corresponding Secretary '43, Senior Orator '43, President '43-'44g King College Choir '40-'447 Treasurer Senior Class '43-'44, Advertising Manager '43 TORNADO: Business Manager '44 TORNADO: Senior Dog- wood Festival Attendant '44, Student Christian Association '43-'44p International Relations Club '44, Hnzrzr. EVELYN Monnzu. BLUFF CITY, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Sigma "From her shall read the perfect Ways of honour." Pi Pi Sigma Literary Society '43-'44, Science Club '41-'42p King College Choir '43-'44p Archery Club '41-'42y Dean's List '41-'44. SENIORS H- . M ,wr 335251112-. .M- Ior-IN T1-roMrsoN KSAMD Hmrrzn, In. ABINGDON, VIRGINIA Philothesmian "Like a postage stamp, a man's value de- pends on his ability to stick to a thing till he gets there." Philothesmian Literary Society '43-'44: Presi- dent '43, Sergeant-at-Arms '43-'44g Ministerial Association '41-'44: Vice-President '43-'44p Inter- national Relations Club '44g Student Christian Association '44, HELEN VAUG1-rr Coz-'1-'nv BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Pi Pi Sigma "Energy will do anything that can be done in this world." Editor '44 TORNADO: Pi Pi Sigma Literary Society '42-'44: Vice-President '445 International Relations Club '44: Vice-President '44g Cheer Leader '42p Dramatic Club '1-125 Student Council '44y Student Christian Association '44p Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Dean's List. SENICRS Iumr SMITH BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Siqma "Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold." Pi Pi Sigma Literary Society '40-'44: Reporter '44, Anniversary Play '4Og Secretary Freshman Class '40p Student Council '43-'44, Dramatic Club '4lp International Relations Club '44, Presi- dent '44g Student Christian Association '44, An- nual Staff Feature Section '43-'44, E1.1zAnE'rx-1 Runrnm-'onn BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Pi Pi Sigma "She's beautiful and therefore to be Wooed, she's a Woman and therefore to be Won." President Senior Class '43-'44g Queen Dog- wood Festival '447 Pi Pi Sigma Literary Society '40-'44: Treasurer '43, Critic '43p Student Council '42-'44, Dramatic Club '42-'43y Cheer Leader '40-'42g Dogwood Attendant '42, Secretary Stu- dent Body '43-'44y Little Tornado Staff '42-'43p Annual Staff '44y International Relations Club '44p Student Christian Association '44, SENICRS EVERETT TILSON SEVEN MILE Form, VIRGINIA Philothesmian "Night after night he plugged and dimmed his eyes with books." Marion College '40-'42y Debate Team: Dra- rnaticsy Dean's List and Honor Roll '40-'427 La Societic Francaise and Dravotic Club: King College '42-'43: Philothesmian Literary Society '42-'43: President: Ministerial Association '42- '43: Presidentp Dean's List: Best Debater's Medal: Best All-round Male Student: Honor Roll. SENICDRS 444 Due to the War and other conditions beyond our control the resemblance oi the portrait pictures to any living person is purely coincidental. So just grin and bear it! -524213-554 RUSSELL FLEMING .... LEE STOFFEL .