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Information, Please THE HALL OF Hiwassee College, located two miles north-east of Madisonville, Tennessee, was founded by a group of local Methodist preachers in March of 1849. The college was loosely connected with the M.E. Church south until 1867 when it became a part of the Holston Conference. The college is in the center of a 400 acre farm owned by the college. It is near the Great Smokies I and is in the heart of the T.V.A. chain of lakes. Both the faculty and the student body enjoy the good hunting and fishing facilities of this fine location. During the past few years many improvements have taken place at Hiwassee, and the college is be- ginning to feel the vigor and confidence that comes I Where is " Mom " Griffin? 2 with young maturity— for the college is reaching adulthood. A few of the many buildings that have been added to the physical plant within the last ten years are: a new girls ' dormitory, craft building, six faculty homes, and other buildings connected with the college and the farm. A new dining hall is also in the process of being constructed which will add to the comfort and welfare of the students. Spiritual growth at Hiwassee has run parallel with e development of the physical plant. In the years to come, Hiwassee College, we feel confident, will take its place among the leading institutions for the development of moral and intellectual capacities of $ students. Stop! Look! Listen! Yea! Hiwassee. % H V4 A CRAFT SHOP " We build anything " 4 DEDICATION To Flora Bryson, whose life has been devoted to teaching young people, we dedicate this issue of the Fawn , as a token of our apprecia- tion and affection. 5 FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION 6 Miss Margaret Bramlett, B.A., M.A. Library Vanderbilt University Miss Marjorie Christensen, Miss Gretchen Elston, B.A., M.A. W. O. Evers, B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. English History Music Tulane University Peabody College University of Minnesota James A. Floyd, A.B., M.A. Romance Languages, Dean of Men Columbia University J. W. Hill, A.B., A.M. Social Science University of Tennessee R. L. Hilten, B.A., B.D. College Pastor, Religious Education Emory University C. W. Irons, B.S. Agriculture and Natural Science University of Tennessee C: F. Mulkey, A.B. English Peabody College J. R. Prigmore, B.S., M.S. Chemistry and Mathematics Emory University A. H. Rapking, A.B., B.D., D.D. Religious Education, Rural and Community Life Salem College G. H. Rapking, B.S. Crafts University of Tennessee 7 K. C. Reedy, A.B. Director of Athletics Emory and Henry College F. A. Scott, B.A., M.A. Miss Ethel Womac, B.S., M.S. F. E. Youell, B.S. Education, Psychology and Home Economics Physical Education, Student Guidance University of Tennessee Assistant Coach Duke University North Dakota State Teachers College J. C. Youell, B.S. Business Education Bowling Green College Mrs. D. R. Youell Art, Secretarial Courses Hiwassee College Miss Phyllis Smith Secretary to Dean Mrs. Lillian Griffin Dean of Women Mrs. I. C. Taylor Dietitian J. R. Weaver Superintendent of Buildings C. E. Zachary, B.S. Dairy Manager University