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 - Class of 1968

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'f'--aff?-5-'fu'i:4-wfvfff1:v .r-'aw-ff "wr ---M , , , , ,. , . .. ., ,, f ggi? d'5z5L'E!l!f fbi'-'fI1Igff?9i-p,ifiI.if f1:?:m'r:'!f! p'uf5?if7"7Z?'si EYK? ' -'1'9!25?g3"!j:'1g."2'2sTI?7' f:'i,i9ai'VIi'u 'iii iii,-WE-GPM-'JF n-fsv-Maw,-1,5-. W-f-.N --l"' "W '-"ESM-'I' - 5 - A '. --" Y -I-Y -FH-11u'14rw-.16-If-f'n.vv l'vll2'He'- Vials!" F9-fif'5 ' I . 'af.,i.i.igi,m-'k.2-iiiliw !l."!3!"ils'-:ii'rf'k'I"':' W' "" "' '21, 1 vs.. nf H- -fm,'::" ' V -fi 1. 'A F 4 'rv 4. H. 'uv ,. -W Q., - 161' .T v AO 14 Nfl fi x -4 s. was -tinlfvv w ,N:'fv'2. Q' gasfr f' 2 + A R1 ' - 1 , Y,f,,3V,., V, - V- ,- - 1 - -H - - , ., inks, ,gf HI., f!,,!,, Y: PM, ,4 .AX . . VY X -ml ,. w 1 ' . V . ' w 5' , w s ' v 4 f""H,hu4c .llaifrigjipu , . Qelfgd .V ' . q,-' ,,:15-5 - H af., 'fwff M91 . ', xi H1'5fe-, ibn' 1" . VM, -. ' 1 ' : in-. " 1 "' . -. " "3 2 CL' ' lf- ' . L, ' ff 'in ' 33' ' , 4' Q ,.g'5159?fgg 7: V ., A ,- ' " ,, A-G FX-' fp 1-,, V 2, +1-, 1 J "c , , -jQg:.Q, I "':,'f'1'E Y5p'h.3' ' n ' 'ifii72'l fy' ':If:':.- , f ',J5,.'."'1. L L 1' ' ...ig -- 19- W, ' - ,gg Q, .1 ,I -'-Q My-rf . ., - Lugz. ,QW -, tm V+. - " 'af' " T -N Mi-N -ala 'Q Q .- Qf'3V3?Fi'f5 " ' E -L Y' 5- - ' v- . ' J- M' ' '. ,Hg X-:1':!'-"f:-' ' ,-" 1-v4 L' gf? ' gf' f " 3 45,-. Y, ' V film- 5-,ww fqq-1 , A-1' wh' -f.1L31Jlr, -:,." ' -'vii' "-4:1 'I Q - ' H.: ' -,V , f ,. W 'P ' 1 -M1 ,..-Fx QQ, . ,1 .H Mew., -M 1 - W ,sz N . -1 " X -' vi- . . T! .f-.V .. V J, .,-.1-is -- by .V , ' W ' u 1, ' V: ,pf f. e. -a'S,gg-.- , "+I ."l'J-"""' - n-1-u 1 ' 1- If-L-,,, N , - H N U 5 5, EEE' - 7 :Lge Qiffffff , , U X H,-,K if .- .5'--.wie '- lf-:gr 4.1, .mf wmv. , g cdgi , Hr - 'g . ,..-, , '1't?iL1, M, ,QL 2,3 4 35. . gg-'Q ' f . 1 1 1.-,-.. 1:1 .. 1 -' MJ?" - ff'-jf-,+ r-- rg , -'ppl , - ' , ,,' gvl. 5. ww --'W -if, A M QW , ' yrr -,gg f-J iz' L -F-Q- 1-,' ,,,., . , -4 , :-ma 1--' -. H -1, 1 '- NH 11 1-jf-'LW A f: 1 41: 515, f Q ',.Ziwf f-' Fifi'-if 3 wi - ' ' ..I-ffmr',', A ' 4 -J' ,' ,ff " Y . , L: g, ww, .5-5g1.',,-fri .als-.cfm f J A f 7:rw-ww1E'2e ': Q1 .' 1-'Till' E15,1!,:J:1,EEgam?Ed., lllb N ,,...lf,:ZC,tV5 yg f.M.l-.xx , A "2-",g,'f1' Y' 'Z ' -:Nfl-R ' ' ', ,P-'-7" ' ff! 21" , V-rl., .1 ,. 1.4 ff"L'Qvg4'fM35-Qfi..4Jl,i.3T ,gh Ivjimuv ,tl E 1f,,,,y Y L ' 1 .. xr' g x -m A ii-75:11 20531 , , I . College of the Holy Names Excalibur Oakland, California Volume XXV Table of Contentsw ii Administration, Faculty, and Academics . . . . Students . . . . . Organizations . . . Activities . . . . Ads and Patrons . . . 104 ZA .e ,J ' K-is Aw -- V , ' "' . .'j'49. !l L- 'N X 'fn 1 Z Create for yourselves an auxiliary task, a simple, and if possible, a secret one. Open your eyes and try to see Where a man needs a little time, a little sympathy, a little company, a little care. W X L 5-5 H CJ -cj f I x I ,J ' ,s K g-1 A, X.,-,.,,i, .,v.. .. x . - - ' ' ' - Q s '..' ,X ' 'fir ur. lx XXX tif' 'P r Us -'.' ' 1 freulxx xx A 1 N, xx iikyv :fx if lf. A jx Basin J. -.k I- H V-. X.is.X.3fi-Kgs. ,f- '- . A si.-rf., .hi .' . ...N . ll -I4 .A t Q , Q' rl' ,fix 'X-is Q .. v. 'S '. F xxx. -E.-'. 5 i KX 'gf' .f . ' ll Eh? 'EZ' fly Y Nw 1 'f 'f7""E'l?fT"""l' li ii X A , ' ' K ' ' '13 -if N V. x 4 5 ,,1 7 .H 5X1 . 3 M X X ' .Time 5 Q Q Q - 2 45 N , 44: . .ww ww LQAWQQXX 5 gl -ga 1... i ii ., fi il lx . 3- i ' Perhaps he is a solitary, rm embittered, I1 sick or an awkward man. to Whom you can mean something. Perhaps he is an old man, perhaps zz child. f f A 1 AR, '. .iq ,-1 wi -.'.- .- 1. . xx ,Fx .Ax KL, F' " hr. 'V .h .Tlx-, , x ..,...1Q... Q1 Who can enumerate all the possible uses of the valuable operating capital called man? He is needed in all parts. ,X . Qi ' -2.33 iff ' I Q V xj5J-a"'- f ' L Ti i- -: ' .. - ' ' :J ww ' 1 T I Llziwzifi-7: " JZ L wwfgwwwr :Q Ei!" 'Q "-' - 'H H? , .531 W" l""'Eii" "' : " iss f in H: 1 Al., , I! A, ...NH KN .,,,---s w. f H' 4" .3 ,. .11 " ' I- .Y , -uf -3- '-'flaw' ' ' ' ' 15- 5-' if V f Jr "' Z V ri v...-D4 V - , NW- ,-- f 2- V U - '-1 'A 3-1"'--lS.f15:.7y" ,E - 'ai-.-Li "I, Z: ' - ,4-if :Elf 1 42: 1 Y . -'-1 - A +A? V ' - ' -final"--' ql'E"i"l'H' if 2 -'6 lfQ"e: "fA:13::'1 L :l':?i I ' QQ Y , .fi f 5 i- V H , .4 -W MQ: l k Al ' - fm' V. ' ff 'V 55, Therefore seek you for an opportunity to set your humanity to Work. Do not avoid an auxiliary task, in which you give of yourself as man to other man. One is surely destined for you if you but really Want it. ' -Albert Schweitzer To those women at the College of the Holy Names who have given of themselves as man to other men, this yearbook is respectfully dedicated. 4 .J I 'Q' ev . 81 nl 5 D . F , 1 n 9 5 E f MN, .59 .I .M . , Auf'-ly, f 4 yu 41.5 yas 1 .7-4 +-. 'Ke x .-'iff' 1-wail' A 5 2 xnxx ,le ' ' .mi 1 ., ww , w.--:ug ' iw' 'W , u Q fl, :it " .. '.' .f 1 rfg fa. ., 'Z 1, , ,, R1. .f51r Q ., , 1,-5 -. .wvki - U-yr, gg-M ' -1, .'-1.5, as ...L-g.m,.::i .D 5353 -V Q .1 - .E. x, ' Hz all Q E A ? iQ.yew --4 If I , 3 FW' 721537 QL - fi A l l. "WFT . ' f 1 v.:. - rf' ug . 5 ji ,ffkxx l . x X. .'- - ,... ' 'il E: :il -5 'fiat . : y 1. 'f-vu.-.,.., W Administration, Faculty and .Q Academics The Delphi oracle said I was the wisest of all the Greeks. It is because that I alone, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing. -Socrates 7 Sister Mary Ambrose, President lf To be alive in such an age- To live in it! To give to it! Rise, soul, from thy despairin g knees. What if thy lips have drunk the lees? Fling forth thy sorrow to the Wind And link thy hope With humankind- The passion of a larger claim Will put thy puny grief to shame. Breathe the world thought, do the World deed. Think hugely of thy brother's need. And what thy Woe, and what thy Weal? Look to the work the times reveal! Give thanks with all thy flaming heart- Crave but to have in it a part. Give thanks and clasp thy heritage- To be alive in such an age!" Message from SISTER MARY AMBROSE, President Academic Dean Sisfer Mary Bapfisfa, M.S. Dean of Sfudenfs Sisier Chrisiina Maria, Ph.D. Sisfer M. Jean Eiizabefh, D.M.A Dean of 'Phe Graciuaie Division Sisier M. Florence Virginia.. 8.5. 'V Treasurer Art Sisfer Mary Luke, M.F.A. Chairman, Ari Deparrmeni' Mr. Kriz. M.A. lnsfrucfor in Pho-rography Mr. Kishi, BA. lnsfrucior in Ari 1. . E r ,ffl-lf . 1 q ,mf , Qmf' rf ., , Mr. Yaryan, M.F.A. W 'X A Assisfanf Professor of Ari' Miss Heiberg, M.A. lnsfrudor in Ari' W " J d Q2 Mg, , 1' Educauon I0 Dr. Eicherf, Ph.D. Sisier Mary of S+. Michael, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparfmeni' of Educaiion Pr0feSS0l' of EJUCGHOII English, Speech and Drama fait-'1 Virginia C. Byrne, M.A. Assisfani' Professor of English Sisfer Madeleine Maria, M.A. Associale Professor of English William D. Rauch, Ph.D. lCand.l lnsfrucior in Enqlish Sisfer Claire Madeleine, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparfmenl of English, Speech, and Drama Sisfer Paula Maria, Humanilies Librarian Picfurecl in fhe John of Salisbury Room. h Jules Rofhman, M.A. Insfruclor in Speech Sisfer Carolyn Wall. Ph.D. i Dean of Sfudies, Assisfanf Professor of English Sisfer Efhel Mary, Ph.D. Associafe Professor of Hisiory Histor and Government E Louise Comforf, Ph.D. iCand.i Assisfam' Professor of Polifical Science I 241 I Sisfer Joan Marie, Ph.D. Professor of Hisfory and Economics -. , i , fxzzwfsf M , ,, Grace Larsen, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparimeni' of Hisiory and Governmenf ,y ,. .if ?'5!fl1ti'Ai.1M ' ' , 2'- ,, vm.. ,Z ig Q I 4 .,, , sf Nicholas Kreismanis, MA. Assisfani' Professor of Hisfory Sisier Rosario Maria, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparrmeni' of Foreign Languages ' E ,ii H 'i ,,.