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Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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-X-FT' , 1 if-' ' -"QL . 17 ,f w D HQHY- . . A ,, iiffqiiz an aiiilulsfui 131. ".i1".3.iiB.f.-Inv.: H QQ, ' 'Q VILLE 'You are invited and urged to tend Open House which will ' '-V- 1 held on Thursday evening Nov at 7 o'clock at the High Schof 'Il is is in celebratjf i '-f,.Amer1 1 J cational Week Q F The -f-- Parent ation will -also f ' Parents and fr! visit class root W 1 used by the s As guests 7 - the Cafeteril " 4 2 . 'I vi J' i it if 1 fl 5 L. 26 if 5,5 "4 . J 1 I '3' if 24" H 'sv ,H pl ' H' W 1' ,N P I Wg, 'H Nl y '-J 'sd .S df Ks 'ri .P I L -X wll15e se' . classroom! e ivlslted. l 4. 'ra ' - me exif. .i .- :Qin-.s l, e',g..rfsMe,. nailz! its YW - Wm ---0 c zoltiool Librar gymxxnilll me Hume Coming Gam as l s ew Books Commagdflixt gmlflootball Queen will be self dersonville hue, ifbnxpbeg Ones week. The squad selectec The High School Lib1'H1'Y is HenC0Q,perLoNlW Xgegted YO! Q tlieidates from the -fresh , A ' Winning Well thiS year, 11 QWYDBQG This is SHE games, ooremn ugh the Senior class. By which ls Nov. 15 Ly quite place to rs at 'line ouisteflx its an imllg as it vote' the Queen will be se. ' oi On' Certainl' Commandoljr not om the Senior Class am' ery Nlied- 3 Seas 8 for the heaggef agteflant from each class r ine W ,ba,CK A . , -e .+Q-,rm a C0109 by you Jwing are candidates fo. qke .gd week goin' and her attendants vffwms only Won mess: Robert Carut , They 5easo1l'urtis, Hannah Cami Les oi Hit whileruerite Durhamg Jun at Nxt Vmovgv Mad' van and Jean Stati H walked 2: Harriet McM1 5 ,A PFOEI' ch Leamvsxlnn Stamps: Freshl 'torium Qi Goa on the ham and Shirley s., one ni be - is t ers taki L wyefs W wins re V n Rev. Jar 123 Q aut t0 S9 e. Bull take place Thur - Spiritual Night Portland gMC?ome'0n' 9:0 " Picken H me ef You' YOU kH0 i n genera? let that hge same' gms 10 CUMINQ canon and enioiteatw encour L CTIVE Q. , is . AJP- j s l fwf 51 PNY? P-.1-SW 'Sizes in ini ment is fff' 'Thuffgff School .t - u X. .e i o , 0 . ..qs PA, . l - 9-ull led 1, Otob get X F t the lm Omg Allglown three inthe Statee. ' X een 9 ll 1 Charly! A girls--- nvertablesh jj, L g . ,Gage iw an ' . , - J .G Yew Gurtiaueu ifhe che the queen 4: . e 3 ' rf" . e 1 T .if X X ackljgiiaeiioii given ull- XQJQXQSJ X5 rgigggyyoindextef awifh Otbgr Iiiders, . wh die gs ge lf ,."' e -won ar Wi Hutifm new eve wtf we GSW . 193' ' so wa G -y W1 . 10 - th af 1 - V. : , fog ga. 9 10 N3 BH Y te Wed , Oud QE. 11 nedgowfe mth at 4-109250, ti' Q? .5990 453 T Ewing decorat with severafg ng- ,ffdi 01 nnesllonnea 96355 9681 va-sie ,psig We R 2 Allen Cufguggin n This d Hur0mebi1 ,'-If - . 5 V l , Y I S U e G30 59022609 og' I 1 5aX - uffer loc.QQ,fSYiz:,,b,o'2aQo0g0,5'0'bi 5921? H 92:27 Anders arggfndship 21331118 WL if bk new 9"' vice- 'L K9 fl H Lu dwaf C0111 inte,- . rs W ggi- asf! ' -49, 4, 9 9 D abby E Bam munity 651 f ' 1 T5 '- sl i, t asu Q0 xv +90 ox' '5' B B , CP' 6 , , e Sh ' Th 9:3 -1 utiflll ' qs BY lpiy rlgetty Qwi -29.5 Q5 .5,9e'6,gx7Pqi,w' l,e'5'v5 we 2,3053 'Sf Smg- Egflzedxthe resign an -'ir . ton Curtis at are +3 Q e 6,159 -sxioxjee' Cine' W Q46 'oe' qs as rt Days 0 ts 'Sims , lv 1 u ga Xfo 6 as Q 0 -da 5 osx' Well as ff' ir fled wi -district mee ' Q19 0,60 gm? go 952, 616605 1,8 qciau numbers Her I' H W V 636196: omemakers -A "W 'QQ A5 " 'O A nh ' on 11 X ee. HE DERSO VILLE UHEER LEADER Eff Ha,-,I er been 1199 5 0911599 - Q, year V 7 - ' x 3 8351 - 395 9' teal cf but .. . F- onmly stf, 101916 A09 n A Of ' C C fQQ'3'1Ue , Barre Y 00191969 1 Soexwitncll' C ' uw. 'J we fm on od A e ' Q if W ss- X, 9, Nile l 0 x 513. 0 I. ,A qu, . my ,KGQXS Q 1' 4, .' f , .1 V, 1900 1159 V, f . L Q 5 Soavt. Haven ml 00 F1907 0 E I t.,l 5 :H L 6 Q 6 , Ib 81 I I S108 0 al vw 1101 be fs If i in-kj get W- vice U01 la-va gdos eawes ' :fs , H ' -X ' - 8 I V You have noticed tx ix qv ei5h7,a0'r,,1?' lvbj bapebeblbd 4 V ethod of indentifying -gfw . r elif' ab 8 Iv C71 Q5 - ' ,rw fo, 115. 0' 175- Iva 5194. S x sa A fab I 11 CL, . nf? , Q1-?.oMnANn0s Hosr DONALSON i?i'g0CTOBER so 2,4 Q13 Here Friday evening, Oct. 30 at 9 f 9 8 1 O9 791 C001 UQ UIQ., 36 ft 91. ZLOQ Qab 2006 lbs. 0 6' fa r . ff 056 647, dos 0-if be H711 f Q y a Q 0' O Ga. 1 'fy are 1101. Ga fr foe, n S: We O01 :WI is' . 01 lb be AU! I SU S J 80 1'-tb8 0121 JPG . ' I 1 Lea! 1110, QI, .Pnk Ce W Q L lvl 9 7:3f the Commandos will play iyfof bas esfbalisc I I . if:'iDo.lalson, one of the toughest op- 569029-l'g,,a been ' Ge if-5f'j11o.1ents,,of the season. Both teams 'Abe to 8511! ty-ai I ffggha 'e lost only one league game 2, ' 80 fig 0018 A jar? each is training hard for the qi 151-0681173 -ff' 'y. If are are no injuries to ,Will 601595, ' 11573 Je I - ,xl .5 there will be a very good op- 031 C, 8,129 7 005 ,o0t r ' P9 L - 4 YF 'ima-A-:A -ju . ,nf ,gl-J-lqg. , 1 A l 'Q.,u..?5 4,j:T. .Ye ,591 l . x .,.,,. - A , , , ,T . ,V,.f-,,,,-,XM an-s..: 125535 nmg 1s1,f..n.f.-ie? if . l4l,. 4 ,w'H.wer, fa . ,ef ,, . 'V-fe r fl C5 Luau! on -..-uullllllxy 2 cum' wofkouf QL defs COTY one o ' Scashe HeQ2ad?EdaY' 26633 0 C gh W C' Leath his d a 0 d io, 041 'mmandos 0 6 tevde eebo' close ing the C0 venlng bet' . Muriiifr were i we B workout each ine last two' Hendersonville Commandos SQX10 be,-5 Gdnesda Ind 10 pm. for Madison's grid debut a rath- ion- W memtgad we 'M a ary one by romping to a 41 , Ne "LM L 'ictory on the Litton LL' 1 GM lUOMl l mural boys out now -1-.. Illltl UUMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT - TYPEWRITERS Lee Pomddxtel' The Commercial Department il 'A Q growing from year to year to the If extent that 63 students are taking 7 typing. The department added two fnew typewriters and borrowed, onef T0 A from the principals' office. The Agriculture ,Department C Q - Inade the two' tables which are veryfif t , 0uVeutI0ltine as compared to some ot the! nnes which are made by manufac- n9 Local Ag. tear-'L turers ot office furniture. is Lee Poindexrr- 0 vig Le a VITO The answer to last weeks puzzle pg: l CCIVICJ. , ' X 35 , A n Captain: I AL moeenisgh Q. Jahk Etheridge was firsf sl L4 - co- - ' c p ,E VER! H Tommy Barllgstg 0- Dorris, l?p,U YRXN A to bjnviuexeisuxn ue in the correct answer, tiulni: Fenne ' Supt-y W BOYS dex-S, neg 6 v f,,. , 1 c WYC- Lea v E X hi! Heh nu? ag' s Q .D hxhx, ltice I I, Roney. .vin fOr V3-ndels X ifbeqx of Wah gZSxty0n009Q Q lp Nxxxviggk. parade, ED BY the firsfal 1 vvxucxi? it Xe Q me game C 11 , Patrol, NT-ERTAI1?Yr to 1'3. cadets arolqx Schoof accegxe 9056 5151. Q . ly rec. 