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 - Class of 1987

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TQ. ffyidiem +2 We mglwf 1QmQUQ5viilEU9m fn: R -'Wm U 4-I-'Q OZ mygef QNGMQB XL lm ffm? eqenlwl 5 Q59 W + '45 A 'GH I KLM, LO 49 +fO,,8e f+ZLb90'fw HO Ln? 'I C1 uf GK b 655 N1 Gif I H Scprm 5091+ bf-16 my Qxumwou wx ape L ,vm 5W,,p30+, me azrggniejq yefrqf 1' 5 ' QKYBQ y? Ag P.5.y9' JFXQWESQ FTW Wfiifffffi 5555 Q35 GQEQQDWM D-Q Ll X Wien? Wm N 5 LQ 5 I - K-N00 RXOQQJ FN A 0+ g0wvoCGQ OK LXGGW jf UGVQ -in Xlsbkx 0635 N, C ' LQUQQZDU wfkweq We E Ugg CNUO0 Q wx DQXLADXSS Q06 -xp 5 Y yXiOX'QJim BXUXG QQ - Q mx ww A 'Q 9 'Ce H Vx URCLQV, xr X ' b Q my Ll M X5 M jf f gk-7 ff - IQ1 . UXBgO0Y'9, Qgdyq 'WQQM 1 + UNGJ56 iw Ukogmk, 50 3 WO Q! ww ww bmw ivxh, , A MWQQNLXDCQM 'OUT MSX uw GPKNMVJX DX Wylkpuvm um left MQW , C HQW X :f3CLSXf'l5NfN A15 XT . Q sf 33 Y ww Q? ST Q9 Q7 5 6? 53 Q5 0 U90 Wlxf' w, R W l XQY0 YN YM MQW OVYNOM9 M O56 XM Um x UN Q WOJ MU Q GNL 615655 Xb wy00fZ' W Qona, QL N! XM Y? W We W LVM? M W V57 ijgfldebww PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE It is already tomorrow. Time, which never stops on its journey will pass before your eyes, and in only a few moments you will be of the community looking back on the years you spent at King Junior High. When you do, the photos, facts and memories in members Estates your Yearbook will be your stepping stones to a happy reminiscence. May your memories Of King Estates Junior High and may your futures be filled with happiness Wit every wish for a brighter tomorrow. f' A -TN Paul A. Danie s, Principal '- , ,Q ,, 1- V. , 1 4 1 gag 'fffjn' 'g V , .,,, , . X ' ..,. 4 1 'L V' f' f' i ,,. , gif sg, gr. ' V K ' .rf 4- 5-1. ze: V' ' 5' Lina ' X fwxq I W- I , , ,F V p h Q . p , , 3 v. V VL . V 4,-, ', V A 'f p ,gf . 'Q A ' . 'Mb' .. L Q A. ,-. by ,,.. .N WW Y :A N . ' 1 . 4 QI' pg an fixing f or ff? 'M 1 r ilikgci Wa School be pleasant ones, and success . ,,..J1'a, 'nf , ,- f PM V ' if 944- TW, 2 fi! in +418 24? -ig R 5 1 1 I. ii ' if Q if ,A ' 4, 1 wif! ' r 2 ' K ,ga V 5 , fl, if 3 52, , Q We if f i' , i r f ,Q A: y , Z 2, 'Z an X Z . , . , J. , , vm' , W., 1. - 1 ,5'7iff,1. 'gg ' i A -k,, 5 G -- 155+ V y Z j f lnny p Vx 5 1 ' fl is T Q: A V, 5 3 . :g X I 7 K Q, it , g r ,4 I H W ., kk 4 I , t h V A 1 1 3-1 ,, 'V V Q A 7' V, in, Q, Y V F4 v , f 'V l l rrs 1 QV 5 ffl 2 Vri' 1 72 ' ,, --' ' QQ 1 , Q ii V tttllllt olllt Y n is ' l n lffbfl, . N if K 1 ? Q ' : 5? A: 5 C 'L . 1: vi i ' ' 1 ' V , ,,,- V , '- , V , ,..' 1 M A s ' ff? 7 ' M Vw 4 2,5 ' f-,, 3 m p. .Q ':,TL1f,,'f2L gf -f Q' 49 V ,, an , if 1' V, r- V 41,1 if. '. .V I . f 'A fi lkl fi f' ' 'A , Vf ' f L , .V H ,,r 1 Q KV 155 f p - qi. A . M V ,,. , A . j 1 ' gi 4 ,- , KF X Ei ,,iV,' y5,iQ J I my w 5, , A ,T gg' .. xl kk, QM 3.1: I ' W or ' A as 'M 51 K- f ' ff V , 4 ' ' ' V '54 ww' . ,lf , ' ' Aft V .. XV 5 ' get , AIIV - z 1 6,5 v- - V35 F n, l'f s SV 'rls ,',: l 1 at W , iiwl I www 'ur 3 J QQ 1' wand! lifi A ' f ALLEN, Adrienne ALLEN, Elizabeth AXUP,'Jane BENJAMIN, Gloria BERGER, Carol BOOKER, Lillian BROWN, Benny BUCHANAN, Ray CLARK, Jackie COBER, Dolores COOPER, Stanley DANIELS, Paul DARROUGH, Ruby DOWNEY, Nancy EDWARDS, Grady FARRELL, Norbert FILLOY, Emily FLEMISTER, Jewel FULLER, Barbara GILMORE, Liz GROSS, Delores HALLIGAN, Willie Mae HARRISON, Leda HENRY, Gae HILL, Delores HOELLWORTH, Phyllis JONES, Hazel JONES, Robin LeBLANC, Lois WAKAU. Philip Sf STAFF... EX A 1 g,.'