Harrisonburg High School - Reflections Yearbook (Harrisonburg, LA)

 - Class of 1985

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Harrisonburg High School - Reflections Yearbook (Harrisonburg, LA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1985 volume:

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H W QX H M ' Q .. W w w . fs .. .. .. wf E1 X Who HHS Whois at Carla Aplin Bernie Cannaday f Q E S? A Q Kevin Chris Elliott Kawanda Hatten Tim Lewis Jeffery Menard John Meyers FOUR JONESVILLE COUNTRY MEYERS SERVICE SEASONS FURNITURE CO. COUSIN S CENTER Shoes 81 Apparel Gwen Smith Owner Jlmmy Kelly phone 1003 4th Streeet Harrisonburg, LA 1104 4th Sheet Owner 13181339-9953 339-8524 Phvne . 744-5675 Jonesvllle La. 339-6112 Oak Street Jena, La. 992-6462 24 ' 'ts wile Paul Karen Rainey Alice Richardson mona Sanson Rodne Ta Tongeia Washingto E. Pat Hazlip Registered Representative and Special Agent - Lile lnsur - Health In e A l Goplnsua e G p d ld d IP ns The Prudential Insurance Company of America North Central LA Ferriday Shp. Ctn. P. O. Box 1602 Ferriday, LA 71334 Office: 1318! 757-8004 Prudential R fl, ' ' a 5 ' h no ,d t pre'e I ' Wh t Ha riso b H'gh Sch l. To be l'gible ' W a stu nt must h a B da" ' - 1 ud t' a ' and' g ' ' arsh'p and l. d ' ' . ' ngrat late the . 'ar st d nt: 2 i . vi: i X522 51 115' 1 ,Q SV V! ' 'N 5 S N I N or famie Trichel n Todd Watson Kerry White BURGER JONESVILLE COMPQLWENTS BAR Jena, La. Olla, Across From Jena Elem. Hwy. MOTOR SUPPLY ALL-PRO Phone 408 State St. La, 339-7911 Jonesville, LA On 165 THOMAS L JACKSON Catahoula Parish Sheriff 25 V Each year academic performance of Harrisonburg High ' ' School students is tested at the Central Louisiana High School Rally at Louisiana College in Pineville. HHS students compete with students from other schools in the surrounding areas. Our ' students made a fine showing at the literary rally in 1985, and X several were allowed to compete on the state level. We are proud of these students and urge others to strive for academic achievements and recognition. V Front: Tongeia Washington, Free Enterprise, Donna Holley, Free Enter- prise, Carla Aplin, English IV, Jamie Trichel, Mathematics II. Rear: Karen Rainey, American History, Clerical Practice, Bernie Cannaday, Manage- ment of Resourcesg Marcus Holley American Historyg Eric Huff, Voca- tional Agriculture III. 9 Front: Ramona Sanson, English I, Con- sumer Homemaking Ig Carrie Nugent, Consumer Homemaking Ig Alicia Mayo, Typewriting Ig Kerry White, Algebra I. Rear: Chris Elliot, Biology I, Food and Nutritiong Amanda Richey, Human Development and Family Relationships, Rodney Taylor, Geometry, Civics, Biology Ig Tim Lewis, Physical Science, General Business, Vocational Agriculture I. Not Pictured: Amy King, Algebra II, Vocational Agriculture IV. and the winners were . . . Front: Chris Elliott lst in Food and Nutri- tion 4th in Civics' Tim Lewis lst in General Business 3rd in Agriculture I' Alicia Mayo 4th in Typing I. Rear: Jamie Trichel 3rd in Mathematics ll' Rodney Taylor ls ' Geometry 2nd in Civics lst in Biology l' Karen Rainev 2nd in Clerical Practice 4th in American History. State Rally Participants Chris Elliott Karen Rainey Tim Lewis and Rodney Taylor 5 9 9 7 7 7 7 7 , , tm I v v n a ,s v E fi if 2nd in Biology State Rally Winner - Rodney Taylor won Program Call to Order . ................... Cwile Paul Invocation . . . .... .... A lice Richardson Pledge .............. .,.. ..... K a ren Rainey Welcome .................. .... M r. C. M. Paul Requirements for Membership . . . .... Todd Watson Special Presentation .......... .... C wile Paul Carla Aplin Jamie Trichel Mary Evans Kawanda Hatten Tapping Ceremony ........... ..... M rs. Una Paul Introduction of Guest Speaker ....... Mr. C. M. Paul Guest Speaker ......,.......... Mr. David Mitchell Former National Honor Society Member Closing Remarks ...................... Gwile Paul Benediction ..................... Shannon Knapp Invitation to Reception .... .... ,I ohn Meyers '7 .sf Seated: Cwile Paul, Carla Aplin, Alice Richardson, Kawanda Hatten, Todd Watson, Mary Evans, John Meyers Standing: Tongeia Washington, Jamie Trichel, jeff Menard, Chris Elliott, Rodney Taylor, Kevin Doughty, Marcus Holley, Karen Rainey, Shannon Knapp. Not Pictured: Bernie Cannaday. National Honor Society Gwile Paul presided over tapping ceremony. David Mitchell was the guest speaker. . Q' sg. , . yi tl. I .SV . -'Ar 28 y iii x-Xe. Charlotte Richey Todd Watson N B ffyH tt 653.2355 Q .- -I .J'IJ l Semors Present u our Klddmg Melissa Punchard, Mary Jackson, Anthony Ashley, Todd Watson, Alice Richardson, Ingrid Cooper, Bryan Cooper, Amy King, Shanla Jones, Charlotte Richey, Todd Hughes, Gerald Reeves, Jeff Gwin, Howard Cater -3 Zig K i 2 1 ,,, ig? 5 is sg fa a ff a- o R Q ,,.. -. QQ-.V f Q an ' sr 4 XX .sf fs is H .Ns -Q. Baby Pics . -S5 T. 5 11 -. vs 129. i s-is 1. 8 " X mi " QQ gginiw . Shia r:?iV i2Z'f 32 15. 1 is fi 4 ,Q Q . if - . ,I I Y ' , j k"' .. If F1212 , -- fsfzszufaf-'f"2f' . 4 . A A 'X' m ag? - ., " , .x.. A -' -N ' . 