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 - Class of 1956

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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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N I mffvfz if fgmi, 56ZffZfA f Y, ff, f 'Ci icq D -5 6" ' , Lip., 1-ef Da. , lv-xhfnnqff I ' X, QE? 1-612, X 'I' ' X P- - U if f' J C434 'K 2 , UXJLF 1' 'CL aegftii LCELQ . I L 15. gl CJ-lj, f 5 VTJX - JL lo, ff V 6 ,f If 5 7 '-'ef I fG'C'QfL ?,Q,jg 7 jk f ,A l 2 ff' , . J i , i x E L A W, - In V- fix , f N . N V- H U fi ! fxxy 1 Q-1 L 2 f Xklff-.3M.Jf'y!X Qc ff Z eg ff 1 'ez-'ff-ff! Lx -' fx, , -'J , "-. -V -C-,X ."' ' ,k X-f . L fuk Gif it L! cw-fZj'Z1i,, 4,65 EG' f-if ' LLLQQ ' 'Q 'JAG5--fi ' Gif! ' ' ' , f 1' 11 , 1 x, ,' 1 , " lf 5' , "xC- fy. kr!! ff? Nh xg A ,Six ,G f 7 X i,l'xN' C4424 m f M C Q 22' - v IQ . f M , f , 5 f"2f'f'I'w" 'L N Y. ' "4 . ' k lf fe221,M. ' f 1- ,- f k cream GL, 1. L' I' I' xx i L nf. 1, w g. x ' ASUS! Cf? fins I Q.. - I jf-gf 4. 7. '. Lfsfw kai X, , ,jf 5: 1. N Il' .' 1 'i' 1 w fl? . , 7 - "' f I Q i Q ' - fx" ' A 'g1 .? 5 LQ 11 f ,. . f ' i 'K a i 1- ,Q 1, Q Q -V , ,.. Y WY 6 ,- mug DIL J3I12.Q., ,, N Q L of J jjif Ojw J Jfvb THE BURR SUMMER JOHN BURROUGHS HMM JUNIOR HIGH scHooL CQ lwf-J Los Angeles 5 I iifi I , ,gi 67 Isirwjihi lei, WU 1956 53 ? 5 3 055 , Q if ii, ,I I ART EDITORS Carlen Ross Linda Stein Diana Trevelyan LITERARY EDITORS Judie Robosson Chuck Vernoff California of THEME: l LITERARY STAFF Bob Dresser Judy Fine Gay Fisher Arf Gittleman Robin Kimbrough Johanna Lindquist Heery Lynn Ken Rowen Nancy Rubin Robin Wallbert ooo A Ll, xi - I I 'rl 1 ,Z L, an Ulf IN STEP WITH PROGRESS ART STAFF Maureen Fisher Terrie Frost Arline Ginfer Jim Roden Linda Terry ,+A v9T7. ti .f I 1' if I llhqa afwjin qqyygll lLf' flu ff' gllqeiilnl 1 'E' luzlilnhx 1"1l 1 f I ll gil lllz Q uuq 'I Y . - QQ: 'f "...Z'-T r 1 - l I Jjdavi' I I 'Ji 9 ' 1: . .. ,f g, gf: fagiiigfi I' f,f"" I IIW fl 4:41, ll 121' 'ull' 1 11' L -- 1 rl 1 ffl. . 515,54 1' ls- TPEIN f-tr' '15s XD TREVELYRN TO MISS BALLER I am only one, but I am one. I I I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought Ito do, And what I ought to do,l by God's'grace, I will do. Using these words as your guide, you, Miss Baller, have helped make John Burroughs the fine school it is today.,We will never forget the wonderful work you have done here, your kind and understanding guidance, and the help you have given to all of us. No one has come to you with a problem in vain. We will alwaysremember you, Miss Baller, and the influence you have had upon us. We will also remember: - I ' that it was you who came to John Burroughs as the first iournalism teacher in T924 and established our semi-annual, the Burr. that you became head counselor at John Burroughs, helping many people with their problems. that you left John Burroughs in 1937 to become vice-principal at first Stevenson and then Horace Mann Junior Highs, where you established fine Girls' Leagues. W I , , I that you came back to John Burroughs as girls' vice-principal, encouraging all girls to take an active part in their Girls' League. Miss Baller, it will 'seem strange to come to school and not flnd you here, ready and willing to help us with our problems. We will miss your friendly and considerate manner. And so, we dedicate this Burr to you, Miss Baller, in recognition of the loving years you have devoted to John Burroughs Junior High School. Busy day, busy day, a lot of work, little play. The outstanding J. B. FACULTY maintains the high educational and citizenship stand- ards of John Burroughs. Row 'I: Mr. Richard Jarrett, Mrs. Marylois Warner, Mrs. Judy Golding, Mrs. Eileen Wingard, Miss Eroline Robinson, Mrs. Helen Walker, Miss Evelyne Warder, Miss Dorothy Stahl, Miss Lois Shade, Miss Jane Eisner, Miss Ethel Gibbs, Miss Emily Huntsman. Row 2: Miss Lois Fetterman, Mr. Arthur Jones, Mrs. Loretta England, Nlrs. Dorothy Cloud, Mrs. Janet Kuehn, Mrs. Dorothy Molloy, Miss LouAnn Smith, Miss Constance Wienke, Mrs. Bertha Ross, Miss Marie Erhart, Mr. Harold Thomas, Mr. Howard Shusett, Row 3: Mrs. Margaret Hezel, Mr. Romain Vande Genachte, Mrs. Catherine Freeman, Mr. Philip Corley, Miss Annabelle Gibson, Mr. Faber Dopp, Miss Margaret Acheson, Mr. Lawson Sanderson, Miss Sara Eddy, Mr. John Hunt, Mr. Richard Nazarian. Row 4: Mrs. Estelle Smoot, Mr. Emanuel Lombard, Mrs. Clara Rosenwein, Mr. Chester Harris, Mrs. Ruth Priestley, Mr. Rudolph Silvern, Mrs. Joanne Lantz, Mr. Philip Ferguson, Mrs. Alice Young, Mr. Clyde Reynolds, Mrs. Edith Kerr. Row 5: Mrs. Blanche Robinson,,Mrs. Francis Bartlett, Mrs. Florence Bleifeld, Mr. Richard Bell, Miss Marilyn Lindsay, Mr. Joe McKinnon, Miss Theresa Baller, Mr. Dale Gustafson, Mrs. Anne Cox, Mr. Jack Harris, Miss Avis Russell. Row 6: Mr. Thayer Jorris, Mr. Milton Langsner, Mrs. Romain Gardemal, Mr. Don Cline, Miss Marie McCarthy, Mr. Richard Hatch, Miss Elsa Obst, Mr. Samuel Rush, Miss Winnie Mackey, Mr. Peter Meyer, Mrs. Janice Hanlon. 1 A -, CCCC ,fix N. Ffa of Ali! x Q, 355 S 0 r at ir ! . Ki "'... x 'I .Ju-,','t I A y N 1 Z..'f,:,-A -nv A -. . - ...Q . l.. xx- li F , Q. ' -.Q 5-XXX fy Q, 'rl' xl ,' X : fs ,. ,sf ' - . hc N .. ,ESQ . 1,414 L 'I 5- s., 'U s,,-'ll V G ' ' s ' D JD . --' 'f5""l ' ! Q V . - L Q Q V115 - K '- A .F txxhtllli' H X ' fa.. Os: cf " J - .1 -.1 , " .xfifk 42,1 i 'tire-lELV9'1 ff rs ' A! l Q IN STEP WITH PROGRESS f .5 The roaring '20s! Three magic words that glaze our parents' eyes and put . them into a reverie on by-gone days. What were those delightful, mad years ' , like? Well, for one thing, when our folks danced, they did the Charleston or the foxtrot. Popular music? "Five Foot Two" or "Margie," of course. Styles? Enough to make modern kids hysterical with laughter. Girls, you would have been quite' up to date in knee-length dresses. Your waistline would be at your hips-if you had any at all! And then you would have dripped with embroidery, beads, and fur. Men's clothing? Slick campus X "shieks" around 1926 wouldn't have been caught dead minus their blazer iackets and fr, "bell-bottom" trousers-not to forget derbies and raccoon coats, naturally. The '20s fff,-LZ", brought prohibition and speakeasies, Coolidge, Harding, Hoover, talkies, Lindbergh's At- lantic flight, and the fateful stock market crash. Movie stars such as suave Rudolph Valen- Xb 'iifii' ' tino, demure Clara Bow, and spritely Mickey Mouse attracted hordes. Sports names of this f Q ' 1 golden era of athletics included Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Red Grange, and Jack Dempsey. 'A Haven't we forgotten something? Yes. For in the gay flapper days of 1924, the main and ,,.--- A cafeteria buildings of John Burroughs Junior High School opened for the first time for 1 ' ,,ee-.-- - 417 students. C ,'j'7"L' ' T Depression. It fell like a black shroud over America, shutting out the light ' of prosperity and sending millions to financial ruin. Right on the heels of the ruinous stock market crash in October, 1929, thousands of banks and factories closed CX and countless persons lost iobs and savings. With Franklin D. Roosevelt's bold New' Deal, C, the long climb to a stable economy was launched. Even during the depression, however, people still had fun. Crowds gathered to keep time to the music of Benny Goodman and -X his swing band. Songs of the '30s like "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "Pennies from , l Heaven" are popular even today. Movies continued growing, sound and color included. I Such engineering marvels as the Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge were X erected. 