Kansas Technical Institute - Liasion Yearbook (Salina, KS)

 - Class of 1985

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Kansas Technical Institute - Liasion Yearbook (Salina, KS) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 40 of 88
Page 40 of 88

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Page 40 text:

,,.......... SU 1.1-' T a na 'K FREN' Tri M Journalcu M Y i-:mea News Edna' C Founded ln 1871 e SCQTT S ' . t News Edflux . A581-9333 FRED VANDEGRIFT, PI'68id8!lf 8Hd Publisher m LARRY MATHEWS' HARRIS RAYL, Editor KAY BERENSON, Executive Editor Loru Bmcx weei Q 090 X I T samsa, News Edna: U v T, rnews, As.-man: News Editor JIM HMG, Nigh- P115 L Salma c?mn1OVe t uldfl Tech-2 W0 GOTER it suggestion that Kansas ed' DME 590966 T e titute in Salma be merg eki 'o merger for KTi guage? e Qa iligas Sg...r..51f.mge, nce to a bad idea. The l of Regents has finally d the idea of merging nical Institute and Kan- versity. ud of an idea from the o schools have differing ie money to be saved a merger would have 9 TGC the b U 1 vi-314-P' Sas b it from ' 1. cred at KTI, however. One Eiga, oi 15:2 with KES. as is I-Executive Director Siaigegga-'ii bility Suggested duriilgd thgfhttxute in woumyggoit caf It might have beengnlneof thoseil ' d esuy. -rS1 ' iter, ,J sion eserves mor t C me Unwen oi the State BC tor Suggested iions that send n. gestion, that a "Regen s e ado guie . - ht -nspira opened by K-State on the KTI cchaiYWa?dogfid8Y- ave 1 pus, is at least interesting. The geqsxtiigen bad? Q, ,. K . ID' , . ter would offer a master s degre business administraf heal 0 or Q K9 a hoo' ficant next to fb' " 'rv' 5 Pafk 5' 10 u A-5 l dy Oveflan Sted , ,S 1 a den Wendell Lawas iirSl Sugiiphk W 0 5 us, th6fe 3, I 3 3 - ' T U1 ' k . It doe?" m adm"T'5'e 1 t . ini Y I 1 h ' t eel stan NP Ll the LE GOTER The intieeits 220 wg the Kansas the ca f grass 10 G m Creech us. BY DAC0,,e5p0ndeQ:xiC3l ln- severiwe directflf Owmch QOVEWSL acl'e5 9 'To mul unsafe kansas Tec - saw exec i Regan 5' ram all S Umvef rd 0 1 pi'03 tv me l A mergih Kansas Swtetitute Ulm. a Eglin? tw0'5'ear -RTS esd8Y, t u5hmem.Grai iualistitutftwln the Salma HKS a Speclax State imlverixiisied his idea Tgate as re exposufef tar Karen irc ' l U 11 00 a - d e me . mo , YY bei' k.:InZ5?:econd'CwEZs told Tuesgigergef tar Kjiggkit ecoulfgoszgxe adniinistfflgzs, that KTlaQei?3e initiage:u1gg2l'S ad' rgyirether 'ge . . iowa Opose 'dea Sa 5200, cauoua mere W mol un ,her K ' El lmplwsk- - of We pr s oi me X muCh as nance edu KSU. A ing we Sc r- ext. we 2 that CUUCS ered supporter task force costs and en yi KTl and rch 09' pvc- tration. task force, Ge 5 H. 1 . - oumumb to-member the KU s at bot ve Yesea d 'mms i' Oi me bankef an reS1denn wr""' 'W ' ' al gram dirnilfo nity an membg ., ., Raliila . .. - mia 9 -. mis ipeath knell souiqdswfor to merge i By DALE GOTER Kansas Correspondent 'he idea of placing Kansas Technical Insti- 1- under the administration of Kansas State 'versity in Manhattan was on its deathbed nesday aftemoon following a special sas Board of Regents study committee zing on the KTI campus. in its place was a new idea - the es- hment of a KSU "Regents Center" on alina KTI campus that would offer a r's degree in business administration her graduate programs. Regents Center would give KTI greater ty, and allow KSU to expand its out- mrogram, supporters said Wednesday. iter would operate from KTI's newly ed Technology Center but would be ietedmand staffed by KSU. - lidyfeommittee will make a report to Ioardubf Regents at its me-nth-f' administrative merger of KTI's two-year pro- gram with KSU's School of Engineering, ac- cording to regents member Larry Jones, Wichita, who was chairman of the special study committee. The idea of a Regents Center - similar to one operated in Kansas City by Kansas Uni- versity - grew out of various discussions in recent days between officials of the two schools and the regents staff as they weighed the pluses and minuses of the proposed merg- er. KSU President Duane Acker noted that his school now offers 32 courses in Salina at five locations. "It seems logical that offering them at one location would be advantageous to us and the consumers of Salina," Acker told the com- mittee. L4 and we come away talking about a Re, Center," said Jones, one of three re, members on the committee. As Wednesday's discussion strayed the merger idea to the Regents Center cept, Salina banker Gerald Shadwick url quick burial for the original purpose fo committee study. "I don't hear K-State saying it's entl about getting KTI," Shadwick said. "I think KTI doesn't want to go. I'd like to let's put that issue to rest." Shadwick suggested several ideas foi proving KTI's image, including the Re, Center, an advisory committee to review school's mission, and consideration of a program in Wichita