-f ,Cf Jacques Abramowifsch, Ph.D Professor of German ITA L fx, ,jr-xeq Q' , 1.44 -"-. , if Rose E. D'Orazi, Liceniiafe Associare Professor of Iialian Sisier Mary Anselm, MA. Assisianf Professor of French Languages Eugenelde Barfhel' M'A' Sisfer Yveire Charfrand, L. es Leifres lnsirucfor in French Eva Kegel Insfrucfor in Spanish Dora Erickson, M.A. Associafe Professor of Spanish . M.A. lnsfrucfor in French xi 'FV 3 ' N Al 0 X J if O c Sisier M. Theresa Agnes, M.A. Associa+e Professor of Music Music Sisfer Therese Cecile, D.M.A. Chairman, Deparlmenl' of Music f Arlene Woel1l,M.M. lns+ruc+or in Music iii M i, I, 1 Sis+er M. Jean Elizabeih, D.M.A Assisianf Professor of Music 1. Donald Cobb, M.A. lnsfrucior in Music Sisfer Emmanuelle Mary, M.A. lnsirucror in Music Jol1n Huersoux, G.J.C.B. Conducfor of College Symphony Mathematics Sisier Juliana Lucey, M.A. Assisianl Professor of Maihemaiics Sisler M. Madeleine Rose, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparimeni' of Maihemafics George Courey, M.A. lCancl.i lns+rucfor in Maihemafics and Self-Defense Ph11OSOPh ev" Richard W. Thurn M.A lnsfrucfor in Philosophy Richard Yee, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparfmeni of Philosophy Sheila O'NeiII Gibson, Ph.D. Assisfani' Professor of Philosophy Sisfer Mary Irene, Ph,D, Reverend MaHhias Lu, Ph.D. Assislanf Professor of Philosophy ASSFS+-inf P'0fe550" of Pl"ll050Pl'Y Sis+er Maria Anclrea, M.A. Chairman, Deparimenl' of Physical Educaiion ,,:::,-ii: i."f .EH EEE 'Ei' 2:27 2 Mr. Joseph Laherly, M.S.W. lnsfrucior in Recrealion Physical Education s s Vw.. r x r. r. - - zix , Mrs. Dolores Green, B.A. lns+ruclor in Swimming TA' in K rpg. if Mrs. Eleanor Yulcic, M.A. ,H H Insiruclorin Physical Educalion V i f '4.5.iZl I 1 in . ,Yr jg: Y ,Z ni' 4 W :M -' ,ss ,ia ' ssfii Q if 1 W I l-ri ', '1 . ' l 7Jl3'1. L 3 4 7 x X ., . 1. -Q E 1 ITE: ll. N1 . -lfflliz ' 'll '7.-51' SW!! ? ...EV 1, , in v , -. F ,, , nil 'Ii . . frat-ay , "lr 1 .g.1ff:f:- 'VI . T 7 f ' ' ' jf f zfviiir ' , 1 4 T:Z'9:71fz" -.wi " K 4. r V 'fi' ' V 1 ' 1 V , Q , L V f :'. , ' f ' ' I .V . I+ S S?" , 53.-. A-.,w-,.- w I , ,'f1,,-.4 f, , ,My-, f lla.: ' '5i"8"51 1" Jiiff '13 ' , f Q fs".-'f,' :Wil i W j f fifilli 12, 5 .4 , ij Q- .Ji-5 1. .if . Y , 4 E - , . 1 , ,f J V . - ' 31712 .Y 1' ' si 5' -, Miss Hanne Halcling. Gymnasfic Specialisi lns+ruc'lor in Physical Educafion Psycholog Sisfer Maureen Hes'l-er, M.S. Insirucior in Psychology Sisier Paulina Mary, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparfmeni' of Psychology Sociolog Dan Levinson, M.S lnsfrucior in Psychology Charles Norcia, M.A. lns+ruc+or in Sociology Sisfer Anfonia Marie, Ph.D. Chairman, Deparfmenf of Sociology Reverend Rocco Caporale, SJ., Pl1.D Leciurer in Sociology ai xi 1:52 'f' Sisler M. Denise Madeleine, Pl1.D. in NVE? nm - V Sciences f ,, -Tx , Sisfer Mary Eucharia, B.S., R.N. Associafe Professor of Biological Science Chairman, Deparimenr of Biological Science Sisfer M. Alma Rose, Pl1.D. Chairman, Deparlmenf of Physical Science in ff in cg ,- J 5 ::1A u- dim ww A 1 Q-15 Nadine Byrd, R.N., MA. Associafe Professor of Biological Science and Nursing Educaiion Sis-fer M. Bapiisla, 'M.S., Associa+e Professor of Biological Science Very Reverend Paul Raffery, O.P., J.C., D. lLaur.l Chairman, Theology Deparfmenl' Theolog Reverend Kevin Carr, O.P.. S.T.Lr. Assisianr Professor of Theology, Chaplain Reverend Bede Wilks, M.A. Ins-rruclor in Humanifies Reverend Alexander Pinler, M.A. Reverend John Quinlan, S.T.D., S.S.L. Ingfrucfor in Theglggy ASSlSl'6l1'l Pl'OfeSSOI' of Tl'le0l0gY Ellen K. Raskob Learning Institute Sisfer Eileen Marie, MA. Direcfor of Raskob Insfifufe Sisfer Slanislaus Marie, M.S. I9 Assisfanf Professor of Educaficn Administrative Librar Staff 1 Miss Marilyn Jacques Sisfer M. Rose Frances Secrefary fo ihe Presidenf, Firsf Semesfer Planf Adminisfraior 4 N view H r , 2 Ralph Russell Mrs. Sl1arel Carpenfer Direcior of Developmenf Regisirar Sxsfer Mlrlam Jean Direcior of Rclafions wnfh Schools fx..!' Sisfer Margueriie Knrl: Direcior of Financial Aid, Firsl' Semesfer asm a and f Mrs, Norma Cab.-al Mrs. Evelyn Field Mrs' Gall Johnson Mrs. Hilda Brown Alumnae Secrefary Recepfionisf Accounlanl' Secreiary. Public Relafions Office Q-Q 4,4 Aff' 3 Mrs. May puppione Mrs. Marilyn Gwiazdon Miss Efhel Murphy Campus Sfore WM Operaior Campus Sfore 4?- Miss Genevieve Siclcaioose Service Deparfmeni Manager Mrs. Sylvia Gafes Bookkeeper Miss Elizabe'l'l1 Jaclrson Miss Efhel Bluman Mrs..S'lella.Cl'naru Librarian Cafalogue Librarian Periodicals Librarian N 4' -, ww M G 2 -af"hff5qQ'a '4f11"- J -gf '.C-ag x '- "Awe 'S' - X .- X, Z Z Q.. 5 .Q If 'Tm h- 1 JK,- .-fp X Classes Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not za single human being can be taught to feel. Why? Be- cause Whenever you think or you believe or you know, youire a lot of other peo- ple: but the moment you feel, you're nobody-but-yourself. -e. e. Cummings 23 Pai' Loffus Presideni' , lf.. 1 R- H ,IE 95 7 C, . , R, 3 ?mH.'. H.-N vWw"'m'Tq7fy-,-L as pa U 1i3Q3s31'z"3" 1 :5L5vi'21i'j, A 4- fvff 3fj'i:f55fg,5gsf'j,fj!1'QQ' " " 1,3125 l . .. 1- - :Rs-4 Charlofie Pacheco Spirifual Represenfafive Georgia Schneider R.A. Represenfaiive Class of 196 "You,ve got to know the name of the game, You'Ve got to know what day it is. You have to own your days and name them, each one of them, Or else the years go by and none of them belong to you." HERB GARDNER ffrom "A Thousand Clownsvj X Jan Silva Represenfafive-ai'-Large Judy Herman Parliarnenfarian Susan Schnieders Vice-Presideni' Mary Louise Amaranfe Treasurer Clarice Foiatia Secrefary fix Anile Adamo B.A. Kaihleen Abler, B.A. . Los Angeles Chemlsi"'Y Alexandria Roolr Arnold, B.A. Oaltland English E .ag :. ,,f,U5?3-'f--i'.'.iff Q'-371-ii F Agjrmlm re ..,,.5L,-.ark-Pi ,- '-I-"i""' f ff ' ' " flu' ,file LJ , .l l . 'r,- -f Y - Hu. i"I?, 5 'J 1.9 eQW".'-1 24 ' x - - 1 - 1 .. Q - l , ,, ,il . ... .N N S l VL-fffii. ' I ' "" TN' i i - '11 W 9-' I '. lb. X i LU 1 1 4. 