1931 spawned the cyclotron. Thus, depression or not, progress couldn't be X stopped. But even as America painfully began to regain its economic balance, dark .X fx clouds gathered in Europe. The web of Adolph Hitler's Third Reich was swiftly and ruth- ' id lessly ensnaring Germany's helpless neighbors. Meanwhile, J.B. reached its greatest fx enrollment ever of over 2300 students. We were growing with the world. --5 ,E I' o The '40s came in with a bang. The bang of Japanese bombs destroying W" TI 'If' Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. On December 8 we were thrust headfirst ' ,elx into World War II, and our dads marched off to battle. At home, kids at J.B. took part , ' T' "' P in the war effort by collecting scrap and buying defense stamps. ln Europe and the 4' 1 fx ? Pacific, planes swooped down to drop payloads of death and cannons boomed ominously. Finally came the most awesome man-made explosion the earth had ever known-the atomic bomb. We entered the atomic era none too gracefully, but at least monstrous World War ll was ended. Ended, but only after participant nations had spent S1,500,000,- 000,000 and lost forty-six million lives. The '40s weren't all war, though. 'With the pass- ing of F.D.R. in April, 1945, Harry Truman succeeded to the presidency. The war's end brought us to face the Russian threat for the first time, and we learned the real meaning of communism. Show business boomed, from Metropolitan Opera to "Oklahoma" and "South Pacific," We sang songs like "Sentimental Journey" and "Slow Boat to China." J.B. students were thrilled when television made its first commercial appearance. Kids danced the conga and jitterbugged, and so life continued. . On June 25, 1950, Communist North Koreans crossed the 38th Parallel into South Korea, and America iumped to the aid of the southerly republic, along with the United Nations. Again we plummetted into battle, and this time our brothers went to fight until an uneasy truce ended the Korean War on July 27, 1953. Meanwhile, we continued to forge ahead in the new atomic age under the new Eisenhower adminis- tration. Our first A-bomb had hardly leveled Hiroshima when an H-bomb, dwarfing Hiroshima's devastator hundreds of times, vaporized a test island. An atomic submarine, cannon, and electric plant were built. The atom has had many encores since its Japanese debut, and it is here to stay. The first passenger iet was built, and American fleets are now under construction. Autos keep getting longer, lower, faster while skirts get fuller and wider as kids bop to "Rock Around the Clock" or "Tutti-Frutti." Television, considered magical only recently, is now more than commonplace. Movies have bigger, wider screens and lots of color and stereophonic sound. The war against sickness has been encouraged by Dr. Jonas Salk's successful anti-polio serum. Truly wonderful things have happened during the early '50s, with the promise of a still brighter future. John Burroughs students can be proud that our school is keeping pace by our recent extensive remodeling. We at J.B., along with the other youth of our country, can turn our heads to what lies ahead, confident that we will inherit a superb America and hopeful that we will have the power to keep it such. if '-is L Z J li Q j r ,ff-I xt' - X I if ff m. if it L Allin ' l' 13.7725 YE!-YB!!! To better John Burroughs is one of the alms of the SENIOR LEADERSHIP CLASS, sponsored by Mrs. Ciara Rosenwein. Row 1: David Drabkin, Marilyn Daniels, Linda Olsen, Jerry Cronin, David Bartlett, Betty Ras- koff, Lynn Springwater, Roger Odenberg. Row 2: Mrs, Clara Rosenwein, Linda Mast, Susan Ovsey, Janet Worthington, Patty Shields, Joyce Morris, Stefanie Weisberg, Marsha Kruger, Barbara Balue. Row 3: Franklin Miller, Sue Ann Page, Leon- ard Oldstein, Barbara Hershey, Steve Drush' all, Diane Givens, Bruce Meyer, Helene Sza- met, Bill Levy, Adriane Weitz, Howard Cucher. Row 4: Judy Kramer, Mickey McBain, Vivian Meyerson, Perry Lisker, Linda Soghor, Richard Leiber, Charis Leopold, Stephen Gill, Barbara Galanter, Maurice Mayesh. Leaders of the future head the iunior division of the school in the JUNIOR LEADERSHIP CLASS, sponsored by Miss Marie McCarthy. Row 'l: Miss McCarthy, Susan Howard, Rich- ard Aller, Pam Rubin, Mike Lyon, Sandra Siporin, Jeff Smith, Larry Mills, Bill Raskotf. Row 2: Bill Piltzer, Joan Abbey, Gordon Rose, Connie Atkins, Harold Kahn, Olga Rony, Bernard Gertler, Lana Josepho. Row 3: Maria Lupo, Andy Dithridge, Linda Heller, Carl Muchnick, Susan Levy, Art Harlig, Tica Greitzer, Howard Marcus, Susan Corey. Q, 45-5 2 1 11 - x "'f3 in fl e iegivl :MTM . H Q -5? .'S 'S'-1 Vg.,-P' .faqs raw . .iz 1,333 . name ' " . -Q I siv . ' H e Q5-. J: ue X -,,.1-1-' A government of the students, for the students, and led by the Q "' A STUDENT BODY OFFICERS is under the sponsorship of Mr. Rich- ard Jarrett, principal. Row 1: Linda Oken, Jerry Cronin, Dave Bartlett, Betty Ruskoff, Mike Lyon. i ' Rev: 2: Marilyn Daniels, Mr. Richard Jarrett, Roger Odenberg, 'Lynn Spring- r n m WU el'- "Buckle that belt, shine those shoes, comb your hair" are the words of the BOYS' COUNCIL BOARD mem- bers, led by Mr. John Hunt. Row 1: Bill Smiland, Jerry Cronin, Mr. Hunt, Jimmy Sherman. Row 2: Murray Abrams, John Clegg, Norm Cohen, Mike Newman, Cliff Leviton. The GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL and COURT, sponsored by Mrs. Romain Gardemal, solves the girls' prob- lems. Row 1: Mrs. Gardemal, Carole Spencer, Mady Shatsky, Betty Raskoff, Sharyn Capsuto, Carol Callahan, Jackie Levy, Susan Ratner, Sara Miller. Row 2: Susan Summit, Diane Givens, Judy Sheldon, Judy Fine, Joy Rosenfield, Jean Fogelman, Linda De Pucchia. The GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD is spon- sored by Mrs. Romain Gardemal and Miss Theresa Baller. Row 'l: Helene Yura, Carole Spencer, Betty Raskaff, Mrs. Gardemol, Judy Fine, Miss Ball- er, Mady Shatsky, Sheila Goldberg, Ellen Goltlieb. Row 2: Penny Chan, Johanna Lindquist, Julie , Kurlan, Connie Kerr, Marlene Tolegian, Arlene , Gintcr, Ethyle Aronoff, Linda Wood, Sarah Worthingfon. l l .--f- - , ,. The' GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET is sponsored by Mrs. Romain Garclemal and Miss Theresa Ba er. - Row 1: Janet Weiner, Donna Cowgur, Dia Haveles, Sl1aron Glesby, Robin Wallbert, Carole Spencer, Mady Shatsky, Betty Raskoff, Karen Timmins, Joyce Morris, Linda Stein, Diane Laurie. Row 2: Mrs. Gardemal, Stephanie Lee, Martha Morrison, Lydia Morrison, Florence Goldstein, Elaine Soloff, Denise Pilloni, Helene Szamot, Judy Poclams, Ann Pyenson, Geraldine Lew. Row 3: Ann Schwartz, Judie Robosson, Joan Werner, Inger Mornestam, Marcy Schwartz, Diana Trevelyan, Kathy Millea, Marsha Beniamin, Judy Wolf, Pat Davis, Ethel Mushnick. Row 4: Maureen Lewis, Robin Kimbrough, Vivian Meyerson, Pearl Rottenberg, Nancy Rubin, Judy Fine, Molly Scoles, Barbara Harrow, Dorothy Elliott, Gay Fisher, Miss Baller. fa frzsif .Z I , ,v-1,-Fx ' .x lf! dsl" A . l J fix x , TX x l , os, 5 X . X. . Q i lx I - Q -- NB. X. 'S s Q 95 lseiif-1 X 'iiiigllz . 1' 5,1555 .X 'XX ,I l x , X5 Wada F -- . ff: 3 A sm ' . YH: tg.- .f l l suit' Z X 'QQ'-wr" t -I f 4 if 'V r' , fr it' .KWSN W ' -.,,., 3 U' OE Q.-I -4-4 2,0 -,O 3-C WZ MQ 'OJ' Ct nlll 'Ds 53 'S-2 CD Ba. Q Do' Q--4 :-Z or 252 O 03" -39. CO. O. QZ 30 as 82. CQ FL? 5. .. U' CD CQ O 4 ID '1 I . L : .x-x E ' 'gl ff . se.-' K j 1:- q'7:e3? Q Q Zan X t mmol: O0 E0 'fs Us cv 5.. V. 3 o fir 59? ": UZ" 20 :S 9,5 592 :-2. ' ess? E' BI' :Us ,- on -- I-34 E5 m 9:3 fm! U1 '5'E:r U, MID 0 lII'1 353 DO 39? 9 se 2 2 cn 5' 0 2' 'E Q 1' 1 an I' o ID 5 2 F' O " as Z : 'D o' f 2 3 an Q , P z gf 3. 