'S-5 15:97 GEORGE'S AMOCO P.O. Box 91 Phone Harrisonburg, LA 744-5556 TERRY'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Lumber, Hardware, Plumbing Supplies Harrisonburg, LA ' Jonesville, LA 744-5471 339-7981 6 r Q X W . if 3. ANGEL'S CHILDREN'S WEAR Keeth's Shopping Center Jonesville, LA Ph. 339-9580 BIG JOHN'S BURGERS 100W Pure Beef Hamburgers Malts, Sundaes Ph. 339-6158 31 Vl'S Yrs m Rallyg GCEg FFA and Q4 yrs.Q, Captain f2 ubg Whois Who Q1 at State Speech Studentg Senior Playg FFA Iyr Shanla Todd Q1 yr.Qg lst Laura Brown Winborne - - M- 4-H fl yr.jg FHA 13 yrs.j Q1 yr.j, Secretary fl and Junior Class Beaug FBLA Council Representative Economics I and II Jul Playg 'l JUIIIOI' "Young Farm yrs-J, fl yr. COE Staff. Senior Class :Leung L , a, 2 S 6 S if E a at I 5,5252 W, S . yn . E 'Q 2 2? Q . ff uf X 1 1 ,Q 2' Q V Ji wx K, 52 'iw i I Q 1' i 1 Z N I Q '5 7 3 W I , ' Q 1 ,va '11 3, 3 if ,,.,.,., -2921, ' 21.5 ,law aegziw ,. , ,+L -' ' 'W 222 ,Lili Q. "" Q.. N, isa? W . Mr 'Q 'iff' 4, ff E W -VZ? ' ,X Q- Car 1 m L, Y ,1 Lora Ann J I 'M 1 J e 2 si was "naw ' i 6 ' 2 5 1 ,f ,ez f.4e-f.f.1.g1gQ1,n, f Ingrid , l..i,A,5 ,,,. zz5Hag52'iiiws'1211gmisfeggvmgizizizziiizfztii?w,QQgwvfag K229229 K 107111 ' " ' --'A ..,.,. fgzwrmfilwz ,?e9fQf1Z'Qa2?2212i?wi -"'-i'iee14ii:'E- W Qui "W ' W Wi. -il L' fi,,.Mf e ,i A752211 g as? i ' i v , ,. K' , K , ' 7: . , w.mW4w1M1fw,c A ' ' fii ennis aaee ht Senior Class Motto: "We have no yesterdays, time took them away, tomorrow may not he, but we have today." Kevin Duke Hackney V I H , ' yAnn Evansff K t Jeffery Allen Gwin Kawandu Yvette Hatten Michael Todd Hughes Victor Jackson I W ,,4, f ff f f x 985 WMF H enr V Cenetta Yvonne Jones Senior Class Flowers Carnation Senior Class Colors Dark Blue!Lxght Blue Shanlu F ranczne Jones Amy Rose Kung John Edward Meyers Qliwile Peul Meligga Annfunchqrd . 1- V mm Lf: im:- J f f -f ":I- -v zilggw--gif-ff.uggqQQ5: ., , .mf -11. wif, .- , 4353- Q1- 1 . 1:15, ,J L. --Mzgig 5,5 iii in Y ,. -msgfgi Hai 5 91 . -me .ZW we - we ,el -,,-. 1 -,-- W ..,.,1.:,. I L.. ETP., in Pa . :fx L, ,,.. 75115113512 gwiiiii ni-te. Charlotte Marie Richey Todd EdwardllVatsorrE goodfbyes. :il A necessary befogre you cggm meeg agam. meeting agaigi, after qjnomengs or lijfgftimes, certain for whaiiare fa, "La K -, .ml fn- , Glass: FUHTFCQJZPILEGS ,Iam1e Trlchel Gerald Reeves Cliff! G33 To ge a Wash' gt B 'e Ca aday Sec eta y - D0 a Holley Rep - T 'Ed a ds ' T 'chel Gia S555 Q .- Q6 J Glass S ' 1 ri s s Q 1 ', lg L H - 1 w r 1 I - 5 i wir' Q l il -.4-I l U -U , I' ilil-I rl Presldent n i ln on Vice-President - ern1 nn r r nn orter errl w r Treasurer ,lamle rl N N H1 - wir' In 11 111 -.I-I Charles Atkins Jennifer Bell Pricilla Bell Wayne Curry Bernie Cannaday David Cotten Cathy Franks Eric Huff Donna Husbands Donna Holley Marcus Holley Leslie Jones Shannon Knapp Mbohd' 11151110115 arf quita Y o T go U I L E S ii'fyo111:f.Nbb011f1L5'fkm'1i11g QQLQ2 'K r VA I I S ll Moufzfbf Fffhfl' ' is fy? l 61' 1 1, s a y a . caus 3 ff mi:2z2'Li,:5:gti,s?:e . K. f . 5 engraving-to express -' 1,4 , T522 l22ilf5fYf'f1TlSQn V ' Eiffgilfillfhlng f t other can express ' ' 1 who you are so exactly, Or help you recall those special times so clearly liill' McCann's Bod Shop 0Balf0urQ,Nb one rwlzmzbm' Hwy, 84 Phone: IlI.SUll1dlI-l'7L!Y1,llSI Jonesvme, LA 339-5207 34 Robert Leake IJR Q-I mm -I-I Shane Massey Cindy Ewing Bill Melder Joey Nobles Karen Rainey Ramona Randall Gerald Reeves Susan Sikes Compliments ol SALES FINANCING OF La. INC. Bill Edwards Ph. 81 Steve Grant 339-7203 CHAMPLIN NET GARAN S INC Hwy- 34 West P.0. Box 788 Jonesville, La. 71343 Ph- Jgnesville, Ph. 1318! 339-7941 La- 339-9523 . 71343 MOPHETT FARM SERVICE Purina 8- Prime Quality Feeds Lawn, Garden Supplies 105 First Street Jonesville, La. 71343 Ph. 339-6695 35 Chris Towell Jamie Trichel Tongeia Washington Eunice Woods Becky Young , . C51 a sas Pa vom tfegg Chris Elllott Rodney Taylor C31 a ss: Qffffl 6,395 ID Rd yTl RylyAth GLQLSS Q e 857 11 sul x s 1 1 lg A I-I ,D 1 v - r - - ' 4 -I -.4-I V QI il -I -aL.: ' X . '. '." J ' .I X -I-Atl rl President - Chris Elliott Vice President K Sheia aniels Treasurer e o ne ay or Reporter - a e n c ison . 'D K K WJ N , Il il Super Soohomores Rayelyn Atchison Melissa Bell Leslie Brown Wesley Brown Greg Courtney Shiela Daniels Kevin Doughty Chris Elliott Melissa Elliott Mike Ewing Rejeana Franks Jena DUDES- Mayo'S NEWBURG Sports N-DOLLS Westside Gro. ACE World Clothing and Deli HARDWARE Li Phone 992-8211 Phone: 992-4905 J , LA - cl er Phone 992-easo Highs? 84 Wes' .tiff ' A ' P.o. Box 239 2 9 Jena, LA 'irq , LA 37 Ph. 992-2700 ""'f-1-., e Menard Ralph Parker Catherine ,lame Russell King .I ff Amanda Richey Stacy Sharp Rodney Ta 'l Huffman's OTASCO Donnie and Elizaibeth Huffman Owners 1112 1st Street Phone: Wurster Pit Stop Service Compliments of ' f Q Jonesville, La. 339-9911 Jonesville, La. Phone: Robert' Gwen 38 339-1054 and Brooke Bradley Compliments of Q, We Y ev W. A. and Dora Book C51 a Pa vgojm was Becky Stevens Ople Whlte Glass Qfffl CQQIH5 ar ie B 00 ice resi en 4 R onda Brown ecre ar '- reasurer - Michell Miller e or er - Ople White QE 8385 Rickey Allen Lee Atkins Barbie Blood Felicia Bordelon Stacey Bridges X rr Rhonda Brown Carol Curry Rusty Delaney .luanetta Elliott Tony Ewing Rhonda Gordon Sherry Cuinn Deidre Hatten Lynn Herman Michael Hearndon CATAHOULA BANK UA:'A,HQULst Harms: Harrisonburg, La. Jonesville, La 744-5466 Member FDIC 339-8571 "Helping You Change Things For The Betterv John Hardy Sue Hardy Cheryl Holloway Bobby Jennings Franlry Ketchens Joey Langley Tim Lewis Ronnie Mason Alicia Mayo Craig Mayo Michell Miller I Michael Morris Steve Myers Carrie Nugent Kim Rider 1 2 ,II 1 1 1 N 1 y Q -5 L r J L 3, -,fi Phone:144-5216 A f ' J A ' ff' EH J 'Ffa LJIJLJ is L "' L Harrisonburg, La. Everett Mayo, Jr. Owner 71340 Groceries - Gas Hunting Supplies Deli Kodak Film mona Sanson Ophelia Simmons Charles Slay Laura Smart Amy Smith ky Stevens Nancy Tiser Kim Tullos Corey Washington Mary Jo Weber N 011 THEAST Compliments of TH MART HARRISUNBURG '.m.:'f::',,LL N'fRS'Nf SH 0 WCA SE f C NTER GALLERY , - j ' - ,T 1 Harri 615 4th Street Phone. K f J nesvine, La. 339-7388 f J .,.., , ., .-', ,.,.' ,g,. 1,5 Stud nt , ouncll l S 1 Alice Richardson, Amy King, Jamie Trichel, Mary Evans, Amanda Richey, Todd Hughes, Rayelyn Atchison, Barbie Blood. S C' 80 X 0 CLASS REPRESENTATIVES - Mar Jackson, If X NEWSPAPER REPORTERS - Carla A lin, Ra elyn At- Y N P Y Donna Husbands, Vince Hatten, Chris Elliott, X chison, Opie White, Terri Edwards, Melissa Punchard, Sheila Sheila Daniels, Kim Rider, Nancy Tiser. f Daniels. ctivities Amanda Richey was editor of the Bulldog Beat. Wh at was Ramona doing that was interesting ? Guillory Auto Sales Hwy. 84 East Jena 1318i 992-8860 Late Model Used Cars and Trucks newspaper. What kind of dance isAmy doing? Richard thinks Craig looks cute in his uhah dollsf, compliments CHAMPLIN'S of FURNITURE Jonesvillez 339-7257 Ferriday: 767-6214 Jena: 992-4296 H. A. Taliaferro Sr. Monroe: 325-1710 Chris Elliott and Ingrid Cooper were co-editors of the school Y Q I Adve tlsllflg Layout Editor Amanda Rlchey Although working on the advertising layouts was difficult I took great pleasure in being able to do this because the sup port of our advertisers is necessary for us to be able to have a yearbook. I hope I have pleased our patrons with my representation of their businesses. ADVERTISING SALES Becky Young, Amanda Richey and In- grid Cooper The advertising sales department is hard work but when we see all the money going to a better yearbook it is all worth it. On behalf of the yearbook staff we would like to thank the patrons who supported our yearbook. We wish you much success in business. BARBERSHOP JOHNNY? CHILDREN FEA!!8t GIFTS 5 X X 208 4th sr x Q 5 '1 JoNEsvu.l.E 4 P Regular D Hair Cuts St lin owner n y g PH. 339-7616 JOHNNY MAYO Q PHONE: Jonesville, La. 339-7623 47 Y FI L - Row 1: Todd Watson, Mary Jackson, Mary Evans, Carla Aplin, Todd Hughes. Row 2: Ingrid Cooper, Kevin Doughty, Alice Richardson, Amy King, Tim Lewis, Craig Mayo. Row 3: Melissa Punchard, Charlotte Richey, Ramona Sanson, Chris Elliott, Shannon Knapp, Buffy Hatten. Row 4: Amanda Richey, Barbie Blood, Jeff Cwin, John Meyers, Karen Rainey. President Secretary Reporter Hughes. Owile Paul, Vice-President Y Todd Watson, District II FBLA Conference Mary Jackson, Treasurer Y Mary Evans, Kawanda Hatten Y Public Speaking Y Overall Plaque Carla Apling and Parliamentarian Y Todd Chris Elliott Y Business Mathematics Y Superior Karen Rainey Y Clerk Typist II Y Excellent Cwile Paul Y Ms. FBLA Y Superior, Office Procedures 5 I Y Superior Alice Richardson Y Poster Y Overall Plaque Amy King Y Impromptu Speaking Y Overall Plaque F UTURE L mocks A Msmcn W A '- g-my Todd Watson Y Poster Y Overall Plaque BI USINESS Fll L Row 1: Alice Richardson, Amanda Richey, Ingrid Cooper, Buffy Hatten, Rayelyn Atchison, Amy Smith, Ramona Sanson, Tongeia Washington. Row 2: Mary Evans, Carla Aplin, Melissa Punchard, Charlotte Richey, Jamie Trichel, Donna Holley, Bernie Cannaday, Donna Husband. Row 3: Kim Rider, Cheryl Holloway, Nancy Tiser, Becky Stevens, Barbie Blood, Karen Rainey. Row 4: Kim Tullos, Sherry Cuinn, Becky Young, Terri Edwards, Jennifer Bell, Eunice Woods, Stacey Bridges. Row 5: Carol Curry, Laura Smart, Rhonda Gordon, Carrie Nugent, Lynn Herman, Cathy Franks. FHA members enjoy after school party. gb M A A f 1...- NIWYN xxssh RS 1 D i tr ' 'L f W, 5 , ill B201 2 2 -L v v 1- 1, S7 L 3 0190 19-xx: i L N THQ NAUQNAL STUDVING VOCATIONAI. l f' I oucmuzmon ron sovs Af-il'CUlTUlF Row 1: Sponsor - Mr. Weber, Kevin Doughty, Eric Huff, Amy King, Mary Jo Weber, Russell King, Mike Ewing. Row 2: Gerald Reeves, Bobby Jennings, Joey Langley, Craig Mayo, Rusty Delaney, Tony Ewing, Greg Courtney. Row 3: Bobby Washington, Jeffery Bell, Opie White, Tim Lewis, Todd Hughes, Jeff Menard, Charles Aktins. Row 4: Richard Ewing, Bill Melder, Kevin Woods, Ricky Allen, Kerry White. Row 5: John Hardy, Lee Aktins, Corey Washington, Steve Myers, Michael Hearndon, Chris Towell, Mike Morris, Charles Slay. Row 6: Marcus Holley, Wesley Brown, Leslie Brown, Sean Mitchell, Wayne Brannon, Ronnie Mason, Rodney Taylor, Richard Walters. 1984-85 FFA Officers President - Kevin Doughty Secretary M Amy King Reporter - Mary ,Io Weber Parliamentarian - Rodney Taylor Sentinel - Russell King Treasurer - Mike Ewing Vice-President - Eric Huff fnot picturedj i .,"-' 1 5 f a K 25' - , ff' x o "Vow A xi '7 R S '42 'FH 0 0 ., 0' 96015 0 :qui THQ NATIONAL SYUDYING VOCATIONAl oncmuunon ron oovs AGNCUUUIE Annual FFA Banquet was big hit with club members, faculty, parents, and guests. 