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i % OAK 1981 INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNA. INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA 15705 W 5 - li _IltaijaMIB The " Smoke Signals " of my freshman summer told me about their native way of life, which I hoped I would someday conquer. As a young brave I felt lost in this Indian wilderness, but soon the tribe ' s customs were my own. I spent many hours scouting the surrounding area. I uncovered various secrets: campus haunts, Uptown and Frat Row. I also learned about my environment; rain dances were unnecessary and the North Wind set in early. Winter brought new battles to fight. Tests and papers became more frequent. I spent much of my time studying. But somehow I always found time to shed my war paint and leave profs and pressures behind. Winter gave way to spring and the fever over- came me. The warm after- noons massacred class attendance. I spent my days conducting powwows with my friends, both old and new. These days were not in vain; for I grew and learned from each experience. Becoming part of this Indian tribe has created memories and friendships that will become more precious with time, for they are bound by our Indian heritage. iiii llliiliiiiiiii llllill ii||||f|||| •liiiiM i ■V ' " ' ' I IIHiillll M " ' I liiillH I P lllllliwiliil -„ ■11!t " ' l " « ' 111111111!! " ' Ill nil ■III n ,. ' 1|||F " III iiiiiJillik I ' lilllll 1 |||||lllllllll Iliiiilllliiil ■IIP " nil 1 A Beginner ' s Guide to College Terminology (20) . . . TYOP (34) . . . Sequences (38). FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES -EATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES =EATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES Halloween (,hal»d» ' wen) n. The evening of October 31 on which lUP students revert to their childhood and reveal their true identities. s Couples ( ' cup»els) n. A coed who has succeeded in achieving fidelity (or a measure thereof) with one of the minority of males on campus. 22 23 Partyin ' ( ' part»e«in) v. The art of relieving academic pressure through extensive alcoholic indulgence. ,-. . - " l ' J Pr ocrastination (pro»,kras»ti» ' na»shun) n. The frivolous delay of burdensome requirements through dawdling, philandering and vegetating. 26 27 onpe.rts (, ' lion»serts) n. Masses of students overcome by gigantic black boxes gushing total •rmonic dis ' ' - " - " ' - ' ■ ■ ■ -■ ■ ■ ■ ' - . ■■■■ . Munchin ' ( ' munch»in) v. The process of mass consumption of chemically-treated, biological matter at the benefit of Laurel Vending, Hardees and Pizza House. (EDITOR ' S NOTE: This is not to be confused with Munchkin). 30 31 r - " g 1- € 1 T-shirt ( ' te»,shert) n. A poor college student ' s basic apparel which reflects that individual ' s interests, identity, and disposition. 32 33 TYOP (t • y • o • p) n. The process of performing foolish acts while Taking Your Own Picture in the Oak Grove in order to guarantee that your picture is on these four pages of the OAK. 9B ef w ■ - ■:■■■ - •j ; m ■ ' !; ' ' V ' •J ' l im Sequences (se ' kwensez) n. The measurement of time in slow motion. 38 39 Illl " " " " ' line: m, iiii .(«•. k semm ilUllllllij, t " JII, " I]].... tI P™! - ■HIMHIHHiliiHII Hii Dorms (42) . . . Houses and Apartments (52) . . . Greeks (56) . . . Branch Campuses (60). LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES JFESTYLES JFESTYLES JFESTYLES IFESTYLES JFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES llFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES Bedlam Oh, the wonders of university housing. Whether on-canfipus or off, dorm life is an accomplishment for all who manage to survive the paper thin walls, 2 a.m. fire drills and wrestling in the halls. Of course, it isn ' t all that bad. Dorm living provides the opportunity to become part of a community of men or women (or both!) who live and share with each other. For many students, university housing is the first venture out of the nest, and the experience, believe it or not, can be a happy one. " Turn that thing down! " " I have a problem; can we talk? ' 43 " I have to do a load of wash. " " My parents are coming up! " • ; f ' y JCi- , i ' Who else has the munchies? ' Let ' s wrestle! " 47 " I have to read 100 pages by tomor- row! " " What time ' s the hall meeting? " ¥ ■| pressed 250 today! " ' Eight ball in the corner pocket. " 49 ' Let ' s flip a frisbee out back. ' Is thie mail out yet? " r D r n n P • « • t " 9. If fc ' A ...... " " 50 Survival of the Fittest Off-campus life is just as full of fun as the dorms. Well, maybe a little more! It ' s nice to have a house or apartment to go home to after a rough day. And the weekends . . . need I say more? Though you may get tired of macaroni and cheese, waiting forthe bathroom and bat- tling for the dining room study table, you find comfort in knowing you have some companions to share with, care for and party with! : ' 52 r A ?! •y f ;r ♦-•• ' Let ' s watch ' M-A-S-H ' " ' Did you taste her soup? Yuk! ' 53 55 Ex-GDI ' s Fraternal brotherhood and sisterhood at its best! lUP boasts some of the best fra- ternities and sororities around. To be a Greek is to someone special. You find out there is more to college life than studying when you go Greek. Friendships grow, laughter and good times are plenti- ful, and those sometimes hazardous par- ties and mixers become an integral part of your college years. " Nap time! " " Who took my clothes? 58 " Wanna buy a cookie? " " This hand stinks! " 59 Branching Out The mere existence of the Kittanning and Punxsutawney branch campuses lends a certain amount of prestige to lUP. Howev- er, they are often neglected by lUP ' s main campus. They have to put up with long bus rides to main campus for access to the bookstore. In addition, they get little compensation for their activity fee. Yet, in spite of these disadvantages, the branch campuses provide a pleasant and memorable transition to main campus for many of us. P2 ' n .J5!. ■ ' 1 — . ' T Mil JO .. ' .-. ■. ' . •- ■ INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Punxsutawney Campus 60 " Except the charges? Operator, you gotta be kiddin ' . " " Let ' s go to Winky ' s! " INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA ARMSTRONG COUNTTf CAMPUS •MW " Hey, our letters made the PENN " Double dribble, idiot! " 63 ' And then what did he do? " ' It ' s about time you took a shower! ' 64 • iM I ' m a wild and crazy guy. ' SCRATCH. 65 Presidential Pacesetter Dr. John E. Worthen, in his second year as iUP ' s president, continued his sincere efforts to eliminate our deficit. When he took office in October of 1979, Dr. Worthen placed balancing the budget as one of his top priorities. Another of his main goals was to make lUP a leading university. His main promotional tools were IUP ' s size and excellent academic programs. lUP is larger than the other State — funded colleges in Pennsylvania and it is the only university which is fund- ed by the State. Our president also found time to partici- pate in many activities with the students and faculty. This year he and his family participated in the annual tree lighting ceremony. His continual and avid support of various athletic programs has shown us his willingness and eagerness to pro- mote campus spirit. Dr. Worthen, the former Vice-President of Student Affairs at the University of Dela- ware, came to lUP in 1979. In his short term as president. Dr. Worthen has made himself well-known throughout our cam- pus. His active nature and proud support of lUP has gained him the respect and admiration of the administration, faculty members, and the student body. 68 69 Higher Echelons ADMINISTRATION — TOP: Robert O Warren, As- sociate Provost; John Welty, Vice-President of Stu- dent Affairs; CENTER: Bernard J. Ganley, Adminis- trative Vice-President; Isadore R. Lenglet, Vice- President of Development and Finance; BOTTOM: Robert L. Gaylor, Special Assistant to ttie Presi- dent. 70 Supervisory Superiors TRUSTEES — TOP: Dr John E Worlhen; Senator PatncK J Stapleton. President. Daniel J Clifford, Student Member; Patrick F McCarthy. Vice-Presi- dent; James Tnmarchi. Frank Gorell. Secretary; Samuel Jack; David Johnson; Mariam Bradley. Dr. Robert J. Shupala. FOUNDATIONS — BOTTOM: James Ferine. Executive Director; Katherine Shearer. Treasurer; Dr Dale E Landon. President; Jane Mervine. Vice-President; Dr. Robert Morris. Secretary. 71 Academia Advisors DEANS — TOP: Dr M Kathleen Jones, Home Eco- nomics. Dr. Jerry T. Ice. Continuing Education. Dr Charles M. Kofoid. Education: CENTER: Dr Joseph Gallanar. Social Sciences and Humanities; Dr Jo- seph Chellman. Health Services; Dr. James W. Laughlin. Student Services; Dr. Cyrus Altimus. Busi- ness. BOTTOM: Dr Fred Dakak. Admissions; Dr J Christopher Benz. Fine Arts; Dr. Charles R- Fuget. Natural Sciences and Mathematics. 73 Frustration Unlimited Registration is always a battle in itself. One of the worst parts is the worried an- ticipation which heightens as you wait, and wait, and wait. First you have to wait outside, sometimes in the hot sun, sometimes in the snow, and sometimes in the rain. Then you wait on the bleachers. And of course you always have to wait in the lines which are ever- present on campus. Finally you make it to the computer, des- perately trying to work out a schedule. Just when you think you are safely through, a monotone voice destroys all hopes and dreams of a perfect schedule with another closed class. After you schedule, reschedule, and schedule again, the computer reluctantly passes you through its golden gates, re- leasing you from that arena of confusion. Classes look so precious after fighting so hard for them, yet by Monday you will probably find youself at the end of an- other long line as period begins. 74 75 76 77 Taking tests . . . 78 M " N : i. i t_i [ Grading ■■■ I papers , 79 Favorite classes . . . 80 y J 81 83 Exploring . B 84 85 Regata (88) . . . Homecoming (90) . . . lUP Royalty (94). . . Marching Band (96) . . . Coffee- houses (98) . . . Concerts (100) . . . Theatre-by-the-Grove (110)... Tamburitzans (115),.. Artist Series (116)... Speal ers (123) .. . Christimas Tree Lighting (124) .. . ROTC Jump (125) ... Concert Dance (126). . . I-Uppers (127) ... Derby Days (128) ... May Madness (130) ... mp " ' " Free Sailing This fall the lUP Outdoor Club helped stu- dents capture the last bit of summer at Yellow Creek State Park. At their annual extravaganza, there was plenty of warm sun and free use of catamarans, sailboats and canoes. Those who didn ' t care to venture onto the water could simply spread out on the lake bank, listen to the band, and enjoy fine food. The day introduced students to the facili- ties available to them from lUP and the Outdoor Club. 88 The Wild West Comes to lUP " Don ' t Rain on My Parade, " sang Strei- sand in Funny Girl — lUP sang along homecoming weekend. Despite the wet weather, the homecoming traditions con- tinued as usual. Naturally, the lUP Indians, both alumni and students, felt right at home with the " Wild West " theme. The pioneering pa- rade originally consisted of 14 floats, 17 bands and 6 majorette groups. Though the rainy weather decreased the original size of the parade, the lUP Indians ' spirit remained high. Catching the western spirit in song was the lUP Marching Band. They played fa- vorites, such as theme songs from " F- Troop " and " The Lone Ranger, " and kept peace on the warpath with " Ten Little In- dians. " The parade floats depicted scenes from the " Wild West, " ranging from the Gold Rush to the building of the Continental Railroad. The top eight floats, as deter- mined by a panel of judges, were awarded cash prizes. Prizes were awarded to the following fraternities and sororities; 1st place — Kappa Delta Rho; Alpha Phi, 2nd place — Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Sigma Sigma. lUP royalty of both past and present also made an appearance in the parade. In ad- dition to the 1980 Homecoming Court, lUP hosted Miss Ohio 1981. Miss lUP 1980, lUP Homecoming Queen 1978 and Miss Pennsylvania 1972. all graduates of lUP. lUP will always look good at homecoming, even in the rain. After all, isn ' t that how we know it best? 90 91 . . . With a Range of Activities Homecoming has always been based more on tradition than anything else. There were always countless parties, long reminiscences with old friends, a spirited football game and, of course, the crowning of a queen. This year lUP changed parts of its tradi- tion by enlarging the homecoming court. They moved one step ahead of the ERA by crowning both a homecoming queen, and king. Donna Reaves, a senior Health and Phys- ical Education major from Sussex, NJ, was a member of the varsity track team and Student of the Creative Arts. Her at- tendants were Connie Shaffer, Patti Jo Brockelman and Melinda Barber. Gaining the distinction of becoming the first lUP Homecoming King was Don Thomas, a junior Criminology major from Hokendaqua, PA. Phi Kappa Psi fraterni- ty, of which Thomas was an active mem- ber, nominated him to run for the title. Unfortunately, the " Wild West " Indians couldn ' t fight off the Edinboro Scots, just losing the football game 1 1-9. Despite this loss and the damp dreary weather, homecoming weekend showed how the west was won — with loyalty to a common bond that will always bring us back home to lUP. f IS , 92 t V 93 r k i ' mS % h: :M ::i j: m! " ■ " •iH] Drummin ' Up Spirit With twirling flags and complex forma- tions, the lUP Marching Band brought school spirit to life with song. Under the direction of Dr. Charles Casa- vant, football halftimes became musical festivals as the 180-member band per- formed. The band shared its musical talents in several exhibition performances. They in- cluded concerts at Catasaqua, PA, Cov- entry, OH, Munhall, PA, and Hershey, PA. The band officers and section leaders were as follows: piccolo section — James Pish; clarinet section — Janice Ferrari; saxophone section — Theodore Zitelli and Michele Fisel; mellophone sec- tion — Joan McGowan; trumpet section — Hary Ziek; Nevin Saylor and John Shaw; trombone section — Rob Spence; tuba euphonium section — Greg Nicoloff; percussion section — Harold DeLozier; silks — Cristal Swartzbaugh and Eliza- beth Saul; twirlers — Patti Reynolds; ri- fles — Pam McKamish; drum majors — Gerald Black, Tama Werfel, Jay V. Butter- field and Robert Read (executive); com- manding officers — Theodore Zitelli, Kurt Schneiderhan and Rob Spence. 96 t i 97 Musical Caffeine Everyone needed a break by Friday or Saturday evening, so the Coffeehouses, sponsored by the Activities Board, pro- vided one. Crowded Into the Student Union New Lounge, students enjoyed listening to performers such as Jim Ballard, Bill Alli- son, The Britton Sisters, Burton and Tap- per, and Joel Marcus. Such a variety of singers presented musi- cal entertainment for many different tastes. Best of all, it was always free! 98 Jammin ' with Maynard The jazz musician, Maynard Ferguson, greeted the lUP audience on Friday night, October 24, 1980 with open arms. His performance ranged from medleys to solos. His music included " Rocky, " " MacArthur Park, " " Hey Jude " and " Ca- meleon. " I ost of the audience left feeling that they had attended a " superior " concert. 100 101 Live With Poco . . . Poco appeared in concert September 24, 1980 in Fisher Auditorium. " Heart ot the Night " and " Crazy Love " stood out as the strong points of the concert. Despite these popular tunes, much of the Poco performance was disappointing. However, the opening act, John Hall, proved to be top quality entertainment. Hall compensated for Poco ' s perfor- mance by belting out some well known hits of his own. " Still the One, " a tune from his Orleans days, was very well re- ceived. After several curtain calls, Hall left the stage amidst a round of applause. 102 103 Pittsburgh Rock The Iron City Houserockers performed in concert along with Norm Nardini and the Tigers on October 28. The Iron City Hou- serockers worked hard on stage and were enjoyed by the large crowd that filled Fisher Auditorium. Songs that brought good response were ones such as " Pumping Iron, " their hit single " Don ' t Let Them Push You Around, " " I ' m Not Dead Yet, " " I Can Still Rock and Roil, " " Have a Good Time (But Get Out Alive), " and cover tune " Pretty Women. " The group performed a ten min- ute medley encore of " Shout Johnny B. Goode. " 104 105 Rockin ' Southern Style Molly Hatchet performed in concert at Memorial Field House on Saturday night, March 28. The band consisted of vocalist Jimmy Farrar, three guitarists, a drummer and a bassist. The southern rock group presented an ex- citing show with such songs as " Bounty Hunter, " " Boogie No More, " " Beatin ' the Odds " and " Gator Country. " The group displayed an evening of heavy rocl ' n roll. Supporting Molly Hatchet was the band Skywire. 106 107 Dynamic Duo Daryl Hall and John Gates performed in front of a near capacity crowd at Memori- al Field House, Sunday, May 3. The duo presented an energetic show. Hall and Oates played various past and current hits along with three encores which made their total playing time one hour and twenty minutes. Their concert included such hits as " Kiss On My List, " " She ' s Gone, " " Rich Girl, " " Wait For Me " and " You ' ve Lost That Loving Feel- ing. " 108 109 P ' Blood, m. ' ■B " .- fc and Bela Lugosi K i |K The Passion d V-H ' W r m B of Dracula October 8-11, 1980 X I mS- f WtM " " ' ' ' i WM . Dr. dedric ' Seward Tom Spanedda Jameson David Stone Professor Van Helsing Paul " Mummerl Dr Helga Van Zandt... Kristine Kowalski Lord Godalminq ..Tim BIntrim Mr. Renfield James Winner Wilhelmina Murray Janetta Davis Jonathan Marker ...........Curtis Quay Count Dracula... Ray Cupples i 11 1 n f .i ' ' I On Bended Knees ' t7: H She Stoops To Conqur December 3-6, 1980 CAST Mrs Hardcastle . Squire Harrdcastle Tony Lumpkin Kate Hardcastle Constance Neville. Slang Jeremy Aminadab Stingo Bet Bouncer Lizzie Barmaid Young Marlow George Hastings . Diggory Dick Sir Ctiarles Marlow Dolly Lehman Paul Mummert Larry Dort Ginger Hulbert Wendy Graham Francis DeFabo Gene Haldeman Ian Gailanar -Sue Miller ' Anita Yockey Michael Potashnick Thomas O ' Neil Craig Humphrey Daniel Neely Ray Cupples Wings February 25-28, 1981 CAST Emily Stilson ... Valerie Carnevale Amy Susan Miller Therapist Linda Britt Doctor Freedman... Arland Haul Doctor Rogans Gary Bellis Day Nurse Elaine Stanton Night Nurse Kathryn Dasher Billy Ian Gatlanar Mr. Brownstein Gene Haldeman 1 « Mrs. Timmons Juanita Burdette 1 A if ;s» -— The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds April 1-5, 1981 CAST Tillie ....Anne Kolaczkowski Beatrice Janine Dropcho Ruth Lisa Davis Nanny Ruth Misner Janice Vickery.... Dolly Lehman Wa .m 0 1 ' i if] il ouc The Last Meeting of the Knights of the White Magnolia May 6-9, 1981 CAST Ramsey-Eyes... Mark Rivers Rufe Phelps..;.. Tim Bintrim Olin Potts Mike Miller Red Grover ...Paul Mummert L.D. Alexander. .. Alan Chewning Skip Hampton .. ...Ronald Konsur Colonal J.C. Kinkaid.... ..Thomas O ' Neil Lonnie Roy McNeil Benjamin Gary Bellis Milo Crawford.. Dan Dayton Of Chivalry : i e . l ,1 - m ui i it n r ) i I European Folk The Duquesne University Tamburitzans displayed an array of talent Sunday night, February 8, in Fisher Auditorium. The " Tamnnies " took the audience to such countries as Greece, Bulgaria and Cro- atia. Along with their stunning acrobatic danc- ing and flawless folk singing, the " Tam- mies " displayed instrumental talent when they played a variety of instruments in- cluding the accordian, clarinet and violin. s p 1 w 1 w fl " ' " 1 1 I rl 1 SJH 115 East Meets West The National Chinese Opera performed October 21 in Fisher Auditorium. The six- ty-five Taiwanese actors and actresses of the National Chinese Opera Troupe displayed an array of spectacular cos- tumes and acrobatic talents. The show started dramat ically with three clashes from a gong and ended with a standing ovation during curtain call. 116 Dragtime Ballet Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo entertained lUP with dances of spoof and hilarity October 29 in Fisher Auditorium. The all-male troupe of ballerinas parodied such classics as Swan Lake, Act II and Don Quixote. 117 Dancin ' Up a Storm The Arve Connection Dance Company displayed a unique exhibition of skill on November 8. Choreographer Richard Arve formed the company in 1977. The company consisted of 10 professional members of which only three wrere men. The dancers performed continuous move- ments of modern dance to songs such as: " Class, " " Send in the Clowns, " " Naja, " " Currents, " and " Primate. " 118 Soliloquist Pat Carroll presented her one-character play, Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein. November 23 to a crowded Fisher Auditorium audience. This Marty Martin play was set on the eve of Stein ' s eviction from her famous studio at 27 Rue de Fleures, which she shared with her friend Alice B. Toklas. It was a rainy day and Alice was asleep upstairs as Gertrude reminisced about her life; a life which became believably real through Carroll ' s captivating performance. IrBv m 119 A Kick From Broadway The touring company of Broadway ' s hit A Chorus Line, dazzled a capacity crowd January 27 in Fisher Auditorium with mu- sic and dance. A Chorus Line, choreographed and di- rected by Michael Bennett, was Broad- way ' s longest running musical and winner of nine Tony Awards. The musical centered on the auditions of 1 7 dancers for eight chorus positions in a new show. As the director watched and questioned them, these 17 danced, sang and told their own stories. The combined style and perfection of each dancer cre- ated a breathtaking performance, one which experts have called a major devel- opment of the American musical theatre. NOTE: These photos are of the Broadway company and not of the touring company Body Sculpture The performance of the Pilobolus Dance Theatre March 3 in Fisher Auditorium was hard to define. Did this seven character troupe do dance, gymnastics or mime? Pilobolus ' appeal and fascination came from their ability to interlock their bodies into countless formations. Their interlock- ing movements created structures on stage that were closer to sculpture than dance. 121 Jazz It Up The Smithsonian Jazz Repertory En- semble performed In F isher Auditorium April 8, keeping a peppy tempo all evening. The group traced the devel- opment of jazz from the ' 20s through the ' 40s. Only six months old at the time of their presentation at lUP, the group made plans to return here in future years. 