9: '4 5 'S'- 5 3- 3 x- D' F 3 5 E 3- 4 Q CD 53 D. . fit.. tiff Smooth, safe lines are governed and dheded bythe sPAcE PATROL, the A9 safety group. Row l: Rose Trabka, Marilyn Abrams, Sandy Whitehead, Geraldine Chuchian, Eddie Riss- man, Roger Odenberg, Karen Timmins, Mar- umem ion Oretzky, Belle Rubel, Lynn Steinberg, Dia 1 1 1 YS Haveles, Marta Gibson. Row 2: Mr. Nazarian, Leslie Stone, Beverly Campbell, Barbara Kraft, Sue Isaacs, Mel Slo- mo, Linda Floom, Jason Schniderman, Barbara Galanter, Pat Lowenstein, Linda Rappaport, Ann Pyenson. . Row 3: Bruce Bramen, Georgia Hows, Larry Cassicl, Linda Wood, Art Gittleman, Judy Wil- sey, Larry Gershwin, Teresa Goldwater, Stan Bell, Florence Goldstein, Bruce Meyer. Row 4: Larry Broxmeyer, Joan Shanfield, Per- ry Lisker, Pearl Rottenberg, Tom Kilby, Judy Fine, Jeff Davidson, Ethyle Aronaff, Blair lrv- ine, Toni Klapproth, Ken Rowen. THE SOLAR PATROL, consisting of B9's, helps keep traffic smooth and safe in the halls. Row 'l: David Winsor, Robin Wallbert, Roger Odenberg. Row 2: Tova Babad, Torn Landis, Bobby Weiss, Jimmy Lord, Sue Schrager, Stuart Shayne, Barbara Sadd, Art Avazian, Melanie Soll, John Spetz, Adriane Weitz. Row 3: Mr. Nazarian, Jerry Ludwig, Bobby Plass, Herb Elsky. Row 4: Sue Ann Page, Steven Silverman, Lor- etta Ashley, Bill Smiland, Florence Barak, John Clegg, Sara Miller, Art Rubin, Mary Aufhauser, Steve Goldring, Judy Eisenstein. Row 5: Sylvia Kubernick, Bob Abramawitz, Jean Fagelman, Steven Whittman, Charis Leo- pold, John Lombardi, Eleanor Blum, Bob Swartz, Nadine Antin, Gary Snyder, Carol Kupers. Row 6: Judy Scott, Raymond Karlin, Lorraine Silverstein, Paul Fabian, Elaine Lavis, Byron Buck, Linda Sogher, Tom Oakley, Sandy Riss- L Q-B1 -we ling, Mike Roman, Sonia Messirion. t The SOLARONS help keep our cam- pus clean and safe always. Row 'I: Mike Newman, Bob Dresser, Robin Kimbrough, Roger Odenberg. Row 2: Judy Newman, Bill Levy, Chris Young, Eddie Hart, Rita Zirnon, Robert Klein, Sandy Stillwater, Dennis Golub, Abbie Ziffren, Lar- ry Becker, Mary Ellen Stickles, Joe Haber, Marilyn Shonman, Mr. Nararian. Row 3: Richard Bracken, Nataline Berman, Larry Fields, Roberta Lichterman, Bernie Perl- off, Ann Schwartz, Martin Stein, Janet Bassist, Alan Shuman, Carole Krause, Eric Avazian. Row 4: Lynn Loehr, Gail Witkin, Norm Cohen, Judy Kramer, Fred Himmelbergor, Julie Kur- lan Allan Lifson Jud Johnson, Gene Gen- , I Y son, Rita Zeigerson. Row 5: John Kohler, David Lowenstein, Elise Blair, Arthur Martin, Marlene Tolegian, Rich' ard Cohen, Vivian Meyerson, Walker Strauss, Claire Goff, Alan Eskovitz, Karen Saliter. Members of the GYM PATROL, un- der the direction of Mr. Joe McKin- non, work during their gym periods and help maintain safety at the deadlines. Row 'l: Jimmy Sherman, Dave Drabkin. Row 2: Norman Shapiro, Art Avazian, George Yeakel, Jimmy Irvine, Bob Knopf, Ralph Rosenberg, Irving Boime, Eric Avazian. Row 3: Marty Gellen, Allen Lifson, Robert Swartz, Walker Strauss, Paul Fabian, Tom Kilby, Steve Whittman, Mr. Joe McKinnon. .fc . Q. EFF' .1 QW? "5!w7Q"" an f, 1' bc. wal 345-N' Y'13'f,,iLmf , V75 x 0 ev I I Y .+. .l -l-Yr. sj" f'm - :L 1 fr- 1, 51-1: Y riff! ' I 5 oi .fir ' i ai qfafw ,L jiri: .frfrfgf fat! N-5-MW?" , " 1. QQ- s 'iaiijlfl 'PL' "' L r. " 1- 5i?l',:fff:f.Q '-7 trijbgzgi .4 .,F-s' ' 0+ ' . P The SPACE CADETS, consisting of A8's, direct traffic in the north building. Row 'l: George Kraus, Mike Keller, Kenny Krichman, Kenny Melamed, Jimmy Endman, Chris Dailey, Gary Frank, Andrew Jackson, Bob Jellen, Frank Miller, Will Rosenburg, Dave Wolf, Stephen Goodman. Row 2: Marcy Schwartz, Mr. Nazarian, Linda Rosen, llene Coian, Regina Grinel, Phyllis Linton, Pete Atkins, Leone Gorin, Dorothy Sherman, Jollene Preble, Linda Mast, Gloria Faierman, Mary Wells, Ruth Schwartz. Row 3: Roger Odenberg, Susan Durr, Sandra Asher, Janet Worthington, Bill Seely, Debie Kassiday, Dave Schauer, Jane Beal, Bob Ross, Susan Griffin, Leonard Oldstein, Ruth Bisenz, Judy Dissmore, Dave Hilmer. Row 4: Gayle Levant, Nancy Randall, Susan Schlein, Steve Gill, Judy Rosenberg, Dennis Dundas, Susan Kreeger, Ray Weiss, Roberta Cohn, Larry Rivetz, Bernice Blatt, John Isaacs. Row 5: Annette Hamill, Jeff Louis, Margaret Voshell, Marv Lotz, Katherine Zeller, Neil Friedman, Judy Feldman, Jeff Tamkin, Diane Walker, Harry Knight, Kaaren Targen. J. J . lk lx. R 9 xegsF1i'i'-"1-'ir" ik., Jffbme ...J Nlu c Groups Ill ll D P il, ,.-: 'n It il dj ' l Miss Marie Erhart brings J. B. music through the BOYS' GLEECLUB. Row 1: Barry Gore, Martin Marius, Alan Davis, James Brown, Ronnie Dills, David Ellis, Ronald Ross, Zachary Samuels, Larry Mills, Eddie Stanton, Terry Coveney. Row 2: Michael Gallagher, Greg Warner, Andrew Dith- ridge, Don Greenspan, Vic- tor Romero, Ben Rosenbloam, lan Zetland, Jeffrey Stein- berg, George Hull, Bernard Gertler, Martin Harary. Row 3: Steve Katzman, Ce- cil Fine, Edwin Dorfman, Charles Rubel, Charles Da- vidson, Dave White, Russell Flax, Jim Hosley, Emanuel Nedivick, Robert Paulson, Richard Carroll. Row 4: Gary Boswell, Mel- vin Slomo, Bernie Solomon, Kan Sunquist, John Vanden Akker Jim Hodges, Royce Whitaley, sfevsn Gan, Mike Waldorf, Sheldon Brier. e GIRLS GLEE CLUB, directed by Miss Marie Erhart, is right on pitch for assemblies. Row 'l: June April, Gayle Levant, Donna Cuce, Judy Wilsey, Maeve Udell, Lydia Morrison, Sandy Whitehead. Row 2: Regina Grinel, Rochelle Sniderman, Joyce Morris, Lorraine Silverstein, Arlene Salomon, Donna Edelson, Linda Krentzman, Susan Rau, Linda Buckelew. Row 3:-'Ease Trabka, Marilyn Brown, Linda Klein, Barbara McGee, Roberta Cohen, Fay Eakle, Joanne Morgan, Georgia Hows, Jan McDana . Row 4: Pat Davis, Marcia Beaird, Ann Garlinghouse, Marsha Sommer, Penny Young, Sandy Rissling, Dorothy Davis, Eileen Federman. Row 5: Arlene Robbins, Jacqueline Hoyt, Susan Summit, Sara Ann Miller, Susan Spearin, Julie Kurlan, Brana Herbert, Susanne Levy, Florence Barak. e Row 6: Susan Jenkinson, Linda Cohn, Nancy Vehan, Dianne Cross, Marcia Knapp, Molly Scoles, Cathy Williams, Sigricl Wooten, Lynn Springwater. Row 7: Charlotte Brasch, Sherrill Suffens, Marcia Greenberg, Louise Wardle, Suzette Dick, Christine Jones, Kay Ariz, Miltona Kranz, Roberta Goldberg. Instruments up, classl Ready, begin. The SENIOR ORCHESTRA, trained and conducted by Mrs. Eileen Wingard, provides music for special occasions. Row 'l: Martin Stein, Carla Haskell, Bill Raskoff, Norman Burba, Dale O'Donnell, Mary Stickles, Rochelle Rosman, Vivian Naiiar, Mrs. Wlngard. Row 2: Murray Abrams, Isa Ashdown, Eric Avazian, Jackie Wolfberg, Ben Abramowitz, Judy Bachrach, Steven Silverman, Sue Schrager, Aaron Show, Penny Chan, Neil Fond, Joel Stein, Michael Ginzberg, Barry Schway. Row 3: Marvin Lotz, Jane Beal, David Lewin, Suzanne Hoskins, Melvyn Resnick, Dianne Plummer, John Clegg, Lynn Loehr, John Lombardi, Mary L. Aufhauser, Chris Martin, Ethel Wellman. Row 4: Kenneth Perry, Katie Silverman, Steven Whittman, Betty Schroeder, Robert Bergman, Dorothy Elliott, Morris Lewinson, Elise Blair, lra Gale, Marcy'Schwartz, Richard Lieber, Inger Mornestam. Row 5: Fred Gould, Phyllis Arnold, Alan Bercutt, Carol Goldberg, Byron Buck, Brenda Friedman, Spencer Chilk, Joyce McBride, Cary Dolinko, Shirley Levenson, Maury Davidson, Claire Goff. Row 6: Jim Hunt, Larry Cossid, Jerry Raphael, Steven Bernstein. Strike up the band! The J.B. BAND, under the baton of Mrs. Eileen Wingard, plays for assemblies and sports events. Raw 1: Jack Ditlore, Rickie Boehme, Mike Attic, Tim Schiff, Chuck Morris, Andy Jackson, Joel Robbins, Ronald Diamond, Bert Berman, Barry Sherman, Stephen Ritt, Peter Atkins, Mrs. Wlngard. Row 2: Susan Robinson, Leonard Saposnek, Larry Lowenkron, Harold Kirman, Kenneth Krichman, Gilbert Conn, James Enclman, Jimmy Jacob- son, Dennis Golob, Harvey Lane. Row 3: Walter Stoufer, Henry Stuppy, Kenneth Weinberg, Charles Nelson, Dickie Carroll, Sam Rubinfeld, Bob Nathanson, Jimmy Crowe, Bev- erly Campbell, Barbara Russell, Lynn Maclow. Rowh 4:1 Stuart Shayne, Jay Schaeffer, David Urstein, Jeff Louis, Richard Salinger, Paul Farber, Elliot Wax, Marc Sher, Kenneth Norden, Mark Rap ae . Row 5: Manus Pinkwater, Len Bauer, Norman Cohen, Janet Orner, Stephen Wolfson, Arthur Martin, Walker Strauss, Jeff Tamkin, Jon Gage, John Millott, James Lcrcl. J 'E zifi V . 'S if .. . . 