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51. W '4 4 IF, .QI .' 1' .'- 'T . Ax, J !l . A 4 'Ka Q X 'I s 'Jil 4' D , I , ".lY S I x-" v' Jr' .' W' ' 1' I" JL , .-, . 'kin .qlvw , ,, 'f.,, L 512 w A . ,3- , Q.. 4- ' 5'Ir vw ,". Q K ,,' o - ,w,gvL. 'I ' I 2 ll I sipff a FUN AND DUCATION AT KANSAS TECH KANSAS TECH xx L 2409 Scanlan Ave Salina, Kansas 67401 19131 825-0275 HW. KANSAS' TWYU YEAR TECHNICAL COLLEGE MW-f 9 . Tv RIGHT. Enrollment BELOW.Enro11ed students pay their fees to Cathg Boll. XCULTY ' Q Al 1. 6 i ABOVE. LaRonna Tisdale and Christine We-rth work on a Cobol program on the Harris computer. RIGHT. Marian Kindiesparger making i pretzel wreaths. F N .P 5 ,Qi ' Q as ff TABLE UF CONTENTS Campus Life and Activites ................. ....... 4 Academic Clubs and Organizations ...... ....... 2 3 Computer Science Technologg .................... ...... 3 1 Electronic Data Processing Technologg ...... ...... 3 1 Electronic Engineering Technologg ........... ...... 3 7 Computer Engineering Technologg .......... ...... 3 7 Aeronautical Technologg ....................... ....... 4 7 Hechinical Engineering Technologg ........ ....... 5 3 Civil Engineering Technologg ............... ....... 5 7 Surveging Technologg ....................... ...... 5 7 General Engineering Technologg ............................ 61 Chemical Engineering Technologg ......................... 61 Continuing Education and Undeclared Majors ...... 61 " ' 69 Administration ......................................................... Index of Names ...... ...... 7 7 V fm. .4 1: T I in , . . n V -- A ' v . ' ... - -,, -- Q-..:,:,4.,, .'... ..... -af ' Dorm Life RIGHT. Jag Trenhaile in true form, a bookie. BELOW. Mark Maddacks diving into the pool at Hawaiian Night. BELOW MIDDLE. Phil Striegel attempting a flip on Hawaiian Night. in .. ,TW "S, I Q ,J 52v.ei:E5l E!5!i.! i'iL 't 1 ' l . .Q il x ABOVE RIGHT. Mark Maddacks doing a bellg flop at Hawaiian Night. RIGHT. Dallas Hart tanning his bodg for the women of the world. 1 l 4 , I . Y Y4k'i'?w"':' Iwi " .1 is Sa X l'wI"1"3' 4 , ..f '9 I -1. 4. g f x75-X, LEFT. Russ Davis rappelling down an oil tank. H- x in - O 0 O LEFT. A few of the gugs plauing the game Castle Risk. BELOW LEFT. Tim Rikoff placing second in the limbo contest at Hawaiian Night. BELOW RIGHT. LaRonna Tisdale enjoying refreshments at Hawaiian Night. YI ZR J-it VI L' x I Drop kick Calculus !!!!! 5 DUHITI HHPPEI1I1'lI3SIl'1'B'? Living at the dorm at Kansas Tech can be quite an experience. For instance, there are times when Terry Shearer and Tim Flikoff were holding wrestling matches in their room. This weekly activity is quite fun. Although Tim and Terry are fairly good wrestlers, they have been beaten. But the thing lthink is the funniest about these matches is Frank Senesec's excuse for why he won't wrestle, "lt messes up my hair!" Anothertime I recollect is when Chris Umschied tried running over people with his remote controlled police car. You would have been surprised at how many people got out of the way of that little car. This incident happened last semester, but it gives an example of dorm life. Someone on the second floor had their stereo so loud that we could hear it on the first floor. So Travis Taylor, Don Erne, Shawn Easterly and myself called up the second floor from Travis Taylor's and Shawn Easterly's room. Don told the person who answered that he was from the Salina police department, and they had a noise complaint. He also told them to turn it down, or an officer would be there to write them up. Ten seconds after we hung up the stereo was shutoff. Man, what a bunch of suckers. by Mike Bryan LEFT. Monte Beiker deals a hand on Casino Night in the dorm. Casino night was a sponsered event. Each person started out with S100.00. At the end of the evening prizes were purchased. UP N HOUSE N. Q .9 o ,pw W. lr LEFT. Rosie Goll watching a demonstration of Mcvision on the Macintosh computer. ,,-,mosr PMGTT N :'?W"m0iI strating a program. LEFT. The Harris grid p1otter is being demonstrated to an Open House visitor. FAR LEFT. Donald Buchwaid demonstrating Hero, the robot 7 LEFT. Jennifer Holtz demon- RIGHT. Scott Jenson attempts to pass Chad Conkling in the Februarg 15th games at the Kansas Tech ggm. BELOW. Dan Blecha stumbles while attempting to receive a pass. Sports ii, ---'v-""L""""'T' I -rv-V-,,..5 --- --' "' T, 1 J V" T RIGHT. Greg Stephens running down court in one of the Facultg games. LEFT. John Becker reaches for the flag of an opponent. MIDDLE, The two teams set up for a punt. Tourney completed " '- At the end of the round robin intramural tourne- ment, a clear winner was not decided. The Faculty, Dawgs, P-Cocks each end- ed the tournement with one loss. In early tourne- ment games, P-Cocks beat the Dawgs 58-49 while the Dawgs beat the Fury. Leading the P-Cocks in their victory were Ty Baker with 19 points and Ted Heiman with 17. Scott Jenson and Frank Senesac helped the Dawgs with 20 and 10 respecti- vely. when on the winning side, the Dawgs were again led by Scott Jenson with 14 while Terry Shearer had 12. Countering for the Fury was Mike Roy with 12 and Steve Rohlfs with 10. In second round tournement action, the Faculty beat the P-Cocks with four players and a score of 57-52. Max Shepard had the hot 1 hand for the Faculty as he pumped in 36 points followed by Jay Trenhaile with 12. Ted Heiman and Rob Lauer had 20 and 17 for the P-Cocks. The Dawgs led by Frank Senesac's 20 points handed the Faculty their first defeat of the tournement 65-54. Scott Jenson and Tracy Hynes also had 19 and 16 for the Dawgs as Max Shepard chipped in 33 for the Faculty. Rounding out the tournement saw the P-Cocks beat the Fury 94-60. Rob Lauer and Ty Baker were the top scorers for the team as they had 27 and 25, respectively. Steve Rohlfs and Mike Roy had 21 and 20 for the Fury. All in all,it tourned out to be a successful intramural basketball season. More fun is anticipated for next year. ..-VJ Cafeteria RIGHT. Jag Trenhaile, DaIIas Hart, and Brent Thomas enjouing a wonderful dinner at the KTI Cafeteria. RIGHT. Jo EIIen giving directions to one of her empiog ees. RIGHT. Delia Velasquez serving to an unsuspecting student. HJ N A, J .