21. N . LA i - 53? W ' uri , ,ii V H im San Gabriel EhqliSl1 Suzanne Mary Aviiabile, B.A. Sanfa Barbara English 5 55 k Carol Alm, B.A. Redwood Cily Maihemafics Lois Andersen, B.A. San Pablo French Palricia Barron, B.A. Carmichael Biological Science mix .ig ii Huimuiuug E Marylouise Amaranfe, B.A. Gusfine Psychology Marianne Bleymaier, B.A. San Pedro Sociology ,QE P 'i .f . ' ' MLA x l ' ,. , 25 a A3 ig? An 5 Q?w Palricia Elizabefh Boyle, B.A. Sfanfon Speech Correciion Calhleen J. Ceccheiiini, B.A. Alameda Sociology Judifh Shumalcer Braeufigam, B.A. Mary Lee Bullinger, B.A. ' Biological Science Woodland Sociology Enfa L' -5- ,,: . Seniors 26 Pafricia Cipriano, B.A. Tarzana English Y' l Sandra Lee Colombo, B.A. Concord English -., Suzanne Carreira. B.A. San Leandro Spanish Rosemary Corfez, B.A., Oakland Hisfory .W 'ZF l E Mg: 2 Rosalie Ann Davis, B.A. Sharon Gay Dean' B.A. Oakland P5YClWl09Y Qakland English RN Carolyn Craycroff, B.A. Maureen Degnan, BA. Richmond Psychology Oakland English Y Y -'Si ,, .4 Ann Marie Dibiaso, B.A. I Los Banos 5Paf"5l' Elizabelh D'Orazi, B.A. Pairicia Fenzl, B.A. San Leandro Halian Alameda Biological Science 5 ll will 1 U ll ll l l " ll ll ll ll n. ,xg Wi 4' 'GP Paula Kaiherlne Dysfe, BA. KarBmUrS0l. TUFlf0Y I i . Donna Ericlcson, BA. POll+lCal SCWNCB Oakland Malhemafics gps" Ne! if ,tif gg, ar' 27 Dolores Fiscalini, B.A. Modesfo German iff' A " : Clarice Foiada, B.A. i l Pafferson Spanish Theresa Glynn Fry, B.A. if 1 'lik ,e Los Angeles Ari' Judifh Ann Gallagher, B.A. Corcoran Hisiory Claudia Lillian Galliand, B.A. ' Duarie English ' " H' , f Rf bxx l r :-: i i f L ij, T 52 01 Z ' V -r gr. jeg ' W, 3 -Z .:. ' - Y in r.: Lg' er. V , M M 5 E +. 28 aka , as Joan Leslie Frey, B.A. Oakland Sociology Jamie Guerrero, B.A. Alameda Hisfory 5 nazi 3 i Marguerife Ann Frey, B.A. Nevada Ciiy English Kaiherine Hallsfrom, B.A. Redding English Q 4 l in Q' l nk an ' l r Judiih Marilyn Herman, B.A. Kafhy Johnson, B,A Oakland Spanish Concord Hisfory ' Kalllleen Ann Hazer. B-A- Chrisiina Johansing, B.A. San Diego Chemisiry 5:1 Pasadena Physical Educa+ion S ' Susan Kerler, B.A. Burlingame Hisfory Kay Kinnear, B.A. Michael A. Lane, B.A. Aniioch Music Conway, Arkansas Sociology Mary Jane Kowalewslu, B.A. Tern LaPa+a, B.A. Alameda Spanish Los Angeles Speech Therapy IU' if ' t l l rl 29 Susan Lee, B.A. Oakland Music Pafricia Lee McKiHrick, BA. Oakland Psychology 30 Grefchen Lekaunas, B.M. l Q 1: H, ll w Wai -ll?-H-:K lu W 1 Pairicia Ann Lo'H'us, B.A. Oakland Music Fresno English L Kafhleen Marguerife McCar+er, B.A. Alhambra English Caron Magliano, B.A. Judiih Manion, B.A. Oakland Psychology Walnul' Creek Hisfory 1:1 V, Z , , saw" u ff? nr- Q H Charlolie Lucey, B.A. Oakland Spanish Naomi Frances Mafsucla, B.A. Venice Chemisiry L 1 :Z if 1 l Lois Mayer, B.A. Weslchesrer Speech Correciion Y N Q' Henrieifa Mello, B.A. Micaela Mena, B.A. Valleio Biological Science Oakland English Seniors Mary Meyerle, B.A. Bofhell, Waslmingion Maihemafics if Lorraine Menuz, B.A. MW fm! ul ll, 5? . Kafhleen Ann Mendonca, B.A. Hayward Malhemafics Pafricia Ann Mulera, B.A. Albany Sociology Modesio Physical Educaiion, Hislory Dianne Mll1lC. B-A- Mary Anne Morell, B.A. Hayward Speech Correcfion Alhambra French ,..... QUK aff l' 1-, 3I "wi 'Xl " - ' ggi AT' ' Y wr'-Y -H-vrfgj wr 'givrwvx , f f 'gi 4 if p rw Paiflcla Nalhe- B-A- Ca+herme Nelson, B.A. l-0"l9 Beach S'-'Cl0l09Y Agana, Guam Psychology, 1 Sociology I Ludmilla Bereczkey Nagel, B.A. Mary Oppedahl, B.A. Oakland Biological Science G W ,, U , Oakland Psychology 1.'M,,..P Charloife Pacheco, B.A. Newark Spanish Tamara Swarfling Paradisl B,A, Grace Marie Prindiville, B.A. i.. Modesfo English Oakland Sp.m1,'4- Dolores Eileen Paul. B.A. Cleo Pierre, B.A. Oakland Sociology- Trinidad, Wesl Indies Communicafions Biological Sciences ,TQ Q 'Ui Ka'l'hleen Rebello Collins. B.A. Carmen Rocha, BA. Alameda Medical Technology Gusline Spanish ln. P-3l'l'iCla C- R590- BA- Kay Rulherford, B.A. N a Psychology Oakland Sociology ap 'UK Seniors Georgia R. Schneider, B.A. Orland Physical Educafion ,avhara Salsliury, B.A. Sl-,elia Mary Smgfh' B.A' Monrovia Mafhema+ics 'eimtinez French ' in l will Susan Frances Schnieders, B.A. Jan Renee Silva' B.A. Alhambra P5YCl'10l09Y Merced Psychology KW! Q-s Ns 'eff ...SA Dofma Slahle Souza' B'A' . Shirley Elnzabeih Talley, B.A. OHM'-la Pl"'lo50Pl"Y Walnuf Creek English K -ee S B A Jerrie Ann Thomas, B.A. Shirley Ann myer, . . Oakland SPa"'l5l1 Berkeley Biological Science i Sally Ann Wakefield, BA. Olivia Thompson. B.A. Medford, Oregon English- Oalrland Spanish Speech Correcfion MBFY Tod-2. 55- Mary Pafricia Truxler, B.A. Oakland Nursing Educafion Oxnard English and Philosophy -as-5, 'Q 'i 5' n W: Jfiui Barbara Warren, B.A. Kaihleen E. Welch, B.A. Kensingfon Biological Science Redding Sociology 1 4 W .. Elizabeih O. Wangari, B.A. Ani'oine'H'e WaHers B A Kenya,Africa Biology Oakland i i I His-tory Seniors Ann Colberson, B.A. Berkeley Hislory lDecember I968l :X 7. I' w l I 1 ll ' ' Vw-'Qi' V 1 L W V Kafhleen Mary O'Malley, B.A. Oakland Hisfory lDecember I968l ,1-fs. 1.465 'f' Theresa Sieh Sao Paulo, Brazil Spanish lDecember l968l Helena Schreurs, B.A. Casiro Valley French ifgillill' ii Mail?" ii' 'W lfffvfe ur u, in lDecember l96Bl 1 .K " QN 35 Class of 1969 "The greatest good we can do for others is hhh not to give them what we have, hut to show them how mach they have to give." -LA VELLE gp-,,.,, Anna Cardinalli Vice Presideni' ' L .A Dorofhy Siri ff ,rw Mg, V eg f ,IF Presideni' Rifa Lavelle Peggy Fleifz Spirifual Represen+a+ive Represenraiive-af-Large Peggy Toofhman Secreiary I Linh . ,QW . Gayfha Hopgood Treasurer Joan Peggagno Sharon Gancl R.A. Represeniafive Parliamen+arian Elaine Aniongiovanni Anne Marie Bandoni lrene Bergamini Dolores germ Marilou Beriolero Shirley Bisggneffe ll N Carolyn Bongiorno Agnes Bray Maria Braz Hifalia Brid Pai Brusher Chris Bo'Harini , ,r ' , N ., N M3 295 s,w6,'q5'1A lr. "" Z ah. f lg , .f-Lili' :MSN .M N iq 15-,. ' " .Lx K xml Arlene Caminara Anna Marie Cardinalli Sharon Carroll Donna Chanize Grace Choi mafia.. Marqaref Clair X W 18. 'CA i x A f-f --1-1: in H v' w1r"h y may ,..5. , gy ..N! ,,:: IP l. f V15 5 :N.,: K ,K Carol Ann Cosfa Kafie Devereux Marina Ann Defy lf- +2 IC' Marie Fall Mary Lyn Farber Jeanne Ferreira peggy Flegh . ai -3 K Mary Franklin AnneH'e Franz gh Baby's ho? air is puf fo good use. 38 a ,, a S Susan Garcielia JO Gelinas Suzzie Dysfe T Roberia Fleiiz JeanneH'e Frisou Diane Gianni 4 l 'V' f A l V V 5 ,- x' ff 1 I Ann Graham Truclie Hawkins Renee Haynes Paula Henning BGCIYY H0 Gayfha Hopgoocl Mandy Hsu Judy Johnson Pai Johnson Sara JONES Alice JU+il-H Karmen Kapphahn Jane Kappl'1al1n Susan Kellogg f- fi N' .l l Margarel' Kelly Kalhy Kosiorowslti Rifa Lavelle Diane Lorenclri Jane McNeely H ,mx -vs ,r Q- , GFA aux," if "' f, 353' mi ' X N f r M . . argarel Ma v'Ck' MaYe'5 Carla Mazzini Laura Mendes .p-N 715 Marilyn Mueller Lorie Peiniger Invasion of fl-le flower children. gn , X we, . , V ,, .. . ' x ll . Q, 'V ea '95 , V lull! 1 ' i l, M - l U . X N X. ,, , -- 55 -.--,, ,... : . .. A ,, ,., " ldy 5,23 W ll f'l Maureen O'Brien Penni O'Hara Joan Pessagno Gail Priesiley Vicki Morales Marie Morphy rf' Lincla Rebman Georgia Reynolds Julie Rose Jean Marie Salamon fi Marilyn Sanchez Gilda Sanfos W? Maria Simon Doroihy Sm Carol Sons ,X IU! ar- B ,Yi aff' in Florence Tran Elena W6l5f0ek Cindy Walker .ff fix' 1, EA iw, 'vu- W x Karen Scopazi Barbara Sheri' Virginia S+arkey Peggy TOQH-,man kj! Lindy Wel+y Leslie Woodhull gg: Chris Woods Fanne Woolen Rosalie ZbY1en5lfi They can'i' ruin wafermelonl Pam Jones Presideni' Class of 1970 . lifgfexs r, as wifi Q ' L- ' I" - ,.-7.-5 ' H11 L5-,CE N Maureen McNally I Vice Presidenf V? . " v N "AJ "1 4.11 '-. 0 1 I 11' Z :LEA lk-psf'-,LL , L T- 1 Trisha Sfanionis Spirifual Represenfarive "What is a Sophomore year? It is a search for self. It is love and friendship shared. It is the appreciation of what it means 'to dream the Impos- sible Dream'." 