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., ,WLA .. . .-..-.- .. W - V V n - v I 'ana-urn -...Mu 4. km x -W. .-u. .AA H.,w,...m ws... ...fum s.-xv .,..... fu A- f f, U , ...,., 5. ,Al 1 , 4 , nw 1'-1-'r . -vw -f' - - - ,- -1:-V: - f ' ' 'Y' r - ,1 - Q .- - f -,- - A ,--, Lv. f-....-... ...,,.,.1...-V. ... ... , . W:-.... Vwn... .- . fr ......-..- .. ..-.A-:4r" J -. . ,,..-.,:.,..,,. . . .:.' - u...-... ...,,-..-- N... .. , ,.....a..,,. - ' .-p.4.m.4Q- .1 Q.. ' H, - rg : Q . ,..',...., ,if .1423-...4-..1.--i:..... .' 73 ,....a4,. f I Y 1958 First Lady presented by 'IQ' THE SENIOR CLASS of HARRIET WHITNEY I VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL TOLEDO, OHIO Foreword Whitney, being twenty years old, is First Lady theme for 1958. Whitney is more than a building, it is educators, students, traditions interacting, the friendly greetings We exchange with a classmate or teacher in the hall. Activities each shop plans, all school assemblies which students preside, Christmas party, Whitney Week, the special feeling within when We sing the Whitney song, the joy and pride we take in achievement, learning and sharing are part of Whitney. Miss Wooden, Whitney's first principal, is ending a teaching career, but Without her guidance, intellect, vigor, Whitney would not be what it is today. With a teaching career behind her And an eager look in her eye, She came to Toledo as the principal Of a girls' vocational high. Through a co-operative staff and students, The school gained national fame, Its doors were opened to Toledo girls Who were able to play its game. Its standards are high, its rules Are strict, but its rewards are great. If you've worked hard at the game, You'll earn the right to graduate. None is prouder than Miss Wooden On graduation day, As she watches seniors, with tear-brimmed eyes Slowly Walk their way. To all who know her, she had Been a true "friend-in-need," Helping with Words of praise, Action, thought, and deed. So to Miss Wooden, our principal, We lovingly dedicate The annual of the class of Nineteen fifty-eight. -Carolyn Shimmer Table of Contents Foreword .......... Table of Contents ..... To the Class of 1958 .... Dedication ............ After Twenty Years .... Calendar ........... Faculty ................... Office and Maintenance Seniors ......... ............. Senior History and Officers .... Post Graduates .............. How We Looked Then . . . Food Supervisors . . . Juniors ................... Junior History and Officers , . . Sophomores ..................... Sophomore History and Council .... Activities ...................... D.E.C.A. . . . First Lady . . . .. . Glee Club ................ Projectionist Club, Senior .... Projectionist Club, Junior ..... Projectionist Club, Sophomore .... Student Council ............. V.I.C. ......... . Whit-Miss ............ Whitney Cheerleaders . . . Y-Teens ............ Acknowledgments . .. Autographs ...... Through Twenty Years W1th M155 Wooden QQ in To the Class of 1958 There is an old saying that good things come in small packages. The small class of 1958 is an example of this, we hope. What is lack- ing in numbers should be offset by the quality of the product. During the three years at Whitney several of your group who started so bravely as sophomores made up their minds to leave be- fore completion of high school. The loss is theirs. The reward for completion is yours. The faculty join me in offering best Wishes. The sense of satisfaction you find in this achievement should make life more Worth living. "So long as faith with freedom reigns And loyal hope survives, And gracious charity remains To leaven lowly livesg While there is one untraddey tract For intellect or will And men are free to think and act Life is Worth living still." Is Life Worth Living -Alfred Austin ETHEL WOODEN Principal Dedication Miss Ethel Wooden started her teaching career a half century ago. 'Tve tried a good many other things in my life but still like teaching best." Miss Wooden faced a class before she had gone to college. She was seventeen. The town was small flonia, Michiganj. Her uncle was director of the one-room school. So, of course, Ethel Wooden found herself in that room facing sixteen elementary school children. She was the first member in the family to teach. Her first preparation for the profession came at Ypsilanti Normal School. ln 1927, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan as result of summer work over a period of six years. She taught in Belding, Saulte Ste. Marie, Michigan, and in Rockford, Illinois. In 1920, she found that a new area of education had opened- vocational training. She was destined to be a pioneer in this field. The Smith Hughes Act was passed by the federal government in 1917. It provided for the setting up of vocational schools and for federal reim- bursement of teachers who staffed them. University of Michigan prepared a special course for this training, Miss Wooden was one of its first graduates. In Pontiac, she helped establish a continuation school. The law required that girls and boys who left school at the age of sixteen should continue their studies one day a week until eighteen. The continuation school offered this training, then placed them in jobs. The young vocational teacher's career led to a.Master's Degree from the University of Michigan in 1933 and a job in Cincinnati. From there she was called to Toledo to be part of the adventure that Whitney Vocational High School for Girls represents. The school has gained a nation-wide reputa- tion. Miss Wooden, plus a cooperative staff, is the reason. In 1946, she was given the Cleo Murtland Award for Outstanding Woman in American Vocational Education by her alma mater, University of Michigan. Miss Wooden has been an active life member of the American Vocational Association and the Women's Section for Trade and Industrial Education. At the St. Louis meeting in 1956, she was presented an award for continued attendance at conventions since 1920. During college she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She is a member of Zonta, and former national vice-president of Pi Lamda Theta. "Her gift to Toledo is hard to measure, The success of her school is her greatest pleasure. She has added a glowing page to education In offering each girl a vocation." ""11 11" Wa' " 11 X. ,,,, X... 11 .XX X 11 Q ' '11 111 1 1 T -YI k H1 'M 'M1 -fX 112 .XX i XXXXX11111'.1.fX? Xl'1w4u.1X 115.511 EE 11 111 " , 1 '- t3.11'WuQ '1aw"' 151511 111 .rj , X.. 5" QXXWT 1 " X-X. 1. 1-,J XL-115111, 11,,, 114- mfg: if' 5,11QN5fX,-miA11u"' 1"'1 X3f11r" l :Xff ' ' 1-1.15. - - 111 ' 'Ai' "" Y ' ' 4f.,1.' 1 Lf " -'S . 1 tif? gf: -- . Em u. ga fr ' - 1". 1' .1111 QW. 1 11 H 531 X X X F-Q11 11 L1 XEXXX X. ., x 92 32? .1 111"-11 1 fr- 11111: XX 4 111111111 XX XX 455' 1J1'5? XX 111141 3124 15,4 1, ' ,J 1: x 14' A-.,' w - 1111171 1 ' X m!11lQX11gXXX " 31111 X 11X 1 . 1 f F- ' 1 ' Q. . 1. If" ' .21 1 - 'P 3 ' mi" , 1 - .LE X bl, few.. ff- 'ii VJQ . 1'-itfff ' W fDXQfX:....XXX1.1 111'1111'11 1 gl 1' 13" F ' .W . ' 1, 1 Eg 1 . . ' 1 1 E31 1 Q, 1 11 5? V 1 1 1 1 i fl 0 N 2 I 1 3515"-1111111 , 1 X . . 1 XX 1 ' A, 3, X ' 5 E 1.1111 11 A 1 1XXX1111111X',11 1 Mgl11XXX 1. ' 31 XX X ,,.. .5 vm-11 111 ' 1 1 1 ,. 1 11 11 1... 11 1 L. 1 ,vw . Q5 1 11 11 1 MJXX1 ia '1 X 1 1 Q 1 1 1 15,-s 1 ' 1 1 ' Q, 1 "Ei41'1 1?fF?"11 11 11"'11"11 ' .Q w1"11 ,1 Q 11111 1 M. 1 1 X1 111. 1 1 1:2 .1 11, . 1 .1 L 1 1 1. 11 111 1 1 11 1 1 5,11 xl 11 1 1 V ,Q L. 1 ' .1 " . 'XXXX111' 'X :. 1 11.XX111'1 fm .1 ' V I at H SX. X111 'img E' 7 J 1 11X ,J . XX' 1? 1 X H! 4 5. . 11111 f., ' E211 ' ' 2.1.1 jj X 111 11 11" . ' -wx 3 Hflsii.. YE' 11 ff.. 21 ' 11"11X11XX'8M1 nz 1 1 mx vga. 1 X11X.a31"-11'1111 J1n1l41 I1 :W 11 ww 211 11XXXXXXXXXX1XXX .1 XXX. 11 '- M 1 1 iv QW' w. 2, "1 11 1 1 1 X Qg?S"Lgi."'11"l1' 'X111XXX1E?g:g' XX111Q'31'1 XX 1 S2911 1 vi' 1 - XXX X I 5555" X 112fXXXfXX11"'1XX 153211 1125.-111111 -F1 1 X XX 111.2 ' Q . . - - 11 ':iw'1111,1f11 1 XX 5,1 95115, X ,1 Q, if XWXN.. 1 si X X'-ji T 5 111"111"17.1 11 11 1 , fav.. f """""1'5fm1Il"I'I'M. wsfgsi 1 111115. . 14" "1 - , 1' J ,- X 1'11."1 - '1'1X,:1v f'11 11 'EQQ11111 iX115:!x1X511XX5.1XE:2i53z11XXXQwjQgQ5ig??j.1'X Y 1. 1gX1XX' J XX 1, 1-if 1. . 1 1. .. X.. S- '. ,z - N' ' .iff T' ' ' I- U s. ' 11 My 11 .1 X 2 '. X ,Y y 1 1.-5f:1a"',f '1 '." , ' . 1 Q , 1 . . , . 1 ,M J. , 11 '1 .: 1111111111 111if?s1:'i.1: 1 H 1 1' 51 11111 111X 11 111 .XXX X111 11' 1 . ' , M" 51" ' ' 1 . . -'ff - " 'A -. ': 2111 111 1 1 iissifws 1.11.5 11.1 . . . ' 4255521 .. X" 1 11 .1m??g.fA-X... XX ..:.j X .x- 1X. .XX1 X X ' 1 4,1 . 1. 4 ., ,X 11 1. 1. ...111 1X 1-X. 1 .15g..l...1,.11111... 3.1.11 ...M ,gg 1 X ' 1.1.1 ""1?ii3Qj'ja1 'ZX XM ' 115 ,jg 41 W W ,W Q 5 XXX111XX X W if sg- 'f ,T R595 L 3' '11'1"'21" 1 '11f111'1I'11 g,1Q111,1 ' 11X1111.1jXXX,'XQ1,,'11X111,X1'1X-iii 3 XX4f.1..1.1XX11.X'XX1XX1XXXX1X 1 11.Xg.11XXX11 I 3 1. 1 mg 11 11 5, 1 121111 " .efi2'1Q 1 11u'wg1...11.1 1"111'1:i1-i21321'3'fg.g1 111111 111111 '1 '111 11 ug. W -XM, X -11,4111 1XX11111111 11111 gg? 1 X 'mf XX '11"' ' . 12' 'fr 1 ga ,' 1, .1 ' .L 12 ' 1X111 1X 2' 5, 1 3'f55"'f "5 """" is WT'1111'W5fWlif? 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"11!'. x ,HQ - 1 1 gffXfE,.1,X"1,1-1g11"11 11119.-2111 11X'111XX552? 11 11XXXAfXg.1X 11 XX1.5X5X11XX1111XX,?SXXX11X X X 1 ' Y 'iff ' 11. 11"l'11'1111 " . ' 4... 1 1 11111 1111.15.45 X11,XX111XX11XXX11 1XX11W:11111XX11X,,g,:11XX 553: 1 ' fx 11 ' ' ' N- " . 1 '. L, 1 5. . 