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fmvmsmmi wmM: ' m: ' ; ' ' v y - ■ , .W ■1 If ■M RA]lUyM GULe 199 m mri ;mM ' mmiaii}mimi4 J ' ■■ ' PP ' C ,, » l .V -ivr I ' yf. in V jS . -M USSJOHN YOUNG (DD 973) ! of USS JOHN YOUNG ff)D 973) ! irated by a ._ bite. J Jobn Young was appointed in the Continental Navy from Philadelphia in 1776 and received his Captain ' s commission in October of that year ' Duringmucb of his period of s — ' " " ' j-.-j — -•.!- w l. in August of 1780, while J ..:boIaed by the wavy bar with four s On 20 March 1781, Captain Young ' s ship, the SARATOGA, sailing in ■ rr- . J ' ' an ships, bee ' ' ' ilh Coiin-„- ' SS JOHN YOUNG. USSJOHN YOUNG is a modern, multi-mission warship capable of oper- ating as either an offensive strike warfare or an antisubmarine platform as its primary mission. The ship is the eleventh " Spruance " class destroyer, built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries, Pascagoula, MISS. It is a member of the first class of ships in the U.S. Navy to have gi turbine power. The four General Electric LM-2500 engines are marine ve sions of those used on DC-10 and C-5A aircraft and can drive the ship in excess of 30 knots. Twin controllable-reversible pitch propellers provide JOHN YOUNG with a degree of maneuverability unique among warships of its size (563 feet long and displacing 9000 tons). In its strike platform role, state-of-the-art computer and satellite technol- ogy allow JOHN YOUNG too launch up to 61 precision-guided TOMA- HAWK cruise missiles from its MK 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS) at land or sea targets as much as 650 miles distant. In its antisubmarine role, JOHN YOUNG employs a sonar that is the most advanced underwater detection and fire control system yet developed. In addition, JOHN YOUNG can embark two SH-60 LAMPS antisubmarine helicopters to pro- vide enhanced detection capability and extend the range of the ship ' s weapons systems. Other modern weapons systems include: two MK 45 lightweight 5-inch guns for use in shore bombardment, anti-air and anti- surface missions; Harpoon anti-ship missile system; two triple-barrel MK 32 torpedo tubes; and the NATO Sea Sparrow antiaircraft missile system. JOHN YOUNG is also fitted with the SLQ-32 Electronic Counter Mea- sures system and two Vulcan-Phalanx Close-In-Weapons Systems (CIWS) as a defense against missiles. Crew comfort and habitability are integral elements to JOHN YOUNG ' S design. Berthing compartments for over 300 crew members are spacious and the ship is equipped with amenities such as crew ' s lounge, library, gymnasium, class room, and ship ' s store. COAT OF ARMS CAPTAINJOHN YOUNG BIBLIOGRAPHY WMMiMmmlEuMmmMimmW] The USS JOHN YOUNG fDD 973) is the third destroyer named in honor of Captain John Young, Continental Navy (c 1740-1781), a gallant and dar- ing officer who lost his life in the struggle for independence during the American Revolution. John Young began his seafaring career at an early age in the colonial " ' ' ,,,-.• ,. ..