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1959 SCARLET KEOKUK COMMUNITY COLLEGE KEOKUK, IOWA VOLUME II ACTIVITIES 7-22 SPORTS 23-2.8 FRESHMEN 29-34 Student, catch the time! Encyst the present second So the next shall have a memory. Suck the joy From each scholastic moment For a future reminescience Ere the evolution of the time Usurp each joy Before its consummation. The waste of one moment Lays annihilation To this moment's memory. Catch the time Student! Taste of succulent thoughts Which never die, Z wann- "a-,.,, , UN V uh' 'M""ff""":M - 1-1 Lf SOPHOMORES 35-42 FACULTY 43-48 . YJ, 3 YEAR E DS, CTHER BEGINS The end of the 1958 school year seemed to come quicker than anyone anticipated. The first harbinger of the end was the ment night was June 6. Jerry Krebill was selected as the 1958 speaker. For Jerry and the other members of the graduating class this night brought to a close two years of study and ac- tivity at KCC but opened to them the choice of further education or job opportunities. The 1957-58 school year meant many things to many people, but KCC students will not forget the first Iowa junior college basketball championship brought home by Coach Lou Schmadeke and the Komets. The Komets were not alone in bringing home victories, the tennis and golf teams carried off top honors as well. The year did not belong to the athletic department entirely. The college drama group, the Masquers, presented their first full length play, "Bernardine,"in the spring. Delta Psi Omega, a national dramatics fraternity, had its inception in the spring of 1958 during which members were pledged in Rand Park at an open-air ceremony. On March 18 the college chorus represented KCC at the an- nual junior college music festival in Clarinda. No awards were given. The KCC chorus enjoyed the opportunity to sing in a massed chorus of 500 voices. The speech activities group represented KCC at the state speech festival at Mason City in April. Two students, Don He- witt and Max Hopkins, received outstanding ratings. And so the school year ended, ABOVE: .lcrry Krc-bill, 1958 comiriencernent speaker. BELOVV: Kiwanis Club presents sweaters to KCC's loxxa junior college basketball champs. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Francies, C. Risser, M. Doyle, J. Krtrbill, Dvan McKinstry, Coach Schmadeke. KNEELING: D. Staggs. 4 , all-college picnic. The honors banquet was June 3, commence- " RE GISTRATIO RELAXATIO The summer passed quickly. The fall of 1958 brought an in- creased number of freshmen to KCC. Registration with all its problems occupied the greater part of the first week of school. When classes began, the lounge became a favorite spot for re- laxation between classes. The college crest in the center of the lounge floor became forbidden territory to the freshmen, but when the two-Week period was up and the Braves and Yankees battled for the crown, the crest as well as the floor was barely discernable under the chairs placed in the best possible position for watching TV. LIIT p .1 5' Q ,of :,"?" W ' ve' if UPPER LEFT: Mr. Leimer gives assistance to registrants. ABOVE: The most sacred spot in KCC. BELOW: The student lounge during the World Series. N - , ,X 'la CLUB HOLIDAY ANNUAL YULE EVENT "Club Holiday," KCC's oldest traditional social event was held on December 27 in the College cafeteria. The Cafeteria was transformed into a ball- room with the skillful use of false walls and traditional Christmas decorations. A wide stair way led from the dance floor to a balcony where tables were arranged along the sides of the stage. At the opposite end of the dance floor the orchestra was seated. The dance offered an opportunity for friends and Classmates who have moved away to visit with KCC students and faculty members. ,,,J,,,,'f ., 5 ' A kj, 5 'KF' ,-I "Nix, W -f. uf' . --.