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THE BISGN SENIGR CLASS 1941 Hot Sprmgs Hlqh School HotSp Q S thDc1k ta PUBLISHED BY THE rin s, ou 0 Dedloatory Hot Sprlngs H1gh salutes Supermtendent Harry R Wood ward upon cornpletmg twenty f1V6 years of actrve SGIVICG to thls school bv resoecttully d9d1CCIl1I'1g th1s book to h1m Ideal1zed by manv students Well known for h1s work rn b1ology and ath letlcs and hrs tr1er1dlv sm1le and sense of humor Mr Woodward stands as a syrrbol of a l1fe well spent ln achlevlng a place ln the heart of man f,LM,6M I , - , . . ' v W. 'bi l-lot Spnngs l-hgh School Flfty years dlfference rn trme separates the scenes above The upper bu1ld1ng bu1lt when Black H1llS College was estab hshed here 1n the gay n1net1es was used as the h1gh school bu1ld1ng for many years after the college closed In Ianuary 1924 the old bu1ld1ng burned and on September 3 1924 the new bu1ld1ng was begun The gray sandstone bu1ld1ng sur rounded bv leafy trees on a beautrful campus stands as a lastrng trlbute to the progresswe communrty 1n whlch Supermtendent Woodward has played so large a part ..f - - , J , A I V . . 4 . y , --f A . , in , W , . . 'F - rf. ,,,, ,ff G , ' V , 7. . l ' ' ' ' 'W ' "' ' A I L 1 ,g---A-mf f ,,. V " N 4 . . . . . I - I ' I I I I I 0 l ' . ife As lt ls Lived in l-lot Springs l-ligh During the first week of September the halls of Hot Springs High Wake from a three month's sleep. Blackboards become dusty, pieces of paper lie in the halls, the clock in the office takes up its job of calling off the hours-school has begun. Do you remember how you hesitated about taking Latin the first year? Do you remember how you hunted up all your friends to find out what period they were taking Algebra and General Science, so you could be together? Do you remember how you begged for that particular locker, not telling how you wanted it because a particular somebody had the next one? And do you remember those days in World History when lessons read like today's newspapers? How could you forget the first pep meeting, the bell con- test, the first assembly program or the first six Weeks tests? How could you remember those long Latin Words Woody wrote on the board in Biology, and how could you forget those pickled specimens of snakes and tadpoles and black Widow spiders? Have you forgotten your first English theme-or do you remem- ber the thrill of getting your first item in the Bison? And do you remember saying "What's that smell?" when you went by the chemistry lab? Do you remember scenes like the one below, the clattering of typewriters, or the whine and buzz of saws and lathes? -MK? ,Q ' - t iff 16 if rw Can you remember coming late to school, and your trip to the office for a "permit"? And Mr. Frary's American History notebooks! Do you remember trying to cut that first cake you baked in Home Ec, or your first attempt to run a straight seam? And if your memory can go back still more, can you remember the days in Iunior High, with Mr. Watson showing how to find the circumference of a circle, as he is doing above? Did you ever wonder what you Would do after graduation? Well, here's one class that didn't worry. The class in Related Subjects, taught by Mr. Harold Wilson, studied various jobs from the inside. Each member Worked 20 hours each week in a local business place for a Whole semester, While in class they studied each trade and industry separately, studying also re- lationships with the employer and application methods. Mem- bers of the class are, front row: Harlan Huston, George Oellrich, Anthony Iennings, Nila Barney, Beatrice Converse, Lloyd Doling, Pete Cristo, Mr. Wilson: back row: Iim Pugh, Bob Dalager, Dick Berry, Delaine Dickinson, Eben Martin, Iohn Beswick, Morris Cornelius, Floyd McBride, George Curtis, Wayne Norris, Ray- mond Weisser. But school wasn't always work, was it? Remember the parties and dances down in the gym? At the left are the Korn-Kob-Kids, the new orchestra that made its first ap- pearance at the Pep Day dance. With Albert Hamelstrom slap- ping the bass viol, Harlan Huston playing a hot trumpet, Paul Hatton and Charles Conger pouring it out of their saxaphones, Arthur Ian- sen as the jungle drummer, Iohn Christensen sliding up and down the scale on his trombone, and Olive Ann Nicholls at the piano, the Korn-Kob-Kids kept everyone's feet itching. Proof enough of that in the second picture taken at the Pep Day dance. Lower left is the Irish quartet, that stole the show at the Letter- men's Dance. Walter Andre, Ioe McKeever, Lloyd Doling, and Tom Rooney are singing-we aren't sure if it's My Wild Irish Rose or Red River Valley-maybe your memory is better than ours. And what about those other familiar scenes around the school and around town? Do you remember the band playing on the morning of Iuly 4th? It was an unofficial celebration, all because the stork thought the firecrackers were anti-aircraft shells and dropped twin girls at the Charles Mueller home. tSee the upper left picture for the cause of it all.J Then there were play practices, when directors tore their hair while you laughed at the bashful hero. Lower left shows some of the Iunior play cast-Bud Craft repairs the spider while sheriff Weber sus-spicions everybody. Athletes will remember those cheerful stockroom mana- gers, Reder and McKeever, fupper centerl. And who will forget the shower they got after the last football game with Edgemont? tlt's so hard to wash clean with all your clothes onl. Then there were other things, such as band practice and marching. At right, front to back, twirlers Bonnie Larive, Evelyn Gallagher, Beverly Werlick and Genevieve Gallagher step high, while Iulia Graham appears to be seeing something interesting. If you can remember all these things, remember also that it is only human to forget, and that this book is written for the very purpose of helping you to recall the scenes and faces you would like to remember. Board of Education No school ever progresses farther than the fores1ght of 1ts Board of Educahon The men above chosen by the parents and taxpayers face the task of prov1d1ng the best welfare of 842 students by supplylng them w1th teachers textbooks and equ1p ment and of ma1nta1n1ng an attractlve school and campus that w1n pra1se from V1S1lOIS each year Matters of pohcy and ex pans1on of act1v1t1es must be met wtth v1s1on and hrmness From the1r de11berat1ons have resulted a balanced currxculum recog n1t1on by the North Central Assoc1at1on of Colleges and Second ary Schools a place 1n the A d1v1s1on of the South Dakota H1gh School Ath1et1c ASSOC1Ql10n and a hlgh school band rn the A d1v1s1on of the West RIVGI d1str1ct Progressrvely they have added a Smlth Hughes Home Econom1cs department and an expandmg program of vocat1onal trammg by cooperat1on w1th local flrms backed by a thorough commerc1al department and a grow1ng manual arts department B1ggest problem of all IS how to change from educatlon for yesterday s world of spade and plow to today s world of mass product1on mult1motored transports and bombers the world of mach1nes wrreless chem 1stry and speclallzed talents and servlces d M W CW M pesdetHR'w d H1 Upper left Coach Dan Lennon Upper nqht Semor clcss oil cers Lloyd Dolmq vxce president Merlyn Munck secretary Omce Kern presndenv Bonme Lee Hagen lrecsurer Below The las! day of school Frarv cleans house PERSCDNALITY crculty ophornores emors reshrnen ' luruors ' Iumor Hlgh W l av' Q of W! I . 'Q ,, X 3 J N ' F ' S ' s ' ' F HARRY R. WOODWARD Superintendent, Biology E. A. :'7kC"! 'Nesleyari Unix-f L-if-' l'Ali T11 A S"zn!o'd Unzverstty, IT? Yffztrfr Sta? Eeard of lfdtifaien "'?Wli't13 hr:-:Ni 'Y 'J-'1Il'Z'Zl'1, Eeazd 'f L' ' S I.. S. A A. . :ret 'l 'Zinn CenTr':1A!'.' :':':tn "l1"' " 'ration t'e:'tr:.1"ff Her' f rf' :C ""'r' r GLENN H. FRARY Principal, History B. A.-Nebraska State Teaflcer s Coileae, Graduate Study, University of Nebraska Member of Black I-lxlls School Masters Ciub Main Hobby--fishing. ,mf . A 4' t . WJ! 5 W MJ, FACULTY J' ELNA BACH 1 Latin. History E. A.- -Nebraska State Teacher's College Director of Senior Play UL' l-lobby is oil painting. 1 . ,X , i ALICE Gzusvnzvs nnrrrhn ' English and Public Speaking B. A. Colleqe of St. Teresa, 1937 Diploma in Dramatic Art Sponsors Dramatic Club and Freshman Class Director of Junior Play Hobbies are tennis and skatinq. MARGARET DeVINNY Typing, Shorthand. Bookkeeping B. Sf Kansas State College Graduate Study, University of Tennessee Sponsors Pep Club and Bison Day Hobbies are golf, tennis and I marksmanship. XIX - , 1 t WILLIAM s. GRAY K f" Mathematics f I , B. Sf Nebraska State Teachers Colleq 'f ' , 1936 ' X I Graduate Study, University of Iowa I 74 Sponsors Senior Class, and serves az: t Assistant Coafli l'l.lllLT. GENEVA HANSEN Iunior High P A lcwa Sta'e Trafhr-1 I1 jclleze, l"fn'f F: crust rs lunzer Hiah Clzrisfzzrzs Pr'-j::'r::., 1' A "ive Asszsfanf C111 Snow' lffvifr 'l lizfr arf- Se:t.1-'faint' 11 's arid gzani glaj-'ina DAN LENNON Health. Commercial Law E S. ',':2:vers:ty if Fi':'?' 1- f' ll Head Ceanlw Q-ff'-c-ve ' 1-A-ev "'-ww: l'l::::f at 71.5 l O F llolebzes are liuntinf: tirlixnfz 'jolt fnfl Muuc HARRIEI' MILLER mf 5 9. 5 e 9- .. o : 3 E. 5 B I ISI r ee a llrxe E O c Sc Bxson S D CHARLB MUELLER Advanced Mathematxcl Instmmental E Sou la oak ta S ate Co ege 031 ,, r rs N tr nal H nor Socrety rl sores are '1 mrg er a n ,work MILTON E NEILSEN Mechanxcal Drawxnq Manual Art: E Neoraska Sate Tea her C ege Sfcnsor Wocd Carvxnq Club 1-lobotes are Hood car nn, and ,.u, pet r akmg CECIL E VANDEHZEE Chermetry Phyerca General Science 11 S lamestown College 1998 Graduate Study Umversxty of Iowa School Actxvmes Treasurer sponsors hzqh school annual Hobbres are books photography and mathematxcs IRENE VOIGT Homemakmq Education B S South Dakota State College 1939 Sponsors Home EC Club and Sophomore Class Main hobbres are tennxs collectrng scrapbooks GALE WATSON Iumor Hugh Pnncxpal B A Kansas State Teachers College 1935 Graduate Study Umversxty of Montana Hobbxes are huntmg and fxshmg LOUISE WEYL lumor High B A Unrvers1ty of South Dakota 1930 Graduate Study Unwersrty of Tennessee Sponsors Iumor Hxgh Art Exhrbxt 1-lobbres are tenms golf and map collectma HAROLD WILSON Socxoloqy, Economxcl, Geology, Related Arts E S Iowa State Teacher s College 1928 Graduate Study Colorado State College Umversxtv of South Dakota 1-lobbres are hshmq and huntmg nature study rock carvmq IOHN WEBB Manual Arts. Mechamcal Drawmq. Trade and Induetnal Educatxon E of Ed Moorhead Teachers College 1536 Graduate Study Colorado State College Called mto servrce February 10 1941 as Frrst Lteutenant Co D 109th Engxneers . Af Unre ty ct Zlorth Iakota, 1937 Zzrefto G1 Clubs an' . d Chorus :all an' - roll, and ' -ponsor Hozlozes are rrzusrc and 'oaks , S. -2. N o -1 ll , 1- 2.5. A. Umversny of South Dakota, 1939 Sr: ts: fa. o o ' ':"' .sl 1,1 .nas golf nd . S. t C. 