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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1998 volume:

:d ' W f M:i 3 i— v l? UKRAINE SWITZ -fll ' i ' HUN Y ' n % SLOy-CnSI ROMANIA ( ui v?;.- buijgaria A. MACp 7 - -{ lUH tY __4 LEBANON, ' - isiael :X.IRAQS -gj 1 ' jpRDANN ' __ ■kkiwAIT QATi SAUDI ARABIA KAZAKHSTAN yUZBBCISTAN . ' - " z " " ' ' ■- -KYRGYZSrAN .TURKMENISTAN Tajikistan CHINA f ' Vladivostok, ' . Beijing «, - north a «®r i 7 KOREA JAPAN _,_,- Tokyo 9 Osaka INDIA ■n -I BHl TAN. BANGLADESH f-. I jvT ' " ' ■ .- ralriitta VBURMA - UdltUUd (MYANMAR) ' ) , - ,. «. THAILAND ....Bangkok jz Christmas .•CA.MBODIA ■ Day ' . lNKA MALDIVES UGANDA , -Ab YA! . CONGO {RWANDA® Nairobi (ZAIRE) ip " " " ' ' ° ' Y TANZANIA Northern Mariana Islands (U.S.) Gu m (u.s ' r .... , UNB mai ysaV ( ANGOLA -f- •.ZAMBIA - ' I ' — -- " . 1 r ZIMBABWE. S NAMIBIA), ' .l botswanTS SOUTH ' -i THO AFRICA SEYCHB±ES COMOROS INDIA ' y Easter MAURITIUS OCEAH aKlGApORE A f :==i7 p I N D oJ N Jakarta =CSo . PAUU FEDER STATE MICRON ■ PAPUA 7i) i NEW Oi ' ; I GUINEA C Map furnished by Nystn Melbourne 7 " Tasmania " " ■■ " -y7 Montreal XI z - O z San Francisco San Diego ' Chicago; UNITED STATES MEXICO New York HonQ|ukJ- ' ' 4 ' ' wa ' ' ..♦•• ?(u,s.) ..♦♦ Thanksgiving Day ,. PACjitiC f : ■ EQUATOR KIRIPATI fl Tpkelau; E TUVALU (N Z ) ■1 Wallisand SAMQA Futuna ' i. ' " - ,p , y Samoa .♦ (US.) C3 d ■ • ° ' ■■ " ■ ' ■• i ., French £ - " •5 Niue Islands Polynesia Z IVIexico City BAHAMAS " " haitivDom.rep. ' .BEUZE OCEAN guatemala;;honduras aSALVADOR TONGA (N,Z.) (N.Z.) Auckland NEW ZEALAND (Fr.) PANAMA Bogota •VENEZUaA) GUYA COLOMBIA , ' C i ' ' i Table Of Contents c 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-15 16-25 26-33 34-41 42-47 48-49 50 52 54 56 60 61 62 64 66 68 72 76 80 82 84 86 87 88 92 96 History, Mission, Coat of Arms, Capt Young Leaving San Diego CO, XO, CMC Operations Department Engineering Department Combat Systems Department Nav Admin Supply Air Detachment and Flight Quarters Crypto Detachment Warfare Quals, Advancements, ReenUstments Shellback Mail Call Dessert Duck Mail Buoy Watch Athletics Fitness Club Mr Mrs JYG Oddball Statistics Project Handclasp Steel Beach Picnics Holidays Guam and Hawaii Phucket, Thailand Bahrain and Dubai (Persian Gulf Experience) Australia Impressive Views MIO in the Gulf Ship Picnic in Bahrain VIP Visits to JYG Poem Tiger Cruise HOMECOMING Staff Page Facts Figures The USS John Young is the third destroyer named in honor of Capt John Young, Continental Navy ( 1740-1781), a gallant and daring officer who lost his life in the struggle for independence during the American Revolution. John Young began his seafaring career at an early age in the colonial merchant marine. A master mariner before the first shots of the revolution were fired, the Continental Con- gi-ess honored him with a commission and command of the sloop-of-war INDEPENDENCE. Capt Young protected American sh ipping in the West Indies and raided British merchantmen whenever and wherever the opportunity arose. While in command of the INDEPENDENCE, Capt Young par- ticipated in the first salute of recognition to the American flag from a foreign power. Capt Young went on to command two other Continental Navy vessels, the IMPERTNENT and the SARATOGA. In August of 1780, while enroute to home waters from the French colony of Martinique in the 18 gun sloop-of-war SARATOGA, Captain Young captured four enemy vessels after