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THE EAGLE STAFF OF HUMBOLDT HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS ITS 1954 EAGLE BOYS STATE GIRLS STATE nl TRITZ LOIS STOFFERAHN . .L., ....,,.,.W,,,.,HI I . , , ., ,,.,.,.,,....,,Wg..m..,,., . I DEDICATIO M with deep and sincere appreciation we dedicate the 19514 Eagle to a man who has cheerfully given his time and counsel to us during the past four years T Mr A L Albert we proudly dedicate our 19514 annual LL tm J. 1 ., Q S e 0 e e 0 e OUR 1954 SHOW '15 - , Vr A I Albert, Superintendent Hast1ng's College Black Hills State Teachers' College in University of South Dakota Biology, Social Sciences, and Coach Nr W H Green, Principal Mankato State Teachers' Colleve in W Valley City State Teachers' College Social Sciences ard Band VI' Roy Jensen Mr Wendell Deaoer Peneral Beadle State meachers' South Dakota State College Co lege S in S in Science, Math, and Coach Vocational Agriculture we ! ff . X C L y ,,,w A 4 , S B. S. , Ed. B. S. -d. N M. E. C 1 L A ' l B. . Ed. B. . Ed. wkg icq w,Q X M'-fx ' y 2 I J Vgeag , gf A S 4 I 1 2 Q 'Q , , - 1339 at 553 l 'Es f T 'N ' :E ww C . S- X V 1: ' lg A ll, ,- x I yes? S lr -4 .W , I , b K y Wy c S I A .', 4 Y' Q g ag r . If V I Miss Mary Ode Augustana College nvlish and Vocal Music Mrs Don Ellis South Dakota State Home Ec and English College Mr John Slattery University of South Dakota S in Business Education Mrs A L Albert Auvustana College State Certificate World Historv and Flrls phvqlcal Ed HHH A 'WMM STUDENT' COUNCIL Back Row Lett to Right Lois Stofferahn, Jim Tritz hird Row June Meves,Jim Staebell Second Row Peggy O'Dea,JohnShrewsberry Front Row Donna Dee Mortensen, Gene Munce FACULTY Left to Right M Albert, Mr Green, Mrs Albert Miss Wellman, Mrs Tritz, Mrs DeBoer, Mrs Rasmussen, Mr Jensen, Mrs Green,Mrs DeBoer, Mrs Masters, Miss Ode, mr Ellis 4- x ff? x UA'v ij g?f NLE., PROJ ECT IONISTS Chuck Mueller, Roy Englehardt, and Marvin Meyer OFFICE GIRLS JANITQR Joline Mortensen and Jackie Feyder Pete and Chugger 355 in-g.. lun X Jim Tritz HAll his interest lies in Athletics---well almost allen Athletics 1'2'5-My Band 1- 2-5-L3 Vice Pres. 1-2-53 Pres. hy Annual h3Jr. Play 53 Student Council h:H0m0' coming Attendent 53 Boys' State 5. N Gene Grocott I love the life I live I live the life I love.6 Athletics 1-2-5-h3H1-Crier h3Student Council 23Treas. hz Annual ug Sentinalof F. 535- hi JP- P18y 53 Chorus Burton Love nwith a line like should go fish -g.' Athletics l-2-5-hg Band l- 2-5-hg StudentCounci1 1-53 Homecoming Attendant l-M3 Class Pres. 13 Sec. 23Vice Pres. hz Jr. Class Play 53 vice Pres. F.F.A: h. SENIORS Margaret Beaner 'As cute and lively as can be, a favorite of the boys is she.n Chorus l-2-5-hy Library 2- 5-hg Annual L3 G1rl's Phy. Ed. L. is he VJ L, Joline Mortensen 'She is no angel in spite of her face.n Chorus 1-2-53Band 1'2'5-hj Declem 2- -MQH1-Crier 5-hg Annual 5- 3 Class Pres. 23 Sec. hg Student Council 23 Homecoming Attendent 23Jr. Play 53 G1r1's Phy. Ed. hj Cheerleader h3Off1ceTra1n- ing h. Audrey Erickson 'I have a heart for every joy and every boy.' Chorus l-5-M' Library 2- - by Annual 5-Lg H1-Crier 3 G1rl's Phy. Ed. M. 