Hillsboro High School - Hillsburro Yearbook (Nashville, TN)

 - Class of 1945

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Hillsboro High School - Hillsburro Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 17 of 98
Page 17 of 98

Hillsboro High School - Hillsburro Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 16
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Page 17 text:

PROPHECY Dear Scholars Cand vye use the term freely By some 1nconce1yable cast of ballot xxe yyere yoted class prophets Vye cons1dered gaz1ng 1nto our trusty crystal ball or haymg a sesston yy1th our Ou1ya board Hoyyeyer yye dec1ded upon the 1dea of tak1ng excerpts from letters yye m1ght yy r1te to each other IH 1956 We hope you ll l1ke them and remam our fr1ends Prospecucally yours Tour: AND T1u1a131.1z june to 1956 Deal-:st Jane London England Sorry I haven t yyr1tten you but I haye been rush1ng around l1ke a freshman at H1llsboro I am crazy about Europe although I yyonder yyhat If vyas l1ke xx hen Germany yy as here It seems I wasn t the onlv one xyho had the 1dea of trayelmg through post vyar Europe for I haye run 1nto qu1te a feyy of our fr1ends from the class of 45 CHUCK Vv ITHERSPOON 1S the dean of a neyy ly founded school 1n vyh1ch he teaches Amer1can slang to European students For some reason the students th1nk I loye my yy1fe but oh you k1d' 15 a l1ttle outdated I pa1d a VISIE to the school just IH tn t1me to hear a lengthy lecture by F C BRANAN The fem1n1ne enrollment vyas enyoy 1ng a talk bv PEGGY WELLS on Hoyy to Look Syy eeter IH a Syy eater Other members of the faculty xy ere SYDNICIEL SHINN and VIVIAN HARGROVE From there I proceeded to the Museum xy here I encountered CHARLIE EMBRY I vyas pleased to note that he was contmumg h1s career as a scholar vyhlch he began so d1l1gently at dear old HHS He vyas collect1ng 1nformat1on for h1S nevy book Tb: Ingmtztud: of Hfomm The cr1t1cs are RDXIOUSIV avy a1t1ng another book noyv IU preparatlon It IS by CARLA BLOCKER and IS ent1tled Th: Strmlgz Bcbavzaur o Men Carla s book of course IS based on her personal ITICIIIOITS After leayrng the Museum I ha1led a tay1 and yy as surpr1sed to hnd STEX E WALKER at the wheel He yyas burst1ng w1th neyys of old fr1ends He told me about JOHN H COLES who IS an Amer1can Ambassador to England HIS only fault hoyy ex er IS tell1ng h1s felloyy d1plomats he s gonna turn them IH 1f they don t put out the1r yyeeds rem1n1scent of h1s days at HHS you knovy I yy as not surpr1sed to learn that IUD RANDOLPH yy as also at the Amer1can Embassy yyhere he IS domg h1s b1t for the neyy World Court vy1th h1s profuse back slapplng and baby k1ss1ng QDcfzr Readers 0 course ue re rpeakmg a flue ozfrgrou I1 1211111 Tad!! Ca Trzbble Steve let me out at the Cap1tol Play house yy here I yy arched a rehearsal of Yankee Makes Good starrmg VIVRCIOUS NANCY CUNO The theatre s current productlon xy as under the d1rect1on of BILLY Pleafr dzrregard the lan rua u e dnlrl I haze an rrarzfr Todd U Trzfibfe Wh1le 1n the theater yyatch1ng a rehearsal I heard a commot1on Rush1ng out I sayy a large crovyd of g1rls 1n the mrddle of P1cad1lly Square FIDHIIW pushmg mv yy ay through the throng I savy WESLEH HICRMAN courageously fightmg for his l1fe Dear Reader Ezerz the Euglzrb gzrlr mu t rerzrt that bee- yza tee ful nmlc The mme rua drzpr J Rushmg to the rescue yy as the Army of OCCUPHIIOII led by General GLENN WELCH After tak1ng oy er he 1ssued orders to Colonels BOBBY McDOWELL and DWIGHT CE1senhovyer LINTON Hand1ng Wesley a Purple Heart was General NEIL LEECH After the confus1on d1ed down I felt the need for refreshment so I stopped IH at a syy anky fountam Owned by ROGERS BUNTIN Wh1le s1pp1ng my Seyen Up I sayy ANNA VANTREASE now the W1fC of Count Fel1pe de Sobolx arre once knoyyn to us as HARRY DODD To see her maklng all the nxght spots w1th the Count you d nex er knoyy she spent the earlv years of her l1fe at HHS At another table I ghmpsed a beyy of beauty All of them xy ere str1ctly Amer1can beaut1es Dear Frzemlr and you are our rmzdr 1 Jon are rn!! readmq XX e don t mean roses Guess yy ho In fact I recognued them as CAROLYN BASS BEVERLY WALLACE and DOT APPLEBH I yyent oyer and talked to them and thev told me that thev vyere models for KENNETH CARR the photographer Trayclmg yv1th them yvas the1r pub l1c1ty agent PEGGY PARKS yvho IS a great success 1n SPIIC of her shy ret1r1ng manner 1n h1gh school Sorrv but I H haw to Sign OH now Rcm1n1scently CDear Bored People don t know xyhat II means e1ther but yt sounds good T Sr Tj yours MARTHA December 1 1956 Dearest Martha Hog Countv Kentuckv I surely yy as surpr1sed and del1ghted to hear from you I too haye run IHIO many of our Hlllsboro alumn1 CD R We are Jo proud a bemg alumna: that ue haw to me the uard o ten T Ca T One yy ho has been gett1ng a lot of publ1c1ty ISJOE AUSTIN The reason for all the enthus1asm IS that he IS noyy res1dent Imaglne hay1ng a Republlcan pres1dent H15 able Secretary of State IS JOE WOMACK Already famous for her eloquent speeches IS GRACE SIMS the Congressyyoman I knoyy you yy1ll be 1nterestcd to learn that DONALD XX OMACK has opened a nexy dinner club Dugan s I dropped by the other n1ght to learn to Svyxng and Svyav the Dugan Way Advert1sed 5 1 1 ,. . ,- , 1 1 I 1 , V . V , 1 , 1 V 1 . ,, 5 I V V. 5. ,, .V . . . 1 ,. . . 1 1, A 1 n , . v . . 1 . Y V I . 1 . V I. . , V V . . A v' ' A-' 1 ' I I ' ,I 3 I I 1 I- , - I1 V H. 1 .V 1 .' f ' ' ' f , 1 1 I ' 'N ,Y DeMARS, the famous writer, stage technician, chewing gum manufacturer, and bus-driver. fDear Readerr: . V - V , . V V ,N , . . V , V . V . , V V 1 ' . 4 - I , V , ,Q . , V V . . , . 1 . 1, . - , ' 1 1 ' L X ' I s 1 - ' y ' i 1 r - . . 1 . - I y ' 1 D - ' , 1 V I ! 3 I ' I I yl v - I' v , , V . , V , 3 7 ' I I I , . . ' I . , . 1 I Il . . 1 1 - ,I 1 ' 1 V 1 I - - ' ' ' I : We I 1 - 1 1 I . 1 1 ' . f ' , J ,I , f 'N' N - K - , V 5' , A - , V ' ' . V V v1 . I YI 5 1 A 1