122 Poetry, Comedy and Politics Galore! Gwendolyn Brooks Mel Blanc Shirley Chisholm 123 Oh Tannenbaum Thursday night, December 4, a group of students, faculty and friends participated in the annual lighting of lUP Christmas Tree. The large tree, located in front of Sutton Hall, made the campus glow with the Christmas spirit. Following the ceremony more holiday cheer was shared at a cookie and hot chocolate reception in the Blue Room. f « h- 124 Geronimo - - k-i. The sky over Jimmy Stewart Airport was spotted with figures of green as the lUP ROTC cadets make their parachuting jumps. These Military Science 11, III and IV students floated from an altitude of 1200 feet. All the jumpers had gone to airborne train- ing at Fort Benning. Georgia. While in training they received 130 hours of phys- ical and mental training and made at least five parachute jumps from heights of 1250 feet to 2500 feet. There was a safe landing for all. 125 Dance the Night Away The lUP Concert Dance Club produced two shows under the direction of faculty advisor S. Jane Dakak and the four-mem- ber council of Missy Lamb, Kindy Houk, Mary Lou Bartash and Kate Kale. Action filled the stage November 20 through November 23 as the group pre- sented its fall show. The spring show was presented May 7 through May 10, again dazzling the audience with song and dance. All aspects of the shows were su- pervised by students. 126 Up, Up, and Away The l-Uppers performed April 4 and 5 in Fisher Auditorium. They opened their show with " Everybody Rejoice, " from the Broadway musical The Wiz. The most popular song with the audience was " The Book Report " in which stu- dents acted out kindergarten children writing a report on Peter Rabbit. The I- Uppers ended their concert singing their theme song " United We Stand. " 127 We Are Family Sigma Chi Derby Days ran from March 29 to April 4. This fund raising project bene- fited Camp Orenda, a camp for the phys- ically and mentally handicapped of Indi- ana County. Eleven of the sororities of lUP participat- ed in games and fund-raisers for the pro- ject. The week was highlighted Saturday, April 4, at Keith Field, where the sorori- ties ' final variety of games took place. 128 u A A. : May Madness Weekend, May 8, 9, and 10 looked very disappointing at first. It start- ed with tlie cancellation of Friday night ' s concert with Point Blank and the Silenc- ers at Flagstone Theater. Then the May Madness Run was cancelled due to the lack of participants. It looked like rain would also ruin Saturday ' s Farm Day, which was the focal point of the weekend. Conditions improved however, and Farm Day turned out to be a day full of sun. Summer Insanity music and fun. Hundreds of lUP students participated in a day of Frisbee throwing, pie eating, three-legged racing and egg tossing. The atmosphere was completed with the sound of country songs by the Corbin- Hanner Band. May Madness Weekend ended on Sunday with a concert by folk- singer Richie Havens. 130 131 f ( Subscription Staff p. Carrai P. Ellis M. Hanson L. Langiotti S Pifer E. Pitts G. Thoman Editor fi, ' » G. S. Ttioman 134 In 1912 the first regular yearbook was produced at Indiana; it was called the IN- STANO (INdiana STAte NOrmal School). This class annual was renamed the Oak in 1928 when Indiana became a state teachers college. The staff has worked hard this year to create an interesting and accurate record of the years ' people, places, and programs. Members say that the main requirement for inclusion is a prerequisite of Basis Insanity 101. The Oak Executive Staff M Clemente P Elhs M Hanson E Hennemann S Pifer G. Thoman •y - t; ' 135 Editorial Staff N. B, Adams K. Hamilton J Jordan S. Kline T Krizan J. Lee L Moeslein S, Mostoller B Siegman N. Wahler Photographers 136 3- Q r O " c 3 O 3 C (0 137 The Penn The Penn, the lUP student newspaper pub- lished tri-weekly at 108 Pratt Hall, celebrat- ed its 50th year during 1980. Although it was established as a campus newspaper in 1928, it was later reorganized and Vol. 1, No. 1 of the present Penn was published on September 12, 1930. This year they co- sponsored the Spring Sweepstakes with the Downtown Indiana Businessman ' s Associ- ation, began a resume service for students which offers a lower rate for typeset print- ing, and sent representative to a convention in Dallas, Texas for college newspaper busi- ness managers. Production Staff K. Baan S. Lyie S. Baumgratz T McClellan L Bebout N McHale L. Buell C Moffat Y. Carter P Nemanic K Caulfield S Netoskie Y. Clarke B. Patt K. Crown A. Rey Y. Ege V. Robinson T Elgin J Sanford C Hammel P Savage D Huber M Schreiber B Johnson S. Stitt M Kilyk P Supanick J. Kownacki B. Urbine K Kresge L. Veri J. Kreuz S Videtto B. Libengood M Wilson M. Lichter R Wilson • A Loniero E. Youni M. Zortea Editorial Staff J. Austin M Benson T Berg R Brant D. Caprara R Davis J. Devlin D Diamond Haiuska Hayes Hornacek Jankowski McClellan M O ' Connor J Orr H Pmder J. Santord J. Sonick S. Trinkley K Walters T Wesley Business Staff T. Dunlap E. Garman D. Geary D. Hilterman G. Liscinsky P. Lucas R. McClellan M. McDonough S. McFarland M. Michnna J Miller B Moran L. Phaneuf V. Savelli P. Slezak D. Uncapher M. Waverka J West 139 Executive Staff R Brant Y, Carter K. Caulfield Y Clarke D Diamond T Dunlap B. Glas R Haluska T, Hayes E. McClellan S. McFarland A. Palombo H. Pinder V, Savelli J- Smiley K Walters T. Wesley 140 D. Farkas E. Grindell J Kerrigan K Konechny J Lipovich E. Riley C Surunis C. Trunzo T. Forsberg, Advisor T. Oen, Grad. Asst. The group responsible for most of the cul- tural and recreational activities on cam- pus is the Activities Board. It is funded by the Student Cooperative Association and is made up of seven committees, includ- ing Arts and Films, Dances and TGIF Con- certs, and Recreation. The following are some of the many events organized by the group; Farm Day, Bluegrass Night at the Lodge, May Madnes weekend, Coffeehouses, films, bus trips to Pitts- burgh concerts, and also a spring bus trip to Daytona. Activities Board 141 Alpha Psi Omega The Nu Omicron Chaper of Alpha Psi Omega was reinstated as an active chap- ter in January 1979. It is an hon r society dedicated to the promotion and encour- agement of all facets of theater arts. Their motto is fellowship and service and the group strives to create interest in dra- matics and theater. Members contributed their talents in various productions of Theater-by-the-Grove ' s 1980-81 season. J. Burdette E Crissman R. Cupples J Davis L. Foster D. Grigo K Haglund P. Heiple S Kastner R. Konsur D Lehman M. Rivers A. Smith T Spanedda S. Telford 142 D Costello D Pajak C. Rising R Trunzo L. Wilkie Dr, Lauda. Advisor Mr McClay. Advisor The lUP student chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers was orga- nized to help make safety management students aware of the various career op- portunities in the occupational safety and health field. The group invited speakers to discuss their positions in the safety profession at their meetings. Members have also attended the annual Western Pennsylvania ASSE Conference in the past. American Society of Safety Engineers 143 K. Adamcik J. Carr D- Chernetsky Z. Decker G. Donowicz B. Flack B. Forney D. Fritz J. Gdaniec T. Graney T. Harvan G Hunt D. Impink J Koons N. McMullen A Meyer F Miseyka T, Perry D. Rice B, Richardson fMI §«««( (111(11 ■■1 Computer Science Club The Computer Science Club of lUP was organized in 1976 to bring together com- puter science majors and business. This year they accomplished this by touring several computer installations and busin- esses, and by inviting speakers to visit the campus to talk on matters of concern to computer science students. Also, they had a booth at the Activities Fair in the fall and held picnics as social events for their members. As a means of tutoring fellow students, the club sponsored help sessions throughout the year. 144 The Economics Club was formed in the early 1970s to promote the interest and understanding of economics among its members and to participate in projects beneficial to both the university and the community. While some groups complain of apathy, this club boasts of having com- pleted its most active year ever. In the fall, members traveled to New York City on a four-day tour which included Wall Street. The group sponsored various speakers throughout the year, made pos- sible by several fund-raising events that they held, fvlembers also competed among themselves in an investment game. Economics Club p. Anders P Martin M. Bonarrigo T Masson D. Bonatt R McNeel P. Carrai L Mennas T Connelly C. Mohr K Crown B. Moreland M DeBong S. Morris M. Dovohan D Patterson D. Duerr G. Ponticello K Dunbar S Serfass B. Fahelh J Shapiro F. Ferrato K Simon B. Gaffigan R. Smith M Hanna B Spencer M Harran C Stizler B Hartnett R. Toufkoushiaa P Hughs G. Veralh A Irvm N. Warner T Isemah A. Wise M. Jones 145 Gamma Theta Upsilon lUP ' s Gamma Omega Alpha Chapter of this international honorary fraternity in geography provides members with added knowledge of their field of study. The group sponsored speakers in the areas of geography and planning, organized a jobs graduate studies workshop, and held various other social and academic functions. - BJM . K Bernard T Burdick N Davis J Ferketic L Gogots L Gregory H McDowell Dr Miller S Musser K. Pearse J Shelly J Vasko Dr Ballas. Advisor Dr Kulkarni, Advisor Dr Shirey. Advisor Dr Tepper. Advisor Ms Wood, Advisor 146 L. Berkey J Chesia L Dean C Eisenhauer T Frederick L Fullmer K Harshman J Jordan P Laughner D Nixon P O ' Donnell M Priore P Sedor M Villa Ms Gallati. Advisor Ms Minnick. Advisor Dr Walker. Advisor While a club for home economics stu- dents has been organized at lUP since the 1940s, the gro up eventually became affiliated as a student chapter of the American Home Economics Association. The members strive for professionalism in all areas involving human growth and de- velopment. This year they have been in- volved in a number of community service projects including the Kiv anis Pancake Day and Red Cross Blood Drives. They participated in the Activities Fair and Christmas Fair, as well as in various fun- draisers for their trip to the state confer- ence. Home Economics Association 147 G Barlek M- Castnota P Dougherty D Emili C. Ersen L. Harpster J Hetzel A. Hicks R Reynolds G. Riek F Schaeffer S- Schroeder S. Shiring Mr Baker, Advisor Mr. Woods, Advisor Hospitality Management Club The Hospitality Management Club was or- ganized to allow students exposure to op- portunities in the hospitality industry. The group held a Career Day on March 31, 1981, that featured the Vice-President of the National Restaurant Association as the key speaker. Members attended the Western Pennsylvania Restaurant Show in Monroeville and toured the Pittsburgh Hilton on April 7. At their monthly meet- ings there were speakers, which pro- vided an added experience outside the classroom. The group receives much sup- port from the food and nutrition depart- ment faculty. 148 Kappa Omicron Phi was founded at North- west Missouri State Teachers College at Maryville, Missouri, on December 11, 1922 The Tau Chapter at lUP was orga- nized in 1940. The group ' s purpose is to further the best interest of honie econom- ics by recognizing and encouraging scho- lastic excellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests and promoting fellowship among faculty and students of the profes- sion. They receive members and hold ini- tiation ceremonies during every spring semester. The group held a Founder ' s Banquet in December, and is nationally active. Kappa Omicron Phi S Baker G. Lonchar M. Balkey N. McKay D Bess C Moss S Best L Myers C Bloom B Neeley L. Brandt D. Nixon P. Coctirane K Papantonio M. Daley V. Passerini J Duda c. Popchak C Erzen R Reynoulds E Esswein L. Thurn K Gerstacker D Wallmgford S Glessner L Walsti D Kulp B. Whitmen B Kline L. Wintersteen P Laughner C Vernon 149 lUP Nursing Honor Society Having been organized since 1979, this group has applied for charter with Sigma Theta Tau, the national honor society for nursing, and is awaiting approval. The goal of the society is to recognize stu- dents who have outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, and character. They are raising money to begin a schol- arship fund for worthy students, to be named the Judith A. Sharp Memorial Scholarship. The group co-sponsored a Seminar Day during Alumni Weekend in May with the lUP Nursing Department and nursing professionals in the community. K. Jaconski S. Amaditz J. Keneske E. Anderson D. Koerbel D. Chaney D. Lookabaugh A. Cocovich C. Luksik K. Drescher K. Murray M. Elsesser K. Nikonow K Fike L. Oles K. Firth L. Paasch P. Ford C Peoples K. Gausman P. Petrie R. Gartner D. Ratica J. Grothouse M Ricketts S Hasselman C. Serafin C. Hawkins P. Shirey B. Hutter L. Stewart L. Irwin L. Wilson 150 P Bauer S. Koegler K Behr M Markert K Setts D Maxson J Benner D Mentch M Bizup K Mestier P Bohn S Nizmski C Bott R Platek A Bremdel B Plesh J Byrd B. Rictiardson C Carter C, Shaw C. Chnstner T, Sheaffer K Crespin M Stelma R Gaetano M Tesia D Gibbons J. Thomas T Gilloyle M Woodard J Gray R Zbiek S Izzo The lUP Mathematics Club was estab- lished approximately 40 years ago. Its purpose includes improving student fac- ulty relations as well as providing aware- ness of new developments and current events involving mathematics. This year the group assisted in holding a high school math contest for Indiana area schools, held a Spring Banquet for mem- bers in April, and organized several fund- raisers throughout the year. Mathematics Club 151 Nutrition Education Club This student chapter of the Pennsylvania School Food Service Association, and the national organization of the same name, has many goals. These include de- veloping and promoting a professional at- titude in students, increasing their knowl- edge of the need for nutritionally ade- quate and educationally sound food ser- vice, and introducing them to many facets of the food industry preparing them for employment. Among its other activities, the group organized a weight-loss pro- gram for sixth floor Wallace Hall and pre- sented a discussion of " Cooking for One " at the Six O ' clock Series during the fall semester. S. Best J. Cocchiola L Cullen C Eaton D. Eiffler K Ernst C. Harner W Holmes A. Lonctiar K Miller J. Peters J Psctiirer N. Reinhart Ms. Jotinson. Advisor Ms. MInnick. Advisor 152 L Anderl Y Angle J Aspen R Behers D. Bendzin J. Bich J Bouille A Caldwell C Carson D Mori A Davis L Murphy L Denero C Mytord K. Dill S Sharick L. Diller A Shade J Gillano P Slezak J Harbach M Spauldmg M. Isabella K Tatlershal B Keller B Urbam N Letterio K Warren S McFarland L Williams L Moore K. Wilson This national professional business fra- ternity was founded on February 17, 1924, at Northwestern University, Virgin- ia. The Gamma XI Chapter, which is hon- orary, was organized at lUP on May 5, 1979, with the goal of fostering profes- sionalism through speakers, group dis- cussions, academic achievement and participation in business activities. The group sponsored four foster children and participated in Project HOPE. They held initiation of new members in both the fall and spring semesters and held a formal in February in celebration of Founder ' s Day. Phi Gamma Nu 153 D Naugle D Pembleton B Read D . Rodenbough K. Schneiderhan J, Schock J. Sell V Baker J Shaw P. Beck R. Spence J. Butterfield R. Tobin C. Carter S. Trible S. Hallstrom J. Vasko J. Janderchick D Washam D. Lewis G. Whitefield D McCleod D Zemple P. Miller T. Zitelli B Muir Dr Casavant, Advsior Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia This professional music fraternity was founded in 1900 at the Broad Street Con- servatory in Philadelphia. The group was organized at lUP on May 23, 1953, for service, honorary, and social purposes. Members acted as a stage crew for all department recitals given throughout the year. They also sponsored a composers forum on March 27-29, and performed in a recital during the fall semester. The annu- al Charles Davis Scholarship was pre- sented by the group to a deserving music student. In addition, they held several fund-raisers. 154 Affiliated with thie Pennsylvania Student Dietetic Association, this group is also a junior member of the American Dietetic Association. They have been organized at lUP approximately four years for pur- poses of informing and educating the community on the importance of good nu- trition for health and well-being. Consist- ing of six committees, members orga- nized " road shows " where they gave pre- sentations and distributed pamphlets to community groups in Indiana County. They participated in the Health Fair and Activities Fair. They held fruit and cheese sales during March which was National Nutrition Month. Student Dietetic Association K Brightbill A Brown M. Dally K, Heveran M Kudllk C McCall K Molnar M, Nash K Powers J. Romigh S Schneider F Shoemaker D Taddeo J ZInn 155 Society for the Advancement of Management The lUP chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management is a nation- ally affiliated organization that is open to any student in any major. Its purpose is to provide a bridge between the theoretical training of the University and the practical world of business and management through research, discussion, publica- tion, and special programs. The group had a very active year while organizing and sponsoring several campus events and programs. C. Amorose C Brichbichler E. Koharchik T Banks R Carmack R Lambert C Bendik L. Churchel L Latherow B. Blackwood R Clark L Matthews M. Boles B Danek S. McFarland C Boyer J Daniels S Melia T. Brady M Darrow L. Messinwo L Datt J. Minarich H Doyle B Newby L. Eshenaur L Nocco S- Fair A. Ostroski G. Fastuca L. Pagalos F. Ferraro W. Rieck P Gregory K Roseberry L Haubert M. Schmacker K Hopkins T. Shepelak D Hughes G Sluser S Hunt C Striner K Kilyk L Swanson C. Knaus B. Tarr 156 Austin Berberich Carr Chabin Childs DiDomlnic Donnelly Else M Haberberger R Mattia D McKillop M Miller W Patterson G. Peterson G Schockling T Townley R Trunzo J Witmer P. Yuhas Initially, the Interfraternity Council ' s pur- pose was to act as a governing body of male Greek organizations at lUP They met to hear disputes between member groups and to discuss common problems and interests. While they continue to per- form these roles, they also have become involved in fostering positive relation- ships between the community and the uni- versity and in supervising rush and pledge activities. In addition, they organized sev- eral programs, some with the Panhellenic Council, in which member groups partici- pated. Interfraternity Council 157 M Boris L Bnck M Cachawski M- Catanzarlti T. Hunslcker, Pres. S Krelger K Marquardt. V Pres. B. Miller P Mitchell, Sec. N Noretnek G Roncase T, Rossi J Rotunno T, Thompson D. Waskoskie K. Weigel, Treas. T. Martin. Advisor M. McCall, Grad Assl. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the female Greek organizations on campus. Like the Interfraternity Coun- cil, the body is made up of representa- tives from every member group. They or- ganized the candle-passing ceremony at the Christmas Tree Lighting event in Flag- stone and sponsored the Christmas Door- Decorating Contest for sorority suites. The group also participated with the Inter- fraternity Council on Clean-up Days along fraternity row. There is also a Junior Pan- hellenic Council which is a group of new- ly-initiated females who deal with their own special concerns. 158 Founded as a national fraternity in 1904. the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Alpha Gann- ma Delta joined the lUP campus in 1953 This year the sisters hosted the first an- nual Mr. lUP Contest and proudly raised over $1000.00 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Alpha Gamma Delta placed third in the Sigma Chi Derby Days and won the award for being most original. They were also runner-up for the Best Overall Award in Greek Sing. The mascot of Alpha Gamma Delta is the squirrel sym- bolizing " the spirit that never dies, the spirit of energetic alertness and pro- gress. " Alpha Gamma Delta J Aucker D. Henning D Mosur L. Bevan A. Hoover J. Moyer C Boucher L Irwin D Murphy L Boucher B Ishler E Neugebauer L Boynton C Jackson S O ' Neill L Bnck C Komorowski L Raab C Cairns D Kraus J Reese A Campbell T Kreh K Regan M Curtis J. Landherr S Sample D Decker C Lehman P Shirey K Dentler B. Lerch C. Smith D DePasquale L Lewis J. Smith B Dickens M Mahoney M. Stelma L. Douglas L McCalmont N Stuart G. Eaton L. McCormick S Sullivan N Edleman S McGee D Truxal J Fantaski D McGill M Vater S George G Michaux A. Weyant R Grauso B Miller D. Harkleroad K Miller 159 Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. The founding of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. took place on January 15, 1908, at How- ard University, Washington, D.C. The Al- pha Sigma Chapter was formed at lUP on May 1, 1959. The group ' s motto Is " ser- vice to all mankind, " and this was exem- plified in their activities this year. They participated in the Red Cross Blood Drives, raised money for Sickle Cell Ane- mia, Children ' s Hospital, NAACP, and the children in Atlanta. They served as volun- teers at Cameron Manor and Indiana Hos- pital, and were involved in the Christmas programs at Chevy Chase Community Center. T. Battle L. Bell B Bethea J. Burress T Catlett R. Floyd L. Hill C. Johnson D Marshall D Palmer P Person S- Tucker V Williams 160 M. Dunlap C. Erzen S. Fanlechi L. Farber B Gdula J Giles C Gonda L Govachini M Hamilton V Hauber T Ireland J, Snyder B Kresge D Steibel K Kruszka B Stivenson M Murgash M. Taylor M Phvehc E. Truxel C Resnik T Rucker L Rodgers L Walsh G Roncase K Weigel M Rowader J, While B Ruffner B Wood The original chapter of Alpha Omicron PI was formed at Barnard C ollege, January 2, 1897. lUP ' s Gamma Beta Chapter was organized on February 26, 1966, making this year their 15th anniversary. Their pur- pose is helping the community while pro- viding an organization for fellowship of women sharing a common bond: love. Their special fund-raiser, a 48-hour Rock- a-thon for the Arthritis Foundation, was a great success. Members also participat- ed in Greek Week activities, in the Dance- a-thon, and helped Phi Kappa Psi in col- lecting donations for Open Door of Indi- ana. Alpha Omicron Pi 161 D. Graffous L Hansen P Ingram D Kennedy S Klotz D. Laughlin B. Mahoney K. Mason L. Meeham B Miller S, Molter K. Adamcik A. Pugliese J Aguglia C. Rabuck C Bohn L Regal S Carnahan J. Rotunno C, Cessna T Shaw S Fiscus A, Valvo P Frank R. Zamborsky Alpha Phi Alpha Phi was founded at Syracuse Uni- versity in 1872, with lUP ' s Delta Phi Chap- ter being formed in 1965. Their goal is to reach the highest ideals of womanhood, scholarship, and service. The group ' s ac- complishments for the year include plac- ing first in the Homecoming Parade float competition, receiving the Best Vocal Award in Greek Sing, competing as fina- lists in the intramural volleyball playoffs, and placing third in Theta Xi ' s Broomball Contest, In February, members spon- sored the King of Hearts Contest which benefited the American Heart Associ- ation. 