Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN)

 - Class of 1954

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Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 3 of 60
Page 3 of 60

Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 2
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Page 3 text:

C5 Luau! on -..-uullllllxy 2 cum' wofkouf QL defs COTY one o ' Scashe HeQ2ad?EdaY' 26633 0 C gh W C' Leath his d a 0 d io, 041 'mmandos 0 6 tevde eebo' close ing the C0 venlng bet' . Muriiifr were i we B workout each ine last two' Hendersonville Commandos SQX10 be,-5 Gdnesda Ind 10 pm. for Madison's grid debut a rath- ion- W memtgad we 'M a ary one by romping to a 41 , Ne "LM L 'ictory on the Litton LL' 1 GM lUOMl l mural boys out now -1-.. Illltl UUMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT - TYPEWRITERS Lee Pomddxtel' The Commercial Department il 'A Q growing from year to year to the If extent that 63 students are taking 7 typing. The department added two fnew typewriters and borrowed, onef T0 A from the principals' office. The Agriculture ,Department C Q - Inade the two' tables which are veryfif t , 0uVeutI0ltine as compared to some ot the! nnes which are made by manufac- n9 Local Ag. tear-'L turers ot office furniture. is Lee Poindexrr- 0 vig Le a VITO The answer to last weeks puzzle pg: l CCIVICJ. , ' X 35 , A n Captain: I AL moeenisgh Q. Jahk Etheridge was firsf sl L4 - co- - ' c p ,E VER! H Tommy Barllgstg 0- Dorris, l?p,U YRXN A to bjnviuexeisuxn ue in the correct answer, tiulni: Fenne ' Supt-y W BOYS dex-S, neg 6 v f,,. , 1 c WYC- Lea v E X hi! Heh nu? ag' s Q .D hxhx, ltice I I, Roney. .vin fOr V3-ndels X ifbeqx of Wah gZSxty0n009Q Q lp Nxxxviggk. parade, ED BY the firsfal 1 vvxucxi? it Xe Q me game C 11 , Patrol, NT-ERTAI1?Yr to 1'3. cadets arolqx Schoof accegxe 9056 5151. Q . ly rec. 'auti1'uloERS0NvI k Upqrgllzs Onvlyfe S' Qt iv to wa 1. Av Q JY Nation 1 rourts I 0 ,ed 3 A701101 CAQOI yea' and 1 Us of, F01 'e , K 1' were 01051617 ak -'qu BE- Yoon-ib"S01JI2 Q 'Gee lp ype of sup ms W Cotbers for fb1:erSOm"7le S gust 31 xA co!-ge!"f"'9 tl 670052: bleeffllg 1ra81ng't'd 1 N lelmliv ye-2 . ' 0110 A cce . We We Z b ' 01' 5 'MSS flfagotirtelz AZ-.5-WUI 'be-' 01 mach' M Sixizlax aol OZ 86185764 seleoleody C17 be xl Af fqllde 819 0.340 ' Grab Mrs .Next wlfegp S556 6" MPS WAPSOU, M 60561: Afahabig sed 0, Rial. . 'EH' bs W ra . 6111180 1-S1 Q - . Y EVP-2111 '1- xs wb 0 I . L their ap! bi Jw ry Sl e 911 in eve J' ,010 Q 'U-Q ef lea aging its C' dual Gogh? felbogba 9-3516 11 I D1 Coach and l ' he A re we X at Car ' ft Off T 'Id ' -"fm, 'C A w 15'-ae 0 Orbis S O .V . -90 . 0-2011 I .01-1 . ' e ' l y L w wovgxigin vow G1-fm 9-3 .WIS ind coggfdz I 0 hafa . ol, D Harold Qzltb' ated Z4 6 60 rzqebso rule M E10 111 SY xfz VX sew ex. " are 'S 'OB Knit gtg 596 he 5' Xt 11 ev to B ' I. i tm' , 5 f ISU rec- ' 11610 t Jo ,,' Gfrzelzire Mass D i S011 e 'X , . - . t at i anim rem' XY. Ba X 'YY ent asv' 9 ,var xxx? ' ,tam U Y, 9 do 0911 I 11 bi We sg df!-at asse-Si Wife QS S . 1 Q0 axt? ti 0 ,MLM 8 tb 1101081 011001: ahlyh 11 Xia UI , Q ' ' All ' P cum xx-shui A616011 Abs ss s yxF.5mf't HQ tookw- oft o umhwd use Elegy-A-Mb nigga. i t va 0: t at-,ko A dee X R k .5- xxmxfifjaxzgeit gafal Sfeetk, 9 A Commandos . A0 en. Ut 1,65 K' Cui HendeI'S0nV1ue d Friday the-we WRYXTBOYXZT- 1: Thiab' Wcstmoremn ..WLjxhYy1v ,bex gwill n 30x owe 009 The Hendersonville Civic Cjuba X lton Satur' agreed in its regul Y5 1, and Joe . Both da ' ar meeting Tues-Bmw ,- -h QT night Jan 'Em at 7:30 pm. .v evcnang to purchase rainc0afg'u9U out 112, fr day night - - -der-Sonviue, ghd hats for the Elementary School pw! owqx Jr Q 'mos at Hen atm' This is a Very Worthy Jes 'K nnecme 3' , ' 0 5 ... .. b so I me and is appreciated 'by' the fac- Rural 've 0 - U 31-'eeaikvv 2 E ers e all as ulty, patrol and parents. It Wm an ,xnxx us Agni Nico maven! gl' Ever talso make for' a finer looking Da- xooz so Xen W In 530052 ,dev cond N 11,6 db- J'0,,e is Pol and more serviceable, A high- Xsoyuiw 8 gi bat oemig ot xxx Begeksfqnam wide 9086 ofeobb 11 of fer level of efficency will fbe seen WX Let nz 6661! ,l Pele body 0119 we 161815 5 WQAUHTBVYXSU BROWN!" 120 6661511 N5-In the members ot' the patrol ,e- Amie 0 Ann i- C2911 0 er leach 9' non ficgtxxce exvrer W to he Club HISO contributed Ho' 4 Q11 each 'afldjdat 'QBot0YYKXa iotiixf by 01-6 fb gf to U16 Vocational A--f' 51211 'Heb S es 'vet QQ' Xue' -xnevg nekka SJ' partmenf ' es ma-Vers f""rr'1 twat we e X xof t lx- em' r ' QCII 1- of F119 ga A ABT O. th gigs L D V8 asked I Quik?-fsmh-XD in an gl! ? Q -Pell 0 193 "