1 XX ""1Q1111, 'Wai 11' 11 .XXX 1'-' gm-an YHA I n After Twenty Years Mt 1' ii A' tis? 3 Josephine Campbell Carolyn Coffield Cheek Needle Trades Foods and Institutional Service Class of 1952 Class of 1953 JOSEPHINE CAMPBELL In April, before graduation, Josephine Campbell started Work at Landers Corporation testing finished products before they are shipped to customers. Then she was given the job of testing fabrics that had to be coated. In November, 1954, she was testing experimental goods. Finally, Josephine was put in charge of the physical testing department. She has seven Whitney girls under her supervision. Miss Campbell has been the second girl to complete so many years at Landers. Learning textile science has helped her succeed. CAROLYN COFFIELD CHEEK CMRS. MELVIN LJ Upon graduating, Carolyn Coffield Cheek continued employment at William Roche Hospital as a diet maid. Then she secured a job as a long distance operator of the Bell Telephone Company. In 1955, she enlisted in the United States Air Force as a WAF. She is working in the telephone office. The training she received at Whitney is most help- ful in the planning and budgeting of home meals. She is proud of the chance she had to attend Whitney. VIRGINIA AUNGST CUPP After receiving cosmetology license, Virginia Aungst Cupp worked in her mother's beauty shop. In the fall of 1945, she enrolled in the Uni- versity of Toledo and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in vocational education. She was employed free days in a beauty salon. The last year she worked full time at LaSalles and finished her degree at night school. She did practice teaching under Mrs. Allen and Miss Nelson at Whitney. In the fall of 1949, she signed a contract to teach Cosmetology at Timken Vocational High School in Canton, Ohio. She was sent to New York City for Antoine training. Mrs. Cupp moved to Dayton with her husband and practiced the high quality standards that Whitney teaches. She then moved to Denver and managed a beauty shop. She liasl retilied from beauty work and is the happy mother of an adopted itt e gir . LAVONNE SMITH HEMPHILL KMRS. RALPH HJ Distributive education has helped Lavonne Smith Hemphill gain ex- perience and confidence in meeting the public and made it easier for her to work her way through college. Becoming a laboratory technician took the biggest selling job. She worked for two years as a laboratory techni- cian doing gas analysis. Lavonne took chemistry at night school and worked days. Mrs. Hemphill entered the University of Toledo and worked part time at many jobs. After receiving a Bachelor of Education degree she was head of girls' physical education department in Livonia, Michigan. For three years she was physical education teacher at De- Vilbiss High School. She is active in many clubs. JUDY LECKLIDER Judy Lecklider has been employed at the Adona Beauty Salon since graduation. She has applied for a position on one of the ships of the United States Steamship Lines as beautician. Virginia Aungst Cupp Cosmetology Class of 1943 Q Y: g. is f ii" Lavonne Smith Hemphill Distributive Education Class of 1944 I 5.a..,.. 1-sig, 9, ., . i at 5' -aa a2?::.,:....! . Judy Lecklider Cosmetology Class of 1956 Esther Radecki Mielcarek Office Practice Class of 1943 iT ,ga F gf? Q A I Vify qlvl A . ... . 4 . lr ,,.. .f 2 , Beverly Mock Dental Assistant Class of 1954 1 s ,ff x 'kfffwx ' 1 Virginia Zolciak Nagy Foods and Instutition Service Class of 1948 'IO After Twenty Years f Q . , -. "' v ' . , af 5 ,F F Q 4 ii 2-IQ' ,. Mary Cowell Penn Rosina Mazziotti Risley Needle Trades Office Practice Class of 1950 Class of 1942 ESTHER RADECKI MIELCAREK CMRS. DANIELJ Esther Radecki Mielcarek, former editor of Vtfhit-Miss, was employed at E. I. duPont Company for four years as secretary in laboratory office. Esther started her position as part time co-op. At present she is member of Kay-C-Ettes and has been elected secretary of St. John School Parent Teachers Association for 1957-1958. BEVERLY MOCK Before finishing senior year at Whitney, Beverly Mock entered a 104 hour night school study course on preparation for national examina- tion for certification of qualified dental assistants. She passed the exam- ination, is a certified dental assistant and a member of the Toledo Dental Assistant Society. A feeling of self-satisfaction comes from knowing that she can assist others in time of discomfort. She is very interested in her Work. VIRGINIA ZOLCIAK NAGY CMRS. FRANK LJ Virginia Zolciak Nagy received a Bachelor of Science degree in edu- cation from the University of Toledo in June, 1952. She majored in home economics, minored in chemistry and history. She has had the necessary courses required by the American Dietetic Association. During four years in college she worked part time as a floor supervisor of trays at Riverside Hospital. During summers she worked full time at St. Charles Hospital as a dietitian. After graduation she taught home economics for one year in grade school and for three years at Waite High School. MARY COWELL PENN CMRS. ROBERT WJ Upon graduation Mary Cowell Penn did alterations and reweaving at Melrose Cleaners. From September, 1950, to 1952, she studied at Toledo University. During these two years she worked part time at Colony Cleaners and as bookkeeper at Daly Heating. She spent one year at Hampton Institute. Virginia. In 1953, she returned home and graduated from University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Science in Education. For the past two years she has been teaching home economics at Scott High School. ROSINA MAZZIOTTI RISLEY CMRS. WALTER BJ Rosina Mazziotti Risley graduated from University of Toledo, College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Philosophy and a Bachelor of Laws degrees. She was admitted to practice law before the courts of the State of Ohio and the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Ohio. She has been given many awards and granted mem- bership in honor societies. She worked in several places until she had passed the Ohio Bar Examination. Rosina practiced law in Toledo, After marriage she and her husband moved to Columbus. She is engaged in the private law practice. She has been employed by the Bureau of Code Revision and the Legislative Service Commission. She is working on the revision of criminal laws. a book to be published soon. Currently. she is practicing law and is called upon during the session of Ohio Legislature to write various bills for submission to either the Ohio Senate or House of Representatives. '9 ' 4 V1 .,.,. Doris Eleckonich Romanco Needle Trades g After Twenty Years if - N:-F -. 'ig -.Q i ,. 1 1 A . V',' " - . ,. I "e" f , i , . 44- ll, Karen Scheil Charlotte Yenor Shaffer Distributive Education Office Practice Class of 1953 Class of 1944 Class of 1952 I ..- -6? L Dorothy Krolak Smith Distributive Education Class of 1940 Kathleen Stern Foods and Institutional Service Class of 1949 DORIS ELECKONICH ROMANCO CMRS. RALPI-D The week before graduation Doris Eleckonich Romanco went to work in the tailor shop at Lamson Brothers Company. She was employed there until December, 1954. After a daughter was born, she returned to complete a three year apprenticeship in the tailoring trade. She is now working part time. When Lamsons need assistance she comes in a week or two. To Mrs. Romanco, tailoring is one of the most rewarding facets of the trade. She has never been sorry for choosing needle trades as she used it in some way everyday. "It is nice to be able to supplement our income occasionally," she says. KAREN SCHEIL Karen Scheil's business career began when she co-oped at Tiedtke's, starting in the handbag department. She has worked in the stockroom and at bargain squares in main aisle. This kind of experience is very valuable for learning the business. After working in 99 different de- partments, Karen was placed in ladies sportswear. She had been there since 1953, and has never lost interest. May, 1957, she was promoted to assistant buyer. There is always something new to learn. Miss Scheil plans to continue her career at Tiedtke's. CHARLOTTE YENOR SHAFFER CMRS. HAROLD CJ Charlotte Yenor Shaffer became interested in social work through an organization at Whitney. She offered her services to the Lutheran Neigh- borhood House. In senior year she did co-op work in this office. It was during this time she decided to continue education in the field of social work. After graduation from Whitney she attended the University of Toledo. Charlotte worked part time during the year at Lutheran Neigh- borhood House as office secretary and group leader. After graduation she attended Western Reserve in Cleveland. After two years as director of Lutheran Neighborhood House, she became director of the Volunteer Bureau, Toledo Council of Agencies, in 1951. Now she is assistant execu- tive secretary of Toledo Council of Social Agencies with responsibilities as director of the Volunteer Bureau, as secretary of group work division. She is president of the Toledo Quota Club, member of National Associ- ation of Social Workers, American Association of University Women. DOROTHY KROLAK SMITH CMRS ROBERT J .J Dorothy Krolak Smith has been employed at Lamson Brothers since October, 1943. She worked in the ladies hosiery, gloves, and knit lingerie departments. After graduation she was named assistant buyer of these departments. Dorothy has worked for the same buyer for thirteen years. She feels that training at Whitney has helped a great deal. KATHLEEN STERN Kathleen Stern continued her co-op job at Smith's Cafeteria in the bake shop. The opportunity came to be a supervisor at University of Toledo so she left Smith's. In 1953, she became assistant manager. She was called to Los Angeles to work in the coffee shop of University of California. She is back home now working at University of Toledo cafe- teria as assistant. 