a close engagement with two of them simultaneously. Shortly after taking his nineteenth prize on 20 March 1781, Capt Young ' s career was cut short. While sailing in company with French and American ships, the SARATOGA became separated in a storm and was never seen again. The USS John Young is a modern, multi-mission warship whose primary missions are offensive strike warfare and submarine warfare. It is the eleventh SPRUANCE class destroyer, built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Four General Electric LM- 2500 gas turbine engines are marine versions of those used on DC-10 and C-5A aircraft. Twin control- lable-reversible pitch propellers provide the ship with a degree of maneuverability unique among warships of this size. Keel Laid Commissioned Length Beam Displacement Complement Armament Aircraft Propulsion Speed 17 February 1975 20 May 1978 563 feet 4 inches 55 feet 9000 tons 22 Officers, 22 Chief Petty Officers 300 Enlisted Personnel MK41 Vertical Launch System Two 5 inch 54 Caliber Gun Mounts Two Triple MK32 Torpedo Tubes NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System Rolling Airframe Missile Harpoon Missile System Two 20mm Phalanx Close-In-Weapon-Systems (CIWS) Two SH-60B LAMPS MKIII Helicopters Four General Electric LM-2500 Engines Marine Gas Turbine Engines 30+ Knots Coat of Arms The Coat of Ai-ms is a heraldic reminder of the ship ' s name- sake, Capt John Young. The shield is a tri-color design. The upper portion is scarlet, middle white and the lower portion is Independence blue. Throughout Capt Young ' s service, he worked with France who was helping the then fledgling American nation in their struggle for independence. This association is shown by the fleur-de-lis in the upper part of the shield and the tri-color design representing the national colors of the U.S. and France. In Aug. 1780, enroute from the French Martinique to the United States aboard the 18 gun sloop-of-war SARATOGA, Capt Young captured four enemy vessels after a close en- gagement with two of the ships simultaneously. This deed is symbolized by the wavy bar with four stars. On 20 March 1781, Capt Young ' s ship the SARATOGA, sailing in com- pany with French and American ships, was lost at sea dur- ing a storm and never seen again. This loss is symbolized by the anchor without cable. The mast with sail hoisted is symbolic of the Continental sloop-of-war SARATOGA, Capt Young ' s last command. The coat of arms of the early Ameri- can Young family is represented by the red rose on the sail. The ship ' s motto: ' Trends La Mer Avec Courage " means To The Sea With Courage. IMPRESSIVE SHOTS IMPRESSIVE SHOTS COMMANDING OFFICER Douglas W. Harris Commander U.S. Navy Commander Douglas Wayne Harris, a native of Silver City New Mexico, entered the Naval Re- serve Officer Training Corps at the University of New Mexico in August of 1974. He was commis- sioned and awarded a bachelor of Arts degree on May 16, 1978. Following his commissioning Commander Harris served as Damage Control Assistant in USS HENDERSON DD-785 and later as Fire Control Officer aboard USS HORNE CG-30. His first shore tour came at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California where he was awarded a Master of Science degree in Administration in December 1984. Commander Harris then served as Combat Systems Of- ficer aboard USS SPRUANCE DD-963 then served on the Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe staff, in