John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 23 of 40
Page 23 of 40

John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22
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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 24
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Page 23 text:

MIGI-ITY Wxlit 9 fiiieof A9 CLASS COUNCIL AND OFFICERS Row 2 Mrs Clarita Neher Judy Abramson Dave Gerard Pant Evans ATI-KUN Row 'I: Barbara Crane, Charles Deutch, Bart Teush, Judi Levy Barry Berksan Karol Burkett Miss Marie McCarthy Steve Vine A9 ACTIVITIES The thrill of finally being A9's was here. With Bart Teush elected president, we knew our term would be great. Others chosen: Chuck Deutch, vice-president, Barbara Crane, secretary, and Judi Levy, historian. Homeroom presidents elected were: Judy Abramson, Barry Berkson, Carol Burkett, Pam Evans, Dave Gerard, Lucky Mollin, and Steven Vine. The A9 Council was made up of the four officers and the homeroom presidents, with the help ot Miss McCarthy, our counselor, and Mrs. Neher, our sponsor. We knew that they'd do a good lob to give us a wonderful term. The council chose as their goals class unity and IOOZ graduation. An important part of our A9 term were the many homeroom meetings in the auditorium. We discussed activities and received words of encouragement from our counselor, besides promoting spirit and unity. We had two camera days -- one for pictures for the BURR and one for our own memories and laughter. Two after-school dances were enjoyed by the A9's. "The Mad Hatters Ball" was the theme of the first, with Bart Teush as M.C. "Mardi Gras" was the theme of the breakfast. Entertainment was given by talented A9's with Chuck Deutch as the M.C. This was also our first color day and we were proud to wear our colors, red and gray. We chose an A9 All-Star Team of girls and an A9 Boys' Team, to represent us on the athletic fields. Girls chosen were: Sharon Bloomberg, Carol Callahan, Virginia Hallinen, Elaine Horne, Elizabeth Jackson, Eileen Jasper, Shirley Levenson, Susan Levy, Dianne Lewis, Marie Rodriguez, Judie Sheldon, and Elaine Wong. The Boys' Team members: Barry Berkson, Bert Berman, Jeff Cohn, Barry Gore, Jeff I-iochmari, Bill Izakowitz, Jerry Krasn, Henry McPherson, Chuck Rubel, Larry Schwartz, Lanny Stern, and Steve Vine. All the A9 girls and their mothers enioyed the A9 Mother-Daughter Tea. Entertainment included a fashion show and some musical numbers. Then all girls and mothers met to talk and have refreshments. The A9 Girls' Play Day was very good with the theme of movies. Some faculty members were iudges, with B9 girls to referee. After we took Interest Inventory Tests, counselors talked to us from LA. and Fairfax to help us plan our B10 programs. The Journalism Staff put out five issues of the FAR and NEAR and the W'58 edition of the BU.RR. The literary editors of the BURR were John Lauer and Shirley Levenson. Three art editors, Richard Matzkin, June April, and Karen Davidson, were chosen. A cherished memory for all the A9 girls was the last Girls' League assembly of W'58. After the installation of S'58 officers and the giving out of awards, the A9 girls bade farewell by singing "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You". We left the auditorium to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance". The end was nearing. Our final night dance was filled with excitement. The art service class had decorated the gym beautifully, and we were all filled with dreams. And now the day we have looked forward to is finally upon us. Graduation. As we look back on our three years at J.B., we find memories of hard work, happy times, and loads of fun. We graduated to the theme: "This above all: to thine own self be true." Much hard work and prepara- tion went into the program, and when for the last time we walked down the aisle, with mixed emotions we bade our final farewell to J.B. Before we leave the class of W'58, we would like to thank our teachers and principals for all their help. We especially thank Miss McCarthy, our wonderful counselor through our three years at J.B. For us, the A9's of W'58, this term has been the most wonderful of our three years at J.B. We have many memories that we can turn to as we grow older. Now we are looking backward, but we realize that from now on we'll look ahead. We are thankful for what we have learned at J.B. Vim if-uttllv iii ZIN

