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F X . JOHN BURROUGHS "' JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Los ANGELES cAuronNlA Art Editors Literary Editor Asst Lnterary Edntor Sports Editor Feature Writers Photograph Asslsta nt Cover Design I 0512 6 1 1 Q Off-L1 ll -ff Qi 'W' 1 lo Phyllis Novlns Carol Samuels Jackie Schaefer Myrna Applebaum Madeline Waxman Marulyn KIBWIQ Sharon Brewster Jack Bradshaw Julie Haggard r I' .:.. ff ' .....,................................,,., Robe rt Allen' I I N i- ............. .. ' ..:,'Q:23' ' ...... ,, ..........,...,..... ' eq riffs? 1 32. qfiltl Qi, H -259' , ' 4 15"uQ"fil .-+23 , f H 'T f -1wi1'zp,f 'I-ififli' -1 . '4a 'f.f: x 1- l9'k"'7 . : -.. It . .- I9 -y :LZ -.if 9.21, . ' A - ., 1 up . 'A 'Et - ' L , -fri , -ev J A . ' 2 f : CJ" ' 2 3 I ' I is 21" j:ff5f1f:f:ff3fIf:ff5fIf:f:fff5Sf:f:. .A h :C,' -, .:.:f-f.:.:.-'.:.:.:f-j.:.:,:f j-jf.: A ' h li- -1:2-'-j:'f:ff,f ff :I:jf'fff:I:, :j.'f'f- x :f:f 55525 iff: :f:f:'f f:5:I,'f.':5f3g , Q-364' .1 1 :-'-jgf:-:',I:-I :5g3.- -:5:-. :-,':J-: f iii ' V ,. -Ig'-:H-555:-::5gg:g:: If 'f ' xgbwy fl 9, - .b ,- , ,. N ails The men and women who compose our FACULTY are highly skilled and qualified lo lead us lo higher goals and more worlhy citizenship. FIRST ROW: R. McBride, J. Eisner, E. Warder, H. Thomas, W. Leach, B. Ross, L. Fellerman, H. Walker. L. Shade, l. Pradeau. SECOND ROW: D. Cloud, M. Toalrer, L. Rehd, H. Shusell, L. Nichols, E. Hunls- man, M. M:Crary, H. Wingard. THIRD ROW: L. Kaplan, B. Robinson, S. Burden, J. Penrose, E. Kerr, P. Corley, C. Newman, D. McCalliner, M. Ebbeh. FOURTH ROW: A. Jones, A. Lucy, A. Egbert, C. Rosenwein, A. Sanrin, F. Barllell, A Young. FIFTH ROW: C. Bruckman. T. Baller, A. Gibson, D. Malloy, L. Caligiuri, M. Achesan, M. Upholf. SIXTH ROW: C. Freeman, M. Hexel, M. Robinson. M. Erharl, D. Young, D. Slehl, M. Howell, E. Moll, W. Mackey, O. Hum, P. Ferguson. SEVENTH ROW: M. Langsner, W. McBride, M. Warner, 1. Lloyd, D. Caller, T. Jorris, R. Bowen. EIGHTH ROW: J. Bailie, J. Vanre, W. Gibbs, L. Byers, F. Depp. G. Schneider. The Board ol Conlrol has accomplished much this semesrar. The ellirerx have wrillen the canslilulien lhar will go inlo eller! nexl semester. This canslilulion will give more sludenlr an opporluniry lor direcl participalien in our government. The Board also worked aul lhe idea ol having a llag salule each morning. This will be une ol lhe main uses of the P.A. The BOARD is composed of the elected officers and committee chairmen who ocl for the John Burroughs Pur- enl Teacher Organizalion. P. T. A. FIRST ROWx Mrs. John A Slransky .lr., Mrs. Charles Leverrlhal. Mrs. Wendell C. Cole, Mr. Lloyd. Mlsi Baller, Mrs. Sherrill C. Corwin. Mrx. Fred S. Meyer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Edgar D. Yoemans, Mrs. James Josephs. Mrs. Samuel Gill, Mrs. James Lore. Mrs. Ralph Hilmer, Mrs. Harald Godin. Mrs. Hayden Woringlon, Mrs. Ben Karz- man. THIRD POW: Mrs. Omar Howard, Mr, Leon L, Kaplan, Mr.. Howard H. Kieweg, Mrs. Samuel Parler, Mrs. Melvin W. Jorgensen, Mrs. Jack Benlon, Mrs. Solo Min- kin, Mrs, Roberl L. Biggs. THE BOARD OF CON- TROL is composed of elected school officers. With the help of Miss Howell cs sponsor lhey solve school prob- lems and plan ucfivi- ries. BOARD OF CONTROL FIRST ROW: Bruce Corwin, Frankie Allison, Sandie Dubowy, Lynne Marlin, Morly Rosenthal, Brenda Broudy. Alan Paul Harris. SECOND ROW: Sheila Schwarlx, Jules Drabkin, Habana Circle. Narrieli Kearns, Ronnie Kabrins. Diana langsam, Jackie Schaefer, Dick Willis. THIRD ROW: Sandy Marsh, Miss Howell, Tommy Wolvar. David Soghar. Raherl Allav, Myles liixan, Harvey Weill Bill Neal. The STUDENT BODY OFFICERS are elecled by our sludanlx. They work with Mr. lloyd and thu lacully in making 1.8, a betlur school. Q " STUDENT BODY OFFICERS SITTING: Sandy Marsh, Frankie Allixon Mr. lloyd, lynnu Marlin. Sandy Dubowy STANDING: Allan Harris, Tom Wolver Marlh Roxenlhal, Myles Lilsan. , I, .4'l':. . ,-., :J , ,,.,,--.-1. 1. .zu f- 51 . if-lf. r-ls.-"' - -W--"4-' 'ff-.-'1-'-+11 - .4 ut- '31-:.?.!,-i . zafrz-5 .1 ,.:':.:.-:ff rgfrrgns I '- 'bw 134 A -' 1:4 " ' - '-.1',3.1A"-Q'-45. S-3943 '.- ui 'V 433- ,, - , H 4- 1' -suenmwul ,C : 458, ,:. , LEAN ,. T I I 1 . i I". 5? I x' 1 f -' 1. .-1, . ' L ' 4 if ,Q 7352: GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET FIRST ROW: Frankie Allison, Marianne Leven. Sue Nash, Jane! Segal. SECOND ROW: Renee Ceplair, Palsy Lieberman, Adele Schwallz, Trudi levenson, Leona Green, Phyllis Salomon, .loan Oelsner, Mimi Slaler, Carolyn Levin, Edyihe Diamond. THIRD ROW: Miss Baller, Laurie Slain, Frances Lailman, Marilyn Fixhman, Elinor Rosen, Judy Maorhause. Judy Golllieh, Palricic Arnold, Joelle Montgomery, Sandy Turner. FOURTH ROW: Sonia wesi. Sandy Ruppen, Carole Marsh, Sheila Mugidm, iw-me oesdmun, Myrna Apple- baum, Arlene Kline. Judy Kedusliin. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Frankie Allison, Marianne levee, Sue Nash, .lanel Segal THE GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET, composed of A9 girls and sponsored by Miss Baller, work for Ihe good of Ihe girls of J.B. THE GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS, with The help of Miss Baller, discuss Ihe girls' problems and plan all Girls' League aclivilies. THE COUNCIL OF REPRESENTATIVES, made up of one person from each social studies class, discuss school mailers and serve Ihe sludenl body and the Board of Conlrol. COUNCIL OF REPRESENTATIVES KNEELING: P. Jacobson, R. Gelher, D. Willis, T. Saliba. FIRST ROW: P. Barg, .l. Levin, C. Ford. C. Diamond. B. Saghar, C. Luxor. B. Gold, R. Webcr, B. Corwin. B. Noyes. SECOND ROW: M4 Sclilillia, M. Kalzev, l. Drabkin, G. Hollander. B. Neal, D. Lawler, S. Schwarlxi M. Kwan, v. levy, Mn: Howell. THIRD ROW: J. Nemell, R. Kabrins, S. Du- bawy, D, Lagxam, S. Schencll, S. Kramer, H. Kearns, B. Lande. D. Budd. R. Circle. H. Porter. FOURTH ROW: R. Hacker, P. Goal- nick, H. Wein, B. Broudy, P. Juda. A. Worlhinglan, J. Barry, G. Braverman, M. Lombardi, D. Bahbx, A. Fisch, T. Wiuberl. FIFTH ROW: E. Posinoll, G. Sil- ion, M. Rosenthal. K, Blaome, S. Marsh, A. Mr- Carlney, S. Kushner, E. La- zar, M. Lifxon. The BOYS' COUNCIL BOARD of W'53, is under the able direction of Mr. Kaplan. The Board plans all boys' sports and entertain' ments, as the Dust Bowl and assemblies. BOYS' COUNCIL BOARD FIRST ROW: Art McCartney, Leslie Rosen- thal, Tummy Wolver, Mr. Kaplan, Michael D. Knwilx, AI Onllanslry, Dick Ruman. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Kabrins, Stuart Goldscllen, Harvey Wnin, Rene Gelber, Bill Neal, Bruce Corwin, Jules Drahkin. The TOWN MEETING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, which is made up of the officers and committee chairmen, plans activities and topics for discussion at Town Meeting. TOWN MEETING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SEATED: Brenda Broudy, Jerald Asher, Tom Waiver, Daralyn Kahn. Jackie Schaefer, Belle Robbins, Mickey Kollman, Myrna Applsbaum, Adele Schwartz, Gary Hullander, Alan Paul Harris. STANDING: Reno Galber, Dick Willis, David Soghor, The GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET BOARD discusses the girls' prob- lems and makes recommendations to the cabinet. They help plan the group's activities. GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD FIRST llow: Janet segnl, Jenn Oelsner, sue Nash. SECOND Row: Judy Kaan- shin, Marilyn Fishman, Mrrrlnnne Levee, Marr lsnller, Frankie Allison, Carole Nlnrrlr, Sandy rrrrnsr. Qi5?f . h , 'A I . mp ' . el '- -.r' '- ss ir , W r,-rl 'L srl rj LIL Wx IJ Ai. R 5' . 4,- ' ' . ,V sm A 1 A, ff w W 2 19 ' X mf ET G f t H 1 W, fem - ' g' Vgwminvf' Wu Wi X - 2' ' N5 fi? f ,' 5u.,, . - I ,,.r.L!-I F' ' .. 3, , . 5 ' la ' 11 971 1 f f-', Sl dl? I L, S 1 am. E"-""""--J nE..E... '63 5 2' w - -- N , ' J , w XJ X' ', 1:35514 'I I x w 4 M V' l WK -Y, 'A11.,,,, wg f Lk Y v Q ' Kim rr ':- Ng f 1- igf-3 if 1 ,ef ig, lf ! Il 'I ' M? t ...yn Q1 X ffnf, JS' H Q K ' wifi xx ,W , --- f 1 K x x , y gl U , " ,. 0,4-xxx - ' r P ' '-'iw X -' ' ' ui? f 2,5 1 n . C855 Q W.: Fc f' 4 n , , 4' " Af '5,"eSF ,. Y' mf- 5? , " ' Usa?-1 x 4 sl' H W ' , ff ' 0 H", :J -44 , ' - f If si 1 ,wa I I .1 F QA. . 41? , if X N jj K 'W' ff ,, E 2: s iggvg, I L I Q ' .5 t 1.1 f "" 'n 3 . , -- ,g w I: A ,-Nix - X 3 .Q P I NC - Q, - - . X m, , L' . Q 3 H A x? M The IOURNALISM class, under the sponsorship of Mr. McBride, publishes the Burr and our paper, The Far and Near. A9 JOURNALISM FIRST ROW: Carolyn Levin, Frankie Allison. Francis lailman, Judy Langer, Marilyn Fish- man, Sue Nash, Joyce Gottlieb, Judy Kadushin, Myrna Applebaum, Dolores Werba, Sandy Adler, Jean Ragus. SECOND ROW: Bette Rob- ins, Jackie Schaefer, Elinar Rosen, Renee Ceplair, Ann Meisner, Jean Goadman, Madeline Waxv man, Rochelle Ventura, Sheila Flaum, Judy Skulnicll. THIRD ROW: Alan Title, Dan Carter, Tam Waiver, Gary Kaplan, Mile Kawitx, Robert Aller, Mr. McBride, Al Omanxlly, Marvin Ring. The BURR STAFF, sponsored By Miss Eisner and Mr. McBride and composed of students from the Journalism and Art Service classes, prepare our Burr. BURR STAFF SITTING: Marilyn Kiewig. Sharan Brewster, Carol Samuels, Jackie Schaefer, Phyllis Novlns, Bar- bara Lands, Myrna Applebaum. STANDING: Mr. Mclride, Bob Aller, Jack Bradshaw, Jackie Ben- Ian, Miss Eisner. BURR ART STAFF FIRST ROW: Gaye Seldeen, Sue Goodman, Rosalie lummes. Theo Gerller, Norma Done. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Nevins, Ted Bennett, leanard Jonson, Rosalyn lean, Julie Haggard, Marcia Davis. THIRD ROW: Miss Eisner, Patricia Howard, Judy langer, Anne Gill. Carol Samuels. Pamela Ehrlich, Barry Lieberman. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Rogers, Bill Webb, Esther Kass, Millicenl Schofield, Neil McKay, Rithard Sllelliald. The hustle and bustle of the Journalism class is like that of a Metropolitan newspaper as each deadline is met Students who are interested in Journalism combine accuracy and cooperation in learning to write creatively The Art Service designs the sketches and art work that illustrate our Burr , make posters, plan, and decorate the main hall case. I 0 Q 1 9 P 5 'ef-5, - laoeni I 0 5' 3'1- 6 dill 0 0 - ' nn ef Y. si 5-4 The SECURITY COUNCIL, spon- sored by Mr. Schneider acquaint: students with the traditions of J.B. SECURITY COUNCIL FIRST ROWI Judy Maalllauxo, Dick Ru- man, Trudi Levinson, Art McCartney. Mimi Slater, Mr. Schneiderr Myles Lihon, Marianne Lavee, Phil lavin, Dirk Willis, Dave Soghor. leana Green, Sandy Ruppert The SPACE PATROL, sponsored by Mr. Schneider and composed of A9 boys and girls, enforces safety during nurlition and noon. SPACE PATROL KNEELING: Dave Saghor. Trudi Levinson. Marianne Levee. Myles Lilson. FIRST ROWx Barbara Price. Elise Abaloll, Dolores Werba, Mimi Slcler, Sandy Ad- ler, Joyce Gotllleb, Sheila Flaum. Leona Green, Bobble Manka, Madeline Wal- man. SECOND ROW: Mr, Schneider. Ronnie Kabrins, Karen Sill, Judy Moor- hause, Rochelle Ventura, Dick Willis, Dan Berkall, Dick Ruman, Shirley Kagan. Sally Klein, linda Slerne. THIRD ROW: Sharlnne Radel, Judy Goodman, Ja num, mm, Brodsky, Kenny Blaame. Sandy nuppnn, Muemxne mngiun, ludy Skulnick, Phil Levin, Al Omanxky, Mike Riley. FOURTH ROW: Tom Wolver, Sluarl Glickman, Dan Rolalf, Box Wal- dorf, Don Meena, Gary Kaplan, Rene Gelber, Chuck Evans, Ernie Gonzaler. Mike Kowilz, Kim law. O gr- X , , ' ' ' 5 The SOLAR PATROL, sponsored by Mr. Wingard and composed of B9 students, regulates safety in the halls. SOLAR PATROL KNEELING: Myles Lilian, Dick Wlllisf Sandy Ruppert, Marianne levee. FIRST ROW: Michael Miller, Jerry Nemetx, Marilyn Mayer, Janet Knerr. Sue Gins- berg, Barbara Flyer, Edith Falb, Fran Colman, Sheldon Brown. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wingard. Margaret Davis. Gloria Edelstein, Delyse Glenn. Barbara lands, Edward Ring, Lynne Adler, Jackie Ben- ton, Elizabeth Golden. THlRD ROWi Bill Dillove, Arnold Rexniclr, Paul Schneider. Kent Mason, Angus McBain, Jim Burdga. Lawrin Lewis, Avery Slaan. FOURTH l'lOWi Victor Vim. Paul Goolnick, Barrv Keene, Eugene Steiner, Norman Elk, Den- nis Dailey, Jan Wm. Tarnpolaar-lielt, Leonard Castle. SPACE CADETS KNEELING: Judy Moorhouse, Marianne levee, Myles lilson, Phil Levin. FIRST ROW: Mary Jelfras, Teny wannik, Bets Krall, Sheldon Klausner, Manuel Klaus- ner, Ronald Kiddy, Sandy Singer, Theo Gertler. SECOND ROW: Mr. Byers, Henry Taliler, Maureen Kaenigsberg, Helen Rubin, linda Dalton, Carol Staind- ler, Mana Gardner. Mary Ginter, Mark Kagul, Robin Gordon, Ronnie Brady, Don Bobbs, Derek Poyab. THIRD ROW: Hem Low, Norman Karas. Warren Willits. tack Tiana, Emanuel Jacobs, .lon Grillin, Sharon Stohler. Joan Wallingford, Miriam Blatt, Shelley Gordon, Jack Appel- baum, lewis leiner. FOURTH ROW: Bah Greene, Conrad Stewart, Alan Fiscn. Peter Rony. Sandra Lagerdohl, Loretta Abbey, Janet Winer, Marcia Davis, Julie Haggard, Judy Minkin. Anne Gill. Jack Warner. These tour organizations compose the SPACE LEGION. The Commander- in-Chief unifies the groups. Preventing accidents and