'auti1'uloERS0NvI k Upqrgllzs Onvlyfe S' Qt iv to wa 1. Av Q JY Nation 1 rourts I 0 ,ed 3 A701101 CAQOI yea' and 1 Us of, F01 'e , K 1' were 01051617 ak -'qu BE- Yoon-ib"S01JI2 Q 'Gee lp ype of sup ms W Cotbers for fb1:erSOm"7le S gust 31 xA co!-ge!"f"'9 tl 670052: bleeffllg 1ra81ng't'd 1 N lelmliv ye-2 . ' 0110 A cce . We We Z b ' 01' 5 'MSS flfagotirtelz AZ-.5-WUI 'be-' 01 mach' M Sixizlax aol OZ 86185764 seleoleody C17 be xl Af fqllde 819 0.340 ' Grab Mrs .Next wlfegp S556 6" MPS WAPSOU, M 60561: Afahabig sed 0, Rial. . 'EH' bs W ra . 6111180 1-S1 Q - . Y EVP-2111 '1- xs wb 0 I . L their ap! bi Jw ry Sl e 911 in eve J' ,010 Q 'U-Q ef lea aging its C' dual Gogh? felbogba 9-3516 11 I D1 Coach and l ' he A re we X at Car ' ft Off T 'Id ' -"fm, 'C A w 15'-ae 0 Orbis S O .V . -90 . 0-2011 I .01-1 . ' e ' l y L w wovgxigin vow G1-fm 9-3 .WIS ind coggfdz I 0 hafa . ol, D Harold Qzltb' ated Z4 6 60 rzqebso rule M E10 111 SY xfz VX sew ex. " are 'S 'OB Knit gtg 596 he 5' Xt 11 ev to B ' I. i tm' , 5 f ISU rec- ' 11610 t Jo ,,' Gfrzelzire Mass D i S011 e 'X , . - . t at i anim rem' XY. Ba X 'YY ent asv' 9 ,var xxx? ' ,tam U Y, 9 do 0911 I 11 bi We sg df!-at asse-Si Wife QS S . 1 Q0 axt? ti 0 ,MLM 8 tb 1101081 011001: ahlyh 11 Xia UI , Q ' ' All ' P cum xx-shui A616011 Abs ss s yxF.5mf't HQ tookw- oft o umhwd use Elegy-A-Mb nigga. i t va 0: t at-,ko A dee X R k .5- xxmxfifjaxzgeit gafal Sfeetk, 9 A Commandos . A0 en. Ut 1,65 K' Cui HendeI'S0nV1ue d Friday the-we WRYXTBOYXZT- 1: Thiab' Wcstmoremn ..WLjxhYy1v ,bex gwill n 30x owe 009 The Hendersonville Civic Cjuba X lton Satur' agreed in its regul Y5 1, and Joe . Both da ' ar meeting Tues-Bmw ,- -h QT night Jan 'Em at 7:30 pm. .v evcnang to purchase rainc0afg'u9U out 112, fr day night - - -der-Sonviue, ghd hats for the Elementary School pw! owqx Jr Q 'mos at Hen atm' This is a Very Worthy Jes 'K nnecme 3' , ' 0 5 ... .. b so I me and is appreciated 'by' the fac- Rural 've 0 - U 31-'eeaikvv 2 E ers e all as ulty, patrol and parents. It Wm an ,xnxx us Agni Nico maven! gl' Ever talso make for' a finer looking Da- xooz so Xen W In 530052 ,dev cond N 11,6 db- J'0,,e is Pol and more serviceable, A high- Xsoyuiw 8 gi bat oemig ot xxx Begeksfqnam wide 9086 ofeobb 11 of fer level of efficency will fbe seen WX Let nz 6661! ,l Pele body 0119 we 161815 5 WQAUHTBVYXSU BROWN!" 120 6661511 N5-In the members ot' the patrol ,e- Amie 0 Ann i- C2911 0 er leach 9' non ficgtxxce exvrer W to he Club HISO contributed Ho' 4 Q11 each 'afldjdat 'QBot0YYKXa iotiixf by 01-6 fb gf to U16 Vocational A--f' 51211 'Heb S es 'vet QQ' Xue' -xnevg nekka SJ' partmenf ' es ma-Vers f""rr'1 twat we e X xof t lx- em' r ' QCII 1- of F119 ga A ABT O. th gigs L D V8 asked I Quik?-fsmh-XD in an gl! ? Q -Pell 0 193 " f?fmM,.:,,-QQOV, V , V U6'NW-Q-mil AQM fffw' -AQ, Q'-was WU ' 225254 A AwJQ W wi, W 1 Qf1h w M My Jw ?5i3 1Qz3 f swf? W Q N , , fiiifig gyjfiiiggyw :Wig M325 figififf fffgb YEARBOOK OF HENDERSONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL HENDERSONVILLE, TENNESSEE 4 , , , X L 4 506 V ,.3gj.: I: ah X I 1 1 'III' B 1 "v' f-b X: EA b ' .X xg TSX. 1 ' f ff' ' f ' ' X L X8 3 .Y YL T V I If 'v S 3 SJ N if-J S y 1-,I S : "..,:X x xv! X 5 x E' E - 'F X 5 was om E N GSX .. ' ' E4 N + 2 1 Q Q' . S EJ75W'5 , Z OJ . ' V ' -. Ra, 'S f , 4: ff E E' 31 a C Mm . K f N Nff'5Z"-'ff X , J wi f W S OS QQX S - ' A 47 , ' -.ewgiar 'tx , 1 .: A . -gf" N Z -7' ,M Q R1 UK :K X k XR afjfxfili ...N Qewem :nf Me gem AI' o GOLDEI' A collection of picture look at in the future . . . anc ancl are yet . . . in ou: and in ALBUM v1EMoRlEs md words . . . fo cherish . . . fo fondly ,3 9 K Z Z 'ecall fo mind days fhaf were . . . be 'everies . . . in our thoughts . . . :ur hearfs. u saw ig Q W, LL,, Q ' ' iigf v M54 ' ,Q 'T if in 1 K. QDTP: rw 1 Nyxgilsk , N , is A 'das 5f'Nw'Y ,fx xx, V. xx 'N' X nt! Xsrvx , QQ, W Wflfm 1 Us DEDICATED . . TO MISS MARGARET GRIME AND MR. W. C. LEATH As an expression of onr appreciation we the Golden Memory staff and the Senior Class of 1954 dedicate this volnrne to Miss Margaret Griine and Mr. W. C. Leath for their gnidance and inspiration which has rneant rnnch to ns. CUR FACULTY Lan! 1 .1 - ' ' .,4..,,. flaaff M- ' . ' MR. PAUL O. DoRRIs K A.B., Social Studies I. C. ANDERSON M.A., School Administration George Peabody College for Teachers THOSE WHO LEAD US JOHN O. BARNES Tennessee State Teachers . B.S. I College University of Tennessee University of Alabama Agriculture Seventh Grade VIISS MARSAQRET GRIME W. C. LEATH . . B.S. Middle Tennessee State' Tennessee Polytechnic College N Institute English, Math ici Physical Education, Coach N MRS. MACK BINGHAM B.S. Middle Tennessee State College Commercial, English PAUL DOUGLAS SMITH B.A., M.A. George Peabody College for Teachers Cumberland University Mathematics MISS MILTON CURTIS B.S. George Peabody College for Teachers Home Economics, Science, History, Civics MZRS. THOMAS W. STONE, JR. A.B. Western Kentucky State College Music, Glee Club Eighth Grade 'x MRS. THOMAS H. ELLIS L,l., B.S. George Peabody College for Teachers Western Kentucky Madison College Library if X 2 IUHMRFY I 111 Av raozaiafa CLASS HISTORY In August, 1950, fifty-two boys and girls signed up for parts in the production, "Four Years at Hendersonville High." We had been looking forward to being in this important play for many years. The place was the high school building and the time 1950-51. The first act centered mainly around freshmen getting acquainted with teachers, upper classmen and surroundings. We were inexperienced but our stage fright was re- placed by confidence as our days passed. Our directors were Mr. A. C. Webb and Mr. Paul Smith. Our officers were Lucien Anderson, Pres- identg Thelma Young, Vice-President, Joanne Bradley, Secretary, and Louise Davy, Treasurer. The second act took place three months later in the fall of 1951-52. We felt like seasoned players. Thirty-four persons took part in this act, which. showed Sophomores, proud of their status as the upper layer of underclassmen, busily showing freshmen around. A memorable event of this act was a Wiener roast at Mr. Paul Smith's home. Our hardworking cast was winner of the magazine contest. To be remembered in this act was our thrilling skating party. Our directors were Mr. W. C. Leath and Mr. Paul Smith. Our officers were Tommy Barrett, Presidentg Floyd Lee Poindexter, Vice-President 3 Betty Worsham, Secretary, and Carol Dixon, Treasurer. The third act began in September, 1952, and the cast numbered twenty-seven. This act con- tained