Oslo Norway as the Maritime Exercise Communications Officer. In 1991 he returned to sea as Executive Officer aboard USS RENTZ FFG-46. Prior to assuming command of USS JOHN YOUNG Commander Harris served on the Chief of Naval Personnel staff in the Officer Plans and Career Management Division as Head, Officer Professional Devel- opment Branch, where he was designated a proven subspecialist in manpower and personnel analysis. Commander Harris has been awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Merito- rious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, and the Navy Achievement Medal, in addition to various campaign and service medals. He has deployed to the Western Pacific, South America, and the Arabian Gulf Commander Harris is married to the former Judy Lynn Cramond of Albu- querque New Mexico. They have one son, Wes, who is 16 years old. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Norman W. Galer, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Norman Wayne Galer, a native of Enid, Oklahoma, became a graduate of Oklahoma State University in 1983. He entered the navy through Officer Candidate School into the Nuclear Power Training Program. Following Nuclear Power School « Prototype Training, and Division Officer Basic Ti-aining, his first tour was onboard USS CARL VINSON CVN-70 as the Chemistry and Radiological Controls Assistant where he qualified as Engineering Officer of the Watch, Sur- face Warfare Officer, and earned his Nuclear Engineer Certification. His sub- sequent tour was in USS GRIDLEY CG-21 as Combat Information Center Officer, where he completed his Tactical Action Officer Qualifications. His shore assignment was as an instructor for the Nuclear Power School in Orlando, FL in the Officers Department. Upon completing Department Head School he returned to sea aboard USS MERRILL DD-976 as the Operations Officer. He then returned for a second tour in USS CARL VINSON CVN 70 as the Reactor Electrical Assistant. Af- ter completing the Executive Officers Course he assumed the duties as XO for USS JOHN YOUNG, during this tour he has completed the requirements for his Command at Sea Qualification. LCDR Galer s awards include the Navy Commendation Medal with two Gold Stars and the Navy Achievement Medal, in addition he wears vari ous campaign and sei-vice medals. He has deployed to the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, Eastern Pacific and the Ai-abian Gulf LCDR Galer is married to the former Joyce Senkle of San Diego, they have three sons, one age seven and five year old twins. Thomas E. Punda, EMCM (SW SS) Master Chief Petty Officer Thomas E. Punda, from Riverhead, New York enlisted in the navy on June 28 1971. After Recruit Training at Great Lakes, Illinois, he first served aboard AE-26, the USS KILAUEA, then in USS JOHN ADAMS SSBN 620, USS JAMES MONROE SSBN 622, USS BONEFISH SS 582 all home-ported in Pearl Harbor HI. In 1977 MCPO Punda returned to Great Lakes for ' C-7 ' school, and then remained as a Gyrocompass Instructor at the training center. Master Chief Punda re- turned to sea aboard USS ANDREW JACKSON SSBN 619 in Groton, CT and also onboard USS GREENLING SSN 614 during an overhaul in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, he then sei-ved as Chief of the Boat aboard USS LOUISVILLE SSN 724. In 1990 he returned to Electric Boat Shipyard, Groton, CT and was assigned as the first Chief of the Boat for the initial manning, construction, and