'L- Q 335' fflflf Maybelle Fetters nSing away sorrowg cast away carey I'm out for a good timeg come if you dare.n Chorus l-2- -MgBand 1-2-5- MgDeclam 5- g Library 2-53 Hi-Crier 5-Mg Annual 5-Mg CoEditorAnnual Mg Pres. 53 Student Council 5-Jr. Play 3gGirl's Phy. Ed.Mgl'wlr-ler Frankie Gill nGod gave her more than her rightful share, He made her clever as well as fair.n chorus l-2-5-Mg Band 5-Mg Twirling lgCheerleading 2- -Mg Librar 5gH1-Crier 5- g Editor My Annual 5-Mg Co-Editor Mg Jr. Play 53 Homecoming Queen Mg Class Sec 5 Girls Phv Wd M Q., as Jackie Feyder Ulf mischief is a part of heaven she is an anael.n Chorus l-2-5-M' Library 2- , H1-Crier 3-L- Annual - g Feature Ed. MgBand 5- g Declam 25 Class Treas. lg Homecomin Attendent l'Jr. a , Play 5, Girls Pay. Ed. My Office Training Mg Cheer- leader M. Vince Hanisch Hwell now---Napolean was only 5'2'.' Athletics l 2 Lanny Getzin nL1fe's a circus when you play the clown.n Athleticsl-2-5-MgChorus l- 2-3-MgH1-crler Mg Jr. Play 53 Student Council 1gPres. of F.F.A. Mg Lorrell Hanson mNhen a qlrl goes passing by, gee I wish I weren't so shy.' Athletics l-2-5-MgJr. Play 53 Homecoming Klng Mg Sec. of P U A M ,ff 'lim Leighton Hanson HHe smiled and sa1d,'Don't rush me g1rls.'n Athletics l-2-5-hg Chorus 53 Jr. Play 3g H1-Crier M3 Annual hy Reporter of F.F. A M Janet Jarding nSome think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I.' Chorus l-2-53Band 1'2'5'h: Library 53 H1-Crier 5-M3 Asst. Editor h3Annua1 5-M3 Photographer hz Declam 53 Girls Phy. Ed. h:JPa Play 5. IIA. ,, 'fall' 3.52 Dick Heisinqer Give me liberty, or give me a alib1.n Athletics l-2-5-h3Chorus2- 53 H1-Crier hz Annual M3 Carnival Attendent 23Class Sec. 2. ll Richard Kueter 'Eat laugh and be merryan for tomorrowwe may flank' Athletics 1. iii X -I A f'xs Q' P Beverly Hoefert nHer heart is like the moon it has a man in 1t.n Chorus l-2-5' Library 2- - hz Annual 5-A3 Hi-Crier 3 Twirling 1-23 Jr. Play 53 Girls Phy. Ed. M. Charyl Lias nLike a brook, she chatter's on forever.' Band l-2-5-h3Chorus 2-5-hg Library 2-53 H1-Crier 5-h3 Annual 5-hg Twirling 5-h3 Carnival Attendant 23C1ass Treasury 23 Girls Phy. Ed. by Jr. Play 5. M . xx v"' 1 4 h rn S5 df Q, 1 I V Donna Liesinger 'Sweet and trim, small and slim, he likes her, she likes h1m.' Chorus l-2-5-h- Library 2- 5-hg Annual 3-LgGirls Phy. Ed. Mg Declam 2. Mary O'Dea 'Her smile reflects her personal1ty.' Band l-2- 5-kg Chorus l-2- 5- hgDeolam 2-5-Mg Girls Phy. Ed,hg Annualhg Jr. Play 53 Homecoming Attendent M. Marvin Meyer 'He arrives without raising a dust.' Athletics l-2-53 Annual by H1-Crier -Class Trees M, 1 3: V. Education hgJr. Play 5. Marjorie Shumaker 'A little girl so shy and small---you'd hardly know she's here at all.' Chorus 1-2-5-hg Library 2- 5-lu Annual hg G11-l's Phy. Ed. M. 3 , 4 234: 'u 2,- ti Charles Mueller 'Well now, I'll tell you how it's done.' Athletics l-2-53 Chorus 1- 2-5-hg Band 1-2-5-Lg V.Ed. 2-5-hg Jr. Play 3. Roger Slocum 'He is not merely a chip off the old block, but the old block itself.' Chorus 2-5-hy Jr. Play 3. In cnt, A Elsie