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I I 1 v 1 E i ! ,Q-nl, QI tab! of contents Ki 1 '11 va 2. xx 1 'S 'S Reflections of Memories Features ............... Reflections of Interests Organizations ........... R6fl6Cti0I'IS of Talents Activities ................ Reflections of Competition Athletics ................. . . Reflections of Guidance Faculty .... 4 ............... .... Reflections of Knowledge Curriculum ............... .... R8fl6Cfi0I'1S of Ofh9fS Classes .............. Reflections of Living Student Life .......... . ..... 8-9 22-23 48-49 .. 78-79 116-117 130-131 142-143 194-195 Changes and Trends Of the Nation Affect PHHS Three televised debates were one of the national events which had an effect on the students at Huron High. The debates, the first ever between an incum- bent president and his challenger, showed the American voters two closely matched candidates. A turnout of 80 million Americans went to the polls to choose their next president In November. Jimmy Carter won 51 per cent of the popular vote to 48 per cent for Gerald Ford. It's time for a change as the metric system is seen more and more in everyday living. New car owners have discovered that their speedometer shows both miles and kilometers per hour. Weather reports are given using Celsius and Fahrenheit urging Americans to learn the unfamiliar units of measure. Space travel once again captured the public's lm- agination as Viking I made the first successful touchdown on the planet Mars. Washington set out to inoculate America against a virus called Swine Flu but the shots were stopped when some people who got them came down with a rare paralysis. Fads were born and reborn. Discotheques boomed, and with them "the bump". Skateboards came back. The citizens-band radio bug blt 15 million Americans. T.V. produced Fonzie, 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Floots'. Peter Frampton super-starred in U.S. rock. The Oakland Raiders took the Super Bowl over the Minnesota Vikings. All this and more left impressions on the students of H.H.S. A .SLIM Mll.ESl PER. . . HUUR I ".. g M 13 - -T Hi. 11e'i 1' l ' ' 'N M E T R E S GMES fwixseuwzvh- x 1 5 ,WK " 4 11 4 SP ED. IT fPER.H0UR igigti A ....... ,... . . .... ....., . .1 T i A fl l ll EN 0 R E lll F A ... if f f V.l' 1 Urging Americans to learn the unfamiliar units of measure, the signs on today's highways show both miles and kilometers per hour. Below: The men of HHS think they are already ln heaven when they watch 'Charlie's Angels.' Presldent Ford and Jlmmy Carter confront the Issues. Gary Gilmore at last recelved hls death wlsh: the first man to be executed since 1967. Barbara Walters: the first mllllon dollar-a- year woman news-caster. Betty Ford got a CB and a handle: Flrst Mama. 1977: A Year of Troubles And Good Times Because of the lack of rainfall, South Dakotans ex- perienced one of the driest seasons on record. Many candidates who campaigned for the 1976 state elec- tion used the drought as a campaign issue. The Huron Public School system expanded its vocational program this year. There were 255 juniors and seniors who enrolled in the eight vocational courses offered. Classes began the first day of school at leased sites, while the facility was belng constructed west of the senior high school. Another change at Senior High included the con- struction of the outdoor study area located between the school and the gym. One of the best musicals ever presented by the Huron High School drama and music department was "Guys and Dolls." lt was well received by all who attended. The massive Oahe Irrigation project continued to be a very controversial issue in our community. An election was held in the fall for the Oahe Board in which five out of six incumbent directors lost their seats to challengers who generally sald they had some questions about the project's design, effect and purpose. Bureau ol Reclamation surveyors drill through the ice at the very shallow Lake Byron to see how much water the area will hold when lt becomes a reservoir for the Oahe Irrigation project. Below: Construction of the Vocational School continued at a slow pace. This scene with the Mission Band was only one of the great moments in the smash hit "Guys and DolIs" presented by the high school music and drama departments. Below: Drought hit South Dakota with a vengeance. fun il it New M3 3 4 ? A r r E E r L I I F ? 4 4 ' 1 E H , Q I 1 Q 1 1 i + ig eifff M + : . ' , iimifvwmffwvmgwx 1 if my i E 3 i I . i 3 4. ? ' 1 Q 3 ,f :. l K 1 - 5 5 s Royalty Crowned For the Wonderful World of Disney I , l XA! ' xr 4' a , 3 A! A K 4 Bw, V or x r nik King Rich Barnes and Queen Faith Dahl were the honored Homecoming Royalty for 1976. Attendants were: Top left-Ginny Avery and Brad Solong Top right-Vickie Neitzel and Greg Starnesg Bot- M - 1 W tom left-Doreen Burnison and Loren Nihartg and Bottom right-Lindy Osman and Mark Reilly. The MC's for the occa- sion were Joan Stafford, Jon Wollman, and Bruce Felix. H QQSNBGMSOQH Q. -.. ,QW g X5 5. -1 31 Wk RJ. -3:41 They could ha ve danced ,,.,.,,l....-..., ..-,.,..0......a,,.,,W..... v,,v a N. . , . A 1 ., "I can't find the band," says Kim Lowery as she looks downstairs. Students dance to Kiss, the Eagles, and Elton John as they are entertained by the stereo. This picture symbolizes the band that never came, the band that no one danced to, and the band that Huron will never hire again: "The Rockers." Freshman girls dressed like "Babes in Toyland" serve refreshments. Dancers with their coats on was a famlllar slght as people left the dance as soon as they arrived. Much work and originality was put into the decorations which were done by Pep Club. Dancers take a break and enjoy refreshments while they listen to the music. I , I lm l 1 I m 2 K S li s X X + s x S , xi 5 1 E sn l xx i Q X , x X I ' T x i X , K J ii w ? I X A A S .f A - ,:., Q1. L, i--ALL I LL..., N ! n sms MB ix uf X S 5 " Qixgxx xg' Y F X 35556 x SW xi- Q f 1.-vi s , -.P xg S s ws fax. M 51 u. gig. X .px 2 SPF Sax : .ff 1, ig is K if if is Y Q, Q34 S is gig , SFX 1 :QV M' ""N fx Z? E 2. - Q , . I sw, wiiis1nr...g 5 J Q, J. , ,W Q . ,QR , if , ' J whf i fig! ,A Qiixvvg Q5 4 'mmf Wwar.' 1 '5"fh4 , 1 , A Q Likff Ginny Avery, a 5'6" senior with brown hair and brown eyes, was selected by the student body to represent Huron Sr. High School in the Miss Holiday Contest. Twenty-nine girls competed in the Holiday Tournament which was sponsored by Huron College and the Huron Daily Plainsman. Ginny is the State President of the Future Business Leaders of America, President of Pacesetters, Features Editor on the Annual Staff, Homecoming Queen Candidate, has participated in Nike Club, Pep Club, German Club, and various musical organizations. Cherry Prom e Breaks Tradition In year's past, the Cherry Prom King and Queen have been selected from the sponsors of the dance, the TIGER STRIPES staff. Because of selec- tiveness and little involvement, the tradition was changed by selecting can- didates from Pep Club and Key Club. This year, the tradition was broken again: only this tlme, there was no club discrimination, no qualifications, and few criticisms. The 1977 Cherry Prom King and Queen were selected by those students attending the dance. As the seniors entered, their names were written down and at 10:15 a ballot was typed and candidates were picked. We feel that because the dance was such a success with its attractive decorations, tremendous band llt even camel, and the hard work put into plan- ning, that we must commend Sharon Fodness and the rest of the TIGER STRIPES staff for a job well done! ,gi'U'!Q, f l'1UKDlZ f X cf i i - ' ' 9 stef..- - , N i 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 V V rv7iz,ixswiJH. 9 f I ' 1 , X lg- 1 "M , - l af 9. 10. 11. . 2 '. Ginny Avery and Bill Hageman reigned as Cherry Prom King and Queen. Second runners-up were Deb Erickson and Scott McCaskeII. Barb Horton and Scott Corcoran were first runners-up. Bill Hageman was crowned by emcee Faith Dahl. Doreen Burnison and Shelley Teller take tamborlne lessons from the lead -singer of the band. Jean Hlrtzel and Charlie Hanson listen as Michelle Munson gets the scoop. Emcee Bob Landstrom robes the surprised queen. Dancers boogled to the sound of "Rocking Horse." "Rocking Horse" delights the crowd with their varlety of perfor- mances. "Come on Rich, dance with me." says Bruce Schled to Rich BBITISS. "Wowl That was some klsslll" replies Tanya Harris to Mark Lee. , 5 N. I L ' Q. ,. I 1 fbi ,' ' in 5 li' . f 'I' 'K 1 Q I q ' ?'?ffmfi. . H. 'lr , EE. "5 'T .. D. ii .f , Y i 'TF infix we wasafil 1. Todd Starnes, Junior Class President, and Carolyn Bur- nison pose for a picture in the winter scene. 2. The dancers enjoy the slow songs. 3. "Anybody want to dance!" yells Dan Flanagan as Nancy Olson cries "What about me!" and Rich Barnes expresses his opinion. 4. "Don't let the guys see everything we're taking," says Karen McLinn to Kristi Swenson as Krlsti tries to decide how many tarts to take. 5. Bob Landstrom and Yvonne VanWyhe take a stroll along the beach in the summer scene. 6. "Soda" provided the music for the Jr.-Sr. Prom. xg 'Seasons in the Sun' Glow at Prom , . Q-O' .wen . ' ' '- 11" I. Kim Korthals and Rod Paulson take off on their long walk through the Grand March. 2. "Hey, that's usl" says Pat Osborn to Mark Reilly as Mr. Decker announces their names during the Grand March. 3. John Vosler and Becky Heimlich take a breather between dances. 4. This scarecrow was part of the fall scene at the Jr.-Sr. Prom. 5. The crowd enjoys the concert by Soda. 6. Bob Landstrom and Yvonne VanWyhe see themselves take shape. organiza tions VZ "5:1"'W' "' 31' U -J ' ag.-J, ffm, A W A - reflections of interests Tiger Fans Unite Pep Club created terrific school spirit and enthusiasm for HHS competitive sports in 1976-1977. Assemblies brought about joined forces for all classes. The members also decorated halls and lockers for all athletes. Membership in Pep Club is open to any high school student who wishes to support the Tigers. Mrs. Karen Mueller was the adviser. iisats A A 2 Senior class members twlth twlce as much splrlti were, back row: Andrea Hanson, Susan Bell, Falth Dahl, Carmen Lang. Thlrd row: Laura Brinkman. Fienee Hanson, Michelle Nelson, Deb Erickson. Se- cond row: Renee Hanson. Deb Erickson, Michelle Nelson, Susan Bell. Front row: Andrea Hanson, Carmen Lang, Laura Brinkman, Faith Dahl. Pep Club Excites sf? Sophomore Pep Club members were back row: Lisa Burnlson, Andrea Hamilton, Jenny Sllbernagel, Tammy Erickson, Christy Eskew, Kelly Walker, Paula Almond. Mlddle row: Pam Axtman, Sherrle Lush, Mona Davis, Sheila Sexton, Pam Marvel, Kathy Prue. Flrst row: Linda Cernlck, Terry Stuhl. Belinda Hmm' Wlcwpresideno Shelton, Mary Kelntz, Rhonda Anderson. Gerrl Solon, and Debbie Gutzmer. MTS. KSFSFI Mueller, 8d- Junlor Members were, back row: Kathy Hull, Mary Jo Stahl, Karen Lee, Sherrl Schoepf, Dawn Shelle. Jean Hlrtzel, Gall Sanderson. Third Flow: Teresa Mallkowskl, Becky Mundt, Nancy Ftohrer. Deb Flnnerty, Penny Palmer, Brenda Mausbach, and Debbie Franks. Second Flow: Shlrlay Andol, Beth Wllkens, Linda Klnyon, Christi Cole, Vlckl Henkel, Tanya Harris and Velma Peterson. Second Row: Barb Burnlson, Mary Taylor, Beth Harter, Cindy Cole, Julie Plueger, Charrlsse Meyers, and Paula Wadhams. Flrst Row: Jan Young, Michelle Munson, Nancy Olson, Karen McLinn, Kyle Schumacher and Krlstl Swenson. Student Senate Gets the Job Done P i Back row- Todd Starnes Sharon Fodness, Student Senate members had a very photogenic year, just look at Strommen Nice res. . . , the front row: Mark Reilly fPres.J, Dennis Reilly, Greg Starnes, Vince Watkins, Carolyn Burnison, Barb Burnison, Julie Janes and Doreen Burnison, Mary Housiaux, Charlie Hanson and Greg Brice Johnson. The Student Senate undertook several projects in lounge and also acquired several concrete benches addition to their responsibilities ofthe student lounge They also wrote a completely new constitution. A ' k usual, the infamous S.S. picnic was a success. and dances. They did homecoming, erected a w 26 a great deal of wor on ooden fence for the outdoor '37 National Forensics League Honors Speech Students National Forensic League is an honor society for speech students. Students participating in N.F.L. must be active in speech events or contests throughout the year. These speakers traveled many weekends throughout the year being involved in debate tour- naments. A patron's night was held May 19, in which various awards were given. Jack Holmquest was the N.F.L. advisor and debate coach. The 1976-77 officers were: Charisse Myers, Carmen Lang, Diane Rudy, Ken Bodell, and Bill Huet. .- National Forensic League members Included, front: Dawn Helnzerl- dierks, Back: Joan Stafford, Jon Wollman, Ken Bodell, Dennls Rell- lng Lrnda Weber, Sue Fennel, Anne Fuehrer, Ramona Baseler, ly, Bret Best, Jon Nielson, Dave Stuke, Randy Maas, and Jamie Row two: Bob Barton, Rod Johnson, Brenda Downing, John Meyer. Scheulter, Bill Huet, Carmen Lang, Diane Rudy, Emma Harm- El Espanol 5,4 , , Spanish Club members were, front row: Sandra Ferris, Peggy Kokesh, Kelly Curry, Lori Johnson, Gayleen Muilenberg, Genell Tarver, Skyla Wallmann, Jody Berg, Lisa Wicks, Shelly Hammond, Pam Gomer, Angela Larson, Renee Orth, Bret Best. Se- cond row: Kathy Hull, Terri McManus, Jane Peterson, Bonita Blumenauer, Brenda Haynes, Karen Anderson, Monica Decker, Marla Drapeau, Dean Donnell, Elvida Drapeau, Pam Marvel, Rhonda Anderson, Sheila Sexton, Mary Meyers, Evonne Dwyer, Robin Walters, Vicki Davis, Michelle Williams, Ruth Cambronne. Third row: Angie Huizenga, Lane Robeson, Phil Maher, Sara Mills, Beth Roy, Paula Kingery, Laura Cernick, Joan Stafford, Laura Trinko, Linda Weber, Ann Fuehrer, Linda Cernick, Natalie Zell, Deb Finnerty, Scott Bonfoey, Marlin Hofer, Kevin Morsching, Jody Friese, Diane Wittenhagen, Teri Stahl, Andrea Han- son, Ftenee Hanson, Vicki McQuillen. Fourth row: Shelly Teller, Kelly Feller, Kim Lowery, Cindy Cole, Joni Jacobson, Christy Cole, Pam Slepikas, Linda Kinyon, Liz Bates, Thelma Peterson, Patty Chase, Lynn Loesch, Kim Korthals, Velma Peterson, Susan Mason, Beth Wilkens, Karen Lee, Dawn Scheele, Sherri Schoepf, Barb Shanks, Greg Starnes, Greg Strommen, and Dan Flanagan. Spanish Club advisor was Mrs. Karen Mueller. Officers includ- ed, back: Terri McManus, Kim Lowery, Jody Friese. Front: Laura Cernick, Jody Berg, and Linda Cernick. Deutsch ,Y Q F A The German Club, under the JS V ti M ! M H in supervision of Mr. Richard 3 OST Reimer and Mrs. Maurine 5 Jacobson, was organized to in- .-, ' . 4 4' -,s , crease interest in the German 4 -.1 " A language and customs. Last U KJ year's class representatives . were: Dennis Reilly, Sandy W I, 'Q Huber, Greg Schneider. Back: ,f r I Vickie Neitzel, Christy Eskew f i,! and Jean Hirtzel. . f ,J-Q., 4 2 'yfilis-fix' 2 A -el - f f ' 2 MM N ,J ,ff U 'L , German Club members were, First row: Vince Watkins, Lori Burnison, Sue Fennell, Paula Almond, Lori Curtis, Bob Barton, Karen Thompson, Vickl Peck, Vickie Neitzel, Debbie Gutzmer, Belinda Shelton, Crystal White, Kelly Walker, Carolyn Bur- nison, Sharon Fodness. Second row: Jerry Blow, Rhonda Brandenburg, Kim Carlson, Emma Harmdierks, Pam Teske, Nancy Buchanan, Sandy Gortmaker, Carmen Lang, Barb Burnison, Jean Hirtzel, Teresa Malikowski, Mary Taylor, Sandy Huber, Kristi Swenson. Third row: Ann Wenland, Andy Qualm, Mitch Kannenberg, Brenda Downing, Janet McHenry, Lisa Jorgenson, Pam Dick, Nancy Rohrer, Jeanine Harmdierks, Brenda Mausback, Lynn Staples, Brenda Hammer, Christy Berquist, Teresa Life, Nancy Bloem, Lori Wahl, Paula Peppers, Mary Kelly, Dawn Clark. Fourth row: Jim Housiaux, Craig Potter, John Schlueter, Keith Raschke, Mark Reilly, Dana Brown, Dave Stucke, Karen McLinn, Nancy Olson, Brenda Coyle, Lisa Brown, Dawn Sorlien, Bonnie Wilkens, Jill Kannenberg, Christy Eskew. Back row: Dennis Reilly, Brian Martin, Greg Schneider, Russ Pietz, Tami Erickson, Donna Pohdrasky, Jan Hedbloom, Jody Kludt, Julie Janes. This year the Science Club skyrocketed its candy sales. lt also made a bundle from the ' s' Valentine's cookies, and T.V. raf- fle. The group also took a four-day trip to Minneapolis and celebrated the end of the school year with a pizza party. g .M ...., The 1976-77 Science Club officers were: lbackl Dave Packard, treasurer, Den- nis Stevens, advisor, John Jacobson, vice-pres., and Qfrontl Gary Wold advisor, Scott Corcoran, pres., and Carmen Lang secretary. Science Club Moves Ahead We ,--...,,, 'cs Science Club members included, front row: Marilyn Peek, Diane Rudy, Linda Downing, Dean Donnell, Charrise Myers, Ernie Smith, Charlie Hanson, Wade Johnson. Second row: Rhonda Brandenberg, Linda Kinyon, Diane Mennenga, Jeanine Harmdierks, Marla Drapeau, Francis Grohs, Patty Brice, Nancy Olson, Bob Borgan, Tammy Schulke, Steve 911941 FN 7 Kappel. Third row: Ken Ball, Rick Gutzmer, Lance De Roos, Velma Peterson, Mark Hofer, Craig Hofer, Lane Robeson, Jack Winter, Robert Hunt, Bruce Schulke, Back row: Laura Brinkman, Charles Vanderlaan, Marilyn Hofer, John Bennet, Rose Hofer, Angie Huizlnga, Liz Eckman, and Jerry Blow. Quill and Scroll: International Honor Society for Journalists Quill and Scroll members for the 1976-77 school year were: front row: Monica Decker, Paula Kingery, Carmen Lang, Laura Brinkman, Doreen Burnison, Sandy Gortmaker, Deb Smith, Ginny Avery and Sharon Fodness. Back row: Bob Landstrom, Dave Packard, Russ Pietz, Greg Strommen and Mark Stotz. Future Farmers of America Unite .Wm "' .