's oll , of . s ' c C ' D 1 l I . . ' , , . . .7 ' , 12 Year Classmates ront Row Harlan Huston rlyn l lg F Bqck How M1 dr d Anderson Marcelle W lloncm. 1 y F y t 1 11 Fl L S , 15 Absent Eben Marnn Bob Larvn nl I le y If SENICDRS W 1tl1 only fourteen nn mlnr fillllllt lvfll spending their whole school llfe m the Hot Irnnf- s 1oo 1 N1 ll 1 1 I t1n NIM 21 .rs 0 H Rechard, com nnmunent peaks: fdljllll rent 1 P mn: thun final vs rrds of .uluce lxellewd of his burden s xtllldlll ,raw .1 um I 1 -pon-or for Ihrce wear Dlplomds tucked sa e JK thry mlnmrs urtrtn jnnn s WALTER ANDRE An athlete a thxnker a ima fellow a rare comhmahon c bal 3 4 Easketb MU-DEED ANDERSON 4 Truck 3 Glee cum 1 4 Mmed Idont worry unhl the last lows 4 PGP Club l Beta Mu 3 moment Clubl 2 3 4 Presxdent Bond 2 3 4 Qrchestm 2 3 S X t-l Llub C' 4 Annual Staff Busr mcr Play Senlor Play Natlcnal r Cc cry 3 4 Secretary t r S 1 ,I 4 Nanonal Athe C nor Qcme v 4 5 Class Pres1den1 Cla s V1ce Pres1dent l Prmce Attfndint '7 3 4 PIIHCG Pep I X nc C xxln-Al A L fl 41.Uc1L1.1: mmss L 'll' ' FLORENCE BALL She d rather dance than eat A qO0d word and Cx smile for all Gee Llub 3 4 M1xed C crm. '11 E I Ulu P a eenc 4 C tv C um P av P 1 L PJ Jn- 4' r NILA BARNEY DAUN BROCKMAN When snudles mlertere wnh good MUSIC soothes her soul txmes cut out studxes SWXQH F : , Me., funik, jug-ne 'Jfyrn 1, Qayfi f ..11igg 1 Q 9 , i 1 jus , 1 D :Q L1, Frieiz Pfzf-111, ff .1 lf QF-Q llllj n, l.:,1 W1 Cn, : ' , ' ' 'e, Per, el ,, H11 fllfx S1 ' D: :Cl ls. TT .'-1 'ow gatlwrf-l for the las ' lv on . ' l. . - l 7. , , I . , . I. , :I A rl. , , l . -1 . 1 v' . l ' , ' wa: Y' '4 C' f'l '. right . 'lass g - - 1' - s. ' 1 f ly :nv V' "llIl'lll'tllll1'l11sk0fSl'll4l4ll l-' l' :hip o '- 1 l - ' Ury. , For 1 1, 2, 1 1 all 1, 2. A 3. : 7 , 7 ' 4: , 1 , 1 A ot , 1 I 7 C1 f ' I i Q1 7 1 ' gphone Quang! 4A ness Manager of School Paper 3, 4g f l-lens .1 cr- ' , 7 I 0 ' ' ' H3115 PC Gt' : l Il Y f N E-lu, M 1, f, , , ' ff ,M , fl Sq ' , ' U 1 Ffz A 1 . -, , 5 5: Y' ' " I "..1ll cf .still 5. I V 1 . l 1 ,l ' X N , if X' . . QQ .. . ... I A , 1 ' , 5 31 15 3, 4-'fx ' E1 fir ln' 2.3,-15' ec 1 l ys ?' Oy, 1- 5 Peg 'lu l f, 3 -1' ' D - ' e1,l'1::.crtr1y f, 3 5' l-l::1.e EQ lub l '1 :I if I w Sm -'IH'-lf? i Hp if flu' 'hlrsry Ee: ver -2 V 'frx Frm. F 'g :tier 3 4 A - ' ' -- Q .: Q 3-fllfvif fkirui l F-.r.f... 1, FX rf! F1-3 fflnl '25 9 A - K :uma an Il she really shy' J nnucr: Bunn what a wonderful voice does I0 a romanuc heart a se ba Band 1 Glee C ub A 'vi x d Clro S 4 a 4 C Jn I VIRGINIA CALLAN nd l 7 3 Her dllpolxtxon s w at My 4 rarnat1 lOHN CHRISTENSEN I am ansmq to a man s work Entered from Rockwell C1ty Io.-za Hlqh School when a Iumor Band 3 4 Beta Mu 4 Beta Mu Playe 4 lun or P ay MARY MARTHA CONGER Its hard to he lerxoul ld rather laugh Entered frown Buffalo Gap l-l1.,h Qcbool as a Sophomore Gnee C u 2 3 4M1x dChorus2 3 4 O er etta 4 Pep Club 3 4 Beta Mu 2 4 Be1aMu Plays 2 3 Decla a tory 2 Beta Mu Treasurer 4 Pe Club Secretary 4 Ourll 6 Scroll 4 Annual Staff Class Eclxtor Brson Staff 2 3 4 Crrculatron Manager or School Paper 7 4 Prmcess P Contestant 4 BOB CORBETT Mention hu gurls and he blushes Dramatrc Club 2 Glee Club 2 Op r tta 4 Mrxecl Clforus L 4 FLORENCE CROCXFORD The lrmd of gurl one lakes to remember Bandl " 3 4 Beta'V1u1fl clamato y l Bxson Staff l Annu Staff CHESTER BROWN Its a nuliance to oe short jf yr-KJ-fu M J M, l'G ,84.J BeaM ,ifvfvc J J J J CATHLEEN CHILSON Marks and not men have been her am' rlr 4 Mix d Cnarr Cr,1d.J1' d Magna Cum Laucl LOLA COLLVNS Her heart 15 m her art Annual Ctaf' 4 Horne E C ub BEATRICE CONVERSE A real modxste Lntercd from Ardmore l-lrqh Qfhool fx a Sem r Pe club MORRIS CORNELIUS s the httle thmgs that count BOB DALAGER Shp horn artut -'1ePe,Cc est34Badl 4 PC V 1 f 3 4 Qullard Sore' 3 4 Arnual Staff Natxonal Hon r Cf ery 3 4 B1son Staff 2 3 4 lu or Pay Senror Play Beta '1u Pl ,fs f 3 Vrfe Presxdent of lac 3 WM, O.M.f-5 aim I ,f , ' rf f l ,711 ,1 'FX x l U inf.: if C:-4: 1 V- 53112, Pm.. ' up ' ' ' ,J 'J , ' . 1' ' f .' . f - ' A r J , ' . , , w ' I .I H05 . 'Q " U E B . .,, 414 1 ,, . mx. F:ctbal1 4: B S' J., II 3, 4' Trail: ,glee al: l L, 4: ,ras 3? ,Q 3' . , I' ', 3 4' ., 7 , ' C 1' , 7 T li t 1 e . ru 2, 3, ' Opcretf .- ,4 J .g'Be ,. ,4' B St ff 'HH lr' 4- National A'hlei:C Har., if , 3, 4- Ann , ep Cl' b if Seize" 4 f ll, 2, 3, 4. .. . . . . of Ba , ., 4, 7 Gl 1, 2, 3 . ,, 4, 5: Oper e horus l " 2 7 H0 Eg 35 f llzfrcfi lrorzz FlC!lIlVl9'fJ A'GSjClll'ff ub so 1 1, 3 A - Af lvzmor. fZ.f-f- Cf 1 7 e . '11 a ll A al Il, , 4- J ' " -f' ' ' Q' I . , ' ' . C . .5 . C I l, Z . . M . ' 1 b .. . ., , '. z 9 , , : p - , f 3' 7 ' ' ' . m , '.-unc. . e. p , 4. r ., , eg H Q U . U Nh. . . : . , 3 4 e e 7 t 3 3, . ,413 -LQ FAY DALTON "Studying is her long suit." Ouill :S Scroll 3, 4: Annual Staff: Bison Staff l, 2, 3, 4: Editor of School Paper 4: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4: President ot Quill 6 Scroll 4, Princess Pep Contestant l.,Grad- uated Curn Laude. ' LIJZAQ' L-2, fU"'c'3t.Ll'S'fE'31.tNo ,fl ' "He can torqet the girls, but the qirll can't lorqet him." Football 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Beta Mu 3, 4: Beta Mu Plays 3: luntor Play: Senior Play: Ouill 6- Scroll 3, 4: "H" Club 4: Class President 3: Class Vice President 2, 4: Annual Staff: Bison Staff 2, 3, 4: Ouill 6 Scroll Treasurer 4: Associate Editor of School Paper 4: Prince Pep Con- testant 3, 4: Honor Society 4. FRANCIS DUERSON "Over my shoulder goes all care!" Senior Play. MARIETTA EVANS A lxery temper doesnt always go with red hair Entered from Oral High School when a Iuniar ANNEITE GOULDING My heart' fwho has 1 9 Glee Club 1 Beta Mu l Annual Staff 4 Declariatory l Senior Play BONNIE LEE HAGEN She has a slight murmur of her heart nd l 'P 3 4 Glee Club l Mixed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Operett 4 Outl 6 Scroll 4 Annual Staff N trona H r- So y 3 4 Brs Staff 3 3 4 Class V1 e President l Class Se etary 3 C ass Trea urcr r-au f4,41J -s 4 ' 4J QA! 1 S' rP4 Ml' oymhg, zo HANSEN P X, fraoaeo.. LAJAJ ' ' JJ 1 1 sum H I oesn it I 1 0.4, up GEL AAA+, r- Ulla DONNA DAVISON "Poetry is her specialty." Hntered from Srnithwzck High School when a Sophortwrc. Beta Mu 2 3, 43 IG -larpatory 2, 3 4: Beta Mu Plays Z 3, 4. MARY E. DUENNERMANN "Quietness bespeaketh the lady." Intered from Oelrichs Hlgh School when a Iunior, Graduated Magna Cunt Laude. DWIGHT ELZROTH "Mention anything, and l'll argue." Entered from Marion, Indiana High School as a Sophomore. Beta Mu 4: Beta Mu Plays 4: Bison Staff 4. MARIE FRIEDRICK The cat hasnt got her tongue or has it' Entered from Oerchs High School wnen a Sophomore EDWARD GRIFFIN lm satisfied because Im just like me asxetball 3 4 H Club 3 4 nual Staff 4 Na tonal Athletic Hon r Society 4 Ba ketball Co captain IOHN HAGEN Now lor a lac al PAUL HATTON e it or not he s not bashtul Rf 1 WV H - 'Y-l" B .' , ' " " , :An- . . L 7 , Q - I A I I 3 Q S ' f Ba .., , 2 , 2, 3, 4: . , . : . a ff Q . l . l , t , , a I 2 .or ciet , 5 cn .. , ' - C. ' - Url I l . - :U - 4. f' ,- If .X , i f If .I I 7 .J -4 , , I-A, 'df' I A W I l ,, . I 1 . f ' 1"' A' ' ,A c vw- H. 11:71. , f . 1 , 2fTj.,.,f!L,.,f .. .I ,V . t. . V .,.. .gnc-l ,H ,V .... .K t f4,4A.L mughj' , zur? "lIEI'f' . .. 4 Bm-: . 'f ,-gr .- ...zx-'o . :sms - :z Hom -ET 1' 'Z' H322 l'C'li9 ' " X 4 I-.'.r1'11lf3':ff Bison F'1ff-4 A'--SGKBQLQY 24 , I 1 4.11: ' 3 v,, ,,AU,,,,,' ::f:.fy,,.5Gvt 4. pzlzz -, ,X -' I .r:....-. . , f, ,I ,..+'gg,.. og P.gcn4e5fun . ' ' '. . .4 t X lj -A Nx X MARYAN HERMAN "She has a mind oi her own and the ability to express it." NL, "He, ' 1 : .4 u-r.yg,i fun.-f J... 4.-- . L . . .,... , , ,. ,. ,w . , . A - : 4 ,,pere"Z4 reg -5454 1, .' 3,7 ef. ,.,... eng. 3,123 J :tri C2 -' Nmabifwjfb "I wish I c uld grow a beard. ' ' ' ' 1 nn- f",-L 1 ' C. '- ..,,.- . ., . , JU, -..C I -,., I EF: T14 Q Q E 4' Qgil 5 S':::ll 4 i.": f.,'g Pays l Q E' fpx :r Play Cexiir r'.':'.' Jie Preszdexf zf EEN: fl: 4- ELECYZ S":ff Q 3 4- Pixie Pe: fire: :r.' E 4' FSHC! SC'f.?'Y 43, A- 11. -f-- '- . .,. I'Z'.-.QI'l. I' ,-H292 VKCILXS A, J. PEARL IELLE Conten men! Il pncelen IIPG ONICE L KERN She can always laugh D 3 4 Mlxed P O ere G 4 Pep Clu r fx cf Sen O Gy I-n G f an ever a 1 twh ch u n do tomorrow 'K BILL L NGC, You Vlclous Women 'W-I 'C C BOB LAHIVIE Why qxrls prefer an athlete ke cz T cz fc G- C uh A J x e u 1 4 C ss Presxaew' Pr n e Per C Basra ball Co captam 4 IEANNE HUNTER "Red hair and what goes with it." ,.,,:":f.:,,'-," VERNON IACKSON " Enioying life and studies both-that's me." RAY IELLE Maybe he s tall but he lalls shorl of be ng d.xrrb CRYSTAL KING A lot of fun' She gets thmgs done An Nc" 'td wt: xety Def 4 J acv FRIEDA KREIN Fun and study go together for her iw ttidgwa... . WA,-Jwa. ufwu I FAYT LIN ER Lmk er wxth drama Jr C1 J Hmm- sf- Ciuh 11, 3, ' . . 1 ' - Htrzf- E" ffflb Y IA' ' 'L 1. 4 fi :1kf'b':.. . " 1 ,. GE-Q CIT I, Z, , : Charus C, fs-H, ' , ,,,- A. Z' 31 4: p Z. 7 b 2' 3 3: -'QSOF nu,.li4.,B1g2w.,:lq?: 4' .15rt.'g. 1 st fy f P1 V: Cum QQ, A,,,1'Q,,1,, g, ' I 5--,lfJf'6f11ff Fresidfnt 4: 7 1 Pep C1'b 3 Aff f:,J,,,1 f-,Af 4 PI1Y1"O'3f-PE? Af'frzfj 14: Vfnzr jx .Nfnfu " L' JJ' A " :U 'km F9"1G'y 4. "KJ "A ' u J s A EO PP " . Y , Yo . ' ," lifxzm f, 7 4- wh-:ztzfu If 'f mr. - . - , -- :wil Stiff flfztiinal :.',: T' .- 1rtt:':-Tmigtd. Ecskefsc.. 3 4. 1 4, .v W1 'YA , 1 Af ' sffv -..,, . I C I . ' I N. X My - .iw A , t 4 fv. B ' Y i d Infravifzrtl Easlfbdl 4: Exsvgff I K ' HN 1' C' 4 CLE. 4:1 'I' 1 ', I Sfiff 1, i 3 4' 3-4111 6. Cf-mu 4: " r' FQ lf- 44 1 ft::'f:lF'1fi Hint: Stizefy 4- Hin- ' 'P "" 7' 'I 1 In " r S".-ij: 'f'r.:f'::er 4. l 'Z "T A: f','Mff" ' I I-4,15 .I I l 5 f I . 1 , 0 f' 1 U A I , 1 ' 4, 9 fidbfzil f 2, 4 E25 -fb 11 1, f 3 H ' ' ' -H ' ' 3 1.5 3 4' GPF l lg 3' Band 1 Q, ? 4- Gig- C1-.5 1 . 