- i zm I I If . . . 'i5'f'yy:mA. ?i h, ., gev Ez, fism .f II I 5- ww ,'-, V- .,.... .AVQ , A I WWEUWX NQI 'S :i 1 ff ww? ,I 9? 4. I .Y I If., . :,. I,I,f,,,,,.,f?N 45-1 fa, 4 I I I I I I 1 wif A ishnwg if A if st 1 uv O ly, 7953 r' :- '77 a 4 ,Q Issss0' ACTIVITIES i im , M I up K 4 Q. M ,. Max Hopkins, surrounded by his radio equipment, broadcasts to radio listeners in the Tri-State area. A student in speech activities, Max has worked for KOKX during the past four years as an announcer. In the past year, Max has done all of the evening broadcasting for KOKX in- cluding the news reporting, the popular "l3l0 Club" and the "Jive 'til Five" prograrn. E Q hawk 5 i 2 E it z E trtitrr LEFT: Don Hewitt scans the teletype at KOKX for current news items. Both Hewitt and Hopkins received outstanding ratings in last year's speech festival in Mason City. STUDE T I. S. E. A. ASSISTS THE STUDE T FRONT ROVV: M. Megchelsen, A. Kelly, J. Rooney, M. Miller, M. Kennedy, J. O'Brien, Cv. Weber, G. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Calhoun, M. Cale, J. Schaaf, J. Hagmeier, J. Adkisson, S. Shaddox, J. Picton, J. Burke. THIRD ROW: J. Richardson, C. Bradley, D. Keesey, S. Baughn'1an,F. Orth, G. Hanson. BACK ROW: B. Peterson, L. Kelley, J. Mahannah, M. Simon, P. Thornan, D. Smith, B. Krebill, J. Wheeler, Mr. H. Martin. advisor. BELOW: At installation of SISEA officers BELOW: KCC students group around the refreshment Jean Burke lights her candle. table at installation of SISEA officers. Sf. S 5-1gf1,.fE- 1125- ,lvl '1.:1i:i1y..z1,1"'.: ii.. ,im5 TEACHER I TRAINING A D GROWTH As a member of the Iowa State Education As- sociation and the National Education Association, each member of the Student I.S.E.A. establishes a professional citizenship which he will continue as long as he is a student teacher. Mr. Harvey Martin tbeing installed as S.I.S.E.A. sponsor, leftl heads the KCC education department and acts as college elementary educa- tion specialist. College students majoring in elementary edu- cation perform their duties as student teachers. Student teaching is done in the Keokuk Public Schools with the help of qualified, experienced sponsor teachers, plus assistance from the super- visory staff of the Keokuk Public School System. Students enroll for "Directed Observation and Student Teaching" during their fourth semester in attendance. The work includes actual observation and practice teaching at a particular grade level. Keokuk's seven elementary schools provide an ideal laboratory in which potential teachers can learn to teach by actually teaching. Valuable sponsor teacher-student teacher conferences aid the student teacher in training and professional growth. Below, Left, student teacher, Barbara Peterson, confers with her sponsor teacher, Miss Alice Beckman. Below, Right, student teacher, Janet Richardson, conducts a first-grade class at Washington- Central School. 