'WML mmm: Am s Lge IU P135 ilwm Laing Barton - Guest Speaker Queen's Ceremony , 5 'W mel' I Bobby Jennlngs - Greenhand -1--li. Row 1: Officers: Pres. g Jeff Menard, Vice-Pres. - Kevin Doughty, Secretary - Sheila Danielsg Treasurer f Chris Elliot, Reporter - Amanda Richey. Row 2: Melissa Bell, Rayelyn Atchison, Alicia Mayo, Russell King, Catherine James, Greg Courtney. Row 3: Evelyn Lowerly, Rejeana Franks, Stacey Sharp, Melissa Elliott, Rodney Taylor. Row 4: Richard Ewing, Leslie Brown, Richard Walters, Mike Ewing, Wesley Brown. Civics Club Conducts Annual Student Council Elections Amanda Richey - Vice President, Shannon Knapp - Secretary-Treasurer, Rayelyn Atchison - Reporter, ,lohn Meyers, Barbie Blood, Mona Sanson, Tim Lewis H Gwile Paul - President Gwile before making visit to nursing home on behalf of 4-H club. B Hildegard fDonna Holleyj and Miss Thistlemist fTongia Washingtonj The Jumors give a slgh of relief when the play comes to an end JLINIUFE: tah uver Hrazq Hamp I Karen, Eric, Todd, and Shannon strug- gle through another scene. Bill Melder and Charles Atkins don't look much like Todd, Wayne, and Charles are at a loss for words. Gerald Reeves and Becky Young entertain. Kate Millfloss fBemie Cannad8Y!, discree tucked ix Jamie, causing trouble, as usual Theodora fLeslie Jonesj eating again!! tly Shane and Karen seem confident of their lines The Juniors can't believe it's fin ally over! xA -3 ll 3 Eff! Wham QCDWQS F1737 Akz, ' I .1 Jummim Se-Qmicfmr anmcqunet I: X "HW-'z .ng wx, x ' f ' A - 4' f .. 'f A A - , ia. I -4g' ""' " ' - ' Amin 265 119 5 Gwnle Paul was valedictorlan with a 97 3 average Todd Watson was salutatorian with a 94.5 average. Laura Kiper presented the Martin Memorial Mr. Paul gets a smile in exchange for a scholarship to Buffy Hatten. diploma. Alice Richardson leads pledge and national anthem at graduation exercises. Recipients of the departmental awards were Mary Evans, Alice Richardson, Todd Watson, Gwile Paul, Buffy Hatten, Amy King, and Carla Aplin. l neezvne, I also h fx l"'iVZ, Scholarships were awarded to Mary Evans, Alice Richardson, Todd Watson, Gwile Paul, Buffy Hatten and Amy King. 1 R' t. R . : 'nec g R e. A Perfect Attendance certificates were given to Todd Watson i 4 years, and John Meyers - 2 years. we it f Mary Evans, Alice Richardson, Todd Watson, Cwile Paul, John Meyers, Carla Aplin and Buffy Hatten were awarded the Presidential Academic Fitness certificates. The Scottish Rights Patriotism Award was given to Anthony Ashley. Amy King and Todd wer American L ' ' egion Awards at a lodge meeting ,es .N 445- 2 2 'F' g Kneeling: Ramona Sanson, Cheryl Holloway, Rayelyn Atchison, Amy Smith, Barbie Blood, Deidre Hatten, Michell Miller. Standing: Coach Howard Cater, Tongeia Washington, Buffy Hatten, Pricilla Bell, Nariey fI'15 er,yySh9nn9nhKngpp,QtgpyVBr1dge5tlx.yy or llyh , y h yl .hhhh m,y. y ly y y tyy.yA L ,ff A ,,f' M MG 4 f-2 E U We 'Wig y, 9' I M X 'Q 3 22,35 54 'WL 4 if all w ' 4 9 i 5 W V E5 2 Ew fiz' A EX . 6 i Q I A il ff? FV Q. W, 5 li 2:frz.11,s-1,1 y 'l 7 ggi? gf M 6 5 ' 2 i'li, 552 l 'l"" ' 4' Y ,i 'gg lrerln fi i' f-' ' 1' t 1 ,W M , ,,, ,. ZW , J l it , wg 2 ' ff? ff 2 f r ,,r 1 .,., ,. . - r t f A gi j gfi-5 .1. 'iif1 1 QW 5 A f i: ,l,rr" i3 -in if ,,,, Z N ' Mfg' ' 4 V' 1 l r if we Q if v wi .Z f f QW, WK? 1 Q ? 152 , ,g 3 it My 4' ff! 1 24, f fs W. 1 fix, w, ,: " l A5 if cl ,',: i " ' Q,f fa ' " Z, I I Al l 2 'V ,,k ,.,, , .?,, ,. az ,..., 1 W .42 iff ',-,' 1 4 ':"- 3 , -f-,f.,f k ,--. 5 --,, f .,,. ---.f ' , 'I .-fu-f.1ff - " . , , 2 rfr eelehil eleleeei . -ieire lleeleer f or on no x i eiel , M K al lleroe rlfxafl o lree f -'fi r I . 1, I lky ,V X H I .1 lrel e eijgi2.g1Ly36yi l sic YISLAND 6 V We n he i i an W ELQIA' 1 - Q 5 5 y, A -', f 1 ' ,V 2 V , . ,iii it ,.., kfkq eery jf T G A yy ? I5Q64'iffy1,f5gQ,iezrz,J.,,rsr nn.: i i , N fi H ,hy l L 'h fl i i h oi li my 1. i t L 'yyy E, 5,'VDis'fPt'd'i 4,f,5v2-'- an 1-B. 'WIN B M l C""""" ' w'?3.'i ll r A 'f 34 iyhirl i l ' r ERPRIS 22 1 h yrr yyyyr ff' 7 ,fmij reii i Y52 ISLA 35 to rtii nf- if'9'fff ' 516'- . ,.,.,' 34h 'W ii M. V 35 -7 "" ,f,, , Q2 f,,, ffl: ,f.f 'ffff-f 2 1 ,,:,, sf 'r--- "K1- , - 5, - ,,.,, ,,',. ,.,. ' -i. liwfmmeffffu IX: :ww-11: v-1fbb li ' , ,, 11 f 4'fwwmwsffwgfgfw,,:A.w,:w':i:w' ' '- , ,,,, ..,,,,J V llll ,,,,i, 1 Y f,,!Q?'f'f' ff f W V W ,Ln ' , 5-5 me , f E , ., , fi w Y , , ,, ,, ,.., I y V ' 'V' Y wawma fn ,mx 1 an ,wr A 1 Q24- E 33,2 EM an mi? gm 1, 7 .f . aan-ew MM 556616 'W .,b, WM xmzfzyaw Q, is A, Mffm QMQW, dM!igS'wzfm .. lL P if r' ff 4 . by V H". L s Y Qk., ,' , , V,,, 5 . v s 15 1 '.,,A I A ,ig l4,,,2..., A A,L,, fy MW-ff f A if ,M 4 A , Q WMF ,ad ,,,l 2 M 22 in 4 9'?"'Ug,i E 'Q ,H 'Wm W., 54311, . 22 Ai? . wk f Q fig ff ? ww f 'Q . gg .. . ,ng w u ' ' z s 1 f' Q ,K ,F 45 I 3 , 'M 44 in we QM gy 5? as wid 2 ' 'QQ E , f ' U if , , fv k , 1 t v . i 1 1 W W E E 2 "' WQQM I f.m:,3V I ,x 4 ' ' 'ffissf 0, Wfww i 1 W . , 2 i Q9 , f QL 5 A , . 2 . F " Q L Q 2 1 E2 5 if , iv " fir Q , E : 3' fx ' K 5 ' G ' if 5 , Q I " . MH, , 3, .. 5. , . , M ,.,,.. ,U , . ,WA . 2: , 2 P E1 f- 4 5 ' :S E gifi gf yfisv' I Q sf Q 3 2, if N222 "-' , I 2 1 ""b , 11 f , . ' K 2 1 A ' f K 52 -e gf-gffvesaf 'w MMA, 2 M fp .V Q: L 5 VY , , 5, ,M W ,W ,ig . E M,- gms if , 4 Z Q 2, " ff H 2' ' my if , I gig' M YA , J we f J Vfggk y ikz' saw: ew: "1 mm , ,., ' ZVMNM, l il , ' . ,,.ff 'f,We Ju Y fjzzy if ' .Si ren Aff W 1 jf W f H wa I E fx wg-,1,,,xn::fx:,M4 -. ,, -'L f 2 EF 1' 4 f 2 Q 5, WN Q 2. , a i. 2. fig 2 EV E5 if 52.5, 332 'Qi g K, si "T ff ffm . 'Q ' ff Q ,eq ,, 5 Y ,hay yj,5?j27'WWwW 793 2 A -. f'i2'f11zf'.n J '.'fZfP:' ' ' ,, . , , ,, .. M ' J M ' i m Qf . 1631, we ,Q.,Efw 5 v rf gg 6 A Ni, Mg. , Kg ,yu f K f 4' ,F ! Q, .6 E5 if if A259391 X22 f if? 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'Lx' AQ, L 'R UW' . lg, 3- 'iq 'I 'rn 5 - ' ,. 5, . 5: x ' gf " T , . 1 ' Q . foach Randy Crawford, Jeffery Bell Tim Lewis Craig Mayo I Seated: Jeffery Menard, Kevin Woods, Greg Courtney, Russell King, Gerald Reeves. Standing: Steve Myers, Ricky Allen, Mike Ewing, HARRISONBURG HIGII SCHOOL BULLDOGS BULLDOGS OPPONENT 81 CENTRAL 29 60 START 69 43 PIONEER 67 65 ENTERPRISE 47 36 WETTERMARK as , 75 ENTERPRISE 45 B005tef5- 52 KILBOURNE 54 72 DODSON 58 ' ' 55 CALVIN 54 Atklns 49 ATLANTA 79 ' 46 FERRIW M Klasslc Lady Beauty Shop 54 BLOCK 72 Maxlne's Beauty Shop 60 BLOCK 69 55 SICILYISLAND 35 State Farm Insurance 55 MONTEREY 63 . 