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■ ' V v ' - ' b - X- " ' R? ' " ' ' W ' TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 SHIP ' S HISTORY 2 COAT OF ARMS 3 COMMANDING OFFICER 4 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 5 DEPARTURE FOR WESTPAC 6 WARDROOM 8 CHIEF PETTY OFFICER MESS 12 COMBAT SYSTEM DEPT. 17 CA DIVISION 18 CE DIVISION 21 FOX DIVISION 23 CG DIVISION 25 ENGINEERING DEPT. 27 MP DIVISION 28 " A " GANG 31 " R " DIVISON 32 " E " DIVISION 34 NAVIGATION DECK DEPT. 36 FIRST DIVISION 37 ADMIN NAV. DIVISION 40 MEDICAL 41 OPERATIONS DEPT. 42 OC DIVISION 43 01 DIVISION 44 OW DIVISION 46 SUPPLY DEPT. 47 S1 S2 DIVISION 48 S3 S4 DIVISION 49 AIR DETACHMENT HSL 33 50 LEISURE TIME 52 A DAY IN THE LIFE 54 CHRISTMAS 71 HAPPY HOLIDAYS 72 LIBERTY 76 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 77 SINGAPORE 80 BAHRAIN 85 ABU DHABI 87 PHUKET THAILAND 90 HONG KONG 94 POLLYWOG INITIATION 96 CONGRATULATIONS 102 RETURN HOME 106 THE END 110 USS John Young (DD-973) USS JOHN YOUNG is the eleventh Spruance Class destroyer and the ninth to join the Pacific Fleet. Built by Litton Industries of Pascagoula, Mississippi, JOHN YOUNG is a member of the first class of ships in the U.S. Navy to have gas turbine power. Four General Electric LM-2500 engines, marine versions of those used on DC-10 and C-5A aircraft, drive the ship at speeds i n excess of 30 knots. Twin controllable-reversible pitch propellers provide JOHN YOUNG with a degree of maneuverability unique among warships her size (563 feet long and displacing 8000 tons). JOHN YOUNG is a multi-mission destroyer capable of operating independently or in company with amphibious or carrier groups. Her primary mission is to operate offensively in an Anti-Submarine Warfare role. JOHN YOUNG ' s sonar is fully integrated into a Naval Tactical Data System, providing the ship with faster and more accurate processing of target information. Integration of the ship ' s digital gunfire system in the NTDS provides quick reaction in the perform- ance of the ship ' s mission areas of shore bombardment, surface warfare actions, and anti-aircraft warfare. In her 11 years of active service USS JOHN YOUNG has participated in 5 Western Pacific Indian Ocean deploy- ments. 6 RIMPAC exercises, rescued 297 political refugees from the waters of the South China Sea, and conducted combat operations against the Ras Hadat Oil Platforms in the Arabian Gulf. USS JOHN YOUNG was awarded the Battle Efficiency ' E ' from Commander, Destroyer Squadron Seven and was selected as Runner Up for the COMNAVSURFPAC Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship of the Year Award. A destroyer is a lovely ship, probably the nicest fighting ship of all. Battleships are a little like steel cities or great factories of destruction. Aircraft Carriers are floating flying fields. Even Cruisers are big pieces of machinery, but a Destroyer