111 ?NQE5x5a I GIRLS TRIO: Left to Right - Janet Wheeler, Janet Richardson, Judy Mahannah. Accompanist Frances Bloom on 'extreme right. ' GIRLS' SEXTET: Left to Rightg Janet Wheeler, Judy Pez- ley, Sharon Baughman, Mary Jo Miller, Carolyn Kuntz, Marlys Hanson. OCTET: BACK ROW - Left to Right: Robert Williams, Lorenzo Kelley, Jim Schneider, Monte Simon. FRONT ROW: Judy Schaaf, Muriel Kennedy, Judy Mahannah, Janet Richardson. QL we X . .dr .AVN BOYS QUARTET: Left to Rightg Robert Williams, Jim Schneider, Herb Sohl and Roger Chatfield. si E sm it KCC VOCAL GROUPS 3 The vocal groups this year consisted ofthe Girls' Trio tor Three J'sJ, Boys' Quartet, Girls' Sextet and mixed Octet. The groups, under the direction of Miss Heironyrnus, have sung for several off- campus organizations as well as many college activities. The Girls' Trio has sung together since the three were stu- dents in Keokuk Senior High School. The other groups were formed this fall after extensive try-outs. L COLLEGE CHORUS ADOS MUSICAL NOTE TO EI E RTS FESTIVAL AND OTHER CAMPUS PRODUCTIO ii fi M t i K FRONT ROW: K. Lang, C. Kuntz, L. Burghoffer, E. Porter, J. Pezley, G. Smith, S. Baughman, M. Miller, J. Schaaf, J. Shupe, Gretchen Hieronymus-director. MIDDLE ROW: J. Calhoun, J. Burke, M. Megchelsen, C. Bradley, J. Mahannah, B. Fogle, J. Richardson, R. Meierotto, J. Wheeler, F. Bloom, M. Hanson, S. Best. BACK ROW: R. Williams, R. Chatsfield, R. Kelley, T. Reid, J. Schneider, M. Simon, I-I.Soh1, M. Tweedy, L. Conner, M. Hopkins. Under the direction of Miss Gretchen I-Ieironymus the College Chorus brought vocal enter- tainment to many campus events. The first presentation of the year was the Christmas Con- cert. This was followed by participation in the annual city school wide Fine Arts Festival. Later in the spring the Chorus presented the annual spring concert. In October four members ofthe Chorus, Janet Wheeler, Kay Lang, Jim Schneider and Herb Sohl, joined representative members of other Iowa junior college choral groups to present a concert in Des Moines. Each spring the choral group of each junior college in Iowa joins together for a vocal clinic and massed concert. This year's clinic and concert was held in Boone. SCARLET The college Publications Staff is responsible for the two official publications of KCC, SCARLET and THE COMET'S TALE. This year the SCARLET under the editorship of Barbara Peterson published its first separate yearbook. Previously the SCARLET appeared under one cover with the senior high school yearbook. With increased independence came problems. To meet increased financial commitments, the Staff put forth a concerted effort to increase the number of subscriptionsg they were successful. This problem along with heavy class schedules, which cut down the staff's extra hours necessary to put together the SCARLET, and the constant pressure of meeting dead- lines often kept the Staff working late hours. lnlvlarch the final pages were on their way to the printer. The Staff took one deep breath and started plans for next year's SCARLET. ABOVE: Barbara Peterson, editor of SCARLET. BELOW: Staff conference. Left to Right: Barbara Peterson, Max Hopkins, Annette Kelly, Terry Jobe, John Kaercher, Don Hewitt and advisor, Charles Haas . I QQQYSQQ xx ." Mu '- Low an IQ biTH E D o 3 S! E1 9, 5' 'Q' ti 'nm J." 'H 1 mms." 7953 Getting an issue of THE COMET'S TALE ready every two weeks was a job demanding team work. Every Thursday afternoon the Publications Staff gathered in Room 112 to put THE TALE together. The two spark plugs of the staff were the editors, Don He- witt and Terry Jobe, who split the yeai-'s job between them. THE TALE, in its third year of publication, kept the student body in- formed on international news and latest local news as well as informa- tion pertinent to KCC. THE TALE in- creased its service this past year by expanding its circulation to KCC alum- nae. ABOVE LEFT: Don Hewitt, first semester editor, checks to see what is new in other college newspapers. ABOVE RIGHT: Terry Jobe, second semester editor, works on his edito- rial for