- of the revolution i commission and the command of the sloop-of-war INDEPENDENCE. Cap- tain Young ' s mission was the protection of American shipping in the West Indies, and the raidii opportunity might arise. While in command of the INDEPENDENCE, Cap- tain Young delivered important diplomatic dispatches to the American del- egation to France, headed by Doctor Benjamin Franklin, and participated in the first salute of recognition to the American flag from a foreign power. Captain Young went on to command two other Continental Navy vessels, the IMPERTNENT and the SARATOGA. In August of 1780, while enroute to home waters from the French colony of Martinique in the 18 gun sloop- of-war SARATOGA, Captain Young captured four enemy vessels after a close engagement with two of them simultaneously. _ ' ■ Shortly after taking his nineteenth prize on March 20, 1781, Capta ' " Young ' s career was suddenly cut short. While sailing in company " French and American ships, the SARATOGA became tepaaled in » s and was never seen again. ■ Jf ' ikx us S JOHN YOUNG (DD 973) ARABIAN GULF 1992 TABLE OF CONTENTS FAREWELL SAN DIEGO 4 OPERATIONS DEFT 45 CDR SCHULTZ 8 SUPPLY DEFT 56 CHANGE OF COMMAND 9 AIR DEFT 62 CDR CONWAY 10 LIBERTY PORTS 65 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS 11 DAILY LIFE 82 WARDROOM 12 STEEL BEACH PICNICS 86 MASTER CHIEF 15 PEOPLE 88 CHIEFS ' MESS 16 HEADING HOME 90 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEFT 19 TIGER CRUISE 91 ENGINEERING DEFT NAV ADMIN MEDICAL 31 41 HOMECOMING CRUISEBOOK COMMITTl 93 :E 96 FAREWELL SAN DIEGO ... See vou in six months! Together with t imil . That ' s mv babv! r-rr-] Ready %o , — — s.„; ON OUR WAY.,, COMMANDING OFFICER CDR Scbult7, J njtive of Diego, Cjlifornij, .ittcnded luglj fichool in Groton, Conncclicut .i iii subsequently grjdujted (mm Crjw- ford High School in San Diego. He completed his undergraduate degree from San Diego Slate University in 1972 whereupon he entered Officer Candidate School, Newport, Rhode Island, receiving his commission in November 1972. From January 1973 to fanuar - 1975, Commander Schulty was assigned to VSS McKEAN (DP 7S4) as Combat Information Center and Electronic Warfare Officer. In March 1975 he was reassigned to LSS BROOKi: (FFG 1) as Gunnery and Missile Officer, later assuming duties as Main Propulsion .Assistant. .After completing the Surface War- fare Officer School Department Head course in 1977, he assumed duties as Engineer Officer of VSS PAUL F. FOSTER (DD 964). In December 1982, CDR ScbulU joined the I ' RE-COMM Unit of USS CROMMELIN (FFG 37) as Executive Officer. From November 1984 to lunc 198b he was assigned to the staff of COMCARGRU 7 as Assis- tant Surface Operations Officer. Next, CDR Schultz was assigned as the Surface Warfare ICDR Detailer at the Naval Militarv Personnel Command from AUG 1986 to JUN 1988. Most recently, he attended Har- vard Universitv as a Graduate Stu- dent, completing his masters degree in lUN 1989. CDR SchulU assumed command of USS JOHN YOUNG in JUN 1990. His personal decorations include the Navv Commendation Medal with two gold stars, and the Navy- Achievement Medal. CDR P.S. SCHULTZ JUN 1990 - APR 1992 TIME OF CHANGE ... APRIL 17, 1992 . , i r CDR P. S. Schultz says his goodbyes. CDR R. T. Conway, ]R assumes command. " I relieve you, sir! ' Proud moments. Ihe crew watches . n C. 4 B ) % - y Ml ' It. - ' r COMMANDING OFFICER CDR R. T. CONWAX JR APR 1992 - PRESENT CDR Convvjv was bom in VVilkes- Hjrn; I ' A on 01 JUL l W. He grjdujt- cd from SI. rj;icis College, Loretto, I ' A in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and was commissioned an Ensign through Officer Candidate School the same year. CDR Conway ' s Sea Duty Assignments commenced on board L.SS VI SOI I: rDD 878), where he ser ed as Main I ' ropulsion Assistant and . nti Submarine War- fare Office. Subsequent sea duty tours included: L.SS TOWERS IDDG 9), Chief Engineer; LSS BAI - BRIDC.E (CC 25), Combat Systems Officer; and Executive Officer of USS GRIDLEY ICG 21). Additionally, CDR Conway served as Chief Staff Officer for COMDESROS ' 17. CDR Conway ' s last Sea Tour was on the Staff of the Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific lleet Propulsion Exami- nation Board, where he served as Senior Examiner for Steam Propul- sion. Duties ashore have included Officer Candidate School, Tactics Instructor and Progams Officer and the Senior Test Director for the Tom- ahawk Missile Program, Deputy Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Forces Pacific. CDR Con- way received his Master ' s Degree in Education from Providence College, Providence, Rl in MAY 1979. .Addi- tionally, he graduated from . ational Defense University ' s Industrial Col- lege of the .Armed Forces in May 1989. Personal Decorations include three awards of the Meritorious Ser- vice Medal, two awards of the avy Commendation Medal, and various senice medals and unit awards. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS LCDR J. J. MCGARRY JAN 1991 - MAR 1992 LCDR K. H. BAXTER MAR 1992 - PRESENT THE WARDROOM LTJG Armstronf; LT]C, Bjsjm LTJG Braun LTJG Chambers ENS Ciccone I ( c f iosi ' hriiii c u.ifi icvs. My Gun! " A true JOHN YOUNG WARRIOR! " Hey, you can ' t do that! " L T Frederick CW02 Colemhieski LT Harrington CW02 Harris LTHassell CBS EMO SUPPO ACICO STRIKE LTHAWKES LTJG KUCHARSKI ENS KUYPERS LTJG LEE LTJG LOI ICO ASWO AUXO GUNNERY LT Lyon LTJC Lom,i LTIC Powell ENS Serenyi LCDR Simon i 7 S ofs vV LTJC Younger CHENG niSBO DCA ELECO OI ' S OPS ISTLT Quest for the " SWO " pin. XO, the Right-Hjnd ljn. I (. ( i.)n? ' frs s,.,if(s u (.(J look: MASTER CHIEF OF THE COMMAND MMCM (SW) R. L. BOWERS X m . j i pj f jp RL lpi W Mways in the middle ... Patrolling the troops. CHIEFS ' MESS ETCS (SW) Alatorre OSCS (SW) Bodzjk ENCS (SW) Coolcy LMCS (SW) Epperson FCC (SW) Gartner r ' C Hernandez SKC (SW) Hettrick CMC (SW) Johnson STGC (SW) Jones ICC (SW) Kelly Cot fee brejk! " Behave or else ... Welcome to my restaurant! Yov name it, we ' ll play it. NO PICTURE AVAIL I I love making Master Chief I ' ay! GMCS KINARD BMC (SW) McClain DCC (SW) Morgan GSMC (SW) Mulcahy ICCMulholland MAC Pangan MSC Ridao EWC (SW) Roxby RMC Shivers STCC (SW) Smith FCCM (SW) Soliday EMC (SW) Toledo GSMC (SW) Travis DSC(SW) Vasquez Cijict " Bo.jJs " in action. COMBAT SYSTEMS DEFT Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Sonar Technician (ST) V Gunner ' s Mate (GM) fA Data Systems Technician (DS) Fire Control Electronics Technician (ET) CA DIVISION STGSN Belew STC2 HiilLnd STC2 Camhridgc STG3 Cogar STC2 (SW) Conti STGl Deshien STC2 Domjngue STC3 Donell STGSiV .ir t ' v TMSN Giles -r 1 r I ! STG3 Hasbrouck STG3 Kelley STCSN Little TM2 McCoy STC3 Miller STC2 (SW) Montgomery STG3 Potter STGl Stoddard STG2 Terry STG2 Trubich STGSN Warren Singapore Sling Anyone? CE DIVISION DS3 Bond DS3 Brennan DS2 Brinkley DS1 Harris DS3 Kinjcrski DS2 (S V) Leon DS3 Smith DS2 Williams ow .1 i iissi i r.if it lii hl. CE ET3 Hankin ETSN Henson m.mmm ' -y ET3 ones Mmmm ETl (SW) Nelson ET3 Pesbek ET3 Riggs ETl Schmidt ET3 Wendt I ' ctty Olticcrot Ihc W.ilch Now ' s chill in ' ! CE .Q SSS fe-- - Sm WS nj ff B Hb H fm SM Bl ff Wired! I . ;i( ( uT J.M .!