James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA)

 - Class of 1970

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1970 volume:

s i Ni , Un xi PIAN Presented by the NINTH GRADE CLASS Janes S. Wilson Junior H Hillcreek Township Scho Erin, Pannsylvania igh School cts Prologue This year the Olympian Staff gave a great deal of consideration to the theme for the 1970 Olympian. After much thought we chose the Zodiac to represent our ideas. As you probably know, the Zodiac concerns astrology. We have expressed our theme on the divider pages of the different sections. For the faculty we used Libra, whose symbol is a balance, because they are honorable and are leaders. The ninth grade is rep- resented by Leo, the Lion, whose traits are domineer- ence and authoritativeness. Pisces, the Fish, repre- sents the seventh and eighth grades since they are rather unlucky. For sports we used Aries, the Ram, because the participants are energetic and strong. Taurus, the Bull, who is often musical and has a wide range of skills, symbolizes the activities. Since the school day is often tiring and contains a variety of activities, we have Scorpio, the Scorpion, for the school life section. Some people do quite a bit of talking about what will happen in the future. We would like to predict what will happen, but we can't, But we do know what has happened this year and have attempted to record it This has been a very active year - with foot- ball games, bomb scares, basketball games, assemblies, dances, and the usual school day. So we hope that in later years you can look back and remember what has happened. 2 Prim vipalis Message 2 -n-- Today is February 25, 1970, and just last evening I heard, for only the second time, the expression, HToday is the first day of the rest of our lives.H what this means is that humans are recognizing for the first time, seriously, that the Planet Earth may die in the same last gasp as many of its present residents: that we may wear it outf contaminate itg use it upp overcrowd it to the point where humans cannot live in the Earth's environment. The challenge of today is no longer to save the Earth for future gener- ations, but to save it for its present residents. Each human soul needs a challenge - yours is to save the Earth for your own life. This is what the educational process is all about. This is why you are in school. You have the greatest challenge that has ever faced a generation of young people - greater than the challenge that faced Columbus or Magellan. You must keep the Earth alive. Good luck. John R. Swift 3 Q Q -i 1' 8 - 9 we-9 ,..QA,,,i ? 5 2243 Dedication The 1970 Olympian would like to honor a man who has given many years of service to our .school system. His intelligence and forti- tude has resulted in the competent administration of our school. Throughout his administrative years outstanding gains have been made in making our school a better place in which to work and receive a good education. Under his leadership more activities have taken place than in many other schools. He has tried to understand us, the students, and has succeeded in this task. So we dedicate this Olympian to Hr. John R. Swift. 4 sc num X 7 1.2 1 it H1 "?+"s0"' LIl'l' 1 1 In I J Q, 'I xx ,'f'CxlX-K K f' R 5 0 '-2:5 fy I H , ',,, ,x'4 T Q -fs fx ' M , ' 1 'I J 'sup '25 5 I ff? Tfkfi nf Hi" A new day greets students mm' mach ers... W T kings settle down in homeroom and ,X T lze bells ring sterling Ilze morning senednle. .. 8 Lunchtime 6077165 YZKXI. . . V ff I 7 XX Q I 5 -.sk , ., ., ,M , N , 'f.,,,,w-.5 s,"f5'-,X -vw, . '..s,,'Y W s ..,.t, V :fn--1-O f 3,0 as N..Uq.16bQ .. ! mi, 54 I ,,,, 3 ts: :W 5 ssss Pi ssl ? "" L "' A ,' -V. ,V ' Q? f Ki' - fails rugs' LM ' f - 'il 4 - . 