..5,gf5s221fff,.5-if -- ,f -A .L ,. s -. . k. O, ,il 3 2543 39 ?s?e: ffi.S 3:5 4gEii's5 lsigg w uggwwmwmm' Q N X L is J . . A. ff 'f gegvf mid- E5 ., 5 5 .Mx smmemem w . m 5 1 mmawvwwis WV ,S UCKELVY, Earl MEEKS, Nina MINNIFIELD, Lueretha MORRIS, Maggie MORRISON, Mary 1 X I. The following Staff Members of King Estates were unavailable for photos: BATTLE, Joan BELL, Alfred BLOECKER, Debra BOYKINS, Louise BROWN, Nora CASE, James CASSON, Leonard CLARK, Vernon COLON, Hermogene DAVIS, Zapora FLOWERS, ?.J. HARRISON, Majors GK 4 ! Y L - I 5 Q l lj HOPE, Clare LIVINGSTON, Lena LYNCH, Irene MCGEE, Lillie MCRENO, Melinda OWENS, Lillian PHILLIPS-HORNES, Audrey RENSE, Giuseppe RINGO, Carlos RITTER, Lynn SMITH, Paul THORNTON, Mose WRIGHT' Patricia PAUL, William PRICE, Barbara RICE, Althea RICHMOND, Lynden ROGERS, Dorothy SCHULTZ, Faith SNALLWQQD, Gloria TERRANOVA, Jane: THOMAS, Ruth NILLIAMS. Paul WILLIAMS, Pearl WILLIAMS, Terry WINN, Deweylene WOODS, William 3 THE CLASS UF 1987 DEDICATES THIS YEARBUUK T0 DELURES GROSS This year the 9th grade class of King Estates Junior High School would like to dedicate the 1986-87 yearbook to the counselors' secretary, Ms. Delores Gross. We chose you because you were always there when we needed you. You told us when we were wrong, and when we were sad, you were right there with that beautiful smile to brighten up our day. We are thankful to have had you as our school HMAMMAH. We Love You, The Class of '87 wfb Dionne Carter WE PROUDLY DEDICATE OUR YEAREOOK TO DELOPES GROSS .... WE CHOSE YOU BECAUSE WE FEEL THAT YOU APE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON. YOU HAVE HELPED US ALL A LOT. WHEN WE WERE WRONG, YOU CORRECTED US. WHEN WE WERE DOWN, YOU LIFTED US. WHEN WE WANTED TO GIVE UP, YOU KEPT US GOING. YOU HAVE TAUGHT US ALL A LOT. WHEN WE SAY SPECIAL, WE ARE NOT JUST SAYING IT, WE ARE ALSO MEANING IT MS. GROSS, MAMA IS A BIG WORD AND FOR A LITTLE PERSON, IT FITS YOU JUST PERFECT. WITH LOVE FROM THE CLASS OF H87U BY ERICKA LONG ,.. w - POEMS 1 7 'Q'iiQ If-iii' IZY I t nk you nose for civizq 'A1, me and lettinq me do so many things that I DSVQ been taking for qrnnted all of my lift if .1 at rne brea 1.11 cr all the Fresh Cool smelling air, on a nice suoner dey. You let me smell the beautiful flowers and trees in the Sprjxw. You let me smell the delicious appleepie Grandma made a mile away. You have been very Good to me nose, and I think I should take the time out and tell you how much l care. So thank you for everything You have done for me in all these years. Michael Broughton FRIENDS Friends are kind and understand you They are there to help you when your feeling blue Friends pick you up when your down They are not the ones that knock you back on the ground Friends share because they care and most of the time they are always there If you feel sad or blue go to a friend cause they know what to do .... .. IVR .,. IVR .,. 5 TQUCH OF HAND My qrandfather has a when he picks me He cuddles me in I really like tha when I hug him be My grandfather ha My qrandfather ta How to cross the He taught me when beacause he'll be I love my qrandfa My qrandfather ha up, his t, ' ck, S a uqht stre he' wel ther S a BIACK WOMEN ..m........ I am a black woman. I Sm Proud as a black woman can he. E my life, PICMG - the yegrg Q I am a black woman, As smart as a black could be. WOmFi!'1 Proud of the knowledqe I've leayngd, I am a black woman, As beautiful as a black woman can be. Proud of my beauty, IH so the whole world can S H a black woman. Nikija Bradley touch of hand. I feel I traveled across lands arms. cause they keep me warm. he smiles like the land. touch of hand. me right from wrong. et, and always he strong. S sick, don't hesitate, l the next day. , and he's a strong man. touch of hand. Trinda Pleas 6 WW NINTH GRADE wlLLs MM I, Delores Gross, will to the Class of '87, keeping Hnoisy, mischievousn kids out of my office. I, Dymea Craig, will to my sister, Cherisse Seymour, my Algebra book. I, Frensis Wesley, will Kicheko Reese's dirty gym shoes that she never washes to my cousin, Enaile Benard. I, Dana Manuel, will my swatch sticker that's in my locker to the Class of '88. I, Debra Myler, will my smelly gym socks to the Class of '88. I, Kenyatta Brown, will my gym shoes to the class of '88. I, Sandra Huey, will my Sandy magnet to the Class of '88. I, Lorrice Mosley, will the cafeteria food to all the Class of '88. I, Crystal Staggs, will my raggedy Mr. Jones' book to the Class of '88. I, Nina Meeks, will my raggedy manuel typewriter to the Class of '88. I, Jamal Cooper, will my 9th grade hoop shoes to the next 9th grade team. I, Richard Breaux, will my books to the Class of '88. I, Anika Daniels, will my Fials to the Class of '88. I I, Eddie McBride, will my phone number to the girls' Class of '88 in their locker room. N I, Sherry Lundy, will my name on every wall. I, Marquis Tucker, will all my hoop money to Mr. Cooper, and all my good looks. I, Erica Long, will all my love to the 9th grade HBasketball Teamu. I I, Dominic Leon, will all my love. I, Marc Traylor, will to myself, HI love leaving this schooln. I, Anthony Polk, will a roll of toilet paper to the Class of '88. I, Charla Moore, will my locker to the Class of '88. I, Nikija Bradley, will my Nike tennis shoes to the Class of '88. I, Bisa Dunbar, will King some paper and pencils cause ya'll need 'em. I, Akeeba Thomas, will a bottle of deoderant to the Class of '88. I, Rochelle Wilson, will all my craziness to the Class of '88, if ya can handle it. I, Chantrelle Randle, will the nickname of HRamboH to the Class of '88 fthe force of freedom7. I, Kiki Reese, will Frensis Wesley's dirty gym shorts to the Class of '88. I, Deanna Marie Carson CMs. D.M.C.J, will the awful manners that Kiki and Frensis have to the Class of '88. ' I, Trina Expose, will the left over friendship of Trina and Joyce. I, Angela Jefferson, leave my beautiful memory to all of you patnas from the Class of '88 I, Christina Bumanglag, will my best friend, Rochelle Wilson, to whoever wants her. I, Aaron Strane, leave a brand new pair of Pro Wings and Eagles to the Class of '88. I, Kenya Kyle, will my pretty legs to the Class of '88. 