Huntington High School - Legend Yearbook (Chillicothe, OH)

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,. Q. if 5 n 1 v x 4 5 .AM l K5 ' 4 5 . I -Q , X , .4,Lk N- X, . -, f.:a.!.,,, ff wh I . .f , 'B .',.,5f21 'Q-+I' -k,'.,,fmgi N yjam, , 4 .,,x3',4 A X La , 1 ww -.7--.J w w,.','.. ,gi L ' ' hs , L I- .1 ,JV , I :MXH M, Q, .. . , L, .g ,, ' 91 H.. '- mf an W. .ff If-iw 55, ,Q 1 A mufek 23,131 YW1.Tw',yw" j ,X N -. Q . www k .y,H,M,,!., W, ,X rv- w L, 14,2 " w E' u am... N 'I f I I 1 X. e, the Senior Class, are very appreciative for John Vanek, our class advisor. In our behalf, we would like to dedicate this year book to him in our sincere appreciation. He has devoted a good deal of his time to us through the previous years as well as this one. We wish him prosperity and happiness in years to come. Page 1 Q, W NX Xxx 5 ff , .. :ag 'X ' me - 1 1 , ' l ...- 'l ffj! ,' i ":' . ' r ' ' -EE" ,Q W Y J' 5' ,.... .-A. k ,J ' ..f-f' is - 1 , .f Q 14 1 . :ix LJ. - -4515 . ...lf is -f A , . , to M EI E u 1 Q. 1, X , -,E I 5 6 X T 3 Editor, , , , , Assistant Editor T ypi sts ..... Photographers . . . Mona Tewkshury Monte Monroe Chloa McFadden Joanne Coppock Dorothy Morgan Lavonnc Pendleton , , Dick Grubb Wilby Shull Vaun Holbert a . 'K f Advisor .............. John Vanek 419597933 DPPPDP375-CCC6CCC4-CCC4444-X' V 'V my K R nf' no It Aw ,V 1 kryh r K k,V' Y I I I 'MM .fy K A H K I W H .1 . it is A if 'irs f A AA A ' Q X ...ut il ky I ,zt,v, , 1 ,Z 4 K 1 Ji if .L My si'ii "' m J . . If if zlx iv KALL A x A , H X H k wk of .V .gi . S ff I A ' A- . , . t,.2.1u.-:ar S E, .V k kvykh Vgr, ' ' ihy 4 D K M K f ft . ,.. s4,s - . stst A " K jf ,iL- J 4' " tiff! k1A 'fl .Li ,iv I V-lfbgriks k ,, 67 1 Q W ' .Hg h l s . . A V "' .teisr f "'i:2 :iii d1hiA S dhhd M .A A A ir 5 r Roig ,.,. ..,i'. Q d.., f D X - 2 1' .r. -S Mia is 4 s 51' W. r f 2 , lf- f N- M' if 2? ieid A A gl v H X if ,I Q if JP ,Q at 1 e Q fi rash QE f SAMMONS and WATERS HOWSON'S TIRE SERVICE C A R L 'S Drive -in BARBER SHOP 134 East Main St. "The Main Shop of on Main Street" 68-76 N. Walnut St. , Dial 3-5521 Chillicothe, Ohio "For SAFE Human Mileage" Groceries - Lunches miles South Chillicothe A. E. GOWER Seated: Harold McKee, Orlando Kellough, Carroll Lockard. County Superintendent Standing: Sam Edgington, Earl Shoemaker, H. T. Darst. nm nismmlnn H. T. DARST Superintendent MRS. CLARA KENNY Principal MR. JOHN MORGAN Grade School Principal 3 MR. JOHN VANEK B. S. in Education Ohio State University World History, Civics, Democracy, American History MISS NORMA JEAN KREBBS A. B. , English, Librarian, Play Coach, Marshall MRS. HILDEGARDE College, Huntington, W. Va. LEEDOM B. S. in Music Education College of Music of Cincinnati Univ. of Cincinnati Instrumental and Vocal Music, Junior and Senior MISS BARBARA JAQUES B. S. in Education Miami University Home Economics MR. RICHARD PAINTER B. S. , Area of Concentration in - Commerce. Morehead State College Morehead, Kentucky Commerce MR. LOWELL ORR B. S. in Education Miami University Biological Science Physical Education Congratulations to the Class of '55 from BASIC CONSTRUCTION COMPA NY, Chillicothe, Ohio 4 MRS. BARBARA LITTER B. S. in Education Ohio University Mathematics MR. FRANK DARLING B. S. , Eastern Kentucky State College Richmond, Kentucky Armed Forces Information and Education School Industrial Arts MISS JOSEPHINE HIRSI-I B. S. , B. A. Ohio State University M. A. , Columbia Univ. Commercial Mayor Office Training MISS BERTHA MERCER B. S. in Education Cedarville Teachers' Training A. B. , G. B. S. College Cincinnati, Ohio English MR. CHESTER HURD B. A. , Ohio Wesleyan Carnegie Tech Ohio State Kent State Industrial Arts and Coach MR. JOHN KIRKWOOD Westmar College A. B. , Mathematics, Physical Education MR. ARTHUR WILLIAMS B. A. , Biological Science Physical Science Marshall College Huntington, West Virginia Compliments of GRIMES IMPLEMENT COMPANY U. S. '23 North Chillicothe, Ohio 5 .1. OFFICE SECRETARY Virginia Pfiefer CUSTODIA MED-O-PURE DairyFoods CUOK First Row: Leona Gire, Mildred Pfiefer, Viola Brown, Mary Chaney Second Row: Ruth Walls, Florence Oney, Mary Long, Grace Chaney. MILK ICE CREAM Washington C. H. , Ohio 6 v X , I ff ,X C f ' I - ,- ' fi? 4, f X f' X ,Q , can XX -D 153 f v ff 1 Z , f . 1 ,I an 1 if , ffl , o f W l .'.-'- f u I A C Q. V f-ff:-7 In .' ' . ." .X IA .1 , L?-.I 1 ' , I S, WALTER BETHEL IOANNE COPPOCK Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Science Day 2 Commercial Club 4 , . r-If if f f, Al O. 'V 1 ,X 4' MV tb .P V Ut! J' ,X e -vii. , lx VK, HV Lu,4 -A .Ji L, IM ,Jr 'LI' gt: JU' xi ff' ,WLM ff' ...M ti' ya' Class Play 3,4 Newspaper Staff 4 Glee Club 2, 3,4 County Festival 4 Student Council 2, 3 Queen's Court 2,4 Annual Staff 4 Carnival I, 2, 4 Class Officer 2, 3, 4 Commercial 4 Prom Committee 3 DALE CHANEY Class Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Science Day 3 Basketball Manager Track Manager 2 Commercial Club 4 2 GLENDA DEREXSON ROY EBERSOLE Glee Club I Track I,2, 3,4 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Carnival 4 Librarian 1, 3, 4 8 TOM BEATTY Glee Club I, 3 County Festival I, 3 Carnival I,3,4 CARL GRUBB Class Play 3 Glee Club 1,2 Basketball 2, 3 Carnival 2,4 MAE OMA GILLUM RICHARD GRUBB Newspaper Staff 4 Glee Club I Basketball I, 2 Volley Ball I, 2, Carnival 4 Librarian I, 3,4 Science Day I 3 Class Play 3 L Track I,2,3,4 'A Glee Club I, 2 Student Council 3,4 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 