an issue of THE TALE. RIGHT: Writers confer with the editor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rennie Kelley, Don Hewitt, Phil Reynolds, Bob Randall and Larry Conner. COMET .5 --,fe -::" t f- ' TALE Q Amt 15 Q Q17 MASQ ER The purpose of the Masquers is the promotion of the growth and development of the college theatre program. Membership in the Masquers is open to anyone interested in the theatre. The Masquers annually award a trophy to the season's outstanding dramatist. Las.t year's award went to Keith Hammel for his starring role in "Bernardine." Right: Keith Hammel receives his trophy and congratulations from Mr. Dolan, director and advisor to the Masquers. SEATED: K. Reeder, M. Kennedy, J. Schaaf, P. Kimmell, L. Conner, B. Peterson, B. Krebill, J. Shupe, B. Eckland. STANDING: Mr. P. Dolan, advisor, J. Mahannah, J. Pezley, D. Smith, M. Hopkins, C. Neiswanger, J. Wheeler, R. Meierotto, J. Brown, D. Riley, L. Kelley, B. Fogle D. Hewitt, C. Bradley, J. Spring, D. Smith, K. Lang. 16 ,U 152 3 ' "1 r i :ABI DELTA PSI 0 EGA This is the first full year of operation for the Delta Psi Omega. KCC's Chapter received its charter early in 1958. Delta Psi Omega is an affiliate of Alpha Psi Omega, the nationaldrama fraternity. Members of Delta Psi Omega are selected on basis of recog- nition of outstanding talent and ability in the field of drama. FRONT ROW, Don Hewitt. Znd ROW: Judy Pezley, Barb Eckland, Don Riley, BACK ROW: Lorenzo Kelley, Larry Conner, Barbara Peterson, Paul Dolan, advisor. OFFICERS 1958-1959 President- Don Hewitt Vice President- Barbara Peterson Sec. Treas.- Judy Pezley BERNARDI E Under Paul Dolan's facile direction, Mary Chase'5 tragi-comedy, "Bernar- dine" was enthusiastically received by the college audiences. As the young man striving to find his place in the complex, modern Society, Keith llarnniel brought depth and poign- ancy to the role of Buford Qworrnyl Weldy. With the greatest aplomb, Darrell Smith and Don Hewitt provided many of the comedy high points of the production. The set, a background map showing Sneaky Falls, idaho, designed by Larry Conner was tasteful and clever. "Oh Vernon, we have a new addition to our family I went out today and bought a little dachshund "Worir1y, VVe've called ex ery girl in town. You're a blight l BELL, BOOK A D CA DLE The first play of the l958-1959 drama season was John Van Druten's enjoyable comedy, "Bell, Book and Candle." Director Paul Dolan again dis- played his ability by guiding his actors expertly through this opening production. The part of Shepard Henderson, a sober, prac- tical businessman enchanted by an authentic, twentieth Century witch, was played with under- standing by Jack Brown. Barbara Eckland, as Gillian the witch, brought to her role the charm of an enchantress. Don Hewitt, Judy Shupe and Larry Conner supplied the many humorous highlights. Even Pyewacket, the cat and Gillian's "familiar," played her part like a seasoned troupc-r. RIGHT: "No, I don't like anything about you. I'm just insane about you." BELOW: "Witches don't blush or shed tears. If you throw them in water, they float." Judy Mahannah Judy Pezley Frances Bloom Marlene Cale HOMECOMI G TTE DANTS 1959 HQMECQMING QUEEN J Z1 .pf f .A .. , t. at .K I 5 K it ' X' pf I , ' SEATED, Left to Right: Judy Shupe, Judy Mahannah, Jack Brown and Gilbert Weber. STANDING James Schneider, Eugene Weber, Byron Klapprott, Ixlarvin Doyle, Dean James Mcliinstry, ad- visor, ABSENT: Don Hewitt. STUDENT BOARD, GOVERNING BODY Under powers granted by the administration the Student Board assumed the responsibility of regulating