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'T IQ 'Q Stall ' 5' 25 Ron Brown 0 Cindy Hagerty J A , I Steve Kuhnel 1-333 " Alanna Litch '1 Mark Sherwood Flick Siernonsma ,-1-., . . ,,-Ss Julie wiedemoid f l M jaukf 'O in gl 6 'Al -rw -5 I I 1 I 1' x ' ' N z C1 rbrv 4 - 1 v , .. J, M, Mg., .fm . , 4, A,,, 0 0,0 C, ,.-gt C' 0 'E WWNS 1.,r Q ., "'v it-'fEf!t': ,:, ,o,, X .'i'- 1- f,,,. Q . . ' w i" 1 . Q A T ' 'f".- 4 f y 1. f' . . f 1 1 1 Q 1 5 N: . -1 A' Q .- 1,' if ' 442 ' . q 1 it . is l 52113 4' ,,N3y,g, ,W Q , . ii ' T , , Q . . f f fi . ..1- ' A 9 I K " , A F , 9 4 5 Q ' X, . ' 19? f . is 28 'QD 6 5, A 9 .2 1 9 5 is O Q . 9 e Q Q 3 I . is Q s at jAbovei On December 12. the Elementary celebrated the opening of the new school addition by releasing 300 helium-filled balloons. A note was put into each balloon explaining why the balloons were let go, the schools address, and telephone number. GRCDWING RANGERS l-lill City, South Dakota Volume 9 1984 The school year 1983-1984 has been a year of expansion. The elementary school is working hard to improve the quality of the education for the young people, The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education conducted an on-site school study to ap- praise the adequacy and appropriateness of the school district's facilities educational and activity program, staffing, etc. The elementary school has divided the kindergarten class into two sections. There are two sections of first grade and two sections of second grade, The lower number of students per classroom allows the teacher more time with each pupil. The elementary teachers have departmentalized some of their subjects. Individual teachers can teach subjects that they enjoy teaching as well as save preparation time. A big advantage of this system is the fact that the young people are exposed to different teachers, who use different methods ol teaching. It also allows the teachers to know all of the children in the grade and not just those students in their own classroom. All of this is a "growing" edge for the elementary students. The Junior High students were displaced for awhile this past year. At the beginning of the year some of their classes were held in the high school building and the others were in the junior high building. After Christmas vacation, the Junior High students moved back into their own building. As you can imangine, the students are growing taller and older, and the school is growing in size because of the increased enroll- ment. Therefore, our elementary school building is growing, too. The philosophy of our school staff is that our school should be a happy place for students to learn to grow and to enjoy their friends. The KEY to this success is total cooperation between the staff, students, and parents. "We are the Growing Rangers!" Elementary Adds Ftooms One of the things that we decided as a staff is that we always won- dered what grade was it that I was required to tie my shoes, learn the multiplication tables, or write cur- sive. Therefore, we wanted to inform our readers and also record for the young people some of the things that they are expected to learn at each grade level. Do you remember when you had to? Kindergarten The kindergarten students are the youngest and the smallest on our growing ladder. The class is divided into two sections. There are 20 students in one section and 20 in the other They attend school all day every other day These little chicks are expected to know some things before they ever begin school. The children should know their address, phone number, birthday and chores like tying their shoes and going to the bathroom by themselves. Here at school, they learn about their envi- ronment. They learn to explain social and occupational roles of family and community members. They must learn about themselves and become little people. Some of the skills that kindergarten students learn are: to name the eight basic colors, to identify sounds, to count to 50 and to recog- nize basic shapes, They also learn the alpha- bet and how to write their name. Kindergarten activities are aimed to develop the following kinds ot skills: self-help, motor, social, language, and understanding con- cepts. By the end of the kindergarten year, all of these young people have come out of their shells. . fs-ae. , i t l 2 i ,Q-3 4 -TQ . The old annex building will no longer be used for 3 CIBSSYOOVTT- Fifth Mrs Prelle is the home room teacher for the fifth graders, who continue on like the tortoise in the race. They always finish