93 9575735 2' EA 'Z C ' V I lfzxf-fi Skirt. '- Esta T13 l Q 5:14 C135 I 3 ' 1'-7, Z' 21:1 Staff- f,'AQar:3f:ry 1 Q E 4: q C1255 Sefretzry 1- 1 C . Cn- ECW: JI' 'I:'f: f: Ce. :Cr Play. as-stan: fy 'ex - . ' Q ANN MANDERS "Like gravity, she has the power ol attraction." Glee Club: Mxxed Chorus 3: Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Beta Mu 4: Iuntor Play: Senxor Play: Cheerleader 3: Brson Stall 4: Secretary ot Home Ec Club 2: Prxncess Pep 4. ELAINE MICHAEL "Ardmore must min her." Entered from Ardmore High School when a Senior. lv., sr-xnu.zY Mccwni Why dont they tell me thxngf' Annual Staff 4 Track 2 3 4 lntra Mural Basketballl 2 3 4 OLIVE ANN NICHOLLS Her brown eyes make them look twxce Band 2 3 4 Glee Club Accomp anrst 3 4 Mtxed Chorus Accompan 1st 3 4 Operetta Accompanrst 4 ClublBtaMu12 Ourll 6. Scroll 4 Annual Staff Na t1onal Honor Socrety Declamatory 1 2 Beta Mu Plays 2 3 Iun r Play Class Treasurer 1 Hxstortan of Beta MJ 2 3 Blson Staff 2 3 4 Assoclate edltor of School Paper 4 Annual Co edrtor 4 Prmcess Pep Contestant 3 4 Home Ec Club 3 DUANE OAKBON Permanent: must seem sr to lurn Entered from Bonesteel Hxqh Sch al. when a Semor Basketball 4 Track HELEN RAUHAUSEH Im really iult me Orchestra 1 Bxson Staff 4 Hott e E Club TWT? , TOM R00 A real Inshman and a real scout Track Meet 3 Glee Club l 4 Mtxed orusl 4 Operettal 4 Beta Na I eta MJ P ays H Clt al Staff Nattonal Hon o e v 3 unto Pay Sentor P'ay Class Treasure 4 Presxdent cf Beta Mu Secretary Treasurer ot H Club rce Prestdent of Ou1't 6 Scre Natxora Athletx H o Prrn e Pep Contestant 3 4 Pr1n e Pe Attendant C Grad ated Magna C l.a.xde EBEN MARTIN "I Dream of leannlelln Fcztball 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Mlxed Chorus 3, 4: Operetta 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2 3, 4: "H" Club 3, 4: flatrcnal Athletxc Honor Soctcty 4. MERLYN MUNCK "Age of Innocence." lntra-Mural Basketball 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3: Mtxed Chorus 2, 3: Operetta 4: Beta Mu 3, 4: Annual Staff: Beta Mu Plays: Iumor Play: Nattonal Honor Soctety: Class Sec- retary 2, 4: Mtxed Chorus Prestdcnt 3: Prrncc Pop Contestant 1. IOS MCKEEVER "The Bison will miss their manager" football Manager 2 3 4 Basket ba Manager '7 3 4 Track 3 4 State Track Meet 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Sophomore o s Quartet B ta Mu 3 4 Club 3 4 Annual Staff Beta Mu Plays 3 Class Treasurer 2 Prmce Pcp Contestant 1 3 4 aw AJ wmmr: Norms Dark Kyes HM PUGH He s mterested m the nce busmess but never gets a cool recephorx football 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 track 3 u Annual Staff Iuntor Play Senlor Play Vtce Prestdent of Debate Club Prxnce Pep Contestant 5 ALBERTA HITSCHAHD Quxet and Reserved LUHLLA SCHLEVE Lxqhtheaded ln only one way fe .1 4 l txed Cho us 3 1 r Cond 2 rf! ' , 1 rx 1 X A 1 I. 3: I ' 1' ' l ' . . .. V, A H My I I V : I V. I . SBI? : el IA , 7 "H" 2 XXX 1 n - Pep I I 7 e , , 3, H H , 1 V , : io I .. , . . . . ' 1 I ' ." H . .. Hn? C , r 'I Cl b 1, 2,'3,l 4f 4. ' ' ' ' ' ' Football 3, 3, 4: Track 3 4: State cr: , , -4 , Q ' .Y I, 2 3 4' Qutll 6 Scrcl. 3, 4, 5: B ' I 2 3, 4: " " .tb T, 3, 4, 5' Annu : .' - or S cr 14 3, 4: Btson Staff -, 3 4 5' l r I ' o . : . 4r A - 'T ' A '31 A cz' 3, ' -1 .r-- 2.4- 5' V I A' T3 Crfretta 4- F-1-n c , y Saleswo- I' . . I . c cnor S ctety ,gpm l. ,- . Gt M13 4 DOROTHY STROOM To have a lnend be a tnend GEORGE WALKER Everyone thmks Ktnghsh ll tops' Football 3 4 Basketball 3 Track 2 3 4 B basketball squad coach 4 H Club 3 4 Annual Staff Btson Staff 3 4 Nattonal Athlettc Honor Soctety 4 RAYMOND WEISSER Hrs greatest mterests are no nn school Y AVONNIE WELCH Always wxllmq to talk but not quxte enough Entered from Custer I-hgh School when a Iunxor Annual Staff 4 MARCELLE WILLOUGHBY lm a good skate gust gave me a shove Band 3 4 EUGENE WYNIA Ill be a mechamc yet Anntal Qtafl 4 IANE TROW Everybody' s inend Band 1 2 3 Pep Club 4 Home Ec Club l 2 DONALD WEISSER Tall dark and handsome Glee Club 3 4 Mtxed Chorus 3 4 Operetta 4 Track 4 VINETTA WEI.CH Whatever she does she does well VBTA WELDON Her heart ll m the clouds some day shell get there Gtrls Basketball 3 Bandl 2 3 4 Glee club 1 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 3 Annual Staff Beta Mu Plays 3 LOIS WILSON This ns the first hme we have ever seen her senous BndI234GleeClub1234 Mtxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Beta Mu l 2 3 4 Oulll G Scroll 3 4 Annual Staff Nattonal Honor Soctety 3 4 Declamatory 1 Beta Mu Plays 1 2 3 Iumor Play Semor Play Class Prestdent 1 Beta Mu Treasurer 2 3 Ouxll G Scroll Secretary 4 Btson Staf 1 2 3 4 Home Ec Club 3 Drum Ma1or 2 3 4 Prmcess Pep Contestant 2 3 Co edztor of Annu al Honor Soctety Vxce Prestdent 4 Prtncess Pep Attendant 4 Gradu ated Maqna C m Laude THEODORE MCKNIGHT School Daze ' ,. ., . ., ., . . ,, . .. . , . . , - U , 5 7 A .. ,. . ' ' ,, . . ' .. I . ,, i.. , ., . . ., . . , . , ., . ,, . ' V 1 2 - 44 Sentor Candy Saleswoman. t f ' 3' 4' Opening ' Beta Mu 1' 2' ,, . . . - .. 0 4 f . I . 1 , I , . , : , : ' ' , 7 .,, -. . , ., . - . - . 2 , 7 f , , , : : , . 2 .. , - .. l la . ll H DAN LENNON Sponsor CLASS OFFICERS li:'?k'.-.usfl Roy Doneqon Vi? Presidexlf Beth McDonald Treasurer Bud Craft President lean Southard Secretory . 35 39 -- f 1 IUNIORS K .,.. , V A -,115 -:C A- ,Z if 6 4 9 I' ' Elvin Aubefq Richard Berry Iohn Beswick Q Q Ruby Lucillglglristensen Evelyn Charles Clcxson Cciherine Cone Hyacinth Cornelius Bud Cralt Peie Crisio George Curtis The end of May and the end of the Iuniors. Then a new crop of Seniors suddenly appears. Entertaining the Seniors at the prom, and then aiding in Commencement week, the spot- X light falls on the Iuniors, searching them for leadership. Many Iuniors have already revealed their talent In at letics Coach will find three sports men Craft and Krutsch back up by Aaberg Waugh Menuey and Eastlick Beswick ha 1 ready earned a place under the basket Spring finds gon flexlng mightly muscles for the shotput and McClure r h toe holes in the cinders 15. WMM! WV We Dlk Q., 'W' D ll Mdql' Gllqh G ltH Mryl-I phy hy ldK cl pp I I ' ' ' Mi X Faris Davison Delaine c inson F , Roy onegon in Wi iam Eastlick A It Vera Falk a e ennema Qi Evelyn a a er , G? Alice Game! Iulia Graham I - 04- I .' f Fem Halls . -- . I - x Aber amelslrom Q - gg Delma Harmon ' ll A n f '. In S I a um re V xl 'iv Ant on Ienniqes J wg Irene Kaiser A L Oswa in o I l , Q ffm W WW Us Versat1le several Iunxors show ablhty rn vanous act1v1t1es w1th Craft and Donegon repeat1ng as class offlcers Actor orator and mus1c1an Donegon proves 1t pays to toot one s own horn especlally 1f 1t s a bar1tone Shar1ng tw1r11ng honors wlth Evelyn Gallagher Iul1a Graham and Bonnle Lanve also pounce on stor1es 11ke full fledged newshawks Whlle not twlrlmg a baton Bonme Lar1ve leads a saxophone quartet and Iulra Graham 11 s a trombone e Koh K a W ald K utsch lo Lu 'I 79 L E ly G I Me Dorothy Me ll l' sg Ho cl d M le B b M All ste Lesl e M Cl e Lola MCC llo Beth McDo old lea e McDo ell Ge ald Nolleltc qu Q10 Do ll g V rg ma Pa ks Paul lea Petty Edd e Rxcher Guss e Rossknecht gk Do othy Sexton Lomnno S eq ean Southard Denny Spohr Stanley Swanson Luc Ile Tho bu q Irma Tre t B111 Tume Ke eth Waugh Bob Weber Lena Rose Weh e Fm ces Wlswell Other mus1c1ans are Frances Wlswell and Bonn1e Larson members of a flute tr1o and Luc1lle Thornburg vocal sololst Steady w1nner 1n oratory IS Gerald Nollete who w1th other Iunlor orators Lucllle Chnstensen Bonn1e Lar1ve Iulla Graham Donna Davlson and Lesl1e McClure also part1c1pated ln Beta Mu and Iumor Plays formmg a strong nucleus for dramatxcs Back of all these are others who wh1le not ment1oned here do the1r part for the B1son 1n furn1sh1ng pep and leadershlp i i' r ' S n , i ' ' . i 1, -- . "ln , ll 2 r ' i O' Y' I M i rn r n 1. Q r V ar A7 nn 1,, ' - QI' C- ' 4 , , n s 5 ,P n ' V N I I I ' I . - I I I I I I I , . I I SQPHOMORES W-Q no I I S IRENE VOIGT ass Sponsor 014 l l -1 CO 7-'QU Front Row l Crllms Pc gay Butler Mane Benson Betty Beswick Ruth Bar ney Barba 1 Lrocktord Ba k Row Maman Aaberq Bonme Col burn Charles Conqer Maurlce Asem1s ser' Vern Bertsch Barbara Lee Conqer Front Row Shexla H1ll Helen Hxbbarcl Enone Exsenb rth Genevleve Gallagher Elaln Ff1Sdf1Ck Dorothy DeW1tt Qecond Row Bolo Hansen Don Getty N'1ll1am Ham lm Leroy Daerson Charles l-'emler H r ey Hemler B ck Row l ck Hopper Dual DGVIS Ted ll Gen C rl l nsen 1t I c One: r fit! V B , A, :Ah I ' M, gg' t, ' x -1 I K ,V I . M. --f Q . , .rar . ig 'Ne f .L .,. ffrr' - NW, 'lv " '4 -" Q W u -f 3' . . N.. . ftlt' , WC.. .W . ..., . , Q-, X' X s Q V : va , ' , V , .V C , , , - 4 K ff ' f.. 2- 5 ' 'M ' 0 ? . N I A C : ' , ' - x . 4 " n . a I I f A .g A. , . ,t , - . , , . .il 5 W K A , ,N,,,V,.g,. gt ' :rr .. . 3 i F . -,J-rf-f ' A c . ' . Q . 'V' ' 13' , ' , s ig Af .t e 'P f' ' -- '59 ' 5 I a 3 TI ,, ' ' , A. .lIf,, 'rg . ilu 4 : 0 4 X is . . , : w , l ' ' F , Fur HF.-J: 17fr"!f,',f lem Kyes, Zetz O 1 sa , . Illlllkf, Iflly lffflfj, Vbtfx lf riser, Glf i: f 5 wa, ,, , ., , . it r ' f t u , ' B :-'lc lt lmrxnf-tr. l'-f ZSlf1', r' ll A l. T 'A 1-fri, A!ll.1ll l:.sfn, Lamb.-.'z: F-fzeln, Kr-n 'ff L -' Q ' A B 5 nf-Yr. K z:':x:f:. , x -1 .r Q - as .. L :nf Y GN rx ffrwz v l .Q D Eenz I D G crrf PJ rms n XWMW ' Emu I 1' xr Vflstl Nflsfn mx 1 , f rfs'fr Txylfr Hnnry S Lmrn QP: Io n Swan s n H IlOld S1 B k Row R'IYl'T'CHd Rossknefnt Ray l frq Rc QrtN1P'fr R1Cl'lfYd Qclrle-Je Pnl Ho O 'F ID Fl 1 lf frm 0157 Bfwer v Q Lo tt T'1cm is orct y mls rx Bur C1 Trum shmef f llff-x Norm Mae bi. vm-Vg, -WM qs X 4 'Uh 'WV' CLASS OFFICERS- lClOCkWlSG, Donald Mueller Vxce Pf6S1d6I'll rw ,. Q- QQ wiggle 'wwf' Dorothy Wilson Treasurer Robert Parlrmson Presldent Barbara Trumbull Secretary V ,3 ,-... .. ,Q ,, ..,. - v- ' 1 ' Q ,, M, i I ' I . T--w L,-.-- FV' pn: ',"'I'-'jfl'jI'1'4 'F A ,f' nf" ., .. F ,....,-e . ,I W L., f.,i'f'fIc'4'5::, En: fl" Lure, oz -2. I-fiber, ' 5 G f.'1f7'.': .-.:f.1Al Eeuy f-filler. 4 'Q 'L fcwnf' f-5152! f.'Ttul'c , f.f..e1h 45' 7 inc Ffvrxc' Fzrrs :Cmnt .Ate lit liz-.'eQQ, Zinild f1'.e.,6r, ?f:u1 M Qler. . ' .2 ' Q' -.. . . X v . ,, . . W" N :GCA Rin-.': ,rpm l..z1':iel, lxxn Ronxts, , H W, fart: FQTT, 'Iii .. A un- Pi-rCe, Yerrtu Pf rfilllf, B223 'r'.' 2 . v-1 " '4 .j 7 W W 5 'wwf - Y 4 , I E A ' 177 ff if A -W 1 7,3 03 4 f W, M H '6 X W' lll',ll' Eff.-J: lflfzc- if xl' H, f. ,sf f' f if' .- mf N271 'Mk' 1 1 ,, f , , Er f Ivfzn SGH, An- -- .,.. . W :Qlmf S'l.l"T'lfTT, Effle Tiylor. ' - , "MW 7' FQCQWI Row: , .1 ' ,, - N 1 gr' Skeqg.. ' T, Sf'E1:.f4, , ' - c f ' . 'ew mf' ' 5 I cc : . . Q , M , ,L SCE: , 23. 1' Mfg, A 1 - . ' . 'W 'f n. li. ' f , N I., , ' ' 0 ,DMV . , ,V 5. , v e. , , Y , . 0 Fr, '.-J: lam- XYOYTO, Ll1f.,rC1 f' ,i,I, ' I , " , 21 llfl laV'l'Cx, lj 'N ' ,, .' ly 'V,r- ' W H 'W M C' nik. J. Bifk Row: re 'z I z , "" Wiizfe, D h 0 . . li ri: V , liggll, A " ' 'lf' ,- , VV N "' C If .N N f 3 + P . v ' f J X - . , f . gf fi FRESHMEN ALICE GENEVIEVE BRITTAN 90 Hmmm! QF if Front Row Wcmdcx Benson Mavis Brock rrrcn 'Vloriyn Bruce Bess Butler Mor Jorie Amzss Buck How Darwin Butholu Donald Bolt Harold Bcchmcn Harry Byer Front Row Louunn Duennermonn Zesta Corkle Darlene Dickinson Elsie Clauson Ioyce Davis Elaine Chumcn Back Pow Dallas Doneqon Iohn Cor bett De ores Fisenbcrth Edward Davies Bil Closcn Frcn Flc.v: Elaine lzclcscn, Nucmi Kruse, Gmc, HAll5, Edith Frazier, Thelma Er- 'n, Afnn Frizz' r. feccnd Rcw: Eiitl' lflumpliiey, Elinfr. .nr rti., D141 fl 'rg-en, Clinton Gregc , jiri Finley. R.'