3, 4 Science Day 2, 3 Band I HARRY HAFNER VAUN HOLBERT MONTE MONROE Glee Club 4 Class Play 4 Class Play 3 Carnival 4 Basketball I, 2 Track 2, 3 Volley Ball I Glee Club 3 Annual Staff 4 County Festival I, 3 Carnival 4 Student Council 2 Librarian 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Band I Prom Committee 3 Commercial Club 4 Carnival 2, 3, 4 Science Day I, 2 Class Officer 2, 3 Band I,2,3,4 I JAMEs Moons J'UAI!IlTA LANSING Class Play 3, 4 County Festival I Basketball 2, 3 Carnival 4 Science Day 2, 3 Band I, 2 Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Track 2 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 County Festival 3,4 Volley Ball 4 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Operetta I Science Day I Commercial Club 4 ARVIN SAGER NORA MAY HUBERT SALLEY, IR. Glee Club 4 Carnival 4 Science Day 2 Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Glee Club I, 2 Annual Staff 4 Carnival 4 Librarian 4 Commercial Club 4 Glee Club I, 2, 4 Student Council I Basket Ball 1,2 Carnival I, 4 I0 LESTER PIERCE Carnival 4 Science Day 2 Class Officer 4 FRANKLIN SAMMONS CHLOA MCFADDEN Class Play 4 Track 2, 4 Glee Club 1,4 County Festival 4 Basketball I Carnival 4 Class Officer I, 2 Class Play 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Glee Club 3,4 County Festival 4 Student Council 3, 4 WILBY SHULL Class Play 4 Track 3 Glee Club I Basketball 1,2 Prom Committee 3 Queen 4 Carnival 2, 3, 4 Queen's Court 2 Science Day 2 Annual Staff 4 Manager-Basketball 3 4 Prom Committee 3 Manager-Softball 4 Carnival 2,3,4 Commercial Club 4 Class Officer I,2,3 DOROTHY MORGAN Class Play 3,4 Newspaper Staff 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Librarian 2 Operetta I County Festival 4 Annual Staff 4 DAVID SKAGGS DELMA OATES Glee Club 1,2 Glee Club 1,4 County Festival 1,2 Carnival 4 Carnival 3,4 Librarian 4 Science Day I, 2 LAVONNE PENDLETON EVERETT TAYLOR Newspaper 3, 4 Track I Glee Club I,2, 3,4 Student Council 4 Queen's Court 4 Basketball 2 Annual Staff 4 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Operetta I Class Officer 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Glee Club 1,2 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee 3 Track 3 Class Officer 3 Band I MONA TEWKSBURY Class Play 3,4 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Track I Glee Club I, 2, 3,4 Basketball 2 Volley Ball 3 Annual Staff 4 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Operetta I Science Day I, 2 F. H. A. 3 MADGE TINKER Class Play 3 Carnival 4 Librarian 2 Operetta I Science Day I, 2,3 LARRY UHRIG Track 4 Glee Club 2 Basketball 4 Carnival 2,4 Operetta I Science Day I Commercial Club 4 ANNA MARIE WEST Glee Club I Basketball I, 2, 3 Volley Ball I Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 Librarian I, 2 Operetta I ROBERT WOOD Class Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Carnival 4 LAST WILL A ,D TESTAME T I, Tom Beatty, will my schwin and Prepetual motion machine to Terry Leedom. I, Walter Bethel, will my bright red convertible to Richard Wood. I, Dale Chaney, will my ability to get dates to Shirley Uhrig. I, Joanne Coppock, will my ability to hold my guy to Charlotte Lockard. I, Glenda Derexson, will my slim figure to Carloyn Nicholes. I, Roy Eversole, will my Physics to Bill Henderson. I, Mae Oma Gillum, will my Democracy book to Marie Adams. I, Dick Grubb, will my little blue ford to Miss Krebs. I, Carl Grubb, will my ability to shave to Carloyn Dailey. I, Harry Hafner, will my Chevie to Jerry Salley. I, Vaun I-lolbert, will my ability to cook to all the women in the lunch room who think they know how. I, Juanita Lansing, will my ability to talk softly to Mr. Painter. I, Nora May, will my quiet voice to Mrs. Litter. I, Chloa McFadden, will my ability to walk quietly to Tom DePugh. I, Monte Monroe, being of sound body and weak mind, will Miss Charlotte Lockard to Dave Skaggs. I, Jimmy Moore, will my list of excuses to get out of school to Harvey Monroe so he will have some time to go see L. P. during his junior and senior year. I, Dorothy Morgon, will my ability to sing to Mrs. Kenny. I, Delma Oates, will my ability to get book-keeping to Mr. Painter. I, Lavonne Pendleton, will my long unbleached hair to Carolyn Daily. I, Lester Pierce, will my Physics ability to "Honest" Nate Edgington. I, Arvin Sager, will my safe driving to Miss Krebs. I, Hubert Salley Ir. , will my 47 Chevie to Mike Davidson for transportatin to Haze1's. I, Franklin Sammons, will my Democratic spirit to Mr. Vanek in hopes he will be converted. I, Wilby Shull, will my ability to skip study hall to Henry Johnson. I, David Skaggs, will my stupidness to Mr. Orr. I, Everett Taylor, will my ability to have the girls alone to Danny O'brien. I, Mona Tewksbury, will my ability to take shorthand to Virginia Phifer. I, Madge Tinker, will my seat and Latinlbook to Hazel Skaggs. I, Larry Uhrig, will my singing ability to Danny Clegg. I, Anna Marie West, will my Physics book to Joyce Carter. I, Robert Wood, will my Physics book and knowledge to Mrs. Kenny. SARGENTS PRODUCTS, INC. THE PLATEAU Construction Materials Restaurant-Motel-Service Station Phones-400-401-402 U,S. -23 N. Waverly, Ohio Waverly, Ohio HERMAN'S Shoes for the Family 20-22 South Paint Street Chillicothe, Ohio -L7 Q' Q8 .1 4' January I4, 1965 l. , j Am! Sf: QI VX Dear Delma: Here I sit drinking my third cup of coffee when I began to think of you and all our ole