and promoting student activities. The Dean of the college acted in an advisory capacity, but the President of the Student Board and his staff made the final decisions which af- fected social activities on the campus. President Gilbert Weber took office at the close of the l958 school term. Other members of the Board were elected to office this past fall. Assisting President Weber were Marvin Doyle as vice-president, Jim Schneider as secretary and Eugene Weber as treasurer, Because of the increase in enrollment at KCC, the addition of another member-at-large was necessary. The five members-at-large were Judy Shupe, Judy Mahannah, Jack Brown, Don Hewitt and Byron Klapprott. ZZ K mers BASKETBALL The basketball season ended with the Komets having compiled an overall record of 11-7 and a Mississippi Valley League mark of 5-3. Although it was not one of the team's most suc- cessful seasons, they did end the year with a 11-1 record in the state, which gave them second place. Nearly all ofthe first string will graduate this year, but if the right prospects turn up next year, and if the remaining team members play in 1960 as they did this year, the outlook will be very promising We hope that the Komets will regain their supre- macy which they held in 1958. We also hope that these big "ifs" which confront us will become real- ities, ABOVE: Coach Harold Hufford. Head Basketball Coach. BELOW, Left to Right: KCC Komets, 1958- 595 FRONT ROW: Wes Weber, Byron Klapprott. Gene Weber, Marv Doyle, Rennie Kelley, Gib Weber. SECOND ROW: Ivan Keesey, Galen Underwood, Gary Briscoe, Ed Bontrager, .Toe Rex. BACK ROW: Coach Harold Hufford, Jim Schneider, Monte Simon, .Tim Dennis. SEASON 'S SCORE The Komets opened their season by edging Kirks- ville, 66-65. Burlington handed the Komets their only defeat as the Keokuk five went on to sweep the rest of their conference contest for an 11-1 record. The Mississippi Valley conference left the Komets with a 5-3 standing. They beat Muscatine and Clinton twice each, split two games with Burlington, and lost both games to Moline. Komets 66 Centerville 65 Komets 64 Burlington 72 Komets 69 Moline 93 Komets 72 Kirksville 74 Komets 69 Creston 43 Komets 85 Clinton 77 Komets 71 Muscatine 67 Komets 100 Clarinda 79 Komets 75 Moline 92 Komets 86 Centerville 54 Komets 76 Burlington 68 Komets 90 Clinton 62 Komets S3 Han.-La Cf. 89 Komets 83 Creston 65 Komets 106 Clarinda 83 Komets 67 Kirksville 79 Komets 95 Muscatine 93 Komets 99 Han.-La G. 103 STATE TOURNAMENT Komets 75 Northwestern 79 ABOVE: KCC Komets, Klapprott and Wes Weber scramble to keep the ball from a Creston player. BELOW: Leftg A KCC Komet and Creston player collideg Marv Doyle keeps his eyes on the ball. BELOW: Rightg Wes Weber catches the ball in the Hannibal-LaGrange game. Marv Doyle in background 25 HOEFERLE WINS GOLF TOURNEY Harold Hoeferle who was last year's runner- up in the golf tournament at Muscatine went one step further this year by coming home with top honors. He shot a 79 to win the play-off. Don Clippert, another veteran of last year's tourna- ment, won fourth place in the tourney. TENNIS TEAM - CONFERENCE CHAMPS The KCC tennis team entered the conference meet for the second time in its history and be-ttered its first year's runner-up spot by bringing home the Championship honors. It was Komet against Komet in the singles final as Danny Staggs outlasted Don Romes for the title. In the doubles Keith Hammel and Ron Starr made it a complete sweep for the Komets as they triumphed over both Muscatine and Burl- ington. Much of the credit for the fine showing the Komets made in the tennis tournaments goes to Coach Bob Cfowing. ABOVE: Harold I-Ioeferle on the left and Don Clippert on the right. ABOVE: BACK ROW, Left to Right - Harold Hoeferle, Don Rornes, Keith I-Iammel. FRONT ROW - Earl Baugher, Ron Starr, Danny Staggs, Coach Bob Cvowing. 