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1 ,Al ,i ,A 4 I .ffi gf 22' ! I 1 E I l 3 I 1 r ii x U -' ix e 31 ' r L P V N H i 4 x w I F OREWORD DEAR CLASS OF '45: This book has been published for the sole purpose of portraying our three years to- gether and we hope in years to come, as you read through the following pages, that the many joys and heartaches we shared as a class will make you smile' and remember the fcgood old daysi' at H .H .S.N . THE SHIELD STAFF I Tedication .... The Class of 1945 takes pleasure in dedicating this issue of the SHIELD to Miss Laura Rosnagle, Associate Director of the Hartford Hospital School of Nursing. I t is a small tribute to one who has been so willing to give of herself as educational advisor and friend to us all. 5 S . 5 S N xx X X S 5 QR t. Xi 53 X N N f, 1 Nr V Q.-,fe . nga-V f Q X yi ,,,,.:5'f ' K X- XX isswsgwco . X xx WXQSXYA ' A X' X XX S EN X i . - XX, LX xk. P -S. pf wxf 4f95X ':"' X it K - sxffv ,Q X X -3: X S if 'S' W Vicki ' ss X, f Xev. Yf - S 5 X ,Q QfsNfxY,Xfs,'5. t to t S i 1 . , J - Q gg MISS ETHEL A. BROOKS Photo by John Haley. Hartford Director of the Hartford Hospital School of Nursing and Nursing Service l I l l MISS GERALDINE SMITH, Advisor We have been fortunate as a class to have had four advisors instead of the usual one. Mrs. Andrea Taylor took us through our first trying months and did a splendid job. Then Miss Jeanne Murphy accepted the position and helped us to build a stable class organization. Miss Murphy left to teach in another school and Mrs. Margaret Carson hecarne our next advisor. Mrs. Carson left for a rest and Miss Geraldine Smith became our present advisor. The class of '45 is deeply 'grateful to these advisors and says "Thank Youn. THE STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF A Editor ........ .................... .... L o is Bradley Associate Editor .... ,lean De Wolf , I Feature Editors .... ........... D oris Morrow, Miriam Shapiro l Candid Camera Shots and Photographs ........... Barbara Chadd , E Cartoons .. .. . Audrey Weghorst, Beverly Carlson Quotations . .4 ......... Jean Peruse, J une Otis Will .... . ...... Wanda Bloom, Juliette Anderson History . . . . . . Enes Johnson, Wanda Bloom, Jean Herrmann Prophecy ....... Harriet Swanson, Victoria Truhan, Alma Breuch ! Feature Writers . . . . . Kathleen Lamphier, Nancy Ballou E BUSINESS STAFF Manager . . .................. . . . Nancy Fike Assistants . . . .... Kathleen Lamphier, Doris Morrow, li Dorothy Dewar, Shirley Rood V 5 Ei is in v l r l 1 l A 1 u . THE FACULTY First row: Misses Wilbur, Bombaci, Stewart, Butler, Brackett, Stansfield, Smith, Mrs. Carson, and Misses Farrell, Darrington, Lam ' ' ' ' M' S rm, Mrs. Beers, Misses Misses Harold, Boulanger, Maher, Hill, Mrs. Elderidge, Mlss Emerson, Mrs. Fisher, and iss orenso bg Second row: Smiles, Klatkla, Lawlor. ' ' ' Cl H rr, Kettledon, Potter, Third row: Misses Marcia, Hochstein, Mrs. Overbaugh, Mrs. Williams, and Misses Walker, Haufman, eason, e Hall, Millward. THE INTERNS First row: Drs. Thompson, Goldenthal, Bilka, Sexton, Kennealy, Jones, Medbury, Mariana, Carey Second row: Drs. Humphreys, Conway, Kendrew, Aune, Ritzenthaler, Waters, Davie, Cunningham Bush. Third row: Drs. Conway, Berry, Matheson, Little, D'Autremont, Herrick, Lundberg, Phillips. SCHOOL HYMN Go forward, Christian soldier, Beneath His banner true, The Lord Himself, thy Leader, Shall all thy foes subdue. His love foretells thy trials, He knows thine hourly needs, He can w'ith bread of heaven Thy fainting spirit feed. Go forward, Christian soldier, Fear not the secret foe, Far more o'er thee are watching Than human eye can know, Trust only Christ, thy Captain, Cease not to watch and pray, Heed not the treacherous voices Thatlure thy soul astray. CLASS MOTTO Success comes in cans, Failure in can'ts CLASS FLOWER Red rose -N. ,.,, --. 4 ,-W , x. , X . 1 aw ww p www w ww, N . , , , . A 1 x y 3, W-xyf,,YN Q .. .. K, gwgm -.yxw .g...+..xX A .4 x N .4 f ,h N X V , - .R - -fl , Q """"""""""""""'7"""""""""""""'f""f"i"""'f "'f""'Mf"""M""iii'h""'f"i'T""Li " " C ' . 4121.2 ,,..,f.lf2lL.3.'3IIZYLQ21.1fi?iS':f:.2...,i'::" 'Y "" L ff' 5.:.1g....fw-fu, A:-m,W2.f 7 724-7"'.'f.lZQ.,.,, W-M.--mm! ,--, --- M1 -K--- - .. . ,, ..... .. ...xx ., -, W., ,. ,.........x ,mp N. '.":f:.fs ' ' ' . w,::wWEwk ' ' ' mfg,-.....,Ww,,W , f A Wvfrfw.. U ' .Mfww -X . - K QW -,f1'vffM-.gg.wsw Q, QU y . .L Jgfvx ,ww-'y:. ' wfwwv- ---- ,zz--"f4:.,,m1..:. y, :L:,f.i,35gg5:y?4:.,wMf,A. 4 X :KJ ff ' N :- x ,i .,.. x,:"::1y'N- x 1..,......... -- K -X .W .. ' - , - - -K - - 1:-fx gf,w'WSw2mW:"x-w.'AwfafxfsktQSXmx.v.s:s.aLggmNg1w:wm,.A.,.-wp ' s 1 f f ,fffdjfff +rvw J v r ,wwmh .,---1 W YN THE 'GRADUATES M.D The following poem is a paraphrase by Wilmar M. Allen, Kipling's 'fIf,'. i If you can take a snub and unoffended, Seek to make a friend instead of foeg If you can deal with gossip ere it's ended And show a smiling face instead of Woeg ' If you can stimulate the unattractive And yet not fawn nor yet debase yourselfg lf you can help the weak be strong and active And keep the biting tongue upon the shelfg If you can use your science to the letter And make it seem a sympathetic artg If you can use your brains and hands the better And not forget to utilize your heartg If you make others feel their best each minute And meet the world with fortitude and cheer Yours in the life, and all the best that7s in it And-which is more-youill be a nurse, my dear. of Rudy ard . R Q9 A 0 . me S 4iXw9r QV Mvgss 0 X I I x XXQXYV Y' C JULIETTE ANDERSON 6CAndy99 SIMSBURY, CONN. "She has the courage of her convictions." NANCY BALLOU svvaff' SALEM, MASS. As the sun colors the earth, so does art color lifef, W , ' RPZMQWW A MQW' WW MARGUERITE BARRY - ccMeg:9 MANCHESTER, CONN. "T he heaven such grace did lend her that she might admired bef, J f Y, ,MW yftwf 'f lj, ff' aiffffjff 4' ff J' A DOROTHY BELL "Dottie,' 'CA lot of chatter and a bundle of cheerfnlnessf' WINSTED, CQNN. "Nothing great siasmf' BARBARA BLICKLEY 6CB0bby99 BRISTOL, CONN. "A smile for every girl and two for every fellow WANDA BLOOM Gfwindy' LAKE PARK, MINN. was ever achieved without enthu- ll I I ,,,A ,,,, , , HM A .w..,....,,....-...A-,......m,,,-.,.. .,Y. .,Y-....-.-.,..,.......,.,.,,..