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1 n r I RCHlfrttAuO T-rJ;r r«f: . " DF ANf I Arsno ,a. • r -- ic- -.,A - ■ - ' J V 5«. ' ■ tt m m ■»»»»■ • ■ ■ • mmmntlgXjS ' jf: i ■ ■ ■ fW« iii f li» rf B Swir •■■»»■■» ■ ■ V •Jk " » » • » " iJiiCi ' - ,■ • A " T.5 " VT " ' fr " ' I ' ,it«. Mii ' «iJud. ■ . l " ?. HE United States Ship Halsey has served proudly AND EOUGHT WITH FIERCE VENGEANCE THE PAST THIRTY YEARS OF HER LIFE. OnE LAST TIME SHE SAILS THE SEAS TO COUNTRIES BEYOND THE HORIZON, ThE FOLLOWING IS THE STORY OF HER FINAL JOURNEY. . . . ' 3Wmm ' 4% .%. ,i ri " WWW Bit HARi3ffc v5 FAs j % iT Often :i MM ' C-S ' -tf ■ M . j f " ' ■ , JL • . ' . ' »» riF ■.«awii h.i« iiii j ' T ' S- ' : ' ?« . . ' J " " . •- -; l: „ j||£ ' - BIC ' r2 ;. 7 .? " •■ y h . Image of aMero. -EMm. .V 1 -- ' iPiJhi _— ■■■JgSVoM- H iiii. — - - ' ' — ».i isis- . - ...„ ,:.,, ssss -j ' g s ' ' " ■ " jj .. ,j,T ■■H.« : ' if ' W.. . 4 FORMER COMMANDING OFICERS CAPT. H. H. ANDERSON CAPT G. W. RINGENBERG CAPT J. J. LEBOURGEOIS CAPT V. L. MURTHA CAPT W. E. HARPER, JR. CAPT J. D. NOLAN CAPT W. R MCCAULEY CAPT S. J. HOSTETTLER CAPT R. R. TARBUCK CAPT R. L. WYATT CAPT R D. MOSES CAPT D. R. CONLEY CAPT R. D. PACEK CAPT G.A. KLEIN, III JUL 1963 - OCT 1964 OCT 1964 - SEP 1965 SEP 1965 - JUL 1967 JUL 1967 - OCT 1968 OCT 1968 - DEC 1969 DEC 1972 - NOV 1974 NOV 1974 - MAR 1977 MAR 1977 - MAY 1979 MSY 1979 - MAY 1981 MAY 1981 - MAY 1983 MAY 1983 - AUG 1985 AUG 1985 - JAN 1988 JAN 1988 - SEP 1989 SEP 1989 - APR 1992 SHIP ' S STATISTICS Built by San Francisco Naval Shipyard Keel Laid 25 August 1960 Launched 15 January 1962 Commissioned 10 July 1963 Placed " Out of Commission, Special " 4 November 1971 Recommissioned 16 December 1972 Length Overall 533 Feet Beam 54 Feet 10 Inches Displacement 8,300 Fully Loaded Draft 24.5 Feet Speed In Excess of 30 Knots Propulsion Steam Turbined - 85,000 Shaft Horsepower Twin Propellers Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr. United Staes Navy 1882-1959 Fleet Admiral Halsey was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, October 30, 1882, the son of Captain William F. Halsey, USN, and Anne Brewster Halsey. He was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1900 and graduated in February 1904. After graduation. Admiral Halsey served in many capacities ranging from Naval Attache to ship commands. Much of his early career during and subsequent to World War I was devoted to commanding destroyers. In 1935, at the age of 52, he won his wings and designated a Naval Aviator. The succeeding years brought to the forefront of his time-tested command abilities and saw Admiral Halsey commanding first the USS SARATOGO and later the South Pacific area where he tioggedly set about and succeeded in routing enemy forces from Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands. In June 1944, Admiral Halsey assumed command of the Third Fleet and was designated commander of the Western Pacific Task Force. Beginning in August 1944, his forces left a trail of enemy ruin and destruction in Palaus, Philippine, Formosa (Taiwan), Okinawa and the South China Sea, and decisively defeated enemy sea and air force operations in the Western Carolines and the Philippine Islands. In the final phase of the war in the Pacific, Admiral Halsey ' s Third Fleet participated in the Okinawa Campaign, and later his first carrier task forces proceeded northward and struck at Tokyo in July 1945. In November 1945, Admiral Halsey relinquished command of Third Fleet which had exemplified his slogan: ' ' Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit Often " . Fleet Admiral Halsey retired from active duty in December 1946. Admiral Halsey died and was buried with full military honors on August 20, 1959 in Arlington National Cemetery. In 1959, tlie United States Congress authorized construction of DLG 23, a LEAPT! ' Class Destro er. Tliis ship, later named after illustrious and aggressi ' e Fleet Admiral William F. (BULL) FiALSE Y, would, through her successful ser dce to her countr , li ' e up to he legacy ' of the man for whom she was named. On the 25th of September 1959, San Francisco Na ' al Ship ' ard was awarded the contract to build DLG 23, wliich was to be named ill honor of Fleet Admiral FLA.LSEY who had died that ' ear Work steadily progressed and onjanuar) ' 15, 1962, DLG 23 was cliristened " HALSEY " , by two of FADM Halsey ' s granddaughters, Mrs. Spruance Denahm and Miss Jane Halsey, witli a tliird granddaugh- ter. Miss Ann Halsey, actiiig as Maid of Honor. On the third of Februar ' 1963, ILALSEY ' s prospecti ' e Com- mandiiig Officer, Captain Herbert, H. Ancierson, reported aboard for dut ' . Finalh ' , after three ' ears, coi " istruction was completed on July 8, 1963 aiid 1:L- LSE ' was commissioned onJiay2ai963. HALSEY departed San Francisco on November 25, 1963 for ASW tests and acoustical noise sur -eys. Completing these tests, she arrived in her new homeport of San Diego, December 11, 1963 aiid she was honored with a " Welcome Aboard " ceremony, hosted b ' USS Hammer (DD 718). HALSEY became Destro ' er Squadron Se ' en ' s newest member and was placed in DESDR ' 71, with the Hamner, Buck and Powell. Shortly after joirdng the Fleet, HALSEY had occasion to pro e her .