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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Oak Yearbook / INSTANO Yearbook (Indiana, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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1977 OAK Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania Introduction Sports Activities Organizations Greeks Faculty Seniors 4 26 84 98 132 150 164 2 . : . f David Steimer Editor-in-Chief Linda Popson Business Manager A Tony Sabol Sports Editor Cindy Buck Organizations Editor B Robin Stahl Faculty Editor H Carol Miseyka Seniors Editor 1 Steve Kessler Photography Editor H Kurt Bock Photography Editor H Walt Lewis Advisor It was a world of make- believe . . . careless and full of dreams. Happiness came so easily then. But that was such a long time ago. Now it seems like only yesterday I came to this institution known as college . searching . . . questioning . . getting to know myself and the world around me. I met many new people. Some I liked and some I even hated. 1 - »-»r But there are those whom I ' ll cherish for my lifetime; they made it all worthwhile. explored my emotions with a deeper and new meaning. They became reality. 10 hi ilili lilri ii Mfii 11 ivninnb 12 Many new pressures set in and there were times I thought that I wouldn ' t make it. But I learned to cope. 13 I had to be patient many times when I didn ' t want to he. I had to be quiet when I wanted to shout 14 . go when I wanted to stay, and sometimes I was hurt when I wasn ' t accepted. 15 Our world changes from day to day. Each new day holds a different experience. m 17 It ' s still a world of make-believe . . . less careless but still full of dreams. I m.ust search for happiriess now. Sometimes I find it in everyday things. 18 19 I have gained confidence and courage through my most difficult times and successes. lUP helped to shape me into an individual • ' • my own self. 20 21 Yes, I have changed. I am much different than 1 was four short years ago. • { u . nS s w ,v ' • . i%- !¥a.4 24 I have grown like a tree . . . strong like an oak. 25 «MW m tm }tmmt0ttm0mm mt »m0mm mmmmmam ti0mm VIMI wmmi0 tm0m0mmt tm mt0mt mimtmi0mm mm m»mm0m6 ' I WMMPiMM wm Football V: ' ' rf; iv3 28 i I T NIA 29 IMIAM I IJJOIAWA .Hn.AKA f " f INDI IMOIAWA IHDIASA " ' -?— ■fSej Front: Herman, Matranick, Doyle, Mintus, Aggen, Marzaloes, Kurt, Musto, Knopick, Second: Barbetti, Harper, Graslo, Kenney, Quigley, Alper, Emrick, K. Smith, Third: Menhart, Gasper, Schmidt, Marciano, Fourth: Vail, RuUo, Link, Sartori, Fifth: Condon, Simmons, Young, Bryant, Sixth: Faulk, Benedict, Neal, Imbrogno, Seventh: West, Haslett, Rowe, Trenney, Plowcha, Eighth: Dawson, Musulin, Baird, Black, Mastrucci, Brown, Platasa, Ninth: Fitzwater, Venzin, Kerr, Coles, Kellar, Orlando, Krogulski, Tenth: McAdoo, Doviat, Leavy, Stewart, Haddad, Depew, Cole, Eleventh: Mill, Neal, Godlasky, Homheck, Detore, Hovem, Miscagna, Yourchak. 30 31 32 lUP Opp 21 Juniata 38 13 Wilkes 2 Westminster 6 Shippensburg 21 : 5 Edinboro 8 16 Clarion 14 ; 10 Slippery Rock 28 16 California 24 Lock Haven 1 33 34 35 Women ' s Tennis Front: Bissell, Codlasky, Antonson, Perovich, Stack, Rojohn, Yoder, Second; Mistrick, Reich, Danjou, Anderson, Madden, Graham, SpinelU, CoUie, Potter, Last: Coach Mary Loiiise Eltz, Lefferts, Cinelli, Defalco, Moore, Fudala, Reeside, Price, Dehor lUP 5 Clarion Opp 3 4 University of Pittsburgh Edinboro 2 1 4 4 4 Slippery Rock Carnegie Mellon California 1 1 1 5 Edinboro 3 7 8 5 University of Pittsburgh Slippery Rock Allegheny Chatham 2 3 2 4 Robert Morris 1 36 Golf Front: Osborne, McGinnis, Coach Sloniger, Last: Arthur, Bevan, Ravis, Fink, Turner, Staler, Phillips lUP H op l 361 Clarion 371 1 361 Edinboro 365 361 SUppery Rock 365 368 Clarion 386 368 California 375 364 Slippery Rock 375 364 Mercyhurst 375 378 CaUfomia 377 378 West Virginia tm 378 West Liberty 415 1 St. Andrews Collegiate (Scotland)-second J Champion Lakes Invitational-third West Liberty Invitational-first ■ Pennsylvania Conference-third ■ Indiana Invitational-first District 18 Championships-first 37 Cheerleaders .FW T V ««»- ' t Diane Ehmann, , nne MoUo) , Joni Popchak, Sue Dillen, ' al Keasey, Patty Troxell, Debbie Piper, Mar Johnston, Ginny Dougherty 38 39 Cross Country 40 Front; Coach Sutton, Williams, Robins, Mandel, Garfield, Hoffman, Bu rke, Wolf, Asst. Coach Fry, Second: Hepp, Hickey, Martin, Semple, Cunkelman. Trilli, Kleinosky, Noll, Last: Yurky, Higgins, Yanosko, Phieff, Mszyco, Thompson, Green, McVeagh, Sprague lUP Opp 18 Frostburg 45 15 St. Francis 50 15 Duquesne 50 20 UPJ 42 23 Shippensburg 57 23 Slippery Rock 61 23 Clarion 102 20 Grove City 43 California Inv itational 3rd Malone Invitational 1st Indiana Invitational 1st NAIA District 18 2nd NCAA Division II 6th 41 Soccer Front: March, DeGour, Dusch, Fehrle, Campbell, Kazor, Fritz, Haney, Cervantes, Marano, Second: Broadbent, Horton, Weiss, Fragale, Soundess, Leonard, Shaw, Webb, Pentz, Third; Stover, Nodal, Kabana, Shinn, Anigbogu, Bouman, Baxendel, Novell, Nwokolo, Fourth: Picado, Hormuth, Hurst, Smith, Donati, Kokel, Flurer, Surdoval, Bubeck, Grego, Last: O ' Brick, Erdmanis, Stenken, Celtnieks, Juskoviak, Fields, Farrell 42 lUP 1 9 Frostburg St. Vincent Opp 3 3 5 UPJ Alliance 1 1 Edinboro 2 Grove City Behrend 1 Pitt 4 Shippensburg Lock Haven 1 Gannon 2 1 6 Slippery Rock Catholic University Seton Hall 3 2 2 Slippery Rock 3 43 Men ' s Fencing © 9 _ -.s J ■ 5?J 1 r J . Front; Smith, Sorage, Chan, Second: Mingo, Bailey, Moore, Last: Coach Nancy Barthelemy, Grego, Weinheimer, Shepelak, Missing: Busan lUP Opp 6 Perm State-Fayette 10 9 California 11 7 Carnegie-Mellon 9 6 California 10 9 Penn State-Fayette 3 3 Carnegie- Mellon 13 44 Women ' s Fencing vjS jpi © Front: Yorkovich, Wozniak, Heiple, Second: Sanders, Wenger, Barry, Gary, Last: Coach Nancy Barthelemy, Kertis, Semich, Rombach, Gruzosky, Heltman, Missing: Schwarzel lUP ■IH Opp S 6 Penn State fl 10 Penn State-Fayette fl 8 California 9 2 West Virginia 10 m 10 Carnegie-Mellon 2 M 10 California 6 m 13 Penn State-Fayette M 9 • Carnegie-Mellon STATE MEET COMBINED m 4 Penn State m B Pennsylvania m H 11 Caldwell m 45 Gymnastics 46 lUP Opp 107.15 , 101.25 Lock Haven 106.85 Slippery Rock 128.95 105.60 West Virginia 112.50 1 105.60 Frostburg 105.50 1 94.40 Pitt 128.00 1 98.75 Edinboro 58.10 ' 98.75 Pitt-Johnstown 65.20 47 Field Hockey iSSk ■ " ' uC lUP ■■ Opp 1 Juniata Frostburg 2 4 Carnegie Mellon Slippery Rock 4 1 Pitt Slippery Rock 1 1 Slippery Rock 4 3 West Liberty 1 48 ■% Named to Mid-East team - Chery Bottnis, Jackie French, Holly Kollasch 49 Volleyball Front: Welshans, Nuttall, Henry, Jessloski, Wheat, Pennline, Second; Saintz, Steele, Gary, Marcinko, Zicha, Meyer, Stickell, Heltman, Last: Ainsworth, Duncan, Borowski, Barry, Reese, Marcinko, Coach Barthelemy 50 lUP AuT I Opp 15-11 UPJ 15-12 15-3 Robert Morris 15-4 15-7 Clarion 12-15, 13-15 8-15 Slippery Rock 8-15 15-8 Grove City 10-15, 13-15 12-15 Ohio University 5-15 15-2 St. Francis 15-3 15-8 West Virginia 15-13 15-8 California 15-9 5-15 Pitt 15-12, 9-15 9-15 Edinboro 15-17 11-15 Ohio State 12-15 12-15 Duquesne 13-15 15-8. Penn State 15-6 15-5 Carnegie Mellon 15-11 11-15 Slippery Rock 10-14 15-7 St. Francis 15-5 9-15 Edinboro 11-15 1-15 Syracuse 6-15 9-15 Clarion 13-15 15-9 Buffalo State 15-12 51 Men ' s Swimming First row: Troglio, McCool, Deacon, Balsich, Rishak, Yogel, German. Second: Baker, Beckett, Sphon, Christie, Tyson, Foley, Roenigk, Koerper, Abreu. Last: Berg, Coach Neil Postas, Jackson, Presogva, Barton, North, Dauko, Hangeland, B. Jackson, Kane, Coach Ralph Johnson. 52 lUP 69 I IV T Youngstown 1 Indiana Relays — first fl Fairmont 46 m Appalachian St. 32 ■ Cleveland State 49 ■ Clarion 62 ■ Grove City 53 ■ Slippery Rock 53 m Penn State m Pennsylvania Conference fl Championships — third H NCAA Division 11 Championships H — ninth i 53 Women ' s Basketball Mitft. First row: Wolfhope, Milligan, Shermann, Kerr, Frendi. Second; Porter, Brubaker, Wood, Yoder, Wilsher. Third: Cooper, Beard, Drake, Henderson. Fourth: Sherry, Goudy, Craig, Meyers. Last: Trainer B. Prencipe, Manager P. Brown, Coach Lois Clark, Coach Jean Condo, Manager D. Oberst, Trainer L. Naughton. Missing: Truxal. lUP Opp 84 Robert Morris 34 54 West Virginia 67 66 Millersville 57 77 Lock Haven 99 71 Duquesne 51 54 Pitt-Johnstown 75 63 Slippery Rock 81 58 West Virginia 87 41 Penn State 88 42 St. Francis 86 47 Shippensburg 83 86 Edinboro 118 89 Clarion 86 90 Kings 64 88 Lincoln 35 54 Pitt-Johnstovra 61 54 Basketball 56 57 «3(r 58 IH M lUP W Opp 82 Dyke 75 62 California 72 80 Alliance 53 62 Slippery Rock 50 70 Clarion 79 62 St. Francis 79 56 Lock Haven 57 55 Muskingum 76 63 Robert Morris 71 52 Buffalo State 54 59 Steubenville 58 44 Shippensburg 65 67 Walsh 73 55 Westminster 77 70 Clarion 83 64 Pitt-Johnstown 94 69 Slippery Rock 77 80 California 89 94 Edinboro 88 88 Edinboro 77 63 Lock Haven 59 59 Pitt 76 67 St. Vincent 94 , 59 Front: Head Coach Carl Davis, Cashaw, Sharp, Schmidt, Reidmiller, Filippi, Asst. Coach Tom Beck, Second; Mapak, T. Skelley, Rado, Skelley, Lang, Kotsch, Recktenwald, Ellison 60 61 i ' w - Vi 62 63 v I Wrestling C-A M 64 65 Fronti Bingaman, Shrader, Hanna, Gallatin, Dudley, Kondrlik, McNamara, Second; Coach John Fritz, Bailey, Sparks, Meckley, Dorney, Incardona, Huff, Boyer, Corlen, Pema, Asst. Coach Tim Morgan 66 lUP H Opp 19 6 30 West Virginia 29 Akron 25 Waynesburg 8 ' ■ 29 West Virginia 9 38 Penn State-Behrend 3 6 Clarion 39 11 Bloomsburg 30 28 Edinboro 10 18 Slippery Rock 21 1 25 West Liberty 14 ; 38 Pitt-Johnstown e 24 California 17 ! 