4.44 ' Y xv.. . A T hm more hard work am! classes 3 Q 1 M V, n ii i-5 if F innlly ine 3200 ne!! rings ending nnolner ,vcnool day. Lighfer side of 566001 lil? Q F l TY f LL I J A 11:1 a -f X 4 A h fi? QQ ,q Bk SCIENCE Clark Hail Stuart Morris John Buffington Jessie Andrews Russell Lasher Sandra Reed Charles Touvell MATH Patrick Calabrese Patricia Byrtus James Campbell Do na Johnson Louis Hauser Alberta Herz Howard Getz Harleen Merryman Joseph Buffalino Frank Christoph GUIDANCE Gino Carlotti Eiizabeih Davis V .., ,., Q- SECRETARIES Janice Cook Churlofie Korrell Dorothy Richie Dennis Powell Janice Halloran M. B. Dougherfy Richard Read Mary Garlhwaite Evelyn Johnson Mary Jo Jarvis SOCIAL STUDIES Seberf Slick Sam Petruso Mark Henry Ronald McCoy John Gebler Evelyn Butter Carol Luther Frieda Davis Helen Drabers Nancy Yochim INDUSTRIAL ARTS Craig Hill Jerry Cederlof ENGLISH Walter Sloan SOCIAL STUDIES Jane Helmiok LANGUAGES Jean Hoffman Ruth Foos Evelyn Johnson HOME ECONOMICS Cindy Johnson Grace Cleveland Rosilcnd Barfleff 16 PHYS C L E I A DUCATION LIBRARIAN Rance Boccio ,fx I John Full'r Nargueriie Hart NURSE Lois Kieffer MUSIC Charles Foya Thomas Bodamor 17 ,- I M154 iwnd lu L, H--I 'H' . qui 4 SPECIAL EDUCATION Eugene Sperazzo Mary Margaret Ohler ART Leona Kunz LorRi!a Busch READING Eileen Siuttlor Judith Jeglinaki GRAIN' 9 94+ 96+ xfvf ,V -we ...gif QFVLR 'alt ll Ir!- X,-.. , .4-1-11 r L-T -12:9 rg-35,1 , "' "-' ,Q--iixb X Qs, ' X 1' 'F-L f- . . ,f.-.., 1 "iii: , 'ZLl'.f-'f'?LJ'-'15 :Z - LJ.-' . J--, X V q. '31--5,3151-.ff V Q v4 x ,E - 1 Au-5 , xr Y 'X 'X V I -11 .14-f3E?2ffQ.f?j' -357.1 x:?3?ia4:7i'c"7! my p , -ff :wash-11,112----A .-.-:Q TF ,f , - '- ! ,, 23322: f.-"s5ZE1?f5,'2e2v3rVP Qf - ' , V4 x f A' ff i'Qs:,,.?'-'.2f151Zf,' 'f . 1 Eff-g.,, A -' . ' " N"-1-fifxiiffifi JW R32--' ' r ,I r' N :J ' V Andrews Austin Anthony Arusiewicz Bailey Bartlet! Bateman Bebsll Beidlnr Bergquist Adams Adams Albert Allen Allen Allen Anderson Anderson Baker Barnes Barson Barthelson Bernardini Bickel Blockaom Blum Eodner Bosth Boyer Boyko Brinker Brogdon Brouks Buggie Burg Caldwell Calvano Camarata Caproni Carnes Carania Chaffee Chambers Chapin Clark Coe Crain Crotty Dania Daub Bocianowakx Brady Breakstone Brigaman Cohick Coover Coryelt Costa Courteau Decker Defisch Demeter Di Leva Dieffenderfer L. Euston D. Evans S. Evans J. Farkas J. Fohr B. Davis S. Davis L. De Dad J. De Fazio M. Dieiz A. Doehrel J. Dore M. Dunham S. Dunn T. Earley S. Edington G. Eger T. Engesser W. English R. Ericsson B. Estock E. Ferguson S. Finley N. Fischer R. Ffizpatrick Fletcher Flick Foesaett Foor Garcia Gibson Gilson Gordon Gorr Greont Greene Grever Grimm Grimm Gruenendaul Groner Halo Hamilton Hamm Hank: Harper Harris Hartman Hawthorne Forbes Foster Fuller Fuller Fullerton Heidi Heidt Hedderick Hazlett Hazen Huniley Horton Horsfmyer Hoover Hoover Hershberger Hersch Henrich Henry Hoag Hill Hildrelh Hilbert Jcskiewicz Ingrn Huzinec Hupalo Jones Johnson Johnson Jenkins Kelly Keinach Kazin Jordan E1 0? Q0 Ln Q I B. B. C. D. D- Kline Kline Kormoa Krnyer Krebs Kress Krugger Kuhn Kupczk Langdon Langdon Larson P. P. K. G. L. Leuschon Leuschen Lew? s Lindenberger Lindanbergcr Lindy Lifowkin Londo Keplinger Kernesa Kinem King Klick Lu Grand Leonard Leone Lester Luiterio . Mc Knight . Maas . Magill . Maguira . Mc Nabb Marshall Marshall Martin Matijaaic Meehan R. Long C. Lot! R. Love L. Luke . Lutsch . Mc Cool . Ma Kay . Mc Keag Malliard Mannion Marktow Markwith . Mercier . Miller . Miller . Miller Mitlhouap Mix Monahan Moore Morgan Morris Morrison Mosier Norris Orsini Orlh Palmer Parmentor Payne Peck Pentycofe Perkins Perry Perry Peterson Pollock Poux Powell Prentice Muir Muller Murray Nelson Nicewonger Peterson . Peterson . Pfister Pieri Pilewskiu Price Reade Reeger Regan Reichard D. Rukai R. Ry: C. Sadoski L. Salomon P. Solsbury Renae! Reuse J. Reynolda RinHerle Ringdal Rintuu Robertson Robinson Robinson Romba Romesburg Rothrock Saraceno Savelli Sowtelle Scheufele Schmid Schmitt Schneider Sehrlmper '54, E! YE ,H K 2 O zf . - . w , x .1 1' ff an 28 Schwartz Seo!! Scot! Scott Shearer Sheldon Shepard Shufesky Sickert Simeon Smathers Smilh Smiih Smith Smoof Snyder Starrett Stearns Stearns Stoillemire T R H. D. F. P J D D Sebastian Seibel Seifert Sekel Shuner Sonlheimer Sova Speciale Spinelli Stanovich J. Swanson L. Swanson R. Swartz S. Swuvey P. Tarr Van lderstine Vuvreck Veit Verdecchia Wagner G. Strayer H. Strucker N. Surovick G. Susol S Temple G. Terellu D. Thompson D. Thompson C. Timpe M. Totleben