.'e.t': lflus 4 . , A19 lpdd, VV.: Flyte. , . X ,' X A XA l wp , Class Sponsor ' ,,,,,,,.,.,.-.,,,,..,.,,,,W, .., , . V in 'Y f, G Q . ,, .W V I . mf ' wks Q , ' 5 . --- Q - A 1 ,. , 'l , . ,. t , I . 3 5, F 1 ' , z, . , . . "' G' , -wwurvb I ' V , Q- .R . 5" ...N , 5 - , aw " : I ' - S . ,If - - 9, I .. , . 1 Q ..,,. .2 - V M vi 1 ie ..- . Q f' u ' e Kr Ht l ry I , f Le rl r tfd Q s B tl' FF n li n flier 1 H ,7 C -2 Front Row: Louis Moretich, Pearl Moore, J' Ioyce Pell, Betty lean lffoflure, Delores I Quick, Bernie Lange. Back How: Bill Parris, Heier! Peters, Harold Miller, Kenneth Martin, Lee Petty, John Nesbit. Q Front Row: Carleen Ritschard, Gladys Rueh, Mildred Romey, Bolo Rooney, Dor- othy Tucker, Phyllis Schott. Back Row: Eugene Van Liew, Leltoy Smith, lack Summers, lack Renstrom, Iesse Thomas, Robert Salmon. Front Row: Mary Lou Walker, Roberta White, Betty Williams, Edna Young, Cleo Wehnes, Mary Trosper. Second Row: Roy Moore, Richard Whet- stone, Annamary Willoughby, Kenneth Wilcox, Morris Wynia. Back Row: Richard Young, Glenn Wis- well, Quentin Woodward. M, . H., Q K H N I Q29 Q Hz- .A.,...,, . ,, . , 1, if ,J Mx: " ' . 4 Y W. , WMAWJM f. A 5 33.7. . x 1, X v-', Qmf' eh. W., , . ' din. .. v , 2 E . is Wg., ta ,Ek -Us at CLASS OFFICERS- tclockwisel Dallas Doneqon President Bernie Lange Vire President loyce Davis Secretary-Treasurer ,Liv .ff 'N 1 4 2 Q w intl Front Row: Rose Schoepp, Geraldine Palmgren, Eldora Richer, Violet Schmidt, Radclph Krein, Di-'lc Clason, Billy l-'l1.ler, Curl Andre, Gene 'x'Ja11gh, Teddy L rrive, H 1rold Christensen, R1cE11rd Kn :rg Billy Brown, Second How: Bernice Ostby, lrene Briggs, H rzel Vfeisser, Lorraine Bertscli, Dcnn 1 Summers, M 1111 Il Robison, Delores Worden, Betty lane Petty, Betty lean Kline, Betty Lou Hansen, Virginia, Befkf 1, Norma Hadwick, Geraldine Sewright. Third Row: Dorothy Hargens, Lorraine Welch, Deloris Merrill, Betty Larson, Doris Oellrich, VE?lIl1'1 Allen, Evelyn Miner, Viola Schmidt, Alice Brady, Phyllis Kruger, Dolora McCullough, Esther Louise Haines. Back Row: lack Davison, Duane Ruek, Charles Nesbit, Kenneth Schleuter, lchn Parks, H.1rl11n Krutsch, Teddy McFadden, Palmer Hibbard, Calvin Cornelius, limrnie Munck, Francis Hatton. 5 My IUNIGR HIGH First Row: Arlene Wehnes, Eva lean Weldon, Carrie Mae Anderson, Ella Kaiser, Delores Davies, Darlene Skill, luan Kelly, Carol Duennermann, Reva Allen, Dorothy Gordon, Mariorie Cox, Walter Grimes, Ladd Frary, Robert Corkle, Donald Humphrey, Bobby Woods. Second Row: Ronald Wilson, Freida Oellrich, Margaret Gallagher, Douglas McCumsey, Clarence Ferdig, Wilbur Goesch, Iohn Kaiser, Robert Aiemdinger, Eugene Englebert, Dcnald Fellows, Harry lohnston, Gilbert Eler, Teddy Birdsall. Third Row: lack Trow, Billy Sweeney, Ray Vondracelc, Ichn Suter, Marvin Taylor, Bill Wilcox, Lee Renstrom, Dorothy Fraizer, Lila Hunt, Claris Craft, Betty Graham, Mary Hiznnan, Doris Maine, Betty Finley, lack Barr, Glenn Flanagan. Back Row: Duane Rainville, Neal Allen, Bobby DeWitt, lrene Moss, Luella Merritt, Anna Norris, Phyllis Northup, Eva May Reese, Elizabeth Oellrich, Ruth Weber, Norma Robison, Dorothea Scctt, Betty Rae Simeox, Robert Nelson, Charles Schleve, BcLi.y McFadden, Robert Litzinger. W... Q av , " ',-Q' Upper lei! commxllees trxm flocxls for Homecommg upper nqht Andre swmqs wlde for an end run lower left mmble N3 feet keep lame to rhythm of the Korn Kob Kids lower rxqht well declde lor yourself what Rooney rs domq wrth that meter suck ACTIVITY MUSIC Ath1et1cs H Club Home Ec Club ' Pep Club Homecornlng Honor SOC1elY Declarncrtory Drczmcxtlcs Iournchsm Band Completes Busiest Season Appears at Games, Concerts, Pep Rallies and Public Programs Twenty-four public performances comprised the first semi-ster's activities for the seventy piece high school band. Appearances of the group included marching man- euvers for all football games, music for pep rallies. patriotic programs and Christmas programs. For many other programs at school and in the community music was furnished by smaller groups from the band. At both Lead and Custer football games the hand received enthusiastic applause for their marching between halves. Special drills were given at all basketball games. Assisting the local veterans' organizations the band presented patriotic music for the colorful flag presentation and dedication of Woodward Field. The band cooperated with the veterans' organizations of the city in their annual Armistice day program. The Christ- mas season found the band again helping the community with the Kiwanis and Junior Chamber of Commerce annual party for the children of the county. Christmas music by the band at the State Home and the Yeterans' Facility as well as on the business streets of the city helped to create the holiday spirit. wadin- 'W -a, An innovation in band entertainment for basketball games was introduced by the Hot Springs High School Band this year. Between halves of the game a 32-piece selected drill band directed by Lois Wilson performed intricate musical marching maneuvers making an octagon, a revolving eight spoke wheel. four revolving circles, three circles, two circles. a hexagon and revolving circle, two triangles. two ovals, one large circle and a snake dance exit. All of these maneuvers were made while the group played snappy marches. Lois Wilson, Drum Major X Beverly Werlick, Acrobcttic Twirler ii mi ua'-ff SY' .. who mm, qkxxmx ,1- .fv XM.. g . mt gzfvtrzwiksff' , B -4 t New "if gray' 'Q' W. mini' :Q ,154 .' 92' 'a '4 Front Row: Rudolph Krren Ann Christensen, Ecnnze Larsen, Frances Vliswell Harry Byer, ELQQ Ercwn, Arthu laxeerl Genevzeve Gahagner, Allen Iudd, lirnrrly lffuzsk, Delores '.'f':r'iex, Ruth Weber, Ester Lsurse Hazries. . Second Row: Vesta '.'.'elcizn, Bonnie Lee Hagen, Iurle Vzrfe, Lars Vfzlszn, Marftelle -fIl1.l'l'JT2?.bY, Evelyn Gallagher Elsle Clagezri, Barbamr Lee Ccnqer, Phyllis Sf?.C!', leanrte Hunter, Geraldlne Sewriqht, Carrie Mae- Andersczl Betty lr-fin lJf':ClAre, Qaffrxlr. '-'JczCl'.'.'a:d Anrlazzlary W1lliu'5hbYf Beverly 4-'ff-rl1f'k, fflxxirf-ti Arxierzcn, Charles Mueller, Director. Third Row: Lallae Lzr,-'-'gurl Harlan Husfzn, lerzfge, lack Hcgpet, Eddie Rxfier, lffurgzrge 'ff?,ite, Haztlc: E':':l.rr.':r1 Rxhard Ycunq, Delores E1senbarth,V1rqxnia Becker Fri"-'ia Krien, Faythe Linker Barbara Trumbull, Riiixrd Knagg. Kenneth '.'t'1,C5x, luxe Pierce, lean Roberts, Bonnie Larrle. Back How: Bob llalaqer Julia Graham .Dorothy 'l-'1lS5r., Howard Miles, C.1ve Ann lltthzlls, Lznfzld Mui-l.e: Edna Yzunq, Shella Hill Albert Harnelstrosrt, Lzdwtq Krien, lli1I1ZY'A Pool, Bob 'Neber, Calvin Ccrnelzas, Rey Lznegzf Charles Ccrlger, Alre Brady. Omi of the highlight, of tht' yt-ar war the annual hanrl program given on Nlarrh 2. On this program appvarf-il thru- hands playing lIlllSll' from fimple- folk Fong- to overture-5 from thc- mufir' fe-etival. One- luindrt-tl forty-fivv -ttulvnts are enrolled in the thru- hantls. Soloi-If with tht- high em-hool hantl for the program iuclumlcd Ann CllI'lrllfI1M'll. Boll Dalagt-r. Hoy Dom-gon, Dallas Donegon anti Harlan Hufton. 'llwirlers again tliel outetanaling work Q--pvcially for the- niarvhing season wht-u the-y we-rv fvature-tl with hancl tlrills, Julia Graham organizn-ml and I'lhlllillt'lQ'll a 1-law for lwgin- ning twirlf-re. lie-wrly We-rlivk wa- ff-aturm-cl on many of-vasions with hm-r acrohatit' twirling. Bonnie- Lariw- tliel a gootl joh of lvacling the hand formations at game-s anfl Loi, Wilfon tlixl outetantling work ae clruin major during tht- yr-ar. lfwlyn and Ceiwxivw Callaghvr pvrforme-il wc-ll ae twirl:-ra anti flharh-s flongvr antl .-Xrtliur .lanwn tlitl a wpvvial' ty lraton towing art for the- iuueiv fe--tival. Boll llalager. ee-nior antl lloy' Don:-gon. junior attt-ml:-tl thv Stan- Regional Xiu-iv Conte-at at Nlolmritlge- thi- ye-ar. 'flu-y arf- thv firft etucle-nte from Hot Spring, In Q-wr Q-nt--r tht- etatc- 1-ont:-et. lloh. ou tht- troinhone-. playml 'I-Xtlantiv Ze-pllyrf' anal lloy play:-tl "'llhought- of Nt'elt'l'4lilf'.. on hi- lnaritoue-. l're-ve-fling th:-ir trip to llapitl City lo atte-ntl tht- We-et Hiwr Hu-iv Fe--tixal. the- high -4-hool lnantl anrl glw- vlulu hatl a nlil't'Ne rfelwar-al" pvrloriuiug for th.- "h:vnu- follvf' .Xpril 27. ln -te-p with the-ir annual vu-tom. thvee- niueival organ- ization- -ang and playa-tl tht- xot-al autl in-trunu-utal llllllIllt'l'e that thf-5 pre--f-tm-tl at llapitl llity. hoth intlisialual auel ina-at-nl. lllet Spring- lligh 5l'lloul liantl hunk -pwial llutinfe at tht- iuueim' fi-ftixal lhie war hx' lt-atliu-r the- animal taratla- in uhivh anroxiuiat:-lx' H00 mu-iv . 2- l . -tu+h-nt- troiu .Zn el'llmvl- pl.lTllt'lllLllt'4i. llot Spring- l'sKll'lt'le uiaflf' an out-tanthng piwturr- in the-ir fli-hv 'ww llllllufllle Sixtv-lout lrantl -tumlvnte trout hvrc- hunk hart in tht- various lnautl lN'flUI'IlliiIl1't'-. For thvir inmlixitlual Illllllllvfe thv? play:-tl "lf:-etixal l,Xt'I'llIl't' in lm an4l "liarnuiu anti liailvyl liaxoritz-N iuarvh. lllhrlllf-llll't't' of the- lowal luantl in-iw vlioee-u ae nn-iuln-re ul tht- niafwtl M,,Ch,,,1e, Mueueh band director' was ' ' ' - " -- " . made Chairman of the Class "A" Band r i h N ' . ' M committee for the West River Music Fes- tlue yvar swrv nhl'lIlt'Li. owrture- antl 'South Dakota btatv Lollvge-. IllL1T4'll. rival again this year. hautl 4-onlpo-Q-tl nl lim llllleIl'IL1IlN from xr-wit evllrml-. Iltf- rua--1-fl .X nutnlwr- TW lla 1 Y . Orchestra .1 lulifr Grirnrrn, Harold Bacnrncxn, Norma Robison, Bess Butler, Sheila Hill, Colvin Cornelius, Ccirleen Eitsciisxrds, Lpiwiq Krein, lesse Tlrcnxis, Mfre Sexton, Bill Vv'ilccx, Paul leon Petty, Ervin Strcrubinqer, Tn :ries ldggeilf-r, Director, loyce llxvis, Annurrxirry W'illcuqhby, Iirnmy Munck, Frankie lohns, lune Fierce, Bstir '.'.'ei:er, Al: eri Hgmelstmrtr, B.1rl izr 1 Trnmlgull, Carrie Mae Anderson, Dorothy 'Wilscn, Alise Br zciy, Ednr Ycgng, Mnrggret Grllfrqher, Marjorie Vfhiie, Cnirles Conqer, Barbara Lee Ccnger, Bgll rs Bcnegcn. Iunlor Band Front How: H1 '31 :rd Iffcrlgzri, VJ :lie-: Grizzies, BQ: i y Yfcgds, Tl :rnyn Mr? Ill.lf'l1, lvl :rn irei Gallci? l..-r, Iilfif- Sr,-'.-.':1g:.t, Fxye S6111-r g, Lfzz :ine B--:Ts -1. Yann: Lf-U r'liQ- y, f":,thei Scart, Norm :is ri, My-z'.' 'r f I.I1SiIl, F! :rxkie l,:.ns. Second Row: f " :Zi if zit.--5 G'-rw '.'.': gl.,l'l1'-s 1.