-..,.,,,..,,,....,-., . A V .H ., .W ,V . X f ,xg 9 l . , .. Ani? ,.....A . ' JOYCE BRAGDON "Braggiev GUILFORD, CONN. Keep well thy tongue and keep thy friends." ,nd u,,f' I fm , R I. ' LOIS BRADLEY ffemdff EAST HAVEN, CONN. "fm not only witty, but the cause of wit in others . f' 'X YO 4 , C ,WI ,U I MIJ fy su, K xf J , ff ,j x ALMA BRUECH Ji c:A lmav HARTFORD, CONN. She is self sufficient who has good determinationf BEVERLY CARLSON G6Bev99 WEST HARTFORD, CONN. Her heart makes up for her height." 3 K S-'-Nfglkxr .S , T, kxxrxk, PKQJOUL-'X VIRGINIA CARRIGAN c'Ginni" WEST HARTFORD, CONN. "It,s nice to be natural if y0u're naturally nice. BARBARA CHADD HB0 b byn UNIONVILLE, CONN. 6'Style is the dress of thought." he , , DOROTHY CHAFFEE gfhippiev WETHERSFIELD, CONN. uln simpleness, gentleness, honor, and clean mirth ,U X My f, 'R X, DOROTHY CHANDLER i c'Chan,' WETHERSFIELD, CONN. MHer air, her manner, all who saw admired, cour- teous, though coy and gentle, though I'6liI'6d.,, MURIEL CHAPIN 56Murry99 WEST HAVEN, CONN. "Sweet and neat She can't be beatf, ' Z I 1 I .s.-se-sgsaz. . '- wx-em-an-IM i'lv--up-r.:'!.'e!:-!.' ' gqnnulllnlngtglg, survgulnnauna-J ,Ari w.ee...,,Ap..-n-- - fn is-Clad-EB-KS , will!-inaa5Lg. I DOROTHY DEWAR "Dewie" SPRINGFIELD, MASS. The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed 'gflnd ease of heart every look conveyed." JEAN DEWOLF 65-Blltchlii OLD LYME, CONN. ':0ne could mark her merry nature by the twinkle in her eye." 1 . fx , U M, " . kim Sf? 'E w , T X27 MATILDA DIETZ CCTilly9? HOLYOKE, MASS. "Hard work .shall be rewarded? t. E ,,,,. ,,, A J ,,eCf"Xf , yy X JEJNANCY FIKE W' , g'Toni" f 14. . MANCHESTER, CONN. '6Let them call it mischief, when it is past and pros- pered 'twill be a virtue." , il LOIS DUBOIS g'DnBois', WALLINGFORD, CONN. "She frames her mind to mirth and merriment AUDREY HELLMAN CGA uid!! WEST HARTFORD, CONN. To a young heart, everything is fun .I EAN HERRMANN Cileanb WEST HARTFORD, CONN. A lady clad as nice as she, charmingexceedinglyf' LOUISE HOOKER 66H00k39 WELLS RIVER, VT. 'Tull of cheer, and full of pep Making friends with every stepf' HELEN HILL CC Hillb BROOKLYN, CONN. "H er bright smile haunts us still 6 .wwe 6 I RUTH HUBLITZ "Blitz', WEST ENGLEWOOD, N. J. uLet tomorrow take care of tornorrowf, EDYTHE HUNTER "Edie', MYSTIC, CONN. S0 sweet the blush, so red the hair." 'J , . 1 . - J XM e. E ENES JOHNSON ufohnnyv MANCHESTER, CONN. 6011, for a life of excitement, adventure, and f ,i., f W: romance." .Q . 2 5 xc 1 MAE KJELLSON C5Kelly95 MANCHESTER, CONN. "My joys lie onward, my grief behind." A MARGARET LAMBERT "Maggie" MIDDLEBURY, VT. "Let me have music, and I seek no more delight KATHLEEN LAMPH IER CCKay9 9 TORRI-NGTON, CONN. "For sure, no minutes bring us mo-re content than those in pleasing useful studies spent." ff .1 , t A Cfmwofwdf 611146, fell ELEANOR LEONARD ' "Ellie" WALLINGFORD, CONN. "W e thought she was everything to make us wish 3 that we were in her place." 1' o QW O FLORENCE LAS SOFF "Faye" HARTFORD, CONN. "Her hair dark as night Smile oh so bright." . f , LL z If 259 x A, f V' 0- O df by,- I X 55.1. SN .34-XJXX . V Y, J- . Jr '19 .' Ys fp JK J? ,P ELIZABETH LINDSLEY w CC ' 79 3 Lindy 'E ST. JOHNSBURY, VT. o -,r Y jx -P - XJ Q ,J ,, .19 J Q 'Oh gwe us the girl who sings at her work X ':Good nature and good sense must ever join." WINIFRED MEGSON 'gWinnie,' GLASTONBURY, CONN. "She not only made a hit with a man, but a home run. ALTA MOORE CGAZDD WEST WELLINGTON, CONN. "W hence is thy learning? Hath thy toil o'er books 'f - consumed the midnight 0il?,' Ti Li V l 1 Q T DOROTHY MORROW ' Dotti HARTFORD, CONN .M I 'K x' Q? Q rf ELEANOR MUNSON WINSTED, CONN. g'Quiet and undisturbed, she moves along her way." EDITH NEWELL Edie HARTFORD, CONN Assurance is two thirds of success. ' ,L in , A I fa' fl Usb 1 D WJ WY NWNWZ 00" W ' wt' I 1-C 'll WK W s JUNE TIS Cilunen WESTFIELD, MASS. "There is a sparkle of humor in her eyes, like a S t pilot, ready at any moment to ignite a laugh." Y 5 BEVERLY PERKINS CCPerlCy97 MILLDALE, CONN. "It is better to be small and shine than to' be large and to cast -a shaclowf' Q HELEN RACZKA MIDDLETOWN, CONN. 6'Because we laugh they say we cannot feel But he who laughs the deeper feels the deeper too." E ll' , EAST HARTFORD, CONN. "How far that little canflle throws its beam." I 1 1 . i 1 1 E X c'Raczka,' 'RNQXQ-S as ' nm. '- E 'A G 1 . - N X NJSXA ' S-4.4551 ea...-.E5AL"NQ'g.,,,..-.sr-4: X- G-0 fuss. . Nr-CQEQQ. E JEANNE PERUSE "Jeanne" are we of vtfwflwlm SHIRLEY ROOD 'fnefff HOLYOKE, MASS. "Her radiant hair draws all eyesf' i , f. if - ki "To be little is no disgrace, just a little incon- venient. IRENE SAPOLIS "Irene" WINDSOR, CONN. LAUREL SCHMID "Laurel', PITTSFIELD, MASS. "A quiet mind is richer than a crown MIRIAM SHAPIRO c'Mimi" NEW BRITAIN, CONN. "Here stand I, small and trim, quick of thought though little of limbf, A to do." 3 ELIZABETH SUTCLIFFE 6CBetty!9 NEW BRITAIN, CONN. "A face that's best by its own beauty dressed." VIRGINIA SULLIVAN 66Ginny99 NEW LONDON, CONN. '6Believing nothing done while anything remained W' HAZEL TAYLOR Wffyzoy "Her talk is like a stream which runs with rapid change." HARRIET SWANSON "Swannee" WEST HARTFORD, CONN. 'GA little nonsense now and then is relishecl by the best of men." GILBERTVILLE, MASS. QD UNL 0.61-Ag, cLf.aAf,sf' ?a.2a 0316. Ever hf'l0"lJ"l4 audi 4w0oSIi,, joff 'Z U5 6,155 VICTORIA TRUHAN "Vicki" NEW BRITAIN, CONN. "Was there ever a woman who diclngt like to flirt ,A just a little?" FLORENCE WASNEIWSKI a'Flo,' COLCHESTER, CONN. Good-hearted, quiet, dainty, and deterrninedf, ' AUDREY WEGHORST 65 Wegsii HART FORD, CONN. :Tell me where is anc bred, in the heart or in 3' head P" 2 i we 4 LILLIAN WOOSTER l "Wooden C RANDOLPH CENTER, VT. 6'Lovely to look at delightful to know." the Most Popular Most Sophisticated Most Likely to Succeed SUPERLATIVES Eleanor Leonard Harriet Swanson Lois Bradley Most Studious Kathleen Lamphier Most Energetic Victoria Truhan, Audrey Weghorst Most Individual Lflufei Schmid Most Conscientious Maiiida Dietz Most Industrious Florence Wasniewski Sgcialige Enes Johnson Cutest Dotti Costello Sweetest Muriel Chapin Best Smile Lois Bradley Most Striking Harriet Swanson Prettiest Lillian Wooster Prettiest head of red hair Prettiest head of blonde hair Prettiest head of brown hair Prettiest head of black hair Greatest Heartbreaker Most Pleasing Personality Most Beautiful Most Lovable Most Loquacious Best Natured, Most Bashful Best Appetite Most Obliging Most Versatile Best Dancer L Best H urnored Best