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Humboldt High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Humboldt, SD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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'Ufi BLGUVJVING ff 'fry' . I DEDICATION X X 'X X X i Mr. Dettman, with pride we dedicate to you, our 1956 Eagle. This is but a small to- ken to show our admirathu1to you,who ed to make the past two years days never be forgotten W1th confidence we have brought problems,know1ng that vice with assurance, with you we have rows,always receiving For all that you "THANK YOU: " has help that will to you our we could follow your ad shared our joys and sor a word of encouragement have done for us we say, HUMBOLDT HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS THE l956 EAGLE :forts P0887 0'D'a Joanie Tr-itz 11Sme:ss ansgperg Stan FOWGPS Marvin Mueller Zu, Even OTTS o John Lippert gfoT'tc'fS Charles Wuebben Tom Masters Zelbert De Priest Harvey Shumaker Dennis Staebell Wayne Beaner Doris Staebell June Shumeker Connie Meeter Cyrene Even Donna Munce Janet Stofferahn Carole Lewis Mary Allison Nancy Renter Wylma Hutton Marge Anderson Advisor Mr Dean Beckwith ZA' P 641+ Y Dorothy Hanlsoh Jo Stoddard Shelley Barbara Shirley Barbara Beverly Eisenberg O'Dea Staebell Hoefert Pressler Mary Wingert Judy Rehfeldt TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS '5 C4 Anmzwfyfkmzafr A, Qi' if lt 4 wr W Q 9' 9 ff f Mr' vale Dettmarl Mr Kenneth 'vflller Northwestern University, B M Sottnern State Teachers College B S Graiuate morc Tnlv sltv of Texas Coacn Shgp I, II, III Bend, Voc 1 MUSIC Mr Dean Beckw South Dakota State College- B S Southern State Teachers Colleve B S ghgTiZ3ry, Sociolovj, LCOUOmlCS, Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping lth Mr' LeRor Kane This P980 1! sponsored Cbmmwnlty Bqnk Vx X - I . . , .. j . - 1 . , 1 1 T ' Aw ' ' ,I I , . : , . f 4 9 1 , Nw FV, 15? 34 V -5 , ,,'Hg,a5-WQQ . - , . X Q , . . V . N ' ' I , o Y 'Fi o J J I BOARD OF EDUCATION Pictured at a rerular school boarl meetin are the member Ha ry Stofferahn, George Lippert,Nks Shelton Tilger, Elwood Ideker, and Carl Reuter STUDENT COUNCIL e freshmen, Bob Mal1inper,mi Ka en Barenk1au,sophomores, Doug Warne, and Marcene Hanisch jun ior, Virgil Meyer, and Phyllis Branson, serior, President Stan Fetters, and Wylma Hutten M Green their advisor is pictmred with the roup This page is sponsored by C A Morrigan lBar-ber Shop, , f 91 . 2 K Q1 Heading Us student body dns year : - ' 1 ' I o ..:..,., ,...., X ', "Ms +3 .fm 4m,,X,f ii X .X- . 1 N... 1-Q , gs., A .. F'::""'.. ......f.-Mf"'l., -x..... if v. Y 'E V N..--s ls, 'Nr M "f x I f ,,,.- nj Q. K "-es' 1 ,f xt x I 2 Q K -K 1 ,,,, MFRQA .milk - -:Q , nj U1 X M g.,,.,:, - UA mm -View :. 'H Z lf ' 4 Q 4 ga" X f 5 , if Q 5?5?7i Q Was, -4 Qrw , ww. , ei? - ' if P ,S , 9 E1 kk W? umwpw 'A my Aw mv' 1 . ?- ' 1. 9'-11.-w h if 1- w : 3.1, M 1 ,mf fffilg ' ,. Z,.,Lkrv5N, Aik- Nr' f cfkif' Z, 1? 