of Tennessee 8 t The GRADS On September 1, 1949, 140 green freshmen entered the doors of Hiwassee College. They chose the following students as their leaders: President— Jimmy McNabb, Vice- President— Ed Ison, Secretary— Marie Hayes, and Treasurer— Betty Collier. These were very successful officers and led their class through a most prosperous year. After a summer vacation, many of these students returned to Hiwassee as seniors, although many had dropped by the wayside. This class chose as their officers the following leaders: President— B. D. Benton, Vice President— Bill Branim, Secretary— Alma Glynn Ailey, and Treasurer— Ralph Posey. 9 10 GEORGE BLANKENBECKLER Chilhowie, Va.; Lib. Arts.; Phi Theta Kappa; C.S.M.— Pres. BILL BRANIM Verda, Ky.; Bus. Ad.; " H " Club— Pres.; Football— Alt. Capt.; Phi Theta Kappa; Basketball— Mgr.; Sr. Class — Vice-Pres.; Boys ' Dorm. Coun. —Pres. 11 12 BILLY JOE HARRILL Madisonville, Tenn.; Phys. Ed. MARIE HAYES Morristown, Tenn.; Lib. Arts.; Phi Theta Kappa— Sec.; Hiwasseean— Feature Ed.; Life Service Club; Week-End Conferences. 13 14 CLEVELAND MATCHETT Limestone, Tenn.; Lib. Arts.; Life Service Club — Pres.; Ministerial Group — Pres.; Phi Theta Kappa; Glee Club; Boys ' Quartet; Dramatics Club. JAMES CLYDE MILLER Pikeville, Tenn.; Elem. Ed.; F.T.A.; The Fawn — Bus. Staff. DOUGLAS McCLAUGHERTY Narrows, Va.; Lib. Arts.; Life Serv- ice Club; Ministerial Group — Re- porter; C.S.M.— Rec. Chairman; Foot- ball; " H " Club; Glee Club. BERNICE NEWMAN Delano, Tenn.; Elem. Ed. 15 CLYDE NORMAN Madisonville, Term.; Ind. Arts.; Phi Theta Kappa. LOUISE NORRIS Knoxville, Tenn.; Bus. Ad., Delta Psi Omega; Dramatics Club, Hiwas- seean; Basketball; Library Asst.; Week-End Conferences. 16 CHARLES PHIILIPPI Sugar Grove, Va.; Lib. Arts.; Minis- terial Group— Vice-Pres.; L.S. Club.; C.S.M.— C. of C.S.; Sports Ed. Hi- wosseean; Student Council; Boys ' Dorm.— Reporter; Basketball. LEONARD RASNICK Tazewell, Va.; Phys. Ed.; Football; " H " Club; Baseball; F.T.A.; Basket- ball. 17 STANFORD TATE Madisonville, Tenn.; Elem. Ed. CHARLES TIDWELL Montgomery, Ala.; Lib. Arts; Life Service Club; Student Council— Pres.; Phi Theta Kappa — Pres.; Hiwasseean —Ed.; Basketball; " H " Club; Glee Club; Male Quartet. 18 MARGARET WHITE JAMES H. WHITED DEWARD WILLIAMS Madisonville, Tenn.; Elem. Ed. Sweetwater, Tenn.; Elem. Ed.; F.T.A. Floyd, Va.; Phys. Ed.; Basketball; Baseball; " H " Club. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT By Medina Cowart J and Margaret Hicks From ashes to ashes From dust to dust Seniors give to Seniors Things that they ' ll " cuss " . Margaret Hicks leaves the dust in her mailbox to Alma Glynn Ailey. Sam Barnes cheerfully wills his hair to Cleveland Matchett. George Blankenbeckler bequeaths to Bobby Gal- loway his history grade. Mary Ann Burchfield leaves nothing, but says she ' ll take Quillen with her— wants to protect him from Marion Bayless. James Miller wills his navy career to Claude Jones. Ray Keylon wills his week-ends at home to Faith Kung. Mary Neil Bussell donates her fantastic giggle to Eugene Cavin. Laura Caamano gives her " clean " room to Doris Paul. Paul Gray sacrifices his position as " water boy " to Billy Joe Harrell. Bernice Newman leaves her basketball ability to Louise Norris. Sue Cole bequeaths her diamond to Mary Lou Smith, but she will keep Kenneth. Charles Phillippi leaves his wheelbarrow and shovel to Ursell Atkins. Warren Dobbs leaves his fishing luck to B. D. Benton. Medina Cowart hands down her work on The Fawn to Marie Hayes. Rex Denton leaves his " girl appeal " to Willard Gilly. Clyde Norman leaves to Leonard Rasnick his Phi Theta Kappa grades. Samuel Pauley leaves to Mr. Whited his seat in the library. Ralph Posey leaves to Ben Sloan his " little feet. " L. B. Trentham gladly gives to Weldon Mercer his teaching ability. John Stewart wills his ability to milk cows to Jean Youell. Emory Jacobs wills his chewing gum to Peggy Jessee. Jack Lewis leaves to Charles Tidwell his part in the quartet. Douglas McClaugherty wills Betty Castleberry to Brown Overbay. Ruth Sloan forces her talent for cooking on Marie Reedy. Stanford Tate wills to Margaret White his flat tires. Alvin Farley leaves his honor as football captain to Gordon Rogers. Jack Shelton gets his basketball skills from Don Williams. Chester Watson wills his day dreams to Porter Dalton; says that he doesn ' t need them in the Navy. Austin Ingram bequeaths his quiet nature to Deward Williams. Jena Atkins wills her ability to tell children ' s stories to Carol Holdway. Emma Tate wills her Fawn memories of Hiwassee College to Bill Branim. 20 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Robert Vandergriff, Vice-President; Charlotte Wells, Secretary and Treasurer; Mary Anne Maggard, Reporter; Frank Nelson, President. On the bright day of August 29, 1951, one hundred and sixty boys and girls started their college training at Hiwassee. Since then many have been called by " Uncle Sam " ; and a few, not liking their studies, dropped out to go to work. With many pleasant memories of life at Hiwassee stored away in their hearts, they will return home this summer to come back and finish next year. It has certainly been a wonderful year. 21 J. D. ADKINS Amonate, Va. Bus. Ed. ROBERT BUNCH Evarts, Ky. Phys. Ed. KESTER ADKINS Coeburn, Va. Sec. Ed. SONNY ARMISTEAD Coeburn, Va. Bus. Ad. BURNIS AUSTIN Trammel, Va. Sec. Ed. DON BROWN Montgomery, Ala. Phys. Ed. POLLY BUCKNER Haleyville, Ala. Bus. Ad. DONALD BULL Parrottsville, Tenn. Sec. Ed. CHESTER BAYS Coeburn, Va. Sec. Ed. 22 BETTY CASTLEBERRY Byington, Tenn. Sec. Ed. OPAL CASTLEBERRY Byington, Tenn. Sec. Ed. JUNE CLABO Gatlinburg, Tenn. Bus. Ed. FRANK CLARK Abingdon, Va. Sec. Ed. A. C. COBBLE Livingston, Tenn. Rel. Ed. JOEL COUCH Coeburn, Va. Sec. Ed. LUCY DAIL Clinton, Tenn. Sec. Ed. MITCHELL DEAKINS Chucky, Tenn. Pre— Ag. RALPH DYE Tazewell, Va. Sec. Ed. CAROLINE DYER War, West Va. Sec. Ed. 23 JIMMY FLETCHER Pennington Gap, Va. Phys. Ed. BOBBY FRALEY Rogersville, Tenn. Ind. Arts KAY FRANKLIN Maryville, Tenn. Elem. Ed. JIMMY HENDERSON Jonesville, Va. Phys. Ed. V ?k SAM HORNE Sugar Grove, Va. Pre-Ag. SUE HUSKEY Maryville, Tenn. Elem. Ed. 24 BARBARA LANE Big Stone Gap, Vo. Sec. Ed. CALVIN LAPUYADE Houma, La. Liberal Arts BILL LETT Corryton, Tenn. Sec. Ed. EFFIE LEWIS Gatlinburg, Tenn. Elem. Ed. BOBBY LAWSON Maryville, Tenn. Pre-Vet