'I'l ,xx VH: 't Q Y tv? Q., Polly Diggins Sturdevant Cosmetology Class of 1943 bf . ..,, N J S Josephine Armelle Turner Distributive Education Class of 1948 gf- , 'Y ':.: Rosa Powell White Distributive Educatton Class of 1952 After Twenty Years Nancy Bowen Thyen Marlene Gozdowski Trafelski Needle Trades Medical Assistants Class of 1951 Class of 1954 POLLY DIGGINS STURDEVANT QMRS. WILBUR FJ In Febraury, 1943, Polly Diggins Sturedvant received a license and worked in Lasalles beauty salon. When she received her diploma, she started a new job in the Lucy Ann Shop. After five years Polly purchased the Edison Beauty Shop. She closed the shop because of illness. Follow- ing a brief absence she is now a booth renter in Security Beauty Shop, Security Building. NANCY BOWEN THYEN CMRS. LEOJ Nancy Bowen Thyen decided that she would learn more and have greater opportunities in a vocational setup. At Whitney she made some wonderful friends with whom she still has contact. The friendly atmos- phere here impressed her. Nancy likes needle trades and inquired how she could continue in this trade. When she was a senior, she co-oped at Lion Store. She worked in drapery-slipcover department from January to Septemberg when she entered college, she was transferred to men's alteration. She majored in home economics at Toledo University and graduated in 1955. After commencement she taught home economics at Waite High School for two years. She has accepted a position in Rose- ville, Michigan, because it offers more opportunities. Mrs. Thyen has always been proud of her connection with Whitney and feels that she is a better teacher because of this association. MARLENE GOZDOWSKI TRAFELSKI After graduation, Marlene Gozdowski Trafelski entered practical nurse training. May, 1955, she received a diploma. She trained at St. Vincent's Hospital. After leaving the hospital Marlene took a position with Toledo District Nurse Association. Mrs. Trafelski is working on the medical and surgical floor at Mercy Hospital. She is happy with her work and plans to continue both careers-homemaking-motherhood and nursing. J OSEPHINE ARMELLI TURNER CMRS. DONJ Josephine Armelli Turner utilized her training in distributive educa- tion at Tiedtke's. She started as a relief cashier and later combined this with PBX operator and office work. Various other subjects are useful in caring for her family and home. The individual interest the teachers took helped strengthen weak points. In 1956, Mrs. Turner helped organize the Distributive Education Alumnae with the thought that since Whitney has done so much for her, she can do something in return. ROSA POWELL WHITE As a senior Rosa Powell White worked as a retail clerk at Petrie's and continued part time while she attended Toledo University and full time during summer months. At the university, she was elected to Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education, and Pi Gamma Mu, an honorary fraternity in sociology. This year Rosa was asked to join the honor fraternity of Phi Kappa Phi. Mrs. White graduated with honors and is teaching the fifth grade in Washington School. Calendar SEPTEMBER 4-Shop organization 12-First Lady photographer 12-Sophomore Assembly 23-Publications Football OCTOBER 2-BIE Day 11-Assembly-Dr. G. H. Orians 12-Assembly-J on Murray 23-Open House College Night 25-NWOTA NOVEMBER 22-Thanksgiving Assembly Let Us Give Thanks DECEMBER 10-Christmas Assembly Glee Club 20-Christmas party 20-Christmas recess begins JANUARY 6-School Begins 23-Mid-term dance 24-End of Semester FEBRUARY 14-21-Whitney Week MARCH 14-Assembly-Mr. L. Klewer 21-Assembly-Mr. Fred Senior Banquet APRIL 3-Easter Assembly 9-13-Senior Trip MAY 2-Publications-Miss A 10-Junior-Senior Prorn 21-Election JUNE 6-Honors Assmbly 11-Commencement 13-Close of School eric Sj obiarn . Huebner X f KCULTY JQ s C 'A V L Z X 15 . - ' ' 3 ,, V 'iiiifif . 5 1 "'V - -11 . A, ' .. , 'ea V. ' V Q Q Z F g i ' i : ., l I Faculty Q Q t' if iw? E? I N f x Tennie Allen Ruby Buck Cleona Chetister Adrienne Curtis Cosmetology Office Practice Social Studies Distributive Education To students at Whitney, the faculty are more than ,teachers or advisersg they are friends who help with advise when the need arises. No matter how busy they are sincere interest is taken in each student. Patience and understanding is a basic part of their jobs. .4 AP 1 I 7 i g if at if ff Q D I I X 5: Ai Axrgfgf a Dorothy Curtis Helen Dailey Mildred Dallet Lois Draves 1 Librarian Science Social Studies, Laundry Physical Education It is their Wisdom which develops in us the strength to live in an adultworld. Whitneyites can rely upon their Warmth as Well as wisdom. Graduates of 1958 carry with them happy wmemories for faculty friendliness. For the Wisdom and kindness of their leadership the seniors of 1958 sincerely thank them. ,. , Jug? .3 Q 5 ,. ggi ., Hi . if y . . ' , , my 4- . wr 3 X' -1 3 l ... 3.4 ' s Sf' .' 51 H . -Y 3" ' . ij.. V M . . H z. ,H -.. Y ,, lx , ml 'E If 1 i 1 W Mag ' ' w S ' i .HI Z ' , ' s . ,ui tmj Q- gg ,VV , 1 ,' I .Q . . ' 5 ' ' '-1 . K- ', E O ,me ,. ' , Y "' ' . ' "- G!! Jane Frost Thelma Howey Jane Kenney Alvena Koegele Art Social Studies, English Dental, Medical Office Practice i i l r if 'gig ' .v i ,q.,a," 'K nf A iw ,' Thehna Kruger Needle Trades Q , Q ,A EX ,Jie N 1 C 1 Anna Mumford Textiles, Consumer Education 1, ig i f , , :K ,Aw ' ' wi. ,,,.,. Z.. -xxx Mildred Peckman Power Machines Faculty 4-1' , 1 N '-1 N P' . if 6 A 1 .I V . F " 'azv 2j,'f:, Alvina Littlefield Bookkeeping, English i ' Ann Murphy English, Social Studies mf ,X , Z' I , W Elizabeth Rudolph Social Studies F., Bernice Mackey Cafeteria - ' f iv- Thelma Nelson Cosmetology " Freda Schneider Tearoom , e.-, V i 45' Myldred Mesnard Office Practice k ,,r.o,, .w Doris Parkes Nurse Gordon Simpson Music . 0 into . I I Qi I Marilyn Stimpfle Office Practice 4illn. Florence Wells Co-ordinator Faculty f 2 ' sa Ardis Vander Physical Education X- : 5' . 331 l Y if v H-A , :.a.:.2, i Marian Wells English, Publications 2-eil if we Y mi 'ii -I R Marian Vietmeier Foods ,V.1,' wi A- 1 3'--'J Susannah West Co-ordinator Dorothy Weir Office Practice Ethel Wooden Principal ,110 Laura M. DeBolt Head Clerk :, ff, ' aff!-n-.lf E Martha Gephart Cafeteria Qffice and Maintenance u W . xml I -5 2? 9 A rr ! ax., f ii- L . X 7 3 rx ' -ei I , -if 3 Y -3: 3 Ruth M. Noltie Record Clerk ,fini .Z 1:3 . eg? Virginia Kwaitkowski Laundry 'fszfgsfff ii ia :ia ,. ag? M My wa . . Marshall Bartley Nellie Harrison Alvin Bain Custodian Maintenance Maintenance 18 ,. CJ m k -1 WE ,....,,r ,T ,. f rraa .f Mary Jane Williams Clerk: X4 ef Y ' Gladine Wadsworth Cafeteria Anna Reilly Flora Baker Maintenance M amtenance ssmzoas , Senior Class Officers STANDTNG: Mrs. Vander, Adviserg Charlotte Langston, Vice Presidentg Pat Bron- akowski, Presidentg Julia Cherry, Treasurerg Barbara J ankowski, Sergeant at Arms. SEATED: Eleanor Davis, Barbara Manuszak, Margaret Owczarzak, Darlene Moffit, Ann Lindsay, Rose Marie Loomis, Edna Coleman. Senior History Twelve long years of hard work is finally over. The time that the seniors has been waiting for has arrived. Seniors have earned the honor of being graduates. All of you have come from different backgrounds but each has something in common, "being the exalted seniors." The sophomore year was the time to become acquainted with Whitney, teachers, other girls and plan for the future. One' of the ways this was accomplished was the annual sophomore dance, Hobo Holiday. The class had assemblies and shop meetings in which girls participated. Then came the annual Christmas party and Whitney day, which the next year were to become soft places in their hearts. The exciting experience of junior class election closed the first "get acquainted" year. As juniors, the girls were eager to begin work in shop and learn the trade they had chosen. They were helping new sophomores feel more at ease. Many worked after school. Before Christmas came the end of a long waiting period, time for class rings. Oh, the pride on each girl's face as she received hers. Candy was sold to increase the class treasury. J unior-Senior Day, the group of 1958 honored those of 1957. The majority of seniors are competent workers. They have broadened themselves spiritually as well as mentally. lt is now their turn to plan a trip, junior-senior prom, senior banquet, forums, employer's luncheon, a walk down the aisle at honor's assembly. At commencement when she re- ceives her diploma she knows she has done a job well. A senior is an example for underclassmen. The graduates of 1958 can look back on three years at Whitney with happy memories. The senior year has fulfilled the fondest hopes for this final year, but instead of looking into the past every girl is looking to the future. Judy Alt "Past hopes already lay behind." Foods-Institutional Service Junior Achievernentg V.I.C. ,fe-f .V1 A -ua Z ,X gs asa. y A xgbv June Bowlby, Darlene Moffit win talent con- test. Seniors Judith Albert "Indeed the top of admiration." Office Machines Literary Clubg Projec- tionist Clubg Student Councilg V.I.C. -8 I Sue Nadine Andryc "In each cheek appears a pretty dimplef' Cosmetology Glee Clubg Student Councilg V.I.C. 1. I Y Evalena Alexander "Silent when gladg affectionate though shy." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. Barbara Beahin "It is better to have one friend of great 'value than many who are good for nothing." Dental Assistants Literary Clubg V.I.C. LAQQ, X ., : id 3. in lem ua' Q Penelope Anderson "A merry heart goes all the way." Office Machines Literary Clubg Junior- Senior Promg Junior- Senior Dayg Senior Banquet Cornmitteeg Y-Teensg V.I.C. 3- , ' . , Q f"i. .., - ii i :" .42 QE V , 1 MQ. Beverly Becker "She that is thy friend indeed." Foods-Institutional Service Red Crossg V.I.C. if Daphne Blevins 'A loyal, just, upright woman." Foods-Institutional Service Senior Class Secre- taryg V.I.C. 73' N ' I is Maxine Brown "Ambition has no rishf' Student Councilg Y-Teens, D.E.C.A. Seniors Joyce Bialecki "Many small make a great." Distributive Education D.E.C.A. 7:79 Ruth Bridges K'She must be heard to be appreciated." Distributive Education D.E .C.A. Judy Bittikofer "She excels each mor- tal thing." Office Machines Literary Clubg Y-Teensg V.I.C. . .i - .. Aff., -I . . f X E Q 5 Pat Bronakowski "Great thoughts, like great deeds, need no trumpet." Stenography Senior Class Presi- dentg Whit-Missy V.I.C. ! ge ll , ,Q i i , June Bowlby "Hitch your wagon to a star." Distriloutive Education D.E.C.A. i v 'li .f AX . , 3 fy f Lucia Bulone "Beauty is a 'mute deception," Cosmetology V.I.C. wi' 49' Easter rabbits come to Whitney. xi I H ll ' ' . 5 " 4 . fl - .. . - 1 ,EG -3 ' 5- -R! .I Q- . - lf Edna Coleman "A cheerful face is nearly as good as healthy weather." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. Seniors Janice Burdo "Surely a good favour you have." Office Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. Vernelle Walker Clark "The way to gain a friend is to be one." Stenography Literary Clubg Pro- jectionist C1ubg" V.I.C. Y .3 . , 1' , W . X Ossie Byrd "What is it that you would impart to me?" Foods-Institutional Service Red Crossg V.I.C. Q 'B esp . hh fi? Lucy Coffman "Drink to me only with thine eyes." Office Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. l 'ie'-' 5' ' . Us 1 A ' A ha J -5 Julie Cherry "Still to new heights her restless wishes tower." Cosmetology Projectioriist Clubg Student Councilg V.I.C. 6-'ic Phyllis Collier "I gave my youth, but now I ride in fine." Foods-Institutional Service Band: Junior-Senior Dayg Red Crossg V.I.C. 1-N :aw J it '-"W ' -A f J' 'M Judy Crum "If we do meet again, we'll smile indeed " Foods-Institutional Service Red Crossg V.I.Cf ' -:L ' A , XE - i i Janis Denton "The lady's smile was coy, I must confess." Off' ice Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. Seniors Christina Colyer 'Good humor makes all things tolerable." Stenography First Ladyg Whit- Missg V.I.C. 