- , - saw ' 0 V . FFA members included, front row: Kelly Urban, Revay Engel, Cindy Bowen, Diane Barton, Dee Barton, Rodney Smidt, Paul Jensen, Bret Townsley, Rodney Johnson, Craig Slepikas. Second Row: Eric Gutormson, Sue lmker, Brenda Vilhauer, Linda Halbur, Gerry Verhelst, Brice Buckly, Mike Metter, Brian Therkildsen, Jim Reimer, and Doug LeGrand. Third Row: Jon Bentson, Nikki Devries, Lonna Ulvestad, Shawn Bowen, Cindy Bowen, Julie Engel, Jay Thomas, Diane French, Michelle Meyers, Leroy Waldner, Mark Berquist, Mary Sheridan. Back Row: Brad Bawdon, Doug Friedrichsen, Neal Greenfield, Dale Lucklum, Ken Ferris, James Beckwith, Wayne Tschetter, Alan Arbeiter, Phil Streeter, Scott Eckmann, and Art Fisher. M,,,.....-we 2 4 3 Q sf ,Q -. The Huron High School chapter of FFA worked to develop its members' agricultural interests. Under the direc- tion of Wilmer Burton, the officers were: Scott Eckmann, Revay Engal, Mary Sheridan, Jim Reimer. Back row: Sue lmker, Paul Jensen, and Rodney Smidt, President. Future Homemakers Get a Head Start Officers of FHA were: Donna Alter, Ladean Gamber, Jan Sorban, Shelly DeVries, and Lorna McMillan. FHA members were: Mrs. Rasmussen, ladvisorl, Kathy Hull, Anyla McMillan, Angie Huizenga, Petty Bryce, Jan Sorban, Rhonda Sporrer, LeJean Gamber, Sandy Gortmaker, Terri Acheson, Lorna Brandenburg, Shelly Devries, and Donna Alter. i as .. Greg Strommen Lorna McMillan Carmen Lang Doreen Eurnison President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer National Honor Society Recognizes Outstanding Students Mark Stotz Kim Melstad Scott Corcoran Jennifer Melby Paula Kingery Wade Johnson Vickie Neitzel Jon Wollman Ginny Avery Dave Packard J Sharon Fodness National Honor Society Selects New Members National Honor Society, a national high school organization, gives recognition to outstanding students on the basis of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. It encourages excellence in the exploration and development of these qualities. The members were inducted last fall, and selected by the faculty. ront row: David Boyd, Loren Nihart, Bruce Felix, Terri Acheson, Barnes, Bill Hageman, Mark Hofer. Back row: Rose Schrader, ark Fleilly, Russ Pietz, Rex Bailey. Second row: Joan Stafford, Angie Huizenga, Craig Potter, Greg Schneider, Greg Starnes, and icki Davies, Robin Melstad, Skye Humphrey, Faith Dahl, Laura Bob Landstrom. rinkman. Third row: Phil Maher, Mike Gamber, James Meyer, Ron Key Club Serves Huron The 1976-77 Key Club kept an active schedule while completing another year of serving the com- munity. Activities accomplished throughout the year consisted of raising S350 for Our Home, Inc. by selling Pizza Hut calendars, helping the recycling center load paper on trucks, holding a trampoline-a-thon with contributions going to M.S. , helping Kiwianis Club give Christmas baskets to the needy, and sponsoring a dance for the Huron Senior High School. 1. Key Club officers were Bob Landstrom, President llefttg and Greg Goehner, Vice-president. Not pictured is Jeff DesLauriers, Secretary-Treasurer. Members of Key Club were, front row: Kerry Hofer, Mark Stotz, Barry Greschke, Brian Jenner, Andy Konst, Brice Johnson, Dave Englert, Dan Hicks. Se- cond row: Tom Peterson, Bruce Felix, Flich Skorheim, Robert Ulrich, Kent Krueger, Brian Beach, Kevin Morsching, Jerry Hofer, Darrel Dornbusch, Randy Mass. Back row: Mr. Bowar, adviser, Bob Landstrom, Greg Goehner, Todd Starnes, Greg Strommen, Kelly Lanam, Rod Hook, Todd Sondreal, Greg Gogolin, Bill White, Duane Haugen, and Flick Hawley. NIKE CLUB makes things happen Nike Club is sponsored by the Business and Professional Womens' Club. Activities include various community service pro- jects. The young women study careers for their future. Members were: front: Kim Lowery, Paula Kingery, Vickie Neitzel, Barb Bur- nison, Christi Cole, Carmen Lang, Kim Bergman, Jody Friese. Se- cond Row: Lynn Loesch, Jean Hirtzel, Sandy Huber, Mary Taylor, Laura Brinkman, Ginny Avery, Michelle Nelson, Sharon Fodness. Third Flow: Doreen Burnison, Mary Housiaux, Paula Wadhams, Linda Kinyon, Beth Harter, Michelle Munson, Jami Vincent, Terri Lentz, and Kim Coyle. Officers for last year included Kim Coyle, Vice-Pres.: Sharon Fodness, Sec.-Treas.g and Carmen Lang, President. Girls Get Involved in Athletics il, nr" The 1976-77 members of GAA were, front: Diane Cernick, Bonnie Heimlich, Mary Bush, Carol Poulisse. Row Two: Gail Sanderson, Brenda Coyle, Carolyn Burnison, Dawn Scheele. Flow Three: Cathy Hull, Venette Hofer, Deb Smith, Beth Wilkens, Flow Four: Barb Bur- nison, Cathy Erickson, LaJean Gamber, Pam DeJean, Flow Five: Nancy Olson, Jody Kludt, Robyn Melstad, Kim Bergman. Row Six: Leslie Schumacher, Teri Stahl, Gerri Solon, Jan Young, Jensen, Sherri Schoepf, Skye Humphrey, Sherri Gutzmer Seven: Barb Shanks, Mary Housiaux, Karen Lee, Beth Harter, Taylor, Mary Jo Stahl, Kim Melstad, Julie Plueger, and Huber. HERO: Gaining Experience fW +i'U "Q HERO members were, front: Lois Mastel, Connie Phillips, Noreen Steve Grohs, Jim Webster, Brad Walz, Darrel Grohs, Kent Krueger Welch, Lisa Kasa, Deanne Schinderling. Back: Bob Landstrom, Les McKinney, Mrs. Johnson ladvisorl, and Dwayne Christiansen. HERO officers were, front: Lois Mastel, Deanna Schinderling, Noreen Welch. Back: Darrel Grohs, Jim Webster, and Kent Krueger. Bob Landstrom was the State HERO president. X PA CESETTERS I The Pacesetters slide into the splits as their grand finalel Ginny Avery, captain, stands below Sharon Fodness, co-captain, as Sharon slips herself into the locker. A display of the favorite "glove" routine is shown as the Pacesetters pose with a smile. The 1976-77 Pacesetters were from left to right, First Flow: Michelle Munson, Kim Lowery, Tammy Campbell, Jean Hlrtzel, Christi Cole. Second Row: Kim Coyle, Renee Hanson, Cathy Hull, Lynn Loesch, Kim Bergman. Third Flow: An- drea Hanson, Nancy Rohrer, Angie Hulzenga, Karen McLinn, Ginny Avery. Fourth Flow: Deb Erickson, Kelly Feller, Deb Finerty, Barbie Burnison, and Sharon Fodness. Delight the Crowds Huron Hlgh School Pacesetters ls a team made up of sixteen regulars and alternates. I Ill UUSI IUI-Il U16 y68I', H1686 girls performed for various football and basketball games. Their outstanding performance, however, was their last: at the Boys Basketball State A Tourney ln the Sioux Falls Arena. As a "grand finale" each girl rlppled into the splits, as shown above at a practice perfor- mance ln Huron. The Pacesetters are under the direction of Mrs. Mary Severson, adviser: Ginny Avery, captain: and Sharon Fodness, co-captain. DE CA Prepares Students - Members of the Distributive Education Clubs of America get help with specific plans by studying outside the school with part-time jobs sponsored by Huron business establishments. DECA is the only club in HHS that helps students learn how to be future leaders in marketing and distributing, while allowing them to get experience in their chosen field at the same time. Activities included regional and state DECA contests. Bruce Maxwell was DECA advisor. for MI Business i World X1 was X Front Flow: Jan Sorben, Linda Plate, Michelle Teuber, Debbi Maier. Second Row: Betty Knouse, Judi Miner, Pam Brown, Roxanne Melhberg, Deb Breck, Kelly Magee, and Marg Collings. Third Ftow: Kim Coyle, Teresa Morse, Tammy Hiles, Signe Adams, Nancy Schinderling, Darla Dunn, and Pam Sass. Fourth Ftow: Pat Zeigler, Dennis Vogele, Fteedy Berg, Mike Bogh, Russ Kleinsasser, lsackson, Charles Birdsall. Back Row: Advisor, Mr. Leonard Doll, Brad Dooley, Dennis Beekman, Kevin Ault, Leonard Kohlmeyer, Mark Staples. Not pictured are Scott Weise, Don Knud- son, and Jim Almond. HLA: Helping Hands Homeroom librarians were, seated: Karen Lee, Dawn Peter- son, Karen Thompson, Sandy Gortmaker, Tammy Campbell, James Waldner, Michelle Nelson, Beth Maas, Pam Mason, Lance DeFloos, Diane French. Standing: Jay Thomas, Leslie 'The Huron Library Assistants are students interested in help- ing in the school Library. The assistants served six mods each week by selling paper- back books, and helping the librarians. Homeroom librarians picked up and dis- tributed library notices for their homeroom every Thursday morning. Margaret Moxon was the librarian's advisor. Erickson, Les McKinney, Bernadine Schock, Bill Moran, Lisa Wicks, Jim Webster, Lori Burnison, Craig Hofer, Mary Keintz, Greg Houge, Don Bryce, Rich Bales, Laurie Armour, Eric Gutormson, Bob'Barton, and Leonard Doll. Library Assistants were, front: Karen Erickson, Lance DeFloos, Tammy Schulke, Back: Bruce Schulke, Leonard Doll, Ken Ball, Eric Gutormson, and Leslie Erickson. Pm M 1 X'. fm H-Club Organizes Letter Winners Officers for the 1976-1977 school year were: Bill Hageman, lPresidentJg Faith Dahl, lVice-Pres.l: Greg Strommen, lSec. Treas.i. The H-Club members were, front: Teresa Malikowski, Pat Stovall, Sherrie Schoepf, Shelly Teller, Gail Sanderson, Tanya Harris, Faith Dahl, Laura Brinkman, Jim Housiaux, Matt Denison, Jeff Zwanziger, Scott Corcoran, Second Row: Robyn Hittle, Mary Decker, Skye Humphrey, Terry Halse, Kelly Lanam, Dennis Buckland, John Vosler, Bill Moran, Brad Mattke, Greg Gogolin, Jody Berg. Third Row: Nancy Olson, Kevin Morsching, Rick Jungemann, Bill White, Sherri Gutzmer, Darold Dornbusch, Dave Rose, Brian Nelson, Tom Peterson, Jim Entwisle, Dave Timperly, Carolyn Burnison, Deb Cas- tle. Fourth Row: Jody Kludt, Donna Podhraski, Kim Bergman, i bln' Mary Taylor, Michelle Munson, Julle Plueger, Mary Housiaux, Paula Konst, Randy Maas, Bruce Hartley, Steve Butler, Rod Linafelter, Robin Melstad, Kim Melstad, Beth Montgomery, Sandy Huber, Beth Harter, Barb Burnison, Phil Maher, Brian Jenner, Bob Landstrom, Roger Barnes, Bill Hageman, Jim Webster. Sixth row: Kevin Olson, Dan Prue, Greg Strommen, Scott McCaskell, Dave Lang, Tim White, Scott Perrenoud, Keith Grohs, Gaylen Roth, Greg Starnes, Brad Solon, Greg Schneider, Mark Lee, Loren Nihart, Mark Kludt, Bob Dormady, Jerry Hoger, Jerry Bockorny, and Darrel Grohs. FBLA 'ers achieve success State officers of the Future Business Leaders of America were, left to right: Mark Reilly, State Treasurer: Ginny Avery, State President: and Mr. Dan Hoff, State Adviser. Local officers were: Terri McManus, President. Back row, left to right: Glnny Avery, Parllamentarlang Kelth Raschke, Reporterg and Kim Korthals, Secretary. Not pictured is Sharon Fodness, Treasurer, and Mike Gamber, Vice-President. Members of the Future Business Leaders of America were, front row left to right: Julle Johannsen, Tanya Harris, Beth Montgomery, Lindy Osman, Ann Rudd, Lonna Klukas, Rose Schrader, Klm Korthals, Mary Taylor, Barb Shanks, Dawn Peterson. Second row: Jerry Blow, Greg Starnes, Greg Schneider, Keith Raschke, Mark Reilly, Kyle Schumacher, Sherry Taylor, Deb Gascolgne, Susan Mortensen, Robin Gednalske, Pam Austin, Ginny Avery. Third row: Mark Wehde, Doug Wells, Marlin Hofer, Steve Kappel, Rich Davis, Charles Vander Laan, Dana Brown, John Bennett, Sharon Koch, Pam Slepikas, Linda Kinyon, Paula Konst, Michelle Hoff- man, Diane Wittenhagen. Fourth Row: Shirley Cleveland, Frank Evans, Clndy Sargent, Roxanne Pownell, JoLynne Mullenburg, Gall Sanderson, Dawn Scheele, Kristi Swenson, Sandy Ferguson, Joan Jacob- son, Paula Wadhams, Terri McManus, Shirley Andol, Theresa Mallkowskl, and Nancy Olson. anti ilsie J'. - A 'vu f . VP f If X 4-aw reflectiores of talent 'Guys-n-Dolls' Musical Production a Great Success The musical production, "Guys-n-Dolls" was presented in the Senior High Auditorium November 18- 20. Mrs. Patsy Melius and Mr. Milo Pietz were in charge of the dramatic and musical aspects of the presenta- tion. Strenuous practice of the forty-member cast con- tinued for eight weeks. Benny and Nicely Nicely sing about woman's effect on man. l l l g l Sky and Sarah discuss love at Save a Soul Mission. Nathan chats with JoeY H501-If The UIQ 95m9- The Guys make plans for the game. Miss Adelaide .... Nathan Detroit .... Sky Mastersoin .... . . . . .Nancy Olson .....Russ Pletz Bruce Fellx x P' S Sarah Brown .......... ....... L ynn Loesch Nicely Nicely Johnson .... ....... J oe Mahowald Miss Adelaide tells Nathan her hopes, Benny South Street .... ..... F rank Schumacher Big Jule .............. ........ J im Grothe Lt. Brannigan ....... Arvidfa Abernathy . .. Matt Denison Bob Borgan General Cartwright ............................................. Barb Shanks "We're holding the crap game on the top of Mount Everestl" The Hot Box Farmerettes entertain wlth their show. irit B Grandfather Abernathy comforts Sarah Brown with a song of wisdom and love. HHS Dramatists Entertain The orchestra, directed by Leonard Vellek, furnlshes the music. Nathan tries to convlnce Adeline that he does love her. Adellne speaks with Sky at Save-a-Soul Mlsslon. The dolls put on their own show. The cast recelves applause at the conclusion of a well-performed production. utstanding Students Receive Recognition On Awards Night 1. Bob Landstrom received the Lyle Kleinsasser Memorial Awarcl. 2. Mr. Vellek presented the John Phillip Sousa Award to Dave Syring, Vickie Neitzel, and Wade Johnson. 3. Participants in golf were honored for their hard work. 4. Five HHS students were awarded ROTC scholarships. HHS Students Honored . X P vg q Q, fb.: 2 l 3 'Md ' 2 'W' . . A K' I' , f f, 5 ,EQ 5 2 2 f tl 1. Mr. Jack Holmquest, debate coach, joked as he announced the forensic awards. 2. Mr. Bleth awarded outstanding wrestlers for their abilities. 3. Mr. Solon congratulated the barbershop quartet. 4. Debra Gasgoine was the recipient of the Alumni Award. 1. Jim Webster accepted the Denny Busch Memorial Award. 2. Five girls awaited the announcement of the American Legion Student Award. 3. Mark Reilly captured the American Legion Student Award. 4. Ronald Barnes received the Donna Diede Math Award. 5. Greg Schneider was presented with the Michael Rink Memorial Scholarship. C? i V .' K' -. Q -ge .g Nf " 'fi M 1 lf? 'R E ' x N 'li-X '. l M . lx ' . ,X .xv KVIHU 5 ' 't TIGER FOLLIES presents: Bruce Felix, Russ Pietz, Joe Mahowald, and Mike Whitney harmonize as e "barbershop quartet." Emcee Lane Robeson chuckles as his partner. John Jacobson predicts the contents of the envelope. Pat Sigler performs a drum solo in costume. "Here's ..... Johnny!" Mary Housiaux performs, "How Do I Love Thee." by baton. Brad Solon, South Dakota's top fiddler, dis- plays his talent with guitarist Joe Mahowald and pianist Dave Merkel. rfwfi-.fx r nt, , ,N ik ar ELI? ,, fe 5 . l s X, 5, i X l . ,,. ft. HURON HIGH SCHOOL TALENT 1. 2. Lane Robeson Qalias Edi takes "time out for a word from our sponsor." Huron High School gymnasts "clown" around. 3. 4. 5. Pacesetter's HBANDSTAND BABES" dance to the music. "l know it's a mint," says Christi Cole. "No, it's a guml" answers Julie Plueger. Unfor- tunately they're both wrong-it's a LAXATIVE! Nita Jungemann performs her talent well and delights the audience. Annual Staff Reflect Doreen Burnison - Editor-in-Chief Beth Harter - Classes Editor Erickson, Julie Pl'-legeff Geffi Solon- Assisting the editors were Deb Castle Watkins, Michelle Munson. Ginny AVGVY - Features EdiiOf Carmen Lang - Activities Editor Bob Landstrom - Photographer ijw at ,. l ax, E' 7 L i- 5, . , , ,,, , ,ff J l Other assistants included: Bonita N nauer, Tanya Harris, Deb Crawford, Laura Brinkman - Organizations Russ Pietz - Faculty Editor Peterson' Editor on Memorable Moments Vliloberta Nelson - Curriculum Editor Gail Sanderson - Student Lite Editor Leonard Doll - Photographer Deb Smith - Girls' Sports Edltor Todd Starnes - Boys' Sports Edltor Q rl i XX f I . l i . f Q iDave Packard - Business Manager Mr. William Gall - Advisor Pops Concert Entertainment Through Musical Talent 1. Mike Whitney sang a solo for Pops Concert entertainment. 2. "Did you know mental illness occurs every four minutes?" 3. Concert Choir took the audience on a "Sentimental Journey." 4. The "Big Spenders" put on their act. 5. The trombone sextet entertained the crowd with its melodies. I 'JV ,V y., y tty? ,M , M ,J y Q ,, V, its gf t i 4 fa if 3. al.: QW. J if M2 yA,, , -s flv tllt i fill fl W,- 1. The Doo-Wa's sang and danced to brighten up the crowd. 2. Deb Erickson sang "I Honestly Love You." 3. Nita Jungemann and Bob Thomas performed a variety of selections that Bob wrote. Paper Staff Keeps Students Informed Through a few headaches and disappointments the students of HHS worked diligently throughout the school year to publish the monthly issue of the TIGER STRIPES. The paper is put out for the students of HHS to keep them informed on school events and happenings. In the January issue, the TIGER STRIPES staff put their heads together and came up with an imaginative new column: "Feature Creature" lt caused quite a few laughs among the readers, and quite a bit of embarrassment to the monthly "feature creature." Editor-in-Chief, Mark Stoz, struggled with the staff to get their articles in on time, and typists to type them, but eventually the work was done. All-in-all the staff had a pretty good and eventful year. As the last issue of the TIGER STRIPES went into print, the staff sat back and sighed with a smiley of course the seniors on the staff smiled bigger and sighed even longer than the other members because this marked the end of their high school journalism years. 