Hollenbeck Junior High School - Siren Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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Hollenbeck Junior High School - Siren Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 38 of 44
Page 38 of 44

Hollenbeck Junior High School - Siren Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 37
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Hollenbeck Junior High School - Siren Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 39
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Page 38 text:

NAME HR 129 ' MISS LEWIS CARLOS CARRELLO-PRESIDE-NT Gilbert Alegria " Show Business Girls Darryl Akermen " Lawyer Sylvia's E's gig Ie Takeo Akasaki "' Coliege R. 55, Granny Rudy Arias "' Dancing Girls Earl Boretz ' Research Exploding A-Bombs Carlos Carrello "' Dancing Girls Thomas Cuellar "' Marry Holidays Joe Espinoza "' Remodel "Shack" Fine Cloths Don Epstein "' Play like T.D. 8. J.T. Jam session Martin Falcon "' Bachelor Little girls Mickey Frimkes " Printer Food Henry Granado "' Live at Evergreen Sodas - Evergreen Jess Jefferson " Dancing Girls Karl Kato " Be successful Sports - Food Raul Ledesma 1' Have Money Food Paul Leyva "' Photographer Cameras Isreal Lopez " Graduate U-C.L.A. l.V. 81 M-F.'s laughter Edmunda Martines " Marry someone E. A. Melvin Nitkin 'f Lawyer J. M. and "Comets" Eliseo Orepeza " Chiropractor J. G.'s eyes Tobey Rawlings " Baseball coach Mr. Hustler's haircut Joe Reta A Pilot Baseball ' Danny Rios " Go to Roosevelt Certain little girl Henry Rivera " Join Los Flips A bowl of cherries Gerald Rosenblum "' College Loafing Charles Ruelas " Remodel "Shack" Girls Pete Sandoval ' Sweaters like Jokes Alice Raul's Eugene Schwartz "' U. C. L.A. Irv's beard Raul Sotelo " Dimples like Alice Pete's lunch, and girls 'k 'A' it 'R 1' 'A' 'A' HR 145' MR. CARDAMENIS JOHN RODARTE-PRESIDENT Jesus Apolinar " None Dukes de Flats Louie Arciaga " Mechanic Gents, Flats Philip Avrin ' Physicist Sports Joe Barry " Pianist Certain teachers Ben Carrillo " Pr0feSS0l' Myself Louis Carrossi " 2nd Benny J. Durante Goodman Selestino Corral ' MacArthur's Guns Bodyguard Jimmy Fidler " get a car Baseball Paul Fine S TV Cameraman Jim Hawthorne ' Howard Fishman " Printer Pro Football HIUHITIUHS Sports ' Hyman Friedman ' College Sports Eddie Garcia " None Cars Willie Garcia "' Mecha'hic Cars Robert Garibay " Trumpet Player Girls Anselmo Garza ' Mechanic Myself Emest Gil "' Mayor-"El Hoya" EI Hoyo Manuel Goldberg "' Undertaker Bodies Oscar Guzman " Carpenter 22's John Hernandez "' Pro Baseball A Gillies physique Joy Lubin ' Arctitecture Lerner's donut lips Ronald Maurer "' Accountant Certain someone Lupe Moreal ' Mechanic Ray's brother Erick Billy Perez " Pilot Good food Jack Rennert A' Politician