( the office. LTl receives i NAM. CF DIVISION mMMi .M FC3 Aval OS FC3 Bills fC3 Crabtree FC3 Devaiighn FC2 Donaldson FCl Green FC2 Smith lighter! Life as a Sparmw I cch. CG DIVISION C.iilt.i l(nc f iosf i;iin u ' s CG Life on the " Chain Gang " . Congratulations Cheeseman! FCl Hiatt FC2 Lehlanc GMG3 Leist GMGJ Moore GMG3 Napier FC3 Schmudlach aik GMG3 Troppy SN Willson Mr. Lot kccp ' t order. CM DIVISION FC3 Abranieit CMMSN Archer FC2 Bnicsch CMMl (SW) Check FO Con lee FCJ Embrev rC2 HomsLid GMM3 Long FCl Olivares FC3 I ' fciffer mmmm mAM Trr. rrrr trV ' . rffn • — » — ' — ft f ■ ■ ■ E er ' bod ' s ,i hj ii. ' Chict () i;i )n ri ' ii ' ni ' s .i;i ,i ,ird. CM NO PICTURE AVAIL ' M C,MM3 Pope mikm. O Ramey ; O S.7nfe l-CI Summers GMM3 Taliaferro FC3 Torres CMM3 Tratz f-C3 Zeilman Pfciffcr always gefs his tish CBS ... AT A GLANCE liitic .i i4cf ' M, n I ' ENGINEERING DEFT Machinery Repairman (MR) Hull Maintenance Technician (HT) tMn0 Electrician ' s Mate (EM) COM " mOLM V»j(Dc) THE SNIPES A GANG ENJ Alexander EN2 Bohon EN 3 Bovd A ESP Keepin ' the v jtci thming Vilclcomc to ■true EN 3 Gomez ENl Lambertsen EN3 Munez Conccntrjtinn E DIVISION EMI njiv.ifij EM2 tgelkrniit FN Hilton FN Howard EM3 Jimenez EMFN Murilio EM3 Poll EMFN V ' EMFN VharM EM2 ) oiing n ■« .- V MP DIVISION n Mm mm GSM2 Ahlers GSMFN Bear GSMFN Brown GSMl (SW) Calloway GSM2 Caoli GSEl Carranza GSMFN Christie GSMl Dang ENl (SW) Deheer GSMl Dominguez GSM3 Edwards SN Epely MP DIVISION GSEFN Fernandez GSM3 I ' igueroj GSM3 Gardner GSM2 Hill GSE2 Kober GSE2 Udaw FN Lyon GSM2 Medina GSM2 Ortiguerra GSMI Ortalano CSM2 Ovalle GSMFS Palmer GSM2 Salter GSMFN Sammons GSM3 Suero A motley crew. ItiftM " fliapci ' r. mmMm mmmM MP DIVISION 1 GSE2 Tekaat Ji 9i GSMFN Tran m ft GSM3 Watterud m ■ FR Vanator j: GSMFN Zamora R DIVISION nC2 Chumlilc FN Cohn net Crouch nc 2 ) );iiii i llli liii;! HT2, cjught u i( i lis p.mts down! " Oldies hut C.ooiy i " . " D.incc Contest. mili lostcr DC I Ircdcriek HT2ll.n1not K 7 .n nivs IK IK Holm mmmm mm mm liii HTl (SW) Horn DC! Lenluirdt DC3 Llamas DCFN Long HTFN Marsh DC3 Matthews MRS Mcnew HTFN Nishiyama HT3 Watkins DCFN Wilson DC3 Wood Wake-up call! It ' s gonna be one of those days. r a r — tst: ENG ... AT A GLANCE .AM Wnnt to help? Everyone ' s j comedian. Happiness is a good evap! «? s n i ' , Calloway. NAV ADMIN MEDICAL DEFT. Hospital Corpsman (HM) Personnel man (PN) Yeoman (YN) Postal Clerk (PC) NAVIGATION Cin we help you? Our position is . QM2 Arciero QMl (SW) Bums QM3 Dirickson QM2 Loven QM3 Simpson Sii ii QM2 Loven ... deep into jijv. Ilu- powerof S . P. ADMIN MEDICAL SN (SW) Arredondo PC3 Caton HMl (SW) Dijkm.m HN Ferrell PC2 Gdf iro HM3 Hathaway PNSN Lopez, E. NAV ADMIN MEDICAL ... ATA GLANCE ffl Hi V our tricndlv ncif hborhcod PC ' s! Our favorite (,ind only) SCI. OPERATIONS DEFT. Electronic Warfare echnician (EW) " i Operations Specialist (OS) VOV Radioman (RM) Signalman (SM) Boatswain ' s Mate (BM) Uv ' - - OC DIVISION SM3 Blanquiz RMS Bowser SM3 Burkett KM J (SVV) Flournov RMl Kit-if; RM3 Havnes RMMicUh SMI SW) lones RM2 McCullouch RMSN McDermott mMMMM m A Yes, we planned this! JftMM RM3 Webb keeps track of course and speed. RM3 Miller RM3 Poteat RMSN Regotti RMSN Richardson SM3 Sullivan RMSN Terry