42 rl l lj? tm i ll f sae 1 ii ii vi 'SE:i5" i"nw,1 N , ill' , ' ilrl l . 3 iiei f f' -" "" ' - ' LJ 'Q SZIESREWO ,I . Barbara Hood . . epresen ahve Secretary Margaref Blessum Parliamenfarian Mary Anne Minahen Treasurer Carol Corrigan Represenfaiive-af-Large Riia Aflcinson WTF? Denise Andorlwa Cecilia Andrews gayle Archer if S'-le Anim Susie Blaclcman Kailwie Bone ,Kai YQQQIHWQ Denise Briffinqham Eileen Boyle Krisfin Branl' Marcia Canning Pauline BY"ne Tina Arraiga Margarel' Blessum Rosalie Brasile Chris Burns ,A 1 Mari Cannon Cindy Chinn Carla Chrisrensen fi rr' H E: Q35 M Q . Er "' ' 3 X J ' ::. N, .,.,. X S 4 1 ' i 1 Roberfa Ciucki Pai' Clark Liz Cone E "' 1 r Regina Consego Carol Corrigan Kafhleen Cosfelio Maryanne Cullen A Margie Decker Rosemarie Delal-:aye Joene Denning Gayie DGHNY Ah Mary Die-high Linda Domanick 'YS 'f fr 'I ': X Pam Dresen Rosanne Drolei' 1 7 VF' Pm Dugand Maureen Dunn Ginny Dunn Chris Elko Barbara Eppersan 9 Lelia Flefche' Carol Gafes Doris Gaw fr- ,fix L. MGFY EQBU Susan Ehm 1 1 A Cynfhia Esparza Tina Fanucchi Margo+ George Jo Ann Goicoechea Baer Diana Hall Laura Head Barbara Hood fn? Monica Jepson Pam Jones Gayle Kirschling -Q55-wb -- , ., . L-... 1 1 E In 1, W' 1 , ,,WTQ'Ng.llg lf! - ' ,e rf ' " - 'Hr ' L ' Alicia Herrera Marqarei' Holgerson -e gr Linda Horfon Marv Horfon ,,, 'Q Therese Kalfsbeek Marqarei' Ann Kennedy Linda King fx Deborah Kravih Cafhy Ann Krufal , Yonq-LB '19 Kwan Kafhleen Leiper -1 V L " ' Y. rx Wx' . .F Q. , J 1: I .-as 1 K L -IMI hw ' 'X ' -4- ,-iff' B u n nv L u n cl uf E wx X Susan McGuire SV A -4 H Connie LaCroix Cynfl-'ia LeBlanc Lyne'He Lee LAL Q w -f R,-,W V ' Suzan Levinson Bemacma Lu Q f 1 "Once upon a 'Hme . . ." l-Ynda I-Vman Ka+l1y McCasey 11"-L r41'!a- Chris McKinley Maureen McNally Kafhy Machado Daphne Marshall Teresa Marshmenf Susan Marrin Pafricia MSl'SllBll Sheila Mas+erson Linda Me,-lei,-os Kal'Y Melifel' Charlene Milculich ,fs Q Terry Morasci Carol Munoz Cafhy Nemmerf 48 Leslie Ohm-an Sharon Olson Mary Beih Pahl Linda Maslonlrowslri cad, E j I Mary Ann Minahen Toni O'Connell Carole Pearce ""'5"g,,. i if X 5. 12. W I' Pam Peiers Linda Piper Janice Presidenf Linda Pf7dm0fB Kafhleen Regalia X Veronica Raphel Edifh Rocicweli I MaryAnn Rossliion Q9 Madalyn Rohrer Lynn Rofh Ceiesie Schreiber Mary Rychiy Lynda Sani Pai Sh6f'P Jeannie Sco'H- vp in in JM. Y , Chrisi-ine Shoemalcer Maria Esfher Soiomayor Chrisfine Simon Linda Spears l lil Mary Simpson Grefchen Smifh Trisha Sfanionis 'CT' Elaine S+. Louis Sue Sioclrle 50 N l Qi ' 1 5 -'l 1' ' X l ppp f , l 12 Sophomore privilege? Sharon Sullivan "lUdY Tague 53 Jacqueline Taylor Cafherine Teague Chrisiine Teague Terri Texeira 'S x Nancy Twohig -'in-."' Johanna Von Gofffried Terry Ward Pa'Hi Wilkinson E Hg , yield Urlaub Lynda Van Canfforf Sandra Volpone Jeanne Webb Linda Wienholz Judy Whifney ff Pafricin Ann Wong KGTHYHWFOHB Sharon Xavier Karen Yap Laurie Young Jani' zeno Class of 1971 "Spirit is now a very fashionable wordg to act with spirit, to speak with spirit, means only to act rashly and to talk incliscreetly. An able inan shows his spirit hy gentle words and resolute actions 5 he is neither hot nor fi111i6l.,,-CHESTERFIELD ColleH'e S'l'e'Ffen Presiclenf Janei' Bernasconi ' Pa rliamenfa rian Chris Grandi Represenfafive-a-I'-large Maureen Moore Vice Presideni' Kris Bell Treasurer Susan Pefrich Secrefary Ann Russo noi' picfured: Spiriiual Represeniafive Peggy McQuaid R. A. Represenhafive Q, + M fl X.: .v., i ly ,I ,st 11' Nancy Adamo PaH'y Jo Anrclerson Mary Angell Laslonia Anzola 'af . ' ij, X 3 , l A r ' l , 1 A BeH'y Aflclnson Pal Avila Krisfin Bell Carla Benoli' . Qe...-1 rg N Julie Berfolero Laura Beg-1-ram Coralee Blewe'H' Rosalie Bracco 3 Coleffe Carney I-011559 Cefrl Nancy Chen BGFYI Cheng Barbara Arena H Janel' Bernasconi Annalrale Brighl 53 Kafhy Ching 6 Pal' Conan? . l Lynne Dennis Pal' Dwonclw ,ss , 4 1 . ' . 3,4 ' - 1 . 'L . 157, 54 ' -W 7 55:51:51 . ,J , -5 vw A ' " il " ' i'i Winnie Chow Seal:-ching Clwua Ann Louise Coffey Kalhy Collins 'EPS' """"" Loulse Correla Mary Daugherfy Be'H'y Jo Davis Ellen Davis 5 Theresa Dignan Ka'l'l'1Y DOHOVBH Viclxy Dowling f- Heidi Ehrman Pai Engeki Carol Essig Norma Falzoury Lauren Fambrini 1 H l ill ' Rochelle Freii-as Mary Jo Gallagher Nancy Gansclwow Dolores Gapuz f.. ,i , , H- T7 Kafhy Griffo "fl'."TT' Pafricia Hoover Trish Gray Ginnie Gibson Mary Harrigan Anne Horfon Margarei' Iliff Cl"9"Yl Jacques Chris Grandi Margaref Hemmen Valerie Hirzu Margaref Hoffman Siephanie Jenal X ww , HH X Cass Jones Mary Ellen Jones Cafhy Kane Shirley Kao Anne Me,-ge Kaul 1b. e. :i f' g '5 23 + Margaref Koo Georgia Kola Linda Kuhln-,ann Choy-Lang Kwan H,-fag., - , 5 M Y N x "S.'Zf7x Q nn Cynfhia La Croix Adrienne Lamb Sharon Lau Joan Layrac ww f 253 ., s K1 v ' g LS LM Alydia Lee Jganna Lee Terri McDonough Ren6e McKee Margarei' McQuaid Claudia Maclc Karen Maguire Nichole-He Ma,-91-9 Carol Marlin Lincla Maslerson 5 .my ll. ,wi ,lm N, X ii ' l 'E Luz Maria Malienzo Tommie Mayfield Libby Meagher Julia Melfslln KBHW Melka TAT," Arlene MerriH Marie Moffal- Elsa Monfana Maureen Moore Kafie Ng :CP , Ji .23 Joan Nielcamp Gloria Paclrwood Cafhy Palmer Jeanne'He Palyu Theresa Peclemonle 'Wea Ibm 'ba V I Y, ni ,nnnnnn bk , ,, I ' Xie. 'I L S , af- .L Y - 1 Susan Peirich Jacqueline Purdy Kafhy Purdy Heidi Rechenmacher Terry ReH'ig l Ann Russo if 'gi Marianna Ruybalid '4 'H' 2' Jolee Roberfs Karen Schaffinger IW' 'rainy 5-fe i Shannon Sgsemore Janef Skinner Ri+chee So gn Maria Ramos Margi Rogers Paula Schnihler Margaref Rapp Connie Rourk Cafhy Schwab Peggy Spies if Barbara Siahle CQIAHQ S1-effen Mary Lou Sfenger Sandy Siephens fqwig Z FLW' Elizibei-I1 Sullivan J'-'lle'l'-5UlllVBI1 Pal Tronvig Margaral Tsang Alida Villagran ff! 19 Viclry Volny Madeline Waeclrler Susan Warnoch Freshmen imporl' a bif of Hawaii for lheir class dinner. ,- .55 QP Pal' Weillley Jo Ann Williams Ka-Hwy Win-fers Doris Ying Becky Zigfema fx 'km . Nu- j! v ' .. 1 4, - U .cw U ' S 1 f 'X ,,. up 'Sv' -4 1 3 . . ....- ,. . ,-, V f ------,,.ff::.f-T- - '. Uhr.. --wg. .:.,m,-.L.,:.j,2. U..-3 .f ..f-.W-m:..d..., '--:vst,q:,,Lf'J-bfma, iz:-y:e2w1:1 .:..:.1.e1-1-zr-N Q,"""g1 . ' " I-er 4,59 'f" '-- fa?'l?f+.T'5'5?12'?'f:'E?3 :i::3Z'9iE-1 P i 5 , .,- in V 1 " 7- if gg is .,I., an ns-, - rg '2 ' " 1 2. 1 ,, x .-"' I "eu .L V 3' , . 3 -- ,ffl 11- ' v f 535 P, -' f' 1 , g . 4- ,' gk' 1 , xf 74' -fL'f::4: ' ' ' gill! A5146-sv . -iw: -k fi nun A'xlllix-n"4'lyn.'