9 Shippensburg 27 .; 8 Cleveland State 39 ] 24 Grove City 1 67 Rifle Front: Duchow, Miller, Wellman, Sholes, Second: Camahan, Wolf, Pyle, McKinnis, Kabala, Coach Tom Campisano H Opp B: 1277 Geneva 1211 B 1294 Pitt 1291 H| wvu 1346 P 1336 Grove City 1242 B 1366 Duquesne 1142 B 1345 Grove City 1203 B 1348 W J 1101 B 1314 Pitt 1301 B Duquesne 1239 H 1347 Clarion 1349 1 m 1339 Geneva 1256 m 1327 Clarion 1323 B 1343 Carnegie- Mellon 1238 K; 1314 Penn State 1346 1 ' " " Carnegie-Mellon 1244 68 Women ' s Swimming 7 i.-»?.i Si - . ' r Front; Lanshe, Fudula, Cain, Cinelli, Omele, Second: Stenett, Phillips, Reckard, Lotz, Bailey, Broskey, Thomaswick, Moore, Santoleri, Lanshe, Panneton, Brandl, Quinn, Coach Nancy Norman, Manager L. O ' Neil, Last: Good, Depner, Gaidos, McGuire, Pierwsza, Eck. HI fKM lUP Opp 116 Fairmont 15 71 Millersville 47 65 Allegheny 66 56 Slippery Rock 71 34 Clarion 97 63 Lock Haven Pennsylvania Conference Championships — seventh 68 69 Track 70 iL- - -f -tr .- ' ■ ■■■■ ■ 71 Si cV I tf 1 II !!■ IMa 72 i t ' S- . ' W!:;a-r«- .J.B , _ m 73 m H IANA UNIVERSITY NSYLVANIA m m w- ' ' 74 I ■ trvc: V First row: PiccoUni, Leysock, Glass, Schuelke, Noll, Ruozzi, Diehl. Second: Hepp, Manganaro, Venturini, McGlvnn, Kleinosky, Murphy, Laughlin. Third: Cunkelman, Hartle, Bruno, Garfield, Povlak, Mandel, Semple, Brem, Gale. Fourth: Wolf, Kiser, Carr, . dams, Freedline, Trilli, Higgins, Baker, Young. Fifth: Schunk, Yanosko, Thompson, Welch, Gurtis, Murray, . nderson, Ishman. Last: Johnson, Szysmanski, McAdoo, Spozio, Jeremko. Goach Lou Sutton. 75 lUP 112.5 Fairmont 32.5 89 Slippery Rock 94 89 California 9 51 Edinboro 93 106 Grove City 39 121 Mansfield 31 127 Clarion 17 NAIA District 18 Championship — second fe Pennsylvania Conference — sixth 76 it fc M •..«•• •-. w ■ _,. r, . ' ' »«iie - - iSJtH .il ' 77 Baseball 78 79 3Cl.K»XiJ Front: Markewinski, Wilcher, Bardi, Lucas, Murray, Arrigoni, Shaw, Hilscher, Second: Mcllvaine, Potteiger, Whipple, KUne, Farina, Schubert, Spargur, Cerilli, Last: Eckley, Miscik, Mitskavich, Stevens, Mele, Runyan, Kalna, Missing: Osewalt, Young ■I ? ' - Wk ' " ' ■ ' 80 81 SLi ' ,c • lUP Point Park Opp 10 4 Point Park 2 7 Lock Haven 5 21 Lock Haven 1 13 Robert Morris 1 14 Robert Morris 3 6 7 Mercy hurst Mercyhurst Clarion 1 4 7 Clarion 10 7 Pitt 3 7 Pitt 9 5 3 6 6 1 Frostburg Frostburg Slippery Rock Slippery Rock California 4 1 5 2 2 9 California 3 3 Edinboro 5 3 Edinboro 2 8 Juniata Juniata Penn State 4 15 Penn State 2 Ps NAIA District 18 Playoffs Westminster 4 4 Point Park 2 10 Point Park 7 82 ? ii£i::. :xv i;x ■-.- - : r: ' 83 m0m0 mti0tmmtm0mm MMM m» mmmm mt0mtmm m0mm [ Mk. " iJb i ' S m r A ' . i JJ ■ 1 " H ■T « MiMW «MiM« 1 " " ' B : ' ' ' . ■■■ a ' ■» » i Homecoming 1976 Joni Popchak Homecoming Queen 86 ' fw- % - ■ 87 4i» 88 89 The Little Foxes 90 Livingston Taylor 91 Kansas M f. jJ y B r H l inHr " " SHl JHHI HI ■ FN " H HHHH L isr 92 V4A A - A The Lady ' s Not For Burning 94 i 5w m A Concert Dance Show h 95 L • - .■ " South Quad Concert 96 Miss lUP 97 mt0mm mm MNMM mtimm mt «MW ti0mm mm it0mmi0mm m0mtm MH «Mil «a M«f «M President: Dudley Cable Vice President ; Karen Kelly Recording Secretary; Briana Tomes Corresponding Secretary; Karen Clifford Parliamentarian: John Last Treasurer: Sanford Grube Administration Advisor: Cleo McCracken Faculty Advisor: Wayne Davis Student Government Association t Scott Sandusky Lesa Derstine E.A. Daumit Jr. Rose Ann Moore Moses Tesi Valarie Schwaed Rick Peltz Robert Taylor Louise Murphy Jim Power Claudia Whited Debbie Severin John DeBlecourt Andy Bisaha Darwin Peiffer Bob Bisignani Judy Updike Kevin Kaiser Tim Peters Amra Moore John Evans Charlie Hunter M.J. Fintak John DiCarlo Pam Sybo Kathleen Richards Rick Yeager Chris Medvigy Mike Sands 100 Tribe Karen Donley Sherry Douglass Donna Fryer Tom Grego Michele Gress Dave Haddad Richard Hartshorn Miriam Helen Linda Kanarek Sheila Kelly Kathy Miller Maureen Noone Steve Noytowish Kim Provance Leslie Reed Karen Rhodes Barb Shultz Mary . nn Stripay Melissa Willey Cheryl Zeller Music Educators Club President: Joyce Myer Vice President: Mary Lynne Peters Secretary Treasurer: Janet Layton Advisor: Dr. Ruth DeCesare Council: Karen Advitori Kevin Balog Barb Burkholder Sharon Gross Rick Herbster Lynn Shearer 101 PSEA President: Scott Hangey Advisor; Dr. Louis Gold Bob Baker Donna Fryer Kathy Hanna Joe Leftwich Joyce Myer Paul Nale Not pictured: Vice President: Kim Eschelman Secretary: Linda Acheson Vicki Malky Pam Meyers Felice Romeo Criminology Club 102 President: Lou Ann Bruschis Lou Ann Haley Celia Maliner Wendy Price Joe Morrash Cheryl Cemy Kathy Hennessey Pam Maza Patty Quarto Vice-President: Laura Clark Jim Hoffman Dennis McQuade Joe Rawlings Mike John Marjie Cochrane E onna Hood Lisa Menchio Greg Ridenour Secretary: Gloria Colonello Stanley Kaminiski Bob Meyers Connie Ritts Joyce Hanley Cassandra FantUnger Kevin Kesslen Lisa Miller Dan Rose Treasurer: Tom Feldman Rich Lamb Maureen Ostrowski Jim Schmidt William Braunegg Mike Fuschino Jim Lawson Lou Petronsky Linda Seifert Linda Ballinger Michelle Galbo Sue Lenninger Bob Pionhowski Cathy Sherman Andrew Bertucci Curt Gallitin Chris Lepo Julia Pomante Mary Skyzinski Nancy Bridges Dennis Goshom Phil Letzo Sally Porter Cathy Powers Mary Soyka Mary Verbeck Kevin Vevodan Mathematics Club President; Robert Kahler Vice President: Kathy Cailson Secretary: Jaclde Harrington Treasurer: Beth Schuller Terry Anderson George Belles David Blazasky Judy Brandt Kathy Buczek Jim Cengia Linda Chmiel Janis Conklin Renee Coughenour Roy Dane Diane DeCora Len DiGirolamo Bob Edwards Suzanne Elias John Faster Cindy Gurgacy Cindy Jaynes Anne Kerr Matt Kleinasky Lu Ann Kline Bob Knorulton Debbie Kovacik Karen Krivonak Sunita Kulkarme Sue Manning Pat Mastropietri James McCreary Kim Mechling Luann Murtiff Joe Pickerillo Don Schratz Jeff Shadron Cindy Slagle Cus Smith Jim Smith Rex Stone Pam Todt Ruth Troy Kim Twentier John Uccellini Lorri Henry Mary Murray Gina Decker 103 Physical Education Major ' s Club President: T. Kerry Green President-Elect: Claudia Steele Secretary: Debbie Carey Treasurer: Wayne Kerlin Advisor: Mary Louise Eltz Todd Boiler Debbie Bone Bill Ford Jolene Heltman Jim Homfeck Jim McArdle D. Rucld Pat Snyder Larry Talotta Gail Weishans Pennsylvania School Food Service Association President: Phyllis Ferguson Vice President: Barb Baginsld Secretary: Denise France Treasurer: Nancy Fry Advisor: Mr. Allen Woods Board: Wendy Bowen Bruce Greenberg Mary Jo Hepburn Lisa Hodas Karen Kasicky Cindy Rapchak Rob Ritter Jean Rutkowsky Carl Stasyszyn Debbie Trapani Debbie Yaimuzzi 104 Campus Council on Consumer Affairs Barb Albert Susan Bair Donna Carbaugh Cherielynn Cooper Candy DeForest Diane Druga Linda Callaher Lynne Giuliana Amy Kennerdell Teri Klingman Joanne Kopecky Kathy Korkuch Barb LauCoach Cheryl McCloy Joanne Meinert Ann Spangler Denise Spangler Mary . nn Stripay Melody Trent Sheryl Underwood Kitty Wilkinson lUP Home Economics Association Chairman: Sharon Miller Vice Chairman: Melanie Harrold Treasurer: Joni Popchak Assistant Treasurer: Kim Doll Recording Secretary: Amy Lott Corresponding Secretary: Cathy Nelson Parliamentarian: Robin Stroup Spcial Projects: Shirley Severeni Publicity: Linda Miller Historian: Greg Plavchak Refreshments: Barb Elder Co-Chairman: Anne Butekoff .■VHEA Inductions Mary Macks Banquet: Barb . lbert Prospective Students Day: Debbie Yanuzzi Donna Canassi Outstanding Co-ed: Loretta Slevin Advisors: Mrs. Berthy Miss Handrahan Miss Rupert 105 Off-Campus Student League President: Kimberly Provance Vice President; Michael Lucas Secretary: Betty Zolocsick Treasurer: Debra Beatty Activities Social Director: Mary Balko Advisor: Dr. Terrill Martin 106 Jeff Baker Jeannie Noga Teri Bassler Barb Oakes Annette Bauman Nancy Patrick Kathy Bourdess Tim Prothero Debbie Bme Connie Rauch Carla Busch Joan Raymond Debbie Buterbau Joyce Rhine Mark Caine Linda Rhine Diane Cessna Mary Ann Rogel Dave Cowles Sue Roof Sam Crane Denny Rose Dave Dean Debbie Rowley Mike Ferraro Carole Selagyi Bob Folckemer Laurie Selkirk Cindy Gallaher Patty Set lock Jan Gillo Holly Smeltzer Linda Greene Diane Stango Joe Griffith Jan Steffish Cliff Gromley Cheryl Stewart Mary Hertz Carol Syphers Ed Houch Al Thompson Bill Kovalcik John Vaughn Malinda Levis Mike Visnesky Lucy Ligas Amy Walker Linda Matthews JoEUen Womer Jan Minser 107 lUP Black Gospel Choir Jo-Ellen Asbury Lorraine Copeland Saundra Foreman Alonzo Ginyard Lisa Harmon Ronald Jackson Gerald Kenny Nancy Mifflen Rose Norman Donna Pressley Neenah Rankin Dennis Reed Maxine Rickman Marlow Riley Rhonda Scott Jeffery Shephard Janet Tanksley Frank Tillman Debbie Turner George Whitfield Vanessa Williams Student Accounting Association Advisor: Mr. Mark A. Plivelic Tim Besselman Brian Binkley Karen Bloom Eugene Ciavarra Jane Cieslak Guy Gunnells George Kasich Kevin Lizzewski Carl McNertney Ray Parrish Leo Pateria Mark Pisarcik Gretchen Rose 108 Concert Dance Club Leslie Begala Diana Bonsall John Bouman Joni Croyle Emily Decicco Deborah Faringer Reeny Fitzgerald Lou Forina EUie Hagedom Marie Killeen Stacy-Ann Komar Julie Longhill Norma Mance Karen Mauro Mary Jo McCoy Maureen Noone Nancy Palazzi Lee Payne