is all boat. In the beautiful, clean lines of her in her speed and roughness, in curious gallantry, she is completely a ship, in the old sense. -John Steinbeck Ship ' s Coat of Arms The coat of arms of USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) serves as a heraldic reminder of the ship ' s namesake. Captain John Young. The shield of the coat of arms is a tricolor design. The upper portion is per fess gules (scar- let) and the lower portion is independence blue. These are separated by a wavy bar in white. John Young was appointed in the Continental Navy from Philadelphia in 1776 and received his Captain ' s commission in October of that year. During much of his period of service he was associated with France who was then helping the fledgling American nation in their strug- gle for independence. This is represented by the golden fleur-de-lis in the upper part of the shield. In August of 1780. while enroute from French Marti- nique to the United States aboard the 18 gun sloop-of- war SARATOGA, Captain Young captured four enemy vessels after a severe engagement with two of them at one time. This deed is symbolized by the wavy bar with four stars. On 20 March 1780, Captain Young ' s ship, the SAR- ATOGA, sailing in the company of French and American ships, became separated in a storm and was never seen again. The loss at sea of Captain Young and his crew is symbolized by the anchor without cable. The tricolor de- sign alludes to the national colors of both the United States and her Revolutionary War ally, France. The mast with sail hoisted is symbolic of the Conti- nental sloop-of-war SARATOGA, Captain Young ' s last command. The coat of arms of the early American family Young is represented by the red rose on the sail. The ship ' s motto, ' Trends La Mer Avec Courage " , meaning " Set Sail with Courage " serves as an inspiration for the men who serve aboard the USS JOHN YOUNG. The Commission Pennant The origin of the commission pennant is said to date to the 17th century, when the Dutch were fighting the English. Admiral Tromp hoisted a broom at his masthead to indicate his intention to sweep the English from the sea. The gesture was soon answered by the English Admiral who hoisted a horsewhip, to indicate his intention to chastise the Dutch. The British carried out their boast and ever since the narrow, or coachwhip, pennant (symbolizing the original horse- whip) has been the distinctive mark of a ship of war and has been adopted by all nations. COMMANDER STEPHEN F. RESSER, USN Commander Resser, raised in New Jersey, graduated from high school in Metuchen, New Jersey and then attended the United States Naval Academy where he graduated and was commissioned as an Ensign in June of 1973. Commander Resser served his initial sea tour in the Engineering department of USS ST. LOUIS (LKA-1 16) as Auxiliaries and Electrical Officer as well as Main Propulsion