5.6 Blsm 58 Stark's Family Restaurant CENTRAL 50 Q2 Mommy 50' Thompson's Western Wear 8- AIene's Dress Shop 46 CLENMORA 66 J 66 MONTEREY ,U Welche s Auto Supply 42 SICILY ISLAND 36 55 CALDWELL 58 W8lY Tractor Co., Inc. 40 BLOCK 82 51 JENA 67 45 MONTEREY 59 59 BASKIN 64 50 HOLLY RIDGE 46 51 START 60 86 CENTRAL 66 67 HOLLY RIDGE 51 WINNSBORO FORFEIT 47 VIDALIA 49 53 BLOCK 78 38 START 66 60 KILBOURNE 90 l r ,k 'W' A . ,... Q V 1 H., zfjk N, . H0 ard Cater Nan 'y T'ser Tonge'a Wa'h'ngt n C '. . t Ra 0 a . Donna Husband Ba h' Blo d C tta ,lo es. Kneeling: Shannon Knapp, Alicia Mayo, Michel Miller, Rayelyn Atchison, Becky Stevens, Amy Smith, Missie Bell. Standing: Coach w , c 1 , 1 s 1 0 , arr1eNugen , m n Sanson, s, r 16 0 , ene n 5 1 BLLTHE4 JEWELER5- DIAMONDS FINE JEWELRY Compliments of Wedding and Graduation 5' Gitts Ring and Watch Repair BILLY R. JOHNSTON 1110 First Street Manager Odom , Shopping center Dallld l. Patten PH. 3181339-9471 Jonesville, Carolyn and Shane La. 71343 The TOMMY CATER Farm afwf 'JZ .f 57f'. I., -. . gf f 9 'E ,ZX N Wi ' 6, N a- 51 A g if ? Cx iw STXR' 1 I . X M N YL Harrisonburg, La. SEARS Sears Catalog Store Jonesville 339-7214 65 'Sf' Kneeling Gerald Reeves Russell Kmg Erlc Huff Charles Atkms Greg Courtney Jeff Menard Standlng Bobby Jennmgs Cralg Mayo Atkins Steve Myers Kerry Whlte Tlm Lewis Coach Randy Crawford 68 flku- W..-Q' E , C 2 - If E, ., -5 ff H ., Nw 94 4 J . we I . gk C. ' in ' I .,.. Q , M liiskkrglg ' - K t ff. - , f ., f ' e . y y ' R: We ' A gb if 1 .. z4'fJ'?f' ' . 'ff , . 'rig .. 7 1 W H p - '- , ' ' f, ' ' Q., , N .C - - 5-1 1 i'fh- 4 W f N- ' A ' 1 , , , , , - 1 , , L , Q 9 , - WmWWmimW:'3MW Natchez Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. z ' f fr , K 1 K K rf W ,gt ' . . . I' ff f , f Ca u t Gerald Reeves fe I ,,,,. L7 AlL'L f. .,L,,L ,,,g4,t "" If W I K ff NH K .wi ,.f 5 - 3 ,j 12 1 A ",' ,M gnzkfnv W, '1 fig 7 f-11 ,M H W"""""'Q, .,. +wQ,.-,nw-ww as DBA WISDOM WHlTE'S MOBILE HOMES, INC. TIRE SERVICE 2107 Fourth Street Ph. 13181 339-8157 OI' Jonesville, LA 71343 C3181 339-8134 Gggdl-ich 1 Owner Phone: Jonesville, LA 71343 339-7921 Senior Maid - Alice Richardson escorted by George Richardson Junior Maid - Tongeia Washington escorted by Arthur Washington 7984 .Homecoming X ueen Y 5 rl Sophomore Maid A Rayelyn Atchison escorted by B0 Aarons 543 gulf? .Juaffen eacorfeal Ly Mace ,Naffen reshman Maid 7 Becky Stevens escorted by Rev. Emil Turner QQ i f Spring ever SE X? f MN Nina. fi, Q V ' 41 ' gmz f- 'X mm ,W,, , 544' ',' " 444' wx? we 2 1- . - Jf: A i n V ,,, ly ,. ,, f ga, ' f U Q 1 A 'Z i 2 f . f I ,ff 3745 ff f , , . W - if f. 1 ' 43 ag, 1 :f fl 1' , J ze ff ff ' 64' ,Q -1 M11 ,A jg? Wy 'az 4 v Q4 42 :aw w if + ,V A X f 0 lr! any fi W 4- s 12 ,. 15 .f K - QZWW 'F d' H' 1' 'M w H ,,,X52E3f . W " f f Q K At Harrisonburg Elementary We're D. Mitchell, Principal C. Valentine, Kindergarten C. McGuffee, First P. Meyers, First K. Terry, Second M. Boothe, Third J. Mitchell, Fourth A. Pentecost, Fifth G. Aplin, 6-8 Soc. Studies W. Carter, 6-8 Scie N. Ewing, 6-8 Math S. Floyd, 6-8 Soc. Studies P. Swayze, 6-8 Eng K. White, 6-8 Reading S. Beckwith, Chapt W. Huffman, GXT C. Martin, Special Ed. B. Meyers, Special Ed. S. Perry, Special Ed. E . Carter, Aide N. Crawford, Aide G. Harbor, Aide E. Hughes, Aide Jonesville Farm nce lish erl Trading Post Supply Inc- Grocery 81 Clothing - ,X Mads Mini Mart Ra-fs Gm Shop 4 0 : Ch I 81 ,, M. 4 EF 4 GROCERY S CMHING Mcmmin Hallmark A Hwy, 84 Grocery Gifts and Cards 'wmfm In !""'V" Slxxgxne B73 Merle Norman Cosmetics 504 401 Sl- 102 First St. Sally D. Smith Jonesville, La- Owners: Joseph 81 Lyn B-B-Q Jena, La- owner 339-9444 DUPW' I Joann Atkins Percy Atkins .Iennifer Cater Nick Costanza Carla Fair Chester Fair Clinton Hollins Susan Hughes Craig Husbands Robert Jackson Andre Jones Dwayne Knapp Raquel Langley Jim Mannon Bryan Martin Barbara Mayo Jeremy Mitchell Brian Nobles Nelson Poole Monic Posey Michael Rainey Darcia Smart Brenda Walter Adrean Walton Lenard Washington Craig Watson Charles Weaver Michael Wade Sicily Island state Bank f"8"57'395" prow x ficilylsland, La. SERVICE 1t'l gif PRINTING 81 OFFICE SUPPLY ' ai . :" Ji' 't'i 9 Nj: .,.,,, , ag :J 5 E::::::::::::::::g:g:g:g:5,31.3.- Q. OFFICE SUPPLIES FURNITURE i i ii it I its eee e OFFSET PRINTING -- iii ii F:T-' -:- '- '-:- .-I-:'5:5:3:3'.:,'ff?i'T'f'Q1':' "J 1-.' :' -:" Z' if tv- s E2:2:::2:E:::g:5::::::g Wf -Q --- - -' -'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'- ' ' I ' I 35' "yi" ' JOHN G. ROBERTSON III 407 TEXAS AVENUE ' OWNER FERRIDAY LA 71334 MEMBER FDIC ESTABLISHED 1918 Brent Beasley Carl Brannon Veronica Darden Cindy Evans Scottie Floyd Janet Gordon Keith Huff Robbie Mayo Sandy Montpelier .l ay Morris Raymond Nugent Tia Owens Michael Parker Ron Randall Shelia Randall Tony Scott Wilbur Sharp Paige Terry Ginger Tiser Melissa Tomlinson Not Pictured: Dean Darling Energy O 3181992-2171 Products "'F""'0" M. DeVille and company ASSOCI3tES Insurance HAYES LUMBER Courthouse Street Kenny MeMiIIin co., B'fx,46 ELi'?T..25?tFE3sCQ D.m.w.DN D.v.s.0,. HELPING BUILD Jena, Lo'-"mana 71342 LASALLE PARISH Marilyn B. DeVille , 992-2072 Q0fficej Ei :.zQ?55s5E?f:?EE 992 2559""""e' 74 5f2g,BC'i 'ffm CLEVZLISPGESOLE P 81 J WOOD CONT INC Preacher