their race In their reading text called Key- stone, they work on comprehension. They go to Mrs. Prautzsch for their math class. They study fractions and the metric system. Mr. Birkholz is the science teach- er who helps with experiments. Their fa- vorite experiment is how to Ucrystalize' milk It tasted teriffic when they finished. i ln social studies class they study the his- tory of the United States. They are re- quired to know the location of all 50 states, and the correct spelling. They have to do reports on the state and in- clude information like the state's flower. bird, etc. In fifth grade they are able to join the beginners band if they want. They study things like melody, rhythm, and expres- sion in music. The results of their contin- ual efforts is a promotion to sixth grade. Time races on. FIRST Upon entering the first grade the children have grown a few inches, have lost some of their front teeth, and have learned school routines. They are usually timid, like fawns, and are just as curious. They are eager to learn and look forward to coming to school. The first grade class is divided into two sec- tions, Mrs. Byerly's class has 20 studentsg Mrs. Swartz's class has 20 students. The children have a regular routine. They be- gin each day with an assignment paper on their desk. They say the flag salute and shar- pen their pencils for work. The main thing that first grade students have to learn is how to read, They must master at least the first three books, Rockets, Footprints, and Sur- prises. lf they have not completed this series, they must remain in first grade until they can complete them successfully, First grade stu- dents begin to add numbers, They have lan- guage lessons, and penmanship lessons. They study science and social studies too. Mrs. Byerly teaches the social studies les- sons and Mrs. Swartz teaches the science lessons. These students also have PE. class in order to develop their muscle coordination. Mrs. Engstrom meets three times a week with first graders for music classes. All first grade students enjoy recess time. lt may be a first grader's favorite time of the day, They can make noise, have fun, and run with their friends, just like the baby deer they are. SECOND The second grade students are busy bees. They have to finish reading Honeycomb, Clo- ,1 , ugg, I. Qg 32. The construction of the new addition began on June 1, 1984. ",. '1- verleaf, and Sunburst. They learn how to bor- row and carry in math class. They also begin the multiplication tables and learn up through the tives. They add and subtract two place numbers. There are six reading groups in the sixth grade. These are ability groups. This year all of the primary students have been studying a new method of penmanship called D'Nealin. This is a style of cursive printing that uses a natural slant to the letters and letters like k and l have a curved hook on the end. Mrs. Shuck says, "lt's beautiful, and we can read the writing." One of the most fun science projects of their year for the students was the study of their own bodies. Did you know that one student "lost his kidney", and one day they all "pasted their brains" in place? The terms cation. However, they now move from class- room to classroom. Mrs. Kenton teaches them reading in a book called Tapestry In math they learn the rest of their multiplication tables, and they learn how to divide with remainders in their answers. ln science class with Mr. Greer, they have fun learning about different kinds of machines, and experimenting with pulleys and inclined planes. Mrs. Kenton teaches them a fun unit in social studies about pioneers, and Miss Degen doesn't let them forget about nouns and verbs. They have PE, with Mr. Shuck twice a week for 20 minutes. He has them doing all kinds of activities like tumbling and playing frisbee tag. They have music class with Mrs. Engstrom, and have only one re- cess during the afternoon. As you can see, all of this activity really keeps them "hopping". used in the unit of study made it funny and very productive. Each student drew his body on a piece of white paper and then added the body parts as they studied each one. The second grade students participated in all the usual activities like fire drills, holiday par- ties, and such. They take two short recesses in the afternoon each day, As you can see, the second grade classrooms are beehives of activity. THIRD When students enter the third grade, they have rabbit teeth in front and are working on replacing their missing teeth with permanent ones. The third grade class is also the begin- ning of individual responsibilities, ln the third grade, they study all of the same subject areas - reading, math, spelling, science, so- cial studies, English, music and physical edu- as a 4 4 , , , ,, , , , . 