Humboldt High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Humboldt, SD)

 - Class of 1952

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Humboldt High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Humboldt, SD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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ynfj"-i.?"4,-,. 1 ' wc,-'A.K92.i, A ff. .- .. 0 . 2, - , . , f. .-2 Y3,,,,,..v..m.5,NX4..1..w..g.: "f ' if , ' N - 1- , 4 !- ' , ' ,. 1 , -, 3.1.-W PUBLISHED BY THE EAGLE STAFF EDITORS cel M039 Mfg? Q! BUSINESS MANAGER lime EMA! REPORTFRS Darlene Anderson Patricia Eggee Carroll Eggee Janet Lewis Mae Harden Ellen Gill Lee Pirlet Eileen Staudenmier Helen Stensaas Derrall Larsen Donna Hanisch lone Dykstra Avis Schartz ADVISOR: Mr. A. L. Albert HPV!! IWW L. I ,eg , Si ' , . . - ,, 6- -" A H 1 I' l . Cheer, Cheer for Humboldt High! Send up your praises mounting the svy, Ever loyal to her creed Never disgrace her by your deed For God and country We will bear Honor the blue and pold that you wear, Loyal students carry on For good old Humboldt Hig 2 Dedlcatlon The Uagle Staff is proud to dedicate the Annual of 1952 to Henry Peters, who has given many years of service as custodian of Humboldt High School Typ ical of Nr Peters is his willingness to serve the student body Our hat goes off to Pete" 5 Q O f XX . Ax X .. f A g 0 - I n O dmlmstratlon if Walter R Green, Principal Valley City State Teachers College Valley City, N Dak Mankato State Teachers College Mankato, Minn S in Civics, American History, Law General Business, World Geography, Band A L Alb rt, uperintendent Hastinp's College, Hastings, Nebr Black fills Teachers Coll pe, D6BPplSh, University of Soutk Dakota, Vermillion, Dak Biology, World Hi tory .1 'i Faculty Top Left oaI1'n o r Black ls T achpr o n vers ' yol ooo'lPP0 n anual laqs Advisor Bottom LeF+ l a Sladek, out Dalota tote Colley we con I III Related Qcience Clorxs Top Hilht Harona Ad rhol J A Van? ton Coll ,P nglisk I II I IV Sb rar , Dcclam,and Senior Glas Play D1 Bottow Rlphr 3urde++P Cl Fford,DaVo' eslpvsn Unlvers r ow or' lnivpr y, ooutr D 'ofa S+ Coll Blacv Fillq Ieachers Col Alrohra, F omptr oc olo no IC her str , AthIe+lcs - ' 2. R, . 'x ri' j i f . K' ,4 ,J . I N 'I St llo , E. S. ' . I 1 1 N A ' Q J, '. . . .- Hil Q , S' 3 llorcg Y f iif of h7,. E . .-- , ,II , ,L - Myer nf. T ,'nr, ' xf,o,i p, I y I s - Frainlng, hi-orier Advisor, and Junior rector. C I . . QI Wi m 5.5. S h I oi ' .,,,, i ' . we f S C ,e. Hou E . , II, H, , I , 4,Y, H, Y 1 ' , - I 1 Q 3 1 I . sit ' A 'ar,, ,ate ore, 5.5. . . I ' love. -, ,A ,I H, S i 7?-Eco r' S, C I- I r . . 1 Faculty Guiding th chool 1 b e cessful year lS our facult5 Left to right they are a fo loas evelyn Wellman, A L Alb rt, V R G een, lrs J R Green ealv n Stoller, Irs I D Tritz,Burdette Clifford Wilma Sladek, Ramona Aderhold, and Nrs D J laste BOARD OF EDUCATION Jeated around the table are Harry Stofferahn, Art Mortensen, Vice President, Eldon Nunce, Clerk Carl Renter, President, Walter Harden, and F A Lindroth 6 ' -f- f- 4- ' e S t. ' H A s Af: Y. 1 -1 v -f ,.. , , 5 L V Z ' - . . C' V. . U u f, . f 1, I' h u in Q , 1 I. 4 lu n 1 v-- , . . LA . . e L TS. c- - ' A w , , I 0 4 o 54 57:13 ,x 0532 'll' I has gf: .1 Left to Right: Janet Lewis, Caroline Vaass, Mr Albert Advisor Dick Grocott, Ione Dykstr'a,Pr'es1dent, Ilee Pir-let, Joline Mort- enson, Wendell Tfeeter, Gene Grfmcott, Vice President. STUDENT CGUNCIL ,, ..