Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN)

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Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Q xm Z5 'I NA HL M. 'fi 'U J ba Y 1,5 6, ., M 'VJ E ' ky f 'Q ' ' 4 I W'-Cf w Q PL V IT' if ' J 5 P- ft M, K , W f r Q -J' ,Fix YL we . K Y ' 'X' 92 bw L AJ ! xf X If ff' 4 1 rf x 'JD yi g n N, N . , . 'ix X 'QQXM x X ..... .. ,xg I X, : X 'YY ' 'B fa ' , x r' I . 9 XQ. , .' - .J X -, . ,- V- - ,N v , ,Y N? xxx. 1 J5MKW M . I Q79 A' ,XL .I S Q? X l ff w5 I L VIRGINIA LI-:E Business Manager PHMNHNE ,QQWWCWQQW 'X EXODSLJ mb 90220 V-ODQJQXKDYQVQQ my .Qs em Q '0 .QB Q DDQ NX if .A L ,W E., .W Pr' 145+ Y N fberzeix rzeallq nptbin Ci ,, .,-1,- GY' N ,Nga 'gi -. 5, . fs. like . Henderzaonvslle Hiqb ., C11 weive wa'tched tbeae cbalzacterzs W f ' , ' Ps ' ' , g .: at as ':s k Y at is 6 9 a H A Q J. it iv X 5 ms A f if N ao wg canquv ff' . ....gi1A.mMwmw A xg ,mswx fly 0 . dflidlqbf dope!! 0 700 in fhe GOLDEN MENDRI ES NINETEEN FURTY NINE Pubffkfwecf faq fhe BETA C LU B Hen derfon v1lleN ,4!4g'h:SCf100! H EN ns RSDNV i LLEN,, L flQ'gQQ N. 1 ' - wgfxnsf, . A EDXC P5 we-Re GONNA U AND EXT TO hill. XVINFRFD KIRBY NTISS LELIA It is with deepest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude that THOMSON the grad- uating class of 1949 dedicates this sixth edition of Golden Memories to Miss Lelia Thomson and Mr. Winfred A. Kirby for their leadership and guidance throughout our high school years. unfailing JOHN O. IIARNIQS ILS. .-lgrirullurf' I,HI.IA THOMSON I..I.. ILS. I 1ln'uriur1. Lniin, Iinglixlr. MuIlu'nn1lir'x IVINJIRPD A KIRBX ljllrlrllstrs SIIUIIIIIHIKI AND THIS IS THE FACULTY xIRS. xIACK BINGHABI fie'ngrn11l1y, liuukke':'lu'ng, Typing IXIILTON ELIZA BFTII CURTIS ILS. llmnr' 1'Il'0IIOIIlil'5. Sr'i1'nrf' amlm:m3.,m.:.mmmamz.:gx ' M fswmgsv HISTORY Four years ago, in the fall of 1945 to be exact. 45 little dejected boys and girls entered the halls of the Hender- sonville High School. Of the toils, tribulations, and the joys they experienced I am now about to tell. Oh, shall we ever forget that terrible feeling when we first entered the front doorl However, it wasn't long until we began to feel quite at home. As our guide through that first year, we chose Mrs. Cordell johnson. She was also our English teacher for almost three years and many of our cherished memories of H. H. S. center around her classes. Speaking of Mrs. johnson's classes. how can we ever forget Mattie's smiling fish. Our class officers that year were Virginia Lee, President: Ray Mundy, Vice-President: Loreece Carr, Secretary-Treasurer: Nettie Sue Ralph, Reporter: and R. L. Armstrong as Sergeant-at-Arms. Our representatives on the cheering squad were Peggy Douglas and Norma Raymer. We had our toils as well as joys in our high school careers, but only the joys seem to be remembered now. One of our well remembered ones was the Freshman jaunt to Shelby Park for a picnic. Everyone ate too much, but who ever went to a picnic and enjoyed it without eating too much? Starting our Sophomore Year off in a big way, we elected Miss Kathleen Fergusson as our new Sponsor, Wilh Virginia Lee as President, Ray Mundy, Vice-Presidentg Nettie Sue Ralph, Secretary-Treasurer: and E. C. Green as Sergeant-at-Arms. jo-Ann Hunter and Norma Raymer were our cheerleaders. lt seems that it is a tradition for each class at H. H. S. to give at one time or another a hayride and go around the loop. Who are we to break the tradition, so on our sophomore hayride we rode all the way around the loop, then came hack to a wonderful wiener roast at the Lee's. Oh, the junior Year! We really got ahead in the world. financially. that is. Miss Fergusson was again our sponsor and we accomplished many things under her leadership. That year we started a tradition at H. H. S.. the tradition of the junior Class Play. Our play, Nuts and Bolts, was a huge success. Why we may even have a future actor or actress in our midst! The proceeds from our play helped finance the highlight of the season, the junior-Senior reception. It was given in the gym and the place will never again look as festive as it did that night. Crepe paper streamers and bright colored wagon wheels were everywhere. We even had a five piece orchestra! Our tables were stacks of real haled hay and at the ends of the tables there were big, black kettles of ice cold Coca-Colas. The junior officers were Virginia Lee, President: Ray Mundy, Vice-President: Sue