134. .wrriibsw -v ..aw,,,, CL! Mx-QMJ " ,, ., ,fa- A ,, .. , fi 1 ,1:-,QV-"ff , t ,Qs 1vg,,,Sf.,r 'QA .. rr ' ' , sm 5 Q QA s. ar me x , f, ww em A V M, ,kia ,. FOURTH Fourth graders keep paddling on through the pond of knowledge The story becomes more complicated each year, especially their story problems in math They also learn how to multiply up to four-digit numbers. Their reading texts are called Windchimes and Passports. In science with Mr Greer, they are studying the human body and its systems, They made charts that showed their insides. Mrs. Kenton teaches them social studies and SD. history. ln Miss Degen's English class, composition is an important part of their work They wade through the "parts of speech" exercises year after year. Music is one of their busiest classes. They learn how to read music, rhythm, and melo- dy. Some of the high school students visit their class and demonstrate different instru- ments for them. They have to get l'quacking" every morning in order to complete their lessons each day. , f ,..m,f1,- H .n ' ,W A WJ 'Wil If rwf.,,Z2"v The new addition was completed on December 18, 1984. Sixth Sixth graders "leap" into the year with energy and anticipation. They can't just sit on their lily pads and expect success. Mrs. Prautzsch teaches their math les- sons, They learn how decimal points are used and what they mean. They also study consumer math courses. Their readers are Medley, Impressions, and En- core. In social studies class, they study each countries around the world. They learn about the flag of the nation, and its histo- ry. In English class they review all the parts of speech and sentence patterns. They have handwriting classes to improve their pen- manship. They learn about filling out forms properly, legibly, and neatly. Copper tooling and stained glass designs with markers are examples of their fun art projects. In music class with Mrs Eng- strom they review key signatures, time signatures, and study related arts. They compare visual art with music. Mr. Shuck has them playing kickball, tum- bling, and other things to get them in shape so that they can make the "leap" into the Junior High pond. Corey Bintlili Jason Castleberry Casey Dawson Raymond Fox Angela Irish Corkey Lee Bobbi Many Paula Maxfield Wendy Munoz Amber Raga Jamie Randolph Amy Shaefer Toby Austin David Bianco Darlene Bittner Byon Buleson George Clinton Ryan Coe if. N ' is Asad' . '4 - ' Kindergarten its rl in-ir f A , Thomas Sires Leslie Thomas Carlie Anderson Noel Atkins , T, 3 T 'V , -v ,. ffkfi Kelly Phariss Joe Phillips Vicki Prautzsch Jeff Robins Quanlta Ross Not Pictured: Group 1: Lloyd Daviesg Group 2: Erica Fisher and Bobbie y J Skillingstad. S X . 1' mfs! A -Q Mrs. Carol Jobman Nick Adams Julius Allgier 9355. . K -"'3jf-wx-xaix a.f,g,Q," S, he -'05 Quiz' .Nb Km if F f' N-,- A - ,Qi 'emi - - , f -l.:,..4' rg f ' -:M ,ir K it ' P .Q ax uv- vm 'Q' 35, 'tr--gf M SR' . , . v R. ,gym ., k A fi ww fif, .. T QNX-ff - 'H .- i""a', Group lr wiv U' ,. no T if an Q, , , x . Sara Smith Melissa Turner Thad Weiss Sandra Zwetzig :Wife A ,. 1, W 5 if 'T' . Y ,Bi ., .x 'V 5 pf 'T' wa L1 wi fx, NN A Y k iff-fr X ' 'YW' 1 H1557- F is irst Grade Y""'7 .fs I if, i mm, cz,-, f,1f",.:,z5 'eff If E ' 9' C 'F'-' 1' V ' 'Q WH N 'S ff ' if i r f o 'ff ff A I, f W y if ' ' is If A ' ia ro an ek Y' 5 1 Y fl 'UP sms rs... ' fa 'IN Wk? H.. f I' Q5 f..-Q .A , ' J HF" fm 4 I., is 4 .. 5,9 rw S 5251- "-hm.. 1 1 f 'X Mrs. Darlene Byerly Matt Allgier Kyra Anderson Seth Arndt Joshua Bausch Jessica Daiss T. J. Dieterle Eden Dillon Jenny Farrar Ryan Flick Jeremy Geiman Nancy Greer Ryan Hotchkiss Greg Johnson Sarah Larson Forrest Metz Jason Nardlello Jeremy Nicholson Lailane Saunders Jennifer Stewart Mrs, Sherrill Swartz Andy Bell Natasha Cramer Nicki Creighton Jeremy Dean Amber Fisher Tiffany Hobart Paul Hohn Matthew Johnson Jon King Megan McCaskeII Greg Nicholson Wendy Peterson Jody Pulse Tamey Reynolds Amanda Sampson Lori Scrlver Ryan Vaughn Jeremy Welch Laura Willett Ronald Woodle Mrs. Lucinda Dusing Devina Allgier DeAnn Adams Rosalin Camp Kim Dixon Arron Flick Jessica Goodroad Christopher Gulbransen Joshua Harvey John Hetley Jesse Lohrenz Sandy lvlittag Justin Moss Jenny Munyan Matt Shuck Chris Straw Lisa Tully Chancey Turman Heath Wright Melissa Zwetzig Amber Warner Mrs. Donna Shuck Bobby Camp Travis Canfield Diane Colby Gus Christensen Dennis Greer Shannon Hartle Courtney Harvey Robby Heil Scott Hobart Wendy Holden Bart McCullough Angie Moke Heather Orloske 6 Second Grade E . .'Q-2 212 'T' was-r enum- '19-xr ,V skgntig 1 Q LS , if, i We Il 'U' X : 1 s V 1 i :hurt 7 - -. it is V? fl 'HIP 'in-b y Q r H h i K L .X Vwuv , ,gi , at fl, U , , i it ! ' ' 'il .ix 'J' 'R - "'.i"f' fe t' 'Z 1 'IW it ff -Q 'l'l f , ? f X D I. 