John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1936

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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 13 of 96
Page 13 of 96

John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 12
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John Burroughs Middle School - Burr Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 14
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Page 13 text:

JOHN BURROUGHS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACUI TY rlll1fY1UfLO11, Robert A., Principal Smith. Margaret L., Girls' Vice-Principal Nourse, Walter L., Boys' Vice-Principal Bailie. James G. Baller, Theresa Baumgaertner, Margaret Beaumont, Dorothy Dean Berg, Helen Lucille Brown, Elizabeth M. Bruckman. Clara L. Butler, J. M. Cameron, Una B. Catren, Robert C. Corley, Philip J. Cunning, Jessie Dalland, Augustine Daniel, June G. Donnelly, Elizabeth Douglas, Clinton W. Ebbets, Mary Scott Egbert, Ada Elizabeth Erhart, Marie M, Gibson, AnnaBel1e Gray, Amy Ragle Haitbrink, Winifred N. Halverson, Effie A. Higbee, Grace Howell, Mary D. Hughes, Daisy M. Hummel, Edna D. Huntsman, Emily R. Hurst, Florence Louise Jones, Arthur Alyn Kern, Adda N. King, Esther F. Knowlton, Clifford Hale Kramer, Bertha Cheek Lewis, Walter Wood Lucy, Anna L. Ludvvick, Ethel Gage MeCrory, Muriel G. OFFICE STAFF Mi ham. Chester R. Milar, Louise P. Mil er. Eileen C, Mills, Leone Mott, Edna Robb Munscher. Katherine M. Nelson, Alice Shaffner Palmstrom, Florence M. Perry, Rosa Biehl Pickett, Olive D. Kundel Pope, Bessie M. Reppy, Vera M. Rineheart, Mary G. Robertson, Eileen Robinxon. M. Ercline Rogers. Eleanor J. Ross, Esther W. B. Sargent Catherine A. Schweickert Gertrude Neely Scott. Neile D. Shinn, Katherine B. Smith, Keith Snyder, Harriet A. Sorsby, VVilliam Ashley Spivey, Fern Conner Spring, Carl C. Swarthout, Geo. H. Taylor, Floyd H. Ulrey, Dorothy L. Uphoff, Mary Alice Vance, John Douglas Walker, Helen Warder, Evelyn N. Warner, Marylois VVarren, Vera Glendolyn Webb, Hugh P. Webster, M. Beatrice Wilding, Alexander, Jr. Young, Bernice Glllettei Freda M., Bauermeister, Lucille, Fredericks, Rose Marie Secret?-TY Text Book Clerk Student Body Clerk FUIICITQH, Nelle C., Woodford, Elizabeth, Mr. Matson, Credit Clerk Attendance Clerk Chief Custodian Rosenauer, Virginia, Chase, Everette M., Mr. Mills, SUDPIY Clerk Library Clerk Engineer

Page 12 text:

PICTURES MOLD PERSONALITIES S lf the many avenues of vicarious living offered today, in' tion pictures serve as one of the finest. 'lo be alzle to MOTION PICTURES .lust as the invention oi gun powder in the middle ages 1'C11,iC1'CLl the armored knight obsolete and mad: a.l men equal in battle, so the develop- ment of the motion picture industry in the twentieth c.3111ury has I,1'OLlg.1t the common man into his own ln the w., of eranza. Until the begin.iif.g of this century only those who lived in large cities, and could a1i'or.l to pay high prices for seats, had an opportunity to enjoy the theatre. Now even the smailest hamlet, or the remotest mountain camp may have its picture theatre where really good progiuctions are shown. Frequently the peop.e in the smaller towns know more about the screen notables of Hollywood than does the average dwel- l.r .xx the city. Motton pictures tan become a sfg- ni' ta tor in the building of democraiy, but shogill not be pemittcd to result in regiineatation. Ronltlu' A-X. 'llHOMPES'IJN. pct ourselves into the place of another pzrson, whether in real life, in a book, or in a picture, and thus to view other experiences than those ollierecl by our ovvn more limited everyday lives, is a powerful help in molding our personalities. Today we recognize that our thoughts and wishes play an important part in the kiiid of persons we actually become. ln our choice of motion pictures we have spen- did opportunity to cultivate those thoughts and reach toward those deslres which we hope to bring about in ourselves. Pictures may serve as a wonderful means of personal growth and inspiration for all of us, young and olil. MAnnAioz'i' L. SMITH. MOVIES GIVE INFORMATION I think the movies are a great force for good or evil 3 depending on character and quality. Partly as a result of movies of high quality, people wear more becoming clothes, have better manners, decorate their homes more artistically, have a better knowledge of the world in general, and are better acquainted with personalities of political and business importance. In my opinion, people become more and more desirous of seeing good movies, and as a result, movies of poor quality Will tend to disappear. WALTER L. NoURsE.