P. Tousey E. Unger f-If xGgS?t J. Waidley J. Hard M. Watson R. Neavsr J. Weber C. Walls T. Whipple B. Vhife H '25, Q. D. D. K. B. K. J. J. D. D. M. Brutcher H. Conroe 31 J. L. R. K. Willey williams wilson Woodard Wright Wright Hurst Young Zuleski Zielinski Zillman Zimmerman Zimmerman Zomcik Zurad Wise Wlodarczyk Woodard Woodard - Ackerman . Allumon . Alstadt . Altman . Alward . Amnnn . Ames . Andrews . Andrews . Anundson Ariz Arusiewicz Arusiewicz Audeft Auer . Auer . Baldwin . Baker . Bahl . Badger . Barclay . Burtcszek . Bust . Basfow . Beck . Bednar . Belknap . Bender . Beals . Bennett Berg Bickel Bieda Billisits Birchard Birkmire Blakely Bordonaro Bruine Bratz Brocious Brockwuy Brown Brown Buckingham .Buhl Burger Burkell Butterfield Camuraid Canfield Caputo Caravugliu Carniewski Carns Carrier Cifelli Clark Cleary Clough Clover Cloyd Cohen Connway Carman Cornelius Courtney Crandall Crocker Cronpton Cross Davey De Fazio Dalo DaMotteo T T R D Deufel Dinger Dombrowski Donikowski Drumm Dornhoefer Drumm Ducuto Dougnn Durbin Ebert Ellioif Enierline Erikson Euliann Evanofl Evans Faulkenburg Farver Fallon DeSan!is DeSanlis DeSanto Dotzel QA .. 4 r 3 :Wax ,l I , L in 'rsghrx in 4-,113 :lf f!?3!? K wit? My . H, 4- fs an ' 1 'ff 'E.l'3fl Q . ' 'F 4 .,t 75 'Iv . B Ililiillik Q! I sw, ' L X A Y .Q 1 ,Paw ffm W l , 4 s e ., A I 1 ggfq -4? .- . x. Gleason Gleichsner Goademote Gooley Fiamella Fischer Fletcher Flick Florus Foll Fontecchio Fox Freeman Freesn Fugals Fullor Fuller Fyke Gamble Garcia Gathers Gauriloff Gearhart Gibbens Gibbs Giese Gilberg Giles Gill Granahan Gray Greenberger Gresh Gross Gustafson Guifshall Hall Hammer Hart Harris Hawthorne Hedlund Heisler Hellman Hemblrger Henderson Henry Hildrelh Hill Hines Hines Hinkle Hixenbaugh Hopkins Hoielling Humphrey Hutchison luquinta Irwin Ivan Jewell Johns Johnson Johnson J. Gruber J. Gumowski D. Gunther R. Janes D. Jordon B. Jusfka S. Kaehler C. Kauffman S. Kazley C. Keinath J. Keller M. Kennedy D. Kennelley B. King A. Kitcey P. Klauk B. Kline P. Kosko T. Krahnke J. Kranfz D. Krause B. Krause E. Kuhn D. Kyle J. Langenbach J. Lanier K. Lee L. Loy Lighf Lindenberger Lindy Long Lorei Loring Lassie McCool MeDuff McDuff McLallen Machinski Malliord . Marshall . Martin V. Martinxon T. May Mayle Meyn Miller Miller Milchell Mix Modzelewski Monncello Moon Mooney Morris Mullen Murphy Nurus Nelson Marksy Markievich Marklcw Marshall r Nnlson Neth Neubert D. Newell ik F Nicotra Noel 0'Connor Ohle Pius Plat: Pooion Port Ohrn Owen Owens Pucak Pawlowski Pearson Fehraon Peterson Petroff Phelps Pierce Pieri Pieri Pifer Pildner Priestap Ralajczak Raucci Reade Reichel Renaud Riazz! Richardson Riley Roberts Robertson Robinson Rodgers Roush Rubinfield Schafle Schwartz Sebastian Ssdor Seib Seifer Sesler Soyler Shioleno Silenas Singleton Siagier Smith Smith Sontheimer Sontheimer Sladler Stcnnard Stanovich Siaen Sterling Steve Strick Sul! Sutherland K. Swanson C. Swartz C. Swindlehurst C. Syroku R. Tarr H. Taylar D. Teed T. Terella S. Terwilliger J. Texfer K, Thomas A. Timpano N. Trambley M. Turi T. Turner R. Tyler ' - Sf' A E. Urrcxro 1 fhifh J. Urr-arc .W D. van cis. L, Q S. Van Horn Q Van lders!ino Vavreek veit Verna J. Vernon 5. Virostek T :V R. Viveralh D. Volgstadt B, Vukstu D. Wagner T. Naidley J. Valburn E. Wallis L. Valli: 41 Hay Wellington Hells Welsh Wenslow Whiteford Wilczewski Williams Zimmerman Zimnar Zalaaki . Fager Williams Williams Wfltse Wolf Wolfe Wolfe Woodard Woodard WYCech il Xlll 0 Y 1? xx I NNN. 3 ' Zyl 'fre 16 ,, l:"" , 3" , ' A 4 "fig ' 'l If-'::3' ,I . 4- :ff ' , f . - Q 'M' J ' ' I "f3ii?f2H:1' ,., ,. 1-,M . - ' 551-rfiii X . . .. " r ,- , , eyegis'-K , if x U Ngw- ix 3:g5"f" , RSX 7 5 'f I , xx ? 9 Pnl?-n V ' -..-f ' . H wx. V Y 4::3?AyX , 'l 1 4. AW 414223 QX N., ,ff ' " Iv, .4 1' Mar: X J . !.g.f4 S ,. C""f, H , . . W 2 f X . 3 ' 5SfGJ'f55?'