'lx Su! X - Ms, , i f " " ' i 'xg' g 6 WW 'it -gif? .-.,: '.-i ' -'1, Stephanie Reynolds ,gr l ng 4.1 Hoy Thomas y Q . Cindy Turner A ' 2 Q l ' Kara Weiss j , K as V " 4 l Q, Kim Wood y 5 'J 5 X y f y f S M55 Q, ,- N, A - ,I V A ? X . I I Q xf A f' i 1 A :.e'ff ' .. 4 i , E , . X K if 1 VJ- -11 H- Q' iff' -F' lThird Grade MWC y V l r l ,ff an 1 www , 'K www N JV it f 1 D1 1' Q 'J X 1 1 ., tt , , ,.,, if my Am Lf 4 F ht gs? . tm: ss ,.,1'1. if L M 'N- ' fr -fe ,ii M Q, J litams T i J, E Qi! 74,1 ,f 2 'iw-. 1, Ai- ' ' N as R T- 14' Z ,f Z V 4 i 1 . ' ,.,. 7 f 'uf' 4 Stix . -, - A .-.- .- , 'iv' 16 45 , Q 5 W I fig-,gb V N K 4' 5. The third grade class sings "Deck the Halls" at the Christmas concert I i i in All 'li 'Li-l Mrs Barbara Kenton Gwen Atkins Jason Bintlitl Trent Bittner Robert Blase Tony Brumley Wade Buchan Jen Buckley Joshua Daiss Jerryy Daniel Tricia Dixon Fly Hoffman John Hohn Adam Holden Michele l-lolsworth Jason Larson Dennis Layton Travis Lohrenz Carly Meissner Ruth lvlielke Mindy Muller Patty Nicholson Carmen Floselles Nathan Schrank Matt Siemonsrna Casey Smith Shelly Storla Slade Svvedlund Mark Turner Robin Tyler Tamara Wood Rebel VanLoh Fourth Grade Joe Bauer , H- Nathan Brumley . -- Nathan Byerly -' V .Q David Childers ' 6 uv 'sn Jenny Christensen fV" t f 'ax at Paul Clinton Garrick Cramer Staci Flick Diana Hensley Erin Holden Chad Moke ' ,f Q - D 5. -, H ,l , 'WK is sis' G f, 1, , Q!!!!!5EZa Beth Muller Heath Orloske f- ,,e--aw Misty Patterson Chad Peterson Jeremy Peterson it A ,, Mark Fladerschadt , , 4. , f 1 lf.-.Lin " f ya 'Rafi' ax Jodi Puff Sara Scriver Alicia Studer Bobby Turman Meg Warder ,, Stacy Welch GY' .4 fr , ., 'lf " 't A tmd,cQ ,u?- t .k, f" f fp 4 'i, 1 . ' NX rg' -N A I. - N Q., .X SH' gain ' , ji 'X r 'f cwsfts 'l o Q' r eff N K X ,J t .44-r'-cvv , ' I 1 " mi. 7 . ... ' Ts A ,' lAbovel Nathan Brumley and Jeremy Peterson get ready to wolf their food at the annual chili supper sponsored by the Lettercluo. llfllghtl The fourth grade choir performed "Good King Wenceslas" at the Christmas concert. il'-F' ,gm vw A, Mr. Douglas Greer Amy Allgelr Angel Atkins 'ws ' 7 'C' 'Q 'f " v,, , .sv 2?- 4 q Q0.7 y 'fix M I. 'Jin Aff 'Mg ' f ' P, 7'-4. -00 KA? Jalil' Q-v I J t if f' Y - . if at " ' ' ' , el' l '29 "Y A 7 .ff W A - M J X lx get ,i ,fs 'ffm leaf I ar , Q- Pm MF ft v 1 F c ,fa 1 gsgfmi Sitilkgy r - H liethl 'l rf- -r , ,-4 J H .. l l l 5' ,,,..' 5 ff 1, l f-ef-5f+'f"'fss:L gum' c, .. A i v. 5 3 Firm Grade Q W lr Q4 self, Fi f A-Q t Q it A Qwsff VV., N , r if s 5 l it l il i -fx' I 1,4 'V' rr. " v Muff M-if wif?- I' O-, 'N psf: 1 1,- fm' A! td, ' ff .:' I 1 fi, M ra! K, Mrs Margaret Prelle Melanie Bittner Chris Brurnley Ronald Camp David Corlrnan Jamie Creighton Russell Elliott Chris FOX Rob Halter Warren Koeppel Neil Maxfield Kathy Miles Wade Morris Shelly Nelin Karl Novy Skip Pearson Stacy Rohde Robbie Riggs Johnathon Ruff Jessica Saunders Tammy Schieler Ricky Schuelke Nancy Simpson Scott Whyte Heather Woodle 'wr if ,i -ii yfAbovel Chris Brumley gives his all in a Christmas concert under the direction of I tvlr. Earley, lBottorn Rightl Scott Whyte trys to listen in on the topic of conversa- lon, l i 'Q IV 'f .,, , K fi A Xin' Bridget Wynia Mr. Alvin Bircholz Niel Buchholz Toni Carlson Jamie Chapman Frieda Childers Kevin Clemetson Carl Cramer Billy Dohr Stacy Eckholm Kathryn Grose Casey Hunsaker Shannon Homan Pat King Eric Lewis J. J. Lewis Mark Meissner Raquel Momyer Holli Morris Cameron O'Dell Kalynn Pearson Juliet Saunders Helen Sawyer Dennis Schrier Scott Scriver Doug Siemonsma Leslee Sires Jeromy Smith Alana Swanson Toby Tyler Keven Vaughn Pam Wiener Jenny Williamson Brian Wood Flondae Woodle George Wright Sixth Grade if S ,H ., , , , V 6. St' f" K-xv, t.....f in ' , if C EEIYH E. - - , 9, XY' rife , - , ,if , K, .,,, ff , :f,5, .r 1 -r it ,f g A Life uf. t V g rs K ll, 'll' 4 QV: -L 1 , .1 I . , 1 - - , x iw., . . 3 ff' . . f 9. A W , Z' ft A if .-1' "Q, J , V or . 'D' 1 4 "' Z K. . . ,, r .W J K ,M fy f: ,, "- ,V 4 .-M-rf.