Jaquelyn Police Jeanette Ranalli Johanna Smolinsky Ann Snider Maryann Sprain Bonnie Stratton Advisor: Mrs. Jane Dakak « ' 109 The Penn 110 Ill 112 Editors: Susan Schild, Barb Vancheri Editorial Department: Gina Nania Debra Sampsell Beth Burtnett Doug List Tom Bickert Cathy Gather Kathy Lazzari Dane Surra Business Department: Production Department: John Qualley Dave Binlein Juhe Lamm Kelly Cache Chris Miller Kim Warshel Lisa DiPietro Tim Leifield Karen McGullough AlUson Hepler Pat Eiter Sherry Douglass Secretaries: Ken Walck Sharon Homak Karen Hofelt Chris Olson Barbara Drake Carolyn McNaughton Tony Mancuso Carole Lithgow Iris Hamm Vicky V ' rabel Lynda Libengood Tony Sabol Janis Conklin Jim Mikula Robin Stahl Donna Papon 113 Activities Board Chairperson of the Board: Ruth Van Zanten Social Life Chairperson: Gary Hinston Publicity Chairperson: Keith Robinson Arts Films Chairperson: Tim Sherer Speakers Chairperson: Cathy Huet Recreation Chairperson: James Walker Mini-concert Coffeehouse Chairperson: John Esposito Hospitality Chairperson: Cheryl Loeffler Graduate Assistant to Director of Student Activities: WiUiam Mandicott Not pictured: Advisor Director of Student Activities: Bruce Zimmerman 114 Elementary Education Club President 1 Andrea Cornelia Sandra Hall Anne Fedor Vice President Kathy Hanna of Programs: Stephanie Nagy Barb Acker Jonathan Whetstone Vice President Lynn Zuber of Membershipi Not pictured; Barb Maffed Treasurer: Publicity Chairman: Dawn Drake David Gerstel Recording Secretary: Beverly Adams Sherry Stollsteimer George Augustine Corresponding Mary Jo Clarko Secretary: Lorraine Day 115 Spanish Club President; Cheryl Mistrick Vice President; Jon Siverling Treasurer; Jennifer Drake Carol Jones Juan Carlos Pocho Salcedo Marianne Senko Lureen Server Michele Tavoletti Norm-Ann Wealand 116 lUP Outing Club Rock Climbing: Paul Geyer Cross-Country Skiing: Marilyn Jongsma President: George Huzinec White Water Rafting: Nancy Novosel White Water Rafting: Sue Smyser Secretary: Mary Ann Haladay Backpacking: Randy Boumique Canoeing: Lynn Hamilton Backpacking: Bob Hawsey Camping: Dave Mayers Publicity: Jan Hudzicki Canoeing: Sahid Dahabsu Backpacking, Camping, Cross Country Skiing Advisor: Mr. Terry Lee Not pictured: Transportation: Mark Nero Caving: Tim Case Business Advisor: Mr. Breyer Canoeing. White Water Rafting Advisor: Dr. Dietrich Caving Rock Climbing Advisor; Mr. Park 119 Newman Center Staff: Father Raymond Spatti Father James Byers Sister M. Mark Buranosky, OSF Sister Mary Ann Gubish, OSF Sister Evelyn Dettling, OSB 120 lUP Intramural Staff Terri Barbella Larry Burg HoUi Buzard Dan Cunkleman P.J. Dippolito Lynne Lee Sue Love Rachel Mignogna Debbie Mims Dan Myers Cathy Stewart Phil Tomei Not pictured: Bob Augustine Dee Bermagasco Kim Burke Walt Kigorski Wayne Kerlin Sharon Miller Ron Steele Scott Thompson Advisor; Mr. Royden Grove Marketing Club President: Barbara Kulis Vice President; Cheryl Baltrus Secretary: Joann Cusumano Treasurer; Barry Justice Activities: Susan Krulce Dean ' s Advisory: Sue Michaels Michael Andreas Bekki Bocek Anita Bonacorso Janet Buser Dan Buck Sally Carroll Carol Chernega Roy Crumrine Mark Daldoss Tony Daldoss Debbie Devine Grady Gasper Susan Glatt Debbie Gross Robert Graupner Gary Hinston George T. Harris Craig Kast Karen Kulik Roy W. Leukhardt Michael Libbos Debbie Macko Anthony Mancuso James Maranowsld Tim Marzaloes Debbie McConnell CheUe Miller Tom Miller Jack Minser Terri Mirto Rick Osewalt Debra Redmond Susan Repasky Becky Roth Joanne Shiry Richard Sorice Joe Stakel Sonny Stenger Linda Stockman Monica York 122 Psychology Club ' ' • SSSSSBSSSi C. SSSShMM President: Mark Slusser 1 W Recording Secretary: - _ j ( Anne Abeloff 9 K 1 Corresponding Secretary: Sue Trapan i ' H ' lf -, ' ' iS Wr Historian: ' .IIHrXV y fpb, -»■ BekkiBocek Linda Dietrak Debbie Gillis 1 . r B Linda Krieher k -cah l H Joanne Mannarelli [ - a ,a ' 1 Diane Smith . I B Not pictured: ' Karen Mauro Historian: : H Dolores Schano Advisor: Dr. Gary Patton Society for the Advancement of Management Secretary: Sue Michaels Advisor: Mr. McAfoose Vice President: Barb Kulis President: Leo Paterra Christy Enekew Mark Pisarcik Janet Buser Joann Damato Phyllis Hoste Mary Ellen Louis Hermon Script Pat O ' Crady George Kasich Tim LvTich John Orenchuk Renee Wozniak Eugene Giavarra Ray Parrish Mike Sheplak Jim Harvey 123 lUP Orienteering Club President: Diane Dangler Advisor: Capt. David Reimold Sgt. Martin Palgut Steve Allen Christopher Carlin Jim Cricks Denny Fatora Kathy Fetherbay Mark Frank Terry Gillis Patty Glass Jim Haas Scott Hippensteel Howard Long John Overton Frank Pifer Allan Reed }ae Ribbans Richard Ribbans Betsy Robinson David Rudakewich Heather Smith Lisa Walters Frances Wilcox L ' Esprit de Bleu Commander: Sandra McKillop Platoon Drill Leader: Tara Van Lent Squad Drill Leader: LouAnn Graham Ann Adams Debbie Adams Cheryl Braun Sandra Brooks Pat Cerra Diane Cimino Jane Criswell Nancy Cyphers Caroline Emerick Deb Foringer Cheryl Glaister Denise Haupt Sally Hess Martha Jackson Andrea Lehk Chris Lepo Barb Mankin Donna McLau lin Joyce Miller Anita Maria Smith Alice Steman Fran Thompson Nadine Waybright Barb Wetzel Kim Wilson y ' 4 i Hr yd. Jj 124 Pi Omega Pi Kathy Altman Sandy Basehore Barb Beatty Barb Brett Paul Carpenter Marjorie Greene Kathy Hawkins Mary Hertz Linda Kasyan Nancy Kerr Sue Kosraic Melissa McCandless Ann Mendicino Margie Merancik Pam Myers Karen Ohler Doris Ondulich Pam Owens Judy Pizzoni Elaine Polochko Linda Popson Connie Serventi Pam Sevent Isabeler Shandor Tara Van Lent Cathy Wesling Donna West Chris Wilson Kappa Omicron Phi Ellen Van Duyne Jeanne Veld Lauren Wagner Marlene Welkon Deborah Yanuzzi Arlene Acone Linda Aho Barbara Baginski Barbara Bintrim Anita Bisignana Nancy Brown Karen Burlett Susan Campbell Cathy Canavan Chris Caposseri Donna Carbaugh Daniel Carl Elizabeth Carns Kathie Chilson Kathleen Clark Jane Cutitta Susan Deardorff Mary DeLucia Susan Dulfo Connie Dittmer Kim DoU Amy Doutt Diane Druga Karen Eslary Cynthia Farabaugh Marianne Fenn JoAnn Fertenbaugh Meredith Ford Sue Fortna Denise France Marianne France Marilyn French Donna Fryer Cathy Graham Mary Jane Hammer Brenda Herman Janet Hilovsky Lyrm HoUenback Ann Jacoby Karen Killen Vicky Kline Bonnie Krzysiak Donna Kulick Barbara Landis Barbara Lawbach Katherose Lazzari Judy Lazzaro Diane Lopes Amy Lott Mila Lucas Cynthia Lynch Mary Ann Masuga Sandra McAuley Constance McCotter Bonnie Mclntyre Joyce Ann Miller Deborah Mins Roslyn Monteverde Betsy Moore Cynthia Nestor Carolyn Pearson Joni Popchak Rob Ritter Bonnie Roche Mary Rock Nancy Roos Angella Roschella Christine Rumbaugh Anita Ruszkiewicz Karen Rutter Nancy Sharpe Patricia Smith Susan Smith Rosa Beth Snyder Virginia Staughton Anne Stent Elizabeth Stevens Karen Struble Melody Trent Deborah Umbel President: Herb Wilson Vice President; Rob Ezizkson, Jr. Secretary: Carol Miseyka Treasurer: Keith Antle Thomas Capitanelli Brian Carlson Charles Clements Betty Coleman Jeff Collins Valerie Duncan Diane Dylewski Sharon Gass Pamela Hoover Antoinette Hospodavis Christopher Johnson Bill Keneski Mary Ann Krulia Susan Leininger Linda Matthews Gregg McQueen Cheryl Owens John Petrone Pat Rombach Nancy Sabadish Ron Snyder Lisa Steimer Sally Stroup Cassandra Tantlinger Cherly Wonderly Michael Young Robert Zedreck Lambda Alpha Epsilon Gamma Theta Upsilon Robert Baker, Jr. Dave Boyd Richard Creveling Jerome Curtis Tony DiMaggio Jan Fetrow Dave Gates Tom Godlasky Jeff Gordish Dave Hildebrand Michael Homer David Jenkins Bill Lukach Richard Palilla Dennis Puko Pamela Ray Jim Stewart Dave Verrica Sushama Vidwans Linda Ward George Zimmerman 126 Kappa Delta Pi President: Debbie Alias Vice President: Bev Adams Secretary: Andrea Cornelia Historian: Joyce Kish Treasurer: Jan Moyer Advisor: Dr. John Merryman Mary Kate Carrigan Debra Crispens Donna Fryer Eileen Jordan Amy Lott Mary Beth Pannetor Linda Parker Robin Ripoli Janell Shaffer Holly Smeltzer Nancy Stull Delta Omicron Mary Adams Barbara Burkholder Sharon Gross Sue Lydic Carol Pardo Sherri Smeltzer Karen Adiutori Cindy Chamberlain Linda Henderson Mary Morolt Sandy Patterson Linda Smith Rebecca Ashbau Amy Degentesh Marilyn Herschel Tina Melnyk Eileen Reitz Gail Snyder Suzan Barnes Linda Feeney Toni Keefer Nancy Menk Susan Servinsky Sharon Stitzer Emily Best Barb Force Nancy Knapp Valarie Moore Debbie Schmucker Debra Thompson Donna Brumbaugh Christina Fucile Jan Layton Patti Nields Marilyn Shay Sophie Wisniewski 127 Oak Staff Dave Linda 128 sy 129 Kurt Robin Steve 130 Cindy Dave Joe Squirrel 131 cv ' ..