and Jean Westbrooks HC-76, Box 650 0IIa,LA 71456 Phone: 1318i 992-5156 X " Q2 Ska:-33 ww Not Pictured: Kim Darlington, Anne W. B. McCAHTNEY OIL COMPANY an on uh lmflnnoydlltml ' Ili Ill Ill' o rc o r z 1:uux9-n mu rows sw VUIORUM Y 0 DIIAWIII H , OWU, JLNA, Loursmm 7IC'I42 D! A5 mah N1-M90 IIN!! loAu silvlci J Lemlre 0 cuurco COMPLETE FIIIINCIIL SEIWICIS HWY 84 WEST PHONE JENA, LA 318-992-4131 lf' SllPPlyIXX fy Qbxx' am 0QX -1 Q f I :E ll on I lg: vrcs 0Il FIELD 8 INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT S SUPPLIES Carrie Atkins Juanita Courtney Tangela Daniels Dusty Dunn Rodney Ewing Scotty Ford Shane Gwin Bruce Holley Anthony Jennings Cllantel Knapp Jason Mitchell Justin Montpelier Charles Nobles Misty Posey Kim Scott Georgia Weber Gwile White Sharon Woods Dnllmg Contractor Well Complellon Workover Dal Producer X Jena Louisiana 13181992-4111 "a.,f'ff--- J1"A?'a':-'EST Q ,rf -A 'f' 2' :Hr - . 4,, ,. .,, ,J--1, Justiss Oil Co., Inc EFI X HI' . Ewa, x II' Y I g,A"', "1 ,M r 41 14 1, ka -1 75 Pamala Aarons Karen Adams Tinta Atkins Candace Blood B. J. Book .leffrey Cater ,lon Dew Timothy Gordon Ken Hatten .lon Heard Christy Humphries -Frederick Jennings Jonathan Jones Lasonya Kiper Brad Martin Katina Pittman Reid Terry Shawanna Wallace Janet Walter Emmett Washington """"hn., Not Pictured: Tonya Adams, Lori Lowery Bnowws PHONE STARTER a 43189 992-4405 GENERATOR SERVICE OTIS 81 BONNIE BROWN, OWNERS JENA LUMBER P.o. DRAWER 1890 YARD. INC- HWY. 84 WEST JENA, LA 71342 Jena Lumber Yard PHONE C3181 Building Contractor 992-5839 76 Free Direct Line To Any Salvage Yard WE BUY SALVAGE CARS WRECKER SERVICE POOLES SERVICE 8: SALVAGE USED PARTS PHONE 992-4646 COMPLIMENTS OF Wayne McGuI'fee SHERIFF LA SALLE PARISH 5, . WQBIIS J WELEH3 I JW REPAIRS MANUFACTURING JAMES WOODS Jeweler I Owner PHONE 992-84444 ' OAK STREET ' DOWNTOWN JENA DIAMONDS FINE JEWELRY CLASS RINGS PULSAR WATCHES SEIKO l318l 992-2855 BeII'S TV RADIO SHACK DEALER BEVERLY G. BELL P.O. DRAWER 1610 OWNER JENA, LA 71342 Not Pictured: Latoya Horn Everett Mayo Tina Morehead Jason Ainsworth Chris Brown Kim Cagle Glen Carlson Bridget Cotten Sidney Curry Carla Dew Deon Dunn Ron Dupuis Shelly Franks Sidney Franks Kevin Gordon Stacy Herman Jennifer Jennings Michael Johnson Levi Neal Jack Owens, III Paul Parker Trish Pentecost Dana Ramsey John Smith Catrina Wallace Byron Walton f ONE 31819926438 .?l?rIcA?mFET Q318l9:2.I:2615 23025 DEASON'S peinlyi Jewefry COMPLETE FLOOR SERVICE Registered Watchmeker Custom Designing P. 0- BQX 1941 Jewelry Repair LA: Hgma office 992-5800 992-2815 HWY. 84 WEST 77 MIDWAY Not Plctured Bnan Dennrs Nathan Nugent William Nugent Carroll Barron J r Brandy Book Aaron Boothe Leslle Campbell Angela Darden Regina Farr Cyndl Hardre Enzo Humphrres Rhett Kennon Melissa Knapp Todd Laing Jonathan Mannon Camr Mayo Sara McGee .llmmy Nobles .lush Pentecost Jason Perrln Christina Poole Kevm Ramey Brooke Terry John Tlser Kayana Tucker Holly Wallace M E cloessner, Jr Burger Barn Registered Pharmacist Congratulations and Our best wishes Cash Drugs .1 Ph 992 5088 Hwy 84 East 78 Jena, La Olla La Across from Jena, La' Jena Elem. Hwy 165 AA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Janesville Bank 8: Trust Co P.0. Box 8 Jonesville, La. 71343 ph. 339-7222 339-8504 HHRRISONBURG BRANCH BANK Q Hwy. 124 81 Short Street Harrisonburg, La. 71340 Amanda Ainsworth Jennifer Austin Sidney Book Tabitha Boothe Thomas Bridges Tarsha Carter Anna Costanza Marhonda Daniels Quinton Daniels Brad Dosher Judson Drane Jeremy Ferrington Terry Ford Earl Hatten Gail Kennon Ray Lea DeWanna Mason Jarrod Mitchell William Neal Lesh Owens Jasper Pentecost Carol Posey Charles Teahout Sasha Watson Patty Weber Brent Wiggins 5? o AR F UMW SERVICE BANK Q5 SHS Member FDIC Emily Bass Benji Crawford Kentasha Daniels Jamie Edwards .lay Fair Wayne Fair Jody Floyd Kimberli Floyd Thomas Graham Derrick Jennings Leslie Jennings Heather Miller Kevin Reid Kristy White Not pictured: Melissa Fogleman - PLEASE PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS - THE LASALLE STATE BANK ,- il If L 1 I I . ' "WE'RE BUILDING BETTER TOMORROWS FOR YOU" ,-. CHECKING 81 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS ---r '17 ALL TYPES OF LOANS - DRIVE THRU WINDOW Em' BANK sv Msn. - sAFE DEPOSIT Boxes I y,,,,,, M 3 convsmsur LOCATIONS TO ssnve You Barren JEM fr ' 'Y , TULLOS ' Q OLLA 52151 534-6182 495-3166 OAK STREET 2 I ' A HWY-165 Not pictured: Melenie Fogleman 7 on. FIELD C 81 J DOZER SERVICE CLARENCE PENTECOST JEFF PENTECOST Rt. 2 Box 118 P.0. Box 156 Jonesville, La. 71343 Harrisonburg, La. 71340 Ph. 13181 339-9483 Ph. 13181 744-5305 Ha, Lashonda Atkins Cory Beard Scottie Boothe Ralph Campbell Carissa Carter Jay Daniels Tammy Graham Melinda Hardie Charles Iackson Melissa Knox Kim Mayo .lan Montpelier Judy Montpelier Jerry Nobles Kristen Routon Joel Turner . -4. UQ J f -. f9t.4.g...- , .0 ' CLARENCE PENTECOST PINE 8: HARDWOOD LOGS 8: LONGWOOD PHONE 339-9483 JONESVILLE LA 8 Not pictured: 1 ' ' I i H Suzanne Plu e , .7 y s Katrina Alexander Abby Bernard Rusty Boothe Brooke Cater Aaron Crawford .lames Cripps Priscilla Drane Marcus Harbor Melissa Hatten .lacob .lones Miranda Marshall Vernett Miller Chad Newman Maranda Nobles .lustin Nowlin llillary Parker Kaci Perrin Jason Sharp .lason Tomlinson Homes for the 80 s 2 1 ,NY coffsigbgl-'ION Med' Thu" SANDERS 81 SUPPLY Highway 84 Trout, Louisiana 71371 Phone: 992-2942 992-8346 ' Carl Zeagler, Owner ! ,X ,SLM--V V .f, f , :ji - 3 nl Drugs Family Parts Center . ' eva 1 Clothing q t - H Jonesville 339-8463 Jones' Radio and television Service TV MAINHNANUE Box 11 Phone: Jonesville, LA 339-7151 Educationl nth Move at I-I.E.S. .,, x.., 1. Mrs. Nina Crawford, aide, helps Frederick Jennings with some of his work, above. Mrs. Betty Gwin, parent volunteer, works with Kevin Gordon, above. Below, aide Ms. Geraldine Harbor helps Tangela Daniels. Mrs. Bobbie Meyers, special education teacher, gives individual attention to Anthony Jennings and Shane Gwin, above. p g22,,2fs,-51e ..