some unforgettable highlights among which the Junior-Senior Barn Dance ranked first. Our directors for this act were Mr. W. C. Leath and Mr. Paul Smith. Our officers were Betty Wor- sham, President, Tommy Barrett, Vice-Presidentg Kenneth Hinkle, Secretary, and Lucien Ander- son, Treasurer. The curtain rose on the fourth act in the fall of 1953. This act had a special significance because we played the part of Seniors, and it was the climax of the entire play. Twenty-six of the original number were starred this time. Among the Senior activities were the receiving of class rings and invitations, class meetings, elections, and the Senior Play. We also had the task of editing the Commando Comet and our annual GOLDEN MEMORIES. Members of the cast who gained fame were Gran Harris, football captain, Tommy Barrett, co-captaing Ewing White, bas- ketball captain and Roberta Caruthers, football queen. We were proud to have Mary Jo Williams as Valedictorian with an average of 94.51 and Joanne McDufi'ee, Saluatorian, with an average of 93.25. Our directors were Miss Margaret Grime and Mr. W. C. Leath. Our officers were Tommy Barrett, President, Lucien Anderson, Vice-Presidentg Roberta Caruthers, Secretary, and Jackie Curtis, Treasurer. As the curtain falls on the last act, we feel very grateful to our directors and others who so faith- fully guided us and helped us in our difficulties for these four years. We feel that the experience and knowledge we have gained will help us to be better players on the stage of life, and we can never forget the wonderful times we have had in "Four Years at Hendersonville High." BETTY WORSHAM Historian ,dim eww awww 4' A IM 'Life E 1' -Q-.ku WV 16" SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TOMMY BARRETT .,,.. LUCIEN ANDERSON .,.,. ROBERTA CARUTHERS .... JACKIE CURTIS ,...... ISIANNAH CAMPBELL .... PORTER CURTIS .... GRAN HARRIS ,... . , , . . . . .President . . . . .Vice-President . , . . . .Secretary . . , .Treasurer . , . , .Reporter ., . . .Reporter . . . . .Sentinel SENIGR CLASS TC' Y 1' I Class of '54 LUCIEN ANDERSON "Little people make big noises" -i P 'a f, '51-'52, F tr ll, ro, "z, '53, Beta Club, '52-'54, l3l'2iSCliili"g'i'-'53, H-Club'l0'.'?A'53l C1555 Reporter. '51-'52s Class Treasurer, '52-'53, Annual Statrt, '54, Class Tournaments, '51:'541 Stunt Night, '51, Commando Comet, '54, Class V1ce'Pres1dent '53-'54. BOBBY' RAY BAKER "I am not .mecessful at being pompous, the most I ean do is ta appear embarrassed" Beta Club, '52-'54, Basketball, '52-'53, Paper Stall, '54, Class Tournaments, '51, TOMMY BARRETT "Great men are 'wise as well as 'zc'illz'11g" Football, '50-'53, Basketball, '52-'53, Annual Staff, '54, Paper Staff, '54, Football Co-Captain, '53, BOys4State Representative, '53, H-Club President, '53-'54, Class President, '52, '54, Class Vice-President, '53, Beta Club, '52-'54, Beta Convention, 53, H-Club Play, '52-53. J. C. BLAIR "People who melee no noise are dangerous" Football, '50-'52, Basketball, '51-'52, H-Club, 'Sl-'52, Livestock Judging Contest, '53, Varsity Visit, '53, F.F.A., '50-'54. THOMAS GORDON BUCHAI-'AN "Quietly he worked away, faithful to each duty" Class Tournaments, '53, Cumberland Valley Forensic Contest, '53. HANNAH CAMPBELL "Good nature is 'worth more than money" Beta Club, '51-'54, Glee Club, '53, Honor Roll, '51, Football Queen Candidate, '51, '53, Class Tournaments, '51-'54, Annual Stall, '54, Class Reporter, '54, Paper Staff, '54, ROBERTA CARUTHERS "The greatest pleasure of life is love" F,H.A., '51-'54, Cvlee Club, '52, Class Secretary, '53-'-54, F.H.A. Pianist, '52, Football Queen, '54, Annual Staff, '54, Paper Staff, '54, Miss H. H. S., '54. DOROTHY ANN CLENDENING "Let all thing: be done decently and in order" Class Tournaments, '51-'54, Field Day Attendant, '51, Honor Roll, '51, Beta Club, '52-'54, Glee Club, '53-'54, Annual Staff, '54. JACKIE CURTIS "Laugh and the 'world laughs with you" Class Reporter, '53, Class Treasurer, '54, F.H.A., '51-'54, Glee Club, 51-53,5 Bsta Club, '52-'54, Beta Club President, '54, Cheerleader, 50, 54, Football Queen Attendant '50' Basketball St-52,, Basketball Manager, '53-'54, Annual Stall' '54, Stunt Night, 49. 52: Class Tournaments, '50-'51. PETE HARLAN CURTIS "A mother'.x' pridep a father's joy" F00tb3ll, '50-'53' F.F.A., '50-'53, F.F.A. Secretar '514'54' H- Club Plays, '52-'53, Class Treasurer, '51-'52, Class Repdrter, ,50-,515 Livestock Judging, '52-'53, Parliamentary Contest, 51-53, Skills Contest, '51-'53, Class Tournaments, '50-'53. Class of '54 THOMAS PORTER CURTIS, IR. "Someday I shall cast aside my boyish pranks and be a man" Football Manager, '50-'53, H-Club, '50-'54, Basketball, '50-'52, Annual Staff, Class Reporter, '50, '52, '53, Commando Comet Staff, Class Tournaments, '50-'53. BETTIE RUTH DICKSON "Great persons are able to do great kindnesses" Beta Club, '52-'54, Glee Club, '53, Class Tournaments, '51-'54, Honor Roll, '51, MARGUERITE DURHAM "Blushing is the complexion of virtue" F.H.A., '51-'54, Glee Club, '53-'54, Class Tournaments, 'Sl-'54, Basketball Cheerleader, '53-"54. ' MILLER FROST "The more I study the more I forget" Football, '50-'52, F.F.A., '50-'54, Skill Contest, '52-'53, Varsity Visit, '54, F.F.A. Reporter, '54. PEGGY Jo GANN "For she was just the quiet kind, whose nature never varies" Glee Club, '53-'54. GRAN WILSON HARRIS "Smile with an intent to do mischief" Football, '50-'53, Football Captain, '53, F.F.A., '50-'53, Vice- President, '54, H-Club, '51-'53, Basketball, '51-'52, Class Tourna- ments, '50-'51, Annual Staff, '54, Class Sentinel, '54, Parlia- mentary Procedure Contest, '54, H-Club Plays. ROY MARTIN MCCONNELL "Each mind has its own method' F.F.A., '50-'52, Class Tournaments, '51-'53. I JOANNE MCDUI-'EEE "Wisdom is better than rubies" F.H.A. Club, '50-'54, Beta Club, '51-'54, President of F.H.A., '54, Delegate to F.H1A. Workshop, '53, Viee-President of Beta Club, '54, Delegate to Beta Club Convention, '53, Editor of Commando Comet, '54, D.A.R. Representative, '54. ERMA LOUISE PALMER "Faith without good works is dead" Beta Club, '52-'53-'54, F.H.A., '51-'54, Class Tournaments, '50- '54, Stunt Night, '49, '50, '52, F.H.A. Parliamentarian, '53, Beta Club Secretary-Treasurer, '54, Class Prophet, '54, Paper Staff, '54, Glee Club, '50-'53. FLOYD LEE POINDEXTER "Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit" b Football, '50-'53, FF.A., '50-'54, F.F.A. Secretary, '52-'53, F.F.A. President, '53-'54, F.F.A. Delegate to National Convention, '53, F.F.A. Delegate to State