Page 22 text:

ll new Ji it i llilimwll Always ready to entertain us is the GIRS' GLEE CLUB, under the able direction of Miss Marie Erharf. Row 1: Wynn Waldman, Barbara Wood. Row 2: Leslie Newman, Roberta Drexler, Bonnie Becker, Carole Jud- is, Isobel Kerker, Ann lverscn, Bar- bara Rosen, Marian Williams, Nel- la Foin, Melanie Levrizian, Helene Kaufman, Beverly Seskin. Row 31 Lyndia Leidig, Rosalie Klein, Mariorie Horowitz, Carol Sel- iger, Karen Kircholl, Judy Raske, Sharon Goodman, Michele Kutcher, Harriet Hibbard, Lucille Moomiian, Shelia Solomon. Row 4: Myna Meshul, Esther Leider, Sarah Jacobson, Karen Kaplan, Brenda Reeve, Cathy Cannon, Eun- ice Adelman, Carol Pierce, Melinda Nichaelian, Cordaine Trott. Row 5: Roberta Cronin, Lucille Gor- batt, Donna Jessup, Linda Sturges, Cynthia Ogus, Dorice Gaines, Ela- ine Herman, Gloria Lerner, Gay Moss, Judi Cramer. f'N l lfl' ' l ox ,uh Adm I I , R ! LU l I X ' l l lg. Wlwrrnlli ll J ,fftfk . 1 nr 5:11- f:g,' w 311 ' r ar' l' www wwf WW Wall Kiwi ww rlllvww mill! x R 1 K I , L. TEICHER l8 Under the sponsorship of Miss Marie Erharf, the BOYS' GLEE CLUB sings for many school assemblies. Row 1: Joel Fishman, Robert Elias, Jerry Finn, David Silvera, Martin Lippert, Jim Goodwin, Jon van Scoyk, Jerry Shapiro, Robert Herman. Row ?: Sandy Harlow Irwin Marcus, Lyn Lloyd, Errol Segal, Arthur Golden, Arthur Reading, Stephan Largan, Jim Merchasin, Alan Egglestr Bevery Fritts. Row 3: Richard Truax, Lance Feldberg, Frederick Barner, Sabin Epstein, Henry Minuk, Steve Boker, Mike Mauihe, Steven Danna, Jon Hope. Row 4: Roger Ramlaro, Roger Gaskin, Dennis Sellin, Mark Richards, Roger Toll, Kent Schisler, Kim Headlye, Richard Beebe, Edward Bailey. RowI5: Raymond Holley, Steve Dubinsky, Leslie Collins, Emanuel Nedwick, Marvin Giventer, Don Eversoll, Gary Meserow, Jim l-lodges, Euge Wex er.

Page 24 text:

19 ,y E 3 A J B A A . me X95 A E -A ss a ss me mmm: ammsxsf ms nm- amass ima MWWW --vggfisaz is m mx ?i:r:x5:r SQA Ni was m- LW B A was 'EE 'Hs -was gamma mn mn ummm! wa ss-w -an m-mm aww: ss-1 m-m- 4 -1 ww mms-ss nm-mi ganna 3: is-wma --a:g K mar ms E . mumzzmgfagfgf E is new H ,HW 1-ss nm- a .mi W, , H n A a ms A SSB A EA B Wigwam Sf Q, ms --3,T ww F if mmfwfwl B, AME-. ,.... ss A ss ' KTM , . H.: WMWA 29 sw ms H H A . M was M . A 3 is Km T A VJ I Z N E Egmw -' fn v V . E99 lr I! Em S8 EK E 7 HKS "" ., 1 A "3ff1""'1 W ww: A Egg, if . xr - sn x Rig 5 ul' E x V 9 Q U H . 5 ,QQ 5-X. H' Z! X H A 'ffl v M H ggi ww K E .... I ..... ' ----- M, E K: as H B an A A A 5 as A xx? H 5 gf: E ss M X A E ,S " ' K H A A mis N999 .:v:-- 'I V4 , A nz sf - Y ' " 'Q I ss ima 1- Q- A -F M ww a:. :L 3:25, I 55 A f,-I 5 .::. sis' -,mix-L-ymumnm ::"'-' ..:.,.:"i- nE:E,. :-A 'UW' H H EW 1.f,.!lE.:.:. '-fi" H 2 H. ,. ,. ,. . mx W mms Sf gh :': ' ms Ewa sm ms A w W Am g' :QW Lis- 'ii SW mai if Q E ,wi mf, A 'I' B ss nib-ya-.. 134-i B .v 1 95 U-3 iyi1'5'ff 3--1351 -as . n ss Wyman' mmmams ww-A miqirw ss "alw- mx ,uw 3-M :: wx Mx -W A mm H M: UM.. 'mpg .N zf ,-H 2-ss .UU .AN 'av-ss was Sm U, a 'fran wi may mn ms AME :mf A9 A9 ms Mr, H A9 A9 A9 A9A fx as ms E ss wa uw 9A9 A9 A29 A9 9 QA? ms ms ms mn A nv mms -w ww . v A A9 A9 A95. A9 ,N U E A wifi 'xx . X '',-:A f SKK' -E 'SRE gf , ', 'My :- M -X .U , - . . ,iz H ' A A A9 A9 bf? A91 .h- Yxqm , .. , .E -, ss A . - -me . xl n ' Jn N X -,kia . M H fm H M fum BSS sw ,ww W., -v' mx as Us 2 A2 A9 A9 A9 A9 um ms a ss H E w mm A2 A9 H mu A 9 9A9 1 f H E 2 gf I A A A sa A E K Sf . X X E E A v f M H is H f H U ..: Q-M Y I 3 3:3 F YA . K , B :' :islsi A H A :- an A " , llnulnl 5 H.-A E .. , l . :.: .:.:. :::.:.: z . , ,I H ,, . Lf Km 2 A H '- ' E- F W N- A K ME 121 z F A: - 3, H , A E gg g - FE .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. A f ' 'W ,, - A H ' 3 A 3 ' -gi g,'i?.u ME 5 E - S, , A A A E Z , E as 12, " . ,fy - ,Z W 55 E , E - ,E , H , . A H W A 5 ' -E25 A .f: H . 5 ,ff 5 1 - , . E - Q - W H A ,.: .:.:.:.EiEfE5E E-:"".:.-'-:,.,:g-.3 ea, 3,55-',.,. ,.,. 9,5 B ' Q '-j:, - is B 'Q 5 ,, E Q . , gg :.: M : n j - ' -. -:- :-: ' - A 'E M Q ' A - A -:- 1:1 'IQ IE' 35:5 .... 2- H Q , H - H W . . ' H - 'fig U mg .. :.f -- -gig 1 A 11 A E ' V-:egg-'. -: v Q - H W H B A A A " - A, E zzab 5:5 ..,,.,,,. 5 555 is . M T , H E , A . B , 15 5, A W H E ' mag H A A A , Mk, ., QI: 'If Q T - H 'H H A H - .. ' "WP H H - H H I M 5 H E ' ,Q f':'j r:gj...'5x,2: E , ij ..,i, if , ' ' E H - A H B A rf-,f ,,,,".g .,.. ,, J.: -:- ---V- 1 3 .,..-,.: : , . -Q .:.- -A ,..1, , H E .. A - f 1 '- 1 :II H H H A 2 S 5 H ' .rm ,. ,., :.:: zuz E v . E Y W Y H W ,G , i t , Y' V 1,11 9 :H J ,fm it A. x , .I Sm: I! 0 3. ms

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