RMSN Th lessen SMSN Thomas, C. SMSN Thomas, . RM3 Webb 47 OD DIVISION SN BLuichjrd BM3 CheM SN Christiansen, . SN Christiansen, K SN Cooksey {) contacts (od.n . i;ii ni hcliv .Ml ' NO PICTURE AVAIL mm SN Engler SN Fleming BM3 Foshee SN Garcia, F. BM2 Garcia, R. BM3 Cunn BMl Hagerman BM2 Hinson SN Jeff coat BM3 King ' .j c .iv s .irt ' good days! When is that next anchor pool? m. NO PICTURE AVAIL BM3 Kinyon SN Labor BM2(SW) lovcll SN Malone SN Mendez BM3 Miller SN Niehlas SN Ortiz SN I ' .isilLis SN rbillips SN I ' opp BM3 Rhinciuirt BM2 Smith SN Summers SN Tjvlor NO PICTURE AVAIL i mm. The bojl crew ... working hard. I love this su;(. ' SN Valenzuela SN VVilliam ' i BM3 Wright SN Zipp NO PICTURE AVAIL NO PICTURE AVAIL OI DIVISION IAM.MM OS3 Aguilar, A. OS2 Aguilar, G. OS2 Bacon OS2 Bennett OS2 Fields OS2 Funk OS2 Fuqua 052 (SW) Granse 053 Hale OS2 Hedgeman US2 Hcdgcnian keeps busy. OSSN Hildcnhnind OSl (SW loncs OS1 (SiV)Joons OSl (SVV) Kettering OS3 Uduiw OSSN McCiine OSS McCiiire OS3 Mchols OS2 (SW) Perkins OS2 (AW) Putter NO PICTURE AVAIL MM Mr. B .ind (he Bovs O Charts nre wy life! OI A clean p-way is the only p-way! Great haircut! mm OSSN Schooley OSSN Seitz OS2 Schafer OS2 Stewart OS2 Thompson OSSN Walker OSSN Warren 051 (SW) Wheeler 052 Whitehead OW DIVISION ) Our fjvorile liberty boat ride. ' .ir(V time! EW3 Bird E V3 Bohn ISl Dedominiciis E ' 3 Denson EW1 S V) Henley EW ' l (SW) Shrader E V3 Tekah EW3 r iom ' so i NO PICTURE AVAIL AN OPS GLANCE SUPPLY DEPT. Storekeeper (SK) km - _ ' _ Management ship ' s Service- Disbursing Clerk , Specialist (MS) man (SH) (DK) S-1 S-2 S-3 S-4 m m. m Hli M Btt k ft 4 1 ] MSI Abrahamowicz SHSN Advincula SHJ Andrade DK3 Arenz SKI Balagot MS2 Briones MSI Colgan DKl Cruz SKSN Daniels SH2 iSW) Eyre h ' favorite meal. " We ' re in llie money! " SUPPLY Th inks tor the sodas. SHS Francis SHI Gn-ene MSSA ILiinc. ;s; Holmes SHSA Hussey SS Icnniiif s ;SS () ifis()ji .S,S. 7ofH ' S SHSV M.igcc SK2 XU gno SKSN McCutchan MSSA Ray MS3 Reeves SK3 Samonte DKSN Smith suppn SKSN Stippich MSSN Thomas MSSN Wiles MSSA Willis SK2 Wulf MAI ' - ' Barber cutting the barber! My store ... Prepare good tood or else! T A GLANCE ♦v " " 7 " ' Mess cooking does have its advantages. Serving that fine Navy chow! Dining in. Vc have water ... life is good. AIR DEPARTMENT Back Row (L-R) AW3 Eisenbach, LT Kail, LT Story, LCDR McCloskey, AW3 Grossman, LTJG Clark, ADl Newber- ry, AE2 Darr, ADZ Gerrity, ATC (AW) Slaughter, AMS2 Harwood. Front Row LT Anderson, LTJG Mutlu, AMS2 Heiser, ATS Chawer, A ' 3 Tully, AMH3 Parker, AE2 Huskey, AT2 Adams, AZ2 Green, AEAN Garcia. Time to fly! Oceanlord 25, ready to fly. The work is never done. An l)ct smiles. A minute to relax. " FLIGHT QUARTERS, TLIGHT QUARTERS ... " iaitttli BM2 Smith ands OcL inlord. iNX FOD walkdown. m i • r Um H k r " ' - .i. ILippv " BOATS ' LIBERTY CALL! Put away your swab, take off your headset, sit back and relax as we take a look back on liberty during Arabian Gulf ' 92. Lib- erty was indeed scarce throughout deployment, but whenever we pulled into port, we certainly made the most of it. Follow Buzz as we remember good times on the beach with our friends and shipmates of JOHN YOUNG. Enjoy! PEARL HARBOR Pearl Harbor ijs long been a stop for ships on their way to the Middle East. The beautiful island of Oahu provides incredi- ble scenery with tons of things to