-. nv lv: ,e .J ' h V .I X 5 5 4 L FX ' A VALEDICTOBIAN SALUTATOBIAN Amar-Ana .xdncfemon Effie Endo! Derrall Larsen K., SENIORS 1 95 1 Lila Vee Keyer HQuiet hut Friendly and Thouqhtfuln Library 2-5-L3 D9C19m,2' Ted Fetters girls, l'll blus Band 2-5-I' Football 1 HDon't speaktto m hll Shy Chords, 55 ,Carnival flU , L - lf' .rw- Lee Pirlet Q' 5 YV '1 X N . T X in 'All great men are dying. I don't feel so well myselfw Basketball, lg Chorus, 5- Mgclass President, hglrea- surer, 5, H1-Crier, 5-Mg Annual Staff, My Student Council, M. June Clausen nhot Canary of H.H.S.n F.H.A. 5-bg H1-Crier Staff 5gAss1stant Editor,hgChor- us, l-2-5-Lg Annual Staff, FQCO-Editor, Mg Declam, 2- lg Student Council, 55 Jr. :Wm Play, 55 Library, 2- Ione Dykstra HA Streak, a Crash, and there's Ioneu F.H.A.5-My Student Council Pres1dent,hg Library,2-5-M Hi-Crier Staff, by Annual Staff, 5'H' Chorus, l-5-Q, 'Never a dull moment when he's around.n Basketball, l-2-5-Lg Foot- ball, 2-5-L5 Chorus, My Track, 5-Lg Jr. Play, 5, Secretary,5,Vice-President 53 H1-Crier 55 Homecoming Attendant, ng Annual, 5-M. 8 '1 .1 Leora Schieveloein Ulf I'm studying when you come in. Wake me.n Chorus, l-2-Z-Lg F.H.A. 5- Lghorecorinq Attendant, Eg Carnival Quaen, L. 'John Needles HOur Hot Rod Boyln fhorus, 5gMov1e Projector 4. Rofor Grave uShV, but oh ny-In horws, hs LaVonne Burgrraff nwhere there's fun there's EurgFraff.n Band,l-2-3-4gChorus,1gL1b- rary,2-Y-Lg H1-Crier Staff Lg Declam, 2-Lg Jr. Play, Pg Annual Staff, Co-Editor L P P A t ' gg'... ., 55 Presiden , n. Dorothy Maass WCrdinary girl, but not an ordinary name.n FN Y L1brary,4-5-lgChorua, Erlg H1-Crier, og F.H.A., 3-Q. Jack Munce nlt isn't what you do it's what You get away within Basketball, l-2-3-Lg Foot- ball, 2-Z-Lg Jr. Play, 5. 9 xx 1 K xx? 'Q ,u ir, u 15. Bettie Romhoff HAll Pooi tkinVs core in small packages.U Class Secretary,lgChorus,l 2-Eg Girls' Stateeig Home- F' coming Attendant,ag Cheer- leader, l-2-E-lg Jr. Play, , , 5, Annual Staff, I-.5 hi- Crier, 2-5-E. Kenneth Stofferahn nIt's a bother to be handsome, but I love to be botheredln Basketball, l-23 Jr. Play, 53 Football, 2-5-Lg Band , l-2-5-Lg Class President, 5, Secretary,Lg V1ce-Pres- ident, 2, Chorus,5g Boy's State, 5. Lloyd Shroyer HI'll do anythinr if lt's meanln Football,2-5-Lg Basketball l-2-5-bgMovie Projector,h, Track, 5. Ardys L61SlDSST nSome think she's quiet, but just ask her friendsln Chorus, 5-Mg Jr. Play, 5, F.H.A., 2-21. Carroll Eggee HHorses are her first love What about her second?u Band, l-2-5-by Chorus, Lg Library, 2-Lg Jr. Play, 7 Annual, 5-Lg Hi-Cr1er,5-l. Gene Zimmer 'Generally speaking he's generally speakingln Chorus , L4 . 2212321 Marian Mathieu HA Redhead wifho t a tem er.n chorus, 1-3-fy F.11.A. 5-L. Be e d Euchheir ,rn.r Ulf Sleeninr is a hobby, that's ffffln ' Footba11,2-7-Lg Basketball l-2-5-KgJr. Play, Eg Home- coming Attendant, Eg Track 5. Neal Masters nlt's such an awful care to be so handsome.n Basketball, l-2-5-My Foot- ball,2-5-!gHomecom1ng King hgClass TreaSwrer,lg Chor- us, 5, Jr. Play. 5. Darlene Anderson nThe Blonde Bombshellln Library, 2, Chorus, l-5, Cheerleader, 2-53 Jr. Play 5, Annual, Z-Lg Hi-Crier 5, -dlcor, h homecoming Queen, M. Edna Theel nHappy go Lucky.u Library, 2-5-bg Chorus 2- H1-crier, ug F.H.A., 5lL.' Ernie Hoefert nStudy? Never heard of the word. Band, 1-2-f-L, Chgrug L, Track, 5. 11 , David Zimmer 'One who loves his fellow- men-and womenln Band, l-2-5-Mg Chorus, M5 Track, 5. Gerald Harsma nNavy's the only life for mein Band, 2-5-Mg Jr. Play, 5. Norman Shumaker 'Just busy living AND HOWH Basketball, l-5-bg Foot- ball, 5-My Class President 23 Student Council, 5. 