54 Q so 9 593 i , 'az' l l. , l 5 5' l '23 L U gfg S 4 I I -4 . ! s- 5 L -l ., J, ' 'f . , , . i-jg,-,-.g ' 1 F 'if' ': M-ffm ,.. C I. U B Rocketing into a galaxy of scientific discovery and adventure is the SCI- ENCE CLUB, sponsored by Mr. Phil- lip Ferguson and Mr. Chester Harris. Row 1: Barbara Rosenfeld, Jeffrey Katz, Janet Bassist, Bill Piltzer, Sandra Zatz, Merritt Can- way, Marilyn Freeman, Charles Nelson, Riva Wenig, Dale O'Donnell. Row 2: Mr. C. Harris, Jan Jaffe, Chris Dailey, Marie Rodriguez, Jacqueline Wolfberg, Randy Mcllwain, Lydia Morrison, Bruce Gillies, Har- riet Leon, Brad Butler, Mr. Ferguson, Stefe anie Weisberg. The world of self-expression and artistic creativity is explored by the ART CRAFTS CLUB, sponsored by Miss Margaret Acheson. Row I: Miss Achesan, Beverly Seskin, Thea Babad, Judy Samuels, Anne Bersinger, Bar- bara Rosenfeld, Louise Stein. Row 2: Dawn Evanchuk, Marlene Behar, Sonia Messirian, Linda Ventura, Mary Triest, Donna Dardick, Janet Bassist. Row 3: Caroline Hall, Barbara Russell, Harry Knight, Marie Hackstaff, Alan Eskovitz, Blanche McClure, Tova Babad, Barbara Leh- l"I'lC!I'll'l. ' J.B.'s torso-twisters and he-men 'Find undiscovered muscles and put them to work at the GYM CLUB, sponsored by Mr. Harry Berlin. Row 1: Jon Gage, Maury Davidson, Bobby Diamoncl. Row 2: Bob Knopf, Art Rolston, Marc Klein, Jack Ditlove, Ronnie Lieberman, Ronny Marks. Row 3: Barry Schway, Elliot Marks, Gary Frank, Edward Stein, Lee Schultz, Bob Hughes, Bob Goechman. Row 4: Jim Colwell, Al Ackerman, Al Eisen, Dave Goldstein, Bob Swartz, Jack Cooper- man, Jeff Stern, Jim Hines, Mr. Berlin. I l Vrxx 1 V l 'jf l .Lt .-ill:-V 1 ' 5, F. ' . t ' Q- : i....,..-.-. -....-31 .. .. - ' MPSELL u RR l Beware Jack Kramer and "Little Mo!" Future champs of the TENNIS CLUB, sponsored by Mrs. Loretta England, are after your la-urels. Row 1: Jonathon Elsky, Alon Rose, Jerry Pransky, Roger Levoy. Row 2: Debie Kossiday, Louise Coraco, Ann Iverson, Christine Adams, Christine Geiger, Judi Fittinger, Gilda Wasserman, Charlene Teed, Judy Levenson, Mary Bodle, Barbara Biggs. Row 3: Mrs. England, Karen Kirchoff, Kenny Malamed, Steffy Weinberg, Fred Meyer, Jan Jaffe, Stephen Overture, Kathy Cole, Linda Sturges, Marilyn Freeman, Ina Schrieber. Row 4: Elmer Blanck, Kathy Zeller, Jack Metalsky, Linda Heller, Royce Whitely, Diane Birkholz, Mickey McBain, Karen Johnson, Eu- gene Finke. All kinds of tubes, condensers, dials, knobs, and buttons that go into modern radios are put into them by members of the RADIO CLUB, spon- sored by Mr. Richard Bell. Row I: Mr. Bell, Peter Frankel, Billy Raskoff, Dennis Kessler, Mel Froman, Joel Pyenson, David Tasker, Leonard Urlik. Row 2: David Schwartz, Jay Kopman, Larry Lowenkron, Robert Knopf, Victor Kaye, Mike Sidell, John Lauer, Irv Boime. Row 3: David Finkelstein, Mickey McBain, Alan Eskovitz, Richard Lutske, Carl Blau, George Yeakel, Andy Dithridge. 0 9 0 O, do V42 R ll Xxx i fx A """"""' .' A ' .-4 .. - I' 17 I Inf:-, 45? v A L I -.ifQ,31,v.:p' In a. - -1-A if" u ' -"if ee. Rd ., it 4.-R ' 5 - '-- 'i CIVICS CLUB BOARD sponsored by Mr. Don Cline, plans week- 0' Qc- ""' . . ' , Q AZ :gl ly group discussions. rlffflfll, , "' , 4 if "'-.fmml If ' 5, 7 Row 'I: Linda Mast, JudyVEisenstein, Cliff Leviton, Helene Szamet, Perry Lisker, llliml., Ellen Wolf, Terry Kupers. 'Nfl Row 2: Mr. Cline, Dave Drabkin, Marty'Godin, Linda Soghor, Dave Bartlett, Irv f Greines, Henry McPherson. MODERN DANCE CLUB, sponsored by Mrs. Joanne Lantz, transforms awkward limbs into sensitive instruments of ex- pression. Row 'l:, Rosalyn Ellman, Lea Zorman, Lois Fern, Regina Fiske, Sharon Price, Kerry Stein, Rona Hen- disan, Sharon Stepman, Gilda Wasserman, Mar- lene Behor, Stevie Klein, Barbara Leavitt, Judi Fittinger, Louise Caraco. Row 2: Mrs. Lantz, Marie Kaufman, Betty Lou Ler- man, Rosalind Lerner, Judy Werba, Lynn Madow, Maureen Fisher, Carol Mae Kraus, Marsha Kruger, llene Kushner, Terrie Frost, Susan Cooper, Zara Sadowsky. Row 3: Sandy Goodman, Maeve Udell, Linda Black, Barbara Tucker, Sonya Aranoff, Sharon Capsuto, Beverly Abramovitch, Susan Griffon, Susan Robin- son, Toni Moss, Deanna Izen, Margie Cohen. Row 4: Linda Ventura, Marion Bartlett, Chris Coop- er, Judy Rosenberg, Marilyn Rotkin, Diane Walker, Arlene Robbins, Sandy Roseman, Andrea Wheeler, Bernice Blatt, Betty Schoeder. Row 5: Penny Young, Sandy Stampo, Susan Sum- mit, Julie Schacht, Sandy Templin, Maxine Gluskin, Ellyn Frank, Janice Rodman, Suzanne Sherman. ' C i ew, . , ry A an "' I QQ' Cr u 44 X ff XJ 1 fi 191 5 , 7 ff' - A, 57 My l er NRA R x 'nr , - '. f w fi 'f J w ill P 1 N' f'. .' , :fr fig' 1 ' if ,Q I , E1 i 6 J r ' i f 1' 'J " , Qfg A2 v X "' From Haydn lChamber Musicl to Hammerstein lDance Bancli the ENSEMBLE CLUBS, spon- sored by Mrs. Eileen Wingard, play it sweet and smooth. Row 1: Elise Blair, Claire Goff. Row 2: Mary-Louise Aufhauser, Lynn Loehr, Shirley Lev- enson, Michael Wexler, Dale O'Donnell, Suzanne Hoskin, Jane Beal. Row 3: Alan Mendelsohn, Sue Schroger, Morris Lewinson, Bob Abramowitz, Dorothy Elliott, Marcy Schwartz, Mrs. Wingard. Row 4: Murray Abrams, Fred Gould, Stephen Bernstein, Arthur Martin, Larry Cossicl, Stephen Wolfson, Byron Buck, John Lombardi, lra Gale. J.B.'s cats gather to hear platters on top and the latest bop at the RHYTHM REVIEW CLUB, sponsored by Mrs. Judy Golding and Mr. Harry Berlin. Row 'l: Alan Goldfield, Perry Lisker, Carole Spencer, Susan Miller, Gary Robbins, Cliff Leviton. Row 2: Mrs. Golding, Charen Price, Leone Gorin, Mariorie Cohen, Adriane Weitz, Rona Hendison, Sharon Step- man, Sue Ann Page, Stevie Lee, Barbara Bisenberg, Arlene Salomon, llene Kushner, Judy Fittinger. Row 3: Karen Johnson, Bill Marches, Toni Moss, Eddie Hart, Ann Pyenson, Harriet Leon, Lydia Morrison, Sylvia Kubernick, Robin Wallbert, Joan Kenyon. Row 4: Charlotte Brasch, Steve Goldring, Sharon Glesby, Kenneth Sunquist, Rita Zigerson, Arthur Siegel, Steffy Weinberg, Stephen Morehouse, Janice Jaffe, Irv Greines. Row 5: Michele Malvin, Vivian Meyerson, Judy Samuel, Nancy Vehon, Judy Fine, Ethyle Aronoff, Diane Walker, Julie Kurlan, Marsha Beniamin, Sandra Rissling, Charis Leopold, Anita Vahs. 1 l i X., ' '. Sim' S7 EM R15 It's a homer! This statement is often heard when the A9 ALL- STARS are playing. Their sponsor is Miss Ercline Robinson. Row 1: Marsha Beniamin, Susan Miller, Judy Fine. Row 2: Sandy Whitehead, Karen Timmins, Rochelle Schorr, Joan Kennedy, Susan Titelman, Sheila Goldberg, Joyce Morris. SENIOR G.A.C. CAPTAINS AND CABINET Row I: Anne Schwartz, Judy Paclams, Arline Ginter, Mary Louise Au fhauser, Marcia Schwartz. Row 2: Sue Ann Page, Joyce Morris, Dia Haveles, Linda Rosen, Jean Fogelman. I Row 3: Judith King, Suzanne Sherman, Robin Kimbrough, Bev- erly Jermyn, Claire Goff, Marsha Sommer, Jane Beal. .f S av s.i5i55i1I.. N94 f' U t '-, WZ, gn , . ' .F wife:-Q--AZ .3 fp sf .ey .J L tk. . .1-ni., ii. U" l LL'Lf,,w is ' 'EF . U 9 1 1, ara. if .., ns ff J .1 T . Y :Riff 'f 'x l 5 ' W .fsii-'17 ii i. l V ,.'-...ff v . ,fi wf.g3wf- . 2 fs-- Pf-'yk Li-136 . wg . 411.5 1 1955 w'31'!1'5 ' Eff' Q W.. , 1 ,J if W N ix I .' 'WH iigiilh- kf' Nl ,,. I' wail. 1-' ., . at 'Eflluwvzt 7 I jk. 'Tr -- 'srl .I K 'Jil' ,ftsinix-3. vi . N l s ' .au YlYiKi?4? I ,Q - a, mgf, I fn .u Q?-'T F! -I -"ta I fn' X N 'ff Wfwf -' K ,p 'iwlfwl Iliff'-.:3'f' ' I .. f' 'ri EJBQ ,.:,'fqW:Jl f' I 4 :j wig .,Lg'-'U-1.4: - g,. ' '97 if-hr: abr- E-2 -,p. .i,1 5 "' 1 YY gs.,",.,xl l "'- - i "- . dell: , af f Q ihJa"l2rirT 1-Lag L l JUNIOR G.A.C. CAPTAINS AND CABINET Row I: Linda Edelstein, Barbara Berman, Robin Kimbrough, Dia Haveles, Susan Cohen, Judy Abramson. Row 2: Elaine Horne, Carol Callahan, Susan Laughlin, Susan Levy, Sheila Hirson, 'Linda Piller, Anne Greenberg, SENIOR NOON LEAGUE CAPTAINS Row 'l: Linda Mast, Phyllis Linton, Janet Worthington, Judy Fine, Marsha Benia- min, Marie Kaufman, Linda Rosen. Row 2: llene Kushner, Barbara Eisen- berg, Elaine Soloff, Judy Kramer, Susan Titelman, Elaine Tapper, Anne Schwartz, Vicki Mayer, Chris Young. Row 3: Barbara Russell, Marcy Schwartz, Judy Rosenberg, Vivian Meyerson, Claire Goff, Barbara Harrow, Geri Lampke, Ethyle Aronoff, Nancy Randall. JUNIOR NOON LEAGUE CAPTAINS Row 'l: Christine Adams, Elaine Bolatin, Susan Gifford, Judy Fine, Marsha Ben- iamin, Lana Josepho, Elaine Horne, Leila Kraut. Row 2: Julie Benveniste, Connie Atkins, Rosalie Klein, Sheila Hirsan, Sonya Mor- ris, Marion Williams, Myrna Silton, Joan Abbey. Row 3: Barbara Marill, Diane Lewis, Rosalind Cole, Virginia Hallinen, Judy Sheldon, Stanie Cohen, Marilyn Giss, Elizabeth Gobay. onus' cLAss cAPrAlNs, SERGEANTS, AND secnsmmes Row 'l: Dorothy Schneider, Sandra Siparin, Michele Berkley, Linda Gordon, Sara Stratton, Sheila Goldberg, Marilyn Strimling, Stephanie Rollins, Dia Haveles, Ro- berta Drexler, Gloria Faierman, Joyce Rollner. Row 2: Annalee Zack, Myna Meshul, Janet Worthington, Chris Young, Pamela Evans, Elizabeth Gabay, Susan Frieder, Elaine Wong, Jucly Raske, Susan Durr, Lani Sinclair, Lana Josepho. Row 3: Robin Wallbert, Carolyn Meyer, Diane Plummer, Marilyn Giss, Sherry Roden, Andrea Lee- man, Elaine Tapper, Stanie Co- hen, Nancy Morris, Nancy Ran- dall, Mary Triest, Kathy Cole. Row 4: Mary Ann Canter, Annette Hamill, Virginia Hallinen, Robin Kimbrough, Susan Levy, Julie Ben- nison, Judy Slipper, Elise Blair, Susan Titelman, Penny Berenston, Christina Cooper. 