'Qs Nh E' ' wi J' 'f xi 1,1 f , et , f F .gf Judy Crawford ,A - "Always friendly, but , ., mischievous." Q A' Service fa 'f Foods-Institutional ii? A W Cheerleaderg Fir t Ladyg Red Cros ' S: fe 'E Pgojectionist 'Clubg " mg Committeeg Y Y-Teensg V.I.C. .,o. ,A w- 'M 3, 7' V Eileen Czerniak f - I "Her favour infinitef Office Machi nes Q First Lad- y, Cheerlead e er W ' ' g hit-Miss , X A ' Liter ' ary Club, V.I.C. 11 . Eleanor Davis Maxine DeCant : W , "Grace and good dis- "Fortune pursue ' ' A position attend your thee." I ,V ladllshlp-J Needle Trades ' Needle Trades V.I.C. M 1"' ' Glee ciugglvghit-Missy ,.,,,, f xiii NJ ' "1 ' Y X -1 Joyce Dethloff 'Z , W V it ' "For I have seorn thee . I 1. W.. W y r f fair, and thought thee ' V r "' . ' , iiz' bright." ,I - -V Foods-Institutional ' M ' Service I . iiiifi '--- " - Red Crossg Junior Senior Dayg Student Councilg V.I.C. Janet Easterly "Most sweet lady." Needle Trades Glee Clubg V.I.C. ' S d 3 s Joan Fournier "Her dark eyes--how eloquent." Cosmetology Glee Clubg Red Crossg V.I.C. cr Seniors Carol Duffy "She is a woman, therefore to be won. Foods-Institutional Service J unior-Senior Dayg Red Crossg Y-Teensg V.I.C. Jane Fall little flower." There is a flower, a Rose Dunlap "My crown, is my ambition." Foods-Institutional Service Red Crossg V.I.C. I Barbara Feasel "The reward of a thing Well done, is to have Cosmetology done it-J, V.I.C. Distributive Education D.E.C.A. Q, Q V e eg, y all-gs -X ' f I Q ,f' is-f.., , ! -A V, s , af 4 S I X . .ll . 1.3 a -A I l 7 .47 Billie Elfering "Be not afraid of greatness," Needle Trades V.I.C. .,. X v 'Um : Nancy Fritz "Kindness is- the sun- shme in whzch 'uzrtue grows." Dental Assistants V.I.C. I 47 . is ' -Z 3 1 4,9 l ix' X Anna Gonzales "Youth and innocencef' Needle Trades V.I.C. ii? li f i it rl Donna Griner "To strive, to seek, to find, is my goal." Foods-Institutional Service First Ladyg Junior Achievementg Junior- Senior Dayg Literary Clubg Projectionist Club: Y-Teens: Red Crossg V.I.C. Seniors Geraldine Glander "The force of merit makes her wayf' Medical Assistants V.I.C. 0 b r W -"5 -3 , KE Luette Grayczyk "Things done well and with care exempt themselves from fear." Dental Assistants Red Crossg Whit-Missg V.I.C. x. if Linda Gleason "Of nature's gifts thou 'mayst honour in her are so mingled." Office Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. F Pat Griffith "May she live in our songs and be nearest our hearts." Cosmetology Junior Class Presi- dentg Prom Commit- teeg V.I.C. -X lliu fri V. , 2 A Marilyn Gorlewski "A true friend is the greatest of all blessings? Cosmetology First Ladyg Glee Clubg V.I.C. nil Q W Carol Grzymkowski "Fact is to mind what food is to the body." Medical Assistants V.I.C. Barbara J ankowski "She laugth that winnethf, Cosmetology Escort Committeeg Glee Clubg Senior Class Officerg V.I.C. V1 ' wh' lv' W C5 "Q i - ni W Carolyn Jones Some achieve greatness Needle Trades ist Club Student Council Y Teens Seniors Gerrie Hamilton "A life of action is nobler than a life of thought." Stenography Y-Teensg V.I.C. T119 1 1 'Y' l -. ,L I fe' ASI-if 5 w 1 in 'Ni' Bernadette J asinski "An appearance of delicacy is inseparable from sweetness and gentleness of character." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. - ' f' 7 -- ve 14,13 51 1 f ' Sue Hoskinson "Here's mental more attractive." Office Machines Literary Clubg Pro- jectionist Clubg V.I.C. , liir . 1 1 Carrie Jeffers "Marriages are 'made in heaven." Distributive Education Projectionist Clubg Y-Teensg D.E.C.A. 9. " ' - - -W' 5 ' 'I - V Glee Clubg Projection- -:-' ' V.I.C. , .. - S-J . ,..,. ' . fa . :.: .:.: 1 Ann J anowiecki "Good and valiant? Needle Trades Proj ectionist Clubg V.I.C. ,Q M' L- ',' . if X Marilyn Kemp "Blessed is the 'man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly." Office Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. ,Q ,,,.. . a t will W l- 1 N-Y' Y ' .,.:. Mary Kornacki 'Expression alone .can invest beauty with conquering charms." Stenography Student Councilg Literary Clubg V.I.C. Modern dancing class entertains at assembly Seniors Evelyn Klaperek "A faithful friend is the medicine of life." Medical Assistants Marilyn Korakewski "The greatest 'medi- cine is a true friend." Stenography V.I.C. 2 1 H I i 'iv-ie' Diane Kurek "Beauty and perfume the air." Office Machines Glee Clubg Literary Clubg V.I.C. Sophomore Councilg Student Councllg V.I.C. 'Jaws Barbara Kunkle "It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." Stenography First Ladyg Whit- Missg V.I.C. aff-Y , 2352 A ' ' 4 ,PI - r .iw Loretta Laberdee "I can do better yet but this is 'meetlyf' Needle Trades Student Council Treasurerg V.I.C. Office practice senio take Civil Service te assi: -H52 , rw: 1 . ss ' fr 5. G, - F x Carol Laipply "God like erect." Cosmetology Projectionist Clubg Whit-Missg Ensembleg V.I.C. , ' - " .A ff" . 1, 4.4 I '1 fi- Rose Marie Loomis "Shall men believe in luckg strong men, 'in cause and effect." Medical Assistants Projectionist Clubg Prom Comrnitteeg V.I.C. Seniors Sandra Toolooze LaC1air "Honest fame awaits the truly good." C osmetology Glee Clubg V,I.C. v . 3 ' y I Charlotte Langston "Here is a dear, indus- trious friend." Distributive Education Buckeye Girlsg First Ladyg Prom Commit- teeg Oil Woman Dayg Junior-Senior Dayg Senior Class Vice Presidentg D.E.C.A. . I i l NJ' U Evelyn Ladd "She will help thee in thy need." Foods-Institutional Service Bandg Projectionist Clubg Red Crossg V.I.C. at :'l' ? Ann Lindsay "Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles JJ of others. Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. ' - .. x ., I ' ,i. ,,...,, y K , Lois Lamprecht "Enthusiasm is the breath of genius." Stenography Glee Clubg Junior Class Assistantg V.I.C. Shirley Luce well as success. Stenography Literary Clubg Y Teensg V.I.C. "Nothing succeeds so IJ f . gl' ui-3. f T j it Virginia Matuszak 'Greatness appeals to the future." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. Sandra McCready "With her breath she did ne'er disclose her mind." Office Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. Seniors Barbara Manuszak "Infinite goodness, grace, and mercy ever." Office Machines Glee Clubg Literary Clubg Senior Councilg Y-Teensg Whit-Missy V.I.C. c fs? "N-A r gl -L' 5 ,,', Judy Mauer "Good words are worth much and cost little." Medical Assistants Glee Clubg Literary Clubg Y-Teensg Prom Comrnitteeg V.I.C. fi' V A , fi 2 , . , 1: - Diane Marciniak "Hope and be happyg all's for the best!', Distributive Education First Ladyg Prom Committeeg D.E.C.A. ai' , A , , . X 1 Beatrice Mayer "She is calm because she is the mistress of her subject." Stenography Projectionist Clubg V.I.C. I r if Catherine Matuszewski "What 'you are to be, you are now becoming." Medical Assistants V.I.C. f i.v, F711 N X is 1 Claudette McFarland "A good heart is worth pure gold." Distributive Education Projectionist Clubg Y-Teensg V.I.C. Seniors Darlene Moffit "Every joy is gaing gain is gain, however small." Distributive Education D.E.C.A. . s e' 'N 'T-is-,aG x- .JV ' 1:7 5 I i Christine Muszynski "The grand essentials to happiness are some- thing to do, something to love, something to hope for." Dental 'Assistants First Ladyg Junior Class Secretaryg Pro- jectionist Clubg Senior Banquetg V.I,C. I 1 1 Elwanda Montgomery "Modesty is the grace- ful, calm virtue of maturity." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. . ' ' Q J' Club Si'fLgS at Stenography Honors Assembly. Projectionist Clubg Judy Mikolagewskl 'ifoyousness is na- tures arb o health." Literary Clubg Whit- Missg V.I.C. Faye Mohamed at "How wise must one be to be always kind." Stenography P Junior Class Assistantg i Literary Clubg Student ' if Councilg V.I.C. , " vi, Flossie Moore "Too nice, yet too ,Q , true." ' Needle Trades y lag A i i V.I.C. . N . .Q ' W V Nancy Nycz 'Measure your con- fines with peaceful stepsf' Foods-Institutional Service V.I.C. Seniors V -f i nl- Q: -SQA! Eleanor Okos J. V "Her eyes are stars of 'Xie V - twilight fair." 5 , Cosmetology " i f V.I.C. Shirley Parsells L ' "Let knowledge grow A "X J from more to more? Distributive Education A - V V ' V.I.C. ' fl Q , C , Q - : 1 , , i Marlene Petsch fa' 'fig-iz "Talk happiness. The Nw V,,, ii world is sad enough." Distributive Education zuz - D,E.c.A. .5 3. ar e ., Y ' Nettie Poimg it I 'fIt is well to think '- 5 wellg it is divine to I fgfi' act we ." , ,. 5 ,J Stenography 'A fn Glee Clubg Literary Clubg V.I.C. 32 Margaret Owczarzak "Like our shadows, our wishes lengthen as our sun declines." Medical Assistants V.I.C. A- an Phyllis Pierce "Golden hair, lilce sun- light streaming. Cosmetology First Ladyg Glee Clubg Proj ectionist Club, V.I.C. t' A "-ai-T .1-. ,K .H 1 e e ,X M 04 '27 Magdalena Peinado "The most magnificent si n of wisdom is 9 . continued cheerful- ness." Stenography Prom Committeeg Whit-Missy Literary Clubg V.I.C. . 3 -34? . ia .rife . sw 1 K E M . f ' if I 2 3- gk: 0-9 W Alice Powell "The greatest happi- ness comes through complete self mastery." Medical Assistants Junior Achievementg Literary Clubg Studen Councilg V.I.C. t Sharon Remele "Truly to speak with no addition." Foods-Institutional Service Glee Clubg Junior Achievementg Red Crossg Student Coun- cilg Whit-Missg V.I.C. Pm Virginia Schlegel "She that could think made her place." Office Machines First Lady - Editorg Literary Clubg Projec- tionist Clubg Junior Achievement - Pres- identg Student Coun- cilg Whit-Missy V.I.C. Seniors Nellie Pruden "Though hard the task, keep a stiff upper lip." Distributive Education First Ladyg Projec- tionist Clubg Student Councilg Y-Teensg D.E.C.A. -sir Marilyn Ricci "Brief and to exceed- ing good sensef' Needle Trades First Ladyg Junior Class Officerg Prom Cornmitteeg Whit- Missg V.I.C. EV' I 1 Q if it" L i .c -l"', ,-,, it I 1 Nancy Przybylski "She, whom smiles make lovely, may command all hearts. Stenography Projectionist Clubg Student Councilg Whit-Missg V.I.C. , 'fflxx V - Q- . -J? 