162 The national founding of Alphia Sigma Tau took place on November 4, 1899, at Michigan State Teachers College, Ypsi- Janti, Michigan. The Delta Chapter at lUP was first begun on September 25, 1916, later disbanded, then reorganized in Sep- tember, 1928. This year, the group raised funds for Pine Mountain Settlement School in Kentucky and for the Special Olympics, prepared Easter baskets for ARIN Intermediate Center, and co-spon- sored the Pancake-Eating Contest with Phi Sigma Kappa Members were also big winners again in Derby Days, receiving first place in the fund-raising, spirit, and best overall categories Alpha Sigma Tau J. Averill M. Klemanski B Snell C Bendik M Knowlson N. Virus D. Brown D. Kohan J Wallace T. Bush N. Konwick J Wiest R Campbell K Letso C. Williams L. Culien A Lutz J. Wilson L Davidson N Marcantognini S Wilson B DeLapp K Martin C, Wolfe T. Delhunty T McDermott H Zimmerman L Depp D Merkert K. DIBastiani P Michaels D. Domhoff A. Musial S. Dunlap M Musiol K. Edwards K. Musitano C. Fitzpatnck J. Nelson L. Gourley N. Platzer B Grant T. Rossi A Green P. Sedlacek D Kantor L. Smith M. Kelly L K Smith 163 Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded on No- vember 15, 1901, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. The Alpha Gamma Chapter was organized at lUP in 1947 with a four-fold goal: spiritual, intellectu- al, physical and social development by participating in campus and community activities. In addition to enjoying tradition- al Greek activities like Homecoming, Derby Days, and Greek Sing, the group assisted with the Special Olympics held in Miller Stadium on May 8 and provided hoagies for a luncheon during the Council for Exceptional Children ' s Friendship Festival. J. Amorose P- Davoren V. McGrath D Apfelthaler M Delp N Murray K. Asterino M Derr A. Paytas E. Barie T Diettench J. Petti S Baxmeier K Dougherty D. Poerio M. Birdsong C- Evans A. Poff M Boris S, Finch B Perter J. Caperelli G. Framiglio M Reader M. Cams T. Fubio M. Relmold J Corona N Gamache J Romboski B. Corte S. Gamache S Shideler M Cunningham M Herbenick P Sillup L. Damiano L HIse R. Snyder K. Dauster B Holhhan L Spagnola K, Horan T. Sullivan M Kline K. Sykes D. Lancaster J. Tracy D. Lucas J Weirich L. Lucas K. Zana M Margraf J. Zewe 164 K Carr M Catanzariti M McClemmins L, Conaway N Mitchell L. Davis P Mitchell S Deffenbaugh L Perry M, Douglass E Powell D Earnesty L Rakestraw P. Farr M Sandrock L Firestine M Schaefer M. Glowaski L. Sestina C Haas K Shaffer M. Hoover K Shaffer J. Johnson 8 Shedelbower C. Kliss N Sochol L. Kramer L Tassari D. Latimer P Tomci J Lauer D Walker R Lehman M. Weaver E Liberlo B. Wilson P Mason L. Yahner C McArdle C. Zadach Lombard College in Illinois was the loca- tion of the national founding of Alpha Xi Delta on April 17, 1893. The local chap- ter, Delta Nu, was formed in 1963. Their philanthropy is the American Lung Asso- ciation, but they also supported the Day- Care Center at Ackerman Hall and the Love Basket program of Indiana. The group participated in Greek Sing and held a tea in Sutton ' s Blue Room for members. While their purpose is to educate and cul- tivate an understanding of being a person, members feel their group is unique be- cause all are willing to accept people as they are. Alpha Xi Delta 165 J. Bisch C Huhn D. Paserba K- Bruno B Jenkins B Patton T Carey A, Kish J Pifer L Clark J. Koelbel C Psak S. Cummings K Kossler M, Pytko S, Davis J. Krzemienski B, Reich W. Davis P. Lennox J, Reilly J. Ellam L. Lentz W, Richards K. Fassnacht K Loht M Rogers E. Fedisson J. McCall D Santone M, Firestone K. McClellan T. Schwoeble C Foster P. McCue H. Slack K Fox D. Mclntyre K Slack S.Gillooly M. McMunn J. Smergalski L. Gogel S, Mitros B, Smith S. Hanulik J. Moore S Swanson K. Havill A. Mutzabaugh W Webster C. Hench D, Myers E. Winters C. Aiken S. Higgins L Myers K. Wyrwas K. Belts K. Hill A. Notsch L Young Delta Gamma As the newest local chapter of Delta Gamma, the Epsilon Eta Chapter at lUP was installed on March 21, 1981. A re- cord number of pledges — 65 girls — were initiated on this date. Even though newly-organized, the group was able to sponsor the Beautiful Eyes Contest, which benefited the Indiana County Fed- eration for the Blind, and participated In Phi Kappa Psi ' s Basketball Marathon. Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 at the Louis School, Oxford, Mississippi as a social organization fostering the ideals of friendship and the promotion of scholar- ship. 166 Delta Tau Delta 167 Delta Zeta Delta Zeta, founded in 1902 at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ofiio, lists its colors as rose and green. The group takes pride in its national philanthropy for the deaf and hearing handicapped and supports Gal- laudet College in its contribution to that cause. A. Argyros S. Benson S Pace T Balochko K. Coolaghan B Paulich C.A. Brown K Dever L. Phillips C F. Brown B Dosey G. Plavchak T Duncan M. Rukas N Egan C Reardon R. Fertal J. Risoldi B. Frey N Sabastian S. Gill R Sabastian M Handley G Sabol M Jankowski R Spangler T Kerr C Stonbraker K Kavanaugh K Svac K Koss C. Tymchak L Murphy S Ulsh D Nestor R Veltre B Newby N Voytosh N Novotnak N Waas D Olson J Wesling C Oravels B Zdravecky 168 L Baggest C Farineiii S Paros P Baldndge T Galilei S. Peirce C Baker S Galmarini K Pelansky J Banaszak P Gregory S Percosky T Banks J Hetzel P Plasynski T Bencetic C Hilbrecht A Remalia J Benton S Jacobs C Rostas T Berezansky J Keibler T Sapienza S Bier S Koegler E ScarmatI T Brewer P Kromka D Scott C Campbell D Kotelnicki M Seymore J Chesia L Lammert P Shand D Chobany R LaMorte C Sharp C Colhe L Latherow K Shirey M Colecchia T Lehman S Snyder L DeJaiffe M Marchezak R Sostarich K Dillon L Matthews S Szkotnicki K Troutman L Edwards B McNelly J Thomas M Villa C Eisenhauer L Miklos S Torrero C Wentz L Faiola D. Olson V Trach T Werfel Gamma Sigma Sigma, known as a service sorority, was originally founded in 1953 and founded the Beta Psi Chapter at lUP in March, 1968. The group ' s colors are maroon and white and its motto is " Unity in Service, " fvlembers assisted with the Alpha Phi Omega Book Exchange, helped with blood drives for the American Red Cross, ushered at spectator events, rang bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas- time, sold Valentine ' s Day lollipops for the American Heart Association, and worked with the Drug and Alcohol Council and Indiana Jaycees on the Haunted House at the Indiana Mall. They also ranked second in the Foundation for lUP ' s Phone-a-thon. Gamma Sigma Sigma 169 M. Kline C Benz M- Kobal B. Bernatavitz C Kersnick C. Brazen G Loebig M Chiodo M Mason J Davidson M McGahen D Defazio J Mercurio J DeMaria B Moses P Devlin S Mosser T. Dunlap P Neary T. Flume G. Peterson E, Fleischmann T. Poiek P Geremsky J Rabovsky H Goettel J Robinson L Haley V Santoro M Howard M Spinelli B Hunzeker D Tessauro T Johnson J Vaughn K Kammerer R Wagoner B Keesler G Walters Kappa Sigma 170 The national founding of Phi Kappa Theta took place concurrently at Brown and Le- high Universities in 1889, The Kappa The- ta Chapter was established at lUP in 1970 with the following goals: fraternal (duty to man), intellectual (duty to self and parents), social (duty to society), and spiritual (duty to God). The group raised funds to benefit handicapped young adults and hosted the Regional Leader- ship Conference in February. They also participated in various social and intra- mural activities. f lembers say anyone can feel at home with this fraternity since they do not require conformity. Phi Kappa Theta D. Adkins G Landherr J. Austin S Majercak M. Cusick N. Marinucci B. Dries C McCort G Faller C Moyer J Fitzpatrick R Pacella R Giannandrea P. Smith D Grieneisen R. Smith K Heinsch M Spencer D, Hogeland C Temphn G Hunsberger V Underwood R. Johns R. Wilson E Kashmere R. Yates E Keisling 171 Phi Mu Phi Mu, locally established in 1950, was originally founded in 1852 and is national- ly headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The sorority ' s purpose is to foster and devel- op the bonds of friendship, bringing into consideration the noblest, purest and highest ideals and aspirations of woman- hood. The group lists among its activities for the year: participation in Sigma Chi Derby Days, intramurals, the Almost Any- thing Goes Contest, a sale benefiting Pro- ject HOPE, and " Light a Tree for Life. " Phi Mu sisters consider themselves unique in their ability to function as a group while mainta ining their individuality. M. Andrievk T Baugh L Becker Y. Belsenti K Brouwer C.A. Brown C.P. Brown C. Cantelmi Casamassa A. Celln K. Critchlow L Degen K. Demeno M. Downey ). Eigenbrode L. FaustI R Haddox S, Haddox K Harshman C Hoerz L. A Johnson L M Johnson D. Kaczmerick K Keller E Kelly K. Kerner A Lonchar J Lundberg D Martin J Marusz M Miller L Nelson L Nichols J Nolan B Obenski B, Plesh P. Rowe L Sadlier K Sanfilippo L Shick T. Silvis S Skinner A. Steiner L. Summit K. Suppa L. Taylor D. Trilli P, Trunninger C, Valeri D Waskoskie L Waskoskie L. Whale C Widdowson L. Williams 172 D. Barnes A. McCalmont J Bartek L. Milkovich M Bartosh K MItcho M. Cackowski B. Muha T Coccodrilli J. Myers M. DeMitis G. Riley Y Erhard N. Rizzo T Evans J. Saylor B Feehan D Sheftik S Gorman J Shelestak M Grasso J Shock T Hess B Sigmund K Holecko D Slusser B Kollar R. Stasko M. Kollar J. Taylor C. Laier . K. Turlzer D. Long L. Valentin! K. McCallan A. Wadding Sigma Kappa 173 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma, founded April 20, 1898, established its lUP chapter Febru- ary 12, 1915. The sorority ' s colors are maroon and white and its philanthropy is " Sigma Serves Children, " a program to aid needy children. It is a social service sorority. The girls participated in a bal- loon ascension to raise money for a hos- pital for children. The group also placed second in the float competition at Home- coming. B. Abraham C Husar J. Ottena D Bannon T Keefer E, Pagac B Bitlner S Kutschbach A. Plesh J. Brennisen J Landis T Prinzing T Carson D Maloney E Pynos D Clark R Mattucucci S. Rematt C Daniels N McCaffrey H, Samson D Decker K McCornnIck J Schulte C Engle K l cCort D Sebastian L Fry S. McNaugtiton L Stewart B Gniefkowski K Merilli L. Sues C Hatok L (viessineo K. Troiano C Hawk B (filler B, Williams B Himmelreich N Munizza J, Wills S Hilesman S Myer N. Yancoski G. Hulbert B Nyers M. Zaviday 174 E Anderson J Baranski R Barry T Brady B Brice C Brodmerkel P Cannon J. Chamberlain R Collett D Deter J Dietz B Eckenrods M Egan M Formica F Fulena J Gerek M Gebrosky J Gianoni J Gumpf B Hanson J Hanulik J Harten B Hochevar T intiii B Lawrence M McCleary C Mitter D Neely D Paiak B Palmosina C Panlalone J Pennesi J Ramage R Sauritch G Schockling T Slack J Smith D Speedy D Stembacher M Simpson B Staaf G Toretti R Trunzo W . Wagner M Weik M Zmna Sigma Nu, a fraternity based on honor, was originally founded at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia in 1869. Ttie local ctiapter was established in 1974 and its colors are black, gold, and white. This year Sigma Nu joined with Sigma Tau Gamma to help support the cause against cystic fibrosis. The group placed first in the intramural tug-of-war and first in fraternity intramurals. Sigma Nu 175 S Dakinginow B Mediate R Dalcero E Medice J Delise D Molnar D Doheny D Moore R. Dowling T Morea J Aubele C Gabriel P Nedley S Berberich R Galovich R Newman M Bleller S Goldman M Orsini C. BIy D, Hampe M Paulina J. Branish J Hannigan B Pavan 3 Brookbank G Haveiko E Pry P Butler M. Hrycyk P Richardson D Capezzuto J Kirstein P Rovnak G. Carter M. Ladakas T. Rubino K. Chapin D. Lee J. Scale G Chiapetta J Lersch R Sieber J Chiapetta R. Majoras D, Shannahan R. Cline M Marcenelli M Tate L. Comis S Malik J. Tomecek S. Cox A McCartan T. Zehmisch Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau Gamma lists its objectives as value, learning, leadership, excellence, benefit and integrity. Originally founded in June 1920 at Central Missouri State Col- lege, Warrensburg, Missouri, the fraterni- ty established the local chapter in No- vember 1930. This year the brothers rent- ed themselves out to perform services to raise funds for cystic fibrosis. Another unique feature of the group is its annual " White Rose ' trip which is named for the group ' s symbolic flovkfer and involves a v eek-long retreat. 176 Tau Kappa Epsilon, headquartered na- tionally at Indianapolis, Indiana works with the purpose of promoting brother- hood Members rang bells for the Salva- tion Army for the second consecutive year in December, solicited funds for UNI- CEF in October, and assisted in blood drives for the American Red Cross. Tau Kappa Epsilon K Anderson C Gompers S Pellignno B Bents M Goodwin T Pietryk T Bishop M. Grab B. Popp J Boyer C. Hartle D Reichenbaugh J Brooks S Herle R Retton J Burry G Huggins M. Sally D Cable R. Kessler F Sapienza R Coll A Kline M Vann K Colonna R. Lang T Weist D Conely M Laughlin M Yates D Connell R Mamajek R Yeager J D ' Angelo R Markley A. ZIogar A David B Marquette A DiDominic D McElwam J Dillensynder K McQuestion E Dorunda B, Molina S Euker R Morosse C Ferree C Murry G. Fish R. Paul 177 Theta Chi Theta Chi, whose colars are red and white, was founded in Trenton, New Jer- sey in 1856. The local chapter was estab- lished in 1957. During the spring semes- ter this fraternity held the Theta Chi Mara- thon and the Late Great Dale Auction, both of which benefited the Big Brothers and Sisters program. T. Abell P. Noone B Arbanas B. Panfil R Bevans R Panfil M BIddlson T, Parton A Childs J Passaro P. Contini T. Rodgers S Dallas J. Rudy N. Hill J. Saltier M, Kilyk B. Standfest R Kirk D Stillwell S KItka K. Stohl T KItson C. Surunis D LItavec E Swigunski P Lucas D. Tracey T Magyar T Urness B Majernik M Valles J McCann W. Weaver J Mostoller D. Wiley D Myers P Yuhas P Nemanic M Zolo E Hauck, Advisor 178 B Akins J Lewis B Bernard B Maydick R. Buono, Treas C McNabb S. Clark, Pres. J Mehalhck G. elites M Mehallick D. Coe T. Mendicino, V Pres T Cottle S. Meridith T. Custer R Nardulli S. Demianovich R Noark, Sec. D, Dunbar K Pearce D, Falvey, Soc Ctiair. T Ramsey, Sports Ctiair, C. Fisher M RebenkofI D G Glancy S Sandbrook D P Glancy R Sherry, House Man G Gordon D. Small L Gregory D Snyder, Ind Oper. M Haberkorn D Teed M Hoover M Toski B. Wallace M Lamendola B, Valentine J Witmer D. Lewis P. Vicente J. Zarnich Theta XI was founded as an educational foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. The lUP chapter was founded in 1961. Their col- ors are navy blue and white. The fraternity hosts an annual broomball tournament in which other Greek organizations com- pete to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. They were the 1981 Varsity Champs in intramural competition and runners-up in- terfraternity flag football. Theta Xi 179 J Greco M OreskI P Hannon L O ' Roark L Anderson D Hanulik S. Park D Bacco B Hirst T Rager P Bauer S Hood J E Ray R Bogle B. Jantz J M. Ray K Bohn S. Kelly T. Reid P Borrelli L. Kness B Ruberto K. Brady S Krieger L Schlvley L Carolla V. Krutz M SImantiras K Cartwright T. Lavosky C Small H Cipollone C Llebenguth K. Stolka P Cronin C Lindberg D Swyers J Dorazio G. Lisclnsky J Thompson D Dunbar C. Malush C. Ulens K Elcan K Marquardt L Veslo A. Falcocchio J. Metrick A. VIoll J Frye K. Miller J Walters A. Gibellino L. MIsenhelter S, Wllklns P Golias D. Ogden D. ZInzella i ' ir ' sk ? Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha, founded in 1898 at Long- wood College, Faimville, Virginia cele- brated its local chapter ' s 30th anniversa- ry, having been established at lUP on May 12, 1951 . The group devoted itself to the philanthropy of the Association for Re- tarded Citizens and supported the Spe- cial Olympics. At province Zeta Days, held in Lock Haven, the lUP chapter won an award for maintaining its quoto on campus, and at Indiana they took first place in Sigma Chi Derby Days, placing second overall in Derby Days. The group also took time out to make Christmas or- naments to trim the Christmas tree at Ebensburg State Hospital. 180 Campus 4-H is the continuation of 4-H after high school. Its purpose is to pro- mote, exercise, maintain, and increase in- terest in 4-H, local through international. This program provides lUP students with opportunities for personal self-improve- ment through interaction with others. The lUP Campus4-H club enables students to build and continue their potential in lead- ership and citizenship abilities. Members assist the local 4-H clubs in recreational and educational activities Club members have the opportunity to participate in state, regional, and national collegiate 4- H projects and activities. Campus 4-H G. Barnhart L Brown B Burtick S. Carpenter C. Elkin J Hinkle N Hoffman D. Holmes V Meier 8 Nelly J Pifer P Raney M. Sclar P Sedor B Shultz S. Lynn, Advisor 181 Campus Scouts S Ben R Gaitano S Gallo M Hamilton S Hess D. Nixon D. O ' Neil J. Rhein B. Torrance 182 F Fred A Martin L McNeal A Milchum I Moore J Stevens D, Wilson S Whiting The Players of lUP is a social club operat- ed on a business level which is geared to a family kinship within the group and a free voice among its members. The club begins each semester with a party and holds other parties and fundraisers throughout the year. This group helped in the community by giving dinners to a needy family at Thanksgiving and Christ- mas. They also supported the Miss Black lUP contest in both the financial and staging processes. Players of lUP 183 K. Bleakney K Martin J. Brown J Melbin J Campbell L Milovac M Gulp D. Moore K Davies H. Murray K Gephart M Stenko A. Hicks L, Strelcher K. Lang J. Williams B. Lerch C Zack P. Leyer c Violi, Director L. Linton P Steinbacher. Asst Director K, Malseed R Sti rawcutter, Advisor l-Uppers The l-Uppers, a 14-year-old musical group, is a non-departmental group which performs a variety of musical styles and acts as a public relations group for lUP. Because participants are of diverse backgrounds, rather than being bound by departmental ties, members develop close friendships. The l-Uppers staged their annual spring concert April 3-4, 1981 in Fisher Auditorium. 184 This social club for Jewish students on campus was originally known as " Hillel " and became the Jewish Student League in the late 1970s. The group ' s 20 mem- bers raised funds by presenting the movie " The Deerhunter, " held informal social functions, cooperated with the history department to present " Reflections on the Holocaust, " and assisted with func- tions at the Beth-Israel Synagogue in Indi- ana. Jewish Student League K V • ( J. Croop, V Pres C Randall K Crown, Pres J Rogal R, FIcarotta S Rosenzweig, Trees K Folgate R Rubin P Friedman B Rudel A. Frome B Siegman G Golin F Sehati A Kaufman S Sehali H Levmson F Sehati R. Miller H Shown Y Fletcher F, Fisel, Advisor A, Fleet 185 Ace High K, Almindinger L. Ellis B. Macelroy R. Andzelick G. Fleming T. Macelroy J. Augustyn R Fuga D. Miles S Bard D. Gallman T. Noca L. Bendlnelli K Gephart B. Petrovsky J Benna J. Hoover E. Pitts P Botti B Holtz M Sample D. Bunny D Norton K Sasse J, Burkett D. Houser H. Saxman J. Burlas J, Howe G, Semuskie M Casile M, Hyde J, Shankel C Craft G. Kelly A. Smith E. Decker R Kohan K. Speilvogel K Derr B Levy F, Yanicheck S. McGee B Young 186 B. Abraham 8. Charlton B. Guinstrom C Lacey J Petroy C. Anderson J Clark H Harris M. Lamb M. Pilot D. Bacco M Ciauto B Henke T Lavasky L Previtt M Balkey A Ballon M Barilar M Bartosh K Bearer D Bednar P Beggy K Benacquista D Bendgin L Beyan R. Bodnar J. Boyer M. Brody K. Browell M. Brown L. Buck L Cullen E DeCicco M Delp M Dressei L Emerson M Eshelman K Fanale D Ferrey S Flore S Foster K Gallagher H Gault C. Gillespie T. Gillis J. Girson K Gribble D Hilterman L HIawti K Hobson L Hoechsteteter M Hook K Houch E. Inberg J Irvin B Ishler L Jackson B Jarbeck N Kalb K Kale M Klemanski K Koba B Kousy M Lenkiewiz N Lightner L. Lucot S Maier K Marquardt E Mathis C. Mayhun M McCleary K McClellend S McLaughlin S McNeal C Metula P Mihalak B Newell S ONeill A. Peters M. Priore J. Relich K Riese M Rogers A Sesti G Shackelford L Shallenberg B Sheesley S Shideler B. Singer C. Smith R Smith L Sommers K Spieluogul R Stefanko T Stoyer D. Thompson L. Tosh M. Tosue S Trunzo L Utfelman C. Unks H. Valena A. Walworth L. Wasinski M. Weber N. Weick B Williams D. Winovich C Withrow T. Carothers T Gross G Kropilak J Peters N Stuart D Wray The lUP Concert Dance Club began its 13th year of existence with approximate- ly 190 members. This is a startling growth from its 15-20 original members in 1967. The concert dancers hold weekly classes for three skill levels: beginners, interme- diates, and advanced. The group pre- sents a dance performance at the end of each fall and spring semester. The Zink Hall Dance Theatre houses all the con- cert dance activities and provides a pro- fessional atmosphere in which students can work. S. Jane Dakak, the advisor, dir- ects the group. Concert Dance 187 C. Abel C DeVore K Kane V Pitts K. Andres C Emanuel C Klinedinst J Prevail T. Bailey L Eshenaur R Kolessar T Raines L. Barret J Essey M Land B Reilly J. Barron D Evers. Pres E Lann B Rigby Baumgardner C Fayewicz S. Lucas R Rigby B Bausalyga K Garde D. Mazzotti D Rhodes L Beck K. Geibel L. McCully C, Rice T. Berg L Grant. V. Pres. D. McLaughlin S Rizzo M. Bradley B Grienesiser W. Meixner, Sec R Sastanch L. Buck M. Gustafson C. Mignogna H Schoen L. Cambell C, Hallam G Miner W Schoentag P Cavalet C. Hench T Nease S, Sell C, Cook K, Hobson C. Neptune B VanSickel S. Corbett B Hutter K O ' Keefe. Treas N Weick L Creveling S Hyde R Parado D Whitsen M. DeHainaut A. Jackson C Parker K Woolf B. DeHart K. Johnston A, Peters L. Youngmayer T. Duggan S. Jones P. Petrle M, Stilwell. Advisor Equestrian Club The Equestrian Club was established in August 1965 for the purpose of providing enjoyment for those who wish to ride in either English or Western riding styles. The club provides riding lessons for inter- ested students. The group enjoys such activities as overnight rides, all-day rides, camping trips, and hayrides. 