-FQLX' T ,-A gd tudent Union 'Q , 5 'YEL L, '6 1 "U'!""99U""A LEFT. Karen Riedel, the Student Union Manager. X4 0 K' Lf' ' 'C-n rg 1 .fy - ,fg ' -1, 1 b A'f'1L"' 1. f FAR LEFT. John Becker setting up for a shot. LEFT. Joan Martin taking a break from her studies in the Student Union. X K Q A A lb FAR LEFT. Sonia, everubodgs favorite Student Union emplog ee. LEFT. Ronda looking good in the Student Union. I 1 RIGHT, Kim Pitts selling books to Kim Younie. Book Store E J xl td' I X xl My , ,KJV I S., Fl I L r P 3.1-- -ii Q If lad ABOVE LEFT. Greg Smith browsing the bookstore. LEFT. Shirleg Jensen, the Bookstore Manager. ABOVE. Barbara Hofmeier putting books in a sack for a student. 7 IIIIIITW ,C 7' Aeovz. soA forthe gear of ee-87. FAR LEFT. Contrarg to this picture Chad Conkling, Student Activities Coordinator, has done a great deal for SGA Including making the Spring Olgmpics work. LEFT. Next gears SGA officers. The Student Government Association sponsored manu activities throughout the gear. Some of those events included a Beach Bash, Spring Olgmpics, Intramurals, SGA Banquet, etc. 1986-1987 officers were Steve Collins, President g Dawn Esslinger, Vice- President , Chad Conkling, Student Activities Director and Donnie Morgan, Secre- targ. Issues that faced the SGA this gear and still will be issues next gear is to join ASK"'Associated Students for Kansas" or not and getting the new slogan for the college. Since Steve Collins served as SGA President, spent much of his time traveling to Student Government and Board of Regents meetings. Steve turned the gavel for the 1987-1988 uear to Christina Werth. ,Bu dau Trenhaile UU Z BOWL ABOVE. The Mechanical team and the winner of the Quiz bowl. RIGHT. The Aero 'ce-am. LEFT. The Computer Science team. SECURE H1'1l'1UF1L UUIZ BUWL THKES PLHEE... lTlEEHHl'1IEHL WITIS The first competition of the second annual Quiz Bowl at Kansas Tech was held in April. The teams competing were from the Mechanical, General!Chemical, and Civil departments. Lively and humorous proceedings were provided by the "MC" Mr. Dave Kamp. Mechanical won with a score of 125. Civil was next with 85 and General!Chemical had 80 points. On April 16th, the second round pitted Computer vs. Electronics vs. Aero. Last year's winner--Computer won with 130 points vs. Electronics 110 points and Aero with 65. The final competition matched Mechanical and Computer. Mechanical I I Came out Ofl top. fi E S! Team members were Dave Salazar, Greg Wingert, Buss Carlson and Craig Lange of Mechanical, Norm Peterson, Bill Delker, Steve Collins and Bandy Bourbina of Civil, Scott Jenson, Jeff Zamzrla, Robert Thomas, Donnie Morgan and Steve Gehkre of Electronics, Skip Griffey, Tye Baker, Dave Baldwin, Don Glick and Peggy Larkin of General!Chemicalg Sandy Blickenstatf, Craig Goscha, Cecil Smalley, Bon Krause and Jophn Wyatt of Computer Scienceg Bobert Hemry, Maurice Pianalto, Martin Catlin and Chad Conkling of Aero. Thanks to all who participated in the event. by Lisa Merrill E A 1 1 . f I . I. LEFT: Dave Kamp, asking the Quiz Bowl question "What it is?" ABOVE: Norman Riggs when he hears the answer. I oncrete Cano E! 1 Y'-1 ABOVE. Norman Peterson and Randy Bourbina making the concrete canoe. ABOVE RIGHT. Dave Kamp at the Concrete Canoe races. RIGHT. Greq Mans and Todd Burroughs preparing for the race. BELOW. Steve CoIIins enjoying the scenery. . BELOW RIGHT. "The scenery W-H, I I Concrete Canoe "Concrete canoe 7 lt'll never work! It'll sink," you say. Well,Kansas Tech., along with many other schools, has proved that it will work. Not only is there new advanced technology in computers, but concrete is advan- :ing also! Concrete that floats and is sturdy. The idea was originated from a project to devolope a concrete mixture that was light in weight and durable at the same time. Civil students from various colleges were confronted with the idea. In order to promote student interest, the canoe idea evolved. Kansas State Univ- ersity took the responsibility of hosting the Concrete Canoe Race primarily because of their access to the River Pond Area of Tuttle Creek State Park. Each year the civil departments design and construct their canoes and prepare for the races in April. As a side interest, the concrete frisbee was later added to the sport. For the 1986-87 academic year, Kansas Tech's civil department created a rather unusual canoe named "Kleavage". Norman Peterson and Randy Bourbina were co- cap- tians inthe project. Civil students that participated in the concrete fribee contest were Justin Birch who received lst, Mark Grosland who took 3rd, and Norman Peterson who received 4th. No women were enrolled in civil this year so Joan Martin and Lisa Merrill partici- pated as the women's team. They won the preliminary race and tied for second in the finals but then diqualified themselves as they weren't civil majors. Dennis Shreves and Steve Thompson raced for the faculty team. They placed third in the final heat for Kansas Tech. Kansas Tech. are proud of their civil department and is ready to go again next year. By Lisa Merrill l"!'z vga .f.LA g LEFT. Lisa Merrill and Joan Martin in the Concrete Canoe races. ABOVE. "KLEAVAGE". 17 SPRING - I F :ian ,. -Y I.-X 1- kn7"'v4 ..' W ' ..', qu.. 1 'Quo ,. 1 'QF' if J f we Q -a ,:-'-:,9--- LEFT. Christina Werth enjoging the free dinner at Spring Olgmpics. ABOVE. Mart Nolan going up for the spike. '? '1 OLYMPICS I f f R --hun 1314 J T s.