4 O ' I 5' 3 01 ' 63 Qllx -- B 'Q WW 1 ' 85 6 I e o , ?'HY?:5i- N -wgzgge-gf-.--. , " 313j.kj!" , ' ' if-:5i2'1 ,rzyfilzt N , sf fill I - ff 'Qu -A120 . 1 'QW A-1 ei ' -' - A sv' H t We 4 .- ., J ll 2 5 X' tl , N " ' wfmcen an 1 I 5 ' You're out! Another erfect call is made b a member of the REFEREES' CLUB, under the 4' ldh'fMThpJ' Y r ' SO efS up 0 F. Gyel' OI'I'lS. ll X Row 1: Mr. Jorris, Raul Monroy, Larry Schwartz, Steve Vine, Max Levy, David Tasker, Ronny Marks, Murray Thale. ' Row 2: Jeff Smith, Fred Simon, Joy Kopman, Joel Boxer, Eddie Dorfman. l ll Row 3: Paul Bernholtz, Werner Poiser, Barry Berkson, Jack Cooperman, Norm Shapiro. l I 1 Row 4: Dennis Morris, Bob Trostler, Bill Buckingham, Alan Golclfield, Irv Greines. Row 5: Max Himmelstein, Jerry Cronin, Dick Phebus, Ken Stone, Marty Godin, Allen Dubbs, Gary Stevenson, Lon l I I l Jacobson -:hi Q "EEE l Wir?-' , , sf' x f.. 5' l F: s' ' '--X 1, I e ,X I I . , M55 di N' Q10 51, SZ z x O U in ffl ee 3 , H-fl-IICY JW I l if -s V UU 'll T l The cream of the crop. This reference is made to the A9 boys who, because of their athletic ability, are selected for the A9 BOYS' TEAM, sponsored by Mr. Thayer Jorris. Row I: Cliff Leviton, Gary Robbins, Bob Trostler, Bob Dresser, Mike Newman, Bill Buckingham, Gary Stevenson, Mike Oyler, Perry Lisker. Row 2: Mr. Jorris, Sid Oring, Chuck Caster, Dick Phebus, Jerry Cronin, Max Himmelstein, Jim Colwell, Ken Stone, Marty Godin. WARRIORS Row 1: John Yeomans, Jim Crowe, Bob Spheres, Paul Mohilef, Lawrence Lowenkron, Mr. Arthur Jones, Paul Carney, Michael Leavitt, Mike Attie, Michael B. Cohen, Steven Elias, Don Griffith, El- win Stantaw. Row 2: Sheldon Kapitz, Randy Mcllwain, Mike Kel- ler, Dick Solingen, Bob Dresser, Burt Fishman, Ken- neth Malamed, Richard Brown, Jerry Ginsberg, Mark Mischell, Mike Adel. Row 3: Don Schisler, Allen Dubbs, Richard Glazer, Stephen Whittman, Bill Levy, Gerry Wiener, Richard Feldman, Joel Centman, Werner Poiser, Dave Wolf, Howard Gordon. Row 4: Marv Lieblein, Arthur Alexander, Marty Godin, Steve Cohn, Gary Applegate, Jim Colwell, Dave Antebi, Elliot Marks, Frank McCoy. . . . M E ' 5 , ' is , TROJANS Row I: Peter Finestein, Charles Braverman, Arthur Rimer, Raul Monroy, Mr. Joe McKinnon, Bill Raskoff, Steve Feldman, Richard Fine, John Snyder. 50: 2: Bob Ross, Marty Lessow, Max Levy, Leland Green, Brian Gilbert, Alan Oberman, Fred Simons, William U ef. Row 3: Alan Cowan, Barry Berkson, Gary Abreim, Jerry Davis, Marty Berson, Mouri Bardavid, Richard Mullin, Joe Rubin, Jerry Lavinger, Jeff Cohen. Row 4: Sid Oring, Richard Glansrock, Maurice Mayesh, Eddie Rissman, Mel Friedman, Doug McMillan, Willard Trefry, Steve Goldring, Gary Robbins. TIGERS Row 1: Mark Ficller, Bill Yeomans, Ronnie Marks, Tom Kessler, Mr. Pete Meyer, Ken Simon, Tim Shift, Mel Levine, Larry Kay, Marvin Ticino. Row 2: Peter Frankel, John Quitner, Bob Knell, Neil Fond, Leland Smith, Gilbert Morgan, Dave Lewin, Dave Freed, Kenny Waldeck, Cecil Fine. Row 3: Don Sriro, Danny Ozar, Bill Kuhen, David Rosenberg, Cliff Leviton, Gary Richman, Robert Nathanson, Eddie Hart, Bob Barton, Irving Greines. Row 4: Jimmy Harmon, Jeff Baker, Dennis Morris, Norm Coh n, Gary Stevenson, Richard Packer, Bill Bucking a , Harvey Gilbert, Dick Phebus. 1 wt 4 .f ns, . 5, I I G ' 5:03 ' :gl E UK 1 Qian f ig-E X ' li We W l N KG :IA J t ll x X X Y l Wil., - 4 lm . 't'i l l 1 - es., fa" -. l K 9,1 xl l I' A 'l Q , " 'lil Q Eli" ir A , ig"---bl J Arie . i f ,A 33 if , ll J ' l' 'M ll in Rr 9 b ,ti Ill . I X X ga, 'I1. !6u v tl CA 5 322 Mig? I 4 tix 0 "'Q,x' C I X fill e. C t L X , , 1 .Y ". is M' '- - It N 41' -L K' ' i .' MUSTANGS low I: Bernie Gertler, Pete Edlesack, Dennis Good- an, Dennis Epstein, Harold Kahn, Mr. Dale L. 1ustafson, Willard Novodor, Jerry Walpert, Andy ithridge, Alann Heldfond. ow 2: Dick Whitmore, Larry Klein, Larry Rivetz, teve Antebi, Larry Schwartz, Steve Vine, Tom ioodwin, Denny Schmidt, Charles Deutch, Stuart aumblott. ow 3: Stuart Shayne, Wayne Miller, Art Avazion, larty Bender, Jeff Tomkin, Marion Warren, Fred oven, Floyd Witkin, Marvin Lotz. -ow 4: Richard Cohen, Tom Oakley, Steve Drush- ll, Sherwin Simons, Alvin Lewis, Marty Hayman, arry Porges, Bruce Braman, Jimmy Lord, Alon 4oldfield. , L ll X lllll'-1 Lf' s 1 Nilelflllla 'N - B 1 1' 1ltf7'i'llll'll'- 1 1 etlqmmil F?-'rv-qv llllll mimi Lf':j1111- i --L is W 11' '.fi'E2ff?f' it -U1 2. R it -ll: Lf? hgh? "' lr lift A A gt an EAGLES Row 1: Ronnie Spivak, .lay Kopman, Bill Novach, Burt Siporin, Neil Stone, Max Himmelstein, Mr. Richard Nazorian, Bill lzakowitz, Jon Elsky, Allen Balik, Eddie Dorfman, Mitch Walman. Row 2: Roy Russel, Martin Stein, Fred Meyer, Paul Glantz, George Kraus, Paul Kahn, Tom Landis, Paul Donin, Richard Aller, Niels Jackson. Row 3: Jeff Louis, Mel Reznick, Don Gage, Al Shuman, Howard York, Chris Dailey, Frank Cran- dall, Steve Blume, Ken Weinberg, Jay Shaffer. Row 4: Chuck Caster, Jim Philipps, Perry Lisker, Doug Hollander, Bob Trostler, Ken Rowen, Tony Rich:-nan, Mike Oyler, John Clegg, Bob Feiles, Fred Gou d. ' erase '.1 '71 ..1.. 1- . Y. tt 'ii . M new ' - Wann mee .1- .Ire - r is e. e - mee mee ms mee ., 5 ew we RAMS Roger Feldman Ronald Ross Harold Hyman David Ableson Row 2 Stephen Avery Bill Pllser Mike Lyons Jeff Smith David Schauer, Frank Chornes Jim Hope, Martin Schneiderman Bob Mclachlrn Carl Muchnick Row 3 Gregory Surfas, Bill Smxland Eric Avazaan Neil Friedman Roger Franklin Jeff Hochman Henry M Pherson John Isaacs Jack Metalsky Charles Rubel Row 4 Jerry Cronin Lon Jacobson, Carl Schwartz Ken Stone, Michael Newman Gene Genson Frank Sacks Bernard Perloff Joel Zwick F . I , , his 1 Wiiiiiifiii-7 TH? - ,iffy Q Row l: Barry Gore, Bert Berman, Myron Rosenaur, Harry Kahn, Mr. J. V. Harris, Norman Shapiro, Brian Shipton, 4 ,uso 1 , - H., . ., x 1 1 1 - l 11 ll 1: F 4 I a I F I r " -' 1 1 , 1 1 4, l I Q . . . . . . . . cg .. . . 1 1 1 1 1 VL lj 5 1 1 1 - 1 ' ' 2 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I I - . I Y Y, ,W ML SERVICE GROUP Sponsored by Mrs. Catherine Freem and Mr. Richard Bell, the STAGE A PROJECTION CREWS serve classroo and assemblies. Row 1: Steve Siff, Manuel Graiwer, Franklin Mill Steve Scheiman, Bill Seely, Bob Knopf, Ken Mal med, Ronnie Slaten, Tom Glass, Tony Lugwig. Row 2: Mrs. Freeman, Brion Schuman, Bob Gre Merlyn Poppleton, Werner Poiser, Mickey McBa Bob Davenport, Murray Abrams, Mark Misch Philip Muller, Eddie Stein, Mr. Bell. Row 3: Tony Richman, David Segal, Sid Oring, P Fabian, Dwayne Gilbertson, David Hilmer, J Hochman, Ken Perry, Bob Desmuke, Albert Raf Future Grace Kellys and Marlon Brand study in the DRAMA CLASS under Mr Janice Hanlon's leadership. Row 'l: Diane Laurie, Bill Marches, Be Rub Noel Swerdlow, Terrie Frost, Irv Greines, Sus Miller, Cliff Leviton, Chris Young, Dave Rosenbe Row 2: Mrs. Hanlon, Ann Pyenson, Perry Lisk Suzi Titelman, Chuck Vernoff, Marilyn Danie Howard Prager, Barbara Resner, Gary Robbi Sheila Goldberg, Henry Lynn. Row 3: Art Alexander, Anita Vohs, David Bartle Molly Grenier, Jim Calwell, Kay Evans, Ma Godin, Nancy Rubin, Tom Kilby. "What do I do with this carbon?" Mrs. Dorothy Cloud sponsors TYPING SERVIC Row 'I: Art Gittlemon, Laurie Dickerman, Sharon Glesby, Johanna Lindquist, Judie Robosson, Ju Padoms, Marian Oretsky, Lynn Steinberg, Maurice Mayesh. Row 2: Gary Stevenson, Ken Stone, Marilyn Kaplan, Dick Phebus, Ken Rowen, Donna Sherman, Richa Cooper, Helene Yura. l" B8's in the JUNIOR AUD SQUAD keep our iunior assemblies safe everyone. 'I: Eddie Friedman, Susan Howard, John June April, Mady Shatsky, Roger Jlmmy Sherman, Barbara Zeavin, Pam Evans. 