Stensaas 'Giggle, Chuckle! Oh, I'm so happy.n Annual5-hy Declam 2gChorus My Girls Phy. Ed. h. Delorise Wittrock nWhy should the devil have all the ,ood times.u Chorus 2- -EgHi-Crier 5-Lg Annual 3- gGirl's Phy. Ed. M' Library 2-5'Twirl1ng 1 5 . X X h 3 X Aw ,-ff .V . Lois Stofferahn Verlyn Stofferahn 'She puts all her troubles nBless the boys, I love in a big box, sits on the 'em all. Ah ----- men.n lid, and 1aughs.n Chorus 3-hgTw1rling 1-2- - chorus 1-5-hgeand 1-2-5-My MQH1-Crier 3-hgAnnua1 5- g Hi-Crier -hgDeclam 2-5-by Library 2-3gGirls Phy. Ed. Annual 5- gCheer1ead1ng 2- Lg Jr. Play 3g Homecoming 5-hy Library 23 Girls Ph . Attendant 5. Ed. hgStudent Council l-ig Jr. Play 5gG1r1s' State 3. Donalda Wuebben 'She's little and wisea a terror for her size. Transfer studentfrom Wynot Nebraska, in Senior Year. Chorus 1-2-5-hy Girls Phy. Ed. l-2-5-hy Annual hy H1- Crier My Pres. 53 Sec. lg Homecomlnr Attendant 5 James Henjum 'What I want to get out of school most is myse1f.' Athletics 1-23 Chorus 1-Mg Homecoming Attendent 2. 9 f' Isl IF JJQ v-M-4 -af Q' Jean Beaner Donna Hotchkiss Nendell Meeter Marlene Rehfeldt Tyrone Waage Henry Beck Gene Kolbeck June Meves J1m Staebell Mary Werner Joann Buchheim Harvey Krager Milton Munce -J' John Trapp Roy Englhardt Bob Kueter Jane O'Dea Leroy Even Connie Lewis Ralph Redenius Dick Grocott Marianne Mallinger Leo Hanisch Not Pictured George Trapp Bob White .IU IORS WY "P 'D' E 'FD' -4 I" Y' '33 We Margie Anderson Loren Hanisch GI large Mallinger Barbara O'Dea Dennis Staebell John Shrewsberry Wayne Beaner Barbara Hanson Connie Meeter Peggy O'Dea Shirley Staebell Harvey Shumaker Zelbert DePr1est Barbara Hoefert Douglas Beyer JohneReden1ua OPHOMORE Richard btratmeyer Robert Theel Cyrene Even Wylma Hutton Arthur Mathison Nancy Reuter Janet Stofferahn Shelley Eisenber Gary Kuborn Marvin Mueller Mary Staudenmier Stan Fetters John Lippert Donna Bunce Dorothy Hanisoh Verlyn Kropp I I vo- n f" 1 .L lg y.,, , Ge 1 'S E i ,i w 3 'xy 4 g. A--3. '5 A 'f' -5 :fi 12 J, ,XX .A nt, :z 1: t 4 , 22355555 has f J X f . , . A ,. lx 3 ,gil - 'E f,-A A KI K Arr, 4 5 if i 'Q' E5 'vi' , ? A . M L I ,gi -va ,e if' g ' ,I N s., S ' e S Isg, if i'J, url 'ei A .4 p Kali az- . ' ' i ran' 4-at ,, A 'A be T? 1 Li Q , 2 L fi I A 'M .4 'Q w .ofa .9 .3 we . 4 A Q. sq . 7 is if? Q df! Q wif 1 he ,s I'L df ri I J '27 ff-1 ,, .1 'fr far X '47 Mary Allison LaMar Hanisch Tom Masters John Petri Ronald Rost David Tritz Sharon White Ray Beaner Dorothy Harsma Duane Marsh Beverly Pressler Doris Staebell Joan Tritz Mary Wingert Junior Branson Ona Hotchkiss Larry Meyer Georginia Puthoff June Shumaker Donald Tunender Peter Zimmer Gerald Even Jim Jacobs Virgil Meyer Barbara Rehfeldt Betty Staudenmier Douglas Feyder Lavonne Kolbeck Donna Mortensen Judy Rehfeldt Dennis Grocott Carol Lewis Gene Munce Judy Grocott Judy Liesinger Not Pictured Charles Wuebben Wheeler Gill 1 FRESHME H -3 ur "5 Q 3 .. r J V l A J . l a . ,, 1" QE .- ex,. 