-. ' r lOJd ' 25?! , ( ■• " » ■11, :.. - Alpha Phi m Diane Alberti Barbara Ausman Diane Baraniak Sandra Basehore Susan Blake Jean Brothers Joan Brothers Nancy Cassidy Kellie Chaitt Susan Christman Joanne Christopher Beverly Davis Marsha DiBonaventuro Rebecca Ellis Sandra Frankhauser Ginger Francis Sandra Cansel Melinda Good Carmella Gorens Marie Gruzlewski Lynn Hall Susan Hamilton Laura Johson Elizabeth Knott Cynthia Lewis Christine Lloyd Laurel Mathews Brenda Myers Tana N ulph Jeanne O ' Toole Karen Parsons Kathryn Penfield Karen Rafferty Susan Reagle Alice Schwarz Karen Shearer Margaret Sorrell Dianne Swonk Frances Thompson Joanne Vetter Darlene Warren Gisele Watyka Edythe Wilson Barbara Wolfe Carrie Francken Connie Anderson Joan Brandl Karen Bechtold Sally Grain Mary Lynn Dudas Sue Fahringer Doreen Gromen Kathy Howat Karen KeisUng Ginny Natarian Kathy Naughton Marianne Nowicki Lin Opatka Kathy Pina Steph Resley Donna Schellberg Vicki Smith Terry Sprowls Sally Stamler Debbi Staples Cheryl Ursin Nadine Verdelja Marti Weltman Chris Workosky Carol Gruber Not pictured: Barb Corso Renee Coughenour Kathy DeNino Bobbie Gibson Patty Herman Mary Ann Luscia Deb Rennich Kathy Halvey Karen Peterson Phyllis Powell Penny Weaver Ruth Yatzkanic Lauri Mucci Anne Willison 134 Alpha Sigma Tau President: Cindy Shevenaugh Vice-President: Linda Lawson Recording Secretary: Bev Gaydos Treasurer: Margie Sebak Linda Abel Cindy Andreas Peggy Beck Sue Belser Sharon Comini Mary Culp Carey Dahlin Marjie D ' Aminco Aimee Ditenhafer Beth Danville Mary Ann Gieco El Gradd Lyrme Gurliana Debbie Hayden Leisa Heycock Laura Hostovick Karen Incardona Connie Kaness Karen Konar Carol Kuric Debbie Keizman Sue Lake Sue Lilligierst Natalie Mansini Barb Maslak Kathy Miller Bev Newell Wencki Nodland Sue Pardo Cindy Paul Pat Poldolka Terry Spiel Kim Swift Dorothy Tito Cindy Wagner Loni Wagner Eleanor Watts Betty Ann Wilson Ellen Winter Francine Wood Not pictured: Christie Bemiller Jenny Bawers Georgiarm Ciancudle Kathy Baurgeois Mary Lynn Clouse Cindy Duchala Diana Eshelman Lisa Luttner Michele Marcus Barb Piatt Dee Jaye Starankovic Cindy Wingeit Lisa Zydel 135 Suzanne Baker Donna Basara Karen BuUiet Lynn Bunch Karen Burwinkle Ann Cox Pam Crocker Cindy Cunnin am Deborah EJevine Jan Esserman Brenda Fischer Alethea Gomick Sue Gresock Maureen Hanna Sue Herriman Sue Hielman Beth Holtz Mary Jo Irwin Jennifer Joyce Kim Keefer Patty Kelly Patty Kern Cindy Kline Diane Kosmach Pat KraUk Beth Kreyser Karen Krings Joanne Lafroscia Karen Lawhead Lynn Leigh Jill Livingston Camille Macaluso Ann Merchant Debbie Mertz Shelby Miller Judy Molinoro Carla Mazur Laure Nemenz Mary Lee O ' Brien Dot O ' Donnell Pam OUver Sandy Pellegrini Donna Petrone Karen Quinlan Sherri Raihall Cindy Rearick Lou Ann Roan Laure Rojohn Maureen Secott Kathy Siegle Linda Shaw Vicky Silvert Linda Slack Michele Squirer Lori Stacy Mary Ann Steffen Linda Stockman Karen Stovich Debbie Tickle Tanja Wagner Debbie Wilson Debbie Wolf Alpha Sigma Alpha Robin Bardo Nancy Barr Joni Bearer Joyce Beavon Barb Berlinski Carol Bohach Fran Bonfiglio Diane Botti Debbie Bowes Becki Brandemart Caren Buser Lori Caldwell Kris Campitelli Louise Colaianni Sue Curran Ellsa Dauster Lisa DeLuca Barb DiCarlo Darla DiCiddo Patti Dunlap Cindy Eisenhauer Kathy Evanson Bev Fairman Sue Flacone Linda Fetzer Mary Frances Fomari Deb Frazier Sue Geary Meg Gibble Jinger Goldschmidt Nancy Hacket Sandra Hall Dawn Hanley Sue Hattman Karen Hinchcliff Shirl lloshway Sue Javomik Jill Jones Patty Keene Janice Keith Beth KUngenberg Deb Knotts Kathy Lafferty Sharon Luker Cathy Martin Jackie Martin Sue McCarthy Colleen McCleary Diane McDonald Carol Miller Virginia Mohtar Bobbi Nardina Lynda Olenchuk Martie Ostrowski Karen Owens Cindy Rapchak Jennifer Reed Joanie Rosso Sue Sargent Sue Schneider Cathy Scuilli Jenny Scotty Lynn Seidling Janet Sloand Patty Sloand Deb Swarm Jennifer Teitz Cathy Turano Kim Twentier Judy UUzio Barb Walters Lori Wingrove Sheri Wise Sigma Kappa 136 Alpha Xi Delta Melonie Anderson Bonnie Gibson Carrie Piel Diane Bookheimer Kathy Glass Barb Quynn Debbie Blaszczak Vickie Goff Sandy Radziuon Chris Blukas Margo Herring Gail Reichelderfer Betsy Bradshaw Barb Hockenberry Tina Rogan Terry Brown Karen Hofelt Janessa Ros Denise Collins Mary Ellen Holmes Mary Shoffer Becky Coulter Cheryl Hrabley Dorie Schano Alicia Cunningham Deb Keeney Marianne Shimkanon Debbie Curtis Sharon Kelley Sue Sinclair Joanne Dechert Lisa Kohl Allyson Smith Ann DiPasquale Sally Lindsay Paula Tabacchi Sue Dom Suzanne Marletto Susie Taylor Sarah Dunlap Sherri Martinetti Marilyn Tonkin Jodi Ferrari Grace Migas Gwen Truban Darlene Fike Maryann Morvetz Lisa Tucker Mary Frances Folby Patty Pape Cheryl Wonderly Deb Foringer Angela Piceioni Susan Yenchko 137 Alpha Gamma Delta Linda Aho Marian Alramski Janice Anderson Sue Baker Nancy Barrett Joann Bendick Cathy Canavan Roberta Carey Shauna Casamassa Sue Cimino Linda Conner Jane Croako Lynn Cummings Jane Cutitta Sarah Dalton Candy DeForest Debby Dennis Dawn Drake Cindy DriscoU Diane Druga CoUen Dugan Nancy Dunkin Cindy Durbiano P.J. Dziak Kim Eshelman Cindy Farrel Kathi Farsovich Ann Gardner Linda High Mary Ann Hobau Nancy Hockenberger Eileen Holdubay Karen Hunzeker Leslie Hunzeker Marci Johnson Mimi Johnston B.J. Kauffman Barb Kem Karen King EUyn Kraus Vicld Kulics Cathy Love Cindy Luck Norma Mance Kim Materesse Mary McGinley Kathy McKni t Beth Mikesell Jane Murray Renae Mylnur Karen Ostroski Melanie Overman Marilyn Paletta Deb Piper Dotti Postles Lynn Rehner Dawn Rihs Arlene Rodriguez Char Ruffolo Chrysta Rumbaugh Linda Skacel Shelley Smith Carol Snyder Lyn Steeb Rose Mary Stelms Cathy Sweda Carol Thompson Marsha Trembath Monica York Diane Ziter aw M A t •% 1 Si ' mi 114 L L_ i 0 Gamma Sigma Sigma Lou Ann Allison Linda Anderson Peggy Andrews Cheryll Badman Anne Bastyr Phyllis Battis Debbie BoUens Anna Bulisuo Diane Burmeister Mary Churma Lila Clark Sharon Clewell Laura Conboy Lorraine Day Diane Empfield Renee Friday Marie Gerheart Pam Grove Debbie Gruzosky Sheri Hall Kathy Hanna Mary Ann Hauris Cindy Johnston Karen Kolosa Monica Kozel Sue Lerario Valerie Levesque Carol Lithgow Kerry Long Marty Long Terry Maier Linda McCabe Linda Mears Marty Meledick Cathy Miskanic Cindy Molnar Chris Moredock Lynn Myers Chris O ' Lear Kathy Naman Lynne Pifer Lezlee Rearick Wanda Rinker Kris Scannell Kay Schoeller Dee Schweitzer Sandy Seaman Lureen Server Sue Stouffer Cassie Tantlinger Gail Troutman Jackie Woodard Norm-Anne Wealand PhiMu Barb Ader Laura Adack Kathy Boehringer Sally Carroll Melody Cloyd Kathy Dobbins Bev End Claire Gallagher Elaine Gates LuAnn Clazer Karen Hendrick Karen Hill Elaine Kotch Debbie Kreiner Mary Ann Krulia Nancy KuU A. Lenzi Cindy Lenzi Elaine Mahalko Beth Margin Laurie McGirmus Shan McMeen Candy Merando Pat Morsaint Julie Muncie Debbie Quigg Beth Rafferty Mary Repasky Pat Senecal Bev Spargo Holly Stewart Terry Takall Anne Lousie Thompson PamTodt Patti Walters Cindy Williams Carol Yohn Paula Zundel 139 Sigma Sigma Sigma Denise Balls Sue Becker Nancy Brown Sue Bruno June Ann Bubb Barb Busch Jane Cramer Carol Decker Eileen Decker Jackie Emery Mary Falco Elizabeth Floridis Vicki Freeberg Linda Fossi Sue Gagetta Phyllis Ganley Ann Geracei Brenda Hanes Sheryl Harp Melanie Harpster Ellen Hill Sue Hoffman Pam Hoover Linda Kazmierczak Lisa Kegel Kathy Keiser Karen Klaiber Debbie Kosmack Leah Kuhar Trudy Lenhart Debby Luchini Brenda Malinish Marjorie McCorkie Martha Miller Terri Mitchell Elizabeth Moore Phyllis Morrow Paula Muellershoen Kathy Mumma Laurie Pajak Carolyn Prazenica Cathy Rigazzi Kathleen Sabol Katie Schacte Judy Schiffbauer Marianne Shifier Joanne Shiry Joan Simpaon Pat Sorrell Joan Stagner Debbie Stefka Diane Steinhoff Therese Swider Melody Trent Joy Unger Kathy Vargo Monica Vitkay Laura Wholey Diane Wolf Jessica Wright Diane Yeager Debbie Yoest 140 Delta Zeta President: Jan Fetrow Vice President of Pledge Training; Kathy Potts Vice President of Membership: Mary Sue Callivan Treasurer: Lisa Rinchiuso Social Chairman: Terri Newell Historian: Leslie Christ Corresponding Secretary: Phyllis Carrera Recording Secretary: Kathy Wesling Sue Bartholme Ruth Blasko Pam Bobich Kathy Bonach Barb Brady Sharon Brocious Ronda Burkhardt Theresa Brady Kathy Chiari Kim Denardo Andrea Dettore Cindy Ekas Cindy Farley Kathy Ferla Bonnie Folino Jeanne Galati Linda Callaher Deb Gary Kathy Henahan Kathy Henry Linda Heyl Vicki Holmes Kathy Hoza Sue Kaminsky Michelle Kendall Vicki Lafean Penne Lazear Lindy Loomis Michelle Magalotti Paula Mattie Donna Meier Cindy Mihalko Laurie Osekowski Maria Persichetti Cindy Powell Lucinda Reimer Cindy Resetar Jan Rinchiuso Jackie Santoriello Luarm Schneider Becky Schneider Cindy Silkrowski Jane Simmons Ann Smith Kathy Sparks Mary Sue Stshl Kim Staley Tammy Staley Debbie Straub Jean Stroup Bev Sweeley Cathy Tedeschi Stephanie Tepper Cindy V ' erocy Mary Lou Weaver Kathy Wesling Carolyn Wild Stephanie Williams 141 Zeta Tau Alpha Joanne Astori Chris Balitsld Susie Baum Barb Beatty Nancy Bello Mary Brehm Sue Bucklin Karen Burlett Jamie Cushey Cheryl Christenson Joanne Cusumano Lynn Dakin Cindy Dillman Beth Elinsky Pam Everett Debbie Findley Kelly Cache Sandy Geneva Terri Gockel Jean Hannigan Kim Hendricks Liz Hines Cheryl Hubing Cathy Johnston Sue Kams Kathy Kramer Judy Kula Sally Kuppelweiser Karen Kvocka Kathleen Lambert Mona Larimer Judy Lingelbach Sue Lukehart Donata Magnani Nanette Mangie Marie Martin Debbi Maxey Trena McClelland Beth McNeal Lynie McTott Mel Mercuric Chris Miller Cindy Minor Susan Montgomery Mardie Moore Lori Musolin Barb Neckrich Marianne O ' Connor Linda O ' Rourke Shirley Pachter Annie Pagni Marijo Pesavento Karen Poehner Bonnie Principe Frannie Quinio Michel le Renner Claire Roos Shen Rost Jane Scala Cindy Seaman Leslie Stewart Geralyn SuUenberger Lee Ann Swyers Karen Thomas Marta Tridico Monica Ullmann Lynn Willig Chris Wilsson Darlene Yerep Dawn Zellefrow 142 President: Bob Blehart Rich Gutowski Dave Kramer Bob Moyer Jack Sharp Brian Lucas George Braunegg Gary Heine Stuart Law Pat Mullen Kevin Shorman Vice President: Rudy Buno Wilham Heinnechel John Levengeath Rich Northcraft Norm Suzick