188 This athletic club was founded for men in the fall of 1976 and for women in the fall of 1979 to promote interest and participa- tion of lUP students in the intramural sports program. Besides competing in all intramural sports events, the Hustlers also took part in the Anything Goes Con- test and sponsored their annual foosball tournament. 42nd Street Hustlers J ■ fL A 1 H. r " 3 B ! m yj.v Bft 1 " ' Ft ' - 9 V Wxu -i ' -- , m r v ' W I 4m , ■ i F iH? Vk tf rm. W wm sw i ' w ' m } " m A . W ' r» " A 1% t ' B ■ft _ bv b ». M mi mA fm j J . r ' L ■ ' . _ 1 %. ■ . ■ L. • — - — 1 M. Abbate P. Doody D. Miracle J Alexander M Dragich J Nepple P Arturo C Eckelburger K. Novak D. Babeji P. Funair L Pavloc A. Ballon K. Hannis B Peirce T Banks R. Heberl S Peirce L Beck S. Hess M, Polosky C Bradshaw J Hetzel P. Rohr R Brinza K Heveran P. Schmidt A Campbell M Kosmacki J. Scott L Chabassol L Lay S Sochoka L Churchei D Lee L. Summit C Coleman F. Macek J. Vasalanf L Collins J. Manton J. Weisberg A Dale B. Hapes W. Yeckley 189 K Baan M Barrett D Bretim D Ctiase A. Davis M Fox C Heberling M Hudome T Jones D Moyer D Norris T. Poklembo S. Slano L. Smith K Sorrick W. Stilwell J Tanner C. Taylor P. White M Troxell, Advisor Equestrian Team The lUP Equestrian Team was started in 1975 and became a member of Region V of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Associ- ation founded in 1967 and headquartered in New York. The lUP chapter was elected President College by the other 22 col- leges in the region for the 1979-1981 term and was awarded the 1980 Ralph Gills Memorial Trophy for sportsmanship. lUP ranked fifth overall in the 1979-80 Re- gion V competition. For the 1980-81 sea- son, lUP ranked among the top six schools. The team is a competitive riding team. Beginning through advanced riders compete in their respective levels, matching riders of the same skill levels together. 190 The Gashouse Gang is an athletic club which was founded in September 1979. Among its intramural accomplishments for the year are second place in golf, first place in cross country, second place in wrestling, second place in foul throw. second place m racquetball, and second place in swimming, all of which contribut- ed to their arrival at the top of the all- points race. Gashouse Gang 191 lUPisces lUPisces gives a synchronized swimming show annually. The group is self-support- ing. It raised funds in 1981 by selling Eas- ter candy. Participation in lUPisces is a learning experience because no prior ex- perience is required to join. Clinics in syn- chronized swimming are held for newcom- ers prior to auditions. A. Celin E. Moxie M. Christ D Moyer D. Gallagher A. Notsch L. Garwig K O ' Connor C. Gaydos C. O ' Donnell T. Hawrylak C. Pitman J. Howart G. Roncase R. KIrby J. Schulte Lachenmayer L. Shick J Leckrone D. Smith J Lieder B. Telford D Lowery V. Towers P Maloney M Von Stein P McCue P. Winslow M. WIsor 192 N Anderson V Birch M Macellan C Conrad D Nichols C. Cumberland A. Notsch S. Deffenbaugh C. Pearce D, Fullerton K. Pearce L. Gardner S. Rosenzweig J. Harrison M. Schaell J. Hauber D, Shekmer E Henneman U. Stehr H. Hutchinson M. TinI J Kerr J Traut J KuskoskI D. Weber J Laughlin P. WIest M Martin S Zuccaro This club devotes itself to the purpose of promoting sailing at lUP and having a good time. They held a regatta f ay 2 at Yellow Creek Sailing Base, Yellow Creek State Park, where most of their functions take place. Sailing Club 193 ■ r fflgT ' jK.iiKatigyt ' ' ■■ m ' ' . m.ltHaaElKsi.- ' i-. » " ■ ' ' . i- --y ' ' -L?if ..-: • ■ ' ' ' C ' " . 1t .ril«. -J ' -i« ' . ■ II Iliii lllllllll fll II, t¥ III ' llplltll) i ll fflllll iiliM P r If III A m ll ■r I III ill ' ill " IJ nnymfr ' ? J ' lilllllllillllilil .lllllllll Men ' s Cross Country (196) .. . Women ' s Cross Country (198) .. . Football (200) . . . Women ' s Tennis (204) . . . Soccer (206) . . . Field Hockey (208) . . . Volleyball (210) .. . Men ' s Basketball (212) .. . Women ' s Basketball (216) .. . Men ' s Swimming (218) .. . Women ' s Swimming (220) . . . Wrestling (222) . . . Rifle (224) . . . Gymnastics (226) . . . Men ' s Fencing (228) . . . Women ' s Fencing (230) . . . Baseball (232) . . . Golf (234) . . . Men ' s Track (236) . . . Women ' s Track (238) . . . Men ' s Tennis (240) . . . Softball (242) . . . Cheerleaders (244) . . . Intramurais (246). |||||l flH| ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS ATHLETICS Hot On The Trail The men ' s cross country team finished their season with only one loss. The team took first place in four of their meets; the Glassboro Invitational, California Invita- tional, lUP Invitational, and lUP Quadran- gular Meet. Although most schools would have been happy to compile such a re- cord. Coach Lou Sutton and the team were disappointed with the showing. There were several individual accom- plishments at the NCAA II Nationals. These included: Ed Phipps, a junior, placed 26th; Lou DiBridge, a senior, p laced 34th; Eric Wilkins, a senior, placed 62nd; and Tim Abell, a junior, placed 75th. Senior Chris Eberly also contributed to the success of the men ' s cross country team. Glassboro Invitational 1st of 7 California Invitational 1st of 19 Glenville Invitational 5th of 10 lUP Invitational isf of 27 lUP Quadrangular Meet 1st of 4 NCAA Norttieast Regional Qual. 1st of 32 NCAA Division II Nationals 8ttl of 23 -ff roi a f .J Fall Scoreboard 196 ROW 1: E Wilkins. N Nandel. T Abell, C Eberly. S. Gilliiand, E Phipps, L DiBridge, T. Rush. S Greene. S Goldcamp; ROW 2: N Yutko, T. Phillippi, B Stew- art, P Kline, R Bukauskas. T Wile, M. Hale, J. Sproul, B Butler, K Dowdell, M McGee: ROW 3: Coach Sutton, J. Devlin. E. Winschel, M Flynn. C. Biesecker, J. Hardt, S. Herr. L Fees. B Costello (Grad Asst.). Coach Fry. 197 Country Runners California Invitational 2nd of 9 Penn State Invitational 5th of 10 lUP Invitational 1st of 10 Quadrangular Meet 2nd of 4 Bucknell Invitational 3rd of 9 Eastern Regionals 5tti of 9 Pennsylvania Conference Meet 1st of 13 Fall Scoreboard Under the direction of Coach Ed Fry, the women ' s cross country team proved that they know how to run, not only on home turf at Meadow Lane Golf Course, but also on unfamiliar ground. Though this was only their second season of varsity competition, the women harri- ers placed high in many of their invita- tional meets and finished the year as state champs. Senior Sheila Fleming was the number one runner for the team. She went on to Nationals and finished in the top third. 198 I ROW 1: Coach Fry. M O ' Connor. D Macreno, M Tesia, C Zielmski. P Ruffenach. A Shadley. M . ■ Sharkey; ROW 2: K Floyd. T. Miller. B Stauffer. S- Fleming. J Maringer, D. DiCicco. D Amrhein. 199 lUP OPP 23 Waynesburg 21 17 Westminster 10 14 Shippensburg 17 28 California 14 23 Slippery Rock 22 7 C W, Post 17 7 Edinboro 11 Clarion 15 20 Lock Haven 24 East Stroudsburg 22 Fall Scoreboard n 1 J - ff n ' ' - 200 Indians ' Autumn Tribe . . . A great start and a strong finish sums up the 1980 football season for the lUP Indi- ans. In its second year under head coach Owen Dougherty, lUP finished with a 6-4 slate; only a mid-season slump stopped them from being even more successful. Senior quarterback Bob fVlcFarland led the team and passed for almost 136 yards per game. McFarland completed 45 percent of his passes and threw for eight touchdowns Halfway through the season lUP running game suffered as injuries beset the offen- sive backs. Fullbacks Carl Robinson and George Kelly, and tailback Ken tvloore, stepped in and picked up the slack. Rob- inson led all rushers with 362 yards, while Moore gained 296 yards. Grabbing yardage from the air were two wide-outs, Ro ger Henderson and Stan Betters. Henderson latched on to 34 passes for 502 yards. Kurt Bowers also finished up a glorious career at lUP. He placed third on lUP ' s all- time scoring list and first on the kicking list. Bowers piled up 64 straight extra- points and he also gained the field goal record with a career high of 23. Leading the defensive team with 144 tackles was a junior linebacker, Terry Carroll. Backing Carroll was senior defen- sive tackle, Joe Cugliari, with 86 stops. Dougherty and his assistants managed to compile a 13-7 record in two seasons — the first time since 1974 that the Indians have come up with back-to-back winning seasons. ROW 1 : L DeFabo (Academic Coach). J Haddad {Grad Asst Coach), J Gerek (St Coach). J Arty (Grad, Assi Coach). M Stillwell (Spec Coach). C Godlasky (Asst Coach). Dougherty (Head Coach), M. Watson (Asst Coach), G Juart (Asst Coach). J Chakot (Asst Coach). L Panaia (Asst Coach), ROW 2: G, Campbell (Mgr ), B Walsh (St Mgr ). V Liscinsky (Trainer), V Cooper (St Trainer). M Miller (St Trainer), J McConnell (St Trainer), B Jarbeck (St Trainer), R Madden (St Trainer), B Gras (St Trainer). B Taylor (Eq Mgr ). M Jordan (St. Mgr), L Judge (Sports Information Dir ); ROW 3: D Morgan, K, Dodds, R Morris, J Heath. J Burlas, M Sample, G Kelly, D Burns, D David, D Diffenderfer, B Jeffries, D Baker; ROW 4: J Carl. J Petrilla, N Yanosich, R Laconi. D Rizzo, M Redinger, J Ondrejik, T Chelednik, T Petro, A Cherico, P. Finells, J. Swartz, B Amadio: ROW 5: K Jubas, A Nichol, J. Albert, J Russell, J Muchnok, K Allison, D Frank, T. Hewitt, F Baker, M. Carney. B Banks, T Belich, K Shildt, S. Ellis, R Cambest, ROW 6: K Sisk, M Hoenig, S. Campos, B. Basile, K, Bowers, J. Sedlacko. M, Commendatore. J. Gianoni. R. Henderson, S. Betters, M Lesnieski, K Moore, M Drear, T Decker. M Venzm. ROW 7: B Kanick, D Vilalie. D Bair, F Ways. E Horchar, 8 Pilossoph, J Lythgoe, L Scerbo, R Mamajek, J Stahl, A Taliaferro, E Barnett, L Landman. D Hampe. D Cypher, J Johnston; ROW 8: T Totten, R Wahl, Q Nichols, J Shope, J Contz, B Yager, B McFarland, M Potter. P McDermott, T Carroll. B Kane, B, Chilcote, E Haselrig, J. Walstrom, E, Marzock, M Fair, B Reeves, ROW 9: R Shaffer, M Twardowski, J Sommer, P Henry, S Bohn, N. Turner, B Allen, B Gallagher, S. McGuigan. B Neff. J. Cugliari, R DiBucci, E. Krause, J Maher, J Bishop, B Lawrence, C Robinson. 201 202 203 Service With a Smile lUP OPP 6 Clarion 3 3 Slippery Rock 6 8 St. Francis 1 1 Duquesne 8 6 California 3 5 Clarion 4 8 St Francis 1 4 Edinboro 5 5 West Liberty 4 3 Lock Haven 6 5 Robert Morris 4 4 Edinboro 5 5 Frostburg 4 1 Pittsburgh 8 3 Slippery Rock 6 Fall Scoreboard Coach Louise Eltz ' s tennis team finished their 1980 season with a 14-8 record de- spite being relatively inexperienced. The netters relied heavily on the talents of the underclassmen: three freshmen, three sophomores and one junior. The highpoint of the regular season was the fine second place showing at the lUP Invitational. The squad also took eighth place at the PSAC Championships at Bloomsburg College and Lori Rupin shined as she won the state title playing fourth singles. 204 ROW 1: B VanZandt. MB. George. L Rupin, B. Gemperlein, S Burke, P Mason. P Martin, J. Boyer. K. Donahue; ROW 2: Coach Eltz. Student Coach Zamperini, C. Bruno. B Meanor, B. Glenn. A Kisk, K. Scurcl. K Topoleskl. J. Landherr. D Sheftick, Stu- dent Coach Appelt. 205 Heads Up, Hands Down The 1980 soccer team, coached by Vince Celtnieks, completed the season with a 12-4 record. Winning the District 18 title against Mer- cyhurst, the team ranked third in the sec- ond division of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware region. They also finished second in the West State Col- lege Conference. lUP OPP 2 Frostburg Penn State-Behrend 1 1 Pitt-Johnstown 2 Alliance 1 Gannon 2 6 Saint Vincent 1 4 Bloomsburg 1 3 Grove City 2 3 Shippensburg 2 4 District of Columbia U. 2 3 Edinboro 1 1 Lock Haven 3 3 Pitt 1 Fall Scoreboard 206 Top scorer for the team was Frank Wolk, with 14 goals and six assists. His scoring talents qualified him for the NAIA Ail- American second team. Player Award, and Mike Ziolkowski, who Special awards also went to Mark Dusch, who received the Tom Norman Valuable Player Award and Mike Ziolkowski who was awarded for being the team ' s most improved player. ai ■yfrir- ROW 1: J. Cunningham. B Edoga, K Renko, M. Ziolkowski (Capt ). M Saunders (Capt ). C Amor- ose (Capt ), W Lauer, M Dusch. J Shank; ROW 2: G Schoedel, P Egan. T Slockdale. S Domville. J. Holben, G Lightner. C Gallagher, P Botti. E. Pitts. D Emig, J. Senich. Assistant Coach Gnmaldi; ROW 3: Coach Celtnieks. T. K. Kawallis, J Russel. P. Aiken, B Stitt. F Wolk, D. Simonetti. A. Dombroski, J Salvino, V. Schlentz, R Dandorf, T. Stutenroth, E. Paz 207 ' ▼ ♦-f V j Coach Kofie Montgomery ' s field hockey team finished the season with a 2-7-1 re- cord. Inexperience and youthfulness were the two factors contributing to the disappointing record. The Indians lost five of their first six games, not claiming a victory until their lUP 1 1 1 3 OPP Millersville 3 Bloomsburg Lock Haven 4 Davis and Elkln ' Fall Scoreboard Sticking Around bout against Frostburg in mid-October. Their 3-0 victory over Slippery Rock was the team ' s best game of the season. Next year should prove more promising. The team is losing only three seniors, and returnees Tracy Snyder, Donna Lutz, and Donna Long will make up a strong core. ROW 1: T. Brewer, L. Jagger, S, Riggs. D Bannon, T. Snyder, H. Solbach. D. Long: ROW 2: R Bowling, P. Osiecki, C. Levlne, M Pilot, T Schaffer, J. Koons, K. Wachowski (Co-capt.), N. Reinhart, T, Flaharty, K. Loht; ROW 3: Coach Montgomery, L. Riggleman, J Breighner, T Nevolas, D. Herman, K. Turiano, N Heiges, D Petrosky, K Keller, E. Egan, D, Lutz (Co- capt.), Student Coach J. Hickey. 208 iplli 209 lUP OPP 2 St, Francis 1 3 Lock Haven 3 CMU 2 Clarion 3 2 Juniata Edinboro 2 2 Robert Morris 1 2 Pitt-Johnstown 1 3 Allegheny 2 2 Clarion 2 Robert Morris 2 Duquesne 1 1 WVU 2 1 California 2 3 Bucknell 1 1 Slippery Rock 2 2 St. Francis Fall Scoreboard ROW 1: M Stemrich, C. Moss. S. Fitzpatrick, P Nells, C. Sadonis. C. Motter; ROW 2: N Horew. L Yost. S. Buchneak. J. Meyer. A Davis. C Lacey; ROW 3: Coacti Barthelemy. J. Allman. D Sharrow, B Wheeler. C Klinedinst. K Carless. L. Lyman, M J. Abbate. B Jarbeck. L Dement. Assistant Coach Stefanelli. 210 Setting High The lUP women ' s volleyball team spiked and dug their way to a matchless 12-5 record. Under Coach Nancy Barthelemy, the team also met success in the Edin- boro and PSAC Tournaments. The lUP women captured fourth place in the PSAC Tournament, which was held on campus. Gaining special recognition in this tournament were; Amy Davis — first team all-star squad, Carrie Lacey — sec- ond team all-star squad, and Diane Shar- row and Suzie Fitzpatrick — all-star hon- orable mention. 211 lUP OPP 106 Daemen 49 71 Duquesne 86 90 Alliance 63 64 Pitt 79 64 St. Vincent 68 70 Waynesburg 84 92 Dyke 69 48 Wittenberg 56 82 Westminster 71 55 Mictions State 66 85 Xavier 88 76 Lock Haven 74 86 Slippery Rock 56 75 Clarion 71 96 Edinboro 72 76 California 81 83 Mercytiurst 79 86 Pitt-Jotinstown 71 81 Lock Haven 70 76 Slippery Rock 77 83 Clarion 73 62 Edinboro 55 62 California 56 73 Loyola 82 96 Edinboro 69 78 Pitt-Bradford 77 61 Ctieyney 60 63 Bloomsburg 72 Winter Scoreboard ROW 1: M. Shanahan. B Frank, M Mitten (Co- capt.), S. Scott (Capt ), E. MacDougall, A. Arm- wood, L. Morton ROW 2: Coacti Davis, R. McNabb, M Hodovanicti, D. Ruschel, M Krafcik, D Dougtier- ty, D Maxson, J. Brown, Coacti Beck 212 Braves ' Court Rules There was no recess in this Indiana court; the Tribe always kept fighting its case, ending the season with a verdict of suc- cess. The team, under the coaching of Carl Davis, Tom Beck and Tony Bernaedi, finished with a 17-1 1 record. On their way to the NCAA Division III Championship, the Indians chances were dismissed by a 72-63 loss to Bloomsburg. Nevertheless, the Tribe can be proud of its season performance, for they faced some very stiff competition. The Indians met three Division I teams; Pitt, Du- quesne, and Nicholls State of Louisiana, They also met the Division III team of Wit- tenberg, which was ranked number one in the nation in their division, and a number of other highly ranked teams. Not only did the team receive recognition for their season accomplishments as a whole, but individual players did as well. Sam Scott, Mike Mitten and Jeff Brown all gained the conference Western Division and NAIA District 18 top five. Mitten set a new lUP career field goal percentage mark of 54.2, and the team itself established a single season field goal record — connection on 49.5 per- cent of its attempts. Overall the ' 80- ' 81 season was an over- whelming success; it gave the lUP com- munity something to be proud of. 213 . . . Victorious Verdict 215 Court in Session 74 Lock Haven 61 70 Edinboro 71 70 Gannon 82 64 Pitt-Johnstown 66 70 Catholic Univ. 63 58 Navy 68 85 Clarion 81 79 Bloomsburg 69 72 Shippensburg 67 Winter Scoreboard The women ' s varsity basketball team, coached by Lois Clark, finished the sea- son with a 13-10 record. Senior Terri Pia- tak was the first woman player in the his- tory of women ' s basketball to reach 1000 points. Julie Kibler was the leader in the field goal department. Carol Hoover led the team in steals with 23 for the season. Mary Ann Bartoszewicz, Debbie Gibbons, Debbie Shearer, Kathy Sherry, Kathy Tyke, and Lynn Riddle also contributed a great deal to the team. 216 S r S. A4 A Ail A ROW 1: MA Bartoszewicz (Capt ), T Piatak (Capt), K. Sherry (Capt). D. Roland (Capt ); ROW 2: J. Thurn, K. Gibbons, L Riddle, J. Vilkinofsky. P. Murdock. S Vujasin, T. Bernardi, L. Dixon; ROW 3: Coach Clark, G Wood, D Shearer, B Thompson, N. Feeney, K Tyke. J Kibler, C Hoover, T Olszewski, N. Wood, J. Harris, Assistant Coach Thompson. 217 Quite a Splash Matt Kohler and Kirt Allmendinger led the lUP men ' s swim team to a 7-3 overall re- cord this year. School records were set In the 50-yard freestyle and the one meter diving by Kohler and Allmendinger, re- spectively. Both of these men also quali- fied for the NCAA ' s. Head coach, Ralph Johnson, was pleased with this year ' s winning team and hopes the upcoming season will be met with continuing success. lUP OPP 72 Fairmont State 36 42 James Madison 71 40 Clarion 73 67 Youngstown 46 66 Grove City 47 58 Slippery Rock 55 64 Edinboro 49 47 Shippensburg 65 Winter Scoreboard 218 ROW 1: C Cowan. G KInzler, M Kohler, J. Brozin- ick. M Brandt. S Nagy. B Kook; ROW 2: M Woo- dard. J R Smith. D. Mason. B Dilge. K Reitz. B Talerico. K Ailmendinger. J. Capets. F. Mendoza. E Abreu; ROW 3: Coach Johnson. J. Gordon. C La- croix, J. Kelton. S. Seig, B. Abbott. B. Murphy. B. Bishop. M Snyder. 219 One Stroke Ahead lUP OPF 118 Fairmont 15 89 Millersville 48 94 Bucknell 46 113 Duquesne 27 85 Clarion 54 77 Frostburg 43 66 Cleveland State 65 83 Allegheny 57 81 Lock Haven 57 97 Mansfield 42 76 Slippery Rock 64 82 Bloomsburg 64 76 Shippensburg 61 108 W J 32 Winter Scoreboard The lUP women ' s swimming and diving team finished the season with a record of 8-6. In the PSAC, the team placed fifth out of nine schools. The team excellence was further dis- played when lUP sent four relay teams and two individual competitors to Nation- als. The two individual participants were Katie O ' Connor, a sophomore diver, and Kim McClain, a freshman. Swimming on the relay teams were Marcy Laderer, Lori Berkebile, Diane Wohlfarth, Melanie Wix, Hollie Nagle, Sue Starr and Kim McClain. 220 R0W1:L Lavtenschlaeger, L Berkebile, H Nagle. K McClam, M Laderer, P McCue. S. Starr. M. A. Wiser. K Long. ROW 2: L Lesko. C. Mackey. M. McKamish. K. Aydelotte, C. Hoover. K Mouse. K. Roth, E Regan. J Conklin. J Maringer. C Krausse; ROW 3: Coach Montgomery, M Wix. P McKamish, C Truax. S Granata, J Brandl. D Wohlfarth. K. O ' Connor. J Liedor. H Pfisterer. B.A, Snyder. As- sistant Coach J, Murtha. Mighty Matmen lUP OPP 27 Pitt-Johnstown 23 3 Shippensburg 38 25 Akron 24 13 California 26 7 Virginia 34 21 George Washington 28 50 Loyola of Baltimore 3 25 Kutztown 18 21 Waynesburg 30 41 Juniata 12 40 Kings 17 21 Messiah 21 Slippery Rock 45 6 Clarion 49 17 Youngstown 25 10 Bloomsburg 41 Winter Scoreboard Under the direction of Coach Bill Blacks- mith, the wrestling team wound up the season with a 7-11-1 record. However, two wrestlers contributed exceptional ef- forts. Senior Jeff Conklin (167 pounds) finished the regular season with an overall record of 7-5. He became a runner-up in the Pennsylvania Conference Junior Jim Havco (126 pounds) compiled a record of nine wins and three losses before he succumbed to an injury halfway through the season. 222 J ROW 1: F Havko. J Havko. C Haight. T Henry, T. Renninger. ROW 2: Coach Blacksmith. J. Conklin. P. Meyers. C Bartlett. S. Gresh. K. Walters. Assistant Coach Knepper Ready, Aim Fire! The rifle team, led by Thomas Campi- sano, finished with a record of 8-3. The riflers competed against Clarion, Du- quesne, Pitt, W J, and Geneva. They tied for second place in the league with Clarion. The team also took third place in NRA Sectionals at Pitt. Cindy Dolan tool third high and high women ' s while shooting at the Pitt sectionals. lUP OPP 1298 Clarion 1300 1302 Clarion 1232 1316 Duquesne 993 1230 Duquesne 1237 1266 Pitt 1 101 1249 Pitt 1151 1249 W J 1251 1264 W J 1244 W P.I.R.L. 2nd place NRA Sectionals 3rd place Winter Scoreboard 224 ROW 1: G. Needleman, D Zuccala; ROW 2: C Do- Ian, J. Banamati, M. Bauersfield; ROW 3: Coach Campisano, J MacBlane. D. Hodge. G. Hobar. J. Landau. Tumbled to the Top The women ' s gymnastics team, coached by Pat Lommock, had a victorious season with a 5-2 record. Top scorers for all- around events were Roberta Brown, Den- ise Martin, Diane DiCicco and Sandy Lip- pert. Leading the women for individual events were: Barbara Heyl on the uneven bars; Denise Martin on the balance beam; and Roberta Brown for vaulting and floor exer- cise. lUP OPP 1 14.2 Lock Haven 798 119.7 Youngstown 123.45 120.3 Pitt-Johnstow n 115,90 120.0 Slippery Rock 131.35 12065 PItt-Johnstown 111 20 119.7 Frostburg 110,00 123.45 Wilson College 8865 PSAC 3rd place EAIAW 1st place AIAW Division III Nationals 5th place Winter Scoreboard 226 ROW 1: R Brown, D Martin. K Elkin, S, Snyder, ROW 2: B Heyl, D DiCicco, S Lippert, J Pagnan- elli, L Blumer, J, Pagnanelli, J White. Touche lUP OPP 12 Fayette 4 5 WVU 7 1 1 Fayette 5 1 CMU 11 12 California 4 10 CMU 6 6 California 6 9 Allegfiny 7 Winter Scoreboard The men ' s fencing team finisheij the sea- son with six wins and two losses. In the only tied match, lUP was awarded the vic- tory over California by one touch. Jay Holdren was named the outstanding fencer with a record of 28- 1 1 . Jim McCau- ley also finished the season with a good record of 19-16. At the CMU Intercolle- giate Tournament, Mark Taiiarico placed second in the intermediate division. Returning to fencing next year, under the coaching of Nancy Barthelemy, will be Jimmie Joseph, Mark Taiiarico, Ray Tay- lor and Brett Schoenecker. 