class mates. My three kids have just left for school and I am left with a sink of dirty dishes to wash. Do you, at the present time, know what all our class graduates are doing? Well, here is the latestl Frank Sammons, now in his second term as Governor, has reported to have said that he will run for President in the next election on the Democrat ticket, of course. Mrs. Donald Gustafson, former Chloa McFadden, has been crowned MRS. AMERICA. Did you know that Monte's rich uncle in Arizona left him a dude ranch? Joanne is now the wife of the famous scientist, Dave Robinson. Carl has been driving a race car in the Indianapolis Speedway for three years. Lavonne is leading the Ohio State Band with the twirlling of her baton. Walter is still driving to Wellston each Saturday night to see Linda. Dotty and her husband, Ray, now own a chain of grocery stores throughout Ohio. Mad-Man Woods, formerly Robert Wood, now has a Monoply in the Used Car Trading Business, he really goes mad when he sells a car. Junior Salley, an Admiral in the United States Navy, has made a career out of the Waves. Glenda Derexson, who always read so much in school, has just won the Noble Peace Prize in literature for her latest novel. Everett Taylor, who always liked English so well, married Miss Krebs, so he could advance his knowledge. Dic Grubb was best man at the wedding but his heart was broken because he too, loved Miss Krebs. Juanita, now Mrs. James Bucy, is living in Tennessee with her Mead executive husband. Arvin moved down south and bought a peanut plantation, and now manufactures the famous "Tasty-No-Wastie" toasted peanuts. Dale Chaney is still cleaning out ditches between the school and town. Roy Ebersole is now an ambassador to Iraq trying to settle a dispute by arbitration. Nora May is now a private secretary in New York for the Aurora -Supreme Products Incorporation. Jim Moore and Emma live on a five -hundred acre wheat farm in Iowa which was a wedding gift from Aunt Suzie. Mae Oma and Paul are living in New York where Paul manages a large company which makes Robots. Dave Skaggs with his pleasing personality is the owner of the "Thrifty, Save you Money", Department Store. Mona Tewksbury has her own business in Denver where she addresses hundreds of envelopes for large firms. Harry Hafner is now Professor Hafner, who teaches World Affairs at Princton University. Lester Pierce has just taken over Peter Kewit's job since he retired. Wilby Shull is the main photographer for the New York Times. Madge Tinker and Anna Marie West have devoted their life to being good nurses and helping others. Larry was bought by the Harlem-Globetrotters for S386,0o. from the New York Athletic Association. Tom Beatty has taken Herb Shriners place on Television playing his Harmonica. Your class mate , Vaun 14 CLASS OF 1956 First Row: M. Adams, J. Arnett, J, Barclay, C. Bearhs, S, Brown. Second Row: L Carter, I. Carter, E. Cassady, H. Chaney, L. Chaney. Third Row: J. Curtis, M. Davidson, S. Dearth, T. DePugh, D. Donohoe N. Edgington. THE CHILLICOTHE IMP. COMPANY MCALLISTER CHEVROLET C0mp1if1'l6IlIS of Farmall Tractors "Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer" GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY So East Water Street 150 West Main Street 71 -73 EHSI Main SIFGCI Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio Phone 3-6236 Phone 34153 16 5 X First Row: N. Fitzer, C. Frump, I. Good, F. Haines, W. Henderson, Second Row: R. Johnson, T. Leedom, L. Lowery, S. McCloud, B. Morrison, Third Row: B. Oney, I. Parker, I. Salley, L. Salyers, E. Sams. Fourth Row: I, Shoults, H. Skaggs, P. Uhrig, M. Walls. Missing: J. Brown, B, Brumfield, K. Davis, R. McQuay, M, Mendenhall, G. Virgin, N. Uhrig. CLARENCE VALLERY SONS, INC. CITIZEN'S NATIONAL BANK HENN 85 HENN Ford Sales 8a Service I7 North Paint Street Jewelers Silversmiths 1x5 West Ernmitt Avenue Chillicothe, Ohio Established 1876--76 East Main Street Waverly, Ohio Phone 4417 Chillicothe, Ohio A CLASS OF 1957 I First Row: I. Acord, M. Angus, P. Arnett, A. Bosstic, I. Clark. Second Row:-V. Clester, V, Colvin, T. Crain, G. Cutright, E. Daniels. Third Row: C. Dailey, I. Davidson, H. Denne- witz, R. Fultz, H. Golds- berry, Bainbridge, Ohio B A U M ' S D A I R Y Distributors of MED -O-PURE DAIRY FOODS 18 Fourth Row: D. Gragg, M. Grubb, M. Haines, R. Harr- ington, D. Harrington, R. Harris, E. Higginbotham. Missing: E. Burnette, L. Chaney, D. Cline, M. Cop- pock, R. Graves, M. Kellough F. Parker, F. Parker, C. Tillis, I. Woods, R. Wood, E. Wright, J. Vulgamore, J. May, C. New land. Phone . 2555 5 35 1 5 2 K 'Q isa i Z.: I ' -. gp Q. S is ia G A Q ws fi lk gff,,kav1"x.? .Rh s-so First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: E Johnson, B. Long, B. McCarty, G. McDonald, D. McFadden. McGarvey, K. McQuay, H. Monroe, F. Morrison, C. Nickols. Nolan, B. Oates, L. Reaster, I. Reed, A. Robinette. Salley, G. Salyers, S, Sams, L. Shull, C. Shoemaker. Wildermuth, M, Woods, J. Walls, S, Williams, S. Woodall. I9 'Wx QE!! ig-ws-J x i vt 'X .. F ,,,y Xmwuvf mein.-f A'f' M1 I A iflfligiwl B g.f 1. , ' f.f5g1is1.a , 1 iz Sflfs ,cs-Eff' ' Nl 'Iv X hi ' Vi I - Riff' it ' L if 1 ' Y ' . 713.?ixY,iA - fiilif f' fi .-lf V si 71,2735 V ifizi. A ' fi L 1 1,5 i as Q , -v X fl ii .,. si ,L .g .C muf f gysgirgggikky- 0g,3Q.55ggo2gQ.w:t.. ,il I V- '- -S-:::.5if . fl 2' -iggzv X -:S mill.. f...Jg:viif.t - - , ,, r RZAQLAQWM V ,- ,- '-.. gi M125 5 T- 4 2 . . .0 - figbwwg 'Z . X Ai wif 'Sm X 1 . xv iff' X951 ,fig J fi tif- . by 3 gk . . .gf s , . ffm'- Q Q qi W is fi y Q is f is ,X H Q H w.. 