John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 7 of 40
Page 7 of 40

John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 6
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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 8
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Page 7 text:

Z..'f,:,-A -nv A -. . - ...Q . l.. xx- li F , Q. ' -.Q 5-XXX fy Q, 'rl' xl ,' X : fs ,. ,sf ' - . hc N .. ,ESQ . 1,414 L 'I 5- s., 'U s,,-'ll V G ' ' s ' D JD . --' 'f5""l ' ! Q V . - L Q Q V115 - K '- A .F txxhtllli' H X ' fa.. Os: cf " J - .1 -.1 , " .xfifk 42,1 i 'tire-lELV9'1 ff rs ' A! l Q IN STEP WITH PROGRESS f .5 The roaring '20s! Three magic words that glaze our parents' eyes and put . them into a reverie on by-gone days. What were those delightful, mad years ' , like? Well, for one thing, when our folks danced, they did the Charleston or the foxtrot. Popular music? "Five Foot Two" or "Margie," of course. Styles? Enough to make modern kids hysterical with laughter. Girls, you would have been quite' up to date in knee-length dresses. Your waistline would be at your hips-if you had any at all! And then you would have dripped with embroidery, beads, and fur. Men's clothing? Slick campus X "shieks" around 1926 wouldn't have been caught dead minus their blazer iackets and fr, "bell-bottom" trousers-not to forget derbies and raccoon coats, naturally. The '20s fff,-LZ", brought prohibition and speakeasies, Coolidge, Harding, Hoover, talkies, Lindbergh's At- lantic flight, and the fateful stock market crash. Movie stars such as suave Rudolph Valen- Xb 'iifii' ' tino, demure Clara Bow, and spritely Mickey Mouse attracted hordes. Sports names of this f Q ' 1 golden era of athletics included Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Red Grange, and Jack Dempsey. 'A Haven't we forgotten something? Yes. For in the gay flapper days of 1924, the main and ,,.--- A cafeteria buildings of John Burroughs Junior High School opened for the first time for 1 ' ,,ee-.-- - 417 students. C ,'j'7"L' ' T Depression. It fell like a black shroud over America, shutting out the light ' of prosperity and sending millions to financial ruin. Right on the heels of the ruinous stock market crash in October, 1929, thousands of banks and factories closed CX and countless persons lost iobs and savings. With Franklin D. Roosevelt's bold New' Deal, C, the long climb to a stable economy was launched. Even during the depression, however, people still had fun. Crowds gathered to keep time to the music of Benny Goodman and -X his swing band. Songs of the '30s like "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "Pennies from , l Heaven" are popular even today. Movies continued growing, sound and color included. I Such engineering marvels as the Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge were X erected. 1931 spawned the cyclotron. Thus, depression or not, progress couldn't be X stopped. But even as America painfully began to regain its economic balance, dark .X fx clouds gathered in Europe. The web of Adolph Hitler's Third Reich was swiftly and ruth- ' id lessly ensnaring Germany's helpless neighbors. Meanwhile, J.B. reached its greatest fx enrollment ever of over 2300 students. We were growing with the world. --5 ,E I' o The '40s came in with a bang. The bang of Japanese bombs destroying W" TI 'If' Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. On December 8 we were thrust headfirst ' ,elx into World War II, and our dads marched off to battle. At home, kids at J.B. took part , ' T' "' P in the war effort by collecting scrap and buying defense stamps. ln Europe and the 4' 1 fx ? Pacific, planes swooped down to drop payloads of death and cannons boomed ominously. Finally came the most awesome man-made explosion the earth had ever known-the atomic bomb. We entered the atomic era none too gracefully, but at least monstrous World War ll was ended. Ended, but only after participant nations had spent S1,500,000,- 000,000 and lost forty-six million lives. The '40s weren't all war, though. 'With the pass- ing of F.D.R. in April, 1945, Harry Truman succeeded to the presidency. The war's end brought us to face the Russian threat for the first time, and we learned the real meaning of communism. Show business boomed, from Metropolitan Opera to "Oklahoma" and "South Pacific," We sang songs like "Sentimental Journey" and "Slow Boat to China." J.B. students were thrilled when television made its first commercial appearance. Kids danced the conga and jitterbugged, and so life continued. . On June 25, 1950, Communist North Koreans crossed the 38th Parallel into South Korea, and America iumped to the aid of the southerly republic, along with the United Nations. Again we plummetted into battle, and this time our brothers went to fight until an uneasy truce ended the Korean War on July 27, 1953. Meanwhile, we continued to forge ahead in the new atomic age under the new Eisenhower adminis- tration. Our first A-bomb had hardly leveled Hiroshima when an H-bomb, dwarfing Hiroshima's devastator hundreds of times, vaporized a test island. An atomic submarine, cannon, and electric plant were built. The atom has had many encores since its Japanese debut, and it is here to stay. The first passenger iet was built, and American fleets are now under construction. Autos keep getting longer, lower, faster while skirts get fuller and wider as kids bop to "Rock Around the Clock" or "Tutti-Frutti." Television, considered magical only recently, is now more than commonplace. Movies have bigger, wider screens and lots of color and stereophonic sound. The war against sickness has been encouraged by Dr. Jonas Salk's successful anti-polio serum. Truly wonderful things have happened during the early '50s, with the promise of a still brighter future. John Burroughs students can be proud that our school is keeping pace by our recent extensive remodeling. We at J.B., along with the other youth of our country, can turn our heads to what lies ahead, confident that we will inherit a superb America and hopeful that we will have the power to keep it such. if '-is L Z J li Q j r ,ff-I xt' - X I if ff m. if it L Allin ' l' 13.7725 YE!-YB!!!