Dressed N oisiest Quietest Eleanor Leonard, i Shirley Rood Harriet Swanson Dotti Costello Barbara Chadd Victoria Truhan Virginia Carrigan Are we Kidding? Dotti Costello Victoria Truhan June Otis Virginia Sullivan Shirley Rood Wanda Bloom A Lois Bradley, Victoria Truhan Helen Raczka June Otis Jean Herrman Victoria Truhan Virginia Sullivan Most Gullible Neatest Class Politician Best Blujffer Class Cut-up Class Artist Class Man-hater SUPERLATIVES Bnes Johnson Florence Wasniewski Juliette Anderson Hazel Taylor Audrey Weghorst Audrey Weghorst Not a Gall Il Class Wit June Otis Class Cigarette Chesterfield Haunt Friendly Shop Pet Aversion 6 a.m. Drink Rum and Coca Cola Cardgame Bridge Y Clothes Sport Car Ford Convertibles De Luxe Actor Van Johnson Actress Lauren Bacall Quote What's your time today? Pastime Sleeping pBranch of Service Navy Maid Janie Sport V Tennis Doctor Dr. Quarrier Instructor Miss Martyn Nursing Service Operating Room Song Rum and Coca Cola Color Blue Flower Bose Book Forever Amber Bob Hope Radio Program Soap Pet Peeve Williamls Shaving Soap Relief Duty CLASS HISTORY 1942 Sept. 1.-Our first day at the Hartford Hospital School of Nursing, we were ushered to our rooms by the lofty upperclassmen. How our hearts sank when we saw the little. thin, corn husk mattresses, the cream colored walls and what a hard time we would have to get all our things into one drawer! That night we all met in Heublein Hall-met our big sister and the faculty. We played kid games. fYeS we didb. A x Sept. 2.-Had classes all day after not sleeping last night. Went on a picnic at Goodwin Park in the evening given by our Big Sisters. Sept. 3.-Toured the hospital. What feelings we had-all those corridors! Sept. 4.-We donned our best for tea in Heublein Hall. We actually talked to our Profs. At night we went to O.P.H.-f'Father Takes a Wife"-for free!! Sept. 5.-Trip to Avery and Elizabeth Park. Sept. 6.-Home-good food. Heard about Fern Dammlin being thrown and killed by a horse. Sept. 7.-Classes from 7:30 a.m. on. Were we stiff! Sept. 11.-Koffskiis for shoes. Sept. 1411.-We got our marks in HHow to Studyj'-quite a let down. Sept. 16.-Elected officers today-Mrs. Taylor is our class advisor. Sept. .-Class howl on Constitution. Oct. dance. Oct. 21 7.-1t shocked the third floor kids when L'lVlimi,' Shapiro did her bubble 9.-Got so disgusted in Micro. Lab-how to remain in training. Those old petri dishes! Oct. 10.-Our first dance. Given by the Seniors. Stags from Trinity and Pratt and Whitney engineers. Did we have fun! Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Didn't 11.-Coffee party given by Miss Crowdis. 16.-On wards-scrubbed two desks. Were we scared. 20.-Spent evening in Rumpus Room with kids gabbing. 30.-Our first blackout-just before the Halloween Dance in the gym. spoil our fun. Nov. 4.-Went to Christ Church party and danced with Bradley Field soldiers. Nov. 6.-Got our Uniforms! Nov. 21.-First Formal. We all met in the Snuggery first. hlicivy. 211-.-Wore uniforms on duty and to our first Community Night. What a t r1 . . Dec. 3.-Troubles over the Student Council. Dec. 19.-Christmas Party. The Dramatic Club gave a play-not bad. Dec. 20.-Jan. 3rd Christmas vacationg first eight hour duty. 1943 Jan. 6.-Gave enemas in Nursing Arts lab. Jan. 16.-Winter Formal for the entire school. What excitement getting dressed. Feb. 3.-Tonight Weill never forget-we got capped, by our Big Sisters, Feel like a nurse now. Feb. 11-15.-Final exams-what a headache. How many of us will come thru? Mar. 5.-Pajama party in Rumpus Room for just our class. April 6.-Miss Brooks discussed punishment on sneaking in the back way. April 22.-Miss Murphy elected Class Advisor as Mrs. Taylor is going to have a baby. April 23.-Cot our capes. Three-fourths of the class lost privileges for missing out on that class. April 29.-Darn that Wieegie board-wasted the whole afternoon on it. May 5.-Changed to cafeteria style in the dining room. May 18.-Relief duty' at last-what fun. May 26.-Picnic in Bumpus Boom on account of rain-still had fun-in honor of Miss Murphy. Miss Brooks did a tap dance with Ellie and Lois. June J une J une J une June July July Aug. ' Aug. Aug. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Nov. 7.- 14. 24. 25. 29. Finals started. Am so tired from cramming. -Our first six hour day. --Mrs. Carson elected Class Advisor. We just can't keep an Advisor. -Community Night in this heat-those awful chairs! --Some of the kids started vacation. The halls seem empty without them. 10.-Tennis in back of O.P.H. 20.-Getting a tan in the garden. 11.-Dance for the Army, Navy and Marines. What fun! 15.-Moving-rooms being done over. 30.-New kids arrived. Do we feel big now! 1.-Picnic at Avery to welcome the new recruits. 6.-Classes again. 18.-New class officers elected. 30.-Stag dance-Trinity Naval students-fair. 17. difference. Nov. Nov. Nov. 18 27 29 -Bunk beds and neat pine furniture arrived for our rooms. What a --Little Girl Party in Bumpus Room. Did we look cute? -Annie bawled us out for making so much noise. .-Worked with Joan Fontaine today-what a thrill! 4.-Danced with a sailor from Trinity. Wore an old gown. 5 17.-Went to Cedarcrest in the rain this afternoon. Christmas Cantata at night. Dec. 18 Room afterwards. Dec. 24.-Final in T. B. What a Christmas present! Went caroling thru the hospital at night. A Dec. 25.-Christmas Day-dashed home for a few' minutes. Dec. Dec. 1944 Jan. Jan. Feb .-Skating party at Elizabeth Park. Cocoa and hot buns in Rumpus 1.-We celebrated after relief-had fun and no harm done. 7.-Happy Day-had our last final. No more classes 'till next year! 8.-Kids are starting vacations again. 10.-Night duty. Gee, but it was tough to stay awake between two and three a.m. ' Feb. 28.-Dottie Morrow married Larry Costello at Christ Church tonight. Most of the class was there. March 8.-We all had chest plates done-hope none of us have T.B. Feb May 1.-First sunbath on the roof-oh, how good it Was. Got caught evading the blackout at night. May 6.-Dance given by the Juniorsg Bradley Field, Trinity, and dates. 5? 5, M 14.-All our nurses boarded the bus for Christ Church in full uniform. a lmprfisive Florence Nightingale service. June 1.-Jflerryi' Smith is now our Class Advisor. Picnic in Rumpus Room- baseball behind Ed. Building. July 6.-Circus Fire-Barnum and Bailey. Some of us saw action until three a.m. Aug. 24.