-gm' WW, - f .3 A -,7 .1 f mb r ., , V ,jig , , Y .ft ,.,,, ,.,. fat, 2 9 'um f " " if Ll ,:4.- - ' ff 1 , 5 If' 1. ,V , ni ' ,figs 31 : nr, . , M: Not picturedg Jimmy Smith 1-io , , , V, as ' W 4 K f W f f my K- 45, ,gg 7 7 4 'F-f ,Q . rf" " f' 'L ' fl if . ,- A , L I 9-eb vgggx Y' r E93 STM . Q4 ,fam T l if-Q-W fl- i , ,. V if . .l - ..f em.: , ,.,, ' Sf '09 A 5' ' C 1' 1 i 12. ,,r In , 5 --.'f W Q J dui 1 ' 5"-.1 4,93 A . .Q .A A, ,-,,,y.e . 1 5 1 wk Y . 11 Z z 2 1 32" 1 4 .. H W' 5 . Q, " ' ' f ' 4 Walt fm- Mrs Fihonda Prince Kelly Gardner, 1 . Amy Wiedner, 1 ' Leif Garret, 2 Lynette Gohsman Nicki Grover. 2 Laurie Jeitz, 2 Trygve Nelson, 2 Larry Johnson, 3 Susan Johnson, 4 O .Y HFGQ Keystone School Shrinking The Keystone school is small this year. The school has nine students from eight families. The second grade class is the largest with five students. There are two children in first grade and one in the third grade and one in the fourth grade. Mrs. Patsy Jeitz, who started the year as the teachers aide, was dismissed from her job. The size of the school did not justify the expense of an assistant. The Keystone kids study the same curriculum as that I was 2, tif., t , Si A Nix- N V 1.,:.: . ,, M r ?v - f-sg 3.53 . t t ., Q . a- .T rf.. , W its . . . 'L r 1- . V' - . Z S' ' if 9 -H 3 4' 1 S- ff ' if-..s.-fa ' f N txj I s. Q , E . it . if . , W A DEH' J, . A Q ' W S xr' f A 'fic V ' ' . 't . at rt" k 1+ t T 5. Vi -. 'ti' l V- V- Q 1 L 1 V , V gb ,. l -v i 1 . Q Vs i t, I, . V r 9 W 1- 1 I fr., : :js , x 1 X Q i t Xl ,ii 9, 5 A we i . 1.1 .saw 1 fn f . ,...... 0 4' v, nw l , V l 'l , I l 1 wi L ifTop Lefty The students and the teacher exchange Christmas pre- . sents that they have for each other. tAbovei The students work on individual assignments the teacher has given them. I. l i l l taught in the classrooms at Hill City. Mrs. Prince teach- es all of the grades all of their subjects. The caring and friendship and learning happens easily in a small school setting according to her students. The students at Keystone have all the usual class par- ties. At Halloween time trophies were awarded for best costume and the largest bubble in the bubble-blowing contest. The students dressed in costumes for the day. At Christmas, the school presented "Grandma's Christ- mas Scrapbook" to an audience made up of parents and friends. The children exchanged gifts among them- selves and with their teacher, lvlrs. Prince. The Keystone school participated in the DESE study too. The department people recommended that the Keystone school be closed and the children be bussed to Hill City. They also recommended that the school building, which is a historical landmark, be converted to a museum forthe city ot Keystone, a tourist town. The administration and Board of Education looked into this possibility during the spring of 1984. Elementary Fun tAooveJ Susan Johnson prepares for art class tTop Righty Trygye Nelson and Susan Johnson VISIT Keystone Schools lrhrary each week tCenter Fllghtl Lent Garrett hopes has Innes for the Ghrrstmas program vvrll enter hrs brain by osmosrs tl3elovvt lnterruptrons cause all stu- dents to lorget studyrng tl3elovv Rrghtj The school consists of Clilack Rowj Larry Johnson, Lent Garrett, Susan Johnson, Trygye Nelson tFront Howl Lynette Gohsman, Nrckl Grover, Kelly Gardner, Laurre Jeltz, and Amy Wreoner ff 1 X ,,.i" .Ad w wi l I 4 l r , 12 4 5 1 1' gp xx: 'iilllnn "I-unf,,,0., 'ia -A--.-.. E -users -at 3 it Q., Nj if 355: ,-fl. fTop Lefty A grizzled ape and a wrinkled old man showed up at the elementary Halloween party. fTop Righty John Voshall bounces his way to victory on Green and Gold Day tCentery The Junior High cheerleaders show their school spirit They includet Kristi Anderson, Christine Peterson, Darci Wiederhold and Shana Schrank. CBottom Lefty The elementary school participated in a child identification program with the Penning' ton County Sheriffs department Billy Dohr gets his finger- prints here tBottom Righty Many mothers assisted their chil- dren in getting the final touches on costumes for the l-lalloween party 'H Mrs Wanda Degen is the Resource person for mathematics The computer is an espe- cially useful tool for drill and practice exer- cises for her math students, We still use books, toot Mrs Judy Schrank is the librarian She teach- es classes in how to use library materials to the older students and encourages reading for all the younger students Mrs Schrank is always adding new books to the Flementary Libaray shelves located in the multi-purpose roorrr She also