- y, ll' ' If lk' 'll fl-. Plwll-I1 I, 2 :'sj.' I 'V ':,!i:"-: 'i:1.::.': fist: ' .:f- l:.lilf'ISQI1, EPYTY Back Row: f : if-: :iz E21 1 : 5 ,l.r.,:: :,: hs rl. f'ff'1.1 HH Efzz .: ':.: H' ' .e.x,s .ez Director. Beginners' Band First Row: Betty lean Petty, ,loan Schott, Dickie Sewriqht, Kay Christensen, Don Charles lfilrert, Annabelle Hagen, Freddie Thomas. Second Row: Charles Mueller, Director. Marjorie Amiss, Ioyce Suter, Roberta White, Carolyn Scott, Annette Weisenburaer, Aletha Cornelius, Donna Lee Pliley. Buck Row: Patty Hemler, Bernice Christensen, Ervin Strubinqer, Sidney Phelps, Peggy Butler, Dorothy Frazier, Betty Mae Bertsch. Music Training Starts Early Orchestra work this year improved a great deal with a larger orchestra and hetter IllllsiC. The orchestra included thirty nrernhers with more violins than at any time in the past. This group furnished rnusie for the elass plays. Dramatic Cluh plays. and the operetta. They also presented one program at the State Home and one at the Veterans' Facility during the year. Viprk with snrall instrument ensenrhles was very sueeessful. Among the performing groups were: the flute trio. Ann Christensen, Bonnie Larson and Frances Wiswellg the saxophone quartet. Bonnie Larive. Charles Conger, Mil- dred Anderson, and Alice Brady: the trombone quartet, Julia Graham. Donald Mueller. Dorothy Nvilson. and John Chris- tensen: and the hrass sewtet, Dallas Done-gon. .lesse Thomas. Frieda Krein. Boh Dalager, Roy Donegon. and Alhert llarnelstrorn. Soloists who appeared with hand during the year ineluded hesides those rnerrtioned ahove. Vesta Weldon and Marion Pool. Second hand showed steady irnprovernent. This group led hy Esther l.ouise Haines as drurrr major appeared in the liisoll Day parade and also played on the all-hand program. Nlany of its rrrernhers were prorrroted to the high school hand during the year heeause of their marked improvement. The heginners' hand also appeared on the all-hand program and all of its rnerrrhers sueeessfully passed their tests for advaneement to the seeond hand hy the middle of March. A point system handled hy Jesse Thomas enabled hand nrenrhers to earn points for a hand letter by home prae- tiee. solos. and other aets to improve their usefulness to the hand. Ahout thirty hand nrenrhers were awarded letters as a result of their profieierrey during the year. Dallas Donegon. freshman. and first ehair solo eornet in the high sehool hand deserxes speeial mention for aeeurnulating hy far the greatest nurnher of points during the year. Roy Donegon and Xlarion Pool also deserve special mention. Roy as assistant direetor and Marion as hand manager and lihrarian. Patience, personality and a qood ear for music are only part of the qualifications Miss Miller possesses as chorus director. Much in demand 'E as accornpiinist, her ability at the piano is match- ed by her deftness on the organ console. MISS HARRIET MILLER 'Q Director School Singers Tune Vocal Cords "Hold that last "A" just a little longereWatch for the sixteenth rest Not a ee - - - ii P out of anyone." Nothing mysterious, just the mixed chorus at one of its semi-weekly re iearsals. getting a few tips from Miss Miller In an ambitious program the rou 1 Q d . i . . g p trerente a full scale operetta in addition to its regular public appearances. At the Band Concert April 27, the Mixed Chorus made its first public appearance 'tl l wi 1 severa numbers. High spot in each year's activity. the West River Music Festival, found the chorus singing "Silent Strings." "An Evening l'astorale." "Sinus-r. Please Don't L 'A' ,S 1 . v .. 1 f I 99 'Y- et its Harve-t Pass. and Joshua Fit De Battle. Vtitli the battle fought and the walls brought down, the Mixed Chorus made its final a ' ' ' - ppearances on the Baccalaureate and Commencement programs. Mixed Chorus Front Row: Elsie Clauson, Lucille Thornburg, Bonnie Larive, Olive Ann Nicholls, Accompanist, Julia Graham, Cathleen Chilson, Catherine Cone, Bess Butler, Bonnie Lee Hagen, Elaine Chuman Betty Beswick, Ioyce Pell, Gladys Rueb, Lucille Byer, Peqqy Butler, Marie Benson. Second Row: Dorothy DeWitt, Bonnie Colburn, Marjorie White, Lucille Ayres, Margaret O'Donnell, Mary Martha Conaer, Vesta Nelson, Bette Larive, lune Pierce, Alice Gamet, Madqe Fennema, Phyllis Schott, Ioyce Davis. Third Row: Darlene Dickinson, Esther Kaiser, Velma Ream, Maryan Herman, Vesta Weldon, Dorothy Wilson, Onice Kern, Virginia Parks, Genevieve Gallagher, Alrene McCullough, Florence McFarland, Evelyn Gallagher, Luella Schleve. Buck Row tstandingl: Lee Petty, Charles Conger, Duane Hagen, Ouentin Woodward, Donald Weisser, Bob Corbett, Bruce Butler, Bob Rooney, Bill Wilcox, loe McKe-ever, Clinton Gregory, Kenneth Wilcox, Merlyn Munck, lerry Kelly, Eben Martin, John Swanson, Paul Miller, Betty lean McClure, Bob Parkinson, Maurice Asemissen. iw'-'W '.,Q1 32:55 Fron1Row CGW 1 msfn -217 fl Il " G 12' D- aff l3'Yi1'11f CL H D f 1: fl Afro G1 E121 25111: cyf Q Second Row I 1 HW nn- 111 1 rf' Dfnnml Elmf fl S'Yl .11 YTYI , jf A11 A1 '.'.'fi'!fr1 Omff 1' I1 Third ow F1f1f'1 M FII 1nd AHC-nf if Chiin Efnsfn Llfilyn G 11.1q1f1 ff 11.1.32 ' ' iprq, Back Row Ioy 63 D ns Bffvnrlj I Ofllflf P Yl1S 5 WN' est msfn nh Pzorfc lfiur1'11f 1f Dcrctiy 1llSCl"l Elvmn Cnumfln Girls' Glee Club furthe-r 1111-al training if 4101111111111 111 IW 11111 int tl11 1111 1 r11 III 11 C11 - .1 11 Buys' Clw- Clubs. gi1'i11g f'2iI'll gfllll 1 an 11pp11r 11n1 1 11r 11111111111 Ilrdf' 1c1 a111 n1 1r1 111 iz1liz1-11 work ill 1'111'al 11111Ni1'. Up1r11111 1111111111 .. 11 15 r dr 11 1111 N S1-I11-1111111 111' a1'ti1'iIy. High ranking: ill n111-ic 1'1r1 111 1- md111t.111111 IW 11111 11 ll JN 1a1 1 1' 1111111 ln ll "A" 1iivisi11n at lilf' W1-11 Riwr 1 lf l'fNll B11tl1 Gl111' fIl11I1- 1111111-ur11l111 11r1gr.1n1- 111 1 If 11 1 ru- 11 1 11411 1111111 i11 a1l1li1i1111 111 -i11g1i11g: f111' I111'11l 11111 11rg.1111ld .M 1l11- Xiv1'Sl lliw-r xllhll l'1 ' filllll Nang "'l'11 TI11- Spirit 11f Xiu IK X11 .1r1.1 111 111 1 1n 11 1 I11- 111111111111-. 1111- H1115 lill'1' filllll 11 vs 1 1 ll 11 1111311151 S1111 111111 r ll 11 1 A'W1-ar1'i11g F11r Y1111," "'I'l11- XI1111 - 1 11 er 1 11r r - Cd 1 111 lf IT f11rn1a111-11 111' finging "Hull fIl1dr11 ' 1 1' 1 1 1 1 Il 1 11 lllllIlll1'l'S i11 1111- 1-111111111-111-1-1111-111 1 111 r111 - l'a1'1'111ak1'rN f111' II11- llll'f'4 11r '.1111ldt11111 1 1 1 1 11 IP 11 111'1'11111pu11i+lN. Boys' Glee Club Front Row: Suzie H33-Q1 Ke: 511 '.'.'1fCY, P141 ffxilfsr Ei: Fu Vfeisser. Second Row: CQVJG 1 S 159, fxgfenfxn '.'.'ctd'.-11, ' re Aseriissen, f.f19rQyi Y., -' jk Back Row: Lee Feffy jlzwfn 'S Kel1y,Eru:e Exist he I.f'Kee'.'er, l Standing ilfffl. '-lfocdern Foloisrs--Ddrlfrif Difkirison, E xr? 'tri fr' okffrfi, l.a"1Qlf' Fyfr, Elsie C1 zpgson. Seated Cir-ft '1 rigiiti: Violirusts-Duirrio Pi :gf-n, Bill 'Niloixi l'rfr1':1 l'.f113ls ll zrycrxo Yfhitn, ffflti. l.flfl'fn':Yi, ElSilf'l K user, lrish P 1r1'-ors' loyfro Poll, Ioyffrf rvis, Mrirojfrrot O'Df-r1r1clQ: Miskool Pifiors 'KOl'1l'l0'l1 '.'.'1l1'ox, QJ'l"iNi1l'l 'Nonfi- zrfl, Th zrlos fCr1'1f11, l'l.11 Fx-."1r1sor1, l-l1'.ll'f Asornissfri. First Row Cs'1rfimg, lflt if lliiiiilf EE QU ll 11t1r1, police oliicer: l'1l1: Gr 1:1 1.:1, Katherine Darling: f' ztrzffrmo Cflifi, Mar- ia Patrona: Erase Esther, Don lose: Vest: '.'.'f1qiQn, Billy Day: Moriyn l.'I11nf-k, Silas Day: Bri' Cfri Nt, Stanley Darling: lXvf'i"iI Pofzrz., Beatrice Thorne: Betty Er-swi-ic and Ar1f?,or1y lfsr1r1iges, guest Spanish dancers: gr 1l'llSl1 Duncffrsr- Gsrioviovo Gzllzgilor, Plc-rfncr llfflrfxrl :ni l.l11ry'.1r1 l'lEtTYTl'Il'l, M :ry l.4':rti1"1 Crrnftor. Seated lriqhthz Lacillrs Tirorniiarog Lac-iirr Ayres, Maggie Murphy. Standing lrightlz Tom Rofsrvsy, Pai Murphy: Don VVQ-isser, Chinaman: Beverly Vffsrlick, Chinese dancer: Olivo Arm Ni.-lols, accompanist. Second Row lsfindirizli Singinzj Choras-Cfztlxleen Chilsori. Bess Butler, Poqgzy Butler, Quito Ko-rr1, Virginia Parks, Bonnie Colburn. Back Row Cstzndinglz Marie Benson, Vesii Nelson, Mzdzjs F9r1r1Q:1z':, Alice Gmzfff, Bonnie Leo H 11011, l.'.gs-21: Sonlevo, Efzirie CllUmiH, lane- Pierce, Dorothy Vt'llSCl'l, Clinton Gregory, Poi? Parkinson, P1111 Miller, Lee Potty. N , f rl I A . 5 -If - Lg ' - 'll 1 - ll X 'Old Spanish Custom 1 '. .L J- lf X. K N , Q -1 1- Vocal Groups Present Qperetta 1 ,J I 1 l V ' , F s Sing:-rs ami flamw-rs i11 an at111i1spl1e-rv of Uhl Xli-xii-.1 will a story' in sullg! of how l X ' X llo11 .lwsex vi1'ti111 of amm-sia valise-tl hy a plane- r-rash i11 Wurlrl War l. 11-r-me-rs l1is 1111-11141ry. , K ami, is going l111111e- In vlaim his lllllt'l'lliillt'f'. a lN'illllll'lll ranvlio umlvr optiuri to an 1-astf-rm-r, lj, Y j .fp Silas llay. Day. aftf-r tryi11gt41swi11rllv llllll .lose 11111 of l1is I'2lll1'll4l. ln-r'o111e-s th-e-ply irivulvr-fl I -f ' l - as his claugzlitf-r. llilly Day. falls in low with llttll .lose-. who has jnim-cl thr- Xlaslu-tl liitlvrs C' X ' ' i11 the- attf-111111 In e-stahlish his vlaim. Stanley. llillfs fiarim-v. glvts i11x'r1lw-ml ami finmls hi111s4'lf X X l i11 hm- with liva 'lilmrrn-. while' his si-lt'I' liit falls fi-1' tht- l1a114lsu1111- pnliwe nffiw-1' who is N s1"Tl'lllllg fur ljtlll .lusaz Hirling i11 at the hr-all uf his maslwrl rifle-rs. llon ,lnsv wv111s-s to the 1 s J ' fivsta anrl talu-s im-r his ram-l111 and Daft- tlaughtvr as we-ll. First Row: "' ful f fs '11 l'1..'