.!!ihd42l.iiKdlP.:ar'li ,wg E- rganizations . . . slavery, and the only slavery, is ser- vice Without love. e. e. Cummings 6I Student Bod H-lcers Marianne Bleymaier ASCHN Firsi Vice Presiclenf Mary Johnson ASCHN Second Vice Presideni' Lorie Paul ASCHN Presideni' 62 Suzie Dysie ASCHN Social Chairman -E..,,49' Maureen Dunn ASCHN Corresponding Secrerary 2 'A . , l ' . Denise Andorlra ASCHN Recording Secrefary Shirley BlssoneH'e ASCHN Treasurer Y 'vi-Alf X Cindy Walker ASCHN Parliamenrarian Executive Council ROW I Ueff io righf, Maureen Dunn, Denise Andorlra. Suzie Dysfe, Lorie Paul, Mary Johnson, Marianne Bleymaier, Shirley BissoneH'e, Cindy Walker. ROW 2: Carol Corrigan, Ann Colberson, Rosemary Jones, ColeH'e Sfeffen, Irene Bergamini, Dorofhy Siri. ROW 3: Peggy FleH1, Pam Jones, Mary Anne Moreil, Chris Bo'Harini, Kaiherine Hallsirom, Par Lofius, Par Cipriano. ' . V63 Spiritual Affairs Council ROW ONE: Chris Woods, Anne Russo, Marianne Bleymeier lChairmanl, Terry Morasci. Rila Lav,elleg ROW TWO: Margarei Kennedy, Ellen Durcltel, Trish Sfanionis, Pal Truxler, Charlofle Pacheco, Sheila Smifh. ' li? V l ' '. N . .Ll QE :Q-PQ.,g,g" -5. "ww xm M M , fa 1 ui we ll Y -5 Retreat Refreafs oFFer diFFeren'r types of religious experiences. Here siudents pariicipafe in an Agape which generates ihe spirii of Sophomores on refreai af Sanra Cruz get fogeiher commumiy' for some songs ai the end of a full day. Liturgical Committee 25" ". 'ff f . L32 :- - , 5 - STANDING. Ueff 'lo righflz Laura Mendes, Mariorie Cannon, Mada- lyn Rohrer, Trish S+anionis: SEAT- ED: Jo Denning. Ann Russo. Mar- garef Kennedy. 65h Honor Council ROW I: Carol Corri- gan, Peggy Fleiiz, Mari- anne Bleymaier, Suzzi Dysie. ROW 2: Lorie Paul, Jan Silva Marcoux, MaryJohnson, Chris Grandi. , Q A ii l -qv l ' , l ri Parliamentar Council ROW ., Ci,.i,W.,.ie,, Sharon Ganci. ROW 2:' Judy Herman, Janel' Ber- nasconi, Margarei' Blessum. Budget Committee ROW I: Virginia Sfarlzey, Shirley Bissoneiie. ROW 2: Chris Woods, Georgia Reynolds, Kafhy Roolr, Chris Bell, Mary Ann Dunn. ROW ONE: Maureen McNally, Ann Hoffman, Suzzi Dysi-e lChairmanl, Ka+hy Lieper, Linda Masferson: ROW TWO: Margarel' Hoffman, Anna Cardinalli, Mary Ann Dunn, Peggy Fleilz, Mary Ellen Jones, Jeanne'He Palyu: ROW TH REE: Shannon Sisemore, Kathy Collins, Chris Bell, Carol Munoz, Ellen Davis, Martha Doiy. Social Committee Recreation Association Mr V QB is , , , llguigyv Paula Henning, Lindy Welty lPrc-esidenfl, Peggy McQuaid, Cllris Eilco, Georgia Schneider Georgia Reynolds. 67 Pi Gamma Mu, social science ROW ONE lleff io righflz Margarei Ma, Pai' Rago, Chris Woods: ROW TWO: Virginia Sfarlrey. Ann Graham, Judy Manion, Par Nafhe, Judy Aho, Kilfy Johnson. Mu Phi music ROW ONE lleff ro righ1'l: Su- san Lee, Carolyn Queener, An- neHe Franz fPresidenfl, Kay Kinnear, Mary Wilde. , .1 Epsilon, I , 6 Pi Delta Phi, French LEFT TO RIGHT: Cleo Pierre Mary Lyn Farber. Alice Jufila Mary Anne Morell. Alpha Theta Epsilon, English SITTING: Sharon Dean IPresicIen+I, Arlene Caminafa, Marguerife Frey, Tami Paradis. Maureen Degnan. Micaela Mena. STAND- ING: Shirley Talley, Lorie Peiniger, Carla Mazzini, Cindy Walker, Pai' Loffus, Sandi Colombo, SaIIy Wakefield. Dorofhy Lefcher, Pai' Cipriano. HO GR ORGANIZATIGN S 1 by Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish LEFT TO RIGHT: ShirIey Smyer, Mary Ann Di- biaso, Judy Herman, Suzanne Carreira, AIice Jufila, Sharon Dean, Mary Jane Kowalewski, Car- men Rocha, Carol Solis. German Club SITTING: Naomi Maisuda, Ginny Dunn, Siephanie Jenal, Adrienne Lamb. STANDING: Mary Meyerle IPresiden'II. Kafhy Mendonca, Donna Erickson. Carol Cosia, Kafhy Kosio- rcwsI:i. Elnguage French Club SITTING: Peggy Fleifz, Leslie Ohman, Cindy Chinn. STANDING: Maria Braz IPresIdenI'I, Sandy Volpone, Daphne Mar- shall. Sara Jones. Theresa Sieh. af Clubs Italian Club SITTING: Anna Bandoni, Carol Cosia, Joan Pessagno, Julie Berfolero, Jean Salamon. STANDING: Kaihy Kosio- rowslri, Trudie Hawkins, Karen Scopazi IPresicIen+I, Ka-He Devereux, Marilou Ber+oIero, Diane Gianni 1 fin X Spanish Club SITTING: Theresa SieI'1, Carmen Rocha IPresicIen+I, Vicki Morales, Sharon Dean, Suzanne Carreira, Shirley Smyer. STANDING: Micaela Mena, Grace Princiiville, Carol Solis, Alice Jufila, Mary Jane Kowalewslci, Judy Herman, Marie Morphy. 7I Korean Crphan Adopted in April of 1966, Chang Sook has come to be a joy to her proud sponsors, the students of CHN. Our letters to her are met With delight and are answered through an interpreter at the orphanage. Such statements as: "I am glad to hear that so many girls love me," and "I will try to be your nice girl," assure us that our efforts are Worthwhile. Martha Doty, Chairman Human Relations Council ROW ONE: Palricia Truxler lChairmanl, Trudie Haw- kins. Marfha Doly: Row fwo: Michael Lane, Carol Almq Row Three: Elena Walbroelr. Arlene Caminafa Amigos Anonymous ROW I: Pafricia Mulera, Carol Alm fChairmanl. ROW 2: Anne Marie Kaul, Be'Hy Lasfufka, Karen Yap. Red Cross ROW I: Kafhy Winiers, Elaine Aniongiovanni. ROW 2: Jeanne++e Palyu, Pai' Wealcley, Kaihy Collins. Pai Avila. Cerebral Palsy fu' . 7 ROW I: Eileen Boyle, Jeanneffe Palyu, Kaihy Collins, Sue Garclella. ROW 2: Pafricia Mulera, Lundy Sanchez, Carol Alm, Sharon Ganci, Marfha Doiy lCl1airmanl. ar m"m n ROW I: Ann Graham, Mary Pahl, Terry Ward, Ka+hy Purdy, Jo Von Goiffried. ROW 2: Teri Allen, Truclie Hawkins lCha'irmanl, Chris Teague, Adrienne Lamb, Pai Conan+, Carla Chrisiensen. K , 1..,77'l7D -ww?-nrba W? J' .. ra , 1 mfr N Y r Tutorial Program Model United Nations ROW I: Maria Braz, Gayle Denny, Pal' Co nanf. ROW 2: Mandy Hsu, Adrienne Lamb. Coralee Bleweff, Fanne Woolen. ROW 3 Dolores Berfa lPresiclen+l, Pai Bruslwer, Kaih Regalia, Margaref Iliff, Linda Piper. Alameda Count Gir1's Home ROW I: JeanneH'e Palyu, Kalhy Collins. ROW 2: Jo Gelinas, Susie Levinson, Viclri Urlaub. Chris Teague, Elena Walbroel: lCl1airmanl, Marge Can- non. 75 Mendelians Compamons of St Albert ROW I: Sisfer Juliana, Rifa Lavelle: HenrieHa Mello lPresidenfl. ROW 2: Na- omi Mafsuda, Sisier Denise Madeleine, Sisfer Linda Boero, Kafhleen Regalia. ROW 3: Elizabeih Wangari. Kafhleen Hazer. ROW 4: Maureen Degnan, Agnes Bray. ROW l: Laura Men- des lPresiden1'l, Kaihy Lieper. ROW 2: Naomi Maisuda, Rifa Lavelle, Marga- ref Koo. ROW 3: Seol: - Cheng - Chua, Elizabeih Wangari. Henrie-Ha Mello, Margarei' Kelly. ROW 4: Choy Lang Kwan, Agnes Bray, Kafhleen Regalia. Young Republicans ROW I: Diana Gianni, Kalhy Kosirowski, Agnes Bray Kafhleen Regalia, Margaref Iliff, Trudi Hawkins, Kaiie Devereux, Karen Scopazi, Pal Wealcley. ROW 2: Jean Salamon, Rifa Lavelle lPresiden+l, Carol Munoz, Ginny Dunn, Karen Yap, Ann Russo, Carol Cosfa, Mary Angell, Kalhy Collins, Terri Warcl. Foreign Students ROW I: Hifalia Bricl, Lasiinia Anzola, Luz Maria Mafienzo, Choy-Lang Kwan, Shirley Ngo, Bernadeffe Yim, Theresa Mah, Joanne Cheng, Margarel Tsang, Grace Choi, Seok-Cheng Cl1ua, Cleo Pierre. ROW 2: Sonia Munoz, Doris Gaw, Bernardila Lu, Doris Ying, llrulco Mrishina, Rifchee So, Jo Anna Li, Beryl Cheng, Mandy Hsu, Yong-Lang Kwan, Elizabelh Wangari. Leff fo Riglrl: Micaela Mena, Judy Herman lpresidenil. Cleo Pierre, -Sharon Dean. Leff 'lo Righf: Jules Rofhman, director of ANIMAL FARM, and Kalhy Roolr, slage manager. 