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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1987 volume:

CRUISE ffitr USS HALSEY CG23 FLEET ADMIRAL WILLIAM F HALSEY, JR. UNITED STATES NAVY Fleet Admiral HALSEY was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 30 October 1882, The son of Captain William F. HALSEY, USN, and Anne Brewster HALSEY. He was appointed to the U.S. NAVAL Academy in 1900 and graduated in February 1904. After graduation, Admiral HALSEY served in many capacities ranging from Naval Attache to ship commands. Much of his early career during and subsequent to World War I was devoted to commanding destroyers. In 1935, at the age of 52, He won his wings and was designated a Naval Aviator. The succeeding years brought to the forefront his time-tested command abilities and saw Admiral HALSEY commanding first the USS SARATOGA and later the South Pacific Force and South Pacific area where he doggedly set about and succeeded in routing enemy forces from Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands. In June 1944, Admiral HALSEY assummed command of the Third Fleet and was designated commander of the Western Pacific Task Force. Beginning in August 1944, his forces left a trail of enemy ruin and destruction in Palaus, Philippines, Formosa (Taiwan), Okinawa and the South China Sea, and decisively defeated enemy sea and air force operations in the Western Carolines and the Philippines Islands. In the final phases of the war in the Pacific, Admiral HALSEY ' s Third- Fleet icipated in the Okinawa Campaign, and later his fast carrier task oroceeded northward and struck at Tokyo in July 1945. eust 29, 1945, Admiral HALSEY, flying his flag on the USS Missci-. r.tered Tokyo Bay, and on 1 September the formal surrender of the Jaj ;e Imperial Government was signed. In Novv 1945, Admiral HALSEY relinquished command of the Third Fleet which had exemplified his slogan: " HIT HARD, HIT FAST, HIT OFTEN " . Fleet Admiral HALSE Y retired from active duty in December 1946. Admiral HALSEY died in 1959 and was buried with full military honors jn 20 August in Arlington National Cemetery. HALSEY SHIP ' S STATISTICS Built by San Francisco Naval Shi I Keel laid 25 August Launched 15 January 19o2 Commissioned 20 July 1963 Placed " Out of Commission, Special " 4 November 1971 Recommissioned 16 December 1972 Length Overall 533 Feet Beam 54 Feet, 10 inches Displacement 7,800 Tons fully loaded Draft 24.5 Feet Speed In excess of 30 knots Propulsion Steam turbines - 85,000 shaft horsepower and twin propellers USS HALSEY (CG-23) is named for the gallant and aggressive naval leader of World War II, Fleet Admiral William Frederick HALSEY, Jr. She is a LEAHY class Cruiser constructed from the keel up as a missile launching platform. Constructed by the San Francisco Naval Shipyard, the keel was laid on August 25, 1960 and she was christened January 15, 1962 by two of the Admiral ' s granddaughters. USS HALSEY was commissioned on July 20, 19 3 and was then assigned operations within the Pacific Fleet. The guided missile cruiser is a multi-purpose ship developed especially to meet the needs of modern naval warfare. Designed to operate with a carrier battle group, the ship ' s primary mission is to conduct fleet anti- air warfare defense. USS