26 BASEBALL SQUAD HAS GOOD SEASON Under the tutorage of Joe Crosswhite, the Komets' baseball squad finished the 1958 season with a total of six games won and three lost. Throughout the season the Kornet mound staff turned in sparkling performances. but was not always able to win. l 958 SEASON SCORES KCC Komets Z Burlington 5 KCC Komets Moline 5 KCC Komets Muscatine 6 KCC Komets Moline 7 KCC Komets Hannibal 5 KCC Komets Parsons 9 KCC Komets Muscatine l KCC Komets Hannibal 7 KCC Komets Clinton Z RIGHT: One home run coming up as KCC's Marv Doyle hits a homer BACK ROW, Left to Right: Don Romes. ssg Gene Weber, 3b and pg Ken Galle, ofg Byron Klapprott, pg Marvin Doyle, ofg Elmer Amon. ofg Coach Joe Crosswhite. FRONT ROW: Gib Weber, of and Zbg Bob Hawes, ofg Jerry Krebill. cg Daryl Smith. lbg Gary Briscoe, Zb. 27 Bowling interests most students. The city bowling alleys are used by K.C.C, students for physical education classes as well as for recreational bowling. Wornen's phy. ed. classes enjoy the opportunity of participating in many activities. ln addition to golf, bowling and swimming the women participate in volleyball, badminton, tennis and quoits. When the outdoor city pools close for the season, the Y swimming pool becomes a popular spot. ,.A""" 0' ' 0' I ' I 'J' 1 ' O 0' ' 5 , Y 0 5 2 '., 4: Q2 3 FRE H E 'inks 9 5 ...,o': 35 Ag, mA,,,31f3Q5- f gfwwW?ieg?gQ gk Q52 .e.,,,,f.M.LE ,M .. X-f,,,,..m A gn My ??2iwggrib4s2P?51l ? I . H wfff.?if1zl,d53gl,Ligh4x 75,5 g2ygf,f11f7sqf'wv1 , w,.g:wawV2gqf5? fP,,,Qgf2m,: I ,. -ffwqf If Q 5 A' f 2 2 M uw 'WZ 2,2 , 92 55152353 xrex 'U 53 Q I M, no ' Q 59 , ff Q, f A 1, 'ing " '1'!'g'7 ' . ,Y 'B A Z I 2 Q-fy? e - I: sm. 1 JAMES ALLEN Keokuk RICHARD BOE Ft. Madison EDWIN BOGGUS Revere, Mo. EDWARD BONTRAGER Keokuk BENNIE BRADLEY Keokuk CAROLYN BRADLEY Argyle JACK BROWN Keokuk LUCILLE BURGHOFFER Donnellson JEANNE BURKE Argyle DONALD CACKLEY Keokuk MARLENE CALE Montrose JOYCE CALHOUN Montrose DONALD CHAMBERS Keokuk ROGER CHATFIELD Montrose JIM CLEMENSON Hamilton, Ill. GERALD COCKRELL Keokuk CONNIE CURFMAN Alexandria, Mo. ?,x-'Ie' we-lf -if Nh T' gi 'wtf Ol O Pg nsibi, I E -I f " ' if QQ W . 77? E Wim fx.. , .Ez Qgififys -1 - Q . , zggsw, , ff ., H urs .. 2533953 I it ' N :-i,': .:Z-:f3f:f?FfQ 5'55,i?lQ53ySfgsfgg3 f ilk sssmggfgmzz W f--:tg A Z' 1i2?S??Fi 2-555.555 421' ' ff LARRY CUTKOMP Donnellson BILL DAVIS Keokuk JAMES DENNIS Keokuk ROBERT DOSE Keokuk TOM DOWNEY Keokuk .ION EWING Keokuk JOE FARNSWORTH Keokuk BETTE FOGLE Keokuk JACK GOETZ Keokuk KENT HANAN Keokuk MARLYS I-IANSON Hamilton, III EVERETT HERRICK Montrose ROBERT JONES Hamilton, Ill. DAVID KEESEY Keokuk IVAN KEESEY Keokuk ANNET TE KELLY Ke okuk MURIEL KENNEDY Ke okuk NELSON KIMMELL Hamilton, Ill. JOAN KLEINERT Alexandria, Mo. TOM KLUXDAL Keokuk CAROLYN KUNTZ Farmington KAY LANG Keokuk DWAYNE LOGAN Donnellson ROGER LOGES Donnellson LEO LONGSHORE Keokuk DAVID LOWERY Keokuk DIXIE MARTIN Warsaw, Ill. ROBERT MECUM Keokuk MARY SUE MEGCHELSEN Montrose GLENN MILLER Hamilton, Ill. MARY JO MILLER Donnellson JOSEPH MORRIS Keokuk JAMES MORROW Keokuk JAMES MUNFORD Farmington ..,.:E,,..f.. M New wgww-,vi , J i, E J E: ' af' ,. ., 3' E E gy, E522 ,,kk, I ff? " -1 ' sE ,s?.?I:iffiEE: . LOREN MUNSON Elvaston, 111. CAROLYN NEISWANGER Keokuk JEAN O'BRIEN Keokuk RONALD PAUL Keokuk GLEN PETERSON Donnellson WAYNE