78 Masquers Masquers, the drama group on campus, have staged two productions this year, under the direction of Jules Rothman. In the fall they produced Lorca's The House of Bermzda Alba. Using masks made by the art depart- ment, Masquers' spring production was a reading of OrWe1l's Avfimal Farm. Leif fo Righf: Squealer 'lCl1arloHe Franelzl warns 'the animals lMar'I'l'1a Ann Fifzpafricl: and Erma Lindemanl fhal unless 'Huey obey Napoleon lTl1eresa Pedemonrel fhen "Jones will come back." The cast of "THE WIZARD OF OZ": TOP ROW llefi' io righflz Stephanie Jenal, Donna Erickson, Ellen Dgurckel, Adrienne Lamb, Ka+h- leen Rook, Susan McGuire. BOTTOM ROW: Jackie Purdy, Gretchen LeKaunas, Kris Bell, Chris Grandi. Childrens Theater Performers of I967-68: ROW ONE ilefi to righri: Sue McGuire, Ann Russo. Stephanie Jenal, Vicki Velny. ROW TWO: Kris Bell, Ellen Durckel, Jane? Skinner. Mary Angei. ROW THREE: Pai- Anderson, Adrienne Lamb, Kathy Rook, Terry Marshmeni. Children's Theater, a small group of students, under the direction of Sister Paul Francis Perini, twice yearly brings Wonder and delight to hun- dreds of children through such plays as Pinocchio and The Wizard of Oz. The cas+ and crew of "The Wizard of Oz" receive lasf minufe ins+ruc+ions 'From Sisier Paul Francis. The Wizard of Oz lKafhy Roolcl advises ihe The Scarecrow lDonna Erickson, 'iells Dorothy Cowardly Lion fGre'rchen LeKaunasl 'ihai all lS+ephanie Janell of his plans if he "only had he needs is "confidence in yoursel'l"." a brain." X , ' i 1 l e EKU Pubhc LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Mayer, Kaihy Roolc, Trish Boyle. S.C.T. . ROW ONE llefi +o righil: Karen Scopazi. Jean Salamon, Ann Marie Dibiaso, Clarice Foiada, Diana Gianni. ROW TWO: Sharon Dean, Georgia Schneider fPresiden+l, Pai Lof- fus, Terry Ward. 80 Relations Committee FRONT lle'H' +o righfl: Rosalie Bracco, Rosemary Jones, Pai Johnson. BACK: Micaela Mena, Kafhy Welch. ll NH M ll uf: Mirror ROW I: Henriefia Mello, Theresa Fry, Kafhy Hall- sfrom lEdH'orl, Elena Wal- broelt, Rosemary Corfez Jones. ROW 2: Sara Jones, Mary Ann Rcssillon, Mari- ana Ruybalid, Shirley Talley, Micaela Mena, Kaihy Welch. Music Executwe Committee Margarel Hemmen, Gayle Archer, Mary Wilde, Julie Meirsfin. Barbara Shorf, Sandra Bauschinger, ai piano. Daphne Marshall lChairmanl. Li-:il -ll M lrene Berg amini, Editor Ig ,gli 15, f 0,42 Zi :C Excalibur Staff Editor's Message: I hope that we have well represented student life in all its various forms in this edition of EXCALIBUR. We feel that a large part of our educa- tion takes place not only in the classroom but also in our understanding of others. Much of what we learn in college is the result of our relation- ships with others here on campus as well as with those we strive to help in the community. It is for this reason that we have dedicated this year- book to those students who have given of themselves. Due to our financial budget, I regret that we had to reduce the number of pages in this year's EXCALIBUR. However, I feel that We have pro- duced an annual of line quality together with some Worthwhile improve- ments. I am very grateful to all those who have helped in the creation of this yearbook, and I thank them fortheir time and effort. Sincerely, Irene Bergamini Editor . XJ. .ii Q 'E V I 351599323 ,.',. - . Y S 1, P gj H . Sgr, ,'s1g2wf-- mei Jw . .,,n- . The Staff trom lett to right: Sue Ehm, Katie Devereux, Jeanne Webb, Maria Simon, Peggy Konen, Kathy Rook, Denise Brittingham. SITTING: Fanne Wooten, Patron Manager: Mary Harrigan Layout Editor: Sue Kellogg, Advertising Co-manager. Standing Dorothy Letcher, Assistant Editor: Lorie Peiniger, Copy Editor YIFQIHIB Starkey, Business Manager: Emily Hart. Advertising Co manager W QA .-ra, .2 Ill -lf" 4. P , ' f J .Ex ' "' .-' F5 sv ' -1 1 " " . -.9 I I ,. ... tl H . wg-ff --1 ABF. L' 5,5 um' H" wiv... w is , N H "SSN 4'v A 1 , 5 6 ,f " in . MW ,fig HH gifs " Y 1-J if' ' , ' -345. l ' - ' ' . I :, - , if ' . -L ,f "' .- . , 3 , 11-...lr , . . '.'.,"fF ' ' wel' .-, L . ' ' - .i'- .-'21-if I--,3 2---wg, ig!-Xg,,,'1. '. uit ,n .lx af -gr: - .w',jf,sv H' wvgreegw M -w H - .- 1--f - f ,N ff 4 - . ' v.- 4 f P e , . 4 - .- . . , ' -1 , O'- ' - '3 if -' " ' ' ' ' . f T "' Q . if ,."u .F 6--,4. pgs rn.. jo mv I- E. i Lil V 1 'uf " 'J' " ' x',,,':3- .""IN'f ' ' K io -9 '.-gf ' 'Ft ."' if Q ' K p F ', . I ff,k V , S . -3 V. ...,' 1 , S gnu, ,lm H - " ,,, f '9 , -i". . iv - .EEN-1' w-1, iw, , f .5 , Y , ,. m4 , ufwnf QM.-if T ve .mf -' is 1 " . I 'FL iw. us Q 'L4 vw E. T ,, x?.11,.J,," ' " fa H' ':3lE,'- ' -fiom lnmafes gafher in fhe courfyard for recreaficn. . Dorm L1fe - ' ff warg Qi 'mu A .gs s ,U 83 ' H wi 1, wa "' W, , F, iii Mez Mrs. Mildred Curfain. R.N. Sisfer Eric Marie, Direcfor of Residenfs. Mrs. Bernice Taylor, Housemofher. 84 Mrs. Ka+l'1leen Jensen, Assisfani Diraclor of Residenfs. Members of House Board: STAND- ING Ueff io righfl: Ann Marie Di- biaso, Alice Juiila. Margarei' Hem- men, Judy Gallagher, Mary Reilly, Mary Pahl. SEATED: Kay Rufherford, Teri LaPa+a, Mary Anne Morell iPresiden+l, Sheila Smifh. Resiclenf Assisfanis: SEATED: Kiify John- son. STANDlNG Ueff fo righfl: Pai Trux- ler, Pai Barron, Sue Kerler, Kaihy Hazer, Suzie Avirable, Mary Meyerle. ff! You dnd WHAT wnfh your pil- low case?" Even fhe food is disguised for 'Phe Halloween Dinner. e gol' 'em in now loclc 'Hue door!" who is wifhouf sin cas++l1e Hrsf sions." "Wall a minule-Thal"s MY candle! 85 ,J 519 ' ll' IV' 1 Xwflgaxgs' 'A . QTQ . Q , 2' :gh N4-QJWG ' X , 1-0 tw!-Q ., -if ' if x qrjsfanfgfi ' ' 1 V if-N ' n .U nn, pc" , , ,X X X 'fx I 2 , ,- -lg Win' Ru. . X 'wif ACIIVIIICS Iwas marvelously lucky to touch and seize a rising and striving worldg a reckless world, filled with the curi- osity of life itself .... e. e. Cummings 87 Q Freshmen meer fha faculfy af ihe Junior-Freshman Tea. Q Zsbgywf ' .J Seniors and Freshmen enioy a picnic in McCrea Glen. Boys from Sf. Mary's serenade ihe Freshmen. Orientation 4 A me ,rw 51. V iw' ."' nil.-y'1'f 4. .A --,-4. . I, Th 'i'7"l-1.1.4111 e Senior sltif demonsfrefes fo Hue Freshmen 'the fine uri' UI of pu'Hing on make-upl " Ne-if l'm sorry dear, 'Hwaf class is closed." CHN sfudenfs are fiHed for iheir siylish caps and gowns. Registration Jane Zeno's bank accouni' falls prey fo +l1e paperback bool: craze.. X 'wi' v 3 ,-mv Convocation Mo 1 1 N ,. lr , ,.- .vw R H, V V I.:- VA " ' xl"2f1.u1f wr ll W fl ny, lf -40 iii Doro+l1y Siri and boyfriend Joe Callaghan pariicipaie in fun and games afier dinner. I MZ:-L f . ,-'YW x . . ,. 1- Y ' f1 - xy. ' .F-'fft'-arf, JT' Members of lhe Men's Club play"Cl1e'f-for-a-Day." Men's Club Barbeque CHN families and -friends enjoy 'Phe annual sfealc dinner in McCrayre Glenn High school seniors experience a day a+ CHN. :Y as ' m - V H' , , " w" uw" uw", quesfions . . . lunch ' ' ' High School Da ,E I 1 2' N4 , A ' I fours . . . enieriainmenf . . . If Juniors leaci fhe sfudenf body in singing carols. Christmas Assembl -5 ,N 'f 4 A Chrisfmas is a 'lime of giving The Senior Choo Choo" Would you beliove Sanfa and his helpers?? ii 'l,W?TfifSQQpf1:QL1,.i?QK "Jus'I' Us," a group from Universiiy of Sanfa Clara came fo discuss Guests Tom Hollingsworfh, reiirecl Green, Berel, presenied his views on 'lhe Viefnam war. "The Chrisiian Woman" wifh CHN s+udenls. Dr. J. Kaplan. noiecl geophysicisl, explores The lopic, "Wea'lher, Wafer. and Peace." Dr. Hinlrle, guesi' lecfurer, s ealcs on "The Fuiure P in Clinical Psychology." I' ', " 'W' V L . v ' . 1 ' I AQH- '-mf ' M 1' . Poe? John Malcolm Brinnin leclures on "The Creafive Process." Loewengufh Quarfef performs for CHN sfudenfs. Cruiches can'+ 'keep Ponfacq away. Mixers P 'wifi , .1 . Y How +o handle a woman." Lf, A N, M H, ' M T' ' 4 glgqg-Q 1 v N' ' T "' H f 1 J!" , fr M? 5. Q,, . 