12 CLAIIfN11CEDS HUN1l.DOLL MLTTC LULCDI FLCNVED CALENDAR 15 X 1 - j N ,IQ .'f'f'f" fvlf E?f1.'Qf"Q 1 I Q' L84 4- li? Not Pictured Donna Ielow off icers J Janet Lewis Pres So that's the way you Frank Likens Vice Pres work on the Annual, Darlene Reuter Sec'y lb Hae' B111 Bomhoff Treas BB MB BB VD IC AR IU IR LM RA LC RA X' LH .f- YN 1, LH GY Q ' H IE F 'E' 3 "4 W 2 L 11 U M H F H I 3'::'7,.x, '54 Q M wqifq if I P E E G D H B H AG LI OA OA E I EL -I " 3 'f N ,V AS IO "' 13 - c EN K ' H BK ' MH gg UR JL AE AA BL DU 'N A D " YE E1 ' 2 , T . Y E lx ' T S Ae? Q C I X ' K .A 'I 'f f ' .' 5 cn: RP FL AA AM , OE R I H A ,A G E H T AK cs Y U NY Q, AR NE F, LS t.. gg ri' LI " KN 1 I -, .5 D + f LS 9 1-1 3 1 , I I or A' ,K M 'A N 'f I Il' C yvfx, . A Q f' 3 x' .', FR DR AS LS R A A E V C E C AN RU IH Op NN LT SA Lg Gy-, C EE 53 R 3 M - I ' , NR T ,N A S E A' Z K no D 5 R E 5 H S R V D W IT H ET OA GH LA LE BN NI EU 4 Er: E NT E D N S h' R V 7, A E I N E , A 4 T L 1 H 1 A E '19 1.1 s 3 I T E A H - I I F ' 1 , ,f oicturedg Leighton Hanson Lorrell Hanson Jim Henjum Richard Kuetzr I E 3 arf? A A K OhlThose Handsome 15 M., SOPHQMQRES JF MB AE MF AE iii E? 55 CY 4 GN RC BT: 2 f. AE EK - EE 1 YE N RR YS Lo N f Q Q f!.'1 fi N -Z FG GG VH ig RI ER IA Y I C m 45 V F 2 I: ' E .Q L '1 "' .'-an 4 llf. 4' fuk A DP BH CI KJ IE D0 AD FQ CI RE BID 2 KS 7' EE 1- omg TI A E '29 LR 9 LM I-4' N 1.9 A J' YT ,' R , 3 G G 91, 5,5 E b f CL DL gg mr.: HI OI AE AA NE Q! RY I1 . 35 " fi? J' 3 'AA YS 3' L ' N x -gf N f G . ' 13 1 ., f 1, A R lk, CM ' . A10 Ms 22 E3 AD AH L R Q R E R E R U IT LL 1' XA " JM NE " , G 32 EN A . S SR th gg if E D RS ES gi' VS OL LT IO ET GO SE SF R0 EC IN F LF RU 'D ES N5 E " YF ' A 'U 1 NE I M R - R A A A S P ' H N N J T ' D W 'GN- IR EI K MI ' LT M T O T U W -no YZ ' RR , , 13 laik , ,b. o n Not pictured, 'Mau Jo Ann Buchhiem Roy Engelhardt Robert Kue ter Joe Redenius Ralph Redenius H B E N R Y Q F RESHME L E H O IU V E N In -4? Droopy, George? HOMECOMING KING AND QUEEN 7 I Q l .. MAJORETTES Back Row Left to Right: Delorise Wittrock, Beverly Hoefert, Mary Branson, Maybelle Fetters, Ellen Gill. Front Row:Verlyn Stofferahn, Caroline Maass, Donna Melow, Donna White, Helen Stensaas. CHEERLEADERS Left to 1-ight: Frances Gill, Lois Stofferahn, Donna HHH isch, Janet Lewis, Bettie Bomhoff. N Lascut, Lorraine Hanlsch and cneerleeders X X S-.. -J Back how Left to Riglt: Kenneth Stofferahn, Bernard Buchheim, Lloyd Shroyer, Bill Bomhoff, Ted Fetters, Derrall Larson, Neal Masters, Burdette Clifford. Second Row: Gene Grocott, Richard Heisinger, Norman Shumaker, Jim Tritz, Bud Kruse, Lanny Getzin Jack Munce. Front Row: Leo Hanisch, Lorrell Hanson, Richard Grocott, Bill Buchheim, Burton Love, Jim Oberg, Dick Harms, Leighton Hanson. THLETICS FIRST EIGHT Back How Left to Right: Kennetn Stofferahn, Bernard.Buchhe1m, Derrell Larson, Bill Bomhoff, Front Row: Neal Masters, Buddy Kruse, Jack Munce, Lanny Getzin. All. ' Humboldt 114 -- Montrose 6 Humboldt LL5 -- Salem 19 Humboldt 35 -- Spencer 20 Humboldt 55 -- B'water 114 Humboldt 7 -- Canistota 6 Humboldt 28 -- Freeman 23 Humboldt 61 -- Marion 214 Guard, Kruse Forward, Masters FTRST FIVE Center Lars 20 Guard, Bomhoff Forward, Buchheim Beck row Left to Rirhtz Norman Srumaver, Bill Bomhoff Bernard Buchheim, Neal Masters, Buddy Kruse, Second row Derrall Larsen, Leighton Hanson, Jimmy Tritz, Lloyd Shro- yer, Jack Munce, Front row: Lanny Getzin, Lorrell Han- son, Dick Grocott, Gene Grocott, Burton Love, Burdette BASKETBALL FIRST FIVE Left to Right: Bill Bomhoff, Buddy Kruse, Derrall Larson, Neal Masters, Bernard Buchhelm. Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt Humboldt 21 59 U9 62 MO Sh 35 E3 9 5 E3 56 5 6 68 M5 Hartford Salem Hurley Spencer B'water Cenistota Marion Montrose Salem Delmont B'water Hartford Hurley Canistota Franklin Marion Emery Montrose District Tournament Humboldt 5 - B'water Humboldt '6 - Spencer Humboldt Q5 - Salem Regional Tournament Humboldt 52 - Dells Humboldt Sl - Worthinv Fome Ee I 'iss Sladek Shop TI' Stciller 22 v A . .iw lr T- L , Ckem1stryC1nss HI' Clifford English II Miss Aderhold 23 :N v 9 ' . .fx 4 1 1 I . GIRLS' CHORUS back Row Left to Ri It: lone Dykstra, Mary Branson, Dorothy Maass, Avis Sclartz, Jolfne Mortensen, Carroll Eupee,Patrieia Epvee, Frances Gill, Mayhelle Fetters, Jenet Jarding. Second Rowg Ellen G1ll,Lorraine Hanno, June Clausen, Ardys Liesinver, Marian Mathieu, Leora Schievelbein, Delorise wittrock, Mary O'Dea, Eileen Stawdenmier, June Meves. Front Row: Kiss Sladek Beverly Hoefert, Ckaryl Lies, Carol Ideker, Donna Write, Margaret Beaner,Marforie Skumaker, Donna HotchViss,Janet Lewis Jacllyn Fevder. Back Row Left to Right: Derrall Larson, Lloyd Shroyer, Virgil Drake, Charles Mueller, Lee Pirlet, Ernest Hoefert, Roger Slo- cum, Lanny Getzln, Second Row: Eugene Kolbeck, Francis Rann, Bob Kolbeck, Leo Shumaker, Jim Staebell, Harvey Krager, David Zim er, Roger Grave, Front Row: Miss Sladek,Director, Milton Munce, Leroy Even, Bob White, Henry Beck, Bill Buchhe1m,Robert Van Vleet, Wendell Meeter. BOYS' CHORUS Carnlval Kmg and Queen PROJECT IONISTS Left to right: Charles Mueller, John Needles, Virgil Drake Lloyd Shroyer. O I C3 '-T' ie, L. ,y , I KJ 'Q f pl ' I 6 I QUARTETTE -N-S Left to Right Neal Masters, Buddy Kruse, Bill Bomboff, Kenny Stofferahn BAND Back Row Left to Right Mr Green, Director Donna Hanisch, Mae Harden, David Zimmer, Ernest Hoefert, Burton Love, Gerald Harsma, Ted Fetters,Donna White, Charvl Lias,Kenny Stofferahn, Second Row Joan Tritz, Judy Grocott,Shelley E1senberg,Jollne Mortensen, Mary O'D a, LaVonne Burggraff,Lois Stofferahn,Janet Jarding, Ellen Gill, Bob Kolbe k, Jim Oberg, Hervey Krager, Bob Write, Janet Stofferahn Front Row Charles Mueller, June Meves, Darlene Reuter, Patricia Epgee,Carroll Eggee, Mavbelle Fetters, Stanely Fetters, Robert Van Vleet,Barbara Hanson, Jim Tritz, Bill Bomhoff 26 4 ' U ' ' ..u .5 ' '- ",,.,,,.,.,,A ,, J I I Q I if i 5- 1 . v -V V Yx - f. a o , f 1 Q n . 0 1: " . C o .. o . . ' 3 1 0 Back Row Left to Right: bettie Bomhoff, Janet Lewis, Donna Hanisch, Helen Stensaas, Mr. Stoller, Advisor, Carroll Eggee, Ellen Gill, Dorothy Maass, Eileen Staudenmier,Patr1cia Eggee, Edna Theel, Agnes Meyer, Lavonne Burggraff, Ione Dykstra, Front Row: June Clausen,assistant Editor, Mae Harden, Darlene Anderson,Ed1tor, Lee Plrlet. Back Row Left to Right: June Clausen Mary Branson, Lila Mae Meyer, Dorothy Maass, Lorraine Hanno, Joline Mortensen, Eileen Staudenmier, Maybelle Fetters, Lois Stofferahn, Janet Jarding, Frances Gi11.Second Row: Delorise W1ttrock,Leora Schievelbein, Marion M8th1BU, Ardys Liesinger, Donna Hotchkiss, Mary Werner, Jane O'Dea, Marianne Mallinger, Connie Lewis, June Meves, Ione Dykstra, Avis Schartz, Third Row: Edna Theel, Margaret Beaner, LaVonne Burggraff, Donna Liesinger, Marjorie Shumaker, Jacklyn Feyder, Caroline Maass, Donna Melow, Josephine Hanisch, Carol Ideker, Mary Agnes O'Dea. Front Row: Miss Sladek, Instructor, Elsie Stensaas, Beverly