'e My fs. B s-S' : W - , - - , if mga' ,k six? gg if X Ffgifikllzi ' " A-,jr Q' 1, 7- , ggi. 5:3 wg 7.5.1 gs.. if -, , 5 1 wa1,.fgi ..., it ' ii' -1 Iii: ' vafgxitli - ,:"1, 7311 Li ', ' -:EW ff ie' is .. .. . ., . .ii ,Q ,, .. .. ,.-. ....,: .K , 7, - ., , , J' . yay.. ' - A221552 Q , "" I ,, f. J fi... .., T ,. ,. Effl- 155.517 H321 wifi, . N is A 2 - if ,ga 1 Lf J i., A uf L.-5 Lf :gf ii ml K Tiff- we M5259 'ifislsfifsiiiv' is U' "Ai VM Ewa Z X B , I-1 .. , f -in 31 i Oz tit... Y- ., X Q s . sg A X f A f 9 if . ff X . if i , si, X - E2s1 .'.Rt L f .V i .fu 5 swf? " Was . .fx S W ., . . Y Q . 1 f ig .. ' 12231.22 fa- was - i , ay .WJ .2 Z5 i M5551 f lst Row: N. Ackley, J. Adkins, R. Accord, B. Barclay, N. Bethel. 2nd Row: J. Rinehart, M. Blair, S. Boggs, E. Brofft, S. Caplinger. 3rd Row: M. Chapman, T. Chaney, B. Claytor, D. Clegg, D. Congrove. 4th Row: G. Conley C. Curtis, D. Deihl, J. Dicus, J. Cochenour. 5th Row: L. Edgington, G. Fink, R. Edgington, M. Gleason, R. Good. Missing: W. Ackley, A. Claytor, D. Smith, M. Combs, J. Adams, W. Boggs, P. Brownfield, R. Brownfield. D. Carter, R. Carter, R. Cox, E. Donohoe, D. Dumm, B. Eblin, I. Elliott, C. Francis, R. Fleming, C. Gleason, D. Johnson, K. Kellough. R. Kellough, J. Lucas, W. Monroe, I. Noel, V. Royster, E. Samms, B. Tillis, D. West, I. Grubb, N. Jenkins, V. McQuay. 20 , , 1 , , 6 , .Mx xkk. A L . . if " ' . -5 'X N . K 5 , .wmv . X 'ywq kk X . We . N Q Xx r ii x rx 'Q ., ,Y X9 'Hyip s if - '. 2, " -f S Q, I7 ,V .,..,, 'Q gxwwi ' ' si m ww, S , , 1 ,IE W .... ff: S L S 53 - gy. e gg 4 X ,... in ,, H .5 3 5 - A ga, ev xl, ,SSXP X , ' li " 4 32131 4 'mf' .Q - 'Dsl ? -fi T7 W .Sify Si 4 X aw ., ,, . - W.. ,- .. V g X 1. 1, sk, ,., .S ,rw-N, Q Q W X- 'L lf! Q... ...F .L r X 'W X W 1 -2. 4 '6 , grimy .sf W. D. R. I. S. M. v' 11.4 ' i n W ,. af. Q.. - S lst Row: B. Gregg, D. Harrington, D. Judd, B. Kellough, Kellough. 2nd Row: D. O'Brian, F. Ray, C. Lockard, McGarvey, L. Pendleton. 3rd Row: R. Ralston, L. Ricter, Ricter, T. Sammons, C. Seeling. 4th Row: S. Shoemaker, Shoemaker, K. Skaggs, C. Tinker, J. Thompson. 5th Row: Uhrig, R. Uhrig, I. Wade, A. Watkins, L. White. 6th Row: Williams, J. Wilt. Missing: S. Penrod, D. Smith, V. Steele, E. Wiley. 21 fAboveJ Ist Row: M. Showalter, M. Henderson, D, Watkins, S. Easterday, S. Kauffman, J, Salley, J. Colburn, E. Francis, N. Acord, S, Rhine- hart, G. Tillis, B. Lamb. 2nd Row: M. Cochenour, S. Sager, J. Kornmeyer, B. Thacker, D. Parker, Z. Blair, J, O'Brien, J, John- son, I. Showalter, M. Minney, S. Shoults, P. Claytor, 3rd Row: B, Worthen, J. Denne- wirz, C. Shull, M. Dillon, J. Johnson, N, Lowery, R. Hilsheimer, S. DePngh, B. Judd, M. Daniels, J. Fultz, P, Bennett. 4th Row: B. Kohn, R, Elliott, C. Clifford, J, Johnson, E. Willett, M, Mc- Coy, C. Clark, A, Chandler, P. Barclay. I. Holbert, M. De- Pugll , I. Cochenour . 8th GRADE ISI Row: C. Johnson, R, Honline, C. Long, J. Pierce, B. Nolan, J. Gil- lum, O. Chaney, R. Davis. Zlld Row: B. Sams, K. Vickers, G. Leach, J. Brown, P. McCarty, R, Cop pock, L. Long, J. Vulga- more. 3rd Row: M, Will- iams, L. Workman, H. Wallin, G. Scott, L. Oates, M. Frump, E, Hawk, W, Haines. 4th Row: J. Chandler, A. Cox, D. Bosstic, E, Skaggs, J. Riehle, B, Good, L, Sch- ackleford, G. Rucker, QBc lowj WHAT-A-BURGER Congratulations from TEMPLIN 8a GRIESHEIMER Bob Mankin-Manager of DUFFY ELECTRIC CO. 21 NOFIB Palm SI. Chillicothe and THE AMERICAN RESTAURANT in Frankfort Main and Renick Streets Dial 1666 7th GRADE lst Row: D. Coons, E. Conley, S. Colvin, J. Gleason, B. Carter, C. Reaster, L. Kellough, G. Friend, C. Scharenburg, S. Ebersole, B. Evans, S. Cox. 2nd Row: E. Ratcliff, I. Hopkins, B. Hunt, D. Grubb, O. Good, C. Davis, C. Sturgell, C. Cochenour, M. Nichols, L. Robinette, P. Ratcliff. 3rd Row: J. Sullivan, I. Cosgrove, P. Lowry, C. Mendenhall, P. Lockard, R. Bowles, W. Pierce, B. Sturgell, R. Edgington, R. Cottrill, H. Ray. 4th Row: S. Wildermouth, C. Gire, R. Ganyon, G. Lowry, L. Riley, R. Leach, S. Sullivan, D. Burnem, J. Lock, B. Mendenhall, S. Micheals. lst Row: M. Chaney, V. Easterday, P. Shoemaker, R. Brown, F. Kutshback, C. Long, J. Sammons, B. Haubeil, C. Bray, D. Brown, M. Reynolds, D. Cox, I. Ogan. 2nd Row: H. Arrowood, M. Ward, L. Steel, I. Good, N. Pendleton, F. Wallen, K. Skaggs, J. Bostwick, G. Locklear, R. Caplinger, W. Johnson, L. Derexson. 3rd Row: M. McQuay, S. Sheets, E. Hamilton. I. Coffenburger, L. Skaggs, S. Gragg, P. Ackley, B. Acord, C. Nunley, A. Kellough, I. Bayse, M. Coey, R. Arrowood, 4th Row: R. McDonald, A. Chaney, R. Hopkins, R McDonald, D. Atwood, G. Keys, M. Ball, P. Williams, F. Jamison, C. Adams E. Budd, S. Pfieffer. 