-Vnti-Air Warfare prowess when she acted as screen commai der in a special Sea Power demonstration for tlie Secretary " of the Na ' } ' . HALSEY participated in her first large scale Fleet exercise. Union Scjuare, o ' er a 10 day period, from September 28, to October 6, 1964. The ver ' next day, HALSEY saw her first Change of Command as Captain George W. Ritigenberg took command. Three months after assimung command, Captairi Ringenberg took HALSEY and her crew and departed home and famil - for her first major Western Pacific Deploxment (WTST-PAC). In addifion, to duties as rescue destro ' er and Anti-Submarine Warfare assignnients, she employed her ad ' anced Combat Information Center (CIC) and endurance on station, to conduct AAW operations. For her ser ice, FIALSEYeanted the Armed Forces Expeditionar - Medal. She returned home to San LHego in August of 1965. After refiimirig fiom West-Pac, Captain J.J. LeBourgeois became FIALSEY ' s tliird commanding officer on September 10, 1965. HALSEY departed on Juh ' 2, 1966 for what was to be a er - exentftil and noteworthy second deplo Tiient. Arri ing on station in the Gulf of Tonkin, FIALSEY was assigned to the Southern Search and Rescue (S AR) station, oft " the coast of North ' ieti " iam. Tlie first of HALSEY ' s rescues came on the 18tii of August when LCDR Demitrio erich had to parachute ftom his damaged F-8C Cmsader, oft ' the Nortli letiiam shore. Witiiin tl-iree minutes, HALSEY ' s helo proceeded to the scene and despite being taken under fire from shore, she successfully hoisted tlie pilot and returned un-scathed to the ship. During her five arid a half month stay in the hostile waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, HALSEY had many successful rescue operations of downed pilots aiid damaged helicopters. For her actions, HALSEY was awarded both the Battle " E " ai id tlie Navy Unit Comniendation. Shortly there-after Captain Vincent L. Murtha took commaiid of DLG 23. Tlie beginning of 1968 began with HALSEY making her third West-Pac in the company of USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) and USS TRUXTON (DLGN 35). Duriiig the deployment, HALSEY ' s actions on the Search and Rescue (SAR) stations resulted iii the rescue of seven downed pilots. During her second tour in the Vietnam Conflict, HALSEY earned the Meritoriou s Unit Commendation. Once again HALSEY went tl-irough a Change-of-Comniand with Captain Wyatt E. Harper, Jr. Just over a year later her was relieved by Captain J.A. Hooper. Late December 1970 brought USS HALSEY into her tliird Western Pacific deployment, this time with USS HANCOCK (C VA 19). WMe visiting Subic Bay, PWlippines, during that same cmise, HALSEY proudly painted on her second Battle " E " . Shortly there after she retunied to San Diego to prepare for her Anti-Air Warfare modenuzation that was to take place m Bath, Maine. On September 7, 1971, HALSEY departed San Diego for a 14,500 mile trek across the East aiid West Coast of South America, as well as port visits along the Eastern United States. After much work and many changes at Bath Iron Works hi Maine, HALSEY received a new Commanding Officer, Captain Joseph D. Nolan, and departed for her departed for her homeport of San Diego, Ca. After returning to San Diego, HALSEY did not go immediately to active duty, but instead she remained busy by conducting many extensive test of her weapons systems, and engineering plant. During the period, HALSEYbecame the first U.S.N, ship to use the new Combat Systems organizational concept, which divides the ship ii-ito five departments, Operations, Engineering, Supply, Navigation, and Combat Systems. In 1974, LL LSE Ybegan her fourth West-Pac witli carriers USS ORISKANY (C VA 34), USS KITTY HAWK (CVA 63), USS RANGER (CVA 61) and USS CONSTELLATION (CVA 64). After rettiming from her seven month deployment, HALSEY pre- pared for her new Commanding Of- ficer, Captain WilUam F. McCauley July 1, 1975 marked HALSEY ' s new designation as a Cruiser, Guided Mis- sile (CG). During the rest of 1975 HALSEY spent operatin.g in the West- em Pacific, with USS ORISKANY (C V 34), and USS HANCOCK (CV 19). Throughl976HALSEYvvasable to succeed an inspection b ' Com- maiider Cruiser Destro} ' er Group Three (CCDG 3), RADM Brigg ' s, and earn her third Battle " E " . HALSEY than began her fourth de- plo TTient, providing intercept con- trol of all inconung So ' iet aircraft, for her carrier task force. Thiscniise also marked HALSEY ' s second con- secuti ' e Battle " E " , and her 9th Commanding Officer, Captain Stephen J. Hostettler In Late Augvist, 1977, H. LSEY entered Long Beach Na -al Ship- yard for a 13-month regular o er- haul. During this overhaul, HALSEY traded her tliree incl fift) AA guns for the Harpoon Missile S stem, vhicl-i greatly increasedher surface warfare capabilities. During the o ' erhai.il, HALSE ■ also recei ' ed her lOtli Command- iiig Officer vitl Captairi Ricliard R. Tarbuck. Captain Tarbuck was qmcklx ' tasked witli leadmg R ' LSE ' on her eightli major deplo -ment. RALSEY assumed duties as FORCE AKTI-. IR CONDv L XDER during the Iranian Contii genc - Operations. Late in Marcli of 1980, HALSEY returned to San Diego after spendii g the holidaxs awa - from family and friends. Marking the beginning of her nintli West-Pac, H. LSEY ' s command was haiuied o -er to Cap tarn Ricl ard L. Wyatt. Shorth ' tliere after R- LSE ' rescued 24 ietnamese refvigees who had been at sea for ten days seeking freedom. Earh- 1982 led ILALSEY back to Long Beach Xaxal SMp ard for a baseline o -erhaul. Dviring her year in the ship ' ard, HALSEY received updates to her Terrier Missile System, the Phalanx Close-In- Weapon-System (CIWS), ' Super Rocket Blowi Chaff Laimchers and man - electronic xsarfare equipment and a new sonar upgrades. The shipyard period also allowed for Captaii Paul D. Moses to assume command. With one more West-Pac under her belt, HALSEY received Captain Dennis R. Coi e - as her new Comn anding Officer D iring his tinie aboard. Captain Conle ' was able to lead LLALSEY on a world cruise with USS KLTIY ' HAWTC ai d ten odier ships that made up Battle Group Bravo. Dtiring her first world cniise, HALSEY earned the Meritorious Unit Commendation for her outstanding performance. Eight days into 1988, Captain D. Pacekbecame HALSEY ' s 14th Commanding Officer Just scarcely enough time to recover from her world cruise, HALSEY was called to dutv- once again for her 12th major deplovmient, this time to the Arabian Gulf . HALSEY spent 1990 receiving Combat Systems New Tlireat Upgrade (NTU) at Continental Maritune Shipyard n San Diego. The NTU improvements are composed of improved detection subsvstem (centered around the new SPS48E 3-D air-searcli radar), upgrade engagement subsvstem, aiui a vastlv " improved computer hardware software package integrated in tlie Combat Direction System. 8 — £-. Tlie ship was awarded the Com- mander Naval Surface Force Pacific Efficiency award for the cycle end- ing Jime 30, 1989 and proudly dis- plays the followiiig awards: Missile Gold " E " -ninth consecutive award; CIC Gold " E " -seventh consecu- ti ' e; Electronic Warfare " E " -fovirth consecutive; Damage Control " DC " - fourth consecutive; and two con- sccutixe communications green " C " awards. Qi November 8, 1991 HALSEY left for yet another West-Pac. Their mission was to patrol the Persian Gulf, this time they were cautious since the area was still considered a war zone from the Gulf War. HALSEY left less tlian a year later for one more West-Pac around Ta- hiti, back to the Arabian Gulf and homeward bound stoppirig at the usual stops and visiting Bali, Indo- nesia. Though she remained a si- lent figure duriiig the missile strike agaiiist Baghdad, she was quite involved and held her own out there with just a few other Navy xessels duriiig the aircraft carrier tumo ' er. But even the best has an ending, on Sept 23, 1993 the Captaiii aruiouiiced that she would be decommissioned iri the next few months. Ariother proud Na tradition would end. She served her country well; built for the Vieti " iam War, modified for the Cold War and repaired to do battle in the Arabian Gulf. After such a tiring tour of duty, she became out dated, old, incapable, rusty, and slow. But to the sailors tliat harbored witliin her hull, she was their only fortress, their home, in a strange Icind fighting for the freedom of others. With tliis kiiow ledge, she held firm even as death knocked on her hatch nimierous times. She will not be around much longer to serve in the world ' s finest Navy, but her memory wiU forever live on ill the minds of the sailors that once served onboard. The Crusades started back during the reign of England may centuries ago. The Gulf War was the Eleventh. To the HALSEY, this is her LAST CRUSADE . . . ' TTTV ' r± : ' ■; J ■■« . »f »¥ W- - ' . c ils ' ' ' - ■ ' v t -i. ' m S ' i - " ♦ i !-JB. ' " i mmm " f.M i " v3 ' (V- p ip. X, r » f % ' ■m ' . » A ■. ' 4 . : ' f ;■ ' ' • M. d!??- C- ' ■n : ;j Captain Amborn Commanding Officer USS HALSEY Captain Amborn was born September 7 , 1942 in Woodland, Ca. He spent his youth in the Northern California farmiiig community of Willows. He was commissioned an Ensign in August 1965 upon gradua- tion from the University of California at Berkley where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (International Business). Captain Amborn is a designated Surface Warfare Officer, a proven specialist in Politico Military Affairs and a Joint Specialist. Early sea assignments include duty as Combat Infor- mation Center Officer in USS MORTON (DD948) and USS JOHN S. MCCAIN (DDG 36), Weapons Officer in USS WADDELL (DDG 24) and Executive Officer in USS RATHBURNE (FF 1057). Assignments ashore have included duty as a Logistics Officer with the combined staff of Commander, Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe, Naples, Italy following graduation from the Armed Forces Staff College, he has also served with Tactical Training Group, Pacific. From September 1983 until January 1986, Captain Amborn serv ed as Commanding Officer, USS FIFE (DD 991); operations included two deployments to the Indian Ocean and North Arabian Sea with Carrier Battle Groups. After this sea command, Captain Amborn was transferred to the Office of Chief of Naval Operations with assignment as Head, Middle East, Africa amd South Asia Plans and Policy Branch from February 1986 until August 1988. As such, he formulated Navy Policy positions on politico-military issues relevant to his geographic region in support of the Chief of Naval Operations both as a Service Chief and as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. From August 1988 until May 1989, Captain Amborn was ordered to duty as the Senior Navy Representative on the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee. During this joint assignment, he served as the Director of Military Assistance and Protocol for the 1989 Inaugural of the President of the United States. From June 1989 until December 1991 Captain Amborn served as Commanding Officer of Fleet Combat Training Center, Pacific, a major shore command. Awards include the Legion of Merit. Captain Amborn is married to the former Pamela F. H. Smith of London, England. They have two children, son Geoff, daughter Piper. The family resides in Alpine, Ca. a rural community within San Diego County. 