7 WW NINTH GRADE lvlfmomfs MM Dana Manuel - My most favorite memory at King Estates was when our 9th grade girls and boys won both championships. CSmileJ Deanna Carson - My most favorite momory at King Estates was when Kiki and I made up. CSmileb Faustina Byrd - My most favorite memory at King Estates will be my 9th grade graduation. Frensis Wesley - My most favorite memory was when my friend, Dana, and I got kusted at her house. CLove ya, Danab Erica Long - My most favorite memory for the Class of '87 is . when my sister, Shaunice Long, started going here. Dymea Craig - My most favorite memory was when the cafeteria broke out with a big gigantic food fight. Ms. Gross - My most favorite memory at King was when I went out to lunch and surprisingly received some roses. Tippy HTH - My most favorite memory was when I and my patnas', Pumkin and Shawney Bo, came rolling up to the school house. CTippy HTH is Tiffany Gill? Lorrice Mosley - My most favorite memory was when we had the Winter Ball and the after party. Neferae Spiller - My most favorite memory at King Estates was kicken with my patnas', Peedie and Christina. Regina Goods - My most favorite memory in the 9th grade at King Estates was the Winter Ball. Joyce Young - My most worst memory at King Estates was when people helped end a certain relationship of mine. Jaliza Eagles - My most favorite memory at King Estates are all the basketball games that I went to. CThey were livelh 8 9TH GRADE CLASS DFFICERS , X ! Class President- Anthony Polk Vice Presidente Richard Breaux Class Secretary- Karla Roberson Class Treasurer- Jaunita Gardley Abram, Dawn Adams, Natasha Adams, Tracy Anderson, Douglas Andrews. Akil Bailey, Zina Bains, Marlon Banks, Daraka Barconey, Orianna Battle, Kendrick Bell, Diane Bell, Richard DeMarco, Belvine Bershell, Calvin Bishop, Billy Blackmon, Christina Borens, John Bradford, Alvictor Bradley, Nikija Breaux, Richard 1 s Q 2 Y IEFWX. el 10 'v- i 1 I Brooks, Jonathan Broughton, Kevin Broughton, Michael Brown, Kenyatte Brown, Kim Brown, Robert Brundson, Stacey Bryant, Jimmie Bumanglag, Christina Burns, Jerry Bustillos, Mike Butler, Kowenda Byrd, Faustena Cage, Renee Carson, Deanna Carter, Carisa Carter, Dionne Cheatham, M'Charlotte Chinn, Ronald Cogmon, Robert rms was nm ,st vlwlurs 1 1 l W 9TH GRADE Xxvff Prettiest Smile Dionne Carter Jermaine Adams I N' ffw-iwwww C giwwa ,M .,..r , MW ,M Best Dressed Class Cut-ups Jaliza Eagles Deanna Carson Ronald Chinn Clarence Starnes 'ww FAVORITES CLASS FURTS TEMEIKA JUHNSUN EAVID JACKSON Q sf, .,A, Prettiest Hair 5 3' Shaunice Long Cutegt Couple DeMarco Belvine Tlna Thomas 8. David Jackson Coleman, Marc Collier, Ronald Contrcias, Maria Cooper, Jamal Cooper, Ramone Craig, Dymea Daniels, Anika Day, Kimberly Dean, Stacie Dela Pena, Marisol Dickson, Helena Dorsey, Claudia Dunbar, Bisa Durkin, Jeff Eagles, Jaliza Edwards, Eric Epperson, Savonda Evans, Kevin Evans, Tranette Expose, Trina -e iQlBS Nui Q f E55 Q W s . Q 'I NWWA f 94 ev--Q QQ-f 4 , - 14 CHAMPIONS AT WORK ai 5 Z U5 . G L I si E fgkg Zgisiggklg :E.1 X I E ,:., s i x fi , f ' l g wswnwwwwgg G as if COACH MAC GIVES INSTRUCTIONS Fitzpatrick, Micah Fleming, Shavon Foster, Charles Gabriel, Darrell Gardley, Juanita Geter, Kandis Giles, Kenneth Gill, Tiffany Goods, Regina Green, LaTanya Grier, Ronnie Grigsby, Annette Hall, Tyrell Hamilton, Erica Hamilton, Theresa Handy, Charles Harris, Aaron Harris, Benjamin Hasan, Nabilah Hegler, Shanda ,ggiii Q x tfwx 3' srif E fn,W Astro. G pew, i ,yf J ., ,s 3 is . 