Page 2 text:

-X-FT' , 1 if-' ' -"QL . 17 ,f w D HQHY- . . A ,, iiffqiiz an aiiilulsfui 131. ".i1".3.iiB.f.-Inv.: H QQ, ' 'Q VILLE 'You are invited and urged to tend Open House which will ' '-V- 1 held on Thursday evening Nov at 7 o'clock at the High Schof 'Il is is in celebratjf i '-f,.Amer1 1 J cational Week Q F The -f-- Parent ation will -also f ' Parents and fr! visit class root W 1 used by the s As guests 7 - the Cafeteril " 4 2 . 'I vi J' i it if 1 fl 5 L. 26 if 5,5 "4 . J 1 I '3' if 24" H 'sv ,H pl ' H' W 1' ,N P I Wg, 'H Nl y '-J 'sd .S df Ks 'ri .P I L -X wll15e se' . classroom! e ivlslted. l 4. 'ra ' - me exif. .i .- :Qin-.s l, e',g..rfsMe,. nailz! its YW - Wm ---0 c zoltiool Librar gymxxnilll me Hume Coming Gam as l s ew Books Commagdflixt gmlflootball Queen will be self dersonville hue, ifbnxpbeg Ones week. The squad selectec The High School Lib1'H1'Y is HenC0Q,perLoNlW Xgegted YO! Q tlieidates from the -fresh , A ' Winning Well thiS year, 11 QWYDBQG This is SHE games, ooremn ugh the Senior class. By which ls Nov. 15 Ly quite place to rs at 'line ouisteflx its an imllg as it vote' the Queen will be se. ' oi On' Certainl' Commandoljr not om the Senior Class am' ery Nlied- 3 Seas 8 for the heaggef agteflant from each class r ine W ,ba,CK A . , -e .+Q-,rm a C0109 by you Jwing are candidates fo. qke .gd week goin' and her attendants vffwms only Won mess: Robert Carut , They 5easo1l'urtis, Hannah Cami Les oi Hit whileruerite Durhamg Jun at Nxt Vmovgv Mad' van and Jean Stati H walked 2: Harriet McM1 5 ,A PFOEI' ch Leamvsxlnn Stamps: Freshl 'torium Qi Goa on the ham and Shirley s., one ni be - is t ers taki L wyefs W wins re V n Rev. Jar 123 Q aut t0 S9 e. Bull take place Thur - Spiritual Night Portland gMC?ome'0n' 9:0 " Picken H me ef You' YOU kH0 i n genera? let that hge same' gms 10 CUMINQ canon and enioiteatw encour L CTIVE Q. , is . AJP- j s l fwf 51 PNY? P-.1-SW 'Sizes in ini ment is fff' 'Thuffgff School .t - u X. .e i o , 0 . ..qs PA, . l - 9-ull led 1, Otob get X F t the lm Omg Allglown three inthe Statee. ' X een 9 ll 1 Charly! A girls--- nvertablesh jj, L g . ,Gage iw an ' . , - J .G Yew Gurtiaueu ifhe che the queen 4: . e 3 ' rf" . e 1 T .if X X ackljgiiaeiioii given ull- XQJQXQSJ X5 rgigggyyoindextef awifh Otbgr Iiiders, . wh die gs ge lf ,."' e -won ar Wi Hutifm new eve wtf we GSW . 193' ' so wa G -y W1 . 10 - th af 1 - V. : , fog ga. 9 10 N3 BH Y te Wed , Oud QE. 11 nedgowfe mth at 4-109250, ti' Q? .5990 453 T Ewing decorat with severafg ng- ,ffdi 01 nnesllonnea 96355 9681 va-sie ,psig We R 2 Allen Cufguggin n This d Hur0mebi1 ,'-If - . 