Hoefert, Audrey Erickson, Cheryl Lias, Xeilyn Stofferahn, Marlene Rehfeldt, Jean Beaner, Joann Buch- e m. 27 HI-CRIER STAFF HOME EC. CLUB DECLAM Front Row Left to Right Lila Mae Meyer,Donna L1esinger,Elsie Stensaas, LaVonne Burggraff, Jackie Feyder, June Clausen Back Row Vary Agnes O'Dea, Joline Mortenson, Lois Stofferahn, Mae Harden, Mary Branson, hiss Aderhold, Instructor Mae Harden,Humorous Lavonne Burggraff,Dramat1c Mary Branson, Poetrv 2 'xx C7 'Q Q? 1 fl 7' Q 8 , LIBRARY y , Back Row Left to Right Ione Dykstra, Lila Meyer, Counselor, kiss Aderhold, Tae Harden, Eileen Staudenmier, Dorothy Maass, Donna Hanisch, Janet Lewis, LaVonne Burggraff, June Clausen Front Row Avis Sclartz, Helen Stensaas, Edna Theel, Carroll Eggee, Donna Melow, Caroline Maass, Agnes Meyer Left to Right Miss Aderhold, Library Advisor, Ione Dykstra, Carroll Eggee, LaVonne Burggraff IIMIXI4 9 Q . I 1 . v. . . . 7 I . . Q -.,, Y . 4 . yi - V I v ,...-A ' HUA LETIN Bama u,z'LL wi-fo E vs L? H pp 0 QUE. Ofvae PPSHETSA Q 3-:Frye PA P ff 'ff' L'- ACTEE PLEASE fsronfv 3 3 00 PM IT ,4fvp EU?-I 1' "3fb4y Some OF ryezg f ns' ,: Cons Dfssss D OHM! U MAE HMM, 5 :le . .nys-T LFWIS b Cofvccmvsp Ffss MEM SS fvzog c'.LA mee' rrfYG Pmcvzrcf fb Hvlruz wga 1' R L0 S T nrAsxL-raALL SHDS Au, My peucns A6 mes me VER wuxwu H08 VAN YLEET FIG!-ISN nw- SWEP Hsu: P00100 ' gun F 'saga LGNDI TID' caufgz-I 'HLA :sow f 1114, M553 ,Mf Mia' IWOM HOW fbpg CH EM H0015 ll 7 I2 00 3 ' 0 u a' , 4 E 4' 1' BRA E ALL KM' 71307 THE HIS 'IL E 7,44 ULLS THE v' 4 77? ofuw POST4lLOLD TESTS oy Q Bums-rrdsvaqn ! 0 EVEHPOIIE Bfdffzrs A-L AL8fIf5 SVYANST BRING Vow? GIRL 'rv-me P G"""' ff HARD TIME nfwcg YESS Fora! THE Occggray 0154159 D Fel' NITE I QDRA1 5 CLASS QS STU!-LE LLRE MAIN .iam LQ A jf Q 0' - No P . 4 ' P BA 1 5 om ,, 5 '55 A v P ' In-my L' f Q l9LAy ? l HL,.g? ' S ff ' '7 Q 0. . Q L: St- It .. ""' ' 4 . Qs ' . . M ' -- 4" q,, . Q- - 5- :I --- 1 8.5 0 Z -A-H " un -p J :N - gif! ' 'M ' ' N A e " I SMH. " fm ff- I 51: uc ' CZ? f1fV0Y' +5 X C55 ans ko Q L-3 Q 'toftk I+ urfj Sing J ?g,g-f also tk n Q + f A 5 + "'WfS'z 0 n n, ge: mr 0Jor,or ng TZJ fri' " "' 'k ggsn c...J"' hx, 2,44 e VB S' ml Dlvg LS c cfm- S on owre Zero abs I fc! ng 7oda,sFrq.s Frau sl-1,95 C rn J C oJM3S-caan?" -f lp of +55 lg! Q P5 khd 5 ck OU lx 59 9 No! ' 1 'e 4! .: y 5 'J 'EC 'We 'SL Na M, ,Q 5 BYLX I-l-lnr:o0SX QA tial derlnxelmolly Q F E fr I. I U is if -Jr I' . 1 . pa' " bmw :Z-rn? 0 a-J 0 mf? , vc e. e ,Dy -'--A fied 0 . oo'--N 'snfaq Q X :is fuffb ". ', .IW t of Q., 'T J f 1' U - gk ne 'Go' c o 1' U up 'I ilrsgri O I' of Friends.. -from flue. Lani e. P1.f,.kof,, UC , 1 1 'h . 'df - .H M WW u , ,F - + -: B Q. n .. . , C: v 'gs 'I . . Q .. v nu 4' 1' . NM I7-5, -R '. I. 1 Q31 -8. -, : . Q WW '7 HX .k 24 2, i -.H LJ ' Baan... R' V HQ 6" ' 5 Fe m :ren vvkf oe u+omoBix U rl P X hola: lice JeJl ,alicia 'Ho e B2,f4"'f Ghz, arcane! Irie, 5 as ee ma oFF anger-S if I -I' J mrurnps mn: m Jggf- b Aw rm ra. s M faq a,i:a:nless fer-5 Br ldn ou.-f Sfwnoffn Fra 'Hue I'ea.ohcr.S tl ni :F wen, Broun Br-ow aflpogn- of Piifcfuhgagrid 'fa-4' U7 Sf n n e, er ff la El J n of one S Fe- HS vhw. eng s nd- Prc tg 'rf' ti!