has story time with the Kin' dergarten .ind first grade classes DFAR time is a part of the reading practice loo lDrop Evflrylliirrg arid Ftead l Mrs Michele Johnson is available to assist students with speech problems. She works with students two days per week, on Tuesday and Thursday The kinds of activities include lots of speech and sound practices. She is the teacher for students who speak a secon language. ft ir' During the year, Mrs Stahl, as the resource person lor Junior l-lrgh students teaches re- medial skills to those people who haven't yet mastered them She holds conferences with the parents and teachers to make individual educational plans for special students She informs other staff members of special needs or problems She helps her students with study skills, performing everyday assign- ments, and so on Mrs, Leanne Patterson is the Special Educa- tion teacher, Special kids go to her class- room for help with reading, language, etc. 'fl if 'ha fl 'Weis - 7 i -Z 2 ss.V4, ,, J-a..,s l 1 ! s ltl is 5, 3 l Mrs Lucy Williamson is the Remedial Read- ing teacher She helps those students from grades one through eight who have not yet mastered basic skills in reading They do lots of oral reading each day, work in workbooks for practice in comprehension, and do lots of drill and practice exercises The addition of a computer to her classroom this year has been lots of fun for her readers They have units of study for special interest groupings like a unit on horses or football Every stu- dents can learn to enjoy reading after they master the basic skills with the help of Mrs Williamson Staff Enhances Learning Y , ,, 4 ny Qf ff W' route. the Deerfield route. an Mr Rudy Duwenhoegger keeps the building clean forthe Elementary staff and students Since they added on to the size of the building, his increased Whenever we see a broom, we see Rudy clean- work load ' ing up the hallways and classrooms for us " Our bus drivers haul us to school They pick us up in the early P h l There nin almost always before we are ready to go to sc oo mor g. are two contractors for the bus routes Mr Sonny Schriner has tive A routes. They include the following routes and drivers the Mt Rush' more route, Kenny Gardnerg Harney route, Sonny Schnner, Rochtord M M ers has one route, Dave Gordong Ractola route, Kandi Turner r ey d Delbert Maxtield is the driver V93 ,uh F 3' - tw 3 l ,R ' ' if -e X ,A ' ,J .- . - V Th l d' s who always have the building "smelling" so good are y e a ie 4 the cooks. They stir up the tasty meals They cause stomachs to grumble and mouths to water A. ,V 'T ti ' 5' . ,,,,,' V1 f' f-.W"- W 4 TJ'-' .Y -5 ' QW- ye - Q , ' T ff- A A one ff - ,- Mrs Ruby Robbins is the "lunch" lady She takes the lunch money, writes notes to the parents and makes stue dents behave in the lunchroom She also is responsible for keeping the copy machine runs ning She watches the kids on the playground She helps Mr Halter with his paperwork, too Mrs Sue Anderson is the title aide for Mrs Williamson She assists Mrs Williamson in the classroom by tiling papers and setting up equipment She also helps the students when they need extra drill, etc Seventh Grade Aims I-Iigh 'L'Y 'KD' tAboveJ Class officers are: Matt Henderson, Treaeurerg Suzy Tully, Vrce Pre-ardent, Kerth Auetrn, Secretary, E J Ftosellee, Preeudent. tAoove Ftrghtj Paul Denke rs happy about hue famous hook shots! tlitrghty The charrot race team comes in for an amazinq fin'sh Ron AEON jE ?g52ffi:fi Jon Anderson ',,1! iQiF 1"' E' " Tracy Anderson ' Cyo Alexander f 'Guy us . n J. ,M ,, 237545, 1 ,AJJQ5 qwyygwvau . , 1.8, ,. -Q 'W , V ff, 4 as 1, ,. U '.. . s Q f Tracey Coe -' Q A . Y if' W ' A Jaque Cranetn . Angela Crrsman , ' , , i A A ,. af: ,5 "fx ' Paul Derrke my I ,Q M , , y y if , Ag ,yt 1, A 1 ,y,, it .Ml .. T . -. H A 4 rf . J A rf' f v Q A 1 1 'J y fi 13, at T 'f a' V224 1 - 4 L , N 4 ff, , R . i , 05, '8 W qw.. , My if 49 af' W 'Q 1 Pwr ' 1 lf f 4fa!:f?f5ff'55fW' is A -.-f Q Z t W. 4,-A 9, -f fy 6 I la ,'- iv ri' .Q 545 f I 1 ,Q fl, ,f f rr- -an ... , 1 g 4 A-F, 5 f.,,, I 3 . f....5zAf.1.f ag .4525 -' Kim Dillon Desi Frink Sabrina Goshman Danita Harn Matthew Henderson Michael Johnson Rusty Luebchow Gary Lytle Daniel Maxfield Robin Noland Lori Novak Sandy Novy David Patterson John Pearson Veronica Prautzsch Heidi Robbins E. J. Roselles Ricky Sampson Bart Samuelson Monty Schiefer Tracy Shuck Lori Simpson Patty Sires Alisa Tesch Suzy Tully Chris Turman Eric Walker Shane Walsh Theresa Weisenberg Bobby Wright ,- nr y . 