keeping the safely flag flying is one of the main ohiectives. The flag is taken down for twenty-four hours whenever there is an accident. The Space Legion wants to be thought of as a guidance organization and not a police organization. The SPACE CADETS, sponsored by Mr. Byers and composed of AB students, serve J.B. by keeping the yards clean. fn f' . f -we 1, ---- e.:riegg,,-,lun-swiuizv -- GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Mary Jelfras, Marcia Chalk, Judy Carauo: Ruth Erinfruend, linda Young, Marie MrNab, Judy La Vine, Etta Epxlein, Jeanne Finlay, Barbara Barker, Vilma Chemers, Haney Porter, Darrilyn Kalka, Lynne Tannanbaum. SECOND ROW: Miss Erhart, Adele Schwartz, Jane Berman, Pat Pearlman, Pat Thlmson, Anne Klain, Patsy leiberman, Mona Gardner, Judy Breslin, Charlotte Maslanslly, Lorraine Lorber, Tanya Kohas, Pam Biggs, Barbara Wells, Judy While. THIRD ROW: Louisa Schwartz, Janna Bengson, Carol Edwards, Rosemarie Cherques, Marilyn Scott, Mary Renllin, Sonia West, Sharon Brewster, Jeanne Parks. Gerry Resnitll, Kathy Pullan, Renee Weixs. FOURTH ROW: Judy Fisher, Margarel Corbett, Brenda Hows, Marlene Kolxlrel, Joan Wallingford, Ceralia Papkin, Nona Hodges, Shield Magidxon, Sandra lagerdahl, Janet Dasie, Frances laifman, linda Sterne, Brenda Bennett, Rhoda Davis. The SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB, directed by Miss Erhart, prepares excellent programs for our enjoyment. These programs are presented throughout the year for the P.T.A., Church, Hospitals, and 1.8. Assemblies. The BOYS' GLEE CLUB each year presents many stimulating programs. This year they sang for the Bach Festival. The boys, led by Miss Erhart, enioy presenting these inspirational programs. BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST row. Peter sara, Mila Miller, Gary carirraria, Robert Weisberg, Philip Brown, Norlori Briutman, Roger ua., Gregory aaxar, Michaal Porter, Laariarri lclairi, Halsey Libby, David aariaily, lawrariaa liillarlaaria, Philip ilarlrila. SECOND ROW: Gary Bislruy, oariii-l Graiiaar, Mike carirrarr, me Darley, larry slirrri, svavari Gala, Don Hilmar, aaa Elliott. larry xararr, val lan arawria, lim rriarluirr, Bill saahar, Alan srahla, liirliara Marill. THIRD liow. charlar lcalllrriah, Punt Darley, aaa Steuber, Bill slaeaar, Larry aaririari, James lhgrarrr, Chuck Evens, aah Hilmar, uahriii Parrahar, Steven lore, Jimmy siarirhi, Michael Silver. Harold oaviasari, larry Cattone. FOURTH row. Jim Whyte, Jon Gardner. lark naaaar, Jahn Vellis, Gerald Mail, Fred rirraraarr, Lloyd Rogers, Charles saghi, aah rargrrrarr. slavah lcaya, Richard Mairllia. Torn Colt, Daria Rsinitx. aa JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Barbara Snyder, Marilyn RaldPP, Joyro Rubel, Evelyn Falke, Barbara Segal, Daralyn Kohn, Marilyn Reiler, Frances Finkel, Judy Donin, Nancy Waldecll, Susan Nagin. Suzanne Bank, Reba Fogel, Judy Kaplan, Bonnie Corwin, Arlene Lewis, Sharon Kobrine SECOND ROW: Sheila Rudick, Harlerle Laelf, Sheila Schwarlz, Diana Wall, Marsha Taylor, Patricia Wallin, Doris Sleinberg, Francine Kahan, Nadine Safolf, Taby Richman, Geraldine Pinlel. Susie Satkler, Linda Miller, Alena Goldring, Lorien Bahins, Susan Farsler, Nancy Stull, Rena Slain. THIRD ROW: Nanry Sager, Dolores Ramirez, Carol Rosenlhal, Sheila Bogorad. Judy Chaplin, Barbara Allman, Ninia Funck-Jorenson, Ianel Toll, Alice Thompson. Priscilla young, Linda Harley, Mn.-gal-el Blair. Jour- Alcorn, loan Sires, susan Feldman. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Adelmon, Gall Braverman, Lois Siegel, Mary Lee Meedy, Susan Garlh, Sandra Stokes, Joan Montgomery, Belle Carmody, Maggie Lighl, Gail Acllley. Sandra Diener, Stephanie Sdlullman, Sherry Morris, Sandra Allie, Arlene Simon, Barbara Sclunidl. The JUNTOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB is made up of members of Ihe BB class. These girls are trained by Miss Erharl and, in lhe A8 grade, many of lhe girls go inlo lhe Senior Club. The ORCHESTRA, under the direction of Mr. Reynolds, plays for many of our programs. They ploy far lhe Girls' League inslallolion and graduation al Ihe end of lhe lerm. SR. ORCHESTRA CIRCLE ONE: Sluarl Galdslhen. Peler Rany, Lorraine Delmar, Kenny Rosenberg, Irene Bleileld, Marlene Sdlill, Judy Clark, Evelyn Murphy. CIRCLE TWO: Frances Sandlren, Laurel Dellan, Clark Smilllson, Berlrand Ginsberg, Delyse Glenn, Adrienne Ehre, ludy Linden, Mike Vine, Sheldon Brown, Roherl Elias, Herb Painler. CIRCLE THREE: larry Rasenslock, Norris lxhkanian, Lorna Tralry. Roberla Nathan, loan Kranx, Barbara Bach. Garry Margolis, Phillip Shearer, Danna Malane. Larry Marlin, Allen Segal. Frederick Sandven, Bala Feldman, Loyd Schiler, Roberl Kemp, Warren willils. CIRCLE FOUR: Mr. Reynolds, Belly Scpasnekr Paulelle Wein, Dennis Daily, Leslie lloxenlhal, Gary Sillon. Bob Mclilmson. S X U J 1-wry ' 1 , 53. ,. y Tl 1 has .y ,VL lv-, . Fl.. . 3 1: N I' lss' I QW. ie -GILL The CAFETERIA HEIFERS and CASHIERS sea lhal lunches are served quickly, and correct change is given. They are under lhe combined sponsorship ol Miss Bardon, Mrs. Mallay, and Mrs. Magraay. Cafeteria Helpers and Cashiers FIRST ROW: Gail Gordon, Elinor Zaxave, Daralhy Schreiber, Myrna Taman, Bob Gold, Shale Dunnnr, Ann naianbiam, Marly raqaa, Arlene Winsberg. Arnold Rochlin. SECOND ROW: Phyllis 5:hwarl!,Sheldan Klaus- ner, Manuel Klausar. Ronald Kiddy. Elixabelh Shaman, Julie Ann Gerlz. Divira Cale. Marsha Koran, Diana Klyder, Mike Kalzav. THIRD ROW: Joel Sallxburg, Douglas D. Grass, Joy Eller, Gail Fleming. Fay Walzman. Henry ralirar, Larry Carney, oar- Fer- nandez, Stephen Morse, Helen Rubin, Ann Worlhinglon. FOURTH ROW: Bah Goldberg, Helen Miller, John Rolslon, Peter Gray, Peier Rany, Al len Segal, Brillan Pyland, Leonard chasm, Burke Covany, Gary Hallman. Eli Paxinoll, John Nalmn. FIFTH ROW: Verna Plalxing, Gerlrude Blair, Sharon sir-ian. larry ima.-,siaaey Ramblan, Bill Rosanlhal, Jan Grillem Richard Lindheim, Jane lsaau, Edward Schlein, lewis Leiner, Ilanald Johnson, The HOSPITALITY CIUB, under lha guidance al Mrx. Tanker, promotes lriandliness and aides new sludenls in gerling acquainlad. HOSPITALITY CIUB FIRST ROW: Bah Rass, Harlean Kaul- man, Doreen Berk, Bill Neal, Daralhy Anderson, Jack Bradshaw, SECOND now: Lindy Amsvy, Manaea Chan- lry, Dean Slern. Raherl Aller, Mar- shall Grassman, Palsy Faddan, Mary lambardi. The purposes al tha TYFING SERVICE class are lo serve leathers who re- quire lypnd maiarials and la giya qualified sludenls an apporlunity ro broaden their skills. The sponsor is Mrs. Cloud. TYPING SERVICE CLASS FIRST ROW: Marsha Meyerxan, Phyllis Salomon, Marsha Medvin, Lynne Cap- paf, Elise Abelall. SECOND ROW: Barbara lande, Bobbie Manka, Sally Klein, Francine Sklar. Jark Weill, THIRD now: Mrs. Cloud, Ellen Grady, Arline Lande, Barbara lang, Nedra Haenig, Jeanne Ragus. FOURTH ROW: lois Kelsey, Deanna Nayine, Ma- deleine Waxman, Alan Tilla. FIFTH ROWi Sue Ginsberg, Marcia lasers, Danny Weinstein, Belle Robbins. SIXTH ROW: Sharan Adler, Cnrale ranxaamai, Slvarl rraaa..