2: Mr. Nazarian, Steve Sitf, Elaine Tom Glass, Sharlene Tubin, Eddie Duane Lewis, Elizabeth Gabay, Bill Susan Lappin, Michael Matlaf. : Bob Knopf, Carol Callahan, Mike Adel, Leeman, Virginia Hallinen, Peg Aver- art Teush, Tica Greitzer, Ralph Rosen- X A. "E, Senior assemblies are kept quiet for everyone by the SENIOR AUD SQUAD. Row 'l: Mr. Nazarian, Mady Shatsky, Dave Winsor, Dorothy Elliott, Roger Odenberg, Dave Drabkin, Barbara Eisenberg, Jimmy Sherman. Row 2: Eddie Rissman, Robin Wallbert, Mike Newman, Johanna Lindquist, Bob Dresser, Stevie Lee, Bob Trostler, Karen Timmins. Raw 3: Marcy Schwartz, Art Alexander, Diane Gardner, Richzrd Rogers, Robin Kimbrough, Marty Godin, Jann Balos, Irv Greines. Thg ilRl.S LEAGUE USHERS, sponsored by Mrs Bertha Ross, help keep the girls assemblies or er y Row I Ellen Gottlieb lna Schreiber Pat Davis, Adrlane Wentz Nataline Berman Penny Chan Georgia Hows Belle Rubel Betty Raskoff Jean Fogelman Row 3 Gay Fisher Judy Rosenberg Arlme Gunter Margaret Webb Vivian Meyerson Marlene Tolegian Judy Fine Christine Johnson, Nancy Randall I . , . on Row 2: Mrs. Ross, Mary Wells, .Iann Balos, Judie Robosson, Judy Eisenstein, Sarah Worthington, Barbara Hershey, x 1 , . l 7,7 J. Library shelves are kept in order by the STUDENT LIBRARY STAFF, sponsored by Miss Lois Fetterman., Rav: 1: Miss Fetterman, Jay Zacks, Judy Newman, Abbie Ziffren, Barbara Feigenbaum, Marilyn Shonman, Sandra Rei . Row 2: Melinda Headley, Ruth Bisenz, Maria Rozen, Carol Callahan, Diane Gordon, Sandra Stillwater, Julie Beaupre, Marie Louise Roclriguez, Susan Durr. Row 3: Wendy Wild, Gale Witkin, Jane Sellery, Lydia Morrison, Larry Gershwin, Linda Wood, Leonard Oldstein, Margaret Voshell, Nataline Berman. t Making change quickly are the member of the CASHIERS MATH CLASS, taught b Mrs. Florence Bleifeld. Row 1: John Laver, Martin Gellen, Stephen Good man, Charles Deutsch, Meldon Levine, Bill Seel Row 2: Mrs. Bleifeld, Barbara Zeavin, Riva Weni Bob Ross, Joan Hoffman, George Kraus, Lind Rosen, Linda Barr, Ralph Rosenberg. Row 3: Bernice Blatt, Arthur Harlig, Andrea Le mon, Bart Teush, Annette Hamill, David Schaue Karen Kadushin, Jerry Hughes, Janet Worthingto Row 4: Michael Keller, Sandra Asher, Jimmy Har man, Judy Feldman, Henry McPherson, Susan Lev Bill lzakowitz, Susan Knaggs, Larry Rivetz, Shirle Levenson. Serving behind the food lines are th CAFETERIA SERVICE workers, supervise by Mrs. Dorothy Malloy. Row 'l: Joyce Shelton, Gayle Cutler, Gilbert Mor gan, Donna Chamie, Stephen Fine, Joyce Cutler Margaret Brody, Bobby Plaisted, Audrey Litt, Bar bare: Berman. Row 2: Mrs. Malloy, Jerry Labinger, Margaret Vei kins, Neil Stone, Caroline Hall, Valerie lsler, Mary Triest, Irving Boime, Louise Variian, Alan Rose Arlene Roschko. Row 3: Linda DePucchio, David Finkelstein, Karer Saliter, Carl Muchnick, Karen Weston, Ronald May er, Loretta Ashley, Fred Orliiian, Blanche McClure Eugene Oreck. 'lid . , ' 1 s.-,,?-4 ,J 'nr 4 09 , ' 'N 1' iz i x Ji lift., d" ' +'.ls , i " Q' ' + QI .', F, -,-3-A' r - 2' ,I , .xlx 7 fl, l lf it I L2 li .I It gf . fl Robinson Jcllene Preble. lRl.S' LEAGUE SOCIAL and FLOWER OMMITTEES are sponsored by Miss arylois Warner and Mrs, Helen Walker. w 1: Mrs. Walker, Linda Sturges, Ann Worthing- n, Elise Blair, Linda Soghor, Joan Kenyon, Elaine lotin, Sharon Davis, Miss Warner. w 2: Roz Ellman, Judy Samuels, Sandra Still- ater, Marlyn Ralkin, Judy Scott, Jean Fagclman, rbara Wiess, Nataline Berman, Diane Ralphs. w 3: Barbara Galantcr, Kathy Millea, Sheila Wil- n, Carlen Ross, Julie Bennison, Robin Kimbrough, annie Smith, Judy Eisenstein. on't be lost and confused! Consult a ember of the HOSPITALITY CLUB, head- d by Miss Constance Wienke. w 'I Miss Wienke Marian Williams Susan Durr Ennis. Bass, Regina'Grinel, Tim Schifl, Abbie Ziff en, Stephen Wack, Susan Gifford. w 2: Sherri Hamerman, Gerald Cobb, Barbara eiss, Dave Winsor, Margaret Duncan, Gordon se, Jean Fogleman, Charles Deutch, Nancy Ran' ll, Linda Flaom. w 3: Steve Gill, Tica Greitzer, Gene Genson, hyle Aronoff, Chuck Vernoff, Barbara Galanter, y Wiess, Diane Gardner, Bob McLachlan. you misplaced a sweater lately? Why don't you the LOST AND FOUND, supervised by Mrs. ' ? U D rr, Kathy Zeller, Mrs. Robinson, Nancy Randall, Dorothy -:fQ2ff:f.:,e-so-fp,misss NT jgqiix' t, l'.u'j-Q,x-Xp u'fV15'-N l KK7' if " ' 'R 'A 5 . ' gf! 4 "- " ' I 5 W J fx , ' 5 Ill ffgff D A f E pew f SX Q fb" 'I 'I-fum - xx. - ll I Nl f- Q15 LM llllllll ly -.B D L no f J Q wish 'ZX V ..-,"l' 64? 1 af' W' T I, l L+ Thanks to the ART SERVICE CLASS, spon- sored by Miss Jane Eisner, the display 4,- cases are arranged and the Burr illus- trated. Row 1: Terrie Frost, Herb Elsky, Stevie Kline, Lyn Stein, Melanie Soll, Linda Gordon, Joe Haber, Sheila Ralsky. Row 2' Miss Eisner Toni Moss Arthur Sie el Su - 1 1 9 1 ' san Kreeger, Maureen Fisher, Karen Johnson, Linda Terry, Sandy Roseman. Raw 3: Dianne Walder, Diana Trevelyan, Allan Lif- son, Arline Ginter, Jim Roden, Margaret Webb, Corlen Ross, Sue Feder, Susan Schlein. With a nose for news the A9 JOURNAL- ISM STAFF, sponsored by Miss Marilyn Lindsay, writes the Far and Near and the Burr. -me Row 'l: Miss Lindsay, Stuart Chapman, Robin Wall- bert, Larry Gershwin, Johanna Lindquist, Bill Loi- terman, Anne Schwartz, Janet Weiner. Row 2: Jann Balos, Heery Lynn, Maeve Udell, Ken Rowen, Harriet Leon, Art Gittleman, Judie Robos- son, Julie Kurlan. Row 3: Gay Fisher, Marcy Schwartz, Judy Fine, Chuck Vernoff, Nancy Rubin, Robin Kimbrough, Bob Dresser, Dorothy Elliott. Writers and artists of the BURR STAFF, under the lead- er ship of Miss Jane Eisner and Miss Marilyn Lindsay, produce the BURR. Row 1: Diana Trevelyan, Linda Stein, Judie Robosson. Row 2: Miss Eisner, Miss Lindsay, Chuck Vernoff, Carlen Ross. 45 I 4' A 44 .:g ,v 'C ' ,LN 'o av , 1 bf ,A 4 ff 2 v J' " Q uxudnun New 1 'fl 12' 'J rf, 1 es.:-2 -S ' 11Zf,,,'??, 5 ZH' 5' .5L:7"V':"5 fS'S'3'41j'1-TK Ev .fissfs f,5Q7y'.yf'--. T , .- 1 M -. , ,,f.,, ,. ffs gvfgimw f-.-5215 ,fb 'e bg-'1-r.g'.-5359 .4-'fs 5'f1s:e'g'fJ:' I iff' ff 'J -Yqfkitr f'-1".Qf?QZx'rf,,., ,ht--5-:gf.f'f,7f ',Q,f51.,l'lfQj'Zi-S1'11:g.,-,11'1'.,s,..,, ,, , -' -2' " ' ' "aria, ' ' '.'.fv1.':L-1'LQ11',,i:'.i. '. PUBLICATICN ex- p 11, il , m,n9nt: . J Zgmi, x -" - 1 Q . ZZ? 0. ,- U ' 5 4945 Q Q 5 Q AQ D 9 I N A, ,U Q 1 5 Qs XWE2 Z Q xx,-J gr- , 1 , fp. X,.. ... , ,.,, 6- fl ' Q 'Aggfi ggm NW, X 0 lgllilfg 14 H , E716 2 W, ., -Q , "M A f I5 I 3 . 0 Y JV, 9 T '- 'M ' - ' A , f' ' ' fl cg Q em v1 -' ,E+ X KE k H "-. 4 A 'g - - 4 .- , .,..,.,., . . E -X whos .Q -?. .HQ er X E W Clogs :wig N C SM gf! M ,jiffikv X 1 X ' 4 " SM, ,A 09 ? ' , 2-Z A 4' 43", 4 ' ni f' 11 f V 'Q X K n ' ' 9 .. ' HMP, X f 20- wg A I' 4 I 7 'WL 'I 4 . ' Ap ' , .,. A Q f ' if I Q g"!':'.-1' ' Q N gn H- .- 5 lla 1 . 5c?'Nf7,g ,X . A Kami .1 .,,,,'A' H. : 1 . ,' K wsiai? , ' L' 4 X Q ' -' M V ' W 1 57 ' I-2 ' X -- ! all lb Z 7 I 3 :MI fg , ' 'WW QQ, illllllfill 'Wm Ag? 'W' V Vw f , E W 3557 gf' EJ :Wm ' ' ' W4 2 X ' X I Q 1 u K A - 'Iggy H' .' F b ' X x X V A I H LXJ41 KJV: ' 1 Y QL, ' - K N W , Q N ,..7 V I 7-i X .1 -4 5 n 5-. fb, Em-l . 7 Wu . ' 3:1160 . f , 0" 4 ' ' io y' WI' M ' mi 1 H f 7 . ' 1 ,- ' ' fi r .4 '- '55 J W I I Vwmhfqb 'M YVQ D W , Nfl ' X 'T -' .,-A , Q6 "fm X 1 M532 A fffl w93'X 55' X 'Swim "T""vwnwf-v3fT- 1. A M Q , S. lj -w M - .- W 0 Y ' ' Q 'Ns' A N EF x0 'xv . nn- ' A 1 '51 I ADW r ' .. 0 S X 5 ! x: 084 X ' Aw M 4 In N X ' V if - rx' I--:NV A K . ., I M 5 X -1+ - mou'x'nnQ1Q3 W .