1 .09 Marvin Mueller nwhatl you haven't heard of me.n Band 1-2-5-by Annual Mg Athletics l' Play 3-hy Chorus L: Hi- Crier 5-hy Soloist 2- 5-Lg Ensemble 5-M. Barbara O'Dea nFunl just a minute I'l1 go to.n Band l-2-5-hy Chorus 5-M: Declam 1-2: H1- Crier 5-bg Girls Ph. Ed. 2: Treasurer 53 Annual Lg Library 53 Play 5. Connie Meeter HA little shiny sun- beam, never makesmuch noise.n Band l-2-Eg Declam lg Twirling 1-25 Annual h:hL1brary5g H1-Crier 5-. Douglas Meyer NHe is not merely a chip off the oldblock but the old block lt- self.n Chorus l-23 Athletics 2-5-h. Donna Munce "It's all Greek tome." Girls Ph.Ed. 23 Play jg Library 23 HbCrier 5-hg President lCheer leader 3-h. Peggy O'Dea 'She mixes reason with pleasure." Band 1-2-3-Lg Chorus 1-2-5-by Declam lg Girls Ph.Ed. 2gAnnual lu Cheerleader 2-3-Mg P137 5'll3 Secretary- Treasurer lg Student Council 23 H1-Crier 5 -lu Soloist 2-5-lp. ,vr Q ffl! ', ' be H-- , f -f-,sq-1 L' L' - 1 111453 Ffi 'Y asm. 'f3?..A,r Vw! Q " gf ' ' -' if .gi 53:5 Qggvzl . A 5, . ff-.i,?:J .w'gf'.f.v 's 5 X Janet Stofferahn Robert Theel nlate hours are not good for nlist n to the Wind b1Ow.n one but alright for two." 6, , ,j. Atl-11 ti 2-1 Band 1-2-5-Lg Chorus l-2-5-lp Chorus 1 2 5 1' S CS ' , Declam 1-2-?-Jig Girls Ph.Ed. 21 H1-Crier 5-AL Annual LH Play 3-L Cheerleader 5-hp Ensembles 1-2.1-,. CLASS OFFICERS Heading the senior class are: Wylma Hutten,Student Councilg Wayne Beaner, Treasurerg Dennis Staebell, Vice Presidentg Stan Fetters, Presidentg and Joh Lippert, Secretary. lr. Green is the senior class advisor. 'W -, Si Mr Gila This page is sponsored Co op Creamery IUNIORS Mary Allison Dennis Grocott Farole Lewis Ray Beamer Judy Grooott Duane Marsh Phyllis Branson LaMar Hanisch Tom Masters Gerald lven Dorothy Harsna Larry Meyer Doug Feyder LBV I lb k Virgilimlegereo Wheeler 6111 Wayne Larson Gene lance by wthnn W M A 6 1' 3' 3 .lx 1711, . CLASS OF ' John Petri Judy Rehfeldt James Stoddard Sharon White Beverly Pressler Ronald Host l E7 Y 4k David Tritz Q Mary Wingert X ff. -1 4, 'rf 1 c- 1 a Georginia Puthoff June Shumaker ,,,p Ni I6 4 1 RQ Joan Tritz I , f Chuck Wuebben I H! Q--j AA I lk , it ,gg 5 :kle I- I Y M- ,- Barbara Doris Betty Donald Peter staudenller Tunender Zimmer V105 Ph Claes Officers are Phyllis B., S. C. lemberg Virgil M., Pres.: lies Washburn, Adv1eor5Betty S.,V. Pres. and Zib E., Sec.-Treaa. Jerry Aalfs Glenn Akkerman Marcene Hanisch Kay Mallinger Betty Munce Sandra Starnes This page is sponsored by Farmer' s Elevator Co . Charles Beck Dorothy Henjum Gene 'De Leroy Tunender ff? Shirley B011 Larry Henjum 'Q Alfred G111 Lavhra Pau Kolbeck Kueter Josephine Don Pressler Shumaker Doug 1142 rue qi Diane Wiese Karen williams 1 so VA, i at We A ,15jE, Ivii iesia a A 5 of 6 A W., J Q . W ,N 1':34f 5 'ag J , ,'vg01xQl:..?g?,5ix ,fd x' o ' ' I r r N' 'H -45 49 - 5'.'.22'. -5r'v'FaiJ 5 f o O fb' 4 X 9 X 'S O a . FRESHMEN N 'X f Arlene Allison James Bannwarth Karon Barenklau Connie Beaner Donnie Beaner Barbara Boterman Betty Boterman Peggy Bridenstine Roger Carls Jean Envlehardt Donna Garner Larry Grocott Dawn Heinson Joann Heinson Charles Kueter Bob Mallinger Nancy Munce Ray Olson Lowell Rost Barbara Staebell Dick Trapp Jean Waage Diane Williams Audrey Nuebben Lyle Zimmer Marcie Zimmer Steve Zimmer This page is sponsored by Art" Blacksmith at Repair' I , , .-L X 1 :!E!IH!E:, ir' m a jffai w7?, CLASS OFFICERS President Marcene Hanisch Treasurer Karen Williams Vice President Sandra Starnes Student Council Doug Warne Secretary Lavera Kolbeck Advisor Mr Miller FN President Bob Mallinger StudentCoundU. Karon Barenklau Vice President Nancy Munce Secretary Audrey Weubben Advisor Hr Beckwith This page is sponsored by Maxwell Hotel Supply 4 essence .monsoon eos canon' ooaueooo ncaa.