-aa, Daisy Blum, Debby Steiner, Judy Gurman. LIBRARY HELPERS FIRST ROW: Linda Siomu. Eslhcrly Dorl- man. Barbara Anderle, David Lombnrdir Judilh Unaiin, llleana lill, Diana Langs- murlr Beverly Shanks. Sheila Roxen, Mal- eae Rosenblum, Alyce segnx, Irvin Lippel. SECOND ROW: Nancy Beine. Eslelle Moyer, Sue Green, Bowie Greene, Susan Feldman, Sheila Flavm. THIRD ROW: Judy Willens, Rosemary Mrnerrnen. nen- ny Simon, Gary Schell, Gertrude Blair. GIRLS' LEAGUE USHERS FIRST ROW: Raeluine Robins, lorelln Concalf, Harrier Levy, nr-,nerve Knraieh, Maureen Koewigsberg. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ross, Rochelle Leiter. Madelinu Gartxmun, Bonnie Moyne, Ann Worlh- inglon, Nedra Haenig. THIRD ROW: Brenda Hows. Anne Gill, Sandra lager- dahl, Judy Hurl, Belly Nayes. FOURTH ROW: Joan Wallingford, Jnnel Toll, Joyce Hurl, Alice Thompson, Elizabeth Kuhler. LOST AND FOUND Elinor lazove, Judy Endmun. Barbara Simon, Nancy Freeberger, DEFENSE STAMP BOOTH mst now: Mike Kwan. Ronnie Kobe ring, Dirk wanir, Mnrly Roxenllvul, cnrr-.le Marsh, Marilyn xieweg, Jackie srneefer, sneue Mngidsnn, Charlene Freedman. sscomo now: Kenny aneenre, Larry Bredsky, Mr. McCullisIer, Sandie onbnwy, Tummy Wolver. The PROJECTION CREW, under the supervision af Mrs. Freeman, does an efficient iob of presenting visual aids to our classes. The STAGE CREW, under the direction of Mr. Dopp, plan the lighting, sound, and scenery effects for our assemblies. PROJECTION AND STAGE CREW FIRST ROW: Paul Canter, Bobby Rosenfield, Walter Braunstein, Sheldon Klausner, Manuel Klausner, Paul Schneider, Gary Ullman, Jerry Rasenlield, Lance Casper. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Freeman, AI Supper, Robert Kemp, Woody Porter, Kim Lew, Lanny Sher, Mickey Harris, Allred Senlcholr, Lawrin Lewin, Mr. Depp. THIRD ROW: Jatln Smith, Richard Lindheiln, larry May, Marvin Ring, Victor Vim, lark Hess, Dick DuRaIl, Bah Fnrbes, Ronald Kleban. The GIRLS' LEAGUE SOCIAL COM- MITTEE, under the ioint sponsorship of Mrs. Walker, and Miss Shade, serve at Iuncheans, teas, and P.T.A. functions. GIRLS' LEAGUE SOCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Natalie Shrager, Elaine Spero, Cynthia Shider, Nancy McWhorter, Sharon Kobrine. SECOND ROW: Judy Golub, Jill Bradshaw, Mary Guderay, Madeline Gortl- man, Barbara Newman, lane Rosen, Mere- dith Cooper, Mrs. Walker. THIRD ROW: Melinda Chanlry, Sharon Bowes, Loretta Abbey, Nancy Parsons, Elaine Bollinger, Linda Camen, Susan Palmer. A :lx ' 1 - ,UW S ' ,Is ,Q . 't 0 -Rt I ezggv ,'.. r JI, QYIQP ugrwevr The A9 DRAMA CLASS, sponsored by Mr. McCuIlister, presents skits and plays in our assemblies. A9 DRAMA CLASS FIRST now. Joyce Gottlieb, Jaan oelttter, Paula Gelfond, Mitchell Pachter, Sandie Dubowy, Johnny Rose, Elise Abelnti, Delerer werbe, SECOND flow, Gary Wolf, Den carter, sendy Adler, Ji-.elite srtieefer. Den Berkell,'Rewie Greene, Janet Levenson, Ron- nie Kabrins, Francine Sklar, Karen sitl. THIRD uowr Mitre Riley, Kenny sleente. ienrie Stein, Larry Brodsky, sue Neeli, Gerry Resnielr, Judy Goodman, site Green, Mr, McCullister. FOURTH now, lirntnie sntitlt, lrvene Horn, Jeanne Geettrnan. Diane Ked- den, Sandy Mnrsh, Tammy Wolver. FIFTH ROW: Rene c-ether, Robert Aller, Don Gil- lnnt, George welfberg. The SENIOR AUD SQUAD, sponsored by Mr. Schneider, keeps the senior assemblies in good order. SENIOR AUD. SQUAD KNEELING: Art McCartney, Leena Green, Marianne levee, Myles lifsan. FIRST ROW: Barbara Price, Mimi Slater, Dolares Werbu, Jayco Gottlieb, Rennie Kabrinx, Sandy Adler, Trudi Levinson, Sheila Flaum, Karen Sill. SECOND ROW: Sharlene Radel, Linda Slerne. Frances lailman, Sandy Turner, Rochelle Ven- tura, Dicl Ruman, Dan Berkoll, Ditk Willix, Judy Meorheuse. THIRD ROW: Mr. Schneider, Sandy Ruppert, Joan Raxke. larry Bredxky, Mike Riley, Kim low. Kenny Bloome, Phil Levin, David Soghor. FOURTH ROW: Sluurl Glickman, Don Rololl, Rene Gelber, Mike Kawitx, Ernie Gonzalez, Don Meena, Madeline Telegian. Judy Skulnick. The JUNIOR AUD SQUAD, spon- sored by Mr. Carter, promotes safety and order in iunior assemblies. JUNIOR AUD. SQUAD FIRST ROW: Mimi Slater, Dick Rumen. SEC- OND ROW: Geraldine Pintel, Barbara New- man, Diane Silverman, Merediih Caelier, Sue Harper, Alene Goldring, loin Siegel. THIRD ROW: Mr. Caller, larry Slavat, Tom Saliba, Dick Kemp, Bill Neal, Ann Worlhingtun, Judy Hurt, Susan Palmer. FOURTH ROW: Arnold Kahn, Britton Fhland, Allen Bernholz, Stanley Gllzkman, Norm Weinberg. Janet Toll, Jayce Hurl. ' 6 , X ., fl?1t..1,: ' iff: M 5229: F r ix lx' t' ly x fb 4 UC, . ,. I ly' . Q' dl , The H.A.S. IHONORABLE ATHLETIC SOCIETYJ plans all boys' sports activities. Under the direction of Les Rosenthal, Commissioner, they seek to improve sportsmanship at all ath- letic events. H.A.S. FIRST ROW: Tom Erdasi, Steve Davis. SEC- OND ROW: Paul Escave, Mr. Bowen, Harvey Wein. THIRD ROW: Marly Olxlry, Johnny Gardner. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Gutman, Ernie Gonzalez, Arl McCartney, Myles lif- xan, Kenny Blooms, Dirk Willis, Tommy Wol- ver, Harvey Giss. FIFTH ROW: Jack Silvera, Hem Lew. SIXTH ROW: Mike Kowill, Les Roxenlhal. SEVENTH ROW: Dave Soghar, Harvey Miller. .mf ,- -f , 1f-f:1'f ' . Lf af ,,.'z .., , 1 9 , . MW. V , .,5f,i KL,, A W, . 'ink '1 QQW 1thgQ . 11 13111 .lk I y 4 . .