1 1 I 1. VW., Y . K Q: i fd f ,, , , BY , 'LA L gi' ? 22515 tif" l , L ' qw 1 M V ff 3? - I Jwtuxxi A 1. x, X I j i vi: , 4 , w N A -W A H W hk H ge2gJ5vIEgawv . - L l ' xv 5- Z ifgifi . A -. . .L gFr2.3T,S.2' .,i, , i T ef .223 4: :ly Y Q' rf Fi' ' 1557! ---, A f Q- . -vi ,. 1 ,Q '- 1 Y .. . , -4 Ill . + -.1 4. 'I' ..f, . 'v. , ,, . ,. Al. , Y , , L - . ' ' I - 0 " 'F' 'I 1 f 3' 2' H 1 Q' , 'f' --1.:' -W, az, 1 ' M ' ' mf' ' .if , . wq qfgg f ,N K I ! ' ' 1. '- , azz, Q -' . + 1 .A fwwv- M 5- , . M 4 . X I , J , 'L-LJ 1502" ' EN ' g ' f ,J , " . '- ' V447 , 2- A ,J 1 g Li - '7' 'zfqfizxe N231 -2. W" - V The Sfrawberry Window sha++ers sound. Dedicafion Dance Queen, sophomore Monica Jepson and her cour+: freshman Pai Avila, senior Kaihy Welch and iunior Paula Henning. 1 l i vi li 'i I I s l E l 1 i Nr' sg?- 12"-9' Pai Avila and da+e "rock oui'." Dedication Dance Mary Pahl and escorf enioy some refreshmenfs befween dances. I I I I . ' l ...,.--'A' 4. ,...i...- 1--as 7.1- ,J if 4 -.lg-1 .. ' x .5 lx! il' i wg Y' 'v ,I ' ll l 1 1 Freshman-Sophomore Formal "Night in Flower," sponsored by the Freshman and Sophomore classes, was held November 1 8, 1967, in the Gold Ballroom of the Sheraton Palace Hotel in San Francisco. V., xfff. X M ,. - h W im aqjmymgwf , Q Tb x fm M X5 '-A: ef muff 1' '1 . fi v L I 'bxffryjfv' ti ,qw 4 fa M frm M W T "2'i.L.1, .AE 1 . 1- if 'V L '- ir., az, 1 .4 . vw ' , if k V v rv Fifth Annual Benefit Ba 11 Nha.: U, 4 ,.if5l'r:"" " ' Y "' 6v2 L'tnifrnfzm. I The dance proved enioyable for fleff io righil: Tina Arraiga, Mary Egan, Denise Andorka and fheir dafes. The affermaih of a polka! Jack Jones sings fo fhe accompanimenr of 'Phe Couni Basie Orchesha. The audience lislens 'ro one of 'Phe all-'lime greafs. I00 Benefu: Performers Jack Jones and Couni' Basie were ihe headliners for 'Phe Benefif Per- formance held on March 24 ai ihe Oakland-Alameda Coliseum. Couni' Basie fakes a bow ai' 'lhe end of his performance. -A N nl l QQ: Jacl: Jones wiih Benefii' Performer chairman, Chris Boflarini and pub- licify chairman, Peggy Konen. L w 11 ez ir Q 4 1 l Y , -1 The Couni Basie Orchesfra played a varieiy of numbers ranging from swinging blues fo ballads. my Jaclr Jones answered fhe quesfions of Holy Names s+uden'fs and of ofher invifed guesls al ihe press conference following 'Phe show. Xl 1 A Hgh? fo 'lhe lasi place. FH' for a Gael! flu! MVN -1 r XX 1 X . L, The girls are ready for a passl - l , ,Ci wb "',N"' ff shopping carf? l wlu- NOT 939- I WILL NOT gag. Foelihose buns! How would you lilre +o find ihns In your If 'fx . , "r2?'i,.,,5,::.:. . .- ll' uf ,fgg W . X -mir-1 H '5' ' ' 4 " l' ' l l :Ewa ll , Jigh , "Tl1wing high. 'lhwing low. ihweef V X W Charioi' . . ." A, -, 'V --1 ., 511 - l 4V f 1 ,Qi W 1 'nu ' "Bring on H nbias -- ,, ' ll W v VH, "!! ,1 fha dancing girlsl" Tl llllllulniggi 1 xii viz: '-v xxsqkhigwi A 'Y X-Q31 'v'pjf71'-1' 4,wmqw, ' 4 tw-V E rf". S L-fi I. A ' fl I A swinging l?l Friday nighf in +he Dorm. l -N-XV . , ,. N . u Sisfer Mary Bapiisfa Beardsley? T Do you really wani' Hardy-Williams io carer our wedding? i 1 ff Y K lex I w 1. ' X lg?-wwlsi' Q V w' Mg v " sw f S? 1 H J 5 -I, L? , r. , an ff-, .. . I l 1 Y ft f f 5-L l' ' ' m ' 1, ll 1 , . kr.. H. 1' l QQ" 4 Ml "lf 1 ww 5 ...r' x r-'4'- -.., - ,A 'T wr Q 'f'.J' D4 f1sa:Qfi"rE A crowd assembles as Jean- Y neffe finally exchanges her Y linen! Que Sera. Sera! Gel wifh 'fha programl N'l?.'!'l Lua-:-:1f.w'aii:i?xQ .. M. w 3 1 gr r!!1'i"', ." ' 1. M W 'E .. x-.,, v- -4.-Xw-1.'ws'wr'Au '- 191 Vff' :'4'l?5QAWf:' HAM ' u f ', M?',L.M"7'f1.:L , 'vu-. v1W"'x'7"i"l4Q" "R x ' "Q " x i" 3 'Q 'mv'-'mf : 94'9"95x'5 QM-4 ifiiw-NF59Ar'f1G2 N. ,'4i'P'PIa'f5Y'i5f?f.5i.3'flff"31 'W ' ,ifffiwhf-'z."fff'-L, ,W-y'.' " fi." ' .4g,,+W,, ,,.,1'.L , MQW, if mv- '-1'f1L:m,. .,zilH1ws11s'k+' 1ka?,fQ31::-WirMuifllf1gf2l"' ' '.'f'LA ' ' 'V ' ' ' " ' ' ' inf Ads and Patrons The Excalibur staff Wishes to extend a sincere "thank you" to the classes, parents, benefactors, friends and commercial concerns who helped to make the publica- tion of this 1968 edition possible. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Adamo Mr. and Mrs. Chesley S. Allen Floyd and Mary E. Amaranle Melba Amicarelli Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Ralph S. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. Ray Mrs. Bela J. Andorka 81 Family Mrs. Vincenl' An+ongiovanni Mrs. Claylon Archer Alkins-on 8: Family Mrs. John A. Azzaro Mrs. A. S. Bandoni Mrs. Mario Bergamini Mrs. B. A. Berrolero B. Blessum Maior General and Mrs. Joseph S. Bleymaier Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Bongiorno 8: Family Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bollarini 81 Family Mrs. Bernard A. Boyle, J'r. 8: Family Mrs. Ann C. Bracco Robin 'Brani' Jr. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. James S. Brighl Harry A. BriH'ingham Mrs. Joseph M. Byrne Mrs. Anfhony Caminaia Thomas J. Cannon S+eve Cardinalli Mrs. Mrs. John Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Cipriano Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and C. M. Collins Mrs. John E. Cullen Fenelon F. Davis Pefer D. Degnan M rs. Mrs. Mary G. Devereux Mr. Cayefano Lu Do Mrs. W. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and D'Orazi Mrs. George Raymond Doly Mrs. Charles Ehm Jr. Mrs. Roberl' E. Ehrman -Mrs. Lawrence P. Famlorini Patrons Maihew Fiscalini Leo Fleifz Roberl' K. Flei'l'z C. E. Foiada Mrs. Roberl N. Franz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Wm. J. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and' Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs. Jerome F. Frey George P. Frisou .Michael J. Gallagher Joseph Gardella Ga+es Louis Gianni Marion Gibson Geo. R. Glavinovich Jess Goicoechea M. M. Grandi Mr Paul J. Grililo 8: Family Mr. and Mrs. William C. Harrigan, S Dr. and Mrs. L. Paul Hari Hazer Family Mr. and Mrs. G. H.Hemmen Mr.and Mrs. A. Herrera Yel' Kui Ho Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Holgerson, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hoover Mr. and Mrs. R. James Iliff Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Jacques Mr. and 'Mrs.James J. Jenal Mrs. Gilber-I' E. Jenilce Mr. and Mrs. Waller Julila Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. LaPa'l'a Mr. and Mrs Richard C. Kellogg Mr. and Mrs. John Kerler Mr. and Mrs. T. Kosiorowslci Mr. ancl Mrs. Roberl' Krufal Richard Kuhlmann Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lamb Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Layrac 'Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Le'I'cher McCaFFray Mr. and Mrs. George Loffus Dr. and Mrs. S. F. Lorencki Roberr James Magliano Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Manion Pauline M. 'Manseau Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs -Mr. and 'Mrs John Mazzini Mrs. Wm. P. Mr and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs 'Mr. and Mrs Mr. and 'Mrs . Ernesi' Maro'l'e . George E. Mariinka . Clyde V. Mayer Thomas B. McQuaid Thomas 'Meagher Henry G. Mello A. J. Melka . Tony R. Mendes Frank W. Merri++ Frank C. Mihic . George D. Morell Alfred Mulera Musanie Miss Mary R. Mrs. Alberi' W. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. George O'Hara William R. Packwood and .Mrs. John Paul and Mrs. Gene Pessagno Mr. and Mrs. Marlin A. Pefrich, Jr. Mrs. Alene Presideni Mr. Mr. Rey Pridmore James C. Prindiville Henery R-ago Mrs. Anfonio Ramos Joseph S. Rebello Jos. A. Rechenmacher Mrs. Philip J. Reilly Mrs. David L. Rockwell Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Rogers Rohrer Family Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Rufherford Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Ruyloalid Mr. and Mrs. Sianley B. Rychly Mr. and Mrs.. James Scalvini Mr. and Mrs. JerryM.Scopazi Mr. and Mrs. Walier L. Shields -Mr. and Mrs. Edward Skinner Eugene J. and Eleanor R. Smiih Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Solis Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Sfarkey B. R. Sfeffen Robi. E. S+ephens Mr. and Mrs. Arihur S+. Louis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R-oberi' K. Teaque Mr. and Mrs. John V. Tague Mr. and Mrs..R. J. Toofhman Commander and Mrs. Wal+er A. Truxler, USN L+. Col. and Mrs. R. F. VanCanHor+, USMC Norberi' A. Volny Elaine Walboek Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wakefield Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh J.. Warren Mr. and 'Mrs. Fred Weakley Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Webb Mr. and Mrs. James B. Whilney llah I. Wilde Mr. and Mrs. John L. Woo'I'en Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wrona Mr. Charles F. S. Yap Gerald Young Mr. and Mrs.WaH'er M. Zbyzenski H. D. Zig+ema Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rockwell JOHN J. COX PIEDMONT MEMORIAL CHAPEL, INC. 658-0220 4016 Howe Oakland Lorrefia D. C Edward G. Donnelly Congralulafions lo +l1e SENIORS Prescripfion Pharmacisls STIER DRUG CO. 45I-6900 3407 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland California is A Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 from the Class of 1970 The Class of 1968 Congratulations to the Senior Class and Best Wishes from the Excalibur Staff Best wishes to the Sisters of the Holy Names in the celebration of their Centennial ff "r X 2.1" C ongratulatrons and Success to the Senior Class COLLEGE UF THE HOLY NAMES MEN S URGIINIZIITIUII You and you f e ds to. our 1ItI1 annual steak barbecue qv- ggn '-' , if 'Wei ' IN .f-S 55. x9 12,1 gs- TQ me : 3Q 4 ,ie-1 if I oa: 'ae,n A f ' ' Things go better with Cvgge after me after me THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., OF CALIFORNIA OAKLAND 0 CALIFORNIA DRINK 1 ' A , - " X ii HOLIDAY MOTEL Two Blocks Wesl of Mills College on Roufe 50 4474 MacAr+l1ur Blvd. 536-4877 OAKLAND DRIVING SCHOOL "LEARN on RELEARNH PHONE 536-5709 DAY on NIGHT ,I vllvl ml Ng Q0 mrsomrv 'fri 6' nanonu O - uumunuu 0 unvn uwuuon 1 All WON . . 2105 NIACARTHUR BLVD. c I . I J 5 OAKLAND. CALIF. 94602 I , M. K. CORMIER. DIRECTOR 30 Driver Educafion Classes available for Teenagers. THE TYPEWRITER DOCTORS 2 IO8 BROADWAY OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 832-3465 Tit, if will T5 vu The Clem of 1969 extends congratulations and best wifhes to the Clem' of '68 l re clm vvirlw uclassn rlwe lreslwman lime 6 'lon your musical needs' S U p p O rr O Ll V LINCOLN SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER 410 0 Redwood Road-Oakland, Calif PI-none: 531-8760 538-3300 were ' W I Advertisers LUCCA DELICATESSENS INC. Specializing in . . . Weddings and Parfies Food . . . Picked up or cafered Three Sfores To Serve You 3I2I Casiro Valley Boulevard 537-0958 3838 Telegraph Avenue 654-9l88 9537 Easl' l4l'lI Sfreei' 632-63ll OAK LAND, CALIFORNIA Berkeley Farms SABATTE BROS. FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS Marin Walnuf Creek San Maleo Hayward Sanfa Clara Vallejo 471'l1 and San Pablo Oakland OLympic 2-9924 JOBBERS BROKERS EXPORTER'S Passenger - Truck - Tracfor Earih Moving - Airplane New - Used - Recapped EAST BAY TIRE CO. H41 . QF' ,, H HTHH N I cuss 1 - Am 225 Third S'l'ree+ Oakland, Calif. 94607 Joe M. Fuefsch, Mgr. 444-88I l r :fs 153 .. ,-ji sw 1,1 'Q A Groovy Place to Browse and Shop THE ORANGE DOOR CARDS AND GIFTS WEDDING INVITATIONS LINCOLN SQUARE Harding and Williams Food Service John Gieslvang manager 26I-5959 26l-5954 WEST CUAST C0lIlpl0t0 Vending Repair BRUCE BAUER Sales Service 2I24 Livingsion S+ree'r Oakland, California Birihday, Wedding and Parfy Cakes fo Order NeIdam's Danish Bakery FANCY PASTRY, TARTS 8: COOKIES 658-I967 376-5l0I 3401 Telegraph Ave. Rheem's Cen+er Oakland. Calif. 94609 Moraga, Calif. 94556 MEAT W Jonssns 2843 SAN PABLO AVENUE BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA 848-3460 Thank you for your patronage Campus Store BROCK'S FLOWER SHOP Open Sundays - II:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PERSONAL SERVICE BY MARJORIE SI-IAFER 4I40 MacArthur Boulevard Oalclancl, California 946I9 536- I 000 CONTINUE Your CHN Association th rough Your Alumnae Association NOW THREE STORES TO SERVE YOU THE DONUT CORNER nt Storm 3439 MacArthur Blvd. O Piedmont Grocery - 4038 Piedmont Avenue FRESH DONU-I-S Village Market - 5885 Broadway Terrace Skyline Market - Skyline at Redwood AND COFFEE O 532-9354 WEST COAST PRINTING COMPANY 843 - 35th Avenue Oakland, California 536-6544 24 PASSPORT PHOTO senvlcs I-IOURM llllllllllli rnnrnnnirnv lu nfnunfui :mum uuum MC 'n dogs KEITH cous STUDIOS - 2225 enozxnwuv - nenwoon clrv - TELEPHONE has-e-5 ACKNO WLEDGMENTS The EXCALIBUR staff would like to thank the following people for their time and help in the production of this yearbook: Sister Mary Baptista for her counseling, Mrs. Eva Kastel, our literary advisor Mr. Robert Ozias of Lederer, Street and Zeus, for his patience and the publication of the yearbook, Mr. Bill Downes and Kieth Cole Studios for their photographic aid, Miss Lauren Fambrini for the cover design Mr. Chuck Arnold for his photographsiof the Benefit Performers and the colored endsheets. Y fm, 'A K' wx. zfwx W., Iv mf., fi rg: ' QYN "2-'F' ' RQESPQ ' :Els x , ,. 1242? w ff-is W fn 1. Y Mn -.: lmnz: - '- w ff-- W uf' V , H.- X 2 .li Km ZMIQA 1 .Q mpgs ' J,--1 V, . F - K :W wh f ,wma PF fr, ve.. 3- 1 xx ,- Q w A ,- Qi T J, Mb' I wiv fa rm, A ' M 51:2 ,ff ,5 ,. ,Nui TA b I- . Q my E , f N i . fy 1 r 1 ' -' ' 5 , ,1'f"'--'-f-. " 'S-. , up! X UM V ' :Y-:L Q55 . . wif! Wi Y 1 "M 'ss fiiiw K , 1 ' .asm 13 5-55? Aikgg -.ai 253' :- M g 4 W ,f . .ig 5 fe T 5 .1 9 32 Ti K-x,-QLH..--Q.,-L! V Q f i 1 S 1 ' W . ' '."' I '- " "Hi V' 4 ' ' '-.JH f-:'-'2- 2 " .. - ., .1 LY.-.,. ., . ' - 1 1 ig,-N . I-45. .L 1 -:---1:6-..gf. 4 .. . -- 5 -' A - , 1 if 1. p . - 1 S ' X . 5'-I-L'.' .u M -, qi -, 1 .H ,-.U f . E- 'f f s"" ' 1 ' ' Q' 'fc -- w '- ' -W 531 ' " L'-ii . .. - W,-, - , . , ,f . .- X. fy , 3 Y - -1, -' , pw 1' . -- , M , Y, J 5 '. J . . . - -HH , , f ' f - w .. . ,- t-.,,..2-ws-w-rf.-" " ., ly . V 4- " - '.,.g,l1- -1. .-.mg-, 'Hn -ri-2, 'gg Wi. fl -m4 X. wg-1-1... 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Suggestions in the Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) collection:

Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Holy Names University - Excalibur Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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