12 CO, XO and Department Heads North Arabian Sea, May 1993. Admiral ' s visit gj H . » " In memory of RM2 Rutledge. in hope of a smooth recovery " 13 LCDR William R. Ignaczak ExECUTiovE Officer USS HALSEY 4 CMC Jacklin Command Master Chief USS HALSEY 15 God Squad Command Religious Program m )i (Top) Chaplain Kevin J. Bedford, LT, USN; (Left) RP3 Theron D. Ledford (Terry) We don ' t always appear as we seem 16 VENGEANCE IS MINE, SAITH THE EORD " - ROMANS 12:19 «- J MORE THAN CONQUERORS ... And we know that in all things God works for the good who love him, who, have been called according to his purpose. ' for those god foreknew he also predestined to be CONFORMED TO THE LIKENESS OF HIS SON, THAT HE MIGHT BE THE FIRSTBORN AMONG many brothers. ' mivd those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified. WhAT, then, shall we say in RESPONSE TO THIS? If GoD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? He WHO DID NOT SPARE HIS OWN SON, BUT GAVE HIM UP FOR US ALL-HOW WILL HE NOT ALSO, ALONG WITH HIM, GRACIOUSLY GIVE US ALL THINGS? WhO WILL BRING ANY CHARGE AGAINST THOSE WHOM GoD HAS CHOSEN? It IS GOD WHO JUSTIFIES. ' ' WhO IS HE THAT CONDEMNS? Christ Jesus, who died-more than that, who was raised to life-is at the RIGHT HAND OF GOD AND IS ALSO INTERCEDING FOR US. WhO SHALL SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? ' ' as it is written: " For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. " ' no, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. f or i am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers. neither height nor depth, nor any- thing else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of god that is in Christ ]esus our Lord. - Romans 8:25-39 17 Specialist Chiefs " Son of STO " ; ETCM Tavlor Master-At-Arms MAC Lerma " You ' re right, we Have to salute officers. Weapons CSM Division ft • 9 ||f. -.J . ••. Back: GMM3 Beiswanger, GMl Bock, GMM3 Cunningham, GMM3 Wilcox, GMM3 Dove, GMM2 Moore Middle: GMG3 Wolf, GMM2 R -an, GMM2 Knoll, GMM2 Downey, GMM3 Mirenna, GMM2 Petes Front: GMM3 Marrero, GMC Gibson, Lt Kujawa, GMC Shunk, GMM3 Wetzel, GMSN Ree es CcoTlT y 20 (Above) Should we shoot that ship marked " Pilot " , it ' s getting a little close. " (Right) " Smile, make my day! " My W (Above) Repairing launchers. 21 22 Police Force Master- At-Arms 24 % « j fcf s fl HbaL Mifl CMAA ACMAA ACMAA DMAA MAC(SW) Lerma STGl Murray FCl Morris BM2 Cedillo 1 X " nn- « f • ! . v ' DMAA IC2 Gorman DMAA OS2 Hooton DMAA PC2 Kohler DMAA FC2 Strode " IF you do it, don ' t get caught, AND I WILL catch you! " — MAC (SW) LERMA DMAA Legal Yeoman FC2 Reckl-iouse YN3 Walker 25 Combat Systems Fox Division LCPO CPO LPO FCCS(SW) FCC(SW) FCl(SW) Wes West Joe Hayes Morris Roebeck 26 AN SPS-48E AN SPG-55B Harpoon FCl(SW) McKinnon FCl Morris FCl(SW) Hudson Weapons System After AN SPG-55B Forward AN SPG-55B Testing Petty Battery Supervisor and Harpoon Officer Battery Supervisor FCl(SW) Trias AN SPS-48E Super dsor FCl Evans CIWS Battery Supervisor CIWS 27 FC3 Peters Close-in Weapons System FC2(SW) Strode CIWS Work Center Supervisor Close-in-Weapons System Crew FC3 Fennel Harpoon Work Center Supervisor p 1 FC3 Grzejka Damage Control Maintenance man FC3 Daigle FC2 Robert Law Leading 48E Technician Work Center Supervisor AN SPS-48E 3-D Search Radar Crew FC3 Wade Barber AN SP 48E Just a little bit more . . May be a little too much Fire! Fire! FCl(SW) McKirmon Weapons Testing Petty Officer Weapons Direction System Crew FC3 Dodds WDS Work Center Supenisor 29 FC3 Daigle Forward Missile Plot Work Center Super dsor Forward Missile Plot Crew FC3 Jones 30 FC2 Wilder Forward Radar Work Center Super ' isor FC3 McGuire MK152 After Missile Plot Work Center Supervisor FC3 Brooks FC2(SW) Reckhouse After Radar Work Center Supervisor FC2 Wagermann After AN SP 55B Radar Crew •v FC3 Green FC3 Mazey FC3 Reuter 31 Combat Systems Electronics Division Electronics Technicians Data Systems Technicians Interior Communications S I ' %- ? . . f I ? ' Q : _♦ If-. f 4 7 Back: Lt Horton, ETCM(SW) Taylor, DSl(SW) Desrosiers, IC2 Russell, DSl Chandler, ET2 Johnson, DS2 Flynn, ETl(SW) Alder, ETl(SW) Walsh, ICCC(SW) Starr, DSC(SW) Lizama. Middle: ET3 Arrington. IC2 Riggan, ET3 Taylor, ET3 Mendenhall, IC2 Gorman, DSl Johnson, ET2 Heath, DS2 Larson. Bottom: ET3 Benson, ET3Mohlis, DS2 Ciannella, DS3 Cruz, IC3 Curiale, ET2 Pvper, IC3 McGlory. 