Page 14 text:

...zv-:c-'2f4,m1. Q., f. ,L,-4: -3.3-y.',1:.,'rfs,fQy2-wah -. I ., N.,-wa' 3i'fLflWN5iQQQ1'15ii'3"l3iJli3fBTST5'-fl T15-Wai.-QS4--flwifwn ' . - vp. I ' .1 ,. .--'. ..r:',1,', 5--,g' f , -if-1:-' .wg L,-'.--w-,5-gl: A ,-,,,' ,- - j " - I an 4 -'- f ' ' f ra' .-11-' 7'U'1'M'nz' f-""'1'- 'a"-'W' E ":'2fff- 2,57-f '-Mm" 'T'4.'i'f1i7ki'Tf.V-Vic'-.5": nv A.. 1 4, T7 1 . X. .' ,. ' 41- ' . "'- -' 1" XS, ,. :',3'H,ig3gu'awil5M?i:big?J'izfiqhdme,fqqejg'':t- in r' flLgu,r'i-1 - .e.Q:,v.:Tq' ,nf , 1 I-91 1 :-1..g.f:i-.-' 1'.1I-g,.-411- 'H , -'HT-Z I. 4 K' lM"'zl4iFsMilu.iif"f3'i5ifiqi1il"E1l'5'ilijiLg'iSlfi:I'5tif"'l"'l 3.-fi ' iffiitvi' -. ..I-ifijfifl M52 ,2..-. . f"ff5l1:i2f!X .fir-llifli if 4:4 Biggs, f.:T!"?f659.4LwQff.2f1-:':ff7'ZI7'f:'-'fgiA ' fi- '- 1731-all ..' -'fmfw 11113-'i' .4 '111325'l" ,.,1 3' " i Q 2.11 5, . . Hes--We-.ll-.H-'.-f' J A -'.f'- . 1. dwg . --sr - 'q:,51r- .' ,1x7 x"':.:"f" ,: :ir ' .-X , -. , ,. iq.,-,.,r.g-1.1, K, .. A u..--ff v -, -. , , . r,...f - X ' .. - A -1 5, , ,,.1,.1, -f-i .gg .i.,,,. ..-Q .5 .Q .- -,. ,., HfH'1'1-:1'5f-' z. '::::.rf .J-if 'wi YP: .fi " -vin -.1.-xffafiw' -ww 3- 'rE'B1'. w'M-- .tv -. ' f uifgfzfslzfirpz . .' if J-nfs 'SB .1.Q?:.., 'x' m'.g:,f. .-.i...f'sEH '-12w1i'.?i"LSgf.Q,.,-MJ., ,hg,'.g5,4GQ,3'L."S1fS5?FeZiWf5fEklrF.l331214213 P vu.--'fra'-".v" :"-:F-1 Q ' - . QW '43-:fi I:-W-g.-.ff-It.-re:..1- ug,-few'. . "iw-"'3f' - -. 3, t.-.,.bg...,4bf'.-!e?f.-:.,.'.21'3--my-f:.e--I-"f1..-ffwifivii "tr 'vi' wif- -P '-'IU' . . ' . W W "li-rfi.Li1?f .hi JL 'Q-. I',:l'. 'L - .Wh , f5'R..i ",'5'-t'gif'!q.'1-.: J!--i:.'.,'-,"-I,1.JFa.1".''ffm-.,.. -it-iff.--5.5:-if.. fair: N' - fig 1ii?fP9f1Qtfifl-'-tl:'M3.sriT'1-Xxfiit.-'---tw.rigpg 3,5 lt, 'g?'vflQ?i.lYif"v1K-77-Qi,'KK-2:Gigi-fftjii.y.'i'5wf.'-5-155'-ff-1fg',q1'Qf'f' 4' 4 -f:'13-,-,g- . '- :W "7 ..-vig" 'P V H we-Hg x"Y17g:1.l' "w"nj1- -'Q-:i.fp?,gI!-JV' 1 4 JV ,, . why, ,a'l',-21- l"f.' r".f5-'ifbxwf-Q.-,1" wg.,-.wg-".-.:via-:wi"'-'1f4.v',, -gy: '12-fvfw.-' - .T 941' J. L- x75.,,i,,'! . '4 i.,'-thy"61'f:ig',j5,t.g'1Zlw2+f'3iIif3i1.J-q,''M' in W . etnff -f-ii, if,.seJ4:l1h.w'3gdi'-v.,f1f:1gwg.:4,f-, 11,-ff,-,j.f",uf',QA'.11.wl,fH,.'gw,.Sgy.gC,,- 5 egg, vim am, fQf,g,1,,,gQ3321?5.jwf.f.ygqgziiijsggg,,.QE9V15t, -'3g31,,3y,5,,,,qqv.g,f,:m33gf5'.- 1. .-iljjfg ' ..':sff22d ,L , , A ,3 ',,rJ.a",LL'-'y 'gg 5 51"-'2'Z5,j,,,-f-'.'?"g qfiv 1 W J -iff. "f-113.39-, .izflifmgl -44-',Q.:' " 'H 1"3i',i' V ' , ' - 'f -1fs:..:'1 4' 1'-' f-:'ft.' ':- f-f':'-ei '-1 a-J-:H1-.'i?'- -'I 4.2v-'- .221-' Fri--'f-Q-. 1 rr. - ' .-,QI-:Ev fi-wfilfif-?Y-ifyfirfz eztfsffikz593,547afffkiflsGHS-I,:,l'S.i,'5'f?,14. lab- f 3. ' -' f I H 6 f- -af..fEf-5 ' M .w.r:.mfewfi'-Q.'sfc:v13:,4f. Jn-wpial-i'-get-afggfivpazr-..1-1:15-..i " i""" , Q W 1 '14-iii' "aff,','w1"-hmrfii'-""f -fri.-"f4'Jf1 M' tvtii.-'1.s"fu1"'-.-will:---"'1':i51'J'M1l.aY-it 1 'rl' - zftff, ".,v,,..p -,..,:w -,f-45"-'yt 'Lf14.9-':m9g4.g-w,'::'if !,'-L-1:-wg Jn L ..f. .a.-'1--:-:fat ---: ,ug 'Q F- .3 .,.:fW.g:.,v--..