-....... LOUISE RUTHERFORD FRANCES MCCRARY .S.S SAM HAYTER ...... QFFICERS --------PreSide1'1t - --Vice-President -----SSecre-icxry --S--S---Trec1surer Sergeant-at-Arms Lois BEATY ALLEN CALCOTE RUSSELL FLEMING FRANCES MCCRAHY E JLJNICDR CLASS MARGARET KATE BLEVINS LOUISE RUTHERFORD LEE STOFFEL E JLINIQR CLA sz ROBERT STUART GLADYS LARIMER WANDA DEVAULT ANDREA ADAMS Tl-IE SGP!-IQMORE CLASS Qwfwgai'-'i -f -K Wifi ' mx 1.,iM' V , agsksxmli ,f F - ,AMWM jEuZf.mxiQvxxxxf ' WSQLMW 'EBs.QS'Wf5'P A -H -Q M w. M533 -., .ww mgwg W . .LL . .QQ . 1 , .iiwrggggi . Qswmx 4.3- M 1 . NE, T 1,-asp Emi' ---W 2. -W V . H.. M. mam A X W, St -:- ws 4 M Mm-gk Us , ml Qgms- wx X W v 55 535 ug -. iiwgfgligri SSH K 3M 'wg-gms L3 53-zzwssagggmw 3112 :sg-,Lanz :QA 5555. 2256-SE '- ff" ife'w3iwag A - f'!M5"?Em H f my - sm gs 2 2 H - 5527 a mn gs W I 'R Sims. S www gs HSEi5...Qm. M Qwfgmim ' nigriigqkgmmx-w - - fmmiiiisesipyg' if-..f.s...w. M- X-W ... X YQ, 5, Nm -w Wfywcw ., ,, mf :YN 'F ,WW fm ,WF xx-Egzgx 259 3 ww- Q, E ss L5 XQQQQNQE' v -Km fig? wg My ,gg 1 .. fm Ll IU? 592 W E .E ., S fm gm w SE wr: Q-x Efl. Vx 1 fin" 2-n 5 LH fi? --W - as -1: x x mu my gms. Egg E?-1 an Q ss sf fm W ZH Ql- wilk .lx 3F!7s:s?'l Y Suzi , 1 E.. is Q L ss YV Z B! K 1 ,fm an 51 mag. fl 11 'Fd -w gm fga mi VF mga: : . -:es 5 In 4 sm ss a as u z- ME-. HN an 1 -fx w .5 555 naw 1 a wa -ax 45. as wnh- .Q . .L 4. Q X... :mn . Q . .Q 1 .psf Xa xxxn x.. . . X . mugggw W ing? Uiiaiiwui .,... XGQEEHZHZ 'W'?t'ELaE mumli. xx-fx-' xx WTW an gui-u-. V . A ,,. ,rw- x IAN 1. an MORRISON PEGGY MARTIN WILSON STEPHENSON TI-IE SOPHQMGRE CLASS ROBERT INGRAM BILLIE CHILDRESS PHYLLIS MUTTER EDWARD WILLIAMS BILLIE PHELPS THELMA LITTLETON MARY ALICE DICKSON IIMMIE FLEENOR E PRES!-IMAN CLASS HELEN GRAY NELL SMITHSON PRESTON O'DELL CAROLYN SENTER HAZEL MOORE RUTH I-IOLT MARGARET SWIFT ERNEST DICKEY TI-IE FRESI-IMAN CLASS Staff desires to portray in this an- nual memories of 1943-44. 1944 was a War year. On our campus civilian and aviation students were students together both striv- ing to answer their country's need. Together they met the irregu- larities and uncertainties which were inevitable in this War year. Together they enjoyed the happiness and good times of college -G.l. shows, PX. loaiing, C.A.l:t. dances, study halls, campus conversations and evening vesper services. All these things, both great and small, have made for us memories and friend- ships Which will ever be With us. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES These students were elected to represent King College: Evelyn McClellan Sam l-layter Mary Betty l-luff Lee Stoifel Ace Tubbs Helen Coffey The 332nCl Training Detachment QAM Crew C - I 2 C - I 3 ?Q,.Q?gT:f36,fQ My ' ., ' M T uw, . T . QM. T ji P3 . QM .,. T. um , .Tiff Mi wie W . 1,-Z' QM E, .M QQQMT . M . A uf-.3 gm- -Q-.gfgh ig L I' L, QW L 1 2 xx M --L ,i- fn- , : T U- -rr 5- -ff .T - , -T ff uw- xg 3 A ' - :X-11: 11-L , 1 E4 H 'Z I Y ms - T ,- S L :W an MH-A H ,V .3 .,,.4: W M TM N. M - .M .sg EW 5 - -X N T W H- il -:fy fx H :T T,-X-, f- L.-.1 .K QDTM: 1, T gi. .. 2, NWT: -rf.-Ez .