32 DS3 Cruz hard at work Curiale finally finds someone who likes him. 33 (Clockwise from Top Right): Randy and Dane preparing to go aloft. ET3 Arrington opened his mouth one too many times. Chris Benson in Balirain; I ' d cruise 12,000 for a camel. Hey Mike, what do I do with this thing? Take us to your leader! Talk about Coyote ugly! Anthony strikes a pose. Chris, Dave and Jack display local works of art in Singapore. Randy and Dave ' s bogus Bahrain adventure. 35 36 ■Clockwise from Right top): IC2 Riggan . . working? Fm not going back to the ship! You can ' t make me. You can ' t make me! Who talked me into this? Deep thoughts . . . It ' s a long way from home! Bungie jumping anyone? Halsey ' s one ugly look- ing bunch. 37 Sonar Technicians and torpedoman Back: STGSN Dolby, STG3 Kincaid, Lt Yeater, STG3 Kelnhoffer, STGC Daly. Bottom: STGSN Williams, STG2 Brannon, STGl Murray, STGl Messino. We ' re working on it! Bottoms Up! 38 Hall of Snipes From the Engineering Files 39 Officers Back: ENS Rodriguez, LCDR Crawford, CW02 Blejski, LTJG Cobb. Bot- tom: LTJG Gopffarth, ENS Tierney, LT Villanueva, LTJG Glo ' er. 40 Heat Stress Monster ' The Snipes Lament Now each of us from time to time, has ga cd upon the sea Aiid watched the ivarships pulling out, to keep this counin- free .Ajid most of us have read a book, or heard a lust ' tale Alxjul the men who sail these ships, through light ' ning, wind and hail But there ' s a place within each ship, that legend fails to teach It ' s down below the waterline. it takes a living toll A hot metal living hell, that sailors call the hole It houses engines run by steam, that make the shafts go round A place of fire and noise and heat, that heats voiu " spirits down Where boilers like hellish heart, with blixid of angr steam Are moulded C ' lOds without remorse, are nightmares in a dream V ' ou have no time for man or God, no tolerance or feai " Your aspects pay no lix-ing thing, the tribute of a tear For there ' s not much that man can do, that these men haven ' t done Beneath the deck deep in the hole, to make the engines run . nd even- hour of everv day, they keep the watch in hell For if the fires ever fail, their ship ' s a useless shell When ships converge to have a war, upon the angn ' sea The men belowjust griinly smile, at what their fate might be They ' re locked in below like men foredoomed, who hear no battle cry- It ' s well assumed that if they ' re hit. the men fnlow will die F(jr eveiT da ' s a war down there when the gauges all read red Twelve hundred pounds of heated steam, can kill vou i-nightv dead I ' ve seen these sweat soaked heros, fight in supei heated air To keep their ship alive and right, though no one knows they ' re there And thus they ' ll fight for ages on. til warships sail no more .Amid the boilers mighty heat, and the turbines hellish roar So when vou see a ship pull out, to meet a warlike foe Rementber faintly if you can, the men who sail below (Author Unknown) Back: BTC George, MMC Gerbery, EMC Spencer. Bottom: MMC Mclntyre, BTC Levya, BTC Bock MMl Minner, MMFN Wilson, MMFN Wymore, MM2 Manches- ter, MMFN Saunders, MMFN Long, FN Smith. MMFN Scott, MM3 Salazar, MMFN Bretz, MM3 Fleem, MMFN Rowley MMFN Bragalone, MMFN Taylor, FA Simkiss, MM3 McCann, MM3 Fogerty, MMFN Miispaugh, MM2 Alford, MMFN Gomez. Boiler Division Back: BTFA Moya, BT3 Anderson, BT3 BOWEN, BT3 PruMie, BT3 Willis, BTFN Taylor, BT 2 Hatten, BT3 Coleman, BT2 Parker, BTFN Balkema, BTl Baker, Bf2 Marnich Middle: BT3 Huston, BT2 Ferrell, FA Chanberllan, FN Lott, BT3 Dillman, BT3 Caladead, FN Basnight, FN Costa. Bottom: BT2 Yates, FN Hammond, FN Vega, FN Kezzy, BT3 Huang, FN Acosta, BT3 Leonard, BTl Davis. 42 (Clockwise from top right): " Is it me!; Bedtime for Bonzo; A toast to the Halsey; Coming at you Uve from the hole; Waiina Party?; Don ' t ask; Grizzly Adams look alike. 44 45 Repair Divsion Back: MMl Jones, MRl Shannon, DCl Hill, HTl Ellenberger, DC3 Cain. Middle: DCFN Fuchs, HTFN Conner, HT2 May, HT2 Snortland, HT2 Kellogg, DC3 Cortez, DC2 Brocks. Front: HT2 Contreras, HTFN Hoffmann, HT3 Finnimore, HT3 Gall, HT3 Lieske, FN Lanford, DCFN McRee 46 (Below) Wliatcha want some? 47 A-DivisiON Back: MM3 Thrasher, MMFA Vonnomhe, MMFA Smith, MMFN Hershey, MM3 Poe. Middle: MMFA Chavez, MM3 Hoefeld, MMFA Cnielo, MM2 Sarroca, MMFA Park, MM2 Acosta. Front: MMl Klein, LTJG Goptfarth, ENl Allen, MMl Tilton. 48 Sometimes all I need in the morning is an uzi ' — MMl Klein N ,- 3) i -■ «•■ 2, ' ' ' " ' y ■] w B 49 Electricians 50 Top: LTjG Cobb, Division Officer. Back: EM3 Praclo, EMI VVinningham, FN Nicholls, EMFN Lathim, EMFA Hoben, EM2 Cabigas. Front: EMI Arriola, EM2 Salido, EMFA Perez, EMFA Read, EM2 Olson. Not Shown: EMFN Sande, FA Lee, FA Dominguez, EMFA Urban. A:. Aviation 51 ENS Tierney Mr. " T " DCA " Peace through superior water pressure » DCC Patton Fire Marshall Top: DC3 Cortez, DC3 Cain, HT2 Snortlanci, EM2 Olson, DCC(SW) Patton, HT2 May, DCl(SW) Hill, HTFN Conner, HTl(SW) EUenberger, IC2 Riggin, DC2 Brooks, HT3 Gall, HT2 Kellogg. Bottom: HT3 Finnimore, HT3 Lieske, DCFN Fuchs, DCFN McRee, FN Lanford, HTFN Hoffman, HT2 Contreras. 52 Administration Administration Back: HMC(AC) Grossman, YN3 Brownie. Middle: PNC(SW) Kolen, NCI Mueller, YN2 Mondragon, YN3 Walker, HMSN Watson, LT Pilant. Front: PN2 lohnson, HM3 Lopez, PNSN Estrada, EMCM Clark. Not shown: PNSN Evans. 