commissioning of Pre-Com Unit, USS ANNAPOLIS SSN 760. Master Chief Punda then served ashore as the Command Master Chief Naval Submarine Support Facility Groton, CT. Master Chief Punda completed the Senior Enlisted Academy and reported as USS JOHN YOUNG ' s ' CMC in October of 1997. MCPO Punda ' s award ' s include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal with Gold Star and the Navy Achievement Medal with two Gold Stars, in addition to various campaign and service medals. He is married to the former Laurie Benjamin of Riverhead New York, they have two daughter ' s, Jennifer, seventeen, and Michelle, fourteen. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF Supply Department c I y X I T LT Ray Supply Dept Head LTJG Cxabriel Navigator NavlAdminlMedical PNC (SW) Schweitzer Admin LCPO MAC (SW) Briggs Master At Arms Chief HMl Dockstader iiiiini minm n i »t il ' ]UL HM3 Cole Navigators EMCM(SW) Jimenez Nav LCPO QMKSWtGuriel Nav LPO QM2 Ray 10 Admin Division « YNl Larose Admin LPO NCKAWlAlford CCC YN2 Miller PN3 (SW) Carrasco __£» ■ ' ■ kg " " 4WS(S!iw« Lif f- " - Ikaui n vM jj - ■% Phbh m 1 AtWia- PN3 Mason YN3 Wilder 11 S3 Division 12 S4 Division Lt Kinsman Supply Div(O) DKl Aiidres S4LP0 DK3 San Juan PC3 Baker DKSN Brunson 13 SI Division 14 S2 Division MSC (SW) Velasco MSI Guizar MS2 Cintron MS2 Bustin MS2 Manangan Supply Dept LCPO S2 Div LPO MS3 Ancheta MSSN Moore MSSN Russell MSSN Mullm MSSN Maples 15 Engineering Department M LT Darlak Engineering Dept Head 16 MP Division n mm LTRigney GSECS (SWi Raney GSEC (SW) Rouse GSMC (SW) Kaylor GSMKSW) Deadman MP Division Officer MP LCPO MP LPO 17 MP Division GSE2 Lass GSE ' 2 Malunes GSE2 Racela GSM2 Samples GSM2 Walls GSM3 Gonzalez GSE3 Kirk GSE3 Lopez GSM3 Pittsley GSM3 Thomas 18 MP Division GSEFN Harmon GSMFN Henderson GSMFN Hinojos GSEFN Jimenez GSEFN Sarria FA Garcia GSMFA Johnson FRArmijo GSMFR Nguyen FR Vasquez 19 A Division LTJG Cruz A Div Officer ENC(SW)Housden A Div LCPO ENl Smith ALPO 20 A Division ENl iSWiNunnallv EX2 Faulkner EN2 Miller EN3 Fowler ENS Rector EXFX Roden ENFX H; ENFA Moralei- FR Lobars 21 E Division ENS Anderson E Div Officer EMl(SW)Resolme E Div LPO ICl McCormick 22 E Division r EM2 Schollars IC2 Brvant EM2 Diaz IC3 Paul ' , Si - % f f R ' B m ■ 1 V •A ICFN Rot EMFN Santos EMFN Mohajer EMFN Ramos 23 R Division LTJG Donnelly R Div Officer DCl (SW) Rondeau DCl (SW) Beirigei R Div LPO HTl (SW) Dunn DCl Miller 1 " 1 Q rl i " ' - iw lA DC3 Horn MR3 Jai-vi DCS Lumsden HT3 Priz HTFN Bvrn 24 R Division HT2 Dziendziel HT2 Schneiderman DC2 Wilg DCS Brooks DC3 Field HTFNLexin HTFN McNeil DCFN Silveri HTFN Stewart DCFN Tremain 25 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT Lt. STEVEN OKUN COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER Combat Systems Department is made up of the people and equipment that allow John Young to meet today ' s multi-warfare needs. John Young ' s main arsenal is the Tomahawk Cruise missile and vertical launched anti-submarine rockets launched from the MK 41 Vertical Launching Sys- tem. Surface support comes from two MK 45 5-inch guns and harpoon missiles. The Rolling Airframe Missile, Sea Sparrow Missile and the MK 15 Close-In-Weapons System provide our self protection. Also not forgotten is all the communications and electronic gear that keep everything operating in sync. These systems are currently being maintained by the people on the following pages. Some are outstanding