3 z'l'?Q JY ' A F", 5 X 1. A ,' J 1 . Q ' 1 Q, ' 5' '5' "' . I' A Q F' 7 A 3 SAA .fn ff, e ' , gr .A if an S I '-3 'it I . ' :fs o r 5' K T4 W A 4' I , Lg tr 'wg 1, 4 I OUR TALENT I-IUUR 4 A , Q s G 6' '1' Y' xi ' w E AQ lx, pu. 5. I DECLAM BackRow:LefttoRight: Shelley Eisenberg, BarbaraHanson,Jo1ine Mortensen,Mrs.E11is, Miss Ode, Advisors, Mick Wittrock, Lois Stofferahn, Mary O'Dea, Joan Tritz. Front Row: Barbara O'Dea, Janet Steffe- rahn,Maybe11eFetters Merge Anderson,Donna Dee Mortensen. TWIRLERS Verlfn Stofferabn Cheryl Lias Mickey Wittrock B TWIRLERS Wylma Hutten Barbara Hoefert Connie Meeter Cyrene Even Ill IV LIBRARY Left to Right Connie Lewis, Margaret Beaner, Miss Ode,Adv1sor, Mary Werner,Joann Buchheim, Elsie Stensaas, Mariorie Shumaker, Marlene Rehfeldt, Beverly Hoefert, Jean Beamer, Donna Hotchkiss Seated Donna Liesinger, Audrey Erickson HI CRIER left to Right Leighton Hanson,DickHeis1nger, Junior Beck,Audrey Erickson, Beverly Hoefert, Mary Werner, Marvin Meyer, Donna Hotchkiss, Joann Buchheim, Marianne Mallinver, Connie Lew1s,Harvey Krager,De1orise Wittrook,Wende11 heeter, Jean Beaner, Verlyn Stofferahn,Chary1 Lias, Lanny Getz1n,Jo11ne Mortensen, Maybelle Fetters Seated Gene Grocott, Janet Jarding, Frankie Gill, Lois Stofferahn, Jackie Feyder Advisor Miss Ode HOMECOMING KING AND QUEEN FRANK11-3 LORRI-:LL Humboldt High School's fourth annual Homecoming festivities began on Thursday evening October 15,1955 with a pep rally A snake dance started from the bus iness district and worked it'sway to behind theschool house where were assembledthe sportsfans of Humboldt A large bonfire was burning and the crowd was led in cheers by the cheerleaders The pep band played the school song while the sky was ablaze with the burning 'Hu The snake dance formed againand led by the cheer leaders and football players toured the town in snake Friday, October 16, at 12 o'c1ock the day's act ivities started with a parade which ended atthe foot ball field where at 2 o'c1ock the 1955 King and queen were revealed,Frankie Gill and Lorrell Hanson respect ively The royalty party was led field by the trumpeteers while the guard They were led to the throne in the traditional colors of blue situated under Humboldt's oal post onto the football band formed ahonor whichwas decorated and gold, and was S Immediately following thecoronation Humboldt met Marion and the Eagles marked up another victory by a score of 61 to 26 The Homecoming events ended with a victory dance at the Legion Hall beginning at 9 p m The evenin 3,3 S started off when the trumpeteersled Queen Frankie and King Lorrell and the royalty party to the throne The hall was decorated with blue and gold streamers The school song was played and the Grand March was led by the teachers A large crowd attended and dancedto the enjoyable music of Don Ellis and his band This was the first Alumni dance the students of Humboldt ever had and it brought the Homecomingevents to a very successful close ROYALTY Back Row Left to Right TootsHanson Joan Tritz, Chuck Wuebben, Marianne Mallinger, John Trapp, Burt Love Mary O'Dea, Rich ard Stratmeyer, MargAnderson,Mar v1nMuel1er,M1ddle Row Lorre11Hanson FrankieG1ll Front Row Ted Ekanrer, Karen Lindroth 3 nl. C . x like form. A age I Qi, 4 Backrow Left to Right Dorothy Harsma, Judy