Page 39 text:

I 1 Q 51, W . 4 1 , f' 1 Q42 1 1 1 f I 2 , .,,, . .W f 224 ' ,M 0, by y , ff, J w 'Z 'QQ ,,,4 . ,gy 711 it . . W ff ff f If " if Zi 4f Vfjbg f If 0 2 fg if Zfifiyf ,ZW ff ff ' f ffhffw 1 . MX , 4 fc if U A 1 3 ff O f 1 Z , 1 ,Q4 f f . 1 ,,,v. .iff ' v 7 f , A M , Thi' nav I 7 4 ,W ,w' ,gm X K f W fi J ' f V ic? 3 j ew -1 a . i f 1 If X3 I 1 fr A Q' fi fag: 1 , x x ,, ' Z 'f 7 , ,-,, M., M' Michelle Graham CP William Granger ET Ken Grant CP Lee Graybeal CP Gerard Green MT Dennis Greenwood CT Larry Griffith DP Lawrence Guerra MT Jose Gutierrez MT Gail Gutscher Charles Gwaltney DP Jeff Haines DP Conan Hall CT Robert Hanson CT Brad Harper ET Dallas Hart CT

Page 41 text:

I E9 on two key fac I ,Hd la mmm, U. lurnal ge 'few Wmak His o pl ers f mi drubusner K an QEZQKQ poi fg to mer ' t, ge Ig LORI BRACK, Weekend Editor lplgjffahsas GOQM'-'JL s U lard and JIM HMG, Night Editor , A KH ol-,es TER SQ. fxpre Sen. of Re NSJ ponde 6 171 ssed St Ben PGS!! gems X Tl, at ni ' ' Lf 1' b ergef toni' o Thnfche idea friday e Kansa 1? is 'for f? W' y the Kagggposal nsasal Inst fine, Oflik-,331 S tl, 1.21 alfzh S i Stag ltufe gms' 0' Gr S0 a Sf W Ie on! Board ' ' 911, 1, 5, 955 , , K I I 6 Un' 'Q' S 1990- 'Wan gef Jo S "UI ere 'Dig' V B0-ardy twaye don 'Versa' alllia S0111-0 Sas S ne-5' s e to "final Sla offfe ar pro , t . g . .U 1 to V010 a . ,.. . L A- y nes fo ate baald aln fI'0 th rs 311 Lg' afld W- is I - thi graduates were not mtended to com- ff fo 0 Ones faint '9"0e iff f P cadeflzi na t h 'oned 'Om ' 6 6 lete with K-State graduates but to Q . ill positions which required more 8 8 C 8 . T . :tt ,""'ms,j'S0 not af'1v,t,e"' 'Q from Pwr C 'Heal Re 0 th gn, 8 t E19 ence ka s' d ' li Har ffowd . , i . 0 ' e - ' lands-on experience and less theo- is M :Us Digits Cehflerirs 3 long S Study Us Weefn plans t In 'etical knowledge. By all accounts, ' f g, ins,-, Aer IL ef f ' 'z ,On -.har ' d . 0 iTI has fulfilled its mission well. QTI graduates are in "n"""" KSU mera P , - ervin state representat1V9S S task force and from .HHH KTI student b0dY presldent 'f Larry Tllfnq gg 245- lik hallerlged Km n "0mDuter educati mittee If tthe merger W re afraid if we we on meritihiniilthe cost Savings virtually nowexlstent x SaAny advantages fee such as shared r9S33fd demic Pfogfams C h 3 Cooperative throng merger th I. committee an? ae questioned imc? would benefit rather than a sax Although KTI mighg S lack of visibility an t ne a merger lsn met sure ree T ' . S - l --1wer,Oti3B I with K5 Lady said the U co - :End that the reggzgugsi also would recom- Creegh revlglacement for