228 © ' « «?- ( © Coach Barthelemy, J Holdren, E Jenkins, M Tallar- ICO. J Joseph. E Rombach, R. Taylor. T Van Bier- sel 229 lUP OPP 14 Fayette 2 7 WVU 5 8 Fayette 4 3 CMU 5 5 California 11 8 CMU 4 5 California 11 11 Allegtieny 5 Winter Scoreboard ROW 1: Coach Barthelemy, J Alexander, G Tho- man. N McFeeley. J. Postma; ROW 2: S Papuga. K Kelly, L Baggest, J. Armitage A 1 © 230 a Foiled Again The women ' s fencing team, under Coach Nancy Barthelemy, finished with a rela- tively good season of five wins and three losses. All members of the team were seniors. Outstanding fencer of the season was Jackie Postma with a record of 32 wins and six losses. At the CMU Intercolle- giate Tournament Jackie placed second in the intermediate division. Jane Alexander, Gale Thoman and Nancy McFeeley contributed to the strength of the team and helped round it out by form- ing a strong nucleus. 231 Sultans of Swat The baseball team, under the direction of Coach Archie Moore, finished their sea- son with an overall 7-12 record. Steve Ellis of Fairviev posted the team best batting average with a 1 .00 and was followed by Bill Hochevar of Aliquippa (.377). Ellis also led the tribe with 23 hits while Jim Burry of Sewickley chalked up a total of four home runs. lUP OPP 2 Juniata 3 9 Juniata 6 Point Park 4 8 Point Park 6 4 Pitt-Jotinstown 5 6 Clarion 3 2 Clarion 1 Frostburg of Md 2 2 Frostburg of Md. 5 3 California 5 3 California 6 4 Slippery Rock 5 8 Slippery Rock 4 6 Edinboro 4 1 Edinboro 2 1 Lock Haven 5 6 Lock Haven 3 5 Pitt 7 1 Pitt 5 Spring Scoreboard 232 ' i ' lltil, ' ■ riia S iik. ' !. Their Cup of Tee Kent State Invitational 1st place Navy Invitational 3rd place Ctiampion Lakes Invitational 1st place West Liberty Invitational 5tti place California Invitational 3rd place Slippery Rock Invitational 1st place Penn State Invitational 5th place lUP Invitational 1st place Pennsylvania Conference 1st place NAIA District 18 Cfiampionship 1st place NCAA Division II Tournament 6th place Spring Scoreboard The golf team finished their best season ever when they brought home sixth place from the NCAA Division II Tournament in Hartford, Connecticut. Coach Sloniger re- garded sixth place as quite an improve- ment over last year ' s ranking of 12th. Brothers Kent and Kirk Stauffer contribut- ed immensely to the team ' s efforts. Both were NCAA and NAIA Ail-Americans. Kent, a senior, was a NCAA All-American for four years and an NAIA All-American for three years. Kirk, a sophomore who seems to be fol- lowing in his brothers footsteps, became an NAIA All-American when he tied for 11th place in the NAIA Tournament. ROW 1: Coach Sloniger. J. Miller. B. Roman. S. Bosdosh. G Seals. K Stauffer; ROW 2: K Stauffer, B Newell, T Sindorf. S, Snyder. R Yeager. Sprinting to the Top First year coach Robert Raemore chalked up another winning season for the 1980-81 lUP track and field team. Two seniors, Lou DiBridge and Chris Eberly, contributed greatly to the teams success. DiBridge set a new meet record and qualified for Nationals with a first place 9:07.4 clocking in the 3000 meter steeplechase. Eberly established both new meet and lUP records and qualified for Nationals in the 10,000 meter run with a winning time of 30;09. The NAIA District 18 Meet was held at lUP on April 24-25, 1981. The Big Indians cap- tured their third consecutive District 18 title on their home ground. That same weekend, five men were sent to test their skills in Philadelphia at the Penn Relays instead of competing in the District 18 Meet. The four-man relay team, consist- ing of senior Pat Simonson, junior Mark Razanauskas, and sophomores Bob Bell and John Brant, brought home fifth place honors in the Pennsylvania College divi- sion with a 3:26.8 time in the 1600 meter relay. Towson Invitational 2nd place Lehigh Invitational 3rd place Pennsylvania Conference West 4th place NAIA District 18 Meet 1st place NCAA Division II Nationals lUP Relays Mason-Dixon Relays Penn Relays lUP Invitational Spring Scoreboard 236 ROW 1: P Kline. R Laser. B Bell. D Lantz, M. Smyth. S, Goldcamp. S. Moracco. G. Leznick; ROW 2: P Simonson. J. Devlin. C Brown. T. Phillippi. T. DeCesare. T Rush. R Green. J Williams. G. Wolf, N Yutko; ROW 3: Coach Raemore. J Brandt. R. Bullman. D Bunce. J. Haight. P. Dick. M Razanaus- kas. S Brookbank. S Kendell. R. Kane. C Eberly, M McGee. Assist ant Coach McCue; ROW 4: J. Hart, S. Gilland. B Stewart. H Henderson, E Menace. D. Horton, C. Craft, J Geidner, J. Sproull, D. Lerner, L. DiBridge. 237 Making Tracks The women ' s track team, under the direc- tion of Coach Ed Fry, set an overwhelming precedent during their ' 81 season. lUP hosted the AIAW Division II Women ' s Track and Field National Championship Meet at George P. Miller Stadium on May 14, 15 and 16, 1981. This meet represent- ed two firsts, the initial time the AIAW conducted an exclusive Division II event, and the first time that lUP was the site for Nationals competition. Six individuals from lUP qualified to com- pete in the Nationals. Peggy Ruffennach, Deana Macreno, Mercedes O ' Connor, and Dana DiCicco qualified for the 3200 meter relay team. This four-woman team captured first place in the Pennsylvania Conference this year with a clocking of 9:27.4, a new conference record by 22 seconds. Barb Stauffer and Sheila Flem- ing also qualified for Nationals in the 3000 meter run. At the Pennsylvania Conference, Ruffen- nach captured first place and set a new conference record in the 400 meter hur- dles with a time of :63.8. Stauffer and Debbie Amrhein placed third in the 300 meter run (10:21.4) and 10,000 meter run (39.45), respectively. Pennsylvania Conference Meet lUP Relays lUP Invitational AIAW Division II Nationals 6th place Spring Scoreboard 238 ROW 1: D DiCicco, S Fleming, D, Reeves. C Cron- enburger. ROW 2: J Barbour, L Johnson, D Wilson. P Ruffennach. K, Murphy, A. Restaine. L. Yost. T. Campbell, M. O ' Connor: ROW 3: Coach Fry. K. Floyd, M Tesla. T. Miller, D. Macreno, M. Sanelli, P. Russel, D. Amhrein, B. Stauffer, J. Gonsowski, As- sistant Coach McCue 239 For the second season in a row, the lUP men ' s tennis record slipped a notch. Coach Vince Celtnieks helped guide the team to a 6-2 mark in ' 79, then last spring lUP finished 5-4, which was followed by a slight drop to 4-4 during the ' 81 season. However, with all nine members due to return in ' 82, seven of which are letter- Serving It Up men, Celtnieks is confident the team will improve this year ' s showing. Sophomore Tony Cinelli was a major as- set to the team. Already a two-year letter- winner, Cinelli recorded an 8-4 slate in singles play along with an 8-3 mark in doubles competition, both these marks including district and conference tourna- ments. lUP OPP 7 Saint Vincent 2 9 Frostburg of Md 7 Robert Morris 2 Edmboro 9 4 Shippensburg 5 4 California 5 7 Penn State-Behrend 2 2 Slippery Rock 7 NAIA District 18 3rd place Pennsylvania Conference 6tfi place Spring Scoreboard 240 .5 J i.-,.J J Z ' 2. " 1 ' - .ij i w, . .T- »■ »e »f ROW 1: B Appelt, S Leuschel. T Cinelli, D Keger- reis, D Zamperini, ROW 2; Coach Celtmeks. J Dell. J Cjiado, D Radacosky, M. Adams. D, Radacosky. 241 Sassy Sluggers In only its third year of existence as a varsity sport, the lUP women ' s Softball team posted its best record ever with ten wins against only three losses. cess. Many coaches and umpires believe she may be the best pitcher in the state. She sported a 5-1 pitching record and a .263 batting average. First year coach Vickie Barnot concluded that a combination of strong defense and pitching led lUP to its successful season. Offensively, Barnot ' s sluggers improved immensely over last season with an over- all .272 average. Carol Hoover, a junior from Windber, was a major contributer to the team ' s suc- Freshman Janet Evanko from Clearfield led the team in batting with a .434 aver- age. Barnot will only lose one player next year. With a team full of young, experienced players, she has hopes to capture the Pennsylvania Conference title during the ' 82 season. lUP OPP Shippensburg 4 Shippensburg 10 7 Robert Morris 17 Robert Morris 6 7 Millersville 3 5 Millersville 3 4 Clarion Clarion 14 7 West Liberty State 6 18 West Liberty State 1 16 California 5 Win Edinboro Win Edinboro Spring Scoreboard 242 - ■ ■ • , - »i t -r» •• • Ai ' jy ' tvA- S-3b .«. .;- . . -:j?,: .. • « s-M r-: ' NOTE: No picture identification sub- mitted. 243 The 1980-81 varsity cheerleaders urged the Big Indians on to many victories. With their unwavering enthusiasm, they en- deavored to keep the fans cheering and the players straining until the last sec- onds of every game. The start of the season brought a new addition to the squad. Male cheer- leaders! Needless to say, many of the Surplus of Spirit female fans were pleased. Indeed, the guys added a whole new dimension to the football and basketball games. The cheerleading squad definitely im- proved upon the spirits of the fans at lUP and helped in representing the pride which we have strived to show here at our alma mater. Hopefully, we will never for- get that we are lUP Proud! 244 ROW 1: B Ishler, T. Lavosky, D Zuzik. N Gamache, L Boynton, M Delp. C Wentz, K Hegelsberg. C. Unks; ROW 2: B Kubat. D Tessauro, B Lang, G. Hall. C Snow. J Winner. D Pugllese. ROW 3: T. Hurd, T. Morgan (Capt.). S Finch 245 Free Sport The lUP intramural program, run by the students for the students, boasts a wide variety of sports — 20 for men, 17 for women and three co-ed. Any lUP student, faculty or staff member Is eligible to compete in any event ranging from tug-of-war to Inner tube water polo. Champions are recognized in each sport and teams vie for the overall or " All- Points " Championship. 246 247 : | lilliiill!! ' " 9 Class Officers (250) . . . Portraits (251) .. . Index (289) . . . Graduation (296) . . . Patrons (300) . . Credits and Staff (302) . . . Acknowledgement (303) . . . Colophon (304). GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES RADUATES RADUATES RADUATES iRADUATES RADUATES RADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES ' RADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES A PM I A Senior Class Officers k f Patrick J. Noone, President Frank A. Viggiano, Advisor Paul E. Lucas, Secretary-Treasurer 250 Business ..ML d, .E j Cindy D. Adelsberg Monroeville. PA Denice L. Allen North Huntingdon, PA Carl A. Amorose Pittsburgh, PA Lisa J. Anderl Scott Township, PA Edward C. Anderson Valencia, PA Denise A. Andrie Indiana, PA Alexis Argyros Plum Borough, PA Joann C. Aspen Norristown, PA Karen L. Asterino Yardley, PA Oscar E. Atencio Caracas, Venezuela Thomas E. Balzer Beaver Falls, PA Donald P. Banker Dormont, PA David A. Barkofsky Mechanicsburg, PA Lisa A. Bartoli Natrona Heights, PA Susan M. Baumgratz St. Marys, PA Mark A. Behrends York, PA Jane A. Beller Melville, PA Charles W. Benz Jr. Philadelphia, PA Renee M. Bogle Hatfield, PA Kellie R. Bohn California, PA John A. Borerio Latrobe, PA Robert J. Bostic Dillsburg, PA Lisa B. Boucher Indiana, PA Michael R. Bovan Pittsburgh, PA Roger L. Bowman Monroeville, PA Terence M. Brady Greensburg, PA Kathleen L. Braunegg Charleroi, PA Dawn L. Brehm Freedom. PA Jeffrey L. Brooks Beaver Falls, PA Adrianne L. Brown Pittsburgh, PA 251 Business Carole S. Brown Peters Township. PA Elizabeth C. Brown Pleasant Hills, PA Leslie A. Brown Pittsburgh. PA Margaret A. Bryan Bethel Park, PA Paul G. Bucher Philadelphia, PA David W. Buckenheimer Beaver. PA Randal S. Buono Lower Burrell. PA Tracy L. Burdette Greensburg. PA Thomas G. Burlch Jr. Bethel Park, PA Allen B. Canuti Murrysville, PA Theresa H. Capriotti Bensalem, PA Sarah J. Carl Camp Hill, PA Raymond E. Carmack Pittsburgh, PA Robert A. Cartmell Girard, PA Kirby J. Cartwright Ellwood City, PA Robert P. Carvella New Castle, PA Jeffrey M. Chamberlain Derry, PA Robert L. Chess Erie, PA Laraine E. Churchel Penn Hills, PA Pamela A. Colaizzi Baldwin, PA Coleen Connelly Johnstown, PA Gina E. Costa Penn Hills, PA Stephen H. Covin Piano, TX Lorraine A. Coyle Johnstown, PA Benjamin J. Creamer Lebanon, PA John W. Cummings Oakmont, PA Diane C. Daily North Huntingdon. PA Barbara A. Danek Donora, PA Jeffrey A. Daniels Butler. PA Kathryn M. Dauster 252 Murrysville, PA Business Robert J. DeLuca Shaler Township, PA Kathleen M. Dill Windber, PA Scott J. Dillon Salix, PA Mary Anne Douglass Brush Valley, PA Sandra Drumming Philadelphia, PA Terry L. Dunlap Blairsville, PA Diane L. Dunlay North Huntingdon, PA Edward A. Eager Pittsburgh, PA Michael T. Egan Brentwood, PA Nancy S. Egan North Huntingdon, PA Sharon A. Ehmann Bridgeville, PA Leila A. Elgin Bethlehem, PA Lisa A. Elliott Jeannette, PA Jeffrey R. Emge South Beaver Township, PA Timothy J. End Pittsburgh, PA Mark C. Evans Fairless Hills, PA David V. Falvo Greensburg, PA Kevin T. Ferren Ambler, PA Charles R. Fisher Jr. Oxford, PA Bill L. Fix Blairs Mills, PA Terry E. Flaherty Pittsburgh, PA Lana L. Foltz Pittsburgh, PA Patricia A. Frank Mt Lebanon, PA Cindy L. Fraser Peters Township, PA Felicia L. Fred Philadelphia, PA Gary L. Frymire Williamsport, PA Irene M. Fuga Phoenixville, PA Elizabeth W. Gallagher Doylestown, PA Thomas R. Garver Pittsburgh, PA Stephen J. Gaus Williamsport, PA 253 Business Robert J. Gazza Homer City, PA Mark A. Gebrosky Ellwood City, PA Keith A. Gephart Mt. Joy, PA Karen A. Giegerich Pleasant Hills, PA Stephen M. Gilliland Grove City, PA Anne E. Gingrow Hanover, PA Deborah L. Glenn Mercer, PA Brenda L. Gniefkowski Belle Vernon, PA Pamela J. Golias Bridgeville, PA Daryl A. Gonos Monroeville, PA Barbara J. Grant Sinking Spring, PA Patricia L. Gregory Springfield, PA Cheryl K. Gresh Muncy, PA Stacey E. Grimm Hopwood, PA Michael E. Gross Bethel Park, PA Jeffrey S. Gruber Pittsburgh, PA Gerald K. Gumpf New Brighton, PA Janet A. Guzzo Monroeville, PA Scott A. Hallstrom Bradford, PA Thomas F. Haney Bethel Park, PA Jane M. Harbach Bellwood, PA Donald S. Harkins Mt. Lebanon, PA Pamela E. Harned Cambridge Springs, PA Karen L. Harr McKeesport, PA Larry E. Harris Muncy, PA James R. Hazelett Punxsutawney, PA Richie A. Hench Hershey, PA Karyn B. Hendricks Lewistown, PA Philip C. Henry Allison Park, PA Marianne Herbenick 254 Butler, PA Business ill iiliiiL r H Thomas S. Hewitt Willow Grove, PA James F. Holdren Philipsburg, PA Amy J. Hoover New Castle, PA Kathleen A. Hopkins Fort Washington, PA Matthew J. Hrycyk Pulaski, PA Margaret Hsueh Warminster, PA Paul E. Hughes Malvern, PA Tina M. Hunsicker Wexford, PA Stacy R. Hunt III King of Prussia, PA Joann M. Hutsko Scranton, PA Jeffrey A. Hyde Bedford, PA Maureen A. Irion Montoursville, PA Virginia G. Ivanoff Harrisburg, PA Kimberly A. Jahoda Mt. Pleasant, PA Donald W. Jones Levittown, PA Merry S. Jones Lawrence Park, PA Stephen M. Kachman Bedford, PA Susanne Kaniuk Coraopolis, PA Jodi L. Kaufman New Wilmington, PA Kathleen M. Kehr Baldwin, PA Linda A. Kellner Ellwood City, PA Eleanor L. Kelly Burgettstown, PA Ronald D. Kennedy North Hills, PA Kimberly A. Kilyk Pittsburgh, PA Patricia L. Kinch Seneca, PA Christine M. Kirchner Wilkinsburg, PA Crystal A. Kittrell Philadelphia, PA James D. Klinefelter Murrysville, PA Kathleen M. Kohan Blairsville, PA Kathy L. Kolarik Fort Lauderdale, FL 255 Business 256 Diane M. Koval Monessen, PA Tracy L. Kreh Parsippany, NJ Lavon L. Kress East McKeesport, PA Stephen E. Krise North Huntingdon, PA Mary M. Kukich Export, PA Susan M. Kutschbach Upper St. Clair, PA Kathleen L. Lamb Pittsburgh, PA Richard G. Lambert Pittsburgh, PA Michele R. Lang Brentwood, PA Laurie C. Latherow Trafford, PA Donald Lazor Greensburg, PA Ronald Lazor Greensburg, PA Mary C. Leary Bethel Park, PA Avis E. Lee Willingboro, NJ Thomas M. Legan Pittsburgh, PA Nancyann Letterio Leechburg, PA Jack K. LeVier Hawthorn, PA Neal A. Lewis Pompton Plains, NJ Thomas J. Linkoski Fairview, PA Mike Longlose New Castle, PA Paul E. Lucas Butler, PA William H. Lupini Mifflinville, PA Jeffrey J. Lupo McKeesport, PA Mark S. Mansfield Washington, PA Jeffrey W. Matesic Sharpsburg, PA John J. Maydick Jr. Staten Island, NY Patrick F. McCarthy Sinking Spring, PA Nancy L. McClelland North Huntingdon, PA Larry E. McCormick Indiana, PA Edward J. McCrossen Oreland, PA ii M JIHLiiJi iiL..iiihiiB Business Donald A. McCulloch II Fayette City, PA Rebecca J. McDonald Falls Creek, PA Katherlne A. Merilli Altoona, PA Diane L. Miller Spring Grove, PA Helen E. Miller West Chester, PA Naomi L. Minarcik Pittsburgh, PA Jeanne M. Minarich Erie, PA Gary M. Minjock Monongahela, PA Lorl L. Misenhelter Penn Hills, PA Frank W. Miseyka Butler, PA Cathy A. Mohr Corry, PA Linda S. Moore Clintonville, PA Richard L. Morrow Jr. Butler, PA Deborah J. Mosur Bridgeville, PA Michael P. Mottola Vandergrift, PA Mary E. Moy Warminster. PA Brian R. Musthaler Pittsburgh, PA Debra L. Myers Delmont, PA Cari L. Myford Lower Burrell, PA Mary E. Neilson Johnsonburg, PA Robert W. Newell, Jr. Ligonier, PA Loretta M. Nocco Homer City, PA Barbara J. Noecker Nornstown, PA Michael R. Noel Oil City, PA Jeanne F. Nolan Yardley, PA Kevin M. O ' Byrne Yardley, PA Kimberly A. Onodi Baldwin, PA Christal A. Oravets Masontown, PA Lauren A. Osekowski Monroeville. PA Frances E. Ostraska Fox Chapel, PA 257 Business Joyce C. Pavlick Pittsburgh, PA Kathy L. Pearce Indiana, PA Barbara A. Peirce Penn Hills, PA Stephen M. Pellegrino Wllliamsport, PA Glenn A. Podgurski Hopewell Township, PA Robert A. Provonche Murraysville, PA Connie L. Qualk Pleasant Hills, PA Debora A. Quinn Pittsburgh, PA Jayne A. Radio Monongahela, PA Janet M. Ray New Castle, PA Judy E. Ray New Castle, PA James R. Rice Mercersburg, PA Eileen M. Riley Pittsburgh, PA Michele G. Rizzo Washington, PA Audrey Robinson Pittsburgh, PA Timothy J. Rodgers North Hills, PA Ann J. Rosinko Hopewell, PA Jeffrey M. Roth Nazareth, PA Cynthia L. Rothrock Belle Vernon, PA Patricia B. Rozsas Canonsburg, PA Wendy L. Rudov Pittsburgh, PA Thomas R. Rumbaugh Homer City, PA Jane L. Sabik New Castle, PA Barbara A. Saich Penn Hills, PA Carol J. Santinoceto Lewistown, PA Gordon A. Sapko Bradford, PA Joni M. Sasala Kittanning, PA Michael A. Sauerzopf Whitehall, PA James D. Scalo McMurray, PA William J. Scarpa 258 Philadelphia, PA Business Kirk D. Schaible Towanda, PA John R. Schock Reading, PA Gregory E. Schockling Beaver Falls, PA Kevin H. Schran Pittsburgh, PA Judith A. Schweich Pottsville, PA Anthony J. Scialabba Butler, PA Judith A. Sconing Camp Hill, PA Phyllis A. Sedlacek Devon, PA James V. Shankel Franklin, PA Susan M. Sharick Lower Burrell, PA Stevan E. Sharp Port Orange, PL Linda J. Shema Punxsutawney, PA Ronald B. Shuster Jeannette, PA David R. Simone Somerset, PA Judy L. Simons Coudersport, PA David T. Sinclair Mt. Lebanon, PA Bruce D. Skoletsky Holland, PA Todd J. Slack Zelienople, PA Craig S. Slick Erie, PA David R. Snyder Edgewood, PA ii ' Mi l Sandra L. Sochoka Penn Hills, PA Lynne M. Spagnola Beaver Falls, PA Rebecca L. Spangler Bethel Park, PA David I. Speedy Blairsville, PA Lorraine Stemann Upper St, Clair, PA Ronald B. Stepanik Jeannette, PA David A. Stevenson Greensburg, PA David S. Stewart Indiana, PA Robert S. Stewart New Bethlehem, PA Beverly I. Stivenson Ford City, PA 259 Business 260 David A. Stoner Ruffsdale, PA Gordon F. Straub Pittsburgh, PA Laurel L. Summit Mt. Lebanon, PA Lori J. Swanson Pittsburgh, PA Renee A. Szymanski Kittanning, PA Jeffrey S. Taylor Cranesville, PA Christine L. Telesz Volant, PA James Thomas Roslyn, PA Janice A. Thompson Bethel Park, PA Dennis W. Toole Murrysville, PA Diane R. Trach Rillton, PA Diana M. TranchinI Export, PA Monica L. Trombola McKeesport, PA Richard M. Ubinger West Mifflin, PA Sherry L. Ulsh Harrisburg, PA Ronald M. Urso Pittsburgh Jeanne M. Vassallo Williamsport, PA Glenn S. Veralli Bergenfield, NJ Lynnette M. Veri New Castle, PA Scott D. Vroman Bethel Park, PA Michael A. Waverka Hershey, PA Joan M. Webb Johnstown, PA Karen L. Weigel Camp Hill, PA John D. West Erie, PA Susan J. White Natrona Heights, PA Vendella F. White Philadelphia, PA Alfred M. Williams Kulpmont, PA Gerald J. Williams Irvona, PA Lisa E. Williams Johnsonburg, PA Scott C. Wilson Kittanning, PA ZAiM " ilim ' i ' I ihiii Diane K. Wohlfarth Pleasant Hills, PA Cynthia L. Wolfe Worthington. PA Frank S. Yanlcheck Montrose Manor. PA William A. Yeager New Kensington, PA Debra S. Young Worthville, PA William L. Young Abington, PA David W. Younkins Leechburg, PA Dean A. Zanotti Cabot, PA David S. Zempel Downington, PA Nancy J. Zimmerman Connellsville, PA 261 Education Sharon L. Adomaitis Pittsburgh, PA Jane E. Alexander Emporium, PA Beth A. Amoroso Levittown, PA Barbara J. Armor Bethel Park, PA Carolyn P. Armrose Kittanning, PA Leslie A. Armstrong Avalon, PA Anita Baker Connellsville, PA Mary F. Batson Huntingdon, PA Diane E. Benanti Bethel Park, PA Teresa M. Bencetic Mansfield, PA Rebecca J. Berrie Natrona Heights, PA Terri A. Bockius Abington, PA Deborah L. Bonner Beaver, PA Dianne A. Burzese Sewickley, PA Deborah J. Clark Selinsgrove, PA Anne J. Colecchia Monroeville, PA Betty L. Conklin Philipsburg, PA Michael J. Conway Homer City, PA Sue A. Corbin Lewistown, PA Julie K. Craver Alexandria, VA Ruth A. Crowley Lock Haven, PA Barbara J. Dellavecchio Bovard, PA Laurajenn DeMaria Washington, PA Jennifer F. Donnelly Lancaster, PA Tammi L. Dubensky Punxsutawney, PA Mark Dusch Bethel Park, PA Caria M. Eckelbarger Emienton, PA Kathleen M. Fanale Penn Hills, PA Dennis B. Fenstermacher Collegeville, PA Joseph P. Ferlic 262 South Park, PA ? fi f. Education yrM lOHBtaMBtfLa Laura L. Finley Claysville. PA Sandra L. Fischman Churchill, PA Sheila M. Fleming Pittsburgh, PA Carolyn A. Fowler Scranton, PA Janet M. Frymoyer Shillington, PA Jeanette Gallagher Ebensburg, PA Sharon A. Galmarini New Castle, PA Rachelle Gaydos North Huntingdon, PA Barbara M. Gdula Llanfair, PA Laurie A. Gonda Homer City, PA Audrey M. Hall Linglestown, PA Lorie D. Hall Hershey, PA Denise A. Harpster Lewistown, PA Beth A. Heagy Delmont, PA Christine E. Herbst McKees Rocks, PA Robin R. Highlands Irwin, PA Beverly S. Hileman Monroeville, PA Loretta T. Hill Pittsburgh, PA Rebecca A. Himmelreich Norristown, PA Amy L. Hollen Mt. Holly Springs, PA Janet L. Hunter Pittsburgh, PA Joy J. Hursh Johnstown, PA Sharon D. Ingram Queens, NY Deborah L. Jackson North Huntingdon, PA Mary Jane Jankowski Beaver Falls, PA Marae A. Johnston Mt. Pleasant, PA Sally V. Keefer Indiana, PA Angela P. Keel Damascus, MD Denise A. King New Alexandria, PA Alvin E. Klugh Jr. Grove City, PA 263 Education Debra S. Knepp Belleville, PA Kathleen J. Konechny Canonsburg, PA Nancy L. Konwick Elizabeth, PA James Kovacic Aliquippa, PA SherrJe J. Krevolin Ambler, PA Margaret L. Lambing Apollo, PA Linda A. Lare Morrisville, PA Jane E. Laughlin