Grocott, Donna Mortensen,Bever1y Hoefert,Audrey Er1ckson,Delor1se Wittrock, Majbelle Fetters,Mary O'Dea,Sh1rley Staebell,Lo1sStofferahn, Barbara Hoefert, Wylma Hutton,Dorothy Han1sch,Barbara O'Dea, Middlerow Mrs Ellis Advisor,BarbaraRehfeldt,BettyStaudenmeir June Shxmaker, Doris Staebell, Verlyn Stofferahn, Margaret Beaner, Beverly Pressler, Marge Mallinver, Janet Stofferahn, Mary Staudenmeir, Mary Winpert, Judy Lee Rehfeldt Frontrow Elsie Stensaas, Cyrene Even, Sharon White, Judy Liesinper, Mary Allison, Donna Liesinper, Georginia Puthoff, La Vonne Kolbeck, Donna Munce, Joan Tritz, Jane O'Dea, Ona Hotchkiss, and Marjorie Shumaker FFA fc Backrow LefttoRight John Petri, Ronn1eRost, Dona1dTunender, Ra1phReden1us, Douglas Meyer,Roy Englehardt,JohnShrewsberry, Stanley Fetters,Wayne Beaner,Dick He1singer,Char1es Mueller, Dick Kueter, Bob White Middlerow Peter Z1mmerGene Kolbeck, Marvin Mue11er,Jun1on Beck,Arthur Mathison,Bob Kueter,Jun1or Branson, Dennis Staebell, John Redenius, Tyrone Waage,Robert Theel Frontrow Wesley Stensaas, Larry Meyer, Virgil Meyer, Jim Jacobs,Chuck Wuebben, Wendell Meeter, Duane Marsh,Dennis Grocott, Marvin Meyer, Verlyn Kropp, Vince Hanisch Seated Mr De Boer, Advisor Gene Grocott, Lorrell Hanson, Lanny Getzin, Burton Love, Leiphton Hanson, and Lero Even PLAYS A three act comedy 'Small Town Romeo was presented by the Junior Class on December 10, 1955 in the Humboldt gymnasium This play was about a young man who has come to the city to write book and then fines himself suspected of murder and robbery The characters participating were as follows Marlene Rehfeldt, Jean Beaner, June Meves, Jane O'Dea Marianne Mallinger,Harvey Krager, Wendell Meeter, Leroy Even, Jim Staebell, and Roy Englehardt The play kept the audience in suspense and laughter. SENIORS The Maxwel1's latest nonsensical misadventures start when 15 year old Betty Iou has a poem printed in the school paper Since grandmother Maxwells maiden name was Barrett,Betty Lou just knows that she is a descendant of Flizabeth Barrett Browning She and her best friend, Bernadwne Smith, write to a fwrm that 'looks up family trees The reply arr1ves,but is intercepted by Mr Maxwell who gasps when he reads that his anc stors includedall the famous criminals of that time Needless to say,poor Pop is now imagining everything and his offspring only tend to make him believe they're all "touched" His son Wilbur and pal Hercules,have decided to be maviciansand they hook strfnvs on the furniture and controlled it from the closet son Wilbur and pal Hercu1es,have decided to be magicians and they hook strmnvs on the furniture ani controlled it from the closet All goes well until Pop walks in and sees the chairs hopp1ng,p1c tures rockinv and magazines bouncing across the room He's crack inp upl Pop divulves all to Wilbur, givin? lured details of their purwle ancestors Since they're magicians, the boys decide to commute with the sk letons in the familv closet A letter finally arrives, explaining the mistake about the family tree By this time everything is in a hilarious uproar mrtrade and Louie,a pair of not too smart, would be