-V , ABOVE. Jennifer Holtz looking fine at the Spring Olgmpics. of w- i LEFT. Terry Shearer fumbles a ball at Spring Olgmpics. LEFT. Donnie Morgan getting readg to throw a beer at Ken Savog for taking this picture. BELOW. Garg Bgarlg and his girlfriend, Jeanette are enjoging dinner at the Spring Olg mpics. is-49: ABOVE. Donnie Morgan has a bite to eat and rests after donating blood. ABOVE RIGHT. Cindg Paquette being prepared to give blood bg Dan Newton. RIGHT. Kathi McCullough is giving blood. BELOW. Phil Strieqel is beinq drilled some questions for the Blood Drive. BELOW RIGHT. Calvin Willets gets the run down of questions. LOUD DRIVE WL 3 2 .gg I 1-...X 'L 20 Bloodmobile brings in 81 pints "Thanks to Blgenerous Kansas Tech students and other participants who donated at our March 31st bloodmo- bile visit, hospital- ized patients are assured of a steady supply of blood and blood products when they need them" rep- Ronnie Tisdale is one of the brave ones that supported the blood drive. or-ts Jag Trenhai I el local American Red Cross Blood Services volunteer chairman. Though the bloodmobile visit fell short of its lOO-unit goal, donations will help to ensure adequate supplies to more than l3O hospitals in Kansas and North- west Oklahoma, the area covered by the Wichita Red Cross Blood Services Region. Eighty-one units were collected, 33 of which were first time donors. Only five people were deferred. The travelling trophy went to the Aero Department. A total of 35 percent of aero students donated. Second place went to Mechanical with 31 percent MT's donating and third place was taken by ET and CT students with 22 percent. Civil had 18 percent and General had amere three percent. "It's heartening to know that so many people came out to help those in the ho- pital, fighting for their lives. I was quite happy with the student turnout. How- ever, the faculty turnout was quite low," concluded Trenhaile. Q No Sir we won't take much !! iq- M GRAD ABOVE. The graduating class of 1986-87. RIGHT. Larrg Jones from the Coleman Co. was the speaker at the graduation. BELOW. Dawn Esslinger entering the graduation. BELOW MIDDLE. Mike Corder walking into the graduation ceremong. BELOW RIGHT. lsr-ar Anwar, Randg Bourbina and Jeff Ooltl walking to their seats. , ,1 E ACADE si N Q X X hh L wg Y -NNY wi' NEW N X the kansas tech . ti 'EFER TER Kansas'TechnicaIInstHute Volume VII, Issue XII 2409 Scanlan Ave- Thursday, April 23, 1987 Sahnm KS 67401 Thank you Kansas Tech '- UsaMenm I also owe it to you, the readers.I Ednm4mChmf guess I could generalize It all by Saying HThank you Kansas Tech.H You It's hard to believe it, my laSf editorial for the i986-87 school year. It's been rough here in the newsroom. lt's like they say, HA million things to do and no time in which to do them.N I'd like to fill this space with an enormous nThank youu because I owe those words to so many people. Start- ing off, I'd like Mr. Barnes ard Dave Kamp tc know that the K-Tech Rporter couldn't have been possible without their help. Their support and input was a big help to ne. I'd like to tell everyone that had an input in the contcnt - Dr. Anthony Tilmans, Gail Sinnmnds, Eleen Owens, Jay Trenhoile, Donnie Morgan, ad clients and guest writers! photog- raphers - that I appreciate their help too. The work of these people ls ex- ceptional and was a super addition. RIGHT. Lisa Merrill, the editor of the newspaper. BELOW. Sid Barnes, the don't know what it neans to we when I down the hall and here nNice walk story on... It also feels great to uWhen's the next paper coming hear out?U That lets me know that you nwst enjoy it. it if you are anxious to read That's been my goal this year - to produce a newspaper that hclds the Interest of the students. Still, there is always roam for improvement and looking. Just because I'll always be this is the last edition doesn't neon I won't be working. Stop by my office with Ideas for next year. I'll listen because I want to please the readers. Now is my last chance to express my opinion so I'd like to take these last few lines to wish everyone success on the finals. Have a great time of graduation, sophs, and to everyone, have a great summer! f th 'Y N sponsor o .e newspaper. gx qlx Shown here in his contest 'at 4,5 . . X N, ' X winning room for best W Q. --. Cp Christmas decorations. . qi AK . lh..s.sa.,Y-4-Ji L p QL g gm I icfv-'Y i 9 ' L . , :I i S Q... 2 'f5. . 1 l . xxx , J- W1H new is 'C' ABOVE. Ken Savog , a Co-editor. RIGHT. Mike Hamman and Ken Savog working on the Yearbook. MIDDLE LEFT. Greg Stephens, the sponser of the Yearbook. MIDDLERIGHT. Dan Blecha, the first semester Editor. BELOW LEFT. Mike Hamman, a Co- editor. BELOW RIGHT. The Yearbooks well organized Yearbook room. VEAREUUK X Lain ft 5 Au- 25 INTERCDLLEGIATE GULF RIGHT. Pat Newell and Craig Goscha taking some swings. BELOW. Don Cassatt, the genius behind the KTI Golf team. X.-Q., . ,K Z' fi Q W S 1 ,W , .- Q . .1 1 Q If 1,1 A 5 ,' QQ : .Q V -fggy W my sf MEMBERS Pat Newell Robert Hanson Ed Fenton John Wg att Craig Goscha 26 XNXXXXXXXXXNXX v19b. 'v.!a u ' vdmwmqudiifl E 5 Y 41" LEFT. See what can happen to you if uou become a computer student at KTI. BELOW. Kim Younie caught doing her favorite passtime, eating. BOTTOM LEFT. Don Cassatt calmig advising one of his students. BOTTOM RIGHT. The KTI Togo . AWARDS .t 11, Uh QU: I .1 ' . U -'vw g IP- . nruap -all xp in nas: ,Em-.I Q LEFT. Outstanding Student, Sandg Blickenstaff receiving a plaque- ' ' from President Tilmans. One of the groups Sandu was active with was the Non- Traditional student organization. 9 v xo- . RIGHT. Steve Thompson receiving a outstanding facultg award from Dr. Jenson, the Academic Dean. Mr. Thompson is a Civil I Computer instructer. , I cal Q Kansas Tech Says 'moms F. cneecu Henk Clfbu for 20 years of work 3. dedication November 26, 1986 DONALD CDONI BUCHWALD Don began work August 1, 1966 and has held various positlons including Professor, Department Head, Assistant Academic Dean and Acting Academic Dean. ln 1985, Don was appointed Director of information Systems. He currently holds that position as well as Acting Department Head of the Computer Department. Tom was hired August 1, 1965 as the first Director Kbeanl of Academic Affairs. He worked ln that position untll 1975 After a short absence, Tom was named Kansas Tech's Jrd President in 1976. Tom remained ln that position until 1985. He ls currently A Professor in General Technology. RONALD KRONJ JOHANNES Ron was hlred April 18, 1966. He came aboard as a Maintenance Repalrman. In 1967 Ron was Dromoted to Maintenance Electrician and has worked ln that position for the last 20 years. ANGELA KKAYX VANDERBILT Kay was hired May 9, 1966. She began work at Kansas Tech as a Clerk-Steno ll and worked in Operational Affairs In 1967 Kay transferred to the Civil and Mechanical Department and worked there for 12 years. ln 1979, Kay was promoted to an Account Clerk ll and returned to the Operational Affairs Office, where she currently works I A Kansas Technical Institute II , S ECIA RECOGNITION who s who among students in American Junior Colleges Randal Bourhloa Stevenl. Collins Villtam C Delker Davn E Essllnger Jerry D Froese Deani. Gler Villram Granger Eldridge Skip Griffey Lawrence Guerra Mathew J Harper Paul Henson Ph1l11p F Kampfe Dand L Ketter Cgnthla A Paquette Norman L Peterson Dan1e1S Rickard John A Rertcheck David S Salazar Kerth D Sprenkle Patrick Thornton l'h,chaelL Threevlt Bregorg D Ylngert Karen Hood asians -..' ,- -, 1.