-1 4 ,Nik ml v .3 my 1 IST LT. W. D. RIVES 1ST LT. VICTOR DASSOW 2ND LT. GERALD DILLON Commanding Officer Adjutant Supply Officer ST FF Row One: SGT. IVIANGO, SfSGT. HARDIN, SfSGT. LAVELLA, SGT. BOUDREAX. Row Two: TfSGT. TUTTEBROW, PFC. WAGER, CPL. I-IORRIGAN, CPL. SULLIVAN. EDWARD R. PELTO, IR. HENRY A. PENTNEY GEORGE L. PETERS JACK B. PRIOR ZENONA A. PTASINSKAS ROBERT F. PUTZIG IOHN C. RAYMOND HAROLD L. RUBENS WALTER R. SA GURNEY MURRAY A. SAUNDERS RICHARD C. SAUNDERS GEORGE E. SCHREIB l PAUL L. SCOTIEBO, IR. DONALD C. SEELY DONALD M. SEWARD STANLEY E. SHIELDS 3 PAUL L. SPROWL z Tl-IE AIR CREW " -"' . - 'Hina ALEX- 'ELL R-1 S'-HEL ww-m,.'5 mm THE AIR CREW ROBERT I. STORM CLARK E. TOMB IOHN V. TUTTLE IOHN E. VAN INWAGEN CLIFFORD E. VELTE LEONARD VOLTMANN CHARLES F. VOWLES ARTHUR F. WARNER HARRY W. WEBER CHARLES R. WEBSTER EMERSON B. WHITEMAN SIDNEY G. WIEDRICK EVAN L. WILLIAMS ROBERT L. WILLIS WILLIAM WILSON IOHN R. WINTER WILLIAM G. WINTER FRANK T. ZARROW GERALD L. BARNHART HOWARD C. BARNETT RICHARD E. BARNES ROBERT I. BRANCH GEORGE E. BROOKE LOYD F. CARTER ROBERT E. CHRISTMAN CHARLES M. PEATHERSTON IAMES H. IAGUSOH MYLES I. IOHNSON IOSEPH P. KOREN RAYMOND R. LAVAL WILLIAM O. LAYNE IESSEE C. LONG, IR. THOMAS A. MEYER SOL S. PODOLSKY BUDDY L. SATTERLEY VERNON C. SCHOEFIELD THE AIR CREW TI-IE AIR CREW JAMES L. SHERWOOD EULAS D. STOBAUGH DAVID H. STRATTON WILLIAM SHUR LAWRENCE M. SWEAT RICHARD I. THOMPSON WILLIAM B. TICE EDWARD H. TRAMMELL JAMES H. TRESCH ROBERT I. TRUAX IOSEPH R. E. VAGNENER HENRY F. WARD DAVID O. WEBER, IR. FRANK R. WILLIAMS ALBERT T. WILSON, IR KENNETH E. WINECOFF WILLIAM M. ZIMMERMAN CNOt Pictured? CCDVERINIMENT MUSIC CLUBS SOCIETIES fi Z71nL'3.4zfZ0nJ ff l THE STAFF HELEN COFFEY ..Ag,,. .........,... E ditor CHARLES MCCHESNEY ...... -Business Manager ACE TUBES ..,s....s...s Subscription Manager IANE GRAHAM .... ,......... L iterary Editor BILLIE CHILDRESS- ...... -Advertising Manager RUSSELL FLEMING,--Asst. Advertising Manager SAM HAYTER- ..L. .L..L..LL, S napshot Editor IUDY SMITH, L.L,L..-L. L..L , Feature Editor ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD, ..-... ,slfeature Editor e faced a problem this year because of our decreased en- rollment and "War troubles." We de- cided that We would not let this get "the best of us." We determined to Work harder and make the TORNADO really count as a record of our year. UAL Charlie handled the money and constantly inquired, "How much will it cost?" Billie and Russell asked the business men of Bristol for their help ---- AND MONEY. Ace approached aviation students, civilian students, and every- body else with "Have you bought your annual yet?" Before taking off for the golden West with her newly acquired husband, lane col- lected the material for the Senior summaries. Libby and Iudy added their touch to the feature section. In the midst of Sam's work on the snapshot section he left us to become a "G, I. Ice". Ben Wood's contribution of the feature drawings represents the talent of the aviation students. Helen "tore her hair" and "racked her brain" to achieve the final copy. noun, TORNADCD STUDENT CQVERNMENT LOUISE RUTHERFORD MARY BETTY HUF? 4 IUDY SMITH ELIZABETH RUTHEREORD ANDREA ADAMS MARY ALICE DICKSON FRANCES MCCRARY ROBERT STUART BILL YOUNG EVELYN MOCLELLAN HERBERT ROBERTS HELEN COFFEY DOUGLAS CARTY SAM HAYTER ACE TUBBS STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATIGN ANN BIRDWELL MARGARET K. BLEVINS LOUISE BUCHANAN BILLIE CHILDRESS HELEN COFEEY WANDA DEVAULT MARY ALICE DICKSON RUSSELL FLEMING