54 (Left): Granny departs to a better way of life. (Above): Awards time. ■ » ' i ■ m j mm -■ « . p .. ff r p . : i- - L S H V itok T BB 1 Irak. .ii H VH Ol Jm . rv ' l!!l. r V ■r ' - Clockwise from top: I gotta clean the head again?!!! They who work together, play together. Work, work, work! Here you can have the worm. (Right): Could you repeat that a little bit slower and in English this time?! 55 Navigation Left to Right: ENS Nadalini, QM3 Da ddson, QM3 Sillery, QMSN Jolinson, QMC Connell, LT Pilant. 56 (Above): biilery! You plotted us towards Rus- sia, and not toward the Gulf! (Left): QMC Connell at his finest. " When your at your best, I ' m Better... " QMS Sillery 57 Medical Personnel Doc going off the DEEP END. HMC(AC) Grossman (Left) 58 Operations 59 First Division Back: BM2 Knutson, BM2 Nobles, BM2(SW) Cedillo - LPO. Front: BM3 Roberts, BM3 McDonald, BM3 Cooper. Not shown BM2 Long. 60 Back: SR Mora, SA Jones. Middle: SA Senner, SR Biondi, SR Lucario, SR Delacruz, SA Williams, SN Ruiz, SN Crawford, SN Palladino, SN Kearney. Front: SR Haddan, SA Nicewonger, SA Boser, SA Gutierrez, SA Otto, SR Self, SA Wojciehowski, SR Norris, SA McKnight. You Gotta Love it! Lt Hanson BMC (SW) Smith Lt Hollister 61 " ... We worked all Day out it the sun, We painted the side of the ship, now we ' re 1 ... " -From SN Jones " Rap " During STARSEARCH 23 62 Clockwise from top left: Rescue swim- mers at their best. " Are we there yet? " " Summer whites and grease! Who ' s idea was this anyway? " " Wrap this line this way and that one that way, I think! " " Messdeck blues. " 63 Signalmen o c Top: SM2 Manley, SMI Burks, SMSA Watters. Bottom: SMSR Prest on, SMSN Stevenson, SMSR Bohanan. Right: I got two new volunteers Right: Nicewonger and Micky mouse Another diet coke commercial If there were more American ' s Hke us Radiomen o c Top: RMSN Birdsong, RMSN Staples, RMl Feuller. Bottom: RM2 Downe, RMSN May, RMSA Razza, RM3 Buell. Right: RMCM Davis, OC Divisional MCPO. Left: LT Prosser, OC Division Officer 3 1 M !-«w4|J ,-— » !l . f : .i Left: You need us to do what. Top: RMS Simmons, RMl DiPalemio, RMSN King. Bottom: RMSA Cone, RMSN McKinnon, RMSN Montgomery. 41 1 l pps P l w ■ K ! J K , i mL ,. l Kk . J[ In 1 . ■Lr . I . . H ■JI iS5? 4s :« How do we tell Master Chief the antenna fell j e radio beast in the water. Dragon boy. RM2 Rutledge, good times from the past. OI Division Operations specialists gather information from various sources (radars, sonar, radio telephones, jets, etc. . . ) and disseminate it through out the ship to those who need the in- formation. They keep the sur- face and air picture clean of all potential threats. Top: OSl Widener, OSl Hotalen, OSl(SW) Birmingham, OSl(SW) Dewitt. Bottom: LT Hanson, OSC(SW) Gorman, ENS Hollister. 68 Top: OS2 Gniady, OS3 David, OS2 Thies, OSSN Elgin, OSSN Heflin, OSS Dixen, OS2 Schmitz, OS2 Geats, OSl Dewitt. Bot- tom: DSSN Rico, OSSN Cole, OSSN Dickinsen, OSSN Perez, OS3 Thurlou, OS2 Burgess, OS3 Mcintosh, OS3 Campes. f Top: OS2 Boland, OS2 Thomas, OS2 Hayes, OSS Gudim, OS2 Hamilton, OSl Widener, OSl Hotalen. Bottom: OSSN Edwards, OSSN Davis, OSS Cruz, OSSN Irizzary, OSSN Rakestraw, OSS Gilreath, OSSN Loppicolo. ' Now this is a Cruise! ' 69 OE Division EW ' S AT THEIR BEST EWSN Worthington 70 EW3 Brasser Remembering the good times 71 Pztsy- McCoy, an American Boy, Left his home in the old Empire State. He set out to " sea in a shiny DD, And wound up " in Task Force 38. He cruised for awhile With a satisfied smile, Then he took his pencil in hand. And here ' s what he wrote In a well censored note To the folks back in home-state land: " Me and Halsey and Nimitz Have -sure got the Japs on the run. We " re driving them wacky In old Nagasaki; We ' re setting the damned rising sun. ' :f ' Kyushu, Kobe and Kure Arc wonderful ruins to see. We ' ve got them like gophers a-seekin ' a hole. The way they burrow is good for the soul. And cventhinc out here is under control BY NIAUTZ AND HALSEY AND ME. " Me and Halsey and Nimitz Are havin ' a wonderful time. What we ain ' t uprootin ' By bombin ' and shootin ' Would fit on the face of a dime. Thev say they ' re a face-savin ' nation; That may be true as can be. They ' re takin ' a pushin ' all over the place; We ' re givin ' them arsenic-minus old lace. They ' re gettin ' a kickin ' , But not in the face, FROM NIMITZ AND HALSEY AND ME. " Me and Halsey and Nimitz Are anchored in Tokyo Bay. The place is just drippin ' With American shippin ' , They stretch for a hell of a way. Wc hear the f ightin ' is finished, And diat ' s the way it should be. Remember Pearl Harbor? Tbcy started it then- We ' re wamin ' them never To scan it again. for ' wr ' ve got a country iHihnuliJOQSof men, LIKE . . . 72 NIMITZ AND . . HALSEY AND.. ME •Written Bj Capt. William Gordon B€€ck»r. Jr., VSJ Used by permiMsioM cf copyriffft owner, ft e b h i n M Music Corp. Supply 73 S-1 Division Supply Support (Right) SKCS (SW) Flores From left: SK2 Nograles, SKI McDaniel. SKSN Mohair, SKI Gribben. 