robbers enter, hide 1n the closet, and are discovered by the boys By now everyone's frant1c,inc1ud1ng dazed Mother, distraught Father, His dumbfounded boss, astonished Mrs Jennings, soc1ety's number one matron perplexed Aunt Mary, and the Maxwell's always unpredictable offspring The cast included Jackie Feyder,Donna Lies1nger,Joline Mort ensen,Dick Heisinzer,Audrey Erickson,Jim Tritz,Delor1se Wittrock, Lanny Getzin Lois Stofferahn,Burton Love,Lorrell Hanson, Vincent Hanisch, Janet Jardine, Frankie Fill, and Maybelle Fetters u ' A Ein .- , L -- ,- 4 2' f N O 8. Q . , . l U .1 . , J l . . 'I . . . ' 0 Y, . Q. I . ' 1 ' ., , I , . . . . . 5 - ' at . t Y I N - r- , . -I Q ' Q -1 D FW ' 1 J 7 o 9 , 0 Q , . " 1 . , ,, . A . Q , . ,. , , ,. A . M . ,- .. ' - , . Y r ' . Back Row: Left to Right: Mr. Green, Director, Maybelle Fetters, Burton Love, Junior Beck, Frankie Gill, Jackie Feyder,JuniorBranson,Dorothy Hanisch. Third Row: Shirley Warren, Mary Staudenmier,Mary Werner, Marge Mallinger, Jerry Aalfs, Bob White, BaBk Row: Left to Right: Donna Liesinger, Doris Staebell, June Shumaker, Betty Staudenmier, Barbara Rehfeldt, Shelley Eisenberg, Judy Grocott, Lois Stofferahn, Maybelle Fetters, Delorise Witt- rock, Charyl Lias, Cyrene Even. Middle Row: Miss Ode, Advisor I Sharon White, Joan Tritz, Dorothy Harsma,Donna Mortensen, Shirley Staebell, Margaret Beaner, Jane O'Dea, Ona Hotchkiss, Donalda Wuebben, Barbara Hoefert, Wylma Hutten. Frontrow: Barbara Hanson, Janet Stofferahn, Margie Anderson, Audrey Erickson, Peggy O'Dea Frankie Gill, Mary O'Dea, Verlyn Stofferahn,Jackie Feyder, largie Shumaker, Elsie Stensaas. vii" GIRLS GLEE BOYS GLEE Leroy Even, Harvey Krager, Janet Stofferahn, Barbara Hanson, Marvin Mueller, Jim Tritz, Janet Jarding, Wayne Beaner, Tom Masters, Dennis Staebell, Dorothy Harsma, Stanley Fetters, Wylma Hutton, Charyl Lias. Second Row: Dawn Heinson, Dianne Williams, Shelley Eisenberg, John Lippert, Wheeler Gill, Joan Tritz, Connie Meeter, Barbara O'Dea, Peggy O'Dea,Nancy Reuter,Lois Stofferahn. Front Row: Charles Mueller, Joline M Mortensen, Donna Dee Mortensen,Judy Grocott, Mary O'Dea, Back Row: Left to Right: Wendell Meeter, Lanny Getzin, Dennis Staebell, Peter Zimmer, Roger Slocum, Charles Mueller, Stanley Fetters, Zelbert DePriest, Gene Grocott, John Petri, Robert Theel Second Row: Miss Ode, Director, Arthur Mathison, Richard Strat- meyer, Harvey Krager,Douglas Meyer, Junior Branson, Wayne Beaner, Bob White, Harvey Shumaker, Gerald Even, Frontrow: Loren Hanisch, Tom Masters, Gill. Larry Meyer, John Lippert, Raymond Beaner, Wheeler -amz , Y' ' 2 Q-if -w'w,s lm as Ge "' no MIXED Back Rowg Left to Rightg Wendell Meeter,IannyGetz1n,Denn1s Staebell, Zelbert De Priest, Roger Slocum, Charles Mueller, Stanley Fetters, Gerald Even, John Petri, Bob White, Robert Theel, Gene Grocott, Raymond Beaner, Wheeler Gill. Third Rowg Tom Masters, Peter Zimmer, Arthur Mathison, Richard Stratmeyer,Harvey Shumaker,Ioren Han1sch,Larry Meyer. Second Row, Miss Ode, Advisor, June Shumaker, Judy Grocott,Peggy 0'Dea, Jane O'Dea, Sharon White, Verlyn Stofferahn, Margaret Beaner,Dorothy - x TRIO gs CHOR