1 15 9TH GRADE CLASS FAVORITES BEST FIGUREIPHYSIQUE MUST ATTRAUHVE Shaunice Long Ronald Chinn Most Likely to Succeed Priti Solanki Richard Breaux ,Q 'wily E . -SW if S S PB Most Athletic Tracy Adams Friendliest 16 Eddie McBride Victoria Statum Eddie McBride M Shortest Nicole Thomas H2 Myron McCarther Most Spirited Dymea Craig 8 Tranette Evans Anthony Polk - ,Awww W Best Dancers Adrienne Sullivan Jerry Burns Henderson, John Hill, Natasha Hill, Niambi Hines. Racheal Kakiah, Hollins Huey, Sandra Humphrey, Alvin Id-Deen, Nasim Jackson, David 7ackson,Linnet Jackson,Michael Jackson,Ramona James,Damisi Jamison,Danielle Jefferson, Angela Jefferson, Sonya Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Jay Johnson. Jeremy 18 I v?fii,g. 3,1 91 ,iw ,M - N vowfvx K xXx' fl K f w fp 1 fmmuqw as ls! as s ,QA K, S5 'E'Nu. av , if , ' '-,, - - , ' igilgieu ,EE 11 -I ' ' X -ev' Q Y Aga ggk,w3wT at X Qena vfa 1 rfb X ev- ff 3- ?Nixn :T 7 swiss in , ' L if- ' Johnson, Mignon Johnson, Timeka Jones, Brian Jones, Marcum Jones, Michael Jones, Tanya Jones, Shonvette Jones, Teren Key, Jonathon Kyle, Kenya Lamison, Ezzard Lee, Angela Lemons, Shelanda Leon, Dominic Little, Annie Long, Erica Long, Shaunice Lowe,'Nyieta Lundy, Sherry Lynch, Noel f ia ie ,fi Q Q wx N- X N 19 Manalo, Gregg Manuel, Dana Martin, Gwen Mason, Lawana McBride, Eddie McCarther, Myron Mikell, Kijana Moore, Charla Moore, Toni Morris, Kiisha Mosley, Lorrice Moulton, Lamont Murphy, Sherill Myler, Debra Neal, Kim O'Con, John Pastana, Michelle Patton, Carrianne Perryman, Chris Pleas, Trinda i??lff?Ei2Ef'r1 'e,' 1, W W' WK ,Z A I 44- iin . , ' 5 sg? I V, o SCIENCE I Q Q gag , 2 VJMM gym. Temperature Readino .4 Y wV,N,,, Z Inverted Mirror Experiment M' ga :tis Q ,,f Y S 'A WK F Q I ' , GQ R 5 ' , ' 4m 2 3 rg! I xg V ff V , Q :'V,.'95 R Z ei R 'i ff M, - , f ,wif R syyy ' 'T' A'E'. , ' . , ' z . WM J We ' LADY LIONS WARM UP X 1 kr Q Polk, Anthony Prescott, Ta-Tanisha Prevost, Vidal Prosser, Allison Randle, Chantrelle E QL Reece Michelle- O Reese, KicEeEo S2 Roberson, Juni Roberson, Karla Roberson, Tiffany Roberts, Sherry Ross, Curtis Russell, Teri Sanders, Karen Sanders, Tyrone Sapp, Vincent Semien, Brian Shivers, James Shuaibe, Kamilah Silva, Robert 21 9TH GRADE Best All-Around Venessa Gross Marc Traylor Most Popular Venessa Gross Marc Traylor Patnas Charla Moore S Frances Wesley Patrice Weaver Ronald Chinn 8 Best Personality Stacie Dean Curtis Ross 8 Marlon Williams Anika Daniels and S Lorrice Mosley and 8 Neferae Spiller Curtis Ross FAVORITES Prettiest Eyes Adrienne Sullivan Tallest Nikija Bradley Marquis Tucker Favorite Teachers Nina Meeks Lynden Richmond Simmons, Jeanine Smith, Erin Smith, James .Smith, Travelle Solanki. Priti .Soublet, Erika Spiller, Neferae Stagg, Crystal Statum, Victoria Stephens, Ernie Stephans, Reeshemah Stewart, Kevin Strane, Aaron Sullivan, Adrienne Swanson, Billy Sylvester, Marcel Thomas, Akeeba Thomas, Bonnie Thomas, Carl Thomas, Michael Thomas, Nicole Thomas, Nicole Thomas, Tina Travis, Eldrich Traylor, Marc . A Rs- w, EMS P sf 5 -N5 . 5 i 0 ,H 1 t x?-L, li. rf, 5 Vzz, t ,img kkk: 5?k.ig I I f tl i ' F wit. S 5 'eff' W ,-- -5. ai ,rs Q I -arg, ,,. A ,SS NPN Mas, Q wink, X smAA:,f X sb ggagw l X W? .Yugi '-.. A f w ki ,F 'S S Q. 'fm V f if 1 1 .5 ls, ii WQNF 1 3 as K READ FRG! FIFTFYT 'FO LEFT 'QQ 13 , JN :M fill ,ggi A g, 2 ff, ,Q :Q y g S 1 M Lb,-any rrag X 5 x 'S W Q.,- TEE Lxlqbl ,,,. R ft: , 3 Lai ell. 1' 'Y , so xi? iv' Emu? X' X sf ' m f 1lhuuB, '. 