74 SK3 Martinez SK2 Nograles I can ' t ORDER that for you! 75 S-2 Division The chef ' s of Halsey £ MSI McCormick (Far Right) - LPO MSI ABNER (Far Left) (Top Row) Mess Cranks (Bottom Row) Halsey Cooks 76 (Left) MS3 Leggeff First Class Mess Captain ' s Pantry ' ' Rain, sleet, snow, nor ice will stop the kitchen cooks from working. They work around the clock to bring us meals ' 77 S-3 Division Storekeepers SH3 Derr SHC Ederon, LCPO; SHI Buckelew, LPO; SH2 Hood; SH3 Merriweather; SH3 Smith; SH3 Derr; SH3 Vargas SHI Buckelew S-4 Division Disbursing Postmasters 1 1 1 (Top to Bottom, Left to Right) PC2 Kohler, DK2 Dwyer, DKl Guerrero, SN Price, DKSW McFarlane 79 Loving a sailor is not always gai and loving him is a high price to pay, it ' s mostly with nothing to hold it ' s being young, yet feeling old. It ' s having him whispering his love to you, it ' s whispering back that you love him too. Then comes a kiss, a promise to love, knowing you ' re -watched, approved from above. Reluctantly, pminfully, letting him go while you ' re dying inside from wanting him so. Watching him leave, with eyes full of tears, staying alone with hopes, dreams and fears. It ' s sending a letter with the stamp upside down, to far away love in afar away town. It ' s going to church to kneel and pray, and really meaning the things you say. And though you know he ' s far away, you just keep on loving him more each day. Being in love will merit your dreams, with thoughts of heaven where love ' s light gleams. Days go by and no mail for a spell, you wait for more work to hear that he ' s well. The letter arrives ami you ' ve given a joy, you ' re like a small child with a shiny new toy. With trembling fingers and heart beating fast, you tear open his letter and read it at last. Yes, he is well, and he misses you so, and it ' s filled with the love you wanted to know. Weeks are months and months are years, you ' re waiting the day you ' ll have no fears. Time passes slow, yet it ' s gone very fast. Yes, loving a sailor brings bitterness and tears, loneliness, sadness, and despondent years. Loving a sailor really isn ' t much fun, but it ' s well worth the price ivlien his time is done Remember he ' s thinking of you every day. He ' s sad and he ' s lone ly for being away. So love him, miss him, and try to be braver, and always be proud of LOVING A SAILOR. . . 80 81 Wr Jf i 15 April 21 April 23-28 April 4 May 7 May 10 May 17-21 May 22-26 Mav 27 May 31 May 1-2 Jun 2-b lun 7-9 Jun 10-23 Jun 24-28 29-31 Jul 1-9 Aug 10-17 Aug 18-24 Aug 25-30 Aug 7-10 Sep 11-17 Sep 18 Sep 19-26 Sep 27-30 Sep 1-6 Oct 7 Oct Departed San Diego Crossed equator WOG Day Tahiti BSF Fiji WWII Ceremon ' Iron Bottom Sound — Solomon Islands Recei ed Mail Buoy South Pacific Visit Singapore Transit Strait of Malacca Indian Ocean enroute Colombo BSF Colombo, Sri Lanka Transit Indian Ocean North Arabian Sea Transit Strait of Hormuz Enter Arabian Gulf Visit Manama, Bahrain Arabian Gulf, Tri-Lateral exercise with Bahraini and British Navies Visit Manama, Bahrain 26 Jun-2 Jul North Arabian Gulf Patrol 20-23 Jul Visit Abu Dhabi, UAE North Arabian Gulf Patrol Arabian Gulf. Tri-lateral exercise with French and British Navies North Arabian Gulf Patrol Visit Manama, Bahrain Transit Arabian Gulf Strait of Hormuz North Arabian Sea Indian Ocean enroute Colombo Transit IndianOcean Strait of Malacca enroute Singapore 31 Aug-4 Sep Visit Singapcire 5 -6 Sep Transit South China Sea Java Sea Lombok Strait enroute Bali, Indonesia Visit Bali, Indonesia Transit Indonesian Archipelago Philippine Sea enroute Guam Refuel Guam Transit Pacific Ocean enroute Pearl Harbor Hawaii Visit Hawaii, embark Tigers Transit Pacific Ocean enroute San Diego Arrive San Diego and HOME! Slfc i2 Departure April 15, 1993 4 15 93 . . .we left this morning to set sail across the open Pacific Sea in search of fame and fortune. We embraced loved ones one last time with eyes full of tears, making promises to return some- day, soon. . . . - Ic ■ m ilh 1 1 , __ , _ IT 1 B Af i »: ■i M WL :- -: .aJ xw w m 1 ■ ...A . . . War alone keys up all human energies to their maximum tension and sets the seal of nobility on those people who have the courage to face it. — Benito Mussolini World War II Ceremony I r o N 87 . . . ThelMC that nfternoon announced Mail was coming! In the middle of the Pacific! Even one ran to thefantail to watch this modern feat of our time. It brought everyone to good spirits. B U o Y W A T C H Hoax Revealed - Note said " NOT " i 88 X The Excitement to Get Mail 89 .SJPf% Tropical Paradise 92 Paradise Island j " 4 ' " Xi ' - r m i Crossing The Equator (Right) Rebellious Wogs 96 In Search Of A Virgin Wog Queen i J 1 ' tE ' ' 1 ■■ 97 Crossing The S HELL Cere April 21, Equator BACK mony 1993 . t • ' J . . . w 1 ir ' ilf- . ) " ■jMll ' ' ■ ' V T jiS! ' , ' " .J mHi l K KBB F I H . . . The long days out at sea went well rewarded as we sailed into tlic port of Singapore. The sailors acted as sailors, and we all had fun! I know we will return again soon. . . . 100 SINGAPORE jf W loKmBSKi M 101 102 Singapore Wildlife 104 -II 6 2 93 . . . TJie wcatlier wat we headed west, to- ultimate goal, The Gulf. Days of long Jllledounniuds. To- entered the straits oj known as SILK ALLEY . . . K . Fast Times In The Persian Gulf BAH ' J .4«- Night of the country dance LESSONS . . . iN " Our Training Pays Off! Ahlan Wa Sahlan TO Dubai! 