IANE GRAHAM SAM HAYTER PEGGY MARTIN CHARLES MCCI-IESNEY FRANCES MCCRARY EVELYN MCCLELLAN IANE MORRISON PRESTON O'DELL LOUISE RUTHERI-'ORD LEE STOFFEL ROBERT STUART ACE TUBES BILL YOUNG MISS INEZ MORTON ..... .... A dvisor PEGGY MARTIN IjIAzEL MORRELL ELLEN JANE MARTIN CLAIRE EVELYN BOYD FRANCES .MOCRARY EVELYN MCCLELLAN IANE GRAHAM LOUISE BUCHANAN LAURA CRAWLEY BILLIE CHILDRESS WANDA DEVAULT DOROTHY MOCLELLAN ANN BIRDWELL BILL YOUNG IIMMIE PLEENOR CHARLES MOCHESNEY IACK BRUMMIT ROBERT INGRAM RUSSELL FLEMING ACE TUBES PROFESSOR CLIFFORD CLARK LOOMIS- ...,L. ,Director INTERNATIONAL RELATICNS CLUB JUDY SMITH ........ AHW..... ..... ...... ........ - - - - g-E--President HELEN COFFEY .-A.... ...., , - ....... --Q .... Vice-President LOUISE RUTHERFORD ..f.,.., ...... .... ,M M. ..... S e c retcmry-Treasurer ACE TUBES ..WFN..M................. --.- ,.,...,...M.......... Reporter SAM HAYTER-,-- .....,, .-.. .........,,.S..,SY r ooyrom Committee LEE STOFFEL ............ ....e - - ---. Program Committee EVELYN MCCLELLAN-. ..o--. - .... ...N .... P r Oqrcrm Committee MISS ROBERTSON --- .,.. ..-., ...,.,vE,v 4 , Sponsor LOIS BEATY WANDA DEVAULT CHARLES MCCHESNEY ANN BIRDWELL RUSSELL FLEMING PRESTON O'DELL ALLEN CALOOTE PEGGY MARTIN ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD PI PI SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY - ., I -:ar -gg ...,.:5::,.,-.f::.,,:. - -V.-EL. :, ' .... : '- - Y - . I 5-as if I I F! A W--Es-W-ww A In ANN ALLEN BIRDWELL MARGARET KATE BLEVINS LOIS BEATY BILLIE CHILDRESS HELEN COFFEY MARY ALICE DICKSON WANDA DEVAULT IANE GRAHAM HELEN GRAY SSM: RUTH HOLT MARY BETTY HUEE MARY LEWIS GLADYS LARIMER EVELYN MCCLELLAN FRANCES MCCRARY HAZEI. MOORE HAZEL MORRELL PEGGY MARTIN IEANETTE MCCROSKEY BILLIE PHELPS ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD LOUISE RUTI-IERPORD CAROLYN SENTER IUDY SMITH MARGARET SWIFT MISS MORTON, Sponsor First Term MARY BETTY HUPF ,... A,,,-,.- EVELYN McCLRLLAN--- ---- IANE T. GRAHAM--- --- ---- FRANCES MCCRARY ....,-,,- -,,m ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD IEANETTE MCCROSKEY --- ---- OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretary ...A Treasurer T... -- - Reporter ..e, Critic .....,.. Second Term EVELYN MCCLELLAN --------------HELEN COPFEY --------FRANCES MCCRARY -MARGARET BLEVINS --------IUDY SMITH ---IANR T. GRAHAM PHILGTI-IESMIAN LITERARY SQCIETY "He That IS Worthy Of the Pcclm Let Him Bear It" ROBERT BERRY EVERETT BROWN ALLEN CALCOTE RUSSELL FLEMING SAM HAYTER CHARLES MCCHESNEY IAN MORRISON ROBERT STUART EVERETT TILSON ACE TUBES 'Not Pictured BILL YOUNG ERNEST DICKEY IIMMIE PLEENOR ROBERT INGRAM PRESTON 0'DELL HERBERT ROBERTS WILSON STEPHENSON EDWARD WILLIAMS GEORGE BRAZELL' IACK BRUMMITT' OFFICERS SAM HAYTER I .MW ,......g,., President IAN IVIORRISON .... . .W , Vice-President ALLEN CALOOTE ,.....AN,WNN. Treasurer RUSSELL FLEMING-LRecordinq Secretary CHARLES McCHESNEY--Corr. Secretary BILL YOUNG ....LL.......L....... Critic RCSIBTEIRT BERRY ..-....L Sergeant-at-Arms A' ACE TUBBS-4.' .........L........ Censor CHARLES MCCHESNEY L.L..... President RUSSELL FLEMING ..,-,,. Vice-President ALLEN CALCOTE L........L..L Treasurer EDWARD WILLIAMS .L..LL Rec. Secretary BILL YOUNG .......L..L Carr. Secretary EVERETT TILSON SAM HAYTER , ,LL..... L-------L--------Critic Sergeant-ai-Arms ACE TUBBS ........LLLLLL...... Censor EVERETT BROWN L-----L-----LPIesideI'1t BILL YOUNG ....L....... Vice-President ALLEN CALCOTE .....L..LLLL. Treasurer ACE TUERS ........ Recording' Secretary IAN MORRISON ......L.. Corr. Secretary ROBERT INGRAM ..........L.-.L.. Critic CHARLES MCCHESNEY ....L. Sgt.-at-Arms RUSSELL FLEMING .............. Censor MINISTERIAL ASSCDCIATICDN IAN MORRISON RUSSELL PLEMING LEE STOEEEL DOUGLAS CARTY CHARLES MCCHESNEY ACE TUBES BILL YOUNG EVERETT TILSON SAM HAYTER 7 6 egffivagf ggcefllllls fling OF I944 DGCWOQD FESTIVAL ,ff fi., rigQX'C1gm,5AE.2 ',,1,ffQx,, N g?fmQg: :Himsa ,wig q ,X .Maw Y mf MEN? , X ,mv ,A A ,,X.x , . 14g.. ,L W w 2- gf? ,Q 4. w M eww- M -Q A 'Z 4- . grim' R HELL wwf ,, Wg, V fm, , ' U wh nwfyw. ,using 5 QS 3.35, 'GMX 'X' fm" -- Q X12 I E?3., , f Wjwuf .. , ML' f Wm, Jr. ., am W ., K 1 ffm Hx. sm w . , X 1 2. 14 wi V-H ., an my ,. 4, 5 V 7' U. , 5 A , If 22 H 7' N L fl dx sf 4 J -va 3 lf U 197 07 QEGQSQWK 146614, QF I944 DOCWOOD FESTIVAL gilwe gfllflfe g?'G!LGl11- Qffenffnff enicdz 4-1 . A " - . Q!IvClVI6?S C-WZZCQAESIZCH unio? zz f5g?1lS.S'f3!! gZCI1I1.11g Cgouise CQ1,,zf,e1y75fff Q f f Q H Ja I4 ff FRESHMAN AND SQPHQMORE ATTENDANTS Lois Becxty Icm Morrison B'11' Ph lp Edward Williams K F . .... , 1, .5 Q sf E W I V5 5,5 X Q X MM 3 .... . .Q 5? - 3 fsfiig. QSM Q4 Q I T' BL -A KW A WWI! M. N a 'M K! .1-553 N QQ swfxw l f Q! ' Q1 KING 4 .W Q STUDENTS .,f HW AND ff AVIATIGINI STUDENTS .gn1jQJAozf4 is ww uw-Q mf mmm 6?- xx X ak W 'NS-N... -vw--...,,,, i"N-M... 2 1,-'Z- .Q wa in H K1 ww-x ,555 1 QJ1Q5ff2'L"' ,J1i'i'fe',5 W H :fix -5-XJ: z Aka 2.3. ii 2? 5 fi.. - 1-1 W x 1 Q aww . , . il Q 'S " EI5E.: S? K 532192 nv ff, mmm I awww .yds 8 V 'Q Em ,, ,Jw A mm. Q Bw 'Bs L E .A Q ww? N E555 1. f -ii 1-1 .3 A M Tl K 3 QA 1 ,f .L:..m 1 we K .2 Q9 Aw?"-up iz gig! , waz 'ZH f. 1141?- 3 yr V iii E4 ' ev WN fa. R f v' 5 5 4 - n H E X. Qiswq - A Staff X ' M V X. su 4-,ff .. f, - . . ' 4 f - Q- 1' 5 X Q , ,, . 1. Tia ffm W Y 5 , V , w ffgi Ryan , 5 V , V Qffff ,A if fi V gf, . .V -, ge g, ,v . 2 N' , 4. ,,.,s., x vm: V- uw' W ' Y 5 5' 4? 0.1. 9 f ..5-rj .,.,. 'flfi v ' b Q Q,-,'f::':j5:::'-Q: '- 5':::.:.::::,g::.: .St ,A I-::: 3 , -lnh y -I G I -, V f 4.1, - '- - 1: A Zfiiif 5? , , Q ,gut Wfiifisw- Q? 3 ' Q, g if - . Y ' 1,35 gmfzm f, rw y, wx f M, 2, 1 , wgwvif 325 9 3 2-, . W-Q., HQ my ' ' XL . if ,Mu K , Q ' V' -2. k ,2,,,,, -. 5 if ,ZQQL KLQAQ 1 f . , 11' Hfwii Q, f 1 fx hu " "fi: 2: x ' FV . -I' K X' , -,Ra of ,J A -uw W I .. - 'Y' . ,2. f I w:a:::1:s:e "rw f- .-: ' - f'1:1sII!l.'. . 1 , - A, , ' - M- ' ' .-A251525 'Q EW I A I STUDENT BODY CI: KING CCI I PGP 'Xscf' SENIORS SOPHOMORES BIRDWELL, ANN ALLEN ,... ------- BROWN, EVERETT ,N...... ---- CARTY, DOUGLAS---- COFFEY, HEI.EN--- GRAHAM, IANE .... HAYTER, SAM- ........ HUEE, MARY BETTY .... MCCHESNEY, CHARLES ........ MOCLEI-LAN, EVELYN -- MCCROSKEY, IEANETTE- -Bristol, Tenn Asheville, N. C. Kansas City, Mo. Bristol, Va. Blountville, Tenn. ----Abingdon, Va. -----Bristol, Tenn. -----Bristol -- ---Bristol, MORRELL, HAZEL- .v,.......L -Bluff City RUTHERFORD, ELIZABETH- ..,.. SMITH, IUDY ........., STALLARD, VIRGINIA--- ----------Bristol ----------Bristol -Asheville, ----Bristol, N.C. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. TILSON, EVERETT ........ -.Seven Mile Ford, Va. TRIVETTE, GRACE---- --.----- -Bristol, Tenn. TUBES, ACE --------- ----- - Knoxville, Tenn. YOUNG, WILLIAM B.- ------ -Newport News, Va. IUNIORS BEATY, LOIS --------------- --- Bristol, Tenn. BLEVINS, MARGARET KATE- ------- Bristol, Tenn. FLEMING, RUSSELL -------- MOCRARY, FRANCES ---- MORRISON, IANE ------- RUTHERFORD, LOUISE--- STOEEEL, LEE -------- ---- Mebarie, N. C. -----Bristol, Va. ----Bristol, Va. ---- Bristol, Tenn. ---- Bristol, Tenn. ADAMS, ANDREA ---------------- Bristol, Tenn. BERRY, ROBERT ---- CALOOTE, ALLEN---- -----Sparta, N. C. ----Chester, Miss. CANTER, FRANK- ------ ------ B ristol, Va. DEVAULT, WANDA --- LARIMER, GLADYS ---- MARTIN, PEGGY ----- MORRISON, IAN ---- STUART, ROBERT--A FRESHMEN BRUMIT, IACK --------------- CHILDRESS, BILLIE --- DICKSON, MARY ALICE ------- DICKEY, ERNEST-A FLEENOR, IIMMIE ---- GRAY, HELEN ----- HOLLAND, IACK ---- HOLT, RUTH ------ INGRAM, ROBERT-- --- --------- Bristol, Va. LITTLETON, THELMA ---- - - MOORE, HAZEL ------ MUTTER, PHYLLIS ---- OIDELL, PRESTON ---- PHELPS, BILLIE ---- RAMEY, ERNEST ----- ROBERTS, HERBERT -- SENTER, CAROLYN ---- SMITHSON, NELL ---- STEPHENSON, WILSON ----- SWIFT, MARGARET ----- WILLIAMS, EDWARD SPECIAL STUDENTS CHAMBLEE, IANE -------------- Anderson, S. C. BRAZELL, GEORGE --- ----- Bristol, Tenn. BROWN, LOUISE ---- ----- B ristol, Tenn ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Brisiol, Tenn. ------Bristol, Tenn. - ------- Cedar Bluff, Va. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Bristol, Tenn. -Kingsport, Tenn. --- ------- Bristol, Va. ------Bristol, Va. ----Bristol, Tenn. ------Bristol, Va. Blountville, Tenn. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Appalachia, Va. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Abingdon, Va. ----Abingdon, Va. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Bristol, Tenn. ----Bristol, Va. ------Bristol, Va. ----- -----Tazewell, Va. WHAT A MESS!! ffl ,Q!Q2ecz'm'z'0n .Q fxfenkf 72 . Mr. T. W. Preston and King Printing Co. Mr. Crandall and Capitol Engravers Mr. Arthur Cummings AXS Marty Fish Miss Dorothy Gilly and Kelly 6. Green Kingscraft Hutcheson Studio AXS Ben Wood And all of those who have lent us a hand. f4pecz'1ffy Out -qQc!veZz'Z5eZ1 fy Qt ,-L,J,.t::,s1gf3g' ' GTV wg-, SX " " tl -wmffzxtygivnrlcfkikgf 3 V 'f-NQX ,Q ,gn . f ,. , km. .. N. YELLUW CI-KB HND CUHCH CUIVIPHNY BRISTOL'S OLDEST AND MOST DEPENDABLE CAB AND BUS SERVICE OWNED AND OPERATED BY EARL PENLEY BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. Compliments of Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. GOEBEL THEATRES PAINTS ond VARNISHES CAMEO and COLUMBIA ak -k uk Compliments of Wishing You Every' Success" BRISTOL FURNITURE CO' BRISTOL -:- -:- TENNESSEE 2124 PARAMOUNT DRESS SHOP 2? VAN DERVORT'S SHOES RZ- ReMINE-GOBBLE, Inc. "For Quality .... " Shop in the Porromount Buildinq BRISTOL, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS I OF Big Junk unuiuc uring Co., Inc. UVERALLS Sums PANTS NOW PRODUCING GARMENTS EOR OUR ARMED FORCES Compliments Of Compliments v Q . Ot 