johnson, Secretary: E. C. Green, Treasurer: and Leroy Rice, Re- porter. Our Cheerleaders, Virginia Lee and Nettie Sue Ralph, really helped support the team. To end out junior Year in a big way we made that never-to-be- forgotten trip to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Up at dawn, riding all the way there, and then tramping through the cave was really a job, but who cared about being tired? The Senior Year produced many tasks, such as editing the Commando Comet and helping with the annual which was sponsored by the Beta Club. To help direct these tasks we again chose a new sponsor, Mr. j. O. Barnes. Betty Ann Durhatn was elected President: E. C. Green, Vice-President, Dot Petty, Secretary: Virginia Lee, Treasurer, and Ray Mundy, Reporter. Our cheerleaders were Virginia Lee and Ray Mundy. History is said to be the recorded happenings from an unbiased view, but as l record the happenings of our dear class it is hard for me to present it as such. The things our class did are all happy eventful happenings to come. Our graduation is at hand and all the parties and joys along with the work and study are only memories. We leave now, thanking the faculty and student body for all their helpfulness. We want to especially thank Mr. W. A. Kirby for his sincere help in all our struggles. Inq PRESENTING THE XJXXZX Please Give Me A Diploma, Mr. Kirby! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSOR ln. K.. fuRlil N --.- Vifl' VIRGINIA LIZI-i.. , RAY Muwm' MR. j. 0. BAIINI-is Bl-I'I l'Y DURHAM .--, . DOROTHY l'H'l l'Y - - - -Pr'esiIIf'IIl T1'PlI.Yll re-r Re'f1or!er . Spa nsor Presillmll Serre ta ry THE EVA I.ok1-Luzrg CARR 'llylllllflll FIIIIVIII mul n'iu.w1n11' gmrw, Sl1ll'l'l'llj' rouplcfrl will: ll lozfvly juan lf. H. A. Club, '45-'49, Gln-c Club, '45-'47g Vice-Prcsldcnt of Class. '47-V183 Sc-crm-tary of Class, '45-'-163 Paper Stall, '48- '-lflg Candidate for lfnotball Quvcn, '46-'47. Bli'l l'Y BARBARA DIATIKAR .-l .xmull wzirr' ix llrllvr llmn ll grrul l'l'l1U.U Cleo Club, '45-'lllig Beta Club, '47-519. BliT'l'Y ANNE IYURHANI Sim i.xu'l quirl, lm! xlu' Inu allililyf' llwta Club, '46-'49, llvta sL'll0l2lI'SlllD Award, 'slli-'-17: Sfllllll' Class Pr:-siclcnt. '48Jl!lg llcta Club Scu'vtary, '-lr!-'-49: Papcr l-Idilur, '48-Will: Cirls' Slate Alternate Rc'prc'scntatixL'. '-17348. HAYDON lllili liNul.ANb, jk. I11'1re'mlr1l1iliIy, jrivnrlly, u lmy u'e'll zvurllf lmuu'ing, l-'uotball Manage-r, '-18g Fmla Club 'l'rvasulur, '483 Bon' Stale Rcprvsvntalivc, 'Mg H Club, V185 junior Plav, '-lil: Papvr Stall, '-18-'-Hlg Class vl,0lll'll1llllClll, Basketball B 'l'c'aln, '-17. ELLIS CLINTON GREEN l'l'lml rare' I u'l:e'n l mu lir' null rml. Kill time, nml lukr' lilf' ul Ille very larsl. Football, '-113-'-183 Honorablv NlL'llll0ll, All-Mid-State lfoot- ball. '4Pl9 Crmcllcllsvillc lligb, '4?'rf'4li: Baskclllall lNlauagcr, '-lll-'-17: Baskctball, '48-'-19: Alternate Captain, lfcmtball, Vlbi. NIARY CAROLYN HU'l'KIlIISON Nui too .u'riuux, nn! nw gay, B111 u lruz' lrlue' girl in 4'1'4'r'y u'nAx'. llcta Club. '-48-'-lil: Home linonmuins Club, '-17949: Class 'I'ourn:uncnIs, '47-'-19. E1.lzAlsETH ANNE AIICNNINGS l,f'lI1'l' silmrr' In .vninlxg l'm only h1mmn. C-0l,l1l-ZN NIIAMORIHS Slalfg Bela Clllll, '48-'49g Honu' lico- uomics Club. '48-Will: Basketball, '47-'-lllg Voral Scxtct, '47- '49g Class 'l'0lll'l1alu0l1lr.. Vlli-'49, Suri CARNIAT1' JOHNSON .X'om' hu! I11'r.w'lf nm lu' hm' 1'qu11I. Alunior Class 'l'rf-asulx-r, '-17-'All'-l: Bc-ta Clubg Home liummu- ics Club. '-46-'493 Clcc Club, '46-'-lllg Voral SCXICI, 5173495 , Historian, Home Eronmnirs Club, '473-485 Beta Club lrcsi- dcnt, '47-'-191 Bela Comcntion, 219. SENIGR CLASS Nl.xll'll4 .XNN .Ions lzz'1'r luvul, www lrur. Tn ilu' lfuk xln' lunl In flu. lluuu- l'll1lll0lIlll5 Club, '-I5-'48g Clvo Club. 'lfn-'-If-lg llnxlwt- lmll, 'li--lil: Claus llYllI'll2lIlll'lllN. -154-lil. SAR,-X CllRlS'lilNli KI'1NDAl.l. .