23 6th GR DE ISI Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: M. Cottrill, I. Cox, S. Whaley, M. Cochenour, L. May, M. Fultz., J. Angus, L, Caplinger, V. Gillum, E. Johnson, Mrs. I. Leedom. S. Shoemaker, D. Clark, J. Walls, T. Cochenour, M. Long, R, Coey, O. Kuhn, C. Adkins, M. Long, J. Kellough, R. Hurles, M. Cutright. R. Newlan, M. Hunt, C. Ramsey, R. Burton, G. Moore, I. Bennett, D. Osterloh, R. Cassady, D. Wright, R. Echard, F. Jankowski, B. Salyers. A. Wade, I. Graves, L. Noel, E. Deal, E. Rinehart, G. Cassady, G. Irvin, R. Fleming, P. Martin, D, Gragg, M. Clark, D, Robinson, W. Mitchell. ISI Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row 4th Row Missing : MRS. LEEDOM MRS. FARMER E. Burnem, P. Rhodes, A. Reynolds, D. Oty, G. Bethel, F. Tinker, I. Rucker, I. Clegg. I. Harrington, T. Morrison, I. Worthen, E. Francis, P. McDonald, P. Williamson, M. Mc- Daniel, A. Bethel, B. Kellough, A. Davidson, C. Morrison, S, Watkins, C. Shackleford, E. Carter, F. Kauffman, J. Hamlin, R. Pierce, J. Richards, V. Chaney, B, Kohn, C. Carter, B. Clark, H. Coffenberger, G. Johnson, Mrs. M. Farmer. I. Good, F. Hopkins, R. Malone, R. McCarty, I. lobe, C. Oates, S. Cravens, W. Collins, J Moran, N. Atwood, I. Rickter, L. Long, S. Cockrell, W. Minney. B, Wakefield, O. Evans, P, Craft, C, Claytor, P. Gleason, H. Groves, C. Johnson, C. Rose. 5th GR DE Ist Row: M. Carter, D. MTS- Bennett and Mrs- R055 3rd Row: I. Steele, D. Brown, D. Ross, V. Burton, Weingard, L. Botkins, N. Oates, B. Francis, A. R. Frump, D. Rickman, N, Rickman, R. Sheets, Mrs. Daily, L. Williams, R. Cox, Bennett. 2nd Row: I. L. Arrowood. 4th Row: K, Penrod, J. Brown, B. Shackleford, N. Manson, Rinehart, R. Hall, D. C. Sullivan, R. White, C. Morgan, G. Lucas, S. Kellough, L. Claytor, F, Smith, I. Bennett, J. Robinette, L. Good, R. Long . McComis. ISI Row: M. Hardesty, J. Arrowood, D. Wells, R. Mullens, I. Royster, M. Tinker, T. McCarty, R. Kutschback, B. Rose, D. Derexson, A. West, Mrs. Ross, 2nd Row: M, Bethel, K. McFadden, B. Osborn, T. Erskin, K. McDanie1s, G. Pollock, M. Sams, C. May, L. Atwood, L. Cochenour, C. Pendleton. 3rd Row: G. Ralston, M. Moore, C. Robinett, C. Roe, G. Wildermuth, A. Harrington, H. Gragg, C. Good, M. White, M. Shull, A. Cox, I. Ackley. 4th Row: L. Carter, K. Rickman, I. Sturgell, L. Hilshimer, J. Brown, J. Dumm, J. Cordle, D. Thacker, W. Chandler, R. Curtis,.J. Graves. 4th GRADE ISI Row: D. Ogan, P, Davis, P. Ross, P. Sullivan, H. Hopkins, I, Wallin, L. Atwood, P. Miller, J. Mendenhall, B. Fleming, S. Gleason, Mrs. Shoemaker. znd Row: S. Williamson, R. Newsome, S. Gunder, D. Angus, S, Johnson, D. Showalter, R. Acord, T. Williamson, J. Lee, D. Morrison, L. Hamlin. 3rd Row: I. Bostwick, D. Miller, D. Colvin, B. Burns, C. Skaggs, E. Morehouse, J. Uhrig, W, Atwood, I. Congrove, G. Echard, M. Skaggs, L. Shoemaker. 4th Row: A. Sager, S. Brown, B. Burns, C. Lowery, R. Parker, P. Royster, B. Brown, E. Adams, P. Davis, S. Newland, J. Harrington. Ist Row: M. Acord, B. Bryant, B. Uhrig, E. Long, N, Shackleford, R. Irvin, L. Arrowood, C. Arrowood, J, Sams. I. Gragg, Mrs. Crouse. 2nd Row: R, Ross, M. Eblin, W. Wood, P, Moore, D. Cline, T. Williams, B. Thompson, F. Kitchen. 31-d Rgwg R, Rieh1e,C, Burnett, C, Newland, J, Osterloh, C. Freeman, C. Miller, J. Kellough, N. West, P. Daniels, N. Vickers. 4th Row: B. Salyers, R. Worthen, R. Burnen, I. Kelly, L. Worthen, C. Clark. B. Johnson. R- 56611118 D. Harris, D. Pierce. 5 S Q f Ha ig , f xi - . 3 GRADE SNAPSHOTS f ? Q . - i 19,6502 w 5 Ist Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row 4th Row Missing: E. Kuhn, R. Ackley, B. Carter, D. Atwood, J. Long, P. McDaniel V Carter, C Price, C. Cochenour, M. Daniel. V. Colburn, D. Cochenour, C. Lowery, J. Adams, D. Watkms C Le ach G Kellough P. Ratliff, J. Penrod, Mrs. Vanek. - E. Nunley, E. Echard, G. Green, R. Thompson, S. Moore, J Henderson B Lee J Kohn P, Frazier, W. May, I. Coey, S. Mullins, G. Howard, L. Kuhn. E. Woods, J. King. 2nd GRADE ISI Row: I. Manson, H. Adams, V. Gleason, R. Johnson, B. J. Hardesty 2nd Row: D. Harrington, F. Lott, R. Derexson, C. Colvin, V. Gleason D Gleason 3rd Row: B. Ward, J. Cochenour, L. Colburn, M. Colvin, F. Gleason W Johnson R Mrs. Wells. 28 Ist Row: M. Johnson, S. Oliver, J. Skinner, C. Farley, L. Demarest, O. Sullivan, B, Pryor, C. Rickman, I. Hartman, J. Williams, L. Chaney, Patricia Fields, I. Watkins. 2nd Row: E. Long, J, Pierce, S. Pauley, D. Brown, J, Kohn, S. Weingard, C. Carroll, S. Johnson S. Sams, R. Rhodes, R. Newlan, J. Burns, R. Holbert, R. West. 3rd Row: B. Nevil, S. McComis, R. Cottrill, D. Atwood, J. Nunley, L. Combs, K. Richards, R. Higby, D. Harrington, B. Novak, M. Pauley, I. Ward, Mrs. Darst. 4th Row: M. Jones, C. Seeling, N, Smith, C. Curtis, L. Whaley. Ist Row: D. Bridenbaugh, T. Cockerill, F. Kellough, E. Hutchinson, G. Watkins, P. Hamilton, , Hopkins, S. Echard, H. McNaughton, B. Lump, S, Long, L. Gleason. 2nd Row: Cochenour, M, Howard, B. Salyer, G. Hatfield, R. Showalter, D. Conley, B. Jenkins C. Bays, G. Noel, P. White, R. Shoemaker. 3rd Row: Angus, J. Farthing, P. Pauley, J. Cottrill, S. Kuhn, R. Roe, R. Fleming, L. Coppock Thompson, F. Wallen, S. Minney. 4th Row: Barclay, W. Sullivan, C. Bethel, T. McComis, B. Atwood. WAVERLY HATCHERY GRADY-GLASS MUTCHLER 8L GROEBER PHARMACY FEED 85 GRAIN COMPANY Window Glass-Auto Safety Glass Drugs-Sundries Home of Purina Plate Glass-Stoneware-Flower Pots Paint-Second Street and Eshleman Feeds Phone 6846 54 West Water St, Chillicgthe. Ohio Chillicothe , Ohio lst GRADE Ist Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: T. Cox, B. Freeman, M. Penrod, S. Kellough, R. Osborne, R. Miller, L. Clifford, K. I-lardesty, R, Ware. D. Schrake, S. Shoults, D. Lee, D. Shoemaker, S. Jamison, Ei. Pulver, L. Bethel, C. Wallin, M. Steele, T. DeLong, M, Dillon. R. Cox, D. Brown, M, Riehle, V. Iobe, V. Oyer, T. Chandler, B. Lockard, B. Hardesty, P, Newsome, R. Jones, D. Detty, Mrs. Tuvell. Missing are: D. McGarvey and J. Lykins. MRS. WILCOX MRS. SMELTZER MRS, TUVELL MRS. BOWMAN Ist Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: Missing are: B. Morre, J, Nunley, N. Farley, A. Hamlin, I. Coey,C. Townsend, R. Hartman. S, McFadden, R. Cottrill, T. Johnson, J. Shoemaker, G. Fultz, I, Pollock, Miss Smeltzer F. McCloud, B. Colvin, D, Clark, G. Ray, B. Salyers, C. Lowry, S, Lee. T. Baker, K. Craft, S. James, D. Lowry, B. Meadows, S. Mutter, M. Pfeifer, I. Roberts, M. Slaughter, D. Whitcomb, D. Williams. 