-. ,,,- . K Chapter I teacher Mrs. Sharon Beckwith reads to Angela Darden, Enzo Hum- phries and Brandy Book, above. Below, Jason Perrin works on one of the computers in the Chapter I lab class. 83 lass Grade IB: ,Ian Montpelier, Joel Turner Kindergarten: Brooke Cater, Aaron Crawford Grade 2: Jarrod Mitchell, Patty Weber Grade IA: Jodyiflojfd, Kristy White Grade 3: Cyndi Hardie, Carroll Barron x3 - 84 y., Grade 4: Chris Brown, Carla Dew, Ron Dupuis 45, 1 Grade S: Ken Hatten, Shawanna Wallace Grade 7: Melissa Tomlinson, Keith Huff Favorites Grade 6: Rodney Ewing, Anne Lemke 1 Grade 8: Nick Costanza, Carla Fair Girls M! The 1984--35 team was managed by Cindy Evans. Not shown is Coach Nan Ewing. Seventh grade players were Top: Ginger Tiser, Missy Tomlinson. Bottom: Paige Terry, and manager Cindy Evans. Sixth grade players were Top: Kim Darlington, Anne Lemke. Bottom: Gwile White and Sharon Woods. , in-" ms., , ,MM , . Eighth grade players were Top: Brenda Walter, Susie Hughes, Carla Fair. Bottom: Barbara Mayo, Jennifer Cater and Raquel Langley. voon n!kPf'11"" - nun vow NN' sr , JEE 8 PAULKS PHARivwiy QUALITY Comvlimenfs Of: cATAHouLA MEATS SHORT STOP INSURANCE Pa? V' B 19014th sr. Qwck Shop AGENCY Jena La L ' I phone: Box 493 P.0. Boar 808 Phone: , ggi N I Janesville, La. Sicily Island, La. Jonesvllle 339-8513 339-9592 86 Bosketboll Coach, only 5 on a team. J . f f + 1 aj. Why me? V Q Now Jennifer, please try to remember the rules. 1 .7 IN. K y' . 4 . 5 lg f-9 owl M ,li 5 ' A ., J.. " ,. , ooee l 1. f fir m f , A if 'W' 136 Wg? W QR 1 ee-o ' A V A ,,,. , V , 4 Z 4 4 Raquel, I could do that ifl wanted to. But, Miss Nan . . . Gee, this is fun. 6 Shuffle tep 4 'E The best part of the game. 87 Boys The 1984-85 team with Coach David Mitchell and manager .lim Mannon had a winning 13-1 season. The team placed first in the Manifest and Harrisonburg tourneys and sec- ond in the parish tourney. K-ull 1 1 -"X v' Xx K-LK! E-. sa 0' 0 Q mf Eighth grade players were Jeremy Mitchell, Nick Costanza, Chester Fair, Bryan Martin and Clinton Hollins. J rrifuffs Seventh grade players were Robbie Mayo, Scottie Floyd and Brent Beasley. Sixth grade players were Rodney Ewing, Shane Gwin, Anthony Jennings and Jason Mitchell. J l U m I3 Boskefboll Where's the ball, Where's th b ll? L. D. EDWARDS and SONS B81E BIG MACON RIDGE Buildin Su I STAR coop BROWN BROS' P 0 3 12p y AND . . ox Farm Supplies, Etc. 202 Sfffe Sf- Hwy. 84 West BQE Hardware , , Box 423 Phone: 339-7121 ' ' P.o. Box 460 Slclly Island, La. 339-7767 Sicily Island, La- 339-9459 Ph0l1eI 389-5741 339-6709 89 2 -gg S h o 0 S h o 0 JR. CLUB OFFICERS - L-R: Barbara Mayo, president, Ginger Tiser, secretary-treasurerg Susie Hughes, vice president, and Keith Huff, reporter. Jr. Club members 4-H Jr. Club sponsor Mrs. Ann Pentecost. Not Shown, Small Club sponsor Mrs. Jeanie Mitchell. Carla Dew and Timothy Gordon serve Mrs. Nan Ewing on Teacher Appreciation Day. SMALL CLUB OFFICERS 3 L-R: Carla Dew, reporter, Trish Pentecost, secretary, Deon Dunn, vice president, and Levi Neal, president. in A 1' Pamala Aarons, Melissa Boothe and Lasonya Kiper prepare a demonstration. Everyone participated in "dress up" days for 4-H week. l CLUB " 1'lll'I"!ll1 :- Elf" Scenes From Achievement Day The Small Club won best overall Small Club ln the parlsh and thlrd place for club reeord book The Jr Club won flrst IH yell and flrst ln talent Jeremy Mlt chell had the boy s outstandlng record book ln the pa lah 3 . The Honor Club was on the move 1n 1984 85 with fall tapping, a float ln the Fort Beauregard Battle Festival parade, a play in the Halloween program, cupcake sales at Valentine's, popcorn sales at the canteen, and a spring trip to Alexandria. Sponsors: Mrs. Pam Swayze, Mrs. Kay White. Honor Club New members tapped are Carl Brannon, Carla Fair and Paige Terry. Susie Hughes and Barbara Mayo Ldressed' for Halloween. Club members are Jeremy Mitchell, Nick Costanza, Raquel Langley, Barbara Mayo, Carl Brannon, Susie Hughes, Paige Terry and Carla Fair. Beauty and the Beast? No, it's only Halloween program story- teller Mrs. Nan Ewing and club sponsor Mrs. Pam Swayze. The clulfs float in the Ft. Beauregard parade was a tribute to honor and service. 'Nurses' Carla, Barbara, Susie and Paige tend to Lsoldiers, Jeremy's injuries. do 554 1? 5 Club members dressed as medical personnel and wounded soldiers of the Civil War period. Eighth graders Dwayne Knapp, Adrean Walton, ,lim Mannon and Bryan Martin play construction workers in the club's Halloween play. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mayo pull the club's float in the Ft. 