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HILLVIEW ©1980 LA. Olympic Committee HUSKIES r ' i ' f A w e 1 T Ja " Y c Men fcnooil CIoo- oi £ueKV-(-Kao «,nr . a n j -HKn . u si Arc r r ,5r- V 0 cv VJ i 1f rhoWv Jpn e r m A Jiillvkw MMle School 10931 S. Stauiy Road Wkittier, California Opening Ceremonies 1 Dedication Each year, Hillview chooses one special person to whom the yearbook will be dedicated. This year, with the theme of the book " The Olympic Games, " a person who would deserve that honor would be one who inspires the youth around him to reach for their dreams and their ambitions, and instills within them the never-ending desire to excel. Mr. Bob Gaumer is just that person. Mr. Gaumer was born in Omaha, Nebraska, where he grew up enjoying both the Cub and Boy Scouts. As a youth, he won contests in indoor roller skating rinks. He had a paper route for many years and saved enough money to buy his first car. He came to California and attended Whittier College. He came to East Whittier School District in 1971. Mr. Gaumer has taught at Scott Avenue, Samuals, Orchard Dale and then Hillview. He now lives in Brea with his wife, Brenda, and their four children. With them he enjoys camping, boating, water skiing, snow ski- ing and traveling. Olympic Director Did you know that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were both very good wrestlers? Dear Students, I consider it a privilege to be asked to make a contribution to the 1983-84 Hillview Yearbook. It has been a happy, exciting year for me, and it is my hope that you have also found it to be rewarding and satisfying. I know that Mr. Hammond and the Annual Staff have worked diligently and industri- ously in trying to capture and preserve through photographs many of the events that highlight the school year. I am very pleased and proud of the fine work they have done. I hope you cherish this book. Your name and picture in the Yearbook preserves your identity with Hillview, and makes you a part of its history and fine tradition. As you leaf through the pages of this book in years to come, I hope it will help you recall some pleasant memories of friends and events in your Hillview experience. May the future hold the best for each of you. Sincerely, Leon Kampa Assistant Olympic Directors Mr. Larry Bobst Assistant Principal Olympic a Mr. David Axelson U Math ■ W 1 r:- f 1 V 1 ' 1 -£(. Mrs. Carmen Clanin Lang. Arts Mrs. Chris Cox Reading Basketball was invented by a YMCA teacher. He hung peach baskets up at both ends of a gym and threw soccer beJls into them. Mrs. Carol Desborough History Mr. Bill Davenport History Zmmers The first bike ever built was shaped like a wooden horse. It had two wheels, but no han- dlebars or pedals. Mrs. Carleen Lindberg Reading The Olympic Rings represent the five continents. If you look closely, you ' ll see that each ring in the symbol is joined together to show how the Olympic Games bring people from every conti- nent together. 10 I here used to be a Tug of War contes t in the Olympics. Mr. Bill Scherger Reading Mrs. Peggy Smith Art Mrs. Jur e Smith Lang. Arts Mrs. Lark Wingert Math Photo Not Available i Mrs. Sharon Abshear P.E. 11 Special Olympic Committee Mrs. Donna Dunat S.I.P. H Mrs. Martina Van der Veen R.S.P. r f J Mr. Norman Ahern Speech Mrs. Stella Gonzales Math Lab Mrs. Darlene Vander Venter L.H. Aide YH Mrs. Judy Bailey Librarian 12 Olympic Organizers Lucille Killion Secretary Mrs. Carmen Begany Int. Clerk Typist Mrs. Mary Garcia Clerk Typist All that glitters is not gold. In fact, the " gold medals " awarded to con- temporary Olympic cham- pions are actually silver medals which have been plated with gold. Mrs. Julia Holthaus Clerk Typist Think women are the weaker sex? One player on the American Women ' s Volleyball Team hits a ball so hard, that it travels over the net at about 80 M.P.H. Mrs. Sandy Benatz and Mrs. Barbara Bolton Nurses 13 Our Noon Duty Aides are Mrs. Manuela Guzman, Mrs. Donna Ward, and Mrs. Beatrice Sanchez. 