HALSEY is equipped with the newest Terrier Missile System in the fleet and is capable of launching and controlling a large number of Standard (SM-2) missiles simultaneously. Also installed to provide a close-in self defense capability is the Close- in-Weapons-System (CIWS), a rapid firing gatling type guns located on both sides of the ship. With the latest electronic warfare equipment, and Harpoon Missile System installed, USS HALSEY is ready to engage surface targets at Long range. The ASROC anti-submarine rocket launcher and ship launched torpedoes provide the assets needed to engage submarines as well. Although equipped with the most modern weapon systems, it is the pride and professionalism of her four hundred and seventeen total officers and crew members which make USS HALSEY, ' The Cruiser ' , in the Pacific Fleet. TUB COMMANDING OFFICER 4TF.D STATES SHIP UALSEY (CG 23) Officers and Men of the Halsey Team During our recent deployment your performance, both indi- vidual and collectively, was absolutely magnificent. When we departed San Diego in early January we had visions of circum- navigating the globe. As it turned out we accomplished that, but so very much more as well. We executed our operational taskings as true professionals in outstanding fashion, despite negligible time in port for maintenance and virtually no out- side industrial support. The HALSEY Team demonstrated the true meaning of self-sufficiency. During those brief but enjoy- able port visits, you were ambassadors of good will and very favorably impressed our foreign hosts. In short, you did it right and Fleet Admiral Bull Halsey would be quite proud of you. As you glance through this cruisebook, may you remember the pride, professionalism, personal excellence, and teamwork that made our around the World Cruise so successful. As all seafaring men know, we could not accomplish our mission without our wives and families at home keeping our households in order and awaiting our return. Therefore, it is most appropriate and with heartfelt thanks that we dedicate this cruisebc he HALSEY Family. e. ' k.Gvj. n D. R. CONLEY Captain, U.S. Navy COMMANDING OFFICER ( PT 0. R. CONLEY Captain Dennis R. Conley assumed command of HAL- SEY on 29 August 1985. He reported to HALSEY from the Office of the Director, Joint Staff, Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he served as Deputy Special Assistant for Joint Matters. A destroyerman throughout his twenty-four year ca- reer, he has served in a variety of assignments in destroy- er type ships and staffs, and has spent the majority of his sea duty forward deployed to the Seventh Fleet. His prin- ciple sea assignments include command of USS KNOX (FF-1052), Fleet Training and Assistant Operations Offi- cer for Commander Seventh Fleet, and Executive Officer of USS BRUMBY (FF-1044). He also served in USS FRANK KNOX (DD-742), USS PRICHETT (DD-561), and the staffs of Commander Destroyer Squadron THREE and Destroyer Division THIRTY-TWO Born in Los Angeles, California, Captain Conley graduated from the Naval Academy in the Class of 1963. He and his wife Noriko have two children, Lisa and Kenneth. Executive Office LCDR MiduJ W. GuJotd The Executive Officer manages the every day evolutions of HALSEY. LCDR Michael W. Crawford came to HALSEY