5- ix-Q in ,f , if f v If A Tucker, Marquis Young, Joyce Wade, Torrence Wagner, Ayanna Ward, Charisse Warren, Leonard Weaver, Patrice Wesley, Frensis Wilcox, Kim Wiley, Ina Williams, Dionne Williams, Fannie Williams, Marlon Williams, Paul Wilson, Darnell Wilson, Holly Wilson, Patricia Wilson, Rochelle Woodard, Treena Young, Janice ',' 4abh, K XX X, Z, c g KX U , k.'. .,, X 6' lr if ,I Aam ir 5. 3 5 ' f Ai ,L 'lf fx 'rr or . A ,w. it Y f, . Q.. . 32 r , , : AJ -A ER 31- . K . 'i 4' ,JS 2 fQ CJ Q g ' r' D x 995, gg v Q S31 gf A5582 ggi-it if? M N 'mf L 2 ? LDXyxt0J0, X O FQ .g ' ' X, Oyu B X9 gfffigqgfiwfg 3 Qzgw Bw Joss? F Wi 2gxRROz3LX1'7 N'9q3'J5'. ,A: c Q P Q9 anfiwi? A-vm -xx-, Q fs , E . D T 5453 MXN Eg Q gg. 5 V9 52 g , WEN . V 0, xv 5 U2 153531, MX D 4114? A1474 6655, Kean u BTH GRADE ,iff 1' ce! I 14' Jfcr-7?!?WfmZ S cA' S M g,wf'?-QWQV X' ff 0 .+'s?X ,J wg? 5 g x,:vU,,-,bg ,X 4b A OP' 3,64 VY, XXDQQQQQX f7ZX L1 is .Ge 6 if vi? sank ?2wmBQ'p?9Tw' CN at S f 20 Lug S Q5 if if L I if E25 -Y ,SQSW 974. wigs QQ? O9 i 2 0 by! VX J 11' ' 4: ff? Q if any wg SIGNATURES Q, Kbxw 'gf 'W 'N Um ' 8TH GRADE CLASS FAVORITES ..... f W.-fiffit -- T. illb e4fgwMEan,, Prettiest Eyes Kyra Dyas fuss Sgik Terrance Mclnnis Q Zavar Howard Shortest Teresa Leon Chris Polk Tallest Valentina Wilson Timothy Daniels 30 Favorite Teachers Marilynn Ritter Norbert Farrell B-wa 'NW ' S ' W N... -.W U Most Popular Best F1gure!Physique Dawanna Llewellyn Andre McFee KPLL Prettiest Hair Valentina Wilson 2 an Q ,Xf Diahlo Walton '32 lnvazifis X f Best Dressed Latisha Latimore Andre McFee Most Likely to Succeed Leticia McDowell Fletcher Haley Most Spirited F1 Alethea Williams J Kenneth Perry Alejandre, Alejandra Anderson, Daphne Austin, Charles Baker, Spencer Beard, Tamara Bernard, Eniale Beyard, Frederika Boudreau, Joseph Briscoe, Lorenzo Broom, Aaron Brown, Jamel Browne, Fidel Brownlee, Kim Bryant, Lawrence Buckingham, Kubali Camier, Troy Campbell, Sukari Carrihill, Ryan Carter, Jamila Carter, Kevinn 32 'Y ! iifikgggiwwaga 1 Bmfsemeameavgw YeQmwMeweBee:L ,1. ':: fs'-1:55-:JI aw' , - Q, ,L ,,,,-,,: :ae -,,:, . -in www: ,:w 5 '- . , ,, 11 me 'siuiif gm H - rlfimilgi Sims gage vig ' f ' .- - - if www. si W S fr Q ,,.. HEAD COUNSELOR, NP. B, HARD AT WORK Sk- .1. A6 M., IFPF Mu. Chaires, Lacey Chestana, LaShawn Chester, Shellie Clark, John Coleman, Eric Coney, Larry Cooper, Shawnee Couch, Tiffany Daniels, Timothy Davenport, Tanya Depelchin, Kaidi Dickerson, Tulane Dixon, Ynagnaca Dorsey, Jerome Dyas, Kyra Dyer, Tonya Flanagan, Willeen Fountain, Steven Gaines, Mia Garcia, Beatriz Ti li W i ,uw kQf.V -fm, fe KA 4 f. 4 I -if---,- 1 , N .., I ii e ,E !!7 A 'vw 'MY si x Q +5Q ,m-ik ..., ab'- C , ,N I 'J 1' Q mls 5 3 f' 'Y i NR. RICHMOND FEMALE IMPERSONATOR VARIETY SHOW .1 Gardner, Linda Haley, Fletcher Hall, Margo Hampton,NShawn Harris, Marcus Harrison, Denesha Hayes, Michelle Heath, LaSandra Hodge, Marcie Hughes, Lester 34 if f+'er1 HOLD IT NOW!! Hutson, Shelby Jackson Diallo Jackson, Ruchell Jackson, Sonja James, Kenneth Jasper, LaTonya Jefferson, Joscelyn Jennings, Trequitta Jones, Crystal Lee Lane, Monique Latimore, LaTasha Lawrence, Floyd Jones, Elijah Kennis, Gyasi Leon, Teresa Lewis, George Lewis, Marcellus Lewis, Michael Lindsay, Sharice Llewellyn, Dawanna 5 Mk sang swxm umiw,N.l, H 7 6 Ji is Most Athletic Valentina WilSOD Andre Long 35 HA 1 READ Q. VAZLL ,A I I FROM RIGFT TO LEF Logan, Yvonne Madison, Gralin Malveaux, Kenya Marshall, Willie Martin, Danielle Mason, Freda Mason, Renetta Maston, Yolanda