14 15 suctions Candidates and their Campaign Managers: Row 1: Chris Sullens, Kristin Westmoreland, Sue Ambrose, Valerie Grabiel, Nicole Cue Michelle Rodriquez, Kalhy Mongford, Corbin Walburger, Mrs. Eichelberg; Row 2: Steven Shew, Tori Jacinto, Catherine Cross, Rhett Ha Mike Westmoreland, Mark Dressen, Michelle Chavez, Christine Ayala, Rich Poliquin. 1983-M Student Body Officers: President Rhett Hardy, Secretary Michelle Rodriquez, Treasurer Steven Shew, Vice President Mark Dressen. M.C. Corbin Walburger 16 Olympic Committee Student Congress ow 1: Valerie Grabiel, Michelle Larson, Ernie Espinoza, Bill Scrilly, Sandy Rivas, Gabriel Kramer; Row 2: Tori Jancinto, Mark Milakovich, oger Park, Chris Sullens, Kristin Westmoreland, Karen O ' donnel; Row 3: Catherine Cross, Kim Matrisky, Christine Ayala, Deron Curtis, Nlicole Weidenourner, Laura Flores; Row 4: Rhett Harty, Gina Bologa, Amber Vieling, Steven Shew, Mark Dressen, Leane Briechert, Tori -larr, Mrs. Wingert, advisor. Not pictured, Michelle Rodriquez, Sue Ambrose, Susie Mentdord, Mike Lytle. Special theme dances, the CADA conference. Spirit Week, special dress days, and assennblies all helped to make 1983-84 a special year for the offi- cers. Developing leadership, being responsible for many jobs and activities while maintaining high scholastic standards has been a terrific experience for us all. " This has been a very exciting year for me. I ' ve learned to do many new things and I ' ve really learned the value of leadership. Good luck to next year ' s offi- cers, especially the president; " Rhett, President. " The 1983-84 school year has been very special for me and I ' ll be very sad to see this year end; " Mark, Vice President " The 1983-84 year was really great! I hope all of you had as much fun as I did; " Michelle, Secretary " Being a student body officer was really a new ex- perience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed this year; " Steve, Treasurer 17 Qoing or Zhe Qold. . . Eighth Qrade Karen Alatriste John Alexander Darin Andy Colette Bachelier Rod Baillie Glorianna Bajhart Chris Ballesteros Jeff Barton John Barton Kim Bar tram Joe Baxter Andrea Beck Sandee Bender Brian Bertotti Kelvin Bias Karieann Boroski Lynne Bothntann Kristie Bottalico Steve Busby Jeff Campbell Carol Bouton Debbie Britton Shaun Brown Leane Bueckert Bradon Burch Sooji Caron Jaime Carreon Mike Carroll Tammy Carriger John Cartagena 1 1 14 18 r T Wendy Castorena Melanie Chartier Ken Cheney John ChicoUo Troy Choate Nichele Cisneros Carol Coatne Earl Coatney Robyn Coatney Kristen Colwell Veronica Corel Luis Coronado Deron Curtis Jeff Dechii " " " " Ron Dekema Reuben DeLeon Danny DelValle Shawn Dew Louis Dominguez Margret Dooley Chrissy Dorsch Elaine Dorsey Victoria Draeger Mark Dressen r David Dunstan Eddie Edmiston Dan Enriquez Go U.S.A. aj Wendee Erwin Richard Espinoza Chris Estrada John Falcone Becky Falley Jean Ferreira Laura Flores 19 Samantha Forbito Anthony Franco Gina Franklin Cherie Fuller Chris Galluzzo Elva Garcia Lydia Garcia Rey Garcia Loreen Geckle Duane Gendreauz Michael Gill l bA aS f Ramond Jeannette Goble Heather Gonnella Glassman Jim Gonthier Monique p j - Gonzalez Bill Hamlin Christi Handley Victoria Harr Rhett Harty Jacquelyn Belinda Hernandez Robert Hernandez Virgina Hernandez Jennepher Hodgin Tommy Hutchinson Tom Holland Mike Ibold Eric Inga 20 ' i ' t Evan James Norma Jimenez Kevin Johnson Mike Johnson Danny Kalff George Kase Suzy Kennedy Chad Keroeen Paul Kirton Eric Kretlow Kristina Kussmar Jackie Landon Lisa Larson Ed Laurenson ■ .