Senior Orchestra John Rodarte "' Mechanic The Marines George Sasaki ' IOO yd dash in M- 0- 9 flat Melvin Schulman 'l' Millionaire Money Melvin Silverman " Own roadster Stag III Robert Thome ' Paratrooper Flips de Flats Ray Huerata " Poratroaper Dancing 'A' 'ki 'A' 1 i' 'A' ir HR 146 'S MRS. GRAHAM GLORIA LASCANO-PRESIDENT Josephine Armstrong ' Doctor Dogs Enola Anspohl " Raise a tribe Food and money Elvina Anchonds "Make up with A.F. Joe 8. him Doris Becenti " To get all "A's" Mom's cooking Pauline Chavez " Stenographer Boys Berdella Clark ' Nurse Parents 8. Garnets Rochelle Colodny " Go to Heaven Parents 8. Garnets Celia Concha " Secretary H- P. Sally De La Cruz " Go to R.H.S. Sports Stella Estrada " Music 8. Dancing A.G. 8. his lies Felic Fierro ' Good housewife State 8. him Irene Garcia " Stenographer Him 8. G.A. Muriel Golden " To graduate Johnny Emma Guerra " Secretary Him Dolores Gutierrez " Nurse ' Someone Dolores Juarez "' Be a Senior Tony 8. Evergreen Virginia Kaites ' Bookkeeper I- M- Barbara Kramer ' Marry a millionaire K. P. H. Marilyn Ku'rtsmon " Secretary Sports Gloria Lascano "' Stenographer Dancing 1 C'AN'T RESIST Jessie Leyvas " Type for R-P. Evergreen 8. Saint Mary's Shirley Martinez " Housewife Los Jrs. 8. J.S. ' Michiko Matsuhara " to succeed T.C.K. l Marian Nanya " To be successful Everyone Mary Nada ' To succeed You and Kamillecs Marie Ponce 3' Hove fine home L. S. Hanya Poppin A' Mary J. K. J. K. Armida Rivera " Finish R.H.S. Mercurys Roberta Rodriguez " Concert Pianist That Certain Guy Irma Weiner " Secretary Dancing8-M. R. wfff-ka.-k HR I52 ' MR. MacDONALD GUS VARELA-PRESIDENT Robert Brown 5' Gag Cartoonist Crazy rythm Hector Cabos " Football Togo's Smile Leonard Davis ' To Pass Money Robert Expinoza " Mllionaire Girls Ronald Felhandler " Grow Taller A certain someone Edward Fi erro " Be nine feet A certain someone Robert Fox " Cadillac Convertible Money 8. Pigmy Joe Gilbeet. Garcia 4' An Aquarium ir s Ray Garcia " 5h0Ve Kiki 's beard Pacencia RiCl'l0fCl HBYIUUH ' Mathematician Food Kazuo Hir6no " Own a Merc. 2036 S.G.A.L.B.C. Tetsuo Kato "' Be a genius M 8: M Eugene Kirschenbrum " Be great Myself Thomas Lewis "' Football B Robert Longino ' Football Mary Pat McCabe " Doctor Blood 8. bones George Nakano " Jump 20 feet Sports Luis Navarrette " Nothing Flats Mike Pena " Marry S-0. Lil-First Richard Parado " Get married J. L. Bernard Ravitz "' Fish market Fish , -Marvin Rosenfield " Millionaire Money Irving Rotter " Be a Toxicologist Cookie Inot M. 'MJ Donny Sanders 1' Grow a ducktail Miget's flats Joe Valdez ' A pennant in 152 - Togo's legs ITadaI Arthur Velarde " Marry Y. G. Y. G. Gus Varela " Navy Air Force Shanez Market Leonard Weinsaft " Be a benonah Lamb chops Paul Yana " Go to Chicago Rumors ikttir-kk