-."- in ff ----u ' . ii QCUO' qfg'Ar'5',,L I lnciahisiufl' ii-' d lfgguogvfvoamouun E.: .'1:f'3'5 . Q lun: , ' :Z 5, f TOP. Dave Baldwin gets Chemical Engineering Scholarship. ABOVE. Karen Reidel gets the Student Appreciation Award. LEFT. Donnie Morgan received the Most Inspirational Student Award. Looking at Learning When you're looking back on a typical day, you realize how much you have learned and done. It is almost as if you have done it all in one day and you say" I have learned a lot in the past year." You go to class every day and each day you learn something new like how a diode works or how to program a timing loop. When you look back at that day you might say you didn't learn much that day, but when you look back over the whole year you will say "l really learned a lot that year." By Kermit Morris Teaching lt would be easy to write an essay on each of the instructors I have at KTI. Each has his or her own manner of teaching, but their goals remain the same--teach what we need to know and do it in the time allotted for doing so. To teach a subject is one thing, to teach it well is much more difficult. lt would do no good to teach above the level of the student. It might show a fluent 30 understanding of the subject matter by the teacher, but unless it is in a form that the student will grasp, the teacher has failed. KTI instructors excel at their ability and willingness to help a student master a subject. Whether it is a science such as electronics or chemistry, orthe teaching of more basic subjects like math and writing. I have gained the utmost respect forthe professors whose only measure of success is by what others can do. Perhaps the diploma you receive at graduation should read,"with many thanks to the KTI faculty." By Dan Morris ltr: ,, , M l X ss N n C ' 'XI XR XX Xbfqgis K MW N X X ABOVE. Donovan Cassatt. Ass't Professor. UPPER RIGHT. Dave Brown. Assoc. Professor. MIDDLE RIGHT. Rosie Goll. Ass't Professor. LOWER RIGHT, John Francisco. Ass't Professor Guess Who? Everyone had their own opin- ion of him. Some liked him and some definitely did not. Some- times he made you so frustrated you would just want to pull your hair out. At other times he would make you so happy that you would feel like jumping and kicking your heels together. Sometimes he was good at communicating and he told you what was wrong with what you are doing. But it seemed like half the time you had to figure out your problems with no help from him. Just one little mistake would upset him. He is a perfectionist. If you are i ' 1 V, if J", E ' a computer student you know who I'm talking about. If not, I'll let you know, "Harry the Computer "CThe Harris system in the Tech centerl. By Joan Martin 4'- K. J ' 4' 'EPT 9 VM- Q' A . 41.31 ' N .i I 5 ' ' i ff 5. . . ' A' A ' rf -2:-1 - X -40" . ' N . .xi AW ff .ef Ofa .Sf .. 5 J 'Qi' ABOVE. Donald Buchwald. Acting Department Head. UPPER LEFT. Marg Peters. Clerk - Steno II . For both the CT 8x ET Departments. .O ,et . .wfii ' 5, l? if., -, . my -' : 'w . L-we. ,', - , 4 40' K" .equi EVERETT AYE JERRY BACON JEFF BIERY KATHI BIGGS SANDRA BLICKENSTAFF MARY SUE BOWEN DON BOWMAN ROD BRADSHAW LANCELOT BUSER ANGELA CARLSON JONI CLEMENCE BILL COLLIER DAN CORBETT LARRY DITTMER RONDA DODSON CYNTHIA ENGLEBERT DAWN ESSLINGER CRAIG GOSCHA SHARI GILLUND DARLA GORE KEN GRANT THERESA GREENE MIKE HAIYIM AN SONIA HASTINGS TERRY HEAD GARY HERRING JENNIFER HOLTZ CHERYL JANTZ TIM JARED WAYNE JOHNSON 34 Sonia Hastings doing a program for Rosie Goll s RPG class. 15 SIQAEXI Xfgkx 1. ? I r ,f Q 2 A V1 4 ,V ex, DONNA KOERPEIRICK RON ALD KR AUSE SUNG AL KUM PEGGY LARK IN RHONDA LOWE Rick Stricker demonstrating a Maclntosh program for Parents Dag. The Mac has been a great aid to the gearbook staff this gear. This entire yearbook is done on a Mac computer. Don Cassatt is the one that taught the staff how to use the Mac and should be given credit for helping make the gearbook. JNIVERSIT 2-5255 I .-2? QXMQ I. wi I M AR I AN K INDLESP ARGER JO AN M ART IN CLAYTON MOHLMAN IRENE NELSON PATRICK NEWELL DAN NEWTON OUANG NGO PATRICIA PATTERSON KEVIN PECK JULIA PROPST ROGER RASMUSSEN SHARON REESE DAN RICK ARD CYR IL ROETHLISBERG PHYLLIS ROSS BETSY RUSSELL KEN SAVOY RANDY SCHMITZ YVONNE SINGLETON CECIL SM ALLEY DANA SMITH RICK STRICKER TONY TERRY LaRONNA TISD ALE CHRISTINA WERTH BRUCE WOOTEN 36 3 -v 4:-J f , -,Thi Q ES' is' 5 MITCH WERTH JOHN WY ATT fu' mga: 1 '50-' 'fsm .14 f VI ,Ld X ELECTRO 8. u x u Q ., XX XQIQIQIWQ , UW N X X 'X-fx! J ABOVE. Department Head. Larrg Farmer Professor. UPPER RIGHT. Buzz Baer. Ass't Profes- X sor. " MIDDLE LEFT,Rodneg Anderson. Ass't 5'+-and Professor. MIDDLE RIGHT, Ronald Richolson. Assoc. Professor. LOWER LEFT.William Krall. Ass't Professor. LOWER RIGHT. Mike Wilson. Assoc. Professor. ELECTRONICS-the science and technologg of electronic phenome- na. The process of educating high- lg qualified electronics personnel has been complicated bg the fact that both traditional and modern aspects of electronics have to be mastered in the amount of time previouslg devoted to traditional aspects alone. Having realized this, Kansas Tech has constructed an electron- ics technolgg program so the stu- dent is introduced to the basics f of electricitg in their first seme- 1 ster. C continued on page 68D ' A I. 1 4 Lf J Iw- Cf A x IQ? 'Y 7 I gi ?gr 1 .1 To 'W' ' -.11 Q T- F' -X I I .li i ...-.---an-I I 'ln se'-' .. 'Z' i'1?2.!x TRAVIS BAKER TYE BAKER GORDON BENNETT SONYA BINKLEY DAVID BLE AKLEY DAN BLECHA RUDY BOLDERICH RANDY BOURBINA RANDY BR ANNON GARY BRECKEN TROY CARLTON J.KEVIN CONVERSE DARRIN DARNELL LEROY DAVIS RUSS DAVIS JOSEPH DOFFING ,A ni v ,. i ,2 'Rl 1. L HOWARD DOUGL ASS BRYAN DOWNIE LEFT. Michael Rog and Richard Riemann working with an oscilloscope in Electronics Lab. SHAWN EASTERLY JOE EATON JOHN ENOLE DON ERNE RIGHT. Howard Douglass and Ron Allen watching the instructor in Electronics I -ab. JOAN FAIRCLOUGH PAUL FARREL ED FENTON ROD FRIEDLI DARREN GOEDE TODD GARMAN STEVE GEHRKE GREG GILBERT 3 7 T Pg 7 Qs' 'T . I X -161 A 1 4 f M ' I . '-If ,, 'V TX . T JM. iq' 1. S-Magi. K .IEP nu 1' Q 1' A, -I F13 A .":.,' -T A ' 1 Q lv " - .f ,lA A 3 15, ' Hui, " will' AH L? misery, ll' A F ' "lr '- j-vkli. ' ll-T,ll1, Q ff fF DON GLICK ALAN HARTLE TED HEIM AN f. ,v 'U 5 QI , f,,- "I if aw -'I' v I, f , I 5 'P ' I 4,97 l s. 