'Z Q- Sandra Rompf "Smiles are the lan- guage of love." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. -af Margie Ricci "How many days will finish up the year?" Foods-Institutional Service Student Councilg Y-Teensg V.I.C. we S Beverly Schmidt "You stride in your own light." Distributive Education D,E.C.A. S ag .. Carolyn Shinaver "When once ambition has passed natural limits, its progress is boundless." Stenography Student Councilg Whit-Missg V.I.C. .f- ff . , Norma Sigler "Be she fairer than the day." Office Machines Literary Clubg V.I.C. Seniors Sandra Senkel "She blushes: all is well." Cosmetology Whit-Missg V.I.C. 4? - Phyllis Shook "In quietness and con- fidence shall be your strength." Cosmetology Glee Clubg V.I.C. !,3 Marilyn Shay "The door of success is labeled." Needle Trades V.I.C. Mary Sieving True ease in writing comes from art, not chance." Office Machines Literary Clubg Pro- jectionist Clubg V.I.C. cr Phyllis Ann Shipp "The main spring of life is in the heart." Medical Assistant Literary Clubg Whit- Missg Announcements and Graduationg V.I.C. 'it Ellen Simon "God moves in a mys- terious way His won- ders to perform." Office Machines Glee Clubg Literary Clubg Sophomore Councilg V.I.C. Eleanor Steff "I know now what is JJ fit for me. Foods-Institutional Service Whit-Missg Bandg Pro- jectionist Clubg Red Cross, V.I.C. tvs Sue Ellen Stuart "The sweetness, 'mer- cy, majesty, and glories of my king." Office Machines U tee' Student Council Senior Tripg Y-Teensj V.I.C. Senior Prom Commit- Seniors Sylvia Sims "Tis better to have oved and lost - than never to loved at all. Distributive Education ' r First Lady, Junio Achievementg Whit- Missg D.E.C.A. A., -, . ' ' Q I A75 , V -,, YS? I7 x ,fs Kathleen Strong "Now, fair one, does your business follow us. Foods-Institutional Service Glee Clubg Prom Corn- mitteeg Red Crossg V.I.C. 'fig' Ellen Smith "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Stenography Literary Clubg Whit- Missg V.I.C. U .rw . ,,,,, Lillie Strong "The small courtesies sweeten lifeg the greater enable it." Stenography Literary Clubg V.I.C. " za, 5 -3 ,,'A 5 , Q-V' 'Yi Mildred Stevens "A good heart is bet- ter than all the heads in the world." Distributive Education Y-Teensg V.I.C. .T EE: I ..!'f I if 8' I Judy Szymczak "Love lasted a dwell ing, and day." Office Machines Literary Clubg Stu- dent Councilg V.I.C. Sondra Tracy "A girl of cheerful. yesterdays and confl- dent tomorrowsf' Stenography Literary Clubg Pro- jectionist Clubg Whit- Miss-Editorg V.I.C. Dianne Wathey "Time and the hour 'run the roughest day." Medical Assistants Graduation and Announcementsg Literary Club: Prom Committeeg V.I.C. Seniors Florence Thomas "For ourselves and for our followers no hand labor is m vain." Needle Trades V.I.C. -, ,. J x , fs: +' sQ if'L,y' . "W it 3 'Q 1,32 1- V, Margaret Turney "No pain, I take plea- sure in my work." Foods-Institutional Service Glee Clubg Junior Class Treasurerg Pro- jectionist Clubg Prom Committeeg Red Crossg Ring Commit- M? teeg V.I.C. its -A 111' -A rd , Mary Thomas "Silence is as deep as eternityj speech ts as shallow as mme." Distributive Education Student Council g D.E .C.A. --fp I ai Sue Ulinski "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind." Distributive Education Projectionist Clubg Whit-Missg V.I.C. A. infra ,il Y ' ,I L, lv? ' ' . .. ,Zag V 3, ,::.:. l. 1' arg! - TF 1'- Annette Truchan "Eyes of pure woman, wholesome stars of love." Medical Assistants Literary Clubg Pro- jectionist Clubg Senior Banquetg V.I.C. 'sf I 1, Myra Weigel "Humbleness is al- ways grace, always dignity." Stenography V.I.C. Seniors ' 2.1, J oan Whitacre , . "Nothing is impossible K to a willing heart." 'A ' Distributive Education D.E.C.A. Q V 5 ., .,- g ak, .wb -1. t ' . 55,. , ,tae b Sharifa Young A "You shall be yet far lx ' J ' ' fairer than you are." ij ' Foods-Institutional " , ' Service - Glee Club: Ring Com- X . mitteeg Red Crossg ' Whit-Missg V.I.C. W 5335 f a. 1 'x Ruth Ann Zylka 'P Ils "The star of the un- ? conquered will? I Cosmetology . " Glee Clubg Prom Com- mitteeg Whit-Missy V.I.C. I-Ji, -':7',, Marcia Smith was born in Lebona, Tennessee, and attended grade school there. Coming to Toledo in the seventh grade, she began classes at Robinson. In the freshman year, she went to Scott. Marcia was an excellent example of a consci- entious student during her two years at Whit- ney. She was active in all class projects always doing her share of the work in the most pleasant way. Marcia's latest plans concerned a forth-corn- ing marriage and a wonderful senior year at Whitney. Although Marcia's life was busy with family, work, personal activities, she always had time for her pals and was jolly and friendly to every- onei We shall always remember her infectious snn e. Barbara Woggon "She moves a goddess and looks a queen." Distributive Education D.E.C .A. .,. . ' i A 1 is Y' J uf a,,fw Nu-fi, ,M ax way fa? l "N 'D i as 'Q gm Nancy Zeller "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm? Distributive Education Junior-Senior Dayg Ring Committeeg Junior Class Vice- Presidentg D.E.C.A. . ,Z f , Y . arf U is 5 1xl1ul Climax of the year- Junior-Senior Prom- is a memorial event , ' 1 , , N, , 9 FB, 1 ff Kay Bohhia Dental Assistants X My 5 QF 2323 sw Evelyn Hernacki Medical Assistants 1 we f. in Judith Maier Medical Assistants ,E as Judy Paulson Medical Assistants Post Graduates fig 5 Y Frances Clarle Dental Assistants -xi S nv- 0-5 """n if Rosa Hernandez Dental Assistants L.: s ii-4.3 Kathleen Bolger Dental Assistants Barbara Spychohski Medical Assistants Ruth Cureton Foods-Institutional Service 'Qj' Rosalie Kuron Dental Assistants Patricia McGreevy Stenography " c 'vi A Carolyn Stiles Dental Assistants :fa 1 Q. i Janice Gilbert Dental Assistants . .-5, 8 -Q-jk R ' 3 X Gudrun Lucks Medical Assistants 'UP Vi, lk .. Margie Nowak Medical Assistants Consuelo Venegas Dental Assistants QljW!URZilgGWTORiQROWE Semo - f?6'? Souflv Sea Sonata v -A QQ : :f f-l K gl 4, M7 K 'fx 'Q' E " SPRINKLE OF STARS Q 41.1957 Q Q 4- W X? If Q W f x fi '. FI' . I' I ,xi ' How We A Y X N 5 3 A , Af' . , ,J If M' 3 X 'QA -A , 1' 54' ' E E Q' , m Q. X. 2 1 M s Q 1 Viv! M ., ,vpn N 1 Q I 428 k Awww M v u umfifk' ax X S A521 , W - ,b ,-isg:xHv Daphine Rose Marlene A . n Petsch Blevms Dunlap -Nsailxy Ski J 3 1-1 j S Gogxevf Denton ' Efx' ff. 4 1, was ly! ,lt-W ,I V AE ,. fd" F 1 W if QW fb QR? YH K ' ,, K Q i Lili. 'f!:g,,:, - a C . l ww. xi ep .3 Mgt -Jyldy hr ,. :::,,,Z , V. Wexgex B1tt1kofer Cofstma gl -s fa? , te Cxjfkiiwfl -f 1 2:-, .T 5 IA Ma.: - I t 'in I , . 5 H ox gflsiv r j ,- 'Nui f, W 'T' .,.,,,,.,1 H . . A: , - 5 . M. 1 l 3 ks '..x 5. V ,Q ',- : I K , , ana 40 Mgecin iak ' R Zyylig Norma S' 1 lg er S Donna Grivef R aron ejnele FW' : 4 Ma V 5 Pefjggina wav' I ws 3,1 Margaret Gen-i Turney Hamilton P gf 2 Q mf? ' 2 Y WQEM EW. , 5' 'N' " JH v f 3 4 f'5 xfi. ,f,Z. 1, aU,-:4,y,,v5:5 f A ' f' lin .X -4 Ewvanda J - A , J Mon12g0mery Foutigger Barbara P 7 Kunkle B1-on olfgw Ski A 5 u W . H ' ,"'J3f'f1 . . fr- ' ci?-5 "if QT-' , fb if ' . 'Q fa- 5 Q L. , .L I 4 ..:.:L , , , , . l A-:: if ,. -- ,, ,S ' X f""'f!f"f , 1'15A 'V Loretta V '76 ' ' M E 391532, Laberdee Berhad 0 i 30325 auf Jasfn We G Par Cxyet Skl rlffyth , -- ff f x. ' -'A -' a f , V :r t . V 54 0 I -V ' .- ' A ,1 A V. : H Hr if,-Qi. , 5? ' - H , - if V' x 3 Q Nancy Marilyn Nancy ' W fl Zeuer Koralewski Beck 15763 Shania 4 " Draylggr Young .. M A Q57 I1 ,GQ Q Q X' I Yu y ijh. Judyzak 3 T 1: Wiilefix V , -P swine A ix ggyllis ,, If Sylvia -F' . J1f3 , Sims R 0Se my '- Lvom' 1333903 -N ' IS anllg - Yggbgxsvs D C Nora , U hatfjeld ai ,eh 1 ,. are. is "' Z I Q awfj g.-gf A ,P iii . - 'a " I 'Dafa VKYQNX E1 anor E1 Egguszak Sewage Skos Dfgggr Ilggfgcy z ., V1 ..5J i i V , . - U fxl! N. -A , , . ' x X! . ,N X R1-If X . Q fm 'f l 'F' . ,el 3 J' if X- W af- ' N, . ,, " Eg? ,Q J , gm ' 4 Ap L' ' 'Q' - ' N 'vry A Q , H N . aa e Judy alley J A1111 on Dgggiypp Crawford N-V02 anowjecki Food Service Supervisors Barbara Bell ff 5 v Bessie Myles di Ester Jones 1 x , in N tr' , as Q s E . Margaret Packo Marian Morris l Charleslta Stewart Food service supervisors are adult Whitney students, enrolled as post graduates in the food-institutional service shop. These women are looking forward to jobs in hospitals or other institutions as assistants to dietitians. Many are referred to Whitney by hospitals, where their work has been out- standing enough to promise promotion. As adults in high school, food service supervisors review nutrition, food cost, quantity cookingg practice supervision by working with sophomores and juniors. Whitney welcomes this newest service trade. INIORS as ,f ff X XFX junior Class Officers SEATED:' Mrs. Littlefield, Advisorg Paula Coop, President, Pat Rychlewskig Diana Castro, Vice president. STANDING: Beverly Bauerg Mary Lou Johnson, Secretaryg Judy Austing Esther Kubickig Pat Shine, Sergeant at Arms. junior History The class of 1959 started this year's activities with a very successful junior meeting in Macomber Auditorium on October ll. Each group pre- sented skits to show what their shop programs for the year are likely to be. Class officers and advisers were introduced. The last week in October the candy sale began-in a big Way! Participation was terrific and everyone cooperated. On October, came exciting moment of ordering rings. They were delivered in early December to make a Wonderful Christmas gift. In March, juniors honored the class of 1958. Each girl escorted a senior to a special assembly at Macomber. May started shops thinking about class elections. The campaign was filled with enthusiasm. To bring the year to a close committees were chosen for Junior-Senior Prom. After selecting a theme with careful planning the evening was an unforgetable event which Will remain in the memories of all who attended. Being a junior is an important step. It is the beginning of becoming an adult. The vocation each has chosen is being polished so she can enter the business World ready to accept responsibility. Already many girls are Working after school. Each is planning for senior co-op at Whitney. Cosmetology juniors ' .Li - f X ' K I J. A P 1 :1 J A V. t i i' -xr I ggi ' ,:': A I as 57 ig 2 1. , ': "I I it R S 'Fi r K ' K J 'f r j ' ' X C 2 il f M9 ' l': t I K, V I ROW ONE: Barbara Collins, Madeline Conteneras, Paula Coop, Marilyn Dusseau, Sharon Gardner, Frances Hazard, Diana Martin, Rose Marie Metz. ROW TWO: Martha Moore, Eleanore Noll, Mary, Rose, Brenda Rutherford, Diane Rybka, Dessie Schroeder, Janice Sedlak, Yvonne Sinelli. ROW THREE: Marcia Sroczynski, Sharon Stahl, Judith Thiel, Joan Tonkel, Carroll Walczak, Diane Zaborski. Distributive Education Juniors , iz: 'U ' , ' 1 xi , Y : fr: Q 'Q E 7' g ISIIII 5 :S ,.,. Ji ,Q A -D A Q, ,B , A., - 4' Fi? I Q!! li , I ' 'f . 