'FURNITURE smnesfwf IONES WHOLESALE CO. Complimenw Of ROSE'S 5-10-25c STORE GIBSON CANDY CO. VISIT OUR BRISTOL -:- -:- VIRGINIA MODERN FOUNTAIN AND LUNCHEONETTE BALL BROS., nc. "Everything for the Home" PHONE 165 BRISTOL -:- TENNESSEE Interstate Hardware Co., Inc. Iobbers oi GENERAL HARDWARE Electric, Radio and Automotive Supplies Heating and Plumbing Goods BRISTOL -:- -:- TENNESSEE-VlRGlNlA lt's Worth a Visit to KAYLOR'S RESTAURANT TELUC0 TOBACCO C0- FoR FINE PooD WHOLESALE STATE ST. -:- -:- PHONE 2640 Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Compliments Pipes, Novelties, and Confections of BLEVINS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 'I' THE H. P. KI G E0. Ton 54 YEARS Serving Each Generation With Merchandise of Quality at Prices Consistent Only With the High Standards .... "H STURE WHERE EVERY UNE LIKES T0 SHOP" CCMPLIMENTS OF I Your Kodak Dealer CUMBERLAND ST. ' -1- BRISTOL, VA. KELLY and GREEN I COMPLIMENTS IIIILE BIIUTIIEIIS QF WHOLESALE Fruits Veqetobles I W ' B k IIII S ll Bly 'k 'A' 'k South Cumberland St. I Bristol -: -:- Tennessee MGRRISTUWNI TENN- ' -1- - I Sportswear ENJOY Dresses Coats SOUTHERN MAID Bags - HOSIEYY DORIS DODSON DRESSES MILK 1 TCE CREAM Exclusive with us in Bristol if if 1 if "f "f SHOES WITH A COLLEGE ACCENT SUIITIIEIIN MIIIII, Inc. SPORT B CASUAL B DRESS WALLACIEPS Phone 5108 Bristol, VCI. 626 STATE ST. Nutionul Fireworks, Inc. BRISTOL PLANT EXECUTIVE OFFICES BRISTOL, VIRGINIA WEST HANovEII, MASS. ir if Ik BRISTOL, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE S. E. MHSSENGILL 50. BRISTOL, TENNESSEE S. H. KRESS 6 COMPANY Compliments of 5-1 me STORE BLAKLEY-MITCHELL Co. SHIRTS -:- TIES BRISTOL -:- -:- TENNESSEE MENS SUITS ,L SHGES Compliments of RUTHERFORD FREIGHT LINES Compliments of BRISTOL STEEL 6. IRON WORKS BRISTOL -:- -:- VIRGINIA Iuconronpvnzn LIVE AND LET LIVE CALDWELL STCKER COMPANY SHOE SHOP "IRON FIREMANH Solves All Heating Problems STATE ST. -I' I BRISTOL, VA. BRISTOL -:- ..:.. TENNESSEE FIRESTONE STORES EXTRA VALUES for HOME cmd FARM THE COLONIAL GRILL "Every Meal A Pleasant Memory" for CAR Ctnd TRUCK PHONE 1790 for WORK and RECREATION PIEDMONT ST. BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. FRED REUNING COMPANY BRISTOL DRUG CORP A MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Cigars T Ccmdief T sodas ' Drugs Toiletries BRISTOL 'Y' 'I' VIRGINIA PHONE 5143 633 STATE STREET Compliments CHAPPEL-HAMRICK CO. OPTOMETRISTS of 525 STATE STREET RAYLASS DEPT. STORE "Good Looking Glasses . . . . Perfectly Fitted" Compliments of George Ben Johnston Hospital ABINGDON, VIRGINIA DeBUSK PETROLEUM CORP. W. C. DEBUSK, President Distributors Cities Service Products PHONE 301-L -:- ABINGDON, VA. Compliments of PARAMOUNT and STATE THEATRES WASHINGTON COOPERATIVE FARM BUREAU, Inc. LET'S COOPERATE PHONE 126 P. o. BOX 476 ABINGDON -:- -:- VIRGINIA G R A Y ' S BRIsToI.'s LEADING DAIRY BUNTING'S DRUG STORE KODAKS '- FILM FINISHING FINE CANDIES -:- GooD SoDAs 4 4 420 STATE STREET BRISTOL, TENNESSEE 4 4 "King Students Welcome at Bunting's" The stotff is greatly indebted to our advertisers for their cooperation and kindness. We urge you to . . . PATRCNIZE OUR ADVERTISERS , HUNGRY? S E V I E R S Then Eat Delicious