-fm-:LS Fecgbfel noi' sry-'V"""""' rw" ,L L L Q 6556788 0 N A715 B C. GOI' CNY! L C JUNIOR CLASS PLAY People Are Funny Pop Budd, an insurance salesman who is sritlng a novel as a hobby, is v ry anxious to impr ss his n nghbor in an attempt to get a large policy from him But the whole farlly seem to conspire to be as unhelpful as possible Yenny, his son, wants the car for a heavy date with Winnie, the girl from next door Helene,br1ngs home to olnner unexpectedly, two young men whom she has met once in Chicago Mother in an effort to imnre s the young men,does ev rything nosslble to develop iust the opposite lmpres sion, Betty,the younger daughter, upsets Iother and Helene by up setting their matrimonial plans on the young men In fact th e entire evening becomes a nightmare of misunderstandln f l ps, a se im pressions, and neces ary explanations, further complicated by the daughter Pamela Of course, ev rytnlng turns out for the best in the end even though Kenny has to go to 1ail to become env p d to his girlfriend and B tt P e y as to drag a ro 1 f 1 her own boyfriend bv main force fven Peg ggtgawhgt Qirwaizg 3532 it's finally disclosed that Betty ha fi 1 n sh d his nov l on h r own initiative and ent it off to the publisher who, surprlse if iligsrlzigst gggepts it, JuSt When Pop's financial pOSltl n is at SENIOR CLASS PLAY We Shook the Family Tree Attractive Hildegarde nearly turns the town upside down when she decides she no longer wants to be a wallflower, Sally, her younger sister, aids and upholds her in everything she does Bobby, tke older brother, has a passion for fishing and Jimmy, the younger brother, is an inventor and makes gadgets to help Bobby obtain bait easily There is mother and father Dolson who have their hands full with tk ir children also Mr and Mrs bnermer, who practically ruin the life of thelr youg son, Freddie, by making him wear knickers Ellie Mae and Jill are two pretty, m1SChl6f maklng girls Paige is a lovable little brat who eats a tube of toothpaste This all adds up to a hilarious three act comedy with a million laughs. 52 . lj ' . 9 A -v fl ' . . F H . ' - I I . Q 7 f ' : fs' 1 l Q . J , , - n K ,V - , H ' ' rx - , s , , arrival of relatives from the country,Aunt Prudence and her awful - e -, s - - , , ,a,e , w e , S 9 J A3 s S - , - L 3 3 . . 1 - . e I I . Q A . A . SENIGR CLASS WILLS e, tte Seniors of lC52, be'ng of sound m nd and body hereby will and bequeath th Follow4ng Iorran Shumaker and Lloyd Shroyer will the'r bs 'etball abil't to Bill B Perf Jack Iunce wills his love to Ellen Gill Carroll Eggee wills her first love, horse to Tary Branson Neal Lasters wills his ambition and also h's go getting power hae Harden Dorothy Tae s and ndna Theel will their winning way as librarians o Apn Te er Ernie Foefert ills hfs helpht to Donna Melow Ted retters wills his way with Colton Girls to Francis Rann larian Mathieu wills her red halr and temper included to Patricia Ep ee Gerald Har ma wills his amb tions for a navv career to r anklln Llkens Kenny Stofferahn wills his dsncfn technfqu s t Leo Shumaler Bernard Bucrhelr wills Janet Lewis to Bob lolbeck June Clausen vills her dimples to Eileen St udenrier LaVorne Burfrraff wills her F',gle to Darlene R ut son Derrall Larsen wills hi physique to Virgil Drake Ione Dykstra wills her hapelv leg to Danna White Darlene And rson wills her earlv hours to Donna Hanisch,ani hoo s that he abldes bv them Lee Plrlet wills his et ers to Harry Truman to Robert Van Vl et John Needl s wills his love of hot rod races to Bill Bucbuef Ardvs L isln er and Leora Schlevelbeln will tb lr oh so steadv dates o Avls Schartz L a Tae he r wills ber stenogranh'c ambitions to Carol'ne ha S Roper Grave xllls r s d villsh spirit to Bud Krlse Bettie Bomhopf wills her ab'lit to do handsor1n,s to Janet Lewh Gene Zimmer w'lls h s cigarettes to Helen Stensaas e the Seniors will our co operative class sp'rit to the Senfors of lC37 To the raculty, we l ave our names written on tr w l and to Pete we leave our broken d sks 55 W ,L , . f U? , do , Y f . , . ,.e l ,: 5 .. .... , -l ,sf , l V omn , . 