Assistant. In December of 1976, he was ordered to the USS CARON (DD-970) Pre-Commissioning unit where he served both as Main Propulsion Assistant and Engineering Officer. A 1978 graduate of the Surface Warfare Officer school Department Head course he assumed duties as Engineering Officer in USS PETERSON (DD-969) in December that same year. Commander Resser then served as Officer in Charge of the COMNAVSURFLANT, Gas Turbine Mobile Training Team, Norfolk, Virginia from October 1980 until June 1982. His next assignment was as a member of the CINCPACFLT, Propul- sion Examining Board from February 1983 until March 1985. He subsequently served as Executive Officer in USS FLETCHER (DD-992) from June 1985 until January 1987. Followed by duty as an Instructor at the Senior Officer Ships Material Readiness Course, in Newport, Rhode Island from February 1987 until March 1988. Commander Resser assumed command of USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) in June 1988. Commander Resser ' s personal awards include the Navy Commendation Medal with two Gold Stars and the Navy Achievement Medal. Commander Resser is single, currently resides in San Diego, Ca. and is a sailing enthusiast. He is the son of Frank and Ella Resser of Port Charlotte, Florida. Lieutenant Commander Robert D. Reilly, Jr., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reilly of Winnetka, Illinois was born in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from the University of Washington in 1975. After receiving his commission through the NROTC program LCDR Reilly was assigned to USS EDSON (DD-946) where he served as Combat Infor- mation Center Officer and Damage Control Assistant. Fol- lowing completion of Department Head schooling 1979, LCDR Reilly reported for duty as Prospective Operations Of- ficer and commissioned USS FLETCHER (DD-992) in July, 1980. Following his tour onboard FLETCHER LCDR Reilly reported for duty as Engineering Officer, USS STER- ETT (CG-31) homeported in Subic Bay, Republic of the Phi- lippines. In July, 1984 LCDR Reilly reported for duty in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to Commander in Chief, United States Pacif- ic Fleet for duty in the Fleet Readiness section of that staff ' s Operation Department. Following his tour at CINC- PACFLT, LCDR Reilly assumed duties as Flag Secretary for Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group One, homeported in San Diego, Ca. In May, 1988 LCDR Reilly assumed duties as Executive Officer oif USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973). Lieutenant Commander Reilly ' s decorations and awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (with Gold Star), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Ser- vice Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal (with Bronze Star), and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation. Lieutenant Commander Reilly is