Page 16 text:

on the billboard was ROBERT NEWBILLS swing band featuring hot notes with JIMMY ENOCH S trumpet and BOB LUCKADO S sxxeet sax and starring EARL DUNN S golden voice Entering I was greeted bv FAHE BOMAR Hostess She directed me to rmg side ttble I xvas 1ust in time to see the floor shoxx The first number featured MARY CARROLL COOK the star of Dugan s After the xxhistles subsided EMMA JEAN Y AUGHAN and GRAHAM NX OODH AM entertained us xxith a utterbug exhibition Getting hungrv I slipped to the kitchen to sneak a snack The hash slingers xvere MARTHA OWEN GIBSON CHARLEEN MOSS JUDY OWEN X IRGINIA CUNNINIGHAM and BETTY BAKER and vou should haxe seen the costumes On the way home I saw ALBERT JOHNSON vxxth his loxelv xxife guess xx ho TOMMY SUE THOMAS Still the same cute couple wrth the stardust in their eves The next dax having a slight headache I decided I needed a little xxestern air I started to lump in my rocket ship but haxing get pro ulslon trouble I called 1 garage Irntglne mv surprise xx hen txxo ltdx mechanics LUCIA EMERSON an DONNA ROONEH arrixed After the repnr lob xxas finished I flexx out to BETTY MINOR S Dude Ranch Rancho de Pereosa VD ar Moran: Thu rr .Ypemztb or The Rmzrb a the Lazy People Urzrzgned The charming coxx punchers xxere GLORIA XX ALRER CAROLYN SCHUBERT MAI BUBIS AND BARBARA VVALKER Do right and do xxrxte amz Paris France Greetings Chum was of March X957 Your letter arrixed lust before I left London It seems that Hillsboro has also taken oxer Paris While xisiting the Art Gallerx I saxx JANET FENN and MARIANNE EASON the artists Also saw WARREN BOSMAN admiring 1 picture of a hsh kDmr Dfw IVMJ He J LI Jmlme L'd?lIlZ7' flfzouwzaus Needing a bookmark I trucked to the Pearre Librarx an institution endowed bv NANCY PEARRE the Cotton Candv magnate Thev haxen t heard from her lltelv as she s all xxrnpp d up in het product D R II e re rorrz If mzemleel IHHIJ u bw ue urate zr You Iumu ulwx The L1br1r1 ll'l CELESTE NUTTING and her xerx industrioas assistants LUCY DELLE PEEBLES BEVERLY GENE OLIPH ANT X IRGINIA OSBORN and WX NNE CULLOM xxere busilx engaged in cutting out paper dolls Needing a workout I started to DOROTHY TURNER S Gvmnasium On the xxax I saxx MARY looking for a golf ball he had lost xxax back in 4,5 Fmallx arrix ing at the gx m I saw the girl s basketball team practicing The star players xxere MAR THA NEESE and GERALDINE RIDGE Sitting around busilx engaged in blowing up basketballs were DORIS GIPSON PATRICIA HAILEY and ALICE MARIE HAMPTON I was taken through a sp edv series of exercises bv Atlas BILL HASELTONI After thxs I was brought to bx Dr JANE FARRAR She told me that her fellow medico xvas ALBERT SCHROEDER Also seen at the gxm vxere BETTY RUTH HOLBROOK and JOYCE RADY conducting their reducing classes I felt like 1 million so I decided to purchase an orchid fDear Follzr Imfdezrwzllx the orrbml fort about the mme may I feffl I made mx xx tx to CURTIS AUSTELLE S Floxxer Shop There I found thxt the prettiest floxxer xx ns his xxlfe the reluctant BERTI-IA HOOTEN This xxill be mx last letter