techs, some just work hard, and some of the others are just here to keep us laughing and smiling. During this deployment we lost some valued talent and gained new people with fresh ideas: fr om our department head to our lowest seaman we maintained our tactical edge and managed to still have fun. These are the people who worked hard, played hard and made it all happen... ' SCJ - MICHAEL DEBENEDETTI ' V COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER •I 26 CF Division - Ens Rabara Division Officer FCC (SW) Day Div LCPO FCl (SW) Garland Div LPO FC2 Rhoades FC3 Simons FC3 Trombino FC2 Earwood F( ' 2 McDonald FCSN Eckberg 27 CE DIVISION CW02Duarte ETC(SW) Mergen DSKSW) Maatubang DS2 Badiola " Hey kids, can we cut? " CE Div takes care of their own Schu: " A short hike my @ %! " ET2 Bottema 28 CE DIVISION DS2 Wilkerson ET3 Anderson DS3 Howton 29 CA Division IH LTJG Carroll CA Div Officer STCxl (SW)O ' Dell STG3 Bottego STGCS Nickel CA LCPO TMl Betancourt CA LPO STG3 Pallecchi 30 CA Division -l STG2Natwick STG2 (SW) Turner STG3 Ti-otta STG3 Landry STGSN Flannigan STGSN Langford STGSN Rvan 31 CM DIVISION Ltjg Gonzalez Strike Officer GM2(SW)Beechum GM2 McBee Ens Moroney Strike Officer GMl Lavergne ertical rSystem GMC(SW)Staton Division LCPO GM2(SW) Knoll GM3 Moody GM3 Peterson 32 CM DIVISION CG DIVISION Ltjg Miller Gunnery Officer FCC(SW) Donald GMC(SW) Fergueson 34 CG DIVISION GM3 Andrews FC3 Colt FC3 Damico gm 35 Operations Department ' 3 LT Spragxie Operations Dept Head STGCS(SW)Hess f % ' 9 % f » 36 OI Division LTJG Pettit 01 Division Officer OSC (SW) Wood 01 LCPO OSl (SW) Roddy OILPO OSl (SW)Alingas OSl Jones 37 OI Division 0S2 Clark 0S2 Morales 0S2 Nixon OS2(SW) Perez 0S2 Raymond 38 OI Division 0S3 Gargan 0S3 Kwalwasser 0S3 Saldivar 0S3 Short 0S3 VandeBrake 39 OD Division kVHK H kVi B i ma A LTJGLahti BMCS (SW) Morris BMKSW) Colon BM2Amavisca BM2 Hodges BM2 (SW.) Novansackey BM2 Root BM3 Gebken 40 OD Division BM3 Goddard BM3 Sather BM3 Israel BM3 LaFlamme BM3 Mullen BM3 Scott BM3 Seamans SN Geary 41 OD Division BMSN Keyes SN Rattigan SN Roach SN Walters SN Wright SA Checchi SA Jones SN Rocha 42 OD Division SN Smith SA Bentley SA Penna SN Thompson SA Wilhts Sli Alk ' viK SR Tian son 43 OW Division LTJG Kelly Division Officer EWC(SW)Belliard ISl(SW) Teasdale EWl (SW) Blakeslee EW2 Diventi Division LCPO Division LPO 44 Crypto Detachment LT Mbuthia Division Officer CTOl Sykes Division LPO CTM2 Brown CT02 Cruz CTR2 Niebauer CT03 Delouise CTRSN Mullenix CTRSN Welch 45 AIR DEPARTMENT w ' ' 5 Oj-j. EVEREADY Lt Brooke iSS JOHH rOOUfi 00-973 iSL FOUR FIVE OET NIN£ Lt Smith 46 AIR DEPARTMENT Ltjg Bauernschmidt Ltjg Nelson AECS( AW) Walsh ADKAW) Campano AW2(NAC) Apple AMS2( AW ) Behrends AW2( AW NAC ) Berardi AW2( NAC ) Borders AD2 Brown AD2( AW ) Cortes 47 AIR DEPARTMENT AE2(AW)Hale AZ2 Nieto AT2 Salazar A02 Wetherhold AE3 Cruz 48 AIR DEPARTMENT AE3 Howard AT3 Rodriquez ADAN Flores AMSAA Kimbril " Wolfie " 49 FLIGHT QUARTERS FLIGHT QUARTERS Quals Achieved Reenlistments BMCS Morris DCl Rondeau PNC Schweitzer SHI Mathis GSEC Raney ESWS CMC PNC Schweitzer 0S2 Wilson 0S2 Nixon 0S2 Morales STGl Natwich GM2 Wiebers ICl McCormick IC2 Paul GM2 Beechum 52 Goals Attained ■U " swo LTJG Cruz LTJG Gonzalez LTJG Donnelly LTJG Lahti LTJG Carroll OOD ENS Francis ENS Anderson LTJG Gonzalez LTJG Carroll EOOW LTJG Cruz GSEC Raney GSEC Rouse ENC Housden GSE2 Lass GSM2 Karber 53 Cross the Line L xtK kc Wog Day 55 Wog Day Wog