?2Zi' ' I ' 1 ., 4 K If-' 2 .451-' '-1'ff"' -' f Y A' 'J' 1. N. fu" ' ti 4f' 11 2- Y A ' 1 K gp . H 5 r 3 N f ff . nf I fl ' 1, . I' V F yf , ..,, , Hg, ' 1 I " , Y , dx 1 . Ng ' .. . xl, + QQ: kg 1 x XX N Doug Alward John Audett Richard Augustine Susan Austin Ron Boyle Bryn Benson Craig Berarducci Jo Ann Berg Richard Adams Sharon Adams Kelly Allen Richard Allen Nancy Allgeisr Caral Alward Kathi Baer Mark Banisier Fred Barbafo Fred Barcio Josephine Barnes Lynn Barnes Darlene Barrett Glen Barthelson David Baughman Fran Bevilacqua Cheryl Bickel David Eiletnikoff ww Geraldine Birch Bob Black Cheryl Blum Jan Bodnar Linda Bokech Dave Boyce Ken Boyer Greg Brain: Hsidi Brookstone Amy Brinker Sandi Brociua Lynda Brocklebank Roberta Brockway WE? L 8 x35 Bill Brown N NHT. -N. ks! Kevin Brown John Brutcher Kim Brutcher Don Eucholtz Bob Buman Sandy Burgo 45 Debbie Carniawski Cindy Carr Phyllis Casey Michaela Cerio Michael Chiacco Barbara Cole Patti Calwell Gary Conroe Craig Burger John Byrnes Marie Capuio Chuck Cardman Kathy Carlson Kathy Carneval Justine Cerri Roberta Chadwick Becky Chapin Vicky Coryell Linda Courfeau Becky Cornish Mark Cola Pamela Curry Caihi Cutcher Chris Czulewicz Paul Damore Barb Damrau James Da Valle Lynne-Daniels Mike Delo Jim De Monte Susan Detiech Mark Dombrowski Pat Donnelly Tim Dougherty Cynlhia Drake Brad Drumheller Scott Drumheller Kathy Durst John Earley Mark English Elaine Enzbrenner Janet Erret! Michael Evans Teresa Fehr Christine Ferrara Robin Ferraro Debbie Ferrelti 47 Pam Fllippi Drew Fillak Dennis Fletcher Tom Flynn Don Foglebach Chris Folmar Bob Fcliyn Darla Forbes Debbie Foster Don Fuller John Fuller Paula Gamble Jim Garnon Mark Gerlach Sandy Gfanelli Tina Gianalli Debbie Gibbs Ann Gillespie Ron Gilson Carol Girdler Jane Gissi Joanne Golda Bonnie Grice Luureen Gualtier Michelle Gunther Terri Guifshall Chris Hall Paiti Hall Michele Hammann Mike Hammer Jeffrey Horned Allen Hawthorne Christie Hazen Jim Head Jack Heeter Richard Heidi Robert Hersler Tim Helmuih Pam Hemme Debbie Henderson Mike Henderson Don Herbe Carol Hervey Luure Hewitt Kim Hill Tim Hines Mark Hinkson Jerry Hung Jim Hooper Bruce Hordusky Doug Johnson Pete Johnson Mary Jordan Madeline Juliana Terri Huffman Bonnie Humberston Alan Im: Sieve Izkowitz Paula Izbicki Patty Jackson Wendy Jackson Rick Jansen David Johnson Stavn Jusika Linda Kahla Mike Kapsalakis Lori Karpow Mika Kaatner Norma Jaan Kazin 50 'Q ...rf , Sue Kerness Marlene Keaaelring Krista Kieffar Jackie Kinney Bill Kirkpatrick Jeff Kirsch Maffhew Kissell Dave Kifza Dave Klauk Marci Kneitel Kathy Kunnorth Jackie kormos Londa Kosinski Jean Kraus Karan Kuhl Phil Kunselman Faye Kupczyk Roseanne Lackovfc Jane! Laine Dave Langdon Sue Lapp Janice Larson Pam Laubacher Gilbert Lesier Victor Lewis Kathy Ley Patty Lindenberger Bob Lowry Tim Lynch Linda Lyons Karen Mc Carthy Daryl Laufenberg Duane Laufenberg Jack Leech Barb Le Grand Carol Leonhart David Lesonik Leslie Lindquist Pandi Lindquist Jain Lipchik Cathy Lipinski Tum Llewellyn Greg Locks egw Mark Logan Lori Longman Dennis Love Carla Me Cleery Jane Mc Crea Steve Mac Cube Mark Mac Donald Al Machinski Richard Magnon Al Majeroni Cindy Majeroni Sharon Mannar-ino Dennis Mannion Rob Mann i on Jerry Markwi th James Marshal I Rhonda Martin Cindy Marta Mark May Mark Merrifield Gail Merritt Jeff Merz Sue Meyer Ton Michaels Chris Miller Dave Miller 53 Sam Mines Brian Norris Linda Morrison Suzanne Muller Doug Overocker Jim Papucci Kan Parke Carta Paaiore Sieve Miller Michelle Milne Lee Ann Mizak Bev Musolf Jay Myers Tony Narducci Kathy Narus Paul Newell Kafhy Norris Theresa Nyari Denise Ohler Steve Ovorboy Janet Paul! Nancy Pehrlon John Perdue Patty Petersen Jim Peterson Wally Peterson Bill Peterson Sharon Petri Kristine Phil Denise Poirier Debby Fopovtch Jeff Porte Jim Rabbitt Kathy Rock Jane Rcddout Janet Reegar Linda Ranger Nancy Reffner lips Becky Piscor Cheryl Flatz Dave Ploszaf David Poirinr Dave Post Jeff Powell Vincent Presto Margaret Quick Colleen Riberio Rub Ricart Tam Richardson Ray Riesdorph Jeff Ringdal Beverly Roach Joyce Robinson Gilbert Rocco Mary Regan Linda Raitinger Joe Rettger Connie Roos Joe Roos Nancy Roos George Rose Mark Rosenthal Mary Rosenthal Dan Rothrock Bryan Roush Terri Rumbaugh Dannette Ryan Sherri Rys Nancy Saccamozzone Kip Sack Puffy Sahlmann Mark Salvia Gary Sands Beckie Sargent Gary Suwtelle Carol Saxton Gary Seatzitti steve Soeiford Sandy Scheu