from Europ as I IH starting home soon See xou soon MARTHA August 8 1957 Dear Martha Pig Creek Tenn el ve moved Hello again I thought I d send you the latest bulletin from home The other day as I sallied forth to the beauty arlor I ran into JIMMY D MARTIN xx ho is noxx an African marble manufacturer Howexer he is stea 1lx losing monev sinceJ B GORE and NORMAN CLARKE his official game testers are too enthusiastic about their xx ork When I got to the beautv parlor I vxas surprised to hnd that HELENE RUSSELL and ANN KING were co-ovxners BEULAH WOOD tried to set mv hair W hile in the shop I heard the latest gossip from those xerv sedate young matrons the Mrs JERE HOBBSJ1nnette and MARY RUTH CLARK Bryan Then I proceeded to the football game xx here the Green Bax Packers managed by JACK TI-IOMP SON were trouncrng the Blue Sea Dodgers The outstanding plax ers xx ere ROY SLAT MAKER andJACKIE SEELY DON KING made a most fetching xx ater box Happ lx selling hamburgers was JOHN DUR RINBURGER CD R You knou hamburger Dferrerzburger 0 K ra zt mz t mug but ue frm! T J' Tj Selling crackerlacks xx as JEANNE BRINTONI On the way home I ran into BOB CRESS xx ho is still trying to spend the monex he vxon in the American Historx Contest When I got home I heard the daily serial Lu s Other Husband featuring MARY ALLEN LEWIS as Lu Thls epic is sponsored bx PATRICIA POST S Cleaning Tissue Company the slogan of xxhich lb people xx ho knoxx use Post xx hen thex bloxx After the Post program I heard the The Familx Hour starring DOROTHY BURGESS xx ho gaxe a fexx hints on hoxx to catch a husband Heard the most interesting storx about MARY L'1 NNE DAX 'S but I xe forgotten xx hat it xx as fDcur Davzx We re Jerry but we re Jleepy T O T With apologles to all I remain Die at Daxxn Toon . . v . , - n . , n , . I I V . D - V Y I . ' Y.. ,. I . . ,. . . A . I . I , ' ' '. - I i l S 1 L ' , , . ' - , I ' ' -. Q f I : r ' 1 I' ' , ' J . K e .' I f f ' 5. ' ' ' ' ' ' ! y A ' 4 . 4 , . , i y , Y. . , 'Y V L , I I 1- 4 I I I . I F . . a a, f 1 vvv 1 X 1 vx lv Y , . ' V- 1'-f I f ' ' ' . ' 2 'V I 2 , I , , - , . I , , I ' " k rr 'I LOU BUCK, frantically trying to keep up with her six children. Iialso noticed ROBERT SAIN, who was . Y I 7. Y f . , ' ' . . ' l 4 I I 7 I ' I : 4 L I 1 I , . , . ' 2 , I' I .' . " . b', , ' I f I ' ra ' . S 'e ' . f 1 . " ' ' if , A 4 , - f I , . D . . , I 1 ,I V , ' A I 1 I , v . . Y . . , . I . . It 1 y ' ' I V V ' ' , . . V ' V . , , , x ' I, A ' ,, , . Y - V, - - V If fl" " -' " ' I' I I I I , ' ' ' . . I . . -,. x Y' ' , I An ', ln

Page 18 text:

...M-M"', THE HILLSBURRG STAFF N1ARIANNIi linux fxNl4,'1 IJLNN XVIRLQINI x Usmmw Ar! Editor Art Efllror Rrzwrfff lfffzlor 'IANI1 ffuzlulz TOMMY Sl'l1Tlll7h1-KN Kl'll'V1fK Efflfar Pau! RUIIYIIU lffllfor N1ARTllA TRIBBLIZ win 'l-umm linux Kwai Proplvff Prapfwf li 'iff-Nfukur Romain BUNTIN f3l'Rll5 .'XL'5'l'El.l, li'1ff-Nfflkfr .Ylzkzjwsffaf Eflzrar EMMA LIEXN xvAEGlIN Cu xRI.Es Wrrunksl-00N AARS. Ii. M055 H1 rfarmzz Hzftarmfz .Sxpwz for

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