Ed Tate Denny Catley Rich Heylnun Dave Lewis Kevin Oakley Gary Tolfa Secretary: Dave Crock Marc Houser Jeff March Larry Pentz Bruce Turchetta Chip Law Dale Degore Ed Jones Robert McCabe Paul PiroUo Tim Wallace Treasurer: Robert Dirvonas Craig Kast Paul McMahan Mark Scanlan Tom Wallace Mark Hurrell Roben Fernandez Stu Kieser Kevin Moore John Serrapere Ron Lanamen 145 Phi Kappa Theta Bryan Busser Mark Huff Kevin Neely Bruce Contess Randy Ivanciw Richard Pacella Richard Derikart Richard Jasiewicz Bob Pachihs John DeSalvo Keith Kovach Steve Sheilds Robert Doersch Howard Long Robert Smith Dean Fetterolf Robert Luty Dave Steimer icholas Giannandrea Thomas McFadden Paul Weaverhng EdHahn Dave Metz Jeff Wendel Don Hogeland Mark Montgomery Ed Werner Paul Wetzel 146 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rho Gamma Sigma Kelly Brown Dudley Cable Eugene Ciavarra Jeff Clement Steve elites Aldo Colalillo Tony DiTommaso Ron Genard Scott Keener Larry Kovalak Pat Kruki John Mihota Mike Novak John Orenchuk Leo Paterra Tom Repole Scott Reynolds Tim Sherer Cliff Simmons Kokey Smith Phil Spinelli Rusty Swanger Scott Webber Bob Yates Don Ziomek Andy Bisaha Matt Bursick Mickey Capco Dan Carl Rich Chengery Brad Davis James EUermeyer Biff Pagan Al Falkosky Don Canassi Kevin Higgins Rocky Holland Greg Hudome Andy Isar Joel Jancaro Tom Jones Karl Keiffer Dan Kliner Don Kurtz John Lukas Bruce Martain Lee Payne Kevin Pingor Mike Reilly Tom Rizzuti Al Salamon John Schuler Joe Schuler Pete Smith Paul Sopko Pete Steele Bob Steffyl Mike Stiener John Thompson Rennie Trozzi Nick Trunzo Joe Waltenbaugh 147 Sigma Chi Curt Romanowsld Mike Martin Jim Buser Dave Wolfe Tom Windram Harry Murtaugh Jim Andoga Bill Elmer Jim Hieber Rocky Altimore Lenny Spencer Tim Isaac Mark Palajsa Rich Schultz Leo Savoie Mike Bobal Rich Myers Harry Elinsky Eric Freehling Dave Poskus Jim Stevenson Frank Leader Mike Seigfried Steve Fischer Joe Franceshini Ross Roblin Jim Bell Ron Donoughe Jeff Knapp Jeff Miller Tom Collier Nick Coccagna Joe Baxter Cam McGinnis Dave Johnson Kevin Dowdell Ed Rammrath Martin Richards Jay Fedorka Andy Andoga William Musselman Mark Eisle Tom Setto 148 Sigma Nu ngelim Craig Ardrey Timothy Benko Robert Bodnar Dave Bono Jonathan Burleigh Rick Buterbaugh Theodore Caddy Raymond Colalella Kenneth Chew Frederick Cleckner Robert Clements James Domey Ron Destio Gary Enscoe Joseph Gerek Mark Fontana Craig Gilham Robert Grimes Jeff Harten Lauren Heckert William Jene John Jeremko Bill Juracka John Kofalt Dami Marcinek Bryan Marince ' Kevin McCloskey Craig McMillen Daniel Miller James Mousseau Robert Nocco Richard Novak James Renacci Mark Panizzi Hank Pizoli Dan Radakovich Bobby Rae Gilbert Rocco George Rose Dale Ross Wayne Rowe John Sanders Joseph Scalese Steve Sotirokos Scott Swarm Frank Thompson George Trkulua James Trovato Tom Unglaus John Venditta Roger Williams 149 m0mt mmm mm mm0mm The names and faces change . . . 152 153 . . . but the job remains the same. " —f- r f- -%. 154 155 156 157 President Robert C. Wilbum 158 159 Deans Ronald W. Thomas Student Life Elwood Sheeder School of Business Joseph M. Gallaner Graduate School Cleo McCracken Student Development M. Kathleen Jones School of Home Economics 160 ' T • Fred Dakak Admissions Betty McCauliff School of Health Services -%•. i George W. Bilicic School of Continuing Education J. Christopher Benz School of Fine Arts Charles M. Kofoid School of Education 161 Vice Presidents S. Trevor Hadley Student Affairs Bernard J. Ganley Administration George W. Murdoch Finance Bernard T. Gillis Academic Affairs and Provost Isadore R. Lenglet University Development 162 University Foundation left to right seated: Kathy Shearer — Treasurer, Charles Davis — President, Arnold R. Schaid — Executive Director, Standing: Robert Morris — Secretary, Elwood Sheeder — Vice President Board of Trustees Front: Frank Gorell, Patrick J. Stapleton, A. J. Dereume, Last: Thomas Brule, Donald W. Menteer, Robert C. Wilburn, Patrick F. McCarthy, Miriam Ludwig, James E. Trimarchi, Missing from picture; Judith Miladin 163 mtm0m0mm0 tmmmimtmi0mt mm m0mm wi0mnmm0mm wt0mm mimm0mt»mmt0mm0mti mtmmi0mm Linda Abel Morrisville, Pa. T i Anne Abeloff Allentown, Pa. John P. Abricola Monroeville, Pa. Linda Acheson Pittsburgh, Pa. Katherine Acker New Castle, Pa. Kenneth Aerie Hermine, Pa. Charles Adamchik Blairsville, Pa. Beverly Adams Lancaster, Pa. Richard Adams Springfield, Pa. Nancy Ague Lewisburg, Pa. Deborah Alias West Mifflin, Pa. Thomas Alper Rehoboth, Mass. Charles Amadee Freeport, Pa. Janice Anderson Union, NJ Linda Anderson Berwyn. Pa. Robert Anderson Greenville, Pa. Sue Anderson Mary Andrews Mclntyre, Pa. Rodger Andrews Ventor, NJ Barbara Andritz Avonmore, Pa. 166 Debra Angevine Indiana, Pa. Keith Antle Pittsburgh, Pa. Barbara Antonson Concord, NH Janet Anzalone Havertown, Pa. Ralph Ardrey Exton, Pa. David Arena Mary Armstrong Pittsburgh, Pa. Karen Arnold St Marys, Pa. Debra Jo Ashton Corrine Artley s r Elaine Auman Murrysville, Pa. William Badeker Emigsville, Pa. Janette Bailey Broomall, Pa. Julie Baile Lancaster, Pa. Ruth Bailey Floreffe, Pa. Susan Bair Lewistown, Pa. Jacqueline Baird Norristown, Pa. Valerie Baird Norristown, Pa. Deborah Baniewicz Newtown Square, Pa. Guy Barker Kittanning, Pa. 167 Karen Barkhymer Sidman, Pa. Linda Barna West Mifflin, Pa. h aN N Sandi Barnes Uniontown, Pa. Beverly Bamett Stewartstoivn, Pa. Nancy Barr West Mifflin, Pa. Nancy Barrett Media, Pa. Dianne Barry Clearville, Pa. James Barry McKeesport, Pa. Janet Bartek Pittsburgh, Pa. Francis Barton Beaverdale, Pa. Beverly Bartzer Elverson, Pa. Karen Basile Bridgeville, Pa. Sandra Basehone Mechanicsburg, Pa. Susan Baum Pittsburgh, Pa. Veronica Beader Farrell, Pa. Rebecca Beard Blairsville, Pa. Joan Bearer Hastings, Pa. Ann L. Beauchamp Wexford, Pa. Diane Belan Latrobe, Pa. Christie Bemiller Michael, Pa. 168 Beth Benjamin Mifflinville, Pa. Deborah Benner Perkasie, Pa. Terry Benton Kittanning, Pa. Thomas Bergstresser Honesdale, Pa. Barbara Berlinski Lower Burrell, Pa. Pamela Beward Lewistown, Pa. M. Susan Bielenski Souderton, Pa. Bonita Billman Wernersville, Pa. Kenneth Bird Murrysville, Pa. Debbie Bish Brackenridge, Pa. L Susan Bish Hanover, Pa. Thomas Bistransky Johnstown, Pa. Jane Bitler Pottstown, Pa. Deborah Blake Willow Grove, Pa. Dennis Blaszkowski Wilpen, Pa. David Blazosky Allentown, Pa. Marjorie Bloch Allentown, Pa. Mark Bohnger Blairsville, Pa. Diane Bookheimer Irwin, Pa. Janet Boring 169 Johanna Boris Belle Vernon, Pa. Penelope Bowersox McVeytotvn, Pa. Deborah Ann Boyer Wilham Boyer Frank Bozzarelli Apollo, Pa. Danny Brace Paul Brayack Aliquippa, Pa. Colleen Brennan Pittsburgh, Pa. Barbara Brett Johnstown, Pa. Barbara Briner West Chester, Pa. Jane Brinkworth Yardley, Pa. Elaine Britton Harbor Creek, Pa. Jacqueline Brody Monroeville, Pa. Jean Brothers York, Pa. Emily Browell Frederick Brown Erie, Pa. Nancy Brown Hanover, Pa. Nancy Brown Milton, Pa. Melanie Brozek Rural Ridge, Pa. Camille Bruce Pittsburgh, Pa. 170 Linda Brant June Bubb Lancaster, Pa. Dennis Buccilli Ambridge, Pa. Diane Buckley Danville, Pa. Ann Bugica Greensburg, Pa. Leslie Buksar Anna Bulisco New Castle, Pa. Cheryl Bullock Gerald F. Bunda McKeesport, Pa. Ralph Bunnell Punxsutawney, Pa. Toni Burger Erie, Pa. Fredric Burgess Mt Holly Springs, Pa. James Buser Pittsburgh, Pa. Karen Buser Pittsburgh, Pa. Kathy Buser Barbara Bush Indiana, Pa. Michelle Busowski North Versailles, Pa. Raymond Buzek Levittown, Pa. Richard Byerly Coatesville, Pa. 171 Richard Byers Watsontown, Pa. James Byers III Indiana, Pa. Kristi Caldwell New Bethlehem, Pa. Michael Campbell Pequea, Pa. Lois Canton Coral, Pa. Donna Carbaugh Erie, Pa. Karen Cardone Verona, Pa. Jerome Careghini Sharon, Pa. Sheryl Carlson Pittsburgh, Pa. Michael Carney Coraopolis, Pa. Ruth E. Carl Robert Carpenter Yardley, Pa. Carolyn Carrithers Indiana, Pa. Sally Carroll McKees Rocks, Pa. Barbara Carso Stephen Cassell Harrisburg, Pa. David Cassesse East Brady, Pa. Susan Cecchini New Alexandria, Pa. Louis Celii Downingtown, Pa. 172 Dennis Cengia Seward, Pa. James Cengia Seward, Pa. Linda Cepull Cheswick, Pa. Camille Cerilli Monaca, Pa. Debra Cessna Cltfmer, Pa. Carol Chennega Tarentum, Pa. Denise Chippo Portage, Pa. Michele Chockla Derry, Pa. Marcia Chorey McKeesport, Pa. Judy Chotiner Georgiann Cianciulli McKees Rocks, Pa. Paula Cipriano Marcushhook, Pa. Si Marjorie Clark Erie, Pa. Matthew Clarke Allison Park, Pa. Barbara Clay Rockwood, Pa. Nancy Clawson Indiana, Pa. Sharon Clewell Birdsboro, Pa. David Clifton WilUam Clowes Punxsutawney, Pa. Catherine Cole 173 Patricia Cole Charleroi, Pa. Mark C. Collins Berwyn, Pa. Mary Collins Pittsburgh, Pa. Andrea Cornelia Latrobe, Pa. Catherine Conneely Farmingdale, NY Joseph Connell Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Larry Contrella Herminie, Pa. Stephen Corsi Tarentum, Pa. Mary J. Cosentino Cabot, Pa. Christy Cost Coraopolis, Pa. Renee Coughenour Pittsburgh, Pa. Celest Cox Pittsburgh, Pa. Dennis Cralley Ford City, Pa. Debra Crispens Sewickly, Pa. Linda Cook ■ ' t .