.' . U. V Back Row: T. A 1 Director , W 1 Cheerleaders Betty Beswick, Iune Vorce, Ioyce Pell and Bev- erly Werlick go into action during the Edgemont game. Scheduled for Armistice Day, an early blizzard forced post- ponement until November 15. Note snow remaining in the shadow of the stadium. ATHLETICS LU if Coach Lennon must see something inter- esting--or maybe he is thinking of sending in one of the hopefuls on the bench beside him. Butler and Kelly at left look as if a little exercise would be welcome, While Menuey, on his knees ahead of Lennon, warms his hands and waits for the Welcome tap on the shoulder. We Want a Touchdown' Blson Grldders Dellver the Goods 1vucl11l1mn a p 1ntx wa t 1 1 1 t11l11l Wllll lt 11 11n11 1 1 t 1' t tram ll 1111 r B1ll1 lllI'Cllt' Brom -lt to 0 am Cl1a1r1rn 401110 1 t11 1111 C rdlllt nmng on 1vr1l n J1-a1 wvml tl11 lll 1 n 1'ap1t.1l1l11l un a lJ1a1lw11 nl um r t ll n 1 1 Tl ln .1 1 11 1 1x1 11111, ,arm t 1 11 1 ua 1n11n1 n Lu- 11111 wa 1l1 M11 lat Nt s1mp11lup l8p1nnt vxl1l1 tn lllill ran M11 t11 at tjlldfltl' fur four l1lllCllllllXAllH to w1n 49 tu l8 ldlllt 1la71l1 fxr l111n11 fan a 1a1'l1 t1 am Cllfld thru t1v111'l1l1mn ovwr on t11 Urpun vs an or the Braun ln cunu-rt1n,, all thr11 1xt1a pmnt ln an AfHllNllF1 day gam1 p wtpnnul Illll to an ldI'lW lllllldffl the B1 n 'NI ul ,1am1 -aw the lxlue an1l ulnte EIXQHEQ f11rn11r tltltdli ln l1l1l1n, Edge-mont 1l111n Ill nlldfllld 1sl1ll1 Ulflll four llllltg tlumwe Vl t111t11s1a1n Football Summary B1ll1 l'11urQl10 9 S1 pt llut bprm un man -1111 actmn lll .1 lllfllllllg H1v1n1-11vn1m ,arm III Vklllfll tl11 B1 nn a .1111 pavud the 1l1rt to mn 48 to '71 our Spearfnsh Col 1d1n with a l1ea111r ltdfll at l1ad llll B1 n -tampedc' wax fmallw t11rn1d lxfnre the Colddrggerw Lhargxnv attack Late 1n tl11 laet permd Craft broke tltruugll for D0 yard to lllt lead 2 yard llne rn the moat spectacular run of tlln game Drnmv mer from tln pumt tl11 Btwn wexe algaln gammg ground when tl11 game 1nd1d All dtfldl attack lmy Crawford furn1sl11d pl1nty of A S1 pt bt pt ct 'Oct 'CON Cl m Nov Hut bprmvs Hut Sprlngs Hut bprm Hut bprlnv Hot bprln H111Spr1nv Hut bprlnv- Hl1ISIlflllg 'lotal Scores Hot Sllflll 59H1m11 Game Chadnm D1 adwond Cueter bturgls Qpearfmh Lead Crawford UCIIIOIII Opponents Front Row lerry Kelly Elvm Aabera Mark Beatrd Ionn Graf Kenneth Wauah Bud Craft Tom Rooney Bob Lartve Ben Kmser Walter Andre Second Row Lloyd Dolma Don Cettv Delame D1ck1nson Ed Karser Eben Martm Gerald Krutsch George Walker G1lbert Menuey B111 Eastltck Dan Lennon Coach 'l'h1rd Row Paul Hatton Bob Weber Ed Graf Ph1l1p Kaxser Bay Ielle Bruce Butler Bob Hansen ,lack Hopper B1ll Wtlcox Foster Taylor Buck Row Allen ludd Ted Larxve Vern Bertsch Robert Peters Bob Rooney Paul M1ller Harold Mrller Iamee Blcnsdell Maurlce Asem1ssen Wtlham Hamblm Carl Benz Harry Byer 7 ...QR 2 Qtr 2 ll ll T ' S '- l' U' " s lu' styl ' as lll1' lll-1111 '- ' .'. ' 1 - ' s 'Q -' " s ' " llQ'I'l slant ' - " tl - 1 - 'tg 1'll'9-l 11 - gl- l ' s. P ' l 1 I. d '1 f ,. ..p, .,- -13.1 3 "U 'N .ll l - 1 -ninv ff' -s. llu ' f -'g soil at ', ' - - ' 1 -, If - - - I . 1 . F . -,, . - . . .. 4 , f . .. t, . -,Dix ug .. , , y lllt' fu l '11 s'1b ' l ' S ' " ' U U' '. ' ' 1- 1 - - l ' " .' ,' It ' 11 Fire l11nl- in tl11- Bis n f1-11'1- " s f l li' ' .'t1'r ' ' ' " ' ' ' F' ' S g ' -' I 'F 'l " s svt lxa' ' 34 to T. A "-li ' 1'r .' urgif 0 'lf S' l ' S ' 54 . N1 - ' 5 '1' - I- lk ' "ll I -l's - ' ' ' - '11 .13 ' 'gs,47 --' - ,ll ft- - ' Y ' 1 .Sl ' '- ' ' . 20 ' ' ,f 1 40 ..' '- f . l ' . 27 .' ' : 6 - I' ' g ,' , 1' . .. . J V,. 1 '50 O , 4 l ' gs 34 L A- 1 I- ' 1- 1 - ' 5' ' , . 11 ' ' Us ,. 49 l ' . ' D . , - . he - ' . 18 ' ' gs ,148 , '. ' S - 4 ' ' O . 26 ' es W 7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. A 3 . , , D , WN 1. 1 ' ' ,fo 21 'S ' , - 'Q ' ' 'I ' " ' if . 15 .' ' s , 26 Edt, 1 - - . ' - 3 .4 Q ' gs 278 1 'II21 A 15, , 1 , '64 ' E ,.,. . ...T ,WMM Q 5 .1...., ...... . .l,, W 1 ii 31 - 38 3 24 33 q 5' K 30 . , K lv All No, the boys above aren't trying out a new way of play- ing football. They're merely lining up in that dangerous unbalanced formation, with Andres, fullback, flanked by Larive, left, and Craft at right. Rooney, quarterback, is get- ting set for what may happen while the line, consisting of Cleft to rightl Aaberg, Beaird, Vtlaugh, Graf, Kaiser, Martin and Drutsch dig in their cleats for a flying start. Above, right, Bison players break in to swarm upon an Edgemont passer. In the se- cond picture Craft heads for a hole in the Edgemont line while Edgemont's No. 40 starts in to head him off. In the next picture Larive plunges head- first into a flock of Crawford, running far ahead of his inter- ference. Ptight, at Custer, Craft again heads for a gaping hole while Custer's No. 59 says, "Buddy, you can't come this way!" QQ Dan Lennon, Couch. Bud Croft, Don Getty, Gilbert Menuey, Bob Ldrive, Lloyd Dolinq, Wolter Andr Bob Hansen, Edward Griffin, lim Puqli, Gerald Krulsch. On Bison Caqers Have Tough Schedule Dec Dec. "PDL-C Xian. Ian. Han. xllan. ian. Jan. ian. fifelm 9"l"eb I-'elil 1fFcb Fr:-la. 'x'l"elJ. Feb. 110131 SCurCSZ Basketball Summary 13 Hot Springs 14 ilol Springs 20 Hot Springs 8 llot Springa 10 l1otSprings 17 Hot Springs 21 Hot Springs 24 Hut Springs 28 Hot Springs 31 Hot Springs 3 Hot Springs 7 1'1ulSprlllg5 12 Hot Springs 14 Hot Springs 19 liol Springs 25 Hot Springs 28 Hot Springs Hot Sprin if Ea Sa-Ctiunal Tournarm-nt at Lead- March 3 .x. 11olSprin Hot Sprin Horne Cairn-s ll Es ug P. 30 22 22 36 37 26 45 26 46 27 56 22 38 16 25 53 18 548 29 25 Spf-arfish Ogalala Oglala Custer Chadron Deadwood Crawford Sturgis Custer Deadwood Edge-mont Lead ,, Edgc-mon! Rapid City Lead ,, Spa-arfish Rapid City Opponents Rapid City Spearfisll xxllil six li-Ile-rrnm-n ri-turning from lln- 1910 lm-urn. only om- of whom re-avln-d tha six-foul mark. Coax-ll Ilan I.:-nnon wa- form-il In nh-pi-nil on spw-d and M-rappim-sf in hnilding his 1941 squad. Dropping the-ir fir-I Qlillllt' lu the- Uglula indiana hofori- Chriflrnaf lhn- iii-on vain havk with a winning Ari-ak that la-li-if for Q-ight gann--. finally hrolu-n hy thi- powe-rfnl lie-ad Gold Digg:-rs. florife-rn-:iw hop:-N fi-ll a- Ihe- liigon ekirhle-d into a lo-ing am-ak after heading tha- Corife-ri-:iw Illusi of thi- wagon. Final figun-F ham-d on thi- llivkinsori ratin showed Hot Springs in third plan-. I.:-ad in we-mini and liapii 1' I' HHN first. ln thi- fe-ctional tournarne-nt at 1.1-ad. 1101 Springx ini-I Rapid City in the fir I ganu-. losing -10-20. ln Ihr- vonfolalion gann- SlN'1.lFfiSil an-nga-d Iwi i fornic-r dm-fi-ata ln heating the- Bison down 36-25. while- in Ihr- finals ligipid City roppe-d 1.1-ad for a vhanu in the stale tournarnz-nt. Basketball games were held at the City Auditorium this year to accommodate the large crowds of Bison supporters, while scores of out-of-town games were relayed to local stores so that fans could follow the fortunes of the Bison on out-of-town trips. With the season over, statisticians revealed that the Bison had scored 548 points in 17 games compared to 432 points for their opponents. Individual scoring honors went to a junior, Gerald Krutsch, with 114 points gathered by the lanky center, Bud Craft, another junior, ran a close second with 109 points, while Walt Andre scored 102 points. Below, at left, Andre goes in for a one-hand push shot while Deadwood players come in from all sides in an attempt to break up the play. At right, Craft goes up in the air against a rangy opponent from Rapid City while Krutsch Cnumber 699 stands poised to whirl in under the basket on the follow-through. f"tt"t"t 62 Ei S6 67 , , 89 t to Rqht D Coa h B bby Rooney, Ray Moore, Iack Hopper, Foster Taylor, lolm gh, lerry Kelly, Arthur lansen, and lolm Beswick. ' Second Team, Intramural Program Bullds Players for Future Teams Future lettermen lurk 1n the ranks of the B team managed by George K1ngf1sh Walker 1f th1s years performance IS any 1n d1cat1on Valuable basketball exper1ence was thelr lot as they played prel1m1nar1es to each of the ma1n games Part of hxs long t1me pro gram Coach Lennon has bu1lt up a strong re serve of men for future teams by a tough B schedule Further preparatory work was done 1n an lntramural league establ1shed th1s year open to anyone 1nterested 1n basketball A squad men found valuable exper1ence coachmg the mtramural teams and ln refereemg the games GEORGE WALKER c d T C h Intramurals fdlilllllil I 1 A 4,4 :dm 4. 4 1 r famur ' " lu 4' N. - .sv ': -Ill --H' -rr'-' lmliunu usd PAIN dun 4 I3 I 4 ts 4v fl! 4 1 4 4 4 IHII4 4 uruq 4 dll Hd 4, up .' '. --fu '. i vx iii L A.: -9 OHIO-FronlRow:fCf1:,. :l D ILLINOIS-Front Row: WISCONSIN-Qf: y , ,frsix lffiyri ff Ani: f :rx-11:1 Eyfftz- f.di Kfzmffr. ?f:s1'r 'ff i 25: Q . ff 5 EL.. E 11:15, Les' Qi. Back Row: -M .. .sf1iik, 7en, Vern Eqrtsth, Buck row: ' " " .:. f'2,:A.fiinsC:.. :AIIIC Efigen, P 'lien Gczrqe Knzgg, OY'.'1.1'i' L: '.-. -V INDIANA-Front Row: ' "' MINNESOTA-Kannvn f.f':r- 'pri : A.'.' :ri Ffl frf Tffcfi tm Fvy Dcriefziri, '.'.'1Qlz'::i NEBRASKA-P141 f.fxQ.1:, P 1 .. '-1. Back Row: Hzztlilzri, Elvm .lil Dm Vries kizn Petty, Faye S:1kQrg,Ff:-' F- "" I f':,1:F': ' Z. IRS IF... Kcnrith, Bch Fnkinscn. Cinder Artists Finish Good Season fi- slnf1'1' QS.-H M17 Front Row: Bill lNllf'CX, Shirley McClure, Ashley Thornburg, Gerald Krutsch, Tom Rooney, Floyd McBride, Ben Kaiser, Bob Larive, Walter Andre, Glen Pell, Ice McKeever, George Walker. Back Row: Bill Tillotson, Vern Bertsfh, Raymond McKinney, Don Getty, Roy Donegon, Leslie MC- Clure, Artliui' Iiinsen, Dfm Lennon, Couch. Winning first in the Conference meet, second in all others, cmd sixth in the State meet at Aberdeen, the 1940 Bison track- sters racked up a large number of placements in track and field events. Outstanding performers were Ben Kaiser, crack miler and half miler and mainstay on the relay team: Ray Dalton, muscle man in the shotput: Iim McAllister, a consistent winner in hurdle events: Ashley Thornburg, high jumper: and Bob Larive and Louis Scott who sailed through the stratosphere in the pole vault. Others who placed consistently were Pell, Rooney, McKeever, Pugh, Mc- Bride and Krutsch. The mile relay team, composed of Mc- Keever, Kaiser, McBride, and Rooney, was outstanding- placing second in the Region- al meet with 3:42.2 and plac- ing third in the State meet. Other places won at the State meet were second in the mile run by Kaiser and third in the high jump by Thornburg. Above: Relay men take oft with the qun while otticiul Harold Wilson. right. looks on. Below: Pell and Krutsch. with white stripes. take dust in the low hurdles. chest H35 Merit ' Woodward F ie1d x Dedicated to Former Coach 111 11'1'11:1111111111111.11111--11111311111-11--1111111111111-111111-11 111 .111111-111 -. 111111111111111 1711-111 1111- 111-1111.111-11 11 111-1111111111111-1:1 11. 11. 11111111ua111. 111'1lP1H'f 11. 19111. X111-111111111 1111' 1-1-11-11111111 111-11- 1111-111111-11111 111f 11111111111 111111 1111-111-1111111 1111111- 1'11a1-111-11 115' 511111-111111-11111-111 W1111111111111 1111r111gg 1111 1-11111 11-.11- .1e11u1'111-1111 H111 511111111- 111 11 N111 11 111111111-11111111111 11111111 A A 1 , . ,111, ,1 1 - -, 1-1 111 19111, 111111111111111 1'11-111.11111-111111111111111111-1111111-11111--11111111-1-1111111 N1L1'1Ill11l' 111 1114' e11111- 111111 Ll 1111a111-r-111111- 4'IH111'l' 11'il4'1x 111111 -111111- 1111-111-111-11. 1'11--1-111 111 1111- 111-1111111111111 1'1-1'1-- 11111111 1S1'1'1'f 11111111-1' 11-11 1111'1111'1-1 1115111111111 1,14'I'4'O'. x"11lIll' 111111111g1111x, 111-111-1' S1-1s11u111. 1'1l'l'I1 1:1-11111-1111 11111111111 1111111111-1111.511111-111111-11111-111 1X1111111s111'11.111.111-1111 11l111I12ill. 1111111111111 X1ll4'111'1'. 11111111111 111llL11IL1llI. 11111 1111111- X11 X11-1--111 'WX1111111'-M 111'N1 11111111111 1l'ill1l 111111 1111' 111111-111 llille 111111111111111-11111 111 111111. X1l'1ll1N'I'N 111 1111-11-11111 111-11-. 1111111-1 11-11 111111111 1 1111111 11111: 1:1Ll1'l'll1'f' 111111-1-, 111Ll11'll1'l' 111'1'1-1. 1111111 1X1111111su111, 1'11111'l1. 111-111-y 51-11- 113111. 