30 lst Row: S. Kuhn, P. Mossbarger, R. Frank, K. Harper, V. Newland, D. Brandum, K. Rose. 2nd ROW: L. McCOmis, L. Ater, M. Daniel, D. Bowles, J. Johnson, L. Bublitz, W. Daniel, R. Newlan 3rd Row: D. Pryor, J. Harrington, V. McDonald, E. Williams, P. Kellough, S. Atwood, I. Burton. lst Row: L. J. Wheeler, S. Pritchard, R. Cottrill, J. Royster, B. Manson, R. Sams, L. Lewis. :End Row: T. Robertson, R. Williams, R. McCown,- P. Dicus, T. Bridenbaugh, T. Whiteside, I. Pauley, R. Shackleford. 3rd Row: M. Botkin, C. Bethel, F. Ratliff, N. McComis, H. Jones, E. Woods, I- I3I1kOWSki. T. Hurley, P. Gire, S. Worthen, Mrs. Bowman. f. Q 7 MRS. SHOULTS Art Teacher MRS. WOLFE Music Teacher . SIXTH GR DE CHOIR ISI Row: W. Minney, I. Good, M. Cottrill, I. Rickter, S. Cockrell, H. Coffenberger, C. Morrison, J. Richards, J. Cox, M, Fultz, I. Angus, L. Caplinger, V. Gillum, E. Johnson, Mrs. Wolfe, Music Director. 2nd Row: Daniel Clegg, Soloist, C. Oates, J. Walls, W. Collins, S. Cravens, A. Bethel, R, Pierce, E. Francis, B. Salyers, F. Iankowski, C. Ramsey, R. Hurles, L. Long, C. Adkins, I, Kellough, D. Clark. 3rd Row: J. Moran, C. Shackleford, W. Mitchell, M. Cutright, L. Shull, B. Kohn, A. Reynolds, J. Clegg, P. Rhodes, J. Rucker, V. Chaney, J. Harrington, O. Kuhn, C. Carter, G. Moore, R. Coey. 4th Row: I. Hamlin, B. Clark, D, Osterloh, I. Bennett, L. Noel, E, Deal, E. Rninehart, R. Fleming, P. Martin, G. Bethel, I. Graves, M, Clark, M. McDaniel, F, Kauffman, P, Williamson, S. Shoemaker, G. Johnson. Congratulations and SIMON'S FLOWERS Best Wishes LYNCH MOTOR CAR CO 18 East Second St. Dial 27-196 to the Class of '55 "Your Ford Dealer" Chillicothe, Ohio THE CHILLICOTHE TELEPHONE CO, Chillicothe, Ohio 32 Q 55 't V. 1 I 2--A-"Al J ., :tx V Qt QUEE CI-ILOA LOU McFADDEN Miss Huntington 1954-55 HER COURT Joyce Shoultsg Connie Shoemaker: Lavonne Pendletong Queen-Chloa McFadden: Marilyn Wallsg Shelby Dearthg Joanne Coppock. 34 F TURE HOME AKER OF AMERICA Ist Row: M. Haines, T. Crain, V. Colvin, S, Shoemaker, M. Williams QPresidentj, M. Jankowski, S. Caplinger, S. Sams, M, Wood. znd Row: R. Richter, R. Acord, J. Barclay, T. Chaney, M. Gleason, J. Wilt, B. Claytor, S. Uhrig, A, Watkins, J, Wade. 3rd Row: N. Ackley, M. Combs, N. Bethel, I. Dicus, D. Con- CAVALIER RINK Rr. 41935 W. Chillicothe, Ohio Skating: Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. Private Parties: Tues., Thurs. grove, C. Seeling, S. Boggs, C. Daily, D. Smith. Vivian Clester Helen Dennewitz Lavonne Pendleton Compliments of WALLET MOTORS BUCKEYE FURNITURE CO. 67-69 W, Main St. , Dial 27546 25 East Second St. , Dial 9436 Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio 35 MRS. CLARA KENNEY Advisor LAVONNE PENDLETON President TUDE T COU CIL Seated: Connie Shoemaker, Lavonne Pendleton, Tom DePugh, Richard Grubb. Standing: Sally Wildermuth, Flloyd Jamison, Mike-Williams, Patty Bennett, Danny Clegg, Mary Ann Williams, Marvin Coppock, Jo Ann Good, Chloa McFadden. Compliments of Vernon Barrett BOB LITTER FUEL 8a HEATING PONTIAC-CADILLAC -SALES 8: SERVICE company, Inc. FRED'S AUTO SUPPLY 38 East Wtttet Stteet 525 Eastern Avenue Main Street Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe. Ohio Chillicothe, ohio Phone 3796 36 EWSPAPER STAFF -S x 1 h X Seated: Mr. Richard P. Painter, Advisory Mona 5 i Tewksbury, Huntsman Editor. f Standing: Chloa McFadden, Lavonne Pendleton, V Assistant Editor, Mae Oma Gillum, I I Dorothy Morgan, Juanita Lansing. I SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Vaun I-Iolbert, Dorothy Joanne Coppock, Franklin Fadden, Jim Moore. ARROWOOD IEWELERS Watches-Diamonds-Jewelery 218 N. Market St. Waverly, Ohio Morgan, Wilby Shull, Sammons, Chloa Mc- WAVERLY COAL COMPANY Dealers in TRI-COUNTY VENDING SERVICE Best grades of West Virginia, 278 East Main Street Virginia, and Kentucky coal Chillicothe, Ohio PHONE 66 37 CAFETE RIA 5 J She's Qu ' -'7 F 4 4 X di GIRL ' GLEE CLUB ISI Row: Mary Jankowski, Helen Dennewitz, Melva Blair, Delores Harrington, Mary Ann Williams, Thelma Chaney, Janet Walls, Shirley Caplinger. 2nd Row: Ruth Acord, Shelby Dearth, Ruby Good, Freda Parker,Geraldine Fink, Joycelyn Acord, Beverly Oates, Felicitas Morrison, Joyce Barclay. 3rd Row: Willajean Ackley, Nancy Fitzer, Shirley Woodall, Juanita Rhinhart, Edith Damron, Betty Long, Grace Cutright, Alice Watkins, Rosemary Graves, Gloria Salley. 4th Row: Mary Gleason, Shirley Sams, Joan Wilt, Virginia Colvin, Toby Crain, Naomi Jenkins, Betty Claytor, Shirley Uhrig, Myrna Woods, Vivian Clester, Dorothy Morgan. 5th Row: Elizabeth Wiley, Lavonne Pendleton, Chloa McFadden, Jo Ann Good, Delma Oates, Bar- bara Gregg, Mary Chapman, Mona Tewksbury, Mary Jo Haines, Kathryn McQuay, Irene Grubb, Juanita Lansing, Joanne Coppock. 