'U 6' 'I I f X, bf IS 43:- Q. ..,, J Is. GABRIEL HIGGINS LEFT. Lisa Merrill talking to her instructor in her Electronics Lab. DARRIN HOCKETT CHARLIE HOLLERICH JR. SCOTT JENSON PHILLIP KAUPE SCOTT KING JAMES KNOUF STEVE KOHR DOUG KROEGER MARK MADD ACKS JEFF M ANN LEFT. Rod Anderson is demonstrating a Motorola Communicatins Sgstems Analyzer to a Parent's Dag visitor. ROD MELL IES LISA MERRILL DENNIS MILLER DAN MORRIS KERMIT MORRIS LONNY O'B ANNION DAVE OHLDE GR ANT OLDS CINDY PAOUETTE RIGHT SIDE. MIKE PFLUGHOFT LEON REITER R ICH ARD R IEM ANN I IH. 1 I 5 '. '39 T a ,134 is LN J ABOVE. Howard Douglass and Calvin WiIIi'cs are doing an experiment in Fundementals of Electronic Devices. - ' . 42 STEVE ROLFS CHARLES ROSS MICHAEL ROY l.f9F9E9 r j 2 ll ik 5- r'nr1.bT-Ty I ! Q Il I it Lzsusu fl iii will 53 , 0 gr Ci I IH? A 'A' I f- 1? A , I .ff DAVID RUSH DU ANE RUSH FAR LEFT. John Engle and Gabe Higgins taking readings from an oscilloscope attached to a breadboard. ROD SACKRIDER STEVE SCHLEGEL GLENN SCHRANDT FRANK SENES AC TERRY SHEARER BOB SICKLER GREG SMITH RICH ARD SMITH ROBERT SMITH T IM SMITH LEFT. Theron Yohn and lab partner working together on a breadboard -43 ABOVE. Howard Douglass and Ron Allen are showing J' 'x Rod Anderson 'Che results of KEITH SPRENKLE an experiment- TRAVIS TAYLOR D AWN TROTTM AN P AUL V ANOVERSCHELDE X, BRENT THOMAS ROBERT THOMAS MARK TROSTLE CJ : 1 fn" ...A ."-'s 4 4. -I Ax f K , K 5' x TIM WALKER as-4: gg. l' I DENNIS WAMSER A fx, L fy ju I .Yfgjw ,lsfx1Q flkyx "Nui ,AJA 'ZR 'ff' '? :R rp 5 Q , Z A 54 il T I m -.Q MARK WEST Y ,f CALVIN VILLITS DAVID WILSON I g DAN WISBEY M IE., 1 Tl-if aging! ... IEA 'Rf KIM YOUNIE PAUL YOUNIE JEFF ZAMRZLA X WM? W 'C' ' ':""'-M... HHITANY KEY TO CON'HiXlUE" EQ A JOSEPH WISSING WOOD KELLY TIM WORTM AN THERON YOHN ELECTRONlCS...a perspective l began my study of electronics at KTI in the fall of 1985. To my surprise I found the most interesting part of my studies to be the instructors. First there is Mr. Baer, who has a joke for every occassion. Then there is Mr. Krall who has a story for every occassion. These two are contrasted by lVlr. Wilson who is soft spoken and reserved. Then there is Mr. Farmer who always seems to be in deep thought. Then there is Mr. Anderson who is always quick with a smile. Finally there is lvlr. Fticholson , anyone who has ever taken one of his classes will be familiar with the phrase "any qiestions." Electronics can get tedious at times, but with a staff like this, things will never get boring. N-fx ABOVE: Rob Kelly, Electronics Technician 46 FIRST DHA! FEHHS Proceeding the initial pre- enrollment, my first venture was to purchase my books. Where was the Bookstore? My initial reaction was, "l'lI never find it!" Janet Dodson, the financial advisor pointed her fingertoward Scanlon Avenue. My hesitant footsteps dragged on the asphalt as I neared the KTI bookstore. The door was heavy and difficult to open. "Perhaps this was my doing", I thought. Anyway, I made my way past the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee in the student lounge. As I entered the bookstore I overheard a discussion of necessary inventory that needed attending. I proceeded around the corner, I picked up a D.C. Circuits book, Lab notebook, some notebook paper and strolled around a bit longer. After collecting all my materials, I paid the cashier and she wished me well. Out the door, past the lounge to the parking and I was finished. Sucessfully, I was able to enroll, walk without tripping, and buy my books. This was my first introduction to the school, and I had made it. by Joan Fairclough X xx N s Y 'A 'fE !!Qib,g HW N X X l .3.! ABOVE,Bill Garrison. Ass't Professor UPPER RIGHT,Kenneth Barnard. Department Head. MIDDLE LEFT. Ron Smith. Instructor. MIDDLE RIGHT. Terrgl Kelleg. Instructor LOWER LEFT. David Powers. Ass't Professor. LOWER RIGHT. LaVonne Farneu. Clerk-Steno II. HEHUSTUHY As a first gear student of a brand new, exciting program. Mg outlook towards Kansas Tech is a little different than most peoples. when I learned that KTI was to start a professional pilot program, I rushed right out here and signed up. As I look around and see mg friends going to class, I realized that thag are on their wag to an Electronics Lab, or magbe to sit down to a computer. I how- ever, I am on mg wag to the Aero hangar to pull out an air- plane and go flging. Ccontinued on page 685 KEITH BURNSIDE ERIC CAN AL AS MARTIN CATLIN JERRY CL AUSSEN I ooN Dlxom 1 BRIAN FOSTER 'IL A ' ff' DAVID FRYE I l' ' . LQ cLlFFoRD GILLUND RICHARD GOSNELL U- CHRIS GROTH -A I . I Vg - LEFT. Pat Thornton leaning on ihe wing of the Beach Duke. 5 " cN.?"lx '55 QQ BRYAN GUY N MICHAEL HAMDEN MATT HARPER 4' MICHAEL HARTM AN I if WILLIAM JULIAN DAVID KETTER KRIS LEE AL AN MCINTYRE ROBERT HEMRY TOM INSKEEP JOSEPH JONES ROBERT MINIHAN MICHAEL MULRYAN BRYAN ODETTE EUGENE OWEN M ICH AEL P AUL Qs? I ix " pf.. fqx we , 4-nga ' NI I RIGHT. Chad Conkiing working on a 0470 series engine. is lx? I ijlvf g j g, , P w-nn 974' J' ,jx ff fx,!TI . f Q f' L Q 5 JEFF PETERSON STEVE PURVIS MAURICE PIAN ALTO PATRICK REXROAD AARON RIGGS MICHAEL ROBBEN JOHN SCHOENBERGER Niqrig V64 L1 IF' I I "" 121, 3 A A In , RMA, ' J! 'fl J X XII! NI C092-' Z? TTT, QIIAI , ABOVE. Dav1d Keiter workmg on a 0200 ser1es engme. GREG SCHROEDER MARK SH AW FREDRICK SHERMAN STEVE STEINLE PAT THORNTON MICHAEL THREEWITT MARTIN WHITTAKER TIM WORKM AN RICK YAUSSI JAMES ZOELLER 52 CHRIS UMSCHE ID LARRY WASHINGTON x PMWES 'At A SEL , I nf- I 'W' X gg, I 4 1 S MEC X 'u n Q -ww wiblgibfaf HW N X X I ABOVE William Sanders. Professor UPPER RIGHT. Madison Ashburn. Professor 84 Department Head. RIGHT. Masud Hassan. Assoc. Professor. BELOW. Mechanical Engineering Tech is located in the new Tech Center Building. 