Convention, '54, F.F.A. Sub- District, Secretary, '53, F.F.A. Skills Contest, '51-'53, F.F.A. Livestock Judging Contests, '52-'53, F.F.A. Parliamentary Pro- cedure Contests, '52-'53, Class Vice-President, '51-'52, Beta Club, '51-'52, H-Club Plays, '52-'53, Class Tournaments, '51-'53, Class of '54 SARAH GRACE STALEY "The 'wisdom of many, the wit of one" F.H.A., '51-'54, Beta Club, '52-'54, F.H.A. Delegate to Varsity Visit, '53, Class Tournaments, '53, Glee Club, '52-'53, Paper Staff, '54, Annual Staff, '54. ANNA MAE WHEELER "Why 'waste time in 'worry when therrfx xo much fun in the world" Basketball, 'Sl-'54, H-Club, '52-'54, Cheerleader, '54, Secretary of H-Club, '53-'54, F.H.A., '51-'54, Beta Club, '52-'54, Glee Club, '52-'54, Class Tournaments, '51-'52, F.H.A. Representative to Camp Titfa, '53. EWING RAY WHITE "Talker: are good dons" Football, 'Sl-'53, Basketball, '51-'54, H-Club, '52-'54, H-Club Plays, '51-'52, Basketball Captain, '53-'54, Paper Stalf, '53-'54, Class Tournaments. MARY Io WILLIAMS "I make the most of all that come: and the least of all that goes" Basketball, '51-'54, F.H.A., '51-'54, F.H.A. Delegate to Varsity Visit, '53, Beta Club, '52-'54, Annual Staff, '54, Paper Staff, '54, Glee Club, '53, H-Club, '53-'54, H-Club Plays, '53-'54, Class Tournaments, '51-'52. BETTY WORSHAM "None but herself can be her equal" F.H.A., '51-'54, F.H.A. Historian, '52-'54, Parks Sub-District Repqrter, '54, Class Reporter, '51, Class Secretary, '52, Class President, '53, Cheerleader, '53, Girls State Representative '53, H-Club, '53-'54, Beta Club, '53-'54, Glee Club, '51-'53, Annual Staff, '54, Paper Staff, '54, F.F.A. Queen, 'S4. 1 5.. W1 1. Pajama Party . . . 2. "Bliss Harris" . . . 3. Four of a Kind . . . 4. Baby . . . 5.'FIOyd "T" . . . 6. Lazy Bones . . . 7. Ewing . . . 8. D0n't Peep . . . 9. Jaekie . . . 10. Pest . . . 11. Time changes everything . . . 12. Back When . . . 13. Tippy . . . 14. What a pose! . . . 15. Wliafs the price? . . . 16. Senior Cuties . . . 17. Where is Mr. Dorris? CLASS PROPHECY On a cold December night as I sat in my easy chair before the fireplace my thoughts strayed and I stared into the blazing tire which appeared to me as the Senior Class of '53-'54. As the night wore on the fire began toidie down and the embers appeared as the individuals of our class. These embers told the story of love, excitement, adventure, success and cooperation. First, I saw Tommy Barrett working away on the time clock of the Louisville and Nashville train to make sure it didn't meet up with the N. C. 81 St. L. Lines. He was doing a grand job and the wrecks were inevitable. Next appeared Hannah Campbell who had kept her place at Wade Motor Co., only she was ,now promoted to the position of Credit Manager. How's business Hannah? Peggy Gann then came into the scene. She is now a modest homemaker in New Hope. How those Hoors shine, Good Work, Peggy I I I Betty Dickson appeared as a teacher in the Watkins Institute. Teach them "A stitch in time saves nine," Betty I I I Then I saw Porter Curtis working away at the Ken- tucky Derby. He was not the trainer, but the jockey! Good going! Dorothy Clendening remained close to home. She is now switchboard operator for the' Southern Bell Tele- phone Co. Don't eavesdrop Dot! The scene then changed to Chicago when at one of the leading theaters was "Hear the Dixielandersf' star- ring Lucien Anderson. Thus he had made a success of his singing career. Wonderful voice, Huh I I I Ewing White appeared next, he looked slightly differ- ent from the boy we had seen in school. He is now a M!Sgt. in the army. What do you do in the infantry, White P ? ? Betty Worsham is now a model for the Spiegel Co., in Chicago. What a success that girl is I I I BoyI did their business increase ? ? ? Next appeared Marguerite Durham, she is working in the filing department of the Sunday School Board. Watch Marguerite and don't get those files mixed! Miller Frost is now operating a dairy in Shackle Island. You realized the meaning of the slogan "Milk for Health," huh, Frost? Jackie Curtis appeared in New York, she is the book- keeper for a prominent man there in the Empire State Building. Better keep those debits and credits equal, Jackie ! I I Bobby Baker changed the scene considerably for on Broadway was showing, "Where's Charlie?'I and guess who was playing Charlie? none but Baker I I I Thomas Buchanan was now acting as an advisor to President Kefauver who had only recently taken office. Great success, Thomas! Joanne McDuITee came on the scene in Los Angeles, she now owns and operates one of the largest Beauty Salons there. Watch those haircuts, Joanne I I I I. C. Blair now has a farm near the New Hope com- munity, and the crops he is producing are unimaginable. Is it the soil or you, J. C. ? ? ? Pete Curtis appeared on the Old Hickory Lake. Was he enjoying himself? Good catch, Pete I I ! Gran Harris was now manager of the National Stores of Hendersonville. Guess who his secretary was ? ? ? None but Anne Dorris. Good boss I I I Roberta Caruthers is now the private secretary at the Nashville Electric Company. With her typing so fast she gets her work done in a half day. What do you do with the other half? No loanng on the company's time Bobyl Sarah Staley is now working as a "Home Economist" in the Betty Crocker Kitchen. My, those pies I I I Roy McConnell made his way to Washington and there he has taken the place of Senator Albert Gore. You climbed the ladder, McConnell, now see what you can do with those Republicans ? ? ? The scene changed to St. Thomas Hospital where Anna Mae Wheeler is nurse. Those shots she gives, can't you be a little easier, Wheeler ? ? P Floyd Poindexter is now the vocational agricultural advisor at Gallatin High School. Such F. F. A.'s he will make of them I I I Mary Jo Williams has made use of all that shorthand and typing, by becoming secretary to the owner of Harvey's. Working Girl I I I Then the embers had faded away and once more I- was aware of the fact that we were still a class attending H. H. S., and though we would soon have completed another milestone in our lives, we could leave thinking of the past "Golden Memories" which had meant so much to each of us. ERMA PALMER C las.: Prophetess First Row: Fay Allen, Olie Allen, Betty Bentle. Second Row: Pete Dudney, Syd Dur- ham, Geneva Eidson. Third Row: Bobby Huggins, Buddy Hurt, Gene Johnson. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WAYNE HICKMAN President BOBBY EDWARDS Vice-President BETTY CLENDENING Secretary MARJORIE KEMPER Treasurer ANNE Domus Reporter JUNIOR CLASS 5 JUNI R CLASS First Row: Charles Brown, Betty Clendening, Larry Clendening, Charles Cook, Patsy Curtis x Anne Dorris. cond Row: Bobby Edwards, Ray Fennell, Howard Frost, Jackie Givan, Billie Jean Hawkins, ' Wayne Hickman. Qi? ighird Row: Marjorie Kemper, Rosemary Kizer, Richard McMurtry, Ted McMurtry, Ann JN I flllgsl Perry, Claude Ralph. Q? Fourth : Christine Ralph, Tucker Seigenthaler, Jean Stafford, Faye Sutton, Charles Walker, Mary Wheeler. ff 3335 We IR I li 9 L RF" Q Q la 1 - - SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MARY ANN STAMPS ..,.. ....... P resident JUDY HUGGINS ....... ..... V ice-President EARLINE GREGORY ..... .... S ecretdry-Treasurer CLAUDIA BRIDGES ..... ....,....... R eporter Ted Carr, Carol Dalton, No Picture: Clyde Carr, Hillman Carr, Frances Gleaves, William Hardaway, Harold Keene, Kenneth McDuffee, Harold Rice, Bobby Timmons, Lavelle Vanhooser, First Row: Clara Mae Blair, Claudia Bridges, Kathleen Buchanan, Joanne Castle, Charles Downs. Second Row: Rose Dudney, Judy Foster, Alvin Frakes, Mary Sue Frazier, Barbara Gann. Third Row: Beverly Garrett, Earline Gregory, Judy Huggins, Steven Hurt, Emily Lanier. Fourth Row: Rebecca Martin, Har- riet McMurtry, Bobby Owen, Juanita Palmer, Lamon Sisco. Fifth Row: Joe Staley, Mary Ann Stamps, Thomas Vanhooser, Billy Wilson, Katherine Woodard. Ray Garrett. 5, Y , l . ,. as ' ,,,- ii, I 3 ' I , 'i K L , t. A 7 IJ x 2 A Ki r Lhj, I E' . L' t :I A Qgi , . 1 , s s , es, b e ., ff? - Y W1 is Y T ' N el't "i: A Y- f ssei. .g f K N sitrefrf ew Qt .- - W' is is 5 NR t .,.. Q M . t t J' , , if W it Ss, Y .R . ,,,, Q is , aw az . ., Q K Q f Q ,QQ ,1 1 5 1- K 4 ' T15 -fi. - , ,,,.. I r r it , SJ . ,, ,41:sr:i-izfwizas . ' '-f 'E J r - s, M 5 1 , S E 1lL'7,l5'ij,:L,-'wg, . A . .... 1' ' fri ' . '- if -Sli' L L ' ' - 535: , f . : - ,,.. T .. W - m fi glifpffir . " - . ,ins J we 51 CLASS OFFICERS KLLEN CURTIS, President, Osm Dum-IAM, Vice-President, DONALD DIXON, FRESHMEN First Row: Shirley Brandon, Charles Brown, Mary Burnett, Joe Burnett, Samuel Carver, Kitty Castle, Kippy Caudill, Ruth Cook, Allen Curtis. Svmnd Row? Shirley Davidson, Donald Dixon, Ronald Dixon, Diane Dowell, Willie Mae Draper, Betty Sue Dudney, Janice Durham, Kay Durham, Ruth Elmore. Third Raw: VVayne Fennell, Louise Frazier, Evelyn Frost, Bobby Gentry, Donald Givans, Eugene Hardison, Edith Hardaway, Joe Hastings, Helen Huddleston. Fourth Row: Jean Hurt, Johnny Keele, Marion Kemper, James Kizer, Lola Lawhon, Ruth Latimer, Lois Lynch, David Martin, Ever Will McConnell. Fifth' Row: Lucy McGlothin, Wayne Mitchell, Harry Murphree, Jimmy New- man, Charles Palmer, Joanna Porter, Billy Sherves, Fred Smith, Jimmy Smith, Sixth Row: Malcoln Smith, Ruth Stafford, Joe Steelc, VVesley Stinson, Larry Stumb, Larry Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Francella Webb, Gene lVhitaker. Seventh Row: Anna. Willis, Katherine Willis, Bobby Snoddy. No Picture: Obie Durham. Ierrctary and Treasurer, KITTY CASTLE, Reporter. X, :N " 'J i ii C, ' Rf ' a 5? ls, " C, C C- Q F "e' F . e 1 , C C ,,,s fe 'L ff' 'f fs htfs . , it R ai' X , f WC eii , S ir sv we itt K aii C tt- , ' S 1 ' is ,ist -1 ' F 'i': - C if F C " C iif - ' 'wtf ' ' ' - f , ,L C X tg, ,W i ia. J X fra- il! C ' if ye C .C ra 1 C C S .C 2 CC -of . at Q- QQ 1 ,,,, 15- , --L r - ga' V ax F R .Q , E ' WX KJ in h K v J 'f J tias Cc it ip E 'I Cf - CC C ' C ' '?' it f f D CC I 'F X :sail ,K :kk ki bl C i - k y g gi . K Q k , X - A l A -.gg-,C 5 L CYWN , bf H Q , J., I I if , . Ci.. , b I ..,. f. I ,l.: E g - C my FB X .,,,. U S 5 n , s a-'sg ,Q Qgfai' C4,,C Q, eg. 4, 1 t . .:f:.t 9, C C t he ' CC 5 W 12 I ..f- ' " -' - We Q 1 , tst f ,,- C . C sb F e"' C fi R . A52 t x ' ' f- , ,CC , I C Cr if 'la 4 " C Q. Ckx --g k 557 ' - l' J 0, KX' ' . D C i CC -Q., EICC I 5' R: -Q ,C L C C iw i K XL if Cf ' ,, CCC,, .iii C " ii" Ck ' - C 'ki K M iffy ,b 3. .'--C.' F F311 1 ' I L LC 0 f 019 I . ' . ' C S 'C "'-C he 2 if M W ' CC it ,EEC ,,,, W e ., 'E 5 -' I ii ' -131 '55 G 5 CC., , -TC 0 gb I , 'A' 'fn Y: wifi is' ,V ff 1 ' ji f,C 94 6-If C Mr' ', W W W ' " 5 I EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS JIMMY WHITARER ....,.......,.... ...,.... P resident TAYLOR CARTER ,...... ..... V ice-President PATRICIA EDWARDS .... .....,,. S ecretary JEAN CARUTHERS ..... . . . ..... Treasurer JUDY HALL ...,.......,....,... ..,.. R eporter MRS. THOMAS W. STONE, JR.. ,. ..... Sponsor SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS HANNA DOWELL .,,,....................,.... President BILLY JOE MUNDY ..... ,........ V ice-President JUDY OYSAIL ,.......... ..... S ecretary-Treasurer MR. JACK ANDERSON .s..............,........ Sponsor J?-T ' I . - -s ' VMS.-5 I 1 H .7- FIFTH GRADE MRS. XV. A. KIRBY Teacher SIXTH GRADE MRS. WILBUR ELLIS Teach FOURTH GRADE MRS. M. M. ANDER Teacher SECOND GRADE MISS MAGGIE CARPENTER MISS CAROLYN RICHARDSON Teachers THIRD GRADE MRS. A. C. VVEBB Teacher FIRST GRADE MRS. GRAN HARRIS MRS. DENNIS CARTER Teachers Y 4' BETA CLUB rQ af Qlfflw GOLDEN MEMORIES STAFF 1 4 TOMMY BARRETT ...... HANNAH CAMPBELL ..... LUCIEN ANDERSON ,.... GRAN HARRIS ....... SARAH STALEY ...,........ DOROTHY CLENDENING ...... PORTER CURTIS .,....... ROBERTA CARUT1-IERs ,... BETTY WORSHAM ..... MARY Jo WILLIAMS .... ERMA PALMER ...... JACKIE CURTIS ............ Mlss MARGARET GRIME .... MR. W. C. LEATH ...... .............Editor ssistant Editor ........ ,Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Feature Editor .. . ...Sports Editor .Sports Editor ...,....,Typist . . . . . .Historian .....Will Maker ..,.Class Prophet . . . .Senior Photographer ......Sponsor . . . . .Sponsor GLEE CLUB COMMANDO CGMET STAFF JOANNE MCDUFEE .........,..., Editor LUCIEN ANDERSON ,.... Assistant Editor TOMMY BARRETT ....,... Feature Editor BETTY WORSHAM .,..,,. Feature Editor HANNAH CAMPBELL ...... Society Editor PORTER CURTIS ,......... Sports Editor MARY WILLIAMS ......... Sports Editor SARAH STALEY ....,,....... Joke Editor ROBERTA CARUTHERS ........ Art Editor ERMA PALMER ........,,........ Typist EWING WHITE. . .Mimeograph Operator Bonny BAKER ..,. Mimeograph Operator Miss MARGARET GRIME ........ Sponsor MR. W. C. LEATH ...... ..... S ponsor F. F.A F. H. A. A, 41 ls --A g L 1 g ali- "-"'- -TEX 3-1 .. 