Page 6 text:

f-tr' '15s XD TREVELYRN TO MISS BALLER I am only one, but I am one. I I I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought Ito do, And what I ought to do,l by God's'grace, I will do. Using these words as your guide, you, Miss Baller, have helped make John Burroughs the fine school it is today.,We will never forget the wonderful work you have done here, your kind and understanding guidance, and the help you have given to all of us. No one has come to you with a problem in vain. We will alwaysremember you, Miss Baller, and the influence you have had upon us. We will also remember: - I ' that it was you who came to John Burroughs as the first iournalism teacher in T924 and established our semi-annual, the Burr. that you became head counselor at John Burroughs, helping many people with their problems. that you left John Burroughs in 1937 to become vice-principal at first Stevenson and then Horace Mann Junior Highs, where you established fine Girls' Leagues. W I , , I that you came back to John Burroughs as girls' vice-principal, encouraging all girls to take an active part in their Girls' League. Miss Baller, it will 'seem strange to come to school and not flnd you here, ready and willing to help us with our problems. We will miss your friendly and considerate manner. And so, we dedicate this Burr to you, Miss Baller, in recognition of the loving years you have devoted to John Burroughs Junior High School. Busy day, busy day, a lot of work, little play. The outstanding J. B. FACULTY maintains the high educational and citizenship stand- ards of John Burroughs. Row 'I: Mr. Richard Jarrett, Mrs. Marylois Warner, Mrs. Judy Golding, Mrs. Eileen Wingard, Miss Eroline Robinson, Mrs. Helen Walker, Miss Evelyne Warder, Miss Dorothy Stahl, Miss Lois Shade, Miss Jane Eisner, Miss Ethel Gibbs, Miss Emily Huntsman. Row 2: Miss Lois Fetterman, Mr. Arthur Jones, Mrs. Loretta England, Nlrs. Dorothy Cloud, Mrs. Janet Kuehn, Mrs. Dorothy Molloy, Miss LouAnn Smith, Miss Constance Wienke, Mrs. Bertha Ross, Miss Marie Erhart, Mr. Harold Thomas, Mr. Howard Shusett, Row 3: Mrs. Margaret Hezel, Mr. Romain Vande Genachte, Mrs. Catherine Freeman, Mr. Philip Corley, Miss Annabelle Gibson, Mr. Faber Dopp, Miss Margaret Acheson, Mr. Lawson Sanderson, Miss Sara Eddy, Mr. John Hunt, Mr. Richard Nazarian. Row 4: Mrs. Estelle Smoot, Mr. Emanuel Lombard, Mrs. Clara Rosenwein, Mr. Chester Harris, Mrs. Ruth Priestley, Mr. Rudolph Silvern, Mrs. Joanne Lantz, Mr. Philip Ferguson, Mrs. Alice Young, Mr. Clyde Reynolds, Mrs. Edith Kerr. Row 5: Mrs. Blanche Robinson,,Mrs. Francis Bartlett, Mrs. Florence Bleifeld, Mr. Richard Bell, Miss Marilyn Lindsay, Mr. Joe McKinnon, Miss Theresa Baller, Mr. Dale Gustafson, Mrs. Anne Cox, Mr. Jack Harris, Miss Avis Russell. Row 6: Mr. Thayer Jorris, Mr. Milton Langsner, Mrs. Romain Gardemal, Mr. Don Cline, Miss Marie McCarthy, Mr. Richard Hatch, Miss Elsa Obst, Mr. Samuel Rush, Miss Winnie Mackey, Mr. Peter Meyer, Mrs. Janice Hanlon. 1 A -, CCCC ,fix N. Ffa of Ali! x Q, 355 S 0 r at ir ! . Ki "'... x 'I .Ju-,','t I A y N 1