5 4 ' Wi., ,Il 1 JERRY HARRIS QF.. -A ar ", , ,4- gg Q T X SL f f 'J 5 is nf' 5 'iff Y 1:1 1 .gif . V 1 R ANDY E ISENB ARTH 9 5 DAN FERGUSON :Q DEAN GIER ,du LARRY GUERRA ,X f 1 . 96' ,xx .gnu Q zyfg I 'R'- ., J I RR""" ""1WA5 J 2 K N'. 5? 7 PJ? 'fm LEFT,Madison Ashburn talking to the Chinese delegates. TRACY HYNES DARRIN KOEHN CRAIG LANGE ROBERT LAUER JAMES MENARD MONTE OBERLE DAN PUCKETT JEFF REED JOHN RIETCHECK DAVE SAL AZAR HAROLD VIGNEREY GREGORY WINGERT TRACY BEITZ MONTE BEIKER JOE BRYANT Monte Beiker, a well known mechanical student because he was an RA at the dorms the latter half of the gear. GARY BY ARLY RUSS CARLSON KEN CARPENTER 56 9 v " '- T Us I 'lf 4 --v----au--.-- TROY EASTER MICHAEL EDMONSON l Q f if 1-11 X ms N s , 5 s. KNEW N X X ABOVE. William Powell. Department Head. UPPER RIGHT. Dennis Shreves. Ass't Professor. RIGHT. Stephen Thompson. Ass't Professor. LOWER RIGHT. Debbie Ecklund. Clerk-Steno II. For both Civil and Mechanical Departments. -0 'W A , "-. 58 -i S mn: xNx -7' ' "' X -- I ... 'kiln I G ARY ACKERM AN ISR AR ANW AR JUSTIN B URCH Norman Peierson ai I , as ,ru 3' 3--11 SAW, i1"'f' the concreie canoe races. i I IJ , JERRY F ROESE P AUL GENGL AR JEFF GOLTL MARK GROSLAND D AV ID L IL AK BR AD MAHONEY TODD BURROUGHS STEVE COLLINS WILLIAM DELKER MICHAEL DOBBS -Ay 59 GREG MANS MICHAEL ME IER MARK MYER DOUG OLSON DAVID OWEN NORMAN PETERSON SCOTT RUCKER JAMES SHEFFIELD TODD SOUKUP ' BRAD SPRECKER DAROLD TOOTHMAN , ' J. 8'- 45+ ka! C lf PAQ? Z I '1 I+!! no .,..-Q -s .-v "Q '.- r I' Aa, 3 ff ROBERT TROMBLE I "TW Is? X 'NW . M, 5 Brad Mahoney is AA,, 5 If 3: a Hg A " If ROD TROMBLE setting up equipmeni for his surveging ' lab. DENNIS WE AVERCLOWER LEFT? REX WILLEYCLOWER RIGHTJ on MI 1 Q I . . 'raw ' ,, - f ,. '-fgg:eg::...n q tzzff f --. . Q.U,gpn--s- .,,5u.' I . .,,,,.nn-..- un, u - wr---:ze --.-I I ff.. flue- " v. r , I, ,cd N tl-v s I A Sfiwfna 3 5 . I -1 us . A I .I E GEHERA 8. X E 8. f x W 'K 1-Y RHF? Q XX WWW min- NIL N WDW! N X X N N X N N N. MIDDLE LEFT. Sidney Barnes Ass't. Proffesor. MIDDLE RIGHT. Robert Bingham Professor. LOWER LEFT. David AhIvers Assoc.Professor LOWER MIDDLE. Greg Stephens Ass't. professor. LOWER RIGHT. Max Shepard Ass't. Professor lhupl -1-1 r L . j' Thomas Creech. Professor. John Heublein. Ass"t. Professor ? ' 5 I 4 1 4 .xi 4 9 I ,. , N N - try: V p lf., 'N qi J - fi. Q , 1- 15-U41 -rf. -1-- ' ...i 5 ,fs-in ' ,fi " 'Xi If X , ..-.... gina-. A ,g , . 4 LEFT. Dr. Loren RibIett. Division Head MIDDLE LEFT. Robert Homolka. Assoc. Professor. MIDDLE RIGHT. Leslie Kinsler. Ass't. Professor. LOWER LEFT. Joe Breeden. Ass't. Professor. LOWER MIDDLE. Nancg Mosier. Ass'i. Professor. LOWER RIGHT. Kaihg McCullough. Secreiarg I. 1,9 2 TRACY ANDERSON DAVID BALDWIN FLOYD BENNETT DEBBIE BETTS JO AN BINDER DEBBIE BL ACKBOURN ANNE BUSH KATHY CLEMENTS MIKE FONTES E."SKIP" GRIFFEY IV DAN HARGETT BETTY HORN BETTY HUNTER BEN LEVISON 'FA 'NU , ,Nil -4 -.., Max Shepard showing the Chemical Lab to prospective students. 1 W.. ,- I . I ff., IIE K of an C.7 "" ' Mr. Kinsler, a well known, well liked Phgsics teacher eating his lunch. DWIGHT LIVELYUXBOVE LEFTJ TIM LYNCH CABOVE RIGHTJ .QS . vt I XS-x Russ Carlson and Dallas Hart setting up a Moment of Inertia experiment for Mr. Creech's Phgsics Lab. ,5- Q5 JESSE MCGUAY GINNY MORSE MART NOLI N STEVE PAYTON DAVE PERRY JOE POTTS GREG RAMSEY LARRY RING DEW ARD ROBINSON LINDA RUEGSEGGER D AVE SH ARP TERRY THOMPSON CHARLES VENABLE MARK WEISS J. REX WOOSTER 8- Q L 1 I ' 1 , is 'V 4 .v , 1 K :ti v' ' . .l!r"' - r -M H .J RIGHT. Dr. Loren Ribleit demonstrating a chemical lab 'co a student. 98 4 4 in 'N fig T 'L T ,T JA N.. .joy ti X T 1 ! V .1 T M ,M :L vw 'ff "' X 2 ' Qi'3i'.s.X,'g::Tx Q T N 45:-2:2 Z :ff I 4, X ' aff 2 'A i.-fa ... ' WHU IS HHHHIET '? This semester I'm taking a BASIC course, and I had no idea of the lab time that went with it. After work I would go to the lab, and work on programs, and sometimes get involved and not get home until late. I would talk to my wife about"Harry" she slowly understood, as time went on, she would come back with "Oh!" he is with Harry again My youngest child, with the wildest imagination picked up on this and soon Hany went from a machine to a real person whom I would meet inthe middle of the night and execute CEN s '11 secret missions with. My wife being cute turned Harry into Harriet one day, and the stories went on in fun. Well on our parent-teacher visit to our daughters kindergarten class, the teacher pulled us aside to have a talk about, who else than Harriet and Harry. Whom my daughter had turned into real life criminals who were blackmailing our family, because she had no money to go skating. Needless to say Harry and Harriet died that very same day. By John Perret First Impressions My first impression when I came to KTI was where in the heck is it. Finally I located part of KTI, but I still didn't know where all of it was. It seemed very hard to tell where KTI stopped and the airport, or rest of Salina began. I '1 '--1 Gordon Bennett on enrollment 3 day. Upon entering the parking lot I began to wonder if the faculty didn't out numberthe students. The parking spaces seemed to be almost 50 percent reserved. The best thing I noticed were the people. Everyone seemed to be friendly and willing to help. By Joe. Doffing 67 Computer Phobia Before I came to KTI, I didn't know anything about a computer. Heck I was actually scared of them and their power. When lenrolled, I took Computer Technics and I am glad I did. My first day I sat down at the computer, in the Computer Technics class, and looked at the screen. Mr. Kinsler walked in and relieved me about a lot of my fears by saying "l know a lot of you have never touched a computer before, but I assure you they don't bite." The way Mr. Kinslerteaches his class has helped me to understand that a computer is nothing but anothertool to be used by meg and that a computer is nothing but a box that only as smart as the person programming it. ey David Bush Electronics Qcontinued from page 37l This approach requires that courses be closely coordinated giving a maximum amount of subject coverage in a minimum amount of time. Introduction of electronics in the first semester makes it easier to achieve the depth of understanding of basics needed