- '::1Ei'- ' QI was '5 :'fW2X:,'5' 1, ., K M 1 5, IA -Q Mrs. Caligiuri, the pianist, Mr. Kaplan, the trumpeler, Q and Mr. Thomas, the guitarest, all help to make our 1 MORNING SING a success. THREE MUSICIANS OF MORNING SING Mrs. Caligiuri, Mr. Kaplan, Mr. Thomas. The JOHN BURROUGHS BAND, under the direction of Mr. Reynolds, plays for the Dust Bowl and Little World Series. J. B. BAND FIRST ROW: Norman Weinberg. Dick Perkins, Burl Gaiman. Carl Avazian, David Silverman, Don Babbs. SECOND ROW: Reber! Weiner, George Marx, Howard Goldring, Jerry Alexander, Arnold Kuhn, Mike Horne, Steve Gvirlsrnan. THlRD ROW: Joel Piehl, Doug Warner, Emanuel Jacobs, Jack Newman. Neil Cohen. Dick Werdesheim. Dick Kemp. FOURTH ROW: Naomi Braverman, Vivian Saul, Judith Sulecki, Marshall Grossman, Tnny Warlnik, Kenny liffren, Larry Slavell. FIFTH ROW: sandy Lyreer, .larry Ffrieamm, Gerald Apsn, Mike Kahn. Mike Schwartz, Bob Greene. SIXTH ROW: Joel Prexanl, Mike Chambers, Bob Ross, Jack War- ner, Mickey Bensusen, Conrad Stewart, Mike Sullivan. The DANCE BAND, under the direction of Mr. Reynolds, entertains for many of our assemblies and clubs. DANCE BAND FIRST ROW: Bob Ross. Gerald Apell, Mike Green- wald, Mike Kuhn, Bah Greene. Mickey Bensusen. SECOND ROW: lawrin Lewin, Joel Prezanl, Dennis Dailey, Don Babbs, lloyd Schiller, Warren Wlllits, Robert Kemp, Mike Bernstein, Frederick Sandven, Judy Clark. The ENSEMBLE CLUB, sponsored by Mr. Reynolds, is composed of students that play instruments and enioy participating in a small group. ENSEMBLE CLUB FIRST ROW: Frances Sandven, Evelyn Murpliey, Judy Clark, Joan Kranz. SECOND ROW: Larry Slavell, Joel Piehl. Steve Gvirtsman, Doug Warner, Kenny Rosenberg, Bertrand Ginsberg, Garry Mar- golis. THIRD ROWr Nerm Weinberg, Dick Kemp, Neil Cohen, Laurel Chills, linda Dalian, lorraine Delmer. lorna Tretry, Roberta Nathan. FOURTH ROW: Narris Ishkaniun, Clark Smilhsan, Peter Rony, Sluarl Goldshenr Bob Eller. 0 , ' UAL 'X . . f LN" 0 "uf f x ,rs 1 I P -Q- V -.wr 'Kms MP1 --1 il Z Lmcso. Q gil " Q'f I... 3 "'tru ...... Illini? B uu . Students who are interested in learning how to play chess or improving their game have the opportunity to do so at the CHESS CLUB sponsored by Mr. Leach. CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW: Harvey Mmki. Phillis Karchek, Janet Dosie. Pamela Ehrlich, Alan Matlatt. Sheldon Milan. SEC- OND ROW: Barry Keene, Eugene Steiner. Robin Gilles, Gary Bistry, Jim Weston. Bill Sleeper, Allen Leizero- with. THIRD ROW: Ranald Johnson, Gary Walt, Billy Parker, Melvyn Saxe, Clifford laxan, William Jarrico. SYANDING: Henry Hutt, Mr. leach, David Garden. Edward Poll. Johnny Rose, Jack Chalikiun, Ralph Wein- traub. Sander Ginsburg, Richard Sil- verstone, Harrington Ingham, David Reintz, Steven Feldman. VY Q nz. X f Q V 4 xx a' X 5' f J Cla , Ax x ht X in gg ' AVQV 22 g , - I! f x tiff.. f eu, ,yQ 2 -M! -' 7f'1 g ti'i ?g fs! 'J ' , K sri? -'Q f 1 L ! LKM6 Gifted students receive oppor- tunities to develop their talent and gain stage experience through the TALENT CLUB, sponsored by Mr. McCaIIister. The BURRS AND BELLES CLUB is open to boys and girls of both the B9 and A9 classes. The members participate in activities such as: dancing, ping pong, checkers, and games. BURRS AND BELLES meet on Thursdays after school. Mrs. Rebd and Mr. Ferguson are the sponsors ofthe group. The BOARD OF CONTROL LAB, under the sponsorship of Miss Howell, discusses and helps solve school problems. BOARD OF CONTROL LAB. FIRST ROW: Bill Neal, Alan Paul Harris. Bfendfl Broudy, Lynne Mortin, Morly Rasonlhal, Sandie Dubowy, Frankie Allison, Bruce Corwin, Marianne Levee. SECOND ROW: Dick Willis, Jorkie Schaefer, Diana Longsom, Ronnie Kabrins, Harriett Kearns. Roberta Circle, Jules Drahltin, Sheila Schwarlx, Trudi Levinson. THIRD ROW: Sue Nash, Janet Segal. Hor- vey wear., uma segnsr, tommy Wolver. Sandy Marsh, Miss Howell, Judy Kadushin. FOURTH ROW: Phil Levin, Rene Gellser, Milne Kowllz, Myles lilson, Robert Aller, Leslie Rosenlhul, AI Omansky, Mike Riley. Students who are members of the SEWING CLUB learn to sew and make their own clothes with the help of Mrs. Ross, the sponsor. SEWING CLUB FIRST ROW: Madeline Garlxman, Andrea Moydeck, Mrs. Ross, Raeloine Robins, Elizabeth Weiss, Sharon Bowes, Lindo Gamers, Patsy Podams, Betty Jo Ross, Myrna Loman, Meredith Cooper. The SCIENCE CLUB under the able direction of Mr. Byers, Mrs. Young, Mr. Ferguson, and Mr. Shusett have the opportunity to learn and experiment with scientific problems. SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Vizky Dunning, Gail Ackly, Carol Croll, Susan Anger. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Lammex, Robert Colman, Donny Greitxer, Mark Kaufman. Elaine Free- man, Bonnie Porvin. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Rodgers, Norman Weisbrad, Gary Hallandor, Ronnie Hecker, Bette Robbins, Rochelle Ventura, Errall Colley, Alan Roslrind, Michael Merrill. FOURTH ROW- Larry Ber- man, Ronnie Klsban, Ronnie Relclsin, George Soitz. Debby Barlan, Palsy Causlond. STANDING: Mr. vane, Mrs. Young, Mr. Byers, Mr, Ferguson, Richard Shotlield, Richard Leon, Rhoda Dovix, Judy Langer. Manner Spencer, warm Braunslein. .l.B.ites enioy singing their favorite songs in the MORNING SING, sponsored by the Boys' Council. gag 'a The A9 FOOTBALL TEAM has the finest all around football players of their grade. The A9's have competed in many thrilling games. A9 BOYS' TEAM FlRST ROWx Rene Gelher, Jimmie Smith, Mr. Ross Bowen, Bob Murray, Mike Riley. SECOND ROWx George wouherg, Martin smynts, nuts ssgmsf, Kim Low, Mn. xwm. mlm now: Ernie oun- xalez, Sam Kushner. FOURTH ROW: Art McCartney. Kenny Blooms, Dan Berkotl, Marty Rosenthal. rim-I now: can wonirirtgton, Mya., linen. Tommy waiver. The CLUB BURR ATHLETIC FEDERATION is divided into three leagues, each competing for fine ribbons and trophies which are donated by the local Kiwanis Club. The teams are as follows: Rams, Tigers, Eagles, Warriors, Mustangs, and Troians. There is a trophy tor the winning team of each of the three leagues. In addition there is a sweepstakes trophy. ln order to ioin the C.B.A.F. you must enroll with Mr. Jorris, the co-ordinator of the Burr Federation. Each student is placed in a certain league and team depending upon his number of exponentsl The team sponsors are as follows: Rams, Mr. Thomas, Tigers, Mr. Carter, Eagles, Mr. Hunt, Troians, Mr. Bowen, Mustangs, Mr. Schneider, and Warriors, Mr. Jones. This activity not only develops good athletes, but also encourages fine sportsmanship. EAGLES FIRST ROW: Richard Silverstone, Don Pierson, Carl Osborne, Dick Scott. Jack Chaliltian, Manual Silverman, larry Winsbsrg, Bruce Barton, Alan Taxon. SECOND ROW: Michel Alexander, Gerry Brown, Bob Krast, Ralph Berman, Tony Wartniek, Lloyd Schiller, Steve Mais. Roger Raphael. THIRD ROW: Myles litson, Louis leinor. Alan Fish, Bennett leomen, Peter Gray. MUSTANGS FIRST ROW: John Popkin. Richard Bard- wil. Bill Neal, Tom Cole, lary Green- berg, Don rsmenau. N del, Bill Hanyan, Hal Rosen, Barry , Mass, Bill Betlock, 1 Dick Perlminx, Don li Kartoan. SECOND I ROW: Arnold Kahn. '- Jen afeathrsw. M.: ' I nw. Bernie warner, K , Harvey Gro. sob x , Murray, Jim Havas- sy, Ronny Weber, Sheldon Klauxner. '-I Stan Silver 1 I X: QC smaeu TIGERS FIRST ROW: Gregory Smilh, Charles Rubin. David Green, Mark Kauffman, Marshall Freed- man. Don Peake, Joe Salfzberg, Howard Good- man. David Davis, Zev Edelslein. Don Drake. Gary Rissman. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carler, Norman lappin, Ton Wrubla, Tony Glassman. Bobby Shuxler, lol: Shmaeff, Mike Horne, Bob Weisberg, Sander Ginsberg, Jerry Fliesliman, Jae Stern, Jerry Friedman, Sleve Parkes, David Enky. 'n-mm now: Larry awarky, can Worlh- ingran, Kenny Bloorne. RAMS FIRST ROW: Mr. Thomas, Jim Denels, Earl War- ren, lay Shapiro, Bob Gold. David Boiarsky. Milla Solarnan, Phil Brown, Bob Gellerman. SECOND ROW: Dick Kemp, Marshall Mend, Bill Noyes, Howard Galdring, Arl Paselle, Gary Reicher, Gene Fishman, Arnold Almond. THIRD ROW: Dan Kushner, Dan lawler, Tom Saliba, Dick Duroll, Bob Dozkslader, Howard Kalxman, Mille Kallov, Richard Maullin, Mike Burg. Chuck Rosenberg. . -,Y ' I -Q A In I," ,' ai WARRIORS rmsr now: Pele Berg. Jay Abramson, num Supawifl, Johnny Crawford, Tam Erdoisl. Elliol Garin. Kenny lifferin, Charley Ford, Jeff Gid- Iow, Gene Allen. SECOND ROW: Bob Eller, Gary Henderson, David Ginsberg, Al Bernholfz, Cliff lazarr, THIRD ROW: Henry Taliler, Mickey Bensusen. Gary Dealrich, Alan Harris, Mlke Rulberg, Ronny Grinkey, Chuch Kale, Manuel Klausner. TROJANS FfR5T ROW: Mr. Bowen, David Rollonberg. Richard Kahn, Marly Bishoff, Richard Silvera, Stuart Maxure. SECOND ROW: Melvin Gins- berg, George Pellin. Bruce Colwin, Joel Berkafl, Jack Silvera, Richard Gardner, larry Salwel. THIRD ROW: Joe Tavelman, Mike Schwarfz, Sheldon Brown, Sieve Gold, Norman Weinberg. TOP ROW: Ernie Gonzalez, Jimmie Smifh, Dick Willis. f 1 I- . I ! f Q Y. G.A.C. JR. CLUB I KNEELING: Iris Sleinberg, Lana Baylin, Barbara Segal. FIRST ROW: Carol Rosenthal, Gail Bravarman, Linda Camen, Debby Barton, Susie Argula, Diana Wall, Myra Snidorman, Sharon Bowes, Lindo Bogdal, Marsha Taylor. SECOND ROW: Doralyn Kahn, Jean Resnar, Pal Morris. Simon, Lorien Babins, Priscilla Young. linda Debra Goechman, Ann Rosenblum, Andrea May- derli. Barbara Snyder. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Falke, Bonnie Corwin, Marcia Wieselman, Judy Danin, Frances Finkel, Mary lombardi, Elaine Graoman. G.A.C. JR. CLUB II FIRST ROW: Judy Rosenberg, Marry Evanns. Merger.: Blair, Maggie Light, Marilyn nearer, Carol Davis, Judy Golub, Julie Ann Gerlz. SECOND ROW: Carol Slulsky, Nancy Waldetk, Susan Garlh, Susan Forslar. Susan Nagin, Doris Steinberg, Andrea Pearl, Susan Feldman. THIRD ROW: Linda Harley, Judy Rollman, Palritia Gail Wallin, Kalhy Tilelman, Carol Ann Crafl, Judy Karen, Ninia Funclr-Jorgensen. FOURTH ROW: Arlheen Feldman, Marlene lailman, Jaan Sires. Merle Sthlillta, Helen Millar, .loan Kranz, Judy Schuman. G.A.C. JR. CLUB III KNEEllNGx Sheila Bogard, Joan Tailel, Madaline Garlzman. FIRST ROW: Susan Srere, Judy Gail Garlick, Fay Walzman, Cynlhia Linda Gilberl, Gail Sugarman, Toby Friend, DoMiIIe. Wilkin, linda Yaornans, Barbara Schmidl, Reba Fogel. Sparo. SECOND ROW: Nancy Kahn, Elains Vicky Dunning, Nancy Klein, Sally Messer, Belly Jo Ross, Carole Srnilhson, Barbara THIRD ROW: Sandy Dorlman, Harlean Evans, Kaufman. Rulh Oldslein, Judy Chaplin, Barbara Schwarlz, Dolores Ramirez, Slephanie Schullman, Mickley Marsh, Nancy Sager. W6 '4 On Wednesday both iunior and senior girls ioin in after school alhlelics. This club is G.A.C. or GIRLS' ATHLETICS CLUB. The sporl played this lerm was volleyball which proved lo be a big success. The teams winning lhe mosl games in each of the Iwo divisions were awarded lrophies al lhe Girls' League lnslallalion. y . .... ,...'......,.,ww-ml. -sf .regular X . . I' Same of the highlights of this year's meetings were: the game between 1, the Women Faculty and the G.A.C. executive board, play days, and the J long awaited day of the awarding of G.A.C. letters. Sa ended another 1 ' t seamen wonderful athletic semester. The sponsors are Miss Young and Miss Penrose. Nl 'I' G.A.C. SENIOR CLUB I FIRSI ROW: Marsha Godin, Harriet Kramer, Sheila Megidsen, Carol Samp, Rochelle Jolla. Miriam Blatt, Felicia Grunlcder, Priscilla Jacobsen, Mltkay Kallrnan. SECOND ROW: Thelma Weiss, Elaine Schwartz, Linda Woronov, Margaret Carboll, Jackie Benton, Cynthia Risdon, Margaret Davis, Barbara Pepper, Marsha Medvin. THIRD ROW: Judy Gutt- man, Lynda Medal, Evelyn Murphey, Frances Sand- ven, Lois Kelsey, Madeleine Tolegian, Shelley Gor- don, Arline Sperllng. FOURTH ROW: Gertrude Blair, Diana Yessalon, Sandy Lyster. Dawn Dyer, Esther Koss. G.A.C. SENIOR CLUB ll FIRST ROW: Sandy Broomfield, Ann Kerr, Boquello Hazen, Sharon Adler, Francine Sklar, Ann Weller, Mary Ginter, Diane Hellen, Rhoda Davis. SECOND ROW: Delyse Glenn, Lorraine Delmar, Edith Knirh, Velmer Hulterheek, Jan Kanerrey, Harriett Kearns. Barbara londe, Barbara Klein, Janet Wasserman. THIRD ROW: Elda Lapin, Jaan Schwartz, Roberta Kardish, Raelaina Robins, Arline laude, Shellor Kishboom, Raxernary Mtbermatt, Muriel Schneider. FOURYH ROW: Adele Schwartz, Carol Goldberg, Jeannie Ragus, Billie Wall. The G.A.C. CAPTAINS AND OFFICERS led the members of the club in sports events after school. G.A.C. CAPTS. AND OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Madeline Gartlman, Marilyn Rollei, Barbara Segal, Mickey Kvflrnnn, Jeanne lagvs, Edith Folb, Lana Boylin, Judy Golub. SECOND ROW: Jaan Taitel, Priscilla Jacobson, Harriet Kramer, Roberta Kaldixh, Sheila Kirxchnor. THIRD ROW: Merle Schlillia, Iris Steinberg, Harriett Kearns. lllllli3rgf3f 55559 W 1 3 F ,xv V Q , ff -,sf if 4 H H+ Z5 ,. p,,,g,,4,. df ,, 4 4, gi, , f as W . Q o LY , " ff . O fm b - ' 'G' W? fig? " 0 'fax :Ti I 9 Q Q L , f ev "M cfm.. ntl .',.' ht' 1 Zigx 'X 5 337- Q9 1 . ' ' X 21' , 5, A5 -4- . , Q 1 'r' 0 nm. vim S- 4 ' xl 'X U ' xl V. , lx 9 , JE if '5 ' 1 IA. A - L wif i Ei at ' M 2 . if . Ayk -4 Q 5- in .1 Q' 1' , E, - fb -:lf f ,W Qlxgk . .lwrrr S? - Q Y ,BD I QQ .. 1? , i- 1' i '.' 3 af ,,. ' 9 'A + mv I M M, 'gf ". .mm E NRLICH A' xii WNBA 4. , LAMMES -Sin' 1 'K ,.. an x Q' ls? M 'D SEVENTH ROW: Jimmy Friedkin Stuarl W. Friedman Slum! I. Friemnn Ren: Gelber Puuia Gellond Don Gillum Qfwafgj L' ' f- , 71. :Q ' '4 1- ' 1, . . .,,, ' n 'W f d ' X' AA 'V k 1 , yn.: fc. A2155 'fb ,Jana A G"- V fn '- ,g n.1"'?5?Q .,. .' A Qi, . . '-A +19-7.7 M f. ' xizv, n ,, , . 4- .MH . 1 ' rr , nfl. 2 sig, A' K, n fl' 53 A W . ' , 15513-Qi 5 Aezniw adm' ,A'i.1nwf . f,-wl " N wg? ggv 15 W ,, -- An: ' n ,. ff- .n 1 .vu nwmhfn. , V. , gn gn',,.w, Jak, Agp ,M A- AA A .,,. 2 ii ' E VI 'I L nvfinlfi 1,.'i.'