Miller, Angela Morales, Maria Morrison, Eric Morton, Angela Murphy, Damon McDaniel, Sheree McDowell, Leticia McFee, Andre Mclnnis, Terrence McNair, Chris Osborne, Charles Owens, Damon elass Flirts Yvonne Logan Ryan Carrihlll W, Nia K egg, Best All-Around Dawanna Llewellyn S Yvonne Logan James Woodard Q i 1 3 36 Owens, Mohesha Parker, Tosha Patillo, Noel Patterson, Marcel Patton, Sean Payne, Rotonda Peeler, Laweka Perry, Kenny Polk, Chris Qualls, Desni Roach, L.D. Roberts, Cynthia Robinson, Antoine Reed, Felicia Roundtree, Genea Safford, Shana Sapp, Aniesha Seals, Finis Selleaze, Karonna Sellers, Demetrius Shaw, Succatti Shelby, Natasha Shelby, Quincy Shivers, L9CiCi-3 Simmons, TYT'-me 37 MMM 55952, ,A u 'rv- A '22:.'::fm::s:s Nita? 33 y :mm :r.X4:,g :Ig Ji A 4 iw p on , 1 D ik-s1'f Q ggi! ggsgf :E V . 3 : . 3 3 K 4 ' K' 4 -1 Qggggp feat E .fa Q 3- mam?-an AG Sipp, Tiffany Smith, Phillip Snead, Douglas Snead, Tanella Sperry, Brian Stanfield, Christine Steen, Sharnette Stewart, Carl Thrower, Timothy Tippin, Cicely Toliver, Dereka Toscano, Eric Tribble, Keturah Verrett, Robert Wadsworth, Darryl Walton, Diablo Weatherby, Jewell Wells, William Wideman, Deondrea Wiley, Lucius Wilkinson, Gregory Williams, Johnny Williams, Melvin Wilridge, Trevelyon Wilson, David W ' 38 aff. Wilson, Marl Wilson, Vale Wong, Flor Young, Chris Victory, Brenton in ntine ,rf M w L 3 C 'gi : A ,ff fffQ k C 5' AE? 5 i E C Q ya AN S S s Q f ' if fi' NHSQQV ibl5 i Q S ,gg ,X .. BTH GRADE FAVORITE TEACHER NORBERT FARRELL fy Hi PRETTIEST SMILE ,vf 9 ,nnnn nnnn fawi KENNY PERRY TANYA DAVENPORT L 1 ni 'i?YQ Y X Q WN, 'Q COACH MAC TAKING ROLL APRIL CUTS A MOVE 6 5 X fm - : 1 X ..v A k' ?1C , -M,L :' fi.QLj ' ff wvnbf K qwgnu, f fy N if-flwf ' W ' ,. l Q jgjbiv ld, 1 X- kk AL FJ.- L n Pannas Moat Attractive!Handsome Yvonne LOQBH 5 Yvonne LawrenCe Tanya Davenport G Marla Wilson Darryl wadswgrth 5 James Woodard Keith Butler -up LN' .4 is i ff I' R HNQXR MNW fasfw 40 5? X 006 L Q .5 H VW 6610 Sw wee yo me x, 9 Q? K5 Q59 . 006 i 5? H , . . , 5' iz ,gs . -- H Mr. Farrell dolnq what he does bee+ Mrs. Allen and Ms. Benjamin meeninq it out!! 41 VARIETY SHOW Sw N ,--. 3 x fx-.25 A .X fi ff . .. S E X xx 5 Q Y X S if X 3 X f 5 QW 3 Q ,, iw R 'R ,- i L auromn Qffigs W Agh' C N W3 X x in I 'K I . 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SCL Favorite Teachers William Woods Leda Harrison ,qgw W Chestnut, Fatima Collins, Dennis Nm Copperwood, Tamisha Cox, Roy Crawford, Domonic Dandy, John Daniels, Janice Dendy, Damien Dilliard, Juanaki Dunning, George Dyels, Jamie Eggleton, Carla Evans, James Faison, Willie Farrell, Eric Fennell, Kalisha Finley, Sonya Fitzpatrick, Mary Flewellen,CChuckDFuntayas Foxx, Jason f if 7TH GRADE LION CUBS 59 Ellis, Tameika Fredericks, Alicia Gains, Loren Gaines, Marcus Garland, Roy Germany, Donna Gipson, Antonio Goodwin, LaTanya Gray, Damien Gray, Michael Green, LaToya Green, Roshad Guyton, LaChandra Hadden, Dawn Haire, Nakia Hale, Ivan Halimah, Pasha Hall, Donald Hamilton, Eboni Handman, Andre 60 . ' 'N ' J ' .is.-if? 'I ' pq,f ak' , ellen ,K nnik S? Qc N 4-.nv 43 MQ, G. I ,Z Sf .hx -Wulf xc I ,X x 5 3 54 3 . M K fi. Q ,x iii my if 1 .,y3 QV sSiQis.. ikg ',, 1 Xwafk K, X3 h J I 3 ie f , SCIENCE NOTE TAKING E.. i ln? so-3 . is ' X 55 ff 1? 