5 vi ifijs M , ww fi, Lori Allgier ,Q 'ww 4.3" ,'f if I N5 .ie ,ii '32, . Dale Crisman i H , - .ara-ix rw J J. . 2 wg. 'f ' qw A :V x K r N? ,,,:r K fx sei if 6 . -i ? 4:21. Sh 2 ig. K 'x W Stacie Gieman 6' y 1 Q 'E A , , i i. Mr 'if W Y i - ..,..' 1 . 'B' 1 f if 14 ' ,. , -X. 4 ! E- 13:2 iipsfj, .E .As 4 Q-5 Fioo Hotchkiss Rodger Karl 18 25,5 gvxs :SQ 6 5 fi 'Xi' 'WM f FY Y'-s. Kristi Anderson Karie Barney Sara Corfman .wf1.,b, fa vi e sw M 1 1' ' ff. 'Z' Q Q L jf Yi ,2 "xr , Ku-Zi' Tamela Crisman ,g5gkx,,,.- V N' Q fi X il' l' ww 5' . J, . vu F' , E ., 5' N Todd George 5 i W gee: , five AQ -M 1' , 4 Ii I. ,W ii i John Kelsey Curtis Koeppel 'iz' "9" rr C Greg Lee Sarah Mielke Kevin Miles win.,-f' X Q I Q Stephanie Moke Casey Nelson 1. Stephanie Novy 9 , . gel, Brett Peterson Eighth Comes Gut On Top The eighth grade class worked hard this year to better themselves for entering high school. The class consists of twenty girls and sixteen boys. The eighth grade class advisors are Mrs. Amanda Engstrom and Mr. Larry Shuck. Who is the stranger who's hands are attacking Stephanie Moke'? No one will ever know. Pam Murphy Danny Neilin Jason Olson Aaron Patterson 'lst' Christine Peterson V35-353135 ':. , xo. Hp., ' - V. 20 'Irs Heidi Peterson Shana Schrank ,fd 1 4' 4.71 s I 47 f i Handy Phariss Shane Sohriner M 4 ga G Tamela Crisrnan and Pam Murphy try on their costumes for their musical production "Wheels" held March 15. Lisa Shay Samantha Simmons Debra Simpson Torn Tesh ri' L John Voshall Darci Wiederhold ,aw ,Y Kristi Anderson poses for the camera, while Stephanie Novy looks on. of-pw, 'LJ7' Debbie Wiederhold Kim Wiener George Wright, Mark Meissner, and Wade Morris assist with the heavy chores of moving out of the Junior High building and into their new rooms. n-i-yr' 1' Junior High Curriculum Junior High Math Home Economics Science Industrial Arts Social Studies Band English Vocal Orientation Physical Education Seventh And Eighth Grades Move ln The seventh grade class is the beginning of the junior high years. They have moved up to "having my own locker." This is when most girls are using make-up and boys are taking the football field by storm - for the first time in their lives, The seventh grade advisors are Mr. Boyer and Mrs. Stapert. In December before Christmas, they hosted an ice-skating party for the class. Only a few students braved the extreme cold weather. They skated near the Fianger station, then re- turned to the Home Economics room for hot chocolate and cookies. Eighth graders are at the top of our "growing" ladder. Every elementary student's goal is to be- come an eighth grader. After Christmas vacation, the seventh and eighth grade classes moved into their own facility in the gymnasium building. The students in these groups have social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs that are different from the elementary or high school students. The curriculum in junior high provides a program of instruction to meet those needs. The teaching staff concentrates on teach- ing basic skills. Choices and decision-making are all a part of education. A keyboarding class with Mrs. Stapert was added for eighth grade girls dur- ing the second semester, The class was added to better prepare the girls for computer fingering. Experience is where most is learned, and junior high is where it begins. The junior high choir will put on a musical in March called "VVheels."-"Wheels" is the history of how the wheel has developed. lt begins during the stone ages and works through the development of the wheel into the future. The play has several solo parts. The main characters of the play are Flock and Martha. The casting has not yet been com- pleted, so we cannot give the character assign- ments, Mrs. Pam Johnson created the costumes for the cast. Flon Brown is the Student Director assisting Mrs. Amanda Engstrom with the junior high choir. Cross Country The high school cross country team is really more of a Jr. High team. There is only one freshman and the rest of the team are out of Jr. High. This cross coun- try team has accomplished so much this year, it is unbelievable. The team compet- ed in seven regular meets and did very well in all of them. They also went to a Philip Invitational where they took first place. When the regionals came, all the athletes were in very good shape and their final finishing places ranged from second to sixteenth. Regionals also took place in Philip. The team, except for three, then went on to the state meet in Mitchell. The athletes all did exceptionally well and came home with their heads up high. Coach Alvin Birkholz has taken on coaching these kids as if they were his own. He was very pleased with the out- come of the season. lTopl Coach Birkholz. lTop Bowl Stacy Henderson, Matt Henderson, and Kristi Anderson. lMiddIe Bowl Suzy Tully, E. J. Boselles, Darci Wiederhold. lFront Bowl Heidi Peterson, Bandy Pharris, Debbie Wie- derhold. 