-I frirmlllx' and lllmlvlr' girl, rllzmlyx willing lu lvml 11 livljuug lmml. Clrr Club. '15-'-llig llmnv lfllllllllllllx Clllb, '-lf:-'fllil l'1upm' Stull, 48' -lil. WlI.l,lMl M M 'I lll'.XV I ,A Xll'l .11 x' I lmlr girls - lliry iirllnlz' mr: I luzw' In ln' irriInl1'zl. ll4' Club, 'Alli-VIN: l-', lf. A. Club, '-151 l fnnlbzlll. '47-'-lil: Claim l.Ulll'l'l2lIllK'lllS. '-I5-'-IS: .'xlIl'l'Illlll' fur Bow' Slaur. '-IH: Clw' Club. '-18. JO-.NNN Ilumnzk l.l-'I-1 fJ1mw'ulllllm.x .mv :mil zvillv jmrl.x Mug. llllllll 1r'4'rllurk 1.x rl glminllx Illingf' lvl'NlIll0l'C'lillNl fllN'L'l'll'illl1'l'. '-l51 llK'lHlK'l'SOIlXllll' cllll'l'I'll'lllll'l'. '-llig lizlslwtbzlll. '-lli-'-lil: fllllllllililll' lm' lfoullmnll Quvvu. V171 l'npm-1' Stull. '-lil: Vin'-l'll'wi4lcnI of lf. ll. A.. '-lil: llAl'l'1lSlll'f'l' uf liclzl Club, 49: ll Club. '-Hi-'lllll lluuw l'll0ll0lI1llS Club, Alb' -lil. YHUQINIA CLAIRIC l.l'flf fl uwnmui 1.x l'IlllllI'll In lilr. lllIl'llj', uml lluf puuuil uf m:'n. Class l'rcsidcnt. '45-'-183 Btu: Sflmlanrsllip illlll Scrrc'l:ll'y ol' llvm Club, '47-'48g Hmuc liummuixx Club. '-li-'-lil: Clwcr- ll'Illlt'l'. '47-'491 ll Club. '-lli-'-193 Nlnxlngcr uf Girls' Bus- ' lol l ll K Qu mu li -hi livlflllilll. '46- U: flllllLlllvlilll'. hz 1. .' . In K .4-.-. 1 fvIl'lS Slam' R1'pl'csz'llI:lllu', 411--48g l.munu'ni:ll .Kwzu'cl, '-l7- -lrl: .lnmor Play, 48: N-xrcl. -if--lil. -lu,xNl'rA JUAN Illlxxlfx' l.ilr'.x u fzlrumrll imlilulmn: lvl ux lukf il as il rnuuxx. llomc l'l10llUIIIlCS Club, '-lti- lil: Cl:-v Club. '45-5115. llkllf IJCDDY NlI'lClll l.I. l'z'r' lr'4uuf'1l Alllllfllllllg ulmul liixlury - lzixlmx' 1.x rumlf' ul niglllf' llauslwtlxzull and ll Club, '-lli-'-Ill: ,luuior l'l1n,V'flP-l: llxlrkf lwld in Cmnbcrlzuul Vnllcy Cunfcrvmc Scmoml lcaun. 43: lfomhall Captain, VIN. XVILMA RAY NlllNDY ll'lly uvmlr' lima' in Tl'fIl'Tj' u'lu'n lllf'l'l A Jn murli jun III lln' zvurlfl? l'. ll. A. Club. 411- 40: Clvc Club. -lug ll. ll . A. Queen Can- dirlzxtr. V161 llmskvtlvzlll. '-lli-Vlflg Claws Viu'-I rvsimlvnl. 'flli-'AITZ Class Ropnrtvr. '-lil: ll Club. '-193 Clwvl'lr:ul01', '-48349: I'apcl' Stall. '-lflg Clues 'l4ulll'l1:ll11rl1Is. '45-'4'l, TH DOROTHY JEAN PETTY Cond rmlurf' mul good sense are grind f'0Y1II7l1Ill0N5.l, Augusta Tilghmztn High, '45-'48, Hendersonville High, '48- '4!l: Basketball, '49g Beta Club. '49, Senior Class Secretctry, '49: ll Club, '49, Secretary of F. H. A., '49, Football Queen. '-18. KATHRINE LEE PHILLIPS Her diijzarilimi is ax sunny as her hair. Beta Club, '46-'-19: Clee Club, '46: Paper Staff, '49, Home I-ltonomits Club, '46, BETTIE Lou RALPH We love her for her smile, her looks, her wily of .tpeaking gently. Clee Club, '45-'47, Home Economies Club, '47-V191 Beta Club, '47-'49, Vocal Sextet Pianist, V491 Gym Captain, '-49: Class Tournament, V481 Beta Convention, '49, junior Play Manager. V481 Paper Staff, '48-'-49. Nl'1'l l'lli Suu RfKLPH I know the stars by name. Class Reporter, '46, Cler: Club. '46-'4R: Football Queen Can- didate, '45-'46, H Club, '47-'493 Class Secretary and Treasurer, '47-'48, Paper Staff, '46-'49, Cheerleader, '48, Beta Conxention. '49, Voral Sextct, '49, junior Play Mana ager. '48g Class Tournaments, '47-'49. MARY JANE RALPH Hlntoxicated with 1'i1'acily. Beta Club, '47-'49, Paper Staff, 493 Voral Sextet, '47-'49, .lunmr Class Play, '48, Beta Convention. '49. bllNA LDLIVIA RALPH My limrt ig whole, my fnnry free: Go runny, little boys, don't bother me. Home Economies Club, '46-'49, Beta Club, '47-'49: Beta Club Representatixe, W48: Paper Staff, '47-'49: Animal Editor, '-lflg Glee Club, '46-'48: junior Play, '-483 Voral Scxtct, '48- '495 Beta Consention, '49. Lenox' Rtcii, jk. Smnnlay I .thrill mx! aside my lwyixh pranks and be a man. Class Reporter, V163 junior Play, '48, H Club, '493 Bas. ketball, '48-'49, Annual Staff, '46-'47, Paper Stall, '48-'493 Class Tournament, '46-'49g Glee Club, '45-'46. SENIOR CLASS CLASS PROPHECY One afternoon I was lazily slumped in my favorite chair, reading a current book. Glancing at the clock, I noticed that the hands were moving very rapidly. My eyes seemed drawn to them as though they were a mag- net. Slowly pictures began to form on its face and as I looked closer I seemed to recognize the faces. Why of course! They were my old classmates of H.H.S. They seemed the same, except for age. First, I saw BETTY ANNE DURHAM at a desk in a small clutter room. She was writing feverishly. As I glanced at the book which I had been reading I noticed her name on the cover. We realized that she had talent but fame came so soon. Why, her book was outselling any book ever before published. Then a palatial home in Hollywood flashed before my eyes and there was BETTY LOU RALPH looking quite chic and stylish. As Clark Gable's seventh wife, she was ready to run at a moment's notice. The scene changes to a rural farm home in the heart of Sumner County. The mailbox at the end of the drive read john D. Scott, jr. NE'l'l'IE SUE RALPH always wanted to be a farmer's wife. Oh, nol lt can't be. There was