• uv James Cull S :inS Kerrie Culp Lancaster, Pa. Lynn Cummings Pittsburgh, Pa. Alicia Cunninghan Port Allegany, Pa. Joann Cusumaiio West Mifflin, Pa. 174 John Dabozanski Lynn Dakin North Huningdon, Pa. James Dalpra Indiana, Pa. Patricia Damico North Huntingdon. Pa. Barbara Damrau Erie, Pa. Wanda Dancy Philadelphia, Pa. Kevin Danish Natrona Heights, Pa. 1 Donald Davidson Pittsburgh, Pa. Beverly Davis Wyoming, Pa. Nancy Davis Croydon, Pa. Ermina Deangelis Irwin, Pa. Joanne Dechert Lebanon, Pa. Carol Decker Cheswick, Pa. Candace Deforest Sharon, Pa. Charlene Degress Meadville, Pa. Marjorie Delanzo Pittsburgh, Pa. Lisa Deluca Pittsburgh, Pa. Mary Delucia Emporium, Pa. Francis Demangone New Derry, Pa. Diane Dengler Pittsburgh, Pa. 175 Nancy Derbyshire Ambler, Pa. Dawn DeVito West Middlesex, Pa. Susan Deyo Gibsonia, Pa. Joseph Dickey Beech Creek, Pa. Kathy Diederich Rosemary Digirolamo James Dill Windber, Pa. Anthony DiMaggio Midland, Pa. Aimee Dittenhafer York, Pa. Mary DiVito Wireton, Pa. Marlene Dokecki Oil City, Pa. Mary Dondero Pittsburgh, Pa. Neil Donley Myerstown, Pa. Joseph Donnalley Hummelstown, Pa. Stephen Dorko Shamokin, Pa. Susan Dom Brackenridge, Pa. Vera Dotterer Donna Dougherty Pittsburgh, Pa. Tracy Douthwaite Amy Doutt 176 Nancy Doyle Jack DriscoU Pittsburgh, Pa. James DriscoU Pittsburgh, Pa. Kathleen Dubler Johnstown, Pa. .... A .L, Mary Dubyak Donna Dudas West Mifflin, Pa. Mary Dudas Munhall, Pa. Larry Dudzik Indiana, Pa. Valerie Duncan Bethel Park, Pa. Connie Dunlap Blairsville, Pa. Cynthia Dubiano Jeannette, Pa. Marian Durnell West Chester, Pa. Steven Earnest Lonnie Ebersole Harrisburg Pa. Joan Eckert Norristown, Pa. Cheryl Edelstein Pittsburgh, Pa. Cynthia Eisenhauer Library, Pa. Paula Elbel Rossiter, Pa. Nancy Elias New Kensington, Pa. Rebecca Elhott Hooktown, Pa. 177 Thomas EUixson Morton, Pa. William Elmer McKees Rocks, Pa. Kimberly Emelo Fayette City, Pa. Diane Empfield Pennntn, Pa. Robert Englehart Murrysville, Pa. Darlene English Meadville, Pa. Debra Ennis Sayre, Pa. Richard Emau Barbara Escudero Cornwell Hgts, Pa. Kimberly Eshleman Hyde Park, Pa. Deborah Evans Robert Ezickson Paoli, Pa. Cynthia Faidley New Castle, Pa. David Fair Butler, Pa. Mamid Fakhari Mark Falcon Greensburg, Pa. Jeanne Falso Glenwillard, Pa. Jean Farinelli Paula Farkosh Belle Vernon, Pa. Lorraine Faroux 178 Dr. Elwood Sheeder Advisor, Dick Wilcher Pres., Brian Lucas Vice Pres. Senior Class Officers Darlene Fazehas Louise Fazio Coraopolis, Pa. Janet Fazzini Berwyn, Pa. Joanne Fedorka Sayre, Pa. Marianne Fenn Cheswick, Pa. Phyllis Ferguson Quarryville, Pa. Robin Fernandez Langeloth, Pa. Pamela Ferma New Kensington, Pa. Karen Ferrick Leechburg, Pa. Joann Fertenbaugh 179 Scott Fickes York, Pa. Vicki Fickes York, Pa. John Filus Gettysburg, Pa. Mary J. Fintak York, Pa. Michele Fischbaugh Allison Park, Pa. Judith Fisk Girard, Pa. John Fitchwell Monroeville, Pa. Kathleen Fitzgerald Yardley, Pa. Lauraine Fitzpatrick Pittsburgh, Pa. Joseph Flick Chicora, Pa. Gilbert Flodine North Huntingdon, Pa. Elizabeth Floridis Medford Lakes, NJ Mary Folby Latrobe, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Joanna Forkosh West Mifflin, Pa. Sue Ellen Fortna Chambersburg, Pa. Denise France Pittsburgh, Pa. Marianne France Philadelphia, Pa. Ginger Francis Pittsburgh, Pa. Judith Frank Boothwyn, Pa. 180 Diane Frantz J. . Donald Frederick Punxsutaivney, Pa. Ronald Frederick Punxsutawney, Pa. Sue Frederick Pittsburgh, Pa. Marylin French Kittanning, Pa. Charles Frey Langhom, Pa. Barbara Freyman Allentown, Pa. Celeste Fricchione Scranton, Pa. Nancy Frieben Johnstown, Pa. Marjorie Fritz Johnstown, Pa. Susan Fritz Latrobe, Pa. Gloria Froncek Apollo, Pa. Leslie FuUem Gary Funari Carnegie, Pa. Jeanine Funari Carnegie, Pa. Michael Fuschino Nancy Gable Blue Ball, Pa. Jeanne Galati Bradford, Pa. Rachel Galiley Moscow, Pa. George Galla Monessen, Pa. 181 Linda Gallagher Kittanning, Pa. Jim Garofalo Coraopolis, Pa. David Gates Bloomsburg, Pa. Jeffrey Getkin Pittsburgh, Pa. Curtis Gallatin Greensburg, Pa. Linda Gannon Pittsburgh, Pa. Steven Garofalo Pittsburg, Pa. Kathy Garrett Pulaski, Pa. !: ' ■.: Thomas Gathers Sharon, Pa. k Terrence Gaworski Natrona Hgts, Pa. j H Paul Gettings Warren, Pa. Teresa Geubtner Pittsburgh, Pa. Sandra Gansel Fleetwood, Pa. Grady Gaspar McMurray, Pa. Ann Marie Gerace Pottsville, Pa. Karen Giese Gibsonia, Pa. Karen Gargano Sharon, Pa. Bonnie Gates Johnstown, Pa. Joanne George North Huntingdon, Pa. Gail Gilbert 182 Walte r Gilfilliam Swarthmore, Pa. Lynn Gilham Philipsburg, Pa. Mary Lynn Gill Pittsburgh, Pa. Rebecca Gillelan Biglerville, Pa. Carol Gilleran Stamicca, Pa. Terry Gillespie Pittsburgh, Pa. Rachelle Gillman York, Pa. Sharon Gillono Leechburg, Pa. Christine Gincley Bechtehville, Pa. Annamaria Ginocchi Lower Burrell, Pa. Lynne Giuliana Monroeville, Pa. Paula Glass Pittsburgh, Pa. Lucille Glazer Washington, Pa. Barbara Gleeson East McKeesport, Pa. David Golembiewski Arnold, Pa. Jeffrey Goodis York, Pa. David Gormley Pittsburgh, Pa. Alethea Gomick Erie, Pa. James Goshom Sharon, Pa. Dora Goss Commodore, Pa. 183 Shelia Goss McClure, Pa. Karen Govaker Johnstown, Pa. Pamela Gozion Allison Park, Pa. Molly Graham Danville, Pa. Debra Gras West Newton, Pa. Marjorie Green Sarver, Pa. Bruce Greenburg Philadelphia, Pa. Donna Gregoire Tarentum, Pa. Rita Gregory Pittsburgh, Pa. Russell Gregory Munhall, Pa. Rita Griffin Elkland, Pa. Clark Griffith Quarkertown, Pa. William Grom Pittsburgh, Pa. Doreen Gromen Edinboro, Pa. Thomas Gross York, Pa. Karen Gulisek Mt Pleasant, Pa. Richard Gutowski Pittsburgh, Pa. Debra Haas Pennsburg, Pa. David Haddad Pittsburgh, Pa. Susan Hagan North Huntingdon, Pa. 184 Pamela Hamilton Natrona Hgts, Pa. Bernard Haney Jr. Woodland, Pa. Erik Hangeland York, Pa. Jean Hannigan Carrolltown, Pa. Florence Harl Punxsutawney, Pa. Gloria Harman Curwensville, Pa. Jacquelyn Harrington McKees Rocks, Pa. George Harris Ridgway, Pa. Susan Hartmen Lewisburg, Pa. Cathlyn Hartung James Harvey Belle Vernon, Pa. Mary Ann Hauris Pittsburgh, Pa. Francis Havko McKees Rocks, Pa. Andrea Hawk Allentown, Pa. Chris Hawk Allentown, Pa. Cynthia Hawkins Pittsburgh, Pa. Kathleen Hawkins Verona, Pa. Robert Hawsey Flourtown, Pa. Jack Hawthorne Natrona Hgts, Pa. Andrew Hays Havertown, Pa. 185 Robert Hays Indiana, Pa. James Heaney Ardmare, Pa. Cheryl Hedrick Willow Grove, Pa. Gary Heine Churchville, Pa. Jean Helwig Glenshaw, Pa. Kathy Hench Dallastown, Pa. Elizabeth Hency Bradford, Pa. Audrey H enrich Allison Park, Pa. Robert Henry Pittsburgh, Pa. Allison Hepler Richard Herbster Irwin, Pa. Barbara Herdman Irwin, Pa. Brenda Hermann New Castle, Pa. Margaret Herring Hanover, Pa. Jeffrey Hershey Terre Hetrick Palmyra, Pa. Patricia Arm Hickman Metuchen, NJ Barbara High Johnstown, Pa. Linda High Pottstown, Pa. Thomas Hill Sarver, Pa. 186 Deborah Julius Coraopolis, Pa. Barry Justice Chalfont, Pa. Aileen Kane Secane, Pa. Judylee Kane Maple Glen, Pa. Ardie Karp Altoona, Fa. Karen Kasicky PiUsburgh, Pa. Craig Kast Venetia, Pa. John Kavka Valerie Keasey Sarver, Pa. Patricia Kehoe Murray sville. Pa. Karen Keisling Bethel Park, Pa. Janice Keith Indiana, Pa. Robin Keller Pittsburgh, Pa. Lori Kellerman Dubois, Pa. Sharon Kelly Pittsburgh, Pa. Christopher Kelly York, Pa. Elizabeth Kelly Dresher, Pa. William Keneski Beaver Falls, Pa. Amy Kennerdell Natrona Hgts, Pa. Melanie Kenyon Clearfield, Pa. 189 Paul D. Kerser Kevin Kessler Aliquippa, Pa. Diane Keys Joan Kielbon Hatboro, Pa. Sandy Kimmel Berlin, Pa. Karla King Kittanning, Pa. Sally King Thomas Kinzler Pittsburgh, Pa. Andrew Kish Coraopolis, Pa. Joyce Kish West Mifflin, Pa. Bonita Kittelman Sandylake, Pa. Pamela Kleinfield Edinboro, Pa. Marilyn Kleinsmith Ronald Kline Hastings, Pa. Vicky Kline Knox, Pa. Elizabeth Klingensmith Ford City, Pa. Susan Knasko m: Susan Knezovich Denbo, Pa. Merle Knoll Pottstown, Pa. Kathy Knopp Monroeville, Pa. 190 Robert Knowlton Poulette, Pa. James Knudson Clairton, Pa. Kimberly Koban Johnstown, Pa. Keith Kobel Gratz, Pa. r.v Doris Kochenberger Lancaster, Pa. Beth Koenig Erie, Pa. Rita Kohler Philadelphia, Pa. Donna Kohlman New Brighton, Pa. Karen Koladije Morristown, Pa. Joseph Komara Midland, Pa. Karen Konar West Mifflin, Pa. Marcella Kootsouradis Monessen, Pa. Mary Koppenhaver Pillow, Pa. WilHam Kortz Dravosburg, Pa. Ann Marie Korzenaskie Shamokin, Pa. Keith Koski Latrobe, Pa. Rozanne Kosmack Export, Pa. Carol Kosykoski Belle Vernon, Pa. Charles Kovacs Bethlehem, Pa. Donald Kraft Pittsburgh, Pa. 191 Dorothy Krazek East Greenville, Pa. Holly Kriest Aliquippa, Pa. Kathy KriU Belk Veron, Pa. Nancy KriU Belle Veron, Pa. Johanna Krisak Karen Krivonak Glassport, Pa. Pamela Kroh Clarion, Pa. Candace Krohmer Fairview, Pa. Susan Knilce Strabane, Pa. Barbara Kulha Bethel Park, Pa. Karen Kulik Barbara Kulis Newport News, Va. Robyn Kulp Deborah Kurilla Doylestown, Pa. Deborah Kuzman Slickville, Pa. Valerie Kuzinar Pittsburgh, Pa. Susan Lance Beaver Falls, Pa. Barbara Landis Lancaster, Pa. Mary Landis Central City, Pa. Sally Landis Pittsburgh, Pa. 192 Kathleen Lang Bethel Park, Pa. Jean Langietti Greenville, Pa. Janice Lantzy Carrolltown, Pa. Patrick Lantzy Levittown, Pa. Mona Larimer Brookville, Pa. Roberta Lasto Aliquippa, Pa. Joane Latham Flourtown, Pa. m F. Mark Laurora Johnstown, Pa. David Laurent Pittsburgh, Pa. James Lawson Houston, Pa. Kathirose Lazzeri Dayton, Pa. Sally Learn Indiana, Pa. Joanne Leasure Butler, Pa. Marian Lech Johnstown, Pa. Mildred Lehman Mt Pleasant, Pa. Tim Leifield Erie, Pa. Susan Leininger Pittsburgh, Pa. Diant; Lckiiwa Trudy Lenhart Clearfield, Pa. Keith Leonard Wallingford, Pa. 193 John Lerch Fairless Hills, Pa. Marilyn Leslie Bamesboro, Pa. idl A James Lesnick Roy Leukhardt III Trafford, Pa. Valerie Levesque Blairsville, Pa. Anthony Lewgood