60 TIGER STRIPES editors were: Greg Strommen, Sharon Fodness and Mark Stotz Assisting the editors were, front: Matt Denison, Sheri Gutzmer, Vicki Neifzel, Bob Landstrom. Back: Sandy Gortmaker, Sandy Huber, Lorna McMillan, and Greg Starnes. Other paper staff members included, front: Renae Orth, Beth Wilkens, Venette Hofer. Back: Dawn Peter- son, Monica Decker, Lance DeRoos, Nancy Olson, Ray Horn, Mary Taylor, and Frank Schumacher. Not pictured: Paula Kingery. vw-'ff it vt 5 .cf Tomorrow's Politicians dd' 1977 Boys' Staters were Brian Tschetter, Vince Watkins, Frank Schumacher, Craig Hofer. Steve KSDPGI. They attend- Marlin Hofer, Charles Vanderlaan, Randy Mass. Second ed the week-long session on the Northern State College Row: Greg Goehner, Bret Best, Todd Starnes, Mark Wehde, campus in Aberdeen during the last week in May. Tom orro ws Leaders! The 1977 Girls' Staters were: Barb Shanks, Kelly Feller, Julie Plueger, Patty Bryce, and Kim Korthals These intelligent females learned of their state and local government on MitcheIl's Dakota Wesleyan. campus. my C? ri .,.uf"""" - Concert Choir: Singers Members of Concert Chois were Row 1: Brenda Bausbach, Sherry Taylor, Deb Finnerty, Terry McManus, Sharon Fodness, Doreen Burnison, Robin Walter, Karen McLinn. Row 2: Cathy Hull, Patricia Piklapp, Faith Dahl, Dawn Sorlien, Mary Housiaux, Nancy Rohrer, Michelle Meyers, Kristi Swenson, Jean Hirtzel. Concert Choir was composed of a select group of singers. They per- formed for the Christmas concert and the Spring Vocal Concert. On May 2 and May 3, the Huron Senior Hugh Concert Choir toured Vermillion, Tripp, Avon, and Yankton. Row 3: Clinton Paulson, Russ Pietz, Shawn Vellek, Rex Bailey, Jim Grothe, Loren Nihart, Rich Davis, Dave Merkel, Wade John- son. Back: Jamie Meyer, Dean Donnell, Leonard Doll, Kerry Hofer, Scott Bonfoey, Bill Moran, John Vosler, Brad Warren, Kevin Morsching, Rob Ulrich, Bruce Schulke, and Bruce Felix. - .4-'nu the Doreen Burnison and Terri Acheson have second thoughts about going to choir. f Talent and Experience Members of Concert Choir were, Row 1: Lynn Loesch, Kim Jody Friese. Row 3: Dave Stucke, Mike Whitney, Bob Borgan orthals, Kim Lowry, Deb Erickson, Beth Montgomery, Shirley Paula Konst, Terri Acheson, Vicky Davis. Back: Bruce Felix ndol, Nancy Olson, Paula Wadhams. Row 2: Barb Shanks, Dave Boyd, Joe Mahowald, Frank Schumacher, Dana Brown eanna Marsching, Joni Jacobson, Liz Ames, Dawn Jensen, Pete Thrash, Galen Martin, John Hoyt and Steve Colvin. ebbie Gascoigne, Karen Thompson, JoLynne Muilenburg, Beth Montgomery takes a break, as Dave Merkel concentrates on the notes. Madrigals Sing in Harmony Members of Madrigals were, Front: Mlke Whitney, Rex Balley, Wade Johnson, Russ Pietz, Deb Flnerty, Sherrl Taylor Bob Borgan, Blll Moran, Nancy Olson, Frank Schumacher, Karen McLInn, Jody Frlese, Kim Lowery. Back: Beth Montgomery Terri McManus, Loren Nihart, Sharon Fodness, Bruce Felix, Lane Robeson, Robln Walter, Doreen Burnlson, Dave Merkel Lynn Loesch, David Boyd, Jim Grothe, Deb Erickson, Shirley Andol, Joe Mahowald, and Galen Martln. Madrigals, a select group of Concert Choir members put on many performances during the year. They provided entertainment for various clubs and organizations throughout the community. The group, composed of juniors and seniors, strived for perfection in singing and choreography by practicing three times each week. Milo Pietz directed the Madrigal Singers. -ll ii ' 52, Mlke Whitney and Nlta Jungemann take a break X Y Sugar-n-Spice Add Flavor to Music S ala KG 'ff f .2 .s Wg N 2 X Members of Sugar-n-Spice Included, Row one: Debble Johnson. Flow two: Barb Shanks, Paula Wadhems. Row three: Teresa Malikowski, Joni Jacobson, Pam Christensen, Brenda Mausbach. Row four: Cathy Hull, Becky Mundt, Jean Hlrtzel, Karen Thompson, and Sherrle Schoepf. Singers Develop Vocal Skills Participants in Mixed Chorus for 1976-77 were: Row 1: Dave Stucke, Roby Taylor, John Johnson, Lance DeRoos, Shawn Vellek, Bruan Jenner, Tom Wahl, Dana Brown, John Hoyt, Daryl Deneke, Dave Clark, Gus Manolis, Kelly McKinney. Row 2: Nancy Bloem, Lori Wahl, Denise Heinzerling, Pam Teske, Ann Wendland, Julie Johannsen, Val Engel, Julie 53 Janes, Lori Burnison, Kelly Walker, Paula Peppers, Elaine Goslee, Carol Poulisse. Row 3: Terri Stahl, Belinda Shelton, Genell Tarver, Debbie Gutzmer, Tami Erickson, Christy Eskew, Lisa Brown, Paula Almond, Gerri Solon, Rhonda Anderson, Sherry Lush, Linda Weber, Lori Trinko, and Beckie Heimlich. wil. a aw L The Sophomore Ensemble included, Row 1: Beckie Heimlich, Sharn Vellek, Julie Johannsen, Lori Wahl, Dave Stucke, Dana Brown, Linda Weber, Sherry Lush, John Hoyt, Roby Taylor, Debbie Gutzmer. Row 2: Dave Clark, Dawn Sorlien, Lance DeRoos, Tom Wahl, Laurie Trinko, and Gerri Solon. Singers Reach Goal Joe Mahowald Karen McLinn Deb Erickson Dave Merkel Lynn Loesch Frank Schumacher Bob Borgan Russ Pietz Bruce Felix These nine talented singers were selected through auditions to repre- sent HHS in Honors Choir held on the Black Hills State College campus in Spearfish. The 150 voice choir from South Dakota, under the direc- tion of Dr. Dale Warland, gave splen- did performances at Mt. Rushmore and at the Black Hills Passion Play amphitheaters. Bruce Felix, Joe Mahowald, Mike Whitney, and Russ Pietz won the second annual Springfield Rotary Barbershop Quartet Contest. if Vi f TREBLE CLEF HARMONIZES TO PERFECTION - ' H Vi? e f fig? V, N wild.-A :SI .ff E '-' Wg-W' 'G A. U W' 0 f A ' .-.':..... ,., , Q y 'WW'---, 'Ts- 1976-77 Treble Clel included, front: Debbie Johnson, Cyntheia Huizenga, Patty Chase, Roxanne Gamber, Penny Palmer. Back: Sandy Hopper, Becky Mundt, Tamara Schulke, Pam Christensen, Sandy Gortmaker, Dawn Helnzerling and LaJean Gamber. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB DISPLAYS ENTHUSIASM L, ,. ,J 1976-1977 Girls' Glee included, row one: Genell Tarver, Mona Davis, Lorl Curtis, Paula Almond, Christy Eskew, Crystal White, Carol Poulisse, Beth Maas, Lynn Staples, Brenda Hammer, Karen Freng. Row two: Nancy Bloem, Lori Wahl, Denise Heinzerl- ing, Ann Wendland, Val Engel, Pam Teske, Nancy Klein, Elaine Goslee, Bonita Blumenauer, Teresa Leif, Pam Axtman, Laurel Reimer. Row three: Lori Johnston, Kim Carlson, Sherry Lusch, Belinda Shelton, Lori Burnison, Julie Janes, Kelly Walker, Jana Gutormson, Joyce Gortmaker, Lisa Wicks, Jerolyn Gamber, Peggy Kokesh, Jody Eden, Beckie Heimlich. Row four: Sherry French, Deb Gutzmer, Rhonda Anderson, Tami Erickson, Terry Stahl, Linda Cernick, Lisa Brown, Paula Peppers, Donna Vogele, Karen Anderson, Julie Johannsen, Lori Trinko and Linda Weber. The Girls' Glee Club met three times each week for forty minute sessions. They entertained at the Christmas Concert and the Spring Vocal Concert during the past school year. Participation in Glee Club offers these girls an excellent opportunity to develop their vocal skills, and a possibility of advancing to Treble Clef, Sugar-n-Spice, Madrigals or Concert Choir in the up- coming year. The Girls' Glee Club was under the direction of Milo Pietz. Select HHS Students Attain Honors All-State Chorus and Orchestra, held November 5-6 in Huron, featured twenty-five Huron High School students. Sharon Fodness and Teri McManus were pianists for the event. 'KWH' wqjkdf t' ffl. 1 Huron High School students selected to partlclpate In All-State Orchestra were Patty Bryce, Paula Konst, and Wade Johnson. Chosen lzo represent Huron High School at All State Chorus were, Row one: Deb Erickson, Lane Robeson, Beth Montgomery, Terri McManus laccompanisti, Karen McLlnn. Row two: Bruce Felix, Bill Moran, Flobln Walter, JoLynn Muilenburg, Rex Bailey, Sharon Fodness, laccompanisti, Faith Dahl, Loren Nihart, Fluss Pletz. Back: Lynn Loesch, Mike Whitney, Jean Hirtzel, Joe Mahowald, Dana Brown, Vicki Davis, and Frank Schumacher. ll ' ff 59 f Select Musicians Represent HHS The 27th annual All-State Band was held in the Huron Arena March 26, 1977. Approximately 1500 South Dakota students from 200 schools auditioned for the 168 seats, with only 62 schools being accepted. A panel of four highly qualified judges selected these outstanding musicians. Major Allen C. Crowell, associate bandmaster from the U.S. Army Band was the guest conductor, and Sergeant First Class QSFCJ Jeff Arwood a 1963 HHS Graduate was the featured tuba soloist along with the U.S. Band. at All-State Band Meet tg, 2 Joe Mahowald, an All-State Band member representing HHS, practiced wi Band. 523 9 The 1977 All State Band members were, front: Kim Korthals, Vickie Neitzel, Shirley Andol, Kristi Swenson, Karen McLlnn, Kellie Feller, Jean Hirtzel, Beckie Johnshoy. Back: SFC Jeff Arwood, David Dunbar, Steve Larson, Joe Mahowald, Director Leonard Vellek, Wade Johnson, Dave Syring, Mike Whitney, Drew Fossum and Major Allen Crowell. The Beat Goes On. . . Pep, Stage Bands Members of Pep Band included, front: Robin Walter, Paula Almond, Lisa Brown, Becky Mundt, Kelli Feller, Kim Korthals, Kim Lowery, Debbie Gutzmer, Jean Hirtzel, Dawn Jensen, Bruce Felix, Joe Mahowald, Jon Wollman, Dave Syring, Todd Starnes. Flow 2: Steve Larson, Flob Ulrich, Bill Moran, Dave Clark, John Nielsen, Kelly McKinny, Dana Brown, Anthony Konst, Wade Johnson, Mike Whitney, Shelly Teller. Flow 3: Dave Merkel, Bruce Schulke, Brenda Downing, John Hoyt, Brice Johnson, Paula Peppers, Shawn Vellek, and Dan Wiebelhaus. Members of Stage Band were, front: Bruce Felix, Debbie Gutzmer, Terri McManus, Shelly Feller, Paula Peppers, Shawn Vellek, Dawn Jensen. Row two: Wade Johnson, John Hoyt, Kim Lowery, Jean Hirtzel, Kim Korthals, Joe Mahowald, Dave Syring, Jon Wollman. Back: Bill Moran, Dan Wiebelhaus. Brice Johnson, Mike Whitney, Dave Clark, Steve Larson, John Nielson, and Dave Merkel. Notes to Success . . . Q 'X' xfix ,' Q Members of the band were: Row one, Vickie Neltzel, Mlchelle Munson, Sandy Huber, Dawn Sorllen, Beth Montgomery, Melanie Hanson, Donna Curtis, Tammy Erickson. Row two: Penny Palmer, Karen Freng, Kerry Hofer, Debble Johnson, Marla Drapeau, Denise Heinzerling, Jeanette Smith, Belinda Shelton, JoLynn Mullenburg, Linda Downing, Row three: Julie Galllger, Renae Orth, Kellie Feller, Brenda Mausbeck, Kim Lowry, Jon Wollman, Nancy Olson, Debbie Gutzmer, Steve Keppel, Shelly Teller, Kim Korthals, Rich Davis, Dana Brown, Brenda Downing, Mike Whitney, Mike Stoley, Gus Manolls. Back: Wade John- son, Dave Syring, Jean Hirtzel, Director, Leonard Vellek, Bill Moran, Frank Schumacher, Jeff McKinney, John Nielson, Dave Merkel, Anthony Konst, Jim Grothe, Bruce Schuelke, and Rich Graham. The 1976-77 school year proved to be an eventful one for members of the Huron High School Band, as they performed at several football games. Also lending to the excitement was the Winter Concert and travelling to Aber- deen for the Region IV Music Contest on April lst. They also hosted the Mitchell-Huron Band Festival in the spring. Director was Mr. Leonard Vellek. Robin Walter prepared a poster for the All-State Band. ,Q , 3? Je' HHS Band . 1,,L,fx1,. g jwwd ix 2' fl J, M X1 i . S . 'ir Row one: Paula Wadhams, Lynn Loesch, Fiobin Walter, Sherri Gutzmer, Kim Bergman, Kristi Swenson, Shirley Andol, Karen Mcl.inn. Row Two: Mary Kelly, Sharon Fodness, Velma Peterson, Lori Wahl, Pam Teske, Pam Dick, Diane Mennenga, Paula Pep pers, Sherry Lush, Cynthia Huizenga, Patty Chase, Beckie Heimlich. Fiow Three: Rick Hawley, Mary Housiaux, Brice John- son, Dawn Jensen, Bruce Felix, Dan Wiebelhaus, John Hoyt, Lori Curtis, Sherri French, Nancy Bluhm, Christy Eskew, Pam Christensen, Thelma Peterson, Valerie Engel, Laurie Armor, Marsha Kahl, Sherrie Manning, Deanna Morching, Chris Carlson, Vicki Peck. Flow Four: Dave Stucke, Tim LeRoux, Dave Graham, Rich Graham, Tom Wahl. Back: Brian Jenner, Rob Ulrich, Becky Mundt, Lisa Kasa, Ken Wiebelhaus, Steve Larson, Joe Mahowald, Shawn Vellek, Todd Starnes, Director Leonard Vellek, Paula Almond, and Lisa Brown. f Ns Steve Larson spends his time practicing lfthe band room. Another drummer, Joe Mahowald, brushes up on his skills. 'LK ,xx r ,ffm ww NM :IW wk X 1L i6g Q? 1 N-'W v-sm. Kb fF,QmEE1w'WC-4 Nl ig:-f n f -V' 4 awww 4 if Q. 4 , 15 '4. X 'if 1 . ,V 1 -J 1 1 1 , 1 N w A 's V First Year Harriers Face-we R- Fierce Competition Competing for the first year, under Coach Leroy Stevenson, the Huron Girls' Cross Country team met with fierce competition throughout the 1976 season. The girls started the season with a first place finish at the Red- field Triple Dual. They then took third at the Mitchell Invitational, fourth at the Huron Invitational, and fifth at the Watertown ln- vitational. The girls next traveled to Brookings for their first E.S.D. conference meet. Here they took a strong fourth place team finish. Carolyn Burnison, the lone finlsher for the Huron girls, placed six- th. Back on their home course for Regionals, the girls ran to a se- cond place finish behind Pierre, which qualified them forthe state meet in Brookings. Carolyn Burnison led the team to a sixth place finish, and an individual tenth for herself. Tlana Weston was voted Most Improved Runner, and Carolyn Burnison was voted Most Valuable Runner. Head Coach: Leroy Stevenson Members of the 1976 Cross country team were, front: Dlane Burnison. Tlana Weston, Dawn Hlndbjorgen. Back: Vlckl Coyle, Carolyn Burnlson and Deb Smlth. Young Team Shows Dedication Front row: Bob Barton, Rod Johnson, Scott Bittner, Scott Perrenoud, Stuart Cook. Second row: Doug Cummlns, Tlm W Todd Sltarnes, John Vosler, Ken Wlebelhaus. Thlrd row: Ernie Smith, Dan Christensen, Phll Maher, Brlan Nelson, J Nielson, and David Lang. Olne of the most demanding sports offered at HHS is cross coun- try. Although many boys were on the team, rules allowed only seven to compete in each meet. The team with the lowest score was the winner. Most practices and meets were run on dry ground. The Harrlers started off the season with two seconds, one at Redfield Triple Dual: the other at a five-team meet at Watertown. The Kernels proved strong with a 25-36 win over the Tigers at Mitchell, but Huron came back to defeat the Pierre Governors in the following dual 26-29. Huron held its last dual with Mitchell but suffered a loss to the Kernels 29-30. The Tigers took seventh in the Huron, Mitchell, and Watertown ln- vitatlonals. Huron took eighth at the ESD Conference meet and fifth in Region Ill AA. John Vosler was chosen most valuable for the 1976 season and Phil Maher most improved. i ' -... fs A sig K is . ' 1 i . ,, hlte, ohn Coach Roger L oecker Tigers Have Progressive Year Competing for the Tigers for the 1976 season were, front row: LeAnn McFarlane, Donna Voegele, Judy Hofer, Carol Poullsse, Sheri Gutzmer, Nancy Kline, Venette Hofer. Middle row: Dorothea Dennis, Sandy Huber, Paula Konst, Klm Melstad, Robin Melstad, Angela Larson. Back row: Rhonda Plueger, Jody Kludt, Julie Plueger, Sandy Lanam, Donna Podhradsky. and Deb Castle. The Huron Tiger girls' basketball squad was led to the State A Tournament for the second straight year by Head Coach Steve Hammer, and Assistant Coach Lorene Sorlien. The Tiger girls showed much improvement throughout the season, with a balance of playing from everyone. The E.S.D. showed some of the strongest teams in the state with Huron ending up 14-8 over all, and 4-3 in E.S.D. Huron got major wins at Brookings Q35-341, Pierre Q37-291, Mitchell 139-281, and Madison Q41-311. First battling Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 154-481 and then Aberdeen Central 154-451, the girls won a place in the second Annual S.D. Girls State Basketball Tour- nament. Drawing Yankton in the first game, Huron lost Q64-36i to a tough defensive team. Going into the R C Stevens Wolsey R C Central Brookings Huron Huron Huron Huron Yan kton Pierre M Itchell Watertown Wessington Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron losers bracket, they played Lead. Suffering a disap- pointing loss, the Tigers lost Q60-531 to a quick running team. Playing the Flandreau Indians and winning i68- 45i, Huron captured seventh place. Several records were set during the season with Kim Melstad getting "Most Points in One Game" 1331, and Rhonda Plueger getting "Most Rebounds ln One Game" 1235. Kim Melstad also got a state record of "Most Points in One Tournament" 1751, and was awarded First team All-State, and All-Tournament team. Co-Captains were Kim and Robin Melstad: "Most Valuable Player" was Kim Melstad: "Best Defensive Player" was Julie Plueger: "Rebounding Champlon" was Rhonda Plueger, and "Most lmproved" was San- dy Huber. Madison Wolsey Mlller Hitchcock Huron Huron Huron Huron Mitchell Cheyenne E B Aberdeen Central Yankton Lead Flandreau Indians Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron SEASON'S RECORD 36 56 . . 41 31 23 28 28 35 41 21 . . 