?: 'Y . A me ' Q if X A- 1- il .s 44, 1 ff?-Ni' 3, 421' ' i . l'wl?':i,f"f'.'5A 69 3'-----fn, ,.,. ,,., 1 ms' ROW: A 5 A' gLLg Q ' ,A Elise Aman 5 ' f 'ii jj . 29,31 5 ' A ' Bah Aw , , . 35 , . ,. " ' ' L 7 Sandy Adler ' U jg, , V aaa Anar ggi, V- , ' L " f Frankie Annan R ds- 1.23 1 3 A Arnold Almond ' 2,51 255 Q A f f A "W" 1 ' 1, T ' , V ,.. xi- 4 5, ' A' fx -' I W i f SJ C seconn now. Q Y If V , Myrna Applebnum Mi LL , W ,U Q 3 1 Pan Arnold , ,gg N '- ' "1 - -gf f,, ,fl more Asher A , 3. 4' f V . is - A.: . n V , ,:.-.9591 1 if -J' Gerold aannuau wg nn - ,G . . ,, - Ma n A -, sq Av - 1 J Hana.-d Bun-Am: g X 3 .' A 1- I Dun Barton T: -i f , A -' w 1 311- .ga N' c me Fizz-1 M" 1 .- ': Sq ,A , 1. WQYV' k::"n:Pf,1T :- ' ww ww , d Richard amz Q Q f , 3 ' A L A Stanley slack Q, 9' , gg -.. d ei' if ,agen , K-fn Mm 1 A if A ' Ag, A . A W 1: Swv Bofkif' ' .. AS A x 2 AAA-I 1 AQASWA .A A rr? A W-HA' a A , gf n - 'ir nf W I-wry Brvdskv A , X' , .2 'z wg . . - 1 a ' ' nf ' -,A 5 .4441 A ' '92 f A ' 1 WAR" Q""'ff23Li5 ' ' EWEWA roulm-1 now, " " K' , Y , ,-5? Q' A-13 V Tr 1 16' ' mx- Burzhurd , 'AW' N N ! ' yi j 33 ji' M' WP -, 4 .. A . A .. , .W ' Lynne Copper ' , ' . H . ,fl " -ni 5 VF- ' , wk Jim V V -Q sin CarneY ' 4, Q 'N 1- " , H ' " f- -' n in-WA - S, A V - "1"" .f: A ' ""2.fl'J'?..,..n 'ixiifgfn 4 A '- f X, A -A d V kann' WE -Ahh W ' pgnnf A , ' . H IM .' , ", y 3 1 g, , 5 1 QA. QA 6, . mm ROW: ' ' fi ' -fs X Q' M' fi 5 Rabana came ' J - "1 'gg Fred Cunningham 5 ' 1. ,, 1 Alan Davis ' . ' ,V A W gigfpi , 4.. ' ' " , Yi ' f Edyfhe oiavnand ' . I ,, ' l -55 sandia nubawy Yi H ,-A..- 1? , .A 1 , '-- 'H 2 A -A g A A. ,fA,fnnf. n n-. Richard oandu ' . 'ik , 'ww 11 A ' s ' Q , C - 4' "" an i' i ' Xyif gf? ,-1 3 . Q , SIXTH now: ff' Wg fi ' " Bruce Ellison ' A :,- , , ng' 5, 1, Charles Evan, 3 A' ' 5 Q ' avian Finke I 1 4. A 1, 'AE 1 YQ 3' Y NA , 'N -'T Marilyn mnfnan , ? 2' 'gf 521' Rn- P M if 2 ' ' Sheila Flnum 'A ' an 'Q-33, 'A , f rn Charlene naadn-an df 'MAA . '- A ' V Q Ea Aa ei 'A 'YM - K I ' . If , 1 Q 'i wg - .ing Z ' i ' ' 'M' 'I W 5 Mi 'U 3334? 'I - ' A S W 'A A -' A. P - 1 veg-"Q 'wg , n 2, . , V 2' ..,L v a Q V , an L N, 'S ,A 121' V FIRST ROW: Hamid cum.-mn , , if 1 L V f W' t 5 swan csmumun . 1. ' -' .Qf'?.l4. V ' i,.- N 2 S'Uuf'.Gf-'dum ff if f L V Q f- V Ernie Gcnmlu ,Q 'inf -. 1-'gl , ,. V Jwmv we-M-H ' ,. gin Naam owen-an , 'ff ,-:Q ,424 gf ff " G fa, J' -Q' 5 ff w 'V -. '. ' ir- "v Q Q ,qw -f A' fn f J , ' 1 JQQK, seconn now: . 53 Jayce Goillieh SQ , 3 a i A -pk' Judy ooinigh - - A fl .V '1 v.. 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Levenson Carolyn Levin Phil Levin EIGHTH ROW: M.-iueiyn Lewis Leonard Lieberman Patsy Lieberman Myles lifson Kim Low Sheila Magidson NINTH ROW: Bobbie Jean Munlno Neil Marllley Carole Marsh Sandy Marsh Lynne Marlin Marilyn Mun In "T i i Q ' L " 1' 2 45 Q . A , 4 iff F .Vg gf s. 1, is . Qfll ei 'V ,M . 9 'ffifri N f w fri. ,JG J, f 'A I5 r gf! if 22 af 4 4 .W fr agi- ' K 4 if 3 t We Xfvgg .wwf . ' ' ' fir fl 1 ,lm 4 r .,1"'. 1111:- , ir 1 Q 2. T Q 1 I M ' ai' ug, Q.. 2 aa, Sf ., L "1 , f 1 " M 5 . wav? W?" G 3 w.,,,.' ,nf X 5 .. f ., if M T! w,5.,Vw- ,.5,f, 4: ar 1 fr M ,VM 5 M .1 C KNQTTE V153 ,FWQSYE Wim! 5955? Em L - TT? in ,,. ,., Q 2 11:5 f ' V 4, JA f . ..' p , f :fr f fb , wi V iw 'fx . .,: Lg :X Q A 'g xi f' ' I ' , 'i ,. , , gi ' ry " 1 -, fi' I , 1 V ' Saw A - -. 3' ,."-'- Vx- 1 .4 x ' 1 , fn 'yi-A ' 'rw Q " , ' V' L H ..,-. f,p,.,dX,a,, i.,,. N., 5-0. , V E , LA-YQ? f f ' L Y-V -V "fi ' rf -L' 1 1 . S' l ,l , 4 .. it as A? 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McCartney Marsha Medvin Don Meena Ann Meixner Marsha Meyerson szconu ROW: lynn Miner June M.-,nogcmefy Judy Mwnme ummm Morgan Sluarl Maskowilx Gary Mumeu mum now. ' 'I' ue Nash .lahn Nelmn Pa! Nelson Lawrenze Niemerow Joan Oelsncr AI Omanxky FOURTH ROW Vnvxen Orensleln John Perlsleln Verna Pfeizlng Mrlchell Pachler Haney Porler Eh Pasmoll FIFTH ROW Barbara Pune Sharlene Radel Jeanne Ragus Jaan Rnske Gerry Resnvck Mike Rnley SIXTH ROW: Mnrvm kung Belle Rabhlns Sandy Rodas Don Rololl Jonclhan Rose Elnnor Roxen sfvmm now Morey Rosenlhul mn umm-an mu num.. sanay Ruppert mm summer Ed str-lem EIGHTH ROW Mully Schalleld Adele Szhwarlx Janel Segal Gaye Saldcen larry Shandloll Jack Shields umm now xmf. sm Rochelle Sllbar Marvin sum rfm..1., sum Judy Sllulnuck Mm.. slum aim I- " Ri? ff aw -. I x 5, . , ' ' .-uv . 4 If Li: lah wr af ,fr vf QM x AY N QM: x Y . 4 J w,,,,,.S,.. Y., -4 .5 I. 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' ' L33 . . - ' L'-:FH ' W"h Zlifpggi "Eff 'EQQQEISV 11231: ' Vj'?fY:: f D ' 3113.47 5 2 A V QM-Q, , - A ' Q ' ' ' 1-'25 If ' ' gif 1 ffw I iii -H' fl-My 1' 1 few ' ,vii - 121' I' ' f - I 'fii Q1Igi, ' i -Ein ,zz 'tif :EQLQI 1 ,L ah Y ' ' ' V wafliiti r- I Q1 f W my W , ' ' "' ,IQ m-UML ' .-,gi K 2: w if, 4 , 1 1 . 1 ll I l 2? .ii 5 . ' . ' I " i :I - I ' I I , 4 - ' . ' fin. - J R I1,f- ' fl 'V X 4 - A s 5' FIRST ROW Jummy Smuth Marty Smythe Puryuun solemn Muchael Slhencer Barbara Stan laurue Stem SECOND ROW Linda Sterne Bob Stuber Alan Tutle Madelune Taleguan Gerald Trastler Sandy Turner THIRD ROW Edward Ventura Rochelle Ventura Bob Waldorl Paul Warner Madeline Waxnan Dolores Werlsa FOURTH ROW Sonua West Duck Wullus Gary Wall X., ww George Wollberg 3 Wolver Worlhungton Caral Perlman lno pucturej Tommy Car lloor On February 7th the we vusuled the administrative s...- AJ 1 1 -f we e f""'Kr sm K' .ul -4 4 1 ,J T7 .M'N CJ- me fu-.rp M as 'Burn " r Lu x ut' 4 0 NV ner: .r QWW ln February 1950 l58 new B7s entered John Burroughs Scrubs sa called were asked ul they would luke to go swummung on the nunth B7x were guven a reception and on February 9th the PTA gave a tea lor mothers On February 10 and lb olluces Our representatives were Maruanne Levee and Larry Brodsky The gurls were assigned bug susters We elected Sandy Turner and Rene Gelber as A7 reps A seventh grade reading club was organized under the guudance ol Mrs Hezel On December 6 we experuenced our lurst excutung Dust Bowl which ended wuth the Abs on top 70 Our own A7 team which was undeleated all season supplied the only score B8 Mumu Slater and Duck Wullus our greet reps had e wonderful term planned lor us Many Katz was appointed BB captain and the luttle World Series proved o tremendous success Ytue Annual Open House and Friendship Week were memorable events - ea ' f ' ,s5:A,j.q W- :yu ' +,y:g,. wie'-Lug,-14 ' " jg 33 A . - . fi 95 -ii 2 . ' f . W - u 5 ' . . Fm. 4 b-, Q, - - is 1 . . A Y .. Sew, u gr l r :gf .nf - ' jffi - . A Y .7 ,. - "' . - '-P -. F V in . 