1'Xl'1l1ll'11l 111111-111 11-1111111 11111: 1'.111s11111 111l1Q1l1llll.11111 1111111-. 11111-11 1111--11111-11. x121l1l'11'1' 1311--11111-11. 1'11i1 1'1-111. 111 1:11-111111115 11111 11111: 111111111 1l114Il1'T. 1111-N1-11 111-1111-1. 111111111 111111111-11. l1l'lb1'gl' 1111111111 1'a1111 C11111111111. 111 11111-1111 111111 -111111- N1-.1-1111 1111 1111-111-1111111 1111111 111111 1111- 111111-14 11111- 1'1lLl1I11l1l1llN1l11l 111 1111- N11l'1I1fl 111 1917 X11-111111-11 111 111111 14'1llIl 1x1-11-. 1111111-r 1111111 1l1f'11l1'1'1 1-1111-1us1-1- 1111111 111 1'1Ll'1l1ILi1l. -1-1111-11: ll1-11rg11- C111-1111. K1 'IlIIl'11l N1111111. 111ilI1l'll1'l' 111'll1'I'. .x11l'1'11 1111--11111-11. 1111111111 111111111-11. 111-111-1' S1-1s11g1111. C1-1111-1: 11LiI'I'f' 11111111- SSJY41. r'nllr'fI. X111-1 gising 1111 111N 1-11111-111111: 1111111-Q. N111 W1111111su1'11 Nt'I'Y4'11 1111' N111111- 1111111 11N 1'1lil1l'1lldIl 111 11141 51111111 11111111111 1111511 Sl'1l4lll1 111111-111 M1111-111111111 111111 111-111 111111-1 1111-11111111 111 111g11 -1-1111111 L111l11'111'N. W111111uu1'11 F11-111 1111 111-11-111111111-111 U1-111g1l -1'1111111 11 N1Ll11llllll 11111 I'1'I1Ik1lll ax Ll 1aN1111g 1YI1IlI10' 111 il 1111111 1511141 e111-1111- 111111-11 111 111e 11Ill1' 111111 1-111-rgy 111 1111- 1111111-111'N. ,. . 7 Front Row: Br: Hirisen, Qifii Getty, Ea' .-.' iid Giiffinu Brice Butlez, Fi ry lollc. Second Row: Dun Lcnncn, Couch. lorry Kelly, Burl Crxft, 'Pfizil flfittfn, Vfultor Andre, Bol, Larive, Tir: Bccncy, George Vffillzer, Elon Martin, Back Row: Bill Egstlick, Elvin Apilterg, lic l-ff:Kcfvrr, i f' z ilfi Krutsch, Gilbert Mcnucy, Kenneth VV iuclz, Delaine Dickinson. Athletic Achievement Honored in "H" Club, Athletic Society Composed of athletes who have won a letter in one or more sports, Club strives to build up interest in sports and to develop sportsmanship. New project this year was a track and field day for rural school children, giving ribbons to individual winners and a trophy to the Winning school. At their annual Letterrr1en's Dance this year Bette Larive was elected Bison Queen and received a white letter with the word "Queen" on it. This year was the first year a Bison Queen has been elected. Following last year's custom a picnic was held in the spring. Numerous casual- ties resulted among the hot dogs. N -A V a- , , - hi--we " . National Honor Society - -,4'.,-1 -N- - - J 1 1-lr-5 .7-,"..f'fs 'ltsf-ri Y! !T."'!Z1l'fIS ig' in ilu' 1 pzl Atl,lf'i' ll'llfY Fi iety this flfif 7: :E.": Gff I ze ' .' Tlkff F Jlez, T Y.f::'1r1 'f' F."Ii" f"J:. ' 'f fc, . I ,Y ,A -Y, xJ,. S 5 S I Homemaking Club Under the leadership of Miss Irene Voigt, Home Economics teacher th Home Ec Club this year engaged in many worthy projects Affiliated with State and National Home Economics Clubs the group studied many phases of work not covered in Home making classes, carried out a project in home furnishing and room design and arrangement, and studied home recreation and leisure time activities. Early in the year the Home Ec Club entertained students at a dance and at other dances and functions served lunches Girls basketball activities were again part of the club's work Two teams were organized and players met every Mon- day even1ng in the gym through the winter months. Front Row: Alrene McCullough, Genevieve Gallagher, Betty Williams, Vesta Nelson, Pearl Moore, Marilyn Bruce, Alice Frazier. Second Row: Edith Frazier, Mary Lou Walker, Enone Eisenbarfh, Bonnie Colburn, lrmaqene Sieq, Ruby Blessing, Lucille Christensen, Olga Kindopp. Back Row: Louann Duennermann, Grace Halls, Roberta White, Faris Davison, Fern Halls, Genevie Kolterman, Eva McClure, Corliss Young. "X" sw as QF .37- as CQ gp-Q I - I-s-.! ,QL ..,.Jf Y-x f 941. '-4fQrvvu.l,'f, ' 1 1,17- X Front Row: Belcrly V-'f'Itif'lC, lune Voice, Betty Beswivk, jcyre Pell--Clferlociders. Second Row: Mrxry :rx ilfiilllflfl, Lucille Bym, lvl H1 Soutlmrci, Beth M limi xlrl, Vixqiniu Ptul-cs, Ioyvn Davis, Gladys Ruelz, Dorothy Tucker. Third How: Onice Kem, Nilw Barney, Shirley Vtlilvox, Lurille Aylf-s, M mtg :let O'Dc,m1rfll, Bonnie Burr, ltr-len lliltlkirti, Ruth BWIIVPY, Dxrlene llifkinscurt. Back Row: Betty l.1Il'.'V', Lu-'ille Tl.Z,IIli,llILj, M ny Matti. 1 Cc,n,ger, Velmx -am, Bf-1t1i'fff'+1tvr-1 lime Try.-J, Frystwl Ki1.:, Hy :cinth 5,1116-lia.s, Zf-2 1 L mzke, Fvelyn Loren PEP . . Pep Club Prods Bison Onward Furnishing the spark that sets off roaring cheers, Pep Club members keep to- gether a strong cheering section to support the Bison. Spectators watch for the girls in Blue and White who serve welcome hot dogs and coffee, candy, and cold drinks at football games. Organized by Miss DeVinny, the Pep Club is limited to 30 members chosen as representative of the student body in cooperation, ability, and pep. Four years ago the club instituted Bison Day, homecoming time for Bison alum- ni. As a means of pepping up the spring events a Prince and Princess Pep contest is held, followed by a dance at which winners are announced. MARGARET DeVINNY Pep Club Sponsor 1 V PEP CLUB OFFICERS Onice Kem , 2:4..::.' gb a Q'- CrvFtctl Kinq Beth McDonald Mary Martha Conqer , . . . ' I V ll I , t 1 ,t ' 0 , ' ,, - N -.' I D' 't I I I . I , -, . LPepp1es't, . , , , , I .. I .i Q E '.Il A T 'I - v x" 4' ' 'l lf- : I 1 "Hai1lto thee! Ann Mfmdefs Cmdwqitef Andre, Princess and Prince Pep of Hot Springs High Sdhool for l94l." These two seniors were elected rnost pop- ular girl and boy at the annual Pep Day Dancef March 21. , n ' h Over 200 students donned their sports clothels to keep in style with the theme of the dance and voted for their favorites. Making their first public appearance, the Korn Kob Kids, a seven-piece stu- dent dance orchestra, furnished the music to which the dancers syncopated. Every year twelve boys and twelve girls are chosen from the student body by the faculty and class officers for their leadership, personality, o I Q In fn ft sportsmanship, and popularity. F rom these twelve, Hot Springs High elects its Prince and Princess Pep. This tradition was introduced four years ago by Miss Margaret DeVinny, sponsor of the Pep Club. Contestants this yea were, First Row: 'fi fp -1. Ms- L III? .r :- attendant: 'Z z 1, 1 if' .we .. attendant: Y' : ' 1' cttendant: '.'.' 1 ' :y::1 , Prin P If 11: ifzs Princess Pep: T' 7- fy, attendant: ' " attendant: F- " 1f' atte da t Sec How: f.f:11.'l.f11',: 'f 't I 'fy ',i,' rt' P 1 5 '.,g: ' ri , Last Ho '.-xicktt QQ"y': f 1- :YL '.'- " lint Pmzf- f 1 ' " 7' " "M Kff'.'f.zg fix: f fi- :ii Kyes. Pep Club Calls Bison Homeward on Bison Day Iliyu-wt:-fl lly Ilu' l'v-pllllllaf.!g.llllAlll1+l1. llwl Fpring- lllgln Fwlu-ul full'-fl luvuu' il- .llummi fur ilu lHllI'lll dlllllldl llum 4-c'fw ming: on UrI1lu'1' IH, l'-Villllflllgl fl--mx lvy Qlfillllldlllll wld--1-N +l.1tiu: lv.u'l-x lu llu' lik! vl.1N-. Ql1l4llli1l4'll in 1393. u mile--llmg pLu'a1lv lv-ll Ilu- lligll -4-lu--'I at lllzlill on it- muy' tllrf-uglm tlu- wity, UulxI.uuli"g llu.1l-. -lumu lu-Inu. lf-fr In rigllt. uvre- tluv-v uf llvlu Nlu: llwuu- lfv lflulw: lil'-I prim- in tlu- nu.-I lu-.mtllul vlixi-i-lu. Ilu' l'-l'l'NlllIlLlH lluul. Ili-playing tlu- Stun mul SlI'llN'NZ l,w-IIr-r'l1um'- lllulv. lvaluringg SlN'llIAl.lNll in ilu' lung: lirxl gmfllmlilmu vl.l--. 1898. flriwn lry We--le-y Ilallu-y of liuffalw flap: Xlmulyl firxl 1-ld-N spwulx- fm' llxvlli pulling Ilu' Spurllnn- in Iluwlulnp-.Illn',lI1lli1vr'rlaN- Mllll fir-t in tlu- vle-wr flixi-ion: ,luni-lr lligll 5Illlll'l1lN gm-llivl ilu' 4llll1HIlIf'I flluw ul l"ll mul l'PlLI nun - 1-w'4, xul fur a Cl:-ve-r float 1Ifl1fvl'N1'm1rl lmguy flub, If-I lvy Ilu' lligll51'll fxfv l lvulul. ilu- IlLil'J1l1' l+,.u--- ilu' lligll wluuvl 1-11 it- muy llnwn ilu' xiiuluvt. 7 I".l' ffl, L ' " IIE " ff. ' ,li 7. 7. 1 ,., .... Tcl:- ,.f s . H -.f...f.s. ..f.s- Vf-' lil f s 5:11. ' 5 '11 ,T Ly' " Lxgs '.'.'1.szrp ISRXY lgsfy . ' :f-:.1r.ii CP! :f-y If " sffsz, suyfs fff?.uf'k.D , f,,1Yl'ifA 1.141 LQ i'::11y.QfffQd With- ' 2 1 Fad- 532: I,f:.l1.llis!er ,md his boys 1 st no S'1rTm'5 lm-esp in '.-Jhite paint. Ve k.1s:n ' cz-:ered ry 128 hzrsepower, xs S:-1I..L,,,,,j Qi Lf: 'ifl'-IIHQ g,cwer dis- ::Q1yed by the ieam, as shown Just he- '.-.iere .indie cuts Iccse cn an end- sni fx' f:'.Cfid5'.-Jn. .': f lil ' 'lf-ut tix- 'i:y'.'J:st11QprO- WI.1If1".f1 'f fzpr 11: go ,f'l.z:1Qri'11n flags 1:..:1:Vg 12.0 E. LZ Ezy The DIS :Lied Veter- zzs af 12.5 l'fcrl'i 'v'.'f:r, Veterans of FCYEIQII 'ff xrs, the Umted Spz1n1sh-Amer 1':r.s, 'mi fre I-,ttf-:L pm Legicn. Lininq .niet tzr- :iii iff? The Tala: bearers zz.: Ci. H 'f fre ll! ingine-Qrs, led Ly Lif- .f L' lr-ff, tive audi- -' :Iii zf- :rf-rs sixnd is -, " Els' 1. :Qsmnus nr.: 7.11: ffl! fx ' Qzkct 1, 4 rlrs ':. grflsf-:.t rg sgf- Bin- ,- Q z.. .lgiwsf-r.fgf.g ff,-2 sfxiienf Qiiy, gj 'le :T-Q5 f "te Lawer right, - S115 :z"'5 Sfxgfs :ve pr fedlngly Q- 5' .gi 's '. 'LILf'I','.IiY anis. ' A. S1 A -nfs i:..i r.. 'f-3 1. -- Q1 :vs :"1'.'1t1es . ,L lf. -Y ZXSCYQ-I LY yx i 1 . "' 4'4" K 7 ' ,f '4 ' - Vw' it fp' ,. ' -.N 5' , - . , ff., Q 1 I X i -:ff E , ff?fMW,W.,w,, , 'uw W G , 1 , 'ff "m1n.,.5 W Ni' l , '01 wr- ' . I , . , . 3' -J ,, ' ' 1 , , Honor Society Symbolizes Ambition Highest award for scholarship. leadership, character. and service is given to seniors and juniors elected to the Honor Society. Since 1928. when the local chapter was organized, 140 members have been admitted. Surprisingly. the boys led with 85 members against 55 girl members. Fifty-eight, or more than one-third have gone lo college. Two of these. Charles Mueller and William Gray, now prepare new mem- bers for the local chapter. I .-,V . Jttvu Front Row: Merlyn Munck, Walter An- dre, Bill Lange, Bob Dalaqer, Tom Rooney. Second Row: Mr. Charles Mueller, sponsor. Bonnie Lee Hagen, Olive Ann Nicholls, Frieda Krien, Fay Dalton, Mr. William Gray, sponsor. Back Row: Lloyd Dolinq, Onice Kem, Crystal King, Lois Wilson, Harlan Hus- ton. -35 Front Row: Donna Davison, Lucille Christensen, Faythe Linker, Roy Done- qon. Second Row: Enone Eisenbarth, Cath- erine Cone, Gerald Nollette, Leslie Mc- Clure. Back Row: Bonnie Larive, Bess Butler, Evelyn Gallagher, Madge Fennema, 'Pt' Iulia Graham. 'S' Deolamatory Students Speak for Themselves Nou can win honors for talking in declainll Under the stimulus of Miss Alice Brittan. 