Indiana, PA Laura Zubkowski Lazor New Castle, PA Patricia A. Lyden Sharon, PA Jackie L. Mai Baltimore, MD MIchele M. Margraf New Castle, PA John P. Marker Summerhill, PA Jane A. Mascia Pittsburgh, PA Mary C. Matchulet Oil City, PA Nancy J. McCaffrey McDonald, PA Denise McClung Lower Burrell, PA Lynn E. McKee Mifflintown, PA Nancy V. McLaughlin Mechanicsville, PA Susan J. McNaughton Industry, PA Germaine H. Michaux Pittsburgh, PA Kathy M. Miller Allison Park, PA Suann J. Molter Danville, PA Julia Moore Brookville, PA Michelle B. Morgan Butler, PA Patricia E. Moshos Lancaster, PA Greta A. Nicholson Punxsutawney, PA Cynthia L. Nipps Ligonier, PA Ann 0. Nussbaum Moon Township, PA Kevin F. O ' Leary 264 Monroeville, PA Education Mary L. Olinger Kittanning, PA Joseph M. Palmiscno Salina, PA Melanie Perdeus Arnold, PA Kathleen L. Pero Davidsville, PA Sofia E. Petruzzo Everett, PA Michael B. Pinnix Pittsburgh, PA Rosemarie A. Porreca Leola, PA Beth A. Porter Upper St. Clair, PA Marita A. Porzucel Belle Vernon, PA Anna Marie Powers Washington, PA Traci R. Pulice Erie, PA Tracy J. Rager Charleroi, PA Carol J. Rankin Lancaster, PA Linda E. Ray Philadelphia, PA Sandra L. Rematt Spangler, PA Cynthia M. Resnik North Huntingdon, PA Laura J. Reutz Huntingdon Valley, PA Judith E. Rhein West Mifflin, PA Terri L. Rhodes Pottstown, PA Mary A. Riddle Grove City, PA Cheryl L. Rock Johnstown, PA Lynn M. Rodgers Pittsburgh, PA Elvira M. Roman Monessen, PA Beth A. Rossi Tyrone, PA Susan M. Rowader Pittsburgh, PA Kimberly A. Sanfilippo New Castle, PA Theresa A. Sapienza Swissvale, PA Donald R. Sestina Emporium, PA Michelle L. Sherman Greensburg, PA Kathryn L. Sherry Indiana, PA 265 Education 266 Martha A. Short Greensburg, PA Lisa A. Simmermon New Kensington, PA Lucinda D. Small Kittanning, PA Sherri L. Smith Mars, PA Beth M. Soilenberger Fayetteville, PA Caria A. Sommariva Zelienople, PA Marianne H. Sommer Upper St. Clair, PA Elaine M. Steinbugl Altoona, PA Patricia A. Steinhauer Erie, PA Tina M. Stephens Wilkinsburg, PA John F. Szenyo Homer City, PA Karen S. Trolano Industry, PA Sharon E. Tucker Pittsburgh, PA Karen A. Turtzer Charleroi, PA Maryann Tuscano New Castle, PA Joan M. Wagner York, PA Karen M. Wallenbeck Monroeville, PA Joann M. Warner Lebanon, PA Lori A. Welborn Murrysville, PA Diane West New Florence, PA Carol D. Wiggins White Plains, NY Sandi S. Wilkins Ligonier, PA Amy D. Williams Glen Campbell, PA Barbara A. Wilson Lewistown, PA Kelli A. Wilson Johnstown, PA Christina J. Worcester Homer City, PA Gail A. Yeager Roslyn, PA Carol A. Zadach Jefferson Borough, PA Janet A. Zewe Elizabeth Township, PA A. Dawn Zimmer Johnstown, PA Fine Arts a M . E |mu Margaret L. Baier Pittsburgh, PA Ginger L. Barnhart Warfordsburg, PA Carol J. Bartrug Pittsburgh, PA Sandra J. Bier Bethel Park, PA Pamela M. Billy RuffsDale, PA Gerald D. Black Plum, PA Jeanne L. Bloch Leechburg, PA Mary Beth Brody Monroeville, PA Christine E. Brulia Altoona, PA Michael J. Conway Homestead, PA Francine A. Corsi Creighton, PA Eames K. Crisman Blairstown, NJ Rob ert A. Didonato Jeannette, PA Joseph N. Doris Levittown, PA Kimberly A. Elcan Monroeville, PA Janice A. Ferrari West Newton, PA Albert B. Frank Sewickley, PA Joyce L. Gilbert Mt. Lebanon, PA Dennis P. Gilfoyle Pittsburgh, PA Deborah A. Guild Camp Hill, PA Tracey J. Hambleton Lancaster, PA Mary E. Jarrup Aliquippa, PA Wendy K. Klatte Bradford Woods, PA Michele M. Krasinski Ridgway, PA Nancy S. Lauda Washington, PA Lynn A. Linton North Huntingdon, PA Kimberly A. Long Greensburg, PA Lori A. Louderback Warrington, PA Patricia L. McBride New Brighton, PA June L. Melichar Greensburg, PA 267 Fine Arts Robert W. Muir Carbondale, PA Ellen A. Musser Indiana, PA Sandra M. Newfleld Portage, PA Sherry K. Peters Mt. Morris, PA Linda S. Rajtik Chambersburg, PA Valerie A. Roberts Allenfown, PA Patricia J. Rohrbeck Mifflinfown, PA Kathleen E. Romanchock Elton Heights, PA Kurt W. Schneiderhan Reading, PA Karen M. Schroeck Erie, PA Robert Spence Washington, PA Eileen M. Steimer Duquesne, PA Philip A. Steinbacher Montoursville, PA John D. Suckling Kittanning, PA Michelle D. Turner Manns Choice, PA Mary Lou Waller Erie, PA Donald R. Washam Feasterville, PA Linda A. Witt Wexford, PA Gary D. Ziek Erie, PA Vicki S. Zimmerly Sarver, PA Theodore A. Zitelli Bethel Park, PA Louise A. Zubak Adah, PA 268 Health Services t gfjlgijl g j Susan M. Amaditz Bethel Park, PA Thomas S. Arteritano Lower Burrell, PA Dennis A. Balitsk Clymer. PA David K. Ballinger Woodbury, NJ Allen F. Baxter Allentown, PA Raymond A. Bilby Williamsport, PA Milton H. Black McConnellsburg, PA Alexa J. Boyer Slippery Rock, PA Charlotte A. Buczek Penn Hills, PA Robert J. Byrnes Apollo, PA Dana M. Chaney Lancaster, PA Candace J. Chaplin Philipsburg, PA Jeffrey J. Conklin Philipsburg, PA Kimberly J. Dawso Pittsburgh, PA Louis DiBridge Latrobe, PA Denise A. Dinzeo Monroeville, PA Kimberly J. Drescher York, PA Sandra A Erdie Nazareth, PA Karen J. Firth Ridley, PA Cathy L. Flick Johnstown, PA Pamela D. Ford Ingomar, PA William L. Foster Pittsburgh, PA Paul J. Fredrick Charleroi, PA Richard R. Galutia Indiana, PA Tamara M. Galzerano Cadogan, PA Thomas M. Goodenow Mifflinburg, PA Joel M. Halght Johnsonburg. PA Bonnie J. Hamlin Wilkinsburg, PA Josephine Harris Philadelphia, PA Cindy A. Hawkins Kittanning, PA 269 Health Services Nancy A. Heiges Indiana, PA Tammy S. Heishman Carlisle, PA Diane M. Herman Clearfield, PA Sally M. Hess Mt. Carbon, PA James M. Hickey Pittsburgh, PA Robert G. Hill South Glastonbury, CT Theodore W. Hurdy Jr. Indiana, PA Beth C. Mutter North Hills, PA Jean A. Jommersbach Valley Forge, PA Susan J. Kahle Oil City, PA Lisa L. Kovalchik Lancaster, PA Arlene R. Krause Turtle Creek, PA Gary L. Larimer Brookville, PA Mary M. Lavre Pittsburgh, PA Phyllis A. Lozinski Wilcox, PA Christine L. Luksik Pittsburgh, PA Albert A. Manzlak Jr. West Mifflin, PA Majorie B. McCoy Indiana, PA Frances M. McDonough Pittsburgh, PA Mary R. McGee Morrisville, PA James J. Mercurio Montoursville, PA David M. Miller Glassport, PA Debbie L. Moore Summerdale, PA Harry D. Morris III Berlin, MD Edward M. Mouser Clune, PA Kathleen A. Murray Wyomissing, PA Karen J. Nikonow Johnstown, PA M. Denise Palmer Greensburg, PA Nancy L. Pearce Toms River, NJ Glenn L. Pensyl 270 Elysburg, PA Health Services Theresa M. Piatak Johnstown, PA Pamela S. Queen Mahaffey, PA Michael C. Raabe Bradford, PA Diane M. Ratica Trafford, PA Mindy L. Ricketts Irvona, PA Cheryl L. Rising Murrysville, PA James J. Rocco Barnesboro, PA Kathy L. Saloka Johnstown, PA Suzanne Shaloka Philadelphia, PA Leslie T. Skinner Havertown, PA Kenneth W. Spielvogel Ellwood City, PA Lora K. Stewart Vandergrift, PA Marion J. Tascarella West Mifflin, PA Richard K. Thomas Boiling Springs, PA James S. Timpano Jr. Kane, PA Kathleen Wachowski Camp Hill, PA Paula M. Welesko North Versailles, PA George G. Wilbur Mapleton Depot, PA Raymond G. Williams Doylestown, PA Jeannine S. Wilson Erie, PA Lorie J. Wilson Mercer, PA Rose-Ellen M. Woodring Williannsburg, PA Rosalyn C. Young Philadelphia, PA 271 Home Economics 272 M. Amy Accordino Pittsburgh, PA Diane L. Anderson Pittsburgh, PA Pamela L. Aye Sharon, PA Margaret L. Baldrige Tyrone, PA Michele Balkey Pittsburgh, PA Rose A. Barto Glenshaw, PA Susan C. Baxmeier Monroeville, PA Lori E. Berkey Plum Borough, PA Allan B. Berue Morton, PA Darlene A. Bess Amity, PA Sally J. Best Penn Hills, PA Kim E. Blakely Indiana, PA Cynthia L. Boyer Donora, PA Laura J. Boyton Selinsgrove, PA Cheryl A. Bradshaw Erie, PA Lisa A. Brandt Mercer, PA Janet R. Brenneisen Coraopolis. PA Karen D. Brightblll Limerick, PA Angela M. Brown Hanover, PA Susan K. Browneller Riverside, PA Patricia A. Carey Ridley, PA Mark E. Castriota Pittsburgh, PA Scott R. Clark Harrisburg, PA Tara M. Coccodrilli Jessup, PA Patricia L. Cochrane Glenshaw, PA Karen D. Coologhan Mt. Lebanon, PA Bertilla K. Corte Indiana, PA Lynn A. Crawford Conneilsville, PA Cathy A. Cree Penn Hills, PA Sandra L. Cressley Punxsutawney, PA Home Economics Carol L. Cronenberger Valencia, PA Connie L. Culver Connellsville. PA Amy L. Cupps Butler, PA Mary E. Daley Cannonsburg, PA William M. D ' Antonio Glassport, PA Andrea K. Dawes Greenville, PA Melissa L. Derr Lock Haven, PA Kathleen M. Dever West Chester, PA Amy E. Devin Pittsburgh, PA Mary Lou Dressman Mt. Lebanon, PA Anna M. Dristas Mt. Lebanon, PA Joan E. Duda Latrobe, PA MaryElaine Dunlap Penn Hills, PA Jan M. Dykstra Houston, PA Donna A. Eiffler Glenshaw, PA Christine T. Erzen Penn Hills, PA Jennean V. Ferrara Long Island, NY Donna M. Figore Natrona, PA Patricia A. Flavin Pittsburgh, PA Carol A. Fontana Pittsburgh, PA Renee L. Foster Washington, PA Leslie D. Fullmer Uniontown, PA Lillian A. Garcia Meadville, PA Sandra L. Caspar McMurray, PA Karen L. Gerstacker Whitehall, PA Tanya M. Gladysiewski Ford City, PA Debbie Goldstein Albertson, NY Stephanie A. Gould Corry, PA Cheryl L. Groves Johnstown, PA Julie A. Guringo Coatesville, PA 273 Home Economics 274 Cheryl A. Haddox Beaver Falls, PA Cheryl A. Harner Vienna, VA Elizabeth L. Harris Annville, PA Jean C. Hetzel West Chester, PA Kathleen M. Heveran Hatboro, PA Cynthia A. Hllbrecht Johnstown, PA Wendy A. Holmes Houston, PA Oblagelj F. Ifudu Enugu-Anambra, Nigeria Mary L. Jacobs Philadelphia, PA Marie A. Jacobson Sharon, PA Tamara S. Kemper Denver, PA Lorl A. Kephart Clearfield, PA Barbara A. Kline York, PA Marceleen M. Konkol Erie, PA Edith H. Kovacs Ligonier, PA Susan M. Kristofco Portage, PA Myra L. Kudlik Monessen, PA Donna L. Kulp Lansdale, PA Paula J. Laughner Beaver Falls, PA Staci D. Learner McConnellstown, PA Joyce A. Ledgerwood Monroeville, PA Rhonda M. Leicht Lov er Burrell, PA Susan A. Lieb Allentown, PA Julia A. Lipovich Penn Hills, PA Gail L. Lonchar Gibsonia, PA Patricia C. Lunn Dormont, PA Martha A. Marchezak Murrysville, PA Kimberly A. Marquardt Bethel Park, PA Gina M. Massafra Donora, PA Christine S. McFeeley Merion, PA Home Economics Kathleen A. McGill Bethel Park. PA Marsha L. Mehallick Scottdale, PA Karen L. Mitcho Punxsutawney, PA Kristen A. Molnar Leechburg. PA Terri L. Moore Monessen, PA Mary B. Mueller Pittsburgh, PA Susan L. Navage Beaver, PA Bethany A. Neely Emienton, PA Dawn J. Nixon Quakertown, PA Belinda A. Obenski Greensburg, PA Lynn M. OIkowski New Brighton, PA Michele K. Oreski Monroeville, PA Georgine Pappas Bethlehem, PA Susan E. Parson Lancaster, PA Vickie L. Passerini Sharon, PA Elese M. Pilot Narberth, PA Stacy R. Pina Indiana, PA Debora L. Polak North Hills, PA Cindy Popchak Johnstown, PA Julia A. Pschirer Pittsburgh, PA Lori E. Raab Castanea, PA Dennis A. Ranck New Cumberland, PA Joni L. Reese Ambridge, PA John A. Rehar Windber, PA Nancy E. Relnhart Gettysburg, PA Katie E. Reish Malvern, PA Rita M. Reynolds Denville, NJ Peggy A. Rohr Greensburg, PA Sheryl A. Ross Irwin, PA Mary D. Rowader Pittsburgh, PA 275 Home Economics Elaine M. Scarnati f _ B New Castle, PA , KL Tracey A. Schrock 1 W ■ Farmington, PA 1 p- T Stephanie A. Schroeder V East Hanover, NJ Ranee M. Sebastian S ifffnllk Beaver Falls, PA Ifl ■iHi HIH Renee D. Seip H Leesport, PA | H s IS Stefanie D. Seyler Camp Hill, PA Constance R. Shaffer Apollo, PA Kathy Shirey Indiana, PA Stephen B. Shiring Ford City, PA Gayle S. Shockey Friedens, PA Frances A. Shoemaker Williamsport, PA Barbara J. Shultz Danville, PA Patty L. Shumaker Monroeville, PA Judy A. Slobodian Ambndge, PA Mary E. Smith Penn Hills, PA Elizabeth A. Snell Hillsgrove, PA Robin A. Snyder Castle Shannon, PA Lori A. Strosser Williamsport. PA Nancy J. Stuart Indiana, PA G. Paul Stura Belle Vernon, PA Dana L. Taddeo Monaca, PA Lisa M. Talso Girard, PA Linda A. Taylor Uniontown, PA Leslie H. Thibault Penn Hills, PA Beth A. Torrero Latrobe, PA Barbara J. Tosi South Bend, PA Margaret S. Troy North Hills, PA Bridsette E. Ukwu Nigeria Carol L. Vernon Doylestown, PA Lori C. Visnesky 276 Brush Valley. PA Home Economics Susan M. Walker Penn Hills, PA Deborah L. Wallingford Paoli. PA Laureen A. Walsh Monongahela, PA Beth A. Waterkotte Bethel Park, PA Barbara J. Watterson North Apollo, PA Susan E. Weiser Southampton, PA Janet A. Wesling Baldwin, PA Beth A. Whitman Mechanicsburg, PA Susan G. Wilson New Wilmington, PA Elizabeth J. Wintersteen Danville, PA Mary Ann Wisor Clearfield, PA Diane E. Wray Ringoes, NJ Karen K. Wutzke Penn Hills, PA Paula J. Zupanick Valley Forge, PA Donna J. Zuzik New Castle, PA 277 Natural Sciences Mathematics Ronald B. Andzelik Irwin, PA Jan M. Aucker Freeburg, PA Anthony M. Bahno Staten Island, NY Maura H. Balint Indiana, PA Michael F. Barnes Hollidaysburg, PA Mary Ann Bartoszewicz Lawrenceville, PA Kathleen A. Behr East Rockaway, NY Susan D. Ben Hatboro, PA James E. Benner Middleburg, PA KImberley M. Bishoff Pittsburgh, PA Shelley K. Bohn Indiana, PA Richard F. Boyer New Cumberland, PA Frank X. Brennan Norristown, PA Christopher E. Carter Girard, PA Christine R. Charney Ford City, PA Linda D. Chick Greensburg, PA Daniel L. Cihonski Butler, PA Rebecca W. Collins Wayne, PA Dennis C. Cooper Port Vue, PA John R. Coulter McKeesport, PA Robert J. Craig Pittsburgh, PA Michael G. Criste Johnstown, PA Phyllis J. Croke Warminster, PA Kathryn R. Davies Erie, PA Zachary P. Decker Johnstown, PA David A. DePasquale Loyalsock, PA Catherine M. DePrator St. Marys, PA Charles M. Doyle Norristown, PA Brian J. Dunst Erie, PA Christopher W. Eberly 278 Harrisburg, PA Natural Sciences Mathematics Robert A. Eckenrod Johnstown, PA Ikebiokroma A. Erekosima Tombia-Rivers, Nigeria Diane M. Esposito Punxsutawney. PA Barbara A. Frantz McCandless Township, PA Shelley A. Gamache Middletown, PA Paul D. Geremsky Bethel Park, PA Ruth E. Gilleran Scranton, PA Mark S. Gorchesky Johnstown, PA Rebecca A. Green Levittown, PA Gene E. Hauze Bethlehem, PA William S. Hawthorne Warren, PA Katrina E. Hoist Jonestown, PA Janis M. Huber Gibsonia. PA Donna L. Impink Jeannette, PA Susan C. Isherwood Monroeville, PA David K. Josephs Wallingford, PA Jayne T. Keller Camp Hill, PA Mary Beth Kelley Point Marion, PA Richard F. Kohan Johnstown, PA Judy A. Laberteaux Bethlehem, PA Martin Leonard Trenton, NJ Richard S. Lougee Moscow, PA Linda Luisi East Hanover, NJ Edward P. Lunney Hershey, PA Mark A. Marion Ellwood City. PA Scott W. Marshall Butler. PA Elena M. Marsico Fox Chapel. PA Anna-Marie L. Masters Indiana. PA Kathleen A. McKeegan Pittsburgh. PA Debra L. Mentch Indiana, PA £79 Natural Sciences Mathematics 280 Deborah L. Merkert Bath, PA Lorretta E. Miale Avalon, PA Carol G. Mitchell Clearfield, PA Patricia A. Morrison Auburn, PA David D. Naugle Mohnton, PA Charles J. Neral Willow Grove, PA Deborah A. O ' Donnell Greensburg, PA Barbara A. Plesh Hopewreil, PA Daria L. Rice Sharpsville, PA Debra A. Rice Sharpsville, PA James E. Richards Danville, PA William R. Richardson Clarks Summit, PA Michele A. Rumbaugh Ford City, PA Edward B. Savarno Belle Vernon, PA Deborah L. Seiring Black Lick, PA Terry L. Sheaffer Carlisle, PA Debra M. Shivitz Forest City, PA James C. Sideris Camp Hill, PA Diane L. Smith Oakdale, PA Susan E. Smith Clearfield, PA Ruth I. Solinger Elderton, PA Michele J. Stelma Indiana, PA Sherry L. Strouse Danville, PA Debra A. Styfurak Aliquippa, PA Dorothy M. Sullivan Coatesville, PA Ann E. Susko South Fork, PA Ronald P. Travitz Harrisburg, PA Robert B. Walker West Chester, PA Kimberley S. Wansor Greenville, PA Leroy W. Warner Danville, PA Natural Sciences Mathematics Susan Weber Indiana, PA Erik G. Weller Millersburg, PA Pamela S. Wenger McConnellsburg, PA Frederick J. Whalen Johnstown, PA Jill A. White Ford City, PA Gerald E. Willwerth Ephrata, PA Susan H. Wolfe King of Prussia, PA Deborah S. Wyant Lower Burrell, PA Joseph C. Yashinsky Hershey, PA 281 Social Sciences Humanities " mw 282 Henry H. Ackell Prospectville, PA Joyce M. Adams Pottstown, PA Tami S. Aites Turtle Creek, PA Karin E. Allgaier Williamsport, PA Martha H. Ash Bradford, PA Diana J. Babeji Canonsburg, PA Janet L. Barber Mt. Pleasant, PA Kim A. Barnett Philipsburg, PA Susanne Bashore Port Royal, PA Joseph E. Beggs Shaler, PA Lee F. Bendinelli Norwin, PA Donna M. Bernat Apollo, PA Darlene J. Bigler Washington, PA Carol L. Bilger Lewistown, PA Scott J. Blashford Penn Hills, PA Leann Bonitz Harrisburg, PA Kathy A. Bower Hollidaysburg, PA Kevin D. Bowser Worthington, PA Jill M. Boylan Easton, PA Theordora R. Bozich Erie, PA Michael A. Bradley Gwynedd Valley, PA Randall S. Brant Somerset, PA Lisa A. Brehm Carlisle, PA Paula E. Brown North Huntingdon, PA M. Jerry Burke Ellwood City, PA Renee L. Caesar Jeannetfe, PA Jayne M. Caperelli Greensburg, PA Terri L. Carson Penn Hills, PA David R. Clayton Hatfield, PA Daniel J. Clifford York, PA Social Sciences Humanities tmg ETj iiS Anita G. Cobb Mars, PA Carol A. Colbert Gibsonia, PA Gary M. Colbert Pittsburgh, PA Donald G. Coleman Dillsburg, PA Glenn A. Conca Woodbridge, NJ Bruce A. Conklin Slippery Rock, PA James R. Connelly Murrysville, PA Diego T. Cordoba Caracas, Venezuela Randolph G. Cox Derry, PA Janna L. Crittendon Martinsburg, PA Janice A. Curry Turtle Creek, PA Miranda C. Davis Philadelphia, PA Neal M. Davis Clarks Summit, PA Claudia A. Derby Lehighton, PA Diana L. Desmond Washington, PA Charles B. Donaldson Pittsburgh, PA Patricia A. Doody Bethel Park, PA Kevin L. Dunbar East Smithfield, PA David B. Edmunds Penn Hills, PA Debra M. Evans Pittsburgh, PA Randy P. Feathers Altoona, PA David T. Ferree Mill Hall, PA Lucinda A. Firestine Stouchsburg, PA Susan M. Fleming Sarver, PA Valerie A. Flickinger Pittsburgh, PA Dane R. Foust Lower Burrell, PA Marta L. Frank Lower Burrell, PA Barbara J. Frendzel North Huntingdon, PA Joan A. Fryberger Lancaster, PA Natalie F. Gamache Harrisburg, PA 283 Social Sciences Humanities Cynthia L. Gariano Irwin, PA Regina Garofalo Pleasant Hills, PA Mark K. Garrett Philadelphia, PA Kimberly A. Glovas Easton, PA Julie A. Goetz Lancaster, PA kMJ i i Lynn B. Gogots Clairton, PA Cynthia E. Golden Chambersburg, PA Nancy D. Good Alverda, PA Lynn T. Gourley New Cumberland, PA Evelyn J. Gozzard Allison Park, PA Sandra L. Gross North Huntingdon, PA Britt-Marie Grundstrom Stockholm, Sweden Regina F. Guarino Norristown, PA Robert Gulemi Centerport, NY Janet S. Hackett Mt. Lebanon, PA Naoko Haga Tokyo, Japan Lori A. Harting Denver, PA Ronald L. Heffern Meyersdale, PA Robert N. Hickson Butler, PA Sharon K. Hitesman South Wiiliamsport, PA Larry K. Hodges Philadelphia, PA Judy A. Hodgson Harrisburg, PA Martin P. Hodovanich Aliquippa, PA Dennis J. Holland Huntingdon, PA Barbara J. Hollihan Allison Park, PA Tracy L. Honeck Delmont, PA Jeffrey J. Hoover Franklin, PA Linda J. Horrell Carlisle, PA Helen D. Howell Bethlehem, PA Gvi endolyn D. Hubbard 284 Pittsburgh, PA Social Sciences Humanities Cheryl L. Humensky Grafton, PA Carla Jakopac Sykesville, PA Cecelia A. Johnson Penn Hills, PA Lavonne A. Jones Westminster, MD Christopher B. Jordan Malvern, PA Susan H. Kastner Dearborn, Ml Jeffrey V. Kay Dayton, PA Lynne A. Keating Pleasant Hills, PA Gary L. Kelly New Cumberland, PA Marilyn R. Kibler Meadville, PA Susan B. Kirchner New Brighton, PA Kerri L. Knaus Edinboro, PA Richard W. Koeneke West Chester, PA Mary E. Kolesar Industry, PA Aleta C. Konkol Indiana, PA Denise M. Kovach Butler, PA Brian J. Krall Myerstown, PA Daniel A. Krauss Allentown, PA Kathleen Kruszka North Huntingdon, PA Dorothea Kulasa McKeesport, PA Susan M. Kupar Tunkhannock, PA William T. Lee Johnstown, PA Nicholas Leilock Punxsutawney, PA Tami J. Leonard Charleroi, PA Janice M. Leshinski Philadelphia, PA Bruce M. Levy East Waterford, PA John G. Link Unionfown, PA Gretchen Liscinsky Greensburg, PA Carole D. Long North Huntingdon, PA Kathy J. Long Greensburg, PA 285 Social Sciences Humanities 286 David M. Lontz Harrisburg, PA Russell L. Losco Economy Borough. PA Daniel W. Mack Pennsburg, PA William R. Majernik Jr. Waynesburg, PA Carol A. Malush Charleroi. PA Andre Martin Mt. Union, PA Margaret M. Masar Springfield, PA Frank M. Mastrangelo New Castle, PA IHeather A. McDowell Atglen, PA Melanle J. McKnight Hopwood, PA MIndy B. Mertz Lancaster, PA Janet R. Michel Grove City, PA David G. Miller III Vandergrift, PA Gretchen E. Miner Camp Hill, PA Anne R. Mitton Lewistown, PA James L. Morandini Leechburg, PA Sandra L. Mort Harrisburg, PA Marianne Mulcahey Uniontown, PA John D. Nardone Kingston, PA Gary J. Needleman Franklin Lakes, NJ David S. Nelson Louisville, KY William J. Nevills Clairton, PA Diane L. Newcomer Lancaster, PA Don P. Nixon Scott Township, PA Patrick J. Noone Lewisburg, PA Anita M. Paytas New Castle, PA Cynthia A. Pecenak Carrolltown, PA Lynette Ponchione Dilltown, PA Joan S. Puskar Pittsburgh, PA Lori L. Rakestraw Allentown, PA iWl Social Sciences Humanities Ann E. Ranieri Philadelphia, PA Mary E. Reichel Bethel Park, PA Roger C. Reitz Timblin, PA Patti J. Reynolds Washington, PA John M. Richmond Mahanoy City, PA Michael A. Rieg Bellevue, PA Suzanne Rizzo Pitcairn, PA Matthew S. Rocca Piscataway, NJ Diana L. Roland Rimersburg, PA Patricia Roland Slatington, PA Barry H. Rudel Johnstown, PA Alicia G. Ruff Pittsburgh, PA C. Erik Rutkowski Hublersburg, PA Dana Marie C. Santone Greensburg, PA Debra K. Sauers Dry Tavern, PA Margaret M. Schmidt Pleasant Hills, PA John J. Schulte III Sharpsburg, PA Patricia D. Scott Indiana, PA Patrick C. Simonson Glenside, PA Robert C. Simpson Verona, PA Rebecca J. Six Chicora, PA Jeffrey J. Smiley Greenville, PA Kevin A. Smith Franklin, PA Lisa K. Smith Hopevi ell, PA Lori G. Smith Stroudsburg, PA Rosanne L. Smith Donora, PA Jeffrey G. Sneddon Ellenton, FL Susan A. Sobek North Braddock, PA Mary L. Sprung Pittsburgh, PA Mary C. Stack Pittsburgh, PA 287 Social Sciences Humanities Theodore Steege Jr. Berwyn. PA Naomi M. Stepp Philadelphia, PA Kerry D. Stevens Danville, PA Geoffrey P. Szoke Kulpmont, PA Martina M. Tate Clymer. PA Melissa L. Taylor Washington, PA Gale S. Thoman Glen Rock, PA Caroline S. Thornton Pittsburgh, PA Shari A. Trinkley Alverda, PA Dona L. Truxal Greensburg, PA Mary Ann Tysarczyk Pittsburgh, PA Simo P. Tyynela Jarvenpaa, Finland John R. Vasko Monroeville, PA Susan A. Videtto North East, PA Danette L. Walker Philipsburg, PA Marian K. Walls Cherry Tree, PA James K. Walter Jefferson Borough, PA David A. Waugaman Greensburg, PA Kathy S. Webb Elizabeth, PA Tamara N. Wilson Norristovi n, PA Debra K. Wolfe Indiana, PA Melinda L. Wyant Kittanning, PA Michael E. Yasofsky Jr. Pittsburgh, PA Debrow L. Young Jeannette, PA Karen J. Yugovich Armagh, PA Dominic R. Zuccala Butler, PA 288 Senior Index Accordino, M.A. Home Economics Consumer Services Ackell, H.H. Criminology Adams, J.M. Criminology Adelsberg. CD. Marketing Adomaitis, S.L. Special Education Aites, T.S. Spanish Alexander, J.E. Rehabilitation Allen, D.L. Accounting Allgaier, K.E. Social Work Amaditz. S.M. Nursing Amorose, B.A. Communications Media Amorose, C.A. Accounting Anderl, L.J. Accounting Anderson D.L. Dietetics Anderson, E.C. Business Administration Andrle, D.A. Accounting Andzellk, R.B. Geology Argyros, A. Distributive Education Armor, B.J. Speech Pathology Audiology Armrose, C.P. Elementary Education Armstrong, L.