-neouesee I 5.1.5 L ,A eoeoeaoee oe accuse csoneoso oaeooao one Q e A C of 6,11 O r-49-4 O9-4 0 r-I Mueller OID be-D O 065 FLUTE BASSES CLARINETS rvin 8 J L J M Bridenstine P9837 SAXOPHONES ker son HT' H e W e nberg t d ley E T it H 1 Jo S Shel Joan D O D ALTO HORNS ES MBON TRO E tzke Pu O ll Mary etty t essler P Lipp 1 e r-I 5-4 CD .C 0 VD O ba 0 ID G w-lv-I NJ:-I EEA O .O B iane Maass "JCI 3 Beverly Pressler Eeggy O Dea rt rd m Ma r W1 g m Stodd To Ma Ji SSION CU PER be IE BARITONES CU bs-1 CORNETS I QQ ba w.4 u U13 .C "'P.Ow-I C050 03 H2323 UI .COE 43:-14-70 8588 PSI' llin Ma K y an ttm De Gale Mr. rr Aa f V nn K beck od ard arv y Shuma ane to rahn 186 ayn L r z awn e n n ane Hlliam r nia Puthoff Wh 11 G11 an LHTSO har n White ohn er B V hyl a Branson Doroth Harsma sep n r A is n ayne Beaner Hr ara 'Dea sters ' y nge a P0 Y um nle Fetters HP b0H y ma Hutten ro y sc on arsma irgil Me er an Wies ouglas Feyder a M r anisch a Q OR: J CT IRE D uP5 MENTAL GRO u IN STR P the second year- Jo Stoddar-Q Shellgy Eisen er-g, Joan and a He nso played in the clarinet quartette J Thi tz any Aalt' Jane S of' 9 hh ghd Mar' uellar- apne .YC-'an this S trumps I: d bY 15 sporlspre ale 0 bo 3?ii1gm3 Pian Fo b D Wh I n . t t - r Pa 1 VIH M f ered as th tr-I o . R J. MIXED CHORUS Ein 59 Back Row Left to Right Harvey Shumaker, Charles Beck, Leroy Tunender, John Llppert, Wayne Beaner, Dennis Staebell, Stanley Fetters Marvin Mueller, Robert Theel, Jim Stoddard, Charles liddle Row Tom Masters, Wvlma Hutten, Barbara Hoefert, Shirley Staeoell, Jo Stoddard, Judy Grocott Josephine Pressler, Diane Williams Barbara O'Dea, Beverly Pressler, Doris Staebell, Betty Staudenmier, Dorothy Harsma,Dorothy Henjum,Wayne Larson, Wheeler Gill Front Row Donald Shumaker,Cvrene Even, Joan Trltz, Karen Baren lau Snaror White,Kay Mallinper, Tenet Sto ferahn, Shelley Eisenberg, Peggy O'Dea, Mar e Anderson,Dawn Heinson, Connie Bea ner Arlene Allison, Shirley Boll, and Mr Dettman GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Back Row Left to Right Wylma Hutton, Barbara Hoefept, Shipley Staebell, Marge Anderson, Judy Grocott, Josephine Pressler, Joan Heinsor, Diane Nilliams, Jo Stoddard, Shelley Eisenberg Peggy O'Dea. Middle Row: Dorothy Henjum, Joan Tritz, Sharon White, Barbara O'Dea,Doris Staebell, Dawn Heinson, Betty enmier, Connie Beaner,Dorothy Harsma, Beverly Pressler. Front Row: Cyrene Even, Karen Barenklau, Audrey Wuebben, Kay la111n- Ser, Janet Stofferahn, June Shumaker, Barbara Staebell Arlene Allison, Shirley B011, ur. Dettman. ' This page is sponsored by Pfeifer Implement. Q - " , rv - e 5 , sl e- y ' 'N 9 " ' 4 n i ' 9 Wuebben, Doug Warne, Gerald Even, John Petri, Douglas Feyder. -- ' 9 , . Yk... , wr, .l . ' , 3.1 I I , 1 J 7 - -I ' 0 M. 8 , 5 5' 1 , ig , lv Q . -V' ft A ,A 'Z Q ' wa 5 fl l xt, x I ' 3 S-- KI ENSEMBLES Enjoying themselves in bov's ' quartette are Zib Even, Stan ' Fetters, Harvey Shumaker, and Tom Masters. Singing in the WiXSd ensemole are Zib Even, John Lippert, Dennis Staebell, Stan Fetters, Jim Stoddard, Harvey Shumaker, Tom Masters, Wayne Larson, Kay Mallinger, Sharon White, Wvlma Hutten, Jo Stoddard, Marge Anderson, Dorothy Henjung Karen Barenklau, and Connie Heaner. f 'Jn '- 6- sy' Karen Barenklau, Kay Mal- -. Q Q Q' ". , linger, Wylma Hutten, Jo h -1 Q A ' Stoddard, Marge Anderson, ' ', A 1' and Sharon White sang