forthe advanced work later in the program. Students comprehend electronics in such courses as DC Circuits, AC Circuits, Applied Electronics I, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors during their first year. These courses enable them to prepare for later course work such as Applied Electronics ll and Ill and Digital Design. By Lisa Merrill 68 , - MNSAS TEC1 - Hero tAero continued from page 489 The most difficult part of getting a plane out, is convincing an aircraft maintenance student to get out of his lounge chair long enough to help open the heavy doors. Being the "un-official" first year of the program, there are naturally a few problems to be worked out, such as scheduling the plane around stormy weather, but this first year has been an enjoyable one. Hearing other students talk about the Tech Center or some compterteacher means nothing to me, but when they ask what c ass I just got out of, I explain that I have been flying. The questions non-aero students ask can be very amusing at times. "Well it snowed today, does the plane have all season's or regular snow tires ?, Are you ready for 'TOP GUN' yet?, Can you fly like the kid on 'lRONEAGLE?, Have you crashed yet?, What if the engine quits?", and hundreds of other questions. On a more personal note, I am very appreciative of the excellent maintenance performed by the aero- students and teachers. More than once they rushed to have a plane ready for me to fly and I thankthem very much. By Mark Nolin ADMINISTRATION ACADEMIC AFFAIRS xx FINANCIAL AID OPERATIONS INFORMATION SYSTEMS PHYSICAL PLANT STUDENT SERVICES RESIDENCE HALL CAFETERIA, LIBRARY sq A N IQX-AX Q Wig HIM!! N X ...X N 396 ' ' 'T 'i-:JJ I UPPER LEFT. Dr. Robert Jenson. Academic Dean. UPPER RIGHT. Gail Simmonds. Placement Director. ABOVE LEFT. Bettg Heikes. Office Supervisor. RIGHT. Arlene Foster. Secretary I. X Y 'Li ' 2 1 .M 3 l 4 i lla. ! 9. ""l A inf, Ili.. My-' x' gk xg,- -fb -I UPPER LEFT. Dr. Anthong Tilmans President. UPPER RIGHT. David Kamp Public Affairs Officer. ABOVE LEFT. Kent Craft Director of Development. ABOVE RIGHT. Gilbert Saiz Printer. LEFT. Kathleen Sloan Executive Secretary. RIGHT. Diane Tangeman. Secretarg II. FAR RIGHT. James Prosser. Dean of Student Services. MIDDLE LEFT. Max Griffin. Admissions Coordinator. MIDDLE RIGHT. Bonnie Stanhope. Secretary I. LOWER LEFT. Debra Voss. Admissions CounseIor. LOWER RIGHT. IU? ff? Q ...Anil Janet Dodson. Financial Aid Officer. E22 ,,.Mq- Ya-.1 Viz -I-"7 f X ..,-."" ABOVE LEFT. James Friesen. Direcior of Operations. ABOVE. Michael Renk. Ass't direcior of OperationsfPersonnel. FAR LEFT. Caihg Boll. Accouniant. LEFT. Lois Woods. Secretary I. LOWER FAR LEFT. Kag Vanderbilt. Office Specialist. LOWER MIDDLE. Marlene Walker. Office Ass't IV. BELOW. Jo Ellen Roehrkasse. Cafeieria Manager. ---,'.'49'o L 4, - -' I W "W-af' . - xx L V A W, xyv' X I YY NN X l... ' 5 ' , if X I ...Al 1 ly E 1 , -f I 1 , K 2 Kerb' " I .wt , .!' I I. ABOVE. Donald Buchwald, the Director of Information Sustems ABOVE RIGHT. Kathy Connellu, Computer Operator Supervisor RIGHT. Karlene Propst, Secre- taru II. FAR RIGHT. Jag Trenhaile, the Dorm Director. BELOW. Thomas Wilkinson, the Custodial Worker. BELOW MIDDLE. Irene Hamilton Office Ass't IV BELOW RIGHT. Eleen Owen, the Librarian f'X.,J5 ! 'Z Physical Plant LEFT. Dean Barnum-Director. LOVER LEFT. Bob Sapp-Carpenter and Ron Johannes-Electrician BELOW. Rick Conaway-Supervisor. I FAR BELOW. Margie Sterling-Office Speciahst. is LEFT. Doug Livengood. Carpenter. MIDDLE. Bill Provost Maintenance RIGHT. Vernon Hazel. GMR LEFT. Juanita Sanders. Storekeeper MIDDLE. Merl Greenwalt. Mechanic I. RIGHT. Jodu Laborer II. 76 I I .I- i Y ea,- llllll llllll riff F if gl ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Milt Willesen- ABOVE. Robe,-1 ponies-Laborer Il Qeffj. Custodial Worker. Jag Killen-Custodial Worker. Michaei Soja-Laborer ll Uzighfj, Ella Thummel-Custodial Supervisor II. Don Powers Custodial Worker. Harold Fleming-Custodial Worker. Frank Barr-Student Worker. Norman Riggs-Custodial Worker. X XX s - 1 . HW N X X PLE: Ackermen, Gary 59 Ahlvers, Dave 62 Allen, Ron 40, 44 Anderson, Rodney 38,41 Anderson, Tracy 64 Anwar, lsrar 22, 59 Ashburn, Madison 53, 54, 56 Aye, Everett 33 Bacon, Jerry 33 Baer, Buzz 37, 38 Baker, Travis 8, 39 Baker, Ty 6, 13, 39, 61 Baldwin, Dave 29, 64 Barnard, Ken 48 Barnes, Sid 24, 62 Barnum, Dean 75 Barr, Frank 76 Becker, John 8, 9, 11 Bieker, Monte 6,55 Beitz, Tracy 12, 55 Bennett, Gordon 39, 63 67 Betts, Debbie 64 Biery, Jett 30, 33 Biggs, Kathi 33 Binder, Joan 64 Bingham, Bob 62 Binkley, Sonya 39 Blackbourn, Debbie 64 Bleakley, David 39 Blecha, Dan 8, 9, 39 Blickenstalt, Sandy 14, 28, 33 Bolderich, Rudy 39 Boll, Cathy 2, 73 Bourbina, Randy 16, 22, 39 Bowen, Mary Sue 33 Bowman, Don 33 Bradshaw, Rod 33 Brannon, Randy 39 Breckon, Gary 39 Breeden, Joe 63 Brown, David 30, 32 Bryant, Joe 55 Buchwald, Don 7, 33, 74 Burnside, Keith 19, 49 Burroughs, Todd 16,59 Buser, Lance 33 Bush, Anne 61, 64 Byarly, Gary 19,55 Canalas, Eric 49 Carlson, Angela 33 Carlson, Russ 5,6,14,55,65 Carlton, Troy 39 Carpenter, Ken 55 Cassatt, Don 1, 26, 27, 32 Catlin, Martin 14,49 Claussen, Jerry 49 Clemence, Joni 33 Clements, Kathy 64 Collier, Bill 3, 33 Collins, Steve 13, 16,59 Conklin, Chad 8, 10, 13, 14,29 28, 50 Connelly, Kathy 74 Converse, J. Kevin 39 Corbett, Dan 34 Corder, Mike 22,37 Craft, Kent 70 Creech, Thomas 1, 62, 65 Darnell, Darren 39 Davis, Leroy 39 Davis, Russ 5, 39 Delker, Bill 59, Dittmer, Larry 34 Dixon, Don 49 Dobbs, Mike 59 Dodson, Janet 2, 28, 72 Dodson, Rhonda 11, 34 Dofting, Joe 39 Dome, Greg 28 Douglas, Howard 39, 40, 42, 44 Downie, Bryan 39 E,F Easter, Troy 55 Easterly, Shawn 9, 40 Eaton, Joe 40 Ecklund, Debbie 58 Edmonson, Mike 55 Eisenbarth, Randy 56 Engle, John 13, 40, 43 Englebert, Cindy 34 Erne, Don 1, 40 Esslinger, Dawn 13, 22, 28 34 Fairclough, Joan 40 Farmer, Larry 38 Farney, Lavonne 48 Farrel, Paul 40 Fenton, Ed 40 Ferguson, Dana 56 Fleming, Harold 76 Fontes, Mike 64 Fontes, Robert 76 Foster, Arlene 71 Foster, Brian 49 Francisco, John 32 Friedli, Rod 40 Friesen, Jim 73 Froese, Jerry 59 Frye, David 49 Garman, Todd 40 Garrison, Bill 48 Gehrke, Steve 40 Genglar, Paul 59 Gibson, Jody 76 Gier, Dean 56 Gilbert, Greg 40 Gillund, Clifford 49 Gillund, Sharri 34 Glick, Don 40 Goede, Darrin 40 Goll, Rosie 1, 7, 32 Goltl, Jeff 22,55 Gore, Darla, 34 Goscha, Craig, 14, 26, 27 34 Gosnell, Richard 49 Grant, Ken 34 Greene, Therese 34 Greenwalt, Merle 76 Griffey, E. 