enjoy. .Aloha... USS ARIZONA Memorial Conabunga ... It ' s the Wardroom! HAWAII - ! « ' orth ■|i - f ' W A, •11 S5 : -• ' ' - Hawaiian beauty. Shore it«l4«A flMl£ dl Fresh wafer washdown! ALOHA SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES JOHN YOUNG was fortu- nate to have been able to visit Siibic B,iv one List time during Ar.ibi,in Gulf ' 92. As the United States Njvy is forced out of the Philip- pines, ships will no longer enjoy the shores of P.I. The mjny memories, however, are from forgotten. A few are captured here ... ONE FINAL VISIT Even they knew our schedule SINGAPORE I! Ill •••1:1 ■■■■■I • v ■■■•■! . I •••••I Singapore Harbor. Visiting Singapore was an excellent opportunity to experi- ence a unique and far-away culture. All 0 JOHN YOUNG enjoyed the beauty of Singa- pore and the hospitality of its people. Hey, I like this lihcrty idea. THE ARABIAN GULF Finally, we arrived to the region we were sent to protect: the Arabian Gulf. The following several pages are scenes from around the Gulf- of its culture and its people. VVe soon discov- ere d that it is a world apart from what we know and experience in our daily lives as Americans. May these pages serve as a vivid reminder of our hard work and effort spent, as well as the many values learned, during Arabian Gulf ' 92. A familiar sight ... anchored off Bahrain. The CdIJ Souk lit up the nights. a i Chumbley, Sheikh tor a day! DESERT STORM BAHRAIN Home at the Dome! ( .1 770 lockev- Bahrain Sunset. Liberty boat blues. Bahrain nightlife. UNITED ARAB In both Duba; and Abu Dhabi, United Arab tmirates, we experienced a slightly more western culture. Nightlife was very enjoyable as was shop- ping for gold and carpets. Another bright spot of our visit was a " Hump Dav " pool party, providing relief from the heat and more importantly; remind- ed us that we would soon be on our wav home! Chillin ' poolside ... EMIRATES l [ H FCl Embrey lends j helping, lumd. These volunteers spent j djy helping nut j local school in Dubai. KUWAIT CITY A definite highlii ht of our time spent in the Arabian Gulf was our visit to Kuwait City. Many of us got the opportunity to visit a Kuwaiti school and hospital, while others got to see many relics of the war and much of the destruction that still exists in the city. These moments were ones we won ' t soon forget. Peace in the Middle East. MRl spreads some JOHN YOUNG goodwill. PHUKET Bv t r the most relaxing and enjoyable of our visits was to I ' huket, Thailand. With a perfect tropical climate, beautiful beach- es, and exciting nightlife, it ' s no wonder that Thailand is nick- named the " Land of Smiles " . We have arrived! Who said IC-MEN weren ' t close?! THAILAND 11 !!■■» ' GUAM JOHN YOUNG enjoyed j rare opportunity to visit Guam on the way home. H ' jh i ils were snorkeling, scuba diving, and a beach picnic to celebrate the Fourth of Julv. ONE LAST LOOK AT LIBERTY Smiles were abound in Thailand. Dubai ' s " Poncho Villa ' s " hit the spot. Subic Bay, P. I., fun for all. A magical stop in Kuwait. Shopping in Singapore was excellent. Everyone enjoyed " Hangin ' loose " in Hawaii. X l fS i - A) e--, ' ' NOW SET THE UNREP DETAIL ... We love f i s job. ' ' NOW MUSTER THE VBSS TEAM... standing (L-R) GMCl Moore, ICC (SW) Kelly, VNl Spillman, CMGl (SW) Cheeseman, 1C2 (SW) Halladay, FC3 Crahtree, STG2 Domangue, QMl (SW) Bums, DS2 Brinkley, LT