113 Desert An Adventure oi %i Safari A Lifetime Tour 115 30th Anniversary Party - July 20, 1993 Abu Dhabi Thirty years ago today, the Halsey was conimissioned into the United States Navy bringing with her the pride of the Seventh Fleet and the spirit of the Nation she was sworn to protect 116 117 An All- American Water Fight; old fashion, down and DIRTY. (We won, of course!) 118 The British Are Coming ... Don ' t fire until you see the whites of their eyes! Vertical Replenishment At Sea Detail Manama, Bahrain 121 Passing The Days Beard Growing Contest Working Party DC Olympics -Fun In The Sun 124 Ouch, I think I hurt something 125 8 19 93 . . . We left the gulf toda ' ! Some of us were glad to go, while others hearts longed to stay just one more day in I the sand. How can we e -er forget Ithose endless Arabian Nights? Sine, it attain ... S veethearts 126 Departure Day 127 One Last Glimpse ... Bali, Indonesia 129 130 What happened to his surfboard? ■■ ' ' " " 3fct IR i - ' l ni R ' JJ j«kPBu . E- ' . ' ? !- » r ' l ..» ' i ' - -V f (Right) Farewell Salute Hawaii -- The last port visit a r A R I Z O N A M E M O R I A L 133 Tiger Cruise 1993 I ' LL GET ' EM SON 135 October 7, 1993 -- Homecoming 136 Patiently waiting to arri ' e home : NO BULL AL5EY Wf :S5ED YOU Reflections The day . the day, t he day has arrived, hurtling on the scene after dragging co Id-rool asses -si ow . snail ' s pace ' Terror st r Jcken with the reality of his coning.... not ready . too al 1 -of -a -sudden soon . I ' ve been counting the months -- days -- hours -- toinutes and thinking I was fully ready... an not ' Please , dear Cod , could you oake time stand still. freeze the scene for just a while longer, til I feel prepared? No, please don ' t do that ! I long to see tny beloved ...to feel his arms . . , and feel secure In his embrace once again. . .Oh hurry ! hurry ! The thrill that surges within is indescribable. . . almost like our wedding day as I began my long walk down the aisle. The ship , so far away . so agonizingly slow , being bantered around by busy tugs, engulfed In their answering whistles... now forward, now back. . .engage. ,. lie to... Hud-coffee color water churning on each signaled response. Band playing songs of welcome home... squeals of delight from fatherless children about to have fathers once again . Banners waving vlth words of welcome. . .homemade. . .store bought .. .every descript , Balloons. . .camera. . .confetti. . . Hearts beating f aster .. .eyes straining to catch a first glimpse of that once familiar form. . , will I recognize him? will he still love me? will he accept me as I am?.,. my changes? will he know I need him still? .. .even though I coped (sometimes barely so), (merely having done o doesn ' t mean I want to) Why is this morment dragging so? A -,T , ■ ' r l " ! ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ' " »°l»ated suspension? Amidst all this din and confusion and tecalng bodies eagerly pushing. Inpatient with this endless process of time.. I await that special moment when all my pain and loneliness shall be forgotten caught up in the knowing that he Is here again and we are one... and nothing else matters. Alongside... alongside! The ship Is here that big. beautiful grey hulk bedecked with lei-strewn bow sailors in ordered ranks " infected with St. Vitus dance Th„ l, " " u f " ' ° ' ' " " 8 wves and cheers when loved ones are sighted ••sir ' . " " ' • " " ' " " ' " " ■= " " " ' ' ' " - " -il- " waiting! Ship moored .. , - -- ' ' t sailors heaving to tie it in place. How many lines do we have to endure? Why is the crane so slow? Doesn ' t the operator care? Why does he taunt us with carelessly swinging gangway that should have been in place an hour ago ' ...and now. In place .. .Quarterdeck open... ...a hive of human ante streaming aboard to find their treasure so elusive but now in grasp. Thoughts rushing wildly. The culmination of months of waiting, agonizing. .. hoping. . . . . .despairing. . .fantasizing. learning to be me. . .and the meaning of patience .. .and endurance. The time is now. the day is here, and so Is he. and so am 1. Reunion! ■ ' mm -rtijii ' m Dedicated to the women we left behind " The Enemy Came, He Is Defeated, I Am Tired, Goodnight .. ' - YN3 Granville Departing Speech 140 " Can I take her home, I think I ' m in love! Romantic Escapades Widsivoftl} Publishing Contpatty Madeline. Missoon 64658 USA Vic Nigra. 10755 Anaheim. La Mesa. CA 92041 (6191660-8101 Losing it in Tahiti Captured by the Moment! Should we tell him? If the Captain only knew 142 PROTECTED AREA ADMIHANCE lU UNAUTHORISED PERSONS Dl LARANG MASOI JIKA TIADA KEBENARAN " Mail Buoy " watch revealed MRS. WOG QUEEN - 1993 He never knew what hit him! TEMPAT LARANQAN I s- ijsSlflJrrjSl I i51trC6urfla) a»LL[T §1 I " Special thank to ever one that has dedicattj time and effort to cor plete this project before ve left. It went really wt!) this year. Good luck the future at your nejj commands where evij they may be. -God Ble; RP3 Ledfo LTJG Cobb -Advisor RP3 Theron Ledford -Editor, Sales advisor PC2 Kohler -Sales SM2 Manley -Art FC3 Renter -Art THE CRUISEBOOK COMMITTEE BM2 Knutson DC2 Kellogg DC2 Brooks BT2 Yates FCl Trias FCl Roebuck EWl Morgan SM2 Manley YN2 Mondragon SK2 Nograles ET2 Benson Committee PHOTOGRAPHY PROHIBITED 1 r i-T vM -4 r ' ? ' Ail ' V f .T)r SANT I f - »•■■( ■4 ' ' ' ' r ' - iS - ' l trV.r- r(Uir-.te. .V,

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