'Q , ig ,J Y 4-I jf ' A l fd:-I 1' ,. ,,,r,, . qv, . .1 A 9 ,, 8 Q I' ,- ., f Q ' ' - ' I ' . 'Fr . H , 471,45 --J, y , e ' v-- ' v ' H ' .all A ' A M , 1 Oi fr: ."" ' y ' , 53 ' 5' S' 2 F 5.0 'r J :rl 11 " ll Q is' L59-A Y, Z.a,b M " ' , V Q-:dv 313 ' V sary rrfe ' V ecf , gm l M l trrr I Q tt K J ' X ' ' , -.-. .. v Iv ', - H . ,, . 'wie -as ,f .' 'N f ,A I , . fl' N 1 it E gl '9 ""7 -4r ' 1 .,,,. 1 y ,, ' ' f Z: '.,-f J ' 1 555 Ifr ::'. , , 4' 1- "wa F .' E , y 1-33 5 r, , :., ...Ll . i J :ll if '-1:2,- ' ROW ONE: Alice Adkisson, Margaret Alt, Veronica Ballard, Phyllis Bartnikowski, Ingeborg Bauer, Shirley Bean, Barbara Bethuy, Phyllis Brooks. ROW TWO: Mary Burnett, Dolores Campos, Diana Castro, Susan Fromm, Evane "" Hodnett, Carolyn Huston, Mary Lou Johnson, Mancy Knopinski. ROW THREE: Karin Koontz, Esther Kubicki, Val Lykowski, Susan Mather, J oan ' Musial, Emmie Nunn, Trina Quiroga, Patricia Rittinghourse. ROW FOUR: Kay Schreiner, Judith Schumacher, Mary Ann Simmons, Helen Smith, Carol Stallbaum, Andrea Steen, Johanna Stroshine, Joan Wieczorek. ROW FIVE: Evelyn Wisniewski. -ai- ,I Food and Institutional Service uniors '- . L., J ' M W "R ? i --, . ' .,- - ' 'rag-e':' 'N it "'-zzvgs I . ' " Lift- Y il 'VX 'L r G i l - If ivy! r -- gl Sigh ll' , J Q , ,i ALGOL' far 1,::' j V V: F ' 1-B fi, K5 2' - 1 'r 4 1 xl: i., ',-' 1 Nj , - ,I - Q v f A X .g'aEsQ, -131. Q .Ll ,g ' 1:1 r' - in if - V vf af' Eh , E. ri. gi 'w F J . ,. .. ,. 5 . V V A ' Q 2' .3 , 5 -1, ' -,Ia K J, t ' t'ii r H M f A - v 'VV I -, E4 . ,,, b -4' A .Alt 'F " 'vm ' .,. av !"' P, -,V rm, X W .,.,E4f ,Vx nf 43, V H V27 -,fnmfavs 1 '- I Q' . Q? ' 'J ' NW V , A .V 1 i Aj f , 'f "1 i. ' ral I' 'T . ,, ' 1 11- 1 A , f v - " ' Q " if 5 53: 16' ' .15 5' ,. . .1 1 Y ,- . , wif a m ,Ji " ' E S W- . H ,A rl- to E . -1' ef , 1 -e ia" ll N , ' Xu . ki aff' 3 W 'L' " ' 4, .maria I 4 V' A" - ' "" ' '- "if A '-f 9 ,,, i"' , j,...x' Y i ROW ONE: Winnie Atkinson, Barbara Babcock, Donna Babcock, Beverly Bauer, Dorothy Baumgartner, Theresa Bell, JoAnn Bertok, Suzanne Brown. ROW TWO: Janet Bayant, Pat Bryant, Elaine Burrough, Mary Clark, Caroline Davis, Anita Duffy, Barbara Fleming, Mary Fry. ROW THREE: Shirley Graham, Betty Gruszynski, Lucia Hens, Roberta Hodges, Caryn Jones, Kelcy Jones, Carolyn Krerowicz, Elaine Maulsby. ROW FOUR: June McOwen, Barbara Miezwiak, Ann Perz, Diana Ross, Monica Rother, Juddean Saylor, Margaret Seagrave, Patricia Shine. ROW FIVE: Charlotte Syph, Joyce Taylor, Ann Todoroff, Patricia Turner, Donna Wallett, Mary Wells, Geraldine Winkel, Beverly Zaino. ROW SIX: Betty Zaborowski, Carol Zygula. Needle Trades juniors I . Q- if s .ff - Qxfx 4 1 - V ,H , 'fr L ,imafjij sa if r lg f ,f a ll 'A 'Q .. J '-ggi .T 1 Vjjlffgv - LL? heyy, ' ,QQ 1 ., .,,:,. A , , I g J X ,- "v-. - X ,- L. -1 ,H-1f "f trials. 'Avi , ug J' ' ' ,V s L' A 5,5 2: I ,QA wal ,A r , ,Y , L., , , --ff g '19 ll ' ' f '33 'L ' . Sli ROW ONE: Patricia Barile, Martha Blanton, Judith Crawford, Elaine Ebright, Helen -Fleming, Margaret Garcia, Dorothy Garner, Sarah Gordon. ROW TWO: Barbara Harris, Gloria Jacobs, Dora Johnson, Marvell Johnson, Jo Ann Kidd, Vera McCown, Valerie Mosley, Carol Pettry. ROW THREE: Margaret Rollie, Stephania Tkaczyk, Sandra Warren, Barbara Wilson, Jeannette Yant. Qffice Practice Juniors A ,-,. 3 fs A ,,, Y, . ,gf ... ,P Q. Y . Q 1 , 'aslli ' -1 ff 's .f , .Q 1: RQ -' " ,x ., ev- I l.-.J'as-A -iffy' -we A 5' -7 ' if ia, . . ' - . . 'iz - aff,--f " , F U I I ' " I W . v- gh. ,F an ka -s ea. gr .- 'Q ,Y X 'sry 2 . if 3? f' "" , ef" 'T' ' J ' - -L ,g ff- J JI , In f ,, , "' ,., 1-- W' , .LL - H-1 'if f if P ' Parse, 'Q ,, I 1 , Hi it .,. "5 Garza ' r , 1-TJ FLZE EM., "L ' H .V V A H- .:. 2- : 55, 2 ,,,: 657 3, Q "' f-,,:" 1 ' x '--- fa-at i J v-gr so aa' I, -J Y l 0 1 x A 4 n . f .. 1: f-- .U , -1-:ggi wry X ROW ONE: Nancy Adamcek, Nancy Bielicki, Suzanne Brown, Joy Denny, Judy Grunst, Therese Henry, Pamela Hinkle, Nancy Hosmer. ROW TWO: Georgia Karafa, Florence Kosier, Louis Laberdee, Norma Leeberson, Karen Leopold, Olga Losoya, Janis Montgomery, Sandra Muszynski. ROW THREE: Diana Nieckarz, Mary Jane Orner, Carol Plush, Arlene Ross, Jan Rowe, Patricia Pychlewski, Carol Schultz, Darlene Sekulski. ROW FOUR: Sandra Senci, Helen Spohn, Mary Jo Weithaus, Peggy Williams. Cffice Practice juniors B H35 A 544- 1- -a :.. , ' .K qi: . ' VP.. 4 'X 5' U QT ' - Y" 'J' -if ,A it T ,- aa ' . -,a Wwe rr 429 .r 'V-J 3 . -5' mf ' ,sea - . 1' A , A'-I? Kr, 2' gg, . f ' T - ' -l ' A i - 'S 5 ' y i , A . 'F ' for it 'F af iQ ' 1- l .- r V 7'-, " "' " ' Q d, V ' is ,' ag ar Ww,,'.igf'm M' , N4 ' 'Af ' J' 'I A W A 1 3 'N as A ar T. at Q Q, :. L f f 3? J LL, i , 44 it -at -- e - 12 ' a, . 2. -5 . ' a H3912 V 'lj ' , J PJ, ff' 1 ' ' J? ,iw My -,ia My-3 fi:?:LL,q3h- V -Il A li 13 A :lv , ROW ONE: Judy Austin, Sandra Beckwith, Sharon Bradford, Sharon Buck, Mary Ann DeStazio, Norma Ebright, Ellen Estrel, Diane Fritz. , J asinski, Margaret Johnson, Ellen May, Nancy Mazewski, Jane Mc- Laren. ' F ROW TWO: Patsy Goss, Audrey Harder, Sandra Hubbard, Barbara ROW THREE: Lola Noel, Cynthia Posan, Joyce Posy, 'Lorraine Rybkm, Marcia Skaff, Rose Marie Walczak, Penny Weislek, Jacqueline Yunker. ROW FOUR: Barbara Zaino. Cffice Practice Iuniors C .V r 4 'YW W tw.. C Q Q "' 52" ' 'Q "1 45 '. ' fm 553 qi li -R r i .. A-Blu H , A ', .f a t i ' f 'e'- ' 'i"1'fT , , , 'wa E. , , , k '1'1 Q, I 4. -. .. ' V fl- 9" i gg., K V Air 4 Q' 1,6 , '29 ig- V, IM.: 'm x ii :" zwy, , 'Y ag, 21 WI QQ, ,j,"if N511 g TA at E .f 'figs A , Q ,fy TJ xii J gijnriil ,Z -9. I ROW ONE: Carolyn Ahl, Pamela Bailey, Rebecca Barrett, Linda Charles, Pat Fournier, Lois Heatherly, Martha Hensley, Patricia J agielski. ROW TWO: Sandra Klofta, Nancy Kuron, Margaret La Mont, Barbara Lindenmuth, Judith Lytten, Karen Middaugh, Barbara Poston, Stella Prysiazny. ROW THREE: Jean Rider, Joan Rider, Carol Sobczak, Judith Stager, Betty Tima, Marilyn Wilkins. als 4? -if ii SOPHOMURES Sophomore Council , 'QL rig. V NS ,,,v , g ROW ONE: Mary Ann Clawson, Mary Schwartz, Carol Textor. ROW TWO: Jo Anne Ford, Joan Brooks, Donna Holloway, Gleena Torgler. TOP ROW: Mrs. Stimpfle, Anna Shields. Sophomore History Sophomores started this year with an orientation assembly at Macomber. At this meeting they learned a little of what to expect at Whiney during a three year stay. In October, sophomores were guests of juniors at a joint meeting at Macomber. Also, they sponsored a Halloween Coke Party after school in the gym. During November, everyone was busy making plans for the holiday season. There was talk about Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, Christ- mas parties, room decorations, and, of course, the all school Christmas party held just before vacation. During the second semester, sophomores gathered in Macomber audi- torium for Skit Day. Later in the semester they enjoyed another coke party after school. When April rolled around, it was time for pre-campaign activities in preparation for class election to be held in May. The final duty of the sophomore council was to select school rings, which girls will purchase during junior year. Cometology Sophomores ' K t Te 7' gl' 1 sz- fa K' J aa. ' 'F V if "U" , aaa "9 ir? ff ff , R J 'rag iflg' ' .. ' 'A " in . ni W '.' 4 ' -V+." .-'9 52 1- : I ' :F 7- 7: 5: 3, SNL . -rf ,IN in , fu 'I' ': ,E "wa xilr., 3 ' - ei- J ' L A - 5 , wr .f A 1" - ,, 4. w ,, 5 3: 'H' 3, 1' ,i,,i,,ffsF -f ff-1 r-' FL , ' 1 ,ii A 3 V, , ' - .,-1, . zg y ar nces Eberflus, Margie England, Dianne Gran, Donna Greene, Emma Hensley, Linda Hullinger. ROW TWO: Victoria Kachenmeister, Carol Kenner, Diana Kindle g b Jo ce Lewis, Mar-Lee McCort Christine Oliszewski. Donna Lazen Y, Y 1 ROW THREE: Joyce Pilaczynski, Patricia Pohlfh Sue Schwartz, Sharon Sheehy, tt Judy Snell, Carole Stump, Mary Vassar, Peggy W e on. ROW ONE Sylvia Cicirella, Mary Ann Clawson, Fra , Sue Kosakowski, Distributive Education Sophomores ,J 5-.','T.aJ4l ' -L74 Y: ! ' 1 : . is :, Y r A .T ,lt ,,. 2 if A at 'nv A af- Vi 5: A " Y ' L51 'Jig' V 1 Q I -:V in ' ,Te 4 A :igg , . T V, 1 ft: ' - ' if f c ,- 1- A. 1 4- ,va ,I FM x Z, A V X -V V-. - M , f ,. .r, ,ii V ,x N . V H iz ii ,i , J ,:h, in ,If WJ we 'x 4, in . A4 of L or 21 2 ! , ' . 1 .,, 5 V F 5 f' t J ,J ia 'W r za if ...HF -: ,.. . .Y 'G " J .f ' 1 .. Lg 1, -.Isa , , , , W . We y .Lf y P ,rg fkgfjyif , izvi i fe fr P Q 2 if sw: -'- 2 ,f 4 an . ii 6 'z 1- Q an nl-H 3 5: J 3. W, M' , I if ,..:.L fa A af Ti ,, , J sw v 1 J " :sf ROW ONE: Patsy Allison, Catherine Avalos, Sue Bernhard, Sara Bud- zinski, Juanita Burley, Helen Combs, Darlene Cuttaia, Patricia Duffy. ,W ,, ROW TWO: Artie Griffith, Bonnie Hoffman, Josephine Hughes, Eddie Q Jenkins, Iva King, Carolyn Kiss, Barbara Kyer, Arlene Michalski. ' ROW THREE: Judy Miller, Lois Neiswender, Sandra. Phelps, Judy 1 'Q Raymer, Rozanne Reed, Idella Riley, Sue Sawick, Patricia Shrewsberg. ,W 3 . ROW FOUR: Sue Taylor, Carol Textor, Annette Tucker, Karen Wamer, June Whitfield, Carolyn Wick, Carolyn Winkel, Barbara Zapiecki. ROW FIVE: Mary Ann Zientek. Foods and Institutional Service Sophomores 'I Ng? i- 4 V 1 -gf fc- It it. lg 'Z' 5 wi V . - J I 5 7 A 1-. X ' .W Vkgv as .,,, gk V ' ,, ' ' VV H 1 f-.- Y K "S -in , ' A ' X ' ' ,J , 'Q ' V 1' , I K 7, ' -e .. 1' I A 'A T' 1 v . , 3' ,F U in ,u it 4 , , T P, ... -, I Q ,gg rf q 1' ggernm l .. , gg, 'fs-"5 x 1-gr 1,3 A M? wg." '7 7' I , E, " e 1 .. ig, ' ' 1' VTE it .a- leaf f f an f i ..-. 