married to the former Carol L. Jacob of Serverna Park, Maryland. They have one daughter, Catherine Moore (Katie), born in January, 1987. I FINALLY MADE IT E X u V e Officer UNDERWAY, DECEMBER 14, 1988 " SO LONG, JOHN OUR LOVE WILL BRING YOU HOME! " LT DAVID R. ARNOLD M LT PAUL M. COSTELLO if ' LT PATRICK X. MURPHY [ jM U LT TROY A. STONER LT ROBERT R. VASQUEZ WARDROOM CROWD WHERE ARE WE? THIS IS WHERE WE DO IT! LT MICHAEL D. TUSOW fc LT CHARLES C. HINCKLEY LT STEPHEN J. LITTFIN LT JOHN L. SPITZER LTJG DAVID J. MAILANDER LTJG WARREN T. LAMARCHE 10 LTJG WILLIAM SWAYZE ENS JOHN R. RAY ENS STEPHEN C. HASSELL 11 CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ' S MESS f MSC ROBERTO MENDOZA 12 FCC SAMUEL FLOYD HMC RANDOLPH HALL DSC ANTONIO C. RAMOS PNCS GENE A. RITZ ENCS RUSSELL D. JONES GSEC MICHAEL P. LAMKA BMCS GRAHAM R. LEAVER, JR. SKC JOHN W. BURDEN STGCS JOHN ALLEN MSC ROBERTO A. RIDAO OSC ROBERT J. VOLZ GSMC MARK D. WAMPLER l 4 RM STEPHEN M. THOMPSON STGC CHRISTOPHER L. BALDWIN 14 KEEPING CURRENT MAC ZANE Z. STRADER EMC CARLOS C. MISENAS ETC FREDERICK A. AMES FCC JEFFREY L. FURQUERON 15 FCC ROGER 0. FISHER DSCM DIOSDADO B. SUNIGA DCC MARCEL A. NAULT RMCS RODRIGO C. BUENVIAJE STGC DONALD E. JONES 16 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT I ' M GOING, ANOTHER WATCH! STG3 ANTHONY KATCHEN GMM2 PATRICK REED STG2 AMOS BURNETT STG3 RODNEY QUEEN " GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY! " 18 ■ - te - f ' % rJ f- ? V yi 1 TMSN SEAN MCCOY TM3 KEVIN PETERSON TMl JAMES MANNING V 1 STGl JOHN MOYNIHAN STGSN BOBBY WEBBER GMMl DANIEL TAYLOR STGSN BRUCE MCDANIEL THE BUDDY SYSTEM STG3 ERIC R. FLOOD STGSN MICHAEL MCFALL 19 STG3 ANTHONY BENDER V STGSR JAMES CARTER GMM2 KENNETH PLUMER STG3 GARY ORR ■y ' y fe 1 W J GMM3 BRIAN FORD V - 1 GMM2 ROBERT LABOTT STGSR WARREN ANDERSON STG2 TIMMY BULLARD 20 CK DIVISION Op Data Systems Technician (DS) Electronics Technician (ET) 21 ETl MICHAEL BARANIECKI ET3 CHAD PULKA DS3 ANDREW DAVIES ET2 PAUL KRZYKOWSKI f ET3 VIRGIL DELGADO ET3 ANDREW JAEGER V ET3 GAVIN PERRY ET2 ARTHUR BATUCAL DS2 TIMOTHY ROBERTS ET3 CURTIS CARUCCI ET2 ROBERT RAMSBY DSL WILLIAM REYES 22 FOX DIVISION JUST SHOPPING AROUND FC2 KENNETH SCHMIDT FCl ROLAND KIMBROUGH FCSA LONNIE HELLICKSON 23 FC2 ANTHONY ROSCOE i V FC2 PEDRO RUIDIAZNATAL FC2 STEVEN FERNAN FC2 JAMES LEWIS FC2 JOHN PESEK FC2 HUGH ROACH FCl ANTHONY BOEHM FC3 SEAN WALL FC2 JOHN BROWN iX FC2 MICHAEL HENSON FCl ROBERT PENA CG DIVISION GMGl MONTY UTTERBACK GMG3 BOBBY WALDROP GMG2 SANDY BEAR GMG3 CHARLES RUMERY GMG2 CHARLES WATKINS SN MANUEL CARRASCO GMGFN RANDALL KRUZMANOWSKI 25 LEISURE TIME ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT MP DIVISION GSM3 STEVEN BURNS GSM3 TIMOTHY COLLINS GSMl GREGORY STROMER GSM2 JAMES BROWN GSM2 ARTHUR GARCIA GSM3 GREGORY KISSINGER GSM3 KEVIN BAUGMAN GSM2 RANDY JOHNSON GSM3 BRADLEY BRADDY GSM2 RONALD RACE GSMl JAMES MULCAHY GSM2 ELMER DOMINGUEZ GSM2 JURRY VAN ARK GSM3 NELSON BULSECO GSM3 STEVEN BISCHEL GSMFN RICHARD DEFRATES y GSM3 STEVEN HILL GSM2 ISIDORO SESE GSM3 RAMON BISCO r» k GSM3 JAMEY TENNYSON GSM3 SHAUN SHATTO GSM2 ERIC GETCHELL GSM3 STEV EN BURN GSM2 STEVEN DIEM GSEl RANDALL BEST GSEl JOHN MATHER GSE3 JAMES WILSON GSE3 MARC LYONS 29 GSEl MARTIN STEVENS GSEl WILLIAM CHAMBERS GSE3 ROMAN LADAW GSE2 RANDY HAGER MAIN PROPULSION GANG GSE:5 RICHARD HILDEBRANT GSEFN KEVIN NEEDLES GSEFN ERNESTO RODRIGUEZ FN DUANE GREEN 30 FN BEN SUERO FA ROBERT SMITH GSEFN JEFFREY TABERY ENS DIOSDADO CORPUZ EN2 DANIEL NELSON V-c ENS DAVID MUNSCH ENFA RONALD BROWN ii A GANG FA DANIEL TRUEBLOOD FA MICHAEL BELOTTI FA STEVEN MURDOCK FN CHRISTOPHER BRYANT ENS BRIAN WALLEN ENl LAWRENCE PRESTON ENS STANDLEY LEMICH 31 ' R " DIVISION HT2 JEFFREY PATE HT3 MATHEW KEARNS HT2 RODERICK WHEELER HT2 JOHN HAGTHROP MRl DAVID THOMASON HTFN RYAN PARSON FA SCOTT BOGAN FA TIMOTHY O ' SHEA 32 DC2 TIMOTHY KOLASCH DCl ROGER MORGAN r DC2 JEFFREY MILLER DCl RICHARD MCGARVEY DCl THOMAS HATFIELD DC2 DAVID LENHARDT DCS GERALD CLEVENGER 33 iC E " DIVISION ANOTHER BUSY WATCH! 1 ji f ■ s 1 i W S IC2 THOMAS WILLIAM IC3 JAMES HALLADAY IC3 RICHARD MITCHELL IC2 KEVIN THACKSON 34 EMI FERNANDO MACAM EMS WILLIAM YOSTPILE EM2 REY ANDALTS FA MARLIN JOHNSON Wo -Cf EM2 MICHAEL CHAVEZ FA ERIK DUNHAM A SPECIAL OCCASION NAVIGATION DECK 1ST DIVISION WE CONTROL THE SHIP BM3 BROOKS BARNES SA RALPH ARMSTRONG SA JEFFREY THAYER 37 SN JIMMY WISE BMl JAMES BUSS SN JOHN SUMMERS 38 SN MATTHEW SIMPSON w V J SN MICHAEL KING BMl ROBERT ANDERSON SN ROBERT MCCLEEREY V J SN DONALD PATTERSON BM2 CHARLES GRIFFIN BM2 KRISS ZELLER SN THERAUSE WRIGHT A CONTINUING CAREER, FROM A SHIPMATE. i w BM2 DAVID LOVELL SN ANIL CHETA v BM3 TIMOTHY MOOTZ SN THOMAS MARTIN SN VERNVAN HINSON SN MICHAEL OLIVER BM3 BARRY GLOVER BM3 WOODROW BEAN SN MICHAEL PETERS SN TIMOTHY NOVOTA SN RENE AUVRAY r » am BM3 GEORGE ORTIZ HARD AT WORK 39 ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT m.m PN2 ANDREW BURNS PNSN JEROME CONWAY EVENING OUT WITH THE BOYS PCS KENNETH PORTER NCI ERIC ROBINSON YNSN FELIPE GARCIA PNSN RAY JOHNSON YN3 WILLIAM DOSTER YNl DEAN JONES NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT W ' QMS CLIFFORD GILL V QMl JAMES ROBERTS QMS MICHAEL FOX QMSN DENNIS LOVEN 40 QM3 KENNETH BOXBERGER THE BUS RIDE HOME! MEDICAL QM2 PETER STRAINOVICI HMl PERRY DIJKMAN HM2 WILLIAM CARROLL V y HM3 VERNON OLLISON HM3 JOHN BELLOMO OPERATIONS RMl RONDALD MCKENZIE RMS MICHAEL CANTLON V J RM2 WILLIAM PATTERSON vr-- i V J RM3 RICHARD WALTER RM3 STEVEN BROWN OC DIVISION RM3 CARLOS ARANDIA RM3 JAMES KRUSO SM2 EDDIE HOWARD SMI LLOYD MINYARD V SM2 JAMES LIDGARD SM3 HARRY CMCLARIN 43 01 DIVISION OSSA MICHAEL FUNK 0S2 WAYNE THACKER 083 JOE INGRAM THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR NOT LOOKING. OSSN RUSSELL HEIDEMANN 0S2 BRANDON ROZIER OSSA JOSEPH NICHOLS OSSA CHAD GUNN 0S2 LARRY MULLINS 0S2 THERON WOODBURY 0S2 SHANE GREENUP 44 0S2 GARY RIGDON OSSA DAVID AUL 083 JAMES BERG 0S2 GILBERT GALVAN Nw f OSl TIMOTHY LYNCH ? 