- T V14 J: WV? 1 Lf- W X 1' A Y' sus" Q ' 15 rf," fi34"'ff 1.1 4 32 5 JJ 'g o 0 'D X 2 5 I , - J-Huber l . PI' .!.O..l 0 0 I U DOI Ill. O 00 0 I D IOOU 0000 001 so This is your life, A9! Remember the timid wide eyed B7 you In September 1953 John Burroughs seemed twice as large a is. Changing classrooms was a new experience At first you followed the same path as the day before because it would be too barrassing to ask directions. The many kind words of the teachers and students especially those of Mr Lloyd Miss Baller and Hamerman and your class counselor, Mrs Ross at last made you feel a part of the school Suddenly you were in the swm elected your first homeroom presidents Perhaps you were one of them Lynn Soringwoter Dave Bartlett Anita Miller lrv C David Rosenberg, Robin Kimbrough, Molly Scoles, Jimmy Sherman Elaine Labeizer and Betty Roskoff Your class spirit continued grow when the B's won the Dust Bowl game Now you were no longer the lowly scrub but a proud A7 looking with a but of scorn at the green B75 Club activities friends ana more and more homework added up to a semester full of fun You saw your first Burr Frolics and the As won the World Series. Miss Wienke now assumed the duties of counselor for your grade Your homeroom leaders were Robert Dresser Rissman, Marsha Beniamin, Steve Drushall, Steve Bernstein Richard Rogers, Judie Robosson Sharon Glesby Stevie Lee, and Cuce. During your B8 semester Mrs. Priestley became your very capable counselor You elected from your class the chairman Junior Assembly, Eddie Rissrnan. Your Sheila Goldberg, Kathy Millea, Helene More happy days came with the senior assemblies were a reality, and 'lf Doolittle clltulool lesson! IOOQOO li I O D DI ODI loc 1 , Qu 0 0 was me ill coal 000 lol 'KCI O'0'o 0.0 -3, I O .g.g. l.l'l l,O,l l.A, sensuous l""' nuaseol "" ' cosloooe 00"""' OIIOIOQO Cllililll nnnsun 0!'l"F" ,.,, sQonlAo0 fl Ill!!! I o1ql0:l ,,,,, Oneco an neocon 'F"' ,, stil li!! bolt ll' ua also Quant ntl! ns: aol n o Q I .1 0 pecially proud to represent their homerooms in Senior Leadership: Roger Odenberg, Penny Chan, Eddie Rissman, Perry Lisker, Elaine upper, Pat Davis, Richard Rogers, Dave Drabkin, and Jerry Cronin. Remember how you could hardly believe that you were a ninth grader? You were delighted when you won the Dribble Bowl. tis semester saw much renovating of the rooms, halls, and auditorium. Mr. Hunt became the new boys' vice-principal. Many of you n for student body offices and won. Those who lost pitched in to help a great class and school. Those elected were student body esident, Dave Bartlett, secretary, Linda Olcenf commissioner of safety, Roger Odenbergp school service commissioner, Lynn Spring- aterp and commissioner of community relations, Marilyn Daniels. For Girls' League president, you elected Betty Raskoffp for Girls' ague vice-president, Mady Shatskyp for Girls' League secretary, Carole Spencer, and Girls' League athletic commissioner, Judy Fine. rry Cronin was elected Boys' Council president: Jimmy Sherman, Boys' Council vice-president, Murray Abrams, Boys"Council secre- ry, and Bill Smiland, Boys' Council athletic commissioner. Homeroom leaders continued their good work: Sarah Worthington, Linda ken, Lynn Springwater, Dave Bartlett, Mike Newman, Gary Robbins, Geraldine Lew, Richard Cooper, Molly Scoles, and Jimmy Sher- an. ' You made it! You were an A9 and your happiness was complete. Well, almost. You were saddened by the announcement that r. Lloyd would leave J.B. for Uni High. But soon Mr. Jarrett was rapidly filling the spot held by your beloved Mr. Lloyd. Also you alized that Miss Baller, who had given so tirelessly of herself since 1924, was going to retire. You could only add your "thank ru" to the many she had already received. You elected A9 class officers, and enioyed your many activities. Finally you walked down e aisle to receive your diploma. A9's, this has been your life at John Burroughs. 1 Z J. Fun and hard work occupy A9 COUNCIL, sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Priest- ley and Miss Theresa Baller. Row 1: Miss Baller, Joyce Morris, Bob Dresser, Jann Balos, Robin Kimbrough, David Drab- kin, Steve Drushall, Howard Cucher, Mrs. Priestley. Row 2: Helene Szamet, Maurice Mayesh, Judy Kramer, Vivian Meyerson, Richard Leiber, A C T I V I T N Diane Givens, Bruce Meyer, Stefanie Weisberg. For many, the end of junior high is a predominantly happy occasion: for some, a sad one. Whatever our feeings may be, thoug as our last term at John Burroughs nears its close we all cannot h lp but feel a twinge of regret at leaving the friend that has taug and sheltered us during some of our most important years. Standing amidst our classmates for the last time, enacting with mix emotions our carefully rehearsed graduation ceremony, we reminiscently recall our glorious A9 term. First, we elected fine homeroom presidents to lead us and keep us informed on class activities. They included Howard Cuch 11147, Steve Drushall 11557, Diane Givens 11287, Judy Cramer 1230 , R'chard Leiber 12247. Maurice Mayesh 12187, Bruce Meyer 120 Vivian Meyerson 12447, Joyce Morris 12327, Helene Szamet 11077, and Stefanie Weisberg 11277. Soon after, we heard the well-prepar speeches of the candidates for the A9 class offices. Following this amusing diversion we elected Dave Drabkin, president, Bob Dress vice-president, Jann Balos, secretary, and Robin Kimbrough, historian. "Participation by all in everything we do as a class" was t goal of the A9 Council - our officers and homeroom presidents -this term. At the first of several entertaining and informative homerooms in the auditorium, our A9 Council was installed. Our color days certainly dressed J.B. in a profusion of white and bright lavenders! No problem spotting gaily bedecked A then. "Oh, why don't they hold still!" thought aggravated A9's on our first camera day. For all the frustrations, though,.many exc lent snapshots turned up for the Burr. On our second camera da we took photos to be treasured as personal remembrances. Y Eighteen fine athletes were selected to be on the A9 Boys' Team including Bill Buckingham, Chuck Caster, Jim Calwell, Jer Cronin, Bob Dresser, Marty Godin, Max Himmelstein, Doug Hollander, Cliff Leviton, Perry Lisker, Mike Newman, Sid Oring, Mi Oyler, Dick Phebus, Gary Robbins, Gary Stevenson, Ken Stone, and Bob Trostler. Not to be outdone, ten A9 girl All-Stars represent the so-called weaker sex. They were Susan Miller, Sandy Wh'tehead, Marsha Benjamin, Joan Kennedy, Karen Timmins, Rochelle Scho Judy Fine, Sheila Goldberg, Joyce Morris, and Susan Titelman. ' Food never seemed to taste better than at our class breakfast in the attractively dressed-up cafeteria, where socializing cr ated a pleasant mood. Six excellent editions of the Far and Near were put out by the busy A9 journalism class. Surmounting all obstacles, our news nosed reporters and talented artists published an excellent Burr. J 'die Robosson an-l Chuck Vernoff, editors from the journalism cla worked with Linda Stein, Diana Trevelyan, and Carlen Ross from art service to produce the yearbook. Although often odd, our vocational leanings revealed by our interest inventory tests assisted us in planning our future occ potions. Helpful in planning our immediate futures were counselors from Los Angeles and Fairfax High Schools, who gave each personal attention concerning B10 programming. A pleasant afternoon of social activity over cookies and punch brought about a friendly atmosphere among all attending t Mother and Daughter Tea held by the A9 girls. There were color and odd costumes a-plenty on the A9 Girls' Playday. This gay event was judged by faculty members with E girls refereeing. Love and respect for America filled us while writing entries for the American Legion Essay Contest. Unknown talents were discovered at the A9 Talent Show. Entertainers from dancers to comedians kept us in stitches during tn. very enjoyable program. With heavy hearts the A9 girls bade fond farewell to lower graders at the Girls' League installation. "May the Good Lord Ble and Keep You" they tearfully sang, af?er wh'ch the graduates so emnly left the auditorium to the stately strains of "Pomp ar Circumstance." Our last dance found everything throbbing with pre-graduation excitement. Alternately we swept through the clouds and returnen to earth for hot bop. Beautiful art service decorations contributed to making this event a sensational success. Seemingly all too soon, graduation was upon us. An unforgettable program was built around the theme, "From the Goodness - Our People Comes the Greatness of Our Nation." Our parents could easily tell that great amounts of preparation and hard work we into the ceremony by its beauty and precision. Truly this was the