ANNE JENNINGS doing a difficult spin on ice skates in Madison Square Garden. Sonja Henie has tough competition. Flash! The scene changes to Marshall Field's and one of the executive offices. SUE JOHNSON, as efficient as ever, is head of the accounting department. Back to Hendersonville! JO-ANN LEE is still a house- wife only now there are more than two in the little house on Walton Ferry Road. The next thing I saw I could hardly believe. LEROY RICE was sitting in his swank hotel suite being inter- viewed by Hedda Hopper. He is with the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York. He is currently playing Don jose in The Loves of Carmen. We also find JANE RALPH in New York. Since Rise Stevens' third marriage she has retired from the opera. Lucky break for jane, who is now playing Carmen. We always knew URIE MITCHELL and E. C. GREEN were competing with each other. They're both still married. Now they each have a Service Station within a stone's throw of each other. May the best man win. Well, look who's paying inheritance taxl CHRISTINE KENDALL is sole beneficiary of a will including a chain of Hyder's five and ten cent stores. Who's that with the lovely tan? Wait 'til she turns around. My goodness, it's RAY MUNDY. junior Hunter must still be struggling at the University of Florida for an education. Well, well, LOREECE CARR is a career girl now. She is a power model for Sandy Moore Motor Company, Goodletts- ville, Tennessee. Happy motoringl Would you believe it, we have a frontierswoman among us. CAROLYN HUTCHISON is teaching Home Economics in San Antonio, Texas. Well, what do you know! VIRGINIA LEE surely has risen in the world. She is the wife of a wealthy planta- tion owner down Covington way. She is at present reign- ing as Cotton Queen. Woodland Street Bridge doesn't sway any more. After all HAYDON ENGLAND is the chief engineer of the Nash- ville Bridge Company. It's impossible, I can't believe my eyes. MATIIE JONES' youthful dream of traveling has finally come true. She is the first lady Ambassador to Holland. Hendersonville is really progressing. It has a milk company now. The sign out front reads WILLIAM LAMPLEY, Proprietor. BARBARA DIATIKAR has launched on a bookkeeping career. I wonder if this will end in marriage as her sister's did. JIIANITA BIAXEY has gone journalistic. She is now writ- ing up all the baseball games for the Saundersville Gazette. Of all things! There is MINA RALPH. She was in a Concert Hall in Chicago. She was playing Schubert's Unfinished Symphony in B Minor. She finished and looked up for applause. Hearing nothing she looked up-no audiencel Surprised, I see DOT PETTY coaching the undefeated basketball team of H. H. S. It's the love of the sport, I'm sure. Then the hands of the clock slowed down and all the faces of my classmates were gone. It had been thrilling to look into the future, but the present is far more important. MINA RALPH gn vig f' J, Xl -5 8 J ' s ,,. I f dk Qs. dymxxx.. fin X W 'fi -a' I Iwi l.mv'1'r'r' Carr . . . 2. Iiwllv .-lnm' Durlzunl . . . ?. Hulvrlrm l.r'1' linglnnrl. .Ir ....- l. lillis Clinlmz firrwz. jr. . w Hum' ffIlVlPfY!I llulrlliwn . . . Ir. l':li1Ill7!'fll Ann -l!'7I7Ii!lg'A' . . . 7. Sur' fiumrl 'lfllIH.YOIl . . . N. .Hniliw :inn ,lmnzx , . I Sum l.'lni.vlim' Knzrlfzll . . . Ill. HJIHIIIII AUIIIHIUII' lumplm' . . . ll. ,lo-Ann Ilunlw Ln' . . . IZ. Virginia Claim' Ln' . . . Ilmnilfl lurm AIIIYVY . . . H. ldir' Imrlzly .Uilr'l11'Il . . . 15. Uvillllll Rm' AIIHIKIY . . . lla. llomlllx' lrun I'r'Ilx' . . . If Ixnillrim' In' l'l1illijm . . . IN, Iirllir Inu unrl Nwllif' Sm' Ralph . . . IU. AIKIVAY Alum' lfnljrlr , . . 20. Minn Ralph . . , QI I nm' Hur, -Ii. How Did We Passf? MR. A. C. Wrimx MRS. NIACK ISINUHAM KA'l'li HUN'l'r1R , COUR'l'NliY Hriwcsmv SARAH .KNN KIQTRING Rouuu KIRKPATLULLK CLASS OFFICERS , . . . zSponsor . Sponsor . , . , Reporter . . . . . Vice-President Secreta ry - Tr1'as1n'f'r . . ,President THE NM 15,3 is S3 A 1 . ' Q i s 1 -9 , 1 nk .445 li 4 ...Q vi .di ' -mlm X V' K : S Y is kb 5? if? wx V A R wa Sm X A ,' ix SS., nd' Q0 5. N x 1 xx X MMG, 5 5 f g if-QQ. ' affix, - x I X ,,E5 Ziili Q - ri QQ fa My - ,W . is , ,r ki ln: g :, A Q :IAV 1 ' Q V . ,Ml S H gg h Y .J 5 fx?Q ,L if . .-'YYY E xl f, QQ, +P! S, N325 wx -- .