4 . .3 l ' ' LA-iggv the f . F 5, ., 'S 91654, 1 e ,Q ,il Q W3 X L 'v , 5 . . ,,, 1 4...A 4 ' Football Even though the junior high football ended with a O-3 record for the season, the boys had potential. Mr. Galen Britain was the coach with the help of seniors, Danny Coy and Bon Brown. The team games were against Edgemont, Douglas, and Custer. Coach Britain was pleased with the talent of the team and did an excellent job of teaching the boys the basics of football. lTop Bowl Coach Britain, Danny Nelin, Todd George, Aaron Patter- son, Bandy Phariss, Mike Albers, Keith Austin, and Paul Denke. lMiddle Bowl Kevin Miles, Dale Crisman, Tracy Shuck, Matt Hender- son, E. J, Boselles, John Anderson, and Jason Olson. iFront Bowl Cris Turman, John Kellsy, Bon Alcott, Eric Walker, Bob Hotchkiss, Danny Maxfield, David Patterson, and John Pearson. w '-Mn. 'WN 'D V, 'kwa W :ess M .J 'V we in 7th Grade Boys Mr. Galen Britain coached the seventh grade boys' first year of basketball and was very pleased with the out- come. Many ofthe boys were already very talented and skilled in handling a basketball. Coach Britain said the boys showed a lot of enthusiasm for next year. The boys finished their season with a 6-9 record. tBack Rowj Coach Britain, S. M. Shane Walsh, Ron Alcott, Keith Austin, S. M. John Anderson. tMiddle Rowi Rick Sampson, Paul Denke, Matt Henderson, E. J. Roselles, Tracy Shuck, tFront Rowi David Patterson, Gary Lytle, Eric Walker, Bart Samuelson, Mike John- son, and Danny Maxfield. lt B ? Y ' ' fN5'M A 7th Grade Girls Even though finishing with a 2-11 record, the seventh grade girls basketball team had a certain spark throughout the season. For their first year in basketball, the girls learned many skills such as, dribbling, passing, and shooting. Their coach was Mr. Brian Boyer. iTop Rowi Coach Boyer, Teresa Weisenberg, Cyd Alexander, Jacque Cranston, Alisa Tesch, and Tracey Coe. tlfront Rowl Angela Crisman, Suzy Tully, Danita Harn, Veronica Prautzsch, Lori Novak, and Sandy Novy. 8th Grade Boys Eighth grade boys, coached by Mr. Brian Boyer had a losing season also, but had fun competing against the other schools. The boys finished their season winning 3 games and losing 11. This was Mr. Boyer's first year of coaching at Hill City, but he seemed to enjoy the boys. "They were very spunkyf' tTop Rowi Coach Boyer, Rodger Karl, Dale Crisman, Shane Schriner, Jason Olson. fMiddIe Rowi Rob Hotchkiss, Tom Tesch, Danny Nelin, Curtis Koepell, Greg Lee, John Voshal. tlfront Rowl John Kellsy, Todd George, Randy Phariss, Brett Peterson, Aaron Patterson. -H: "W "" 2 - " . -f " as '-. rtau.-.'.f'it' -, ' 3 , " A , 44 't ,.. -iii" -V , ' W .-wil 1' w f 5 5 x r ' ' I i wif 3 X 1 -,E . J ' , Q ,. :Z f ',..?..-5.41, - D y 'I fi- I sf -11.14, t I , .' " "" - 'X' Q .XZ t gg, f ,. A a v i? Qfnl . ,Q 1 Ima? t f 'A 1, T , i it e , .. sg ,ea "H 'Q--v" e ef , it W ,, ' f '- 8th Grade Girls The eighth grade girls basketball team, coached by Mr. Gerald Erickson showed a lot of improvement this sea- son. They finished with a 4-9 record but won their last game of the season, which should keep up their enthu- siasm for next year. tTop Rowj Lisa Shay, Lori Allgier, Sammy Simmons, Pam Murphy, and Coach Erickson. tMiddIe Rowi Karie Barney, Steph Novy, Tamela Crisman, Kris Peterson, Steph Moke, Patti Nordmark, flfront Rowi Darci Weiderhold, Kristi Anderson, Shana Shrank, Debbie Weider- hold, and Heidi Peterson. tBeIovvl The use of growing technology continues at l-lill City. .T gl We Keep Growing We have tried to make 1984's elementaryfjunior high yearbook both interesting and informative. At the same time, vve wanted something nevv and different. As you have seen, vve moved all of our informative print forthe classes onto a fevv pages, rather than putting the print on each page The staff vvould like to thank Randy Whyte tor his art work and Mr. Halter for the information vve included in our book. We thank all the teachers tor their coopera- tion. We really are excited about our book. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as vve enjoyed producing it. X, Ll!

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