-4 r Nora Lowers Shelly Lucchino Doreen Lundblade Ashiya Macy Kevin Maldonado Kathleen Manolakas Scott Marshall Rachelle Marsoobian Ben Martinez Cammy Martinez Frances Martinez Katrina Martinez Susie Martinez Michelle Martini 21 Kim Mataisz ' Xjl t os " an Shaun McBride Sheila McCann f 9 1 4 " Steve Medina Tony Mercada Mark Mlakovich Bill Mineo John Monnin Cheryl Montford David Montierth Lorenzo Montoya Robert Montoya John Moore Leenin Morales Ricci Moreno Chrissy Morgan Ruthie Munoz Scott Nelson Curt Nixon Christina . , Novikoff Tanya Ogle Hee Young Oh Sergio Ontiveros Chris Onopa John Ortego Vincent Ortiz Tina Otero Olga Padilla Thelma Padilla Robert Park 22 i Karen Park Roger Park Romualdo Paredes Nathan Payne Jim Perez Michelle Peters Candy Peterson jft 1 f Jon Prentice Cindy Puentes Mellisa Radford Kurt Reisig Caryn Ridenour Eric Riske Michele Richer ' " « © " t) A Michell Kelinda Rutan- Joe Risse Jennifer Robles Marlene Rodriguz Rodriguez Jorgensen Michelle Sais Scott Sanders Kevin Sanger Cyndi Satterfield Arnie Schmidt f Allison Scholz Susie Schuetze Louis Schotborgh Neil Sellers Kim Sevillano Kelly Shelton Lily Sheneberger Steven Shew Michelle Shubin Karen Sibley 23 Laura Silva Bill Simmons Brandon Smith Jennifer Smith Jeremy Smyth David Soloway Shawna Sowers Sherry Stevens Roger Storie Paula Street Donald Stuart Christian SuUens Denene Tharp Yvette Tovar Nikki Uzel Pablo Vacca Sylvia Valero Barneveld Anthony Vargas Amber Vierling Walburee Danny Walling Jim Wallace Tina Wallin Robbie Watkins Rhonda Watkins Cidney Webster Jamie Weller Kristin Westmoreland Angie Wetmore Heidi White Curt Williams Danny Willie Mechel Williams Linda Wiley Angela Wi«e Brent Withey Cathy Wokasch Ed Wolpert Tom Wright Suzanne Ybarra 24 ¥ Gilbert Karen Kobzeff Ed Laurenson Vincent Lopez Montenegro Vania Park Freddy Perez Garet Poppy These students were absent on picture day, but we got them in the yearbook anyway; 25 Stacy Alexander Marsha Alvarado Tom Armenta Janine Avalos Benette Bagdanoff Lori Bartscherer Jennifer Bement Franco Bechara Michele Bennett Renee Bergeron Devona Blanton Jim Bohn Gina Bologa Russell Boop Raquel Borrego Jeff Bottalico Anna Brady Paul Brinley Brandi Buckley Mike Bushey Don Butler Louie Calvary Mike Carpio David Carrillo Tom Cassidy Laura Charters Yvette Chavez Jennifer Cho Stephen Cluff Mark Connelly Veronica Cota Catherine Cross Chris Cross Nicole Cuevas Neil Currie Michelle Curtis Cindy Davis Nicole De Pano Dan Delamater Ricky Delaloza Dana Dunn Rochelle Ellis Stacy Eriksen Gina Failla Bill Fait Antoinette Farland Keith Ferreira Nicole Ferretti Jason Fishel 26 • ' - fl Jenny Foot Shawn Forney Steve Ford David Fritz Elise Futterman Bill Fyffe Bonnie Ga ddie Raymond Galaviz Andy Garcia Angel Garcia Danny Garcia Jorge Garcia Stephanie Gardiner Shelly Garlock Bruce Gentner Cynthia Gill Shaun Gonsalves Bryan Gonzales Jackie Gonzales Mark Gothard Jimmy Grand Valerie Grabiel Cindy Graham Tracy Gruwell Michelle Guerrero Heather Guild Theresa Gutierrez llene Guzman Stephanie Hacker Rodney Haley Chris Hammerl Scott Hammond Brad Harlow Ken Hart Gavin Harty David Harris Jennifer Harris Justin Hassan Melissa Haynes Bobby Hernandez Anna Hernandez Woody Hernandez Sydney Higa Tony Hill Richard Holt Jeff Honeycutt Shirley Howard Robert Hudnall Katie Ibold Agata Indelicato Amy Irwin Tori Jacinto Catherine Jackson Chris Jansen Frank Johansen Heidi Johnson Renee Johnston Brad Jones Cher Jordan Jeffrey Kaku Cathy Kalinowski Happy Kang