5 'I -11 1 -ffl W . W ft' ' r' as - . . Q, ,- A ,i,,,:w ' , W K I 'i.j..u , -' B fs " I 3 ' , N f u ' t "H :iw - 1 f, mg- . f ,ws V, A M u, N., l ?Tg,,,,.!?" 2 e ,, ,W . , A V , Q y 4.-y '- , M . ggi l h ' A , V ,. - f, .A V135 . v , Eg.. Q f u.. , . . F 1 ' 4' iii 'K F 1 R1 2,-il," - l ii ff" ' "fi ' if ' Wif- 1 ui' , I 2,-' 5,415 f' guiiili L 'vs 1" 'Q Ziggy 5 ' ' Efirguxgu' ,p fs ' l, , , Q... , . - me , Q V. ,V .. un' .-'Hu L --2 Q , my ,, 1 , A . ' , - 4 ' ff ' f r ' if if? 1- ' e 91, Q - ' - "A A r 113 i'fE'gl fffzv '- -1 sffaq 'ul' ' A. . ,, , 'lg' . 4 Ab I , " - A - ' . , . --Q, - .NT if -'?' 2? - ," -' -'fi:Q.:"' W 9959530-Q: --1: 3 ' Qy3i" gf., rf: 5,-l, ' smgjigy 42:31 ntm. V : ' 5 W, - 'rlgzi xflv :ffgggml My nl. ,kyle f -f5:fiEvE fr 111 "ali:-, -' 1 ,4 ,iiikggi ' xiii .5 ' 1 H, A Q 233 ' uni, 1 u - 4 'Q1LL1'ziEEi " wi 4' .a1i.i'L? I s-- lfff- r 'E-2? '4' sf - sf l M , 1 X. . R W? ' 'fa g d-' u 'fl5i'Ti' X . J' 'Q 2' ,gs f ' gm tux it . - A .ru 1 . f ff, A ad -L z 5 ' . X ' V , x A- ' ' N " if . . ' At last we were Seniorsl We could now attend senior assembly. We were so excited when our wendertul reps, Frankie Allison and Tommy Wolver, planned a successful dance tor us. We were thrilled when our lootball team won the lirst ol a two game series lrom the mighty A9'sl However we lost the second game. We won the P.T.A. Drive end the Dust Bowl Game, our terrific team scored the only touchdown. B9 Miss Gibson became the new school counselor. Our grade Reps., Morly Rosenthal and Trudi levinsan, planned a wonderful grade dance lar us. In our lirst Basketball Tournament we tied the A9s in a thrilling and hard lought game. During the srhaol paper drive, we collected more papers, in proportion, than any other grade. J.B,'s greatest show, Burr Frolics of '52, was presented and we were fortunate to have been present in uuuus geue remedy and variety show. - A9 We elected Dave Soghar as president to lead us through our A9 lerm. Roberta Circle and Ronnie Kabrins were elected reps, Our Adviser was Miss Baller and our Counselor was Mrs. Rosenwein. We linally heard Mr. Lloyd's Voice over the new P.A. system. And our terrific A9 homeroom meetings in the Audl Our first dance was the Friendship Hop which was enioyed by everyone. Watch the birdiel Cliclrl We had two wonderful camera days, We were sa proud ol our pins and ribbons, Our class colors were dark and light blue. The A9 Drama Class put on two outstanding plays, "The Rad Scooter" and "l.ile ol the Party." The A9 girls had their Playday. Verna Pfetxing's team wan for both points and costume. We had our class breakfast where we were given delicious load and wonderful entertain- ment. The As won the Dust Bowl Game. We watched the stupendous Council and Cabinet vs. Faculty volleyball game. The Savings Stamp drive was a huge success. Graduation weekl Girls' league and Boys' Council lnstallalianl Burr Dayl Our Night Dance, what a wonder- lul time we luadl And tluen our long awaited Graduation! We looked baclu with tears in aur eyes remembering the wonderful times we've had, And so 179 Graduates say, "Farewell to LB," QVX lm r S6 z"'fif.1 . 1 'L T T T- ' I Ullmi k by 4 Buttoufsrls spfcml 53" rv K f 1.5. .Ili .M , W Zi Wi - N v T "Growing ains" Junior High--A mountain to be climbed in three long stpigsz' Looking back, how a short a time it seems, but, OH, the agony of enduring the "growing pains." aa ,Agia The first day, a poor little B7 scrubb, trembles in the auditorium not knowing where to go or what to do. They're tremendous hurdles of new classes, new teachers, and new classmates. Confusion reigns humiliations on us due to the higher grades, "take the elevator to the swimming pool", etc. At last, stronger in our knowledge, so we think, we go on to the A7, and new pitfalls await us. The social activities release the tension of more difficult work. lt seems that the rest of our years will be gravy, but oh, for the "grow- ing pains" to come. Now the offices of the Junior Assembly rise before us, Nominating petitions, speeches, and then the final elections. We have risen to the height of Senior-B, but again in the A8 we are scrubs of another kind. ls it always to be like this? We are now becoming social minded, some ioin dance classes, others ioin clubs-baby fat, braces, and all. We now understand the ways of life. The girls are starting to wear lipstick and, oh, what a mess! Electives now have confronted us and we must make up our minds ourselves-AH, moturityl The girls may choose homemaking, and the boys may choose one of the shops. By A8 there are tests that direct our minds toward our future career. Our social life steps up a bit now with the A8 dance. At last through our struggle we achieve the 9th grade. ln the B9 there are more electives, harder work, and some preparation for high school. During this semester there is plenty of work. We may not receive U's for then we would end up in a B9 homeroom in the A9 term, which would be a great calamity. The Student Body, Boys' Council, and Girls' League offices are also facing us. Again there is nominating petitions, speeches, and the final election. As our social life develops we have the "Burrs and Belles" for ninth graders, and many other clubs, in and out of school we become afflicted with tetephonites. We are now the seniors of the school, A9's. We are the ones who are looked up to, we set the example. During this term we have many things to accomplish. We have preparation for high school, in a big way. We have to prepare for our future career. We have to work even a little harder to get the grades required for high school. By now our social life has taken a big step in our "growing pains." There are outside activities ond jobs. We are now becoming more conscious of our appearance, cleanliness, and clothes. We are getting new wardrobes for high school, and the girls are trying out new hairstyles. Most of us by now have nearly attained physical maturity. We are taller. We are now ready for high school, and the new "growing pains" that await us. J .1 1 1 3 .2 e .v .il W Y 4 Q 'Mi . 4411 1,13 I O 6 me 'L U' Wx l fges . 1 v ' I 1 S' 4 . x EX 5 ,n W 'U 55 -f' Ei P Ms Q 1 2 ' TU is . 1 , . .5 J f I , I Q A - L 1' f- 52 'f ,-f' i -4" fir. ,ff "PW"-I-.v-1':' A . "" 1, gg 2' E? ' ff- f' iii Q,.,, sf, S54 13' Y. 1 '17 Q3 1 " 5 l I 1 'gr 51513 'Va -1? A gov- -A 5 5 lb QW' .qv Q' X? Z4 4' 'WG ff I ,I K I I Q U... X 8 .5 IM ' 5AMu 11,5

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