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Arteritano, T.S. Safety Management Ash, M.H. Sociology Psychology Aspen, J.C. Accounting Asterino, K.L. Management Into Systems Atencio, O.E. Business Administration Aucker, J.M. Biology Aye, P.L. Dietetics B Babeji, D.J. Political Science Pre-Law Bahno, A.M. Natural Science Baier, M.L. Art Baker, A. Speech Pathology Audiology Baldrige, M.L. Nutrition Education Balint, M.H. Psychology Sociology Balitsk, D.A. Health Physical Education Balkey, M. Consumer Services Ballinger, D.K. Safety Management Balzer, T.E. Business Education Banker, D.P. Business Administration Barber, J.L. History Barkofsky, D.A. Management Info Systems Barnett. K.A. International Studies Barnes, M.F. Psychology Barnhart, G.L. Music Education Barto, R.A. Home Economics Education Bartoli, L.A. Management Info Systems Bartoszewicz, M.A. Environmental Health Bartrug, C.J. Music Bashore, S. Sociology Batson, M.F. Speech Pathology Audiology Baumgratz, S.M. Finance Baxmeier, S.C. Dietetics Baxter, A.F. Safety Management Beggs, J.E. Criminology Behr, K.A. Mathematics ' Criminology Behrends, M.A. Management Info. Systems Beller, J. A. Business Administration Ben, S.D. Biology BenantI, D.E. Elementary Education Bencetic, T.M. Speech Pathology Audioiogy Bendinelli, L.F. Criminology Banner, J.E. Mathematics Benz, C.W. Management Info Systems Berkey, L.E. Home Economic Education Bernat, D.M. Criminology Berrie, R.J. Communications Media Berue, A.B. Nutrition Education Bess, D.A. Consumer Services Best, S.J. Nutrition Education Dietetics Bier, S.J. Studio Art BIgler, D.J. Sociology Criminology BIlby, R.A. Health Physical Education Bllger, C.L. English 272 282 282 251 262 282 262 251 282 269 262 251 251 272 251 251 278 251 262 262 262 269 282 251 251 251 278 272 282 278 267 262 272 278 269 272 269 251 251 282 251 278 267 282 272 278 267 251 282 262 251 272 269 282 278 251 251 278 262 262 282 278 251 272 282 262 272 272 272 267 282 269 282 Billy, P.M. Music Education Bisholf, K.M. Computer Science Black, G.D. Music Education Black, M.H. Safety Sciences Blakely, K.E. Consumer Services Blashford, S.J. Criminology Bloch, J.L. Fine Arts Bocklus, T.A. Special Education Bogle, R.M. Management Info Systems Bohn, K.R. Marketing Management Info. Systems Bohn, S.K. Computer Science Bonitz, L. Journalism Bonner, D.L. Speech Pathology Audioiogy Borerlo, J. A. Accounting Bostic, R.J. Marketing Boucher, L.B. Marketing Bovan, M.R. Management Info Systems Bower, K.A. Criminology Sociology Bowman, R.L. Management Info Systems Bowser, K.D. Criminology Boyer, A.J. Nursing Boyer, C.L. Consumer Services Boyer, R.F. Environmental Health Boylan, J.M. Criminology Boynton, L.J. Consumer Services Interior Design Bozich, T.R. Criminology Bradley, M.A. Criminology Bradshaw, C.A. Interior Design Business Administration Brady, T.M. Marketing Brandt, L.A. Consumer Services Brant, R.S. Journalism Braunegg, K.L. Management Info Systems Bretim, D.L. Business Administration Marketing Brehm, L.A. English Brennan, F.X. Computer Science Brenneisen, J.R. Nutrition Education Dietetics Brightblll, K.D. Dietetics Brody, M.B. Music Education Brooks, J.L. Accounting Brown, A.L. Accounting Brown, A.M. Dietetics Brown, C.S. Business Administration Marketing Brown, E.C. Business Administration Marketing Brown, L.A. Accounting Brown, P.E. Criminology Browneller, S.K. Home Economic Education Brulia, O.E. Music Bryan, M.A. Marketing Bucher, P.G. Management Info Systems Business Administration Buckanheimer, D.W. Marketing Buczek, C.A. Respiratory Therapy Buono, R.S. Management Info Systems Burdette, T.L. Distributive Education Burlch, T.G. Business Administration Marketing Burke, M.J. Criminology Burzese, D.A. Elementary Education Byrnes, R.J. Safety Management 267 278 267 269 272 282 267 262 251 251 278 282 262 251 251 251 251 282 251 282 269 272 278 282 272 282 282 272 251 272 282 251 251 282 278 272 272 267 251 251 272 252 252 252 282 272 267 252 252 252 269 252 252 252 282 262 269 Caesar, R.L. Sociology Canuti, A.B. Business Management Caperelli, J.M. Journalism CaprlottI, T.H. Management Info Systems Carey, P. A. Food Service Management Carl, S.J. Business Education Carmack, R.E. Accounting Carson. T.L. Criminology Carter, C.E. Applied Mathematics Cartmell, R.A. Accounting Cartwright, K.J. Marketing Carvella, R.P. Business Management Castriota, M.E. Food Service Management Chamberlain, J.M. Accounting Chaney, D.M. Nursing Chaplin, C.J. Nursing Charney, C.R. Geoscience 282 252 282 252 272 252 252 282 278 252 252 252 272 252 269 269 278 289 Chese, R.L. Business Marketing Chick, L.D. Psychology Churchel, L.E. Business Administration Cihonski, D.L. Computer Science Clark, D.J. Elementary Education Clark, S.R. Food Service Management Clayton, D.R. Criminology Clifford, D.J. Political Science Pre-Law Cobb, A.G. English Coccodrllll, T.M. Nutrition Education Dietetics Cochrane, P.L. Consumer Services Coennen, C.A. Criminology ColalzzI, P. A. Management Info. Systems Colbert, G.M. Criminology Colecchia, A.J. Speech Pathology Audiology Coleman, D.G. Criminology Collins, R.W. Psychology Conca, G.A. Criminology Conklln, B.L. Elementary Education Conklin, B.A. Journalism Conklln, J.J. Safety Sciences Connelly, C. Business Administration Connelly, J.R. Journalism Conway, M.J. Social Science Education Conway, M.J. Music Education Coologhan, K.D. Consumer Services Cooper, D.C. Computer Science Corbin, S.A. Elementary Education Cordoba, D.T. Economics Marketing Corsi, F.A. Music Education Corte, B.K. Consumer Services Costa. G.E. Marketing Coulter, J.R. Biology Covin, S.H. Management Info Systems Cox, R.G. Criminology Coyle, L.A. Business Marketing Craig, R.J. Biology Craver, J.K. Education of Exceptional Children Crawford, L.A. Food Service Management Creamer, B.J. Marketing Management Cree, C.A. Consumer Services Cressley, S.L. Home Economics Education Crisman, E.K. Theatre Crista, M.G. Psychology Chemistry Crittendon, J.L. Journalism Croke, P.L. Biology Cronenberger, C.L. Dietetics Crowley, R.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Culver, C.L. Food Service Management Cummings, J.W. Marketing Management Cupps, A.L. Dietetics Curry, J.A. Criminology Daily, D.C. Business Marketing Daley, M.E. Dietetics Danek, B.A. Business Administration Daniels, J.A. Business Administration D ' Antonio, W.M. Food Service Management Dauster, K.M. Accounting Management Info. Systems Davies, K.R. Psychology Davis, M.C. Sociology Davis, N.M. Regional Planning Dawes, A.K. Consumer Services Dawso, K.J. Nursing Decker, Z.P. Computer Science Dellavecchio, B.J. Speech Pathology Audiology DeLuca, R.J. Marketing DeMarIa, L. Elementary Education DePasquale, D.A. Biology DePrator, C.M. Mathematics Education Derby, C.A. Criminology Derr, M.L. Consumer Services Business Administration Desmond, D.L. Criminology Oever, K.M. Interior Design Devin, A.E. Housing and Interior Design DIBrldge, L. Health Physical Education DIdonato, R.A. Fine Arts Dill, K.M. Accounting Dillon, S.J. Accounting DInzeo, D.A. Nursing Donaldson, C.B. Criminology Donnelly, J.F. Education of Exceptional Children Doody, P. A. Criminology 252 278 252 278 262 272 282 282 283 272 272 283 252 283 262 283 278 283 262 283 269 252 283 262 267 272 278 262 283 267 272 252 278 252 283 252 278 262 272 252 272 272 267 278 283 278 273 262 273 252 273 283 252 273 252 252 273 252 278 283 283 273 269 278 262 253 262 278 278 283 273 283 273 273 269 267 253 253 269 283 262 283 Doris, J.N. Music Education Douglass, M.A. Personnel Management Business Administration Doyle, C.M. Biology Drescher, K.J. Nursing Dressman, M.L. Food Service Management Dristas, A.M. Consumer Services Drumming, S. Business Management Dubensky, T.L. Elementary Education Duda, T.E. Consumer Services Dunbar, K.L. Economics Mathematics Dunlap, M. Consumer Services Dunlap, T.L. Business Marketing Dunlay, D.L. Accounting Dunst, B.J. Biology Dusch, M. Elementary Education Dykstra, J.M. Home Economics Education Eager, E.A. Accounting Eberly, C.W. Computer Science Eckelbarger, C.M. Elementary Education Eckrenrod, R.A. Mathematics Education Edmunds, D.B. English Egan, M.T. Marketing Egan, N.S. Business Administration Personnel Management Ehmann, S.A. Accounting Elffler, D.A. Food Service Management Graphic Design Accounting Marketing Accounting End, T.J. Management Info. Systems Erdie, S.A. Nursing Erekosima, I. A. Biology Erzen, C.T. Food Service Management Esposlto, D.M. Biology Evans, D.M. Criminology Evans, M.C. Marketing Elcan, K.A. Elgin, L.A. Elliott, L.A. Emge, J.R. Falvo, D.V. Management Info Systems Fanale, K.M. Education of Exceptional Children Feathers, R.P. Criminology Fenstermacher, D.B. Education of Exceptional Children Ferlic, J. P. Communications Media Ferrara, J.V. Dietetics Ferrari, J.A. Music Education Ferree, D.T. Economics Ferren, K.T. Accounting Figore, D.M. Consumer Services FInley, L.L. Education of Exceptional Children FIrestine, L.A. Criminology Firth, K.J. Nursing FIschman, S.L. Special Education Fisher, C.R. Accounting Fix, B.L. Accounting Flatherty, T.E. Marketing Flavin, P. A. Consumer Services Fleming, S.M. Elementary Education Fleming, S.M. Journalism Flick, C.L. Health Physical Education Flickinger, V.A. Sociology Foltz, L.L. Accounting Fontana. C.A. Consumer Services Ford, P.D. Nursing Foster, R.L. Home Economics Education Foster, W.L. Mine Safety Engineering Foust, D.R. Journalism Fowler, C.A. Education of Exceptional Children Frank, A.B. Art Education Frank, M.L. Criminology Frank, P. A. Management Info Systems Frantz, B.A. Psychology Sociology Fraser, C.L. Business Administration Marketing Fred, F.L. Marketing Fredrick, P.J. Mine Safety Frendzel, B.J. Journalism Fryberger, J.A. Management Frymire, G.L. Marketing German lnternational Studies Frymoyer, J.M. Special Education Fuga, I.M. Business Marketing Fullmer, L.D. Home Economics Consumer Services 267 253 278 269 273 273 253 262 273 283 273 253 253 278 262 273 253 278 262 279 283 253 253 253 273 267 253 253 253 253 269 279 273 279 283 253 253 262 283 262 262 273 267 283 253 273 263 283 269 263 253 253 253 273 263 283 269 283 253 273 269 273 269 263 283 267 283 253 279 253 253 269 283 283 253 263 253 273 290 Gallagher, E.W. Accounting Gallagher. J. Rehabilitation Galmarini, S.A. Education of Exceptional Children Galutia, R.R. Safety Management Galzerano, T.M. Medical Technology Gamache, N.F. Journalism Gandache. S.A. Computer Science Garcia, L.A. Dietetics Gariano, C.L. Journalism Garofalo. R. Criminology Garrett. M.K. Journalism Garver, T.R. Accounting Gasper. S.L. Consumer Services Gaus, S.J. Marketing Gaydos, R. Elementary Education Gazza. R.J. Accounting Gdula, B.M. Elementary Education Gebrosky. M.A. Management Info Systems Gephart. K.A. Business Accounting Geremsky. P.D. Geology Gerstacker, K.L. Dietetics Nutrition Education Giegerich. K.A. Accounting Gilbert. J.L. An Education Gilfoyle. D.P. Fine Arts Gilleran, R.E. Geology Gilliland, S.M. Personnel Management Gingrow. A.E. Finance Gladysiewski, T.M. Home Economics Education Glenn. D.L. Marketing Prelaw Glovas. K.A. Journalism Gniefkowski. B.L. Office Administration Goetz. J. A. Political Science Pre-Law Gogots, L.B. Regional Planning Golden, C.E. Journalism Goldstein, D. Dietetics Golias, P.J. Personnel Management Gonda, L.A. Elementary Education Gonos, D.A. Management Info Systems Good, N.D. Criminology Goodenow, T.M. Safety Science Gorchesky, M.S. Biology Pre-Med Gould, S.A. Dietetics Food Service Management Gourley, L.T. Journalism Gozzard. E.J. English Education Grant. B.J. Accounting Green, R.A. Computer Science Gregory, P.L. Management Info Systems Gresh, C.K. Business Education Grimm, S.E. Accounting Gross, M.E. Business Administration Gross, S.L. Criminology Groves, C.L. Consumer Services Gruber, J.S. Marketing Grundstrom, B.M. International Studies Guarino, R.F. English Guild, D.A. An Education GulemI, R. International Studies Gumpf, G.K. Business Administration Gurlngo, J. A. Consumer Services Interior Design Guzzo, J. A. Personnel Management 253 263 263 269 269 283 279 273 284 284 284 253 273 253 263 254 263 254 254 279 273 254 267 267 279 254 254 273 254 284 254 284 284 284 273 254 263 254 284 269 279 273 284 284 254 279 254 254 254 254 284 273 254 284 284 267 284 254 273 254 H Harris, L.E. Marketing Harting, L.A. Journalism Hauze, G.E. Physics Hawkins, C.A. Nursing Hawthorne, W.S. Mathematics Hazelett, J.R. Managment Info Systems Business Administration Heagy, B.A. Education of Exceptional Children Heftern, R.L. Criminology Helges, N.A. Health Physical Education Helshman, T.S. Nursing Hench. R.A. Marketing Hendricks, K.B. Marketing Henry, P.O. Business Marketing Herbenick, M. Management Info Systems Herbst, C.E. Education of Exceptional Children Herman, D.M. Health Physical Education Hess, S.M. Safety Science Hetzel, J.C. Food Service Management Heueran, K.M. Dietetics Hewitt, T.S. Accounting HIckey, J.M. Health Physical Education Hickson, R.N. Anthropology History Highlands. R.R. Special Education Hllbrecht, C.A. Consumer Services Hlleman. B.S. Special Education Hill, L.T. Speech Pathology Audiology Hill, R.G. Safety Management HImmelrelch, R.A. Speech Pathology Audiology HItesman, S.K. Sociology Social Work Hodges, L.K. Criminology Hodgson, J. A. Criminology Hodovanlch, M.P. Criminology Holdren, J.F. Business Administration Holland, D.J. Sociology Hollen, A.L. Education of Exceptional Children Holilhan, B.J. Journalism Holmes. W.A. Dietetics Nutrition Education Hoist, K.E. Biology Honeck, T.L. Criminology; Psychology Hoover, A.J. Accounting Hoover, J.J. Criminology Hopkins, K.A. Personnel Management Horrell, L.J. Criminology Howell, H.D. Criminology Psychology Hrycyk, M.J. Personnel Management Hsueh, M. Accounting Hubbard. G.D. Criminology Huber. J.M. Computer Science Hughes. P.E. Business Administration Finance Humensky. C.L. Journalism Hunsicker. T.M. Marketing Hunt. S.R. Business Administration Hunter. J.L. Elementary Education Hurd. T.W. Health Physical Education Hursh. J.J. Elementary Education Hutsko. J.M. Business Administration Hutter. B.C. Nursing Hyde, J. A. Accounting Ifudu, O.F. Dietetics Impink. D.L. Computer Science Ingram, S.D. Speech Pathology Audiology Irion. M.A. Marketing Isherwood. S.C. Environmental Health Ivanoff. V.G. Business Administration 254 284 279 269 279 254 263 284 270 270 254 254 254 254 263 270 270 274 274 255 270 284 263 274 263 263 270 263 284 284 284 284 255 284 263 284 274 279 284 255 284 255 284 284 255 255 284 279 255 285 255 255 263 270 263 255 270 255 274 279 263 255 279 255 Hackett, J.S. Criminology Haddox, C.A. Consumer Services Haga. N. Sociology Halght, J.M. Safety Management Hall, A.M. Elementary Education Hall, L.D. Speech Pathology Audiology Hallstrom, S.A. Finance Hambleton, T.J. An Hamlin, B.J. R espiratory Therapy Haney, T.F. Business Administration Harbach, J.M. Personnel Management Harkins. D.S. Business Management Harned, P.E. Accounting Harner, C.A. Dietetics Nutrition Education Harpster, D.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Harr, K.L. Accounting Harris, E.L. Home Economics Consumer Services Harris, J. Health Physical Education 284 274 284 269 263 263 254 267 269 254 254 254 254 274 263 254 274 269 Elementary Education Jackson, D.L. Elementary Education Jacobs. M.L. Consumer Services Jacobson. M.A. Consumer Services Jahoda. K.A. Accounting Jakopac. C. English Education Jankowski. M.J. Elementary Ed Jarrup. M.E. Music Education Johnson. C.A. English Johnston. M.A. Elementary Education Jommersbach. J. A. Safety Management Jones. D.W. Marketing Jones. L.A. Criminology Jones, M.S. Marketing Economics Jordan. C.B. Economics Josephs, D.K. Psychology Sociology 263 274 274 255 285 263 267 285 263 270 255 285 255 285 279 291 K Kachman, S.M. Marketing Kahle. S.J. Nursing Kaniuk. S. Office Administration Kastner. S.H. Criminology Theatre Kaufman, J.L. Accounting Kay, J.V. Criminology Keating, L.A. Journalism Keefer, S.V. Elementary Education Keel, A. P. Education of Exceptional Children Kehr, K.M. Accounting Keller, J.T. Natural Sciences Pre-Dent. Kelley, M.B. Biology Kellner, L.A. Business Administration Accounting Kelly, E.L. Marketing Kelly, G.L. Criminology Kemper. T.S. Consumer Services Kennedy, R.D. Marketing Kephart, L.A. Consumer Services KIbler, M.R. Political Science Kilyk, K.A. Personnel Management Kinch, P.L, Business Education King, D.A. Elementary Education Kirchner, CM. Business Administration Kirchner, S.B. Anthropology Kittrell, C.A. Marketing Klatte, W.K. Music Education Kline. B.A. Consumer Services Klinefelter, J.D. Business Management Klugh, A.E. Education of Exceptional Children Knaus. K.L. Journalism Knepp, D.S. Elementary Education Koeneke. R.W. Criminology Kohan, K.M. Accounting Kohan, R,F. Applied Mathemat. s Kolarik, K.L. Personnel Management Kolesar, M.E. Criminology Konechny, K.J. Communications Media Konkol, A.C. Engish Konkol, M.M. Home Economics Konwick, N.L. Elementary Education Kovach, D.M. Criminology Kovacic, J. Speech Pathology Audiology Kovacs, E.H. Dietetics Koval. D.M. Marketing Kovalchik, L.L. Nursing Krall, B.J. Government Public Service Kraslnski, M.M. Studio Art Krause, A.R. Nursing Krauss, D.A. Criminology Kreh, T.L. Accounting Kress, L.L. Accounting Krevolln, S.J. Elementary Education Krise, S.E. Marketing Kristofco, S.M. Consumer Services Kruszka, K, Criminology Kudllk, M.L. Dietetics Kuklch, M.M. Management Info Systems Kulasa, D. Journalism Kulp, D.L. Consumer Services Kupar, S.M. Criminology Kutschbach, S.M. Marketing Laberteaux, J. A. Psychology Lamb. K.L. Business Administration Finance Lambert, R.G. Business Administration Lambing, M.L. Elementary Education Lang, M.R. Business Administration Marketing Lare, L.A. Elementary Education Larimer, G.L. Safety Management Latherow, L.C. Personnel Management Lauda, N.S. Music Education Laughlln, J.E. Elementary Education Laughner, P.J. Nutrition Lavra, M.M. Nursing Lazor, D. Accounting Lazor, L.Z. Rehabilitation Lazor, R. Accounting Leamer, S.D. Home Economics Education Leary, M.C. Accounting Ledgerwood, J.A. Home Economics Education 255 270 255 285 255 285 285 263 263 255 279 279 255 255 285 274 255 274 285 255 255 263 255 285 255 267 274 255 263 285 264 285 255 279 255 285 264 285 274 264 285 264 274 256 270 285 267 270 285 256 256 264 256 274 285 274 256 285 274 285 256 279 256 256 264 256 264 270 256 267 264 274 270 256 264 256 274 256 274 Lee, A.E. Business Administration Marketing Lee, W.T. Criminology Legan, T.M. Accounting Leichf, R.M. Home Economics Education Leilock, N. Criminology Leonard, M. Geology Leonard, T.J. Criminology LeshlnskI, J.M. Criminology Sociology Letterio, N. Accounting LeVler, J.K. Business Education Levy, S.M. Economics Education Lewis, N.A. Marketing Lieb, S.A. Dietetics Food Service Management Link, J. G. History LInkoskI, T.J. Accounting Linton, L.A. Art LIpovlch, J.A. Dietetics Food Service Management LIscinsky, G. Journalism Lonchar, G.L. Home Economics Education Long, C.D. Journalism Long, K.A. Music Education Long, K.J. Criminology Longlose, M. Accounting Lontz, D.M. Criminology Losco, R.L. Anthropology Louderback, L.A. Music Education Lougee, R.S. Computer Science Lozinski, P. A. Medical Technology Lucas, P.E. Marketing Lulsl, L. Biology Luksik, G.L. Nursing Lunn, P.O. Food Service Management Lunney, E.P. Geology Luplnl, W.H. Distributive Education Lupo, J.J. Management Info Systems Lyden, P. A. Special Education 256 285 256 274 285 279 285 285 256 256 285 256 274 285 256 267 274 285 274 285 267 285 256 286 286 267 279 270 256 279 270 274 279 256 256 264 M Mack, D.W. Criminology 286 Mai, J.L. Education of Exceptional Children 264 Majernik, W.R. Criminology Accounting 286 Malush, C.A. Criminology 286 Mansfield, M.S. Accounting 256 Manzlak, A. A. Safety Management 270 Marchezak, M.A. Dietetics 274 Margrat, M.M. Speech Pathology Audiology 264 Marlon, M.A. Pre-Dent 279 Marker, J. P. Education of Exceptional Children 264 Marquardt, K.A. Consumer Services 274 Marshall. S.W. Computer Services 279 Marsico, E.M. Psychology 279 Martin, A. Criminology 286 Masar, M.M. Journalism 286 Mascia, J.A. Elementary Education 264 Massatra, G.M. Consumer Services 274 Masters, A. L. Psychology Sociology 279 Mastrangelo, F.M. Criminology 286 Matchulel, M.C. Elementary Education 264 Matesic, J.W. Business Administration 256 Maydick, J.J. Business Administration 256 McBride, P.L. Art 267 McCaffrey, N.J. Elementary Education 264 McCarthy, P.F. Management Info Systems Business Administration 256 McClelland, N.L. Finance 256 McClung, D. Speech Pathology Audiology 264 McCormick, L.E. Business Administration 256 McCoy, M.B. Health Physical Education 270 McCrossen. E.J. Marketing 256 McCulloch, D.A. Business Administration 257 McDonald, R.J. Personnel Management 257 McDonough, F.M. Health Physical Education 270 McDowell, H.A. Regional Planning 286 McFeeley, C.S. Dietetics 274 McGee. M.R. Nursing 270 McGIII, K.A. Dietetics 275 McKee, L.E. Special Education 264 McKeegan, K.A. Physics 279 McKnIght, M.J. Criminology 286 McLaughlin, N.V. Education of Exceptional Children 264 McNaughton, S.J. Speech Pathology Audiology 264 Mehallick, M.L. Consumer Services 275 Mellchar, J.L. Music Education 267 Mentch, D.L. Applied Mathematics 279 Mercurio, J.J. Safety Sciences 270 292 Merilli, K.A. Accounting Merkert, D.L. Biology Mertz, M.B. Criminology Miale, L.E. Psychology Michaux, G.H. Elementary Education Michel, J.R. French Miller, D.G. Political Science Miller, D.M. Safety Management Miller, D.L. Business Education Miller, H.E. Economics Miller, K.M. Education of Exceptional Children Minarclk, N.L. Marketing Minarich, J.M. Personnel Management Miner, G.E. Spanish Criminology Minjock, G.M. Marketing Misenhelter, L.L. Business Education Miseyka. F.W. Accounting Mitchell, C.G. Biology Mltcho, K.L. Home Economics Education English Accounting Dietetics Elementary Education Nursing Moore, J. Special Education Moore, U.S. Business Accounting Moore, T.L. Dietetics Morandlnl, J.L. Journalism Morgan, M.B. Elementary Education Morris, H.D. Health Physical Education Morrison, P. A. Computer Science Morrow, R.L. Accounting Mort, S.L. Criminology Moshos, P.E. Elementary Education Mosur, D.J. Accounting Finance Mottola, M.P. Management Info, Systems Business Administration Mouser, E.M. Mine Safety Moy, M.E. Accounting Mueller, M.B. Consumer Services Mulr, R.W. Music Mulcahey. M. Political Science Murray, K.A. Nursing Musser, E.A. Art Education Musthaler, B.R. Management Info Systems Myers, D.L. Finance Accounting Myford, C.L. Management Info Systems Finance Mitton, A.R. Mohr, C.A. Molnar, K.A. Molter, S.J. Moore, D.L. N Nardone, J.D. Criminology History Naugle, D.P. Applied Mathematics Navage, S.L. Consumer Services Needleman, G.J. Criminology PreLaw Neely, B.A. Home Economics Education Neilson, M.E. Accounting Management Info Systems Nelson, D.S. Journalism Neral, C.J. Computer Science Nevllls, W.J. Criminology Newcomer, D.L. Journalism Newell, R.W. Marketing Accounting Newfleld, S.M. Fine Arts Music Education Nicholson, G.A. Elementary Education Nikonow, K.J. Nursing Nipps, C.L. Speech Pathology Audiology Nixon, O.J. Nutrition Education Dietetics Nixon, D.P. Criminology Nocco, L.M. Office Administration Noecker, B.J. Accounting Noel, M.R. Accounting Nolan, J.F. Accounting Noone, P.J. Criminology Pre-Law Nussbaum, A.O. Education of Exceptional Children ObenskI, B.A. Food Service Management O ' Byrne, K.M. Business Administration O ' Donnell, D.A. Psychology Sociology O ' Leary, K.F. Communications Media dinger, M.L. Elementary Education OIkowskI, L.M. Consumer Services Psychology OnodI, K.A. Marketing Orauets, C.A. Personnel Management OreskI, M.K. Consumer Services OsekowskI, L.A. Business Accounting Ostroska, F.E. Accounting 267 280 286 280 264 286 286 270 257 257 264 257 257 286 257 257 257 280 275 286 257 275 264 270 264 257 275 286 264 270 280 257 286 264 257 257 270 257 275 268 286 270 268 257 257 257 286 280 275 286 275 257 286 280 286 286 257 268 264 270 264 275 286 257 257 257 257 286 264 275 257 280 264 265 275 257 257 275 257 257 Palmer, M.D. Nursing Palmiscno, J.M. Speech Therapy Pappas, G. Food Service Management Parson, S.E. Consumer Services Passerini, V.L. Consumer Services Pavlick, J.C. Marketing Business Administration Paytas, A.M. English Pre-Law Pearce. K.L. Accounting Pearce, N.L. Nursing Pecenak, C.A. Journalism Peirce, B.A. Management Info Systems Pellegrino. S.M. Marketing Pensyl, G.L. Safety Management Perdeus, M. Speech Pathology Audiology Pero, K.L. Education of Exceptional Children Peters. S.K. Art Education Petruzzo, S.E. Speech Pathology Audiology Piatak, T.M. Health Physical Education Pilot, E.M. Consumer Services Pina, S.R. Food Service Management Pinnix, M.B. Communications Media Plesh, B.A. Mathematics Education Podgurski, G.A. Management Info. Systems Polak, D.L. Food Service Management Poncheone, L. Sociology Popchak, C. Consumer Services Porreca, R.