Harsma, Donna Dee Mortensen, Betty Staudenmier, Shelley E1senberg,Lo1s Stofferahn, Ona Hotchkiss, Charyl Lias, Barb Hoefert,Dona1da Wuebben, June Moves, Maybelle Fetters. Front Rowg Cyrene Even, Barbara Hanson, Janet Stofferahn, Margie Anderson, Donna Liesingsr,Joan Tr1tz,Marjor1e Shumaker,Dor1s Staebe11,Mary 0'Dea, AudreyEr1ckson,Jack1eFeyder,Shirley Staebell, Delorise Wittrock, Wylma Hutton, Barbara Rehfeldt, Elsie Stensaas. i Ap' L L I ax' K 51' Y 'J' 'S Q TETTE QUARTETTE Senior Ag Junior Typing .i CLASSES Sophomore English 'Wal' we 00' Freshman Algebra SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS I l 1 .- KW , , x r A' 'I . x - .. ' V. 1 V K , aj E T N w 1 bi CHEERLEADERS Back Row Left to Right Jackie Feyder, Frankie Cill, Peggy O'Jea, Joline Mortensen, Lois Stofferahn Front Row Sus Ann Tritz PHYSICAL E U 41' Back Row Left to Right Connie Meeter, Shirley Staebell, Wylma Hutten, Mary Staudenmier, Dorothy Hanisch, Barbara O'Dea,Barbara Boefert, Cheryl Lias, Janet Jardfng, Beverly Hoefert, Marjorie Shumaker, Margaret Beaner, Donna Liesinger, June Meves, Mary Werner Middle Row Betty Staudenmier,June Shumaker,Mary Allison, Beverly Pressler, Doris Staebell, Peggy O'Dea, Janet Stofferahn, Shelley Eisenberg, Judy Grocott,Joann Buchhe1m,Marlene Rehfeldt, Tudy Liesinger, Mary Wingert,Georg1n1a Puthoff, Marianne Mallin ger, Donna Mortensen, Mrs Albert, Advisor Front Row La Vonne Kolbeck, Joan Tr1tz,Maybelle Fetters, Delorise Wittrock, Frankie Gil1,Jackie Feyder,Joline Mortensen,Sharon White,Dorothy Harsma, Mary O'Dea, Verlyn Stofferahn, Lois Stofferahn, Elsie Stensaas, Donalda Wuebben 1 I I I x ' C E ' 4 O -duly. u-.v-.liL'4Quk-as ' 1141-6 - - A . AQ M J A , ' X ' 1 ' 5 3 1 1 n X . I W . 4 . , . . . : -1 , - . 0 2 l nnu,' l1,U' Back Row Left To Right Coach Albert, Tyrone waaqe, Denrls bta bell, John Shrewsberr , Wayne Beaner, Gene Munce, To Vasters Middle Row Chuck UJebben,Jun1or Beck, Robert Theel,Douglas Meyer, Douglas Feyder, Milton Nunce Front Row LaMar Hanisch,Gerald Even,R1chard Stratmeyer, John Lippert Harvey Shumaker Wheeler Gill 'ra PNA Front Row: Left to Right: Gene Grocott, Jim Tritz, Lanny Getzin, Dick He1s1nger,Coach Jenson. Back Row: Dick Grocott,Burt Love,George Trapp, Harvey Krager, Leighton Hanson. L y Lgg , L as, I I Wi.: 8 'VL it ' 1 M Q g l N , I o K. , t I ix A 2 f x i e, K fi T 'W ll 5 : K I ' 9 . f' , .. , 2 - Q 2 I . 0 I f' -' , , A . 1 . t,9'4 J 'fin lair A . . X l - N Lv iss Q3 BAS Back Row: Left to Right: Leroy Ever e Hanson, Jim Staebell, Stanley Fetter Love, Jim Tritz, Gene Groeott. Fror Student Manager. OVQ4 234 BALL Gene Kolbeck, Leo Haniach, Leighton Dick Grocott, Lorrell Hanson, Burt Row: Coach Albert, Lanny Getzin, FGQQLBALL Spencer-- Humboldt- Br1dgeH2O Humboldt- Canistota Humboldt- Freeman-- Humboldt- Mar1on--- Humboldt-- Sa1il----- Y u 'fwgvfsev 'E :if , .PWS 1 - fuk if. vi 'CKJAMQEEK f' I f wr, xii X 'X' A5 'x X ' kwa V A X is v3.5 XnX9?"g' X . wkfzA,N W, V-X -tv . Qfxvg vw' 41" f in QA giihax L , 1-, s 1 5 w 45 Q GRA PHS

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1954, pg 41

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