in A the sextette. P xEi! ilgiiiia This page is sponsored by Sioux Valley Hatchery. I-IOMECOMING Dennis Staebell Qhirley .ataeb 11 crown bearers, Craig Bffrtelson and Petty Lee This sage is soonsored ov Humbold t Supoly .. " 9 Proudly carrying the crowns are the Standing Left to Right Sophomore attendants, Charles Beck, Shirley Boll, senior attendants, Stan Fetters, Dorothy Han isch, King, Denny Staebell, Queen, Shirley Staebell, junior attendants, Betty Staudenmieq LaMar Hanisch, freshmen atten dants, Barbara Staebell, Steve Zimmer, In front crown bear ers, Craig Bereilson, Betty Lee Highlighting the sixth annual homecoming was the corna tion of Dennis and Shirley Staebell as king and queen The cornation took place Thursday evening, October 15, in the school aud1tor1um,on the beautifully decorated stage Follow ing the cornation a snake dance led by the football players and cheerleaders weaved its way to main street where a pep rallv was held To the tune of the Victory March at l UO on Friday the band stepped off to begin e est Homecoming parade ever held Winning first prize was the clever senior float It was a huge sku k bearing the title, Skunk 'Em The Home Bc Club took second place followed by the iunior class itllowing the parade the Eagles clipped the Salem Cubs 25 to Bringing to a close the years homecoming was a delightful dance held at the Legion Hall Fall colors and leaves de corated the entire hall lr and Hrs Stoddard led the grand march followed by the royalty and other students This page is sponsored by Sioux Valley Co operative u e ' an I - e ' Q 2 n 0 w Q e . 0 . 9 e s 0 e e . - I e . a e 0 n O UEHIQE EWU CEUQUUZUQ numaonor men sceool , uumsouat souru beacon. Standing Pep y O'Dea, Shelley Eisenberg, Janet Stofferahn, Barbara O'Dea, Joan Trltz, Tom Masters, John Lippert, Judy Rehfeldt, Beverly Pressler, Mary Wingert, Harvey Shumaker, Dennis Staebell, and Stanley Watters Sitting Jo Stoddard Marge Anderson,gnd mylma Hutten Mr mane, dVlSOP nuff HI CRIER eg ,J fp, Published Monthly by GSW' HUMBOLD1' HIGH scHooL 44 'IW Member of SDHSPA Editor John Lippert Artists -Shelley Eisenberg and Peggy O'Dea Mailing List Harvey Shumaker Ditto Operators Stan Fetters and Dennis Staebell Typists Wylma Hutten, Jo Stoddard, Marge Andersmh Judy Grocott, Judy Lee Rehfeldt, Beverly Pressler, Mary Lou Wingert, Joan Tritz Reporters Donna Munce, Doug Meyer, John Shrewsberry, Robert Theel, Barbara Behfeldt, Carole Lewds,Cyrene Even, La Mar Hanisch, Wheeler Gill, Chuck Wuebben, Wayne Beenen Virgil Meyeryqorald qost,Dennis Grocott, Georginia Puthofq John Petri, Marvin Mueller, Dorothy Hanisch, Barbara Hoe fert, Gerald Uven, Douglas Feyder, Wayne Larson, Janet Stofferahn, Mary Allison, Barbara 0'oea, and Gerald even Advisor Mr LeRoy Kane g .yp r V v Y 1 . . v 2 5 Y' 0 . A gi, 5 v'k r e 0 - ' , L" ' 'r av-' jf Assistant Editor- -------- ---------------------Tom Masters - 0 L 4 .A . M ' l 9 gunman- ununmunn --:- cunu - anu------n -n - . Y DECLAM Jo, having won suoerlor in the local contest with her dramatic select1on,Fog, went on tothe district and regional con tests, winning a sunerlor in each, enti tling her to take part in the State con test In the State contest Jody received an excellent Shelley Eisenberg, Janet Stotterahn Marge Ander son, Joan Tritz, Wylma Hutten, Jo Stoddard, Beverly Pressler,Judy Grocott, and Phyllis