'AQ 'YF' A . " W G vi V7 T " ' 'EQ 5? F' 6--is iv 5" is ...4 Q Y :,, f 4'F:Ii I V UW v---AA .M My 'W rl IN U can iii Hi' isa st ie if if .HF is . - , . if f .4 - ' -1- -sw ,,-' ' L., - 1 W - 1 ':", WIN i ' f I :Y g .3 W4 an E -:,,, 'W' - , A, 'i i tu ' A Qii , . I 'P'-55:25 , ROW ONE: Sharon Albert, Gwendolyn Ames, Janice Bailey, Sharon Barkhimer, Verolyn Barnes, Margaret Baumgartner, Mary Ann Beczynski, Nancy Bowser. ROW TWO: Betty Brzuchalski, Elaine Brukn, Earnestine Campbell, Cora Coleman, Carolyn Curry, Judy Czubachowski, Mae Fitch, Jo Anne Ford. ROW THREE: Bertha Frank, Carol Gaines, Elaine Gorniak, Paula Hayes, Edna Holt, Virginia Huddleston, Gladys Janczak, Janet Justus. ROW FOUR: Mary Ann Majchszak, Neva McConnel, Mary Ann McNutt, Ruth Monto, Jo Anne Mortier, Georgeann Magy, Carol Najero, Gennie Peoples. ROW FIVE: Yvonne Reclden, Nancy Robinson, Nancy Roginski, Anna Shields, Doro- thy Sorrells, Sandra Stults, Margaret Thomas, Barbara Tucker. ROW SIX: Margo Wright, Carol Wynn, Geraldine Ziegelhofer, Virginia Zywacki. NO PICTURE SUBMITTED: Dora Garza, Mary Garza. Needle Trades Sophomores 2 , e .. L, 0, - N49 'T .-. Y ig.: ,vo 2 1 Y, Q' 65 . TT -.1 3 : M:-ff Q "E ' -315- :sw : it , ' Qu-aw ,Gif W p K .b , , , ' ,A , .. 1 ve ., Fr- -Q. - ,QA ,a 4- 'f .1- B ' s a- iff' A Q" 173 , X '-' .1 N , NN w5",y" , - ll X A ii' W4 ' '4fxXXiXXbilY!,-ibm ROW ONE: Elizabeth Beebe, Doris Boyd, Barbara Ford, Phyllis Gurzynski, Donna Holloway, Loretta J anowski, Sherlene Jobe, Jennie Jung. ROW TWO: Elizabeth Keesee, Suzanne Kruzel, Jeanne LaBo, Leonie Maigret, Elaine Szmania, Sandra Weilinski, Carolyn Wozniak. NO PICTURE SUBMITTED: Susan Lewis, Delores Woods. Office Practice Sophornores A 4, i J c gr, ..x .,i 1 "?. ' 'fa . f s .. J I in 4 y 2 4: as i .. if :. :C Q4 X, L' -, F . f' 1rQ'q,' I i e 0 " 1 . 'Z' 'J 'Y , .Q 5? 'V Te 2 I Q , .1 ' 3 2. FT SQ. is -Q2 2 is 0.-'K 4 'Q 'P ,L ' ' v Y , I Y., V. r ' ix. - ,. V.k:,,..I V: , . X il, 7 ' + A , , j ' f W kr Y KFJU f Hi.. KN ,f-,,,k , t A -i -- , I -- - f. ' , "fd Q-, fy' ' T ,se UH I M Lai W, 1.1: L- .V f, 1 jj -- i ff ff g A if fa . A ' if t'-5. K li - l ef' ri ' V ,- if iw' 2 ,as H- , 0' 4 . N, -9 l J.. , I I" ' I 3 , 1 . - I ROW ONE: Bertha Alexander, Janet Bergouist. Sarah Brady, Barbara Chrzanowski, Patricia Dishong, Jeanette Divine, Carol Falk, Brenda Finn. ROW TWO: Cecilia Gonzales, Dorothy Gregory, Sandra Harrigan, Alice Hess, Janet Huston, Marilyn J agodzinski, Patricia Jones, Sandra Kennedy. ROW THREE: Carol Kocinski, Sharon Koedarn, Jean Landet, Ruth Maltz, Catherine Marsh, Susan Minnick, Frances Obarski, Sandra Parker. ROW FOUR: Constance Prosser. Marlene Querin, Louella Rice, Christine Rolle, Mary Schwartz, Betty Shulaw, Sue Spencley, Andrea Stifel. ROW FIVE: Marlene Szmania, Sharon Weeder, Vivian Woods, Rose Marie Zeller. Office ractice Sophomores B W wiv., ,M f -- ' Q ici L5 ag ling 1 . 'Wx vi' l i f -N 'E' ,sf lf -f' 4- lt "4 . Y' ,IN ga -4 " Y' : l'1'lT"5t:.ral I lb ' 2 l ' , i rw-N, gr - fa ,' .1 ,. . 1 . 'f Lb i , we f fe - " of I --:Lal g E7 ' ll v .- """'M 0 - ' ROW ONE: Joyce Andrzcjewski, Sylvan Bialorucki, ax Sybil Bowen, Joan Brooks, Doris Cole, Carol Daly, x.. -V A jj Georgia Dominique, Jean Farris. V- Y ROW TWO: Genevieve Geha, Cheryl Gosda, Lilliam , , Gurzynski, Sandie Harris, Jerrie Husted, Christine Jan- J owiecki, Patricia Kalucki, Sharon Kerekes. ' U . . ROW THREE: Margaret Kujawa, Sharon Lang, Joan laotozynl-s,k1iiB1ll1e McAtee, Kate Meissner, Kathleen Niedbalski, Veronia Olejownik, aro e er ins. FOUR: Carol Reed, Beverly Roberts, Judy Schatz, Virginia Schaub, Marlene Slivinski, Linda Thom, Sharon Wagner, Dianne Welter. ROW FIVE: Geraldine Wozny, Sharon Ziolkowski. ,Q-T. Office Practice Sophomores C '- '- ,: fi 1 11 :fa 4 -T ,Q , 5, , f., JJ, I fi Q- ' R- L W r . km . l -t ' 1 .ankle :df ffm: nf? ' 5, ' -'J -Q fn, ' F :':1 i A 7, fl B ir' G F3 FS 'W A at 1 N E fri fi it - 9 I , ,F Y . Y , C . ?:! -sl 3'-,vt Aizr fr .. x ' l if 5 A+? i ROW ONE: Constance Bennington, Shirley 4 Bowen, Leilani Charpentier, Jerilynn Counter, . . fgg, : Charlotte De Cembly, Ruth Ann Drotan, Eliza- ' ' ., ,-,'f'5 1: 'i r we beth Erbland, Dolores Feasel. 'S-if ' ' -- V' ROW TWO: Patricia Godbee, Kathleen Green, fn , ' Ethel Heckel, Caroline Hornyak, Rose Marie f' l Jagielski, Barbara Jones, Alice Marie Kazrni- eczak, Kathleen Klingbell. ROW THREE: Judith Krischak, Joyce Lachowicz, Patricia Lawecki, Susan Lowry, Barbara Manion, Mary Jo Mann, Sharon Nitz, Sue Pacer. ROW FOUR: Carol Pudlowski, Carole Roe, Janis Schindler, Patricia Senger, Beat- rice Smith, Dorie Smith, Nancy Staton, Janet Steven. ROW FIVE: Glenna Torgler, Katie Weathers, Barbara Zeller. me D. E. C. A. I .. -. IK' " H -' iff SV. il rf O 'P VE' Q 7: to 'f 5' -fi 6- A , K ,Y X . A i 'I gem, U? X ,,, i l , . , 1. , . l . l f f u an fr ll ,- ' -. ff' 'Y -S ill ' a .Q E' ,.. "" "2 A49 W . 17? . "Y 0. 2 A' "' 1 fffzff -V a ...ai 't .. . .gms . .. -V I I if 'X fr- f I ' ' F fr' " ,,..,, 1 wg, K , ..,i .,,, 5" f , 7' Q5-I V A Jeff 5 -t :J P f r 4s,... i.i4 . mb li ff ...I ROW ONE: Joyce Bialecki, June Bowlby, Ruth Bridges, Maxine Brown, Barbara Feasel, Carrie Jeffers, Charlotte Langston, Diane Marciniak. ROW TWO: Claudette McFarland, Darlene Moffit, Shirley Parsells, Marlene Petsch, Nellie Prudent, Beverly Schmidt, Sylvia Sims, Mildred Stevens. ROW THREE: Mary Thomas, Susan Ulinski, Joan Whitacre, Barbara Woggon, Adrienne Curtis. Ohio Distributive Education Clubs of America were founded in Zanesville. During 1940, stu- dents decided to give an appreciation banquet for employers. Money was needed, to get it re- quired teamwork. Enjoying this project they formed permanent association, thus the first local club was born. A pin was adopted for of- ficial recognition and identification. Members proudly Wear the same design with the words "Distributive Education Clubs of America." In April, 1947, the national advisory board welded all D. E. clubs into one organization. The pur- poses of the clubs are to exchange ideas, de- velop leadership, set high occupational stand- ards, stimulate a professional attitude toward Work, promote all round good citizenship. At the regional convention in Bowling Green, Oc- tober 30, the Whitney group won the office of vice president, Charlotte Langston. First Lady Q :V I I Y ..fl3IL' E lx -:Q .. :.: af -v 15- 7' 'il ao all r 'F S 'F T -'A' ' Wa, 419 v I '-- ea ' lf .--'-g.:l, .,, gf E ' 'r i T3 af A I .J A 1 , E . "H Q a i rerr - m E T.. -E ii .il iq' I W - 1- fn I I .J 5 iiv H Z A . 'vw of ., , ,Nt h L I , 1. V A L' 1 -E J ,f 1 t t S - sf- ' ROW ONE: Judy Austin, Sharon Buck, Christina Colyer, Marilyn Gorlewski, 5, F: Donna Griner, Marilyn Koralewski, Barbara Kunkle, Norma Leeberson. ,f.i.1i' .A ROW TWO: Diane Marciniak, Christine Muszynski, Nellie Pruden, Marilyn 'I' Ricci, Virginia Schlegel-Editor, Mary Sieving, Sylvia Sims, Jane Frost. " ROW THREE: Marian Wells. When the photographer comes everyone looks her best for pictures in First Lady. It is a happy day at Whitney when the annual is distributed early in May. The skimming through to see photos of ourselves and friends, signing autographs of students and teachers marks the final step in the editor's hard work of meeting deadlines. The First Lady is a way to remem- ber happy years in high school. O? E' 5 'iifgf -- H1 ' w ' i if , 155' .- f 33+ fe , 3551, M 3 AM.. ,- Q Za: " IU N 'K' 1 V- Q Z ' a.gw ,, V, . y nd' 55, l ifgr-ug-,E Eg 'il 1' .Y Nil S-. xi. 58 -.,. V4 1 , 3 , 5 I 1 A I , 4 3 J ge F ,Q .. T' . , ,, m ' a v , fi m i Q Y s 5.3, iw f. Nr I if 1 4 In v ROW ONE: Judy Stager, Trima Quiroga, Diana Castro, Donna Greene, Pat Duffy, Carol Kenner, Judy Lytten, Sylvia Cicralla. ROW TWO: Linda Charles, Marcia Skaff, Mary Orner, Pat Allison, Vicki Kackermiester, Carol Wynn, Diana Grau, Doris Boyd, Karen Middaugh. ROW THREE: Loretta J ankowski, Donna Holloway, Louise Laberdee, Sharon Sheely, Sandra Muszynski, Gladys Janciak, Barbara Ford, Susan Swartz, Bar- bara Bithiery. BACK ROW: Sharon Bradford, Guen Ames, Kathy Klingbeil, Ellen May, Barbara Zaino, Sandra Wielinski, Anna Shields, Mary Vassar, Phyllis Brooks. ACCOMPANISTS: Nancy Hosmer, Virginia Schaub. Glee Club and Special Chorus QI" S IQ 'Y fm f 7 'eff Senior Projectionist Club , , p , i. -I Fr. Q fs 5. Ziff 3 N. Q rf. '. 6, '- ti . 4 - f ff Z, 4 4- - . 4 6 h Y - s w so -1-1 l ' I A Y' . 1 - X z fm M. , i v X 'i f fra 5 s , -LLL . 4 is A I J ,,,,, '54 - :xi 'V Wu i -:ay I ! A it i f ' G A-LW -.gg airt- -ff- u X ROW ONE: Judith Albert, Nadine Andryc, Pat Bronakowski, Maxine Brown, Julie Cherry, Judy Crawford, Ruth Cureton, Eleanor Drayton. ROW TWO: Sue Hoskinson, Carrie Jeffers, Carolyn Jones, Evelyn Ladd, Rose Marie Loomis, Beatrice Mayer, Claudette McFarland, Judy Mikolajewski. ROW THREE: Christine Muszynski, Marge Nowak, Phyllis Pierce, Nellie Pruden, Virginia Schlegel, Annette Truchan, Margaret Turney, Susan Ulinski. ROW FOUR: Connie Venegas. Each class elects three projectionists to learn the movie machine. These girls are eligible to be members of the Pro- jectionist Club, senior, junior, or sophomore. The officers preside at meetings and an annual event is the Christmas party. If a student has been a member of the Projectionist Club for three years she receives a pin and membership card. unior Projectionist Club .. sp , ,z E E ' J it r 1 R J fs E if- me ,W S Q- Q: l.. - a A -J l .T T 3 1 e it all 44 -1 R l f..--. " ".. O W ' if?-2 , s - .. f V F3 .gl ' 3 ,F ia, A Li Q 451' ,,, Pf 4 4, QE'-T 5 , -Q: ' uf .. V '-'Nw ' ' f V- -' -- I fl by ,u 'ia 1 -ex" ,. x 1 .V'-:-' :--. ' ,. f is 5 if all Q 1, . 5 K , ' '.- f .' - ' 3 fy .lx - Y lg ir- M 2 9, 'N " -f ff ' ' fiiifw ' ' gl? 9' 4.4 T -' 'A' , Q A I j F 5, Q: u A H14 . l m ,.1'5?2, X o A E c ROW ONE: Nancy Adarncek, Judy Austin, Pat Barile, Sandra Beckwith, Theresa Bell, Phyllis Brooks, Janet Bryant, Linda Charles. ROW TWO: Helen Fleming, Frances Hazard, Nancy Hosmer, Caryn Jones, Joanne Kidd, Judy Lytten, Diane Martin, J oan Musical. - ' ' ROW THREE: Ann Perz, Joyce Pozy, Marcia Skaff, Betty Tima, Carol Walczak, Mary Wells, Joan Wiezarek. A' Whitney is host to vocational principals of Ohio. Sophomore Projeetionist Club gy 1 f'i'e4 V O ' f-: -fr'-3? -0 'J 715 it 11 . - Y 'Q--i 7 v , lf N' f r E . F' 1-X 1 i .,-f T N V! LP rv , 1' Y V as .iv ,lj " l' ' 1.41 -fu ,N ' Q "' . -N ,- n. nv-1' ,rr 1 , V IH. - . M 4 32 I get I , " 'fp "' xr- I P-,f 0 , Q, Tr 4-an QQ, , '53 .wi X , 1 Q-'Q V, Q H -a n gn Y I' , HN i A H adv it 7 N L., L. 1 it ' . 321. . 