with over twenty-five years of Naval service and put this experience to good use during HAL- SEY ' s Around the World cruise. Ckaptai . LT Jojuuuj M. Wi m, A The Religious Ministries are headed by our own Chaplain Wilson. The Chaplain provides a ministry of presence and has a sense of humor for all that he comes in contact with. In the words of Chaplain Wilson, also known as " Father Chaps " , he says " The Chaplain ' s role is one of trust and supreme dedication in support- ing the officers and crew. " Qmaiuuul Mcufo, Clutf TMCM (£W) TujU Dubs. U£M TMCM (SW) Taylor Darby, USN enlisted in the United States Navy on 15 August 1951 and attended Recruit Training at Recruit Training Command, San Diego, CA. On 30 September 1987 Mas- ter Chief Darby completed his thirty-six year career in the Navy and retired from active duty. His shipmates on the Halsey Team extend a hearty, " Well Done. " NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT LieutenmT GautU ft AA QMSN Vanbuhler v oi laoN QMSN Souder Navigation means direction jnd getting to the right place at the right time. Th Navigation De- partment headed by LT. Gaines with seven person- nel trained took HALSEY to Mombasa, Kenya: Diego Garcia, Biot; Suez Canal, Egypt: Benidorm, Spain: St. Kitts, West Indies; Panama Canal; and back to San Diego again. QM2 Hesterlee QMl Tucker QM3 Schafer SN Jackson QMSA Boughter Sullivan X DIVISION Executive division is headed by the Ex- ecutive Officer with a crew of twelve trained " paper pushers. " Don ' t make them angry, you may not get your work done. Without paper, the Navy doesn ' t go any- where! YN3 Burns YNSR Goldsack YN2 Becker HM3 Rodriguez 10 OPERATION DEPARTMENT Lieutenant Cmnmanileii Hoplcuti 12 PECK PiMION From Painting the Ship, to Runn, the Boats, to swab- bing and sweeping the Decks. We arc . -st in keeping Hal- sey looking her finest. LTJG Jwdcouiiri. BMC Lawrence BMl Streible BMl Paclibar BM2 Kujawski BM2 Christopher BM3 Schoepflin BM3 Weber BM3 Lowe BM3 Harkness RM3 Miller T k I GMSN Lopez BMSN Rivera BMSN Juric BMSN Decastro 13 BMSN Arvizo BMSN Gorillo BMSN Zukowsky BMSN Fegans BMSN Noble SN Pagan Lookout Duty RMSN Corbett SN Dicky SN Johnson BMSA Velasquez SN Moreno SN Doran SA Polly SA Beeson SA Lane SA TAAL SA Arceo 14 SR Mcclarty SR Brooks SR Malabad SR Leal SR Hernandez SA Eproson 15 ' a til 14 OSC Smith OS2 Kemp OS2 Dart OSl Brewer EWl Johnson EWl Parrish ICl Smith 01 0MO0N Halsey ' s Combat Information Center consists of personnel who are responsi- ble for: Gathering, Processing, Display- ing, Evaluating, and Dissemination of pertinent tactical information. LT ' ft tou n LT MiMw, OS2 Nelson OS3 Shipp ninsky OS3 Dragon EW3 Hilldebrand OS3 Campbell EW3 Block EW3 Hickman 16 OS3 Haase EVV3 Merrit OS3 Boblet OS3 Courtney OS3 Gilbert EW3 Nelson OSSN Brown OSSN Mason OSSA Arriaga OSSN Holiday OSSN Rachunok OSSN Waltman OSSN Frye OSSN Alire OSSN Verkin OSSN Baker EWSN Chwaliszewski OSSN Leary OSSA Brown K OSSA To rrez OSSA Beckwith 17 OC OMOON Halsey ' s communicators process all in- coming and outgoing message traffic and maintain communication reliability through visual and electronic communica- tions. LT Piccai LTJG MatA ' tHm SMC Santiago RMC Campbell RMl Reeder RMl Evans RM2 Hagan RM2 Cleadell SM2 Mclntyre RMl Lee RM2 Zerbe RM2 Harshbarger