Sue Scheufele Melinda Segal Karen Seibert Mary Seifert Larry Shatto Dave Sheptow Tim Sherrange John Shoop Sandra Shufesky Holly Siegrisf Mike Silenaa Mark Silverthorn Cindy Skladanowski 57 Eileen Smith Laurie Smith Richard Smith Terri Smith Linda Stadler Greg Stanovich Darlene Steiner Dgug Steiner Bob Shafer Brenda Smathers Cindy Smith Patty Smack Chuck Sonney Chris Spadafor Debbie Spangenthal Nancy Spath Mark Spirits Cindy Stoeber Craig Sandberg Adele Sundry John Sutherland Suzanne Swuvey Darlene Terlitsky 56 sk Susan Thomas Donna Thompson Gloria Thompson Cathy Tomczak Frank Toomey Patti Trapp Janet Travoss Vinci Travoss Mary Trocki Tim Troutmnn Jo Ann Turano Bill Unger Chris Van Cise Tam V8Pd8CChfU Gail Vornu Pam Vincent Fai Wahrenbergnr Rose Naldemarson Chris Waller Dave Wullvork Jim Ward Ron Washe Hike Watson 59 Sieve Waugh Juanita Weiss Karen Weschler Renee Willey Gomer Maura Wiltse Pat Wise Robin Whipple Brenda While Karen White Barb Wieler Williams Mark Wlodarozyk Ray Wolfe Bill Zillman Wayne Zimmer Linda Zomcik Sue Wolfe Patty Wroblewsk: David Wunz Pat Yochim Barb Ynpek Gary Yukon Ray Yurasko Chip Zulnski 1 11 IHQAAX Y Z I Qx ,M " ffff G 'Sh ir N :? K2 w'WXNxZGx 29 Y N1 'qi IK 'X' I, L , 'Hs luqx-,k. , ,FK fire 1 f "IZ XA: We 9? fm .v-1 ay' 1 , ff , uf I! 4 Wir UNXNH ll I b I :IQ 'I . .. 472k '- 1 ' ' 6 1, !'n,,? . ag 4 -yblfu s fTJ4 W , fwfl ' :iff fj ff 'L ' J " X 45' A m ku? ,elsif J f N 21.2 Q ir -- . :IE -Q " , elf! : J, ,IL 11 . I - 115 V, 2 fl Q I X' 3 N K 1 ,iff 'fpgj , LA Q ' f 1- " , .c 49367 J f" 'V Xl IN -if I ,P - ,X A. , A Z' ,f ,W 222 gh L7 A '1 N, , . ig 1 .4 N' 'gg,,g.,f - . 7 A ,A agf15gJ7,'Q, xxx V ,,-, I lid?" 472' ' 4 - r ' ' 'F .- 1. ' .-,. ftqfffffifg Q 2, 1:z:S'1' 'Wah 'Q' ' 6 35 ,122 X X - 1 u ' ' f. kv 'az - J gifffzlf Ji lfffsn -' fQEZL::,,,. 9 f 14:4 , W' 3 JU' ' V! , ZH' fl X ,nfl Q ,ff ZG' A ,,-ff z ,' I 1 Q I Football E . k A-MA'-adv - - Corry Cam. Springs Meadville Franklin Prep Westlake 8-0 20-0 28-O 22-8 0-8 6-20 f' k'L Basketball H 4 65 wr 66 I H001 Q 1 btfx 1 '4o,?j,?k5-1 74- .3 X 5 X S Y' W f f !!,w44'0.4 Q N' A XX l Wki QXtSEiXXx -xt 'v' S X kkxlgxx.-,J 1 'I Xi ' l'IVI'l Il S J' '. .1 4 Aw 'V f' 4 34 ' gs L 1" Y .144 MIEQS 5.7. "w..:,-1 25723 'fi iii-LL HK-X -Q? 4 Ar ' ffl fi' :iff 1 v :nfl ,N .NN 6' F57 .1 ' f .-mf .A qua- 1 f ' W1 E .A ji?" iff, M 1 -I ' , .T-fT11'Q:"' ffl?-f f , ' ' ' .AN xxxx il bf NME 0: -X-X, -. -' ' N N uf - ' 1X XX xxxbgi XxX'5'i-ix 'X' - N, X '- 'x a., -fa: if ++ ,f Q.: .ff Q 'rg Yearbook 68 ,ham .H N ezwspaper W, ,. x ' w,Q1."1 'X it X' Q. ' ara ' , if 'HMSJA ' wisp? ' 9.2! ...L L. '55-f2?'L4' 'I ?fg"f - ,.,W 'W' J? 1' X 1 - F4 ' ig 'F if ' Qwimf if v A ' ,Ad H gi 69 ,K xi Hooor Society Stzttfottt Cotttztt s N- - -'mx f --or-1 , e fx .K.,A MJQo1.'1,4 , ,. . f'g.c Qf-f'KEcs.w115,-532: 3 A ,, f - sg - 5,-'23, Pros. - Tom Michaels Sec. - Barb Damrau V Pr-as Tom I-IGVGUW' Trees Bob Shafer 70 Uffice Assismnfs Library Assistants Seizbr Pimperfzel SEE -'12 ag w-,-.,, G L ,QL .A ,, y.u 45g.N5. ' fi , ,PA uf, . HRW - "Hi ' -kt . nf- ". .3 .. A V V : -L gf if P-f' Lg- K v """' . 5 g Ei 1 :Y 'Y' fi 4"--T' r ff .M . n qw u .. .g .,.: -' 2 ' ' HRX 3: xl x ,W Q A k 5 .V,V 65.1 . , f sf V 4H?f3if9 Vt X ' . 13 P '. Z3 uf 5 4, a1,. .. 1 Q-'i.:.?"z. '?f:.gJ-1:1 :few 21122 ' !': ' I ' lw.'.f ' I A , 'X ' .3 W Projevfiofz Crew Chorzzyes .. 4-A ' .5 . Q 4 . A X. 1 ,, 3 f Q ,z "M, 3 6 Q5 .y, , M X- 'lu V ' A I 'Q ly' 3 I 5 I .gi J If N29 ,, gh iz. , , iwNi'i' , :,, SQQ 'J m 47 f Q' - ,, . . V H1 H , A 1. L Q ff he' x mf?5if,:n'f5R,' v wa. . Y t ' x ' A G7 4-.Q. N, 5 .. Q R- 1 Q X fp f VL fm x- . , Y i,5f 1 A f Y 61 E45 4. 'Bm A WL in 1 M 5, ix 'M ff n K- V " ,N 1 Im .9 , 5 'Y 1 ' fri" T . I .52 -M. x, " w4"f:'- K i 4' o A -Q.n. Q bv. V. " r G Wu N, Q 1 -X '1 ',. , .- 4, -. if-, Qg 1 Q33 if fiffx., an U px' , ,V 1 i , QAV. Y l ' 'X t'Q1 'L 5 S13 Q C , X X 46 7 :N W' x Qi 2 xxx 8 , - 433 QQ!!! if ,N 'V' my, 'Q . 