42 34 35 34 ' 35 33 Huron 51 53 Aberdeen Central Huron 40 36 James Valley 39 47 51 45 37 29 ' 54 48 . . 39 28 54 45 36 38 36 62 48 35 53 60 68 45 Q5 a-.IN Coaches and Student Managers for the 1976 Tiger season were, front: Mary Decker and Skye Humphrey. Back: Assistant Coach Lorene Sorlien, Pam Axtman, and Head Coach Steve Hammer. Below: Robin Melstad tries to snatch the rebound from her three opponents. Q0 UIUI U ,Qu 'Nu-A ff 5 A lk Drivlng for two, Julie Plueger goes past a Hltchcock defender. C :amz . ' ff- e 'K xt.. Left: Kim Melstad goes for two against James Valley's Deanna Wipf. My Right: Rhonda Plueger tips to Deb Castle, as Flobln Melstad tws aww! looks on. Below: A tired Tiger team looks on as the B-team L teee l i ms,,,,,, 3' runs out the clock. .. 1- X . ,ri W 3 afwndl it NN 1,6301 34 lt guna Ed! tYlh'A ,nun .dl lsiiiili Sophs End Winning Season, 5-1 The Huron Sophomore Tigers followed suit with the varsity by glv- ing an outstanding defensive performance In 1976 season. The sophs under the coaching of Bruce Maxwell and LeRoy Person finished with five shut-out victories and suffered only one loss, which was to Watertown 14-0. The Sophs displayed a fine ground game, with Mark Schade han- ding the ball to the two leading rushers, Steve Butler and Roy Tschetter. The defensive attack was lead by Shawn Vellek with 59 tackles and Brian Beach with 57 tackles and two interceptions. Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Aberdeen Mitchell Watertown Madison Brookings 21 14 0 Huron 22 Mitchell 42 28 ' X5 :ir Front row: Left to Right: Kyle Brugman, Paul Welse, Erlc Harrls, Mark Schade, Kelly McKinney, Roby Taylor, Tom Wahl. Se- cond Row: Rlck Hawley, Brady Hastings, Jeff Mlller. Dave Englert, Daryl Deneke, Tom Peterson. Don Holm, Dan Hicks, Alan Shoultz. Back Row: Head Coach LeRoy Person, Shawn Vellek, Paul McMartln, Roy Tschetter, Brlan Beach, Steve Butler, Brlan Jenner, Andy Konst, Brlce Johnson, Jeff Hoeft, Assistant Coach Bruce Maxwell. Not plctured: Rod Nash and Greg Rodman. Rod Hook carries the ball as Jerry Hofer clears his way. lt's a bird. lt's a plane. No, it's the Tigers celebrating their victory. Bill Hageman sees the sign and goesl Bill White catches a pass and runs for daylight. 1. 2. 3. "Hey G-ogs, do you think they'II sue us for taking that guy's arm off?" Not only did the Huron Tigers bring 'em down hard, they knocked 'em up, tool It was "bad news" for the opponents when Rich Barnes turned the corner. AhQg L f Front row: Jim Houslaux iStudent Managerl, Dave Rose, Blll Hageman, Greg Gogolin, Loren Nihart, Kevin Olson, Jim Webster, Jeff DesLaurlers, Frank Evans tStudent Managerl. Second row: Darold Dornbush, Brad Simmons, Randy Nash, Darrel Grohs, Scott Corcoran, Roger Barnes, Kevln Morsching, Matt Denison. Thlrd . .1-. , ..w+w........ .L ..... 1 1 X 5 Jerry Hoter, Greg Starnes, Craig Wittenhagen, Terry Halse. row: Dennis Buckland, Jerry Bockorny, Craig Teuber, Gre Schneider, Denny Olson, Jim Layman, Dave Tlmperley, Bll Harrington. Fifth row: Rich Barnes, Brad Solon, Randy' Curry, Bo Dormady, Rick Skorheim, Greg Goehner, Blll Whlte, and'Rod Hook. Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Sioux Falls Lincoln Rapid Cnty Central Brookings Aberdeen Yankton 21 Pierre 0 Mitchell 0 Watertown 10 Madison 18 row: Kelly Lanam, Jeff Zwanzlger, Randy Maas, Vince Watkins, 13 ' ' 16 13 ' ' 6 16 ' O 7 0 Coaches: Steve Swisher, Bob Dubs, Larry Wendt. and Cralg Ebert. Defense: Key ingredient in '76 showing! Practice began late in August for members of the football team under the direction of the new head coach, Steve Swisher and the assistant coaches, Craig Ebert, Larry Wendt, and Bob Dubs. The Tigers finished their season with the most successful record since 1972. The Tigers got off to a bad start with a loss to Sioux Falls Lincoln but came back to upset the Rapid City Central Cobblers in the Tigers' home opener. In their second home game, the Tigers stunning defense blanked the Brooking Bobcats 16-0. With much Homecoming spirit and team effort, the Tigers posted their se- cond shutout victory of the season by defeating the Aberdeen Eagles 7-0. The Huron Tigers suffered their first con- ference setback to the Yankton Bucks 21-12. Many Tiger fans journeyed to Yankton to more than support their team. In the following two games, Huron came back shutting out the Pierre Governors at home 20-O and then travel- ed to Mitchell to stop the Kernels cold 13-0. The Tigers escaped with a victory over the Watertown Arrows in the closing minutes with a score of 13-10. The Tigers finished the year with a disappointing loss to the fired-up Madison Bulldogs 18-0. TIGERS FINISH STRONG DEPT The Tigers were led by Head Coach Mike Vogel, student manager Evans, Assistant Coach Bruce Maxwell. gasp, wang 4 E 32 34 QXGER5 5 1363 E Rf XEEAI? 2255 XXGERJ' 4 U Front: Don Jacobs, Steve Butler, Jerry Bockorny, Dennis Buckland, Rod Llnafelter, Rick Jungemann, Kent Krueger, Kelly Lanam, Marty Porter. Back: Duane Haugen, Brad Simmons, BIII Hagemen, Scott McCaskeIl, Jeff DesLaurlers, Greg Strommen, Dan Prue, and Sam Prue. A Q' if ... M LA Qi 'HBV 50 351 . .rata The Huron Tigers, hopeful of a better season, finished with a winning record but were disappointed in the end by miss- ing a trip to state by two points. The Huron Tigers were set back in their opening game by a fast-breaking Stevens team, but came back with four straight victories. The Tigers won their ESD opener against Pierre. Flick Jungeman lead the scoring with 20 points. The Huron cagers then traveled to Brookings to capture their second ESD victory. They were again victorious in a Eastern South Dakota conference game by defeating the Arrows in a close homegame 61-59. The Aberdeen Eagles stopped the Tigers winning streak with a second quarter scoring spree 54-74. Once more, the Tigers were handed a disappointing loss by the Yankton Bucks to change their ESD Record to 3-2. Huron lost to Mltchell 51-55 but came back and three more teams saw defeat as the Tigers rolled over Madison 56-39, Pierre 51-50, and Brookings 48-46.Watertown, after losing their first game with Huron got revenge by defeating Huron 55-60. Miller defeated Huron with a come-from-behind score 51-64. The Tigers were beaten again by Aberdeen and Yankton. The Tigers finished the regular season on a winning note by getting revenge on Mitchell 48-46 and rolling over Madison 70-53. ln the opening game of the Section 4 Basketball Tourna- ment, Huron trounced Aberdeen Roncalli to earn a spot in the Section Championship. Huron battled first-ranked Aberdeen Central to the wire, but ended up behind by two at the final buzzer. Aberdeen went on to win the State Championship. Coach Mike Vogel worked hard and put in a lot of time for ' fl I ---Q 3 fe it resignation at the end of the season Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron Huron ..... Huron Huron HUfOl'l HUl'0l'1 SEASON S RECORD Sectional Ft C Stevens Fl C Central Plerre Watertown Aberdeen Yankton Mitchell Madison Pierre Brookings Watertown Mlller Aberdeen Yankton Mitchell Madison Aberdeen Ftoncalll Aberdeen Central the Tigers, but surprised everyone by submitting his .....51 78 .. .....62 39 .. .....63 59....... Huron ..... 55 52 ....... Brookings .....61 59....... .....54 74....... .....36 57....... 51 55 56 39 51 50 48 46 55 60 51 64 46 63 38 56 48 46 70 53 60 45 46 48 1 ,f The Tigers' swarming defense traps a helpless Yankton player. Steve Butler flies above three Eagles to take a shot. Bill Hageman charges to the basket against Aberdeen Floncalli in the opening round of the Section lV Tournament as Steve Butler moves in for a possible rebound. is as 3 5 G S Q 2-3 -.,., XQER5 is QYN xtfxliiis Flick Jungemann drives past Aberdeen's Scott Bosanko on his way it -4 x. 4 tk' PPI' 4 to the basket. . Jeff DesLauriers hits two ot his twenty points against Watertown. Dennis Buckland fires a turn-around jumper in action against Mitchell. Dan Prue heads for the basket after beating his opponent one-on- one. A J. V. 'S Finish 8-2 Huron 59 32 Miller Huron 65 50 DeSmet Huron 60 56 Mclntosh Varsity Huron 46 53 Mitchell Huron 59 39 J. Valley Varsity Huron 37 38 Watertown Huron 77 58 J. Valley Varsity Huron 47 46 Watertown Huron 49 48 Mitchell Huron 56 50 Miller 22 ' M, This year's Junior Varsity squad included: Sam Prue, Kelly Lanam, Kent Krueger, Don Jacobs, Marty Porter, and Duane Haugen. The Huron High Junior Varsity basketball team con- tinued on their usual winning ways. The team was not exceptionally tall but turned in a fine season, com- ing away with 8 wins matched against only 2 losses. The team reflected coach Bruce MaxwelI's attitudes and desires toward the game and the season. Team statisic leaders included Steve Butler, and Brad Simmons in scoring. Rebound leaders were Kent Krueger, and Duane Haugen. The team out- scored their opponents 555 to 470 and shot a respec- table 41.6 per cent from the field. Sophs. Find Rocky Road In E.S.D. leach Lyle Pearson is shown here plotting another one of is winning strategies. The Huron Sophomore basketball team found the going rough in the ESD, but managed to come on at the end of the season to finish just under the 500 mark in conference play and boasted a 7-10 over-all record. Though lacking in height, they played good pressure defense and were able to stay with all of their opponents. Although their record didn't show it, the team never lacked spirit or intensity. Head Coach Lyle Pearson stayed with the team, kept them together in pressure-packed situations, and provided the necessary inspiration for the Soph's physically demanding season. 5,5 ,Ni,lt,..',. x g . , J f',l", Riffs? Q- Q W v ' 0 if'??ii?'531 . " . 1' 'Pg X X X X .. . ' XX' . t 1 'iff . Q t. . X kv 15 V5-f"'L' - - A M Q . E' 'I 1 . 1 Lf-rl v 151 k uivj' f l ,fm egg: X ,,Af,?,4 H 1 . V X Y X ii 4-" Aga X Q 'ff 0 3 cliffs N V , if + 3 f-A ,. ,N .9 ,,. ,Q 1 it ggi 1 41. y. l V- . . x : Rik VV, ,wi . ,. b.. N r M: V, ,-KV I ,I .4 " ' 6 - --'Q ' Q 'N , f 'xy 0 1291? RRR? J ' A 1 -- . ii' 2. . 53 i r 'M 0" wi-4 f sgf f I f . g Q i ,- " . . W' f l "f x ., K 4 s t. K . i K I YV in f .V vw in AN M X i I 4, 1 ' 5 5 V , V-Q-,gm '73, WE! fLf7ff1 I 5 4 ,, IA " - if f.. ' if l is A 3. S A tif f . Q, . gg 0 ..,.g 1 5 g , g ' S 'if ' -. , . lQ'iKi?lflKio?f . it f'?ir.:ti:??g S , S , i g ,li J iftxt e . , if tw A ' asf ' 5 2... - 2 1 1-we it-f, 'f-4 - - 'wi 5 as-f.,. 1 . , - R i A QA W 'X ' 1 , A, ld - ... . ' , ff , A' E3 '?" NH , - N- - 1 " 6 'ii g . 4 'f . ,ff J -J 4 S v H ' f , 0 W f' RW tv? ,. ' - -, . i A 4 if is "f...,1 'M' A lt, -fi ,tv . W 1,4 '-'.. ' ' . .' M 3 , - Q 1. 3 :Pd .X Q v ' If , K esp' -. xt, K . I A 6 ff . . 'Q ' viii. -it X. t . at l Q.-. 1 t J ri , ' '- . ,- I If 5 M . ' .- l ,. b L . Y t V t " V ,I g -. ' ' 64 J' , " , ,G " ' A K "xi -nn V 7 . A A 21 Y' V 'Hsu-JL 4, . ,MA xi A , 4 A ik K ' -Nfl! , i Q, J ".5f1,':'j -1.u- 'S , t ' 1,5 A ' """""' ' ug'N" '- Y - 14' -W V -- --.-.. f ...,,. ,L A ., ln Front: Student Manager, Todd Langbehn: Kneeling in front: Miller, Brian Jenner, Andy Konst, Rick Hawley, Blaine Smith, Daryl Deneke, Dan Hicks, Tom Wahl, Kyle Brugman, Mark and Eric Harris. Schade. Dave Englert. Back: John Hoyt, Brice Johnson, Jeff Wrestlers Gain Experience Huron wrestlers got off to a slow start, improving some throughout the season, but hindered by lack of experience. The Tigers had only four seniors on the squad. The opening match for the Tigers ended in a defeat when the Redfield Pheasants had a come-from- behind victory 32-26. The Tigers traveled to Rapid City for an eight Team Dual Meet only to return winless and disappointed. The Tigers worked hard for two weeks and they finished 5th in the Sioux Falls Washington Wrestling Invitational. Brad Mattke claimed the only individual ti- tle. The Tigers were over-powered by the Webster wrestlers 30-18. The Tigers won their first wrestling dual of the season by defeating the Yankton Bucks, 34-16. Third-ranked Mitchell won 9 of 12 matches against Huron in an Eastern South Dakota Dual. The powerful Sioux Falls Washington team handed the Tigers another defeat 36-15. The Huron wrestlers came up with their first ESD victory against the Madison Bulldogs 32-23. The Pierre Governors recorded their 8th straight victory over Huron on Huron's home mat. The Brookings Bobcats came from behind with three pins to beat Huron in an ESD match. The Tigers, hoping for an upset over Watertown, were disappointed as they ended up with a loss. The Tigers overcame Aberdeen Central with a late rally in Huron. The wrestlers chalked up another win by defeating Miller. The Tiger Wrestlers were coached by Dick Bleth. Coach Bleth resigned after four years at Huron. He had great success, including four individual state champions and high finishes in Section I tournament at the state level. Row 1-Steve Lundy, Dale Westberg, Jim Westerberg, Jett Wilkens, Keith Grohs, Jlm Pollock, Dave Marlow, Greg Peschong, Corwin Glanzer, Marty Coyle. Row 2-Coach Dick Bleth, Jim Iverson, Greg Walters, Terry Halse, Randy Westberg, John Hlttle Randy Maas, Terry Goehring, Andy Gross, Hobe Richards, Coach Larry Wendt. Row 3-Kerry Haug, Chrls Gross, Leo Pollock, Monte Reimer, Greg Olson, Dave Timperly, Bill Harrington, Scott Breck, Pat Mlncer, Brian Therklldsen, and Brad Mattke. Leo Pollock xr: Greg Olson Greg Walters Five Wrestlers Qualify For State Meet 'li DEVO Marlow Huron. Dave Timperley At the Section 1 wrestling tour nament at Milbank Huron qualified five men for the State Meet. Dave Marlow 1112 lbsj Greg Walters 1119 lbsl Leo Pollock 1145 lbsj, Greg Olson 1167 lbsy, and Dave Timperly 1heavyweightl. In the State Tournament at Watertown, Rapid City won the state title. Leo Pollock captured second, Greg Walters and Dave Marlow finished sixth to take home the individual honors for rf , 2 Q 153. A' X -,:,- '-. J' ' ' r,L9g f Q , , f ' 8 xx 1 wiki E , JL Q5 i Yjxi X 'lip .-" h-xx 4M Ev-V 1 3,--X s Q-an 'P . il Q' !f ,..., If 1119! -4' W f S' WITCH PK? TDK ILSFQH SCORE IE LV S-Cffif '2 , , Grace, Balance and Skill 7' f p. x l Huron Girls' Gymnastics Team for the 1976-77 season were, Front: Nancy Orth, Shelley Brugman, Connie Hull, Kim Olson Gay Vellek, Sharon Bisch, Coach Linda Cummings. Middle: Coach Linda Kuhn, Beth Wilkens, Skye Humphrey, Janet McHenry, Suzanne Roache, Marcia Pietz. Back: Student Manager Dawn Madsen, Deb Smith, Deb Wilson, Elaine Goslee, Bon me Feller, Jan Young, and Student Manager, Rhonda Johnston. Grace, balance, and skill seasoned Girls' Gymnastics at Huron High. Heads were higher, backs straighter, toes pointed, routines were cleaner, more polished, and tricks of superior difficulty were demonstrated by all. . After two years of building, with emphasis on learning and improving, this year's gymnasts looked more like seasoned competitors, with the emphasis on winning. New faces filled the lineup, as experienced freshmen and senior high gymnasts made a name for themselves, under the direction of Linda Kuhn, third year coach, and Linda Cum- mings, first year assistant coach. Lifting weights, and sharing the St. Martin's gym, the girls found gymnastics to be both fun and rewarding. Meets were exciting affairs as Huron High girls saw their scores rapidly catching up with those of their more experienced opponents. For the younger girls this was only the beginning, and for the seniors it was a great way to finish out the year. Placing fifth at E.S.D. and third at the Region Meet, four gymnasts qualified for the State Gymnastics Meet. Qualifying for State were Skye Humphrey, Floor Exercise: Suzanne Fioache, Floor Exercise, Sharon Bisch, Uneven Parallel Bars, and Janet McHenry, All- Around Gymnast. X bove: Elain Goslee shows her strength In performlng a handstano n the low bar. Below: Deb Wllson shows her flexiblllty on the beam y performing one ol her own moves. While warming-up on the beam at the Fteglon Meet, Deb Wllson lleftl and Skye Humphrey take time out for a qulck snapshot. Beth Wilkens demonstrates a darlng move she performed on the beam. lOl Track Team Has Banner Season , 5' Row 1: Rich Skorheim, Scott McCaskell, Daryl Gross, Phil Maher, Mark Kludt, Scott Corcoran, Jim Webster. Row 2: Duane Haugen, Jeff Baseley, Jeff DesLauriers, Brad Simmons, Tim White, Dave Lang, Steve Butler, Roy Tschetter. Row 3: Rod Hook, Sam Prue, Todd Starnes, Kevin Morsching, Brady Hastings, Brian Jenner. Row The Huron High School boys' track team started the season off with a "BANG", which was only appropriate for probably their best season ever. In the season opener, the Tigers walked over rival Aberdeen Central High, scoring 90 points compared to only 40 for Aber- deen. Huron, strong in field events and boasting an un- usually young and talented sprint corps, remained undefeated in dual meets. Their next meet was the prestigious Corn Palace Relays: there were no team points kept but the Tigers again made a fine showing. Huron came out on top of the field at the Aberdeen quadrangular held at the newly completed Clark Swisher Memorial Stadium. A determined Watertown team, led by running ace Brent Kannas, finished se- cond trailing by only 18 points at the conclusion of the meet. The Tigers carried on with their winning ways as they rolled to the Madison Invitational crown. Huron was finally defeated by Mitchell at the Huron 4: Jeff Miller, Kelly Lanam, Tom Wahl, Daryl Deneke, Donnelle, Brice Johnson, Rod Johnson, Brian Nelson. Row 5 Hoeft, Ken Wiebelhaus, John Vosler, Doug Cummins, and Konst. Invitational Track and Field meet, but the word out that the Tigers were getting ready for an upcoming ESD meet that would be held at the end the week in Madison. Huron went into the meet as a slight underdog the conference favorite Yankton Bucks. The meet even closer than expected, with the results down to the string at the end of the mile relay. lf could win the mile relay the meet was theirs but if didn't win then Yankton would emerge Huron's Roy Tchetter held off a Watertown surge win the race, and the team won the coveted c ference championship. The tracksters ran away from the competition at Region meet to land 14 athletes at the state meet. Th Tigers finished a not-so-distant second to Rapid Cit Stevens in the State Meet for the best showing eve compiled in HHS history, under the leadership o Head Coach Leroy "Buzz" Stevenson. til. A J Thin- Cla ds Action Ftoy Tschetter takes a hand off from Jim Webster in the mile relay at the state meet. Speedster Duane Haugen flies past an opponent in preparation for a hand- off. mm S . 