Page 8 text:

To better John Burroughs is one of the alms of the SENIOR LEADERSHIP CLASS, sponsored by Mrs. Ciara Rosenwein. Row 1: David Drabkin, Marilyn Daniels, Linda Olsen, Jerry Cronin, David Bartlett, Betty Ras- koff, Lynn Springwater, Roger Odenberg. Row 2: Mrs, Clara Rosenwein, Linda Mast, Susan Ovsey, Janet Worthington, Patty Shields, Joyce Morris, Stefanie Weisberg, Marsha Kruger, Barbara Balue. Row 3: Franklin Miller, Sue Ann Page, Leon- ard Oldstein, Barbara Hershey, Steve Drush' all, Diane Givens, Bruce Meyer, Helene Sza- met, Bill Levy, Adriane Weitz, Howard Cucher. Row 4: Judy Kramer, Mickey McBain, Vivian Meyerson, Perry Lisker, Linda Soghor, Richard Leiber, Charis Leopold, Stephen Gill, Barbara Galanter, Maurice Mayesh. Leaders of the future head the iunior division of the school in the JUNIOR LEADERSHIP CLASS, sponsored by Miss Marie McCarthy. Row 'l: Miss McCarthy, Susan Howard, Rich- ard Aller, Pam Rubin, Mike Lyon, Sandra Siporin, Jeff Smith, Larry Mills, Bill Raskotf. Row 2: Bill Piltzer, Joan Abbey, Gordon Rose, Connie Atkins, Harold Kahn, Olga Rony, Bernard Gertler, Lana Josepho. Row 3: Maria Lupo, Andy Dithridge, Linda Heller, Carl Muchnick, Susan Levy, Art Harlig, Tica Greitzer, Howard Marcus, Susan Corey. Q, 45-5 2 1 11 - x "'f3 in fl e iegivl :MTM . H Q -5? .'S 'S'-1 Vg.,-P' .faqs raw . .iz 1,333 . name ' " . -Q I siv . ' H e Q5-. J: ue X -,,.1-1-' A government of the students, for the students, and led by the Q "' A STUDENT BODY OFFICERS is under the sponsorship of Mr. Rich- ard Jarrett, principal. Row 1: Linda Oken, Jerry Cronin, Dave Bartlett, Betty Ruskoff, Mike Lyon. i ' Rev: 2: Marilyn Daniels, Mr. Richard Jarrett, Roger Odenberg, 'Lynn Spring- r n m WU el'-

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