-av H 2? ,gf Wg, 1-7 W X .. Q K XA-'ir V, Q Q ff' .1 5 J.,,..: , .:.' ,,: k - A :A2:i. .,,.., 1 ' V ' if Q f fl 215' f iff ' 41' X 'H Ii Sopbs-Yes! W6,V6 Soplaomores THE SOPHOMCRE CLASS Iiurk Rum Cgrxlf S'lM.lNx' liunlw RHITNIHRI-'I-1 lkuwlla Ilrnxl-ix' HIUIINNY KWNI-1 l5RAlll,liY Slsczn Rn' .ll-'NKINS I.. C1. tak:-iumu' .Xufx HUNT l'l1.ll', LM.:-, IRVIN MCNIURIRY Roma IQARRI- l l' IIN lH,00lNVOR'l'll lfl1N IRLSS MKZUFIC OFFICERS H Il I rm- ltul-wlxmux Ulllilllll l. ss XIII mx CVRIIS Xl un' luullklm Ill'1l,lf wr- llfxkklfll 'I nu ll N Klkklnx I RIC ik !'ir1'-I'r1'.virIrnl WI- I UNM! li . . 1'7'l'!1.Yll1'!'I' . , . ,Secretary lfrnlrr Ron' Nuluvx NIA! ,XlAIll RlIll5lf MARY i1.x'l'lIklNli lS.x'1 las K.-X'llIl.lfl1'N KlRKI'A'l'RlIIK l',x'l'sY l'1l.AlURl', Nfwm' S'lkAI.I'2X lhflm R.-XIAPII NIARY il,-x'l'1lRlNl-' 'l'l'llI.l- JA-xNr:'1' O'SAll.1-1 l5ll.l,x' Al IQAN Pom mix I lik -lor: S1IU'l lg lin SA11Nm-'Rs Ross 'l'1mMl'soN lfrunt Ram' lmR0'l'm' lllfxslox Nl.xRczAkril' Nllfxm' ANN.-x SI'Al l-'GRD -I.-XNI-1 lhkkl-il'1' Mlm M1l.'1'ox CZURTIS. Sjmnxm .Xxx S.u'l4l x l5lfI'lllf SUI-' RAI vu l.lI,I.ll4 NIM -ll-'NNINKLN ANNA Nl.-xkx' C.-KRlYl'lII'QRS ll,XR0l.Ilf1Rl'l-'KNIURI' lt'1'frnrl1'r , SIIUIIXUI' I'r1'sirlrnl We Are Beginning T0 See The Light THE FRESHMAN CLASS Top Ron' BILLY FIYEASII JOIIN BROWN 'l'OxIxIIE GAMMONS BII.L DIATIKAR III-1I,ANII CIIZNIIENNINII SALE BURXVHLI. BIIIfORu GREGORY JACK BROWN NIlI.I.l-1K BLOOIJWORTH ffHARI.liS FRAZIFR .xl'!'U!1d Row BOIIHY HICNDFRSON DOUGLAS 0'SAII.E RAY CRUNK MICHAEL XVEAYICR LUTHER JONES NIILDRFD BRINKLEY LILLIAN CAMPBELL -IUANITA I-IAWKINS NIARTI-IA BURNICTI' VIRGINIA STEELE RUSIIQ JON!-IS VIOLICT BROXVN Third Rum PAIII. DURIIAM BE'I'I'Y BUTLER FRANCES STINSON SHIRLEY KING HAZICI. BIUNDY BERTIIA NASII JOYCE STALI-IY NIARY ANDERSON RI-:IIA NIIINDY ANITA SHARCY XIAYICLLA H KYVGLI-IY I.OIIIsE GOURLI-LY JUNE HICKMAN XYILLA DEAN HYATT BETTY DRAPER NIARIE KENDALL Nllss Ll-1LlA VIQIIOMSON RIQIIA NIUNDY ..,. . CONXVAY BOONE .... NIAYI-iI.I.A HEWOLEY KIICKICY XVICAVFR . , . , OFFICERS ... .President .,,,,...SpOn5Or . , . , Vice-President Ser'1'f'11n'y- 1-fl'll.YlIft'l' . , , .Reporter EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS RAY KQARTIQR I'r1'xlrl1'11l RICHARD KIRKPATRICIK iI'l l,l'I'.Yil,I'lIf I-'Run I-'lsm-'R and Iluaxlf I!kl4wlNc:l'0N lf1'fmrIl'r1x' W. tl. xlllfllili Sn1flrlry-'l'r1'nxu1'1'r Miss l.,x'l'l'll-1 lllknwl-'l,l, SIIIIIIXIIT SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS l.UUlhlf, IMVY I'rr'si1lant 'lui DXIMY nARRI'f'I l' l'if'1'-l'r1'sirl1'nl l.lYlIll-'N ,XNDIVRSON Sa'r'r1't11ry l'4I.0YIl l.lfl-' I'OlNIlI X'l'liR 'l'rru.vu I'1'Y' SAIIX .XNN ILKVY Hr'lmI'll'r MRS. lflllil-'Nli Cxtsli S1llHl.YlIl EIGHTH GRADE fWe must get to! worlej SEVENTH GRADE flfs all so new to usj ...J W g 2 j ig .,A2,. E355 www . ,gig Q.-if ff: -A ALlim 'f 1 .. fwg - na: mf wif iw., - - V' - a W -I 2 , X K K , 5 fx if Aff ,Mjn ek 5352: ff gk, ss, Q .gg XB K, , if M P 97 ig, wk 1 . -'gig 4,4 A 'fi' , SM, N , r . ,,, ui gif it 2' if N f gin., X ,X if ff, Q 3,3 fisf is 59535553 wg K :Sm . QIN-vi, ' ,wx fa, Q Sv 'S X 9 1 Q1 3' fi. H 51 a , ,af ' ' ' QM 4 'Y KQV 1 R' . --.. I Q- K f W. v .Q x 9 S ' x , x L- u K if L ,, ff L Q . ' x , ' f i'+i A ..,x A,KX,..,m..LW 3' In W, , i , if ' F694-K sim! A ..1 . an 3 Kiki Q 'M W iw S mg i Ha M SA! 3 M was x J WN? KW, :Aus M s Q-ff K! W 'Hawk 1dQllUl'U0' C55 QW ,ms W P., .ida- PRESENTING TH U KWH OFFICERS URIPI MITCHELL President E. C. GREEN Vice-President COURTNEY HEWGLEY Secretary- Treasurer WILLENE BREWINGTON MITCHELL Reporter OFFICERS SUE JOHNSON President KATE HUNTER Vire.President JO-ANN HUNTER LEE Treasurer BETTY ANN DURHAM Secretary H-CLUB Noah Allen, Betty Butler, j. D. Brewington. Nancy Sue Durham, Sarah Ann Ketring. Ruth Durham, Clem Reese, Eloise johnson. Peggy Covington. Kate Hunter, Catherine Mundy, Mary Catherine Tittle, jo-Ann Lee, Joyce Williams. Ray Mundy, Nettie Sue Ralph, Alex Hunt. johnny Keene, Mattie jones, Haydon England. Dot Petty, Sue Petty, Leland Hewgley, Pete Cage, Ed Saunders, Clyde Garrett, L. C. Gregory. Bradley Cisco, Salnmie Busby, Fentress McGee. Leroy Rive, Buddy lNillis. Valerie Cage. Katherine Phillips. Carolyn Hutchison, Ann jennings, Virginia Lee, jane Barrett. Sarah Ann Ketring, jane Ralph, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, Nancy Staley. Mina Ralph. Dorothy McConnell. janet 0'Saile. Betty Lou Ralph, Nettie Sue Ralph. Sue Petty, Dot Petty, Haydon England. Courtney Hewgley. Leland Hewgley, Anna Stallord. Patsy Elmore. Barbara Diatikar. BETA CLUB COMMANDO COMET STAFF GOLDEN MEMORIES STAFF OFFICERS BI1'I'TY ANN DURHAM Editor RIINA RALPH Assistant Editor RAY NIUNDY and SUE JOHNSON Iiusimfss Managers OFFICERS MISS LILLIA 'I'IIOMsoN Sponsor LELAND HICNVGLI-13 Sports Editor KA'I'HLRI-:N KIRKPATIUI R Assistant Business Hanager VIRGINIA ILI liusmass Alanagu NIINA RALPH Editor SARAH ANN KI-:TRIM Assistant Editor OFFICERS Sm-2 I'l'1'l l'Y I'rr'xirIf'nt .lu-ANN I.IfI- Iliff'-PI'f'.SIlll?llf lluRo'rm' l'I-i'l'l'Y Sl'l'l'l'lIll'y RAY NIUNDY 'l'r1'r:sur1'r IAN!