'N o s, J . v' , .- , ' ' to ' I vl US H - t , es Joy, . A ,, 'fly L 1 k Q N 1 . , . . 457 - , . sn i , Dr .. ' - . C . r . l e o . ..c- . . , , 1.7, , e er. David Zimmer wills the flendlsh twinkle in his eye to Bonnie Han- . s . ' s. , s ,f . e ' , K e s . ,, ' V l,.' . . , e . A 9 .. - V - '..z .Y'1. . e. :. , . - ..e - .-..- ? . ll vt , 1. :YS 1, K., l ...L l , - l , x v .' e A 1 ,. . , l - y a A N , . , I . . .... . l o . . W , ,P - , - . . , C. - - ,'J- '1 - V e le al , . e . PROPHECIES In the year 1977 we, the alumni of 1952 are going to the 25th Anniversary party held in honor of the Governor and Mrs Kenneth Stofferahn Mrs Stofferahn was the former Trudie Aker Derrall Larsen and Sandra were walking up the sidewalk You see Derrall 1sn't married yet because he wants to make his million first Carpentering is in an all time slump and there lsn't much call for the new Larsen Handmade Special chicken crates A blaring horn is heard, and we turn to find John Needles and wife, Leora, in their '52 suped up hot rod Ford that was given to them as a wedding present As we entered the governor's mansion, Norman Shumaker, custo dion of the state house greeted us He took our wraps and di rected us to the table where the gifts were being arranged by Miss Marlon Mathieu Low and behold we caught her peeking Em dentally told us Dorothy Maass and her thriving family of 15 won an allexpense paid trip to Lower Mongolia on the Duz Quiz Program We are attracted to the next room by Ellen who is com andlng, in a loud voice, for her husband, Jack, to quit the lovely star singer imported from Hawaii for Jack quit Ellen still rules the roost The row ed to see a retired naval officer in full dress flirting with the occasion over we turn coming toward us We recognized him as Admiral Gerald Harsma On his arm was his charming wife Ione We chatted with the couple for a few minutes and than strolled into the ballroom Lovely strains of music were being directed by the noted band leader, Ernest doefert We formed couples for the first dance I was delighted to find myself dancing with Darlene Harden She and Jim are sole owners of Hardens' Texaco Darlene has whooped up business by her speed She holds the alltime record for checking oil,battery,rad1ator,tires, and washing windows, plus filling the gas tank in 60 seconds She is considerably thinner I noticed At this point David Zimmer cut in He is still on the loose and has an interest in State College His interest is strictly feminine and her name is Lois Henlo 514 I I ' n n barressed, she caught her breath and to make talk, she confi- SNAPSHOTS -'E'-"' 3' 3 'F' 1 All Heads 2 Marian, what a long nose you have' 5 I warm so easy so dance me loose May I speak' 5 O1son's car in the Homecoming Parade 6 Swing'em fellas 7 Hubba Hubba what a figure, two more legs and you'l1 look like Trigger' 8 Ahoy up there' 9 Startled 10 Green Freshies 11 Well' if it 1sn't Bill Buchheim' 12 Undie sided now 15 The Old Piano Roll Blues This is my lazy dey 15 Caught with my tongue out 16 Learning how to count' 17 Young and innocent' 18 H1 Ya Connie' 19 What are you up to Lanny? 20 Day after the night before eh Jackq' 21 Oh what a pose' 22 Interesting Avis? 56 1: 2 ' 'ix 1 ' KL 4' 1 ,Ai ' g if f ,V x L , 1 Q31 if 2 glo 2 ,, y as ' -' 'F ll ' f, 2 y A - 1 2 ' I Y: 4 .. 