LAUNDRY -:- CLEANING TERRY PRODUCTS "44 Years of Laundry Leadership" "Terry's Are Better" B. L. TERRY CO. PHONE 1751 FOR FLAVOR EAT H E C H T ' S Fine Bread and Cakes Compliments Of COWAN BROS. - Wholesalers - I'IO'I'EI. BRISTOL EXCELLENT FACILITIES FOB BANQUETS AND PARTIES Visit the Modem and Beautiful PABISIENNE BOOM REASONABLE RATES We Sell Wayfarer Shoes .... Cgmplimenfs . . . . For The Entire Family f HOME TRADE SHOE STORE O O . FAUCETTE COMPANY pposite Cameo Theatre MARION COWANI Manager STATE ST. -:- -:- BRISTOL, TENN DIXIE COAL YARD IIM AND PECK DANIEL STEAM AND DOMESTIC COALS "Cleaner and Hotter" STERLING HOUSE PHONE 6 -:- -:- BRISTOL, VA. j ' T ' I .R ' D. B. RYLAND 5. COMPANY I .muon . j OPTO I 'r I Iewelers -:- Silversmiths I mutha "IT PAYS TO BUY THE RYLAND KIND" L- PHONE 5234 Congratulations to KING 332nd College Training Detachment from 'X .1 W X 4 fi il ff'- LIGHT 6. POWER COMPANY ' a t A Fl EAST TENNESSEE a H A. '-.-Sw ii 01949 :wav uavum Expert Barbers THIS BOOK IS BOUND IN First Class Shower Baths A KINGSKRAFT CQVER BOB CLAY'S BARBER SHOP Made By No. 8 Seventh St. KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. IONNY IoHNsoN -:- STANHOPE LACY KINGSPORT -:- TENNESSEE Compliments of HOLSTON HARDWARE Compliments of TROY LAUNDRY COMPANY COMPANY C. R. HARRIS KEMBLE-COCHRAN co., Inc. BOOKSELLERS STATIONERS Watchmakinq and Engraving OFFICE OUTFITTERS 5O5V2 STATE ST. BRISTOL, VA. STATE ST' 'I' 'l' BRISTOL' VA' Fo emost for 37 Years ORKIN EXTERMINATING CO., Inc. FIRST PEST coNTRoL SERVICE PRESBYTERIAN 410 sum sw. -:- -1- PHONE 1813 CHURCH IIENEIIIII. SHELBY IIUTEI. f-I IX R C I r e 5 h m C n I "Bristo1's Only Fireproof Hotel" X4 I x I Q IQ I' C I- I EXCELLENT FACILITIES EOE .... Y O II! . . . . PARTIES AND BANQUETS Zxifnifnllf' ,f ' fl DIXIE AIR CONDITIONED COFFEE SHOP h A BRISTOL -:- -:- VIRGINIA TIT 2 X ' ' WORKS, INC. MOORE-EARIIART CC. 'A' 'A' 'A' ATHLETIC GOODS AND LUGGAGE 'k 'k 'k BRISTOL, VIRGINIA BRISTOL FLORAL Com Hmems COMPANY p "Flowers Ior All Occasions of Phone 716 534 STATE ST. -'- BRISTOL, TENN. CLARENCE G' KING . BASSETT'S Compllmems DAIRY PRODUCTS Of MILK ICE CREAM BRISTOL DRY CLEANERS PHONE 1938 COMPLIMENTS OF DICKEY INVESTMENT CO. REAL ESTATE -:- -:- -:- INSURANCE KING CfOIcItF2CF Serving the Nation in War and Peace Has trained more than 500 flyers for the U. S. Army. Continuing its liberal arts program for civilian stu- dents, both men and Women. Vocational training in Education and Commerce. Special courses in preparation for the armed services. Dormitory for Women open beginning Iune, 1944. For information Write: R. T. L. LISTON, President

Suggestions in the King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) collection:

King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 55

1944, pg 55

King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 18

1944, pg 18

King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 38

1944, pg 38

King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 33

1944, pg 33

King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 52

1944, pg 52

King University - Tornado Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 66

1944, pg 66

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