0S2 BRUCE STURGEON 0S2 TIMOTHY SMITH OSSA MICHAEL STEWART 0S2 SCOTT SPENCER L. OSl ROBERTO SAL AS ii§ : NIGHT WATCH, FRIGHT WATCH EWSN MILTON LUCKEY EW2 BENITO JIMENO EW3 JOHN GOFF EW3 THOMAS CALLIHAN EW3 GARY REAVES EWSN CHRIS BARNETT 46 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT SKSN JORGE FLORES SUPPLY DEPARTMENT S-1 DIVISION t SK3 KEVYN DOTHAGE SKI LEALOFI LEO SK3 JESSE LEGER SK2 WILLIAM GUFFY MSSN ANTHONY REEVES S-2 DIVISION EATING UP THE PROFITS MSI JAMES POPE MSB JEFFREY SIMMONS MS2 ALBERT CASTROVILARI MSI JOHNNY HOLMES 48 REAL FOOD MSSN TYRONE ELTON MS3 GERALD ELLERBEE MS2 MICHAEL SMITH v MSSN ERNEST MEEKER S-3 DIVISION r SHSN BENNIE KING SH2 ROBERT JONES SHI PAULINO SANCHEZ SHSN MICHAEL SHACKELFORD SHSN DAVID WASHINGTON DKl BARRY LARSON DKSN DAVID CLEMONS AIR DETACHMENT HSL-33 AW3 JOSEPH PRIDGEN AT2 THEODORE JORNES AD2 STANLEY PRINGLE AE2 MICHAEL ROSENHAHN AEl LLOYD PENNINGTON LTJG PAUL ESSIG AX3 BOBBY JOEL AW2 BRUCE CAPPEL AMH2 VINCENT CRUMP AMSl RICHARD CHUN I ' LL BE BACK NEXT WEEK AZ2 JEFFREY GRAY ADS GARY POOLE LEISURE TIME A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WESTPAC CRUISE bt HM3 OLLISON SAYS " BEING DUTY CORPSMAN FOR UNREP DETAIL IS A DIRTY JOB BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT. " SMOKING LAMP IS OUT THROUGHOUT THE SHIP AS WE MAKE OUR APPROACH. LINE HANDLERS STAND AT THE READY AS THE " BIG JOHN " PULLS ALONGSIDE THE GOOD SHIP SARASOTA FOR FUEL. 55 DEEP IN THOUGHT iM THE MINE WATCH IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE MISSION A BAHRAINIAN Tl ' G i; •« ' ■■■ ?! «.- JOHN YOUNG ON AN EARNEST WILL MISSION IN THE PERSIAN GULF. THE NAVIGATOR KEEPS THE CON r i- BMl ANDERSON WITH DETERMINATION ON HIS FACE. i S I Sk :- =- . " -- Jy J. SN CHETA GIVES IT A g ■» -. y ' •a S THUMBS UP. - .«r7 AVVAV THE MOTOR WHALE BOAT CREW THE BOSUNS ' MATES - THE BACKBONE OF THE JOHN YOUNG. 58 BMCS SCOOPS OUT CHRISTMAS CHEER. " HERE, TAKE THIS QUICKLY! COMBAT SYSTEMS BEARS A HAM). ► ' ' -- SCRUB A DUB, DUB. GRIEF AND ARMIE ' S EXCELLENT ADVEN- TURE. I WAS RUNNIN ' DOWN THE ROAD TRYIN ' TO LOOSEN MY LOAD! MUST BE TOO MANY MUVINd I ' AH I S YOU ' RE NOT SUPPOSE TO SEE THIS. 60 THE KILLER " E ' S " V- 4 J THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER GREAT MEAL. GSM2 HAVERS IN A RARE MOMENT. I MISS MY TYPEWRITKH HUH? BELAY MY LAST! NOT ALL LOOKOUTS SLEEP ON WATCH. 62 LOOK MA, ONE HAND! ADMIN BERTH LOUNGE LIZARD. ILL SEND THIS GUY TO TIMBUKTU. ANOTHER UNIT SWEEP IS FINISHED I KNOW IT ' S HERE SOMEWHERE . NOTHING LIKE A CLEAN WHITE BELT. MISSION: ABU DHABI 64 TOUCH THE TRIGGER AND FEEL THE POWER. HSL 33 DET9 66 HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE! ACHMED SESHUN « fvfi« " ' GET OUTA HERE AND LEAVE ME ALONE. AND HERE I AM AREN ' T I? OK, TURN THE ROTORS ... I ' M GETTIN ' SCARED! 