-We gave an informal dance for the Seniors with Bradley Field men. But we donit talk about that! Aug. 28.-New kids arrived-mostly Cadets. Did we feel big as we are now lofty seniors. P f ' al Nursing was hostess to a buffet Sept. 1.--The Junior League of ro ession supper in honor of the Class of '1L7. ' 7 ' 7 I d Sept. 2.-Second anniversary party at Nancy Fikes sisters house. We ma e a little too much noise coming back. ' ' ' ' h Al Pierson as Sept. 3.-Hartford Hospital Nurses Choir began the year wit director. Q I 7.-Everyone is knitting. Hope our ambition lasts. Sept. 15.-Busy on Christmas Packages for the boys overseas. Sept. Sept. 20.-Saw uSince You Went Awayl' and cried for days. Sept. 244.-We've been enjoying teas and coffees in Miss Crowdis' sitting room. Oct. 1.-New class officers electedg also editor and business manager for our classbook and co-managers of the Bumpus Boom store. Oct. 6.-Grand opening of the Rumpus' Boom store under new management. B St d'o. Reall feel Oct. 10.-Started on photographs for the yearbook at rown u 1 y as though we're getting there now. Oct. 26.-Banquet at the Hotel Bon in ono mates attended. Oct Room. Oct. 31.-Halloween Masquerade for the W o e sc oo giv n Room. Good time was had by all. Nov. 9.-Trying to decide on bracelets. What a problem! Nov. 141.-Weire still getting a whole day off a week on most of the floors! Nov. 24.--Friday night specials after O.P.H. are making a big hit. 28.-The Friendly Shop is still getting the biggest part of our allowances. 4.-Glee Club broadcasted for Brown Thompson's over W.T.H.T. Sounded d ' h r of Miss Stack. Some of our class- . 29.-Enjoyed one of Miss Crowdis' monthly birthday parties in the Dining hl h l ' e in the Rumpus Nov. Dec. wonderful. Dec. 18.-Mailed the first and only draft of the class history quite by accident. Received it intact via the Dead Letter Office. Dec. 21.-Tea in Heublein Hall for Miss Blaser who is leaving soon. Dec. 25.-We had snow' for Christmas! 1945 Jan. quite thrilling. lan. 20.-Deadline at the publishers. We're anxiously awaiting the Spring and of course, graduation week. C 13.-Winter formal for the entire school with our own dates! lt was really JEAN HERRMANN WANDA BLooM ENES JOHNSON :IQ 1 1 N Vi Q 4 It ff 1 X f - Wei 5 ' M R+ X0 1 WX X S -Rf A ex -.995 Y by ,rf Rf Q- v If 0 X L 0 Y' 9 Mb DL x 5,7 K 34" wx i 1' 'i' x t. vase, x 2, 94 f ' ' 3-"MQ ox 4 x? 7 .05 M537 fb " , an 1- Ely? . , Y.. f L -- Q U I ' 1 if 5 +N"W"a ' E .A Q-EQ 4 11211 ' ' 4 X Semforg y Us KW 1 , L I7 X ,il J " -ff-.-:,-Z.-. 4. Q , 2.22761 ' 'K f , ' New 022.5 ' 123-NV' f, vo' iff! ' C3 X X A Xqghq 'Nigga v 'f H -'---ff-1" 12.5 ' an A "' Tlsxlvto so QSEIQQ 5 Quit' " ' me -Qu the Comm? H 'Uj on-.A '-FQ Seconds ec. , FN I NJ xi +. 'z PM A B-9' p S CLASS WILL We, the members of the class of 1945, of the H. H. S. N. do hereby declare this al ind and judgment leave as our last will and testament and so being of sown m the following .- To the faculty, who so ably guided us, our sincere appreciation. To Miss Crowdis many thanks for her kindness and thoughtfulness. To Janie, Mary, and Annie our gratitude for being patient with us. To Miss Stuart, Miss Keith, Dr. Beebe, thank you for taking care of our many ailments. To Antoinette DeLuca, Nancy Ballou leaves her zest for living. Marguerite Barry leaves her enthusiasm for an enterprising Clee Club to Ginny Barrett to carry on the good Work Dottie Bell leaves her recognized position as t e rin y Wolfe. Barbara Blickley leaves her heart breaking tendencies to Betty Bees. Lois Bradley and Nancy Fike leave their job as year book editors to anyone who h T ' it College Mascot to Jackie wants the headache. Joyce Bragdon leaves her alarm clock punctuality to Alita Pinkham. Alma Bruech leaves her tallness to Janice Griswold to aid her in the Ward 8 Annex. Beverly Carlson leaves her quiet manner to Carol Thompson so the second Hoor Residence can sleep nights. Virginia Carrigan leaves her individuality to Muriel Shaw. Dorothy Chandler leaves her bedroom eyes to Phyllis Limb. Muriel Chapin leaves her sweet, shy, retiring appearance to Kathie Shepard. Agnes Smith is willed Dottie ChaHie's bird-like voice. Dorothy Dewar leaves her cheerful disposition to disheartened probies. Jean DeWolfe leaves her ability to turn tragedies into comedies to Sally Jenson. Lois DuBois leaves her crooning technique to the Hartford Hospital Nurses, Choir. Edie Hunter leaves her book of Military lnsignias to AnnaMae Jolie to help her w'ith her USO work. J Helen Hill leaves her Brooklyn accent to further Jean Webstefs already prom- inent accent. Louise Hooker leaves a bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup to the doctors in the Operating Room. Enes Johnson leaves her title of Mommie to Dot Sasso. Mae Kjellson leaves her seat on the Manchester bus to Dottie Dwyer. Kay Lamphier wills part of her vast amount of knowledge to Joyce Kemnitzer, Eleanor Leonard gives her common sense and good judgment to Geraldine Carini, Betty Lindsley leaves her ability to win friends and influence people to Doris LeBeau. Dotti Morrow leaves her well trained hair to Mildred Coupe. Ellie Munson leaves her quiet corner in life to Jane Convers-e. Edie Newell leaves the addresses of her two handsome brothers to Janet Park. Bev. Perkins leaves her diminutive size to Helen Korzick. June Otis wills her 1000 bits of wit and humor to the graduates. Jeanne Peruse leaves the title of Claudia to Helen Marchocki. Helen Baczka leaves some of her jitterbug steps to the HHSN dance patrons. Shirley Rood leaves her love of good food to the Diet Kitchen. Laurel Schmidt leaves her will to do or die to Ruth Ruff. Faye Lassoff leaves her effective diet to Arline Eggleston. Mimi Shapiro leaves her soothing sedative effect to all future patients on 9B. Jean Herrman leaves her extensive wardrobe to the envious student body. Harriet Swanson leaves a warning to all students not to write anonymous letters. Ginnie Sullivan leaves her superman speed to the Class of 191146. Betty Sutcliffe leaves her incessant giggle to Kay Davis. Vicki Truhan leaves her love of drarnatization to Ruth Mason. Lillian Wooster leaves her nickname of Fat Stuff to Mavis French. Hazel Taylor leaves her ability to bluff to anyone who finds themselves in a deli- cate situation. . . . h Irene Sapolis and Florence Wasneiwski leave their numerous dates to those w o are not so fortunate. Buth Hublitz leaves her air of