Krflgfeefj With hir- summel.. ose resignation is effgggl If Was Cre . h's - . regeilisy resignation ,ophk to propose glxecutive Director Sfgat ear. Because the r e. merger ea,-her. cated anyway K2 Eideniis pgst would be 'd 0PP01'funiiy to P Said if Would mane CACHE' KSU nt kn0W if I would left on my dom Democrat b th Republican Bob Ott OM M r ' I S 0 - ,, K 'TI lung ' 3 Re mst' a appear , J ation f e ba id zz, es Hts mtmeram W0 ab1lS Sid Tum? 'an ll meet 0 to Publ- Dem S 82 er an falso 1?1c1merge' yfommitzbe ' CO bor rs, two Udes th? he co ee . side Sam, ee R "2 . :nts y I 11128 S or 'ob Of Pf0"e'ar 0 the! pr swenz ' the ' 119 tha I a sm: . . ere Kansas Tech-K State td.. ing ed to at KI FPSIO When Stan Koplik the Board of Regents Executive Director proposed that Kansas Tech merge with Kansas State University at the March 14 Board of Regents meeting mouths fell open in total surprise President Tom Creech was dumbfounded since there had been no previous indication of such a proposal Harlan Ross was stupetied After the news broke in the Salina Journal that following Saturday a wave of panic spread throughout the student populus The questions and potential ramifications caused faculty and staff to carefully peruse the effects of such a merger Though some felt that cozying up to K State would benefit our high tech campus the vast malority disagreed with Koplik s proposed merger. On April 30 the selected members who made up the Feasibility Study Committee met at Kansas Tech. The predominant attitude of members rang clearly throughout the four-hour meeting. Merging the two schools would not produce the desired effects listed by Stan Koplik in his original proposal. At the second meeting in June, the question ot merger was dispelled entirely. All present felt that Kansas Tech would serve the state, community and its students better if left to pursue its mission ,- without K-State. age n lik ica ha i e contr I w I nst ontri uc I wa of thi he si: D0Sal O ' 1 9 - i 3 S A ' in Q Z I ' f - . , . ' fs f ' 9 el' Plan Fa ls i , is X ' ,5 ofthe House Ways and. fi I a' it f " , - I ' " . . lu' ' ' ' s ' f s r . woudbe nf Enaneruimegl., ,-?T?'Tdms the of the Pi r t r t i l -, ' - - 1, L. 1 xl. 0 4 . u I . ' Q . - . I 1 7 ' ' 9 . . , . i t U . . . . I d 1, , . ' 'd, , ' . 965, . V ' ' I l , ' ' - . . . . ,, . , Sta I I I . e Z 'I IT I T I d 2 7lStI'3tlV8 structupecgffgfig a different ad? 0 new estimate ' S of C . i 8 merger wer ost SaV"'8S res ' Carefully , I WUI look . thinks ' Swenson at It S . Cause ifitfnay be a 0 aid.

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