RANDOLPH LEE Madisonville, Tenn. Pre-Ag. FRANK LEWIS Payne Gap, Ky. Phys. Ed. MAGGIE LOWE Chenoa, Ky. Bus. Ed. BOBBY HAROLD LEFT.WICH Nora, Va. Sec. Ed. MARY ANNE MAGGARD Norton, Va. Elem. Ed. 25 VtRtAON NvKNNOViS Appalachia, Va. Phys. Ed. oou muus Coeburn, Va. Bus. Ed. 4 « ROBERT MILLER Chattonooga, Tenn. Bus. Ed. COY W. MILLSAPS Madisonville, Tenn. Forestry IRENE McMAHAN Sevierville, Tenn. Comm. JO ANNE McSPADDEN Madisonville, Tenn. Home Ec. 26 FRANK NELSON Andersonville, Tenn. Sec. Ed. CLIFFORD O ' DELL Kodak, Tenn. Elem. Ed. FRANK PATTERSON Coeburn, Va. Phys. Ed. CHARLES R. PEARSON Madisonville, Tenn. Bus. Ed. OLA O ' DELL Chattanooga, Tenn. Elem. Ed. DICK OTTINGER Knoxville, Tenn. Phys. Ed. C LYDE OWENS Evarts, Ky. Phys. Ed. VIRGINIA POWERS Hazel, Va. Liberal Arts RICHARD PTOMEY Montgomery, Ala. Phys. Ed. CLAUDE QUILLEN Louisville, Tenn. Rel. Ed. 27 JOE QUIRK Flintstone, Ga. Sec. Ed. E. A. REEDY Millard, Va. Sec. Ed. DAVID ROBINETTE Coeburn, Va. Pre-Med. FRANKLIN ROBINSON Castlewood, Va. Lib. Arts MARY ANN ROY Sweetwater, Tenn. Elem. Ed. fv EUGENE RORRER Coeburn, Va. Pre-Den. BILL SHELTON Pennington Gap, Va. Phys. Ed. HOMER SMITH Kingsport, Tenn. Pre-Eng. JOHN R. SMITH Appalachia, Va. Rel. Ed. EARL STANLEY Coeburn, Va. Bus. Ed. 28 ALBERT M. SPERRY Jolo, W. Va. Elem. Ed. CLAUDIA SUTTON Madisonville, Tenn. Lib. Arts GERALD TRIPLETT Clintwood, Va. Sec. Ed. BILL TURNER Jewell Valley, Va. Bus. Ad. ANN TEAGUE Greenville, Tenn. Lib. Arts GAYE TURNER Wildwood, Ga. Home Ec. ROBERT TICKLE Vonore, Tenn. Lib. Arts RACHEL UMBERGER Wytheville, Va. Lib. Arts 9 29 ROBERT VANDERGRIFF Knoxville, Tenn. Lib. Arts KENNETH WALKER Knoxville, Tenn. Phys. Ed. CHARLOTTE LEE WELLS Esserville, Va. Lib. Arts JACKIE WITT Big Stone Gap, Va. Lib. Arts CHARLES WOLFE Chattanooga, Tenn. Lib. Arts RETA SUE YOUELL Jewell Valley, Va. Home Ec. 30 HIGH SCHOOL NURSERY HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS RANDOLPH CARICO SHIRLEY GROSECLOSE WILLIAM B. KING ALMA JEAN MALONE Galax, Va. Appalachia, Virginia Faison, N. C. Jonesboro, Tenn. AVERY E. POWERS Clintwood, Va. BOBBIE LOU WATTS Knoxville, Tenn. HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN ARMANTINA CALZADA JOSEPH CAMPBELL FELIX D. FERNANDEZ THOMAS RASNICK Habana, Cuba Maryville, Tenn. Habana, Cuba North Taezwell, Va. ROBERTO WATKINS Tampico, Mexico 32 s w E E T H E A R T O F T H E F T A Margaret Hicks Feature Editor 33 VALENTINE KING AND QUEEN Effie Lewis and Bill Branim 34 1 ' li- and Miss Senioi Most Versatile »ue Cole and Sam Copper Friendliest Mary Neil Bussell and Leonard Rasnict Most Studious Faith Kung and George Blankenbeckler e Biiiirest Cast M«»-t Athletic •- Cohort and Alvin Farley Peggy Jessee and John Stewart .Most Likely To Succeed Cleveland Matchett and Alma Glynn Ailey The Jolliesl Brown Overbay and Jean Youell 38 Let It Snow, Let It Snow ' ' Winter Wonderland ' ■BEL |v ■ % ' IS I I a % ' j $m Ktv ) lm It Shouldn ' t Happen to a Dog Hiwassee Station Wagon at Cumberland Gap The Winner Bid On Her Boys ANNUAL STAFF SITTING Left to Right, Charlotte Wells, Asst. Ed., Mary Neil Bussell, Act. Ed., and Medina Cowart, Asst. Ed. STANDING Left to Right, B. D. Benton, Ed. In Chief, Betty Castleberry, Make-Up Ed., Margaret Hicks, Feature Ed. and Ralph Dye, Sports Ed. AG CLUB FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Jack Atchley, Assistant Farm Manager; Homer Smith, Willard Gilly, Paul Gray, President; Bobby Lawson, Critic; C. W. Irons, Adviser; John Stewart, Vice-President. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Carroll Holdway, Secretary and Treasurer; Sam Horne, Bill Lett, Austin Ingram, Reporter; Weldon Mercer, Burnis Austin, not pictured Jack Shelton. HISTORY The Agriculture Club of Hiwassee College was organized in September of 1949. The Club is sponsored by The Terminal Agriculture Department and is made up of students who have an interest in agriculture. The Club is officially known as the " Aggies. " The Club ' s purposes are as follows: To promote leadership and acquaint members with parliamentary procedures; to recog- nize, practice, and instigate higher ideals in farming methods, especially in home communities; to sponsor and promote social activities on campus and in home com- munities. The Club sponsors two main social events on the campus each year. These are the Fall Festival and the Spring Festival. 46 STUDENT COUNCIL SITTING, Left to Right: Rachel Umburger, Girls ' Dorm. Rep.; Warren Dobbs, Trailer Camp Rep.; Peggy Jessee, Sr. Class Rep.; Charles Phillippi, Boys ' Dorm. Rep.; and Marion Bayless, Sec. STANDING, Left to Right: Bill Shelton, Fresh. Rep.; Charles Tidwell, Pres.; and Brown Overbay, Pari. LIFE SERVICE GROUP BACK ROW, Left to Right: Calvin Lapuyade, Charles Phillippi, Charles Wolfe, Charles Tidwell, Ralph Posey, Claude Quillen, Roy Early, Eugene Cavin, A. C. Cobble, Johnny Smith, and Sam Barnes. SECOND ROW: Rev. Robert Hilton, Sponsor, Clarence McCall, Douglas McClaugherty, Marion Bayless, Margaret Hicks, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Lane, Cassie Townsend, Cleveland Matchett, and Dr. Aaron Rapking, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Smith, Faith Kung, Betty Castleberry, Opal Castleberry, Medina Cowart, Rachel Umburger, and Peggy Jessee. + i PHI THETA KAPPA 49 MINISTERIAL GROUP STANDING Left to Right, ROW ONE: Rev. Robert Hilten, sponsor, Clarence McCall, William King, Eugene Cavin, Samuel Pauley, Sam Barnes, and Dr. Aaron Rapking, sponsor. ROW TWO: Douglas McClaugherty, Charles Phillippi, Calvin Lapuyade, Charles Wolfe, Johhny Smith, and Cleveland Matchett. ROW THREE: Ralph Posey, Claude Quillen, and Roy Early. 50 STANDING Left to Right, ROW ONE: Joyce Simpson, Margaret Hicks, Polly Buckner, and Kay Franklin. ROW TWO: Barbara Lane, Mary Ann Maggard, Mary Neil Bussell and Opal Castleberry. ROW THREE: Medina Cowart, Sue Huskey, and Louise Murray. ROW FOUR: B. D. Benton, Clifford O ' Dell, Charlotte Wells, and Mary Ann Burchfield. ROW FIVE: Billy Meade and Mr. Frank Scott, sponsor. ROW SIX: John Stewart, Warren Dobbs, Sam Horne, and James Whited. 51 HIWASSEEAN STAFF SEATED Left to Right: Mary Neil Bussell, Medina Cowart, Mary Lou Smith, Jean Malone, Alma Glynn Ailey, Mary Ann Roy, Barbara Lane, Polly Buckner, Lucy Dail, Jackie Witt, Ann Teague, Marion Bayless, and Louise Norris. ROW TWO: Robert Vandergriff, Frank Clark, Frank Nelson, Charles Mulkey, sponsor, Charles Tidwell, Claude Quillen, Charles Phillippi, and Rachel Umburger. 