Day ■■1. ■i ' pw _ KWk eBPHpN H " ' " BlH B i |9v ■ipi fiiBli- il 57 Athletics Fitness Cuinpetitiun Winners Bench Press Winners Squat Winners Light: SKSN Truong DCS Fields Medium: IC3 Davila IC3 Davila Heavy: FC3 Eai-wood Earwood BM3 Gebken Light Female: LTJG Nelson LTJG Nelson Hvy Female: LTJG Donnelly LTJG Donnelly Push ups Sit ups Pull ups Men: IC3 Davila GM3 Vanderhorst IC3 Davila Women: LTJG Donnelly LTJG Donnelly Donnelly Nelson WINNERS OF THE JOHN YOUNG FITNESS TITLE Mr John Young: IC3 Davila MS John Young: LTJG Donnelly 58 On and OffJYG Fitness Club Top 20! l.XO 761.1 2. B12 584.0 3. Donnelly 534.4 4. Nickel 474.0 5. Mbuthia 447.4 6. Wiskow 427.0 7. Clark 371.0 8. CMC 363.7 9. Schweitzer 288.6 10. Roppolo 274.3 11. Pettit 270.5 12. Li 247.5 13. Hawkes 238.9 14. Nelson 233.3 15. Brown, S. 230.0 16. Jimenez 227.6 17. Lass 222.5 18. Nunnally 219.0 19. Dockstader 208.7 20. Staton 197.5 59 WHAT YOU ATE?! .c ° : o: l ca ' i Consumption Rice Hamburgers Milk Eggs Coffee Apples Cereals Bacon Ground Beef Chicken Orange Juice, frozen Ham American Cheese Deployment 5,425 lbs 2,772 lbs 2,394 gal 5,670 dz 630 lbs 4,109 lbs 18,130 boxes 756 lbs 6,125 lbs 12,607 lbs 1,050 cans 2,961 lbs 1,925 lbs Cost of Carbonated Beverages during meals: $20,958 BURGER KING MS L 60 PROJECT HANDCLASP 61 STEEL BEACH STEEL BEACH HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE PACIFIC Island Visits B S HI J Tropical Paradise TV ' .-W ' Ky- ' ■ Phucket fi - Thailand Phucket Thailand Bahrain Dubai Bahrain Dubai PerthlFreemantle lA «iL -i| ME TO WESTERN AUSTRA Australia Sydney Australia I w IMPRESSIVE SHOTS Tiger Cruise 82 Relatives Ride MWR PICNIC XX MWR PICNIC VIP ' s Visit 86 For the Day 87 MIO OPS VBSS MIO OPS VBSS i ' il i " Tj • CJS ' ]J - sL UKRAINE ' --T l (Vl BULGARIA yyC, L£BANON,- - -X,, " RAQ IRAN vhT ' " ' C KAZAKHSTAN ? MnMr n.iA - m ' an " ;? .. 3..- J L. MONGOLIA _.-• UZBEKISTAN , ' -- - --• ' r- I ' -•-.• v--KYRGYZSrAN jurkmenistan -Yajkistan • A CHINA INDIA bangud 1 " ■ ' ) . Vladivostok, ' . Bei)ing 7 north a " V KOREA JAPAN v SOUTH r KaREA Tokyo Shanghai! " 9 Osaka Taipei , J, ,. , .. -, _ ( TAIWAN Pfllriitta - ' BURMA -r , V-i - r V dll Ulld (MYANMAR) XU HOnQ m u ' ' LAOS 7 Lr ' ' Northern Tihau- Tui„A,n - ' 0 " 9 n Mariana TlDay THAILAND vtr J Lnllo " elands mbai) _„.o...eangl(ok._jf y nila , 5, j ■• Christm s CA!MB DIAjf ' " ' • ■ l ' . : Da ) t.- ' - PHIUPpHlfe (US.)-.... Year ' s: rBombay ' hailand ? " • ' (Mumbai) „... Bangkok I 1 J ■ Christmas .CAJ ib0DIA ' Day " ■ CONGO RWANDA® Nairobi ?. (ZAIRE) f " " " " ' " Y TANZANIA mal vsiaV ■ MgaFor ' e PALAU I N D iA N °i Vd oJ n e i Jakarta - CSo " 49 Oo c= 2 FEDER STATI MICRO i TpAPUA }i) ; I GUINEA MAURITIUS Easter Tasmania Map furnished by Nystrom a Divrsion of Herff Jones Kerquelen I. " (Fr.) lRSHALL LANDS 73 o z 4 -y r Montreal San Francisco San DiegjF UNITED STATES MEXICX) New York HonnlukT- ' - Wtvaii ..•• 0. (us.) Thanksgiving Day Mexico City KIRIBATI Auckland NEW ZEALAND BAHAMAS AITI DOM.REP. ' .BEUZE OCEAN )LOMON IS Tokelau • TUVALU (N Z ) : JATUV Walllsand SAMO Futuna .t - r Samoa .; French - " • " .•• Nlue Islands Polynesia - ■■ (N.Z.) TONGA (N.Z.) (Fr.) GUATEMALA;T ONbURAS NICARAGUA STARICftv elsalvadorV .. 1„. ANICARA COSTARICA Galapagos Is. (Ecuador) [ . PANAMA ' I VENEZUELA GUYAN COLOMBIA ' iT ( DPANAM -i fy ' ..VENEZUELA Bogota ECUADOR Santiago ' O V Falkland Is. " .j (U.K.) 1 Buenos Aire

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