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WARM-UP TIME LADY LIONS BASKETBALL 62 cmusnu-xs TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS Miller, Aisha Miller, Marcus Mitchell, Carolyn Mitchell, Dominic Molina, Nicole Montgomery , Jamilet t MCCray, Willie McCree, Dynami Nathaniel, Patrina Nebelkopf, Sarah Newman, Acacia Pasha, Halimah Phillips, Tanesha Polk, LaVetta Porter, Jeanie Pulliam, Marlowe Radford, Breton Randall, Paul Ransom, Marcus Raven, Parris WWQW ZQWZQQ! A '5'v .sa mx f '-1-.Z,f'.1a 1Il: Eg WWWMAWW, ffm ,B X A ' fa X KJ -sigh , or: P in 'WMI ., ,Mm ,. if , ,kj , 5 w 1 5, f if M, M M1 X f, , if W js ff J, A ,, P' Zigi: f, f 32 5 1 fi as ,F , B, v 4 , , MQW img? - w e .. , f 1, 1 W NV' dxf ,vi 3 63 if GAME TIME GIRLS' BASKETBALL N...-f .. liimlii' T 551 5 r sail ,.arlv l ' ggi 3 vc- sr, Ku s gee j ,f. 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S W z ri THE CAFETERIA COOKER AND EATERS Most Attract ivefhandsome Quida Willis Damien Gray 'Hind' .QWMQEM fwfwwma 2 ,355 65 Cutest Couple Ashley Chapman Class Flirts Nicole Britton Kueleza Vega 'L-., ,,,-f Shortest Chauncey Cameron S John Fisher Adam Carter Simmons, Esley Simmons, Jason Singleton , Edmund Smith, Bobby Sparks, Colette Steen, James Stevens, Rhlonda Stewart, Devon Stillgess , Valerie Strong, Darrell 411 , ,-Q V3,, ff W i 'm,l .ii any krll qgggge if 3 , 1 S' ,A V , ga A .i..t K IL 1 lf Q lf' I wa- era, 1 Q T ,,, H ' Q: in if ft? 66 ,0- Sulian, Angela Sylvester, Isaac Taylor, Soni Temple, Josette Thomas, Leticia Thompson, DeWayne Upshawm Kemba Vaughn, Donnie Vega, Kueleza Wade, Maynard Warren, Rhonda Washington, Amy Weaver, Mawiyah White, Danielle Wilcox, Sarah ,Williams, Jasmine Williams, Ramona Williams, Tracie Willis, Quida Wilson, Jenaye Young, Francis Zeno, Antuan 67 ,W W linec Q gat aa sq 5 .v Q- L s QA LQW 4- A E of ,i', . W - tqli o.., W I Patna: Tenda: Kicken It: Chillin: Illin: Side Buster: Save It: Sike: O.K.!: Jucied: Rollen: Siden: Clown: Front: Be down: Bunk: Fresh: Live: Bumpin: That'll Work: sums wonus sums' Companion, buddy. Someone who is good looking. Relaxing, kicken back. Relate to ?3. When someone is trippin. A person who takes sides. Don't even try it. I'm lieing. Be serious. Excited about something. Driving or riding in a car. When someone you know is driving a car and they pass you up, or when you ask for something and you don't get it. When a person tries to make a scene in front of their patnas. When a person tries to clown. When your patna is about to fight and you help them. When you're not having a good time. Looking good. When you're having a good time. Live, Fun, Giggin. It'S cool, we can do that. 'X ,Q Nugf X OO XG? QQ Nagy XX? QQ 0 JS 746 XQ AU X - ,V X' X J f y Q N Q x OQJ , 913 KgZQ9jfg9DQ A 2926 XC? 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Suggestions in the King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) collection:

King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 62

1987, pg 62

King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 7

1987, pg 7

King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 44

1987, pg 44

King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 40

1987, pg 40

King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 8

1987, pg 8

King Estates Middle School - Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 48

1987, pg 48

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