Bransonpartlcipated in declam lastfsll Advisor Miss Rudd 51-'uf sl' 'fig' Marge Anderson, poetry Shelley Eisenberg, orato ry Wylma Hutton, humorous, and Jo Stoddard, dramat ic,were the local winners This page is sponsored bv Sharon Shop LIBRARY HOME EC . CLUB Standing John Shrewsberry, Mary Allison, Betty Staudenmier, Carole iewis, Judy Rehfeldt,Beverly Pressler, June Shumader, Phyllis Branson Sittln Barbara Rehfeldt, Judy Grocott Mary Ninvert, and Miss Rudd, Advisor Back Row Connie Beaner, Jean Waaze Barbara Hoefert, Judy Grocott, Donna Farmer, Joan I inson Diane Williams, Patty Kueter, Marcene Hanisch, Barbara 0'Dea, Dawn Heison, Karen Betty Boterman, Barbara Bonerman, Barbara Rehfeldt, LaVera Kolbeck, Karen W11liams,Sandra Starnes, Kay Mallinger Front Row Georginia Putdoff, Audrey Wuebben, Peggy Brldenstine, Janet Stofferahn, hancy Munce, Carole Lewis, Betty Stauden m1er,Phy1lis Branson,Cyrene Bven,and Miss Washburn,Advisor LaVonne Iolbec 1 not nictured This page is sponsored by A H Kieni Y . 2: , 2 . Barenklau. Middle Row: Betty Munce, Donna Munce, Joan Tritz, ' E S , H . A GIRL AND BOY STATE Representing Fumboldt at G1rPs and Boys State were Nylma Hutten and Loren Hanisch Discussing DAR qualifications are Peggy O'Deq and Mr Green This page is sponsored by .4 Idecker's Garage OFFICE GIRLS This page is sponsored by Rasmussen Bros , Montrose Busily at work in the office are Jo Stoddard, Peggy 0' Des, and large Anderson IANITOR For the past 25 years Hank Peters,better known as 'Pete', has faithfully performed his duties ss jap1tor.n His smile and friendly hello is appre Pete's dogs, is pictured with him at the left. olsted by all. Prince, one of .SPORI TRACK TEAM Back Row Left To Right Alfred Gill, Leroy Tunender, Larry Henjum, Gene 0'Dea, Robert Theel, Tom Masters, Donald Shumaker D W r e Front Row Left To Right Charles Beck, oug 8 Donald Tunend r Jim Stoddsrd, Cer ld Even,Wsyne Larson, Ronald Host Not pictured Dennis Grocott OUR COACH OUR RECORD Canistota Freeman Montrose Salem Spencer B'uater This pave is snonsored by The American FO OTBALL Back Row Left To Right Doug Meyer, manager Wheeler Gill, Alfred Gill Larry Grocott, Dennis Staebell, man ager Middle Row Left To Right Larry Henjum, Charles Beck, Doug Warne, Wayne Beaner, Don Tunender, Leroy Tunender gains Larson, Doug Feyder Chuck Wuebben, Coach Xen er Front Row Lett To Right Gene Hunce John Petri, John Lippert, Stan Fetters,Harvey Shumaker, Ronald Host, Tom Masters, Gerald Even Jim Stoddard Not pictured Dennis Grocott Legion Post 562 : : H , A Q A l l I 3 , H.H.S.-20 -18 , ' ' H.H.S.1 6 ----7 5 , H.H.S.- 6 Marion ----- O HQHQSU' O "I-le , I' H.H.S.-25 ---- -lb 1 , H.H.S.-21 ---12 5 , , A H.H.S.-MO ---51 FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Ronald Host Jim Stoddard JOUR Lippeft John Petri Gene Munce MSSVSPS Not pictured: Dennis Grocott This page is sponsored by West Sioux Falls Grocerv and Hardware , C Q 0 0 I I A r C C A A P P T T A A I I N N Stew Petters Gerald Even Harvey Shumaker John Lippert Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Jim Stoddard Salem Bridgewater Canistota Spencer Monroe Hartford NEW YEAR TOURNANEN T Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt BASKET Salem Monroe Canistota Monroe Montrose Mayne Larson Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Hum oldt Humboldt Humboldt Salem Bridvewater Spencer Marion Eartford DISTRICT TWURRANLWT Humboldt C niafota Humboldt 57 Brid ewater Humboldt BM spencer Dennis Staebell GSPHIG Even Stanley Fetters Co captain J d Becktold Jewelers l ' 5 5 6 J or 55... ...... .. 