1. Cheerleaders Chris Spadafar - Co-captain. Sue Austin Pat Donnelly Sue Meyer Kathy Evcnoff Holly Taylor Tzafirlers Karen Seibert - Captain Terri Smith - Ca-captain Fran Bevilucqua Christie Hazen Terri Huffman Michelle Milne Colleen Riberio Lori Smith Patty Kosko Tina Lossie Denise Volgsladi Cafhi Cutchar GAA 4? Adams, Richard Adams, Sharon Allen, Kelly- Paper, Play, Monitor, M. Cho. Allen, Richard- Band, Pep Band Allgeier, Nancy- Play, Mixed Chorus Alward, Doug- Yrbook, Projection Crew, Bookstore, Basketball Audett, John- Hon. Society, Yrbook, Paper, Lab Ass't, Bond, Orch., Pep Band Augustine, Rich- S.C., Bond, Ftbalh Wrestling Austin, Sue- Hon. Society, Play, GAA, Cheerleader Baer, Kathi- Yrbook, Play, Mixed Chorus Banister, Mark- Play, Lab Assft, Band, Pep Bond Barbato, Fred Barcio, Fred Barnes, Josephine Barnes, Lynn Barret, Darlene- Play, Lib Ass't, M. Cho. Barthelson, Glenn- Boys' Intro., Ftball Baughman, Dave Boyle, Ronald Benson, Bryn- Play, GAA, M. Cho., Y-Teens Berarducci, Craig- Ftball Berg, Jo Ann Bevelacqua, Fran- Twirler Bickel, Cheryl- Hon. Society, Yrbook Bilitnikoff, David- Football Birch, Geraldine Black, Bob- Play, Projection Crew Blum, Cheryl- Hon. Society, Yrbook, M. Cho. Lab Ass't Bodner, Janet- Orchestra Bockoch, Linda Boyce, Dave- Yrbook, Play Boyer, Ken- M- Cho., Ftball, Boys' Intro. Braine, Craig- Boys' Intramurals Bracklebank, Linda Brookstone, Heidi- Monitor, Band, Orch. Brinker, Amy- Play, Girls' Cho., GAA, Lab Ass't, Office Ass't Brocious, Sandi- Monitor Brockway, Roberta Brown, Kevin Brown, Bill Brutcher, Kim- Play, Mixed Chorus Brutcher, John- Flay, Proj. Crew, M. Cho. Bucholtz, Don- Band, Pep Bond Buman, Bob- Monitor Surge, Sandy- Monitor Burger, Craig Byrnes, John Caputo, Marie Cardman, Chuck Carlson, Kathi Carneval, Kathy- Play, GAA Carniewski, Debbie- GAA, Y-Teens Carr, Cindi Casey, Phyllis- GAA, Play, Y-Teens Cerri, Justine Cerio, Michaela- Girls' Chorus Chadwick, Roberta- Yrbook, Girls' Chorus Chapin, Becky- Hon. Society, Play, M. Cho., Office Ass't Chiocco, Michael Cole, Barbara- Monitors, Orchestra Calwell, Patti- Orchestra, GAA Conroe, Gary Cornish, Becky Coryell, Vicki- GAA, Y-Teens Cota, Mark- Newspaper, Boys' Intramurals Courteau, Linda Curry, Pam Cronen, Stephen Cutcher, Cothi- S.C., Play, Twirler, GAA, Y-Teens Czulewicz, Christine Damore, Paul- Boys' Intramurals Damrau, Barb- S.C., Newspaper, Flay, GAA Da Valle, James- Play Daniels, Lynne Delo, Mike- Hon. Society, Off. Ass'h Mixed Cho., Boys' Intro. DeMonte, Jim Detisch, Sue- Y-Teens Dombrowski, Mark Donnelly, Pat- Newspaper, Play, GAA, Cheerleader Dougherty, Tim- Boys' Intramurals Drumheller, Brad- Boys' Intramurals Drumheller, Scott- Boys' Intramurals Drake, Cindy- Durst, Kathy- Monitors, Band, Pep Band Early, John- Boys' Intramurals Enzbrenner, Elaine- Yearbook English, Mark- S.C., Hon, Society, Yrbook Erret, Janet- Bond, Pap Band Evans, Michael Fehr, Teresa- Girls' Chorus Ferguson, Jeffrey Ferrara, Christine Ferrara, Robin Ferretti, Debbie Filippi, Pam- Yrbook, Play, Girls' Cho., GAA, Y-Teens Fillak, Drew- Yrbook, Newspaper, Pep Band, Boys' Intramurals Fletcher, Dennis- M. Cho., Boys' Intro., Flynn, Tom- Play Fogleboch, Don- Monitor, Ftball, Wrestling Folmar, Chris Foltyn, Bob Forbes, Darla- Play, Lib. Ass't Foster, Debbie- S.C., GAA Fuller, Don Fuller, John- Boys' Intro., Basketball Gamble, Paula- Bond Garnon, Mixed James- Yrbook, Newspaper, Play, Cho., Book Store Gerlach, Mark Gianolli, Sandy Gianelli, Tina Gibbs, Debbie Gillespie, Ann Gilson, Ron- Boys' Intra., Ftball Girdler, Carol- Band, Pep Band, GAA, Y-Teens Gissi, Jane Golda, Joanne- Girls' Chorus Green, Doug Grice, Bonnie- Hon.Society, Band, Pep Band Gualtier, Laureen Gunther, Michelle- Y-Teen Guttshall, Terri- S.C., Monitor, Orchestra Hall, Chris- Newspaper, Play, M. Cho., Guid. Ass't Hall, Patti- Paper, Lib. Ass't, Sand, GAA, Orch., Pep Band, Y-Teens Harned, Jeffrey Hammann, Michele- Monitor, M. Chorus Hammer, Mike Hawley, Sharon Hawthorne, Allen- Mixed Chorus Hazen, Christie- Twirler, GAA Head, Jim Heater, Jack Heidt, Richard- Boys' Chorus Heisler, Robert Helmuth, Tim Hemme, Pam Henderson, Debbie- Play Henderson, Mike- Band, Pep Band, Ftball Herbe, Don- Ftball, Bsktball Hervey, Carol- Yrbook, Lab Ass't, Off. Ass't, Band, Orch., Pep Band Hewitt, Laurie- Monitor, Lib. Ass't Hill, Kim- GAA, Y-Teens Hines, Tim- Boys' Intra., Ftball