M Reed RM3 Brooks RM3 Prehn RMSN Holder SMSN Martin ia RMSN Hundley SMSN Sukosky A RMSA Ferland RMSN Alexander RMSN Lomas 19 LTJG Ridauk CT02 Warrior CTR2 Alvarez CTR2 Strowder CTOl Bertram CTM2 Russell CTR3 Kelly CT03 Magnetti CTRN Swan CTRSA Olmo 20 21 COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER LT THOMAS J. STREI 01 AND T DMO0N£ The Technicians of DI and T divisions, under the direction of the EMO, maintain all of Halsey ' s search radars, electronic navigation systems, Navy Tactical Data Systems, internal and external commu- nication systems. The task of keeping these systems operating keeps this well trained team extremely busy. CW02 TOMS ETCS FRANTZ DSC GANDARA ETC PUGH DSl LANGFELDER DSl YOUNG ICl YAGER DSl DEVORE ET2 BOLEN DS2 HOLDENER DS2 GUTHRIE gjg ££ DS2 ELZE IC2 NELSON IC2 SAWYER DS2 SWEAT DS2 HAYGOOD 24 IC3 SHAW ET3 LISLE ET3 AVEYTIA ET3 SEIFERT ET3 EVANS DS3 GERDES ET3 BONE ET3 SMITH 25 ET3 BILLUPS IC3 HANCOCK ET3 ROMERO IC3 TAPER ETSN CAMPBELL ET5N WHITE ETSN DELANEY 26 FOX DMWN The Fire Control Technicians maintain and operate the close in weapon system, the long range surface missile system (Harpoon) and the radar systems which control Halsey ' s main battery of missiles to their tar- get. LT DILL LTJC PERRYMAN FCCS MIKK.ELSEN FCC FUKES FCC BARNES FCC EMMONS 27 FC2 DOYLE FC2 FIELD FC2 LANG FC2 MORRIS FC2 FOSTER FC2 JANIAK SM AM FC2 THRAILK.ILL FC2 BARNES FC2 GRESHAM FC2 MEDARIS FC2 IRVINE (% FC2 FREUDENBERG FC2 EICHELE FC2 TREMBLE FC2 OLIVER FC2 MACKABEN FC2 BRITT FC2 WILLIAMS FC2 WARDELL 28 a FC3 WOODS FC3 COLE FC3 KNIGHTON FC3 CARNES - 4 FC3 BROWN FCSN HANSON FC2 SWEENY ft FC2 WILSON r FC3 DOBSON FC3 GATES FC3 WALCZAK FC3 CONRAD 29 ENS MAKELA GMCS ELLIS STGl HUDSON A£W 0MO0N The mission of Halsey ' s Anti-submarine Technicians is to search out and destroy the underwater enemy through the use of Sonar and torpedoes. GMMl SEWARD STG2 WALL TM2 PASQUAR1ELLO STG2 KNOTTS GMM2 HULETT STG2 DISBROW STG2 HILL STG2 COCHRAN , CMM2 SHAW STG2 SNYDER STG2 JACKSON STG3 LEWIS STG3 MATTIUZ 30 STC3 CANTRELL n» - -_ STC3 WEHINGER STG3 BARTLETT STG3 APPELL STG3 BANNACH TMSN JENSEN STG5N GERVASI 5Si GMM3 DAVIS 43 SWAB 3 I 6 DMOON Halsey ' s main battery of the U.S. Navy ' s long- est range surface to air missiles are maintained both for and aft by these men. LT JAMES DYKES COMBAT SYSTEMS TEST OFFICER LT PHILLIP KESSLER MISSILE OFFICER GMCS SCOTT GMMl BUNDA GMM1 SMITH GMMl COOPER GMM2 ENZ ALAZAR GMM2 YOST GMM2 MULLINS GMM2 BROWN GMM2 WOLFRAM GMM2 SCURLOCK 32 a A CMM3 DRIESSEN GMM3 PRIESTER GMM3 HILLIARD GMMSN JUERS GMMSN MA CMMSN DALTON GMMSN CELUSTA GMMSN PATTILLO GMMSN DEVINE GMMSN HAM t RICK Ji I H» S ft I J 1 ■ y ™iJ u J5 SUPPLY OFFICER LCDR BRIAN L THOMPSON 36 a, £2, S3 AND £4 DIVISIONS The supply department is the service department of Halsey. They provide everything from nuts and bolts to soup, clean our clothes, cut our hair, and provide our pay. SKC MORA Jg MSC FANCUBERTA MSl COROTAN o Ens Oliver MSl EVANGELISTA DK1 ORIBELLO Wf ? SKI VARGAS MSl ROBINSON SK.2 JOHNSON MS2 SAMSON SH2 SCHMIDT MS2 BROWN SK3 DECUNA SK3 SPOONAMORE SKJ MILLER 37 MS3 SMITH MS3 MORRIS MS3 ARMOR MS3 PORTER MS3 FAIRFIELD SKSN SORIANO SKSN BOADO SKSN MOMENT SKSN DAVIS 3 MSSN HALL MSSN WHERRETT SHSN SMITH SHSN FRYE SHSN MOMENT PKJ Snvnii ' - SHSN HARDIMAN