PETERSON Keokuk JOYCE PICTON Keokuk DAVID POWELL Keokuk MARLIN POWELL Argyle HAROLD PRINCE Keokuk , KAREN REEDER Keokuk JOE REX Montrose PHIL REYNOLDS Keokuk VERLA ROBISON Warsaw, Ill. ROBERT ROGERS Keokuk JANICE ROONEY Argyle JOHN SANDER Donnellson JUDY SCHAAF Keokuk RICHARD SCHMIDT Keokuk CAROL SHEARER Granger, Mo. LARRY SHEFFLER Farmington MONTE SIMON Hamilton, Ill. DELBERT SMITH Keokuk GLENDA SMITH Nauvoo, I11. JEAN SPRING Keokuk PATRICIA THOMAN Ft. Madison GARY THORN Keokuk RICHARD TULL Donnellson MARVIN TWEEDY Montrose GALEN UNDERWOOD Keokuk GIB WEBER Donnellson WES WEBER Argyle WARD WELCH Keokuk ROBERT WILLIAMS Basco, Ill. Q 3 5 ,l"""'0,' UNWZO Q Q O 5 o NX I' , , o IZ! l' 0 ,I A " l D ,' 5 X 3 '. 2, ". "lmn"' CA DIDATE EOR DEGREE OE ASSOCIATEI ART JANET ADKISSON Donnellson Elementary Education ELMER AMON Keokuk Pre-Engineering SHARON BAUGHMAN Keokuk Elem entary Education JAMES BAUSWELL Keokuk Pre-Engineering SANDY BEST Keokuk Liberal Arts KENNETH R. BEVERING Keokuk Pre- Engineering FRAN CES BLOOM Keokuk Commerce GARY BOY ER Keokuk Commerce GARRY BRIS COE Keokuk Liberal Arts LARRY CONNER Keokuk Liberal Arts DONALD DECK Keokuk Liberal Arts MARVIN DOY LE Argyle Liberal Arts BARBARA ECKLAND Keokuk Liberal Arts JERRY HAGMEIER Keokuk Elem entary Education GLADYS HANSON Hamilton, Ill. Elementary Education DON HEWITT Keokuk Liberal Arts CHAR LES HINMAN Niota, Ill. Pre-Engineering MAX HOPKINS Keokuk Libe ral Art s TERREN CE JOBE Keokuk Liberal Arts JOHN KAER CHER Hamilton, Ill. Commerce LOR ENZO KELLEY Keokuk Liberal Arts WILLIAM KELLY Keokuk Business s 38 PHIL KIMMELL Argyle Pre-Engineering BYRON KLAPPR OTT Keokuk Liberal Arts BETTE KREBILL Montrose Education RICHARD E. LINCOLN Argyle Pre-Engineering JUDY MAHANNAH Keokuk Elem entary Education ROSEMARY MEIER OTTO Keokuk Liberal Arts BARBARA PETERSON Keokuk Elem entary Education JUDY PEZ LEY Montrose Elementary Education 39 ELEANOR PORTER Hamilton, Ill. Liberal Arts ROBERT RANDALL Keokuk Liberal Arts THOMAS J. REID Keokuk Commerce JANET RICHARDSON Keokuk Elem entary Education DONALD RILEY Keokuk Liberal Arts JAMES SCHNEIDER Keokuk Liberal Arts SHIRLEY SHADDOX Hamilton, lll. Elementary Education DONALD SMITH Keokuk Elem entary Education 40 HERBERT SOHL Keokuk Commerce RONALD STARR Keokuk Pre-Engineering EVA VARADY Keokuk Liberal Arts EUGENE WEBER Argyle Liberal Arts BEVERLY ANN WEIS Keokuk Elem entary Education JANET WHEELER Keokuk Elementary Education BUDDY WISE Keokuk Pre-Engineering ROBERT YODER Donnellson Liberal Arts Q-w wwf COMM ITY COLLEGE HO OR STUDENTS The lowa Junior College Honor Society received three more Keokuk students into its ranks this year. They were fabove, left to rightj Janet Adkisson, Janet Richardson and Barbara Peterson, all sophomores. In addition to these three, Bette Krebill also made the list but was unable to be present for the picture. To earn this honor, they had to have a 3.25 grade point average for at least three semesters of their two years at KCC. Other sophomores on the De-an's honor list were Elmer Amon, Charles Hinman, Florence Ourth, Judy Pezley, and Jane Dunlap. Freshmen on the list included James Clemenson, Mary Sue Megchelsen, Loren Munson. Verla Robison and WestonWeber. 42 """m"' -'P' 91:8-rrvxww ssqill li U 5... OO., uf' 4 3 ow 9. ' I as 5 is ,' 5 56 .f 32 -': .5 My -. -1 5. DEAN JAIWES A. MCKINSTRY Under the capable direction of Dean James A, McKinstry, Keokuk Community College completed its sixth year of offering two years of college education to students of this area, Dean McKinstry received his B.S. degree from Northwest Missouri State College and his M.S. degree from the University of Wis- consin, Currently Dean McKinstry is serving as secretary of the Iowa Junior College Associ- ation. I-le is a past officer of the Iowa Guid- ance Association. Throughout his professional career, Dean McKinstry has kept in close touch with com- munity activities. At the present he is vice- president of Rotary International. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Keokuk Little Theatre and the Keokuk Mental Health Center, ROBY E. FRETWELL Director of the Community College, Roby E. Fretwell, was appointed to his post in January, 1955. Mr. Fretwell holds a B.A. de- gree from Culver-Stockton College and a M.A. from Northeast Missouri State College. He has done graduate work at the State Uni- versity of Iowa. Lower Left: Marilyn Inman, secretary to W the Dean. Bernice Ballance Physical Education B.A., U. Neb. M.A., U. Neb. Grad. Study, Ore. U. U. Wis. U. Colo. U. Iowa Dan Bradbury History, Social Science B.S., N.E. Mo. State Teachers M.A,, N.E. Mo. State Teachers William Bunch Instrumental Music B. Mus., U. Iowa Marie Conner Business Education B.S., N.E. Mo. State Teachers Grad. Study, Butler U. U. Calif., Colo. State, N.E. Mo. State Teachers U. Iowa, W. III. U. F. Joe Crosswhite Mathematics B.S., U. Mo. M. Ed., U. Mo. Grad. Study, Purdue U. William Dawkins Art B.S., N.E. Mo. State Teachers M.S., U. Mo. Paul Dolan Drama B.S., U. Omaha Grad. Study, U. Iowa, W. Ill. U. Glenn Easterday Speech A.B. 8: B.S., N.E. Mo State Teachers Grad. Study, N.E. Mo State Teachers Robert Gowing Physical Education B.S., NYE. Mo. State Teachers M.A., Colo. State Charles Haas English B.S,, Wis. State M.A., U. Iowa Grad. Study, U. Wyo. Gretchen Hieronymus Vocal Music B.A., U. Iowa M.S. in Music Education, U. Ill. Grad. Study, U. Colo. Harold Hufford Athletics B.A., Iowa Wesleyan Grad, Study, W. Ill. U. Melvin Leimer Science B.S., S,E. Mo. State Teachers M. Ed. U. Mo. Grad. Study, Case Institute of Technology, W. Ill. U., U. Iowa, Mont. State. James Lockett History, Social Science B.S., N.E. Mo. State Teachers M.A. U. Mo. Grad. Study, W. Ill. U. Harvey Martin Education, Psychology B.S., N.E. Mo. State Teachers M.S., N.E. Mo. State Teachers Grad. Study, U. Mo. Arthur McCullough Industrial Arts B.S., I.S.T.C. M.S., I.S.T.C. Grad. Study, Stout State College U. Colo. Paul Megchelsen Industrial Arts B.A. , Carthage College M.A., Bradley U. Grad. Study, Stout State College Oliver Mulford Commerce, Economics B.A. , Central College M.A., Drake U. Grad. Study, U. Iowa Charles Peters Commerce B.S., Simpson College M.S., W. Ill. U. Grad. Study, W. Ill. U. Victor Spohnheim er Biological Science B.S., Parsons College M.A., U. Iowa Grad. Study, U. Iowa, W. Ill. U.

Suggestions in the Keokuk Community College - Scarlet Yearbook (Keokuk, IA) collection:

Keokuk Community College - Scarlet Yearbook (Keokuk, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 39

1959, pg 39

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1959, pg 46

Keokuk Community College - Scarlet Yearbook (Keokuk, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 26

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Keokuk Community College - Scarlet Yearbook (Keokuk, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 23

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Keokuk Community College - Scarlet Yearbook (Keokuk, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 12

1959, pg 12

Keokuk Community College - Scarlet Yearbook (Keokuk, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 19

1959, pg 19

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