Hinkson, Mark- Yrbook, Newspaper, Band, Pep Band Hoag, Jerry Hooper, Jim Hordusky, Bruce- Band, Boys' Intro. Huffman, Terri- S.C., Monitors, Twirler, M. cha., GAA Humberston, Bonnie- Honor Society, M. Cho. Ims, Ai- Student Council lngro, Sam Iskowitz, Steve- Off. Ass't, M. Cho. Izbicki, Paula Jackson, Patty- Orchestra Jackson, Wendy- Play, Mixed Chorus Jansen, Rick- Ftball Johnson, David- Play, Band, Pep Band Johnson, Doug- Play, Mixed Chorus Johnson, Peto- Jordon, Mary Ann- Y-Teen Juliana, Madeline- Monitor Justka, Steve- Play, M. Cho., Boys' Intro. Kahle, Linda Kapsalakis, Mike- Monitor, Proj. Crew, Boys' Intramurals Karpow, Lori Kastner, Mike- Play, Lab Ass't Kazin, Norma Jean- Lib. Ass't, GAA Kerness, Sue- Hon. Society, Play, Monitor, Y-Teen Kessolring, Marlene- Band Kieffer, Krista- Play, Band, Pep Band Kinney, Jackie Kirkpatrick, Bill Kirsch, kileff- Boys' Chorus Kissel, Matt Kitza, Dave Klouk, Dove- Mixed Cho., Boys' Intro. Kneitel, Marci- S.C., Lab Ass't, Orch. Konnerth, Kathy Kormos, Jackie- Play, Lib. Ass't, Y-Teen Kosinski, Londa Kraus, Jean- Y-Teen Kuhl, Karen Kunselman, Phil Kuhan, Connie Kupczyk, Faye- GAA Lackovic, Roseanne Laine, Janet Langdon, Dave- Off. Ass't, M. Cho. Lapp, Sue Larson, Janice- Monitors, Orchestra Laubscher, Pam Laufenberg, Daryl- Boys' Intra. Laufenberg, Duane Leech, Jack- Basketball Le Grand, Barb- Girls' Cho. Lesonik, David- Boys' Intramurals Leonhart, Carol- Yrbook, Play, Lib. Ass'h M. Chorus Lester, Gil- Bond, Boys' Intro. Lewis, Victor- Band, Pep Band, Boys' Intra. Ley, Kathy- Flay, M. Cho., GAA Lindenburger, Patti Lindquist, Leslie- Monitor, Boys' Cho. Lindquist, Pandi- GAA, Y-Teens Lipchik, Jain- Lib. Ass't, Band, Pep Band Lipinski, Cathy- Girls' Chorus Llewellyn, Tom- S.C., Hon. Society, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band Locke, Greg- Paper Logan, Mark- S.C., Boys' lntra. Longman, Lori- Band, Orch., GAA Love, Dennis- Mixed Cho. Lowry, Bob- Yrbook, Newspaper, Hand, Pep Band, Boys' Intro. Lynch, Tim- Boys' Intra., Ftball Lyons, Linda Mac Cabo, Steve Mac Donald, Mark- Play, Band, Pep Band, Boys' Intramurals Magoon, Richard Majeroni, Alan- Hon. Society, Ftball Basketball Majeroni, Cindy- Hon. Society, Lab Ass'h Band, Pep Band Mannarino, Sharon Mannion, Dennis- Play Mannion, Robin- S.C., M. Cho., Ftbalh wrestling Markwith, Jerry- Hon. Society, Newspaper, Boys' Intramurals Marshall, James- Play, Band, Orchestra, Pep Band Martin, Rhonda- Y-Teen Marts, Cindy- Mixed Chorus McCarthy, Karen- Girls' Chorus McCleery, Carla- Yrbook, Play, Monitors, M. Cho., Y-Teens McCreo, Jane- Band, Pep Band Meyer, Sue- Play, Monitor, Cheerleader, M. Chorus Merrifield, Mark- S.C., Band, Orchestra, Boys' Intro. Merrith, Gail Merz, Jeff- Hon. Society, Paper, Proj. Crew, Ftball, Bsktball Michaels, Tom- S.C., Proj. Crew, Band, cron., Ftball, Bskfbolz Miller, Chris- Band, Pep Band, Y-Teen Miller, Dave- Boys' Intramurals Miller, Steve Milne, Michele- Twirler, M. Chorus 82 L LL J Milne, Ron Mineo, Sam- Boys' Intramurals Mizak, Lee Ann- Yrboak, Lib. Ass't, Y-Teen Morris, Brian Morrison, Linda- Monitor Musolf, Beverly- Monitor, Lab Ass't, GAL, Cheerleader fCap tJ, Orch. Myers, Jay Narducci, Anthony Narus, Kathy- Play, Band, GAA, Y-Teen Newell, Paul- Off. Ass't- Norris, Kathy- Play, Monitor, Lib. Ass't, M. Chorus Nyari, Theresa Ohler, Denise- Monitor Overockor, Doug- Play, Proj. Crew, M. Cho. Papucci, Jim Parke, Ken Pasture, Carla- Monitor, Band Paull, Janet- Monitor, M. Cho. Pehrson, Nancy- Lab Ass't Perdue, John- Band Petersen, Patty- Paper, Play, Off. Ass'L M. Chorus, GAA, Y-Teen Peterson, Jim Peterson, Wally- Boys' lntra. Peterson, Bill- Play, Monitor Petri, Sharon- Play, Band Phillips, Kris Piscor, Becky- Monitor, Lab Ass't Platz, Cheryl- Lib. Ass't Ploszaj, Dave- Band, Pep Band, Ftball Poirier, David Poirier, Denise- Lab Ass't Popovich, Debbie- Lib. Ass't, Off. Aes't Porte, Jeff- Play, Lab Ass't, Band, P. Band Post, Dave- Boys' Intra. Powell, Jeff- S.C., Monitors, Wrestling Presto, Vincent Quick, Margaret- GAA, Y-Teens Rabbit, Jim- Mixed Chorus Reck,Kathy Reddout, Jane- GAA, Y-Teens Reeger, Janet- GAA Reeger, Linda- GAA Reffner, Nancy