57 9 ...... 71 5... .... 58 gg... .... 5 ' 65 ......... 53 A 56 .......... .Q 60 5h... .... . 51 58... .... 56 7 ... ..... 1 55... 3. ... .....M 1 58 ............ ar on 23 6 ..... . , 62 3... ...... ' 67 ........... 70 6 ......... 17.5 ba 6' ..... ... alfr. , 5 ...... 22 soo tcoooo A l This page is sponsored by BALL 1 A5 Tom Masters W Harvey Shumaker Co captain This page is sponsored by Radio Sta tion KSOO 11hOKC The Sioux Emo1re's Most Listened to Station Gene lunce Doug Ngpng John Shrewsberry Loren Hanisch "A" TEAM Standing left to right Loren Hanisch, ers, John Lippert, Jim Stoddard, Dennis berry, Stan Fetters, Gene Munce, Harvey and Wayne Larson Kneeling Charles Beck, Manager, Coach Manager "B" TEAM Gerald Even, Tom Mast Staebell, John Shrews Shumaker, Doug Warne, Ken Miller, Doug Meyer Back Row Bob Malllnger, Ray Olson, Charles Kueter, Wheeler G1ll,Larry Henjum, Jerry Aalf Don Shumaker,Al fred Gill Bottom Row Larry Meyer, John Petri, Leroy Tunender, Ray Beaner, Larry Grocott, Gene O'Dea Bob Theel, Ron Roet, Doug Feyder, Coach Ken Miller This wage is sponsored by Robert Healy, Blacksmith, Montrose . Q - . - . A. 2 n ,, U . . - I I . . . . . , . . - - e CHEERLEADERS Here are the cheerleaders who were in there cheering at all the games,both foot ball and basketball These are the girls who did their best to help the team's at tain greater heights Our thahks to, Joan Tritz, Janet Stofferahn, Peggy O'Dea, Dort Hanisch and Donna Munce iv mm, Sandra Starnes, our solo twirler, display- ed ner talent between halvesof thehome games trroughout the school year. Th s is Sandy's second year oftwirling mdwe wish her twomore successful years with the baton. This page is epansorgd by 1 -if '- , i?f' e4.l 3, if ' 'a , .- V ,. .V . fr -wins ., A .1t? k. :,- I W w A - ' . - , I O 1 I A J e ' , Bud Hanisch,Genera1 Hauling .ig 1793? .'f'4f,i' 3 he as l fn, ff A A r, 'fm , 52 , iijggpx , , a 2 11,3 1 ,- X L . 4 E '7 .S SSM V fin: 'J or ' r , - .. . Qi vw.: r , g H-'P' -rig' . Qi-1 5 x ib ,off K, gf ' Eb. Mfffffux if is , BOOSTERS Bert Drake Ive's Pool Hall Humboldt Red R White Food Store Humboldt Myron Truex Humboldt Deming k Son Locker Service Humboldt Lee's Hardware Humboldt Tutil Lumber Company Humboldt Kelley's Humboldt Harden's Humboldt Sweet Sho Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Service Station Texaco Station P Body Shop Journal Idecker Garage Humboldt Palmer's Service Humboldt Fox Trucking Humboldt Union Oil Company Humboldt Odland Music Shop Roland Optical Dispensary Sioux Falls Spencer Furniture Sioux Falls Stratmeyer Standard Service Sioux Falls Zerfas Dairy k Farm Equipment Sioux Falls Midwest Beach Sioux Falls Weatherwax Sioux Falls Youngs Florist Sioux Falls Singer Sewing Machines Sioux Falls Paramount Studios Sioux Falls Centre Cafe Hartford Tibo Market R Locker Montrose Wheeler's Card Room Montrose The Montrose Herald Montrose Bill Gustaf Montrose Odell Hardware Montrose Mortenson Implement Humboldt Humboldt Sioux Falls AUTOGRAPHS QQ INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty P'.bWnr2x K1-ev Mnw'a:'Urf': Bn.-1B'Hd". FAKIOPV HOME OFFIU

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