sophistication to Evelyn Deming. Audrey Weghorst leaves her lanky limbs and inexhaustible energy to Betty Sage. Barbara Chadd leaves her list of SNO instructions for keeping her hair off her collar to Mary Ruskin. . . . . f Audrey Hellman leaves her interest in the Maple Hill Ambulance to future relie stud-ents in the Accident Boom. 4 Margaret Lambert leaves her Marlene Dietrich figure to Christine French. Matilda Dietz wills her unassuming manner to Helen Gustafson. Alta Moore leaves her bed in the infirmary to Sybil Golden. Juliette Anderson and Wanda Bloom leave the Coca Cola machine to the Scrap Drive--they probably would make more money on it. We the Class of forty-five Leave this will in all good fun And if by chance you can't survive To the nearest exit walk, not run. i Signed and sealed JULIETTE ANDERSON WANDA BLooM CLASS PROPHECY TIME : 1952. SETTING: The Snuggery. CHARACTERS: Alma Bruech, Vicki Truhan, Harriet Swanson. THE ACTION: Sipping their shrimp cocktails. . ' f THE TNTENTION : Finding Connecticut a little frosty the girls are gayly departing or sunny, lazy Miami fThey say there are men there!! !j VICKI: Listen hags, that giggle sounds strangely familiar. Well, for Peteis sake, look back o' those bottles there-it's June Otis! Yipe, but it canit be! Why just get a load of that-she's only taking up one chair! SWANI! But Holy Cow', it is! uTornado7, llalias uBig blownj Taylor told me that she's president of the 4'Cet Slim! Be Trim! Nab Him!MClub" and that '4Wegsg j and 44Blitz'7 fstill rooming togetherj are running the Gain Weight and Gra a Date Club,'7 with turbinates Chaffee as promoter. ALMA: When did she nab you? SWANI: Oh, I met her and 46Long-Wind" Kjellson at their well equipped gas station on Trinity Campus. I was just going to give the telephone pay box a gentle nudge for a little spending dough when A. Hellman dramatically popped opt ' ' ' - d- l ure of the Maple Hill Ambulance Qin which she had her latest one an on y sec y chained to the steering wheel! and as usual, beat me to the old phone-sooo I gave that idea up for the afternoon. VICKI: Say, there's Janie from the residence. Doesnit that remind you of the hos- . . . U h pital? Speaking of the hospital, T wonder whether the wards are getting enoug linen since uStrutting7' Anderson was promoted to chief pillow case passer of the linen room? Canlt you just hear the ole gal saying, MNO, ah cawn't pawsibly give you those bawth towels without a requisition slipfi ALMA: And another thing I just got hot off the griddle, is that Bragdon and Sut- cliffe are embroidering purty lil H.H.'s on the pillow cases on their off duty time. SWANI: Egad! Look at the time! Weid better make with the feet. Hey Truhan, I'll Hip you for the tip. QAside, uGot my two headed coin?'7j LATER ON THE TRAIN ALMA: lVlan dead-or-alive, itis hot in here! Let's drag down to the Club Car. VICKI: Here's some good seats, letis park. Vlfhy, Winnie, I havenit seen you in a coongs age! Where did you get that gorgeous fur coat? Really!!! Well, have you seen any of the old gang lately? No, you donjt tell me! Hermann's separated from her fourth husband. Her room-mate Flossoff is doing a bang-up job as a case room supervisor. Why only the other day Wanda Bloom had her baby and Florence tells me that she recited the uRide of Paul Revere" during the whole process. ALMA: Yes, and she also heard that that complete feminist Toni Fike has attained her life-long ambition-Director of Boys, Town. lVlan, what an opportunity! Now that Winnie's gone, did you really like that fur coat? Not very flattering T wouldn't say. Oh, and did you hear about poor Ellie Munson and Edie Hunter-stationed in Timbuctoo all this time-even if they can write all their passes. And from what I hear all their passes arenit written on paper eitherf the grape-vine, you know. SWANI: Oh, T heard the same talk, in strictest confidence, of course, and said T wouldn't tell a soul but itis all right to tell you. T got it from Lois DuBois who thought the air out there might be good for her hay-fever and she also said that her former room-mate Tillie is having a wonderful time as night nurse on Ward 8. Says it's the best job in the hospital and' is still working on the angle of how not to give the patients basins in the morning. Every morning I hear that she and Barbara Blickly have a regular hair-pulling over whois responsible for pulling up in bed the patients in the annex. Bobby has turned into quite an extremely efficient orthopedic nurse since she fell into that man-hole Afwhile following a sailor! and broke her leg. Oh, T was pleasantly surprised a while ago when T w'alked into the foyer of our new hospital and saw Gini 'Carridan as the receptionist. No wonder our patients come back for more of the saline. Nancy fformerly Ballou of the Ballous who leased the Plymouth Rock to the Pilgrims and let them stay overnight at their house until they could get a priority from the Indians for some lumberj has almost finished her latest book uWhy I love Salem? Her first book 6'Oh, Girls, Did You Hear What Happened to Me?" made the best seller list, but was banned in Boston. VICKI: Itas surprising how many of the girls stayed on to work in the new hospital. Kay Lamphier decided sheid better stick to the O.R. since sheis given it so much b ' e s. She's now Dr. Ell1son's indispensable instrument nurse and re-reads us1n s 'Torever Amber" between cases for a topic of conversation. Perky is Dr. John- sonis instrument nurse. They hang her from the overhead light so she can reach the instruments Lindy is Dr. Phillips' instrument nurse and they h him from the lights so he can get the hammers and saws from her. Our ang silent partners Sullivan and Carlson are spongmg. Florence W. 1S assistant ' ' ' ' Sh lo house-mother to Miss Crowdis and helps with teas and decoration. e a s helps Miss Eastwood with the new students. Ever so sweet Alta and Muriel are eor anizing the choir at O P H They have such a soothing way with old people. r g . . . CONDUCTOR: NEXT STOP GRAND CENTRAL STATION. ' ' ' ' h -l'ftin . Re- ALMA! We have some time to kill between trains so let s do some s op 1 g member how' well we did on the Annex third floor VICKI: Why, what-do-you-know-there's Man-trap Johnson. My word, look at that h d d ster sheis got with her-maybe itis just following her. Where two- ea e mon did she get that awful hat? I got a post-card from her the other