6th Row: Jenine Dicus, Nancy Bethel, Beverly Oney, Juanita Parker, Connie Seeling, Donna Congrove, Hazel Skaggs, Charlotte Lockard, Sandra Boggs, Blossom Nolan, Donna Smith, Clara Frump, Emma Brofft, Carol Curtis. HARRY'S RADIO at TELEVISION JAMES L, BETHEL FUCHS 81 DRURY JEWELERS Sales 8L Service Water Well Drilling I3 West Second Street Philco TV SL Appliances Route 7, Ph. 30286 Chillicothe, Ohio 290 E. Second St. , Dial 9636 Chillicothe, Ohio 39 BOYS' GLEE CL B I st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row Janet Walls, Gloria Salley. Shelby Dearth, Joyce Barclay, Joanne Coppock. Lavonne Pendleton, Nancy Fitzer, Toby Crain, Virginia Colvin, Dotty Morgan. Fred Parker, Jim Carter, Juanita Lansing, Mona Tewks- bury, Chloa McFadden, Frank Sammons, Robert Barclay. David Dumm, Roger Fleming, Fred Ray, Terry Leedom, Ernest Harrington, Dan Clegg, Hubert Salley. ISI Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: Jim Carter, Roger Cox, Hubert Salley, Bob Barclay, Frank Sammons, Danny O'Brian. David Dumm, Danny Clegg, Arvin Sager, Bob Harris. Ronnie Edgington, Harry Haf- ner, Ernest Harrington, Roger Fleming. Fred Ray, Terry Leedom, CHORAL GROUP l HOLSUM BAKERY 371 East Fifth Street Dial 6976 1-L:11:--..L, r'NL:,. GR DE SCHOOL BA D Majorettes: P, Williamson, I. Richter. Ist Row: P. Lockard, B. Kellough, L. Skaggs, P, Ackley, R. Wiley, P, Rhodes, C. Carter, S. Ebersole. 2nd Row: I. Bennett, M. McDanie1s, L. Claytor, E. Diehl, M. Ward, M. Skaggs, I. Long. 3rd Row: P, Miller, T. McCarty, S. Smith, I. Bennett, W. Haines, D. Oster- lowh, F. Kutchsbach, R. McCarty. 4th Row: H. Gregg, L. Deal, V. Steele, J. Clegg, N. Pendleton, T. Morrison. Director: Mrs. Hilda Leedom. ALMA GROCERY Groceries' Meats, Gas' Oil SCIOTO PLUMBING 8a HEATING, INC Alma, Ohio CALL BROTHERS Plumbing 8a Heating Contractors Phone 755-I Wishing you Success 79 E. Main Street, Dial 2-5326 Charles and Henrietta Dawson, Props. Waverly, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio lo Ann Good. ilt, Io W an Jo n Clester, via ytor, Vi 1a yC Bett Uhrig, Y le w: Lavonne Pendleton, Shir lst Ro aker. ITI Shoe ja Depugh, Son l'l'1 To gs' Bog Nancy Fitzer, Sandra Charlotte Lockard, d Row: 2n ia Bennett Helen Dennewitz. . Patric Beverly Oney, Jo Haines, w: Toby Crain, Myrna Woods Mary 3rd Ro Jim Carter Hattilu Ray, Mary Coey. Paul Uhrig, oe, ODI M arvey ck, H Lo Jim ff Reaste 4th Row: Connie f' as Geraldine Fink. arris , Monroe, Daniel Clegg, Bob H Monte edom, Le FY w: Ter R0 5th ilda Leedom. ector: Mrs. H Dir Q, 7 MAJ ORETTES Lavonne Pendleton, Drum Majoretteg Betty Claytor, Shirley Uhrig, Jo Ann Good, Ioan Wilt, Vivian Clester. Jody Mankin S T E E L E 'S Service Station--Restaurant 24 hour service Dial 25-O80 Chillicothe, Ohio 43 AR ITY CHEERLE DER Ist Row: Janet Walls, Virginia Colvin. 2nd Row: Joyce Shoults, Sally Brown, Marilyn Walls. A D TEAM Seated: Nate Edgington, Everett Taylor, Neil Uhrig, Larry Uhrig, Melvin Mendenhall. Standing: Jim Brown, Tom DePugh, Mike Davidson, Terry Leedom, Richard Grubb, Mr. Chester Hurd 44 RESERVE CHEERLEADER Ist Row: Sandy Boggs, Sonja Shoemaker, Mary Ann Williams, Joanne Wade, Emma Mae Brofft, 2nd Row: Charlotte Lockard. A D RESERVE TE Congratulations from CHILLICOTHE P APER CO. ISC Row: Larry Edgington, Kenneth Kellough, Jim Adkins, 2nd Row: Mr. Marvin Coppock, Lonnie Chaney, Ronnie Uhrig, David Diehl, Dick McGarvey. Darling, Coach, Fred Parker, Gary Conley, Dan Clegg, Tom DePugh, Terry Leedom, Fred Ray, Ronnie Edgington, Bob Barclay, Mr. Orr, Coach. Congratulations Class of 1955 Wagner Dry Cleaners 75 E. Second Street Chillicothe, Ohio HI-BUDY RESTAURANT State Route 23 Chillicothe, Ohio JU IOR HIGH CHEERLEADER Mary Kay Chaney, Beulah Lamb, Sharon Kauffman, Marguerite McQuay, Shirley Colvin, Sharon Gregg, Zelda Blair. A TEAM First Row: George Locklear, Richard Coppock, Larry Workman, Wayne Haines, Donald Attwood. Standing: Robert Bowles-Manager, Timmy Diehl, Carl Cochenour, Alan Cox, Emmitt Howk, Larry Oates, Larry Schock. Compliments of STIFFLER'S in downtown, Waverly, Ohio ED FRYLING of Leedom, Realtor, 100 Market Street, Waverly, Ohio ALLEN'S PURE OIL STATION and RESTURANT, Phone 9356, Waverly, Ohio 46 90939411 HUNTINGTON VARSITY BASKETBALL 1954-55 After getting off to a slow start in pre-season play, the boys adjusted themselves to their positions quickly. Using a very fast press and fast break, the league season proved the most successful in years. The team ended with a 4 won, 5 lost record. This was surprisingly good considering the impact of five injuries. ln this respect, we set a state record for sprained ankles and injuries from non-basketball accidents. Neil was out two games and half of another. Because of this, he ended second in county scoring by 20 points. He could well have been first under more fortunate conditions. His total was 200. The year before he had won it with 229. Jim Brown came from Southeastern during Christmas and helped us immeasurably. Sprained 'ankles went to Taylor, Brown. Davidson and Uhrig. This crippled what was becoming a whale of a season. To top it off, Mendenhall cut his hand severely in a school accident and missed two games and played with plastic reinforce- ment in the tournament. After leading Bainbridge for three quarters, one time by nine points, fouls removed key players and inexperience showed against a press. This ended the season, successful at that, and with five Juniors returning next year, having much promise for the future. Seniors Taylor, Uhrig and Grubb deserve a big hand for their fine contribution in play and reliability all the way through school. We will miss them next year. The team averaged 63 points per game - 46070 fouls and 31070 shooting. Neil made all county. Davidson made the second team. The Seniors, along with Edgington and Mendenhall, also played fine team ball. The Squad follows: QI, N. Uhrig .... .... F E. Taylor ......... C N I. Brown .... .... F N. Edgington ...... G L. Uhrig .... .... F M. Mendenhall .... G , T. DePugh ........ F R. Grubb ......... G y N M. Davidson ...... C T. Leedom ....... G jjjj ' 1 0 'N -v 1, ef: ' .S l f t 94 J 47 OFTBALL lst Row: Terry Leedom, Neil Uhrig, Nate Edgington, Larry Uhrig, Donald Gregg. 2nd Row: Chet Hurd, Coach: Marvin Coppock, Dick Grubb, Everett Taylor, Tom Depugh, George Salyers. RESERVE SQUAD FOR 1954-55 This years aggregation proved to be a taller squad with six foot, Tom Depugh, Terry Leedom and Fred Ray being the workhorses on rebounds. And to this trio a dash of speed and ball-handling ability in guards, Lonnie Chaney and Larry Edgington and a good reserve team begins to take shape. The final ingredients of marksman- ship, poise, and "know how" were added in forwards Marvin Coppock and Ronald Uhrig. This Huntington edition of reserve basketball for 1954-55 was served with a liberal sprinkling of substitutes in 15 games and the results were 9 wins and 6 losses. Most of the games played by the team were quite close and often times had the nerves of spectators shattered before the "main event" started. By looking at the scores given below it can be seen that quite a few "thrillers" occurred during the season. Probably games which will be remembered best by both players and spectators were games with Buckskin and Catholic Central. In the Buckskin contest, undefeated Buckskin barely squeaked by the Huntsman 45-44. However, the once-beaten Catholic Central group was not so lucky as they fell before the Huntsman 40-37. All was not rosy during the season though, as we can lean back and say "What happened in the Clarksburg. game? In summing up the season we can say, first that it was the best season we have had for several years in reserve competition and the third place ranking in league play seems to substantiate this claim. Second, as long as material is developing on our reserve team as fast as it did this year, we here at Huntington need not worry about theacaliber of our future varsity. VOLLEYBALL X if lst Row: Janet Walls, Joyce Shoults, Shelby Dearth, Connie Shoemaker, Ruth McQuay, Virginia Colvin, Marilyn Walls, Toby Crain, Katherine McQuay, Mary Jo Haines, Juanita Lansing, Marie Adams 2nd Row: Joanne Coppock, Joyce Barclay, Chloa McFadden, Joyce Carter, Shirley McCloud, Nancy Fitzer, Beverly Oney, Juanita Parker, Beverly Morrison, Sally Brown, Mona Tewksbury, Hazel Skaggs, Mr. Kirkwood, Coach. X cn treeeiississf llll n snail! , g M1 hx i Compliments of GRUBBS GROCERY. Route 7. "BUY Your Sweets Here". THE BOYER FUNERAL HOME, Waverly, Ohio, Oxygen Equipped Ambulance. ERDMANN'S PHARMACY, Prescription Specialists, 49 N. Paint Street, Chillicothe, Ohio. 49 SPORT Come On Jim! Buckskin vs. Huntington 50 N Yea ! Reserve Get That Tip! i t V-A-R-S-I-T-Y Come On Boys! Compliments of M. N. BILLINGS HORNEY AND CHAPMAN, 18-20 West Second Street, Chillicothe, Ohio. CARROLL FOOD PRODUCTS CO. , Makers of Carroll 's Potatoe Chips, Phone 7956, Chillicothe, Ohio 51 SN APSHOTS nag "A typical Leaf" Who is Who at the Zoo? X Q Come on, boys. 4 . Sh9'S quiet! Sign your name here. T. G. I. F. .. .. . .X K M37 5.: ' V ffl rg , E 2i, ,H ' Wir. 5 Beat! ' . ' 'f off? 3 Foreward March' N., I 5 f' f Q f' ,-.:, , S y R ' iw ti R R TREBER MEMORIALS Oh! Boy! 131 East Second Street Phone 145 Waverly, Ohio Smile! "ROCK Of AGES MONUMENT5 and MARKERS" 52 aj JU ICR CLASS PLAY Seated: Loretta Salyers, Joyce Shoults, Sally Brown. Standing: Marilyn walls, Beverly Oney, Hazel Skaggs. Shelby Dearth, Miss Krebs. 2nd Row: Jerry Arnett, Terry Leedom, Mike Davidson, Tom DePugh, Forest Haines. SNAP HOTS i' Substitute" Slow But Sure. . . Watch Your Heel! Ah! Come On Posey! Music Please! "Singing" Mexican Hat Dance" Dri1ls?? "Teachers Meeting' And Away We Go! Skipping Study Ha11" 'Zi' X YD 0 ,Q KX .i 3 -nP",1.unu-Us ,gil KP' X 2 Carolyn Burch Xi in iii 5 n Y MQSS W n 1. X, QA ' S X K 3. Q C Q . , . . x , , E .. .. .- .. ' .. -Tr. 1-Xi -'E vw Q 2 q .:A. . 1.3! n 11 , . il is x 2 M "The Senators 1 ' - xx nn gg 52 S Q l x "You Caught Me" D A Ai me X '1S: ggi 1. E A ,s if W . . ,PX u, S, "'l ' Q I y ' TIL! .11 's ' Y :W ii. fe gs- Q nl' K f - X r -,Hg , .1 - 452m rqfipi 1? Y . TJ? 'AN 'Cf ' 'KAQ3 C? Qui. Q Wfllmxt r ,ffl uv 3 I 3 li A S -P - J I' 1.4 x . 'T' A -TW , : ',, 'I X an f X ' T 1 - -X , ,, 5-.eb-Q IN C. S' " Q v va' -U 3 J.-Q COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. THE OIL 82 BATTERY SERVICE CO. CHILLICOTHE LUMBER CO. "the pause that refreshes" Second 82 Mulberry Street 490 South Paint Street 250 Park Street Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio Phone, 20363 Phone, 32291 Phone, 32236 57 SNAPSHCTS 47 '31 is Y Q' W ,hw 031 wi , - -. ..,g:, :: iifQ5fNE ali - S V .vm ai, . ix WWW -H:-'.f:. fe:- -2 Hwwww A fy 2 Z V an Q Q 5' x4 K K fm N5 P1 YSQ Jgkiwgef ,N 1 W He gg? X 'f1LfE2'1'f . fm - W - . U E., W A r - 1 ., H QF gzmzwa W we , g.ji,mww ,:' ' 3 ff -3.5 5 75: - 'f -r 'if 1 A " .-rs v va -v,- v ' a A IQ.- V wx, "" 2 '--1-as '- nf M 22? M -ng wx x x ,: Xu: Y., 2 x IF . ,,..,.,. ww Nli f 5 iii? ffg . f Q -Ifiz. -fr" LA .V V .-, F :iii .r w , ,ws 'H ,W 5353 Q 0 4 ' f .ifgw .ff Q 5 Lmigxi N Ziwgg ex S5 ,W SF, X 5 , FX D Y U, maxim , rg ,S 'N ' , , ,L ' 7 . S: . 3 ,gr 'aw -X f K, ,girth .ww 55 4.- l o W 'Berrg-'Paingr 3 Compang ' X "f"'Q2lm,

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