Regan, Mary- Play, Girls' Cho., GAA, Y-Teens Reitinger, Linda- Monitor, M. Cho., Y-Teens Rettger, Joe- Yrbook, Flay, M. Chorus, Boys' Intra. Riberio, Colleen- Play, Twirler, Monitor, M. Chorus Ricart, Robert- S.C., Hon. Society, Paper, Band, Pep Band, Bsktball Richardson, Tom- Lab Ass't, Band, Orch., Pep Band, Boys' intra. Rtesdorph, Ray Ringdal, Jeffrey- Boys' lntra. Roach, Beverly Robinson, Joyce- Band, Orch., Pep Band Rocco, Gil- S.C., Ftball Roos, Connie- Play, M. Chorus Roos, Joe- Play, Bsktball Roos, Nancy- GAA Rose, George- Boys' Chorus Rosenthal, Mark Rosenthal, Mary- Play, GAA Rothrock, Daniel Roush, Bryan Rumbaugh, Terri- Monitor Ryan, Dannette- Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens Rys, Sherri- Band, Pep Band Saccamozzone, Nancy Sack, Kip Sahlman, Patty- Lab Ass't, Orch., GAA Salvia, Mark- Ftball, Bsktball Sands, Gary Sargent, Beckie Savtelle, Gary- wrestling Saxton, Carol- Paper, Lib. Ass't, Y-Teen Scalzitti, Gary- Boys' Intro., Ftball Sceiford, Steve Scheu, Sandy- GAA Scheufele, Sue- Hon. Society, Yrboak, Play, Paper, Lab Ass't - Segal, Melinda- Monitor Seibert, Karen- Twtrler CCoptJs Monitor, Play, Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens, GAA, Yrboak Seifert, Mary- Orchestra Shafer, Bob- S.C., Play, Boys' Intra., Ftball Shatto, Larry- Ftball, Bsktball, Wrestling Sheptow, Dave Sherrange, Tim- Play, Proj. Crew, Ftbalh Boys' Intra. Shoop, John Shufesky, Sandra- GAA, Y-Teens Siegrist, Holly Silenas, Mike- Pep Band Silverthorn, Mark- Off. Ass't, Ftball, Boys' Intro. Skladanowski, Cindy- GAA, Y-Teens Smathers, Brenda Smith, Cindy- Mixed Chorus Smith, Eileen- Lab Ass't, M. Cho., GAA Smith, Laurie- Twtrler, GAA Smith, Terri- Twirler fCo-capt.I, Paper, GAA Monitor, Off. Ass't, M. Cho. Smock, Patty Sonney, Chuck- Play, M. Chorus Spadafor, Chris- S.C., Paper, Play, GAA, Cheerleader fCo-captJ Spangenthal, Debbie- Play, Monitor, M. Cho. Spath, Nancy- GAA Spirito, Mark- Mixed Chorus Stadler, Linda- GAA Stanovich, Greg- Band, Pep Band, Boys' Int. Steiner, Darlene Steiner, Doug Stoeber, Cindy- Girls' Cho., GAA Sumago, Dave- Boys' Intra. Sundberg, Craig- Yrbook, Bond, Pep Band Sundry, Adele- S.C. Sutherland, Heather Sutherland, John Swavey, Suzanne Terlitsky, Darlene- Lib. Ass't, Orch., GAA, Y-Teens ' Thomas, Susan Thompson, Donna- Girls' Chorus Thompson, Gloria 83 Tomczak, Cathy- Mixed Chorus Toomey, Frank- Projection Crew, Wrestling Trapp, Patti Travis, Janet- Monitor, Girls' Cho., GAA Travoas, Vincy- Monitor, Girls' Cho., GAA Trocki, Mary Troutman, Tim Turano, Jo Ann- GAA Unger, Bill- Band Van Cise, Crystal Verdecchia, Tom- Band, Ftball, Bskfball Verna, Gail- Monitor Vincent, Pam- Play, Lib. Ass't, GAA, Y-Teena Wahrenberger, Pat- Paper, Play, M. Chorus Waldemarson, Rose Waller, Chris- Monitor, GAA Wallwork, David- s.c., off. Ass't, rebeu, Boys' intra., M. Cho., Proj. Crew Ward, Jim Moshe, Ron- Boys' Chorus Watson, Mike- Band, Pep Band Waugh, Steve- M. Chorus, Bsktball Weiss, Jaunita- GAA Weschler, Karen- GAA Whipple, Robin-GAA White, Brenda- Lib. Ass't White, Karen Wieler, Barbara- GAA Willey, Renee Williams, Gomer Wiltse, Maura Wise, Patti Wlodarczyk, Mark- Boys' lnira. Wolfe, Raymond- Hon. Society, Yrbook, Paper, Band, Boys' lntra. Wolfe, Sue- Band, Pep Band, GAA, Y-Teens Wroblewski, Patty- GAA Wunz, David Yochim, Patrick- Boys' lntra. Yopek, Barbara- M, Chorus Yukon, Gary Yurasko, Ray Zaleski, Chip- Play Zillman, Bill Zimmer, wayne- S.C., Hon. Society, M. Chorus Boys' Intra., Ftball Zomcik, Linda- Lab Ass't 1 I 1

Suggestions in the James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) collection:

James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 58

1970, pg 58

James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 32

1970, pg 32

James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 55

1970, pg 55

James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 81

1970, pg 81

James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 68

1970, pg 68

James S Wilson Middle School - Olympian Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 76

1970, pg 76

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