Valerie Kelly Kimberly Kilmon Jeff Kramer Michele Langseth Susan Lanier Gregg Laws Mike Lewandowski Nancy Lin Wendy Lieberm Trisha Lodes Maria Lomeli Florene Lopez Ruben Lozano Tamar Lozano Patty Lucchino Hollisa Ludiker Dean Macdonald Edie Maidlow Adrian Malatesta Lianne Maldonado Beverly Marshall Craig Martin 28 Kristin Martin Lori Matranga Kimberly Matuskey Mike Medrano Susie Mendoza Annette Merchain Polly Mobley Georgina Montano Cathy Montford Amanda Morales Kimberly Morales Marc Morales Yvonne Moreno Gina Muraviov Deanna Murray Lisa Ojeda Naomi Ono Christine Orosz Potenciano Paredes Bill Partnoff Jennifer Patrick Richard Peel Milton Peko Michael Pennington Karl Perez Valinda Piper David Pitts Mike Postiff Ruben Ramirez Jesse Ramirez Jeff Ravenna Jeff Rees Patrick Rega Dawn Rega Christine Rendon Chad Riegel Lance Ritto Santo Rivas Mina Rivera Juan Rocha Ray Romero Cindy Roxburgh 29 Andy Rubio Peter Ruiz Rick Sais Mark Sanchez Dave Schultz Glenn Schulz Lester Sheneberger Deedee Shellhammer Kay Smith Maria Smith Denise Smith Steve Sommers Jason Sparks Robert Stocz John Stinson Steven Stone Sandra Stoneking Karen Sullivan Jeremy Sullivan Jason Sullens Renee Surroz Scott Tagawa John Thomas Angelique Thorsen Brent Topping Danny Torres Tina Trujillo Scott Tullius Tasha Van John Van Barneveld Mike Vanderhyden Adrianne Vargas Mike Viernes Brian Viseur Heather Wail Andrew Walker Richard Walton Saleema Waraich Chad Widner Tammy Widner Kristina Worley Becky Ward Eddie Warren Nicole Weidenburner Jim Wetzel Chuck Ybarra Shannon Young Kelly Zeronis 30 I Grade Adkins Sue Ambroso Lisa Bradberry John Casillas Robby Bavola Eric Dunstan Dennis Harlan Matt Header Roger Suarez Lee Thompson David Walker Leila Adler Stavros Akrotirianaki Michelle Alataua Gino Alimonti Scott Alvarez Steven Anderson Danny Armenta Tiffany Austin Nathan Avalos Felicia Babb Ara Babajian Joe Ballin Emily Barnett Jennifer Barnes Russ Biart Carmelo Bonaventura Joseph Brazil Kristie Brennan Chrissy Brisco James Brownson Scott Brownson David Brock Butch Bucher Heidi Bucher Tricia Bungenstock Ruben Burciaga Lynn Cain Russell Galleros Stacy Carrillo Victor Carrillo Kimberly Cartee Denise Ceballos Kyle Chang Faith Charlton Wendy Chow Leigh Combs Cindy Cortez Gary Cope Cathy Cordell Bill Cufflin Sturt DeCampo 32 Olympic bronze. . . sifcth grade H. g m Andy DeCorte Nikki Dill Shaun Dunn Mark Dunstan Cheryl Engelbart Bill E nriquez Cherie Erwin Ernesto Espinoza Kevin Ferneau Robert Flores Dorothy Flores Aaron Ford Kimberly Franklin Melisa Ganzon Cindy Garcia Benjamin Garry Kristi Gilmore Brian Gladue Melissa Gomez Raylene Guterrez Chad Hackwoth Keith Hagman Jonathan Harris Becky Harvey Dana Hedges Kenny Hellawell Myrna Hernandez Steven Hernandez Bonnie Hill Julia Holguin Keef Hudson Robin Hung Eric lannini Jerry Johnson Carl Johansen Tracie Jordan Carlos Kaplan Hiroshi Kawai Jennifer Kennedy Chuck Kilmon Scott King Rebecca Kinney 33 Robert Kollar Gabriel Kramer Karen Laquerrek Jennifer LaBlanc Michelle Larson Bobby Levinstein Kim Libby Chris Longman Nicole Lopez Chris Lowery Roxanne Lozano Rachel Lucas Deanna Lucies Mike Lytle Ramon Maldonado Rodrigo Maldonado Aaron Maher Kathleen Manolakas Monique Mariscal Juan Martinez Marrilee Mays Eunice McDowell John McGillivray Nicole McPherson Mauricio Mejia Melissa Merchain Scott Morales Arturo Montoy Joshua Montgomery Carlos Morales Nikki Moreno Christin Mucetti Rachel Nowack Nadine Novikoff Karen Odonnell Janet Olson Ruth Padilla David Pallan Glenn Park Helen Park Llado Peko Michele Perea Carolynn Peters Marish Phillips Mercy Pinon Andy Pinto Steve Raven Kristin Reeg 34 %; Ricky Reynoso Sharyn Ridenour Eddie Rivera George Rivera Juan