-' II,xRklfl l' R1'prn'le1 Suri .IUIINSUN SIlIlglI'lHIl'l' XIINA RALPH 1'irmi.vf VIIUIINIA I.l l-1 Pmliumrmluriun Nllss NIIIQIUN CURTIS Xlmnxur OFFICERS Rl IHICKII' KIRKPATRICK l'rf'sirl1'r1t fIl,Ylll'1 QIAKRIQTT Vifl'-l,I'l'.Yi1I!'7ll I'l 'l'I-I CI.-XISIC Sr'1,'w'I11ry l.l-'IAND III-IIVCIJCY lfl',llIl'fI'T f:UlIR'I NIVY III XVfll.l'fY 'l'1a'1lsur1'7 MR. Al. 0. IIARNIZS .S'j1rnl.wr FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA HONOR ROLL Top ron'-Sue johnson. Patsy Elmore, Anna Stafford, Courtney Hewgley, Pete Cage, Johnny Keene, Haydon ling- land, Leland Hewgley. Franres Stinson, Carolyn Hutchison. Swmml row-jane Ralph, Bettie Lou Ralph, Betty Anne Durham, Jo-Ann Lee. Nettie Sue' Ralph, Kathrine Phil- lips, Bzirlmara lliatikar, Shirley King, Mavella Hewgley, Virginia Lee, Sarah Ann Ketring, Kate Hunter, Sue Petty. 'l'hirrI row-Mina Ralph, Joyce Staley, Nancy Staley, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, jane Barrett, Irene Brewington, Mary .-Xnclerson. Rcha Mundy, Anita Searcy, Ruth Garrett. Presenting lfI'ic1Irlli1'st NI:'I I'Ir: Sun RALIIII XVILLIAM l.AIxII'I.m' Most Capable VIRGINIA Lu: HAYDGN ENGLAND WHO'S WHO Most Alhlrflic Boy and Girl URIII1 lNll'I'CIllil,I, AIO-ANN HlJN'I'ER Lu: Prettiest Girl -I0-ANN HUNTER Lug Most HHIId.S0!IIU Boy Imam' RICE Willivst Boy and Girl E. C. GREEN liI:'I1'I'Y ANNE DURHAM Most Dependable lNlA'I I'lE AIoNr:s HAYIJGN ENGLAND WHO'S WHO Most Popular Valedictorian D. A. R. Rf'prrsr'r1lati1fe Boy and Girl BE'1'1'Y ANNE DURHAM .IO-ANN HUNTER LEE RAY MUNDY , Srzlulalorzan E. C. GREEN VIRGINIA LEE Bela Club Sflmlarsllip Cup F' F' 'I' Q ', FUONPUU Queen SHIRLEY Kms BONITA RAI,l'H IJOROTHY I,ET'I'Y 1 T N vi W PRESENTING THE Lg? 0 4 fx THE SQUAD Lllznllvs Willis. lluiurr: Szunmx lluslry, lrzlincr: D. lhcwillglnll. l,. CZ. Kirvgurx. lillis Clinton Cnvcll. Rzn kIl'lllxlIlN. llrmv llumlxwy. Lulllcl Aluncs, illmrlcs Xllcn. .Xrllmur l':n'Lc'r. l'riv Nlilxllcll, Dun Xmlcrsmn, Noah Xllvn, Kilvm Rvvsv. f10lll'lll1'Y llcwglvy. limlcliv llalvcs. VIAOIIIIIIY Nlzum llmmluwn. Xlillcu lll1HNllSUl'lll, lixl SilllllKl0l'N. Russ l'l14nnpsml. llraullcy Sisur. llzlwlnn lfllglilllil, gvrg Clunwan Ilmmv. l'cu' Clalgv. .Xlvx llunl. .lolmm Kcvlw. , Rm. W. ll. fl1llllIll'llXQ .Xssiwlanul Kiuzulm. llul Hurt, lr. lum Xll'Nllll'll'X1 Coarll, Ilu' FGCTBALL Il.ll.N, lmlelmlxxilll' ll l,illLlfK'lll' 45 Xxrlllli' lluusc 2l Ilanlsxillc' li l'm'llzm4l ll I-zlllzlliu U llnrllmgv ll lm- Rl-Y. XX. IJ. flUXll'l'RRY Cum-h l'RII KlllI.llI'I 1. fjujmzirz I llls KIINIUN 1-Rl I4N. EIR. .Hl1'rmllr fflljzlnin l'i .S H4 li ll I2 27 lll 'Vi 215 SCORES nw Spring llill li ll lnxmllvltsx illc 0 37 ll1'illl'l'1l . . ll '12 HONORS 4.unnlwrlnn4l Xzullcx flllllfCl'lSlIl'l', Sm-mml l'cznn. Klumlmeu lalml Xalllcs fUllll.'l'l'lHll' ing mul lll'l'Wlllg'lUll . LA' my I-rcvll, .XllCn. Nfitfllcll GIRLS' BASKETBALL THE SQUAD learl Ann llurhain, Rav Mundy, Peggy Covington, Jo-.Xnn Lee. Eloise johnson. Joyce Williams. Virginii let Manager: Cathrine Mundy, Sue Petty, Dorothy Petty, Betty Butler, Willene Brewington Mitchell, Reba Mundy SCHEDULE Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville , .,,.., . Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville 25 23 30 .... 50 24 17' it L13 sqm 923 I8 I3 Goodlettsville ..... Red Boiling Springs Gallatin ........,. Lafayette ......,... Red Boiling Springs Lafayette ........,. White House ...... Hartsville , . . . Gallatin ....... . Goodlettsville . Gordonsville . . . Hendersonville ..., , , Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Hendersonville Ashland City lvestnioreland Westmoreland Hartsville . . . lN'hite House Ashland City Gordonsville 'I'OllRNAlNlENT . . A . . . A . .23 wVCSlll10l'Cl2lllIl Lebanon .... l stn2sx ws1ri m s ..,:s uxmp n1m BOYS' BASKETBALL THE SQUAD limi: mn' l'm'lx' Clzigv. liim' Nliulwll,f1ournu-3 llvwglvy. Alvx llnnl. -link Ilrown. l'mnl mai'-l.1'l:iml llvwgl1'y, I,c'i'oy Riut. li. Cl. fil'CL'll, ll. lircwingloii, Glvn 'I illlv. lfvnti I Il'llKiK'l'MDllX lllx I ll'llliI'I'N0llYiii1 lIc'iiclm'1'solivillL ll4'ml1'ixolix'ilIc lil'lNil'l9UlH