5? :., YY t . .. . t, X kit- , , . N X 2 t is as on -s--e is - . - Q "1 Jeff DesLauriers explodes out of the blocks at the start of the 880 relay. 103 4 , ,.,.,,..,w.,-9-M, - - t S 1 'i '!?e1', - gf ,ef 1. Huron's young distance team runs the two mile. 2. Sprinters Jeff DesLauriers and Steve Butler execute a picture perfect hand-off on their way to a win. 3. Senior pole-vaulter Scott Corcoran clears the bar in style. V . s E, Wwgt M tity ii.i M WM., .W to If af' iff I , :Witt Y. pMQQ, Z " ' ape,-wc ,-,,J-...gfm JEMf3554Z?'H:? We eh' 1 4 . h i 3 t H ..... , -elm Ullllilunm im ik 1. Sophomore Floy Tschetter gets some en- couragement from teammate Kelly Lanam. 2. Huron's Jim Webster-a middle distance runner-is shown here preparing to pass a Mitchell athlete. 3. With his head held high, Kelly Lanam sails over the bar to insure a victory. Region Four Champs Having the first track meet of the season cancelled, the Huron Girls' Track Team sprinted into their busy twelve meet schedule. They won a first place team finish in the Region Four and qualified 14 girls for the State Meet in Huron, May 27, 28. Breaking records highlighted the girls' season with new records being made in the shot put, dis- cus, long jump, 100, 220, and 440 yard dashes, 880 and mile run, 440, mile, and 2 mile relays, and the 180 yard hurdles. At the State Meet, Huron took a fourth place finish from Jolynn Kludt, Kelly Winters Julie Plueger, and Aleda Decker in the 440 yard relay. Aleda Decker and Paula Knost both won in- dividual medals for a fourth place finish in the 220 yard dash, and a fifth place finish in the discus. With no seniors out this year, younger underclassmen played a big role on this year's team, and next year's new track coach is looking for a bigger and better season. At the annual track picnic Julie Plueger and Vicki Coyle were named Co-Captains, and Julie Plueger The Sportsman award. The 1977 Girls' Track members included, front: Aleda Peppers, Nancy Olson, Gina Gose, Kathy Prue. Back Decker, Dawn Hindbjoren, Jolynn Kludt, Diane H0lm, Kelly Carolyn Burnison, Sandy Huber, Paula Konst, Julie Plueger Winters, Diane Burnison. Middle: Donna Podhrasky, Sandy Marcia Pietz, and Bonnie Feller. Lanam, Janet McHenry, Sheri Gutzmer, Vicki Coyle, Paula W A ., 'eww V wwf . I If -"u45i'5l'N'l'w' ,I A M, al' l - ,,,A , A lf l . 1: 'ff' v 9' M K Wr1"m'm!'r'm.nmwm1.awww 5, A . LM, . V yy , rf' l.',jg,,,,4 ,, I f , A, ,Li lwggf QL 7 I ' 1- , 4 -K 2- A W. ...rl 3 -M fu 4 l K ' - ,xg y 7. Navi ' " . Elk 'ww f 'Qroif -'- 1. Donna Podhrasky leaps for a goal of 16'M". 2. Aleda Decker speeds for the flnlsh line In a time of 11.6. 3. Keeping up wlth the pack, Nancy Olson heads for the finish line. X ,vigw tu -53' alll? 107 The Coach and Student Managers for the Girls' Track Team were, left: Student Manager Julie McCaskelI, Coach Lorene Sorlien, and Student Manager Kim Melstad. 5504 Girls qualifying for the 1977 State Track Meet were, front: Aleda Decker, Dawn Hindbioren, Jolynn Kludt, Diane Holm, Kelly Winters. Middle: Gina Gose, Janet McHenry, Sheri Gutzmer, Nancy Olson, Bonnie Feller. Back: Donna Podhrasky, Carolyn Burnison, Paula Konst, and Julie Plueger. Not Pictured: Vicki Coyle. t.x"' A--Bn-ua What some people won't do for attention! Go for it Spike! x -N UHF A t Keep on Trackin'! ,X Q ta . What form! I t t f--tw 'wt Q -L , of ,J t Q Track is more than just a sport. y, 10 Golfers Finish Second In State Huron golfers won their first dual against Miller and then went on to win three ESD conference duals with Mitchell, Aberdeen, and Madison. The Huron Country Club was the location for the Huron Dual Mitchell Dual Aberdeen Dual Huron Triangular Pierre ESD Conference Aberdeen Regional Meet Aberdeen State Meet First First First First First First Second triangular meet with Brookings, Aberdeen, and Huron where Huron stroked to another victory. Huron golfers then traveled to Pierre for the Eastern South Dakota Conference golf meet and finished one stroke ahead of Brookings to capture the ESD Championship. Huron was led by Dave Syring with an 81 and Jim Entwisle and Mark Lee close behind with 83's. The Tigers walked off with the regional crown and an unbeaten record. Glen Herrick paced the winning Tigers with a 79. The Tigers had some bad luck at the State Golf Tournament and finished second, one stroke in back of Sioux Falls O'Gor- man. Jim Entwisle fired a 149 two day total to take second in in- dividual honors. Huron Dual First Members of the 1976-77 Huron Tiger golf team were, from left: Jlm Entwisle, Rlch Bales, Scott McCaskell, Bruce Tschetter, Tim Flanery, Glen Herrick, Loren Clifton, and Mark Lee. Girls Place Second at State The Girls' Golf Team chipped their way into a respectable season ending up 4-4 on the year. Coming out victorious, the girls placed fourth at ESD ln Mitchell May 16, and captured second as a team in the State Tournament May 23 and 24 in Aberdeen. Nancy Heuston received an individual award placing seventh. 'ON--4 Members of the 1977 Glrls' Golf Team were front row: Llsa Berg, Nancy Heuston, Shelly Teller, Lisa Masters, and Pat Stovall. Back row: Kellie Walker, Bellnda Shelton, Sherl Schoepf, Susan Schoepf, Robyn Hlttle, and Jennifer Melby. Netters Start the Stone Rolling Huron's tennis team, which had trouble in the past, turned over a new leaf this year under the guidance of Coach Hank Hulst, and the leadership of senior retur- ning Iettermen Daryl Dorn- bush, Wade Johnson, and Craig Potter. The Tigers were top-notch contenders for the con- ference tourneyg they es- tablished a very impressive dual record of 5-1, before going on to a respectable finish in the state meet. The stone will continue to roll in years to come with a good crop of underclassmen returning. 1. Senior Daryl Dornbush vollies with Craig Potter and Wade John- son. 2. Coach Hank Hulst takes time out to pose for a picture. 3. J.V. members included, kneeling: Mark Hyland, Jim Hoyt, Jim Schneider: standing, Tom Fullerton, Martin Porter, and Jeff Dehne. ,tv 5, 4. ap!! 5 --f .-Sf? Varsity tennis players shown, left to right, were: Wade Johnson, John Hoyt, Daryl Dornbush T McGillick, Dave Englert, and Craig Potter. .hz I ,-- 3 ., 1, 4' !'ClC', ., .eltillftgiiet . 'Y' is Q1 Ja Fifteen Eager Faces .... .-A8 gllfifw' Members of the Huron Girls' Tennis Team were, Front: Kim Bergman, Laurie Trinko, Anne Orth, Michelle Munson. Back: Terri Lentz, Pat Osborn, Beth Harter and Mary Busch. Kim, Michelle, Terri, and Pat were the H.H.S. qualifiers for the State Meet. . . . . . .turned up the first day, most of the girls returning once again for another season. Those eager faces soon dropped as Coach Hank Hulst outlined his plans for extensive running and sprinting drills. But realizing things would be tougher for them this year, as they lost four out of seven matches, they were ready to work. So with great pleasure, the girls kicked the regular loafing Huronians off the courts, and if they didn't move, "the Tigers" would hit them! The girls got outside every possible day--15 girls trying to play tennis on the four concrete courts. After an hour and a half of playing tennis, working on serves, backhands and forehands, and running the park, we were ready to run "suicide" sprints. Gasping for air and weak-kneed, the girls straggled off the courts. The first meet. Onto the courts walked superb athletic specimens ready for action. "Suicide" sprints and park running paid off as "the Tigers" beat Mitchell 10-0. As the season progressed, the team found the going tougher than in years before. They gained competitive experience, and with it came confidence and with an interest shown by underclassmen, uture years should be even better. -Suggs The girls' coach for the 1976 season was Hank Hulst. 5 1 41 4.,,A , Q , v , 25,3 ,f 4 0 'wh 'E . ,,.s -an R TH Y? , mA V fm, . NQR3 . 533 K lx ' 5 , 'Q ni 4 mf My. gi 365' W 'ff if X -. Q 'wk M , x, ,, Wm' M'--0-., 2 an if if If uf, Q , ,fi 5 m i 2 , Q J 2 ii V3 J n" . 16 M. 1 ww zz wwq,,fff Marg A .wildli- Y . FW i 4:3 'lf gr? Q xi 1. The Huron High School sophomore cheerleaders brought spirit and delight to their Tiger fans. Not only did they cheer in and out of town for the sophomore Tigers, but also assisted the varsity cheerleaders in various ways. These cheerleaders include, front row left: Kristi Eskew, Julie Janes fsittingl, and Sherry Lusch: back row left: Mona Davis, Debbie Gutzmer, and Paula Almond. Varsity cheerleaders were: 2. Faith Dahl, 3. Laura Brinkman, 4. Gall Sanderson, 5. Kristi Swenson, 6. Teresa Malikowski, 7. Tanya Harris, 8. Nancy Olson, and 9. Shirley Andol. . faculty J . 13 4' N 1 E ,. :X -1 N 1 .Kg . 1-31521 'QQ K K f-X X K .rx ,. -- I . -11.11 K.111XX-F. 1-1-,fig KK.-E-gg Kxg33ieSrEm- f .uv 11.112551115KfQ1kQ5w3a-Xh-ssmgw-. SSQSQ-E--refs-Qgff . - K - h 1' - 1 35 is 3 K , K 1,25--.QQ . 23- 21.5331 3? 1 1:-. 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K' G1-.1-1 -,111-X1-211-11-1--1 -1 111, X15 , -K -. pf - 1- -111 1-K 1 1 .X , :,, K ., 1 . 1 5- QM- ,Reiki -Ks:-11-51, 4 - K , f 5211 - 3.-1 1 K 1 -X1 1- gf X Y- -1X i S1 Am- --11-,-N--1 sf . . 1 31+-2,1-,1fK1-X . K'Nf1ff- Q .KK -21. 3121 --19 msg, ,X-911135313 -K xsgaii-ks- ia - qu F- . -- K X !,.,.w- 5- -MX -NX -.11-.wax -, K X, 1 -. ,X . -K - 1 11. ggi KK ,, . Ki- WW 53 1- X 1 -51 1 - -N if me" 1 11 1-1 1 11 --Q19 KK -.' Km 1. K1 r 195, QP -W mxfwaf- -11-21:-M QA 1-K-11-ai--,111-X112 X? ,-X, K X .1 5 'KZ ,. - -W , qw-X---. K -1 1K:,,1.KK -K .SNK Wy- K -,X .-1,1 5, 11, ,1 J," trhr J . Wy I -K K K- 2- h- -K ,X K K X-TK ,gi-11 -2 , . Y - K K' KK s- ,Z 1, , ,QQ '1'iK11"'K 1 -,1-- f . -1 -M K1 - Kip1s..X-X. 1. - K - 1 .1--'K K X 1. 1 1K 12 1: ' f1..11fi KKK-K Q -K-ms,gg-11jK51g-7-Q1-I1 1:--M 121, - 1K ' K K , A Q 1.rMXl, 35? Mig-k,,-f.1,fg.1grim, T1 -.:,ef?g1K 1 1 1, K-1i'1K2KiKL:...i41 .,1 1- -- - 11 ., ,K 1 v . ,1 1, 1 'fs 1,K, ,, ,,,1 ww ,131 14,11 1 -K-K1i11'1'Ks1' . , L1-Q1 'H ' ,1K"T "r1U-'W "15,f5'1!113J-:W FN! WW 1'5331!15i1A1Q'1K ,9,,,V.,, 1,,, ,j,,,,13E1.17:, 511, M, M, ,1m1 ,J 11. ,1 , 1iK11,1.v,1,,,,gf,, Km X, 1331,-1, 1,,,,,,,,,,,,1K1,11,9-1, .,, M, :ik 1,1 1 X MV:1twu'.J L+? 'wkgiwgl 911' '1'E'11,f:'f A 1'1Q1"155'1H.GQ'M' W 'MW' A9 1 H'L'k" V H Lg, 1,,11, ,15,1,dL1, ,,gg,1Qf ,1g111xj ,21 KK ag- - - K ww! 1 1 1 Board Directs School Policies Charged with the large responsibility of determining the policies and general directions of the Huron Public Schools is the five-member Board of Education of the Huron Independent School District. Elected by the residents of the district, the Board must weigh all angles of con- troversial issues and then make the final decisions in what it feels is the best interests of the taxpayers, as well as the 3374 students in the Huron Public Schools. Assisting the Board in handling many of the complicated and technical activities of the dis- trict is the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Lloyd W. Turnwall. Dr. TurnwalI's knowledge and ad- vice also play important roles in running the school system. Other key positions in the administration of the school districfs business are held by Robert Taylor, assistant superintendent, Milton Walsh, clerk of the district and manager of the Huron Arena, and Eldon Dahl, district treasurer and assistant arena manager. DR. LLOYD W. TURNWALL Superintendent of Schools Members of the Board of Education during the 1976-77 school year were. Robert Rademacher, Gordon Magness ivlce presidentl, Ronald Manolis ipresidentl, Joan Hintz, and Neil Koch. T. .... H8 I . -'41 .f JAMES soLoN, Principal Principal's Message ln the fall of 1965, I became the Principal of Huron Senior High School. Also, in the fall of 1965, the class of 1977 entered the first grade. So together we have completed a twelve year educational experience. 1976--77 has been a good school year-for sophomores, for juniors, and for the seniors of '77. Our academic program has expanded with the addition ofa vocational program and a recently completed new vocational facility. This school has hosted several state events, e.g., in athletics, in forensics, in music. Members of the student body have been recognized both for significant academic and actlvlty achievement. The end of the school year is a combination of nostalgia and anticipation. For we wish good luck and Godspeed to the clas-s of '77. And we look forward to the future return of the classes of '78 and '79. James Solon Office Does It All for You VERLYN STOTZ, Assistant Prlnclpal Dorothy Lundgren and Sherman Neltzert, Secretaries Gertrud Becker Roman Bowar Charles Bruntlett Gertrud Becker - Looking at Language, British Literature, English 11-2 Roman Bowar - Drafting l 81 ll, Architec- tural Drawing Charles Bruntlett - Metal Shop, Home Mechanics fr-rw Ronald Christensen - Woodshop I 81 I Dennis Decker - English 10, Reading Bobby Dubs - U.S. Government Kathy Dyess - Biology, Advanced Biology Ronald Christensen s-A xv he A . , Dennis Decker Bobby Dubs Kathy Dyess 120 if 4,1 INN, John Holmquest Daniel Hoff Craig Ebert Craig Ebert - Sociology, Psychology William Gall - Journalism, English 10-2, Publications James Grube - U.S. History Eileen Hanson - Expsition, British Literature William Gall Daniel Hoff - Business Math, Business Law, Bookkeeping John Holmquest - English 10, Speaking, Forensics, Debate Eileen Hanson James Grube --Q., Jean Housiaux "--M , Joan Hull si Maurine J8C0bS0n Mary Ellen Johnson Ramona Kleinsasser Jean Housiaux -Office practice, Shorthand, Typing Joan Hull - Guidance Maurine Jacobson - German I, American Literature Mary Ellen Johnson - Asst. Cook's Train- ing, HERO, Home Ec 10 Flamona Kleinsasser -- Learning Lab Patricia Kool - American Literature, Creative Writing Ella Mae Korthals - Home Ec 10, Tailor- X ing, Home Ec Mini i f - l PaTfiCia K00' Ella Mae Korthals , is Bruce Maxwell - DE-DO, Occupational Prep Patsy Melius - English 10, Business Com- munications, Dramatics Margaret Moxon - Library Bruce Maxwell Palsy Melius "W Margaret Moxon Karen Mueller Karen Mueller - Spanish I, lll, IV, Teacher Aide Vincent Penning U.S. Government Leroy Person - Biology, Life Science Vincent Penning Leroy Person Gene Peters Gene Peters - Algebra ll, College Algebra, Senior Math Victor Peterson - Art I, ll, Ill, IV, Ceramics Milo Pietz - Vocal Music Alice Rasmussen - Child Care Training, Home Ec Mini Harry Reese - Typing Richard Reimer - German ll, Ill, IV Mary Severson - Spanish ll, Jr. High Spanish Harry Reese 124 ,slip l Victor Peterson Milo Pietz so 6. we .9 1-.3 ,..-ftf .fxvt of' Alice Rasmussen Richard Reimer Mary Severson Dean Sloslad Dean Slostad - Woodshop, Basic Elec- 1 Alma Vangsnes tricity, Power Mechanics Lgrene Sorlien Lorene Sorlien - P.E., Elementary P.E., Girls Track Dennis Stevens - Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry Leroy Stevenson - U.S. History, Boys' Laverne Tollefson Track Laverne Tollefson - Guidance Alma Vangsnes - World History em Dennis Stevens Leroy Stevenson Leonard Vellek - Instrumental music Mike Vogel - P.E., Elementary P.E., Contemporary Affairs, Basketball Larry Wendt - Biology Leonard Vellek Mike Vogel X t t ., H -1 ln Z V r X V .3 4 4 g . ff' Sree. .ew 1'7" K f . f - I' 'i ' .Qt , , .tal . Q it N A Al xx S J Larry Wendt ""'f"'g. V A Llattt fy, .,lyt ,f ' 1 ooee in V ...ltr , I M, 'lawn I - g fa.. 1 V fi W Q V A , A Q s- I K, VL I , ':.-.E - S YQ 3ll gyy t is' . 