'Doctor' Nick dresses the wounds of 'soldier' Carl The float represented a field hospital during the Civil War days. Brenda Walter helps club members Carla Fair and Barbara Mayo with the Halloween play about a 'hysterical' house. gGhost' Michael Rainey assists members Nick Costanza and Jeremy Mitchell in the club"s Halloween play. 93 Halloween The 1984+ Halloween daytlme fCSt1Vltl6S conslsted of a student costume contest a teacher costume parade a door decoratlon contest and a play all sponsored by the Honor Club The annual carmval was held at mght Wlth booths concesslons and games I Q rl - Q 5 if ,x ff. , ,zflffr Q ' "W" ' ,qi ' ' ii' I 11, lv 'fini I W ' , ' K ,ai s ' E The Best Clarzstmas Pageant Ever CHRI T presented by grades one through frve Wlfh muslcal accom pamment by the kmdergarten class Play T s 2 il 5 5 1 Eighth Grade Graduation THE l985 CLASS 7 First Row: Bryan Martin Jennifer Cater Joanne Atkins Monic Posey Clin- ton Hollins Craig Husbands. Second Row: Nick Costanza Jim Mannon Deana Van Buren Darcia Smart Raquel Langley Susan Hughes. Third Row: Carla Fair Barbara Mayo Tamara Boothe Brenda Rainey Michael Wade Jeremy Mitchell. Fi th Row: Chester Fair Percy Atkins Craig Watson Robert Jackson Adrean Walton Andre Jones Charles Weaver Dwayne Knapp. Not Shown: Lenard Washington. , Q s 7 , , s Q s s , , s Walter. Fourth Row: Nelson Poole, Michael H i f . , 1 , , , . X, X7 ,f"' 'x..,, Nick Costanza flj, salutatoriang Jeremy Mitchell frj, valedictorian 'yr , V, . -Q. 1 i X. 4 . is Q iii l Michael Rainey receives his diploma. . - 3 : V K -..i I' 3 ' fi 1 Honor students Susie Hughes and Barbara Mayo Bryan Martin and Craig Watson march in. ,lim Mannon, Percy Atkins and Robert Jackson march in. Honors Night 9 0 S Q ' ' , , . ,fl M5 5 W W ggi: ' 'f r A I , , W3 Qi ' " Y rg " ""' f rf.,,..r , 1 r ree I W W f if Xvobor and W:-mly Rnntho rm-re-ixvd ,In-H' Kristy Yvhilo rc-vm-in-nl a vvrlificnu- and scholarship nm arda. E 1 n 5 5 I I . L4 1 gy Annu Coatunza and spelling. Husbands received achievement awards two subjerl arena. ' uw s ,Vw 5 ' "5 If fr.,N,.,l 5 4 x 1 , , - n - I rcceixed avnrdf for perfect furs Kristen achim 4- all 1-mlam-e chnlnrahi p. i Whff .fe Jeremy Mitchell mul Burburu Huyo nun- lmnur rihlmlla in rerugnilion of lhrm- yn-urs of avhulualir m'hivx'1'xm-nl. f A M .N A ' .3 1 , gif? j I Rouluu was recognized for whulnsxiv Melissa Knapp revviwd n cerlifiuale for n perfect month pnpvr5 in n nnlimml -pvlling l'0IllI'Nl. Jarrod Nlilvhcll received il ucrlifitnlv fur nvhularahip. Tunxuru Bnullw mn- hunurml fur lhrs-u yuan of arhular-hip. 99 H.E. . Achieves odel School Status ln April, 1985 H E S achieved Model School status in the Loui siana Criteria of Excellence in reading H E S was rated outstand ing on all 17 criteria of the program Louisiana Deputy Superin School award in May Other dignitaries at the presentation included Dr Sam Dale, Catahoula Superintendent, Mr Keith Guice, Superintendent elect, Mrs Beverly Weston, Louisiana Department of Education, Mrs Candy Nolen, parish supervisor, Mrs Sandy Mc Clary, LEARN technical assistant, Mr Richard Mayo, school board member, and Mr Howard Cater, newly appointed H E S principal Staff and volunteers received certificates for their contributions to the reading program tendent of Education Dr. D. C. Joseph presented H.E.S. the Model i Mr. Guice, Dr. Dale and several retired teachers attended the ceremonies. Allegiance. Mr. Mayo and Mr. Cater at the reception following the ceremonies. Dr. Joseph presented Mrs. Carolyn Martin with a certificate fahovej. Teachers and parents attended the reception frightj. Dr. Joseph presented the Model School award to Mr. David Mit- chell, principal. .f mln. Barbara Mayo, outstanding scholastic student, led dignitaries and school in the Pledge of Mrs. Nolen, Rev. Bill Cotten and Mrs. McClary par- ticipated in the ceremony. awww H lov People Who Help Keep H.E. . on the Move . . . Chapman and Lonnie Hatten. superintendent-elect. Student coaches Carla Fair and Jennifer Cater with 4th and Sth graders. Keith Guice, who is COE worker Lora Courtney. DRIVERS f Cecelia Ainsworth, Jessica Cater, Dell Pittman, Jamtor A. L, Rush, retired with LUNCHROOM STAFF - Dianne Swaggart, Vernice Wood, Kathy Mayo, Marion Rutledge, Dianne Reeves, V. 16W years. Hollins, Mary Husbands and Anthony Ashley. ly Reader balloon to he returned. Kristy White had the only Week- Piano teacherfvolunteer Mrs. Ella Cassel. fem Janitor George Jones. Parents who participated in school lunch week. who gave special instruction. teachers. volunteer Rev. Emil Turner Technical assistants who taught the Maid Elizabeth Watson Aidefparent volunteer Eloise Hughes. 101 ff 1 nb! wif' Z' 'fax Wi we W .ef ? m 1 5 ? 1 I From' A Favorite Teacher From The Biggest Clown From Celebrity From Sugar and Spice and Everything N ice From. A Person Much Admired From A Well Remembered Date From C l assma te From Someone With Shared Memories From A Good Friend From A Person Most Likely to Succeed Hulk From The Biggest Mouth : 2 From: A SChQ0l A Favorite The Incredible Autographs 35" vga? f W -4' ww ffm Q W' ' 1-4.- 'il g .u .X Rx O 'ks if Y' 'Suk fx 1 N x K M 'F' .A lungs 5, ' ,Vi-Hs, -F 'oi .,3', 5' ,-Q.. Y, .,' 4 . i V , .A n Vsfr- Fa , 5' Ar ' An,-lg .'-Q . . . X , JP A I ' , r X., . 'fyl Lt' 2'-tg " I t. i 1 V R , I, y A Q . I' - I I f 1 ' J "' -, ,- pf ' ,,,,. ., Q, - V 4. H IA, V, T' . 1 ,'ff' " 0 !,1'.'W x 1 ' ' f ' NM' '13 f Q 'if. .Y yxts .uv ., 7 N K' , 3 ' AK W ,5- ,':,1sfL':'+ f.',' F., ' Wi. ' ' , -Ma I Aw i . lil? .1 ,' " V V'- ' I YU In . -w I xl, Y' r ' ' 1, ,A . ,- I - ' Q qv!! sv. A 4' '. PQ? 1 I' ,I Jw ' ,av J v Q15 ' e- , I ... '4 ' pl' ., 5 , H X 'U 'I , v 'mg , 5 1 1 f . '.r A1 .,, , .59 4 ,X ax- .. 1" 1' f 3, Q 'fig' 8 '77 ' :.v,::f:f,. .

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