52 SEATED Left to Right, ROW ONE: Peggy Jessee, Polly Buckner, Barbara Lane, Jackie Meade and Miss Margaret Bramlett, sponsor. ROW TWO: Cas sie Townsend, Doris Paul, Louise Norris, Betty Castleberry, and Charlotte Wells. ROW THREE: David Robinette, Eugene Covin, Brown Overbay, Sam Horne, Douglas McClaugherty, adn Charles Phillippi. 53 CHOIR SEATED Left to Right, ROW ONE: Opal Castleberry, Mary Ann Burchfield, Mary Ann Maggard, Gaye Turner, Phyllis Smith, Betty Castleberry and Marion Bayless. ROW TWO: Cassie Townsend, Barbara Lane, Rachel Umberger, Charlotte Wells, Sue Huskey, Faith Kung, and Miss Marjorie Christensen, sponsor. ROW THREE: Douglas McClaugherty, Claude Quillen, Frank Nelson, Charles Tidwell, A. C. Cobble and Roy Early. ROW FOUR: Robert Vandergriff, Cleveland Matchett, Frank Clark, Randolph Cacico and Calvin Lapuyade. 54 I III I H CLUB STANDING Left to Right, ROW ONE: Robert Bunch, Clifford Mainous, Clifford Irwin, Dutchie Campbell, Alvin Farley, and Emory Jacobs. ROW TWO: Robert Galloway, Douglas McClaugherty, Chester Bays, Robert Vandergriff, Frank Patterson, Sonny Armistead, and Carl Mainous. ROW THREE: Jack Estes, Joe Quirk, Jack Shelton, Tommy Rasnick, Johnny Hutton, and Leonard Rasnick. ROW FOUR: Bill Branim, Ralph Dye, Earl Stanley, Frank Lewis, and Ray Keylon. ROW FIVE: Jimmy Henderson, Deward Williams, Don Williams, Gordon Rodgers, Dick Ottinger, and Clyde Owens. ROW SIX: Eugene Black, Kenneth Walker, Charles Scroggins, Bill Shelton, and Paul Gray. 55 THE GAME OF THE YEAR Hiwassee 32— Maryville 20 Maryville, September 23, 1951. Hiwassee finally beat its bitter rival, the Maryville Scotties, at the new Honaker Field for the first time since 1931, by a score of 32 to 20. Every man who played was a star. Bill Branim blocked a punt, and Ralph Dye scored from the block to even the score in the second period. Charlie Scroggins passed from the 20 yard line on 4th down ot Shelton. He also ran across for one extra point. Then Carl Mainous and Chig Mainous both tallied for the Big Red and Gold once each. Carl suffered a broken collar bone in the latter part of the game, and Dye got an arm bone chipped, dropping him from the lineup for the season. Bunch and Campbell can ' t be left out without leaving out an excellent touchdown by Bunch, and the beautiful placement by Campbell for that extra point. Those are the ball handling stars, but take these guys who opened the holes, stopped by " Scotty " drives, gave them down field blocking, got the man behind the line of scrimmage, let the lineman: Ray Keylon, Bill Branim, " Alley " Black, Leonard Rasnick Clifford Irwin, Dick Ottinger, Earl Stanley, and Douglas McClaugherty. Left to Right, ROW ONE: Dutchie Campbell, Clifford Irwin, L. B. Kennedy, Henry Laster, Charles Scroggins, Carl Mainous, Leonard Rasnick, Sonny Armistead, and Don Mullins. ROW TWO: Frank Patterson, Emory Jacobs, Robert Bunch, Kenneth Walker, John Wolfe, Richard Ptomey, Frank Lewis, Chester Bays, and Clifford Mainous. ROW THREE: Paul Gray, Manager; Bobby Galloway, Earl Stanley, John Hutton, Eugene Black, Ralph Dye, Bill Branim, Alvin