day-said ' ' ' Wh she's going to Paris to explore new fields. Hello, Johnnie, adorable hat. ere did you get it? Some of the other girls are in New York too.' Lois Bradley is ' 11' C rter's Little Liver Pills-she always was interested in medicine and se ing a her cohort D. Chandler is selling Lydia Pinkham Pills. Jean Peruse fMuch- ' ' ' ' ld d' f llo Ado-About-Nothingb is here nursing a definite stress on the o car iac o w- ing another round of words with Ed. Dewie is here, too, buying her spring d b Rasczka who is living here, with her husband and four kids, tells war ro e. , me that Margaret Lambert was just made a Canadian subject-something about taxes on her bank account. SWANI: Letis buy the Bridgeport Herald and see if any of the gals have managed to make this edition. Sayyyyyyyyy! Flash your inquisitive peepers on this choice bit: Meg fThe Bodyl Barry w'on the title of MMiss Anatomy? in a contest at ' ' ' ' 'dfil.H ianaddfrom Loew's Poli and 1S being entered in the Statewi e na s ere s B. Chaddis Uniform Shop. She has a special on uniforms with ruffles today. . . , And here's one about Louise Hookeris Automatic Bed-Pan Dispenser. Look. A ' 'n uButch'7 DeWolf's latest c4Whodunnit!', Titled-uWard 8 book review pra1s1 g . Murders or Whois this stiff in the ice-box?'7 Well look at this spread about ' ' ' ' h d' ed Irene Sapolis remarrymg her ninth husband! Say, isnt he the one s e ivorc because he ate spaghetti with cheese in bed? Edie Newel ANC just buzzed back f B l' she ot Hitler's toupee for a souvenir. Aha! Dirt from New Lon- rom er in, g don-Bell and Shapiro are still in the subs mixing business with pleasure. ' ' ' ' ' bl d . L k at Shapiro is still trying to live down her reputation as a bub e ancer oo this write up on Dotti Costello's 12th wedding anniversary. Not only the write b t he and her husband and four sons made the rotogravure section. Good up, u s grief!! It says here in black and white that her illustrious husband was the ' - ' d I th ir anniversary. last sailor to return to the states post war, and he arrive on e Hawt-dawg! ! ! ALMA: Letis get back on the train and cast a roving eye over the new passengers. ' f V I wonder if Laurel Schmidt got her passage to Oh say, speaking o passengers, China? You know' that she is trying to dig up her birth certificate there, because she needs it for her new novel MI Was Born On The Burma Road." Hey you Rusty-hens get a gander at that poster! It reads, '6Eleanor Roosevelt Leonard for the Nurses Labor Bureaufi And loquacious Helen Hill is her Campaign Manager. Whatta combination! TOGETHER! Hey the train started. Where are the tickets? Whose the louse who snagged my hair pins? Oh gravy is wavy, where'd you stow our precious luggage? Oh Jeepers I lost my other glove! Holy Moses do you think we'll get there all right? ALL F1N1s .fa Q ' ' 'R V ,,. Q 656 A 2.4 ,. , Tff R5 mx A If E? - s"v ,I I 5' l ' 4------, Qui' Ginlshlnq K I 'Remember 'Pe.daa:h'iC5 duel 5 , -- and those darling chalclren. ' ' was 9 'Preble Uniform 'QW SWG! .6 G M '59 ,TI-'N-x k ,- W j Oh 'gow Oni, 'OW fo ll ffZht'5,lf:C qc up an he, rnornmg her ghoes Smeg, Uh IS It +h05C! 1 ghe Soi? them 'S .. C ewznansrgqtczraz 22 H K T -2 '2 R Q m D on ll O 'N 'Phbp V19 too X 3 . I o ' ' N X4 5 -f f J! if Us 'ogg 3Qf'iu3xeo h X 5 Cb.. 1 , muslim-i --- W-- V I u-lnnnunnl , 1 ,nnsLi'A 'Y' QDQ .jog vemelmber' go u.:-wqrsf bo.cKrvl: X 9 lf ICD 1. :J fl' 7 , 2 ' i l' ANNEX ANECDOTES g Open ye gates!!! Let us out!!! Our three years are up. Unlock the ball and chain. Off with the blue, on with the white. Let us go out to seek our fortunes. But first, one last glance at that dark and dreary Annex which has harbored our classmates since those pioneer days of 1942. I Too Well do we remember our arrival at the Hartford Hospital School of Nursing when we were the victims of upper classmen's pranks. A few of us were carefully instructed by straight-faced Seniors as to the rules and regulations of residence life. 1. Dresser tops must be void of any articles whatsoever. l. Clothes to be washed only in the hopper-laundry tubs reserved for grads. 3. Only three bathtubs can be used at once due to faulty plumbing. . ln our rooms by ten oiclock, lights out at ten-thirty. 4 5. Room inspection every week. 6. Nothing on the floor except furniture. It was a hard life, times were trying until we caught on to this ribbing. Then it wasnit long before we had a list of practical jokes all our own. Who put those dirty sand bags in our beds that night when fatigued Florence Nightingales were contemplating clean, cool, and comfortable cots. This mystery has never been solved, but we havs our suspects! Those bathtub concerts with attempted harmony will ne'er be forgotten by whom- ever was trying to gain a little shut-eye. Our specialty was Christmas Carols, Shirley Hood and Toni Fike had some exciting, checker games on the sweltering summer days while lounging in the cool water. Those tubs sure came in handy W'hen the third floor Annex wished to escape Miss Crowdis during the Air Raid Alerts. That Mimi Shapiro was a great little bubble dancer in the early days. The top d 'h l f balloons as floor recall her performance through the hall a la nu e wit on y our coverage. - Who hasn't seen ,lohnnie7s droopy drawers hanging in the laundry from time to time? Oh, those snappy looking bloomers, but l bet they were warm in the winter! Varga Calendar gets lots of competition, the snaps taken in the laundry are quite the thing. The Annex attire consisting of anything from bra and pants to a towel could be seen at anytime, day or night, winter or summer. How those feet scam- pered when the Bugman or the Electrician came to call! l bet the maid was surprised the morning after the detective was summoned to th third Hoor to find her closet filled with bottles of numerous shapes and sizes. e l guess everyone picked up their rooms a bit when they found Mrs. Kent W'as coming! Wegs showed her ability to mop floors soon after she let the tubs run over in the laundry. Can you picture Dotti Morrow ironing in there with boots on soon after the Hood disaster? f We can see Bell crawling through the bushes hunting for her iron which Lassoff so carelessly threw out the window. Seeking lost articles in the bushes seems to be a favorite pastime of the Annex inhabitants. The famous Weghorst and Fike lnne- ' ' ' ' - t' Th lt as briate Act led to an attempt to adjust