Jr. Monongahela, Pa. Cynthia Lewis Quarryville, Pa. Donald Lindemuth Elizabethtown, Pa. Thomas Lininger Bethel Park, Pa. Susan Little 194 Robert Martini Pittsburgh, Pa. Patricia Mastropietro New Castle, Pa. Maryann Masuga Robert Mathews Greensburg, Pa. Carol Mathieu New Tripoli, Pa. Linda Diane Matthews Indiana, Pa. Marilyn Maus Derry, Pa. Debra Maxey North Huntingdon, Pa. David Mayers Chalfont, Pa. Samuel Mayes Mill Hall, Pa. Lois Mazzalupo Westboro, Mass. Linda McCabe Hollidaysburg, Pa. Melissa McCandless Slippery Rock, Pa. Susan McCarthy Indiana, Pa. Lynne McCleerey Latrobe, Pa. Marjorie McCorkle Clearfield, Pa. Jacquelyn McCormick Pittsburgfi, Pa. Mary Jo McCoy Windber, Pa. Shirley McCreight Clinton, Pa. Diana McDonald Murrysville, Pa. 197 Susan McDonald Fairlawn, Pa. David McDougall New Castle, Pa. Debbie McGinn Pittsburgh, Pa. Thomas McGuire Deny, Pa. Patricia Mcintosh Carnegie, Pa. Lynn McLaughlin Beaver, Pa. Carolyn McNaughton North Huntingdon, Pa. « 3i- ' ;- Kathleen McNulty Pittsburgh, Pa. C. Gregory McQueen Freeport, Pa. Anne McTieman Pittsburgfi, Pa. Gregory McVay Pittsburgh, Pa. Linda Mears Murrysville, Pa. Donna Meier Pittsburgh, Pa. Margaret Meier St Marys, Pa. 198 Maurita Meledick Hyattsville, Pa. Jocelyn Mellquist New Eagle, Pa. Lisa Menchio Greenburg, Pa. Nancy Menk New Kensington, Pa. Michael Mensinger Whippany, NJ Ann Merchant Pittsburgh, Pa. s Jane Mesko Bethlehem, Pa. Jeffrey Merz Erie, Pa. David Metz Harrisburg, Pa. Barbara Meuer Hatboro, Pa. Gail Michael Fairview, Pa. Susan Michaels Waynesboro, Pa. Rachel Mignogna Pittsburgh, Pa. Barbara Mikel North Huntingdon, Pa. 199 Randall Mikesell Indiana, Pa. Brenda Miller Indiana, Pa. Carol Miller York, Pa. Carol Miller John Miller Pittsburgh, Pa. Jolene Miller Fairhope, Pa. Kathleen Miller Youngtown, Pa. Robert Miller Pittsburgh, Pa. Wendy Miller Lansdale, Pa. Nan Millheim West Mifflin, Pa. Deborah Mims Lancaster, Pa. David Minthus Therese Mirto Johnstown, Pa. Carol Miseyka Butler, Pa. Raymond Miseyka Butler, Pa. Deboradi Misutka Cheswick, Pa. Mary Mittereder Pittsburgh, Pa. Danelle Mlynar Monroeville, Pa. Susan Mochan Johnstown, Pa. Gary Moelk Pittsburgh, Pa. 200 fA Gary Ogg Pittsburgh, Pa Lyndia Olenchuk Aliquippa, Pa. Pamela Oliver Beaver Falls, Pa. Doris Ondulich Trafford, Pa. Elaine Onofrey West Mifflin, Pa. Bernard Oparah Indiana, Pa. i ▼ liT Gregg Orangio Irwin, Pa. Richard Osewalt Philipsburg, Pa. Sandra Osterwise Scottdale, Pa. Karen Ostraski Clarks Green, Pa. Karen Owens Pittsburgh, Pa. Thomas Padden Lewistown, Pa. Thomas Paddick West Homestead, Pa. Anne Pagni Grove City, Pa. Deborah Painter Petrolic, Pa. Russell Palchak Trafford, Pa. Richard Palilla Rural Valley, Pa. Mary Palka Gary Palmer Harrisburg, Pa. James Palmer Perkiomenville, Pa. 203 Joseph Palubinsky Shanandoah, Pa. Maria Pantano YorK Pa. William Parks Harrisburg, Pa. Kenneth Parsons Punxsutawney, Pa. r Linda Parsons McAlisterville, Pa. Leo Paterra Elizabeth, Pa. David Paola Louis Patrick Hatboro, Pa. Terresa Patsko Pittsburgh, Pa. Linda Patterson Connellsville, Pa. Lois Paul John Paviol Carlisle, Pa. Michelle Pawlak Natrona, Pa. Carolyn Pearson Emporium, Pa. Linda Pecano New Castle, Pa. Karen Peduzzi Trafford, Pa. Darwin Peiffer Bethlehem, Pa. Sandra Pellegrini Amhridge, Pa. U fA Debra Pellegrino Williamsport, Pa. Larry Pentz Waynesboro, Pa. 204 Patricia Perry Pittsburgh, Pa. Susanne Pesch Bttsburgfi, Pa. Susan Peters Woodland, Pa. Cynthia Peterson Erie, Pa. John Peterson Pittsburgh, Pa. Karen Peterson McKeesport, Pa. Sandra Peterson Indiana, Pa. Caryn Petro McKeesport, Pa. Paul Petrosky David Petrusch Pittsburgh, Pa. Deborah Pezzoni Blairsville, Pa. Mark Phencie Lewistown, Pa. Barbara Piatt Irwin, Pa. Joseph Piccerillo Allentown, Pa. Alan Pifer Big Run, Pa. Francis Pifer Malvern, Pa. Arleen Pinkos Verona, Pa. Y w ' in ' , Marchia Pittman Mark Plasynsld Arnold, Pa. 205 Edward Plesnarski Tower City, Pa. William Fletcher Langhome, Pa. Connie Pollock Gary Polosky Strabane, Pa. Dennis Popovec West Newton, Pa. Michael Porter Wampum, Pa. Steven Posch Erie, Pa. Sally Potter Indiana, Pa. Glenn Poyner Bristol, Pa. Mary Prah Lewisburg, Pa M P 4 John Presto Mentcle, Pa. Kathleen Previte Bridgevilk, Pa. Mark Pribanich Beaver Falls, Pa. Mary Probola Pittsburgfi, Pa. Josephine Prot Pittsburgh, Pa Cynthia Pugh Youngwood, Pa. Doris Quiles Chester Twp, Pa. Karen Quinlan Wayne, Pa. Patricia Quinn Charleroi, Pa. Jeffrey Rager Jeannette, Pa. 206 Darelle Railingshafer McKeesport, Pa. Jeanetta Ranalli Gibsonia, Pa. Deborah Ranish Ambridge, Pa. Pamela Ray Lititz, Pa. Mary Raymond Pittsburgh, Pa. Gerald Read Clearfield, Pa. Jill Reck Bethel Park, Pa. Debra Redmond Johnstown, Pa. Arthur Reeher Harrisburg, Pa. David Reese New Kensington, Pa. Lynn Rehner Pittsburgh, Pa. Madelyn Reilly Indiana, Pa. Eileen Reitz Camp Hill, Pa. Susan Repasky Monroeville, Pa. Harry Replogle David Revitsky Latrobe, Pa. Barry Rhoads Lamartine, Pa. Beverly Dawn Rhoads Fleetwood, Pa. Michael Riccio Pittsburgh, Pa. James Ricotta Clearfield, Pa. 207 Janice Rinchiuso Pittsburgh, Pa. Wilson Ritter Camp Hill, Pa. Louann Roan Espy, Pa. John Robbins Titusville, Pa. Mark Roberts Kittanning, Pa. Michael Robins Cleaveland Hts, Ohio Gray Robinson Rebecca Robinson West Grove, Pa. Mary Rock Carnegie, Pa. Mary Rogel Clarksburg, Pa. Joseph Romanak Renovo, Pa. Curt Romanowski Carteret, NJ Patricia Rombach Coraopolis, Pa. Dennis Ronko Punxsutawney, Pa. Candy Roorback Beaver, Pa. Claire Roos Pittsburgh, Pa. Margaret Rosio Dubois, Pa. Robin Roues Jeffrey Rouse Erie, Pa. Debra Rucki Pittsburgh, Pa. 208 Carol Ruffing McKeesport, Pa. Charlotte Ruffulo Indiana, Pa. Kim Hupp Kittanning, Pa. Noel Rusnak Munhall, Pa. Gregg Russell Chambersburg, Pa. Jean Rutkowsky Jeannette, Pa. Karen Rutter Millersburg, Pa. A Lawrence Rybacki Monroeville, Pa. Ronald Sacco Pittsburgh, Pa. Vicki Sadlon Caimbrook, Pa. Mark Soisson Juan Carlos Salcedo Debra Saldutte Pittsburgh, Pa. Katherine Sanders Chambersburg, Pa. Jacqueline Santoriello Verona, Pa. Margaret Savoy Berwyn, Pa. Diane Sayut Kristine Scannell Camp Hill, Pa. Catherine Schachte Indiana, Pa. Deborah Schade Monroeville, Pa. 209 James Schearding McKees Rocks, Pa. Curtis Scheib Allison Park, Pa. Susan Scherger PiUsburgh, Pa. Lynn Schick Williamsport, Pa. Catherine Schiestle Mercer, Pa. Susan Schild Moscow, Pa. Donald Schin Camp Hill, Pa. Jeff Schlader Shamokin, Pa. Susan Schlemmer Jacquelyn Schmura Coraopolis, Pa. Luann Schnieder Clarion, Pa. Adrienne Schreyer Pittsburgh, Pa. Elaine Schuster Greensburg, Pa. Nancy Schwarzel PiUsburgh, Pa. Catherine Schiulli Pittsburgfi, Pa. David Scott Lewistown, Pa. Karen Scott Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert Scott Dunmore, Pa. Jenny Scotty Pittsburgh, Pa. Geoffrey Seacrist Indiana, Pa. 210 Maureen Secott Camp Hill, Pa. Shirley Sedmak Strabane, Pa. Diane Sedoris Butler, Pa. Richard Seech Aliquippa, Pa. Gail Seigfried Orwigsburg, Pa. Patricia Senecal Pittsburgh, Pa. Rebecca Senic Trafford, Pa. Roseann Serafine Pittsburgh, Pa. Elaine Serak Ambridge, Pa. Henry Sergey Scranton, Pa. 211 Diane Shade Erie, Pa. Janell Shaffer Boswell, Pa. Marsha Shaffer Greensburg, Pa. Vanira Shaffer Hyndman, Pa. Jack Sharp Jr. N Charleroi, Pa. Nancy Sharpe McKees Rocks, Pa. Debra Shattls Lebanon, Pa. Charles Shaw Kathryn Shaw Murrysville, Pa. Karen Shearer Cabot, Pa. Randall Sheetz Altoona, Pa. Timothy Sherer Boston, Pa. Nancy Sheridan Pittsburgh, Pa. Jolene Shick Ligonier, Pa. Marianne Shimkanon Coplay, Pa. Joane Shiry Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert Shope Munhall, Pa. Mark Sidone Revloc, Pa. Jane Simmons Pittsburgh, Pa. Mary Simons Butler, Pa. 212 Roberta Simpson Roscoe, Pa. Kathy Sims EHe Pa. Sandra Singleton Monroeville, Pa. Mary Jane Sinnott Pittsburgh, Pa. Barbara Sipple Pittsburgh, Pa. Linda Slack New Kensington, Pa. Cynthia Slagle New Castle, Pa. Patricia Sloand Mechanicsburg, Pa. Rebecca Slyman Greensburg, Pa. Brad Smith Carlisle, Pa. Cheryl Smith Turtle Creek, Pa. Debra Smith New Brighton, Pa. Judy Smith Adrian, Pa. Mar ' ]o Smith Doylestown, Pa. Raymond Smith York Pa. Johanna Smolinsky Baden, Pa. Carol Snyder W Long Branch, NJ David Snyder Indiana, Pa. Gail Snyder Pittsburgh, Pa. June Snyder Emlenton, Pa. 213 Joanne Sobota Blairsville, Pa. Steven Sotirokos Bedford, Pa. Kathleen Sparks Port Vue, Pa. Janet Spence Indiana, Pa, David Spicher Indiana, Pa. Larry Spotts Indiana, Pa. v « ' ' B ' ■ f wm M KU -mm E H ' m B « - Pri K i " Fc " Jacquelin Spring Pittsburgh, Pa. Craig Sprock Somerset, Pa. Joan Stagner Mechanicsburg, Pa. Mary Stahl Verona, Pa. Diane Stango dure. Pa. Michelle Stanisky Cheswick, Pa. Dee Jaye Starankovic Wynnewood, Pa. Carl States Walter Stenger Bridgeville, Pa. Anne Stent Erie, Pa. Margaret Stewart Burgettstown, Pa. Mary Stewart New Castle, Pa. Diane Stickell Erie, Pa. Peggy Stiffey Penn, Pa. 214 Mark Stillman Teresa Stiltner Worthington, Pa. Shawn Stine Dallastown, Pa. Frances Stineman Karen Stoicovy Upper St Cloir, Pa. Rex Stone Mechanicsburg, Pa. Joyce Stoner Elizabethtown, Pa. Virginia Stoughton Pulaski. Pa. Brenda Stout Industry, Pa. Judy Strack Camp Hill, Pa. George Straka West Mifflin, Pa. Bonnie Stratton Indiana, Pa. Deborah Strauser Bumham, Pa. Bruce Streyle Mary Ann Stripay West Mifflin, Pa. v% Robin Stroup Pittsburgh, Pa. Kevin Stubbs Pittsburgh, Pa. David Summers Glenshaw, Pa. Susan Susang Trafford, Pa. Deb Swarm Springchurch, Pa. 215 i- , . " 4 ; V X