'A Maurine Wheeler Maurine Wheeler - American Lit., Survey of English Lit. Esther Wilson - Bookkeeping, Adv. Bookkeeping X Gary Wold - Geometry, Physics, Algebra 3 es' al 1 f if 'V Esther Wilson Gary Wold Our Faculty Hard at Work .if -. '.gsg5zQf5if',fxf'Ms' 'fail 049900590013 509980013190 Q 395930902 Mr. Stotz, take it easy on that poor kid! 6 S -4 V A g fwfr what can I make for supper? says Mrs. O.K. At the golf course at 5:00. Say. Did you hear . . .7 Only 90 more perch to catch for class tomorrow The 1976-77 Resource and Library Staff included, front: Joan White, Shirley Lanam and Jackie Butler. Back: Dorothy Huss and Delores Nash. i Matt Dennison and Mrs. Butler get excited over Matt's English. They Provide Needed Services With a Smile care was provided by, bottom: Arthur Tschetter, George Streifel, and Bartel. Top: George Havens, William Podhradsky, and Marvin Moilan. Q57 he 1976-77 kitchen staff included: Dorothy DeRoos, Thelma man, Arlene Schnabel, Harriett Greschke, Peg Dormady Ann K E . . . . - . . rwood, L lvlna Coutts, Eunice Quiram, Elaine Wahl, V. A. Sunder Fisher, Charlotte Breck, Mary Dammelen, and Janet Bogh. curricula lx N wi W x Y 4 ' IV .gy 5 l 1 :wf:fMmimre:s of learning 1 P 1 1 I Q 3 1 V K l!1li1ll1Eflll1ZMlIl"!1'1FH Kt WWWrI'l1!ir'm Science and Math Courses Open New Doors for Many Many science and math courses are oftered here at Hu- ron Senior High. Those interested in math have a choice of taking geometry, Algebra ll, College Algebra, trigonometry, and Senior Math. Science courses include chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, physics, biology, and Advanced Biology. x , uf. 'WYE Invite' - .inf i? 5 f"'W L wi Mrs. Dyess gives a small demonstratlon on how to use the mlcroscope. "Flake" perfects hls Plneapple no. 18. Calculators make chemlstry easy for Gall Sanderson, Marlln Hofer, and Flay Horn. Mr. Peters glves Dana Curtls some polnters on how to solve algebra equatlons. Mr. Wold's class of geometry has a "questlons and answers" sesslon. 4 Social Sciences Give Students Better Understanding of Today's World Students at HHS have an opportunity to par- ticipate in a wide variety of Social Science courses to give them a better understanding of the world today. These courses include Government, American History, World History, Psychology, Sociology, and Contemporary Affairs. Government, required of seniors, covers the func- tions of federal, state, and local governments. while American History, which is required of all juniors, familiarizes them with the major happenings from the Civil War to the present. In World History students take a close look at the backgrounds of other countries around the world. Psychology and Sociology cover the behavior of the individual and group behavior. In Contemporary Affairs students learn and study the events as they take place in our society today. World History, Psychology, Sociology, and Contemporary Affairs are all Electives from whic the students may choose. t 1. Mr. Dubs explains income tax procedures to Brenda Vensand. 1. Mr. Stevenson agrees with one of his students in American History. 2. Mr. Ebert lands in jail while playing the game "Ghetto" in Sociology. 3. Mr. Vogel gets help with his Current Affairs class from Rod Linatelter. 4. Mrs. Vangsnes explains the different traditions of the African natives. in , 'ss 'K Manual Arts Courses Prepare Students For the Future 'Q if Q FQ bf' af- sv...-we 'GSR ,N rw A variety of manual arts courses are offered to students of HHS to help them prepare for the future. The classes offered are: electronics, home mechanics, basic electricity, power mechanics, metal shop, general wood, drafting, architectural drawing, home economics, food service, chef's training, and child care training. Through these courses, students gain practical skills and experience. Students are given opportunities to receive on-the- job training through Distrlbutive Education, Dlver- sified Occupations, and Office Practice. 1. "When do we eat?" shouts Faith Dahl. 2. Mr. Maxwell aids Debbie Breck ln DEDO. 3. Teachers aide, Mrs. Wilcox and senior Wayne Iverson help sophomores in industrial arts. 4. Don Brice puts the finishing touch on his architectural etchlngs. 5. "Craig, what kind of herbs are you using?" Numerous Business Numerous Business and Language courses are offered at HHS. Business courses offered are bookkeeping, business math, business law, shorthand, and typing. Through these courses, students can achieve the skills needed to work in today's business world. Language courses here at HHS are available in order for the student to know and understand more of our language and others. They include English 10, in which the sophomores receive the basics in grammar and writing techniques for one semester. The second semester sophomores have the choice of journalism, looking at language, words at work, reading, or business communications. Juniors are required to take American literature while the seniors study either survey of American literature or British literature with the same electives as sophomores including creative writing, advanced creative writing, and exposition. Both German and Spanish courses are available in four-year courses. wang and Language Courses Offered at HHS as-I". X if I 'Ka ,A 138 h-.. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their land. "That'll teach you not to put your finger on the film when the projector is running," shouts Scott to Mr. Hoff. Lane Robeson "begs" for helpfrom Mrs. Hanson. Mrs. Melius answers a question for Julie Galliger in business communication. Mark Fleilly patiently helps Mrs. Wilson with her bookkeeping. Flexible Scheduling Provides Variety Of Area M H For SRT Flexible scheduling enables students to study on their Stu- dent Responsibility Time iSRTl using either the library, resource center, commons, or the lounge as an area of study. The library has mainly a quiet atmosphere for indepen- dent study. Various sources including audio tapes, newspaper, and magazines are available for student use. English and social science materials are available to students in the resource center upon request. Students may also visit after asking permission. The commons is an area set up for group study as well as conversation. For students needing a break during the day, the lounge provides a very relaxed atmosphere. Pop, candy, and music from the jukebox are only a few of the attractions. WM i 'Nr wi, "Look like we're studying, Mrs. White's coming." Jeff Zwanziger finds the library a quiet place to study. Students find music, pop, and laughs in the lounge. Cathy Jorgenson reads in the peacefulness of the library Tim White finds time between studies to find out what the "other world" is doing. 4? ff wr' MS- """. 5 , X, Q S - X class 142 au ,fn-4K - -vm -2. --.ww Q,-. -md' 1 I li N w N 1 1 ' w reflections of friends ' 143 I -1 ,Ji Q7 Q, 'fi N ww Sf' , A i M ,195 3, Q. il in WW! ln 'Y t H D, qllw J ' 'ii 'J J w .. 2 MY 'if 4 xv vu + Q' ff -Pt l i' fa L if . B Q the 1 if gb v :Q . , r Ir X ., . f 'VT I N45 fu.. .tl 5' X X 'K 1, -A-1 -P ,Nt A36 ., 'Sc 33" 9 67,15 Paula Almond Karen Anderson Rhonda Anderson Pam Axtman Bruce Baird John Barnes Wendi Bartel Robert Barton Ramona Baseler Brad Bawdon Brian Beach Chuck Beach Bryan Beck John Bell Rheme Bell Sherri Bell Jon Benston Jodi Berg Kristi Berquist Jon Bisch Nancy Bloem Jerry Blow Bonita Blumenauer James Bobeldyke Brenda Bogh Dale Bragg Sharon Brake Michael Breagel Doug Brock Becky Brodkorb Dana Brown Lisa Brown Steven Brown Kyle Brugman Bob Buchanan Carolyn Burnlson Lori Burnlson Mary Busch William Bushong Steve Butler Marti Calvert Becki Calvert 'ss Ruth Cambronne Q Kimberly Carlson Michael Carlson dw 2 X th Linda Cernick P. Q, David Clark wi 5 Loren Clifton , if 3- :X oe. i + 5 if X , L ex L , ,Li K -X Brenda Coyle Lois Crawford Debra Cross is ., -,f X , n S x 3 X 2 nf? ,U , M4149 F Q s s Q r:-.5 . 1'-IN 6 x s 32 foils. . - ' fl S X .R ..., L . Ll J Q 1 J t R xv? s gf 'W mf X L X WN ' Q A Kelly culnane ri' Doug Cummins gs H Kelly Curry N ii Donna Curtis - Lori Curtis , - as Mona Davis S.,- E Q A i ' Mary Ann Decker S hz 5 1555.3 "-"' . : l K .5 A Kathy Dem . as L . is Daryl Deneke , Lance DeRoos ' Kevin Dietz , l,'i ' S Brenda Downing L, Q I q Q S i 's X 5 Elvida Drapeau Yvonne Dwyer .- Timothy Eddy Judy Eden gh irrl L Kevin Ellis Misti Engel .A L, A ,. 5- , x Q I ff L I wkkx v sf" 1. , li K.: , It - Valerie Engel David Englert Carin Erickson , Lesli Erickson - -H 5' Tami Erickson -.... L, Christy Eskew , as-L Leif, , .32 e. , - .gf 4-,, ,LX ' rf.-N. 9 . N . . .3 . Q A 9' Jr :wif K mf. - if it A -f J ' , wg?-L . I Wiinlf '3 x M XQ x ,gif 1 'K u Qi. '. W KL -' K 'Hifi' , Lee-4"."f' 23- .I ff ,.-e .vo- V-.r X. af FEI' sits K TQ 'ilk nr 5 . Jar mlg X159 is ,,, . -if P X35 5333! , 2 " 51 5. 1 ran. 1' 'fx-I' .Ss x X .si I 6 A QQ! i --,A ,gas Sh YE? w-,-+: Q if it T .Tx f , 1 l f 5 X X SIX X mi I .. We I-. .ET . K T, sf b , .,,. I gy in Y YQ X155 f wt fx 1- y to ssxymx . 1 ' ie as mf ir' YL 3 , X x 'NV' I Q I xt l Tony Estergard Thomas Farley Vicki Febuary Susan Fennell Sandra Ferris Mark Filholm Scott Forde Sheryl French Karen Freng Doug Friedrlchsen Ann Fuehrer Glenda Fuerst Thomas Fullerton Jerolyn Gamber Gene Gogolin Pamela Gommer Joyce Gortmaker Elaine Goslee David Graham Neal Greenfield Barry Greschke Janna Gutormson Debra Gutzmer Andrea Hamilton Shelly Hamman Brenda Hammer Calvin Hammond Melanie Hanson Emma Harmdierks Robert Harrington Eric Harris Kenneth Hart Brady Hastings 14 Richard Hawley il Brenda Haynes Janette Hedblom iii' A Beckie Heimlich 'K Denise Heinzerling Daniel Hershman 4 W .,,,iZ ,J .V Danny Hicks Jeff Hoeft Judy Hofer is " Laurice Hofer Shane Hofer Venette Hofer at L Ronald Holm Richard Horton yy 0 I Greg Houge 'Q John Hoyt Tony Huet 1, 'W Linda Hufford 'K f 4 , 2 x xx V 1 1 Q il ?,'f1,, . ggi Les Humphrey A A . V D ,N i iii Debra Hunter ,A" A ' ' E J Wayne Hutchinson 3 yvl Q " y V i! Q ff J R Julie Janes J Brian Jenner ' Julie Johannsen KA .arty -Z. Bill Johannsen Brice Johnson David Johnson Dean Johnson -- Jayme Johnson John Johnson , " 48 six: l N! I V Eg ii J 2 ' I 3, W 'X f le F Q YL 'RN Qi' 'P at N Q if XXX . x 1 X2 . as v 1 X ll 1 ll X I af isis , -M X R QQ, ' Ana. Q-Q 1 X 5 NN - 1' 2 9 Q f 4 N 3 ,. L K W, . L so tv ' N L, " Q I at I s Eh 1: it s s X 'Q' iQt'!?iSr'-'Iv' .L N gi N gt: rl X x X 1 f ,V X ,.f. 1 sg v9 N - fa.. ' 1, R1 4 X K X 'R xx Q' - L W . as S Rodney Allen Johnson Rodney Dean Johnson Roger Johnson Laurie Johnston Elizabeth Jorgenson Janet Jungemann Marsha Kahl Karla Kahre Sheryl Kalahar Jay Kannenberg Jill Kannenberg Anna Kappler Gary Kasperson Donna Katz Tamara Katz Mary Keintz Kathy Kelley Kathy Kempf Walter Kingsly Randy Kleinsasser Nancy Kline Jody Kludt James Knouse Robin Knutson Doug Kohlmeyer Peggy Kokesh Anthony Konst Todd Langbehn Chris Larsen Pam Larson I4 Shari Larsen Angela Larson Doug LeGrand Theresa Leif Anthony Lindbloom Dale Lucklum Sherry Lusch Gayleen Lundberg Georgia McDermaid Todd McGillick Janet McHenry Kelly McKinney Paul McMartin Marsha McNutt Vicki McQuillen Michael McVay Beth Maass Ellen Maas Mark Malikowski Gus Manolis Rick Marone Pam Marvel Lois Mastel Steve Mees Peter Melby Mike Metter David Middaugh Jeff Miller Kelly Miller Sara Mills K wx, k R efw- a v Q 1- ' qw' is- . kg .Wi 1:52, f at L L nl t 1 L1 ..:.:. . 5 .tA!.,.wA.- .LS - X s it E' I s 9 5 Q .. . gif' It ,av xg 4' if 'ee S f". an i N, xv- 'I . 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Q X J 'X t 1 F7 55 'F h N' N, M' 3 it xl he l xx fl x ' Ex N .J L t will .1 R' Q1 K .Wg X' is M A 4-L wi H"mxq 3 I ,-1-'S i , -t Numa R iff Lewis Miner Mary Myers Rodney Nash Brian Nelson Danny Nelson James Nelson John Nielsen Renee Orth Kay Osman Rosemary Otto Paula Peppers Scott Perrenoud Carol Persing Pat Peschong Dawn Peterson Tom Peterson Becky Phillips Rhonda Plueger Donna Podhradsky Richard Porter Carol Poulisse Kathy Prue Julie Pudwill Dennis Reilly Debra Reimer Glenn Reimer Laurel Reimer Hobe Richards Martin Roache Sandra Roache Kevin Fiolle Elizabeth Roy Paul Rudd Ted Santistevan Mark Schade Deanna Schinderling Myrna Schley John Schlueter Mike Schmidt Suzie Schnabel Leslie Schumacher Roy Seeman Sheila Sexton Belinda Shelton Floger Sherman Allen Shoultz Jenny Silbernagel Blaine Smith Janette Smith Kathy Smith Bob Snowden Gerri Solon Todd Sondreal Dawn Sorlien Joel Sponsel Barry Sroufe Terri Stahl Kevin Staples Lynn Staples Monica Stienblock John Stinehart Phillip Streeter David Stucke 152 ,.. A il .gi K 5 X a im. XX N ieqk ,is if Q ef - 6 Q xx 'Q IQ. .Q S ea,-1: 'ff 1 W 5 .t RQ, fra S X, ff- r ,il ' E Q Qt f Sig ' 'kkk ' J 5: eg me . 5.5 . ' L Q5 r- Y 1 - K K 'if .' -iei N , ii. .fg .1 Lk 3 . , 1 ., , ' ,:,, L 1 - 5 lkgxfi- le 'Xx'5"f1t ,,s:y'x A 0 3- 'g'f,,,.a.1b- , ,- , :eu ,if witty we-1 "Y . A . si felis-I QT.. .QPR 04 .. . Q C55 F wx iii " " X X 3 N 5 I . 5 x Xi SSA ' Q get .L.k t'it:.G1z1?tx .-ff i g . P fQ 'Qs l i , ' -'.- f . l TQ A st N kl, 1. Qi P 9 ,S f, aa o k ,M . ..,,. i .xp N 21 , YI S SK sag 6' ,Rae F T.'3N ,sm g Q. 5 Nth. -as 1 C . I T ii M4 Ns. Z . ,.. ' .. .g Q.: N: A l 'wi Q7 - x,., A-Q, X , ,X 4 i gr . A--' 'al-'wk 5 ,. fufgiq 5q'g4'+ fi: fr DQQQQ Sw s a 1"" for-of ,wr 1 . wid gif' t g b. 1 'vel' Qu' Q X ix'- ml. , Joan Styer Judy Sunderman Debbie Sunding Genell Tarver Roby Taylor Pam Teske Bob Thomas Steve Thompson Todd Tollefson David Tompkins Bret Townsley Laura Trinko Floy Tschetter Wayne Tschetter Lonna Ulvestad Kelly Urban Cindy Vannet Steven Van Overshelde Amy VanVugt Yvonne VanWyhe Shawn Vellek Brenda Vllhauer Donna Voegele Kim Voss James Waldner Laurie Wahl Thomas Wahl Kelll Walker Rodney Wallensteln Skyla Wellmann Brice Walz Linda Weber Tom Welch Ann Wendland Randy Westberg Crystal White . ss Lisa Wicks 'f'1st:l' YZ Q U il l Paul Wiese N 'W f Bonnie Wilkens Michelle Williams ,et Ricky Wipf , -t 1 , 1, g in he if f J Roger Worrall Mark Youngerman Natalie Zell " is 'wr 5, ., ,T T, ,, Board Members Brady Hastings John Hoyt Shery Kalahar Todd McGiIIick Carol Poulisse Todd Sondreal Mark Schade Shawn Vellek Jody Kludt Crystal White Jodi Berg Lisa Brown Lori Curtis Scott Ford S Y 'tn W V SP g L qb X ,til . W 1 Not Pictured Leanne Allerdlngs William Eppard Anthony Llndbloom Rex Mandel Joe Mastel Lisa Parkhurst Michelle Qualm Della Richter Greg Rodman Lori Mathlson i w , fy vw, . .,g,.,,, wiv' -f 4 g "'1,'lf3X"'s A54 K, Qf.?Qjf,fk:41 f I Y .3 5 kv fb., , QZW5 ' if 1 fi Robert Almond Donna Alter Howard Alter Jill Ames Shirley Andol Alan Arbeiter Laurie Armour Timothy Armour Pamala Austin Dennis Bailor Kenneth Ball Roger Barnes Dee Barton Jeff Baseley Elizabeth Bates Marge Baumann James Beckwith Dennis Beekman Elizabeth Beem Terri Bell Aaron Beltz Norman Bennett Lisa Berg Kim Bergman Peggy Bergstrom Mark Berquist Brett Best Douglas Bjorke Chris Black Elizabeth Bluhm 4' 'LY 5 , ylvyy 'Z . 'E if '25 1 ft e Q In-:. Hi' 3: 1, ,Q .- 1 2 A NZ. , 5 ag . ,nik ' I .7 IJ W A 5. l, A 'Y if 55 iw 2 is . ,I is x f S I if , rxpcgfwu' I 8 f vu . 'W ,ll 'K A W' ,AW .Ag .iapaasl xx x Ll ibg- . ,v 1-. P A ' lx x N ,Kit wort- ' we ,.4,,, Q f X. 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X 'f mfr' Q it Scott Bonfoey Cindy Bowen Dan Brake Ronda Brandenburg Patricia Bryce Dennis Buckland David Buhl Greg Burke Barb Burnison Tammy Campbell Debra Castle Patricia Chase Pamela Christensen David Clark Dawn Clark Clay Clemetson Shirley Cleveland Christy Cole Cindy Cole Ricky Coon Bret Corcoran Jay Costello Vicki Coyle Bryan Cronin Larry Cross Lori Curry Randy Curry David Curtis Kim Curtis Dennis Davis 157 N534 Richard Davis Pamela DeJean Pat Delvaux Matt Denison Jeff DesLauriers Michelle DeVries eff, Nikki Devries Pamela Dick Jeff Dicks Kimberly Donaldson Dean Donnell Linda Downing Dennis Eckmann Scott Eckmann Julie Engel Jim Entwisle Cathy Erickson Tim Estergard Marline Fechtelkotte Sandy Ferguson Ken Ferris Debra Finnerty Dale Fodness Marlin Frank ix- Debra Franks Diane French Julie Galliger Bryan Gamber Roxanne Gamber '- Gre9 Goehner la, 'S' arf' -if .441 VY. 'Rafi N51 ,. 4, ..p 25 ' K X .X V L Greg Goglin Dennis Gortmaker John Griffith Susan Grohs Chris Gross Frances Gross mga as all S G55 if . af? . " J 45 x X ,X v N 5 s x l i l f 1 K F Q' ., "T i" u F "'- is 5 ' 1 fig: X F, 5 K .aae Z l'i ' 5 ' 'J ' ,-', ANN , .1 uq bq -K fy :ffi:Z..,,,., ,5 X ,, . ,xv s ,:.' K , 35 5? .A E, if ,ji a A Q V E X Q uf W, Q i s NS' sr , ,l 5 if E fs X 'Z l 1 ' James Grothe 'K ' ' A ,. Shelly Gruver 4, 1 ' Tim Gutormson J , Q.. I ' A up i . V! f ss Sheri Gutzmer N ' Q " 4 ,P fe: " ' 4 G Kathy Guyer ' ggi fsff. ,,..'k: kb,QNN K l Linda Halbur W ,M I ybzy 51, S fs 5 ,,L, K' .A i'ii '58 if A l as ,, f F f 1 1 f N X- 158 .vi Q 'K , fl X I . 9 Q :fi so ' '15 1 ff! M -Qi? XM R xt ips P 4 'whiff 369. X 3.42, - ff bqwx ft a A SS- N ts , :Q Q' ' M 15,5 5, 3 a ln M ff 'Y' f? ff i t 2 Cindy Hale Terry Halse Mitch Hansen David Hanson Jeanine Harmdierks William Harrington Tanya Harris Beth Harter Bruce Hartley Kerry Haug Duane Haugen Dawn Heinzerling Vickie Henkel Loretta Herdman Rita Herdman Gary Hlllberg Jean Hlrtzel Robyn Hittle Mike Hobbs Craig Hofer Deborah Hofer 159 Glen Hofer Jerome Hofer Kerry Hofer Marlin Hofer Michelle Hoffman Douglas Hofhenke Rodney Hook Flay Horn James Housiaux Mary Housiaux Sandy Huber Cynthia Huizenga Cathy Hull Roger Hunt Ken Hvam Susan Imker James lverson Joni Jacobson Paul Jensen David Charles Johnson David Curtis Johnson Debra Johnson Todd Johnson Diane Johnston Gary Jones Laurie Jungeman Kathy Kalahar Jean Kant Steve Kappel Lisa Kasa S , l . l Z 3 'll!Z.,,, Wi gg , .ff V - .. B it L ' ,WSF A he 3 Q J, t X reefs iv". eq, K , V14 nf. 1 8 4 4' ' 3 Il 'D 9 6 N Y Nl 1 'Y V V . 5' 1 K 253, ' fl ,X ,' . is A 6 L 1 15 A - 41 f B ." J gy 15' 'iii gf: 'H .I sm"t" , A H 11,a:f5w: J fn ? YS , 3? ,f 'K '- 'A ' ,. Alina 1 ,.-h, "is1'f1 my I' ,M t .. 