Meg Barry s 1ll f1t.1ng screen. e resu w an evening jaunt around the Annex to locate the ubug-protector? No one was at all reluctant to get rid of that old furniture when our rooms were done over. But Dr. Burbank, quick on the draw, examined carefully each and every desk His eye Hnally l1t on that old piece of Junk belonging to 0t1s and Flke t wasn't long before he came to take it away. fPause for weepingl. There were some casualties along with the new' bunks. Kay Lamphier courageously leaped from ' ' ' d lt d ' her second story bed to answer the persistent buzzer and this escapa e resu e in badl s rained ankle KP S The call was for her roommatej Several bumps on a y p . x . . the head were acquired by those reaching into the bottom drawer with the desk leaf banging down on them. , Can ou icture DuBois in the wee hours of theymorning pulling out the bolts and Y P unscrewing the door knob in a vain attempt to open her door? It seems a few prank- sters jammed it. 6 Th uSherwood Forestv in Swanny's room, soon after the Christmas season, con- e sisted of all the discarded evergreens. The ev1l-doer was later christened with a bucket of water. Was the water cold, Vicki? Parties were really what we lived for. To celebrate our third term, the tw'o floors had a joint session at a well-known spot near Elmwood. There were degrees of happiness, depending on whether or not one was on night duty. Woosie7s room ll the details of such held evidence of a party January 1, 1944. But who can reca a gala evening? Having served our required term we leave, dear Annex, and place our right foot . . , forward. CWhat's the matter with the left foot?D This time we ll put our cards in the '4Out7' Box permanently. ' ' JUNE Oris DoTT1 MoRRow COSTELLO RELIEF lt's almost ten o'clock at night: Youlve doled out bedpans and drinks, The desks are cluttered with undone charts, Transfusion sets fill all your sinks. That abdominal prep has got to be done, And poor lVlrs. Flynn has an ache. Bed 3 wants you to call up her son. There7s a Haxseed poultice to make. The Nurses Aide just left for home, And took your watch home, too. The interne wants to do an L.P.- Dear God, there?-s so much to do! But the crowning touch is yet to come. MAdmitting" calls on the phone: uYou7re getting a patient-have sideboards theref, Such is life-on relief-alone. . K. LAMPHIER WILL YOU EVER FORGET: Janie? The Friendly Shoppe? The Blue Smocks? Our First try-ons of our school uniform? Dotti Morrowis Wedding? The girl who boiled the thermometers on Ward 2? Dr. Kendrew-Our Ideal interne? The New Yearis Eve Parties? Jeanne Peruse's 4'Old Man Shea?" Early Bird Shows Thursday morning? Our First Formal-Pratt Sz Whitney and Trinity College? Sherwood Forest in Swansonis Boudoir? Sun-bathing on the kitchen roof? OPH on Friday nights and the uPremier Performancesw? Affaires de Coeur of the class of 7115? The midnight curfew? .And Anniels sweet way of tucking you in bed? Mid-morning mail? The jolly hours in the Premi under Mrs. Wollis loving guidance? The last mile on night duty- 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.? Drs. Ogilby and Buger's class in Sociology-4cDear Bagion? Misses Dudley, Murphy and Goldthwaitis patient endeavors to teach us the finer points in nursing? Not only Ward 8 but Miss Althoff? The Marines on 2nd floor annex looking for SB2-How'd they manage to get away? The Circus Fire and the tireless work of the Nurses, Aides? The long waiting line in the Cafeteria-and eating off those attractive brown trays? Miss Stowell's Annex-alias the uLion's Denn? r Enes Johnson's uCountry 'Club Coupen? Stalking uBlind Dates" for a formal? V.N.A.-40h my growling dogsln? lsolation-'cOh, my aching backlw? Butler-HWhatta soft lifelv? Capping Exercises-and the rustle of starch? How we just never had time to learn the school song? Miss Dankers Commando Tactics in her pet Dining Room? Miss Martynis homespun philosophy and her lovable sense of humor? The Reefer hounds running around the fair city of Hartford looking for butts? Borrowing a glamorous wardrobe for the date? Hen sessions after relief duty? The garbage men with their curious peepers trying to look into our windows? Hookeris trying times? The odiferous odor greeting V011 at 6:55 a.m. from EB2? The foggy atmosphere ensuing 'GFike's Anniversary Shin-dign? Food from home-Hmmmmm? Taking snaps for H.l'l.S.N.7s own version of a Varga Calendar? . . .7 The mystery of how' Swanson's girdle was stolen right out of the wash water. The Draft Bill? And finally-GRADUATION! Whoopeelll ? ' Submitted by the fragile, facinorous, factitious, fanatical Forty-fivers alias '4The 1L7f,s'7-we hope. Via Nan Ballou and Vicki Truhan. - Z 3 x,,g W Q WMM! QM ,A X XXX gs. 1 W f f ,4 , 44 , ,ff W jwf 'Q N aff W1 ff x by A -Lx' ff' M f wwf -KQV NA lf? fri, wg, If jig, N 'wi-.,f . 'Wir . 1 ,f ffgf-92 V vi yggfx kgx- Q3?fJJ'ff L 74" 1133: LZ? X X gf ,. '5 f 7 V'-,J -4.1 A -VN ?f"'?i f ' fgfai '?-WW ix Q! f, In 1 .L iz . X P, f-A ff. j x hx , .V Dyk Z4 Z GGQUOTES9' ANNIE: If you don't stop making so much noise, lill have to report you to Miss Brooks! DR. BRANON: It isn't your fault if you donit get home from a party, it's your glands. MRS. COSTELLO: Look how many letters I got from my husband today! MISS DARRINGTON: Where is your hairnet? p MISS BROOKS: This is the largest volunteer hospital in the country. MISS ENGSTROM fOn phonej: Hullo-Q15 minute pausej this is Miss Engstrom. DR. GOLDENTHAL: Oh Pm sooooooo clever! MISS HILLS fAt 12:30D: Oh yes, your time was changed to 9:00 to 12:30. I'm b ht to watch the time slip for changes. SSSSSSOOOOOO SOITY, ut YOU Ollg MRS. JONES: 'cStew-dent! ! !w " STEW-DENT: uYes?'i MRS. JONES: MYes what?7' STEW-DENT: uYes Mrs. Jones!" Unquote-Orr-rr-r-r-r! MISS ROSNAGLE: I want for you- OUR PEARL: Say honest! HDOC7' SEXTON: Any ice-cream on this floor? D. DELL: Oh those sailors!!! MRS. LEROY: When was it you last washed those shoe laces? MRS. OVERBAUGH: How about that? DR. LINCOLN: What do you think about that, Chief? DR. J. O. LEONARD: With a smile you can go anywhere. What night do you want off next week? Monday is available! QMrs. Kentb. ALL OF US IN THE PREMI fOn bended kneel : Oh, l hope Mrs. Woll gets a letter from her husband today or else-? y DR. WOOD: J just know that you're dying to ask questions. MADELINE: l'll tell Miss Sorenson on you. MISS CROWDIS: Oh girls, lim so-O-o disappointed in you. MISS MARTYN: Remember Democracy, that is before you came in training? V. TRUHAN: Oh that Van Johnson! !! ' H. SWANSON: Oh no!!! Not the Nursery again! Anything but that. PRIVATE DUTY NURSES: When we were in training-. DR. ELLISON: Thatas the ticket Sis. MISS SORENSON: Did you wash the soap dish? HOOKER: :CHE-ahln WASNIEWSKI: Oh heaven's no shrimp cocktail for me, I don't drink! DR. JOHNSON: 1711 give you a hundred per cent. DR. DAVIE: How foolish you talk. J. OTIS: Heee! Heee! Ho! Ha! H. HILL: Cripes! N. BALLOU: Oh, kids did you hear what happened to me? M. LAMBERT: Got a match? 