'Skip' 13, 64 Griffin, Max 72 Grosland, Mark 59 Groth, Chris 49 Guy, Brian 49 9 Hamden, Mike 49 Hamilton, lrene 74 Hamman, Mike 18, 25, 30, 34 Hargett, Dan 64 Harper, Matt 49 Harris, Jerry 56 Hart, Dallas 4, 10, 11,65 Hartle, Alan 40 Hartman, Mike 49 Hassan, Masud 20, 54 Hastings, Sonya 11, 12, 34 Hazel, Vernon 76 Head, Terry 30, 34 Heikes, Betty 71 Heiman, Ted 40 Hemry, Robert 14, 49 Herring, Gary 34 Heublein, John 30, 62, 77 Higgons, Gabe 41, 43 Hockett, Darrin 41 Hoffmeir, Barbara 12 Hollerich, Charlie Jr. 41 Holtz, Jennifer 1, 7, 13, 19, 34 Homolka, Robert 63 Horn, Betty 31, 64 Hunter, Betty 64 Hynes, Tracy 56 lnnskeep, Tom 13,50 LLH, Jantz, Cheryl 34 Jared, Tim 34 Jenson, Shirley 12 Jenson, Robert 71 Jenson, Scott 8, 41 Johannes, Ron 75 Johnson, Wayne 34 Jones, Joseph 50 Jones, Larry 24 Julian, William 50 Kamp, Dave 16, 17, 70 Kampfe, Phillip 41 Kelly, Rob 46 Kelley, Terryl 48 Ketter, Dave 50 Kindlesparger, Marion 3, 35 King, Scott 41 Killen, Jay 76 Kinsler, Les 63, 65 Knouf, James 41 Koehn, Darren 56 Koerperich, Donna 35 Kohr, Steve 41 Krall, William 38 Krause, Ron 23, 35 Kroeger, Doug 41 Kum Sum 35 Lange Craig 13, 14, 56 Larkin, Peggy 35 Lauer, Robert 56 Lee, Kris 50 Levinson, Ben 64 Lilak, Dave 59 Lively, Dwight 65 Livingood, Doug 76 Lowe, Rhonda 35 Lynch, Tim 65 iTl,i'l McCullough, Kathy 20 McGuay, Jessie 65 Macintyre, Alan 50 Maddacks, Mark 4, 5, 41 Mahoney, Brad 59, 60 Mann, Jeff 41 Mans, Greg 16, 60 Martin,Joan11,13, 17,35 Meier, Mike 60 Mellies, Rod 41 Mennard, Jim 56 Merrill, Lisa 13, 17, 24, 41, 42 Meyer, Mark 60 Miller, Dennis 42 Minihan, Robert 50 Mohlman, Clayton 35 Morgan, Donnie 5, 13, 19, 20, 29, 30 Morris, Dan 42 Morris, Kermit 4, 42 Morse, Ginnie 65 Mosier, Nancy 21, 63 Mulryan, Mike 50 Nelson, Irene 35 Newell, Pat 18, 26, 35 Newton, Dan 13, 20,35 Ngo, Ouong 36 Nolin, Mart 18,65 UF Obannion, Lonnie 42 Oberle, Monte 56 Odette, Brian 5, 50 Ohlde, Dave 5, 42 Olds, Grant 42 Olson, Doug 60 Owen, David 60 Owen, Eleen 74 Owen, Eugene 50 Paquette, Cindy 13, 20,42 Patterson, Patricia 36 Paul, Michael 18,49 Payton, Steve 65 Peck, Kevin 36 Perry, Dave 65 Peters, Mary 33 Peterson, Jett 51 Peterson, Norman 16, 57, 59 60 Pflughoft, Mike 42 Pianalto, Maurice 14, 51 Pitts, Kim 12 Potts, Joe 66 Powell, Bill 58 Powers, Dave 48. 52 Propst, Julia 36 Propst, Karlene 74 Prosser, Jim 1, 72 Provost, Bill 76 Puckett, Dan 56 Purvis, Steve 51 Ramsey, Greg 66 Rasmussen, Roger 36 Reed, Jeff 56 Reese, Sharon 36 Reiter, Leon 42 Renk, Mike 73 Riblett, Loren 22, 28, 63 66 Richolson, Ron 38 Rickard, Dan 13,36 Reidel, Karen 11,29 Reimann, Richard 4, 39.42 Reitcheck, John 56 Riggs, Aaron 51 Riggs, Norman 15 Rikoft, Tim 5 Ring, Larry 66 Robben, Mike 51 Robinson, Deward 66 Roehrkasse, Jo Ellen 10, Roethlisberg, Cyril 36 Rolls, Steve 42 Ross, Charles 42 Ross, Phyllis 36 Roy, Michael 39, 42 Rucker, Scott 60 Ruegsegger, Linda 66 Rush, David 43 Rush, Duane 43 Russell, Bettie 36 Sackrider, Rod 43 Sanders, Juanita 76 Siaz, Gilben 70 Salazar, Dave 14,56 Sanders, Bill 54 Sapp, Bob 75 Savoy, Ken 13, 25, 36 Schlegel, Steve 43, Schmitz, Randy 36 Schoenberger, John 51 Schrandt, Glenn 43 Schroeder, Greg Senesac, Frank 23, 43 Sharp, Dave 66 Shaw, Mark 51 Shearer, Terry 19, 43 Sheffield, James 60 Shepard, Max 29, 62 Sherman, Fred 51 Shreves, Dennis 58 Sickler, Bob 43 Simmonds, Gail 71 Singleton, Yvonne 36 Sloan, Kathleen 70 Smalley, Cecil 14,36 Smith, Dan 36 Smith, Greg 2, 12, 43 Smith, Richard 2, 43 Smith, Robert 43 Smith, Ron 48 Smith, Tim 43 Sola, Mike 76 Soukup, Todd 60 Sprecker, Brad 60 Sprenkle, Keith 44 7 Stanhope, Bonnie 72 Steinle, Steve 51 Stephens, Greg 8, 25, 62 Stricker, Rick 1, 35, 36 Striegel, Phil 4, 2 Tangeman, Diane 72 Taylor, Travis 44 Terry, Tony 36 Thomas, Brent 10, 30, 44 Thomas, Robert 44 Thompson, Steve 28, 58 Thompson, Terry 66 Thornton, Pat 13, 51 Threewitt, Mike 51 Thumme, Ella 76 Tilmans, Anthony 22, 28, 70 Tisdale, Laronna5, 21, 36 Toothman, Darrold 60 Trenhaile, Jay 4, 10,74 Tromble, Robert 60 Tromble, Rod 60 Trostle, Mark44 Trottman, Dawn 44 LLU Umscheid, Chris 52 Vanderbilt, Kay 4, 73 Van Overschelde, Paul 44 Velasquez, Delia 10, 19 Venable, Charles 66 Vignery, Harold 56 Voss, Debbie 72 LLl,Lr', Walker, Marlene 73 Walker, Tim 44 Wamser, Dennis 44 ISWORTH P Washington, Larry 52 Weaver, Dennis 60 Weiss, Mark 66 Werth, Chris 2, 13, 18, 36 Werth, Mitch 36 Wessel, Pam 28, 29, 52 West, Mark 44 Whitteker, Martin 52 Wilkinson, Tom 74 Willits, Calvin 20, 44 Willey, Rex 60 Wilson, Dave 44 Wilson, Mike 38 Wingert, Greg 14,56 Whisbey, Dan 44 Wissing, Joe 30,45 Wood, Kelley 5,45 Woods, Lois 73 Wooster, Rex 66 Wooten, Bruce 36 Wortman, Tim 45 Workman, Tim 52 Wyatt, John 36 Yaussi, Rick 52 Yohn, Theron 43,45 Younie, Kim 27, 45 Yuonie, Paul 45 Zamzrla, Jett 45 Zoeller, James 52 Our sincere apologies for any errors we may have made in regard to spelling your name. Also we would like to say we are sorry for any names we may have inadvertently left out. We have enjoyed the task of compiling the 1986 1987 yearbook, and hope you enjoy it also. One highlight about this book is it has been entirely designed on the Macintosh computer. A final note of thanks should go out to all who have helped. Mr Sid Barnes with stories. Mr. Don Cassett and Mr. Dave Brown for their assistance with the Mac. Jennifer Holtz helped proof read stories. Lisa Merrill and Dave Kamp provided us with many excellent photos. Ken Savoy Co-Editor Mike Hamman Co-Editor Greg Stephens Advisor lu-5 4 Q 44' jj ax 1 1- U qn, 1 lklkl , . If nik". 'v',,,, . s' 'L A'AB l'1'x , K . I 1' ,' I '.N'n ww. JW ' x LX ,. 1 cl. I sy!! 5 . I 6.4! y I . a 1 1 I Ain' ' ru, ' 1-" YM' v n xv 'u v ' 4. .I 1 , 1f', 5 '.' ' f v 1 - ' 1 1 - 4 s .A, ' a 5 , IN, r I l n , . . l 1 A . g ' b M 13 . L 4 1 x fm f ff . 'AIIJIM 4 r til" :WL .v X f :- . v I .1 AX '-'I' In 1 I .Gr 1 .'. x ' ' Q I n'-,- 3- , 41ytx'5 ' 'LAY " ' . ,H ,:1'1ti'lL5 '.. 1-r" . .' I, r' ax 1 L- . F w 1 'faux' I ' u 7 lx p I m1'Q .4,Q,. v :mit I 4 ' -. . .gl f . x n .l 1 1' ls- Q 'v 5 ' .q 4, L.

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