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Porter, B.A. Elementary Education Porzucek, A.M. Communications Media Powers, M.A. Elementary Education Provonche, R.A. Marketing Pschlrer, J. A. Dietetics Nutrition Education Pullce, T.R. Elementary Education Puskar, J.S. Government Public Service Q Qualk, C.L. Distributive Education Queen, P.S. Nursing Quinn, D.A. Accounting Raab, L.E. Consumer Services Raabe, M.C. Safety Management Radio, J. A. Business Administration Rager, T.J. Speech Pathology Audiology Rajtik, L.S. Music Education Rakestraw, L.L. Journalism Ranck, D.A. Food Service Management Ranieri, A.E. History Rankin, C.J. Rehabilitation Ratica, D.M. Nursing Ray, J.E. Business Administration Marketing Ray, J.M. Marketing Ray, L.E. Special Education Reese, J.L. Dietetics Rehar, J. A. Consumer Services Reichel, M.E. Criminology Reinhart, N.E. Dietetics Nutrition Education Reish, K.E. Food Service Managment Reitz, R.C. Criminology Rematt, S.L. Elementary Education Resnik. CM. Elementary Education Reutz, L.J. Education of Exceptional Children Reynolds, P.J. Regional Planning Reynolds, R.M. Food Service Management Rhein, J.E. Education of Exceptional Children Rhodes, T.L. Rehabilitation Rice, D.A. Computer Science Rice, D.L. Computer Science Rice, J.R. Business Administration Personnel Management Richards, J.E. Chemistry Richardson, W.R. Computer Science Richmond, J.M. Criminology Ricketts, M.L. Nursing Riddle, M.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Rieg, M.A. Social Studies Education Riley, E.M. Business Education Rising, C.L. Safety Management 270 265 275 275 275 258 286 258 270 286 258 258 270 265 265 268 265 271 275 275 265 280 258 275 286 275 265 265 265 265 258 275 265 286 258 271 258 275 271 258 265 268 286 275 287 265 271 258 258 265 275 275 287 275 275 287 265 265 265 287 275 265 265 280 280 258 280 280 287 271 265 287 258 271 293 Rlzzo, M.G. Marketing Rlzzo, S. French Roberts, V.A. Fine Arts Robinson, A. Business ' Personnel Management Rocca, M.S. Criminology Rocco, J.J. Health Physical Education Rock, C.L. Elementary Education Rodgers, L.M. Special Education Rodgers, T.J. Management Info. Systems Rohr, P. A. Consumer Services Rohrbeck, P.J. Music Education Roland, D.L. Criminology Roland, P. French Roman, E.M. Speech Pathology Audiology Romanchock, K.E. Art Education Roslnko, A.J. Accounting Ross, S.A. Dietetics Rossi, B.A. Elementary Education Roth, J.M. Accounting Rothrock, C.L. Business Education Rowader, M.D. Consumer Services Rowader, S.M. Elementary Education Rozsas. P.B. Personnel Management Rudel, B.H. History Rudov. W.L. Marketing Ruff, A.G. Criminology Rumbaugh, M.A. Environmental Health Rumbaugh, T.R. Marketing RutkowskI, C.E. Criminology Sablk, J.L. Accounting Saich, B.A. Accounting Saloka, K.L. Nursing Sanflllppo, K.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Santinocefo, C.J. Accounting Santone, D.C. Journalism Saplenza, T.A. Elementary Education Sapko. G.A. Accounting Sasala, J.M. Business Education Sauers, D.K. Criminology Sauerzopf, M.A. Management Info Systems Savarno, E.B. Biology Scalo, J.D. Marketing ScarnatI, E.M. Food Service Management Accounting Personnel Management English K.W. Music Education Business Administration Marketing .E. Accounting Accounting Dietetics Music Education Scarpa, W.J. Schalble, K.D. Schmidt, M.M. Schnelderhan, Schock, J.R. Schockling, G. Schran, K.H. Schrock, T.A. Schroeck, K.M. Schroeder, S.A. Food Service Management Schulte, J.J. Criminology Schwelch, J. A. Marketing Sclalabba, A.J. Business Administration Sconing, J. A. Business Administration Scott, P.D. Journalism Sebastian, R.M. Consumer Services Sedlacek, P. A. Accounting Business Administration Selp, R.D. Consumer Services Selring, D.L. Biology Sestlna, D.R. History Education Seyler, S.D. Nutrition Education Shaffer, C.R. Dietetics Shaloka, S. Nursing Shankel, J.V. Accounting Sharick, S.M. Accounting Sharp, S.E. Marketing Sheaffer, T.L. Mathematics Shema, L.J. Personnel Management Sherman, M.L. Communications Media Sherry, K.L. Special Education Shirey, K. Consumer Services Shiring, S.B. Food Service Management Shivitz, D.M. Biology Shockey. G.S. Consumer Services Shoemaker, F.A. Dietetics Short, M.A. Elementary Education Shultz, B.J. Consumer Services Shumaker, P.L. Dietetics Food Service Management Shuster, R.B. Management Info. Systems Sideris, J.C. Physics 258 287 268 258 287 271 265 265 258 275 268 287 287 265 268 258 275 265 258 258 275 265 258 287 258 287 280 258 287 258 258 271 265 258 287 265 258 258 287 258 280 258 276 258 259 287 268 259 259 259 276 268 276 287 259 259 259 287 276 259 276 280 265 276 276 271 259 259 239 280 259 265 265 276 276 280 276 276 266 276 276 259 280 Slack, T.J. Slick, C.S. Slobodlan, . Small. L.D. Smiley ' , J.J. Smith, D.L. Smith, K.A. Smith. L.G. Smith. L.K. Smith, M.E. Smith, R.L. Smith, S.L. Smith, S.E. Simmermon, L.A. Education of Exceptional Children Simone, D.R. Business Administration Accounting Simons, J.L. Business Education Simonson, P.C. Social Sciences Simpson, R.C. Criminology Sinclair, D.T. Accounting Six, R.J. English Skinner, L.T. Nursing Skoletsky, B.D. Management Info Systems Marketing Business Administration Marketing J. A. Consumer Services Communications Media Journalism Environmental Health Economics Criminology Social Science Education Dietetics Economics Elementary Education Biology Sneddon, J.G. Criminology Snell. E.A. Dietetics Snyder. D.R. Management Info Systems Snyder, R.A. Consumer Services Sobek, S.A. Criminology Sochoka. S.L. Management Info Systems Solinger, R.i. Environmental Health Sollenberger, B.M. Elementary Education Sommariva, C.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Sommer, M.H. Rehabilitation Spagnola. L.M. Finance Spangler, R.L. Management Info Systems Speedy, D.I. Accounting Spence, R. Music Education Spielvogel, K.W. Health Physical Education Sprung, M.L. Criminology Stack. M.G. Criminology Steege, H.T. English Steimer, E.M. Art Studio Steinbacher, P. A. Music Steinbugl, E.M. Mathematics Education Steinhauer, P. A. Education of Exceptional Children Stelma, M.J. Mathematics Education Stemann, L. Personnel Management Stepanik, R.B. Management Info Systems Stephens, T.M. Education of Exceptional Children Stepp, N.M. Criminology Stevens, K.D. English Journalism Stevenson, D.A. Marketing Stewart, D.S. Accounting Stewart, L.K. Nursing Stewart, R.S. Accounting Stivenson, B.I. Business Administration Marketing Stoner, D.A. Business Administration Straub, G.F. Marketing Strosser, L.A. Consumer Services Sfrouse, S.L. Psychology Stuart, N.J. Home Economics Consumer Services Stura, G.P. Consumer Services Styfurak, D.A. Biology Sullivan, D.M. Environmental Health Suckling, J.D. Fine Arts Summit, L.L. Business Administration Marketing Susko, A.E. Psychology Swanson, L.J. Personnel Management Szenyo, J.F. Elementary Education Szoke, G.P. Criminology Szymanski, R.A. Business Education Taddeo, D.L. Dietetics Talso, L.M. Consumer Services Tascarella, M.J. Medical Technology Tate, M.M. Journalism Accounting Consumer Services Home Economics Regional Planning Management Info. Systems Business Administration Consumer Services Taylor, J.S. Taylor, L.A. Taylor, M.L. Telesz, C.L. Thibault, L.H. Thoman, G.S. English Pre-Law Thomas, J. Finance Thomas, R.K. Safety Science 266 259 259 287 287 259 287 271 259 259 259 276 266 287 280 287 287 287 276 287 266 280 287 276 259 276 287 259 280 266 266 266 259 259 259 268 271 287 287 288 268 268 266 266 280 259 259 266 288 288 259 259 271 259 259 260 260 276 280 276 276 280 280 268 260 280 260 266 288 260 276 276 271 288 260 276 288 260 276 288 260 271 294 Thompson. J. A. Personnel Management Thornton, C.S. Criminology Timpano, J.S. Safety Science Toole, D.W. Marketing Torrero, B.A. Dietetics Tosi, B.J. Consumer Services Trach. D.R. Accounting Tranchini. D.M. Office Administration Accounting Travitz. R.P. Biology Pre-Med Trinkley, S.A. Journalism Trolano, K.S. Speech Pathology Audiology Trombola. M.L. Business Administration Troy. M.S. Food Service Management Home Economics Truxal. O.L. Criminology Elementary Education Music Education Communications Media Elementary Education Tysarczyk. M.A. Criminology Sociology Tyynela. S.P. Economics Tucker. S.E. Turner, M.D. Turlzer. K.A Tuscano. M. u Ubinger, R.M. Business Administration Ukv»u, B.E. Dietetics Ulsh. S.L. Finance Urso, R.M. Marketing Vasko. J.R. Regional Planning Vassallo. J.M. Accounting Veraltl. G.S. Accounting Economics Verl. L.M. Marketing Vernon. C.L. Consumer Services VIdetto. S.A. Political Science Vlsnesky, L.C. Dietetics Vroman, S.D. Management Info Systems 260 288 271 260 276 276 260 260 280 288 266 260 276 288 266 268 266 266 288 288 260 260 260 288 260 260 260 276 288 276 260 Williams. G.J. Williams. L.E. Williams. R.G. Wlllwerth. G.E. Accounting Accounting Safety Management Biology Pre-Med Wilson. B.A. Education of Exceptional Children Wilson, J,S. Nursing Wilson, K.A. Elementary Education Wilson. L.J. Nursing Wilson. S.C. Business Administration Accounting Wilson, S.G. Consumer Services Wilson. T.N. English Education WInfersteen, E.J. Home Economics Education WIsor, M.A. Home Economics Education Witt. L.A. Art Education Wohlfarth, O.K. Accounting Wolfe, C.L. Marketing Wolfe, O.K. Sociology Wolfe, S.H. Environmental Health Woodring. R.M. Nursing Worcester. C.J. Rehabilitation Education Wray. D.E. Consumer Services Wutzke. K.K. Consumer Services Wyant, D.S. Psychology Wyant, M.L. Journalism Yanlcheck. F.S. Accounting Yashlnsky, J.C. Computer Science Yasofsky, M.E. Criminology Yeager. G.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Business Administration Criminology Business Education Nursing Finance D.W. Business Education K.J. Social Work Yeager. W.A Young. D.L. Young, D.S. Young. R.G. Young. W.L. Younklns Yugovlch 260 260 271 281 266 271 266 271 260 277 288 277 277 268 261 261 288 281 271 266 277 277 281 288 261 281 288 266 261 288 261 271 261 261 288 w Wachowski, K. Health Physical Education Wagner, J,M, Speech Pathology Audiology Walker, D.L. Social Work Walker. R.B. Biology Pre-Med Walker. S.M. Consumer Services Wallenbeck. K.M. Speech Pathology Audiology Waller, M.L. Music Walllngford. D.L. Home Economics Education Walls. M.K. Sociology Walsh. L.A. Dietetics Waller. J.K. German Wansor. K.S. Environmental Health Warner. J.M. Speech Pathology Audiology Warner. L.W. Chemistry Washam. D.R. Music Education Waterkotte. B.A. Consumer Services Watterson. B.J. Home Economics Education Waugaman. D.A. Criminology Waverka, M.A. Marketing Webb. J.M. Business Administration Webb. K.S. Criminology Weber. 8. Biology Welgel. K.L. Management Info Systems Weiser. S.E. Nutrition Education Dietetics Welborn. L.A. Elementary Education Welesko. P.M. Health Physical Education Weller. E.G. Biology Wenger, P.S. Biology Wesling, J.A. Consumer Services West. J.D. Personnel Management West. J. P. Personnel Manageme nt Whalen. F.J. Geoscience White, J.A. Computer Science White. S.J. Personnel Management White. V.F. Business Administration Whitman. B.A. Home Economics Education Wiggins. CD. Elementary Education Wilbur, G.G. Medical Technology Wllkins. S.S. Speech Pathology Audiology Williams, A.D. Elementary Education Williams, A.M. Accounting 271 266 288 280 277 266 268 277 288 277 288 280 266 280 268 277 277 288 260 260 288 281 260 277 266 271 281 281 277 266 260 281 281 260 260 277 266 271 266 266 260 Zadach. C.A. Speech Pathology Audiology Zanoffi. D.A. Business Administration Zempel. D.S. Business Administration Zewe, J.A. Rehabilitation Ziek, G.D. Music Education Zimmer, A.D. Speech Pathology Audiology ZImmerly. V.S. Art Education Zimmerman, N.J. Business Administration Marketing ZItelll. T.A. Music Education Zubak. L.A. Art Studio Zuccala. D.R. Criminology Zupanl ck. P.J. Dietetics Zuzlk. D.J. Consumer Services 266 261 261 266 268 266 268 261 268 268 288 277 277 295 Look Ma, . . . It all climaxed on Saturday, May 23, 198 1 . Four years of college came to an end as the Class of 1981 gathered en masse at (filler Stadium. It was a culmination of four years of dorms, mixers, eight o ' clocks, TGIF ' s, English II papers (and English II professors), Wolfendales, long lines, and all-nighters. Family and friends helped us to remember past experiences on this special day: they shared our laughter and our tears. They joined us in saying, " WE DID IT! " 297 We Grad-gee-ated . ;-r. 7 " - ' ' v ■ 1 ' 575 Geor, 9e p ' i . 298 w. i » ■— — -— — : — tf ' - — ' — »-» - tr- fT- (T- f •• " - " ' ' niV H - 1 «% flHiB 299 Patrons Lorraine Coyle — Congratulations Lorraine. We are so proud. Love Dad and Mom. Patricia Heiple — Best wishes from Mr. and Mrs. Dean Heiple. Jim Scalo — We are so proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, Jack, Lisa, and Dan. Janice Curry — Sixteen years smart and you ' re off to a great start. Congratulations. Leslie Skinner — Congratulations Leslie. Mom, Dad, Carey, Wayne. Paul Hughes — Love and congratulations from Mom, Dad, Natalie and John. Jeanne Vasallo — You made it! We all wish you a happy and prosperous future. Dad. Jane Alexander — Congratulations Jane. Love Mom. Ron Laconi — Ron, your gift of love and devotion to your family can ' t be measured. Dawn Brehm — Congratulations on your great accomplishment. Mother and Dad. Cheryl Bradshaw — We ' re not surprised but pleased and proud! God bless. Mom ' n Dad. Karen Wallenback — Congratulations " Bunky " . A bright future awaits you. Peter K. Miller — Peter, congratulations and best wishes. Mom, Dad, and Mike. John Coultier — Buddy, best wishes, success, and good luck in all you do. Love Mom. Gerald Willwerth — Congratulations to our dear son whom we are very proud of. Mark Gebrosky — Congratulations to a job well done. Best of luck in your future career. Love Mom and Dad Gebrosky. Jeff Smeddon — We are proud of your accomplishments. We wish you all the best for your future and that you will always walk in the way of the Lord. Love always. Mom and Dad. Kathy Murray — Congratulations Kathleen. May all your dreams come true. David DePasquale — " Go for it, " David. With Love, from your family. Stephanie Gould — Congratulations and best wishes to you. Janet Barber — Our very best to you always. With love. Mom and Dad. John Shultz — Wishes of success and happiness as you walk the path of life. Margaret Baier — Congratulations! Peggy, we ' re proud of you. Love from the Coyners. George Wilbur — Best wishes for a rewarding, prosperous, successful, career. Susan Ben — Congratulations Susan! Kim Glovas — Dear Kim, we are very proud of you. Love Mom, Dad, and Mike. Karen Mitcho — Congratulations to our daughter. Mom, Dad, and Kevin. Loretta Hill — Congratulations to a wonderful daughter. May God bless and keep you. Debbie Goldstein — Jordi, love and best wishes for the future Mom, Dad, David, Lisa and Juro. Theresa Piatak — Life ' s best wishes to you Terri. From your family. 300 Patrons Joann Aspen — Congratulations Jo, Love Daddy, Mommy, and Jack. Gary Needleman — Act and think positive, and success will be positive. Joyce Gilbert — Congratulations from Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gilbert. Sue Fleming — Dear Sue, love and best wisties. Dad, Mom, Cindy, and Heidi. Kevin Bowser — Congratulations Kevin from your proud parents and Kristen Vera Roman — Vera, Congratulations on a good job done. Mom and Dad Roman. Miranda C. Davis — Miranda, continue to go forth. We are proud of you. Your famiy. Diane Trach — We knew you could do it! Congratulations from Mom and Dad Frances Selewach — To France, per aspera ad astra and love always. Mom and Popa. John Burgh — John, we are so glad you decided to be a musician. We hope you continue your playing. We are so proud of you. Your Dad and Mom. Naomi Minarcik — Congratulations Noni We are proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad. Clarence Martin — Andre, Thank you for the joy of this day. May your future be filled with God ' s Blessings. Your family. Kathy Kolarik — Kathy, Barb and all KAPPA DELTA graduatmg seniors. Carol Wiggins — Congratulations. May you have all the happiness and success in life You deserve it Love Mom. Larry Hodges — Congratulations. Much success in your life ahead. Linda Taylor — Love and best wishes for happiness and success. Mom and Dad Edward Savarno — Gradulations Ed. A job well done. On to bigger and better things. Christine Brula — Chris, we ' re so proud and happy for you. Good Luck. Love Mom and Dad. David Snyder — Congratulations to you Dave. From Mom and Dad. Sharon Tucker — Sharon, congratulations and best wishes for the future. Randy Feathers — Randy, congratulations! Mom, Dad, Nina, Scott, Julie, and Mitzi. Kathleen Dever — Somebody Special Love, M, D, T, M, J, and T. Julie Guringo — A seed has blossomed into a bouquet. Love Mom and Dad. James Barling — Congratulations Son, from both parents. Mike and Jennifer. Deb Mosur — To Deb ' s future: + light, — shadows. Love, your family. Cindy Resnik — Good luck in your teaching career. Love Mom and Dad. Carold Zadach — Congratulations! Best wishes for the future. Love Mom and Dad. Joseph Gerek — A successful, healthy, happy, wealthy future. We ' re proud of you. Kathy Bower — Congratulations Kathy. Good Luck. Love Mom, Dad, and Jeff. Carl L. Keifer Jr. — Congratulations Carl. Love Mom and Dad. Kirby Cartwright — Baby Kirby, Mom and Dad wish you much love and happiness. Marcie Konkol — Congratulations Marceleen. We ' re proud of you. Love Mom and Dad. 301 Credits Photography The majority of photography was processed and printed by Davor Photo, Inc., Bensalem, Pennsylvania. All senior portraits and group photos were taken by Davor with the exception of a few groups who preferred to submit their own or have a staff photographer take them. Some academic, Homecoming and color candids were also photographed by Davor. Team photos in the Athletics section are the work of Jim Wakefield of the lUP Public Information Office, with the exception of a few which were taken by staff photographers. The Activities Board submitted publicity photos for Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein, Smithsonian Jazz, and A Chorus Line. The Penn processed, developed and submitted photos for Molly Hatchet and Wings. All other photos not specifically mentioned were taken by staff photographers. Artwork Graphics Cover and divider design by Anita Crossland, Graphics Editor Artwork on page 1 19 transferred by Mary Clemente. Copy Opening Features Lifestyles Academics Events Groups Athletics Graduation Beth Adams with G. S. Thoman G. S. Thoman with Mark Hanson Pam Ellis with G. S. Thoman Tami Krizan and Beth Adams Beth Adams, and Sandy Kline with Joni Lee Sue Mostoller and Nonna Wahler with Beth Adams Beth Adams and G.S. Thoman with Sandy Kline G.. S. Thoman Staff Editor G.S. Thoman Secretaries Laura Longiotti Managing Editor Pam Ellis Bonnie Wood Business Managers Mark Hanson Copy Editors Beth Adams Phil Carrai Sandy Kline Mark McCall Sports Editors Kim Hamilton Promotional Managers Sue Pifer Jean Jordan Eric Pitts Activities Editors Joni Lee Dana Santone Bonnie Siegman Graphics Editors Anita Crossland Organizations Editors Sue Mostoller Mary Clemente Nonna Wahler Photographers Ed Hennemann Bobbie Pasternack Fred Switzer Linda Moeslein Gary Needleman Seniors Editors Joanne Zombotti Nafeh Abunab Tami Krizan Academic Editors Mary Fidei 302 303 i. ■ ■ s • HM Jl ' V. Volume 53 of the Oak is a student publi- cation of Indiana University of Pennsylva- nia, Pennsylvania. It fias a press run of 1000 copies. The book was printed by Herff Jones Yearbooks, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The 304 pages are printed on 80 Bordeaux paper stock bound to- gether in a 9 X 12 Smythe-sewn hardback Colophon cover with 160 point binder board. The Cover is four-color wrap Vista Litho on a white background. Endsheet stock is Tangerine EX2. All type is Helvetica with bold. Headlines are in 14, 24 and 36 point. All body copy is 10 point with the excep- tion of the opening and features sections which are 14 point. Captions are in 8 point. 304 9 1 i

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