illc llc'l1clvx'w1n'illc Il4'mlc'l'smn'ilIc I I1'luIc'i'som'iIlc I lvml1'isoiiviIll I lc'mlc'i'sonx'illc lI1'mIc'iwomillc K.oomIlcllsx'illc , R011 Boiling Springs fiilliillill . lnfziycllc . ..,... , Rcrl Boiling Springs I.2If2lyCllC .,,, . . Whitt' House ,. llalrlsvillc Kinllznlin . . lLmnllctlsx'illc KLordonsvillC SCORES Ilcnclcwsom illc HL'mlcrsom'ilIc 'N llcmlcrsom'illc- Hcmlcrsonvillc I lc'mlCrsom'ilIc Hvmlcwsonvillc l'lcmi0rsom'illc, .. ,. ' llcmh-rsom illc 'vss Md-cc. ,xSili2lllli Ciily N'csIniorclziml xx'l'SlIlI0l'Ciilllli Hnrlsvillc White Honsv Ashlziml City Cmxloiisvillc 'l'UliRX.XNllCN'l' 'H I.clm:inon . Bank of Hendersonville Member F. D. I. C. 2 per cent paid on savings accounts Phone 21 1 1 Compliments of WASHINGTON 'MFG. CO Hendersonville Dry Goods Co., Inc. Dry Goods-Work Clothing-Shoes N otions-Varieties Phone 3041 Compliments of SANDY MOORE NIOTOR CO Phone 5270 Ford Sales and Service Goodlettsville, Tenn. RAIL OIL CO. Shell Products GEO. KIBER, Mgr, Gallatin, Tenn. Phone 533 Compliments of JAMISON DRUG CO. Phone 2082 Hendersonville, Tenn. McClure's Stores, Inc. Dry Goods, Furniture, Appliances Goodlettsville, Tenn. Phone 5268 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of Hendersonville High School Bank of Goodlettsville Goodlettsville, Tennessee lf We Fail to Thank You, You Get Your Purchase Free GALLATIN BOOK STORE School and Office Supplies, jewelry, Sporting Goods Phone 625 Gallatin, Tennessee E. L. MCDONALD AND SON Proprietors DURHAM 8: CARTER BEN POLK CHEVROLET MP Y LUMBER co. C0 AN For Building Material Economical Transportation Phone 3291 Goodlettsville, Tennessee Hendersonville, Tenn. CHEVROLET Phone 5293 Hendersonville Barber Shop and Cleaners Best Quality Work A. D. STEELE Proprietor Ground Feed-Shelled Corn Chicken Mash Joe P. Savely Milling Co. JONES FOOD MARKET Choice Meats and Vegetables Phone 2908 Free Delivery Goodlettsville, Tenn. HURT'S GARAGE Fisk Tires and Batteries Gulf Gas and Oil Phone 2751 Hendersonville, Tenn. Compliments of PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Hendersonville, Tenn. MRS. M. B. COMER President MRS. J. W. FREED First Vice-President MRS. JACK DUGGER Second Vice-President MRS. M. R. CURTIS junior Serretary MISS LELIA THOMSON Treasurer COLE 8: GARRETT Funeral Directors Ambulance Service At Goodlettsville since 1870 Phones S231 and 5242 Compliments of HENDERSONVILLE CIVIC CLUB J. s. DUGGER President W. D. COMPERRY Vice-Presulent CLAUDE REESE Secretary WALTER F. BRANCH Assistant Treasurer l W. E. NIX MOTOR CO. Auto Parts and Accessories Amqui Agents for Chrysler and Plymouth Specialize in Chrysler Wheel Alignment and Balancing Sales and Service Phone 3221 Madison, Tenn. Compliments of W. E. DAVIS Distributors of Pasteurized Grade-A-Milk Madison, Tenn. Madison Food Locker Co. MCGAUGH AND HARLAN, Prop We Freeze for You We Handle Frozen Foods Madison, Tenn. Phone 31 13 Compliments of RANDY Gallatin, Tenn. Compliments of 1. C. SCROGGIN CONSTRUCTION CO. Compliments of W. R. WILLIS Ocana, Tenn. Compliments of Harris-Donoho Layon Brown GALLATIN, TENN. Madison Sc and 10c Store Madison Shoe Shop Madison Hardware Store MADISON, TENN. Compliments of MADISON BANK AND TRUST CO. Madison, Tennessee Member F. D. I. C. Compliments of QUINTON TEE COPPAGE Hendersonville, Tenn. Compliments of LEE SERVICE STATION KELLY TIRE CO. BAKER MOTOR CO. Gallatin, Tenn. Compliments of MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM Compliments of DR. SAM FENTRESS Goodlettsville, Tenn. J. F. NEWMAN at soN Feeds, Seeds and Fertilizers Purina Feeds of All Types Hendersonville, Tenn. Phone 3251 Campus Broguesu Flogg's Style Round-Up of Genuine LONGHORN LEATHER BROGUES FLAGG BROS. 607 Church Street Slip on a Pair .... S ee How They Wear! Compliments of National Stores Corp. Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 29 Hardcastle Motor Co. Dodge-Plymouth Sales and Service Phone 5255 Goodlettsville, Tennessee Compliments of KRAFT CHEESE Gallatin, Tennessee Phones 5, 11 WILLIAMS 8: PEARSON FURNITURE CO. Rugs-Furniture-Radios We Sell for Less Goodlettsville, Tennessee Phone 5302 MILLER'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP MADISON, TENNESSEE Flowers for all occasions Phone 3459 Night 2998 Compliments of RANDOLPH-HOUSE CO. Gallatin, Tennessee Draper Home Supply Co Everything for the Home Hardware-Paint Electrical Appliances Madison, Tenn. Compliments of REESE FLORIST RIDLEY LISH, owner Gallatin, Tenn. Phone 95 W. N. Robertson 8: Co. Furniture and Radios Gallatin, Tenn. Phone 61 Compliments of Kornman's Dept. Store Madison, Tenn. We appreciate your business Phone 2921 AHEARN-GORE CO. HATCHERY U. S. Approved Baby Chicks Dairy Supplies Conde Milkers-Wayne Feeds 111-117 Second Ave., So.