4 A - V' W Q 2 f L! , ., Q if s 3 22 ' ' ' ' . . . . 1: ' . . ' ' ' . lu. ' ' f SNAPSHOTS 1 ' 4 Y 5 W! W 1. Nice pose. 2. Study Hall? 5. Back in the good old days. M. Every- thing but the mud plaster. 5. Why so glum chums? 6. The Thing! 7. Our Geniuses at work! 8. Very funny?! 9. Showoff! 10. On the Ball, Donna. 11. Having fun? 12. 'any long years ago.15. kinda cold Ardys? 114. Little Audrey. 15. Buddies. 16. Smile pretty girls. 17. Up and ready to go! 18. Pretty scenery. 19. 2's company 5's a crowd.2O. Why June!! 21. Isn't Love Grand? 22. Jolly Jo. 57 Autographs AMERICAN LEGION Wm Crlppen Posi' No 62 HUMBOLDT SOUTH DAKOTA HUMBOLDT AUTO AND IMPLEMENT CO Case Machlnery Cars Trucks Apphances HUMBOLDT souTH DAKOTA BERT DRAKE DEMING LOCKER HINRICHS and TARRELL F A LINDROTH CONTRACTOR HuMsoLnT PHONE 43 58 I i. I T Harness and Shoe Repair Nutrenu Feeds HUMBOLDT SOUTH DAKOTA HUMBOLDT SOUTH DAKOTA Compliments of Towing Service - - I Humboldt Phone 30-4 JOHN DEERE SALES Sz SERVICE Quality Farm Equupment Farmhand Loaders and Stackers Maytag Appliances MORTENSEN IMPLEMENT COMPANY Humboldt South Dakota THE HUMBOLDT DRUG Farmers Cooperatuve Creamery Company To Serve Our Commumtys Operatmg for the Benefrt of Health and Welfare Enhre Commundy 0 G LPN' P" HuMsoLoT souTH DAKOTA HUMBOLDT MUNICIPAL FARMERS UNION OIL CO LIQUOR STORE BII La gpap T I HUMBOLDT SOUTH DAKOTA HUMBOLDT SOUTH DAKOTA RASMUSSEN CHEVROLET COMPANY Montrose South Dakota Montrose South Dakota WHEELERS POOL HALL CONTRIBUTED ts B05 LARSON l'lUmb0lClf MARSHALL WELLS STORE BERT PERRY Montrose th Dakota A H KIENI CONTRACTOR GEORGE TRAPP CONTRACTOR H bgldt H bold! 69 5 ' I . . i r , armacist Compliments of . I Wm. Hanish i n gf G. P. ri 1, Mgr. Phone 64-2 37-4 I compliments ol : Complimen of 1 Montrose Sou . Q , I gm Phone 31 um Phone -5 Compliments of COMMUNITY BANK Humboldf, S. Dali. Phone 22 HUMBOLDT SUPPLY CO HUMBOLDT JOURNAL S' e 901 D. J. MASTERS P bI'sh HUMBOLDT PHONE 39 HUMBOLDT O TH DAKOTA Lees HARDWARE STORE ' swear sHoP CAFE L Lrd berg rap A Y Humowr soum muon HUMBOLDT ,NONE 70 C 8: M CAFE 0 PI A Good Place Io Ea+ CITY BARBER SHOP HUMBOLDT PHONE 95 FRANCIS ZIMMER P p b Idt LEGION THEATER PUMPKIN CENTER STORE Always A Good Show Dodg Ply ourh BUUS Ov HUMBOLDT H Id' on 8' JOHN W TUTHILL LUMBER CO FARMER S ELEVA-I-OR Gram Coal Ph 28 Hu bold! HARDEN TEXACO SERVICE PALMER S SERVICE STATION Lb tt CstT chT s dltt boldt H t Ao mc I , u I er S U , Complimen s of ee 'n en , P . "It's Your Cafe For II our MeaIs" C m iments of ll ll , ro . Hum o I Compliments of ll ll e - m I B' J' ' ne' umbo Phone - 0 I I Quality Building Materials . Minnesota Paints - H I m Phone 33 umbo dt one I Gas-OiI- u rication Varcon Ba eries- re ires Goodri ire an a eries Hardware-Paints-Dishes Hum Phone 90-2 umbold Phone 66-Z -g-N--Y,--, ,, ,-Y , ,- ,.-f ' .. -, '- -.X-, . -f'- - -- , --Q- . - f-ir'-me-:fl ---.' TLA-..1:-:nw ,L :,.:.,.fi, K 431.7-,f ,. - -,.'J5,,V X, t. ., .w, ,., ,MV My l M ,ug A ,I . . VA . ', J. 3,1-H 4, , Y 9511 4. ,Tf1Z5'fTJ?'L'?h1'?fI?fif'Vi7'Z'J"'V'77'?5'i5,f77T!"'9fw-'f"'f"'--r' W -'v4f --Y M - M .4--.M..,.gf .. Q H 'J QS'1N1'f-7W'fT-gf: -5 'fi' ga-"f4?l""'f -,- ., , V ,. . D Q N k V Vx -V A 1, Y V, ,,,,, 2. If ,xfshf

Suggestions in the Humboldt High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Humboldt, SD) collection:

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1952, pg 42

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1952, pg 12

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