5 4? -X F . . .,., .,,, - 451. 5:-iw " 4. 1? sl rrii .A ,- iz ,Q Q5 of 1 is ill of ,,,. M 1 K f 2 K fp? Y -ggi' V 64 QA ., A Y H Y H -5 1 n I " pai' I 5 vq i Q...- Raina, J 'nr ' ww, . - 1 f QQ , ' K r"x,e 1 Q A in A' it D f A L - wa Q kxxtm ftk v a vi 'K u l R f Sv ," k V 1. L A all an as '37 . ji, iw - I 3 L, X I, .A if so , K 1 'X , K .K L. if ii i M 'si L iw 'fm 1 Qi m- .i Y xiii! S I., k L , 'if ' lb-rf' in Mary Kelley Daniel Kempf Kenneth Kempf Donna King Linda Kinyon Terry Kleinsasser Linda Knouse Sharon Koch Paula Konst Kimberley Korthals Dennis Kringen Kent Krueger Pamela Kuehl Kelly Lanam David Lang Scott Larson Steve Larson Karen Lee Kim Lentz Tim LeFtoux Lynell Loesch Kimberley Lowery Margaret McDermald Julie Neiffer LeAnn McFarlane Patrick McGaffee Doug McHugh Karen McLinn Terri McManus Randy Maas Teresa Malikowski Dave Marlow Galen Martin Susan Mason Jeff Mattke Brenda Mausbach Dave Merkel Debra Meyers Michelle Meyers Tim Mills Marty Moeding Beth Montgomery Bill Moran Kevin Morsching JoLynne Muilenburg Becky Mundt Michelle Munson Kim Murphy Charisse Myers Kris Nelson Ken Nelson Dawn North Cathy Norton Kevin Olson Nancy Olson Patricia Osborn Penni Palmer Clint Paulson Vicki Peck Lisa Pederson Marilyn Peek Jayne Peterson Thelma Peterson 162 "xg My . W 4-1' A I M -.ww K at 5, At jr A hi' .X 'wi 4 1 Vi? .QV in aft:-12' i K , laa, . vh x if ' it i ,Wi P i A ft-1 1 ,lr ! X X sg at 'R'a9u'A.,ix in X Q We .P if it it t , se 5 We -2 ., X 5 X W S .N X Q . X 5 ' X X' S' 1 ' :I t E t .si Q i Q Q t ,xx 5 L. .4 y x 3 'i .QQ , e , 3' QQ' JA in Tom Peterson Velma Peterson Connie Phillips Darla Philips Patricia Piklapp Julie Plueger Leo Pollock Marty Porter Roxanne Pownell Scott Presuhn Sam Prue Douglas Purcell Lisa Rand Robin Raschke Jim Reimer Aaron Richardson Nancy Rohrer Rick Root David Rose Gaylen Roth Jeffrey Rounds Elizabeth Rudd Dianne Rudy Gail Sanderson Cynthia Sargent Cindy Schley Bernadine Schock Sherri Schoepf Bruce Schuelke Tamara Schuelke Frank Schumacher Kyle Schumacher Barb Shanks Charles Shoultz Brad Simmons Craig Slepikas Pamela Slepikas Dawn Smith Ernie Smith Diane Sprague Mary Stahl Todd Starnes Diane Stinehart James Slinehart Mike Stoiey Louis Stransky Susan Stransky Ken Swearingen Kristi Swenson Mary Taylor Shelley Teller Jay Thomas Karen Thompson Dave Timperley Kris Travis Brian Tschetter Bruce Tschetter Bob Ulrich Charles Vanderlaan Curtis VanGilder Richard Van Wyhe Gerry Verhelst Greg Vincent T hun C155 r T' ,Qc - y ,Q as ,, 4 swf' f"-MN " ,fm 2 af '22 'A I 4 1 195 ll ZW 1'-is 8 if fb fi cn N . - - X + 'sf , . , gy ' '32 x .px .K 'N , ,B in f in f " pe B 4 In 'C ,fa K :ffl X 4 XR ., 1 T55 ii ff: A, f krlzz P . 4 N I t o t t J iise if xx . C g . t tt Q K i -wi B. We 4 f , J J fr so sys f - Ri :QQ ' ' if X , I st 'Q 'A .Q Os.: f is -A . ,. M Qi? TQ i s ,Q X if i ? I I Janice Young Don Zemina Jeff Zwanziger Cindy Jackson Cindi Layton -AAN John Vosler Carla Voss Bryce Waddell Paula Wadhams LeRoy Waldner Flandy Wallman Twila Wallmann Scott Walter Jay Walters Brad Warren Vince Watkins Mark Wehde Larry Wendel Mike Weinzetl Cindy Wharton Bill White Tim White Danny Wiebelhaus Kenny Wiebelhaus Beth Wilkens Tim Wilson Jack Wlnter Craig Wlttenhagen Karl Woodford Board Members snirley Ando: Barb Burnison Deb Finnerty Greg Goglin Jean Hirtzel Sandy Huber Paula Konst Lynn Loesh Charisse Myers Patricia Osborn Dianne Rudy Kristi Swenson Vince Watkins Beth Wilkens Not Pictured Toby Bartel Valeria Block Virgil Carlson Elmarla Drapeau Kellie Feller Art Fisher Don Jacobs Tom Jenks Russ Mager Danette Mathison Dawn Scheele Pat Winegar if ' Q x ' 'SQ QJ' X L ' Board Members Ftobin Watters, Sherry Taylor, Loren Nihart. Doreen Burnison. Terri Acheson. Mark Lee, Greg Starnes. John Jacobson. Keith Raschke. Not Pictured Dan Flanagan. Scott Corcoran, Rose Hofer. Lorna McMillan Glass Motto Look Around For What You See May Never Be Again. Class Flowers Class Colors Roses Sunrise 16 9 Virginia Avery Rex Bales Richard Bales Mark Baltzer Monte Baltzer Richard Barnes Terri Acheson Signe Adams James Almond Sandra Anderson Vicky Artz Kevin Auit Ronald Barnes Roberta Bartel Randy Beck Dennis Beekman Susan Bell John Bennett Reedy Berg Charles Birdsall Jerry Bockorny Kenneth Bodell Robert Borgan Shawn Bowen Nancy Buchanan Bryce Buckley Doreen Burnison Guy Cameron Laura Cernick Margaret Collings David Boyd Debra Breck Laura Brinkman Cheryl Brodkorb Pamela Brown Donald Bryce Pi r 'Y 5 x Steven Colvin Scott Corcoran Kimberly Coyle Debbie Crawford Faith Dahl Vicki Davis KX Monica Decker Kevin Dehne Leonard Doll EQ? Bradley Dooley Robert Dormady Darold Dornbush Bret Engel FleVay Engel Debra Erickson Franklin Evans Marlene Fechtelkotter Bruce Felix Michael Dunlay Darla Dunn Audry Dwyer Elizabeth Eckmann Kimberly Eggleston Steven Eidahl Dru Fischgrabe Dan Flanagan Debra Flolo Sharon Fodness Timothy Fox Michelle Frey Stewart Friedrichsen Jody Friese Brice Fuehrer LaJeanne Gamber Michael Gamber Debra Gascoigne Steven Grohs Doriann Gruver Erik Gutormson Ricky Gutzmer William Hageman Karen Hammer Robyn Gednalske Lynn Gilbert Sandra Gortmaker Richard Graham Darrel Grohs Keith Grohs Anita Hammond Andrea Hanson Charles Hanson Renee Hanson Philip Haskett Kola Hein l. S, Susan Heuston Tammy Hiles Robert Hill Mark Hofer Rose Hofer Alan Holm X' Douglas lsackson John Jacobson Dawn Jensen Fiegg Jenson Charles Wade Johnson Richard Johnson Sandra Hopper Barbara Horton Angela Huizenga Kimberly Skye Humphre Kathleen Huss Richard lmker Catherine Jorgenson Richard Jungemann Christine Kalahar f if I I X Mitchell Kannenberg Ryan Katz Dale Kiefer REQ, dim Paula Kingery Carole Kinyon Joel Kleinsasser Russell Kleinsasser Mark Kludt Lonna Klukas Carmen Lang Mark Lee Rodney LeGrand Teresa Lentz Rodney Linafelter Alan Linderman Betty Knouse Donald Knudson Leonard Kohlmeyer Marilyn Kohlmeyer Jeanne Krell Robert Landstrom 180 I Donna Lindsey Lois Loeffelbein Scott McCaskeII Les McKinney Lorna McMillan Randy Madden xiii' V 1 I feast it A Kelly Magee Philip Maher Joseph Mahowald Debbie Maier Sherrie Manning Brian Martin Robin Melstad Diane Mennenga Susan Metter James Meyer Melinda Meyer Timothy Meyer Pamela Mason Steve Mastel Brad Mattke Roxanne Mehlberg Jennifer Melby Kim Meistad N Judith Miner Darold Moody Deanna Morsching Teresa Morse Susan Mortensen Lori Murphy I Michelle Namanny Randy Nash David Neiffer Vickie Neitzel Larry Nelson Michelle Nelson - Coral Peterson Russell Pietz Linda Plate Barbara Pollock Craig Potter Laura Power 4 Roberta Nelson Loren Nihart Dennis Olson Gregory Olson Linda Osman David Packard Kalynn Pownell Andrew Qualm Keith Raschke Debbie Reed Mark Reilly Lane Robeson J J, s-sg L' sim ,MW Carl Rose Pamela Sass Bruce Schied Nancy Schinderling Gregory Schneider Rose Schrader Richard Skorheim Rodney Smidt Debra Smith Bradley Solon Thomas Sondreal Janelle Sorban Lori Schumacher Kelly Seeman Mary Sheridan Ruth Sherman Kenneth Shoultz Patrick Sigler Anyla Sporrer Sharon Sprague Joan Stafford Dale Stahl Dean Stahl Mark Staples Gregory Starnes Jerry Stinehart Mark Stotz Gregory Strommen Belinda Sue Styer William Sunderman Lorraine Tokach Brenda Vensand Richard Verschoor Jami Vincent Dennis Voegele Wendy Voigt David Syring Sherry Taylor Craig Teuber Michele Teuber Brian Therkildsen Peter Thrash Gregory Walter Robin Walter Bradley Walters Bradley Walz James Webster Robert Webster Scott Weise Noreen Welch Douglas Wells Juli Wheeler Michael Whitney John Wider 90 X 1. Deborah Wilson Susan Wipf Diane Wittenhagen Jon Wollman W Ann-Marie Wren Karen Zell Dwayne Christiansen Laurel Fuehrer Thomas Guffin Jeffrey Hopper William Huet Wayne Iverson Norman Johnson Not Pictured Robert Zemina James Layman Mathew Peck Nita Jungemann Jeffrey Peskey Dan Prue Debbie Rieck Tamara Stymiest Craig Thesenvitz Mary Ann Winter X i X 4 vw L Q 1 ef - - Q x - Q X i l th - L! '-'X ' '15 f fr' Q," Z ,rj 1' ' Q ,V 'xx , fr 17, 19 X Q15 , f ...... -' I' X5 5 1 ' , 9 , 4 ' S iv, x 1 V, 'Y' fi . ---.. muh. F. n - yr , ,. gf A v v 4 V . 7 26 " ff: -Ayr' Sf Q '83 1 Q YQKYIGN 'Y , , A xx' V ! 5 wa SVA' 'N A WN A D .. EAW N fb . 1' L. .,. I N r k"5'0hAur Q A 3 . Introducing . . . The Class of 1977 The Class of 1977 had a short breath of air before they marched into the stuffy arena. The ninety-first annual commencement excercises began with Baccalaureate ser- vices on Monday night. Rev. Dale Nash gave the sermon and Bill Hageman read from Scripture. A flute solo was played by Vicki Neitzel. At 8:00 p.m. Friday, June 3, 1977, 257 seniors marched into a very hot arena. Laura Brinkman, Joan Stafford and James Meyer spoke on the class motto, followed by the presentation of diplomas to the class of 1977. 192 Sandy Huber, Paula Konst, Patricia Piklapp and Dianne Rudy led Processional. iff ,, "" E 'Q' nv 1, . f ,wg mi as, Q. 1 ? 4 FOR WHAT HHS Seniors Earn Honors Students who attain a scholastic average of 3.9 or above throughout their high school years are graduated with "Highest Honors," while those seniors with a 3.5 average or better are graduated with "Honors", Graduating honor students for 1977 were: . . . With Highest Honors Rex Baile Y Ronald Barnes Nancy Buchanan Vicky Davis Sharon Fodness James Meyer Craig Potter Mark Reilly Mark Stotz . With Honors Ginny Avery Kenneth Bodell David Boyd Scott Corcoran Michael Gamber William Hageman Andrea Hanson Charles Hanson Renee Hanson Philip Haskett Mark Hofer Angela Huizenga Wade Johnson Paula Kingery Carmen Lang Lorna McMillan Philip Maher Jennifer Melby Melinda Meyer David Packard Keith Raschke Gregory Schneider Rose Schrader Joan Stafford Gregory Starnes Gregory Strommen Wendy Voight Jon Wollman Debra Gascoigne Alumni Award Greg Schneider Michael Rink Memorial Award Lorna McMillan American Legion School Award Monica Decker Karen Kittinger Memorial Award Vicki Neitzel John Philip Sousa Award Bruce Felix National School Choral Award Y-1 Jim Webster Denny Busch Memorial Award Wade Johnson John Philip Sousa Award Joe Mahowald National School Choral Award Sharon Fodness DAR Award Dave Syring John Philip Sousa Award Russ Pietz National School Choral Award C W, 1: .4 I I 152 ' ': - .V JV 'QV VV ,u V V . ..,,,.,. .IMP :VV I 'r. it . , Ly I I I , Fe I ,I V ' - ' r'-- V V- V ' V -. X ' Q' ki I 'f' I""'4"" I' I W Ig I 'XK"'f' w:mw -V . ' 1' ,. X 1 -I I. .. ff, ' WY? 'W'--VV I V V-If-'Q If VV I-VV 25-n. ..V42 V I I -Vw - I ., .,, . ..,.. . , ,. V4 , W. .115-4 I .V ' Im III.. , ,-. ., ., ,, ., .,., , I. ,V 1- W . ' .. .. N., uw . .. .. 1. .. V ViV1XVi2gj1 4-I-F.: ' .QNV .WI -MQ, W IX ' I V ,M 'II .V I.-I , .. ,,,, . . MW V V V Vw. W., I. f ..VV4N2V5V .I 4.51,1?:....5Ix,,m V.-1.4. , T . . V V. V. . V V V V V, . ,. .. V V W V V V - .L:. ..I.I.,.w.V.....M V' I ,gl I 1 ,II .V NU V ,I I Qi . V ' I m i A : 35 ' N3 Q I I I I. ISV I I V A 6 6 .46 IV I I . . V .I . A ' II fn? I. . ' X QQ Xl V I .. . Y 'I V 4i.Ri'I4S1:. - X' ' I I 5 If? . F 1 I XX X V I -avr-. 5 ' 1 'V " X X 5 -. X ,wie V ,,.l,.M.M V V' X! V ' "V . IX' KE X -V I ' I' W Q if I M .V KX VI: ,JLVQ - flu' . .Q I .NWI ,. GV I .V W. V It .II I V , V . . , II R . Vg. 3.3 5,Vighg?4,l,, , ,gi :,.,.?,mJV'.w"Sim"'YjI HV ' -I '--- .GK . I ig 'Wg 'VV II ' ' -X'L WF - V, ' IPM K ' ..V. I... ' 'I ' 'JI 'Tl 4, WI I? X V . 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M- I X XX XX I 198 , eie eg ill' xi T Q 'I his mirror is a reflection of a minute a day a year a lifetime. m-Ov 2- W- ap, -X Ak 552 QHQMSS f YQ Q1 X Nia: gs, nu ff W. sn R X X E 'LQ-EQ .XSD X f , . aw K A K -igl ' 5 . ' WN fi 1' 'ifi' D I k g 2, f up :WV Q ' - ' ,' +3 X, '55 Reflections of times, places. 8 faces c 'Tip 'sys -I ggggk A X ,gg 1 O2 EWR . 2 f - 1 yn H ix "5 ,WE A '41 0 0 1 l N . ::, 1 - - i .I ' a. s hs' 3' M .... ,lx BDA X ark i 1 K7 0 fy , , x if - .: 2 Every b0l:l:le's empty new And all those dreams are gone Ah, but the song plays on . . l ndex All State Music 72-74 Annual Staff 56-57 wards Nlght 51-53 Band 74-77 Basketball lGirIsl 82-84 Basketball lJunior Varsltyl 94 asketball lSophomorel 95 asketball lvarsltyl 90-93 oard Members lSenlorsl 169 uslness Courses 138-139 heerleaders lSophomorel 115 heerleaders lvarsltyl 114 herry Prom 18-19 lass Oftlcers lSophomorel 144 lass Olflcers lJunlorl 155 lass Otflcers lSenlorl 168 oncert Cholr 64-65 ooks 129 ross Country 80-81 urrlculum 130-141 ustodlans 129 ebate 27 ECA 42 edlcatlon lAnnuaIJ-Llner aculty 116-127 BLA 45 FA 32 HA 33 ootball lSophomorel 85 ootball Narsltyl 86-89 AA 38 erman Club 29 Irls' Glee 70-71 oll lBoys'l 110 olf lGlrls'l 111 raduatlon 192-192 uys 8. Dolls tMuslcall 48-50 ymnastlcs 100-101 -Club 44 ero 39 omecomlng 10-13 omeroom Llbrarlans 43 onor Cholr 69 onor Students 194-195 T 140-141 unlor Class 155-167 ey Club 36 anguages 138-139 Ibrarlans 128 adrlgal 66 anual Arts 136-137 ath 132-133 lss Hollday 16-17 lxed Chorus 68 atlonal Honor Society 34-35 Ike 37 acesetters 40-41 aper Staff 60-61 ep Club 24-25 rlnclpal 119 rom 20-21 ulll and Scroll 31 esource Center Ladles 128 chool Board 118 clence Club 30 clences 132-133 ecretarles lOftIcel 119 enlor Brunch 191 enlor Class 168-190 oclal Sciences 134-135 ophomore Class 144-154 panlsh Club 28 taters 62-63 tudent Llfe 196-204 tudent Senate 26 ugar and Splce 67 ennls lBoys'j 112 ennls lGlrIs'l 113 Tlger Follles 54-55 Track lBoys'l 102-105 Track lGlrls'l 106-109 Treble Clef 71 Vlce Prlnclpal 119 Wrestlers 96-99 Wlnter Formal 14-15 Activities ACHESON, TERRI: FHA, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Senlor Board Member, Band, Concert Cholr, Golf, "Guys and Dolls" ADAMS, SIGNE: DECA, Junlor Board Member, Band, Concert Cholr, Sugar-n- Splce ALMOND. JAMES: DECA AMES, THOMAS ANDERSON, SANDRA: Art Club, Pep Club, Spanlsh Club, Homeroom Ofllcer, Mlxed Chorus, Treble Clel, Sugar-n-Splce, Glrls' Glee Club AULT, KEVIN: DECA, Senlor Board Member Alternate AVERY, VIRGINIA: Nlke Club, Pep Club, Pacesetters - Captaln, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Qulll and Scroll, FBLA - State Presldent, Oltlce Practlce, German Club - Class Representatlve, Annual Staft - Features Edltor, Prom Waltress, Miss Holl- day, Homecomlng Royalty, Cherry Prom Queen, Homeroom Presldent, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Sugar-n-Splce, Vocal Ensemble, Sophomore Cheerleader, "Flddler on the Root" BAILEY, REX: Natlonal Honor Society, FBLA, Sophomore Board Member, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Madrlgal, All-State Chorus, Intramural Basketball, Sophomore Football, "Guys and Dolls" BALES, RICHARD BALTZER, MARK: Band 'BALTZEFL MONTE: HERO, Publlc Relations BARNES, RICHARD: Prom Walter, Tlger Klng, Sophomore Basketball, Junlor Varsl- ty Football, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Track BARNES, RONALD: Natlonal Honor Socle- tv BARTEL, ROBERTA: GAA, Spanlsh Club, VICA BECK, RANDY: FBLA BEEKMAN, DENNIS: DECA BELL, SUSAN: Pep Club BENNETT, JOHN: FBLA, Sclence Club BERG, REEDY: DECA, "H" Club, Junlor Varslty Basketball, Junlor Varslty Football, Sophomore Football, Varslty Football, Wrestllng - Student Managers, "Guys and Dolls" BIRDSALL, CHARLES: DECA BOCKORNY, JERRY: "H" Club, Basket- ball, Sophomore Basketball, Junlor Varslty Basketball, Varslty Football BODELL, KENNETH: NFL - Vlce- Presldent, Llbrary Asslstants, Debate, German Club, Sclence Club, Boys State, Tennls BORGAN, ROBERT: Debate, Drama, Sclence Club, Annual Staff, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Madrlgals, Vocal Ensem- ble, All-State Chorus, TAG, All-State Honors Cholr, Reglon IV Superlor Wlnner, "Guys and Dolls," "Flddler on the Roof" BOWEN, SHAWN: FFA BOYD, DAVID: Natlonal Honor Society. Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Madrlgals. Intramural Basketball, "Guys and Dolls" BRECK, DEBRA: DECA, Track BRINKMAN, LAURA: NFL, Nlke Club, Pep Club, "H" Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Qulll and Scroll, Declam, Debate, German Club, Sclence Club, Annual Stalt - Organlzatlons Edltor, Glrls' State, Senlor Class Treasurer, Varslty Cheerleader BRODKORB, CHERYL BROWN, PAMELA: DECA, FHA BRYCE, DONALD: Drama, Sclence Club BUCHANAN, NANCY: German Club, Paper Staff, Homeroom Ottlcer, Junlor Class Vlce-Presldent, Concert Cholr, Mlx- ed Chorus, Sugar-n-Splce, Glrls' Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble BUCKLEY, BRYCE: FFA BURNISON, DOREEN: Nlke Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Qulll and Scroll, Spanlsh Club, Annual Staff, "Tlger '77" Edltor, Glrls' State, Homecomlng Royalty, Homeroom Offlcer, Student Senate, Sophomore Class Ottlcer, Junlor Class Ottlcer, Senlor Board Member, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Sugar-n-Splce, Madrlgals, Glrls' Glee Club, "Guys and DolIs" CAMERON. GUY CERNICK, LAURA: Pacesetters, Spanlsh Club - Board, Secretary CHRISTIANSEN, DWAYNE: HERO, Track COLLINGS, MARGARET: DECA, NFL, Pep Club, Debate, Spanlsh Club, Mlxed Chorus, Treble Clef, Muslcal COLVIN, STEVEN: Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus CORCORAN, SCOTT: Key Club, "H" Club, National Honor Soclety, Spanlsh Club. Sclence Club - Presldent, Boys' State, Cherry Prom Royalty, Homeroom Otflcer. Senlor Board Member, Sophomore Basketball, Junlor Varslty Football, Sophomore Football. Varslty Football, Track COYLE, KIMBERLY: FHA, Nlke Club. Pacesetters, Homeroom Oftlcer, Junlor Board Member, Treble Clel, Glrls' Glee Club CRAWFORD, DEBBIE: Art Club, FHA, GAA, Annual Staff. Paper Staff, Track DAHL, FAITH: FFA, Pep Club - Presldent, "H" Club -- Vlce-Presldent, Natlonal Honor Soclety, German Club, Tlger Queen, Homeroom Oftlcer, Sophomore Board Member, Junlor Board Member, Band, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Sugar-n-Splce, Glrls' Glee Club, All-State Chorus Alternate, Sophomore Cheerleader, Varslty Cheerleader, "Guys and DolIs" DAVIS, VICKY: Pep Club, "H" Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Spanlsh Club, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Glrls' Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble, All-State Chorus, Sophomore Cheerleader, Gymnastics, Track, Muslcal DECKER, MONICA: Qulll and Scroll, Debate, Spanlsh Club, Paper Staff, Glrls' State Alternate, Band, Pep Band, Drama DEHNE, KEVIN DOLL, LEONARD: DECA, Llbrary Asslstants - Vlce-Presldent, Annual Staff, Band, Pep Band, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Homeroom Llbrarlan DOOLEY, BRADLEY: DECA DORMADY, ROBERT: Varslty Football DORNBUSH, DAROLD: HERO, Key Club, "H" Club, German Club, Intramural Basketball, Junlor Varslty Football, Sophomore Football, Tennls, Varslty Foot- ball DUNLAY, MICHAEL DUNN, DARLA: DECA - Secretary- Treasurar, Mlss Snow Queen, Paw Prlnts, DECA Student of the Year DWYER, AUDRY: Office Practice ECKMANN, ELIZABETH: Art Club - Vice- President, German Club, Science Club, "Guys and Dolls" EGGLESTON, KIMBERLY: GAA EIDAHL, STEVEN ENGEL, BRET ENGEL, REVAY: FFA - Historian ERICKSON, DEBRA: Pep Club, Pacesetters, Drama, German Club, Annual Staff, Cherry Prom Royalty, Band, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Madrigals, GirI's Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble, All-State Chorus, Honors Choir, "Guys and Dolls" EVANS, FRANKLIN: "H" Club, FBLA, Spanish Club, Homeroom Secretary, Basketball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Var- sity Football, Track - Student Manager FELIX, BRUCE: Key Club, "H" Club, National Honor Society, Drama, German Club, Science Club, Boys State Alternate, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Madrigal, Vocal Ensemble, All-State Chorus, Junior Varsity Football, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Track, Honors Choir, "Guys and Dolls" FISCHGRABE, DRU: Science Club, Boys State, VICA FLANAGAN, DAN: Key Club, "H" Club, Paper Staff, Prom Walter, Boys State, Homeroom Officer, Sophomore Basket- ball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Track, State Championship Hockey Team FODNESS, SHARON: Nike Club, Pacesetters, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, FBLA, German Club, Paper Staff, Girls State, Homeroom Officer, Stu- dent Senate, Band, Concert Choir, Madrigals, DAR Award FOX, TIMOTHY: State Championship Hockey Team FREY, MICHELLE: GAA FRIEDRICHSEN, STEWART: FFA - Secretary, Boys State, VICA FRIESE, JODY: Nike Club, Pep Club, FBLA, Office Practice, Spanish Club - Chairman, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Sugar-n-Spice, Madrigal, Girls' Glee Club, "Guys and Dolls" FUEHREFI, BRICE FUEHRER, LAUREL GAMBER, LAJEANNE: FHA, GAA, Pep Club, Treble Clef, Girls' Glee Club, Homeroom Officer GAMBER, MICHAEL: National Honor Society,4FBLA, Boys State, Homeroom Of- ficer, State Science Fair Winner GASCOIGNE, DEBRA: Library Assistants, FBLA, Office Practice, Concert Choir, Mix- ed Chorus, Treble Clef, Girls' Glee Club GEDNALSKE, ROBYN: FBLA, Office Prac- tice GILBERT, LYNN: Declam, Debate, Treble Clef, Girls' Glee Club GORTMAKER, SANDRA: FHA, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, German Club, Paper Staff, Homeroom Officer, Mlxed Chorus, Treble Clef, Girls' Glee Club GRAHAM, RICHARD JR.: Band, Pep Band, Stage Band GROHS, DARREL: HERO, "H" Club, ln- tramural Basketball, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Track GROHS, KEITH GROHS, STEVE GRUVER, DORIANN GUFFIN, THOMAS: Sophomore Class Of- ficer, Junior Board Member, VICA - Vlce- 206 President GUTORMSON, ERIK: FFA, Library Assistants GUTZMER, RICKY: FFA, FBLA HAGEMAN, WILLIAM: "H" Club - Presi- dent, National Honor Society, Boys State - Alternate, Senior Class Vice-President, Basketball, Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Football, Varsity Football, Golf, Cherry Prom King HAMMER, KAREN HANSON, ANDREA: Pep Club, Pacesetters, Spanish Club, Girls' Glee Club, Paw Prints HANSON, CHARLES: Key Club, "H" Club, Science Club, Boys State Alternate, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate, Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, TAG HANSON, RENEE: Pep Club, Pacesetters, Spanish Club, Paw Prints HASKETT, PHILIP: German Club, Paper Staff, Boys State, National Merit Finalist HEUSTON, SUSAN: Concert Choir HILES, TAMMY: DECA, Spanish Club, Band HILL, ROBERT: Basketball, Sophomore Basketball, Cross Country, Sophomore Football, Track HOFER, MARK: FFA, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Prom Waiter, Boys State HOFER, ROSE: Pep Club, Llbrary Assistants, Science Club, Homeroom Of- ficer, Senior Board Member HOLM, ALAN: VICA Club HOPPER, JEFFREY HOPPER, SANDRA: FBLA, Treble Clef, Girls' Glee Club HUET, WILLIAM: NFL - President, Declam, Debate, Boys State, School Paper - Reporter HUIZENGA, ANGELA: Art Club, FHA, Pep Club, Pacesetters, Natlonal Honor Society, Spanish Club, Science Club, Vice-Pres. and Treas. of homeroom, Junior Board Member, Orchestra, All-State Orchestra HUMPHREY, KIMBERLY SKYE: GAA, Pep Club, "H" Club, National Honor Society, German Club, Prom Waitress, Homeroom President, Sophomore Cheerleader, Basketball Student Manager, Gymnastics HUSS, KATHLEEN: FHA IMKER, RICHARD ISACKSON, DOUGLAS: DECA IVERSON, WAYNE: HERO, Wrestling JACOBSON, JOHN: Key Club, Science Club - Vice-President, Senior Board Member JENSEN, DAWN: GAA, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club JENSON, REGG: HERO, Intramural Basketball JOHNSON, CHARLES WADE: "H" Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, All-State Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Madrigals, Vocal Ensemble, In- tramural Basketball, Tennis, "Guys and Dolls" JOHNSON, NORMAN JOHNSON, RICHARD JORGENSON, CATHERINE: NFL JUNGEMANN, NITA: ConcertCholr, Mlxed Chorus, Sugar-n-Splce, Girls' Glee Club, All-State Chorus JUNGEMANN, RICHARD: Key Club, "H" Club, Basketball, All-State Basketball KALAHAR, CHRISTINE: VICA KANNENBERG, MITCHELL: FBLA, Ger- man Club, Band, Pep Band KATZ, RYAN: Library Assistants KIEFER, DALE KINGERY, PAULA: FHA, Nlke Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club, Paper Staff, Homeroom Officer, Junior Board Member KINYON, CAROLE: GAA, Treble Clef, Girls' Glee Club KLEINSASSER, JOEL KLEINSASSER, RUSSELL KLUDT, MARK: "H" Club, Junior Board Member, Basketball, Intramural Basket- ball, Track, State Track Meet KLUKAS, LONNA: FBLA, Offlce Practice, German Club KNOUSE, BETTY: DECA KNUDSON, DONALD: DECA KOHLMEYER, LEONARD JR.: DECA KRELL, JEANNE: FBLA, Office Practice, Spanish Club LANDSTROM, ROBERT: HERO, Key Club, "H" Club, Quill and Scroll, Annual Staff, Paper Staff LANG, CARMEN: NFL, Nike Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Declam, Debate, German Club, Science Club, Annual Staff, Girls' State Alternate, Student Congress, Debate Ser- vice Award LAYMAN, JAMES: Varsity Football LEE, MARK: "H" Club, Spanlsh Club, Homeroom Officer, Senior Board Member, Sophomore Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Golf LEGRAND, RODNEY LENTZ, TERESA: Nlke Club, Tennls LINAFELTER, RODNEY: "H" Club, Basket- ball, Sophomore Basketball, Junlor Varslty Basketball LINDERMAN, ALAN LOEFFELBEIN, LOIS: GAA MC CASKELL, SCOTT: "H" Club, German Club, Cherry Prom Royalty, Senlor'Bcard Member, Basketball, Sophomore Basket- ball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Golf, Ten- nls MC KINNEY, LES: HERO MC MILLAN, LORNA: Art Club, FHA, National Honor Society, Junlor Board Member, Paper Staff, Senior Board Member ' MADDEN, RANDY MAGEE, KELLY: DECA, NFL, Debate, Ger- man Club, Track MAHER, PHILIP: "H" Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Boys State Alter- nate, Cross Country, Track, TAG MAHOWALD, JOSEPH: Key Club, Band. Pep Band, Stage Band, All-State Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Concert Cholr, Mixed Chorus, Madrigal, Vocal Ensemble, All-State Chorus, Wrestling, Honors Cholr, "Guys and Dolls" MAIER, DEBBIE: DECA MANNING, SHERRIE: Pep Club, Band. Mlxed Chorus, Treble Clef, Sugar-n-Splce, Glrls' Glee Club MARTIN, BRIAN: FBLA, German Club, An- nual Staff MASON, PAMELA: Paper Staff, Homeroom Officer, Tlger Follles, Vlca, Health Services MASTEL, STEVE: HERO, Soph. Board Member MATTKE, BRAD: Key Club, H Club, Boys State, Soph. Football, Wrestling MEHLBERG, ROXANNE: DECA, Mlxed Chorus, Treble Clef, Glrls' Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble, Tennls, Prom Committee MELBY, JENNIFER: GAA, Pep Club, 'National Honor Society, Spanlsh Club, Sclence Club, Paper Staff, Basketball, Golf MELSTAD, KIM: GAA, "H" Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Glrls' Glee Club, Basketball, All- State Basketball, Track MELSTAD, ROBIN: Art Club, GAA, Pep Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, "H" Club, Girls' State Alternate, Concert Cholr, Mlx- ed Chorus, Sugar-n-Splce, Glrls' Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble, Basketball, In- tramural Basketball, State Track Meet MENNENGA, DIANE: German Club, Science Club, Band METTER, SUSAN: Sophomore Cheerleader MEYER, JAMES: NFL, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Declam, Debate, German Club, Stage Band, Treble Clef, Madrlgal, Glrls' Glee Club, Basketball, Debate Service Award ' MEYER, MELINDA: Spanlsh Club MEYER, TIMOTHY: FFA MINER, JUDI: DECA, Glrls' Glee Club. CYCP MOODY, DAROLD: FFA, Wrestling MORSCHING, DEANNA: Band, Concert Cholr MORSE, TERESA: DECA MORTENSEN, SUSAN: FBLA, Office Prac- tlce NAMANNY, MICHELLE: Art Club, Pep Club, German Club, Glrls' State, Band, CYCP NASH, RANDY: "H" Club, Varslty Football NEIFFER, DAVID: Cross Country, Track, State Track Meet NEITZEL, VICKIE: Nlke Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, German Club, Paper Staff, Prom Waitress. Homecoming Royalty, Sophomore Class Secretary, Sophomore Board Member, Junlor Class Secretary, enlor Class Secretary, Band, All-State Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Mlxed Chorus, Glrls' Glee Club, Sophomore Ensemble ELSON, LARRY NELSON, MICHELLE: Art Club, Nlke Club, Pep Club, Spanlsh Club, Prom Waitress ELSON, ROBERTA: Nlke Club, Pep Club, FBLA, Office Practlce, Spanlsh Club, An- nual Staff - Curriculum Edltor IHART, LOREN: "H" Club, Natlonal onor Soclety, Homecoming Royalty, enlor Board Member, Concert Cholr, Ixed Chorus, Madrlgal, Vocal Ensemble, ll-State Chorus, Intramural Basketball, unlor Varslty Football, Sophomore Foot- all, Varslty Football, All-State Football LSON, DENNIS: Key Club, "H" Club, ln- ramural Basketball, Varslty Football LSON, GREGORY: FFA, "H" Club. restllng SMAN, LINDA: FBLA, Offlce Practlce, omecomlng Royalty, Sophomore Board ember, Prom Committee ACKARD, DAVID: NFL, Key Club, atlonal Honor Soclety, Qulll and Scroll, ebate, Spanlsh Club, Sclence Club, An- ual Staff, Boys' State, Homeroom Offlcer, ntramural Basketball ECK, MATTHEW: Art Club, Key Club, abate ESKEY, JEFFREY: VICA-President ETERSON, CORAL IETZ, RUSSELL: Key Club, Natlonal onor Soclety, Qulll and Scroll, Drama, erman Club, Sclence Club, Annual Staff, oys State, Homeroom Offlcer, Student enate, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, adrlgal, Vocal Ensemble, All-State Chorus, Sophomore Basketball, ln- tramural Basketball, Sophomore Football, Honors Cholr, "Fiddler on the Roof" "Guys and Dolls" PLATE, LINDA: DECA, Library Assistants, Band POTTER, CRAIG: Natlonal Honor Society, German Club, Homeroom Officer, Junior Board Member, Golf, Tennis PRUE, DANNY: Key Club, "H" Club, Basketball, Sophomore Basketball, Junior Varslty Basketball, Sophomore Football, Track QUALM, ANDREW: German Club RASCHKE, KEITH: FBLA, German Club, Paper Staff, Boys State Alternate, Senior Board Member REILLY, MARK: Natlonal Honor Society, German Club, Boys State, Homecoming Royalty, Homeroom Officer, Student Senate ROBESON, LANE: Drama, Science Club, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Madrlgal, Vocal Ensemble, All-State Chorus, "Guys and Dolls" ROSE, CARL: Art Club, Pep Club, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Track, VICA, FCA SASS, PAMELA: DECA SCHIED, BRUCE SCHINDERLING, NANCY: DECA SCHNEIDER, GREGORY: Key Club, "H" Club, Natlonal Honor Society, FBLA Ger- man Club, Prom Walter, Boys State, Homeroom Officer, Sophomore Board Member, Football, Track SCHRADER, ROSE: Natlonal Honor Socie- ty, FBLA, Offlce Practlce, Paper Staff, Homeroom Offlcer, Girls' Glee Club, Track SHERIDAN, MARY JANE: FFA, GAA, Mix- ed Chorus, Treble Clef, Glrls' Glee Club, Basketball, Track SHERMAN, RUTH: FBLA, Offlce Practice, Spanlsh Club SHOULTZ, KENNETH: DECA, FFA, In- tramural Basketball SIGLER, PATRICK: DECA, "H" Club, In- tramural Basketball, Varslty Football SKORHIEM, RICHARD: Key Club, "H" Club, Homeroom Officer, Intramural Basketball, Football, Track, State Track Meet SMIDT, RODNEY: FFA - President and Vlce-Presldent SMITH, DEBRA: GAA, "H" Club, Quill and Scroll, Spanlsh Club, Annual Staff, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Track, State Track Meet SOLON, BRADLEY: "H" Club, Homecom- Ing Royalty, Student Senate, Orchestra, Sophomore Football, All-State Football, Football, Track, State Track Meet, "Guys and DoIIs" SONDREAL, THOMAS: HERO, Key Club, Homeroom Offlcer, Homeroom Librarian SORBEN, JANELLE: Art Club, FHA, Prom Decorations SPORRER, ANYLA: FFA, Basketball, Track STAFFORD, JOAN: NFL, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Declam, Debate, Drama, Paper Staff, Glrls' State, Homeroom Officer, Junlor Board Member, Senlor Class Presl- dent, Glrls' Glee Club, TAG STAHL. DEAN STAPLES, MARK: DECA, Intramural Basketball STARNES, GREGORY: Key Club, "H" Club, Natlonal Honor Soclety, FBLA, Spanlsh Club, Annual Staff, Paper Staff, Prom Walter, Homecoming Royalty, Homeroom Offlcer, Student Senate, Sophomore Board Member, Junlor Class Officer, Senlor Board Member, Football, Intramural Basketball, Hockey STINEHART, JERRY: Spanlsh Club, In- tramural Basketball, Track STOTZ, MARK: Key Club, Natlonal Honor Society, German Club, Paper Staff, Boys State, Basketball, Football, Quill and Scroll STROMMEN, GREGORY: Key Club, "H" Club, Paper Staff, Boys State, Student Senate, Basketball, Football, Golf STYER, BELINDA SUE: Drama STYMIEST, TAMARA: HERO SUNDERMAN, WILLIAM SYRING, DAVID: "H" Club, Band, Pep Band, All-State Band, Mlxed Chorus, Basketball, Golf, Musical TEUBER, CRAIG: Key Club, Varslty Foot- ball TEUBER, MICHELLE: Pep Club, Pacesetters, Spanlsh Club, Homeroom Of- flcer, Concert Cholr, Mlxed Chorus, Treble Clef, Glrls' Glee Club THERKILDSEN, BRIAN: Homeroom Of- flcer, Band, Mlxed Chorus, Wrestling VENSAND, BRENDA: FBLA VERSCHOOR, RICHARD VINCENT, JAMI: Nlke Club, Track, Basket- ball VOEGELE, DENNIS: DECA, HERO VOIGHT, WENDY: FHA, GAA, Pep Club, Band, Pep Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Varsity Cheerleader WALTER, GREGORY: "H" Club, Wrestling WALTER, ROBIN: Spanlsh Club. Homeroom Offlcer, Junlor Board Member, Senlor Board Member, Band, Concert Cholr, Sugar-n-Splce, Madrlgal, All-State Chorus, "Guys and DoIls" WALTERS, BRAD WALZ, BRADLEY: GERO, FBLA WEBSTER, JAMES: HERO, "H" Club, Homeroom Offlcer, Basketball, Football, Track, State Track Meet WEBSTER, ROBERT WEISE, SCOTT: DECA WELCH, NOREEN: FHA, HERO WELLS, DOUGLAS: FBLA, German Club, Football WHITNEY, MICHAEL: Homeroom Offlcer, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, All-State Band, Concert Choir, Madrlgal, All-State Chorus, Basketball, Cross Country, Fiddler on the Roof," "Guys and Dolls" WIDER, JOHN: Debate, Homeroom Presl- dent, Track WILSON, DEBBIE: GAA, Gymnastics, Track WIPF, SUSAN WITTENHAGEN, DIANE: Nlke Club, FBLA, Spanlsh Club, Homeroom Offlcer, Treble Clefg Sugar-n-Splce, Glrls' Glee Club WOLLMAN, JON: NFL, Natlonal Honor Soclety, Declam, Debate, Spanlsh Club, Boys State, Homeroom Offlcer, Band, Pep Band, Stage Band, Instrumental Ensem- ble, Basketball, Cross Country, Musicals, Student Congress WREN, ANN-MARIE: School Rodeo Club 207 And now this moment we call "time" is gone- Only quickly fading images remain. But, when reflected by that Mirror we know as friend Life may grow- AMK Q'XLb"y,,f2WWOB 464 3 Hx , jyiwwvv X XS? 00jZE3?MQf,fQcfhQV gm V- Wow? EM X UNM XX by W6 M25 CVAAV Rqxvbyvnbf Q A xfyvxxfxgjwy yy by ,Y Ur Q, MV Q5 my Of N XL, W My M ,WU 6395135 yxgwi Q M WA A fvWWf33jjMQQ,Mf ywyg, Q Q' M f H1 1 U ! N X X my W X, Xgviifyyg X U J M R KX 'Nw QMXOJY J f VWN Ojffj t gl ' N fs QSM W W W QS QW Uh X L0 QA O' QW My x - yvb g Qj5x0fgjEAA g5WfU"oApj Vg WU A Hg ff xf iw V W CON NA Q Q AW z QQ? cgi! 6 fp A044 ' - 3 'ex jf if we If Zigi, N CN mp Fgwoff ggiljxig gf? i+N'QiQ5W fs QF? E W ,R ' I 'ffffQ+0 ff 6 Jw GG wg pf fffflkfxgflciff fi? JC?51i,.zM' if XGKJQQAY A ggi d9CffQwQgiZif6QQ,Q6f wi 52 Wgwgicx km, ,mfg F ff ??i ff2?f'ff F536 A iffqfiffwdgwv iw

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