-6-6278 1106 Gallatin Road-3-5400 WILSON DRY CLEANERS We Try To Satisfy Phone Madison 2924 Ol' Goodlettsville 2636 Compliments of NEWMAN'S SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas and Oils Goodyear Tires Phone 2062 For the Finest in Antique Reproductions and Refinishing Call Reese Cabinet Co. 2301 Hendersonville 1UNE's CAFE We Strive to Please MRS. PORTER CURTIS Compliments of AARON'S DRY GOODS Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 134 Dugger's Store HENDERSONVILLFS PROGRESSIVE STORE Groceries - Vegetables Quality Meats Frozen Foods Phone 3041 WADE MOTOR CO. Ford Dealer We Buy and Sell Used Cars Telephone 218 WARNER'S STORE Groceries--Fresh Meats, Vegetables Hendersonville, Tennessee Phone 2311 1 1 Compliments of PILOT KNOB LIMESTONE COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Commercial Crushed Stone and Agri. Lime Phone 119-M Gallatin, Tenn Compliments of L. A. GREEN CO. Field Seed-Farm Implements Gallatin, Tennessee Compliments of Alexander Funeral Home Ambulance Service Any Hour Phone 204 Gallatin, Tenn. Compliments of Anderson, Yowell 8: Rippy General Insurance East Side Public Square Phone 359 Gallatin, Tennessee Compliments of GALLATIN COAL AND LUMBER CO. Everything to Build Anything Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 24 Compliments of DUKES BARBER SHOP A Gallatin, Tenn. Compliments of J. L. Freeland Sinclair Refining Co. Gallatin, Tennessee Compliments of V. G. HAWKINS Supt. of Sumner County Schools Gallatin, Tennessee Compliments of MRS. HOWARD LEE GALLATIN SHOE HOSPITAL Compliments of England's Service Station Gulf Accessories-Gulf Oils Tel. 778 West Main St. Compliments of CLARK AND RONEY HARDWARE CO. Phone 3951 Hendersonville, Tennessee Compliments of Hendersonville Insurance Agency W. J. BILL COLE Phone 3401 Hendersonville, Tennessee BLUE'S JEWELRY CO. Gallatin, Tenn. Fine Diamonds Watches Silver and Gifts Compliments of Chandlei-'s Store Gallatin, Tenn. Phone 219-W HURT'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Groceries Meats Vegetables Hendersonville, Tenn. Phone 2322 McClure's Stores, Inc. Appliances Floor Coverings-Furniture Blinds MADISON, TENNESSEE Phones 3164-3662 Hendersonville Coal Co. Friendly Service the Whole Year Through Phones-Office 3782, Residence 2681 HOWARD LEE, Prop. Warm Morning Heaters B. F. Myers 8: Son, In Madison's Only Complete V Department Store Friendly, Courteous Service See Us Before You Buy Phone 3142 Madison, Tenn. C. Compliments of Madison Fuel Co. Madison, Tenn. GEO. D. COON, Owner Phone 3744 A A Modern Commercial School for Girls FULLY ACCREDITED Appealing to Those Who Want the Best Offering Complete Office Training, Secretarial Courses, Etc. Pay More and Get More--It Pays to Buy the Best NASHVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Y. M. C. A. Building Nashville, Tennessee Compliments of Sumner County V Cooperative Creamery Gallatin, Tennessee Phone 728 Compliments of W. B. HUNTER Gallatin, Tennessee I Compliments of Hester Chevrolet Co. Dealer, Sales, Service Phones 55-56 Gallatin, Tenn Compliments of ELLER BROS. Madison, Tennessee Gallatin Printing Co. BILLY BATES, Prop. Printing of All Kinds Gallatin, Tenn. We thank our advertisers Patronize them The pictures in this annual were made by COLLINS AND KN IGHTEN STUDIO Portraits - Groups - Commercial Madison, Tennessee Phone 3633 YFTN' , ,Y N' f 1 .ga- -1-v . 1- ' ,QW 1 N 1'...M ' Q if , . II X Pl 'bl N if 1-vd . .lm if mx 1 1 1 .. f iii- s H .usp P.: U I-- 31' QQ:-Inf f ' EH -v',nI 4' ' -+P 'i-Luv '.,1.:af.r..Q - ' '.,r -f II,mI I In IIIL- . -My V I VX ' Lfulih -4FIb. .' -' Mo, .. , 'L -,MQ-f . - f'--'Z' . 'V'i.vl ' ' '.' ' I I m,IIy5 ff, ' fr.. ,I . - : III'I iw' . I ..-I--II, I-If--35 - - , IIIII , - 5,4 nr -. n 'Q L. f15 . - , ' 'i 'g.1-'Q '. u 'fl 'TT-1 '4. 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Suggestions in the Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) collection:

Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 49

1949, pg 49

Hendersonville High School - Golden Memories Yearbook (Hendersonville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 52

1949, pg 52

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