Page 37 text:


Page 39 text:

N'AME HR I54 ' MR. LEWIS IRENE YAMAMDTO-PRESIDENT Emma Acevedo 'I To be somebody Boys 8. .I.S.H.J Maria Campos " Singer Boys Dawn Corbin 5' Go to L.A. High Cute Usher at C.B.S. Angie Corolla " Be a gyspy Johnny's hair Sylvia Ede glass ' Teach Algebra Dimples at H.-J.H.s. Effie Espinoza " To be Mrs. J. A. . A. Isabell Fernandez ' Junior Clerk The show Dolores Camillo ' Designer Certain boy Yvonne Garcia " Join RHS Track Team A guy with bad luck Florence Glasner " Join the Waves The Garnets Carolina Gomez 'i Go to U,C,L.A, Pop's car 8. someone -' Masako Ishihara " To be a success Someone Taeko lshihara "' Japanese Dancer You Geraldine Kirsner ' None Everything Sylvia Laufe ' Social Worker People Zeta Mann " Teacher Musicians Dolores Marquez " To get my wish M. B. 8. Gallineras Mary Luz Martinez ' Dress Designer Baby Face Alice Nunez, "' Drive Dad's Nash Bowlegged-Boys 8. Sweaters Yoneko Okuno " Secretary Someone 8. Kamilles Sylvia Orozco " College ,Certain someones Annette Pavloff " U.C.L.A. Eating and 22 Carolina Reyes " Singer Marines Mary Ruiz " Something Certain someone Naomi Si cofi "' Journalist -That 'SI Chevy , Katherine Slivkoff "' To be his M- P, Irene Yamamoto " Be a success Relatives 8. Doodling Mary Ybarra ' Be a success Dancing 8. The Gaucho's i 'A' 'k 'll ir A A' HR 215 " MR. WARNER DAVID KUMAGAI-PRESIDENT John Aguilar " Mechanic Cots Allen Cherneck ' Sawbones Peanuts Wallace Chin " Tramp ' Hitting James K. Robert Cohen ii Undertaker Money Joe Cobos " Play all sports C. G. Gilbert Farias "' VarsityLetter Girls Roosevelt Freddy Goldberg " College Stags Ill Saul Go dberg " Doctor Ice Cream Morton Friedman ' Tramp Sleeping to 'IOAM Rudy Gutierrez " Work outof schooL,. Platinum blonde Yoneo lnouye " "A" in Spanish Toda's muscles HIHHITIUHS Gerald Lewis " Millionaire Girls Kinii Kataoka "' Track U.S-C. Ted's Haircut David Kumagai ' Reach my goal "Pepsi ' cola Albert Martine "' Join Navy Navy Albert Martinez "' Letter in gym Cars team Don Mayo " Go to Fremont N.A. fD.M.Q Louie Molina ii Get out of school Red heads Ruben Ogas " Have a car A. R. Raymond Ornelas " Have a iet "52" Cadillacs Tommy Otani i' Join Army Art's physique Matthew Shilling ' Millionaire Money Sheldon Scolar " Go to College Stags Ill Ken Shitara " Doctor Drawing Carl Sims " Doctor Seening blood George Tada "' "A" in Spanish Yoneo's blush 8. Carl's Arthur Takeda " Own Car Tak's physique Porfirio Torrez " "52" Cadillac Girls 'kiiiiii HR 225 "' MISS BULLER MELBA CARNELL-PRESIDENT Evelyn Alvarez 'I' Dressmaker Him Isabel Aguirre " Dressmaker M. R. Melba Cornell "' To keep him N. H.'s lips Rosie Carrizosa "' Cosmetologist Banana splits Fairdel Champaine "' To keep him W. C.'s love Veroniece Davis " ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mqyble Endow "' Live in S.L.C. Guess Virginia Fierro " Be success Boys and cars Sandra Fineman A' To succeed J. Z. Shorlene Horiuchi " To be success Guess Gladys Laufbaum " Sales girl Guess Mildred Malis "' Singer Someone, Garnets Joyce Moser "' Secretary Dancing, Gamets Rae Nagano " Be something Guess Elissa Nuch "' To be success F's nose Dovieiane Pitts " Nurse What do you think? Moria Ponce "' To go dancing R. B. Elizabeth Provencio "' Beauty Operator F. G. LillianRivera ' See Russia Cadillacs Molly Rodriguez " Designer Him Angelita Romero " Movie Star Pies Beverly Rothstein " See the world People Virginia Sandoval "' WAC B. C. ClAN'T RlESl'ST Judy Simons "' Sing on key R. and Garnets Iris Spiegel " Nurse Mom and Dad Sarah Suzuki 'i Teacher Blue eyes Gloria Tarango "' To keep him A. P. Genevieve Valencia " Secretary Black hair Eva Zumaya " WAC ..I.A. +++4,f-k+4- HR 226 " MRS WEISEL AMALIA CARILLO-PRESIDENT Hortencia Aguilera " To stay crazy Cruising with R. R. Charlotte Arentzotf "' Bookkeeper Money Esther Arriaga " Finish School My nephew Miriam Berman "' Social Worker People Amalia Carrillo "' Nurse New Clothes Jeanette Chorney " Sewing Pies Helaine Cohn 'l' Secretary Prune cakes Mary Delgado ' get my wish Dancing 8. Him Katie Efsaeff ' To be his My Mom Helena Fisher "' Nurse P. R. M.'s smile Myrna Goliff ' Be like Anna Povlova M- S. Natalie Halapoff 'i Go to Garfield Him Betty Herrera 'k Career Woman Gilbert Barbara Jordan " Nursing Madeline's laugh Bernadine Jordan "' Nurse B. M. Helen Liege "' Airline Hostess Blonde sailors Gwendolyn Martin "' Nurse C. L. and Family Reina Martinez "' Singer My parents Sylvia Martinez "' To succeed D's eyes Johanna Mezei "' To succeed My folks Ruth Mirles ' Finish school Him Madeline Murphy "' Bookkeeping C-oca C-ola Sarah Olender ii Secretary Saying Woo woo V Arsenia Portilla " To marry a Searrnn ' Lil first Miriam Schwartz 'VTo be a Wave J- S. Mary Louise,Seanez " To succeed My friends Barbara Spitz " TV Scriptwriter Ice skating lsela Valles "' Stenographer Dancing Loraine Virgil "' Finish college Green or Hazel eyes 4. if 1. f 1 if if

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