67 UP, UP AND AWAY! MR. ROSE IN A POSE! 68 GETTIN ' SOME RAYS DUDE! HELLO DOWN THERE! WHO SAYS IT AIN ' T COLD IN THE PERSIAN GULF? CHOW DOWN SHIP MATE. BEEELCH! 69 HEY, WAIT A MINUTE, YOU ' RE TOO CLOSE! AIR BOSS CRACKIN ' A SMILE. 70 I HEAR THESE SUCKERS WILL TAKE YOUR HEAD CLEAN OFF, SO BE CAREFUL. so THIS IS CHRISTMAS 71 HAPPY HOLIDAYS YO! DON ' T BE LOOKIN ' AT ME LIKE THAT! fhM V v t2BHBK ri " S BEGINNING TO LOOK ALOT LIKE CHRISTMAS. I TRIMMED THE TREE MYSELF. 72 CHRISTMAS ICE CREAM SOCIAL. I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE FORMAL? All EGG NOGGIN ' ! SANTA STRADER AND CO PASS OUT GIFTS. KNOCK OFF SHIP ' S WORK. CHRISTMAS FOR THE CREW. i V f J 73 IT FEELS WET AND SLIMY, WHAT IS IT? SN MCFALL SHEDS A NEEDED TEAR. CHRISTMAS EVE DIVINE SERVICES. 74 I ' LL HAVE THE QUICHE AND CRAB SALAD PLEASE. YOU GUYS CAN ' T EAT UNTIL I SAY SO! EAT, 2, 3, 4 . . . EAT, 2, 3, 4! WARDROOM MESS COOKS READY TO SERVE. LIBERTY IS JUST AROUND THE C O R N E R 76 THE PHILIPPINES ISLANDS 77 THE NIGHT LIFE 1 1 Hra ' i : St, 78 1 I I L-JWI 1 1 1 ■ ' A ' LORl v ' : -y L ' v-rx. OR. j A V WHICH WAY DID SHE GO? THE INFAMOUS MAGSAYSAY 79 H ■ f OT 1 gm , . . - 80 I II I ! ' - WHY ARE THESE GUYS SMILING? SHOPPERS PARADISE. HEY SAILOR, THANKS FOR THE BURGER! BEER GARDEN BUDDIES. 81 NOW ALL WE NEED IS A BOOM BOX. I THINK I ' LL GET MY QUARTER BACK WHILE NO ONE IS LOOKING. I THINK I ' M TURNING CHINESE. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. 82 SINGAPORE SKYLINE. HOW DO I LOOK? DOES THIS COME IN PINK? SLICE OF AMERICANA IN SINGAPORE. 83 SINGAPORE SIGHTS AND DELIGHTS! 84 tit « if THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MOSQUE I GUESS I ' LL GO TO THE SUK. 85 LOW TIDE IN BAHRAIN. HOMESICK 1 ANOTHER ONE RIDE ' S THE BUS! DITTO! YOU ' RE GONNA EAT THAT? 86 i 2 1 1 mv l ra (♦•v ,il Mf 3 p- " L ' : 87 BAHRAIN ' S FOOD -U - ;! 88 BAHRAIN ' S SIGHTS 1 1 j - »» " ' PHUKET THAILAND I - 90 PARTY ANIMAL ARMIE AND GRIFF ' S OTHER EXCELLENT ADVENTURE I ' M TOO OLD FOR THIS! 91 LIBERTY BOATS ARE REALLY WORTH THE WAIT HERE!! 92 MADE IN HONG KONG 94 SENIOR CHIEF HALL AND LATOYA JACKSON ON HONG KONG HARBOR. ON THE LOOSE. TIGER BALM GARDENS. 95 ENTER DAVEY JONES ' ■ ' -fh ; jn BEWARE ALL YE WOGS DIE WOGS SHELLBACKS RULE MASTER CHUN IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO? OK! OK! I LIKE BOSUN ' S MATES YOU WANT ME TO EAT IT ALL? 98 REALLY, DAHLING BEAUTY AND THE BEAST STEP UP, STEP UP TO THE HOUSE OF HORROR WHO LET HER IN HERE? 99 FEEL THE WRATH OF NEPTUNUS REX h C ' L i Sm m r f i 101 CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER « J (r DC E " AND GOD SMILED ON ANOTHER JOHN YOUNG CRUISE AND RETURNS HER HOME SAFELY AGAIN " GOOD WORK GUYS, THATS A WRAP. 110 mWALSWORTH t ' ruise Book Sales Office PUBLISHING »I2 Skvlark Drive COMPANY La JoUa, CA 92037 MARCELINE, MISSOURI. U S A

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