3 -W ev ' l vu 1-v H I 7 X" D Ii' Zag 1 4 A 40" ROW ONE: Sarah Brady, Joan Brooks, Juanita Burley, Charlotte DeCemb1y Georgia Dominique, Fran Eberflus, Jo Anne Ford, Mae Fitch. ROW TWO: Diane Grau, Barbara Jones, Janet Justus, Elizabeth Keesee, Sandra Kennedy, Carol Kenner, Barbara Krjer, Jeanne LaBo. ROW THREE: Joyce Lewis, Georgeann Nagy, Carole Perkins, Marlene Querm Nancy Roginski, Anna Shields, Janis Schindler, Sandra Weilinski. ROW FOUR: Rose Zellar. Election day at Whitney if- l ""' Ron Q Student Council , f 4 A ' 4 .1f.e.', - 9-51 " Q11 A Y , 4 1-T WF? J ni O. .. I. 5 gg, if' F H6 ,, Q'--'X , ,s,,,V K 4- ' ' ff . 4-,. ' igg . QQ, rf I my -4? .Ji " l - - 2 fx J My W' W 4 ' 3 , ' 1. , . f f , 5 4 .Q :mi V 'T , Q. V 3- ff :gb A L5 i - -'- . gf 'A 1 I QQ- Y an F 9 ef f 'W ' i "' ' 'ff N ' '-2 7 -2:5. vfiiee Y ww - t V 'za , .T x, , W V f A 5. f ff , guy- ' Y 1- 5 H gr X 4 rt, ',: 1. "Tr Q 4, bi! fig? ' " ' H V J ' -Q :, " k ' ,ff k :':,:.if4 ' S W-Wm , W 71 fa it A 1. ,V ,Q A V , , F , 9.1 jd I , ff ' -V ' ' fl fa. W 1 lz. 5'- i ,,-. li . ,gl . 'Wea :,, i 1, ll 1, if ' ROW ONE: Judith Albert, Nadine Andryc, Janet Bergguist, Elaine Burrough, Sylvia Cicirella, Darlene Cuttaia, Ellen Estrel, Barbara Fleming. ROW TWO: Helen Fleming, Patsy Goss, Sandie Harris, Gladys Janczak, Kelcy Jones, Judy Krischak, Jeanne Labo, Margaret LaMont. ROW THREE: Faye Mohamed, Kitty Orner, Alice Powell, Nellie Pruden, Sharon Remele, Nancy Roginski, Brenda Rutherford, Carolyn Shinaver. ROW FOUR: Andrea Steen, Sandra Warren, Mary Jo Weithaus, Joan Wieczorek, Thelma Kruger. Officers lead Student Council. V. I. C. V tcm' . I V k i.-L61 J gb. Q W V V ' 6 1 - Ve YZ 1 ,3-g, ,,' Nags ,fs-'sf J g, . R f-:wi ' if c at LT-I V1- f , ' M if - ' 4 ' X 1 EPA ' . L ' ' ' itz? , f :Y H-T' is li- iw 1 .L ffl! 3- 52.1 A n kv n '-11 ,Q J -., t .V " 5 " ' 1 .53 fp -4 +7 "" -. -...Q 4 .e . f I sf" PJ Z' EE-: ,. Ea" K C H if X h i V L , 2 - f -. . - - ,, e. K1 'I 1- g, ..' -or " .' ' 1 A as , J f' ' P-5 4-,,,. 5 M , T. 1 , - . ., ,V ,, be f ' 'H I fy .1 J- 4 A 'JI Wills-1 . 1 I Q A " f , -J :,' ,T - , 1,4 1 tj 1 F I. .X K in N-. Q. K I gk A rs ,A f J-11 ' ' . - - H 'Tis Y c - . . , . . , ,A V I vb F- , I, ,- fy, ' 1,9 fed, a , -fl '-7' .V ",, Z 1 V g? T -. V4 E , C4 A V ,. .. . ' - Us X. -' i 'L' ROW ONE: Judith Albert, Evalena Alexander, Judy Alt, Penelope Anderson, Na- dine Andryc, Joyce Austin, Barbara Beahm, Nancy Beck. ROW TWO: Beverly Becker, Judy Bittikofer, Daphne Blevins, Kay Bollia, Patricia Bronakowski, Lucia Bulone, Janice Burdo, Ossie Byrd. ROW THREE: Nora Chatfield, Julie Cherry, Frances Clark, Lucy Coffman, Edna Coleman, Phyllis Collier, Christina Colyer, Judy Crawford. ROW FOUR: Judy Crum, Ruth Cureton, Eileen Czerniak, Eleanor Davis, Maxine Decant, Janis Denton, Eleanor Drayton, Rose Dunlap. The Vocational Industrial Clubs were organized to unite students enrolled in trade classes in the public schools of Ohio. At Whitney, any senior from cosmetology, foods and institutional service, needle trades, and office practice may join. Activities include a convention held in October, and an- other in May. At these meetings members are recognized for outstanding Work and awards are presented for achieve- ment. Contests are held for job application, extemporaneous speaking, parliamentary procedure. V. l. C. 1 ' ' ' R. uf '. ?-.. 'Z W' f do . "' QQ' +. 5' , ? M 7 . 1, ,X if : rv,-' . , 5 eg 1 W ,hh-7 Nw X-'es 1 A fe 1 L I I , L 5 Q. 7 R is -, ,Q Y " ' V, ' K " N X f B 1 lv f f 'A - -A 3 ' . -is Y 5 V " iq' Q 4 "' A 6 we 55 re' 755' 3 as -"-4 lawf- w 35, 1 -' ' " ' -lgi - M . - ' N- 5551 ' ,i is ' " 'J 'W -.- F 11- f . M ' Fr? 'F fi F-fl? fin i': if fa 5 F3 0 '- we F f i f eao l ' is ' A'-' ff 44. 7' W U p if lj 05 ROW ONE: Jane Fall, Joan Fournier, Nancy Fritz, Janice Gilbert, Gerri Glander, Linda Gleason, Anna Gonzales, Marilyn Gorlewski. ROW TWO: Pat Griffith, Donna Griner, Luette Grzyczyk, Carol Grzymkowski, Geraldine Hamilton, Evelyn Hernacki, Rosa Hernandez, Sue Hoskinson. ROW THREE: Barbara J ankowski, Ann Janowiecki, Bernadette Jasinski, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn Kemp, Evelyn Klaperek, Marilyn Koralewski, Mary Kornacki. ROW FOUR: Barbara Kunkle, Diane Kurek, Rosalie Kuron, Glenda Kutzly, Loretta Laberdee, Sandra LaClai1', Carol Duffy, Vernalle Walker Clark. ,Q EE? if .' W I I State officers and club presidents head Whitney chapter of V.I.C. .L C. if I 3' 'T' V , -5- Z. W' -5 'Ji -3 5' f 1 r- w. f he 'ax 5 "' I mg' if-. X M' A J - 4-A V t a fe - AL O ,J ' 'ME'-JSFU7 L :' J f J x ef- i J x R ua. in V i B N 'tu Ai' t 4 -' . -T 4 lx, i 1 zz: 9 at , f , ,,, aa - an-H ii we Fi? was - 4. za, 4 33 regex h ...NA -3. X Q ' A ,. K . ' 1 r. ., ' , I., I ,. L I I A 6 1' 6' :' Q ' ..:. by I' .f I: "' ' '-'- , Q Jw. i 'i -Vai ' ' N g' 'gd ' ' Q: 4 Q' r- -. 3- 15. -T -fi' L ,gg ' 3 1 ' . - l A 7 -. .V ' Q3 1 -. " V -41, ' J - "' J" 'fi . a ' 'Mi' ' n y f . A '35 ROW ONE: Evelyn Ladd, Carol Laipply, Lois Lamprecht, Ann Lindsay, Rose Marie Loomis, Luce Shirley, Gudrun Lucks, Judith Maier. ROW TWO: Barbara Manuszak, Virginia Matuszak, Catherine Matuszewski, Judy Maurer, Beatrice Mayer, Sandra McCready, Judith Mikolajewski, Faye Mohamed ROW THREE: Elwanda Montgomery, Christine Muszynski, Margie Nowak, Nancy Nycz, Eleanor Okos, Margaret Owezarzak, Judy Paulsen, Magdalena Peinado. ROW FOUR: Phyllis Pierce, Nettie Poling, Alice Powell, Nancy Przybylslki, Sharon Remele, Margaret Ricci. ..... ' aJ"9 49 Girls prepare Red Cross boxes NFLCl f , r f ,AF 'fi' 1 a n -Q W , J! ' ' fi' 'qw ,, R ww J ' Lie' . Q 5' ' ,' Q a " 1 Q- Mm X X , j ,. ,ff - y Lb, P Q, , j or ra i, N y H -' . ki , R f of -R J w i 5 1 . 4 5423 T , : , 5 fi P Y V mv' no 1 1 ' ww my ,E-it , W 5, I 3' 'Pfam' a 1 1 , , J ei an lee me aa ar ee z ., ,g i t '-" f .""' 4, i -x -- a " 7 a 1 , if 53 1 J ' ' 1' - A Z P , ' I , - I . 4 ' li - . ' ' Wifa N if Sf' . i f. Y 'L i if, ROW ONE: Marilyn Ricci, Sandra Rompf, Virginia Schlegel, Sandra Senkel, Carolyn Shinaver, Phyllis Ann Shipp, Phyllis Shook, Mary Sieving. ROW TWO: Norma Sigler, Ellen Simon, Ellen Smith, Barbara Spycholski, Carolyn Stiles, Kathleen Strong, Lillie Strong, Sue Ellen Stuart. ROW THREE: Judith Szymczak, Florence Thomas, Sondra Tracy, Annette Truchan, Margaret Turney, Consuelo Venegas, Dianne Wathey, Myra Weigel. ROW FOUR: Sharifa Young, Ruth Ann Zylka, Ruby Buck, Cleona Chetister, Doris Parkes, Thelma Nelson, Susannah West. NO PICTURE SUBMITTED: Kathleen Bolyer, Joyce Dethloff, Janet Easterly, Billie Elfering, Patricia McGreevy, Flossie Moore, Marilyn Shay. History of hair styling honors Harriet Whitney. WhitfMiss :-: , A.,A,. 1 , V is A T' inf Gi' K. ea ' mr 'f'1.f'iTA 1. in t :ff L-. .-.t an l -QQ Q. Y" ' -' ' -W. 5 'I if --fx :Eff f H Y fi 'l it , 5, I :pf 5 if , . is mf. 1 as 9 fs-Isa T 'r- , Q , fa UQ. T ' ' in . 4 , 14, J - .a th .4 . ' ' Y B if 1 -g ' YM: O ,R T an ' :':., at Vi . A if k gp. A V R -1: 44 -A , 'V " sfsfi f ggi:-Q w.,e,1i, 51 ,P , 7 5- A. 'V ' " ' 1 ROW ONE: Nancy Adarneck, Sharon Barklimer, Sue , R Bernhard, Nancy Bowser, Sharon Bradford, Sarah ei p " FN Brady, Pat Bronakowski, Phyllis Brooks. xxscunnl ROW TWO: Sharon Buck, Christina Colyer, Gerrie ,j-5' ' 42, , ' - , ' Counters, Judy Crawford, Eileen Czerniak, Barbara ff SCHOLASUC 9 - I at Fleming, Diane Fritz, Phyllis Gurzynski. ROW THREE: Nancy Hosmer, Barbara Kunkle, Loretta Laberdee, Carol Laipply, Donna Lazenby, Ann Lindsay, Claudette McFarland, Eleanor Noll. ROW FOUR, Joyce Pozy, Nancy Przybylski, Phyllis Ann Shipp, Carol Sobczak, Charlotte Syph, Sondra Tracy-Editor, Sharon Wagner, Peggy Williams. ROW FIVE: Myldred Mesnard, Marian Wells, Every other Week is busy for Sondra Tracy and office practice getting Whit-Miss published for distribution. Staff meetings are held the Week before the paper is issued and each reporter is given assignments. The Week of mimeographing is exceptionally busy because copy has to be typed justified and stencils cut. When Whit-Miss is published the editor already is Working on the next issue. - Publications leave for Bowling Green Journalism Convention. , Roto 11, DISTRIBUTOR Q f X 0 Q'-F ,005 AND P99 67 First Whitney Cheerleading Squad Barbara Zaino Ellen Estrel Judy Crawford Sandra Muszynsk C pt Mary Jane Or Eileen Cze ' k l, F1 a l'le n + ,A I X I A 'le . f Q if , A K X w Qi e l ae Wg: Y-Teens 4 . .A Q' ,i , . -! 5 A? . 'S A L, 7 J: N , " ' Jr -ig 3' Q fi-7,,T 'faq lf rs' si B - 'Tl' 'UI m..-1 :LN LJ-A A ri A - " G h,', ' 4 ' - I ' "7'ff, f.:a, ' , - ST? by - f., 3 , .Q s 1- qv' 5' ,.' ffzmff W " -"' " 5 4- 0- fv vw 1 -- ,TFL :F I- V- asa: - ,gg , i t f lf P 5115141 1 r as 1 ' , ' ki O ei - F Q. . -- Q- Q 4: S . ' - M' M 'Si - nf A' , 2 33' 5' V ,. 4, Y I V: f ir? .. L Y . 4? 'ff ' Q . M it ' if 'ff , JL' ' H , ' 'ff N . 1 'cl --1 "' ' "' F I .. , f, F " 5 1 are . F ' f"""' 'al 'Vu' 111' ' ,s +:,12f1" ': ROW ONE: Sharon Albert, Beverly Bauer, Theresa Bell, Connie Bennington, Jerry Bowen, Joan Brooks, Elaine Burrough, Lielani Charpentier. ROW TWO: Jeri Counter, Barbara Ford, Ginnie Geha, Pat Godbee, Sarah Gordon, Dianne Grau, Donna Green, Roberta Hodges. ROW THREE: Caroline Hornyak, Linda Hullinger, Caryn Jones, Janet Justus, Vickie Kachenrneister, Diana Kindle, Sue Kosakowski, Judy Krischak. ROW FOUR: Barbara Lidenmuth, Mary Jo Mann, Lola Noel, Sue Pacer, Ann Perz, Louella Rice, Sue Schwartz, Janet Stevens. ROW FIVE: Linda Thom, Ann Todoroff, Glenna Torgler, Pat Turner, Mary Vassar, Mary Wells. Acknowledgments EDITOR VIRGINIA SCHLEGEL BUSINESS MANAGER CHRISTINA COLYER thank the following who helped compile the 1958 First Lady in art Nellie Pruden in writing articles J une Bovvlby Eileen Czerniak Marilyn Gorlewski Donna Griner Marilyn Korakewski Darlene Moffit Christine Muszynski Marilyn Ricci Mary Sieving Sylvia Sims in selling subscriptions Judy Austin Sharon Buck in advising Marian Wells De Luxe Craft Manufacturing Co. The Gray Printing Company Diane Fritz Nancy Hosmer Jane Frost Inter-State Studio Photo Reflex Studio ,gm FN- mf' ' X '?,y"' 0 's kai 490 at ,xr P 1 .I v ,id Z: , G' 7 n w, - ,- Y U . 1 . - . . . : ' - ff f' .- - , ,- Autegraphs w -Q 1 + 1. ' 'P 1 1 1 rm 1 , , A X , W , A f f . f ,, N H W w i x , N w W J Q w W I N u Q Q. gy 1 N . T fr' '- 'AV . - U L-L-.--V-141-...---.- '-,-.u . .,.4,-,g.....,,. I I , 4:44 . ,ps , '

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