5 V l , Y I S U e G30 59022609 og' I 1 5aX - uffer loc.QQ,fSYiz:,,b,o'2aQo0g0,5'0'bi 5921? H 92:27 Anders arggfndship 21331118 WL if bk new 9"' vice- 'L K9 fl H Lu dwaf C0111 inte,- . rs W ggi- asf! ' -49, 4, 9 9 D abby E Bam munity 651 f ' 1 T5 '- sl i, t asu Q0 xv +90 ox' '5' B B , CP' 6 , , e Sh ' Th 9:3 -1 utiflll ' qs BY lpiy rlgetty Qwi -29.5 Q5 .5,9e'6,gx7Pqi,w' l,e'5'v5 we 2,3053 'Sf Smg- Egflzedxthe resign an -'ir . ton Curtis at are +3 Q e 6,159 -sxioxjee' Cine' W Q46 'oe' qs as rt Days 0 ts 'Sims , lv 1 u ga Xfo 6 as Q 0 -da 5 osx' Well as ff' ir fled wi -district mee ' Q19 0,60 gm? go 952, 616605 1,8 qciau numbers Her I' H W V 636196: omemakers -A "W 'QQ A5 " 'O A nh ' on 11 X ee. HE DERSO VILLE UHEER LEADER Eff Ha,-,I er been 1199 5 0911599 - Q, year V 7 - ' x 3 8351 - 395 9' teal cf but .. . F- onmly stf, 101916 A09 n A Of ' C C fQQ'3'1Ue , Barre Y 00191969 1 Soexwitncll' C ' uw. 'J we fm on od A e ' Q if W ss- X, 9, Nile l 0 x 513. 0 I. ,A qu, . my ,KGQXS Q 1' 4, .' f , .1 V, 1900 1159 V, f . L Q 5 Soavt. Haven ml 00 F1907 0 E I t.,l 5 :H L 6 Q 6 , Ib 81 I I S108 0 al vw 1101 be fs If i in-kj get W- vice U01 la-va gdos eawes ' :fs , H ' -X ' - 8 I V You have noticed tx ix qv ei5h7,a0'r,,1?' lvbj bapebeblbd 4 V ethod of indentifying -gfw . r elif' ab 8 Iv C71 Q5 - ' ,rw fo, 115. 0' 175- Iva 5194. S x sa A fab I 11 CL, . nf? , Q1-?.oMnANn0s Hosr DONALSON i?i'g0CTOBER so 2,4 Q13 Here Friday evening, Oct. 30 at 9 f 9 8 1 O9 791 C001 UQ UIQ., 36 ft 91. ZLOQ Qab 2006 lbs. 0 6' fa r . ff 056 647, dos 0-if be H711 f Q y a Q 0' O Ga. 1 'fy are 1101. Ga fr foe, n S: We O01 :WI is' . 01 lb be AU! I SU S J 80 1'-tb8 0121 JPG . ' I 1 Lea! 1110, QI, .Pnk Ce W Q L lvl 9 7:3f the Commandos will play iyfof bas esfbalisc I I . if:'iDo.lalson, one of the toughest op- 569029-l'g,,a been ' Ge if-5f'j11o.1ents,,of the season. Both teams 'Abe to 8511! ty-ai I ffggha 'e lost only one league game 2, ' 80 fig 0018 A jar? each is training hard for the qi 151-0681173 -ff' 'y. If are are no injuries to ,Will 601595, ' 11573 Je I - ,xl .5 there will be a very good op- 031 C, 8,129 7 005 ,o0t r ' P9 L - 4 YF 'ima-A-:A -ju . ,nf ,gl-J-lqg. , 1 A l 'Q.,u..?5 4,j:T. .Ye ,591 l . x .,.,,. - A , , , ,T . ,V,.f-,,,,-,XM an-s..: 125535 nmg 1s1,f..n.f.-ie? if . l4l,. 4 ,w'H.wer, fa . ,ef ,, . 'V-fe r fl

Page 4 text:

f?fmM,.:,,-QQOV, V , V U6'NW-Q-mil AQM fffw' -AQ, Q'-was WU ' 225254 A AwJQ W wi, W 1 Qf1h w M My Jw ?5i3 1Qz3 f swf? W Q N , , fiiifig gyjfiiiggyw :Wig M325 figififf fffgb

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