DKSN MILLER SKSN COOK ; ADLAWAN 39 ENGINEERING OFFICER LT P iMp R. Keufa LCDR JoU W. Jom 41 E DIVISION The Electricians provide the electricity for all of Halsey ' s electrical needs this ranges from lighting to electrical power for Halsey ' s weapon systems. LTJG STURDEVANT A EMC DONOVAN EMC ESMENDE EMI KORNEC EM2 THOMAS EM2 HANLEY EM2 HERNANDEZ EM3 LEE EM3 POINDEXTER l RA EMFN GENTRY EMFN MENO EMFA ESTRADA 42 A DMOON The Auxiliaries Division maintain all of the engineering equipment that is needed to keep the Combat Systems and the main propulsion plant in operation, which includes fuel, air, boats and the presses. MMC FARRELL MMl WALDECK. MMI KEMPTER MMl FERRIS MMFN GREENHOUSE MMFN DOUGLAS MMFN SMITH FA ROY 43 £ PMW V These men maintain our sewer system, manufacture emergency parts, patch up the pipes and holes, and lead our Damage Control Teams. LT SCULLY HTC DRAKE HTl DAVIS HTl HAMM MRl MATA HT2 ALVAREZ HT2 AGUIRRE HT3 MCSWEYN HT3 VELA HT3 MARTIN HTFN WARNE HITI ' -REZ HTFN PUNCHES MRFN STAURING FA BOWERS FR LOPEZ M DMOON These men keep the main Engines turning. Through their hard work Halsey steamed around the world which was over 25000 miles of travel. ENS. PETERSEN MMCS HAMILTON MMC CANTRELL MMC ESPINO MMl WIND MMl WATSON c% a MMl ELBO MM2 COX MM2 JONES MM2 DAVIS MM2 EASTMAN MM2 BARNETT MM2 HOSKINS MM2 HILL MM2 ROPA MM3 RODGERS 45 rr? MM3 REINER MM3 HANNA MM3 ODEN FN FELLNER FR McGUIGAN MMFA BRACKMAN MMFN COTIE MMFA MONZON MM3 RAMSEY MM3 KAMP " % MMFN BRANHAM MMFN HAMLETT FA GANNON MMFN SMOOT FA JACOBSON n! LEE MMFN LARKIN FN BEHENY MM3 HUTCHISON FA PAWLOWSK.I •«; B OMWN The energy of the ship is steam which is pro- duced in Halsey ' s four large boilers by these men. The steam is used to drive the engines, cook food, heat the ship and water for showers, and to run the evaporators to make more water to make more steam. CW03 PORTER LTJG WEILERT BTCS KENNEDY BTC OBILLE BTl HANSON BTl BLUE BTl HERMOCILLA BT2 ALDERMAN BT2 FORD BT2 ERICKSON BT2 HAMILTON BT2 COPPIE BT2 RAFFLE BT3 WARE BT3 SCHUMAKE BT3 ATKINS BT3 WESTLEY 47 w BT3 KOKOSZKA BT3 BERGMAN BT3 PIPER BT3 BISCHOFF BT3 LEWIS BT3 BARKER BTFR KELLY BTFN OTTO BTFA CORCORAN BTFN BALDWIN FA JACOBS BTFR BADGEROW BTFA BEAVER BTFN MORA BTFN DAVIS €$ FA MUSIL FN DENDY FA LIPP BTFA AGUIRRE FR RUCKER CUBIC BAY - 49 L 50 51 FRIENDSHIP IN MOMBASA KENYA Si AFRICAN SAFARI 55 . ..« » -. T n 56 57 DIEGO GARCIA BIOT 58 59 jH jii ' 6 61 62 TUB urn 63 65 60 67 ON r HON OIAN OCEAN sa 2 A. 69 c SMs? ■ ; 71 s I t 73 75 AS YOU COMPLETE YOUR DEPLOYMENT TO SEVENTH FLEET MY BEST WIS HES FOR A SAFE VOYAGE HOME. YOU " XESSFULLY MET A CHALLENGING TRIP THROUGH WESTERN PACIFIC AND INDIAN OCEANS AND JEMONSTRATED A HIGH DEGREE OF FLEXIBILITY IN REACTING TO SHORT FUZED OPERATIONAL TASKING. YOUR OPERATIONAL AND MATERIAL READINESS WAS IMPRESSIVE, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THE UNANTICI- PATED LENGTH OF YOUR STAY IN THE INDIAN OCEAN AND LACK OF DEDICATED MATERIAL SUPPORT. AN ALL AROUND SUPER PERFORMANCE. ALL THE BEST AND " 7ELL DONE. VADM PAUL MILLER. 76 1 CANAL I ' T sr - 77 78 ■ I 79 MINT KITK 80 81 PANAMA CANA ' 82 83 m, «» -• • " ™mi ««• «» -.— mm Mt «W • " ■ _ __ WELCOME HOME UALSEY 84 l ! Y i 85 66 87 MLSEVC pride m MOWN AROUND WE WORLD ■I

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