Farley, Douglas McClaugherty, and Billy Joe Harrell. ROW FOUR: Jimmy Stewart, Manager; Robert Vandergriff, Dick Ottinger, Issac Cooper, Bill Shelton, Joe Quirk, Jimmy Hender- son, Ray Keylon, Tommy Rasnick, and Clyde Owens. KNEELING Left to Right: Frank Powers, Clifford Irwin, Don Williams, Charles Scroggins, Carl Mainous, Karl Reedy, Coach; Don Brown, Paul Gray, Bill Turner, and Robert Bunch. ROW TWO: Frank Patterson, Manager; Johnny Smith, Robert Galloway, Kenneth Walker, Jimmy Henderson, Eugene Black, Deward Williams, Dick Ottinger, Alvin Farley, and Gordon Rodgers. ROW ONE, KNEELING Left to Right: Bill Branim, Manager; Jimmy Henderson, Bill Shelton, Don Williams, Deward Williams, and Jack Estes. ROW TWO, STANDING: Leonard Rasnick, Charles Tidwell, Eugene Black, Don Brown, Gordon Rodgers, and Karl Reedy, Coach. ROW ONE, KNEELING Left to Right: Charlotte Wells, Jean Malone, Louise Norris, Medina Cowart, Mary Ann Maggard, and Jackie Meade. ROW TWO, STANDING: Bernice Newman, Ola O ' Dell, Effie Lewis, Karl Reedy, Coach; Barbara Lane, Joanne McSpadden, and Peggy Jessee. 58 THE LAST MILE ft l» » T XS % THE WINNERS Names reading left to right and medals won: Bill Branim— Outstanding student in citizenship. Rex C. Denton— Crafts Achievement Award. Peggy Jo Jessee— Valedictory Award and Modern Languages Award. Charles G. Phillippi— Dramatics Award. Faith Hilda Kung— Valedictory Award. Homer Smith-Freshman High-Grade Medal and Cup for Highest Scholastic Standing in Boys 7 Dormitory. Charles Tidwell— Balfour Award and Journalism Award. 6? 62 BALD RIVER FALLS 63 COMPLIMENTS OF T. U. PARKS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY We extend to each of you our best wishes in the beginning of this new era of your life. Chattanooga Tenn. Compliments of MONROE APPLIANCE COMPANY Authorized Dealer of Frigidaire Madisonville Tenn. DRAPER AND DARWIN STORES " Always under the Market " 303 Main St. Sweetwater Tenn. Compliments of HICKS FURNITURE COMPANY Norge Dealer " Everything for the Home " Tellico Street Madisonville Tenn. Compliments of SCOTTS’ JEWELERS " The Friendliest in the Business. " Visit Us Gate City Va. Compliments of DON ANDERSON RECREATION Compliments of CITY SERVICE LAUNDRY East Central Ave. Appalachia Va. Sweetwater Tenn. Compliments of McNUTT MOTOR COMPANY " We aim to take care of our own. " Compliments of HARRIS JEWELERS " Home of Values " Phone 4871 Maryville Tenn. Sweetwater Tenn. TAYLORS BARGAIN STORE McCRARY PHARMACY Benton M. Worley and Taylor Howard ' Service to the sick " Phone 5813 " Where Thrifty Shoppers Shop ' Sweetwater Madisonville Compliments of PARK AVENUE LAUNDRY We Satisfy Our Customers ' TENN, ATHENS COMPLIMENTS OF The friendliest place on the campus. Need recreation??? Try PING PONG. Hungry? We ' ve got anything you want. Need school supplies? Our bookstore has it. Behind on " the latest " ? Talk with our news-hounds. If you need it, we ' ve GOT IT. IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE DON ' T CALL Compliments of HIWASSEE COLLEGE Learn agriculture from those who know it Part-time work for those studying agriculture. VISIT OUR FARM 68

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