7 '- f.a Mr. and Miss H. H. S. ROBERTA CARUTHERS AND TOMMY BARRETT nmwwf... Zeadm f 'N' w N T4 T is gr T T APPQGWHQ - Courteous Bramy BETTY WORSHAM DOROTHY CLENDENING BETTY DICKSON Daring BOBBY BAKER Energetic GRAN HARRIS Flirt LUCXEN ANDERSON Generous SARAH sw ALEY 1 ,,.,f' ll Jouy JOANNE MCDUFFE Handsome PETE CURTIS I ZZ., Km HANNAH CAMPBELL I 'ffdusfrfom PALMER ERMA .ix I Likeable ""'F'..,': ROY McCONNELL NXUSKCA S Original FLOYD POINDEXTER Neat JACKIE CURTIS Ill Ill Q 'ei WQQQAGANN PVESSY Romantic ANNA MAE WHEELER TQMMY BARRETT Tvmld 49? Sioui MILLER FROST J. C. BLAIR 7 gl Unusual EWING W:-ure O IM ifffvffafwf ,Ig gpg ffm: .mfuuffff ul P. , LQLQ f f I 11 1 g 5 f f I o 1 fsv. ff fllulflfff N Xlefiatlxe MARY J Q WLLQAMS Witty MARGUERITE DURHAM k""" Youthful PORTER CURTIS F.F.A. Queen BETTY WORSHAM G d MaI'Ch F.F.A.-F.H.A. Queen and King F E A T U R E T T E "SCENES OF SPECIAL Royalty ii ik Football Cheerleaders SCHOOL OF ACTIVITIES H-Club Varsity Visit MARY JO WTLLIAMS Vale-dictorian mme DOWELL Beta AWN JOANNE McDUFFEE Salutatorian and D.A.R. Representative W TOMMY BARRETT Boy's State Representative BETTY WORSHAM Girl's State Representative s K rg, ni 1' i 13 235, i I , 3 r l F 5 i F T li r r 5 l 5 x if I li F F 5 E First Row: Barrett, Poindexter, Wilson, Edwards, VVhite, Brown, Anderson, P. Curtis, Harris. z Second Row: Mir, Hartman, Carter, Allen, Frakes, Durham, Timmons, A. Curtis, Huggins, King Third Row: Brewington, Kilmon, Campbell, Johnson, Steel, Downs, Howe. 1 I l l 4 F Loft to Rzght: Captain Gran Harris, Coach W. C. Leath, Co-Captain Tommy Barrett. .5 Eg: i T :WMM Spcwfh FOOTBALL Our Splif "T" Our Double Wing OUR DEFENSIVE MEN PETE CURW5 WILSON, DURHAM. aRowN FLOYD POINDEXTER Middle Guard Ling, gacke, A V .t ' 5 I 1. S Qi, 3 Lf x' Q, s E Q f' rw. ,E A ' A 15 5 153 :L A jg A A 1 1 5 1 5' i 4 CHARLES BROWN, L.T X6 -.-- A osuE DURHAM, cg J Q k WM 5 .Ex 1 X f N ' BILLY WILSON, R.T. - 5' ,, I ,mu 3 4 X A T GE: f RE A is J 'D FE 'Rf-E 33 E A A NNE' Rx New f T f R4 . Q kvx KK E RA- x l .1 A A ig, . E ,A f v5AklL3 , f 'in X , if A 4 f'5 L1 ,L , xxx ALLEN CURTIS, Q.s. 4 oLlE ALLEN, LH. Boasv EDWARDS, L.E. BOBBY TIMMONSI LIE. , 9 x gi' fi' EX ES ' QL .Y W Q if A A ' , E gfzgx Y ' Eg 1 A ., AAAL , EEEE A F A R' f f A X 2 'K -R, Y 2 .K x, Y if L L X L 5 f R A E- fi, H Q' A UCIE s N, L. . 1 L N ANDER Q H EWING WHITE, R.E. GRAN HARRIS FB sosBY HUGGINS, R.H. ' ' ' 4 ,ef N E X :E X A EX 6, PETE CURTIS LG E E Es I A , . . FLOYD PolNDExTER,c. TOMMY BARRETT, C. 3 Queen Roberfa Carufhers and Affendanfs Queen Roberta and Capfain Gran Harris Cheerleaders affer Crowning sl fffsffir ...fe-'-"""'! A "Homecoming Parade" l:0NllN l l F 4 QUEEN ROBERTA CARUTHERS Attendants Hannah Campbell, Jean Stafford, Janice Durham, Mary Ann Stamps Cheerleaders Joanne Castle, Anna Wheeler, Ruth Elmore, Anne Dorris, Faye Allen, Jackie Curtis H-wrongs... Firsf row: Walker, Owen, White, Sisco, Timmons, Second row: R. Dixon, Mgr.. Downs, Staley, Frakes, Hickman. D. Dixon, FenneH, Mgr. TIMMONS. Forward 3 CURTIS, Guard 5 WALKER, Guard WHITE, Center . f E f., 9 'lla Q Sa susco, Forward It J 4' W Faye Allen, R F First row: Given, Allen, Kemper, Curtis, J. Staf- ford, R. Stafford Second row: Dorris, J. Curtis, Mgrs., Blair, E. Curtis, Elmore, Williams, Wheeler, Edwards Ruth Stafford L F P atsy Curtis C F B22 . Marjorie Kemper, C.G. 2 , r x 1 3, ,C 'N 'C Jean Stafford, KG. -Fc- l r ,S X 1 , L- X g V s... Jaclcie Sivan, LG 13 nl- in 1. Going lmmr . . . 2. "For Nm Only" . . . 3. 1VI1af's the orrasimz? . . . 4. I Likf flu' 1V1'r1'c' Open Spaces . . . 5. Patsy . . . 6. Nancy ffm . . . f. I want my llama- . . . X. A fax' load . . . 9. Wim! a conplr . . . 10. Earlifzc and Allrn . . . 11. Prissy . . . 12. Day is Dom' . . . 13. Fu::y and Sylvia . . . 1-l. Vp 11 Stnuzfv . , . 15. Pals . . . 16. Knock Knccd Sussic . . . 17. Hvllflf v.1'f1r'vssi011s . . . 18. Junior . . . 19. Olie . . . 20. liuildfng cz Casflc. - Q Q 0 J . f, NN iXKNx r 3 37 1 4.14, .. ..... . -- . V-qv-'..x . K. M K. .3 NM I 1 "' .....1ix,,. .. uf. f. -. 7. ' -..qw . A ' 'V.k ff 1 . wk ' '35 . X . K x kkkk i L A . M .,,,. igz Izbq .,.,.. ig.. ...ff,lA1f.i V .. al . .. ,wx ' -. - . ..5., ? . 'H' A- 9 - WSW! ssiiaww J jf 11 1 WEN 1. Iffaiting for a lrttcr . . . 2. "Country" . . . 3. "The Gang" . . . 4. Good H0zm'nmkr'r .... 4 . Having trouble? . . . 6. Real Conf! . . . 7. Good frirndx . . . 8. Enjoying 111j'.Y6'If . . . 9. fvmzrtiv . . . 10. Stanips twins . . . 11. :Ind on the .YC'l100l'5 time . . . 12. "Just a vvalking tho dogs" . . . 13. Enjoying thf game . . . 14. The "Champ" . . . 15. Cuties . . . 16. Ready to go . . . 17. Guest speaker . . . 18. Sitting pretty. .1 .A-gk' -L 9. o 4.h'."f v a BANK OF HENDEKSONVILLE Hendersonville, Tennessee Organized Phone 2111 1906 Each Account Insured to 310,000.00 by F.D.I.C. NATIONAL STORES Hendersonville, Tennessee Dry Goods Kitchen Ware Work Clothes Shoes Phone 3231 W. E. DAVIS 8: SON Madison, Tennessee Pasteurized Golden Dairy Guernsey Products Milk Phone Madison 7-6166 COLE 8: GARRETT FUNERAL HOME Goodlettsv ille, Tennessee Phone 9-5231 Compliments of Compliments of PARENT-TEACHERS HENDERSONVILLE ASSOCIATION CIVIC CLUB Compliments of Compliments of GRAVES-RAY-STARK WILSQN FARMS V-F-W- GENERAL LIVESTOCK NG. Hendersonville, Tennessee SERV1,SE,E2QQT10N MERCHANDISE Repairing-Gasoline-Oil-F, tone T1 Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 2581 Ph 2322 MCCLURE'S STORES INC. "Outfitters for the Home" Madison, Tennessee Phones 7-5716-7-3662 JOHN E. FREED HARDWARE CO. Tools, Fence, Roofing, and Hardware Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 3152 RADIO STATION W H I N "Your Best Bet in Entertainment" 1010 on your Dial Gallatin, Tennessee HENDERSONVILLE DRY CLEANERS AND BARBER !SHOP Cleaners of Distinction A. D. Steele, Proprietor B. E. MYERS sr SON, INC. KUZY K1 ICHEN Madison, Tennessee "Where You Eat and Meet Your Friends" Clothing and Shoes Hendersonville, Tenness For the Entire Family Phone 2512 J. E. NEWMAN' sf SON Feed, Grinding Seed and Hauling HENDERSONVILLE COAL COMPANY Howard Lee, Proprietor Hef1defS0f1Vi11C, TCHUCSSEC Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 5251 Phone: Office 3782-Residence 2681 W. J. 4E1LLJ COLE General Insurance Hendersonville, Tenness BANK OF GOODLETTSVILLE Goodlettsville, Tennesse HENDERSONVILLE NEWMAN'S SERVICE DRUG CO. STATION Pyeyfyippigm Texaco Gas and Oil Drugs-Sundaes-Ice Cr Tires-Tubes-Accessories Hendersonville, T U, Ph 2084 Hendersonvill Tenn. Phone 2062 BROWN MILLING CO. PURINA CHOWS Home of Oven Queen Flour BROOKS LIVESTOCK COMPANY Buyers and Transporters Gallatin, Tenness 238 West Gray Gallatin BECKY'S FLOWER H ARDC ASTLE SHOP MOTOR OO. Mrs. Rebecca W. johnson, Owner Phone 9-2806 Goodlettsville, Tennessee Phone 9-5479 Goodlettsville, T L. R. ANDERSON REAL ESTATE Hendersonville, Tennessee HUNTER PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. Norge A p pliances-Bendix phones. Gallatin, Tennessee Day 2551 Night 3112 Ph 731 Prince Street Comfffmff of CASTLE'S SUPER BLANKENSHIP STUDIO MARKET "For Fine Foods" Nashville, Tennessee CASH AND CARRY Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 2-5777 Phone 3041 Anderson, Yowell, 81 Rippy Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 359 HOGIN 8: PARKS Real Estate and Auctions Gallatin Phone 1090 Pilot Knob Limestone Co., Inc. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 681 or 211-W SUNSHINE CLEANERS Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 132 Serving the Automotive Trade GALLATIN AUTO PARTS Phone 845 or 846 263 W. Main, Gallatin FOREST RETREAT DINER Excellent Home-Cooked Meal: Marjorie Williams, Owner Phone 2055 Hendersonville Montague Drive-In Theatre "Movies Are Better Than Ever" Gallatin Road Madison, Tennessee Goodlettsville Dry Cleaners Goodlettsville, Tennessee Phone 9-2636 SUMNER COUNTY CREAMERY Gallatin, Tennessee Hancock-Burley Warehouse Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 644 or 715 W. N. ROBERTSON 81 CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 61 SHERIFF BRACY Sheriff of Sumner County Gallatin, Tennessee William and Parson's Furniture Co. Goodlettsville, Tennessee Phone 9-5302. ALBRIGHT WAREHOUSE CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Goodlettsville Shoe Shop "open all 91' Phone 9-2862 Goodlettsville, Tenn. PAYNE BROS. FEED CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 757 K. C. MOBILE SERVICE Goodlettsville, Tennessee Phone 9-9920 IOHNSON IMPLEMENT CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 85 DORRIS 8: SWIFT GROCERY Goodlettsville, Tennessee NATIONAL STORES Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 29 I. W. ETHERIDGE Bruce Carter Plumbing Co. Hendersonville, Tennessee Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 2391 Phone 3652 Sumner County Star, Inc. WRIGHT 8: SILVEY GARAGE fob Printing and Publishing Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 2042 Hendersonville, Ten Phone 2751 GALLATIN BOOK STORE Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 625 KIRSCH FLOWER SHOP Gallatin, Tennessee GALLATIN FLOWER SHOP Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 180 KRAFT FOOD CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 5 1. c. PENNEY co. Pay Cash . . . Pay Less , 'S Gallatin, Tennessee IQ' RANDOLPH HOUSE CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 43 BIG BEAR SUPER MARKET Saundersville, Tennessee MADISON 5 8: 10 Madison, Tennessee AMQUI SERVICE STATION IDEAL LAUNDRY Madison, Tennessee "All that the Name Implies" Phone 7-6171 255 Woodland Street Nashville, Tenn. E. A. DANIEL KING'S DARI DELIGHT Texaco Gas-Oil-Groceries 604 Gallatin Road, North Madison, Tenn. Phone 7-9915 Madison, Tennessee JAMES BROWN GOODLETTSVILLE FEED MILL Tax Assessor "Wayne Feeds" Gallatin, Tennessee Goodlettsville, Tennessee LAYON BROWN ED LANE County Court Clerk Circuit Court Clerk Gallatin, Tennessee Gallatin, Tennessee MODERN EQUIPMENT CO. KEMP MOTOR CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Oldsmobile Sales and Service Phone 1045 Gallatin, Tenn. Phone 1568 RANDY RECORD SHOP WADE MOTOR CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 1600 Phone 618 DRAPER HOME SUPPLY CO. KORMAN'S DEPT. STORE "Everything for the Home" "Outfitters for the Entire Familyu Hardware-Electrical Appliances-Paint National Advertised Merchandise Madison, Tennessee Madison, Tenn. Phone 7-6493 Compliments of Compliment of a MADISOTH dM?iTEE MARKET FRIEND WEBSTER 8: HITT, No. 1, Gallatin, Tennessee AARON'S, Gallatin, Tennessee SELLER'S FLORIST, Madison, Tennessee ADCOCK'S GARAGE, Hendersonville, Tennessee jUNE'S CAFE, Hendersonville, Tennessee BAKER MOTOR CO., Gallatin, Tennessee BLUES JEWELRY STORE, Gallatin, Tennessee JUDGE C. D. KEY, Gallatin, Tennessee SOUTHSIDE SERVICE STATION, Gallatin, Tennessee COFFEE CUP NO. 1, Gallatin, Tennessee CHANDLER'S DRY GOODS, Gallatin, Tennessee HESTER CHEVROLET CO., Gallatin, Tennessee BROOKS MEN 8: BOYS' FURNISHINGS, Goodlettsville, Tennessee AUBREY MOORE INSURANCE CO., Goodlettsville, Tennessee LUSTER'S BARBER SHOP, Goodlettsville, Tennessee NIX 84 CARNAHAN, Goodlettsville, Tennessee FELICE'S LOG CABIN ANTIQUE SHOP, Gallatin, Tennessee HIX 8: LEWIS FLOWER SHOP, Gallatin, Tennessee SUMNER COUNTY NEWS, Gallatin, Tennessee VII.-LE You are invited and urged to ll I lfh MW ""' ooo lrary min MW Home Coming Ga tend Open House which will I Wm --i0-- held on Thursday evening Nov Commandos t mhwootbau Queen Wm be at 7 o'clock at the High Schof deggonville here, toniglgg ones Week- The Squad sele, This is in celebrati ' "f Ameri The High School Library is Hencospertotfm Xpected Q0 ' i me idates from the ,fr Eaucational Week A Winning Well this Year' 3 Dwyagyou This ie egg games 00twnt,ugh the Senior Class. 1 which is Nev. 15 U quite place to rf at fthe. Outexeei M gn me as it vote the Queen will be The'-Parent Oi L D. Qeriam Y Cofgmandosv not om the Senior Class 2 ation will also ' U ii seeso e for the heather G aggerlant from each class. Parents and fr' r im- .terrhme Wa come-back Yoft- mwing are candidates visit class 11001 ek-2 -ist week Rl' Cam- and her attendants used by the s F Neel! i deieateii ass: As guests 7 the Cateterii 01' only un WO, th0's: Robert Cai Tlleye 5ea5o11'urtis, Hannah Ca LY- will Be se les of Wet wnlletuerite Durhamg J class rooms ,t Nxt WM 'Y Mad' van and Jean S1 :s 6 0N'e visited. H ,Nellie ez Harriet Mc ,A progr cu Lgatlfs inn Stampsg Fre 301-lum w one gi C03 be on ine ham and Shirle are taki AS'pmyeYS Wxspragps Tex Rev. Jar 'g ht get to game. BU 1 take place Tl 5Dirltua7 ,mine Portlangou Coma our H ' ' U fliiiif tl? we bilieleme- ref? to Hifi? 'W :ation and eflloireatxv engou I I TIVE . ,H - four Y ,gence the lme M' XS X, Th efwfng SCI Se" 51 l P' NYS m for WMS ursday 0 E Q 1 .yup led b 0 , HB n y CX Q A16 - Alle , th the S fe YO 1 X F ture llomema ers l fe , been? u Ch-axle ug 'girls--Q th ei-tal it WMS 5 have Rug 0? , . Sail G pete CUZ gafreu The Cheek fi que. si ,Wye 911 YK I' d t t f' Q, mm WY with ea cwx 566569621001 his ll - 9560 -" QC G 'Soya gxxeiix Q Car vigil? bealtii 596 XMB- 3:96 YOQK9' X10 Y X ... 090 xB, 1 .te Iowked ' ax loud 11 99,5 33,6-2 Waxes Wi. gig-,ezbcg t0 Spy C5999 1668. T Ewing decoratglth severa Ye, of 65609 A Bei P15 QQ -559 .9049 ,559 B E Amen our ggin TMS .d 'aufomyobi 0,5 e099 teena 016' Q9 gli? vb x .29 ggeoo B moby H' S men 'S H :mn ,th , to 'o0Ofaiko'o u 1 Sal - uffer loc. QS Goocxegooooxv .0 Q33 H Lucian Ander and dship and 'E I1 i xt! 9,-- ' - 36 Quai' Co Int fs K we aff' 657 el ' Wee x'Z9x.,,ek 9 m W XXL H Babb? Ea- game mmunffy. 