Hawkes. Kneeling BM2 Hinson, STG3 Miller, OS2 Fuqua, DK3 Arenz. (Not pictured: LTfC Powell) Team in action. YN1 explains some VBSS techniques. Our first live row. ' ' MUSTER A 25-MAN WORKING PARTY ... " Here, let a Seaman siunv you how it ' s dont .So fium bo es, so little time. Keep it coming. Now, if we could I ' us find that mail huov r .1 WHEN YOU ' VE HAD IT UP TO HERE ... HT2 Hadnot shows us the way. Just five more minutes! Supply Bodybuilding Inc. One more rep. : ITSTMEWPmPnUP! STEEL BEACH FUN A time to reUx. Steel Beach Picnics provided a great tiwe ' . relax, enjoy the sun. and tor£;et ahout all of tr . tensions of the ordinary work day. Suppi} Department did an outstanding job of al%%-ays providing great food, while CE Di ision consis- tently proxided the excellent " mood music " . cm up 3 i t- - iH a TKiU litfu. ' :■ - .7, .T.;:- rmm nrtsr. PEOPLE After it ' s .ill ,iiJ .mil done, truly JOHN " tOUNC " foHN YOUNG " , is the men that s.iil her .i id work her, day in .md d.iy out. I of ether, vv i,i(f or the task, the IOH " tOUSC: family ahvays got the job done. yi,i ' ' tii cr-team. ill i? : liaskctball in Ki vv Ji(. Senice with a smile! . MX: p iiuc Ic i.ih i Ihc hiu, one! Donnini loves boat rides ' . Thjnk heaven for smoke breaks! Nomatter what, never forget to have a good time. PEOPLE HEADING HOME Got to work off those pounds Collier J tiildt ions! The transit home was a time for promotions, catching rays, exer- cise, and ceremonies. More importantly, it was a time to reflect on all we had accom- plished in our previous months of hard work. Tannint; s j ;iins . Sailors ot the Quarter Sundown ... dreaming of home. TIGER CRUISE ' 92 It ' s all about family. Tiger Cruise ' 92 proved to be a huge success. Fifty-three tigers boarded JOHN YOUNG on 15 )uly for the tran- sit from Pearl Harbor to San Diego. Fathers, brothers, relatives and friends all got the opportunity to see what daily life is really like on board ]OHN YOUNG. The Funks enjoy the day. I ou s and louts! MORE TIGERS The Tjliaferros. A future .Vjiv man Three generations of Lovens. Reunited! »-J Both the C) ami C ) lathers joineii us for Tii;er Cruise ' 92. AND FINALLY .,. " Now man the rails! ' A bcjiitiful sight. iir)sf there! HOME HOME! HOME! •V ! How sweet it is ... San Diego on 21 July 1992! No further wonis necessjrv ... .mL i .:. -fi -P " " " - 1 -rr. % p , xu mkm ifl HM PK V a r R THE END! CRUISEBOOK COMMITTEE Stjndinc; (L-R) ETl (SW) Nelson, HT3 Wood, EN3 Cervantes, FCl Hiatt, IC2 Brandt. Kneeling STGSN Little, LTJG Basara, GSM2 Medina. The CniisfbooA Committee wishes to thank all those who contributed pho- tographs to this year ' s cruiscbook in hopes of making it the best it could possi- bly be. No one truly understands the time and hard work that is involved in produc- ing a book such as this one, and we hope that our efforts have served vou well. May this book he a constant reminder of the many memories of " .Arabian Gulf 1992 " . Thank you. iJi ' ' ' ' i ' ' ' " ( .i 1 " " V R-lV - - D V. I II x - -- --V » w " H-. . ; » ' »■ i- ' ' -_ J .-1. ' I - . .» u. W. 1 •_ at. hik W- I 1 , ! , i TMF ' j- ' , «: »» rsaB? ' ?3w wr ' At I . p m m m . .

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John Young (DD 973) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1998 Edition, Page 1


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