Rivera Angela Rocha Darlene Rodriguez Lisa Ross Robert Rucker Traci Rudd Denise Russell Heather Schaub Johnny Schmidt Bill Scully Echo Serna Wendy Sexton Michelle Seeley Mike Shook Steve Sinaly Ricky Slavin Seth Soloway Shannon Sowers Todd Spence Nicki Spurr Bernetia Stalker Cheree Stakich Paul Stockert Jesse Owens, the lengendary 1936 Olympics star, once set six world records in 45 minutes. Theresa Storie Richard Street Danielle Taylor Tammy Thi Jill Tolm Eliseo Torres Jesse Torres Mary-Helen Torres Sam Valero William Villarinho Matthew Walker Jennifer Wayman Kelli Weller Jeanette Wetzel Myrella Williams Jennifer Wyatt Robert Wyatt Robert Yates 35 Deena Avina Fernando Beckham Alphy Chavez Helen Duran Jeff Gumm Danny Graham Joseph Martinez Paul Ortega Walter Ramirez Kelsey Stagner Ben Nelasco Late Photos Math A d Keading Cabs i All students have the opportunity to be scheduled into the Math Lab on a regular basis to work with Mrs. Gonzales and Mrs. Dunat. The lab offers a variety of learning options appropriate to the students ' needs, strengths and learning styles. This school year three Apple lie Computers have been used by our students. Hillview ' s Reading Skills Lab is available for use by all 7th and 8th graders. Mrs. Merrill offers high quality instruction to these students during an assigned time of their literature class. Both the Math and Reading Labs are supported by the School Improvement Pro- gram (S.LP.) funds. Math Counts Contestants, from left to right: Cathy Wokasch, Valerie Grabiel, Christie Hand- ley, Scott Sanders. Computer Club, Row 1: Kim Morales, Aaron Ford, Steven Hernandez, Benjie Garry, John Bareveld, Dave Pitts, Polly Mobley; Row 2: Mrs. Gonzales, Rey Garcia, Michelle Guer- rero, Keef Hudson, Steve Ford, Jason Sparks, Row 3: Frank Johansen, Dana Dunn, Matthew Polder, Robert Parker, Ste- ven Anderson, Scott Nelson, Scott Sanders, Danny Torres. Bf m ' . 37 Practical Arts Our Practical Arts Program, under the guidance of Mrs. Boyd and Mr. Hammond, is designed to instruct and assist in developing an appreciation for Consumer Home Economics and meal prep- aration. The students are also instructed in Me- chanical Drawing and Woodworking. 38 39 Chorus Ms. Ramona Coburn, Choral Director Hillview ' s Choral Groups per- formed well again this year. The groups entertained in both the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as per- forming in the community. The Cho- ral Groups are under the expert direc- tion of Ms. Ramona Coburn. Stage Crew 40 Mcadlincrs Row 1: Cammy Martinez, Ro- berta McGillivray, Lily Shenen- burger, Kathleen Manolakas, Kristin Westmoreland, Michelle Siaz; Row 2: Karen Sibley, Angie Wise, Rochelle Marsoobian, Ronda Watkins, Lisa Larson, Carol Bouton, Tammy Carriger; Row 3: Cyndi Satterfield, Glor- ianna Bajhart, Chrissy Morgan, Michelle Shubin, Thelma Pa- dilla, Karieann Boroski, Jennifer Mears, Kim Bartram; Row 4: Christine Ayala, Karen Park, Cidney Webster, Susan VanBar- niveld, Andrea Beck, Lynne Bothmann, Cathy Wokasch, Cheryl Montford, Heather Gon- nella, Karen Alatriste. azz Choir Row 1: Naomi Ona, Lianne Mal- donado, Kevin Maldonado, Craig Martin, Lester Shenen- burger. Heather Guild, Renee Surroz, Valerie Gabriel; Row 2: Cyndi Satterfield, Lily Shenen- burger, Angie Wise, Scott Tagawa, Scott Marshall, Kristen Westmoreland, Kathleen Mano- lakas, Tammy Widner; Row 3: Valerie Kelly, Glorianna Bajhart, Tracy Gruell, Chris Sullens, Russ Boop, Marc Morales, Be- linda Piper, Nicole Weiden- burner, Carol Bouton, Elise Fut- terman; Row 4: Christine Ayala, Karen Park, Cydney Webster, Andy Walker, Rhett Harty, Tony Franco, Jeff DeChiro, An- drea Beck, Thelma Padilla, Jen- nifer