supreme highlight of our last junior high semester, the pea on the brow of three years at John Burroughs. Our sincere thanks go to Mr. Jarrett, Mr. Hunt, and all of John Burroughs' teaching and service staff whose guidance and undg standing have given us a positive push on the road of life. Special thanks, however, go to Miss Baller, our wonderful class spons and Mrs. Priestley, our superb counselor - two indispensable persons. Down the aisle, clutching our diplomas, through the door and out into the fresh air and sunshine - and a new life. Thus the cla of summer '56 follows the path of classes before it and leaves footsteps in turn to be followed by succeeding classes. Let us on hope that each and every one of us will never forget the high ideals of the school which we now leave physically but not spirituall may we be credits to ourselves, our families, our school, and our country. , t 9 A9 f Q0 F-sm fl, ,- ,,9S"5b C 5 4 H H 0 me rooms HOMEROOM 114 I ow 'l: Chris Young Sammy Rubinfeld, Georgia Hows, Arthur Spiegel, Francine Gusinow, Fred Gould, Gerry Lew, tephen Wolfson, Nita Shulman, David Rosenberg, Howard Cucher. ow 2: Miss Dorothy Stahl Pot Davis, Steve Bernstein, Lorraine Lubafsky, David Lowenstein, Barbara Salvan, Tom Kilby, aomi Hodis, Mike Sittan Kathy Millea, Joan Werner. ow 3: Bob Keller, Sherrie Goldfarb, Elon Feiner, Carlen Ross, Dwayne Gilbertson, Diane Gardner, Kip Mesirow, Mau- en lewis, Chuck Caster, Danny Hume. HOMEROOM 155 ow I: Mario Gibson, Allen Newman, Ellen Gottlieb, Bill Marches, Steve Drusholl, Michael Barr. ow 2: Mr. Howard Shusett, Dennis Morris, Dia Haveles, Gary Robbins, Sheila Goldberg, Harry Porges, Rabin Wallbert, rv Greines, Laurie Dickcrmon, Doug Winderbaum. ow 3: Elaine Tapper, David Winsor, Barbara Resner, Bayn is Davis, Dorothy Elliott, Harris Dubrow, Patty Collins, Lewis ewman, Barbara Richman. ow 4: Bill Levyn, Susan Jenkinson, Bill Buckingham, Molly Grenier, Dick Phebus, Connie Kerr, Art Alexander, Barbara tein, James Rhone. - Ag' ff, - if -C1 4 , 'LH 3, r, .0 f ' 1,0 sfo NOZQ -..- 6 of H QW? "f 10' O '06 Q fir' Q9 ' qqx Qu 4 9 O " 'ou mpwg., 'Sw .woo ' o 59s in , , ' v 4. D19 94' 4 ' li -1 -i X C 6 no K X , .35 'W ol ,fl u I' :Z f 9394 WWW .WWQQ 094 0 0423. '24 -- , 34 I , iowa Gnu? gang W We wifi 2 0 0 0' V.-,.w.:,i ",.,'??2+!. E , Peas l ew i..w-r 3'remr HOMEROOM 207 Row 1: Ben Martin, Dennis DeCicca Bruce Meyer, Larry Fields, Row 2: Donna Cowgur, Geraldine Chu chian, Barbara Kraft, Ellen Wolf, Ala Golclfielcl, Stevie Lee, Jerry Raphae Fetty Raskoff, Gail Liss, Marilyn Strim ing. Row 3: Mrs. Ruth Priestley, .leanett Makshanoff, Leonard Bauer, .loan Prd ger, Howard Prager, Linda Kischen, Ke Rowen, Roanrie LaBadie, Barry Sitkofl Lindo Floom, Robert Goldstein, Elain Soloff. Row 4: Grant Cooper, Linda Oken, Rog er Odenberg, Lynette Feldman, Marvi Lieblein, Kay Evans, .lim Philipps, Maewr Udell, Bruce Bertram. HOMEROOM 128 Row l: Mr. Philip Ferguson, Melvin Slo- mo, -Judy Shea, Gordon Robbins, Dian Givens, Marsha Beniamin, Perry Lisker Mike Newman, Larry Cossid, Susa Cooper, Bruce Bramen. Row 2: Stanley Bell, Linda Rappapor Alan Menclelsol-un, Pat Lowenstein, JJ hanna Lindquist, Bruce Gillies, Beverl Campbell, Mark Raphael, Ann Pyensor' Merlyn Poppleton. Row 3: Jim Benefel, Teree Goldwate Dennis Barron, Barbara Pearlstein, Bi Ploeger, Anita Vohs, Alan Eskovitz, D ana Trevelyan, Stanley Gilbert, Penn, Berenston, Tony Richman. HOMEROOM 224 Row 'l: Marilyn Shonman, Larry Bro meyer, Penny Chan, .lay Lewin, Robert Lichterman, Richard Leiber, Judy Ne man, Paul Farber, Alex Rubins, Fran Guernsey. Row 2: Lynn Steinberg, Mr. Don Clin AI Raffo, Anne Schwartz, Terrie Fros Howard Hirsch, Bob Dresser, 1Lind Wood, Chester Gee, Diana Markha Heery Lynn, Martha Morrison, Jaso Shniderman. Row 3: Beryl Bellman, Brenda Frie man, Carl Schmidt, Lynn Springwate Harvey Gilbert, Zara Sadowsky, Davi Atkins, Marcia Beaird, Ricky Recht. HOMEROOM 107 ow 1: Janet Weiner, Florence Jacobs, dy Padams, Sandra Grossman, Judy olf, Helene Szamet, Karen Timmins, rooke Scott, Sue Isaacs, Ilene Rabin, rnestine Redd, Charlotte Brasch. new 2: Mike Wexler, Jann Balos, Steve atzman, Joan Shanfield, Richard Coop- r, Kay Artz, Bill Loiterman, Toni Klap- roth, Victor Romero, Julie Kurlan, Irv oime. ow 3: Mel Friedman, Mrs. Blanche obinson, Bob Trostler, Marilyn Abrams, on Jacobson, Robin Kimbrough, Rich- rd Rogers, Marilyn Daniels, Leslie Kom- 1s, Jane Hallock, Chuck Vernoff. HOMEROOM 218 ow 1: larry Altbaum, Sandy White- ead, Judy Samuel, Maurice Mayesh, tephanie Rollins, Eddie Rissman. ow 2: Miss Lois Shade, Richard Gra- om, Diane Laurie, Leonard Tolmy, inda Stein, Phillip Muller, Irene Mols- an, Bob Davenport, Beth Weiner, Lar- Gershwin, Gonet Gaver. ow 3: David Rush, Barbara Galanter, ffrey Jachens, Bonnie Schenker, David hite, Florence Goldstein, Jeffrey Da- idson, Harriet Leon, Terry McGaughey. ow 4: Marty Hayman, Lynn Merritt, arry Minclell, Lorna Rindge, Jim Col- Yell, Joyce McBride. Steve Matzkin, annie Adil-ni, David Bartlett. HOMEROOM 127 ow iz Allen Levine, Donna Cuce, Julie tennison, Barbara Rohrliclc, Stefanie Veisberg. low 2: Mr. Chester Harris, Howard lominitz, Marian Oretsky, Sheila Lewis, liail Harary, Carol Schwartz, Leslie tone, Sharon Feldman, Marion Semp- rs, Joy Zacks. .ow 3: Marlena Blank, Arnold Schwartz, brene Kohn, Steve Weldon, Phyllis Arn- tld, Gerald Weiner, Ethel Mushnick, 'fireg Surfas, Karen Grobstein. ow 4: Pearl Rottenberg, Jimmy Wein- tine, Rochelle Baron, Howard Kaplan, can Kennedy, Franklin Robin, Janet Urner, James Hosley, Elaine Becker, oel Zwick, Dolores Janes. L ,, ,, HOMEROOM 230 Row 'lz Barbara Eisenberg, Sharon Do vis, Sharon Glesby, Maureen Fisher, Bo Manns, Barbara Brodsky, Pauline Chen Row 2: Jimmy Sherman, Judy Krame Mike Oyler, Rochelle Schorr, No Swerdlow, Helene Yura, Gerald Rea lin, Jacqueline Hoyt, Stuart Chapma Row 3: Susan Spearin, Art Giltlema Gay Fisher, Mike Roffe, Marcy Schwari Leonard Norwifz, Connie Smith, Rag Franklin, Carlotta Bennett. Row 4: Fred Himmelberger, Sheila Wi' son, Dennis Busch, Marilyn Kaplan, Je ry Cronin, Veronica Glass, David Fisclm er, Sue Wellington, Sid Oring. ' ' - ,HQMEROOM 232 Row 'l: Gary Applegate, Mike Pufman, Norm Cramer, Don Greenspan, Dave Drabkin. Row 2: Mrs. Caiherine Freeman, Lydia Morrison, Joyce Morris, Myrna Rosen, Sue Miller, Judie Rabosson, Linda Buckelew, Barbara Dennis, Charlene Emrich, Joan Kenyon. , Row 3: Linda Terry, Jim Huni, Marcia Greenberg, John Kahler, Eihyle Aronoff, Ken Perry, Barbara Harrow, Murray Abrams, Inger Mornestam, Gary Richman, Phyllis Dubbs. Row 4: Fred Cherfain, Molly Scoles, Marty Godin, Michele Malvin, Ken Stone, Marcia Knapp, Bill Pease, Dianne Cross, Bob Desmuke. X x ,I taxa . S f S lwm fiillim ' 2' - lg' i duayx ' ' 1:'.'rmave1.vz A E15-Y , ri A x ' . X r 11 fc L!! A 1 ' 7 4 , ' A N f , I ' Homcnoorvl 244 'l l . Row l: Arline Ginter, Max Himmelstein, Vivian Meyerson. Row 2: Belle Rubel, Carole Spencer, Rose Trabka, Sarah Worthington, Susan Weiss, Cliff Leviton, Sue Titelmcm, Richard Carroll, Diane Leaviti, Mady Shatsky, Pearl Silverman, Barbara Penn. Row 3: Denise Pilloni, Dave Antebi, Marlene Rosenberg, Jerry Meisner, Bernice Greene, .lack Munson, Helena Cutler, Gil Gardner, Eileen Feclerman, Mrs.,Bertha Rpss. , - ,rv Row 4: Gary Stevenson, Marlene Tolegiun, Spencer Chilk, Sue Dick, Ray Lindquist, Cathy Williams, Carl Schwartz, Judy Fine, Elizabeth Floyd, Richard Feldman, Nancy Rubin. ,mi X . DQcO?Y,l -it . 7' ' N G X mtcxis ff .e as S e i f - '. 5' -an-'-.5-"3 . - ' w wif N . f 1 EJ' 22 i KX . - ,fr 7 ' '.'f".f- 'iff '-f:':,x'..' , . 'X' f 1 - - 'fu 'J .- 6.-1: 1- 4 1 li' 6 .M ,, QW: ,J :ul-. 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'r X -' 50 As- NCS H39 .1 ,ff 1 A ' 1 - Q4 .1 St 4' vu W K . ,W W Q ,xg,hgy, VQQ, ., Q Q Q -N. , N -- L ,Q 1 1 , M4544 AQ 4... .-. ly, Y, 'fu 2 - I ,txxrfgig li L A ! ,-Ai? A If -T-3 W.-.A-N-. ..........f.,....-.-.4 , ...-.....-M L , . 1 15 T.H, -e- Q T ifi:, 353 E?

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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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