'cThe Store of Personal Service FRIENDLY SHOPPE p 1 MAIN ST., COR. JEFFERSON HARTFORD, CONN. Opp. Hartford Hospital Phones 7-58442 and 7-5985 WE DELIVER Your Favorite Door-To-Door Transportation Y E L L O W C A R 2-0234 Please Call IN ADVANCE When Possible - and Share Your Cab! DANCING NIGHTLY HOTEL BOND 9:00 to 'Closing WILLARD B. ROGERS President and General Manager COMPLIMENTS OF THE SISSQN DRUG COMPANY 729 Main Street HARTFQRD, CONNECTICUT ESTABLISHED 1785 WILLIAM MORKUS A CUSTOM TAILUR Well Fitting Nurses, Uniforms 8 JEFFERSON STREET PHONE 6.6293 WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER MAI-MARIE BEAUTY SALON EXPERT OPERATORS Open Wednesdays and Fridays until 8 0'cl0ck 3 MAIN STREET, COR. JEFFERSON ST. PHONE 6-1006 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HARTFORD OPTICAL CO. Julius L. Schmidt, Optician 19 Pearl Street C l' t Compliments of the Omp lmen S of The Jefferson Shoppe Empire Restaurant "Favorite of All Nursesii Soda Fountain - Sandwiches H Compliments of Cosmetics The Eagle Bakery 83 JEFFERSON STREET 285 MAIN STREET A Picture Is Worth a Dozen Stories Compliments of A BROWN STUDIU CLASS PHUTOGRAPHER 57 Pratt Street Hudson Building Hartford, Connecticut Telephone 2-8905 MARVIN . NEITZEL CORPGRATION 100 Years Old This Year TROY, NEW YORK SEVENTY YEARS OE SERVING THE MEDICAL PROFESSION THE D. G. STOUCHTON COMPANY C 247-255 SOUTH WHITNEY STREET HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT BEST WISHES to HARTFORD HOSPITAL from a FRIEND COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF Robinson Lassoff Rrnotheres Reminders R Bakery COMPLIMENTS OF A FRI eooo FOOD Appetizingly Prepared, Efficiently Served Whether it's a tasty snack or an 8-course meal, expertly presented amid pleasant sur- roundings in dining room or cafeteria, you'll find it at these restaurants. Perhaps you'll want seafood, or typical New England, Chinese or Italian dishes . . . whatever your choice, why not try one of these eating places, all of which have been faithfully and efficient4 ly serving Hartford's residents and visitors for many years. Blake's 1 Qtwo storesj 583 and 737 Main Street Franklin Cafeteria 23 High Street Honiss Oyster House 22 State Street Howard Johnson's Restaurant 831 Farmington Ave., W. H. Jade Luncheonette 66 Church Street Kid Kaplan's Restaurant 290 Trumbull Street California Lunch 78 Asylum Street Empire Restaurant 549 Main Street Far East Garden 1001 Main Street LaSalle Diner 1505 Albany Avenue Laurelette Luncheonette 885 Main Street Original Hofbrauhaus 371 Trumbull Street Scoler's Inc. 260 Farmington Avenue Sea Food Restaurant 296 Asylum Street QMembers, Restaurant Association, Hartford Chamber of Commercej DELMONT MARKET 9 Main Street Quality Meats and Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily WTHE STORE WITH THE PERSONAL SERVICE" for nearly fifty years . . THE PHILIP H. STEVENS CO. has met demands for superior Diamonds, line Watches and Jewelry, Beautiful China and Glassware, and Choice Sterling Silver. We are proud of our reputation of giving you the utmost in beauty and value, and in meeting y h ' ifts and lovely personal pos- eriminating tastes for e 0106 g sessions. our most dis- Robert H. Kampe FLORI S T Flowers for All Occasions 7 Main Street Hartford, Connecticut A Phone 6-8378 Compliments o The Do-Nut Shop 112 Park Street Hartford, Connectlcut Paul Spinazzola "Fine Shoe Rebuilding Shop 10 Maple Avenue Hartford, Connecticut Spear 81 McManus FLORISTS Established 1868 231 Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut ,, Compliments 0 The Heuhlein Hotel 180 Wells Street HARTFORD 9 O i. S I The Home of Spaghetti Harold J D111011, De Pasquale nc Every Order Is Freshly Cooked LA PIZZA The Flnest Ingredlents Are Used Orders Made to Take Out Spaghetti . . . Scallopine Chicken Cacciatora Homemade Raviola with Ricotta 185 Asylum Street OPEN DAILY T0 2 A. M. SUNDAY 12 - 11 P. M. Hartford, Connecticut Legal Beverages - Party Accommodations Telephone 2-1115 E. DE PASQUALE sf soNs 545 Front Street PHONES 7-54-94 - 7-5398 LUX, BOND a GREEN Incorporated JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS 70 Pratt Street Hartford, Connecticut 1 . '6Woods Ground Gripperi' compliments of The Maple Hill Cantilever Shoe Shgp Ambulances 42 Church Street HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Hartford, Connecticut Everything Optical Everything Photographic Established 1890 THE HARVEY 81 LEWIS CU. GUILD OPTICIANS 352 Main .Street Hartford, Connecticut gfx Y-. ,S .19 -' IRA-v 9 x Ready For Service THE HARTFORD - CONNECTICUT TRUST COMPANY Hartford I Middletown O Wethersield Q Meriden East Hampton I Rockville I Strafford Springs I Norwich Take the Headaches Out of College Annual Production h entrusting its preparation and publication to printers who have specialized Y in that class of printing these many years, and to Whom satisfied customers ' h th will have return season after season with confidence and assurance t at ey an artistic hook at reasonable cost. THE HEFFERNAN PRESS 150 FREMONT STREET WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Printers to THE SHIELD and other good books. Washington Recreation Center, Inc. 18 Brand New Alleys OPEN 8:30 A.M. TO 12 P.M. 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Suggestions in the Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) collection:

Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 31

1945, pg 31

Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 55

1945, pg 55

Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 66

1945, pg 66

Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 60

1945, pg 60

Hartford Hospital School of Nursing - Yearbook (Hartford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 44

1945, pg 44

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