Mears, Becky Ward. 41 Muskie Band Row 1: Chris Longman, Stuart DeCampo, Russ Biart, Rey Garcia, Tina Otero, Lireen Geckle, Melissa Radford, Michelle Peters Kris Kussman; Row 2: Ruth Munoz, Jennifer LaBlanc, Myrella Williams, Glenn Park, Kelvin Bias, Gina Muroviov, Rick Peeler, Mike Viernes, James Bronson, Nickki Spur, Leigh Combs, Jennifer Cho, Nadine Novikoff, Polly Mobley; Row 2 b, Monique, Leila Adler, Jennifer, Ruth Padilla; Row 3: Holly Heckathorn, Aaron Ford, David Pallins, Scott Morales, Jason Sparks, John McGuilvery, Robert Hudnal, Steven Ford, Steven Hernandez, Don Stuart, Kurt Reisig, Bill Villarino, Frank Johansen, David Schultz, Carl Johansen, Scott Sanders. Row 4: Andy Garcia, Keef Hudson, Aaron Maher; Not Pictured: Kristin Reeg, Dana Hedges, Christina Mr. Phillip Roa Director 42 J ooH T aHces 43 ' DisHeyland All students who sold one hundred and twenty five dollars or more in magazine subscriptions spent a day at Disneyland. Oft ' 44 Special Days The Student Council sponsored a Button Day this year. The students had a chance to show off their favorite buttons. There were prizes given for the most, smallest, largest, and funniest. 45 Zhe Magazine ' Drm- Zhe Proud Sponsor Of Zhe 1984 yearbook Hillview ' s Magazine Drive was a total success again this year. The students did an outstanding job raising money for our school by selling the magazines and music selections. Forty percent of all money raised went into the Student Body Account and were used by the Student Congress to fund Hillview ' s assemblies, programs, awards, dances, and other activities. Even this yearbook was made possible through this fund raiser and your hard work. Students who put forth special efforts during the drive earned many bonuses. These rewards included the Disneyland trip, a special viewing of Raiders of the Lost Ark, cash and bonus prizes. Magazine Drive Captains: Row 1: Ed Wolpert, Kristina Kuss- man, Stuart DeOcampo, Shaun Gonsafves, Robert Yates, Lianne Maldonado, Sooji Caron; Row 2: Valinda Piper, Nancy Lin, Jeff Revenna, Brian Bertotti, Thelma Padilla, Heather Gonnella, Jeff Dechiro, Mike Carpio, Cheryl Engelbert. Not Pictured: Becky Falley, Carlos Kaplan, Jerry Johnson, Mark Gothard, Russ Boop, Heather Schaub. Top Sellers: Row 1: Elise Futterman, Naomi Ono, Chris Cross, Scott Tagawa. Row 2: Stephanie Hacker, Carol Bouton, Mark Dresson, Mark Morales, Mark Gothard. Not Pictured: Cather- ine Cross, Wendy Lieberman. 47 Assemblies The Student Congress financed many enjoyable assemblies through- out the year. Koeketry Students assemble rockets from kits and then enjoy launching them. 48 memm mmmm Af bassador Club Row 1: G. Bajhart, J. Smith, M. Milokovich, K. Morolakus, K. Westmoreland, B. Falley, L. Shenenburger; Row 2: V. Hernandez, C. Ayala, K. Novikoff, T. Padilla, C. Sullens, E. Arocho; Row 3: S. VanBarnwied, M. Shubin, T. Harr, D. Curtis, T. McManigal, D. Dunsta ' n; Row 4: A. Beck, K. Kobzeff, L. Bothmann, L. Buechert, M. Richer, J. Moore, R. Deleon. Hillview ' s Ambassador Club is a special service organization for selected eighth grade students and is designed to provide help and assistance on campus while promoting school spirit. Ambassador Officers: Kristin Westmoreland (Vice Pres.) Chris Sullens (President) Lily Sheneberger (Secretary) Karen Kobzeff (Treasurer) 49 I r A C I T I U SWIFTER ALTIU H I C H R FPRTIU STRONGER k tJ mM ' t spon zs Hillview Sports Program 1983-84 Hillview ' s After School Sports Program enjoyed another fine year of challenge, reward and pleasure. All of Hillview ' s teams had many very exciting games against East Whittier, Rancho Starbuck, Brea and Granada Jr. Highs in league play. Our