7- e ', 7-. were gist ups, treasu Q' :dx QQQKJ 'af 5 'UAF B 9, ov' 0.35. :gi Showed th he utlflll as ry, Betty SX -iYQq,,'9' Ke,e,9Q' .50 ,0.,,w' ke? 6 x. an .C QC IIE. Effort 9 Peg an ar X 0 ton Curtis at V204 foe, 40x65 'Gt we ogbfbxqzkiz zqzcpe, WS as Well ziflys of 3 tied wi' hx ee? -district kms.: fibre-obo?-fo este ko, '6'10,,o5' 49.9 xntx' qcifltim. . numb He, , 69614 1+ omema e On her S9199 deux' fternoon. I J - fa he' Que in ' of ar V 9 A rr-is als! , wg 9, ted q0 but ye ' St l KB 4 f A ' :mf B81-1-et Ytgtwxna-nzgsxoexuxiilco' 0 . ' . .ue ' ' he ov ' Q ' ' ' ' otqgl vnu 9,15 anat 6017 . Dll00l"EBjt eg af X 14 ' .J l - 95966 Hgffw xn , 0 . M f A B owkff event 2o"'b!Ztb sllr , ' Ke Af S P G 6' f V You have noticed of Liga feej6'f1,8"'zbZ' 1961, bapebebzbd :fh0d of maenufying -exff' . .V ,Or Gage He, whiff: ,pa ,ak ideal pafv? fob lbs fbe SDIYI 0 JO eq I lbs DMMANDOS HOST DONALSON TTOBER 80 Here Friday evening, Oct. 30 at 30 the Commandos will play malson, one of the toughest op- nents of the season. Both teams ve lost only one league game d each is training hard for the :tory. If there are no injuries to nn.. nun-A man tu- - --A-u --A-1 -H s 7 C0 611 8 0 13 eff GI' 91 01 0' "rf F Oo V G, 9 500. 0230 20,16 be 0 5' fa! I' t E' do b fb e ny f be 41, .9 aid 0 8 IQ f sfo, J'-if Q00-aaa Off We . Gs: IU! 001 IW, 8' I 1.00 Sa"e yn" oe L . .. ... f- - ' ' Jw .srllb e'5'f1',""f - OI. Qs Q51 fb eflvra 5660 1' 6 1- 6 I I 8 ' I5 "" 0 ItIZ Il ll 0 I 'b go jfs bib ' fu, ri Q , 51- 6902.9 R711 ' Ollg' ge l I e,,,be.4,, 'L all :nl lllnnlnn ,M 1 g. -f 'fff'f'jfw gfvjgf fffff, if A YW 21 i i u ' 'Z ,ji , . 1 4 Q2 , hx R Q3 :J JQQAA I N WM ' Q aww FW? wf7Z5fQ'X. "2i'WLyQLiLAlw?AWa'm Wwwmim ' ' i Q 19,041 f "A" U, af? 53501, 5 ,5c4.1Ulf?4Z.,L, 0 ,J -wg 'J' WM- W Emir fgfmwm-ww. , xi? X "??f f4 1 2, ' 5: .L ' f' ' G . A 4 0 1 TES 9 0 ' I Y Cjlxty Ia NO . I Fa SCHOOL ndewonvme -iereilce 0 6 The Heaeadwg Con October 'he Hen wied a Fdday' he 0 de I te b0fO icy 1 de Madiso Ilsonwue C0111 Milfifees 30566 ' . m ere C irea- H S gfld d andos X5 W O 1 1 ry one 1, ebuf a mth- Soho of me Be 1 vi 'V Pompiz 'on- befi ay Ctory 011 th Ig to 3- 41 X W mem Wgdnesd fall field -U. Y 6 Litton D. - N2 - IECUMI GBA QU 'I' AT CIIU TRY CL Workout and 10 .p.m. for the nm two wa BHFHBBZ W --335, D F- man K f eva t . 'fi extent thafom year to yexnenf is, 3 t I . 63 Stud to the T mug' The de ents are tak' ff 1 13 1 y 0 fnew typewriter aflment added 15 ngafi 1 from S and 1, W02 J HI the principal - Orrowed- 0ne8 1 ' tj The Agric S Office. ' . made the ulmre' 'De 00 1015116 tWUfaJb1es whf pawlhent m Q15 L on as compared t Ch are ve,.y'm 'fi 00314 . 93 Which 0 Some ' xg' Lee poi 5 feaf-IL ture are mad Of the: mf. AD win Ie a ildexrp- rs of Office furniiuiy manufac- ae E VE for " E e' Ri I V B io is vm Fennell, Tommy Barrett, Co-Captain: K' The answer to Ia? W.c. Learn, Supt., Paul o. Dorris, 4 AUL ' AL X ag, f01VIc9, ers puzz1e port Y 'noi-an . Q . 5 on ht-'G , parade Roney. W 6 to be G-me fgygil . Jahk Etheridge - , :Olga Lie Paff01,,'ITERTAINED BY the tirsy --in for vande1NB geei honogenaevsoglfx Qiewsuf ne-in the -cornect was firsfrfgs. Le b Caut1fu1.'ERS0NVII,1-F to 1'3. He fcwux oi wah geniwn and 1 ', x f- ,aneswezg limit. , Ouffaf Upor . bds, vrou NW X it 15 -me QOSX cope' f ,tice Ie k led a' xxx accept 0.55ibX6 c V Jr -X. ,X 'tice Q W 1' ere O11 A4012 le Qt 1-H the ice 66545, ' ' XX Nu, ill A Z 61- It 51911 day C60 ld to me . A 1 week' W 0 -9 f , de 1 o yeaf- 1 ' na' X Ngebhlgl fbis ES'O1Ipi11!ql1g.U8t Ge. A you fb f 6 I .ly 1 Iss 171 Oaqep ear lv? S0110 3, i conmesojloofa 'eve 'Muon . ag , , A! 111 01 t x S31-V 115, S 11: of flips A"fYe,. gif' Ca 'Q be: each 511968 . W W Ilia' 'be A ' . , lf of - N i 2 612- Gr 811, eff me of naive Q01 S012 'Q 'W 1111- 1-'L A0 -Yo, Ms f- We 011 ei. their K me D . Q 1 Q e . Q' e y 1' Of e b ,JW X wofmng WOW 0006011 DPU-1 Lbrgb bd A05-4' 11711 az eiifiox X fb ua, cfm kfooflfhfeavb Ioalzer 19-sigh in every f ara - can . N111 Lea Wig . Sa ' C' . bk ' ue - 9 s 003' las' all 111' Wd do 1 'ts be ix team hw M, Q , lb, 0,0 bool -2171 to a W, ti b,,,Q fa! ses, pja gb. age plac ng 1 tovmau oiwmansid' Q12 Utah Cabs 51 A68-S' ac pfllll: 01:22 A Wexmivlf ' 0 8 5'-9 , barriers 08011 Sllrhe Coach and 5 ' "9 '- WC de Ur- az- If S - .md C' W - A 1 KU 5 YZ. in 'so Us Old ag lui COT' Q1 I -- - NOK ow -we -U 'Iv 1:.- Wt ef , -my , 510- an r, 11 -8611 e - ' .QS vgmixi W gh? Nm enknf' Johns Hingis, Alffs, Iprec- 314,165 1 ll miie. ,amen A 59- , 1-ei FN Bar 6411 as their sob b --J ff - .R 6 es nwa . t me MDB' - me 1 71 I' - ga ll k nun me -vo i ,X as e an amos F - -wa Wanxe A bi' Cxfi S : - e I ' f- W - 'fkqgeteitifief-Q Hx: The Hendersonville Commandos v JP gl V 4 Xi 1 Km HXBXT: will play Westmoreland Friday Tb :Ox H A -if 21 A night Jan 29th.. and Joelton Satur- agre e flendepsonv, guw X T 0 ' day night Jrm. 30 at 7:30 pm. Both day ed 111 its regal We Civic C' f 5609 James? IIL Hendersonville. and hiienfing to pujtfhmeeting Tuigb .bale , patral S for the E1 3-Se I-ainc fue!!! T 0906 I , in-556 K-Dv -E-2 e .V 6 who ture a . is ai Vjnlefltary Schf23.fSpuQ113ut zdeqtofedfbg goin 623 ikyetier S: , 3 6' ab Q81 ultgg Digi? appreciatgg :or-thy jesolrkiniecte ' ., 'G , 'Lin' 9' If al 'O ' and ' yt Q 009 g S9160 Ody O! the 59,2 bn g00 nd the 61-yo SO make Dar be facq tl CD r ' . f' 1 . I for ents. I , A 0 fro ted 012991, Yugi, he ge?-Sv am hir Q 011.6 'Ie j trol and a fin t Win ,xx in '0 121 -0 le in as X paw gcofe "Se Cm, +9 er more ef' Iookf X W as 9517311 63011 abd- all 4 9,95 WMU ,. Xu- 01' I 11 level Refvice , U8 pa, 500 yet N- J Ili 'dar new 609' . U0 'wb 561' O' fro of efffc able- A 11- it 50 1 ae 'Hes DAQVS 57180 96' . 101555 , wage? F eiy- 013, '31 In the In enqv' WH 1811- I 1509 . ' ' ' 110 Pet 1301 N The 'Sf fo ' Th ember I 'be Sow 1 59 "-is 52011 PS of U05 A--M96 Rue- hi- are sf e Club S of tb Seen W1 mme - Q . tbl H U Q00 mei -me-A15 J, lb f io th als,-, .9 Pair be eau U1 asked tiwlqdfhf-mea inazef of me X. Koi: We-gX'1'e11,ey Dart e Vocation c"'1ff1but OI' le are of rs If-Qyell S lead rem? 59 in, ei '9a??-- 15' ea O11 f ' ' ment fo 'al Agrkllltzr-??,silQ0.10 ian o . Gives Ef- Commandos 3 E? fa ing the ,Commandos a veryi Coach W.C. Leath has beans? 4 ,workout each evening fbetweiirb 1 Con --'mx-13,1 iboys out ncwwgh Lee P I Q I' A MERCIAL DEP ""'-1l1t6l"i:2 0 ndexte, 1 YPEWRITERS ARTMENT 5?

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