-M'-' thu"-j3,.1. I I - r" " gli-Ll W::.Qrl,gl'..-.- fliitr ' ..,.:..,',g - .ag-p-Q 3-35.---g,gH.-. 2 ..rJ1.f f34:x:1T.i:fr?.fP.fe2 I ORGANIZATION BRINGS SUCCESS By BETTY RosB LBBBLL I Organization is necessary to any successful enterprise, whether it be in business or in school. We have no more striking example of efficient organization that the great motion picture industry. Continued demands of the people for more dramatic and spectacular pictures have forced the moving picture world to extraordinary efforts, which have been highly successful only because of proper organization. As the producer must have his executive staff, consist- ing of directors and their assistants, so a school must have its principals and faculty. The production of a picture is dependent upon the help of the research and costume departments, likewise the offices and library are necessary to a school. Without the full assistance of the minor de- partments of the industry, the major departments would be useless. In the same sense are the organizations of the public schools dependent upon the aid of each and every organization. In the following pages we have endeavored to give representations of some of the many departments which enter into the making up of this mighty organization. In dedicating this section of the Burr to the Motion Picture Industry, we feel that we have selected an outstanding example of truly rnodern successful organization. OUR ORGANIZATIONS By PAUL s1MoN , In this section of the Burr we have tried to show you the importance of these organizations by comparing them with those of a motion picture studio. What would a studio and its productions be like if it were not for their police force to prevent people from running and upsetting things and from entering sets where the making of a picture is in progress? Our Senior Safety Board has the same functioning here at John Burroughs. Is music not essential for accompaniment and interludes in a picture. Our orchestras act in the same capacity in our assembly programs. Librarians are important to every studio for they must take care of the great library that every studio has. Our librarians and library helpers do the' same in our john Burroughs Studio. What would you think of an evening's entertainment at a theatre if a news-reel was not included on the bill. . Organization in school life is the fundamental basis of all school interest and activity. In fact, it is the very heart interest of the student himself in his scholastic work. Under this head are many fine groups including the Board of Control, Girls' League, Boys' Council, Senior Safety Board, Orchestras, Glee Clubs, Hospitality Club, Office Helpers, Civics Club, and others. Each of these splendid organizations can be thanked for their unselfiish service and most satisfactory results. These groups give our pupils opportunities for leadership and their many functions benefit the school greatly. . l

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