football, volleyball, basketball and soccer teams all made strong showings against their worthy opponents, experiencing tne thrill of victory along with the agony of defeat. At the time of this writing, the track teams were not yet formed, but were anticipating a strong showing in league meets. Again this year, each player was given the opportunity to earn a trophy for his or her excellence in sports and scholas- tics. There are three trophies given to three members of each team at each grade level. The recipients of the trophies for Scholar- Athlete, Sportsmanship, and Team Spirit are select- ed by their coach, the director and the administration. We salute the trophy winners who have proved to be deter- mined, dedicated Huskies. The program would not have been successful without you students, for it is not the important thing to win, but to take part. John Hammond Director £ 980 in CXympK Commmm lirir.-yin " II II f uiiwi J 4 SCRAMBLED SPORTS Whoops! The Olympic signmaker jumbled up the letters he needs to make signs for three important sports. Can you help him sort things out? MWIGN ISH PILE0I e CEKOE Aa)(Doi| p|ay sDiisBuuu ffi ' Buiujujims SUHMSMV 51 football 8 th Qrade Row 1: Leenin Moralis, Chris Sullens, David Montierth, Chris Ballesteros; Row 2: Mike Baca, Tom Wright, Roy Leyvas; Row 3: Coach Danny, Tony Franco, Troy Choate, Kelvin Bias, Fred Perez, Coach Jerry. 7 th Qrade Row 1: Ricky Deleloza, Ruben Lozano, Steven Sommers, Mark Sanchez; Row 2: Coach Roa, Da- vid Fritz, Mike Beruman, Russ Boop, Scott Hammond, Jeff Honeycutt, Stephen Ford. 6th Qrade Row 1: Kyle Chang, Scott Al- varaz, Jesse Torres, Kevin Fer- neau, Todd Spence, Robert Rucker; Row 2: David Pallan, Robert Yates, Steve Seanily, Butch Butcher, Garry Cope, Keith Hagman; Coach Beagany. 52 Volleyball 8 th Qrade Row 1: Heather Gonnella, Ashiya Macy, Glorianna Baj- hart, Debbie Britton; Row 2: Coach Hammond, Lydia Garcia, Lillian Sheneburger, Hee- Young Oh. 7tk QraiU Row 1: Raquel Borrego, Gina Montano, Susie Mendoza, Sue Ambrozo, Sudney Higa, Mina Rivera; Row 2: Coach Stewart, Devona Blanton, Jennifer Be- ment, Lisa Ojeda, Heather Wall, Kimberly Matuskey, Susan La- nier. 6tk Qmdc Row 1: Danile Taylor, Jennifer Wayman, Kelly Weller; Row 2: Coach Taylor, Darlene Rodri- quez, Nicole McPherson 53 Boys Basketball 8th Qrade Row 1: Mark Dressen, Rhett Harty, Jeremy Smythe, Ray- mond Glassman; Row 2: Jeff De- Chiro, Earl Coatney, Chris Sul- lens, Jimmy Wallace; Row 3: Rob Watkir s, Troy Choate, Ser- gio Ontiveros, Deron Curtis, Steve Shew, Coach Owens. 7tk Qrade Row 1: Brian Gonzales, Scott Hammond, Neil Currie, Jason Fishel; Row 2: Coach Moody, John Rocha, Rick Peeler, Steve Stone, Carl Perez, Jeremy Sulli- van. 6th Qrade Row 1: Scott Alvarez, Anthony Martinez, Robert Rucker, Kyle Chang, Robert Yates; Row 2: Todd Spence, Steve Seanily, Butch Bucher, Llado Peko, Coach Roa. 54 ( irls basketball Stk Qrade Row 1: Kathleen Manolakas, Amber Vierling, Kristin West- moreland, Norma Jimenez, Glorianna Bajhart; Row 2: Coach Owens, Laura Flores, Sylvia Va- lero, Cathy Wokach, Doreen Lundblade, Susie Schuetze, Nora Lowers, Kim Bartram, Hee Young Oh, Ruthie Munoz. 7tk Qrade Row 1: Gina Muraviov, Steph- anie Hacker, Jenny Foot, Sue Ambrose, Naomi Ona, Susie Mendoza, Happy Kang, Shirley Howard; Row 2: Susan Lanier, Catherine Jackson, Nancy Lin, Valerie Kelly, Lori Bartscherer, Heather Wall, Kelly Zeronis, Kimberly Matuskey, Heidi Johnson, Agata Indelicato, Cath- erine Cross, Sydney Higa, Coach Roa. 6th Qrade Rt)w 1: Janet Olson; Row 2: Ra- chel Lucas, Heather Manolakas, Denise Ceballos, Cheree Sta- kich, Heidi Bucher, Angela Ro- cha. Tiffany Austin, Coach McElrath. 