13 students practised enunciation. gestures. posture. and articulation tat least that's what Donegon saidl. Students representing: llot Springs in the district contest gathered enough points Io win a first place trophy for the Nflltbtll. lleclain winners were as follows: Local contest-Uratory. Hoy Donegon lst. Gerald Nollette 2nd: lluniorous. Faythe l.inlter lst. .lulia Graham 2nd: Poetry. Donna Davison lst. Evelyn Gallagher 2nd: Dram- atic. lionnie Barr lst. l.ucille Christensen Znd. District Contest -Roy Donegon tied for second in Oratory: Faytlie Linker first in the lluniorous division: Donna Davison second in the Poetry division: Bonnie Barr first in the Dramatic division. ln the regional declanlatory contest at Rapid City Faythe Linker won third in thc llumorous division and llonnie Barr tied for second in the Dramatic division. finds yieire gt lust under the rninistrqtions of the pix-ist, Cferild Ylcllette, '.-lhile the lifird-Lailcd qu :ids fznd 'ALM piisinfrs stlnd hy '.'J11tCli1n'g. The Worm Turns '.'.'it:. llazlvr. l.f..:,:k ::,i l.f-5.19 f..' 'fgra finding gs? '.-.'E.:t 1.3119 life is like when ill? ,-2:3 gf tzf ,fa Iwi: Gr,::.urr:, :zf-s :At tg 6 rr. 2.9 living. Chickens Come Home. Behind the s -f-:rf-s r,i 1 sf-nn: fjzss ylzy, :fra Hay :gn-Egan hclds pig tif '.-Jerks '.-.'E.1QQ he S'E'JfIllf:S in the w:steL::sk+f far fx list lzve-.ettQr, '.-mile stage-rnznsger Bch '.'.'a,er stznjs 3 bu' 33, H" ,4o, 35 as - .- i I Tlx. gl- 49' Front Row: Dcnnw llxvisori, lglifz Grfzlfxrn, Dfzrlene flitkiriscr., 2zr',':.',1 :Fifi lfvf-s, Bffvy Eeswifl-C, F-.nn l!l1f1'l9IS, l.."1llQ Fiyfw, ftznnifi l. irwf-, Betty l.1r1ve Second Row: Lf :die F-ennerrrx, Lois Wilszn, Murv M E.: Canis: ' ,tziy lhzlszn, Dwight Elrztk, Cirzrles Cancer, Eirlun Huston, Olive Ann Nif:E.o..s, Third Row: .kite Garnet, Leslie l'f1cCl'.re, S.rt.1qr ":nsen, Bak, '.','e:,er, EL. Ezsxitk, Izhn Cnristan- sen, Gerald Nzllette. Buck How: Llcyd Dclinz, E33 Smit, lie l.'l:Ke-ever, Tam Rooney, Lfffilyn l'ff-n '14, Hay Qznegin l.t1'1.l-3 Christensen, Florence E 1.1, Potential Actors Act Up in Beta Mu and pruvtivillgg mlrunlutic' art. Spun-ur:-wl lay Nli-- .Xlivv lirillan. tlle- lliirly-ilu mam put on tllrve- um-Aavt plavs in the- full. purrliusing 1le'm-luniutnrv nmlul- with Ili: pr and -pmisolw-fl a Fdlllt' Hawkins elunw- in tln- spring. Airaid of ihe Dark. Foy Dcnegcn, condemned mon, kiy givin Q enxprzgerxenf :nd Bennie Larive, the H-sizing '.'.':11S pxtiently. f,,g,,ya1v. Urumutivully invlinc-ml lN'l'5HIlN hun- Ilwir nun m'-fanimtimi fl:-wh-ll to lumlxm-' "The Yellow Shadow" luniors Present Mystery Play "The Yellow Shadow." a tliree-act play filled with mystery. comedy. and drama. was presented by a east of ten juniors under the direction of bliss Alice lirittan. April 3 and elf. 19-lil. Included in the cast were the following persons: Nell Travis. l'IUll.S!'li't'1'fH'f lll T-l'F'llI'l'I'Sl Gilbert Wright. attorney for .llllflfll exlrrlf' Alice Perkins. tllilrlreffs best girl frieml Mildred Marvin. who has irzheritezl the estate Hazel wayne. flfilrlrezfs cousin and ufruizl of sharloirs .led Travis. who appears to believe in gflleyloubirds Herbert Marvin, who has fired in Singapore Sheriff Macklin, who took Il "r1etez'ti1'e" course ,, Jeanie Steel. the county coroner , , , Wong Song. Chinanmn whose pas! is llllli'I10ll4fI ,,,, l.ucille Christensen Bud Craft Julia Graham Bonnie Larive Irma Trent Bill Eastlick Roy Donegon , Bob Wleber Beth McDonald , Gerald Nollette The lights go out and four shots ring out. The curtain rises and the body of a man lies on the floor mysterious- ly murdered. Mildred. with her cousin. Hazel. her chum. Alice. and her attorney Mr. Wright. has come to take possession of the Marvin estate. Mildred is mysteriously kidnapped and the Sheriff "suspicions" everyone particularly Mildred's brother Herbert. Wong Song. a Chinaman. is discovered hiding in the wood box and he too is taken by the Yellow Shadow. Nellis husband Jed is identified as a secret service man. He solves the mystery and accuses the murderer. Gilbert Wright. of the kidnappings and killing of the newspaper man. Lett: "Two-qun .kr-1 er," the sherill, 5 iys, lt's my duty ' sus g i 'if n f-vvftyzm dyl Right: Hts F1111 in isnt ':.t,king H zstlifk, s:.'- s 1-51 :iz xkzng 1 g. Bottom: ' rrnf-1 boil. Lf 'Lon :.,i is "'XlIY.1!t1Zt.1 ,sff 1 plxy :S 'i. ::.t11't.1 --12 n 7 7 9 co x , "Spring F ever" A Senior Class Production Spring Few-r." a three-act farm- under the direction of 'Nliss seniors Def-4-nilu-r 12 and 13. 1940. lneluded in the east were the following persons: Mrs. Spangler. the landltuly of a boarding lwusf' Ed Burns, Chemistry student at Brookfield College ,, , Vic Lewis. art student at Brookfield College ,,,, , Howard Brant, a senior at Brookfield College Lou Herron. ll journalist student ru follege Anne Purcell, Hou'ard's heart-interest at college Aunt Maude, H01l'Hfd,S spinster aunt from California Professor Virgil Bean. of the :nology department Phoebe Purcell, Anne's mother and rather afff'r'tf'rl Vivian George, Vir's lieart-interest ut follege Henry Pureell, AIIIIINS futher, u rieh rnunufuclurer Dr. Dixon. Presirlent of Brookfield College , , ,, lflna liaeh w as pre-sented hy a ,Annette Goulding ,,,,,,,,,,Bob Dalager ,,,,,,,Lloyd Doling ,,,Harlan Huston ,, , Lois Wlilson Frances Duerson Faythe Linker Tom Rooney Onice Kern Ann Manders ,lim Pugh Walt Andre st of twz --what ll., I part. wmitlwr Howard Bram gratluattse or notll 5650.000 lostl :X new science building gone heeaust of Illoel- ,.rat,k-Imtsl.. Such is tht, finding of lfrfmidem Dixon of Brookfield towards Howard and his ehums Ed Burns u 1-heinistry-erazed student. and Yit' IA'Wis. art stu- dt-nt. who all stay at Nirs. Spangh-r's hoarding house. Through the misunderstanding of these lltlys Hr. Puri-ell is mistaken for a model and withdraws his endowment. The arrival of Howard's Aunt Vande. who tries to get Howard's diploma hut ge-ts Pt-oft-ssor lit-an instead. adds hilarity to tht- plot. Left: Miss E,::E. seems 21:55 its tzll over '.-xiii. Right: Loyd Dolmq exzrnines Pugh to see if his blood pressure zs witiiin safe limits iffer being fied 1.3: cs an cnuronisf, Bottom: l.A'vl11l6 Chemistry-jrczed Bob Dalzger looks cn, frxnies 2ae's:n feicjns illness to rizke her futher poy ,, for the 352,302 that her hey friend almost Cost the :tile pgs if-o ' 4' S11 ...s,Sx XL 9 . Bison Staff Upper Lett: Lois Wilson, news editor: Bill Lonzze, sports editor: Foy Dfzlton, editor: Lloyd Dolinq, Olive Ann Nicholls, Tom Rooney, associate editors. Upper Right: Harlan Huston, luiio Groliem, Bolt Delaqer, Bernie Lange, lohn Beswick, Glorii lelle, Paul Hatton, Florenoe Brill, Bonnie Lee Htioen, reporters. Lower Lett: Lufille Byer, Ann Manders, typists: Dorothy Deiiiitt, advertising: Crystfrl King, tvpist: NZ' :lr Andre, business manager: Bennie Lonve, Mfrry Mfrrtlio Ccnger, circula- tion managers: Burl-'rrz Cfnqer, Dwight Elzrotli, advertising. Miss Hirriet Miller, faculty adviser. Lower Right: George '.l.'frQlcer, Helen Rzzuhizuser, Airene MfCulloug:1, Own Kindcpp, Virginifr Pgzrlcs. Eetli Mcffcnzzlci, Dorothy Wilson, Mcriorie 'J'h1te, reporters. loumalists Keep Students Posted on Latest School News Tln- lust Nlumluv of e-arli montli was ai 4-oltirf-tl-pain-r tlav. as ilu- lilsnll farm- out on gr:-1-ii. 4YI'ltl1Q4'. yt-llms null otliz-r volure-fl pups-r. t'ilfI'f'lI1Ql nvws of Ilia- tluy untl we-4-li. lie-tlvr Quill and Scroll . . . . .. . . . than vw-r lit-fort-. tln- liison ws-nt in for slH't'li1llM'll artu-rtlsing. ti-atimwl iiite-nn-ws with Sf'Idf2tllS nw: meet scliolfrsti- pr-wiiiiiiviit stllllvllts. tmil ti nvw style- ul frulll page- niukc--up. zizfi 1f.1grnzI1s'1' requirenxenfs :rf elfrtffi if 24.111 find Swrfil, 1!z'ft:: Z7l'Il1l 2 :Yr srfif-ty f r i.lZi1 s "'."l ji 1:1 :.1sfs. T14-rx- Efrs 'f "ze 'r:1r117:'i':: 12.15 zr :rf front row: 'Di .:.r, .9 Q- flz ' P zxigf- Lf-f E1 IQ' ,pl lg ty T1 Ili! if :1':. 1 16 ' 1. ' v1S ri back row: ' L ill..1 " 11. ::. EE .9 .. - ' D 'i 'if' vw. Q5 4-' fur ' Annual Staff Preserves School Life F or Future f Cceditcrs Lois 'Nilsen and Olive Ann Nicholls keep business manager Thomas lames Fecney '.-.'i'?1in ponds. Artists Y'Avcnnie 'Nelch, lva Col- lins, Florence Crockford and Annette Gouldinq made posters for the ad- vertising c':mpai'gn. Onice Kern, Bette Larive, Fay Dalton, Crystal King, Mary Matha Conaer and Lucille Byer wrote copy and typed endless lines of names, Bob Dalaqer and Harlan Huston, photographers, and Bill Lange and Lloyd Dolina, syorts editors, dccount- ed for many of the smaller annual pictures. loe Mclfeever, Shirley McClure and Paul Hatton, statisticians, delved in- to records and came up with facts and fiqures all properly checked and names properly spelled. George Walker, Virginia Callan, Eu- qene Vllynia, Bonnie Lee Hagen and Bob Corbett canvassed the town for advertisers and sponsors. Vesta Vtfeldon, Walt Andre, Merlyn Munck, Edward Griffin, Frieda Krein and lim Pugh were the high-powered salesmen who canvassed the school for subscribers. Cecil Vanderzee, sponsor, whacks off feet and arms to make pictures fit. Censorship must be irnposedl Marion Pool, post-qraduate, reported the dcinas of the music department and faculty. Coeditors Wilson and Nichols make a last minute check-up on pictures as deadline falls. Advertrsers Alarres Drug Store Anderson s Beauty Shop Becker s Recreat1on Hall B and M Grocery Ben Franklrn Stores Benson and Ioyce Funeral Drrectors and Ambu lance Serv1ce Black H1lls Garage All Cars Welcome Phone 27 Black H1lls Lumber Company Blachford s SGIVICG Statlon C A Wrlson Attorney Central Electnc Company Chas N1chols, MCCOIm1Ck Deer1ng Dealer Crty Bakery Club Cafe Tony Ioyce Coast to Coast Stores College H111 Grocery Drtes' Drug Store F ydMB Domest1c Electnc Company E R Ph1ll1ps and Son Evans D1n1ng Room Evans Hotel Evans Laundry Evans Plunge Fa1rway Market G and W Motor Company George s S1ncla1r Serv1ce Hlghleys Drug Store Hot Spr1ngs Ofhce Errst Natlonal Bank ot The Black H1lls Hot Spr1ngs Cl1n1c Hot Spr1ngs Creamery Hot Spr1ngs Flower Shop Hot Spr1ngs Lumber Company Hummel's Grocery and Del1catessen I. C Penney Company Ke1th's Dalry K11l1nger's Furnrture Store McKay s Walgren Drug Store M1dW9Sl Mrlllng Company M1ller Brothers Chevrolet Garage Mrnnekahta Beauty Shop Model Hat Shop Modern Cleaners Peoples Telephone and Telegraph Company Perry s Texaco Serv1ce Prpher s Pantonum Powder Puff Beauty Shop Red Owl Stores Where You Can Always Shop and Save Sally Shop R. W. Southard, Insurance and Real Estate Small's Clothlng Store Waysrde Bakery W. P. Rooney, Attorney Wally's Serv1ce Statron .Q Clocveration and teamwork A : '. I t 't T lc to get ahead if and stay 'xr d, say Ice MCL 'V , B- K ' r, lo .c ride, and Tom E y, mile rel y . Tl E' Staff, thrcugg the coop ti Ire b . ' .- l"t d . 1' h's been fi to wm 't 'c d p ds, I t. l N k. Y ,t , .l' fx ' ' f 'y ' 't' g 1' them d 513' y-:r .:" ' . . , ' - 1 . . , I . . 1 - . . . 1 1 , ,, . . n- , . . . . , , . . . . . , . , 1 , . . . . . ,

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