J. Dianne Swayze Lafatette, NJ Cathy Sweda Monongahela, Pa. Therese Swider McKees Rock, Pa. Edmund Szymansld Ford City, Pa. Kathryn Tabis Cheswick, Pa. Tina Tajak Kathleen Tarsovich Johnstown, Pa. Susan Taylor Ambridge, Pa. John Tekely NemacoUn, Pa. Caron Thomas New Kensington, Pa. 216 Caryl Thomas Lewisburg, Pa. David Thomas Joan Thomas Pittsburgh, Pa. Sharon Thomas Pittsburgh, Pa. Deborah Tickle Avonmore, Pa. Jan Tintori Belle Veron, Pa. Tina Tonarelli Belle Veron, Pa. Marilyn Tonkin Tamaqua, Pa. Stephen Topper McSherrytown, Pa. Nancy Torkar West Newton, Pa. Philip Tornei Rosalie Tometta Norristown, Pa. Marcia Townsend Spring Church, Pa. Susan Trapani New Kensington, Pa. Karen Trembach Belle Veron, Pa. Marsha Trembath North Huntingdon, Pa. Catherine Turano New Kerisington, Pa. Kim Twentier Ellwood City, Pa. Elizabeth Ulery Shiremanstown, Pa. Vicky Urabel 217 Devyn Usuka Wiconisco, Pa. Nancy Valasek Ford City, Pa. Ellen Van Duyne Lawrenceville, Pa. Robin Van Swearinge Rutger Vansanten West Chester, Pa. Ruth Van Zanten West Chester, Pa. Barbara Vancheri Pittsburgh, Pa. Susan Vanic Bethlehem, Pa. Dennis E. Vargo Wanda Vaughn Mary Vavreck Denise Velegdan Coraopolis, Pa. John Venditta Dowingtown, Pa. Kathleen Vernon David Vezzosi Wyndmoor, Pa. Michael Vigne Coral, Pa. Monica Vitkay Bairdford, Pa. Theresa Vosko Lauren Wagner Sarver, Pa. 218 Susan Wagner Pittsburgh, Pa. Tanja Wagner Bloomsburg, Pa. Christine Wain Lancaster, Pa. Dawn Waite Tyrone, Pa. Cynthia Walker Chambersburg, Pa. Wilham Walker Coraopolis, Pa. Marvin Wallace Lucerne, Pa. Joseph Waltenbaugh New Castle, Pa. Pamela Waltenbaugh Ridgway, Pa. Carla Waltz Williamsport, Pa. Pamela Walzer Lower Burrell, Pa. Frances E. Ward Pittsburgh, Pa. Linda Ward Monroeville, Pa. Darlene Warren Judith Watters Arnold, Pa. Mary Louise Watters Malvern, Pa. William Watts Trafford, Pa. Normanne Wealand Palmyra, Pa. Jean Weaver Johnstown, Pa. Nancy Weidle 219 Barbara Weimer McConnelbburg, Pa. Michael Welsh Fairview, Pa. Edward Werner Philadelphia, Pa. Mark Wetmore Chalfont, Pa. John Whelan Monroeville, Pa. Deborah Whetstone Newburg, Pa. Larry Whitacre Indiana, Pa. Barbara Whitaker Ridgway, Pa. Judy White Pottstown, Pa. Claudia Whited Central City, Pa. Ann Whitney Upper Marion, Pa. Barbara Wieand Emmaus, Pa. ■ ps 1 .J Sf«5S=J ■ ■■: ••X ' --:. " 1 ' " • ' .•■.■■■ •h ■ " ■■:■ ' ' • ■ :::-yii v. A.. .:- fi Richard Wilcher Flourtown, Pa. Jessie Wilcox Monroeville, Pa. Laurie Williams Roger Williams Pittsburgh, Pa. Scott Williams Canton, Pa. Theresa Williams Reading, Pa. Patricia Wilsey Quakertown, Pa. 220 Herbert Wilson Butler, Pa. Lynne Wilson Kennett Square, Pa. Thomas Windram Pittsburgh, Pa. Cynthia Wingard Homer City, Pa. Joyce Winkle Pittsburgh, Pa. Donna Winter Pittsburgh, Pa. Gretchen Winters Allison Park, Pa. Patricia Wintersteen Danville, Pa. Henry Witmann Fairfield, Pa. Constance Woehr Pittsburgh, Pa. Douglas W. Wolf Washington, Pa. Allan Wolfe Indiana, Pa. David Wolfe Shamokin, Pa. Richard Wolfe Jr. Indiana, Pa. Jo Womer Leechburg, Pa. J. Wooding Landenburg, Pa. Kim Woodring Bhomsburg, Pa. Sue Woodside Kittanning, Pa. Mark Woomer Brookville, Pa. Emerson ork Mill Run, Pa. 221 Lynn Wright Leechburg, Pa. Carol Wunz Indiana, Pa. Deborah Yannuzzi Lower Burrell, Pa. Steve Yautz Marie Yenser Chester, Pa. Debra Yost Baden, Pa. Janet Young Kittanning, Pa. Margaret Young Washington, Pa. Ronald Yuhas Bamesboro, Pa. Joseph Yunecko West Mifflin, Pa. Peter Zande Bradford, Pa. Dawn Zellefrow Kittanning, Pa. Elizabeth Zellefrow Indiana, Pa. David Zerishnek Pittsburgh, Pa. Randal Zickgraf Indiana, Pa. Daniel Ziegler Indiana, Pa. Roger Ziegler Beaver, Pa. George Zimmerman Pittsburgh, Pa. Donald Ziomek Aliquippa, Pa. Janet Zollner Monroeville, Pa. 222 Mary Zugzda Port Carbon, Pa. Leah Davis Susan Weiss Easton, Pa. Lisa Zydel Poughkeepsie, NY Denise Lynne House David Thomas Pittsburgh, Pa. 223 Graduation . - as ' . " ■; ■• : ■ ., ;s ■ i m 224 225 226 227 228 tii " Congratulations Seniors! ?I|e ' . and Mrs. Frederic Abeloff . and Mrs. John J. Abriola . and Mrs. Charles Adamchik, Sr. , and Mrs. Alex Ardrey , and Mrs. J. Edward Bailey, Jr. . and Mrs. Joseph L. Bama . and Mrs. John Barr , and Mrs. Jack R. Barrett . and Mrs. Francis A. Benton , and Mrs. William J. Bergstresser . and Mrs. T. J. Berlinski . and Mrs. Theodore C. Bielinski , and Mrs. Leroy S. Billman . and Mrs. Frank T. Bunda , and Mrs. Peter M. Busowski . and Mrs. Louis Canton Doris M. Carbaugh , and Mrs. Steve Carr Mary Ann Carrithers , and Mrs. Homer S. Cassell , and Mrs. Salvadore Cassesse , and Mrs. Arthur Cessna i . and Mrs. G. R. Clarke , and Mrs. Joseph Connell, Sr. , and Mrs. John Cimningham , and Mrs. John Cusumano 5. Rose Daldoss and Mrs. C. T. Davidson and Mrs. S. Leighton Davis and Mrs. Jack S. Di Girolamo , and Mrs. James Dill J. Dondero and Mrs. Alex Dudzik . Mary F. Duncan John R. Dyer, Jr. and Mrs. George Elias and Mrs. James R. Fenn and Mrs. C. J. Fertenbaugh and Mrs. Gerlad G. Fintak and Mrs. S. A. Folby and Mrs. Joseph Forkosh and Mrs. Paul Fox and Mrs. Donald Fuschino and Mrs. Nick Galati and Mrs. Arthur L. Gallatin and Mrs. Robert W. Gansel and Mrs. Walter A. Gasper and Mrs. Robert Gavran Sam Gozion and Mrs. John Gulisek and Mrs, WilUam W. Hardy Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. Howard C. Harris, Sr. and Mrs. William E. Harris, Jr. and Mrs. Winifield Harvey and Mrs. Edward A, Hawk and Mrs. Albert L. Henrich and Mrs. C. I. High and Mrs. Arthur Hopkins and Mrs. Joseph P. Hoppa and Mrs. John Hunt and Mrs. Andrew Imbrescia and Mrs. Frank A. Jandrositz and Mrs. Joseph Jeroski and Mrs. Richard H. Jones, Jr. and Mrs. Isadore Karp P J and Mrs. Elmer Keith KFM and Mrs. E. N. Kellerman and Mrs. Fred A, Knowlton George H. Knudson £uid Mrs. George Koenig and Mrs. Charles Kotsch and Mrs. Andrew Krivonak and Mrs. Michael Kulik and Mrs, Fred R. Kulis and Mrs. Stephen Kuzman and Mrs. Frank E. Landis and Mrs. Joseph D. Laurent and Mrs. Anthony Lewgood, Sr. and Mrs, Samuel Lininger and Mrs, F. Joseph Link and Mrs. Charles Lord and Mrs. Dean Manifold , Dorothy Martin and Mrs. Paul Martin and Mrs. Donald J. Meier and Mrs. Leon J. Meledick and Mrs. Stephen L. Mikel and Mrs. Peter J. Mirto and Mrs. Frank R. Miseyka and Mrs. Steve Misutka and Mrs. Paul C. Moore and Mrs. David E. Morris and Mrs. William L. Nelso and Mrs. WiUiam J. North . and Mrs, Donald J, O ' Neil and Mrs. Kermeth Pahner . Arlene M. Peiffer i y| and Mrs. John Pelle mo and Mrs. Fred Phenicie and Mrs. Joseph Plesnarski and Mrs. Leonard Queitzsci and Mrs. Sylvester Rager m Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Raymond Mr. and Mrs. James C. Raymond Mr. and Mrs. Harry Replogle, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Rhoads Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Riccio Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rombash Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Ronko Mr. and Mrs. Don Roos Mrs. Dorothea Rosio Mr, and Mrs. Merle H. Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Rusnak Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schade Mrs. Marie Schwarzel ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sciulli Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scotty Mr. and Mrs. George K. Seacrist Mr. and Mrs. Charles Senic Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Serafine Mr, James R. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. L. T, Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Spence Stickell Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stiffey Mr. and Mrs. Warren Strack Mr. and Mrs. George J. Straka Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Stroup Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Sweda Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swider Mr. and Mrs. R. Tajak Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Tatone Mr. David A. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William J, Thomas Mrs. Clara TonareUi Mr. and Mrs. Wilham Topper Mr. and Mrs. Mickey V. Vitkay Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Walker Mr. and Mrs. R. J, Waltenbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Carl Waltz Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W Mr. John F. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Wilham R. ' i Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vindrain Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yautz Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. Yoest Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Zerishne Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Zimmerman WT y eiiB« JPi|f! ? Acknowledgements . . . . . . Dane Surra, Ed Margulies, Karen Ferrick, and Mark Barto, for supplying us with pictures when desperately needed them . . . the Public we Relations Office . . . Joanne Fedorka . . . CT Miller, for helping us through some long months . . . The Indiana Gazette . . . Davor Photo Inc. for the senior portraits and candid work . . . Walt Lewis, who we especially want to thank and hope won ' t abandon us next year . . . and everyone else who made the 1977 OAK possible, thank you! And so he grew like an oak-tree, and acquired a strong pair of hands and a fresh colour. — Gustave Flaubert

Suggestions in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Oak Yearbook / INSTANO Yearbook (Indiana, PA) collection:

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