55 oys Soccer 8tk Qradc Row 1: Bill Hamlin, Beto Wol- pert, Jeff DeChiro, Kevin Mal- donado, Tom Holland; Row 2: Coach Chard, David Matewo- sian, Brian Bertotti, Kelvin Bias, Steve Busby, Pablo Vaca, Danny Kalf, Coach Vaughn. 7tk Qrade Row 1: Steve Sommers, Keith Ferreira, Shawn Forney, Santo Rivas, Bryan Gonzales, Troy Jansen; Row 2: Coach Myatt, Karl Perez, Kevin Naverth, Steve Stone, John Casillas, Mike Viernes, Coach Ang. 6tk Qrade Row 1: Robbie Rucker, Nathan Avalos, Scott Alvarez, Stavros Akrotirianaki, Llato Peko; Row 2: Andy DeCorte, Kyle Chang, Ernest Espinosa, Hiroshi Kawai, Brian Gladue; Row 3: Coach Be- gany. Butch Bucher, Sam Valero, Steve Sinaly. S6 ( irls Soccer 8 th ( rade Row 1: Chrissy Morgan, Hee- Young Oh, Lily Sheneburger; Row 2: Heidi White, Ruthie Munoz, Glorianna Bajhart; Row 3: Coach Harless, Kris Kussman, Cherie Fuller, Kim Bortrom. 7tk Qrade Row 1: Lianne Maldonado, Gina Montano, Lori Matranga, Cyn- thia Gill; Row 2: Coach Lanier, Susan Lanier, Bonnie Gaddie, Heather Wall, Heidi Johnson, Raquel Borrego; Row 3: Gina Muraviov, Lori Bartcher, Ro- chelle Ellis, Shannon Young, Valerie Kelly. 6th Qrade Row 1: Becky Colchado, Jennifer Wayman, Michelle Larson, Cherie Erwin, Mercey Pinon, Danielle Taylor, Dana Hedges; Row 2: Coach Stewat, Leila Ad- ler, Sheryl Engelbart, Janet Ol- son, Heather Shaub, Bernetia Stalker, Nicole McPherson. 57 cmd Jor Qlory Millv lew ' s Hopefuls Zraln 7or future Olympics 58 rrr iTiwr 59 1984 yearbook Staff Aanudi btatf Members; Row 1: Heather Schaub, Hee-Young Oh, Saleema » • i. r , i a n c. , -.r A 1A7 • u n u r-v I r. r- ■ r- y t • i tati i Assistant hditors Linda Wiley and Waraigh, Reuben DeLeon; Row 2: Chris Galluzzo, Linda Wiley, Jen- . i tt j • nepher Hodgin, Scott Hammond. J P S ' in. « The Annual Staff vB H participated in a 1 poster contest imjH sponsored by the . - Whitwood Mall. , We came in first [■. place. John Hammond, Advisor 60 iMtiiMPt 1984 mutxm to immt f MmcMi ( om. cowMt 4(m mmam. awjsor The Annual Staff went on a field trip to the Jostens American Yearbook Company in Visalia, California on January 4th. We were able to go on tour of the plant and to see how the yearbook is processed. Mrs. Diane Luther, our guide, gave us some very help- ful hints on our yearbook, which we put to use when we returned. 999 A special thanks to all those teachers who gave us so much help all year. 61 One Cast Cook Kack . . . 62 63 MEDALS OF COURAGE The moment draws nearer. I hold my breath. Life ' s events are about to begin. My thoughts drift back to all I ' ve done. To prepare myself to win. , I ' ve learned to reach up, right to the top. And sometimes it seems too far. But I know every dream that dared to come true. Began with a wish on a star. I ' ve learned to " contend " with all of my might, While respecting the efforts of others. I " compete " to the finish with all that 1 am. And yet still believe in my brothers. I ' ve learned to endure with a broken heart. And to go just one more yard. I ' ve learned to get up and try once more, When my spirit is weak and marred. I remember the times I stretched ' til it hurt Then stretched just a little bit more. And I know in my heart, 1 long to be first, As the eagle must long to soar. But whether or not I win the " gold, " Or even a " silver " or " bronze, " I know that I ' ve earned all that I have . . . and when tomorrow dawns . The things that I ' ve managed to win for m e Out of pain and struggle and strife, I ' ll carry as medals wherever 1 go. And be proud of . . . all of my life. Donna Mauk 64 tr- b - - ■• ■ r x - ' 6 1 t ¥5 Qu ' MjCJ UA i4 yHey. " St- ? MO (y S. ' ., N cP . re v ,i- V- S ' KO

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